Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Does the Impending Trump Administration Mean to You?

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So what do you hope Donald J. Trump brings to America in two days? 

What are your hopes? 

What are your fears? 

If you go back to June of 2015, no site was more pro-Donald J. Trump (once he announced his candidacy for president) than SBPDL. Interestingly though, SBPDL coined the concept of the United States of America already being "irredeemable" in late 2014. 

My take is simple: Donald J. Trump, as President of the United States, gives the rising right-wing in Europe cover to stop Islam and secular liberalism/equality (true religion of white liberals) in its path. 

For that, Mr. Trump could be one of the most important white people in recorded history. 

The pendulum of morality violently shifts in the opposite direction; this, and this alone, is the ultimate lesson of history. 

Am I wrong? 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#TruthAboutSelma Now Available in Paperback!

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More so, pick up a copy of "The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped" for paperback today!:
Out now! "The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped"
"The racial violence of the past is largely gone, replaced by a flood of drug-related, black-on-black crime that dwarfs the violence of Jim Crow." -- New York Times, 8-2-1994  
Every year, elected officials at the federal and state level along with celebrities, make the pilgrimage to now 80% black Selma, Alabama to recreate the famed march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. 
Paying homage to the Civil Rights struggle, this march is highly publicized and promoted by the mainstream media, Hollywood and public schools to produce maximum volumes of white guilt across America, reminding them they must forever atone for their ancestors inequities. 
But once the cameras leave and the marching ends, what remains behind in the city of Selma, completely dominated by black elected/appointed officials is a reminder of the collective fears the architects of Jim Crow and restrictive covenants long held for their posterity. 
"The Truth About Selma" provides the reality of what the Civil Rights struggle actually brought to the city.
The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped is also available for Kindle! You can secure your signed copy now by donating $25 (via PayPal link on right-hand side of site) today!  

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Thanks John Lewis: Black Gangs in 80% Black Selma Fired Upon White Paramedics as Part of 'Gang Initiation'

PK Note: The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped is out today! The paperback will be available TOMORROW, but secure your signed copy now by donating $25 (via PayPal link on right-hand side of site) today! 

With John Lewis and Martin Luther King experiencing the kind of praise and admiration usually reserved for deities and potentates for their march back in 1965 across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, it's always instructive to take a look at the world individual black people have created in 80 percent black Selma, Alabama today. 

Because time didn't stop in 1965 in Selma, Alabama. 

Oh no. 

Time kept slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future... [Ambulance crew shot at while responding to call in Selma,, 12-5-16]:
Rapid gunshots greeted a driver and paramedic from Care Ambulance after they responded to a call Friday night in Selma, according to Care Ambulance area manager Jamie Lee. 
The driver and paramedic responded to what they now believe was a suspicious 911 call in the 1900 block of St. Phillips Street. 
The Care crew arrived with the intent of checking out a patient's blood pressure. 
Once on the scene, someone fired multiple shots at them. 
Once the crew realized what was going on, they ran back into the truck and slammed it in reverse. The patient reportedly jumped and ran. 
No one was hit, there were no bullet holes in the ambulance and so far, no arrest has been made in the case. 
Lee says her two team members are still rattled by it all three days later. 
"He said he heard roughly seven or eight shots. They're upset. I mean who wouldn't be if you thought you were getting shot at while helping people," Lee said. 
District Attorney Michael Jackson said be believes the incident was a gang initiation ritual. He said the so-called "patient" may have known all along what was about to happen. This is the same area where law enforcement conducted a massive drug raid 11 years ago. 
Jackson says the investigation by Selma police is well underway after getting the name of the "patient."

The consequences of John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr.'s march in Selma back in 1965 produced the world where black gangs now have initiation rituals in the current year to kill paramedics and first responders.

There's nothing to celebrate in either of these guys lives, for their every breath helped birth a world of horror far beyond what the architects of Jim Crow feared could come to fruition.

We are forced to applaud their actions though by every discernible metric, Selma is a far, far worse for black people to live in 2017 (under black rule for decades) than it was in 1965...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

John Lewis Declares Donald Trump Unfit to Visit 80% Black Selma, Alabama (Trump's Insufficiently Guilty for Being White)

PK Note: The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped is out today! The paperback will be available soon, but secure your signed copy now by donating $25 (via PayPal link on right-hand side of site) today! 

No one wants to admit it's no longer 1965 anymore in Selma, Alabama... the New York Times admitted as much in 1994
The actual sign welcoming you to 80% black Selma, Alabama (photographed by Hunter Wallace on January 15, 2017)

The racial violence of the past is largely gone, replaced by a flood of drug-related, black-on-black crime that dwarfs the violence of Jim Crow.
In 1990, when black leaders, white elected federal/state officials, and celebrities started coming to Selma in March to reenact the 1965 march (Kabuki Theater personified), the New York Times noted how the city was transitioning to black rule:
The Mayor, who still keeps a Confederate flag in his office, points out that 35 percent of the police force is black, as against zero in 1965. Blacks make up 25 percent of the firefighters and more than 90 percent of the sanitation workers. He cites similar statistics among other municipal employees, City Council members and teachers, and he minimizes the current dispute over the decision by the white-majority school board not to renew the contract of the city's first black Superintendent. 
The Mayor considers the new wave of black activists impossible to please, insufficiently appreciative of the gains won by the previous generation. ''But,'' he conceded, in the philosophical tone he exuded in network interviews last week, ''the blacks are now doing the same thing we did 25 years ago. We hollered for 'segregation,' and played on the white people's fear of integration - and this got us elected. Now, 25 years later, the black elected officials, and black leaders not elected, are hollering 'white racism,' and 'de facto segregation' and 'economic oppression' to get elected, and they're doing a good job.''
Hilarious, because in 1984, the New York Times noted how black people were going to weaponize democracy and try and take over the city from whites: 
A deep- voiced refrain of ''Freedom Now! Freedom Now!'' rose in a crescendo from Ward Chapel Church Sunday night, seeming to ripple the delicate pink flowers of the mimosa trees outside. 
Frederick D. Reese, a battle-scarred veteran of the civil rights movement here, pounded the pulpit and said: ''There are rumors that when I am elected Mayor I am going to fire all the white folks. I am not going to do that. Now some white folks have to go. We are going to look at ability to do the job. What we need is justice.''The audience cheered lustily in agreement.
In 2000, at the dawn of the new century, Selma finally elected a black mayor. 

For the outside world, Selma must always be 1965, so as to stoke as much white guilt as possible, simultaneously equating any white person who dares criticize America's domestic policy of bettering black people with white taxpayer money (sacrificing advancing western civilization in the process) as the moral equivalent of the white cops who beat the civil rights marchers. 

Which is why John Lewis' war with Donald Trump represents the potential end of what has been dubbed by this writer as Black-Run America (BRA). [Rep. Lewis: I would not invite Trump to Selma,, 1-15-17]:

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), said he would not invite President-elect Donald Trump to visit Selma, Alabama, with him, though he also would not "do anything to prevent him from coming."
On Bloody Sunday in 1965, Lewis was badly beaten by Alabama state troopers on Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge during a march for voting rights.
Politicians and leaders from both parties - including Vice President-elect Mike Pence - have visited Selma with Lewis over the years. In 2015, Presidents Obama and Bush, went to Selma with Lewis and others to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.
"By going to Selma," Lewis said of Trump, "maybe he would learn something." But, he added, "I would not invite him to come."

Well, well, well... Mr. Lewis, do you really want to challenge Donald Trump to take a look at Selma in 2017 and learn something? 

It's no longer 1965 there, Mr. Lewis. [THE TRUTH ABOUT SELMA: Trump Right, “Civil Rights Icon” Lewis Wrong—It’s Now A Hell Hole,, by Paul Kersey, 1-15-17]:

In what I have called Black-Run America, groveling will never do whites any good. The unifying theme of our political class, entertainment industry and academia: exploiting what happened in 1965 Selma as the permanent justification for imposing greater and greater anti-white measures as law. 
But it’s all a lie, as you’ll see in The Truth About Selma: without “law and order” – the bedrock of any civilization – you get the community found in 2017 Selma, an 80 percent black city whose black leadership pleads with citizens to place yard signs reading “No More.” 
Trump made it clear he is a “law and order” man. And, incredibly, he now seems to have shown, with just a few Tweets, that he isn’t planning on shadowboxing with the Left at all.
We near the dawn of a new era...

Saturday, January 14, 2017

In Less Than 140 Characters, Donald Trump Indirectly Attacks the False Narrative of Selma, Alabama

PK Note: The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped is out today! The paperback will be available soon, but secure your signed copy now by donating $25 (via PayPal link on right-hand side of site) today! 

On all of the days for The Truth About Selma to come out (scheduled it for January 14, 2017 back in late November of 2016), it happens to be the day President-elect Donald Trump throws down the gauntlet and goes after John Lewis

Incredible timing. 

Remember, John Lewis' march in Selma has provided the fuel to power the anti-white agenda in America for the last fifty years, with any white person who dares question are nations trajectory the moral equivalent of the white police officers who dared confront him and his fellow blacks on Edmund Pettus Bridge back in 1965.

Which is why we bring up this...[Dedication of new downtown mural honoring John Lewis, civil rights hero, Atlanta Magazine, 8-27-2012]:
On this sunny morning at the corner of Auburn Avenue and Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, Lewis was serenaded by kids from the Renaissance Learning Center, praised by Central Atlanta Progress chief A.J. Robinson, and lauded by city councilman Kwanza Hall: “This mural honors not only one of Atlanta’s wonderful citizens but one of the nation’s great leaders.” There was a surprise appearance by actress Lynn Whitfield (Madea’s Family Reunion), who gushed, “Thank you for being a hero all of my life,” and another by former mayor Bill Campbell, who stood at the back of the crowd with his wife Sharon and posed for photographers. 
Downtown Atlanta, with the mural of John Lewis visible by all traveling on 85/75 interstate (one of most trafficked highways in America)
John Lewis, who grew up on a sharecropper’s farm in Troy, Alabama, said that the full implication of the mural struck him when he caught a glimpse of it while driving by on the Connector. “Growing up in a little town in southeast Alabama, I never would have dreamed that there would be a mural of me on the side of a building in Atlanta that is so big it could be seen from the highway,” he said. 
After the ceremony was concluded, Lewis joined muralist Sean Schwab painting the final touch on the mural—the dot over the “I” in his last name. Schwab, member of the Loss Prevention art collective, said he was “honored” to work on the tribute to the local hero. “There are murals all over town that are just art for art’s sake. I wanted to do something with meaning.” 
The Walking Dead iconic image...
And that raised one nagging question: Why the asterisk next to the word “hero”?“It’s really just a design element,” said Schwab. 
So, no footnote or commentary denoted? “No,” he insisted. Anyone who thinks so is just being pedantic about punctuation.
What does this "Hero*" mural image in the Atlanta skyline seem to remind you of? 

Oh, that's right... The Walking Dead

Donald Trump is on the verge of changing everything. 

And it's all in 140 characters or less...

Friday, January 13, 2017

"Liberty is never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it always vanishes."

Remember your History and Moral Philosophy from Starship Troopers, right? 

How about a quick refresher:
"The basis of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to group that self-interest has to individual. Nobody preached duty to these kids in a way they could understand -- that is, with a spanking. But the society they were in told them endlessly about their 'rights.'  
"The results should have been predictable, since a human being has no natural rights of any nature."  
Mr. Dubois had paused. Somebody took the bait. "Sir? How about 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'?"  
"Ah, yes, the 'unalienable rights.' Each year someone quotes that magnificent poetry. Life? What 'right' to life has a man who is drowning in the Pacific? The ocean will not hearken his cries. What 'right' to life has a man who must die if he is to save his children? If he chooses to save his own life, does he do so as a matter of 'right'? If two men are starving and cannibalism is the only alternative to death, which man's right is 'unalienable'? And is it 'right'? As to liberty, the heroes who signed the great document pledged themselves to buy liberty with their lives. Liberty is never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it always vanishes. Of all the so-called natural human rights that have ever been invented, liberty is the least likely to be cheap and is never free of cost. 
Liberty always vanishes unless selfishly guarded by those who inherited it from ancestors willing to bleed to attain it... 

Robert Heinlein in a nutshell. 

Think about this as we consider the new race of Lady Liberty...[Lady Liberty Is Depicted as a Black Woman on an Official Us Mint Coin for the First Time in History, Daily Mail, 1-12-17]:

The US government on Thursday issued a new commemorative collector coin featuring Lady Liberty depicted as a black woman – the first time in history that the famed symbol of Americana is portrayed as an African American. 
The 24-karat gold $100 coin was unveiled to mark the US Mint and Treasury’s 225th anniversary. 
The 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin shows the woman’s head in profile with a crown of stars. 
It features the year of the mint’s founding, 1792, as well as 2017.The mint says the other side of the coin will depict an eagle in flight. 
It was designed by Justin Kunz, an accomplished artist and illustrator whom the mint has commissioned for past works on coins, according to its website. 
‘As we as a nation continue to evolve, so does liberty’s representation,’ said Elisa Basnight, US Mint chief of staff. 
‘We live in a nation that affords us the opportunity to dream big and try to accomplish the seemingly impossible.’ 
The new edition will be released for public consumption in April, according to NBC News. 
It is the first in a series of coins that will show Lady Liberty as a minority. 
Future coins will show her as an Asian America, Hispanic American, and a Native American ‘to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States.’ 
The mint’s announcement divided users on social media. 
Some hailed it as an appropriate and long overdue nod to American multiculturalism, while others said it was the latest attempt to impose political correctness as part of a culture war against the country’s heritage. 
‘Will there be a Caucasian version as well? To represent all diversity?’ one Facebook user asked.
It was back in 2014 we at SBPDL first started noticing the United States of America was irredeemable; it was in 2016 that Hillary Clinton noted half of the country was both "deplorable" and "irredeemable" for being disinclined to acquiesce to modernity's primary requirement for membership in extreme devotion to the mantra 'treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.'

A black Lady Liberty is a reminder the managerial elite still in charge of the USA is irredeemable. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Hidden Figures" is Almost Entirely a Lie, Filmed and Promoted for One Reason: Erase/Retcon White History in America

Hidden Figures is all lies. [Hyped Figures: John Glenn And The PC Myth Of Katherine Johnson–Unsung Black Women Were NOT What Got Us To The Moon,, December 9, 2016]

All lies. [Why Not A Movie About Jack Crenshaw?—The White Man Who Actually Did What HIDDEN FIGURES Credits To Black Women,, January 10, 2017]
Katherine Johnson: the "black" woman who did 10th grade math and is 
now celebrated as the primary hero of Mercury and Apollo missions... if you weren't told Johnson was black, would you have assumed she was? 

Nothing more, nothing less.
Admittedly, Katherine Johnson faced no discrimination at NASA (the script writers made all the racism she faced up): probably because people thought she was white...

Sadly, lies sell today. But it's important to note who went and saw Hidden Figures opening weekend. [Hidden Figures cast celebrates as film hits No. 1: 'We will not be erased',, 1-9-17]:
 Studio tracking indicated Hidden Figures‘ wide opening numbers were bolstered by women, as 64 percent of the film’s weekend audience were women. Around 56 percent of ticket buyers were over the age of 35, while 43 percent were caucasian, 37 percent were African-American, and 13 percent were Hispanic, with other races comprising the remaining 7 percent.
The "black" woman (an obvious octoroon) who Hollywood wants us to believe is the only reason white men went into space.. all because she can do 10th grade arithmetic... 
Black women made Hidden Figures a momentary box office "hit"... hilarious.  That any white people went to see this movie and didn't immediately cleanse their palate with a shot of HBO's From the Earth to the Moon documentary (showing the actual people responsible for the finest hour yet in human history) is a powerful lesson in just whose history is being erased in 2017 America.

White people's history.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In 2015, Police in Japan Fired Just Six Shots Nationwide...

The United States dropped two atom bombs on Japan in 1945: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Since the end of World War II, both of those cities have been rebuilt and are state of the art, boasting impressive skylines, a productive homogenous population, as well as clean and safe streets. 

No atomic bombs were dropped on the United States in World War II. Indeed, the contiguous states had virtually no Axis Power bomb strikes. 

Sadly, the state of most of the important American cities during World War II were hit with bomb far more destructive and lethal than an atomic strike. 

An African bomb, leveling cities white built and, overtime, regressing them to the black mean. 

Buffalo, Rochester, Chicago (save the white parts), Detroit, Birmingham, Gary, Newark, Camden, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Memphis, Milwaukee... when you compare the state of these cities to how they appeared in 1945, then look at images of the smoldering ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as they appeared then versus now, you'd conclude Japan won World War II. 

Certainly no leadership in the United States would allow the degradation of their major cities? 



And just to showcase what homogenous, nearly black-free Japan can produce in social capital, we present this story. [How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime,, 1-6-2017]:
Japan has one of the lowest rates of gun crime in the world. In 2014 there were just six gun deaths, compared to 33,599 in the US. What is the secret? 
If you want to buy a gun in Japan you need patience and determination. You have to attend an all-day class, take a written exam and pass a shooting-range test with a mark of at least 95%. 
There are also mental health and drugs tests. Your criminal record is checked and police look for links to extremist groups. Then they check your relatives too - and even your work colleagues. And as well as having the power to deny gun licences, police also have sweeping powers to search and seize weapons. 
That's not all. Handguns are banned outright. Only shotguns and air rifles are allowed. 
The law restricts the number of gun shops. In most of Japan's 40 or so prefectures there can be no more than three, and you can only buy fresh cartridges by returning the spent cartridges you bought on your last visit. 
Japanese police officers rarely use guns and put much greater emphasis on martial arts - all are expected to become a black belt in judo. They spend more time practising kendo (fighting with bamboo swords) than learning how to use firearms. 
"The response to violence is never violence, it's always to de-escalate it. Only six shots were fired by Japanese police nationwide [in 2015]," says journalist Anthony Berteaux. "What most Japanese police will do is get huge futons and essentially roll up a person who is being violent or drunk into a little burrito and carry them back to the station to calm them down."
A total of six bullets were fired by Japanese police nationwide in 2015.

The hero of 2014, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, fired 50 percent more shots than all the police in Japan did in one year, when defended his life from the criminal Michael Brown on Canfield Drive.

Who actually won World War II?

When so many of America's major cities are no longer not just uninhabitable for white people, but unsafe for white people to walk around in, you have to question the trajectory life in our nation has taken since we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in 1945.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt and thrive; Detroit, where no atom bomb was dropped, went almost entirely black and is the blight/crime/misery capital of America.

The African bomb is one no city, formerly part of western civilization, can recover from.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Never Forget, Michael Eric Dyson: White America IS a pernicious force, just waiting to be unleashed

Remember Michael Eric Dyson? Back in 2013, this black intellectual basically hoped for the killing of white children.  


He wants to monetize white guilt as a futures market. It's an untapped commodity of potentially putting black people perpetually in the black. [PROFESSOR CALLS FOR WHITES TO HAVE “INDIVIDUAL REPARATIONS ACCOUNTS”: Dyson regards much of white America as pernicious force,, 1-10-17]:
Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson is proposing the idea that white people should have an ‘Individual Reparations Account’ to make donations to black institutions and individuals. 
The idea is part of his forthcoming bookTears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America. 
Dyson made the argument during an interview with Ana Marie Cox in the January 8 edition of the New York Times Magazine. 
From the interview: 
Good! I used to say in church, “If the sermon ain’t making you a little bit uncomfortable, it ain’t effective.” Look, if it doesn’t cost you anything, you’re not really engaging in change; you’re engaging in convenience. You’re engaged in the overflow. I’m asking you to do stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’m asking you to think more seriously and strategically about why you possess what you possess. 
I agree with reparations, but maybe this is my white privilege speaking: I can’t imagine actually doing that.  
That is what I meant by an I.R.A.: an individual reparations account. You ain’t got to ask the government, you don’t have to ask your local politician — this is what you, an individual, conscientious, “woke” citizen can do. 
But charity can’t be the end of it, right? The Koch brothers gave the United Negro College Fund $25 million, but I doubt you would consider them “woke.”  
No. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that charity is a poor substitute for justice. But I ain’t turning $25 million down. 
Dyson believes his book will reach out to “the ocean of white folk” who are “deeply empathetic to the struggles of minorities.” 
The professor and former MSNBC contributor told the NYT that his book opens with “horror stories” about his engagement with police.He says that those types of experiences with law enforcement are even shared by prominent black politicians like Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder. 
“The reality is that this is part and parcel of what it means to be black in America, and I wanted to spend time talking and thinking about it from a number of different perspectives to show white brothers and sisters that we aren’t making this up,” Dyson said. 
According to the official George Town University website, from 2008 to 2014, Dyson taught Social Science classes titled “Barack Obama and Race,” “Hip Hop Culture: Orig/Mean/Conseq,” and “Hip Hop: URB THEODICY JAY-Z.” 
Carlos Lozada, a non-fiction book critic for The Washington Post, effectively summarizes the inflammatory nature of Dyson’s book: 
Dyson makes clear that he regards much of white America as a pernicious force. “We can do nothing to make our tormentors stop their evil,” Dyson laments to the Almighty. “How can we possibly combat the blindness of white men and women who are so deeply invested in their own privilege that they cannot afford to see how much we suffer?” 
He likens law enforcement officers to terrorists (“We think of the police who kill us for no good reason as ISIS”) and slave drivers (“The police car is a mobile plantation”). He admits that he’d like to pay violence back in kind. “Lord, Dear Lord, I don’t want to feel this way, but I swear to you I want to kill dead any Godforsaken soul who thinks that killing black people is an acceptable price to pay for keeping this nation safe. 
But then, am I any better than that soul?” And, in shades of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Dyson calls on God to “convict” America. “May this land know your displeasure, taste your holy wrath, for killing us like pigs without conscience,” he writes.
White America is a pernicious force, just waiting to be unleashed.

Monday, January 9, 2017

An Army of 10,000 Black Men to Confront Black Crime in Memphis?

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At point, if you can't laugh about the insanity of an entire civilization incapable of understanding the consequences of refusing to admit race is real, then you just can't get the joke of modernity. [Mayor: Black On Black Crime Is A ‘Black’ Problem,, 1-2-17]:
Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton is 76 years old and some might think age has mellowed the former Mayor and Memphis City Schools Superintendent. 
It hasn’t. 
Willie Herenton wasn’t trying to win friends and influence people at the New Years Prayer Breakfast. 
He was talking about crime, black on black crime as he called it. “We talk about black on black crime,” he said, “… and I’m going to be very critical of the Crime Commission, of the Juvenile Court Judge. I’m going to be very critical of the Sheriff. You know why? Because they’re floundering.” 
“Mass incarceration has never worked,” he said. “When are we going to try education, rehabilitation, and for those of us who believe in a God, we believe in redemption.” 
Herenton wants 10,000 African American men to volunteer to help young folks who are heading in the wrong direction. Current Mayor Jim Strickland liked what he heard. “We cannot afford to lose a generation of young people.” 
Mayor Strickland is also urging people to volunteer to make Memphis a better place. 
He wants volunteers to teach children to read, to be mentors, even to volunteer to help clean up the city block by block. “If we really get a lot of people to help out on this city,” he says, “…I often say some of our challenges are too big for city government to handle themselves.” 
“No one can help us,” Herenton says, “… if we don’t help ourselves. It’s up to us to protect us, from us.”
You haven't lost a generation; you've lost a civilization, with the Memphis white people long ago built and maintained replaced with a blighted, crime-ridden nightmare Jim Crow was erected to try and keep from becoming a reality. 

But it gets better. [Former mayor faces backlash after linking crime rate to race,, 1-3-17]:
Comments on race and crime in Memphis by former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton are continuing to spark dialogue in the black community. 
Herenton first stated his position in an interview with WMC Action News 5 two weeks ago. 
“I’m going to irritate some people when I make this statement. This is a black problem,” Herenton said. “This is a black problem that uniquely impacts the fabric of the black community.” 
Herenton said it again Saturday at Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland’s New Year’s prayer breakfast,where he was the featured speaker. Herenton said the black community in Memphis has not stepped up to adequately address ongoing societal ills. 
“This wave of crime is a black problem. I’m going to reiterate that. It is a black problem,” he said. 
Pastor Earle Fisher with the Memphis Grassroots Coalition doesn’t agree with Herenton’s statements. 
“We have a profound amount of respect and adoration for Mayor Herenton, but we do believe he is categorically wrong on this,” Fisher said. 
Fisher and others take issue with painting crime as the problem of a particular race, highlighting that doing so doesn’t find solutions and perpetuates stereotypes. 
“You cannot continue to demonize a particular group and say that all of the social ills lie on the backs of one particular demographic,” Fisher said. 
Fisher maintains poverty and crime are the two factors clearly linked, apart from race. He said education and jobs are the key to changing Memphis. 
“There is no study that shows you can police your way into prosperity or peace. It is just not going to happen, so if we want a more peaceful, a more safe, a less violent community, we need to make sure people have access to adequate education and equitable employment more than they have access to guns,” Fisher said. 
Former Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi Thomas responded to Herenton’s comments with a Facebook post. In one portion, she calls Herenton’s comments racist. 
Paster Earle Fisher must not be able to read crime reports out of Memphis, where virtually every fatal/nonfatal shooting has a black suspect.

More to the point: Paster Earle Fisher must understand the simple truth it is quite easy to blame all of the social ills on the back of black people in Memphis, for wherever blacks aren't found in the metropolitan Memphis-area, civilization flourishes; poverty and crime, negligible in areas of Memphis with no blacks, overwhelm communities with a surplus of blacks.

Without blacks, Memphis would have no need for an army of 10,000 people to volunteer to stop crime, because the city would have virtually no crime; with blacks, we must constantly make up excuses to protect black people from being stereotyped (having stereotypes perpetuated) for the shocking amount of crime they commit and poverty found in their communities because legitimate businesses cannot stay in the black... when they are surrounded by blacks.

Remember: Memphis is a city whose city council pushed to cancel a contract with A&E's First 48 show because of all the black crime it showcased and the "negative publicity" associated with an image cultivated of extreme violence...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

"No More": The Hilarious Yard Sign Campaign Started in 80% Black Selma to Compel Blacks to Stop Killing Each Other

For years, I looked for this story.

Rumors that yard signs littered 80 percent black Selma, Alabama -- literally the city birthing the never-ending gobstopper of guilt white people continue to suck without spitting out realizing the taste was always artificially created -- imploring black people to stop killing other blacks have long been circulated.

Though never verified.

Until now. [‘No More’ campaign kicks off, Selma Times Journal, January 9, 2014]:

The letters are bold and the message is simple; “NO MORE.” 
Employees of the Selma Public Works Department were busy assembling 500 bright blue signs bearing the words “NO MORE” Thursday morning. The signs are part of a nonviolence campaign started by Selma Mayor George Evans in response to the Dec. 21 shooting death of Selma High School student Alexis Hunter. 
Can we stop celebrating Selma and the march to nowhere now? Please?
Evans said Thursday the public response has been impressive since he first mentioned the idea of the No More campaign at Hunter’s funeral in late December.People have been calling and waiting signs, and I’ve already had several saying they would make donations,” Evans said. “My hope is that churches and business would want some to put in their windows or put in their yards.” 
Evans said the signs can be picked up for free at city hall, but donations would help the campaign grow in the future. 
“People can pick them up and we certainly appreciate any donations,” Evans said. 
“Donations are not required, but any money we get will go toward the purchase of new signs. I’m going to pay for all of these myself, either through my discretionary funds or through other money I just have, but I’m not going to turn anybody down if they want a sign.” 
The one-sided yard signs were printed by ScreenCo of Selma, and ScreenCo manager Jeff Nichols said his company was honored to work with Evans to make the campaign a reality. 
“It was really good to be a part of this,” Nichols said. “And so, we did what we could to put it at a price point that would be good for him and show him how much we supported this effort.” 
Nichols said the signs were ordered Jan. 2, and delivered to the city on Tuesday of this week. 
“We printed them as fast as we could. He really wanted them done as quickly as possible,” Nichols said. “We have printed 500 signs and there will be more ordered once those are all taken. We can supply what ever they need and we really support the mayor’s work on this.” Evans said he planned to work with other local printing companies to create large banners that would also say ‘No More’, adding that one could be displayed over the main entrance to Selma City Hall.
One day -- years from now, perhaps decades -- a march of an entirely different kind will happen in Selma, Alabama.

Instead of marching out of Selma across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, we'll march into Selma: a city birthing so much of what is wrong with America must be liberated from the consequences of a failed march.

Strangely, the concept of "No More," started to implore black people to stop killing other blacks in Selma, powerfully captures the concept of what white people worldwide must do in spitting out the never-ending gobstopper of guilt.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Indianapolis Black City Official Upset at "Lily-White" Promotions of Police; Completely Ignores "Coal-Black" Homicide Suspects Who Set Murder Record in 28% Black City


Keeping pushing. 

Keep exposing your hatred. 

On a micro-level, show that peace and coexistence was never an option. 

Indianapolis City-County Councilor Stephen J. Clay, upset promotions of police officers in the city went to white people (refuses to note almost every homicide has a black suspect in the 28% black city) 

Keep... pushing. [City leader blasts IMPD's 'lily-white' promotion ceremony,, 1-6-2017]:
One Indianapolis city leader says the latest round of police promotions does little to address the lack of diversity among the department's supervising officers.
"The current promotion list ... seems to indicate a commitment to preserving the status quo of lily-white officers," City-County Councilor Stephen J. Clay said in a statement emailed to media on Thursday.
“I’ve become exhausted with the promises of chiefs and administrations, both Democrat and Republican, that pay lip service to diversity while their policies and promotions tell another story," Clay said.
Diversity of officers has been a lingering problem for IMPD. Blacks make up 28 percent of the city’s population but only 14 percent of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Hispanic and Latino Hoosiers account for nearly 10 percent of the city’s population, but IMPD employs less than 3 percent.
Women, about 52 percent of the city's population, make up about 13 percent of the police force.
Twenty-three officers were promoted to sergeants and five sergeants were promoted to lieutenant on Friday. All but two were white.
"We recognize the need for diversity throughout IMPD at every rank," IMPD spokesman Maj. Richard Riddle said. "We continually strive to to recruit, hire and promote a workforce that is representative of the citizens of Indianapolis."
The department has made gains recently. The last recruit class was among the most diverse in IMPD history. The 33-member class brought one Asian, nine black and three Latino officers to the force when they graduated in June.
"It's going to take time for new officers to become eligible to take promotional tests," Riddle said. "We recognize that this is a problem."
IMPD is spending $50,000 on recruiting, with those efforts largely aimed at drawing more minority applicants. The campaign includes new billboards and IndyGo bus ads in both English and Spanish.
Clay called it a disgrace that just one black officer and another Latina were promoted to sergeant on Friday. He called on his colleagues on the council to overhaul the IMPD promotion process.
"There is no real effort to make IMPD more reflective of the community it serves," Clay said. "The Police Civilian Merit Board should either be demolished or reconfigured to make way for the kind of forward-thinking that would not allow this kind of narrow-minded promotion list to be advanced.”

In 1990, Indianapolis was almost 80 percent white. Today, the city is roughly 58 percent white.

Though black people make up just 28 percent of the city, they are uniquely responsible for virtually all the violent crime in the Indianapolis.

Be it a robbery, homicide, nonfatal shooting, burglary, carjacking... the 28 percent of the population of Indianapolis that is black keeps police extremely busy (pleading with the black community to please snitch on black criminals and stop protecting them), especially in a year when a new homicide record was set. Entirely the collective accomplishment of black individuals.

A somber reminder of the consequences of refusing to acknowledge the source of criminality (black community) is the city of Indianapolis posting 149 criminal homicides in 2016, breaking the prior record set last year.

The real question,  City-County Councilor Stephen J. Clay, isn't, "why are police promotions lily-white?"

No, Mr. Clay, the real question is this: "why are black people responsible for almost every homicide and nonfatal shooting in the city of Indianapolis, when they represent just 28 percent of the population?"

Were Indianapolis to be an all-white city, the police department would deploy homicide detectives maybe three times in a year. With Indianapolis being 28 percent black, the police department deploys homicide detectives constantly to try and convince the black community to stop protecting black criminals.