Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's Official: Blacks Were Safer When Whites/Jim Crow Controlled Selma than they are now that Blacks Control 80% Black City

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Nothing much else to say... [Violence in Selma: 'It’s just gotten out of hand', Montgomery Advertiser, January 21, 2017 

SELMA - His look said it all.
Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson is still angry more than a month after a woman and her disabled daughter died in a fire that had been deliberately set.
Katrina Moore, 44, and Coleman Moore, 20, never had a chance in what authorities determined was a fire set by an arsonist.
Fire and smoke may have claimed the lives of the two women, but it’s the same as if a gun had been used.
The mother apparently died of smoke inhalation as she tried to push her wheelchair-bound, special needs daughter out of the house to safety.
Three other residents managed to get out in time, but their mental distress will be with them for the rest of their lives.
Coleman Moore, who suffered from cerebral palsy, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her mother died later at a hospital.
“This was an outrageous crime,” said Jackson, who lives in the neighborhood. “We’ve got to stop what’s been happening in Selma. It’s just gotten out of hand.”
Violence seems to have grabbed this historic little town by the throat and won’t let go. Of that, there is no doubt.
Shootings have become commonplace in some neighborhoods and residents know to stay inside at night, but even that hasn’t helped at times because stray bullets have no name on them.
Jackson will be driving soon to Mobile to meet with Kenyen Brown who is the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama and a former Selma resident.
A discussion about Selma’s growing crime problems is expected to be a major topic of concern.
Crime task forces aren’t new to Selma. They’ve been created in the past to deal with illegal drug activity, but not much seems to work. It hasn’t stopped Jackson from trying, though.
One thing is certain. The guilty party or parties will be charged with capital murder. If convicted it could mean the possibility of a death sentence.
When Jackson drives by the rubble, the first thing that catches his attention is yellow investigative tape that stretches around the property. It’s still there and likely to remain for a while until the case is resolved.
“There never was a question if the fire was the result of arson,” he said. “Material found inside determined that.”
Theories abound as to reasons, but investigators haven’t ruled out the possibility that the arsonist torched the wrong house.
It’s happened before in Selma where gang activity continues to cause headaches for authorities. Somebody dies violently and vengeful payback often follows.
The burned house was built on a corner lot in an area where there are many just like it. The fire started at 4 a.m. Cowards often like to work in the dark.
Rewards totaling $8,000 have been posted for information leading to arrests because loose lips often have been known to do the trick.
The victims’ neighbors are still in shock but hold out hope that arrests will be made soon. There is no way of knowing at the moment when that might be.
Millie Vick, 75, lives across the street from the burned house and knows how difficult it is to care for special needs children. She has two.
One of Coleman Moore’s few joys in life was a Popsicle. It was a treat she looked forward to every day and Vick would often cross the street to pay her respects to the family.
“I’d go over, pray for Coleman and then give her a Popsicle,” she said. “Two others in the house were on dialysis and that made life for them even more difficult.”
She praised the Selma Fire Department for keeping the flames from reaching the home of neighbors but said some embers found their way onto her property.
One of Millie’s daily pleasures is sitting on her sweeping front porch and relaxing. Concern over increased violence in Selma tempers some of that happiness, however, and she has good reason to worry the way she does.
Her concern has extended to Selma City Hall where the town’s new mayor is just as worried.
During his successful mayoral campaign last September, Darrio Melton and a friend were leaving an event when several shots were fired in their direction.
Two men had been hiding in the bushes in what appeared to have been an aborted robbery attempt.
Melton and his friend were able to run from danger and neither was hit by the shots.

It's official: Blacks were safer when whites/Jim Crow controlled Selma than they are now that blacks control 80 percent black city.

But this fact runs counter to the narrative of the civil rights movement liberating the city into utopian black rule...


Nunnya said...

Everyone in the United States was safer, but especially Blacks.

Bird of Paradise said...

In this case the monsters who commited this crime need to be tracked down arrested,convicted for 1st degree murder and face the death penalty no plea bargins allowed at all and no 10 to 15 years of stupid appeals and no Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton getting involved and certianly no movie deals from Spike Lee

NC Realist said...

80% is close enough to 100% to me. A town that is ruled almost entirely by negroes and this is commonplace for them. It's like the sun comes up every morning...negro misery. The sun sets every night...negro misery. Negro this ..negro that. Every damn day since the earth was created...negro misery. One million years in to the future ...negro misery. Always has been...always will be. Never accountable for anything. Blame someone else...but never blame them. Go to meetings...hold vigils...screw the taxpayer....but NEVER hold them accountable. My God....someone get the non liberal white people (is there any?) the hell out of that cesspool...and let it be. In less than a negro style destruction. Not even the zip code will be left.

Anonymous said...

But PK, blacks don't commit crime, guns do! Did you know that Black...Guns are now responsible for a string of armed robberies at Starbucks locations across Minneapolis? How do I know? The media says so, duh.

Anonymous said...

Animals. Inhuman, unwanted, unneeded. Removing these folks from society would improve all of humanity.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for these poor benighted morons - they truly can't help who they are. Unfortunately, they will have to be dealt with harshly for their own good (not to mention ours).

Anonymous said...

"When Jackson drives by the rubble, the first thing that catches his attention is yellow investigative tape that stretches around the property. It’s still there and likely to remain for a while until the case is resolved." Yellow investigative tape should be the new #BlackLivesMatter flag design.

Anonymous said...

The problem with black crime is that is often makes no sense. Atleast to a civilized mind. A cursory glance at "bait car" videos proves this. Even as a teenager, I would never dream of just taking a car left running. Even if I was criminally inclined, my thought process would be, "What if the owner comes back?" "What will I do with a stolen car anyhow?" And finally, "It's probably not worth the trouble." Why can't blacks reason like this? Thomas Jefferson called it "a want of forethought" or what PK calls future time orientation, low IQs and a culture of violence, promiscuity and irresponsibility means we have essentially granted "human" rights and priveleges on a population more advanced or evolved than a pack of chimpanzees or bonobos. Under Jim Crow overwhelming force and violent retaliation(the only language they truly understand) was used to supress their natural instincts. You can now understand why abolitionists, who had little exposure to blacks, seeing blacks in their controlled, unnatural state would be sympathetic to them. In their natural state, unchained and free to "do what's natural", they are truly wicked, lazy and immoral. Alex from N. England

Brian in Ohio said...

"violence has grabbed ahold of Selma..."

Yeah, that's it. Violence. It apparently has a will of its own. Thank god it seems to love black communities and not white ones. Magic.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

This really sounds like a problem that can be fixed with a chain link fence. Forcibly move out the 20% whites, (minus mud sharks and SJWs. The white males who have adopted that lifestyle in self defense can be given a shot at rehabilitation) and wait, oh 6-8 weeks. Then rebuild and resettle with humans.

Anonymous said...

President Trump needs to do the following:

1) Make a major policy speech stating that he is going to put and end to the horrific levels of inner-city crime, and help the poor Negroes.

2) Flood the said inner-cities with law enforcement. Stop and frisk, lock up the criminal monkeys.

3) Deport immediately any mud found here illegally.

4) Maintain a major armed presence in the groid-zones keeping the animals in, and the Humans out. Checkpoints and curfews. Jim Crow on steroids.

Libtards will scream and shout but the majority of America will approve quietly. Crime stats will plummet and President Trump can take credit, and keep the program going. Set up colony in Africa where orcs and libtards are free to relocate.

Anonymous said...

That joint sounds like a giant taxpayer funded parasite.
Female in FL

Proudyt said...

I think white liberals should go to Selma and march about this dagnabat.

Anonymous said...

A little on and off topic...

A story was in my facebook feed where the only witness against a man imprisoned for child molestation recanted her story, and how the DA was screwing him by not charging her with perjury. Down in the comments is De'Sharndria or something like that who thinks it's just fine for someone innocent to be in jail. I respond asking if she'd be fine with being sent to prison for a crime I accused her of and that didn't even phase this moron.

Not sure if they were trying to be a troll, or really that stupid.

Anonymous said...

The Violence strikes again!

DAMN that Violence!

It's like a racist lightning that seeks out black people!

I'm confused though, the police are looking for an "arsonist"?

I thought The Violence was responsible for this...why aren't they doing something to stop The Violence? A spell or ritual or something. There must be SOMETHING that will stop The Violence!

Paintjob Theory said...

"Violence seems to have grabbed this historic little town by the throat and won’t let go. "

Just like Old Man Trouble, or the Sandman. Violence is the anthropomorphic personification of mysterious forces that cannot be understood by primitive minds. It stalks the streets, it creates bad zip codes, feeds on "poverty", and takes children in the night. Of course to (((journalists))) and other enablers it's a clever euphemism for TNB.

"...stray bullets have no name on them."

More journalistic doublespeak to obfuscate the truth that negroes simply enjoy shooting each other... though I would suggest that if bullets in nog infested cities had names on them you would use a random number generator and this handy chart to produce them:

"Crime task forces aren’t new to Selma."

Nor are they new in ANY city with double digit black African population.

"They’ve been created in the past to deal with illegal drug activity, but not much seems to work."

Let's be honest here, if "not much" works, that means that SOMETHING has worked once? Surely if anybody could cite any examples they would be listed in this story. The truth is that nothing, ever has worked to make blacks behave in accordance with the norms of western civilization. You can do your very best in training, spend all the money in the world, and a pug will always come in last if you put him on a race track with greyhounds. The absolute best we can hope for is to isolate and contain through heavy handed policing and impromptu action meted out by extra-judicial organizations made up of concerned citizens.

"It hasn’t stopped Jackson from trying, though."

And why would it? At what point ever in history has failure ever stopped government from doubling down and simply making more outrageous demands for more money to fix problems that they have no intention of fixing if they could. There's the old parable of the company that sold the unbreakable hammer that quickly went out of business. This is the business model of governments. Even if the problems could be fixed it is NOT in the best interest of people in the problem fixing industry to actually try to fix things, they would be out of work and wouldn't get their "looks at muh"'s.

These creatures are so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The MSM really doesn't like talking about Selma.

Too embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Stopping them from killing one another just runs against their nature. Preventing them from killing others may be possible.

Segregation, with very strict border control measures, is possible. This would also be cheaper than repatriation.
Their inability to care for themselves and their propensity to kill each other would rapidly deplete their numbers.
As the numbers went down, borders could be moved so as to keep them in close proximity to each other. (They need to be close, they're bad shots.)
In a few short years, their numbers would be so depleted as to be manageable again. Or repatriation would be feasible.


Hick'ry Stick said...

"Violence seems to have grabbed this historic little town by the throat and won’t let go."
Damned old violence grabbing stuff again. Despite trying to stop this menacing character through all of the hocus pocus and marching against it, even trying to burn it away with candles, it keeps coming back for more.
Trouble is, old violence and black genetics are tight as a couple of bar room drunks.
And with one, you always have the other.

Anonymous said...

"Shootings have become commonplace in some neighborhoods and residents know to stay inside at night, but even that hasn’t helped at times because stray bullets have no name on them.

Jackson will be driving soon to Mobile to meet with Kenyen Brown who is the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama and a former Selma resident."

When bullets have no name on them, have no fear! Michael Jackson is going to fix it! He's goin' mobile to Mobile to meet with a "Kenyen".

If this is the only proof you gave as to how this city would once again be safer under Jim Crow, I would have no choice but to believe you.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

You see it every single day. Countless negroes shuffling about hither and yon, in the middle of the day with absolutely no place to go, nothing to do, just logging time until the next benefit check gets electronically deposited into their accounts. Had to dodge two younger negresses crossing four lanes of traffic on my way home from work around 11 a.m. today. They couldn't have been much older than 17. No school, no job, just lolly gagging about, simple and stupid expressions on their mugs. It is no surprise that they spend their time setting fire to people and things. They have always had this fascination with fire - something they never did get around to discovering.

Like so much else, the negro hears tell of this latest atrocity and has no concept, no ability to wrap his head around it. It isn't violent, out of control, blacks. No, it is the dreaded "violence" which takes upon a life of its own and sets itself upon the negro coon-munity. Maybe another march or cake walk would fix things. It hasn't worked yet, but don't let that stop us from trying, right kids?

I hope the feminazis and the rest of the butt-hurt SJWs got some of their rage and despair out of their systems this past weekend. Their profound stupidity never ceases to amaze me. They embrace Islam, which at its heart seeks to subjegate and enslave women. But no, it's Donald Trump who is their sworn enemy - a guy who likes having sex with beautiful, shapely women who throw themselves at him - The Horror!

If I could have one fantasy and have it come to life, I would create an island for all the SJWs and feminazis to inhabit along with the negroes they love and worship so intensely. They would be free to create all the safe spaces they wish, along with their negro brethren, who, after all, just want a fair chance!

In the meantime, the hunt for the dreaded "violence" continues, which strangely manifests itself in the negro coon-munity. Would it be rayciss to threaten to lynch "violence"? It certainly seems to be running amok in negroville since, oh, I don't know, 1965 or so?

You want to see a negro run and scream in abject terror? Present him with a job application. Works every time.

Anonymous said...

If you live in California, check this out.

ACLU salivating over white genocide:

Anonymous said...

Hampton D Lee and Rollins

Julia White funeral home has a great Google review, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge is largely well-received  (with one rater suggesting it should be renamed after Mottin Loofah Kong!

The Brown Chapel AME Church is largely well-reviewed, though one rater feels the surrounding area isn't the safest.

The cemeteries here aren't really rated, but in Birmingham, the Zionsville Memorial Gardens seems to be a true African-American Cemetery  (3.6/5 from six reviews).

I'm sure I could dig further, but would suggest others use Google maps to look around town and check out the reviews some folks write. One gentleman even said that his loved one was "em bombed" so well they looked like they were sleeping.

Anonymous said...

And the skreets, dem skreets be all bad and stuff. People don't kill people, dem skreets does.

Anonymous said...

It's the negro finger point "demons be up in here", not violent feces species, demons yawwz. Yeah, we're so stupid.

Anonymous said...

The absolute best we can hope for is to isolate and contain through heavy handed policing and impromptu action meted out by extra-judicial organizations made up of concerned citizens.

It used to be that when they were segregated it was well known that that White society would not put up with Black crimes against Whites. You can see a bit of this in LA Confidential.

It was also accepted that Blacks would do stupid things like shoot each other over a dice game. But it wasn't the responsibility of White society to bother with these crimes, especially since they happen every weekend. The term "Saturday night special" is referring to a typical Negro town on a Saturday night. In fact the entire campaign against Saturday night specials was really an effort to reduce negro shootings. Amusingly even though liberals were able to limit their production they have simply been replaced with high cap 9mms and 40s, which are of course more likely to kill you than a 38 special.

Oil 'n Water said...

Projection. Websters defines it as, "the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety."
In the case of blacks, I do not believe it is a defense against anxiety as much as simply the denial of truth.
Race realists do not need to prove that genetic factors of low intelligence and a propensity for violence are at the root of the problem; the facts do that task very well. No credible intelligence test indicates otherwise. No government stat sheet on crime denies it.
But blacks and their enablers will argue: "The facts be damned, we are not the cause of the problem, there just has to be another reason. It's whites, those trouble-making racist bullies spreading lies because they lack any kind of racial sensitivity. Yep, gotta be them…and slavery…'n stuff like that."
On the contrary, this site is all about racial sensitivity.
Punitive measures governing truthful discourse, and the disingenuous picture of blacks portrayed through the media serve as primary defenses.
Along with projection.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson called it "a want of forethought" or what PK calls future time orientation, low IQs and a culture of violence, promiscuity and irresponsibility

Jefferson also made an interesting point which is that their sense of memory is appears no different than that of Whites. What is the liberal explanation for this? How is Whitey being so selective in his discrimination and suppression?

Black children also walk and talker earlier. In fact it's a myth that talking early is a sign of high intelligence. If you want to confuse a liberal then ask how "nurture" is responsible for this difference, especially when it is global and not controversial among pediatricians. These differences are of course aren't talked about unless you go into medicine. Liberals lie to the public about race being color only and never planned on the existence of the internet where we can openly discuss differences that were once kept away from public view.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a place to live in America 2017 that has all Jim Crow trappings just minus the name? Need a civilized place to raise my kids.

Anonymous said...

Add 7,000 to 10,000 volts to that fence.


Anonymous said...

Oh there's lots of non liberal whites. Trouble is they all have jobs and can't take off work to go protest and riot.
If they're not working, they need their rest from working so much.
But they did find the time to vote Trump at election time!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant observation

Anonymous said...

6-8 weeks sounds about right. So long as you air-drop plenty of ammo and fried chicken for them to fight over

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I went to The Montgomery Advertiser intending to offer a few helpful hints. To my surprise and dismay, their articles don't offer a comment section.

Anonymous said...

Like any black dominated & controlled area, Selma is doomed and will simply continue to descend into the black pit of negro incompetence, violence, ignorance and decay until it looks like an abandoned landfill. Might as well change the name to Hopeless.
Speaking of names, I was reading an article about some miscreant groid and had to burst out laughing as his name was Khamoi which in the Thai language means "thief. More proof that when black baby momma's give their chirruns those scrabble names, they have no idea what they're doing- it jes' sounds good to them.

Anonymous said...

Philly elementary school launches new "Black Lives Matter" curriculum.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Not sure if they were trying to be a troll, or really that stupid.

On Facebook? I'd go with stupid.

Anonymous said...

War on violence. War on crime. War on terrorism. All actions that you can't attack. You can, however, declare war on violent criminals and terrorists. But then again that would mean dealing with the instigators of said acts, which in Selma's case basically means black people.

While many, many people of all non-black races seem to be getting on the same page when it comes to the Dindu demographic, blacks are still basically untouchable and above reproach. Hopefully Trump can help change that. They want equality after all, and we need to take them at their word.

Of course blacks will cry racism, but by that point no one will care anymore.

It sure is fortunate that they lack future-time orientation because they truly have no idea how fked they are now. Let them keep up with their "people of color" b.s., many of us know from first hand experience that Hispanics often hate them more whites do. There will be no "brown" people coming to save them. Let them figure this out when it is too late, it will be schadenfreude at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Segregation, with very strict border control measures, is possible. This would also be cheaper than repatriation.
Their inability to care for themselves and their propensity to kill each other would rapidly deplete their numbers.

God set it up like that in the first place. It's called Africa. There are OCEANS for strict border controls that work on these non-swimming non-sailing non-boatbuilding monkeys.

Anonymous said...

The blacks in South Atlanta, that almost all have attitude problems, have doubled down since Friday. I go to a local thrift shop to buy paperback books- got the latest court drama from a great author for 50 cents last week. I was standing by the collectibles behind a glass shelf for about 5 minutes, when a black woman came up from the side. Right then, a young white female employee asked me if I needed to see anything. I told her no, thanks, I was just looking so far. The black woman went NUTS, saying, "yea, I seed how you axe her first befoe me", and going off on a rant. I had been there at least 5 minutes before her. I rolled my eyes and walked away in one direction, and the young white girl did the right thing, ignored her also and walked off in another direction, (I could have HUGGED her for not trying to coddle the complaining heifer) leaving the black woman to walk all over the store, much like a cow meandering throw a field, and mumble to herself. I wish that I could say this was a rare occurrence, but it has happened to me 3 or 4 times over the last 6 months. They HATE to wait in line and hate when you are ahead of them, and they HATE to be ignored-(like you all say- looks at muh). But as of right now, ignoring them is not against the law.
I noticed on Inauguration day, "protestors" were holding up signs that said- "no country for old white men"- even though "old white men" are the exact people who built America, and why is that not a racist sign?? I wish that we could take away every invention from them that "old white men" provided- they would be without almost every modern amenity. Another sign said- "Make racists afraid again". Haha of what?? REAL equality?? At what point are "protestors" now called rioters?? When they damage property, or attack people?? I hope America gets a handle on this rioting business. There is no "right" to destroy other peoples possesions. And they seem to NEVER be required to pay back any damage they have caused- one reason they keep on doing it. Subract any proven damage from Jamals or Lutecia's check or EBT- see it die down fast.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

I am a lifelong Chicagoan. I have seen neighborhood after neighborhood fall. I am in public service. I have seen my career and the careers of other white males delayed from promotion go to blacks less qualified. I have seen white children denied entrance into our selective high schools (yes, Chicago has some excellent nationally recognized schools) because less qualified blacks are allowed in with less stringent requirements. We have had over 800 murders last year, less than, approx 10 were committed by whites who are approx 30% of the citizenry. But our ((mayor)) has aligned with the catered to constituency and BLM who blame our Police when there has been less than 10 fatal Police involved shootings out of the 800 dead.

They a like a plague of locusts. They only take. They only demand. They complain there are no jobs or resources as if whites or the government are to create those things for them, they incapable of creating for themselves

Give white men of European ancestry a pile of rocks, they will build you civilization.
Give black men of African ancestry civilization, they will build you a pile of rocks.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I lived there, we would always hear about someone who had been "khamoied . "

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13am- "If you live in California, check this out. ACLU salivating over white genocide"
That White-hating mexcrement is a "hispanic latino of brown color". He only happens to work at ACLU, and his job has nothing to do with his agenda to end your existence. Remember that, and remember it well, all you pie-eyed DREAMers who think the Noble Mestizo Savage will be fighting at your side against the Ignoble African Savage.

Blue Eye Debil said...

I would not be surprised (shocked but not surprised) if the women had been sexually assaulted before the house was set on fire. The arsonist may have done it to destroy evidence of his assaults. I would not be surprised if they were known to the victims and that the victims had given them some kind of aid. Terribly sad that the world is like this now. What a way to die in your own home.

I remember seeing something that Colin Flaherty wrote about a disturbing trend of home invasions on the elderly, rape and then the victim would be burnt to death.

Californian said...

. “We’ve got to stop what’s been happening in Selma. It’s just gotten out of hand.”

This, no doubt is what the Alabama state troopers were thinking when they made their stand on the Edmund Pettus Bridge on that fateful day of 7 March 1965.

Once again, you have to look at the politics. Cast aside the rhetoric about "equality" and "voting rights" and "content-of-character." Consider the actual result of the Civil Rites movement -- placing a dysfunctional demographic into control of cities such as Selma. And with that comes the violence, the poverty, the infrastructure collapse, and etc. Precisely, by the way, what the segregationists claimed would happen with integration.

The Civil Rites movement was essentially a racial struggle. It was about the transfer of power from Whites to Africans-in-America. And with that transfer comes their usual dysfunctions. It is the same pattern wherever YT has surrendered territory, cities, countries and genes to Africans. The thing is to get White people to think in terms of racial consciousness. From there follows political power.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love this:

Maybe there is hope.


Ex New Yorker said...

Saturday there was a break in the weather so I drove into town for supplies. Nice two lane blacktop. About every 4 or 5 miles I would see another car or truck. Weather got up into the 40's. Nice. I spent most of the trip just thanking God I was still alive.

Meanwhile in cities across the country women dressed in their weird looking "Pussy hats" were bitching and moaning about all kinds of bullshit. Many carried signs making statements about their vaginas. The day before the violent leftist and Communist were smashing car windows in Washington. This week in Chicago was a really wild time with the local "teens" shooting the fuck out of each other.

Third world invaders are moving in so they can rob, rape and collect welfare checks. Mostly they just bitch about how they are being mistreated. The Muslims are upset that in most places Sharia law is not allowed. A lot of Americans are opposed to gays being thrown off rooftops. Welfare breeders and black crime gets worst by the day. White people are becoming more and more insane. The universities are turning into kinder gardens.

While sipping my coffee in "town" the cafe had a television set on. Holy Bat Shit Batman, I finally found out the cause of all of Americas problems. It is because of those damn Russians. Trump is Putin's puppet and also a KGB Agent. The only way to save America is by having a NUCLEAR WAR WITH RUSSIA. Hey....sign me up for some of that shit.

I am very happy that Trump is on the throne. But as each day goes by I am finding it harder and harder for me to relate to the insanity going on around me. What the fuck is wrong with the people in this country.

"Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first drive insane."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The blacks were also safer in South Africa under Apartheid.

Since 1994, the murder rate has skyrocketed and South Africa's cities are now some of the most dangerous in the world.

This once safe and prosperous white country should never have been handed over to these savages.