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His Name is Joshua Kidd: White Air Force Tech Sgt. Murdered by Two Black Burglars Near Shreveport, Louisiana

October 1, 2018 Update - From KTBS: "Detectives with the Bossier City Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit arrested Jareona Crosby, 17, and a 15-year-old juvenile male for second degree murder for the death of TSgt. Joshua Kidd of Bossier City." Two black males arrested...

It won't come out for a few days, but the reality of who/whom is responsible for Tech Sgt. Joshua Kidd's murder won't surprise anyone who reads SBPDL.

Though no suspect is known to police, Kidd was shot early in the morning of September 24 in front of his home. ['He loved his family deeply,' uncle says of slain Barksdale airman, Shreveport Times, 9-26-18]:

Kidd, 30, was shot and killed Tuesday morning in the GreenAcres Place subdivision in north Bossier City. 
RIP Joshua Kidd
A rash of vehicle burglaries has occurred in the neighborhood recently, and residents have speculated that Kidd was confronting a burglar when he was shot. Police have said they don't know but have not ruled out that idea.
He leaves behind a wife and young son.  [He was Captain America': Metro East native remembers husband murdered outside home,, 9-27-18]:

From the Metro East to Louisiana, the friends and family of a murdered US Airman are rallying around his family. 
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Kidd was murdered outside his home in Bossier City, LA Wednesday morning. His wife, Alyssa Kidd, is from Edwardsville and spoke with News 4 by phone. 
As predicted, he had an unpronounceable name...
“The best way to describe Joshua was he was Captain America. He was protecting us and on top of that, he was protecting our whole entire neighborhood, and that is just who he is, he doesn’t think twice, he just takes charge. He literally is real world captain America, unfortunately it didn’t end like it does in the movies,” she said. 
Kidd said there were recent car break-ins in their neighborhood and they believe he was trying to stop the thieves when he was shot. No arrests have been made. 
The two met overseas in Korea. Tech. Sgt. Kidd was assigned to Barksdale AFB Louisiana. 
“He woke up every single day to serve this country and love that boy,” Kidd said about her husband's love for his job and their son. 
Kidd leaves behind his wife and their 2-year-old son Beckham. 
Already, the community in Louisiana and in Illinois have helped raised $31,000 for the family through a GoFundMe page. 
In a few days, police will arrest a black suspect for the murder of Kidd. He will have an unpronounceable first name, and be just another black male who was "turning his life around" (he might even be an 'honor student').

But for Kidd's young son, he will grow up without a father.

If white privilege was real (and a 'white power' structure existed in the USA, as we are constantly lectured by black power politicians/academics and their woke white allies), this story would be front page news nationwide. Instead, few outside of Kidd's family and friends will ever read about his murder, and once a black suspect emerges, the story will be dropped from news coverage completely.

Friday, September 28, 2018

His Name is Phil Trenary: Prominent White Memphis Businessman (Who Dedicated His Life to Elevating Black-Owned Businesses) Murdered by Black Male

Shot. [Memphis Pushes To Level The Playing Field For Black Entrepreneurs: “We can never be the kind of community that we want to be until we have the minority firms have a much larger piece of the pie.”, Huffington Post, 6-24-18]
Institutional obstacles have hindered growth, particularly for businesses competing with white-owned firms, said Phil Trenary, the chamber’s president. Those hurdles have included hard-to-navigate requirements to become a city-certified minority- or women-owned business. To address that, the chamber recently created a universal, streamlined application process, and later this year it plans to launch an online portal to connect small, minority-owned firms with contractors and companies looking to fulfill diversity requirements.
Dedicate your life and your fortune to uplifting blacks in Memphis, only to be "randomly" murdered by a black male while... walking in Memphis
The chamber also started a mentor-protege program last year. Thirty-two small firms have connected with more established businesses through the program, and Trenary said some of those companies are already seeing increases in the number of contracts they’ve landed. 
Trenary said the new programs are helping break down old barriers.  
“We can never be the kind of community that we want to be until we have the minority firms have a much larger piece of the pie,” Trenary said.   
Similar economic development efforts have sprouted and died on the vine in the past. But Trenary said he believes the latest wave is likely to affect real change because the public and private sectors are finally aligned in the goal to help minority- and women-owned businesses.  
The reason it’s going to work this time is because the business community has come together and agreed to lead,” he said.
Chaser. [Phil Trenary, head of Greater Memphis Chamber, killed in downtown shooting, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 9-28-18]:
The president and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce was killed Thursday night in a shooting on South Front Street in Downtown Memphis.The death of Philip H. Trenary, 64, was confirmed by the Chamber and Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.   
 "Like many of you, I'm shocked at the senseless loss tonight of Phil Trenary, a leader in our community. More than anything in these hours, my thoughts are with his family and Chamber colleagues," Strickland said.  
Sometime before 8 p.m., Memphis police responded to the shooting at 579 South Front St. Police described a suspect as a black male with dreadlocks, wearing a blue shirt and driving a white four-door Ford F150.   
At the time of the shooting, the Chamber was hosting its annual 4-mile race, Move it Memphis, at nearby Loflin Yard.    
Memphis business and civic leaders reacted with disbelief to the news of Trenary's death.“Phil was not only a business giant, but he was really part of the heart and soul of the business community. He did everything he could to make sure we had a vibrant community,” said Carolyn Hardy, past chairwoman of the Memphis Chamber and CEO of Chism Hardy Investments. “The loss to this community is huge. It will be felt in every section, whether philanthropic, educational or business. He was a true visionary and he really believed in who we could become.”   
Michael Ugwueke, CEO of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, called Trenary a leader in the community and said his loss will reverberate throughout the region.   
“This is completely senseless,”  Ugwueke said. “He believed in Memphis. I can’t believe this has happened.  I don’t think we can recover easily from this tragedy.”   
Trenary has led the chamber since 2014, three years after stepping down as president and CEO of Pinnacle Airlines Corp.   
Trenary founded Exec Express Airlines, which would become Lone Star Airlines, in Oklahoma in 1984 and came to Memphis in 1997 to run a regional airline that morphed into Pinnacle, a $1 billion, 7,700-employee regional airline operator.   
AAfter he left Pinnacle in 2011, Trenary, an Oklahoma native, led EmergeMemphis, an incubator for entrepreneurs and startup businesses, when it was between permanent directors, and he consulted for University of Memphis interim president Brad Martin on projects that included a College of Education strategic plan and a proposed shift in management of Audubon Park from the city.
No matter how much time, effort, and money you spend to uplift Africans in America (dedicating your life and fortune to improving their lives exclusively), they'll never build monuments in your memory, or name buildings/streets in your honor.

In fact, like Mr. Trenary, you're just another white man hoarding all the privilege, keeping intact structural inequality and implicit bias negatively impacting the black community.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Music Video by African Rapper in France Calls for the Killing of Whites (Depicts Blacks Torturing/Killing White Male)

How close is the western world to imploding? [Black rapper's ‘hang white people’ video triggers meltdown in France, Russia Today, 9-27-18]:
A young French rapper has made it into the headlines with a graphic music video calling for white people to be killed. And while he’s shot to fame, with it has come widespread outrage and an investigation into his “art”. 
The Happening comes closer and closer to reality...
The video features violent scenes of the rapper, Nick Conrad, and another black man torturing and killing a white male. The duo give the man a chance to escape, telling him to run fast – “as the blacks do” – then shoot him in the back for being too slow. Conrad then forces the white man to bite a kerbstone and stomps on his head, in an apparent reference to the movie American History X. The victim is then seen hanged from a post behind the rapper and his sidekicks. 
The graphic footage is accompanied by equally shocking lyrics, with Conrad rapping “I go to nurseries and kill white babies” while hanging their parents “to entertain black kids of all ages.” 
The video, uploaded to Youtube on September 17, gained several thousand views before being removed on Wednesday. Clips from the video, however, are still available on some Youtube accounts and other sites. 
The video has garnered much attention from French politicians and activist groups, who called on the authorities to remove it from the web and prosecute the author. 
“He must be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred and condemned for these ignoble and irresponsible remarks,”Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, tweeted. 
The France-based International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) also condemned the video, stating that freedom of expression was not the “freedom to call for hanging whites because of their skin color.” 
“The incitement to murder in Nick Conrad's video is despicable and unbelievably violent,” LICRA tweeted. 
The President of France's National Rally (formerly Front National) Marine Le Pen said the video was an example of "anti-white racism that no self-proclaimed expert or media speaks of." 
"There is nothing artistic about what is, pure and simple, a call for hatred and murder!" she tweeted. 
The widespread outrage caught the eye of Parisian prosecutors, who opened an investigation into the video over suspected "public calls to commit crimes" on Wednesday. 
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb also took to Twitter to condemn the video, saying his service was working hard to eradicate it from the web. Now, it's up to the judiciary to give "appropriate treatment to these heinous calls for hatred," he added.
It should be increasingly clear just how close the western world is to imploding.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

In 75% Black Birmingham, Nearly 100 Surveillance Cameras Being Installed in "High-Crime Areas" to Curb Violence and Crime

Previously on SBPDL: #WakandaIsntReal: In 75% Black Birmingham, Al., Black Elected Official Holds Black on Black Crime Town Hall to Convince Blacks to Stop Killing Each Other

In the 60 percent black city of New Orleans, $40 million is being spent on security cameras to try and make the city safer. The ACLU and blacks viciously complained, because the cameras will capture blacks behaving badly (thus proving Jim Crow laws were valid in protecting private property rights). 
No, they will never, ever respect authority. But security cameras spread throughout 75 percent black Birmingham will help capture those responsible for the crimes committed by black otherwise unaccountable to authority

In 75 percent black Birmingham, Alabama, nearly 100 surveillance cameras are going up in "high-crime-areas" (meaning "all-black") to try and stop the violence. [City Council approves surveillance camera for Birmingham’s high-crime areas, Alabama Today, 9-26-18]:
Over the next 90 days, Birmingham, Ala. will install over 100 surveillance cameras in its high-crime areas in hopes of curbing crime and violence in the city. 
The plans follow legislation unanimously passed Tuesday by the Birmingham City Council that allows Mayor Randall Woodfin to enter a contract with Alabama Power Company (APC) for a surveillance camera pilot program. 
The contract between the city and APC, who will be providing and installing the monitoring equipment, is for five  years. APC will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment provided. The contract totals $672,000 and will be payable through monthly installments of $56,000. 
“The number one quality of life issue we hear about from our residents is gunfire, and violent crime. It’s a big issue. There is no hiding from it, and we, as city leadership, certainly can’t sit on our hands and do nothing about it,” Councilor Hunter Williams said following the approval of a contract for a pilot program for a citywide public safety surveillance system. 
All of the footage will be going to the Metro Area Crime Center (MACC) which was opened in 2016 as a central operations hub for multiple law enforcement agencies within Jefferson County. “We can use this footage in real time,” Williams said. 
Before, detectives in Birmingham would have to parse together various security camera footage from nearby stores or homes to see if they could get any leads. 
Williams said this contract will take law enforcement out of those silos. 
The Birmingham Police Department will decide where to place the cameras based off crime data indicating areas where violent crime is most likely to occur. The camera equipment will be able to be moved according to current crime trends. 
“What I like about this particular program is that it’s not being intrusive,” Councilor Lashunda Scales said, following the meeting. “It’s helping us, in addition to shot spotters, we can identify individuals who are committing crimes. Hopefully what we can do is help these neighborhoods where crime is prevalent, it can help them feel safe. A lot of people don’t right now. We have to combat that and I believe this is one tool that does just that.”
These security cameras will only capture blacks behaving badly, and provide video evidence supporting the Jim Crow laws of the past (which once made New Orleans and Birmingham safe for a white majority, which vacated the city once black criminality was liberated via the dismantling of Jim Crow).

It's with great hope this pilot program also be implemented in Mobile, Montgomery, and Huntsville to provide video evidence of who/whom is committing all the violence.

Hint: black people.

Somewhere, Bull Connor is laughing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Black Lives Matter? Black Leaders in 44% Black Philadelphia Beg For a Ceasefire and an End to Black on Black Shootings

Keep marching and chanting "Black Lives Matter." 


Keep going on television and blaming white people (white privilege, structural inequality, and implicit bias) for all of the misery in the black community. 

Just keep marching and chanting it over and over and over again. [Black male leaders call for cease-fire to halt city shootings, Philadelphia Tribune, 9-18-18]:

Gun violence has scarred John Solomon. 
One scar runs nearly 6 inches up Solomon’s left tricep toward his shoulder, the result of surgery after a bullet struck him on its way into his chest when he was 15. 
Never forget: in 44 percent black Philadelphia, the black population is responsible for almost all violent crime
“But the true reminder is inside of me,” Solomon said as he stood at the intersection of West Huntington and North Chadwick streets in North Philadelphia on Monday. 
“It’s not a physical thing,” the 26-year-old added. “It’s the trauma that I went through. It’s the trauma: That’s the biggest reminder.” 
With shootings on the rise in the city, Solomon joined a coalition of Black men and community groups — along with Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams — who called for a cease-fire and halt to the shootings. 
“We are in a crisis, particularly the African-American community,” said Bilal Qayyum, founder and president of the Father’s Day Rally Committee. 
The city has logged 234 homicides this year as of Sunday, an increase of 8 percent from the same time in 2017, according to the Philadelphia Police Department’s online database. 
About 84 percent of those killed have been overwhelmingly Black: 177 Black men and 20 Black women, according to a police spokesman. 
Through Sunday, there also had been 1,193 shooting incidents with 961 shooting victims among them, said the police spokesman. 
One of the most recent shootings happened at the location of the press conference; a 32-year-old man was shot and killed there last week. 
A makeshift memorial — a photo, balloons, candles and stuffed animals — sat at the base of a telephone pole nearby. 
Resident Taaj Hall, 30, said that man was his long-time friend, Earl McCormick. 
Philadelphia police did not respond to a request to confirm the identity of the man who was killed. 
“People are dying; people are losing their life,” Hall said. “You can’t get your life back. You can’t push replay. You can’t get it back, so we need some people to care to get together to try to stop it (gun violence).” 
Williams, the sheriff, said he and groups have been working for years to reduce gun violence, “but the message is just not getting there.” 
“So we’re calling on people to talk it out, and don’t shoot it out,” Williams said.Mell Wells, president of One Day at a Time, said Black communities have to admit there is a problem. 
“It’s time to start raising hell about what we’re doing to one another,” he said. “About these babies who are dying in our street. … we’ve got to start ... putting down the guns and start helping out one another by watching each others’ back.” 
Terry Starks, founder and executive director of the Urban Crisis Response Center, said neighborhoods need more community organizing, community engagement and youth programs. 
“Once the community comes out, then — like I said, aunties and uncles comes out — a lot of times guys aren’t going to do dumb stuff because their family is out,” Starks said. 
Qayyum said the coalition will initiate jobs projects and programs to encourage the proliferation of Black-owned businesses before the end of the year with the goal of reducing gun violence. 
After wielding guns himself in his youth and spending five years in jail, Solomon co-founded Endangered Kind, a community group that he co-runs that addresses issues in the neighborhood. 
Solomon said North Philadelphia neighborhood was in a “state of survival,” where residents were fearful and many carry guns because of that fear. 
“When I wake up and come out here, I just know it’s danger,” he said. “There’s good things about the neighborhood, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s dangerous out here.” 
Solomon said he believed there remains a disconnect between community leaders and those causing the violence. 
“We haven’t been effective at being proactive,” Solomon said. 
“We can come to a rally or press conference, it doesn’t take any work to do that,” he added. “You know: Somebody gets killed, we come out here and we speak. That’s easy; that’s the easy part. But to actually be proactive and connect with these guys on a personal level to even begin to have a chance to stop the issue, that’s a whole other ballgame.”
Black community leaders in Philadelphia are begging blacks to stop killing and shooting one another, but it doesn't seem too many black people are paying attention.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Black Lives Matter? At Birthday Party in Chicago for Black Man Murdered [by Black Male] in 2017, Three Blacks Shot by Black Male

Previously on SBPDL: Black Lives Matter? At Back to School Peace Party in Chicago, Blacks Open Fire on Black People, Wounding Three

Keep marching and chanting "Black Lives Matter." 


Just keep marching and chanting it over and over and over again. [Three shot at birthday party for man killed in 2017: 'Why they gotta shoot her when her baby is in her hands?', Chicago Tribune, 9-22-18]:
Killed more than a year ago, Clarence Hart looked on in 2D as police taped off the block where a shooting wounded his young daughter’s mother and two others attending his birthday party Friday night in Englewood. 
The mother was holding their child when she was shot, family said.
Propped up against a metal fence post on the west side of Carpenter Street, Hart, immortalized on cardboard wearing a red-sleeved polo shirt, ripped denim shorts and bright white sneakers, held a liquor bottle in his left hand and gestured with his right. 
It was his birthday-anniversary party, and he came prepared. 
Trampled curls of white ribbon flitted over the street, blown by the light wind. 
Dozens of people had shown up to the party, witnesses said. 
Around 10:55 p.m. Friday, a gunman shot into the crowd. Bullets hit people standing on the sidewalk and the 7300 block of South Carpenter Street, police said. 
A 22-year-old woman shot in her chest was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she was in serious condition early Saturday. A 27-year-old man, a relative of Hart’s, according to those who knew him, was wounded in the right leg. He was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center and stabilized. Also taken to the university hospital was a 24-year-old woman shot in the right torso and left leg, leaving her in serious condition. 
As Area South detectives started their investigation, family members of the man and woman taken to University of Chicago gathered around the emergency room and a building nearby. 
The 24-year-old woman’s mother, Jewel Maddox, said she had just gotten home from work. She hadn’t even changed out of her CTA uniform when she heard about her daughter. She was initially told her daughter went to another hospital, and when she finally got to the right place, her daughter was in surgery, Maddox said. 
Maddox walked outside, closed her eyes and leaned her back against the building, tears leaving shiny trails on her cheeks. 
“Why they gotta shoot her when her baby is in her hands?” Maddox asked. 
At the scene, a woman said she had been on the west side of the street, several houses north of the shooter, who opened fire from the south end of the block. 
“It just happened too fast,” the woman said. “I turned around and I saw him standing there.” 
She saw the gun in his hand, and she ran, north on the block to the house where her aunt lives. The other partygoers ran, too, some of them pushing and trampling her as they fled, she said. She hesitated to provide her name, given the apparent conflict. 
“I don’t want to be in the midst of anything,” she said. “I don’t know what they got going on, but I will not be back.” 
By the time she went back outside, the ambulances had come and gone, leaving behind only police and a few citizens. 
The cardboard cutout of Hart was at the south end of the scene, just outside the tape. At the north end, the woman mingled with a handful of lingering partygoers. 
She grew up on the block with Hart, she said, and though both had since moved away, they remained rooted in the block. 
“We’re all like family,” she said. “We all grew up together. Each house, everyone knows everyone.” 
Another woman, who said she’d lived in the house north of the cutout for 25 years, put on a puffy jacket and walked out her front door to lean over her fence. The many gunshots woke her up, and she was still waiting for her daughter to come home. 
On a March evening in 2017, Hart was killed on his block in the West Englewood neighborhood, the Tribune reported. Then 29, he lived on the 6500 block of South Claremont Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. He’d been in a car when someone shot him in the chest, and was pronounced dead about a half-hour later at Mount Sinai Hospital, the Tribune reported. 
About an hour after Friday’s shooting, a man walked over and picked up the cardboard version of Hart, then carried it up porch steps into one of the houses.
Black. Lives. Matter.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Her Name is Wendy Martinez: Out Jogging in Washington DC, White Woman Stabbed To Death by Black Man Who "Does Not Like White People"

A white woman went out jogging in Washington DC. 

She was stabbed by a black man multiple times, ultimately stumbling into a takeout restaurant where the 35-year-old Wendy Martinez would succumb to her injuries. 

Initially, police said it was a "random" attack in a "very safe neighborhood," but it turns out Wendy's murder wasn't so random after all.[Logan Circle jogger's murder may have been racially motivated: Investigators are looking into the possibility that Martinez's murder might have been "racially motivated" because Crawford "does not like white people.",, 9-21-18]:
WASHINGTON -- The murder of a recently engaged 35-year-old woman who was jogging near her home may have been racially motivated, investigators said. 
Wednesday, 23-year-old Anthony Crawford of Northwest D.C. was arrested in the stabbing death of Wendy Martinez. 
Wendy Martinez, while out on a jog in a "safe" neighborhood in Washington DC, was stabbed to death by a black man who "does not like white people."
Crawford was found by police at a park on 14th Street and Girard and was brought in for questioning late Wednesday night, a day after 35-year-old Wendy Karina Martinez was stabbed while jogging only blocks away from her home in the Logan Circle area approaching the corner of P Street and 11th Street in Northwest D.C. 
It was a picture-perfect night to be outdoors, with temperatures in the 70s and clear skies. As Martinez approached the intersection, people across the street were outside on a restaurant patio, enjoying dinner.  
It was then that Martinez was stabbed in what police believe was "more than likely" a random attack. It was an "unprovoked attack" and there is no information to suggest that it was a robbery.  
It was concluded that Martinez was stabbed seven times, twice in the head and once in the face around the right side of the neck near the carotid artery.  
Martinez's stab wounds were very serious, and she made her way into a nearby Chinese restaurant after the attack. 
Surveillance video from the restaurant, which we are not showing due to its graphic nature, shows the woman coming inside the restaurant covered in blood. She appears to be talking to the customers inside before she collapses. 
DC Police Chief Peter Newsham said a nurse in close proximity attempted life-saving efforts before emergency crews arrived. 
Martinez was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead at 8:23 p.m. A medical examiner determined her death was caused by multiple stab wounds.  
Crawford was arrested Wednesday night and charged with first-degree murder while armed in connection with the stabbing. Police said he did not cooperate with investigators, however, they are confident they have the right person. 
Police say evidence collected several blocks away from the stabbing included a knife covered in "fresh blood," a mustard colored sweatshirt with possible blood on it and a blood trail that was observed leaving the scene.  
In addition to the items listed above, police also collected an umbrella and white socks with possible blood on them.  
The suspect does have a criminal background, however, there is no indication of any violence in his criminal past, according to authorities. Police will continue to comb through his background. 
Investigators are looking into the possibility that Martinez's murder might have been “racially motivated” because Crawford “does not like white people.” A source also said that Crawford has a history of mental illness and K2 addiction. K-2, also known as "spice", is a synthetic marijuana that is banned in the U.S. 
Both DC Police Chief Newsham and Mayor Bowser said they were able to make an arrest so quickly thanks to the efforts made by the community and authorities. Martinez's family released the following statement Wednesday night, however did not speak during a press conference on Thursday.  
“We are deeply saddened by this senseless tragedy. Wendy Karina Martinez was the light of our lives. Not only was she an avid runner, but she was a devout Christian, a wonderful friend, and a driven professional. Everything you hope that a daughter and a friend could be. She was also excited to be planning her upcoming wedding to her fiancé, Daniel Hincapie. They were engaged just last week.” 
Chief Newsham said it appears this was an isolated attack in an otherwise safe area.  
"This is a very isolated incident, you don't see crimes like this very often. It's very unlikely that this occurred here at the intersection," Chief Newsham said.  
Martinez's family and friends held a vigil for her at 7 p.m. Thursday at Logan Circle.
Her mother, Cora Martinez, has already forgiving the black murderer of her daughter. [Mom of Jogger Stabbed to Death in D.C. Says She Has 'No Hate' for Her Daughter's Killer,, 9-20-18]:
“My heart has no room for hate, has no room for resentfulness,” Cora Martinez said during a news conference held on Thursday. 
“We believe in the greatest judge and the ultimate person that is going to give what is deserved, so I am asking my family to do the same. Let it go.” 
“Wendy is at peace, she is happy and we want to follow that example,” Cora said.
Wendy is not at peace. 

She is dead, murdered by a black man who "does not like white people."

Her name is Wendy Martinez. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Black-Run America (BRA) in Action: Head of Air Combat Command (White Male) Complains Air Force Fighter Squadrons are Too White

Previously on SBPDL: Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder... Air Force Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria Doubles Down on Anti-White Stance AFTER Anti-Black Hate Crime Exposed as Fake

The United States of America Air Force has complete domination of the skies across the world. Unfortunately, only 1.9 percent of Air Force pilots are black, which makes the USA's global domination of the skies irrelevant. [Air Force Wants to Halt Pilot Attrition by Appealing to Sense of Community,, 9-18-18]:
The U.S. Air Force is trying new initiatives to sustain and build its pilot ranks, including a unique fly-only track within Air Mobility Command, bonus incentives and preferred basing. 
The fighters pilots of the Air Force are just too white, according to the white male who is the head of Air Combat Command...
But another element the service wants to build on? Trust. 
"We have asked them to do a lot over 25 years," said Gen. Mike Holmes, head of Air Combat Command. He spoke during a panel addressing the service's pilot shortage at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber conference. 
The panel also included Lt. Gen. Scott Rice, director of the Air National Guard, and Gen. Maryanne Miller, head of Air Mobility Command, who was most recently the head of the Air Force Reserve. 
"I think the momentum is building. In Air Combat Command, we're flying more. … My preferred technique is to keep you busy flying. But I want you to trust us," Holmes said. 
He pointed to Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Chief of Staff Gen David Goldfein's vision to reduce additional and miscellaneous duties that take airmen away from their primary jobs. 
Miller said she expects to hear from more airmen on flight lines as she travels in her new role to AMC bases in coming months. 
"I hope to get that feedback. My gut says we haven't broken trust," she said. "[But] are we busy? We are busier than we've ever been. Is that demand signal going to slow down? The answer is it is not going to slow down. We're going to have to prioritize the training versus getting the mission done versus building that [downtime] with your families. We've got work to do." 
She said AMC is responsible for roughly 40 percent of the Air Force's pilot attrition each year, contributing to the service's overall pilot shortage. The bonus take rate has not seen a spike either, she said. 
"The economy is looking for you," Holmes said to airmen in the room, referencing the recent airline hiring boom. He said airline hiring efforts are the biggest factor that drives pilot retention and production problem in the services. 
Twenty-five years of continuous combat have made Air Force fliers the "best the world has ever seen," Holmes said. 
But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. 
The composition of flight squadrons needs to reflect the entire U.S. population, he said. Squadrons today, particularly fighter squadrons, are still mostly composed of white males, something that must change to reflect the country's demographics, he added. 
While the pilot shortage remains less of a problem in the Guard, "the crisis is coming," Rice said. 
"I can't offer you the compensation that Delta Airlines can," Holmes said. "What we can offer you is a life of meaning and purpose. I want you to feel like you are a part of a community … the squadron is the place where that community exists."
How dare white males excel in pilot training, graduate at the top of their class and volunteer to put their lives on the line to protect the United States!

White males need to just get of the way, abandon the cockpit, and turn protecting the skies over to America's emerging non-white population. 

Black-Run America (BRA) tragically personified in one story, illustrating why the USA is irredeemable. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Racial Socialism: In 90% Black Jackson, Mississippi, 15 Black Women Will Get $1,000/Per Month Courtesy of the [White] Taxpayer

Previously on SBPDL: In Nearly 90% Black Jackson, Mississippi, White People Still Blamed for Post-Apocalyptic Conditions of the City

Racial socialism means white taxpayers must forever provide blacks with a standard of living they would otherwise be incapable of providing on their volition. [This basic income program will give $1,000 a month to black mothersMagnolia Mother’s Trust will begin as a pilot program in Jackson, Mississippi, with 15 women, and aims to lift black mothers out of poverty., Fast Company, 9-17-18]:
In America, black women are disproportionately likely to live in poverty. While the official poverty rate in the U.S. hovers around 12%, it increases to around 21% when you factor in gender and race. Motherhood, and the exorbitant costs of raising a childhood in America, further compound the issue.
Subsidizing our extinction

A new year-long basic income pilot launching in December in Jackson, Mississippi, aims to address the wealth disparities around race, gender, and motherhood by equipping black mothers with $1,000 a month. The pilot, called Magnolia Mother’s Trust, will launch with 15 women receiving the stipend. Aisha Nyandoro, the CEO of Springboard to Opportunities, a Jackson-based nonprofit leading the program, aims to eventually scale it to reach at least 100 families. 
Basic income programs operate around the principle that providing marginalized populations with enough capital to bring them above the poverty line will create benefits for both the recipients of the cash, but also for their larger communities. 
The various basic income pilot programs that have launched in recent years have met mixed fates. Y Combinator launched a pilot project in Oakland, California, but is waiting to scale and study it further out of concerns that the additional money would cause recipients to lose state benefits. In Ontario, the newly elected conservative government has called for an early termination to a robust basic income pilot that was, by all accounts, delivering considerable benefits to the 4,000 low-income residents it reached.  
Most basic income programs so far haven’t been universal, and have focused giving recipient’s funds to low-income people. But Magnolia Mother’s Trust is the first to target an even more specific demographic. In aiming to support specifically black mothers, Nyandoro wants to call attention to the issue of entrenched, systemic poverty in communities–particularly Jackson, where 80% of the population is black, and around 30% lives below the poverty line–and how deliberate, focused financing can help alleviate some of the associated pressures.
Keep paying your taxes, whitey. Fifteen black women in 90% black Jackson, Mississippi need their $1,000 per month as part of the initial phase of the soon-to-be nationwide implementation of racial socialism.

Monday, September 17, 2018

When you run out of white people, the civilization they created crumbles to nothing: In 49% Black St. Louis, More Than 25,000 Buildings or Lots are Vacant

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Out of 318,000 people, St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white (as of 2010 US Census).

Well... it's true what they say about Bell Curve City

Give a white man a pile of bricks, he'll build a city; give a black man a city, he'll turn it into a pile of bricks...

[LRA owns the 12,000 St. Louis properties no one wants. And it can't afford to maintain them., St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9-17-18]:

ST. LOUIS  •  In January, someone hid behind the empty house next to Jennifer Walter’s home in the Walnut Park East neighborhood and shot her husband.A case of mistaken identity, she believes. Her husband survived, but the shooter was never found. 
When the city is all black, will they still blame whites for the failure all around them?
“They’re running from the police, running through these vacant houses,” Walter said, gesturing to the empty buildings that dot her street. 
The dilapidated building where the shooter hid had been owned since 2012 by the Land Reutilization Authority, the city’s land bank. 
As the owner of almost half of St. Louis’ 25,000 vacant lots and buildings, LRA has long been in the crosshairs of city residents unhappy with the way the agency maintains its vast property holdings. 
That’s not news to Laura Costello, LRA’s director of real estate. “I get beat up at every neighborhood meeting I go to,” she says. 
LRA became the city’s biggest owner of abandoned property because of forces unleashed in the 1960s, as people and businesses left for the suburbs — and unpaid real-estate taxes piled up in the city. State law at the time required the city to file suit against each individual parcel of tax-delinquent land in order to attempt to collect revenue — an unfeasible task. 
City Hall at the time decided St. Louis needed a state law that would allow it to hold, maintain and eventually sell vacant property with a clear title for redevelopment, in hopes of revitalizing decaying neighborhoods. In 1971, the LRA — the nation’s first city-run land bank — was born.

 Bell Curve City indeed

Give a white man a pile of bricks, he'll build a city; give a black man a city, he'll turn it into a pile of bricks... St. Louis is proof of this dictum. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Black Michigan State Representative Wants to Make it a Felony For Whites to Call 9-1-1 on Blacks

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In a multicultural society, democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount. 

Our non-white future, governed by non-whites raised on a steady diet of anti-white hatred, will pass laws to benefit non-whites at the expense of whites.

Here's yet another glimpse of the non-white future, governed to benefit  non-whites exclusively, while castigating whites 24/7. [New Michigan bill would stop 911 calls for breathing while black, Detroit Free Press, 9-4-18]:

State Rep. LaTanya Garrett, a wife and mother of three, said her family was top of mind when she wrote legislation introduced in the Michigan Legislature on Wednesday that would make it a felony to falsely report a crime based on a person’s race.
The face of someone who hates white people. 
Garrett, whose district covers part of Highland Park and Detroit, has, like the rest of us, watched instance after instance of race-based 911 calls over the past year:
That manager at a Pennsylvania Starbucks who called the police on two black men whose crime was sitting and waiting for a friend — and wanting to use the restroom before ordering. The men were handcuffed and arrested. The false arrest led Starbucks to do a day of cultural training.
That LA Fitness manager in New Jersey who called the police after falsely accusing a paid gym member of not paying to work out.
That white parent on a Colorado college tour who called campus police because two Native American teenagers made her nervous.
That Cleveland woman who called police because a 12-year-old boy accidentally cut part of her grass while cutting her neighbor’s.
That San Francisco woman who threatened to call police on an 8-year-old African-American girl for selling water on the sidewalk without a permit. Later dubbed “Permit Patty,” she wound up having to resign as CEO of her health company.
Do we really need legislation to stop racist reporting? Maybe, even in the 21st Century, we do.
“Throughout the country, there has been an influx of calls where black brothers just being black just seems to be a problem,” Garrett said. “Being a black woman having a black husband for 10 years and having three black children, I’m always worried about their safety.
“So I put myself in their shoes and asked: What safety measures are in place to protect black people who are just living everyday life and having law enforcement called on them for no apparent reason?”
Garrett faces an uphill battle to convince an entrenched, mostly white and sometimes insensitive-to-black-issues Legislature that calling the police on someone for breathing, swimming, walking, working out or waiting in a restaurant while black should be a crime.
But as hate continues to rise in America, the bill itself will force a needed conversation about what is happening, what we are allowing and what we are becoming.
And if America refuses to do anything to stem the tide of hate, perhaps a Michigan legislator has found something that other states can emulate: a way to govern haters.
It also might make life easier on law enforcement officers whose time should be spent on real crime, not fake crimes.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig said last spring that he expects his officers to assess whether calls become criminal matters.
“If it's something that doesn't rise to the level of a criminal matter, that becomes more of a civil issue,” he said. "We're not going to be agents for discriminatory treatment. “
Now House Bill 6318 — and the accompanying House Bill 6319, which dictates penalties — will head to committee. If they get out, they will go to the House for a vote.
Then again, if you call the police on a black 8-year-old for selling water outside her apartment building without a permit …
… or you call the police on a black neighbor for entering their own home.
… or call the police on a 12-year-old who accidentally cuts part of your lawn.
... then maybe it won’t be such an uphill slog.
The anti-white mindset will be codified into law, because democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount.

 And, once again, we are running out of white people who are trying to fight the future.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

For Third Time in Three Years in 70% Black Baltimore, Blacks Open Fire at a Vigil for a Black Person Murdered by Other Blacks

Baltimore is a 70 percent black city. 

Back in 1918, it was nearly 90 percent white and a world class city. 

Today, the city is less than 25 percent white and a place where three shootings by blacks at vigils for blacks murdered by other blacks have occurred in the past three years. 
Black Lives Matter...

You read the previously sentence correctly. [Shooting breaks up vigil in East Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, 9-13-18]
A vigil at Eager Street and North Broadway in East Baltimore for a homicide victim abruptly dispersed at 7:13 p.m. Thursday when someone opened fire, according to neighbors. 
Police said a 19-year-old man was shot Thursday on the 1600 block of Eager St.Officers remained at the scene hours later, blocking off traffic and scouring the scene for bullet casings. A bouquet of blue balloons was tied outside a Chinese carryout place on the corner. Residents said the balloons were a tribute for a man whose nickname was “Tarzan”; the balloons spelled out his name. 
On Monday, a 21-year-old man was fatally shot on the same block. 
“It’s the same people beefin’ all the time,” said a neighbor named Ashley, who requested to be identified only by her first name. “Same boys that be sitting on the damn corner.” 
One neighbor who declined to give his name said he heard around seven shots fired after balloons had been released into the air. There were several children in attendance — everyone started running and screaming once the shooting began, he said. 
Police presence in the area has done little to deter violence, according to neighbors. 
“I know that police was sitting on the corner and it still happened,” said Ashley, sitting on her front steps. “They been here the last three days.” 
It’s not the first time a vigil has been marred by violence in the city. In 2016, a gunman opened fire minutes into a vigil for a homicide victim in West Baltimore, wounding five people. In 2015, a man was wounded during a vigil for another homicide victim.
Repeat after me: they're just like us.

Keep repeating it, over and over again.

Oh, and be sure to toss in a few "Black Lives Matter" for old times sake.