Friday, January 27, 2017

Without Freedom of Association, We Live Under Tyranny: White Student Forced to Stay in Majority Black "Failing" Huntsville Public School

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Without freedom of association, what's the purpose of trying assert any right? If the state can dictate what you can do and who you can do it with, you don't have freedom. [White students in Huntsville can't transfer out of 'failing' schools, Huntsville Times, 1-19-17]:
Cassandra McAfee's eighth-grade daughter is zoned to attend Columbia High School in Huntsville next fall. When McAfee saw last week that Columbia made the state's list of 'failing' schools, she immediately looked into a transfer. 
The Alabama Accountability Act says that she can. The state law allows students to transfer out of 'failing' schools and into non-failing schools within the same school system. 
But McAfee's daughter won't be eligible for transfer because she is white. 
Columbia is a majority-black school, and Huntsville is still under a decades-old desegregation court order that requires the district to consider race when granting school transfer requests. 
"Because my daughter is white, she has to be held back in a failing school," said McAfee. "She's not being given the same opportunities as her black peers. I don't want my kid stuck in a school that's not going to help her thrive or move forward. These next few years are vital because that will determine where she goes to college." 
The U.S. Department of Justice made the call four years ago, saying federal law trumps a state act. 
Shortly after the accountability law passed in 2013, the DOJ instructed Huntsville to ignore the law's transfer requirements, saying students fleeing "failing" schools can't interfere with desegregation efforts - in other words, student transfers can't increase the racial imbalance at a school. 
That means most school transfers in Huntsville are awarded through the majority-to-minority process, a decades-old practice of allowing students who are in a racial majority at one school to transfer to a school in which they'd be in the racial minority. 
Columbia and Lee High School, the only Huntsville schools on the state's failing schools list, are both majority black. 
Only students whose race is in the majority can be considered for a majority-to-minority transfer. In the case of Columbia or Lee, both majority-black schools, only black students are eligible to transfer out of those schools and into one of Huntsville's majority white schools. On the flip side, black students can't transfer out of majority-white schools. 
The desegregation order has long required Huntsville to consider students as black or non-black, so Hispanic and Asian students - while in a racial minority - are not eligible for a majority-to-minority transfer.
White children should not be mere components in a social experiment long ago proven to have failed in its stated mission of turning blacks into capable citizens of western civilization. 

Cassandra McAfee, it is your duty as a mother to remove your child from the failing black school and seek alternative forms of schooling where she will not be a pawn in the Diversity Wars underway in Black-Run America (BRA). 

The failed social policies of the latter part of 20th century America will give birth to a new order (forever free of the taint of leveling racial equality as the primary goal of education), but we must first survive the Diversity Wars upon us. 


chattanooga gal said...

when I was a child, bussing was the order of the day. when that happened, many churches started their own little schools at a reasonable price, and so my parents sent me and my sister to one of those. maybe the churches need to step up and do that again.

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to the South, of all people, you should know better?
BTW, if Roger Kaputnik from FR is here, kudos to your post regarding the Baylor football team. Good sign, only two niggerlovers responded.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

"Columbia and Lee High School, the only Huntsville schools on the state's failing schools list, are both majority black."

Gee whiz. Who woulda thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Off topic. Baylor University back in the news for 52 alleged rapes in the past four years. Guess who are the perps? See comments after reading article. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, negroes. Only young liberal newlyweds move to those gentrified areas and as soon as the wife gets pregnant they move to the Whitest suburbs they can find.

January 27, 2017 at 7:47 AM /

The reason young and poor Whites 'gentrify' is bc houses on both coasts are so expensive, in many cities.
rents where I am [outside LA] are like 1-3000 for an apartment and a million for an old home. I am maybe 10 miles from Beverly Hills, but the costs for a place are similar.

Lori Cooper said...

Rent a UHaul, pack your shit and get. That's what normal people do. You have until next fall to save your money. Sounds to me, she's in the wrong neighborhood anyway.

Pat Boyle said...


I'm very pleased to see that Prime Minister May visited the Arlington Cemetery. I grew up in Arlington and the cemetery is a holy place for all American patriots. I'm also warmed by the notion that the Churchill bust has returned to the Oval Office. People tend to forget that Winston Churchill besides being one of the great heroes of the twentieth century was also half American. His mother was an American.

As I always say Churchill was a great man, but imagine how much greater he would have been if he had been all American.


Pat Boyle said...

On Topic

In a related story yesterday we see that Obama has spent seven billion dollars on a vain attempt to improve black education. After all that targeted federal money the test scores have not improved.

I mentioned before that I used to work as a Program Evaluator in jobs programs. That was a couple decade ago now but nothing has changed. I examined all the government sponsored studies of federal jobs programs and the pattern was clear - government jobs programs cannot improve the employability of blacks.

Oddly enough such programs have a strong effect on whites - they decrease the job prospects of whites. If you are unemployed and white it is wise to avoid all government jobs programs. Studies show that you do better just staying unemployed until you find something. Whites waste their time sitting in some government vocational school. But nothing the government can do for blacks makes much difference.

Now we get good evidence that compensatory education for blacks is likewise a waste of time and money. The problem is that nothing else seems to work either. The constraining factor seems to be the mental capacity of black students. American high school is designed to handle the average white student. Students from the minority races can't quite meet those standards - hence all the "drop outs". Remember blacks do better in African high schools - not because of any social or cultural reason but simply because they teach less difficult material.

I could solve the black education problem in a heartbeat. Simply teach less demanding material and only require the black kids to stay in school until they are fourteen. Bingo. No more dropout problem. Of course employers would discount the black high school credential - but they do that now anyway.


Anonymous said...

I looked this school up. They have an IB program, which is recognized all over the world as an achievement. The problem is they have a only one year of tests to see if they are failing or not. Also, this school is used as overflow for a school that is or was under construction. It is a majority black school but a kid in the IB program would have very little to do with most of them, as they are worked very hard. However, I would also allow the mom to move her kid out if they wanted for school choice. Otherwise, it would be like people being told you cannot move or close your business due to any reason no matter what or where you are.

As regards Chicago, the only things they want is more money for "programs, education, and welfare." It seems to be their mantra and so they can use their sticky fingers to glom onto anything and line their pockets.

Bird of Paradise said...

No more forced busing of kids out of their own area end this social experiment it has failed and needs to be ended before any happens to the innocent like it already has

Anonymous said...

Updated at 7:28 p.m.: Revised to include the latest information.

A Baylor University graduate who says she was raped by football players in 2013 sued the university Friday. Her lawsuit includes an allegation that 31 Baylor football players committed at least 52 acts of rape, including five gang rapes, between 2011 and 2014 — an estimate that far exceeds the number previously provided by school officials.

Those figures could not be independently verified Friday, and Baylor officials declined to comment on their accuracy.

The woman, identified in the suit by the pseudonym Elizabeth Doe, reports being gang raped by then-Baylor football players Tre'Von Armstead and Shamycheal Chatman after a party on April 18, 2013.

Those football players were previously named as suspects in a sexual assault police report related to that date but were not charged. They could not be immediately reached for comment Friday.

Anonymous said...

The solution here is either to move or Homeschool.

After filing a discrimination lawsuit of course.

Anonymous said...

When a school is designated as "failing," there's no reason to include the fact that it's a predominantly black school since that's an obvious conclusion from the start. Sort of like reading a story that says "Mobs of Teens Riot at Local Mall." You just know from experience that the mob in question will be negroes. Ditto for failing schools being predominantly black. As is, forcing a child to stay in a predominantly black school is the same as forcing a non negro family to stay in a neighborhood that has been over-run by the black undertow and become unsafe. Getting away from negroes and all their dysfunctions is a human right- a right to be safe and secure. It goes much deeper than a right of association. Refusing to allow someone to escape the black undertow strikes at the heart of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Anonymous said...

So tell them your family identifies as black.

That's how life works now. Whatever you indentify as is what you are and anyone who says otherwise is a bigot.


I would love to see their Cable Bill, internet bill, car payments, Cell phone monthly payments, any "vacations", etc.......add it up, and show it is about the same a a private school.

OR, MOVE. Move your "home" to an all white area (good luck finding any of those) and then you, you lazy mom, drive yourself to work,

Or home school.

ANYTHING than the child abuse YOU are inflicting on a White girl?

If you don't do these things now, then maybe you will do this AFTER your daughter is gang raped by the negro boys and later her face slashed by the negresses............good luck.

NC Realist said...

Cassandra McAfee, it is your duty as a mother to remove your child from the failing black school and seek alternative forms of schooling where she will not be a pawn in the Diversity Wars underway in Black-Run America (BRA). Seriously....what more needs to be said/done.....?

Anonymous said...

PK, sometimes when your comments page comes up, you can log in only if you have Google. Can you do something about this for those of us who do not patronize Google?

Anonymous said...

Schools which fail.
Streets which go wrong.
Shots which ring out.

Please note that in no case does the establishment ever blame blacks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they have a great football program, and then her daughter can attend Baylor.

Anonymous said...

Sending one's child to a majority Black school is unsafe. No parent, whether White, Latino or Asian should do this.

Anonymous said...

Time for white people to start marching and demanding the same "special" rights blacks have.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I went to the site on Facebook called blaxit. It is hysterical. Blacks talking about leaving America, all those "inventions" they will be taking with them, and between themselves about how even a lot of the people that live in Africa now do not want American blacks there. Entertaining. Make sure to visit.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

It is rank child abuse to send a white kid from a white neighborhood to a black school in a black neighborhood. I can testify to this as it happened to me in the 70s during the failed desegregation policies. One thing I did learn, however, is to strongly dislike negroes, who unwittingly taught me everything I know about racism. TO this day I don't want to live around them, go to school with them, rent to them, or work for them.

Anonymous said...

There was no benefit to stating her race honestly, so why did she? Mark down "black" if there is a benefit. Without a DNA test, you might be part black. Obama was half white and he got to pretend he was black. I mark down "other" when my race is asked on forms. Since I now know the left is white-genociding us, I don't feel like informing the government of my race.

Brian in Ohio said...

Forcing a white child to attend a majority black school should be a felony. It is just so fucking wrong. I cant imagine what that kid has already gone through.

Stay alert, stay alive.

magicdog said...

Can't she home school? Why is it no one seems to bring this up when local schools fail so badly??

OK - maybe she can't afford a private school, but homeschooling costs less in comparison and can be done in far less time (many students need 4 hours daily of teaching at most- some only 2 formal hours daily) and the kids will learn far more from parents at home than from most any school.

Yes, I agree the government should be letting her daughter leave the school district since what's good for the goose is good for the gander, maybe even file a lawsuit and call it racial discrimination - which it definitely is!

Denise said...

I would not EVER allow a White child of mine, boy or girl, to be forced into a majority negro school!!! Never mind the worthless years wasted on not receiving any worthwhile instruction at all - I'd be frantic over the certainty of loss of life!

You are correct. It's the responsibility and duty of parents to protect the life and limbs of their children. NO excuses.

Anonymous said...

Move. Pack up what you can, abandon what you can not sell and get the fudge out.

A wise man in the course of a long life will be prepared to abandon his baggage at any time. R.A.H

Posted by Steve in KY

Anonymous said...

President Trump... your brave and patriotic actions taken to stop the orc and Muslim invasion of our country are the right thing to do. Do not let the insane Libs and orcs change your mind; in fact, double down. Send in the Feds to Chicago and freak the media out!!

We have your back. We are the majority. You are our leader...

Do what you need to do....

Anonymous said...

This is the crap that needs to end no matter what side of "equal" you sit on. News flash - We're NOT all equal. Some are smarter, stronger, better with their brains, better with tools, better at sports, the list goes on and on. That this kid is trapped with racial handcuffs is despicable. It takes a village, no child left behind, yeah ok! Affirmative Action and school desegration has been around long enough now to benefit those minorities that have actually taken advantage of it. The rest? Too f'n bad! It's time for it to go and let the cream (regardless of color or race) rise to the top. It seems like they're afraid of that.


Anonymous said...

White privilege rears its ugly head again.

Fled The Undertow said...

And there you have it: The Number One Reason why homeschooling is way more popular in states with high numbers of negroes.

Anonymous said...

When I attended Bayside High School from 1980 thru 1983, unwanted negros were bussed in from South Queens. When school let out, there would be a convoy of around 7 NYC transit buses packed with them rumbling down Bell Blvd. Now, I can go on forever reminiscing about my negative experiences with these "students" but I did ad nauseum here and elsewhere. But one aspect still sticks out:

In home room - called section - most of the negros were handed their free lunch and transit passes; I don't recall any whites getting these. Both of my parents worked and paid taxes to support this largesse. Even though they were struggling, I was not eligible. My lunch consisted of a small container of chocolate milk and a small package of Linden cookies. The activity to the kitchen was always packed with blacks; in fact, In my 3 unhappy years there, I never set foot there.

I once read about a reunion of Polish Jews from wartime Europe. The piece mentioned that they were all small from being malnourished. I'm 5 feet 7 inches. If I had access to the school lunch program until age 18, I probably would be between 5 feet 10 and 6 feet tall. If I were properly nourished and not in constant fear of negros, I would have been an A student and be able to attend a good university instead of a community college. Our evil elite did everything in their power to make sure blacks are big and strong - this includes pumping iron in prison - and be able to brutalize us.

Forcing blacks to attend school with us was a total failure. Millions of whites, like myself, were irreparable harmed; a great criminal act was committed against me and millions of others. God bless those who want nothing to do with this regime and sacrifice to spare their kids from attending "integrated" and "magnet" schools. In Junior High School, a big negro named Vincent tried to force a white girl into giving him oral sex in front others. Never again; continue to resist BRA.

Trump's Tweets !! said...

Ha Ha !!! They're all in a "tizzy" over Trump's Tweets !!!

Hey McDee's 365 Black - I'm Loving It, Too !!! (been boycotted mcdonalds for years!) YUCK !!

There's so much to keep up on nowadays in the "news". Well here's another link to add to the rest of the links I have bookmarked in a folder simply called "Black".

Here we have whoopi whateverthefuckhernameis goldberg, johnson, woods, brown, showing the true content of her worthless character, sticking up for her own rather than deal with a reality she doesn't live in. Nothing but a straight POS.

Boycott them ALL !!! Kill your TV !! Move out of black cancer infested areas !!!

Anonymous said...

I dropped out off high school because I was forced to go to an 80% black school where the blacks hated whites and everyone else. The teachers didn't even try to teach with most just reading books/magazines or sleeping every class. If they even bothered to show up. I took my GED in 2 weeks and passed it. So easy it was. I went to college and dropped out after a year because the cost and the forced indoctrination wasn't worth it. We need the State our of the education system and segregation restored.I cheer all the parents that take the time to home-school their children, they have the smartest kids.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame what the state's and the Fed's have done to schools since the fifties.
Like everything else they touch, they adopt a middle of the road approach that fails to reward excellence and promotes mediocrity.
It's no wonder we are in the hole we inhabit. How many generations have we already lost to the 'participation trophy' mentality that is so prevalent among younger folks I talk to.
Dumbing down an entire country shouldn't be so easy.

Jim in jersey