Monday, August 10, 2015

The World of Tomorrow... Today

How many people across America have been preparing for the moment when civilization breaks down?

Something along the lines of the opening scene from 2004's Dawn of the Dead

Why do you think people prep? 

Why do you think people go to the shooting range and fire off a few hundred rounds? 

Why do you think people go to gun shows? 

What do you think people are preparing to confront? 

Well... this is the reason[St. Louis County issues State of Emergency,, August 10, 2015]:
Several people were shot in Ferguson Sunday night after a peaceful march to mark the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. Now, St. Louis County officials are declaring a State of Emergency. 
Two people were shot in a drive-by shooting Sunday night at the Canfield-Green Apartments.  Another person opened fire on officers in Ferguson on West Florissant. Police returned fire, critically injuring the suspect. 
Organizers are calling today “Moral Monday.”  It is a day of planned civil disobedience.  They have more events planned for the remainder of the day. In the past the day of civil disobedience has included blocking highways and shutting down big businesses across St. Louis County. 
So far the protests have been peaceful.  But there have been several arrests after marchers broke a police barricade at the Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse in downtown St. Louis. 
St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger has issued the following statement: 
“In light of last night’s violence and unrest in the City of Ferguson, and the potential for harm to persons and property, I am exercising my authority as county executive to issue a state of emergency, effective immediately. 

The recent acts of violence will not be tolerated in a community that has worked so tirelessly over the last year to rebuild and become stronger. The time and investment in Ferguson and Dellwood will not be destroyed by a few that wish to violate the rights of others. 
I commend the St. Louis County Police Department, the Missouri Highway Patrol, and other local agencies for their professional response as they work daily in the service of law, order, and peace. 
Pursuant to my executive order, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar shall immediately take over the operation of police emergency management in the City of Ferguson and surrounding areas. 
Chief Belmar shall exercise all powers and duties necessary to preserve order, prevent crimes, and protect the life and property of our citizens.”
 Why do you think people prep? 

Why do you think people go to the shooting range and fire off a few hundred rounds? 

Why do you think people go to gun shows? 

What do you think people are preparing to confront? 

How many people across America have been preparing for the moment when civilization breaks down?

More to point: how many people across America have been hoping civilization breaks down?


hondo said...

Loved it in the video where a girl takes down a lic. plate number .... what the hell does she think she can do with it?

Oh! Point of reference - the clear majority of those pulling these stunts - are white!

TheOtherNorth said...

rule about interfering with interstate commerce.


1. 18 USC - 1951 - Interference with commerce by threats or violence
(a)Whoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts or conspires so to do, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything in violation of this section shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

Anonymous said...

What is the goal of these protests? Mike Brown was justifiably killed by Officer Wilson because he tried to take Wilson's gun, and then after being shot once in the hand, tried to charge at Officer Wilson.

Are they asking the police to simply ignore crimes committed by blacks because they somehow interpret the clear case of self defense by Officer Wilson as murder? Can they not see the truth?

I believe that they can see the truth, but it just doesn't fit in with their scheme of permanent victimhood. I think they just want an excuse to riot some more.

Anonymous said...

The black thugs seem to know exactly what this is:

and check out the shirt on the one women in front:

"This ain't yo mamma's civil rights movement."

Anonymous said...

I've never been much for excitement and certainly not a fan of violence. Lived through the Detroit riot of 1967 as a seventeen year old. It has never stopped. The awful behavior of the American black has NEVER stopped. Here we go again for the hundredth time in this country's history. Hey darkie, you don't like it here? Go elsewhere. I really don't care where you go, just go. Everything's wrong all the time according to black America so make it black somewhere else. If you continue to riot, burn, shoot and act like a damn fool you're going to get it back in spades.(no pun intended). Whitey gives you housing, food, healthcare, phones, heat, electricity, education, public transportation system, child care, and on and on. Still not good enough. Try going back to your motherland. Maybe you'll be happy there. I'm sick of listening and looking at it. Bon voyage!!!!!!! Idiots all.

Earl Turner said...

The driver busting that roadblock made me laugh. That's how it's done. Just ease on the gas and push a little. They'll move. Then floor it and go. The person behind that driver should have started moving and kept moving. The first one to break through caused the protesters to scatter and gaggle around, the second one could have taken advantage of that disorder and driven right through the group. That would have been enough for those behind to get the message to go and the roadblock would have been over with right there.

If the protesters are really dumb and sit down in the road, that's when the front vehicles should start moving to either side and make them spread out. Once one breaks through on either flank, the ones sitting down will get up to join the angry crowd hollering about it and the other vehicles can start moving forward.

I hope to see more videos in the future of roadblocks being busted.

Pat Boyle said...

Yes I should have commented yesterday when the topic was Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. but I didn't. Sorry.

With all of the media coverage there are still areas that are never reported. For example the black man Eric Garner who died while wrestling with six cops was a Heart Failure patient. Why has there been no report on his INR? Or his ejection fraction?

Heart Failure is diagnosed with a measurement called the Ejection Fraction. So Dick Cheney for example supposedly had a EF of about 35%. That's very sick. When mine got back up to 50% I was taken out of the Heart Failure group and returned to the regular population. How sick was Garner?

When you have an irregular heart you have to take drugs to avoid blood clots. The measure of your status is called the INR. It must not be too high or too low, Patients on warfarin need to get their blood viscosity measured every month or so. Garner was probably on warfarin but what was his INR? Again how sick was he?

Millions of Americans know about these medical conditions. Why then has no media outlet reported the figures? It is easy to live with Heart Failure if you are careful. Garner didn't appear to be a careful kind of guy to me. Garner I think more or less just fell over dead because he didn't take care of himself. The fact that there were cops all over him wasn't surprising. There were always a lot of cops around him.

Michael Brown was similar. He seemed to act like a crazy man. Yet no media reports have examined the issue as to whether he was in fact crazy. Why not?

As it happens the biggest study of schizophrenia and African-Americans was conducted right here at Kaiser in Oakland where my own doctor practices. The results were unambiguous - blacks have schizophrenia at triple the rate that whites do. So no one should be surprised that for the police who always have these violent run ins with crazy people, many of them are with blacks.

Males first get schizophrenia in their late teens or early twenties. Michael Brown fits the profile. He was the right age and the right race. Yet no media story I have read seemed to have considered that his very odd behavior the day he was shot was anything connected to his mental state.



Anonymous said...

Yeah....i would drive through them, slowly enough to not intentionally injure anyone but steadily enough to get me safely through.

It's just too dangerous to allow these morons to stop you, it's like being cornered. Stopping for that terrorist group is a second away from them pulling you from the vehicle.

awakened white said...

*alert siren* the national realist movement has issued a Cat. 5 alert for your area. YT's in this vicinity can expect riots, loses of power, tear gas. Please seek shelter immediately.

Anonymous said...

Lots going on....Indy might be heating up...cops there took down a habitual car thief who was also an innocent yoof..Big rap movie coming out's a story about a member of our beloved media getting a taste of peaceful protest at Fergustan...heh heh...some good comments up on that story too:

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the ghost of Mike Brown hovering over Ferguson like a nappy-headed blimp, watching all the chaos and smiling.

think about it said...

A bunch of people standing on an interstate highway is not a roadblock, its a suicide attempt.

Just hit the horn a few times and plow on through. You might need to stop by the car wash on the way home, but oh well.

Splattering a few of these idiots would send a strong message about how much we appreciate them standing on the highway.

Anonymous said...

I never read this rag of a paper but I came across this article just to see the biased dwl spin on their point of view. These protesters or as I like to call them unemployed ebt pavement apes had to find something, anything to make their point that the black man is suffering everyday at the hands of the turrble rassis YT's. So they all now think that young dindunuffins Mr. Harris really didndunuffins cause none of the 4 cops he shot at were wearing body cameras. This is disgusting at every level to me.

“After a year of protest and conversation around police accountability, having plainclothes officers without body cameras and proper identification in the protest setting leaves us with only the officer’s account of the incident, which is clearly problematic,” Kayla Reed, a field organizer with the Organization for Black Struggle, said in a statement.

They are not like us. PK is right. Prep. Prep. Prep and Keep Prepping.
North Floridian.

Anonymous said...

These white communists are stirring up this mess. Bored rich DWL who are spoiled yet hate the country that gave them a standard of living that is the envy of everyone that has come before us. I'm watching feed of this on YouTube and wish the cops would have given them some police brutality.

Anonymous said...



1) concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.


2) holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct.

They never were very good readers, were they?

I think it would be more aptly named "misery loves company Monday", because that is what this is about.

More. More. More. More is always demanded. There is never enough resources or effort to promote to their endless agenda. No thank yous, no recognition, just demands for more, more, and then more after that.

I guess the 'moral' of this story is that you if you yell, insult, and inconvenience people you will eventually get everything you demand. It's extortion with a new coat of paint.

Well I have an addition of my own.

Add and 'e' to the end so we have the word "morale".

Morale, as in, "Our collective morale regarding black behavior is in the toilet right now".

Keep pushing, please keep pushing and forcing yourself on us while while you continue to delude yourselves that you aren't completely repulsive by every civilized societal standard.

As the great Marilyn Mosby once proclaimed, "Our time is now."

You have our attention. This better be good.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish them luck with prosecuting that driver for the crime of "driving a vehicle down a highway". Sounds like a felony to me. White privilege on wheels.

Anonymous said...

Had the cops been allowed to do their job and crack some heads a year ago none of this crap would be going on today.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that 1st video you posted is an instant classic. It has to be seen to be believed.

hondo said...

Off topic - sorry

Baltimore hit 200 this weekend! I've got 350 in the pool. I know, I aimed high, but looking good! You go Baltimore #BLM!!!

Fed up in MD said...

A silver lining to the video age - My children have now seen enough irrefutable antisocial behavior, violence and racism by blacks that they have a mindset of race realism that will save them from all sorts of angst and possibly save their lives. There was resistance due to societal indoctrination and even insinuations I was racist for drawing attention to the issue. But truth prevailed and I rest a bit easier.

Philadelphia Mike said...

And why didn't the police disperse the crowd that was obstructing traffic on the interstate?

Did anyone ever stop to think that many drivers on the interstate are attending to urgent matters?

I feel as though the police let down the innocent. one way or another...the blacks and their DWL co-conspirators victimize the general population at large.

How many of them will be getting prison time for maliciously and intentionally obstructing an interstate?

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......I guess I might be getting another new MEMORIAL TEE SHIRT if Tyrone Harris dies in the hospital. My collection of limited edition tee shirts is getting bigger as time goes on. My favorite shirts are the ones with photos of the martyrs when they were eight years old. I am now expanding the collection to coffee mugs. I have 8 BLACK LIVES MATTER cups and 3 BLACK LIVES MATTER key chains. The Freddie Gray and Travon Martin coffee mugs were the hardest to get because when they show up on EBAY I always get outbid. I thought about some baseball caps but later changed my mind. I just ordered a couple of those things you put beer cans in to keep them cold. The HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT beer cooler looks better than the BLACK LIVES MATTER cooler because it is printed in bright day-glo colors.

So far there are still no Michael Brown, Freddie Gray or Travon Martin bobbing head dolls on the market. If they ever go on sale I will grab them up as fast as I can. They would look good on the shelf with my other bobbing head dolls of Martin Luther King and Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Black revcom activists have been given the sanction of Obama/Holder/Lynch to break any and all laws. The police in Ferguson have been forbidden to uphold the law, therefore anarchy is everywhere there allowing Blacks to attack the cops. Watch the news reports--they all still scream Blacks are the victims!!

By the way, Martin Luther King chose to change his name to the name of the revered WHITE Christian male, Martin Luther. Both Senior and Junior Kings were really named Michael. I doubt that Blacks who hate YTs have any knowledge that their own political god by name actually represents the White race and literate european culture. If names and monuments should be stripped and destroyed because of being racistly offensive to Blacks, MLK memorials should definitely be on the destroy list of YT hate activists.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said ”. . . Males first get schizophrenia in their late teens or early twenties. Michael Brown fits the profile. He was the right age and the right race. Yet no media story I have read seemed to have considered that his very odd behavior the day he was shot was anything connected to his mental state. . . “

I always enjoy PB's posts which usually contain interesting facts and references. I don't claim to be a doctor but it seems unnecessary to have an official diagnosis of schizophrenia regarding Brown given the observable facts related to his demise combined with the behavior of blacks in general. I've heard schizophrenia described as an inability to distinguish fantasy from reality. A very large percentage of the black population exhibits this characteristic on a regular basis. Charging an armed cop while soaking up a hail of bullets and expecting a positive outcome is fantasy. Unless Brown was committing suicide by cop it is reasonable to conclude that he was unable to recognize his anticipated fantasy outcome from reality.

It would be interesting to know at what point an abnormality becomes so common among a population that it is no longer recognized as an illness. More specifically, if most blacks have what whites call schizophrenia, is it really an abnormality or an illness within that population? I have read that the threshold for mental retardation had to be lowered because of the large number of blacks who were considered retarded under the old guidelines.

This conflict creates problems. It would be racist for a doctor to take race into consideration when diagnosing maladies such as mental retardation or schizophrenia, but to disregard the reality of race will always result in more blacks being labeled as mental retarded or schizophrenic which also sounds racist. Part of the present solution to this problem is AA where we pretend that blacks are the same as whites. Running a society hobbled with this fantastic assumption is similar to attempting to design an effective Global Positioning System with the assumption that the world is flat – it almost sounds schizophrenic.

Anonymous said...

Truly, that is brain dead, getting the license number of an innocent citizen whose civil rights you are infringing by blocking his lawful access to an interstate highway. Pedestrian traffic is illegal on all interstate highways, no matter how butthurt you are. And isn't that what started this whole unholy state of affairs in the first place, one Michael Brown, deceased, thought he was above the law by walking in the middle of the street with his swag of stolen cigars, and refusing to move off the street when told to? How can anyone be so morally bankrupt to believe this is acceptable behavior?
Then we have his partner in crime, spaghetti headed career criminal, although not a competent one, lying about the whole affair and saying he was gunned down in cold blood. The same fellow who gave false information once before to save his lying crooked ass, working the ignorant behaviorally challenged hoodies into a full fledged riot. But hey, these people shoot guns in movie theaters all the time, does it make the headlines?
But back to the road block brain trust, they don't trust cops, right? Aren't they afraid the po po will come shoot them if called? Regarding Michaels Brown, I don't miss that malignant thug. Do you miss him? The police didn't miss him, and there's nothing immoral about it. The enforcers of the law are morally entitled to defend themselves live with it,or die, your choice.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Lots going on....Indy might be heating up...cops there took down a habitual car thief who was also an innocent yoof..Big rap movie coming out's a story about a member of our beloved media getting a taste of peaceful protest at Fergustan...heh heh...some good comments up on that story too: . . . “

And then there is the unarmed futball afleet who was doing a destruction dance on vehicles in an Arlington, TX car lot who managed to parlay the incident into a fatal encounter with the cops.

SKIP said...

I am watching the shit in Fergustan on FOX and the number of stOOpid fuckin Whites there in support of the niggeros convince me that we Whites are our own worst enemies. I can take heart that when the pet niggeros turn, those stOOpid whites will be the first to be introduced to reality.

Anonymous said...

The alcoholism and drug abuse so rampant in black life is coming home to show itself once again. Most if not all of the looters and rioters were high out of their minds, no doubt. I don't take away anything other than "this is what a dissolute life brings you" from the saga of "The Life and Death of Mr. Michael Brown".
These people are so degenerate they aren't even effective street fighters. If the police wanted to - and one day they will want to if they keep getting shot at - they could bring heavy decisive firepower down and settle this quickly. Bloody but quick.

Anonymous said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

The MSM keeps promoting this as a "peaceful protest" but even before the gun shots, negro thugs were walking down sidewalks smashing windows and also looted a store. That's hardly what could be termed "peaceful." Not to mention the reporter than was negro gang mobbed and beaten senseless by being punched and kicked in the head. Then, of course, let's not forget the "peaceful" protesters who were constantly approaching the line of cops and yelling "fuck you!" and threatening the lives not only of the cops but their wives and children. How about the "peaceful" protesters who angrily FORCED their way through a barricade at the police station?
The MSM is acting like this is 1940 and they have a monopoly and there is no other source of news but what they want to spew- no tv, no internet, nothing. It's actually quite bizarre of them as they must realize their lies and spin will be immediately countered by the truth. And yet they still lie. Amazing. If one were to speak of morality, the MSM is morally bankrupt, corrupt and decidedly disgusting. Their reporters are nothing but Presstitutes being pimped out by their managers. That's right, ho's! Get out there and earn me my money!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and let's not forget the rocks/bricks along with bottles that were thrown at the police as well. I wouldn't want to forget that. It might diminish the "peacefulness" of the protest if I omitted that!

Truth Corps said...

Now, just think how many more preps you've have if you'd canceled the goddamned Cable/Satellite a few year ago like my family & network of supporters did...

1. My kids heads aren't full of the fucking marxist/communist programming.
2. They don't worship sports, which are full to overflowing with niggers.
3. $2k/yr buys a lot more ammo that it does digital entertainment.

I think it was the last thread where some regular complained how she couldn't cut the cord because she "needed her husband to stick around" or some other horse shit. Sweetheart, if you can't pick up the goddamned phone in your air conditioned residence and tell the fuckers to CUT.THE.SHIT.OFF, How in the fuck do you expect to survive when the really hard shit that is coming happens?

Sorry, I have zero tolerance for apathy.

Get busy prepping, or get ready to be overrun. It's that damn simple.

Anonymous said...

After watching all the videos (the one with the black cop is my new all-time favorite, "We are letting them know their rights and being patient... BANG! BANG! BANG!) I wonder why the police were allowing this. You can protest without disrupting road traffic. What about all the rights of those in traffic? What if an ambulence needed to get through? Expensive appointments that you can't cancel? People on the swing shift? What about children waiting to be picked up from daycare? Who is going to compensate all of these people for the time, stress, and added financial obligations because of this? Must be part of their privilege, to be cornered and talked down to.

Had all these people just ignored their jobs and didn't go to work today, they wouldn't be snarled up in traffic. How dare they try to work their jobs and contribute to our economy. How dare them. They have shown where THEIR values lie. Next you're going to give me a sob story about how you need to go to a job to afford your house/rent/feed your family. You are showing your true colors when you aren't halting commuter and commercial traffic on the interstate with us (sarcasm over).

The never-ending street party for unemployable thugs with nothing better to do and their white pets continues on.

And that's right. Blacks are not their pets, whites like the people in the videos are theirs. If you do their bidding they might even pat you on the head in an insulting recognition of your efforts towards "the struggle".

Blacks will always struggle because that is what they are: a struggle to live safely around that we will forever be struggling with. Blights on our current and former communities inhabiting the infrastructure that white people designed and built. Low standards that they prefer and will never move to change, only attempting to move us down to their level of squalor and intellectual incuriousity.

The government and BRA can only 'make' me do so much. Any options I have to avoid these people and what they do to the environments that they inhabit I will keep at my disposal. Land of the free indeed!

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

First off, excellent job, Paul. Nail once again hit squarely on head. Secondly, stupendous comments! I love coming here and look forward to it every day!

Pat Boyle's contributions really put a bright light on the negro shenanigans we see before us. Ditto, the commenter who added in the drug and alcohol use in Brown, Freddy, et. al. Not a good combination when you parade around half naked screaming about social injustice, waiving loaded guns, hither and yon.

As for the good news, I smell the awakening. Some of the libs are looking away from me when the subject of Fergustan comes up. One asked me, "What do you think of this shit in Ferguson?"

I replied, "That town just can't catch a break!"

BTW, this was at work and the co-worker was black (actually 1/2 and 1/2). Before you judge me, I want to say that I've been burned pretty severely in the past over negroes in the workforce. I need this job. Nobody's gonna bait me into losing it, either. But I studied her reaction. She clearly wanted me to say something about those awful negroes. Nope. Didn't do it. I'll give these good folk exactly enough rope to hang themselves with. I think I'm going to enjoy this show. Keep the powder dry, ladies and gents.

Anonymous said...

One cursory glance at the (hopefully) soon to be good chimps Facebook page shows you all the evidence you need. "Ty glocks" ironic, because all the cheap shit him and his fellows posed with was cheap trash reminiscent of soviet ww2 era guns.

Anonymous said...

Obama's negro female aide shoots boyfriend

Anonymous said...

When I see such things I am reminded of the James Bond movie where a Russian general tells his driver with pedestrians in their way,( while trying to out run James Bond in a tank)," Use the bumper, that's what it's for!"

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Late in the night there were two groups of TEENS shooting at each other. This has been proven by all the TV news media on the scene. Then shots were fired at the cops which brought on a chase with more shots being fired from the youthful perp Tyrone Harris. What I saw and heard sounded like a real 100 percent big time shoot out and gun battle. The media said 40 rounds were fired. I heard at least 20 to 30 caps going off. Out of all the shots being fired the only ones that hit their target were the ones fired by the cops.

Why is it that these big bad ass street thugs can shoot that much ammo at each other at close range and nobody gets hit. Who are these guys and what TOUCH GUY SCHOOL did they graduate from. Even the youthful teenage person of color the cops shot had fired on FOUR COPS and didn't hit any. Four targets and not one hit.

The PEACEFUL PROTESTORS were chanting "We want war". If they can't hit what they aim at it will be a hard war to win. I have mentioned this in the past about how bad these guys are at shooting. Last year (St Louis I think) a guy shooting from the sunroof of his car popped 50 rounds at some guys standing on a street corner and the only casualty was a 14 year old black girl who had her eye socket blown out. She was hiding on the floor of a candy store.

I have read so many stories over the years of these guys popping caps on each other and the only person to get killed will be a little kid sitting on the front porch or some old lady waiting on a bus bench. So when you read about 12 people shot over a weekend you must realize that to shoot those 12 people took at least 100 or more rounds of ammo. And these guys want to go to war.

Anonymous said...

The baby daddy of the thug is claiming his thuglet didn't have no gun. I'm constantly amazed and astonished by the incredible paranormal mental abilities of these people. Even when not present at an event, they can travel through time and use the ability of "remote viewing" to see what happened. Surely this must tie in somehow with how they used to use the powers of their minds to fly about and move large objects. It's incredible, I tell you!
Not only that but I recall one negro with the amazing ability to actually fire bullets from a sandwich! Not to be out done, I'm sure this latest negro upped the game and fired bullets from his ass.
What a fascinating people!

Anonymous said...

"After watching all the videos (the one with the black cop is my new all-time favorite, "We are letting them know their rights and being patient... BANG! BANG! BANG!)"

You might enjoy it even more to know that is the new black Ferguson police chief from Glendale Arizona who is replacing the mean old racist white Ferguson police Chief. Looked like he never heard gunfire before. Welcome to Ferguson chief!

Anonymous said...


in the 'Guess Who' category - for $100,

You may remember back in February, we were all excited to learn that Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old, single mother of four, had won the Powerball lottery.

Holmes, of North Carolina, decided that she was going to accept her $188 million winnings in one lump sum, meaning she was awarded $127 million. After taxes, she received $88 million. And while Holmes announced that she had plans to pay her tithes and set up college funds for her children, she’s ended up doing something entirely different with her riches.

Shortly after she won the money, Holmes posted $3 million bond for her boyfriend Lamarr McDow. McDow was in jail, facing heroin trafficking charges. McDow was implicated after an investigation unearthed more than 8,000 bags of heroin.

But Holmes found herself behind bars too recently. Last month, police came to her home to arrest McDow who had violated conditions of his parole by missing curfew. When officers searched the house, they found McDow had a .45 caliber pistol and there was less than a half an ounce of the drug and paraphernalia in Holmes’ Brunswick County home.

She then spent an additional $6 million to get McDow out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Reginald Denny stopped for some rioting Bantus in California and look what happened to him. So if you see a bunch of negroes and their mentally ill white friends on the interstate,would you really want to take a chance on being the next Reginald Denny?
Shame after the one guy got through that other motorist didnt also after the other scattering these subhumans to the wind. Naturally these protesters didnt have to work thanks to EBT, Section 8, phony SSI disability they had plenty of time to annoy the productive people on the interstate.

Anonymous said...

Someone ought to look up on the St. Louis county jail web site and get the names of the negroes and the negroephilic whiter who were arrested for blocking traffic.
This might prove most enlightening as to just who was involved.

Julie said...

Many commenters are reacting, over reacting to the this video of African-americans telling the audience that they want war. Let me state with absolute certainty that most all African-americans love you. They understand how kind you have been to them and they just want to love you.

One thing that many people here don't understand is the deep and powerful appreciation that the black community has for you. I have met many, many African-americans and I can say that they are the sweetest, most gentle people on earth. They love to work hard and contribute. They are selfless in this way. They always want to give back.

I understand that your natural reaction to a small, very small segment of the black community screaming that they want war, is to be angry with them. Don't be. Instead, embrace them. Help them and show them how much you care. America would not be what it is without the energy and dedication of African-americans. They built the inter-continental railroad. They made the skyscrapers grow to the stars. They have entertained you with classical, jazz, rock, rock-a-billy, country, aceppalla, banjo, hip-hop, the choir, basketball, football, lacrosse, tennis, boxing, swimming and gymnastics.

Don't ever shoot at them. Let them shoot you first. Modern medicine is fantastic and your chances of survival are very good. Never think they are unreasonable. These African-american activists are only reacting to the white supramcist manifest destiny. Always be a good Christian and turn the other cheek.

Anonymous said...


white supremacy
white privilege
civil rights
social science
black nationalism
social outcomes
redressing of wrongs
internalized oppression
inferior and superior
hate crime
hate speech
affirmative action

/ diverse diversity
Food deserts [not desserts]
Under served
Under represented
Disparate impact
[HOW ABOUT -YUKYUK] African Diaspora


Anonymous said...

What would happen if a baby died in an un-air conditioned car while these scum block roads?

How about emergency vehicles that can't get through? Pets and old people getting sick in hot cars?

What would happen if a bunch of skinheads git out of their cars, formed a line, and using riot control tactics, non-violently pushed them off the road? Would the cops stand by and watch like they did in the video?

Anonymous said...

Just skimmed through an article on Yahoo news from The Atlantic, entitled:

A Tough Weekend for the Black Lives Matter Movement

I was going to link said article, but it hails from The Atlantic, the rag where Ta-Nehisi Coates is their golden messiah so you know how slanted it is. Like any terrorist organization, black lives matter has a list of "demands" that need to be met unconditionally, or else, and these demands are listed in the article.

All of the comments on the article followed a similar vein- everyone was basically asking, wtf is wrong with these people.

As a bonus there was a link to a story of a nappy headed 15-year-old carjacker.


Anonymous said...

When asked, they say it's not about Mike Brown. He was just a catalyst for a movement against police brutality of black men. Since they couldn't find an unpunished example of that - proving that it's not really a problem - they had to make do with this scumbag.

Anonymous said...

I think we have another parent of the year:

At one point a gunman darted across a parking lot and was confronted by four officers who pulled up in an unmarked vehicle.

In an exchange of gunfire the officers wounded the suspect, according to police.

Prosecutors charged the man, Tyrone Harris, who was in critical condition in a hospital, with four counts of assault on law enforcement, five counts of armed criminal action, and one count of shooting a firearm at a vehicle. His bond was set at $250,000.

Harris's father said his son did not have a gun.

"He was running for his ... life because someone was shooting at him," Tyrone Harris, Sr., said in a telephone interview from his St. Louis-area home.

The younger Harris was out on bail awaiting trial on charges of stealing a motor vehicle, theft of a firearm and resisting arrest. He was charged with those crimes on Nov. 5, 2014, and released after posting a $30,000 bond on Dec. 19, records showed.

Are you done pissing on my leg, Tyrone?

High Arka said...

Anyone seen the TV series Fortitude? They're prepping Europe for these kinds of situations, too: Fortitude's Commandments.

Anonymous said...

I have devised a way to get a plug in for SBPDL without getting banned for linking people to a realist website:

"The more that events like these happen the more people end up flocking to racist blogs like SBPDL. Stop the violence now, it is counterproductive!"

Sounds believable to me!

Anonymous said...

Cutting terms for some violent crimes key to easing U.S. mass incarceration: analysis

Mass incarceration, a problem that President Barack Obama and nearly all 2016 White House hopefuls agree must be tackled, can only be substantially reduced by easing punishments for some violent criminals, according to an analysis released on Tuesday.

The article claims that most inmates in state prisons are there due to violent offenses- lowering their sentences would do much much more to lower the prison population than lowering the sentences for drug offenses, for instance.

I knew a lot of blacks were in prison for violence, but this info actually shocked me. I know that any reasonable American citizen is against lessening the sentences of violent offenders. With all this talk about locking up drug offenders and throwing away the key I actually bought into the narrative that most black offenders aren't violent at all.

Let's take a quick poll. Who believes that we should just release a bunch of violent offenders onto the rest of society in the name of lowering the prison population? Anyone? Anyone?

(queue pin dropping, followed by leaky water drip, then a cacophony of crickets)



Isn't that a bitch?(traffic blockage) You got people and business's doing America's commerce and it is being shut down by the people who don't want to work for a living(The Lazy American Negro). Also with the help of some White traitor college students! (A.K.A. college liberal dopers)

I think I can speak for my fellow Race realist's here at SBPDL we are getting pretty damned tired of this garbage.

I keep hearing the theme song for the old T.V. show called "The Twilight Zone" in the back of my head!

Those pieces of shit skinned punks and their fellow American hating Whites would of not held me back for very long. Those drivers should of had a pow-wow and talked about their situation. Cause if those cars lined up real close to one another then they could of pushed threw and blew the doors wide open with those traffic impeding lazy bastards. This shit has got to stop. And as usual nothing from the HNIC over there at the WHITE-House! That Bi-sexual piece of garbage was too busy as usual VACATIONING to help the WORKING-MAN/WOMAN here in America.


Anonymous said...

Always wanted to move to Seattle, but I have heard a lot of bad things lately, including this:

Seattle's now the #4 city in the USA for homelessness. There are squatter villages in virtually every borough of the city and citizens face a daily gauntlet of graffiti, strong-armed robbery and aggressive panhandling when walking down any sidewalk. Every park in the city is packed from corner to corner with homeless camping out in sleeping bags. According to a recent survey on homeless populations in this city, 87 percent of the homeless population travelled over 1,000 miles to get here in the last 12 months. The perception is that public services for homeless are/were plentiful and Seattle has a reputation among these populations as a good place to squat.

Has Seattle really gotten that bad? Another guy was talking about how he was mugged by 4 black males in Pike Place Market, which is basically Seattle's biggest tourist destination. Says he doesn't go out without a gun now. Maybe it is time to say goodbye to all major cities. Those are the places that will be hit first and hardest with Obama's nefarious AFF initiative.

Blacks ruin EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Last Friday Aug 7,2015, in Alabama, a plain clothes White detective stopped a black man. The detective asked the black to remain in the vehicle while the detective called for backup. The black got out of his vehicle demanding to know why he was stopped. The black beat the detective into unconsciousness, while people stood around and did not help, some cheering. The video went viral and blacks are celebrating the beating.

Obama's silence and the DOJ silence on all this is deafening. No condemnation what so ever.
Of course it won't be a hate crime, of course the officer won't receive monetary aid from Obama like black thugs do.

Anonymous said...

Negroes: they require our constant supervision and endless financial support.

Just great, huh?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why more people don't plow through the protest line like the driver in the video did? Why didn't the people behind him follow suit?

I mean, you've got a 2000 pound vehicle against a (maybe) 250 pound protester. It's simple physics. "I. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it" 250 pounds isn't going to do much against your 2000 pound vehicle!

All the drivers in the front line should have slowly accelerated. Sure they would have received a couple of dents in their vehicle, but the protesters would have got out of the way.

Just sitting there like sheep pisses me off.

I've told my wife several times that if she's ever caught up in something like this, lock the doors, roll up the windows, and slowly plow your way though. Our minivan is old enough that I don't mind a couple more dents. Then she's to proceed to the nearest military installation (we have three in town), and proceed through the gate in case anybody got into a car and followed her.

Jake and Elwood Blues know how to clear a roadblock! Just watch the first "Blues Brothers" movie..

AmmoMan in OK

Unknown said...

For the life of me I do not understand what these people hope to gain. What do you achieve by blocking an interstate? Just a bunch of very upset drivers. I think that "normal" coloured people must be disgusted with this behavior. I once considered myself fairly liberal but Tarvon changed me forever. I wish that one of these BLM dissidents would inform the mobsters that by confronting or running from an officer, you are seriously endangering your life. What do teachers tell kids about the martyrs with criminal records who were shot while dodging police?

riptapart said...

That video of the Afrilla cop talking abouts showing them patience just as the gunfire starts is hilarious. A fiction writers couldn't think stuff like that up..

In a sane world, right at that time, a white cop would be saying, "We are losing our patients with these little Dindus, and are about to put this National Geographic documentary to an end the right way, with raw force".

Anonymous said...

Evil, wayciss Poleez'z just lit the fuse to destruction in Doomopolis aka Indianapolis

Circle Center is a tinder box just waiting for the Golden Peeple's "flame"

/H hypie out H\

think about it said...

We all know what is coming.

The time has long since passed when these negro problems might have been solved more easily and peacefully. We can no longer be deny what shall come to pass. It will be a fight, a bloody fight. I believe I know who will win, but I am beyond certain it will be a nasty bloody fight.

This should never have been allowed to happen. Once we saw how things were going it should have been stopped. After we lost city after city we should have put our collective foot down and brought it to an end. We failed to do what needed to be done when it should have been done, and now that option is lost.

Now we are in chin deep and there is no way around the problem. Its going to be a most unpleasant business and not something for the faint of heart. Every day that we allow it to continue makes the solution that much more difficult.

I dread the day when it all comes down, but I know in my heart that it must, and it will.

The clock ticks, the days pass, and a great wave waiting to sweep across the land is being held back by a faltering wall.

We all know what is coming.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Ferguson has a new hero and role model, Tyrone Harris, Jr. . I'm going to suggest that Liggett & Myers honor him by naming a new cigarette brand after this great civil rights icon. Then we can all share in the pride & joy, once relegated to members of law enforcement, of proclaiming: "I just smoked a Tyrone!"

Ricky Tucker said...

The 1st Rule of prepping is you don't talk about prepping. Lots of folks brag to their friends or online about their preps, and when things go bad the people who didn't prepare will be the first ones at your door. I've been guilty of this myself, but never reveal your full hand to anyone but your closest allies. As for the blocking I-70...I've driven through that area a few times headed to the peaceful mountains of Idaho and I'm SHOCKED that no one was killed by a speeding car or tractor trailer. It'll only take seeing a negro or three struck and dragged by a big rig, ripped to pieces and organs strewn for a hundred yards and they'll rethink that tactic. I've seen it, it ain't pretty.

behind blue eyes said...

Only two things, so far, have caused an area to go into a state of emergency. Natural disasters being one. Black people the other.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe it's time for using the nuclear option in certain well defined areas! Some collateral damage is expected. The old adage about making omlets and breaking eggs shit will ring oh so true.

10mm AUTO said...

For those who are interested, Bernie Sanders his campaign quickly recovered after it was supposedly "embarrassed" by the brave negros at #BlackLivesMatters. Somehow his campaign came up with an entire platform to enshrine the negro (and Hispanic) preferences firmly in Federal Law. In less than a day! Imagine that!

Psy-Op People. Kabuki Theater.

Anyway, here is just a smidgin of "new Thought" presented at the "Largest attended rally Yet" (Crowd aprox 12,000) for the old Socialist:

""We need to re-enfranchise the more than two million African Americans who have had their right to vote taken away by a felony conviction.(SP)

We need to make Election Day a federal holiday to increase voters’ ability to participate.

Every American over 18 must be registered to vote automatically, so that students and working people can make their voices heard at the ballot box.

We must put an end to discriminatory laws and the purging of minority-community names from voting rolls.

We must demilitarize our police forces so they don’t look and act like invading armies.

We need police forces that reflect the diversity of our communities.

Our Justice Department must aggressively investigate and prosecute police officers who break the law and hold them accountable for their actions.""

I don't know how to even unbox all of these. The police "diversity" laws and felon voting would obviously purge Whites from being the face of police, FBI, Secret Service, Justice Dept, etc. For now and forever, based on Federal Law) negros, whether they could pass a test or not, whether or not they were felons or even competent, would become the "muscle" of the police, the face of law enforcement.

BRA indeed.

By "Discriminatory laws in voting" I can only assume it means any sort of Voter I.D. (meaning citizenship) laws. Shitrovirus (in prison) and Jose' will Vote and and Vote often.

And so on.

Bernie realized that the only way he could push Hillary out is to, of course, increase da "GibsMeDat" over her.

So you can believe that #BlackLivesMatter "convinced" Bernie that "something needed to be done" or you can See, where carefully orchestrated, Poll tested longtime Marxist goals were incorporated into Bernie's campaign after a Psy-op trying to convince negros that He has seen the Light!

Whatever, these points represent the end of Justice and Meritocracy the the FUSA.

It really IS all about Race, which we are going to find out good and hard.

Anonymous said...

Another fine article, in a long, long, list, displaying typical african behaviour in America.
I.Q. is often spoken of here but I had not thought about the relation to mental retardation. (Guess my I.Q. is slipping as I get older.) Anyhow, I am not surprised standards had to be lowered (again) to account for the negro.
From what I've been reading on the internet, the black menace is becoming a problem to every society that has a welfare system.
Maybe they'll all follow the Fergistan lead and show the world how worthless they are.


Unknown said...

Move out of the way or get hit. I was afraid for my life.

Anonymous said...

On October 3, 1965, in a ceremony at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law one of the most far-reaching legislative enactments in our nation’s history, the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. The Act eliminated restrictive national origins quota that had governed immigration policy since the 1920s and extended to the people of every country on earth the equal right to immigrate to the United States.

In his opening remarks, chairman Edward Kennedy dismissed
the critics:

"What the bill will not do: First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same". . . .

"Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset. . .Contrary to the charges in some quarters, S. 500 will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the
most populated and economically deprived nations of Africa and Asia." . . .

"In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think."

excerpt from "The Path To National Suicide" by.....Lawrence Auster.

Anonymous said...

"What would happen if a bunch of skinheads git out of their cars, formed a line, and using riot control tactics, non-violently pushed them off the road? Would the cops stand by and watch like they did in the video?"

in any of the above you would finally see some police violence, massive & aimed at any yt not submitting to whims of black master class

Pat Boyle said...

This sort of thing has happened before and appropriate counter measures have been invoked. If we continue to have these sort of disturbances we may indeed have a return to stronger remedies.

The traditional remedy is called "Reading the Riot Act."

In eighteenth century England there were a series of civic disturbances. The remedy was to have some minor official stand before the rioters and read a passage from the Riot Act. The rioters were given one hour to disperse and go home f they didn't the penalty was death.

This was the law in England until 1967. Apparently it worked.

About twenty years ago when I worked on Market Street in downtown San Francisco there were a series of similar traffic obstructions. The protestors brought all traffic to a standstill. The political issue behind it was something to do with bike riders and bike riding. This went on for weeks People were furious. No one quite understood what the beef was about but someone was sure to be shot.

My point is that small groups can become incensed over small issues can disrupt the legitimate activities of the majority. Many whites foolishly think that because the Ferguson disturbances are nominally about race relations that the issues are serious. Not so. There are no serious legitimate social issues involved in the Ferguson disturbances and if there are not serious police responses the silliness will just escalate.

We need something analogous to the Riot Act. There must be real sanctions for defying civil authority or things will get much worse.

Today lots of commuters on that freeway will start carrying a gun in their car or truck. You can be wax philosophical about black demonstrations if you only watch on TV. But if you are stuck in the heat and the dust on a highway over some incomprehensible issue - tempers can fray.


Anonymous said...

re: the traffic blocking tactic.

1. Part of anarchist practice is to inconvenience the average man. The politically enlightened anarchist sees anyone going about a "normal" routine as an enemy. If you aren't one of the protestors, you're a part of the problem in their eyes. Disrupting the working stiff is a laudable goal as they revile Capitalism.

2. It wasn't the mass of stopped drivers who had a chance to thwart the traffic blockers. It was only the lead car in each lane. Everyone behind that lead car except maybe a motorcyclist, was stuck. I agree that once the van broke through, the others should have taken advantage of the opportunity. Fear of getting charged with vehicular assault must have frozen them.

Imagine the chaos if a nearby sniper had been working in tandem with the traffic blockers! Real carnage would result, though you would at least have seen some attempts at a breakthrough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Obama's negro female aide shoots boyfriend
Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

No offense, but the correct term is "negress".

Unknown said...

The first vehicles stepped in front of by protesters have the responsibility to keep moving! Maybe after a few of their number are swept aside they'll get the message!

Unknown said...

Folks commit suicide all the time by stepping in front of 18 wheelers. Had I been there, this would have been one of those instances.

- Phantom 309

Mildred said...

Just saw in the news a clip of "Ferguson...the morning after". Typically, a group of whites sweeping up the garbage and filth left behind by the negro upstarts. The story said something to the effect of "The community is trying to rebuild their reputation after negative perceptions have kept customers away from businesses." Yeah, good luck with that. I swear, the more insane this shit gets, the more unreal it becomes. They could have made a Twilight Zone episode of this and nobody would have believed it, yet here we are. "Negative perceptions keeping customers away.....gee, ya think?

james wilson said...

Every day in Ferguson is civil disobedience day.

Mutant Swarm said...

"Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the ghost of Mike Brown hovering over Ferguson like a nappy-headed blimp, watching all the chaos and smiling.

August 10, 2015 at 5:33 PM"

August 9th, 1945 - Nagasaki was destroyed by an atomic bomb nicknamed "Fat Man." Augsut 9th, 2014, Freguson Missouri was destroyed by a groid who was a fat man. (What a coincidence.) Unlike Fergadishu, Nagasaki has recovered. Apparently, the half life of a groid infestation is greater than that of many fission byproducts.

Here is a program that lets you listen to various Ferguson emergency services in real time:

Broadcastify St. Louis


@ Ex-New Yorker: Don't buy that stuff on Ebay, just run the bids up so the cuckservatives, hipsters, and white Communists pay too much. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold.

Pat Boyle said...

If I were Fox News I would try to get a microphone in front of Donald Trump and ask him what he would have done about the Ferguson traffic blockage.

That would be good TV.


Michigan Jim said...

Truth Corps said: "Sweetheart, if you can't pick up the goddamned phone in your air conditioned residence and tell the fuckers to CUT.THE.SHIT.OFF, How in the fuck do you expect to survive when the really hard shit that is coming happens?"

Wow sure is easy to talk tough when you're safely anonymous on the Internet. Here's a suggestion- let's remember who the real enemies are, and it's not regular posters like Miss Greenbaum who are out there doing the best they can in this upside down world like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

On a more basic level:

Why do homeowners buy home security systems? Why do people lock their car doors?

Who exactly is breaking into homes and cars across the country causing home security systems and locks to be necessary?

Anonymous said...

Just why are Whites paying these Africans here to destory the country? Welfare, foodstamps, section 8, dumbing down of schools, you name it.

Anonymous said...

I have read so many stories over the years of these guys popping caps on each other and the only person to get killed will be a little kid sitting on the front porch or some old lady waiting on a bus bench.

Same in Africa, where most black insurgents had abysmally poor marksmanship. Is this just a lack of training, or is there something in black psychology/physiology which keeps blacks from shooting straight.

Might also look at the state of intoxication of black shooters here in the Homeland!

Anonymous said...

Good think piece here on urban demographics:

Anonymous said...

Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old, single mother of four

Shortly after she won the money, Holmes posted $3 million bond for her boyfriend Lamarr McDow. McDow was in jail, facing heroin trafficking charges.

But Holmes found herself behind bars too recently.

She then spent an additional $6 million to get McDow out of prison.

The one thing that threw me here was her name, "Marie." Sounds kinda white.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Seattle's now the #4 city in the USA for homelessness.

I was in San Francisco not too long ago. Lots of homeless. Lots of tolerance for the homeless. Many camped out on the main thoroughfares. I did a walking tour of Haight Ashbury, which oldtimers might remember as a big counter culture hangout. It had gentrified somewhat, but Golden Gate Park? Overrun with homeless. Makes you wonder, what happens in the event of some civic catastrophe? Do the homeless sit around placidly, or do they turn on the law abiding citizens? You wonder if there is not some Night of the Living Dead scenario in the works. But that couldn't happen, not in America, today, right? Not in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore, St Louis...

Anonymous said...

There is no known way for bra to elevate aafricans to the standards of first world civilization. Their answer to level the playing field is to drag our civilization down to the 3rd world level of Africa. With 50+ years of AA they are getting close. There is increased persecution of any white person who points out the black disfunction. There can never be honest discussion about race, if yt talks about how much money has been spent on aafricans without any positive results that's racist. If yt calls black gang members thugs, that's racist (dems chilluns, or youfs). If yt points out the disproportionate amount of crime committed by aafricans, that's the result of profiling and that's racist. If yt points out that 72% of aafrican children don't have known father's, that's racist. Still after all this they want to live by yt, if that's not schizophrenic I don't know what is. We really should have picked our own damn cotton!
Ohio born

Californian said...

What I don't understand is why more people don't plow through the protest line like the driver in the video did? Why didn't the people behind him follow suit?

Well, George Wallace once said: "If any demonstrator ever lays down in front of my car, it'll be the last car he'll ever lay down in front of."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is what gets me about allowing certain (probably White) business owners to shove the expenses of mass dindu events off on the taxpayer.

I've mentioned before how both private and PD security had to be beefed up, at no small expen$e, to host a rap concert in my city.

Now, how many PDs are going to have to put in extra hours/men to facilitate theater owners making a killing (no pun intended) on the dindu crowds at this rap movie?

Just what we need with all the dindus riled up at the end of Summer, a trashy flick glorifying dindu rappers-opening at a theater near you, from coast to coast.

Anonymous said...

So how many other movies would require special gang enforcement units to be present? Or would require metal detectors?

That's the thing about BRA: something which would be otherwise pleasant--like a movie premier--is turned into a major security situation.

And then they ask why the cops do paramilitary policing...

Anonymous said...

This is the quesrion every american (and european. Because we are flooded too) must ask. Wtf has gone wrong??? Nog bite the hand that feeds them. They are violent, retarded, breed like rabits, lazy... I could just go on. America has been turned upside down....the more stupid you are.... the higher you get (as long as you are black)

Californian said...

Good point:

re: the traffic blocking tactic.

1. Part of anarchist practice is to inconvenience the average man. The politically enlightened anarchist sees anyone going about a "normal" routine as an enemy. If you aren't one of the protestors, you're a part of the problem in their eyes. Disrupting the working stiff is a laudable goal as they revile Capitalism.

Blocking traffic forces the authorities into a dilemma:
1) use force to remove the demonstrators, thereby allowing the demonstrators to claim they are being "repressed;"
2) sit back and do nothing, in which case the demonstrators stake out a piece of territory, even if temporarily.

Blocking traffic creates a sovereignty in which they can exercise their power. Alongside other civil disobedience tactics, it expands their area of control. It also throws the other side on the defensive. And when all is said and done, people fear/respect the side which is willing to take it to the streets, get in the face of authority, and generally run amok.

People want to be on the winning side. When executed correctly, civil disobedience creates that image of winning. Every time the authorities back down in the face of a mob is an agitprop/infowar victory for the protesters.

Race realists need to learn these tactics if they want to win.

Anonymous said...


guess who?

Anonymous said...

"Every time the authorities back down in the face of a mob is an agitprop/infowar victory for the protesters."

Which is precisely why the orders from on high are for police to stand down. McCarthy was right.

Anonymous said...

I do believe we are seeing even in St. Louis that authorities and political leaders, not to mention regular people, are getting tired of this. I note the protester body slammed on the highway. I note the driver refusing to stop - and many others turning around on the highway and taking a different route. I note the police returning fire the first night with no qualms in Ferguson and being much more aggressive last night, which largely kept things in check with no major incidents. They had to have the backing of our democrat county executive Steve Stenger and perhaps even democrat and protest panderer Jay Nixon.

Last year we saw the reaction these protesters received outside of a Rams game and Cardinal baseball games.

The national elites and media types maybe aren't turning, but I think the locals are sick of it and perhaps some of the more mainstream local pols are willing to take a stronger stad.

Anonymous said...

> I was in San Francisco not too long ago. Lots of homeless. Lots of tolerance for the homeless

They aren't "homeless."

They're bums.

They're sent to Seattle and SF and similar places by other municipalities to get rid of them.

tradcon said...

In the comments to the article posted by PK on 8/8/15, several comment mentioned, and one comment even requested an article about, David Ray Conley III. This was the black male in Houston, TX, who on 8/8/15 murdered eight people, consisting of two adults and six children, one of whom was his own biological child. Although I had seen some minimal national coverage immediately after the event, there wasn't much discussion of the victims and I was curious about their racial identities. Well, this article sheds a whole lotta light on the subject: . It will come as no surprise to any of the readers here that one of the adults murdered, Valerie Jackson, age 40, is a white woman who was apparently married to Conley at one time, gave birth to one of Conley's children, and at the time of the incident was married to the other adult murder victim, Dwayne Jackson, age 49, who is black and the father of the other five children murdered by Conley. Obviously, all six child murder victims were mulattoes. In the article, it is pointed out that Ms. Jackson at one time referred to Conley as "the best father ever," despite previously having filed domestic-violence charges against Conley for smashing her head into a refrigerator (and of course Conley's arrest record is long and despicable).
This incident ominously reminds me of a portion of one of the stand-up comedy routines by black comedian Chris Rock, talking about the foibles of his various uncles, one of whom was ostensibly married to, and had mulatto children by, a white woman. In the pertinent portion of the routine, Rock has his uncle saying: "When the revolution comes, I'll kill my cracker wife first. Kill my cracker kids too." Comedians have the power and license to speak truths unspeakable by others. White fathers, please don't let your daughters do stupid and lethally dangerous things like fraternizing with SIMBAs. White women fraternizing or thinking of fraternizing with SIMBAs, please wake up from your potentially deadly torpor.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

No offense, but the correct term is "negress"

I used it with female. Besides, to say negress female does not sound correct to my English ear.Either does just negress aide.

Anonymous said...

Many of the posters here are forgetting how the real events actually transpired on that fateful August day in 2014. Here is how it really went down:

On Saturday, August 9th, promising young black activist Michael Brown was ruthlessly assassinated by a white supremacist Ferguson policeman as the officer drove to his monthly Klan rally. According to reports, Brown was sitting on a park bench reading Michael Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish” to a group of street orphans when the cop parked alongside the curb, shouted “N****** ain’t supposed to be readin’ boy!” and fatally shot Brown as he vainly attempted to shield himself from the deadly hail of gunfire behind his Noam Chomsky filled bookbag. As the youth lay gasping for breath, his last words were “Weep not for me, but for the future of our people.”

The black community of Ferguson, long held captive under the boot-heels of the all white Ku Klux Law Enforcement Brigade, finally rallied to action, ousted the vile racists, and took back their city. The police chief was revealed to be a Grand Dragon on national television, and was killed by a single shot from actor Jamie Foxx’s .45 caliber handgun while attempting to escape to his private helicopter pad with a black female hostage.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Whites started this mess. Liberal Whites march with blacks. it is getting to where blacks don't want any Whites involved in anything blacks are doing to stop "da man" from keeping blacks down. Hopefully this will wake up some White idiot liberals to the truth about blacks.

The blacks, black comedians and celebrities can say derogatory things about Whites without any consequences. But a White can't say anything about blacks. The double standard is astounding. Yet blacks continue to say they are oppressed. I am tired of this sheet.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude here. been away on vacation and only counted maybe 20 napa's in 2 weeks of bike riding out in the glorious southwest. my reverie was dashed when we were side tracked to St. L for a layover. NEVER again will I set foot in that airport. not only loaded with orcs but when we were loading, the orc attendant decided she had to load her friends first. we're standing with an "A" number looking for a good seat and our delay just got longer waiting for Shaneisha and fambly and more fambly and even more fambly. then a touchdown in filthadelphia and back to Kill-me-ton and home. been very active here and just had a triple yesterday. 1 down, 2 wounded with leg warmers. have since completed my class for carry and will be sending off the application soon enough. best thing I learned from this class is that the NEW SAFETY ZONE is 50 feet. keep that number in mind. stay safe, 50 feet for safety and continue to keep the body count. on a side note, we had a home invasion this past Friday in a white neighborhood less than a mile from me committed by you know who. i'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Although most of the Black Lives Matter group is black, there is a sizable group of whites who join them. I wonder if those whites live among the blacks. I would bet the answer is no!

I saw pictures of the interstate being stopped for the protestors. This should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances. I would take them off the street by force, and I would not be gentle about it.

Some of you may have read about a mother and her children who were attacked by dindus near the University of Chicago late one night. The chillins surrounded her car and beat it while saying: dis be our neighborhood, and then they smashed her rear window out injuring a toddler in the back seat.

This is my opinion: if it is late at time, or even if it is not late at night, and I feel that dindus are going to attack me in my car. I would use my car as a weapon. Remember the brother in Detroit who got the living shit beat out of him for stopping to help a dindu who purposely walked in the street and got hit? That provided a teaching moment for white people…DON’T STOP!

When I saw the pictures of white people stopping traffic for dindus, I wish somebody would have taken a crowbar to them! I don’t think they fathom the anger white people have yet!

I have to be honest; I think even so called progressives are getting tired of supporting the negro for their votes. How long will we carry the negro’s water for him? Let’s break the shackles that holds us bound!

Anonymous said...

Another box of ammo bought and stored today. Watch your backs!!

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked white people had jobs to go to on a Monday. Seeing none of the ones shown were wearing Brooks Brothers suits or sporting Rolex watches I would guess their from the working class.
So my question to you class is. Who's paying them to block traffic?

Anonymous said...

think about it said...

We all know what is coming.

The time has long since passed when these negro problems might have been solved more easily and peacefully. We can no longer be deny what shall come to pass. It will be a fight, a bloody fight. I believe I know who will win, but I am beyond certain it will be a nasty bloody fight...

I love it when you talk sexy!

Anonymous said...

"Blogger james wilson said...
Every day in Ferguson is civil disobedience day.

August 11, 2015 at 9:56 AM"

How true but not just beautiful Ferguson, all the Nogvilles all over BRA.

non-DWL from NE

Unknown said...

What are they protesting? That a hate-crime hoax was discovered, and their attempts to lynch Darren Wilson failed?

That one driver that pushed through had the right idea. I loved seeing it, and then I loved seeing how they tried to get the license plate, as if the driver had been in the wrong. It would have been better if the ones lying down were just driven over by the semi, so they'd have some other moron "gentle giant" to lionize next year.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

Years ago I killed my television. When I went to trial for the unlawful DEATH OF A TELESCREEN my lawyer pleaded my case as SELF DEFENSE. What swung the jury was when he explained to them my mental condition after watching movies filled with blood sucking vampires, flesh eating zombies and DANCING PENGUINS.

I do know people that still indulge in this vile habit. The ones with the glazed over eyes and the thousand mile stare I don't talk with very much. There are others who are only casual viewers and they have revealed to me their reactions to the programs they are being forced to watch.

THE FOLLOWING INFO IS FOR ANY TROLLS WHO ARE WATCHING THIS BLOG.........People are TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT RACISM. It's an old tune that nobody wants to dance to anymore. The race card game is no longer working. People are tired of hearing about black failure.

People DON'T GIVE A SHIT about some babies mama with 5 kids and no daddy who claims she is oppressed. Nobody GIVES A SHIT about some dead junkie who likes slamming his head into a wall. If black people want to burn down their city nobody really cares or GIVES A SHIT what these people do. They are tired of the 24 hour a day RACISM SHOW. An entire government supported victim population that spends their whole life bitching about their poor suffering miserable lives is no longer having the desirable effect it had 20 years ago. Nobody cares. The people DON'T GIVE A SHIT about a bunch of gang infested ghettos with pimps and dope dealers. They spend enough time working at a job to pay there own bills and no longer GIVE A SHIT about the black struggle.

A rotten economy has both parents working at shit jobs. White people don't GIVE A SHIT about some fat overweight and well fed welfare queen carrying her BLACK LIVES MATTER sign while her children slaughter each other over drug turf. They are laughing at these stupid gang bangers every time they burn down another city. Looters don't get any sympathy from working class white people. The racism scam is no longer working. People are tired of hearing about it. They have their own lives to live and are more concerned about feeding their own children than listening to some radical dope head hate monger ranting about the evil white man. A large number of people stop caring years ago. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. Shut up and go home.

Mr Natural said...


This is absolute gold. Im still laughing.

You should write screenplays. You could make millions with this stuff.

"I understand that your natural reaction to a small, very small segment of the black community screaming that they want war, is to be angry with them. Don't be. Instead, embrace them. Help them and show them how much you care."

Can you just picture some hippy type with beards, beads, and sandals calling for a group hug with the lot in Ferguson...Hilarious.


"Don't ever shoot at them. Let them shoot you first. Modern medicine is fantastic and your chances of survival are very good."

There has to be a thousand gags for this line...


Please Julie...if youve got more of this let it flow girlfriend.

This is the best laugh Ive had on here in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Cowards just sat thete and took it, police fumbled that one

Anonymous said...

But I'm one of you, power to the p$#@&+%$@@$, blood everywhere, teeth everywhere, negros eberywhere. Seperate, just seperate, it's the smart play.

Anonymous said...

No, not anymore

Anonymous said...

New video from the store shows Tyrone running around with a handgun, specifically shows Tyrone. His father is a mutant replicant hoax mongering typical.

Anonymous said...

The majority of blacks are incarcerated for criminal sexual conduct, most victims under 12, especially black females.

0007 said...

That traffic blocking crap is why my 5000 pound SUV has a kangaroo bumper , heh, heh, heh. Actually it was because I took it over to the sand pit for few years, but it would work just as well back here.