Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bernie Sanders Plan for Racial Justice -- Make Arresting Black People Illegal

The latest PK is over at VDare: It's a good one. 

No spoilers.

Just a title and a link. 
Donald Trump, please hire this man... change the country with one hire

Go there and spread it all over the Internet. [Ferguson (And America) On The Brink—Time for Trump To Send A Message BY HIRING DARREN WILSON, VDare.com, August 11, 2015]

Now for the bad news. 

A white detective/police officer in Birmingham, Alabama was attacked and knocked out by a black male. He didn't fight back, knowing his job could be on the line and ultimately if something went wrong he'd be Darren Wilson-ed. [Man charged in Birmingham detective's beating; outrage follows support of attack on social media, Birmingham News, August 8, 2015]:
Not long after the attack, photos began to surface on social media showing the detective lying face down on the pavement. Another photo showed him bloody and kneeling, but awake. In some cases on Facebook, the photos were accompanied by words of support for whoever beat the detective. 
That, police say, is outrageous. Officers are angry that any photos were shown at all, but even more so that there were some who mocked the incident. "He was laying there lifeless and people were standing around taking pictures,'' said Birmingham police Sgt. Heath Boackle, president of the Fraternal Order of Police. "If the tables were turned, and that was a suspect lying there, they would be rioting." 
There is a continued sentiment that police officers are at war, and Boackle agrees. "You're only going to win a war if you have a good partnership, and right now the local police officers don't have that,'' he said. "The boots-on-the-ground officers across this country are at war, and if we do not have the help of citizens and local governments to stand behind us, we'll never win." 
Boackle said officers everywhere are hesitant, given the national climate. "There is a saying that 'he who hesitates is lost' and that's why (the detective) lost, because he hesitated,'' Boackle said. "If the officers on the streets were not in fear of losing their jobs, it wouldn't have gotten to the point it did yesterday. Officers are second-guessing every move because they're afraid they're going to be judged, by the media and by the public." 
"If the officer would have shot him, then he would have shot an 'unarmed man.' Instead, he took the gun from the officer,'' Boackle said of Friday's incident. "The officer had every right to shoot him. We're lucky we're not talking about him killing the officer."
Recall the two black women who took the stage at a Bernie Sanders speech in Seattle, demanding to speak about Black Lives Matter or some other obvious lie. He never got to speak because they had to monologue about nonsense.

Well, we now know his policy on black criminal: complete and utter toleration of black crime and the immediate arresting of any person who dares put the word black and criminal in the same sentence. [Racial Justice, BernieSanders.com]:
We must pursue policies that transform this country into a nation that affirms the value of its people of color. That starts with addressing the four central types of violence waged against black and brown Americans: physical, political, legal and economic. 
Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Samuel DuBose. We know their names. Each of them died unarmed at the hands of police officers or in police custody. The chants are growing louder. People are angry and they have a right to be angry. We should not fool ourselves into thinking that this violence only affects those whose names have appeared on TV or in the newspaper. African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.
Black Lives Matter... the rule of law doesn't anymore, right Bernie Sanders?
We are far from eradicating racism in this country. In June, nine of our fellow Americans were murdered while praying in a historic church because of the color of their skin. This violence fills us with outrage, disgust, and a deep, deep sadness. Today in America, if you are black, you can be killed for getting a pack of Skittles during a basketball game. These hateful acts of violence amount to acts of terror. They are perpetrated by extremists who want to intimidate and terrorize black and brown people in this country. 
It is an outrage that in these early years of the 21st century we are seeing intolerable acts of violence being perpetuated by police, and racist terrorism by white supremacists. 
A growing number of communities do not trust the police and law enforcement officers have become disconnected from the communities they are sworn to protect. Violence and brutality of any kind, particularly at the hands of the police sworn to protect and serve our communities, is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. We need a societal transformation to make it clear that black lives matter, and racism cannot be accepted in a civilized country.
  • We must demilitarize our police forces so they don’t look and act like invading armies.
  • We must invest in community policing. Only when we get officers into the communities, working within neighborhoods before trouble arises, do we develop the relationships necessary to make our communities safer together. Among other things, that means increasing civilian oversight of police departments.
  • We need police forces that reflect the diversity of our communities.
  • At the federal level we need to establish a new model police training program that reorients the way we do law enforcement in this country. With input from a broad segment of the community including activists and leaders from organizations like Black Lives Matter we will reinvent how we police America.
  • We need to federally fund and require body cameras for law enforcement officers to make it easier to hold them accountable.
  • Our Justice Department must aggressively investigate and prosecute police officers who break the law and hold them accountable for their actions.
  • We need to require police departments and states to provide public reports on all police shootings and deaths that take place while in police custody.
  • We need new rules on the allowable use of force. Police officers need to be trained to de-escalate confrontations and to humanely interact with people who have mental illnesses.
  • States and localities that make progress in this area should get more federal justice grant money. Those that do not should get their funding slashed.
  • We need to make sure the federal resources are there to crack down on the illegal activities of hate groups.
In the shameful days of open segregation, “literacy” laws were used to suppress minority voting. Today, through other laws and actions — such as requiring voters to show photo ID, discriminatory drawing of Congressional districts, not allowing early registration or voting, and purging voter rolls — states are taking steps which have a similar effect. 
The patterns are unmistakable. An MIT paper found that African Americans waited twice as long to vote as whites. Wait times of as long as six or seven hours have been reported in some minority precincts, especially in “swing” states like Ohio and Florida. Thirteen percent of African-American men have lost the right to vote due to felony convictions. 
This should offend the conscience of every American. 
The fight for minority voting rights is a fight for justice. It is inseparable from the struggle for democracy itself. 
We must work vigilantly to ensure that every American, regardless of skin color or national origin, is able to vote freely and easily. 
  • We need to re-enfranchise the more than two million African Americans who have had their right to vote taken away by a felony conviction.
  • Congress must restore the Voting Rights Act’s “pre-clearance” provision, which extended protections to minority voters in states where they were clearly needed.
  • We must expand the Act’s scope so that every American, regardless of skin color or national origin, is able to vote freely.
  • We need to make Election Day a federal holiday to increase voters’ ability to participate.
  • We must make early voting an option for voters who work or study and need the flexibility to vote on evenings or weekends.
  • We must make no-fault absentee ballots an option for all Americans.
  • Every American over 18 must be registered to vote automatically, so that students and working people can make their voices heard at the ballot box.
  • We must put an end to discriminatory laws and the purging of minority-community names from voting rolls.
  • We need to make sure that there are sufficient polling places and poll workers to prevent long lines from forming at the polls anywhere.
Donald Trump, with one action, could literally change the course of American history.

Hire Darren Wilson and send a message to Bernie Sanders and the American Left law and order still is the rule, not the exception; because when you look at Mr. Sanders platform for "Racial Justice," you basically see a declaration of war declared upon not only white America, but the concept of punishment for breaking the law completely abandoned.

But what do you expect from a society whose morals are now derived from the individuals who made up N.W.A. and will soon be lionized in Straight Outta Compton?

ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports


Anonymous said...

PK, video of kids befor shooting in ferguson,
Dad of victim shot said yesterday his boy dindu Nuffin!!



Anonymous said...

Fer-tigued again, the hilarious thing about the video, watch the Groids hide behind the truck, then wait for it.... wait for it!!! Lol

hondo said...

Wow! In one day, Bernie goes from bending over, to getting on his knees! I'm lovin'it!

Anonymous said...

Cop just fired in Texas for shooting an "unarmed" negro.

Another sacrifice to the god of "negro riots".

Saw last night the negros in Ferguson were calling for war, like Farakan.

I'm up for it.

Tired of this shit.

10mm AUTO said...

It's funny, but in the video, they don't look and act like soldiers. These are the Orcs that are going to go up against trained Whites, with these tactics.

1. Shoot at police

2. Do it in front of a Video Camera

3. Do it in a crowd of DinintDo's witnesses.

4. Do it under a blazing streetlamp.

I do think the negro nightcrawler clothing is excellent. Negros have the nondescript sloppy Sports look down pat. Again, they don't do tactics at all. Hey negro, if you are going to go away to prison, why not P L A N a little.

A shot from the darkness with a scoped suppressed rifle would seem the most effective from a tactical point of view. The least effective is a DinintDo blazing away under a streetlamp, surrounded by witnesses, with a full power video camera of which it is center stage.

Sigh, I miss the Apache (feather not Helicopter). They were real warriors.

Anonymous said...

Are blacks the biggest cry babies on Earth?

Anonymous said...

How could a white person with two brain cells to rub together possibly vote for a man who believes like Bernie Sanders does? This is complete capitulation to the black thugs who prey on white society!

Seriously, it is beyond belief that whites like Bernie Sanders totally ignore the violence black thugs do to white people, the police, and other blacks.

Sanders’ statement was so ridiculous I wouldn’t know where to begin! First of all, all the blacks mentioned were in the process of committing crimes, or attempting to escape the police. Did black people ever consider cooperating with the police, or not shooting at the police like Mr. Harris, Jr. did in Ferguson? How about blacks stop committing crimes...maybe they would live longer...you think?

Did Mr. Sanders ever consider that there is a reason so many black men are behind bars?

So…any progressives out there please consider what Sanders said before you vote for him! I understand many here are liberal and that is fine (IN A WHITE SOCIETY).

The piece coming out of Alabama was pathetic! This is why white people should leave the negro neighborhoods to themselves. White people are learning the hard way how much love negroes have for us such as this white mother who was (racially) attacked in Chicago with her children by black teens.


I feel for the police officer in Birmingham. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. He chose to have the living shit beat out of him so that he could retain his job. Had he shot the unarmed coon, he knew the consequences! He could have gone to prison for life, or faced the death penalty. Police lives don’t matter to people like Bernie Sanders. However, I bet Mr. Sanders would call the police in the blink of an eye if he were in the hood surrounded by angry pavement apes. Let me guess, Bernie lives in an all white, gated community with NO diversity (meaning NO blacks.)

PK…this is the most outrageous piece I have read in a long time! In this one piece, you have captured the insanity of Black Run America. I sincerely hope white people get over the white guilt that Bernie Sanders has!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Sanders' pathetic attempt to placate the black masses. Good to have this on file when they publicly humiliate him again while he bends over and apologizes, asking for more.

I actually started to feel sorry for him as I would a little boy being picked on in the schoolyard. Not exactly someone I would support in the position of President of the United States of America.

When I listen to him he sounds like he belongs on SNL's "Coffee Talk".

A frail wimp who appeases his enemies.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing the theme "Black Lives Mater". I ask middle class, working , tax paying Americans if by some strange turn of events there was suddenly no blacks in America. Would you think that Black lives Mattered? Would our cities continue to be as violent as they are today? Would you be able to send you kids to public schools in our majors cities? Would you be able to drive to any part of your city day or night alone? Could you even move back to your city that you grew up in? Now ask yourselves does "Black Lives Matter"?

Anonymous said...

This evening on abc news, nearly every report had something to do with the damned africans. Then near the end, they had to do a segment on Martin F'ing King.
There's a reason negroes are arrested more than other races, they're natural born f*ckups.
The only good news, "patriots" with semi auto weapons are going to assist the police in Ferguson.
Hope none of them get Wilsoned. Hopefully they'll use sabots.


Anonymous said...

The Left may eventually paint themselves into a corner with the black-centric policies like Bernie's. If he continues to draw interest, Hilldog will be pulled further to the left.

At some point, after all black felons have had the franchise restored to them, and blacks are virtually above arrest, where does the Left go from there? The blacks are accustomed to new and wonderful promises from Dem leaders now, but how much will be left in the goodie bag?

Of course, they'll have every sentient piece of slime voting Dem, but a lot of those voters are not reliable. There may not be enough at stake for blacks in future elections if the candidate him/herself isn't black; the "thrill be gone". And the young naïve Whites may (in theory) gain some understanding of the game and wander away as well.

Bernie has come about as close as you can come to pre-ordained black exception to arrest without overthrowing the law itself.

If I was Bernie or Hilldog, I'd be worried about the next couple of election cycles; how are they going to keep upping the ante in the pandering to blacks sweepstakes? Who will be first to propose reparations? And what about all the blacks who came here post-slavery? Do we give them reparations too? Bernie may be polishing up his reparations speech right now.

Anonymous said...

Very good article, Paul. Glad to see someone of your caliber is branching out. You're already a force on your own, seeing you coordinate with other no-nonsense heavy hitters would truly be a force to behold. Thank you for your efforts, PK.

And thank you for the gem you offered in the form of a retweet-

From Saint Louis Alderman, Antonio French:

Tonight I let 4 guys run into the #HealSTL office to get away from the gunfire. While I was in the front, they stole laptops and iPads. SMH. (shaking my head)

Gee Antonio, with friends like yours, who needs enemies?

Haman of Baboon Rouge said...

"We must pursue policies that transform this country into a nation that affirms the value of its people of color."

The only societal "value" African'ts have is keeping police officers busy and keeping Bernie Sanders off the stage. Which is good thing, because that merchant has some serious (((echo))) game going on. He's like a Bolshevik without the balls.

Anonymous said...

Last report there was a Silver Alert issued for Hilla The Hun Clinton. She was last seen wandering the streets in Los Angelos wearing a moo-moo and soiled Depends..begging homeless people for votes. Meanwhile "what do you call a quadraplegic in a fireplace" Burnie Sanders was last seen trying to hijack Air Force One while racing down the tarmac at 100 mph. obama promised to get him back to the asylum in Vermont where where he will be properly diagnosed with dwl schizophrenia.

So CAL Snowman said...

"Boackle said officers everywhere are hesitant, given the national climate. "There is a saying that 'he who hesitates is lost' and that's why (the detective) lost, because he hesitated,'' Boackle said. "If the officers on the streets were not in fear of losing their jobs, it wouldn't have gotten to the point it did yesterday. Officers are second-guessing every move because they're afraid they're going to be judged, by the media and by the public." "

Behold the almighty power of the Main Stream Media. Genuflect before the MSM's blood altar of omnipotence. The truly frightening thing here is the swiftness with which the Main Stream Media was able enact psychological change in law enforcement officers across the nation. In approximately one year, the Media was able to crucify and demonize every single police officer in the Former United States for simply having the gall to do their jobs and it was all based on the outright LIE of "hands up, don't shoot." This LIE, which was catapulted into the national spotlight by an agenda driven, insidious main stream media was so easy to sell to the perpetually angry blacks and guilt ridden, suicidal white liberals precisely because of the never ending bombardment of black victim-hood and White racism spewed 24/7 365 from every electronic brain-washer. So now we have come full circle and cops are afraid to confront their own (black) shadow out of fear of being railroaded by the media and society for simply doing their jobs. It has come to the point where White people would literally rather DIE than be judged a racist by society. I don't know if there's any recovering from this point. When a society sees the criminal as the victim there is no hope, we are the Walking Dead.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece over on VDare. What surprises me about the mainstream (including FOX) coverage on the "one year anniversary" in Fergustan is how they keep saying it was peaceful! Shepard Smith on FOX kept repeating the word "peaceful" like it was part of a magic spell during his reporting.

Question: how much violence (tossed bricks and bottles, gun fire, beat-downs and robberies- all of which occurred) can an event generate without losing the adjective "peaceful"? How incredibly stupid do the media believe Americans to be?

Anonymous said...

Sanders is an old hippie who took too much LSD and if Hillibilly didn't set the liberal bar so low, he'd be irrelevant. However, in the USA or the United States Of Africa, we are loosing the war to the white negro sympathizers, media and the government whores; all sewer fleas in their own right. Only a complete and total collapse of society, followed by civil war, will pave the way for a new America that will most likely be carved up by ethnicity. Out of the chaos, a new phoenix will rise because that's what Caucasians do.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty simple to influence these candidate's positions.

Why not two female patriots interrupt a Jeb Bush campaign event, scream at him, wave their arms, take the microphone and speak. Viola, next day Jeb Bush will support a flat 10% federal tax, 40% reduction in the federal government, deportation of all illegals and an immigration moratorium, end to affirmative action and any and all social programs that benefit the negro.

Anonymous said...

Sanders sounds like he wants to handcuff the police as much as possible, to make their jobs practically impossible, requiring people to show ID to vote, I guess Sanders sees that as discriminatory and unreasonable.

On another note Sanders forgot to suggest to the people, if they just don't break the law, the cops will not bother them, I personally have never heard of cops confronting law abiding people just for the fun of it, If someone is confronted by a cop and they are innocent (it happens, cops make mistakes sometimes) just be compliant and polite and things will be okay. I wonder why Sanders forgot to mention these simple things??? Maybe Sanders does not think they are responsible and civil enough to do these simple things that will pretty much guarantee people wont be in bad situations with cops.

Also if White cops are SO racist, why are the Japanese Americans not having the same problems with the police?? the Japanese are not white, could it be the Japanese don't have the problems blacks do with the police, because they are more law abiding? are more polite? less rebellious? why not have Sanders tell the black lives matter group to just behave the same way the Japanese do? If all blacks agreed to do that for even a month, My guess is there would be 0 blacks shot by police, 0 blacks victims of police brutality, and 99% would have 0 times being confronted by a police.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are erasing the names of Jefferson and Jackson from their state dinners; maybe the dinners will be changed to the Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown memorial dinners to commemorate the great service they did to mankind, and how mankind was graced by their presence. Maybe the Jefferson Memorial will be renamed the Michael Brown Memorial.


After all is done, and after the blacks given everything they want, they will still live in like pigs in the pigsty. Nothing will change with them; and any further help white people give them is futile. Rename all the cities, streets, and buildings after a black and nothing will change with them. Jefferson was right to question whether these to people could live together in peace with whites – they knew these people were bad news, but saved them for their posterity to inherit. The progressive way is to become slaves to the former slaves (which we are de facto doing right now with section 8 and welfare.)

White people, with Bernie Sanders words and what is happening to history, how could you vote for another Democrat? The race war is on! I say we stand and fight like men instead of cowering like effete Democrats like Bernie Sanders who has renounced his white race. He is a traitor to our race!

hondo said...

anon 4:11 PM

Cry babies? Nah!
I've said before - they are the second smartest species on the planet. I say this because I have never seen a chimpanzee or dolphin play the piano, but if someone has, I am open to revaluing my position.

10mm AUTO said...

A Palate cleanser!

This is what I was doing when I was 17. Carter was in charge and that was bad, but used cars were 1970 dodge Challengers, 1965 Mustang's and 1968 Camero's.

look at the crowd! Look at the Girls! Look at the innocence.


Now that nation is completely gone. Some fragments remain of the White world (Taylor Swift https://youtu.be/VuNIsY6JdUw ) the White experience in High School, but the Indians (Dot not Feather) and the Hispanics and the Negros are changing that world forever.

This can be reached again, but we need a:

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Essentially if BLM and their fellow travelers get their way the US will turn into South Africa. People robbed, assaulted, and murdered in broad daylight. Roving bands of Bantu thugs causing mayhem. Corrupt and indifferent police will be the Norm. If Trump or anyone else can frame opposition as Law and Order they will win. Even most liberals don't want a country of utter lawlessness.

awakened white said...

that nonsense Burney wrote is so 1984 its not funny. who believes that?

Earl Turner said...

Bernie, I'll see your hippy dippy voting for everyone crap and raise you.

Earl Turner's Voting Act of 20xx:

1. Only naturalized citizens who are taxpayers and/or military members may vote.
2. All who are eligible (see #1) may receive a voter ID free of charge.
3. ID is required to vote. No exceptions.
4. Absentee ballots will only be available to eligible voters who can prove a real inability to travel to the polls.
5. No one receiving public assistance (Social Security retirement does not count) shall be eligible to vote.
6. Elections shall be held from 7pm on Friday until 7pm on Sunday. Employers shall be required to allow time off to vote.
7. There will be no "early voting". See #6.
8. No one who has been convicted of a violent felony shall be permitted to vote.
9. No one who has been previously banned in any state from receiving public assistance shall be permitted to vote*.

* Banning from receiving public assistance: Should any person receiving public assistance, or the minor dependent child of said person, commit any crime while receiving public assistance, recipient will be banned from further public assistance for the period of 6 months on first offense, 1 year on second offense, and a lifetime ban on the third offense.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't that guy with the bandanna walking back and forth in front of the camera in yesterdays blog chanting "We're ready for war" the same guy who last year was taunting the police with "Dead cops smell like bacon"? Only last year he was wearing a Yassar Arafat head scarf covering his face and saying ridiculous stuff like this is how al Qaeda does it, this is how real men do it.
The fat sheboon was with him then too. Is that his mom? I'm guessing she knows what bacon smells like though, just from her appearance. Just guessing, she could be a health conscious vegetarian, I mean she's so obviously well informed and socially active.
Now didn't he have a YouTube video saying he'd been invited to the white house to brief Obama and holder? Wonder how that worked out. The guys obviously low grade retarded, I'm guessing in the 45 I.q. range, and suffers from behavioral problems as well. Welcome addition to the rainbow house brain trust.
Oh, yeah, one more thing; the bimbo calling plainclothes detectives " problematic", they do love that word don't they? The black lives matter bitches want the police demilitarized, so now a nice business suit is problematic? How dare the police dress like someone we can victimize? Truly, they are their own worst enemies, only the corporate media keeping the real info out of the news keeps america from realizing how dysfunctional they are. Now for a commercial highlighting a black actor reading a script portraying normal human activities.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that negroes are "twice as likely to be arrested and 4 times as likely to have force used against them" then why will no one ask WHY?

Oh that's right, because the police are ALL racists.

It's NOT because the negroes commit crime openly and carelessly, and then resist arrest/fight the police.

Got it.

NC Realist said...

I never thought i'd see the day when a dwl would stab you in the back quicker than a low-life negroe. Sanders has changed the rules.

Anonymous said...

White officers really need to give that thankless, low paying, shitty retirement job up! Not today, or tomorrow, but YESTERDAY! Let's play devils advocate here for a moment with all the black lives matter peeps. What if "da poleez" stop patrolling and allow people tired of the shit to handle the problem? Is that acceptable? Because the time is coming when Joe the average tax paying citizen is really going to get fed up and start handling the thuggery on his own. I don't much think they will like the results.

This BLM shit is becoming nauseating to the rotten core. Keep it up idiots and you are going to unleash something you aren't going to like!

Btw, Fuck Bernie Sanders!

Anonymous said...

The popularity of Trump highlights the reality of BRA. The democrats and republicans are under the mistaken belief that their party is popular merely because it happens to win an election. Just because 51 percent of the population happens to vote democrat or republican doesn't mean that the population likes what that party offers. It is as if the white voter is facing death and one party offers the option of death by hanging and the other party offers the option of death by firing squad. Some voters prefer hanging and some prefer a firing squad, but most would eagerly choose almost any other alternative. Trump is the alternative hidden behind the closed door, and many believe that whatever he offers is likely to be better than death.

It is disappointing that our choices at the poll involve choosing the least damaging candidate rather than the best of several good choices. It might take someone like Trump to break our country out of its present infinite loop of failure, and there will likely be significant collateral damage when we break free.

Medic Bear said...

Yawn. More Black reverence ? Pardon me if I don't give a shit.

Stupid f'ing Blacks (redundant, I know) are bitching again about something. 'Gotta love their "manifesto" - there's NO WAY an orc wrote that ! That screams of DWL SJW ! I say the Black-loving race traitor that wrote that is the first to go, followed by about 45 million of his/her pets.

Let's get this party started already. It will be ugly, but just think of how beautifully light it'll be on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Shaun King of Daily Kos has an article out demanding to know why these white males weren't arrested, but of course he knows the answer already- racism.

Maybe it was the fact that unlike the "protesters", these men are actually legally carrying and their guns aren't stolen and involved in crimes across the city.

And as an aside, does anyone else think that the Seattle agitator with the fake hair on the right looks like she was the original inspiration for the statues on Easter Island?

Gotta love the part where she screeches at top volume "WE ARE BEING RESPECTFUL!!!" an inch away from the old man's face.

Medic Bear said...

Comrade Sanders is beyond pathetic. The Dems will have to have Biden toss his hat in the ring if they want to even stand a chance. Clinton is going down, sooner or later, but way before the primaries. If Sanders is all the lefties have, they're toast. Not that Biden is any damn good, but at least he looks somewhat sane, forgetting his lechery and Howard Dean-like frontal lobe slips.

Anyone who even hints at continuing the status quo Black ass-kissing doesn't deserve ONE vote. I'd vote for Trump if for no other reason than he would do something in the right direction about the endless gibs and "Blacks uber alles" Obama has raised to a national religion, it seems.

F'k this noise. I'm done with Blacks. Done.

riptapart said...

Do not EVER feel sorry for any Liberal, no matter how nice of a person he or she seems to be. I am talking about the powerful ones like Bernie. He is an evil, wicked man, willing to soften up on Black people so that even more White people can be hurt by them. The dumb little Liberal followers, it would be okay to feel sorry for. Those idiots will change their "political beliefs" in a heartbeat the second they think the other side is winning. But Bernie Sanders is a wicked, disgusting organism, quite like most of today's "elite" who are willing to destroy white strength.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie, here's a great 21 century idea.... Let's move a whole bunch of black people to VERMONT!!! Let's let them rape, robe, and mureder with impunity. Vermonters will welcome all of you black folk with open arms. Lots of freebie giveaways for all who want to come. Why I bet that the good folks of sbpdl will gladly sponsor the move from Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore or Ferguson. Free Ben and Jerrys for all the children. A black paradise in the making. Move over Detroit you've got competition.

10mm AUTO said...


Really superb!

""But were they waving the right flag? After all, every police officer in the country now knows if there is an interaction with a black suspect that comes to the attention of the federal government, his or her life will be utterly ruined by the ensuing investigation.""

We are on our Own. White civilians against most of the negro population.

riptapart said...

What is very scary is there is a very large percentage of our population that would vote for him. I try to convince myself that I am only imagining things. I keep trying to think I must be going crazy myself, rather than society. But I hope I am wrong because I cannot come to any other logical conclusion that within the next few decades, there is going to have to be violent revolution in this country if we ever hope to ensure a high quality of life for our defendants. Somebody please tell me I am nuts!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, this is so dumb I almost can't believe it.

So....the Plan is:

1. Take the armor and weapons from the police.

2. Force the police to take orders from black community organizers.

3. Fire the white police and hire black police.

4. Train the police to treat blacks like fragile royal children.

5. Increase federal prosecution of the police that enforce the Law on blacks.

6. Forbid the police from ANY use of force against blacks.

7. Silence ALL oppostion to blacks (like this blog) by labelling it as "Hate Speech"

8. Allow black convicted felons to vote.

9. Remove the requirement for blacks to register to vote.

10. Remove the requirement for blacks to have to actually GO to a polling place.

11. Remove the requirement for blacks to have to have a government issued I.D. Card to vote.

12. Remove the requirement for blacks to have to show up to vote on election day.

13. Remove the requirement for blacks to have to be at the polling place during election hours.

14. Remove the requirement for blacks to have to wait in ANY type of line and wait patiently and behave IF they choose to show up to vote.

What kind of drugs or traumatic brain injury could be necessary to make ANY of this sound like a good idea, or even a SANE idea? It's almost hard to believe that any adults (who aren't black) read this Plan and didn't laugh really hard before tossing it aside.

Anonymous said...

Dear White Cops,

Looking at recent news, we have one White officer beaten and mocked because he was afraid to deal with a black perp in a realistic way. We have another publicly fired by his chief much to the delight of the media.

White cops, ask yourselves if your job is worth it. If you all walked off tomorrow, there would be hell to pay in this country (celebratory chimp-out), but I wouldn't blame you a bit. These two examples above are the Scylla and Charybdis you have to manage.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

There are thousands of people in politics who's only goal is to destroy America. The very people who's death they are planning will be the ones cheering them on. This is happening on a grand scale and the stupid sheeple will gladly line up for the slaughter. All you have to do is offer them a free lunch. Of course the free lunch will be paid for by the working middle and lower class who's job has not yet been moved to China. The sleeping masses WILL ALWAYS VOTE for the dirt bag that promises them the most freebies. It works every time.

Sanders is another left wing con job with his TAX THE RICH rap that the breathing dead always seem to enjoy. The FSA (free shit army) is invading over the Southern border. Thousands and thousands of Muslims are moving in so they can get their fair share of the FREE SHIT golden goose. The local members of the FREE SHIT ARMY gather in large numbers to protest that they want even more FREE SHIT and if they don't get it they will burn the town down. They find it oppressive if they get arrested for stealing FREE SHIT from people who had to actually work to get that SHIT. They want laws to protect the FSA as they go about their daily business of getting all the FREE SHIT any way they can. Remember.....they have rights and anybody that disagrees with them is a racist.

The TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA no longer has room for the people who built and maintain the country. They are being replaced by a new crop of slaves that will do the same work for less money. The new America is producing a new welfare class. This could cause friction among the older 50 year welfare class. This is known as CLASS WARFARE and has always had a horrible outcome. Time will tell. Meanwhile the white people are becoming expendable and are considered racist if they speak out against their own destruction. Have you been to Europe or England lately.

Joshua Sinistar said...

I think you're seeing the end of the D-Party. It seems like they're going black. Once you go black you go broke, no joke! I wonder how the other colors in the Rainbow like the all black all the time action? What if the D-Party is the official black party. Only black votes matter! Jackson and Jefferson aren't the only guys that are going to be left behind by this development I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
Hey Bernie, here's a great 21 century idea.... Let's move a whole bunch of black people to VERMONT!!! Let's let them rape, robe, and mureder with impunity. Vermonters will welcome all of you black folk with open arms. . .

August 11, 2015 at 6:20 PM"

Vermont and New England are some of the whitest parts of the U.S. especially the rural parts. You can go days without seeing saintly diversity and that's the way people like it. Rural New England, especially Vermont and Maine have some of the highest gun ownership rates in the U.S., a big hunting culture and very little crime. Hmmmmm, I wonder how those things could possibly go together?

The long winters and need for self reliance in spite of welfare systems mitigates against nogs settling in places like Vermont. The Somalis in Maine are %100 supported by BRA but when BRA breaks down they will be on their own without friends in cold, forbidding winter conditions without skills or savings. Attempting to live by thievery against the locals who already despise them will not go well for them, they will be visiting Allah in Hell quickly.

I believe high firearms ownership rates and low crime rates go together in places like Vermont not because the state is basically all white but because there must be a different breed of gun there. The guns in Ferguson are racist and seek out peaceful negroes and get them involved in crime which of course is against the nature of the peaceful negro. Those types of evil guns aren't allowed in Vermont, only guns that believe in diversity.

non-DWL in NE
BHO is golfing. Again.

Anonymous said...

Viola! Indeed

Anonymous said...

White cops should quit working for silly ass, deranged, PC, co-opted by A A Hire/Selected Psycho Incompetent Clown, flailing BRA gubbamints...just WALK AWAY...STAND DOWN...NOW and immediately form PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANY employee owned enterprises that will TELL, not ask, their municipal and county customers how it's going to be, contractually...if they still want to live and have some semblance of civilization. Da Oogah Boogah smeared gubbamints can SHOVE IT if they don't like it...
and then descend into Nouveau Mogadishu/Monrovia/Detroit/Durban/Memphis/Camden/Trenton/South St. Pete/Fergadishu/BallTeeMo/El Lay/Marseilles/North Philly/Chitcago/Benton Harbor etc., and and all that entails.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is not native to Vermont, he is a transplant from NYC. There are many such transplants infesting Vermont after making a shithole out of NYC. His political success comes because he always supports dairy subsidies and Vermont is a big dairy state. He also is a big 2nd amendment supporter because if he were opposed to firearms ownership he would never win an election, Vermont is a big firearms/hunting state. No doubt Bernie the communist is totally insincere and would
confiscate firearms if elected president but he likes being elected to the Senate from Vermont so he has to lie about his opinion on the 2nd amendment. There is also a libertarian streak in Vermont that he appeals to although no doubt he would be the authoritarian type if he were elected President.

snip: Sanders was born in Brooklyn, the son of Eli and Dorothy (Glassberg) Sanders.[21][22] His father was a Jewish immigrant from Poland whose family was killed in the Holocaust,[21][23][13] while his mother was born to Jewish parents in New York City.[24][25]

Sanders attended elementary school at P.S. 197, where he won a state championship on the basketball team. He attended Hebrew school in the afternoons and had his bar mitzvah in 1954.

Tells you all you need to know.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Well at least he would be electable

Denise said...

Medic Bear - I didn't really truly HATE ALL Negroes until they burnt down Baltimore.

Now, I do. There are no "Good ones".

Billy said...

What a wimp. Let him go lecture in the projects.

Anonymous said...

The Po-leece is no longer a job for decent white people. It's become nog-coddling social work. Blacks don't want to be cops because they become outcasts in their coonmoonities. Obama's handlers want a military styled federal level police force..... this will only happen when the current state/county officers are broken.

Black lives don't matter one little bit. If 40 million of them just fucked off somewhere else, would they be missed??? There would just be empty prisons, decent schools, crime & drug free streets. IQ averages would beat Singapore and America eould be great again.

Blacks are Americas "ball and chain". It's like a formula one car being driven full throttle with the foot on the brake. Or a dragster motoring along with a parachute deployed. You get my drift.

Blacks produce nothing, contribute nothing, invent nothing (Dr Dre didn't invent the headphone, nor did he even design the ghetto shite earphones... whitey did it).. Blacks are a parasite that lives off a host and sucks it dry. Welcome to the new bigger and improve United States of Haiti.

A black in western society is like a fish out of water....I don't hate blacks because of this fact, they are suited to a simpler way of life in Africa, their simple brains would be happy there. But I do hate the coddlers and enablers.

Anonymous said...

Trump has stepped up. It's on now.

Trump to Black Lives Matter protesters: I won't give up my microphone


Donald Trump has a message for Black Lives Matter — I’m no Bernie Sanders.

The tough-talking billionaire bragged he would never let protesters take the microphone from him — like they did to the Democratic presidential candidate from Vermont.

“That will never happen with me,” Trump said during a televised news conference on Tuesday. “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or other people will.”

Trump called the episode “disgusting” and said it showed Sanders was “weak.”

“I would never give up my microphone,” Trump boasted. “I thought that was disgusting. That showed such weakness — the way he was taken away by two young women.”

Trump was asked about the Sanders incident during his first news conference since a controversial Republican debate, in which he sparred with Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

He insisted he’s on the right track and has been “proven right” by his double-digit lead in the GOP polls when a reporter asked about his penchant for fiery rhetoric.

“It is what it is,” Trump said. “You just look at the results.”

He pointed out Sanders is also drawing huge crowds on account of his sharp tongue, but claimed Saturday’s event showed the sharp contrast between the two.

“I felt badly for him,” Trump said. “But it showed that he’s weak. You know what? He’s getting the biggest crowds, and I’m getting the biggest crowds. We’re the two getting the crowds, but believe me — that’s not going to happen to Trump.”

He's got my vote now.

Californian said...

And here's the irony. Sanders' capitulation on this matter means an end to the traditional left's call for economic equality across the boards. Now, it's all about giving blacks whatever they want while abandoning the working class. You have to ask, was this the intent behind the entire "Black Lives Matter" agitprop offensive? Are there some hidden agendas here? Who is going to benefit? Ain't gonna be the white working class, or the law abiding sector of blacks (however small the latter might be).

Stay tuned--and look for those men behind the curtain!

Anonymous said...

I want negroes in Vermont. I want eight million negroes in Vermont NOW. I demand it. i want Somali negroes. I want American negroes. I want them in every single farm town in Vermont. I want them on EBT. I want them in Section 8. I want them hired as police and at every level of the Vermont government. I want these motherfuckers in Vermont to be swimming in negroes. I want their lives destroyed. Their women raped. Their elderly citizens beaten to death. I want them to work, work and work more to support their negro population. I want the state flag to be turned into a silhouette of Martin Luther King. I want negroes to be given farms owned by white Vermonters. I want negroes on every street corner, every covered bridge, every apple orchard in the fucking state, standing about slinging drugs. I want the sound of hip-hop blasting throughout the state. I want negroes fucking their cows. I want their schools filled with negroes, I want ebonics to be the official language of Vermont. I want these moronic white liberals in Vermont to suffer in unimaginable ways. I want their civil war dead dug up, cut into little pieces and sold on World Star. I want Vermont to fully, completely and totally experience negroes and I want them to suffer in ways that I cannot even describe.

Californian said...

What is very scary is there is a very large percentage of our population that would vote for him. I try to convince myself that I am only imagining things.

Reasonably speaking, what is Sanders proposing that is already not the policy of the federal government, media, academia, major corporations, etc., etc? At least Sanders is being honest about bowing before BRA.

Anonymous said...

I've discovered a rift, follow the link yourself if you want to see the cracks in the progressive coalition:

Is the Black Lives Matter Movement Sabotaging Itself By Disrupting Bernie Sanders Rallies?


The reason that I find this so significant is that whenever I follow a link to the Huffington Post to read a story the comments ALWAYS piss me off. I stopped even reading stories there because the slant (particularly in the comment section) was so left-leaning I couldn't even take it seriously or risk dumbing myself down through repeated exposure.

But it looks like the progressives are REALLY PISSED OFF about this incident. And to paraphrase some of their own posters, "their white hood is showing".

I've never seen anything but total agreement with the liberal issue of the day there- and this time they are all agreeing- agreeing on how sick they are of black people!!!

Some examples:

The name of the movement is it's own sabotage. For example, my hometown Baltimore City had over 40 murders in July of 2015. A murder rate like this has not been seen since the 1970's and I'm only talking about my home town alone. When Black people care enough not to murder each other at psychotic rates, then maybe a title black lives matter would make sense.

Devon - People have accused me of racism because I've said the very thing you just wrote. If you are a good and decent person, your life matters regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality.

Very excellent pont! Personal responsibility matters as well.

Sabotaging- no. Exposing themselves as race-driven hypocrites yes.

Yes by showing how rascist they are!

Why dont we hear from this movement when blacks kill one another by the hundreds every year. Look at the murder rates of cities like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles etc. Why should black lives matter to anyone else when they dont seem to matter to us.

Hmmmm... where have I heard comments like these before? Oh yeah, on this blog!

I knew I was correct in my assumption that even DWLs can be pushed too far!

With a little guidance half of these people could be writing for PK in no time!

Don't dismiss an adversary if he can be turned into an ally.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Bernie Sanders says: "We need to make sure the federal resources are there to crack down on the illegal activities of hate groups"


The Bolsheviks are trying to eliminate freedom of speech and free association.

Will they crack down on Louis Farrakhan? Something tells me, no.

Today I am exercising my 2nd amendment rights by posting on this site.

But truth is the new hate speech.

So, if Bernie Sanders and his contingency have their way, my very same activities will be considered dissident actions against the state.

Should all of this come to pass, that border fence to keep the Mexicans out will most likely be used to keep us in. And it literally is an iron curtain.

To all of you veterans reading this: Do you feel betrayed by this nation? I never fought in a war. But I feel very betrayed that things have gone this far.

Remember the slogan, "America, love it or leave it?" Well the America of today is not the America that I loved in my youth. And should this trend of suppressing the Bill or Rights continue, these rights will eventually be annihilated. Will it be too late then to leave? At what point do we decide that the USA is a by-far-too dangerous place for us to live in?

We European Whites are not the villains. But Bernie Sanders is trying awfully hard to make us the villains.

I thought Hillary was bad...but this Sanders is an absolute nightmare.

But...as I can see from the comments on Yahoo...our people are waking up. And Bernie Sanders is nothing but an old wind bag who's having his 15 minutes of fame.

I am still the ultimate optimist as many of you have come to realize. And a crusty old forked tongue sly-as-a-fox politician like Sanders is no match for the newly awakened America.

Be Bold. Be Vocal. Be Fearless.

Speak even when you're not being spoken to.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

And Sanders hired some of the black lives matter wackos.

People say Trump supporters are nut jobs......no.....Trump supporters can see the downfall of this country if the establishment stays the same..... Sanders supporters are nut jobs on steroids. Sanders is dangerous, and I don't understand why he is so popular. Is it because he is offering everything for free.........by finishing what Obama started which is communism?

Cops can't do their job, when they do and it involves a black they are fired, charged with murder, or whatever. The more blacks get away with breaking the law without consequences the worse it is becoming. Blacks know that they have everyone over a barrel with their "everybody is a racist" and victim playing.

How tragic that a police officer can't defend themselves, even if they know they could die, for fear of being fired, railroaded on murder charges because blacks are controlling the narrative, controlling laws, and branding every non black a racist. I never, ever, thought I would see this.

I know it won't do any good but I am writing yet another letter to this beaten officers superior about what a jerk all superiors are for not supporting their officers.

Police need to leave blacks alone, stop only Whites but don't ticket. City revenues will dry up, and cops can honestly say their hands have been tied, and for the idiot powers that be to make up their minds. Do they want police to do their jobs or not. Crime will go up, especially in the black population, and when it involves a White being attacked by a black who, according to Deter should just be let go, the Whites will, hopefully, sue the snot out of all involved for not letting cops do their jobs. I would think eventually it would become a nightmare for the black loving officials. Cops........ Their damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Anonymous said...

Last week in St. Paul, a couple was enjoying a night out in a park. Four blacks confronted them, one black wore a mask and gloves. The masked thug brought out a gun. The White man, being a licensed conceal carry permit owner, pulled his gun faster and fired in self defense. The other three thugs, brave as they were because they were robbing a White, ran off while their homey was laying on the ground bleeding to death. The couple did life saving measures on the thug and called police, ambulance.

The family of the dead thug said "he was a sweet boy......he didn't own a gun.....he wasn't involved in a gang". Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:42

The silver lining in this is that cops now know exactly what will happen to them if they go easy on the groid- he will beat you up and laugh at you for it. You'd think blacks would be celebrating this officer who showed restraint. All it showed them was weakness and they sure had a good laugh out of it. There is nothing to gain from giving in to their endless demands, and a lot to lose for doing so.

Don't be weak like Bernie Sanders, you will just end up dead and a joke to those who you tried to reason with.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bernie can do a little experiment.

He should set an extravagant multi-course meal for the local raccoons in his backyard. On top of this he could build custom coon houses with temperature-controlled rooms for them, and even get rid of any local cats, dogs, and any other competitors. After a while (and plenty of royal treatment and gibs) he should approach one and try to pet it. It certainly should be friendly and appreciative at this point, seeing all that he has done for them. Go ahead Bernie, don't take my word for it!

Anonymous said...

"We must pursue policies that transform this country into a nation that affirms the value of its people of color." While we are at it, lets also affirm the value of a human appendix. At very best it's absolutely useless, however it is capable of causing extreme damage or death. So lets refer to blacks as Appendix-Americans much more appropriate than African-Americans.

Anonymous said...

The release of snother store video shows the latest negro shot in Ferguson to be brandishing a pistol. He later fires the weapon at police, who returned fire. The shooting negro ended booty up face down wiff saggin drawers, bloody as a used tampon. Open fire on the replicants, they only understand death.

Anonymous said...

Realists dress moderately, no logos, no "look at me" attention grabbing clothing, and wear clothing that allows quick access to your weapon(s). Good knives, handguns, spray, and kubatons should be part of the realist's wardrobe, well hidden but ready for social work, if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Muslim arabs are, they claim so much trust in allah, but whine and cry to the media instead of accepting their "persecution", they lie about.

Anonymous said...

One of our intelligence agencies should neutralize this nut case before he can do America irreparable harm. Go Donald Trump!

rex freeway said...

Any White police officer that says enough is enough and finds another line of work would be justified in the career change If you are days away from retirement it would be understandable if you stayed. People, I hope you are prepared for what will happen when White police walk away from their job. Urban areas will be war zones. Trump cannot stop what is about to happen. I hope Washington DC takes the biggest hit. And the Democrats and Republicans are all removed. From the top down. Lets get this over with.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter is classified as a social justice movement, if that narrows it down at all.

BLM is for the liberation of black people.

I have no idea what this means, because it appears to be another broad, catch-all narrative for everything that they seem to be endlessly complaining about.

Part of it may be the Ebonical tongue that many of these American's speak, and the fact that whites like myself don't easily understand its shortcut grammar and style that often comes across as lazy. It's rude to keep axing you to repeats yo sef, but man I really can't understand you and it's compounded even more by the fact that I don't care to understand you. You are probably interrupting me and asking for something in some form or another. I am not joking about that last line. It's all give give give and never take, never even a kiss after the raping. Some total disconnect which is why it isn't surprising to see many here throwing their hands up in a sign of exhaustion and defeat.

It's like giving dried pine-needles and other flammable materials to a roaring inferno as tribute to please stop the blaze. I'll even make you a pool of gasoline if you please, please, please promise not to explode.

People are tired of butting their heads against the wall because the valuable clue to solve the puzzle is being deliberately withheld from us, yet we know it exists because we have seen it.

Push back is all that they know; they thrive on negative attention because they want attention and it is the easiest kind. F@cking lazy is right. There is this disconnect that is not easy to explain but is of the worst kind. We are the round hole that this square peg keeps beating and beating on, but to no avail.

Black people can't steal or brains, our looks, or our hair, nose and other non-black features.

We would give our empathy for others to use if we could, but like any other ability, it can't be easily transferred. That, unfortunately, takes time and effort. They have no idea how repulsive they come across, the above video is a textbook example. They take "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" to its extreme. What else would anyone want to hear than a never ending echo chamber of "Listen to me now" in the harshest of tone and volume so we stop everything and focus on you and your antisocial versions of human behavior.

While liberals are coming out as pissed over the Seattle incident, I still have seen solidarity in making sure blacks are not held accountable for their behaviors, the excuses are still there, just carefully altered a little. Progressive Whitey is still down with the struggle, but he is rightfully mad now so he needs to step it up a notch in intensity even though he is still toothless and chained up at the back of the bus next to the bathroom. Still chained to the pole and weighed down heavily with pro-PC rhetoric. Being a white progressive means having to walk through a veritable mine-field when attempting to say anything in company. Second-guessing yourself becomes the norm, and you learn to step aside but always pitch in your time and of course always your money to help a brother out. No reciprocation necessary or expected. In fact, it is actually taken as a sign of disrespect to actually ask someone to return a favor.

I can't convince people to avoid the groid with my words, I can only supplement their own actions and experiences. I just hope a lot of good white folks can figure things out without too much harm coming to them, and that they can finally pair their unconscious thoughts of black people and their behavior with their conscious ones. To do so is absolute liberation.

Anonymous said...

In the end, I feel what we say matters little, compared to how we behave and act. That is why the PC garbage is such a waste of time. Currently it is used to sear a scarlet letter into anyone who mis-speaks so that we can think the worst of him until he atones and pays for his sins against BRA and the PC enforcers.

Part of this so called "white privilege" is to be held up to the highest and strictest tenets of PC law- you have so many more options of deliberately offending someone. Your privilege grants you the form of a rampaging bull through the PC China shop. There are so many mean things you are capable of saying to anyone at any moment. Even how you look at people is construed as a purposeful hate crime. It seems like it has become a tired game of let's force the white guy to put his foot in his mouth as much as possible. It is a way of shutting one down and disheveling him akin to the phrase, "Check your privilege". You will shut up and you will listen, in other words.

Human beings don't like pain. In fact, we avoid it. Science has even documented how we feel actual pain when paying out money for things. We will naturally keep trying to avoid this pain, in the form of verbal and noise level harassment, dirty and dangerous neighborhoods, theft of our time and property, you name it. It is a logical and natural response to a threat and destructive situation for us. We need no excuses, our behavior need not be justified. We are doing the best we can, just as you say you are, so please do me a favor and f@ck off.

I don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

This all was probably set up by Bernie and his campaign manager, I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Now the "real" Black Lives Matter wants these two harpies to apologize. Took them a while to think about it and form a response, don't you think?

Actually, BLM doesn't "want" them to apologize to Bernie Sanders and co., they DEMAND that the two apologize.

See where this is going?

I remember one black blogger talking about how getting a room full of black people to agree on anything is like herding cats. They are natural antagonists and disruptors. It must feel natural and fun to them to be aggressive, posture, and make threats. All just a good show. And nothing to ever show for it either.

In America, people aren't too fond of random people constantly DEMANDING things from them. Notice the pattern of rabid people complaining about taxes? Understand the buzz kill of having half of your check garnished to pay for who knows what? When you aren't working, do you really want people DEMANDING your time, attention, and don't forget money at all hours of the day? Not racist, just don't care. If you had empathy for others you might be able to understand the situation.

It looks like all it comes down to in these "black organizations" is a vertical strong-man hierarchy of people demanding things from other people. Problem is there isn't any reciprocation, hence the need to demand, threaten, and cajole in order to get things out of people. It's just that in this day and age the black man is AWOL leaving the black woman he and no one else can stand shrieking away as she's leading the charge into endless battle.

All that I demand of these people is that they keep their distance.

Disturbed YT said...

Wow. I had no idea B. Sanders what that big of a tool-bag because I generally tune out all professed liberals, but damn, that dude is the Midwest Distributor of Doosh-baggery, not to mention the epitome of what's wrong with the world today. Thanks PK for dropping a big truth bomb on that prick. The more you know...

Anonymous said...

While it is not "just property", always remember that your life is of utmost value. Our ancestors and forebears envisioned and built great cities, and to leave such monuments to European greatness to decay in a storm of graffitti and neglect is heart breaking.

Until we can find a map to lead us out of this madness we will have to continue to envision and to rebuild, and to do so wary of the influences and infections that a black populace brings to these areas created for people of a 1st world civilization.

I don't want to feel like you and I are constantly building masterpieces only to have the tide (undertow) come in to pollute it and wash it all away. I want to think of more positive things than how much I despise blacks, their "lingo" and their "culture", but since they won't give it a rest and are being continually forced upon us I am made to address this issue. It's a sad state, but you know what? I'm glad I'm not black. For if I was I really would feel powerless to do anything about my brethren destroying civilization and our collective reputation. Getting called an Uncle Tom left and right for attempting to stop the bleeding and to push others towards some semblance of civilized behavior would be the best I could hope for.

Blacks just don't care. Unfortunately other races do, they care very much about a lot of things. Blacks interrupt, steal, ruin, and destroy these things and our ways of living peaceful and happy lives. Blacks try to make all of their endless problems and gripes our own. We must feel their pain, there is enough to go around and no one need be spared.

We will find a way out of this, both short term and long term. It sounds crazy, but our ancestors moved away from them once, braving harsher climates just to avoid the groid while slowly improving ourselves over many, many, many generations.

That is why I think Paul is just telling us to survive in the meantime. Like all nightmares and storms, this will pass, sooner for some of us than others. With something as predictable as the groid it is inevitable.

Mildred said...

The only way to keep negroes out of jail is to make it illegal for the negro to be in jail. I mean, altering their behavior is not on the table, right? Okay. I think I got it. Next?

Mildred said...

There is nothing closer to a plague in 21st century America than the negro. They are an absolute scourge on humanity - something God put on this earth to punish white people.

dondiego said...

P.K, your old A.N.Z.U.S mate here. You drive a hard bargain ;) but I've just dropped $200US via the paypal on the right side-bar.

Looking forward to some racist [Realist] reading!

Damn, this political situation is out of control. I remember when I first stumbled across this site/blog it was a Detroit article following a # post: Medieval re-enactment fairs, or somesuch. I also recall urging commenters to VOTE 0bama out. -Now I'm so anti democracy it hurts.

Yeah, vote Trump. But that's not going to stop the civil war that HAS* to come. Govt is EVIL. Media is EVIL. Only force will separate the productive from the africans.

Prepare accordingly.
*The psychology etc is a post in itself. Trump appears the better figurehead if you plan to CRUSH those who program the teleprompter...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie,

It's been fun watching your campaign implode. You were able to draw such big crowds, what a shame that you ended up looking weak and ineffectual. Kind of the kiss of death in politics, isn't it?

The only way this could get worse if some audio of you going on a racist tirade against BLM were to come to light, or even just someone who 'sounds' like you doing it. I bet black people would fall for it left and right and all the civil rights work that you have done will be forgotten- you will just be the old white male racist. Glad nothing like that has happened yet, you would end up looking even worse.

Shalom, it was nice knowing you!

Anonymous said...

Iconic video.

The weakened, delusional pathetic White "men" are utterly overwhelmed and defeated by the screeching chimps. There are no words.

That's it folks.... we need Men running this country... Hillary or Bernie will just let the ground apes take over.

Get serious.... they are.

Anonymous said...

Look around...this country is finished...America is ripping itself apart and consuming itself...

You better be ready for the main event....I see it just around the corner...

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, if this is Bernie Sanders' policy towards blacks, what would be his policy towards Russia, China, Iran, and ISIS? He seems to be taking Obamas cue and caving in to all our enemies’ demands AND joining our enemies in their quest to destroy us. Putin, the Ayatollah and ISIS would walk all over the coward.

Bernie – and democrats – reminds me of a kid being bullied who doesn’t have the balls to fight for himself. I had bullies as a lad, but I fought back. Guess what? They left me alone after that! Bernie would not only give the thugs his lunch money, but shine their shoes and kiss their black asses as well. If this is not being bullied by some black sheboons, then what is?

Let me ask you realists out there, aren’t you getting tired of this bullshit? If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable! We are watching our country die because we (as a nation) are too afraid to speak the truth.

Bernie Sanders’ words sounded like total surrender to the thugs. I won’t say what I would do with blacks if I were the LEADER of this country, but they would no longer give us any problems. There is an answer to the black problem, but the white cup of indignation must be filled to the top and overflow before YT will react! It will come; and when it does we will live separate from these people.

When I see as many whites as blacks at the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, I see there are still many delusional whites (like Bernie Sanders) who have to be taught about blackie! Delusional YTs busted their asses for the church people of Charleston (donating time, money, help and condolences), but those same black people would rape, rob, and kill the white people who helped them in the next heartbeat. I understand these YTs are being altruistic, but they are helping barbaric animals.

The detective in Alabama was beaten to a pulp while vicious coons looked on with their ooks and eeks! Blacks delight is seeing white people bleed! How much more can these delusional whites take before they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and join with us in our quest for freedom from blacks? How long will they continue to deny the truth about the barbaric animals we call negroes?

Our borders are open and we are being FLOODED with Central Americans. This killing of our race must fucking STOP! We elected the republicans and 90% of the shitstains still don't get it: WE DON'T WANT ANY MORE MEXICAN RAPISTS, KILLERS, AND THUGS! I'm so sorry if that hurt someone's feelings, but frankly I don't give a damn anymore!


Anonymous said...

OT but maybe of some interest...

I went to a job interview today. It was a good job with a nice salary, perks, and room for advancement...all good. The interviewer and I hit it off and she asked if I would mind if she invited the potential supervisor for the position to join us, I agreed.

A few minutes later an obese negress wallowed into the room and sat down. Upon introducing her as a potential superior I knew right there it was a no go. I promptly asked if I could go to the restroom before we continued. I bypassed the mens room and walked out straight away.

I felt as thought I missed an opportunity to vent my spleen, but Im not sure that would have done any good. Im sure the look on my face and my hasty departure were telling enough in themselves.

Tomorrows another day...

Anonymous said...

Very good breakdown. Makes it very plain. Thank you!

D-FENS said...

Bernie Sanders obviously takes his Social Justice form of Christianity very seriously as would anyone born and raised in Vermont.

Anonymous said...

Looked up Black Lives Matter on Youtube.

Nearly every single video involves the Seattle incident. I didn't see one actually crafted by the amazing organization known as BLM. Either it slipped their minds or they were too lazy or both, but that is what I call losing a narrative!

They pushed way too far and now people are absolutely primed to turn into realists. It has been brewing in them for some time now, they just never had a watershed moment where everything comes into focus that "allowed" them to take the plunge.

DWLs are receptive as they are gonna be, NOW is the time to give them that little nudge that they have been needing to come over to reality.

Blacks have overplayed their hand with this one, and it doesn't look pretty. Be part of that push back that they have been anxiously waiting for. It's the least you could do for all that they continue to do for us.


Anonymous said...

Look at the picture of Bernie Sanders in the background! This is where Bernie Sanders wants all white people to stand: behind everyone else. Look at the sheboon giving a black power salute; this is disgusting. White liberal democrats who put up with this shit are dumber than dog turds!

There is NO such thing as white privilege, Bernie Sanders! Whites have to work to support blacks who sit on their fucking asses all day and draw welfare. Blacks deserve nothing because they contribute nothing.

With all the black anger out there, isn’t there just one white liberal getting just a bit weary of supporting black entitlement?

The reason Sanders said what he said was because he wants the black votes. They will vote for him because of what he said; yet he can deliver none of it. If he gave blacks what he just promised, we would cease to be a nation. We would become a thug ochlocracy. We are close to that point now with Obama and his henchmen. The Democrat Party is not what it used to be; please everyone wake the hell up!

I would not only disenfranchise all prisoners, I would disenfranchise all blacks from voting. I would bring back the spirit of Bull Conner who made his city safe. I would ship the blacks back to Africa, or separate them from us. TO hell with what liberal white women fucking think! We built this nation on our own fucking backs; and we don’t have to share it with fucking coons. DWL white women need to choose now if they will stay with their own kind, or go with the dindus. I will ask them this: name one place led by blacks that prospered? Ninety percent of the miscegenation is black males with white females; however, the same applies to white males who breed with black females (they should not be counted one of us.)

Blacks need to be expelled and purged from our presence! They have no part of our civilization, and we want NO part of them! We owe them NOTHING! I would not ask them to leave; I would tell them to leave! Until we do this as a race, this bullshit will continue!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only black people have the audacity to claim that shooting a gun at a police officer trying to arrest them after getting caught committing an actual felony is "self defense".

Laws of civilization mean absolutely nothing to them. They will forever view themselves as slaves, be it to actual human masters or merely to human laws.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is from Vermont.

Racial breakdown of Vermont (2010)

White 95%
Black 1%

What did you expect from him? Do you think he can "see"?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:14 PM: "I ask middle class, working , tax paying Americans if by some strange turn of events there was suddenly no blacks in America."

Do you think people living in the suburbs anywhere in America would need ADT or any home alarm system or feel the need to lock their car doors?

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is jewish so he's perfectly willing to enable the war on whites and not worry a bit that he might ever be affected. No campaign would have just let those 2 "women" derail a campaign stop - it's a setup - he's at war against middle-class Americans.

Whites who still really want to be cops need to choose their employer carefully. Over a year ago I met a middle-age cop in a small town who'd recently moved his family an hour out of the city. He said right out that the city was dangerous - stay away - it's going to blow.

Anonymous said...

I read this morning that the "polls" say that Sanders is ahead of Hilla the Hun. Well, we all know that the polls are a lot of B.S. But if Sanders has already been chosen to be the democratic primary candidate by the powers that be, it looks as though the republicans really do have a good chance at taking the election.

The republicans, though, haven't stepped up to the plate for years now. I'm not really sure what they stand for. But I DO know what the democrats stand for.

So, as usual, it's a matter of voting for the lesser of the two evils.

I'm 37 years old and hopefully will have a lot of years ahead of me. My head spins when I project into the future and imagine the different scenarios that could play out for this nation. The 2 generations before me really screwed things up but good. And my generation put the icing on the cake.

I'm divorced and without any kids. An alpha guy with some beta traits here and there. I guess if I had to, I could leave this nation as it sinks into the ocean of insanity. I plan on remarrying and starting a family. But is this the place to do it?

My parents keep saying that they never thought that it would come to this. And as they diligently worked worked worked all those years just to survive, the politicians kept punching the holes in the bottom of the ship.

Thanks PK. You've been a beacon of light in a stormy sea. I'm from Philly, just like Mike. In fact I know him and he told me about this site.

My Dad always said that you've got to roll with the punches. I think that it's time that we start giving out the punches.

Jim in South Philly


In the traffic stopping event of an earlier post, you will hear somebody attempting to read the license plate number on the SUV that broke through.

Now, just what do you think that idiot will do with the license plate number? Go to the POLICE with it? Go to some civil court? Go to any "authority"? What a dumb F. You want to protest society, mess with society, but expect this very same society to aide you?

F yourself, who ever you are.

Long Island Guido said...

Yes. By far.

Anonymous said...

Two orcs on The Jets football team fight in locker room. A jaw broken, the hitter being let go, the broken jaw one may not get his position back since he is out for six to eight weeks. Hahahahahahahaha. Only blacks!----

The White guys take their nannies and friends nannies to Vegas and sleep with her .......the nanny is a fame whore and spills the beans. Rut Roh. Hahahahaha.

Sanders is dangerous.

I saw an article where a black cop arrested a White man for domestic dispute. The black cop pulled the handcuffed man from the back of the patrol car and beat the holy crap out of the handcuffed man. Now any man who hurts a woman with physical violence is scum. But the black cop had no reason to beat the guy up. Then the black cop tried to cover it up! Typical black. The black cop claimed he feared for his personal safety. A bad black cop hurting good White cops.
Why the h3ll are Whites taking this sheet?

Anonymous said...

But, if, for example, if most black people live on one coast or the other, if we got rid of all those people, wouldn't the United States flip over?

(Consult your black representatives for expert opinions.)


Anonymous said...

I don't know that it is any kind of true metric, but I have a number of facebook friends that are far left and support Sanders. Reading the comments they were leaving on each others pages and articles, you could see that they were really upset with the BLM people. There is a good chance that the young leftist types are de-linking themselves from the "all things black, all the time" aspect of liberal politics.

They've had enough and realize that there is no placating this group. They recognize that there are no returns in investing in black grievance. I don't know if they would make the full crossover into "race realism" per se, but their sympathy for blacks is certainly evaporating. I think at a gut level they realize that their dreams of socialism and utopia are incompatible with blacks. Blacks do not uphold their end of the bargain (work hard, obey laws, etc...) and that is why "socialism fails" in non-white/non-asian nations. Rather than "comrades" they are the largest obstacle.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....was just thinking, isn't it funny the flag that best represents law enforcement right now has stars and bars?


Pat Boyle said...

There is a simple reason that white cops will largely continue to stay as cops as the working condition deteriorate.

Here in Oakland the most famous policeman is probably Patrick Gonzales the head of the Tactical Squad. He became famous a few years back when an ex-con ambushed a pair of traffic sops killing both of them. The police departments of Oakland and surrounding areas immediately went after him but he set up another ambush and killed two more officers. Gonzales managed to shoot the bad guy but not before he was also wounded.

The local black militants have a web site on which they promise vengeance. Gonzales we have learned makes about $150K to $200k a year. Also officers are able to retire at age fifty at half salary. These provisions may have been changed recently.

The foolish Oakland administration negotiated badly with the Police Union. During the good economic times they imagined that they could increase salaries and pensions without limit. Then when the Great Recession hit they had to cut way back on the number of street officers. Now in Oakland we don't have many officers in the force but those that we have are well compensated.


Anonymous said...

With the cities in flames, and cops being beaten and killed, Obama smiles and goes on vacation to Martha's Vineyard with tony white people who eat caviar and drink the finest wines on the white taxpayers’ dime. This is the change he wanted! He even said he would be elected again if the possibility were still there (umm….maybe…whites are so goddamned stupid they might do it!)

America just had to have a coon in the White House…surely that would fix all the racial problems with blacks; surely putting a black on each commercial would make them feel more included; surely electing blacks to mayors and other representative positions would help the black man rise from his pigsty. Well…it hasn’t! If you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig (good democrat proverb.)

Now…enter Bernie Sanders telling his white audience what they are going to have to do to further submit to and appease the black undertow! We are going to have to let blacks commit crimes without recourse. It will be illegal to even question a black thug in the commission of a crime.

What would Bernie Sanders say to the white detective who was nearly beaten to death; Would he chide him like he did his audience for being that gosh awful color of white? I’m sure he would want a picture of Rosa Parks on the twenty dollar bill versus Andrew Jackson. Sanders is nothing but a white traitor and a piece of fucking white shit! I hope a black beats the hell out of him for being white and not doing enough to make it better for them! This is your world liberals; not fucking mine!

Anonymous said...

Fired cop will be vindicated, along with Officer Slager, smear campaigns and illegal detainment will be the negro retard's undoing

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

No matter what we say here, the brand of police officers is damaged. People have been indoctrinated by screen media. On top of that, the only interaction most white people have with the police is getting pulled over for speeding tickets. In high school I got a citation for underage drinking. In college I was arrested after breaking up with my girlfriend, who claimed that I punched her. I don't hate the police, but I don't necessarliy admire or respect them. It's hard for the average white person to understand the police war with black criminal culture. To them the police are annoying people who bother you when you are breaking trite laws. That viewpoint compounded with the grand unified theory of racism, and never having lived in the proximity of blacks, it's easy for whites to believe that the police are bothering blacks just for the crime of being black. Getting back to my original point, the police brand is damaged. Maybe they should get rid of those silly uniforms, I don't respect the uniforms at all, I see them as an attempt to intimidate people. Also, the #1 thing they could do to improve their image is reach out to WHITE PEOPLE. Protect and serve us. If the average white person stated seeing the police as friendly officers who served the public, it would start to click what was really happening in the war between the blacks and the police. Black criminality has hardened the police into seeing everything as a potential threat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should get rid of those silly uniforms, I don't respect the uniforms at all, I see them as an attempt to intimidate people.

They need to be easily identified for a variety of reasons. In my neck of the woods you could get shot at by wearing street clothes and running through someone's back yard with a gun.


10mm Auto:

I watched the entire Lynyrd Skynyrd video. Yes, I agree with you and I remember those days. It was my college years.

Do you remember at that time the government and leaders were telling all us White kids to NOT have children (Population Bomb BS book?) and for White women to have abortions, no more than 1.2 kids? Really. So, the Whites do this to "save the Planet" and what happens? Our birthrate goes down, fewer and fewer White babies are born, our women turn into sluts and traitors and then they open the borders to let in millions upon millions of Mexicans and Cubans and Haitians, Arabs, Chinese, and Somalians.

We have been tricked and it makes my blood boil. Especially when I think of who is really behind this. There is hell to pay back.


10 mm Auto:

Notice the BIG CONFEDERATE FLAG. That, along with classical music and books, makes great Negro Repellent. We need Southern Rock bands to come back. We need them to fly the White Flag. Other than the fact it is a Southern band, the FLAG keeps the negroes away.

What a beautiful site (never to be seen again) of so many young WHITE people. I lived during that time. I remember. I remember when...........

So sad.



Stop. Stop anything dealing with the negro. Let them kill each other and don't pursue. Stop investigating negro-on-negro killings. Let them.

Spend your time watching out for your "community". Make sure White Women are safe. Watch out for them and patrol the areas where White women go. They are our future and we need them safe.

F the negro. YOU are more important and they do not deserve White Man's Civilization.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually on board with most of what the posters here write. But those saying the BLM microphone grab at Bernie's speech was a psy op or put up deal- I'm not following you. Why would he collude in an embarrassing scenario that made him look weak?

If he just wanted to come out with a policy platform that privileges blacks over Whites, well, he's in a party that favors that; he didn't need to fabricate an excuse, pro-black policies are Dem SOP. I just don't see what ol' Bern had to gain by staging an event that made him look like a weak, timid fool. If someone here can tell me what he gained, I'm ready to listen.

Anonymous said...

Agreed...he let them take over because he is weak and wanted to garner the black vote by allowing those idiots to take over. In all actuality, they should have been arrested for unlawful assembly. This Sanders guy is the best the dems have??? Otherwise that crook Hillary is the best have as well?? A bunch of winners representing the dumbocrats!

Anonymous said...

What do you suggest the police wear as an identifier, a clown suit?

Anonymous said...

Damn, I agree about the Lynyrd Skynyrd video. Those beautiful white kids. Not the metro, tattoo, fag kids of today.

Anonymous said...

The pendulum swings both ways. The coming backlash is going to be very, very bad for black people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about potential job going awry!! I love how you walked out without saying shit!! That alone speaks volumes about you!! The empowering feeling you must have felt!!! There is a better place for you indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that blacks should be disenfranchised is because they are unable to make rational decisions on their own behalf. Take for example the person JJ intimated: Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson feared that Guam might tip over into the ocean if it became too crowded. At that point, Johnson should have been escorted out of the building and taken back to grade school.

Because blacks are incompetent, they should be relegated to their own places. We should insure they are sterilized and not allowed to breed with white people (or anybody else including blacks). Whenever possible, I would relocate them back to Africa.

The thing that is disconcerting is that socialists such as Bernie Sanders are selling their souls to them. Blacks are a very small but loud part of the population. Yet…whites applaud that blacks are given government entitlements on their tax dollars! Whites are paying for the extra police coverage. Towns such as Ferguson will die because of blacks…just as its sister city Detroit did! The money spent to fix the coon that was shot, could have been spent on beautifying the city.

Whites are fleeing the area for good reason. The real estate values will plummet now that blacks are in charge.

Blacks are violent, uncouth dolts unworthy to live among civilized people.

Anonymous said...

The thing that is disconcerting is that socialists such as Bernie Sanders are selling their souls to them.

In an odd sort of way, blacks are ending the great socialist experiment. The experiment has gone from a movement to equalize the classes to equalizing the races. But the thing is, you can never equalize blacks and whites. It has been tried in any number of places, and always failed: Reconstruction, the American Civil Rights Revolution, post-colonial Africa; even in Europa with all of its social welfare polices, blacks end up committing humongous amounts of crime and burning down their neighborhoods.

Regardless of how you feel about socialism versus capitalism, no system can work when there are large numbers of the low-IQ and violence-prone. There's also the reality that black political demands come down to a redistribution of wealth in their direction, but nothing is to be returned on their part--i.e., the creation of jobs or a society that is marching into the future. A redistribution of wealth to white people might lead to a city that is better in all regards...Detroit 1915. A redistribution of wealth to black people leads to...Detroit 2015.

Whiskey said...

Anti police stuff is undermined by Hollywood. Law and Order Original Recipe, SVU, Criminal Intent, fill the rerun airwaves of ION, TBS, TNT, etc. every day. In prime time we have: magical cops (Grimm), the FBI (Blacklist, the new Blind Spot), Navy Cops (NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles), family cops (Blue Bloods), I'm probably missing ten or fifteen.

For decades Hollywood has been making cop shows, basically since the Westerns were canned at the end of the 1960s, on TV and presenting cops as heroic protectors of the innocent.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in beautiful downtown Atlanta, actually, Newton County, home of Covington and Oxford, Commissioner John Douglas is big news on the local broadcasts because he criticized the woman who pictured herself wiping her buttocks with the American Flag. http://www.rockdalenews.com/section/1/article/22575/ . Interesting that his use of the word Knee-grow and streetwalker drew more fire and more offense than the woman wiping her buttocks with the flag. Also interesting that not one attempt was made to find that woman and interview her, and not a soul commented on the offensiveness of HER actions. But that is par for the course here in the Atl- most newscasts are FULL of black persons offended or discriminated against about the smallest things- while the same newscasts, without a drop of irony, show pictures, mug shots, or sketch artists renderings of the lastest suspected perps commmiting carjackings, rapes, muggings, home invasions, and 98 % of them are black. Do they think that we are blind??

Anonymous said...

ps comment above about John Douglas, etc. was by L still in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

The poster at 11:56 AM was correct! Sometime I tend to lump in liberalism and socialism as the problem…it is not the problem. Rush Limbaugh is wrong. He claims that places like Baltimore would blossom like a rose should conservatism abound. Anyone with half a brain knows that is complete and utter bullshit!

Fundamentally the problem lies with negroes! They are dimwitted and quick to do violence. There is nothing that we can do for them as a people. Negroes need a few more tens of thousands of years to develop/evolve intellectually (if that would ever happen.)

If we did everything for them including changing the diapers on their babies, they would still be prone to murder, arson, theft, rape and whatever else their small brains could think up! This isn’t anything to do with liberalism versus conservatism; blacks are simply not evolved enough to compete in an advanced civilization.

The things I am seeing in the news does not surprise me, as it does not surprise any of you. This is expected behavior and it will not change. However, Bernie Sanders acting like a sniveling coward before the great black ones makes me retch. How could anyone consider such a coward for the presidency? We need a leader; not one who would make us give up our freedoms for some pavement apes.

Anyway…poster…@ 11:56 AM I see your point! Good show!

Anonymous said...

Here's a little snippet from the BLM meeting with Hillary- saying that these "people" feel entitled is understatement of the year:

The meeting had mixed results. “She was projecting that what the Black Lives Matter movement needs to do is X,Y and Z,” Julius Jones, a founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Worcester, Mass., told the New Republic, which broke the news of the planned disruption. “We pushed back [to say] that it is not her place to tell the Black Lives Matter movement or black people what to do, and that the real work doesn’t lie in the victim-blaming that that implies. And that was a rift in the conversation.”

When Hillary literally gets on her hands and knees to placate them I want a picture of it to hang on my living room wall.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I would be taken seriously if I b@tched and complained that none of the candidates are meeting all of my demands.

This is not what democracy looks like, this is what terrorism looks like.

Anonymous said...

The alinskyites have used language "control" to great effect over the past 50 years to shape debate, shape & control thought, as part of their tool-kit to sieze power & estabhlish BRA.

Learn from them. We need to start controlling the language and it begins with eliminating phrases such as 'black people' from our vocabulary & the vocabulary of the debate.

Blacks are not People so please stop referring to them as such. Blacks are a separate species & very distinct from "people" aka homo sapiens. They are homo africanus or sub-saharan primates but not people. Since they are not people, they are not a RACE of people so you are not a racist. If anything you are a speciesist. Wanting to separate from homo africanus is no stranger than wanting
to live "separate" from lions, hyenas or any other predatory species

Choose you words carefully & them use them. Don't let the social fascist swine chose the vocabulary of the struggle that is very near

/H hypie out H\

Californian said...

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Watts Riot, I pulled out my copy of D.W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation" and watched all three hours of it. I have to admit, for a silent film it really holds up well. Here's what's interesting about the second part, during Reconstruction: white radicals put a black "mulatto" in charge of South Carolina. The new regime disenfranchises whites and unleashes black mobs to spread terror. There is a wave of black-on-white assaults while the regime makes speeches about "equality."

It all seems pretty outrageous...but then again, what is going on today?

Griffith has the Klan rise up in response and save the day, plus Southern Whites and Northern Whites reconciling.

Anyway, it's worth getting a copy of "Birth of a Nation" before it is recalled by the Ministry of Truth and reshot in accordance with current ideological diktats.

Anonymous said...

In other news from the "you can't make this shit up" department, University of Maryland creates a Freddie Gray class, courtesy of law professor Michael Greenberger (Oi!). The course will feature 8 weeks of blaming YT, white guilt, and making excuses for TNB.


Californian said...

Julius Jones, a founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Worcester, Mass.

Which brings up a point: how does a movement like this form so quickly? How do the activists do it? Are they building on current radical infrastructures? Where do they get their funding?

And how can White activists learn and organize on the same level?

Black fatigue at a 10 said...

You know if you really thought about it it's us humans that should be pissed that the cops spend so much of their time in black infested areas.
Shouldn't they be protecting our neighborhoods,seeing were the ones that pay the taxes that pay their salaries?

The blacks don't want them there,so as long as their committing black on black crime , I say let them.

I wish there was a police officer patrolling my neighborhood day and night.

Honestly in 15 years I've seen the police on my street two or three times for a quick drive by.

hondo said...

To Californian

They don't! They are already pre-existing, with cute sounding names and acronyms,
where the same people run back and forth to in a blur to give the illusion of vast numbers. Back in the day, they often called themselves "Brigades" even though they only had a handful of members, who in turn were members of other groups and "Brigades and Armies". #BLM is as much a pop fashion statement, awaiting the next iteration. It doesn't require much funding - they only need PR which they get freely from liberal/left sympathizers in the media.

No need to learn this, unless you actually believe its effective, and can change the world (NOT).

I would however love to organize at any major sporting event carried on national media - after the Star Spangled Banner - a rendition of DIXIE - song by tens of thousands. I'll sing - enthusiastically - n' I'm a Damn Yankee!

Anonymous said...

I need to watch “Birth of a Nation” as per Californian’s suggestion. It seems to have been able to scry into our dark future, but it also seemed from Californian’s post there was still hope for the future.

He was spot on concerning the mulatto and the increase in violence against whites; however, white people will probably use another name other than the Klan. This word is outdated an archaic for our times. It carries too much negativity for white people in general. We would need to be called something else. However, make no doubt about it; it would be a brotherhood of white men and women fighting for a just cause.

Reading posts outside of SPBDL, I can see the number of realists is growing exponentially. As one of our own posters said, even the progressives are getting a good dose of negro fatigue. The black women at Bernie Sanders’ rally were summarily booed! Calling the people racists for not agreeing with the Black Lives Matters movement does not make them a racist, and it certainly doesn’t endear liberal whites to their cause. However the position that Bernie Sanders took in the statement that PK quoted is VERY racist against whites. It is also contrary to our laws and better judgment. White people are not so much the brain dead fools the progressives think we are! We can see, read, and think!

This house of cards can only last so much longer; each day that passes more and more people join our side. Blacks can no longer deny their behavior! It is on the internet for all to see.

Anonymous said...

PK, your site is AMAZING; it's my homepage now. I know you're busy, but I love seeing new stuff as often as possible. You rock!!

When I first became aware of the negro problem, I searched the internet and stumbled across a site (now extinct) called Chimpout. On it I read that people should properly refer to the negroes not as the misnomer African Americans, but instead, the Savage N*gger Beast.

At first I thought that was over the top and racist, but from recent developments in the USA (and across the world) that is precisely the correct term.

We can reduce it to SNB for brevity. e.g. "While I was at work today a bunch of SNBs raped my wife".

Anonymous said...

Best thing you can do right now is SUPPORT the BLM movement... they are on a road to suicide.

Pat Boyle said...

I've been reading about the Watts riots on the web. This is the anniversary it seems. I couldn't quite remember what had touched off the violence so I refreshed my recollection with Wikipedia. It all sounds very familiar. A black guy had been driving recklessly and was pulled over. One thing led to another and soon 34 people were dead.

Wikipedia states that the cause of the trouble was poverty and the cause of the poverty was housing discrimination.

Oh, really?

My people, the Irish, had been subject to housing discrimination (among several other types of discrimination). But the Irish in America have prospered. The Italian also were subject to restrictive covenants. And here in California we used to have formal established political parties dedicated to repressing the Chinese. Yet today the average income of the Chinese in America is higher that that of the Caucasians. Finally the Jews were persecuted - de jure and de facto - for most US history but they seem to be doing OK too.

The problem with the idea of discrimination causes poverty theory is that it never seems to have ever been true. Blacks have been to target of discrimination of course but so what? Being oppressed by the surrounding majority population only seems to have strengthened the resolve of every other immigrant group except blacks.

The real issue seems to be latitude. Race is just a proxy for latitude. America has provided a good home for all northerly people. South Koreans do just fine in America. Just as do all the Scandinavian groups. But peoples from tropical areas (i.e. those peoples with low IQs) do poorly.

Just about everything you have ever read about poverty has been wrong. In the short run poverty is caused by all sorts of things like your economic system, your religion or your lack of natural resources but in the longer run only race (latitude) seems to matter.


Californian said...

This house of cards can only last so much longer; each day that passes more and more people join our side. Blacks can no longer deny their behavior! It is on the internet for all to see.


We need to keep up the Internet Insurgency. And eventually turn this into political action.

Californian said...

I need to watch “Birth of a Nation” as per Californian’s suggestion. It seems to have been able to scry into our dark future, but it also seemed from Californian’s post there was still hope for the future.

Funny thing is, if you had seen "Birth of a Nation" any time in the late 20th century, it would seem to be outrageous--a regime run by radicals using blacks as muscle against whites?! Come on! That could not happen in America, could it? Never could get that bad, could it?

Well, here we are today in 2015 and look at events from Ferguson to Stone Mountain.

But also consider how there was a White Revolution in the USA in the late 19th century, and not just in the South but one which swept most of the country.

Another thing: if one is a DWL or black troll reading SBPDL, you might want to ask yourself, just how far do you think you can push things until there is a backlash which sweeps you away?

Mr. Rational said...

They are already pre-existing, with cute sounding names and acronyms,
where the same people run back and forth to in a blur to give the illusion of vast numbers.

Veeer-y interesting.  This means that taking out just a few of them, by jailing for disorderly conduct or violation of parole (esp. pre-emptive nabbing when caught traveling to a planned disturbance in violation of parole), could have a disproportionate effect on the image they can project.

What you'd have to do is make sure bail hearings aren't held until after the event is over.  Soros has tons of money, but he can't create time.

We would need to be called something else.

The American Separation Party (ASP).  We already have the Gadsden flag, we just need to change the reptile.

Anonymous said...

OT - I saw something interesting today. When entering the highway I pulled in front of a pickup sporting a large Confederate flag flying from a pole in the bed of the vehicle. I see these from time to time so it was no surprise, but then while being followed by the flag toting pickup I met a second pickup also flying a Confederate flag. The drivers acknowledged each other in a friendly manner, but even more pleasant was the sight of friendly waives by other drivers traveling in other directions. It is possible that PC is losing its power to control and BRA is losing its grip.

Fewer people each day give a crap what blacks think. I doubt that this is part of Obama's plan. He thought that if he forced white people to eat icecream tainted with shit that we would develop a taste for it. Well, it doesn't seem to be working.

10mm AUTO said...

Hey, Rational.

Many have commented on the extreme effect of the few of the Frankford School. The destruction of Psychology with the blathering of Freud, the destruction of the family with Feminism and the following:Critical theory · Dialectic · Praxis Psychoanalysis · Antipositivism Popular culture · Culture industry Advanced capitalism (What we would call fascism I.E. control through Licensing) Privatism · Non-identity, Communicative rationality, Legitimation crisis.

If there were only a time machine.

On the other hand perhaps this is the renewal spoken of by Yockley.

We have a flag, the tricolor of Northwest Front. A new Constitution.

A new chance.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post.

Neanderthal Girl said...

Omg. Got to be, hands down, the best rant I've read about the Liberal Socailist Prick to date. Love it. So good.

Here. Let's see it again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I want negroes in Vermont. I want eight million negroes in Vermont NOW. I demand it. i want Somali negroes. I want American negroes. I want them in every single farm town in Vermont. I want them on EBT. I want them in Section 8. I want them hired as police and at every level of the Vermont government. I want these motherfuckers in Vermont to be swimming in negroes. I want their lives destroyed. Their women raped. Their elderly citizens beaten to death. I want them to work, work and work more to support their negro population. I want the state flag to be turned into a silhouette of Martin Luther King. I want negroes to be given farms owned by white Vermonters. I want negroes on every street corner, every covered bridge, every apple orchard in the fucking state, standing about slinging drugs. I want the sound of hip-hop blasting throughout the state. I want negroes fucking their cows. I want their schools filled with negroes, I want ebonics to be the official language of Vermont. I want these moronic white liberals in Vermont to suffer in unimaginable ways. I want their civil war dead dug up, cut into little pieces and sold on World Star. I want Vermont to fully, completely and totally experience negroes and I want them to suffer in ways that I cannot even describe.

August 11, 2015 at 10:14 PM

Please. Post. Everywhere.

Anonymous said...


Reading the comments in the Marine Corps times and USA today regarding "diversity in SFs" was like reading the comments here. Good work. We've achieved resonance. A SJW article about gals in combat arms was quickly buried on Vice News. While "the pendulum is swinging in our favor, we should be careful not to make unforced errors.

in DC

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that last part sounds familiar. The first part is what I'd like to hear a lot more of.

Negroe parents will always say their kid was a good boy, but as Obama has taught many Americans, africans always lie.


Anonymous said...

The experiment has gone from a movement to equalize the classes to equalizing the races. But the thing is, you can never equalize blacks and whites.

The funny thing is that Marx never believed in racial equality and didn't think Africans would be able to accomplish Communism. That's just a little tidbit that the Communists kept from the public. The Lysenko craziness and blank slate came much later. Of course the left would rather you not be aware of such things.

The Negro has strength & power to labour, but the Nature which created the power denied to him either the intellect to govern, or willingness to work

- Karl Marx

Anonymous said...

Is it enough yet? Have you had too much yet? How long are we going to put up with the communist scum?

Anonymous said...

America just had to have a coon in the White House…surely that would fix all the racial problems with blacks; surely putting a black on each commercial would make them feel more included; surely electing blacks to mayors and other representative positions would help the black man rise from his pigsty. Well…it hasn’t! If you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig (good democrat proverb.)

This is the inevitable result of paint theory: constantly trying to alter the environment in an attempt to make blacks prosper while denying the obvious.

Liberals do it the most but GOP conservatives also have their "it's da unions" theories. I think we need to deal with the rushbots and cuckservatives before liberals.

Anonymous said...

White Americans have Stockholm Syndrome. Even most of you have Stockholm Syndrome. Moderators on websites have Stockholm Syndrome. The opposition has Stockhom Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

The real issue seems to be latitude. Race is just a proxy for latitude. America has provided a good home for all northerly people.

There is something else going on with the Bantu. The bushmen are middle latitude and they don't seem as aggressive or restless as the Bantu. The Mesa Verde tribes aren't as aggressive either.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”White Americans have Stockholm Syndrome. Even most of you have Stockholm Syndrome. Moderators on websites have Stockholm Syndrome. The opposition has Stockhom Syndrome.”

This comment is either deep or it is nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

So apparently the POW flag is racist now.


Blacks use the word "ray-ciss" so often that it means nothing any more. I'm numb to it. If every black was gone 100s of millions of people would rejoice. If every white person was gone you'd have Detroit and Zimbabwe. So if we were "ray-ciss", whatever that means, then mayby blacks deserve it because they're biologically inferior and they deserve it. My favorite slavery complaint is "they stole our culture". We'll Shitavious and Dayquan gather around and I'll tell you about the culture of African blacks:

-highest AIDS rate in the world
-female genital mutilation
-sexual slavery (still today)
-child soldiers
-mass starvation
-amputation of limbs
-1000 "man" machete armies

Only pain and dying and death, yet the trillions of dollars we dump down the black hole isn't enough, because blacks are simply inferior. They couldn't achieve any degree of prosperity without white civilization. And their response? "You ray-ciss"

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Anonymous said...

People like Bernie want America reduced to a third world level and then they with their dual citizenship intend to flee America, (taking as much portable wealth with them as possible),back to the nation they truly love. this because America is the only nation capable of taking out the nation they are loyal to.

Anonymous said...

Wondering if PK ever collaborates with Colin Flaherty?

Anonymous said...

A little follow up...

After leaving the job interview I was very distraught. I've been unemployed for almost 2 years and I needed this job. I knew immediately that despite my serious situation, if I took that job it would end with me going postal on the negress, and that wouldn't serve me or my family well.

After a couple of beers I regained my composure and now feel better knowing I made the right, albeit difficult choice. The right choice is often the more difficult.


On another point...

Posters here frequently denounce the IKAGO theory. I want to point out that I know of many good negroes. They're in my town and I suspect they're in yours as well. They might not be the negroes living next door, but I want to assure there are good negroes you just need to know where to look for them. Ive found all the good negroes I know of in the cemetery.


We know we cannot live with them and we desire to live without them. There is a nicer way of accomplishing this goal through some physical separation, such as Pat Boyle has suggested in previous comments. However, failing that, since we know we cannot live with them, the other alternatives are considerably "less nice".

You know this is coming and we must face some reality about this issue. Are we really ready to do what may become the unthinkable...? White people have done unspeakably dark things in the past in just such desperate circumstances, but white people are also known for their undying compassion toward the downtrodden. As we approach a time in which we may be faced again with similar choices I ask you...are we really ready?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8/12. 9:52pm,

Foreigners have been fleecing America for a long time. Foreign tourists that need medical major treatment leave the country without paying. It costs us millions, not to mention what illegals and welfare cost.

I was a pharmacy tech for 25 years. When I lived in Phoenix a wife of an Arab oil Sheik. Entourage, putting tons of stuff in baskets. This Arab woman was going to Mayo Clinic. She had one floor to herself, brought in own furniture, fixtures, Persian rugs. Anyway, one of her servants brought prescriptions to pharmacy. The prescriptions were from Egypt written in an Arabic language. Of course we could not fill them. U.S. law says prescriptions have to be written by U.S. doctor in order to be filled. So the servant gets the Sheiks wife. She threatens to have everyone fired, complain to consulate, blah blah blah. I was on duty with a sharp tongued female pharmacist. The pharmacist said that of course the servant could translate the prescriptions and we would fill it ONLY IF the Arab would guarantee, in a contract, to pay the pharmacist her salary for the rest of her life because she would lose her license if she filled the prescriptions. Or the Arab could move the pharmacist to wherever the Sheik lived and guarantee her a well paying job. The Arab shut up.

It was a 24 hour pharmacy and about 11:00 pm three foreign men come to pharmacy. They just arrived in the U.S. The had temporary medical card from state. They were from Middle East, can't remember specific country. It was me and the sharped tongue female pharmacist. I waited on the men. They did not want to talk to me. I told them no one else was there but me and pharmacist. They asked if the other female was the pharmacist. I said yes. They demanded, in broken English for a man pharmacist and a man cashier (I cashierd and did tech work when just two of us in pharmacy). I told them no men working that night. They got male manager and brought him back to pharmacy demanding he fill prescriptions. The manager explained he could not, not a pharmacist. They got mad and left. They were back in an hour. They were rude. And my taxes were paying for everything for them.

former liberal said...

Yeah. To blacks denial is a river in Egypt. Oops... My mistake. Forgot momentarily that blacks know nothing outside their self centered existences.

Anonymous said...

Anon girl in E Tn here again. You guys are ALL amazing!! I learn something new each time I check the site. ( 2x a day every day). Thanks to Mr. PK for having the courage to bring us the light, and to all the talented commenters. Wish I could meet some of you, I feel as though I know you already.When TSHTF I'll know who's on my " realist " side!! Trying desperately to enlighten my husband and grown children, and the NAPAs are being VERY helpful. The blind are begining to see.Keep up the good work and thanks.

Mr. Rational said...

Are we really ready to do what may become the unthinkable...? .... As we approach a time in which we may be faced again with similar choices I ask you...are we really ready?

The trouble with having a fair amount of historical knowledge, a wide-ranging imagination, a knack for figures and a strong stomach is that you often go down paths to conclusions that are just too blindingly obvious even if some people try to make them literally unthinkable.

I'll never be ready.  Doing what has to be done doesn't require it.  The real problem comes afterward, making sure that your posterity is the hero and not the villian.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is an old seltzer drinking commie from Brooklyn and I wouldn't be surprised if his grandpappy was a Bolshevik.He goes to the White state of Vermont and gets elected gov. (we're going to have to keep a close eye on these types who do this)
These people there may look like liberals but they're not insane and since there are no negroes around they can afford to look 'tolerant'while living in an all white place.
Sanders looked like a complete weakling in the face of 2 loud mouth female negroes and is finished. Trump, who is really not running for anything,and is somewhat of a blowhard at least doesn't look like a pussy.I can believe him when he said he felt embarrassed watching Sanders get led off the stage by 2 young females. He looked like some senile geezer in an old age home being helped by nurses who were going to change his Depends.And I can believe it when Trump(he was a good athlete when young) said he would have done something or had someone do something to get these 2 retards taken away.
What's funny is that a lot of negro females like Trump. Maybe it's due to his comments on illegals but more likely it's the negro female's thirst for the Alpha white man which is common for all females regardless of race.Females will always go to the alpha man and in reality care little for politics unless they can get something out of it.

Anonymous said...

August 12, 2015 at 8:50 PM

I'm not sure about that latitude stuff but you may want to read about the Bantu expansion.The more aggressive Bantu either interbred with tribes like themselves or the weaker and smaller people took refuge in more isolated places that the Bantu was not interested in and where life was a bit harder and you needed brains to survive eg Bushmen of the Kalahari and many others.btw, the model for the Negro race is the Bantu
just as the Caucasian model is the northern Caucasus and in fact by tradition this is where we believe the first racial White originated and spread from there into Europe, Asia and N Africa.It's odd and I'm not a Bible believer but in Genesis Noah's Ark comes down right in this area in the foothills of Mt Ararat. Prior to the so called flood the first true human was Adam and his descendants and as it says in Genesis there were also other savage people on earth. Adam definitely means he who blushes or even a red man (suntanned)hence-Caucasian.Aside from skin blushing which is just an outward sign of a higher intelligence and morality it does indicate a feeling of guilt or embarrassment. I wonder if the negro in general has the same response when caught doing something proscribed by white culture or is just annoyed he was caught.I love dogs but I don't think they feel guilt. If caught chewing up your slipper and you put him in a cage alone he'd perhaps be sad because dogs want to be around their pack but I doubt guilt.Chewing slippers is just something dogs do so why would he feel bad about it.

Anonymous said...

Ferguson effect in St. Louis?

Groid gets 13 years for murdering a white girl:

white girl:


So much for white privilege.

The Man said...

Yes in the last 50 yrs blacks have gotten worse as a community brake down of the family unit lax work ethic poor future time planning thier attitudes ultra high levels of crime and the embracement of the criminal culture and possible higher levels of inbreeding that the general population but between 1880 to the mid 50's when blacks were left alone by whites (manly liberals) blacks function faily decent but the most important thing is that black were held accountable for their actions then

Anonymous said...

"Females will always go to the alpha man and in reality care little for politics unless they can get something out of it."

This comment is false and utterly ridiculous. Both men and women equally go for a politician that shows him or herself to be a strong leader and both sexes vote for who they think will benefit them.

Anonymous said...

"It was a 24 hour pharmacy and about 11:00 pm three foreign men come to pharmacy. They just arrived in the U.S. The had temporary medical card from state. They were from Middle East, can't remember specific country."

People who are NOT US citizens should NOT be able to get any kind of public assistance such as Medicaid, food stamps etc. Frankly, you were nicer to those ME men than I was. I would have told them to take their male chauvinist butts and eff off back to where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Here are the voting requirements I would have if I made the rules.

-Voting age is raised to 20.

-All ballots are in ENGLISH ONLY.

-Must be literate.

-Must be a high school graduate or GED at minimum to vote.

-Must take an IQ test and score at least an 85 to vote.

-Anybody on public assistance for a period longer than 1 year has their voting
rights suspended until they get off public assistance, as living off the government
and voting for that same government is a conflict of interest.( People 65 and over
on social security and medicare or people who get disability are exempt from this.)

-Anybody convicted of a violent felony or major drug dealing loses their voter

-Homeless people lose their right to vote until they are no longer homeless.