Friday, June 12, 2015

" I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi."

There are episodes from modern America that school children in the future will learn about and never quite comprehend how society could have devolved to a point where these moments could possibly occur.

But they must be told of what we lived through and endured, to understand how close western civilization came to collapsing.

Those truly talented children will immediately realize the image of an empty stadium Major League Baseball (MLB) game depicts the consequences of believing race is merely a social construct (whites can survive the negative ramifications of any political system, but they cannot survive the folly of following a color-blind ideology); the exceptional children will roar with laughter at the sight of a white woman who earned a position of respect and authority by pretending to be a black women...

But then the laughter will die down and melancholy will fill the room as the kids realize the utter insanity of what was once considered civilized society and who exactly was once allowed to shape public opinion...

Rachel Dolezal, whose works of 'art' have been featured at the United Nation and was "appointed by the Mayor of Spokane to serve as a police commissioner for the Office of the Police Ombudsman, to oversee fairness and equity in law enforcement," represents Black-Run America (BRA) better than any individual who has ever lived. [A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say, BuzzFeed News, 6-11-15]:
When reached by BuzzFeed News late Thursday, Rachel Dolezal’s father, Larry Dolezal, said that he and her mother are both white. 
“She’s our birth daughter and we’re both of European descent,” he said, adding, “we’re puzzled and it’s very sad.” 
According to her staff biography, Dolezal received her master’s degree from Howard University, an historically black university in Washington, D.C. 
“Her passion for civil rights is influenced by her years in Mississippi, where she advocated for equal rights and participated in community development,” the bio states.
Claiming she grew up in a teepee and hunted for food with a bow and arrows, the absurdity of modernity is simply illustrated by the colorful story of Dolezal, who garnered power, fame, and legitimacy as a leader by shedding her natural whiteness and embracing an artificial blackness.
Her resume is worth reading to see just exactly who is allotted a position of authority in modern America (courtesy of Spokane NAACP): 
Rachel Dolezal holds her terminal degree from Howard University and is a professor in the Africana Studies Program at Eastern Washington University. Doležal teaches African and African American Art History, African History, African American Culture, Early African American History, Introduction to Race & Culture, The Black Woman’s Struggle, and Intro to Africana Studies at EWU. Her scholarly research focuses on the intersection of race, gender and class in the contemporary African Diaspora with a specific emphasis on Black women in visual culture. Her passion for civil rights is influenced by her years in Mississippi, where she advocated for equal rights and was a leader in community development. She is the former Director of Education at the Human Rights Education Institute, a licensed Diversity Trainer and a Consultant for human rights education and inclusivity in regional schools. During her experience as the Director for the Human Rights Education Institute, Doležal developed programs and curriculum that expanded the annual audience from 3,000 per year to 23,000 per year and integrated Black history into K-12 curriculum. She created world-class exhibits, coordinated cultural events, scheduled keynote speakers, organized panel discussions and began the Young Advocates for Human Rights summer training program. Her efforts were met with opposition by North Idaho white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Aryan Nations, and at least eight documented hate crimes targeted Doležal and her children during her residency in North Idaho and Spokane.
In addition to her role as an educator, Doležal has fourteen years of experience as an exhibiting artist and has taught K-12 & college art lessons in public, private, and non-traditional school settings. Her works have been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, shown in 13 states and displayed at the United Nations’ Headquarters in New York. Doležal began teaching private & group art lessons in 1994 and synthesizes art history, cultural studies, & the creative process when teaching. She believes that the creative process is part of what makes us human and unifies our self-identity with the world around us. Doležal was an instructor in the Art Departments at North Idaho College from 2005-2013 and has taught at Eastern Washington University since 2007. 
Most recently, Rachel Doležal has been appointed by the Mayor of Spokane to serve as a police commissioner for the Office of the Police Ombudsman, to oversee fairness and equity in law enforcement. She was elected Chair of this commission in December by unanimous vote. Rachel writes weekly for The Inlander as a social commentator and recently contributed an important chapter to a textbook, “The War on Poverty: A Retrospective,” which was published this summer. Doležal was elected President of the Spokane NAACP in November and began her two-year term of service on January 1. 
Her other experiences include work in a community law office as a legal secretary for a civil rights attorney, African dance, culinary arts, ethnic hair styling, modeling, managing political campaigns, and mothering two sons. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, gardening & cooking.
Funny Ms. Dolezal: my passion for the promotion of western civilization and for preserving the racial integrity of the only people capable of keeping it going is based upon what blacks have done to large parts of Mississippi, most notably Jackson.

Is the United States of America still a serious country and a superpower, when people such as Dolezal are promoted to position of power and respect?

Of course not.

Her entire career as a fake black woman and the type of ideas she promoted are based upon the incompatibility of black people with western civilization, which can only be explained as racism by the latter; the desire of blacks and their white enablers to promulgate a worldview where race doesn't matter for white people but it's all that matters to non-whites; and, well, an undiagnosed mental illness fueling her racial transformation beautifully capturing the mentality of the degenerates in charge of BRA.

In times like this, you must understand laughter is a weapon far more powerful, deadly, and one cutting far shaper than any knife.

Rachel Dolezal is the face of BRA and her life/lies prove Jefferson was wrong: All men aren't created equal until they pretend to be black, whereas they then transcend equality. 


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"When the time comes for my boys to apply for college, should we have them apply for scholarships as black?"

Most definitely....and be sure to add that they're from Pah-kee-sthann!

Anonymous said...

"I am actually a Black lesbian, though born in a White man's body.

#WrongSkin #WrongGender

Which way to the gibs?"

Just follow the signs leading to "The New Normal"!

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to the American Girl doll store, the "Rachel Doll". For little White girls everywhere who want to feel black and little colored girls who want to look White.

Yaspar Kyashred said...

I say her resume is as phony as that brown pancake makeup and fright wig she sports. I'd bet a month's pay that she made most of that up, as well as the litany of "hate crimes" she pretends to have endured. Her type thrive on persecution, and when life doesn't provide them with it, they make it up, or even self-inflict it. Think Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, numerous black church burnings, etc, etc. Do you think anyone will investigate the validity of her claims? I bet it won't be the kneepad media. If anyone does, we'll hear how "resumes are a social construct." No, insane white-Negro wanna-be resumes are a "social construct," meaning they're bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Didn't mail, but just droped those false kkk letters in her own mail box.
Became one of the smartest of the race.
One man's trash is other man's treasure.
Our dumn delusional selfhating peace of white trash is a national negro public figure.

Jessica Lee said...

She signals her blackness with her kinky afro hair, but I can count on one hand the number of black women who choose this style for themselves. If she really wanted to "keep it real" she should have stuck with her naturally silky straight blond hair, that is what all black women's hair really looks like after all.

Anonymous said...

lol, this is the allure & power of "black privilege" in anti-white racist social fascist Amurika.

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

I am now going to be another race. I want black privilege. I am tired of me and my family falling through the cracks.

All Whites need to quite identifying as White. Pick a race and say you feel like you are that race. Like a transgender.

Anonymous said...

White Camellia:

Don't go to Walmart Optical. I used to work there. They are dishonest and you are feeding the enemy of the White Race.

Race said...


Anonymous said...

She transformed into a 'black' person after she experienced racism against her being white at university. Having grown up in a liberal household must have been the other factor that she felt the need to escape her whiteness, yet her parents are puzzled as to why she did what she did? LOL
Of course as the coward libtard that she is, she blamed white racism against blacks for the direct racism she received from blacks.
The ultimate proof of how sickening the white liberal mindset is!

Stan d Mute said...

There are at least "those poor parents" comments for every "it's obvious how this happened" which tells me that even race realist whites DO NOT READ.

For the benefit of our non-readers, again, a synopsis:

Parents are radical Afro-lovers. Parents worked as missionaries in Africa. Parents *adopted* four Africans and brought them to Montana! Those Africans, in various interviews, have shown how fully they blame whitey for all the pathologies of the African.

And yet people wonder, "How did this freak turn out like this"? Seriously? Look at the parents! They brought FOUR Africans into their family in Montana and raised them to hate whitey.

And yet in the media, these parents are portrayed as "conservative". Welcome to 1984. Importing Africa into Montana is "conservative."

Anonymous said...

I just hope that my kids can now qualify for college grants that were previously only available to black applicants!

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