Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This Fact is "Heartbreaking," Mr. President: Ferguson, Missouri went from 73.1 percent white in 1990 to 28 percent white today...

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”  -- Alice in Wonderland

Mike Brown, the 18-year-old black male who refused to cooperate with the police in 67 percent black Ferguson,  was an "aspiring rapper" and a "good boy." [Who was Mike Brown? Profile of black teenager shot in Missouri, Christian Science Monitor, 8-13-14]

Mike Brown, the 18-year-old black male who assaulted a police officer in 67 percent black Ferguson, was - once - the living embodiment as to why Barack Obama's hundred+ million "My Brother's Keeper" program was started. 
The reason the Ferguson Police Department has 50 out of 53 officers being white is because of the dramatic racial change the city has undergone in 20 years. From 73 percent white in 1990 to 28 percent white today. 

His death is not "heartbreaking," unlike how the President of the United States described the events leading to his life being extinguished. 

What is "heartbreaking is the deleterious effects an almost entirely black population had upon the quality of life in Ferguson, specifically Normandy High School. 

Out of 1190 students, the school is 97 percent black

And, thanks to the individual contributions of black people like the late Michael Brown, it's one of the most dangerous high schools in all of St. Louis. [Normandy High: The most dangerous school in the area, St. Louis Post Dispatch, 5-5-13]:
Daija’h Jackson is among the hundreds of Normandy High School students who arrive each morning ready to learn. 
But this requires strategy in a place where fights can erupt multiple times a day, where students target one another for living on the wrong street. 
On March 5, Daija’h, 15, was worried. 
A girl from her block had threatened to attack her in the cafeteria. Facebook taunts were escalating. Daija’h took refuge during lunch in the classroom of an English teacher in East Hall at Normandy High School. 
When the lunch period was over, she walked into the hallway and found herself face to face with several girls, including the one making threats. One tore off Daija’h’s backpack and pushed her against the wall. Daija’h panicked and grabbed her pepper spray. She inadvertently sprayed the English teacher.
Normandy High School (considered the most dangerous in all of St. Louis) is 97 percent black. Mike Brown graduated from there...
“She was trying to break it up,” Daija’h said later. “It’s not a safe environment.” 
At Normandy High, hallways have become places where neighborhood problems come to a head, where threats made on Facebook and Twitter are carried out. 
As the Normandy School District struggles to improve its academics, it’s also struggling with a culture of violence that erupts almost daily at the high school. 
It’s a common challenge at many urban schools. But even those with circumstances similar to Normandy’s have demonstrated greater success in stemming assaults and disruptions through prevention efforts, security and targeted discipline. 
Normandy stands apart not only for its sheer number of fights, but for a dramatic spike in serious discipline incidents — which have nearly doubled since 2009, according to district figures reported to the state. 
The increase coincides with a period of crisis in which the state has stripped the district of accreditation, citing poor leadership, dismal academics and other problems. Earlier this year, the district’s superintendent announced he would leave at the end of the school year. 
When asked about the violence at his school, Principal Calvin Nicholas chose his words carefully. 
“We don’t have a problem with the kids,” Nicholas said, sitting behind his desk. He pointed out that after two years leading the school, he would not be returning this fall. He declined to answer questions about what needed to be done to improve safety, and whether he had adequate central office support to crack down on behavior. The problems at the high school are “adult problems,” he said. 
In 2012, the school reported 285 discipline incidents — such as assaults, drugs and weapons — that resulted in out-of-school suspension, a rate of more than one for every four students, the highest among high schools in the region. 
State reports on discipline incidents tend to represent only a fraction of what happens in schools, because districts vary in what they tell the state. 
Nevertheless, only one other high school in a Missouri school district — Kansas City’s Central Academy of Academic Excellence — was found to have reported a higher rate of incidents in 2012. 
In March, two sociology professors at the University of Missouri-St. Louis notified Normandy High parents of their study exploring the causes and consequences of violence at the school “in hopes of lessening its negative effects,” the letter to parents states. 
Wellston Police Chief G. Thomas Walker said violence at the high school had been a problem for years. Students at Normandy come from 24 municipalities, some with longstanding rivalries. Social networking websites and the prevalence of cellphones have made the problem more difficult to control, he said. 
“We respond to more fights on campus than off campus,” Walker said. “It takes very little to irritate these kids and cause them to take physical action.” 
Teachers describe an environment that is equally challenging. 
“Teaching is very difficult,” said Dawn Baldesi, the English teacher who was pepper-sprayed. “Teachers get cussed out, yelled out. There are so many write-ups you can’t keep up.” 
Other teachers, who asked that their names not be used, say group fights at the school have left students with broken noses and asthma attacks. But a few cases have been more serious. 
Some parents say it’s maddening to wonder each day whether their child is safe. As a result, a few parents have claimed residency elsewhere, even moved out of state, to transfer their children to other schools. 
Enrollment has dropped — either from transfers or dropouts — to 805 students, from a reported 1,025 in September, according to the district.

What's "heartbreaking" is not the death of a black male, who assaulted a police officer believing this action wouldn't be considered a threat to what little semblance of law exists in the 67 percent black city; no, what's "heartbreaking" is that the 1990 U.S. Census reports Ferguson was 73.8 percent white merely 24 years ago versus roughly 28 percent white today.

The city was 25.1 percent black in 1990, versus 67 percent black today. Conversely, Normandy High School (perhaps named for when the all-white US Army stormed Normandy Beach in France on June 6, 1944...) is now one of the most dangerous high schools in all of Missouri... and it's 97 percent black.

Ferguson, the same city burning now thanks to black riots, had 22,286 residents according to the 1990 U.S. Census (p. 37): of those, 16,454 were white and 5,589 were black...

From 73.1 percent white in 1990 to 28 percent white in 2010...

That's "heartbreaking" President Obama.

Civilization recedes with the oncoming of the black undertow.

It regresses to the black mean.

Yes. That's truly "heartbreaking."

More "heartbreaking?"

White people will never dare publicly admit why the city went from 73 percent white in 1990 to 28 percent white today: the backwards rationale for Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" program is the obvious one, with white families deciding black dysfunction isn't something they want to raise their children around.

Funny: as a city's black population rises, the level of dysfunction increases (contra Robert Putnam, who thought a homogeneous population would breed social capital; black people breed social dysfunction and ruin... we call this the Detroit Corollary).

White people will go to their grave singing the "Star Spangled Banner," never knowing it was the federal government's policy of black (minority) advancement that put them there...


Anonymous said...

“We respond to more fights on campus than off campus,” Walker said. “It takes very little to irritate these kids and cause them to take physical action.”

Apparently, the mean they regress to is lower than I thought.



As only us here@ SBPDL know that every major metropolitan area will look like Ferguson, Missouri. Sadly it's just a matter of time. Oh we are going to need SEGREGATION back. If not we will have no safe zones to live like civilized White people once again.

Has anyone heard from their local/national Marxist media that the police officer is currently in the hospital from his injury's he received from the aspiring rapper in Ferguson, Missouri?

The star witness is getting his story picked apart. I knew that son of a bitch didn't have his hands up. Lies, Lies, and more Black Lies!

Anonymous said...

"When the lunch period was over, she walked into the hallway and found herself face to face with several girls, including the one making threats. One tore off Daija’h’s backpack and pushed her against the wall. Daija’h panicked and grabbed her pepper spray. She inadvertently sprayed the English teacher."

I've seen a lot in my life, but I've never seen two apostrophes separated by a single letter. Is there any limit to black genius?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Obama. Every member of Conservative inc. has declared him merely a misguided, naive, yet amerikkka loving, patriot. They will wet their pants agreeing with him about this horrible tragedy. Of course, the riots are bad too, but hey, if this horrible tragedy hadn't happened... And school vouchers. And slavery. And poverty.

-Sweep the leg-

Anonymous said...

Race war being re-instigated successfully. Black violence has gotten them $millions to keep them happy, but they still resort to looting and violence to get anything they can't get for free.


Watts Rebellion (Los Angeles, 1965)

As posted on WRH by a blacks' defender:
By: 1newsjunkie

Anonymous said...

So, today I walk into a WELLS FARGO bank. There is a young woman who actually opens the door for you (Hispanic) and I walk on in.

I need to go up to the counter to make a deposit and I see 3 young women. All Hispanic. BUT, I notice a White Man about 25 years old also behind the counter.

While waiting for my turn at the counter I look around the rest of the bank and count 2 workers sitting at exposed desks in the lobby (both Hispanic women). I see 2 more in offices, both Hispanic women and I see 2 more working the drive through area....both Hispanic women.

So, I wait. Eventually, and LUCKILY, the White guy calls me up.....Now I made a concerted effort to make eye contact with the 3 Hispanic female tellers at the counter but I couldn't get the "attention" of the rest due to the layout. So, as he is counting up my deposit, I say (loud enough for the counter tellers to hear me): "You're the only guy working here!!"

He smiles and the 3 proud Hispanic just look at me. So, I wait a few more seconds, make a obvious effort to look all around, and then say even LOUDER. "Gee, you are the only White Male working here....." Then I say directly to him: "Don't say a word. You can't. But I can".

He finished his work and I can tell he knew EXACTLY the impact of my honest and obvious statement. The 3 proud Hispanic women (who can't stand racism.....) were just visibly stunned.

I smiled and walked out.

No more will I remain silent. No more. I bring up RACE all the time especially when it is obvious and anti-White.

behind blue eyes said...

Excellent post, PK.
Obama always sides with the poor down trodden nig......opps blacks.
Maybe he really is full black.
Dang sure is one sided about every racial issue.

Anonymous said...

"Nevertheless, only one other high school in a Missouri school district — Kansas City’s Central Academy of Academic Excellence — was found to have reported a higher rate of incidents in 2012. "

I'm sorry, I kept waiting for the punch line and that would have been that Normandy's reputation for underachievement was rivaled only by Martin Luther King HS. So apparently not every groid school is named after MLK.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ben Carson for President? No Fu*king way!!!

Eddie in St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Mr. President, why no such "heartbreaking" comments after John Swoveland Jr. and Connor Verkerke were murdered by those who could have been your sons?

Anonymous said...

"Wellston Police Chief G. Thomas Walker said violence at the high school had been a problem for years."

No sir, blacks causing violence had been a problem for years. Uh, years? He doesn't seem overly concerned about this magic violence cloud that has descended on the school and lingered for years. He apparently has no idea what has been causing this mysterious and elusive phenomenon.

I wonder if this is a "Hurricane of violence" or a "Tornado of violence" or a "Wave of violence" or what.

Anonymous said...

You're right: for laughs,this is the money line:

"Nevertheless, only one other high school in a Missouri school district — Kansas City’s Central Academy of Academic Excellence — was found to have reported a higher rate of incidents in 2012."

The Central Academy of Excellence is the most dangerous school in the state. You can't make this stuff up. Of course, it's really not that humorous. It's heart-breaking, like PK says. Some of the articles I've read about Ferguson this week mention that blacks from St. Louis began moving into Ferguson to get away from the crime, blight and bad schools in the city they'd already ruined. The irony of this almost made me laugh. But I didn't, of course, because it's really not funny. It's heart-breaking.

Anonymous said...

I'm against segregation because it's not enough separation.

The undertow is will simply drive on over and in.


The ONLY route forward is to acknowledge that enslavement was a moral wrong.

Unlike most crimes, it can be entirely reversed -- by sailing the Africans back home.

Compared to what YT is paying right now -- and the prospective future -- a free ride back to Africa is dirt cheap.

Now that HIV and ebola have hit Africa, the need for Black American human talent must become epic.

With a cohort median IQ around 85, Blacks are massively handicapped in the First World -- no matter what the politics.

But that same IQ, 85, makes American Blacks the elite of Africa -- by a wide margin -- for African IQs norm to 70.

I maintain that it's better to be a prince in Africa than on the dole in America.

The talent vacuum in Africa is so profound that non-Black races have been brought in by one mechanism or another for centuries.

It has not been a happy experience. Africans simply can't accept non-Black talent. They're racists!

What this means, today, is that Africans riot whenever they see Chinese or Whites farming or managing the economy. Naturally such anti-Chinese riots are NEVER posted to the front page by our MSM.

The Chinese don't dare bring their wives: culture clash.

The Whites are fleeing, en masse.

The play is obvious: we swap White Africans (Dutch/English) for Black Americans -- and everyone gets happy.

Africa is so huge that 30,000,000 Black Americans wouldn't even budge the population needle. If anything, they'd top up those lost due to diseases that everyone hates.


Praying for segregation actually hurts the larger cause, the ultimate solution.

Lastly, vast tracts of Africa speak English or pidgin English. So Ebonics would be no trouble at all.

PPS: Section 8 monies would go much further in Africa than in Chicago -- and the weather there is drastically better.

Zimbabwe even has empty farmland. Whites have fled, and the locals are at a loss as to how to operate modern farm equipment that'd be old hat to Black Americans.

The war on Black poverty has cost TRILLIONS, much more than all of America's wars combined.

So it's not as if this project's price tag is too high.

The life you save may be your kin.

Anonymous said...

"Nevertheless, only one other high school in a Missouri school district — Kansas City’s Central Academy of Academic Excellence — was found to have reported a higher rate of incidents in 2012. "

We No.1!!!
We No.1!!!

Reverend Bacon said...

It's always nice to get validation- a glimmer of proof that we've really stepped through the looking glass, or down the rabbit hole. Here it was:

"Kansas City’s Central Academy of Academic Excellence had the greatest reported number of incidents." I just kept re-reading that, and looking for Allen Funt to come out and tell me that the last 30 or 40 years have all been a Candid Camera show.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, "academic excellence" is black dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

An "Aspiring Rapper"? HaHaHaHaHa!

Anonymous said...

"I've seen a lot in my life, but I've never seen two apostrophes separated by a single letter. Is there any limit to black genius?"

Certainly "genius" in the sense that blacks want to be "different" than the YT majority. It's usually some sort of some normal name followed by "tavious" or "keisha". Of course there's the more "diverse" names like "labia", "clitoris", or a skin disease or a STD. I'm surprised we don't hear about "Penis Brown". It's all about DIEversity. Folks joke about Shitavious but some baby momma named hear spawn that.

Sorry, I digress. As white folks have already pointed out on this blog and other blogs the tipping point is coming.

I'm in a tough spot. I can't liquidate my 401K. I'm stuck unless I quit. I cancelled my contribution. I was just paying to keep it flat. No return on my contribution. Plus I've found out that private retirement funds will be taken over by our fascist in chief so every Section 8 and EBT recipient will have a retirement fund even though most have never worked a day in their miserable lives.

His (I use the term loosely) goal is to destroy this country. It's pay back for the evil legacy of slavery and jim crow. Hey Yankees do you have second thoughts?
We've got Yankee monuments all over battlefields in the South where your ancestors killed decent Southerners to protect the poor negro. Funny Sherman was not a friend of the negro and a war criminal to Southern whites.

Sorry I got side tracked and no offensive "To those that can see".

I must respond to the idiot "red sector the yellow back" from a few post back. Come down here and say "Ya'll Indeed" to a white Southerner and you'll get introduced to not only "ya'll" but a good old fashioned ass whooping culminating with a curb stomping.
Please respond you faggot. I bet you won't pussy.

I guess everyone can tell I'm angry and spoiling for a fight. White people need to unite. We have enemies on all fronts including other white people (DWLs and those like "Red Sector Basement Dweller").

Please forgive my ramblings with the exception to the basement dweller. Please come on down coward.
Scot Irish

PB said...

His (I use the term loosely) goal is to destroy this country. It's pay back for the evil legacy of slavery and jim crow.

Let me rephrase:

Their (used not loosely)goal is to destroy this (and all similar) country. It's payback for the evil legacy of us not accepting them as our Lords and Masters (Chosen as they are). Who dominates political donations? Who may not be criticized under threat of open lawfare or worse? There's your real Masters. They have their cannon fodder but you never see them actually pull a trigger themselves.

behind blue eyes said...

Dang Scot Irish you gotta be from my old neck of the woods. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Now we know where hardcore ghetto blacks went to so DWL yuppies could live in the old downtown St. Louis areas. Too bad they didn't move them across the river because they'd fit right into East St. Louis (and you might lose a few on the river crossing).

I'm with some of the earlier commenters - segregation won't work, we need repatriation to their native Africa. It would be worth every fake dollar we've printed to have our country back.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so mad.

-A Compassionate Oregonian

Anonymous said...

OT, I think we can file this under miscegenation gone wrong, brings a huge smile to my face:

Anonymous said...

This article may be totally inaccurate. But, it says Brown attacked the officer as he was trying to get out of the police car. And, that the officer shot Brown in the car during the fight.


Anonymous said...

There once was a young black chap

Named Mike Brown, who aspired to rap

But his life hit rock bottom

When the cracker cops shot him

And voila! An excuse to go steal some crap!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry--Rand Paul is going to "reach out" and make the Republican Party a "big tent." When all those blacks hear his message of lower taxes and less welfare, they are going to vote for him.

Left Coast White Guy said...

You can just tell from the name that someone had lofty aims for the school from the name. But you can't have freedom of association so you can't have nice schools and nice neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

. . . Daija’h panicked and grabbed her pepper spray. She inadvertently sprayed the English teacher.

In a white school a child gets suspended for chewing a pastry into a shape that vaguely resembles a gun. In Normandy High School transporting pepper spray appears to be standard and necessary behavior. Two completely different societies that mix no better than oil and water. Forced integration and AA has created a dysfunction racial emulsion that is an abomination to nature. Only when the races are allowed to separate and revert to their respective natural mean will there be relative peace.

Anonymous said...

Reverend Bacon, was the Academy of Excellence school part of the court-ordered desegration plan? Even the millions spent on the fancy new schools couldn't bring in enough white kids from the suburbs. Safety first.

Bogolyubski said...

The ONLY route forward is to acknowledge that enslavement was a moral wrong.

Unlike most crimes, it can be entirely reversed -- by sailing the Africans back home.

Why? Slavery was common practice around the world for millenia. It was only "Christians" (who had already abandoned traditional Christianity by the late 1700s) who declared the practice a moral outrage. Funny how nobody who was shouting about all the evils of de slabery was going about forcing the religion of love and peace to abandon the practice. I expect it will be returning in a big way. They'll probably come up with a new moniker for it, like the IRS's "voluntary contributions." (Try not volunteering and see what happens).

It was a bad thing to use negroes as slaves for the simple reason that they are even worthless as slaves. Obsolete farm equipment from the start. Their presence on this continent was enabled by those amazing folks with the magic touch of creating shit-sandwiches that just can't be resisted by a certain type of person, including a very large number of whites. they fall for it every single time: You can have endless prosperity through debt. Or, as someone else put it: See that shit? It's really GOLD! They were called "Portuguese" back in 1619, and we call them 'Italian Eskimos' today (in honor of our "concerned friend" Whiskey).

On to the US civil war, you'll note that the old railroad lawyer from Illinois wanted to repatriate the freed negroes back to Africa, probably one of the reasons he was eliminated (though a minor one). Also note that no other country required a four-year war, the waste and destruction of half the country and some 700,000 dead to end the "peculiar institution". Even Brazil (not exactly the height of western civilization) managed to end it for a much larger number of negroes in 1888 without a war and very little bloodshed. Just remember who the ultimate beneficiaries of wars are and you can start to smell the familiar pattern.

Yes, they should be sent to Africa should the day ever dawn that whites awaken from their present drunken utopian binge. If the Han Chinese are smart, they'd best be reading sites like this one, as there is no reality being discussed elsewhere, only heated discussion of how many sweet innocent black angels can hip-hop on the head of muh-dik.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they ever just call it a school? White's go to High School. Blacks have to go to High Excellence Career College Prep Obama Ready Center for Stardom

Anonymous said...

"An "Aspiring Rapper"?"

And look at the head start he already had, four felonies before he was 19. He was well on his way to rapping since apparently he beat the rap with the cops many times before.

All that was needed for this groid was that he was a proud graduate of Kansas City's Central Academy of Academic Excellence. He'd have been probably leading his graduating class in most fights, robberies and pepper sprayings of his teachers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

off topic

are you getting telemarketer and 'spoof' calls?
Have received this call twice, today I answered. Man with Indian accent said "Hello Miss... I am calling from the computer emergency department and we know that your computer is under attack.."
I said "Ohhhh.., wow, that's weird because I do not own a computer!" (Semi true, I have only an iphone right now.)
He hung up on me.
I get at least two (yesterday I had five) calls a day from a "boiler room" from men that barely can speak English- usually An Indian accent. Sometimes we are bored and will give them answers they want to hear.. Like this computer scam. We pretended to do what they asked with a twist... They ask : "Go to your start" We said : "Start? I do not see a start, but the word Quit is there, I clicked Quit... Oh, Okay, the computer is off, now what next?" Then my Dad took another call and they asked something about "Go to your window prompt." He said "Ok, I went to my window fast." They said "What do you see?" My Dad said "Well, it's dark, it is 8pm now." The jerk was confused.. My Dad said "You told me to go to my window prompt- I am standing here, I do not see anything but moths." The guy then said "Stop wasting my time sir!!" My Dad said "Oh, that is not nice, I am trying to follow your instructions. Do not call me anymore then." The guy hung up.
Nothing works... We say "remove our name from your list!" It does not matter. I "hate" them.

AnalogMan said...

I haven't seen CENTURION here for a while. If you're here, you might enjoy this happy snap of your old Johannesburg home. Does that bring back memories?


I've never seen the inside of that building, but I heard that garbage was piled five storeys deep. Does that look about right to you?

Anonymous said...

I may not be entirely tuned in to the America of hope & change, but can anyone explain to me why being an "aspiring rapper" is a good thing? Consider that "rap" consists mainly of simplistic rhymes laced with profanities, with references to violence and disrespecting women, cops and YT.

Being an "aspiring rapper" is like being an "aspiring mad slasher movie producer" or "aspiring mud wrestling impresario." It's something that is not illegal, but hardly not what one would expect to see on a resume for a church choir.

But it does indicate the general degradation of cultural expectations in the realm of BRA.

Anonymous said...

The Central Academy of Excellence is the most dangerous school in the state. You can't make this stuff up.

Nope, you can not make it up. And this is one reason why there was segregation in the USA. It's why there was apartheid in South Africa. It's why there is white flight and home schooling. It's because of the pathological violence coming from the black sector. Can you imagine sending your children to such schools?

It's also because of the Orwellian inversion of reality. An "academy of excellence" is a battleground. And yet the Ministry of Truth can report this with a straight face. It's like living in some demented Monty Python skit.

Where else would this happen but in BRA?

Anonymous said...

Obama is using Ferguson's blacks as his personal slaves, ignorant dupes, to accomplish his own agenda again!

Government-Approved Race Riots?
July 11, 2013 by Matthew Vadum

"The Obama administration deployed government-paid community organizers to Sanford, Florida after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin last year in order to foment racial tensions, newly released government documents show."

"The Community Relations Service (CRS), a small office within the U.S. Department of Justice, sent taxpayer-funded political agitators to Sanford after 17-year-old Martin was killed Feb. 26, 2012, during a physical confrontation with community crime watch volunteer George Zimmerman. "

"DOJ documents provided to Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act show that in the weeks before Zimmerman was charged, CRS expended thousands of dollars to help organize marches in which participants exacerbated racial tensions and loudly demanded that he be prosecuted.

According to the documentation, CRS employees were involved in “marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain”; providing “support for protest deployment in Florida”; rendering “technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31”; and providing “technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford.”

In April, CRS “set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of police chief Bill Lee according to Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,” the document dump revealed."

"Changes in federal social policy in the mid-1960s helped to lay the groundwork for this artificial activism and the civil unrest it caused. Under the leftist-designed War on Poverty, the federal government has been handing out taxpayers’ money since 1965 to community groups in order to encourage them to agitate against the status quo. In a sense, America declared war on itself and funded Saul Alinsky-inspired pressure groups to do the fighting."

"At every turn of his entire political career Barack Obama has been the instigator, promoter, and beneficiary of left-wing race hatred. It helped him move up the political ladder.

Fishing for votes, Obama injected himself and racial politics into the Zimmerman case during the election cycle last year when he volunteered, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”"

Anonymous said...

In 2012, the school reported 285 discipline incidents — such as assaults, drugs and weapons — that resulted in out-of-school suspension, a rate of more than one for every four students,

"...assaults, drugs and weapons?"

These are not discipline incidents. These sounds like crimes. But I guess they are no different from cutting class, right?

And one incident for every four students? 25%? Isn't this the ratio of black men in prison? They start early...

Granted, there may be single repeat offenders, but even so, this is the reason that blacks have higher rates of incarceration. It's also why people do not want to send their children to majority black schools.

Perhaps liberal trolls would be willing to put their money where their mouths are and send their own kids to these schools to be enriched by the diversity...

eah said...

This goes along with the hypothetical question I suggested before: Ask people how a community in America comes to be 98% black (speaking of East St Louis).

You could do the same thing here: Ask them how a locale goes from 73% white to just 28% white in only 20 years (it was about that in 2010 as well -- and anyone who cares to look will find out the total population has been fairly stable during all that time).

Just to maybe water a bit that little seed that we know already exists in the their minds.

Anonymous said...

More protestors who can't spell: "Bring Mike Killer Brown To Jutic!"

(It sounds like Mike is the killer here.)

eah said...

An interesting thing to note:

The Wikipedia page on Ferguson, MO has been locked. Meaning any Joe can't just go and edit it, like you can for many/most other pages. Wonder why that is? If you look at the history, it says it was due to "persistent vandalism". They describe the aftermath of the shooting as "protests and acts of vandalism". (Is that the same kind of "vandalism"? Or a different kind?) As if there was more 'protesting' than 'vandalizing'. And they forgot to mention looting/theft. And that even the mayor said people (ie Blacks) were driving in from all over to steal and loot. Etc. At this point Wikipedia is just another internet corner of the lying, censoring MSM.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely article in The Christian Science Monitor. How the author just fawns so lovingly on this poor boy. He must really be in tune with the black community to have such deep thoughts, no? But then how come he never mentions the appalling conditions described in the article in The St. Louis Post Dispatch? Being a Christian myself, I was taught to turn the other cheek, but NOT to turn a blind eye. I've witnessed many instances of blacks being blacks...and it was usually when they were behind bars! I attended college in the very late 70s early 80s at Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute on Jay Street, downtown Brooklyn. To get to the Student Union Building you had to walk past George Westinghouse High School, on Johnson Street. I was walking with a group past GWHS when some loud shouting caught our attention. We looked around to see who was shouting and saw about 15 black kids just screaming to passersby from the HS; they were literally hanging from the bars on the windows like monkeys in the zoo. Sounded just like them, too. I just stood and stared in disbelief. It's a good thing those bars are on the windows I thought. I was also in a frat; many of Poly's frathouses were in Brooklyn Heights in nice brownstones. To get there from Poly you had to cross Tillary Street. Also located on Tillary was/is the NYC Dept. of Corrections. I saw many DOC buses loaded with criminals pull in and out of the facility. Those fine young men also liked to yell comments at passersby from behind the bars on the bus windows. Usually they were a variation on raping white girls if some happened to be near the bus as it passed, or beating up/robbing/stabbing/etc anyone else near enough to hear them. I wonder how many of them went to GWHS...and I still wonder why, today, in the name of Almighty God, blacks simply cannot take advantage of all the opportunities they have today. All those !@#$%! blacks in Ferguson MO, how many of them dropped out of school and became NOTHING, choosing to BE NOTHING, existing to accomplish NOTHING in life except to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide. And all of this, ALL OF IT, exists courtesy of guilt ridden DWLs who are the most smug condescending self-righteous sons of bitches in the whole world, just stoking their gigantic egos. DWLs are modern day Philistines, the ultimate conformists, all marching in lockstep knowing THEY ARE RIGHT AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG.

Until, of course, they actually get mugged.

Anonymous said...

And so, if you haven't heard about the MAJOR flooding in the Detroit area and surrounding suburbs, the expressways had 14 FEET of water and over 1000 cars were abandoned because of the flash floods. Normally 4 inches of rain wouldn't cripple the area, it would be messy, but not completely street soup like it was. The reason I'm bringing it up, though it seems to be unrelated is this: that particular event most likely wouldn't have happened if copper thieves wouldn't have stolen all the copper from the drains, hence the storm drains were unable to drain. Thanks you human scum. Almost everyone I know had to throw out the entire contents of their basements, and now get to watch these assholes come to see what got thrown away so they can have new things. Shit covered things, but things that didn't belong to them that they didn't have to pay for.

rex freeway said...

I went to a Kansas city high school that was 80% white the first two years. Forced bussing made the last two years 60, then 30% White my Senior year. 21 busses a day full of violent uneducated future wards of the state. Needless to say the only thing learned in the last two years was how to survive a school day surrounded by these animals. A dozen superintendents and a failed deseg plan later, the district lost its accreditation. When it really lost it the day they allowed Negroes to run the schools. My children are grown and out of school. For anyone who have children in school with Negroes, do what ever it takes to get them out. Rarely can a quality learning experience be achieved in these schools. If ever.

Fiddler From Stormfront said...

Back in the 1950's and 60's I attended all-white neighborhood schools. There was no such thing as an armed policeman stationed on campus. Nothing happened that the principal or the "Dean Of Boys" couldn't handle. I smile at the memory of how teachers would go ballistic if they caught you chewing gum or passing notes. I wonder what those teachers of yesterday's "Norman Rockwell" America would think of Normandy High?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"... One tore off Daija’h’s backpack and pushed her against the wall. Daija’h panicked ..."

"I've seen a lot in my life, but I've never seen two apostrophes separated by a single letter. Is there any limit to black genius?"
August 13, 2014 at 4:12 PM

Separating and segregating apostrophes is what racists (synonymous with Whites) do with their racist YT language. And only a racist would point this out. The rainbow fabric of mul'tic'ul;tu?ral di:ver"sit.y is tolerant and inclusive of all linguistic innovations- as long as YT isn't included, of course. (sarc.)

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...
Race Riot Romance
August 14, 2014 by Matthew Vadum

"Regardless of what he may say publicly, all this racially motivated anger and violence is fine by President Obama, an extreme-left community organizer by profession.

The Left tells Americans that racist whites kill black people all the time. Blacks just can’t take it anymore and now it’s time to burn down buildings and convenience stores, the false narrative goes.

Obama has been instrumental in crafting this narrative. The president wants racial communities and everyone else to be at everyone else’s throat because, as the now-familiar leftist adage goes, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”"
The Only Justice for Michael Brown is Burning and Looting Stores
August 13, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

"I’ve seen some conservative blogs questioning why the police are so heavily armed during the Ferguson protests. Here’s a picture that speaks louder than a thousand word essay.
This is why you end up with police who are more heavily armed than soldiers in Iraq. Because there are parts of the country that are like Iraq."

"The people robbing stores are not in a dire situation. It’s the store owners who are in a dire situation. It’s the people who are afraid of being murdered by a politically sanctioned mob, caught between street brutality and Eric Holder and CNN who are in a dire situation."

Anonymous said...

1. White ppl fearing blacks is nothing new. Whites have feared blacks soon as slavery ended. Whites simply fear blacks due to white guilt. Whites know they did the most devilish crimes to blacks and simply fear them , because they realize blacks should revolt..

2. You are a pussy, you would never say any of your true feelings to a black person you coward. Keep hiding behind a keyboard because in person you cower to black men

Anonymous said...

Poor white ppl.. All this anger is due to white guilt. Hispanics immigrating , blacks protesting sucks that you whites are losing a country you NEVER built.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the violence, the killing and the non-stop crime.

Government offices at all levels are chock full of Blacks doing their passive-aggressive best to get no work done while collecting good pay.

Private businesses who make the mistake of hiring Blacks bring on employees ready to play, socialize, get loud, waste time, etc.

Nowhere do Blacks add anything but destruction and frustration to American life. They insist we accept them as they are; childish, petty and aggressive. If we don't, we're racist and hateful.

Teachers know. Blacks very rarely pick up any education. They find each other fascinating; not learning or getting ahead.

Businesses know. Blacks don't show up to work, but to socialize and get the attention of their coworkers, so they can show off their monkey shines.

The problem will worsen because of DWLs.I know several. They will always excuse things:

Can't stop stealing or raping? DWL says it's cultural, or due to White racism.

Can't behave in public? DWL says it's just how they are. Live with it or take sensitivity training.

I deal with Blacks daily due to my job, and you have to keep your guard up and manage them like you'd manage a rabid dog trapped in your backyard; move slowly, use extreme caution. The animal can go off at any time for any reason; real or imagined.

There was a time during segregation you didn't have to keep your guard up or be watchful. It was a better time, an easier life.

They really do not belong around us White people. I'm close to 60 and I've seen things progress from bad to worse. They should be back in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said "Unfortunately, an undertow (of racial unrest) has bubbled to the surface”

The non-PC explanation is that the multitude of problems associated with the undertow are always present and highly visible in Ferguson, and rioting for imagined offenses is a normal and expected part of its operation.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon from August 13, 2014 at 8:22 PM


The 62-year-old widow from Oak Park, Illinois, was a wealthy academic who once worked for Senator Ted Kennedy

Oh the irony! Some academic! Had to call cops on her halfbreed daughter 86 times! Even more ironic is that she a) once worked for Chappaquiddick Teddy and b) she has now joined the Mary Jo Kopechne Sorority in the Sky.

!@#$%! smartass DWL got herself a whuppin' alrighty, only the woodshed was in BALI at a 5 star hotel. She had to pay top dollar for the privilege of being beaten to death by her own daughter and one of Obama's Sons.

The silver lining here is that they'll be incarcerated in Kerobokan Prison, known locally as the Hotel K. Hope they like the view from their cells, its said to be to die for.

Anonymous said...

Shoutout to rex freeway from a fellow KC School district alumni. We must have been there about the same years from your description of the flip. I remember one of the first time the ghetto busses pulled up the boys threw rocks until the busses had to leave. Of course it didn't change anything but it's a happy memory. Good grief can I tell some stories about the utter stupidity of black teachers and principals. All I learned my last two years was how to survive and the true nature of the negro because there sure wasn't anything else to learn in those schools. I didn't realize they'd given Central a big fancy name but I'm not surprised. Who knows when the last class left that school with book knowledge but it's been years and years.

Anonymous said...

What? Don't go limp now. Just because some humorless, salty, ole timers, got a little chippy, shouldn't stop the awesome sarcasm.


Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous. WE don't own slaves. We had no part of how blacks were treated under slavery. And neither do today's blacks. Today's blacks aren't slaves.

Some white people fear blacks because they know what blacks are capable of doing. Low IQ plus no forward thinking plus low impulse control plus past history equals a black who could hurt you badly.

Many blacks hate whites. Any excuse to hurt YT. And now the black's actions are backed up by Barry and Eric.

You only have to look at George Zimmerman to see what your life would be like if you have the gall to defend yourself against a black.

Looks like you're hiding behind a keyboard now, ANONYMOUS

Anonymous said...

9:57 PM Anon.

Want to make any and all telemarketers leave your alone? Do what I do. Go straight to RACIAL INSULTS.

I LOVE telemarketers and I run to the phone now. I love the Negro. Boy or boy. Do I.

I let them spew their stupid comments and then I begin to slowly insult them and up the "hate". By the time I am done they are so livid and they THREATEN me over the phone. Damn do I love it:


Analog Man:

I'm still here. I've been posting under Anonymous and using different computers.

I got tired of the small minded losers here who only care "WHO" said something rather than "WHAT" was said. Too many little people were concerned about "me" rather than the topics. They could not enjoy satire, humor, funny stuff, immature stuff, sex talk, etc. etc. which I use to make these comments interesting.

I am very good at making comments interesting, but when some of the sad people here care more about the "frosting" on the cake rather than the cake, I removed my name for a while.

An example was the moron who wondered where I got the time to comment so much if I was working so much...easy. I leave the browser on at this site and type when I get breaks. Just takes a few minutes.

Plus, I don't check spelling nor grammar and that saves time. I can send out 20 comments a day and not miss a beat at work.

I have decreased it a bit since school is starting in my area and it makes my business VERY busy when that happens. Thus, I have been "forced" to cut back on the comments since I am making MORE MONEY, which I absolutely love.

This is still my favorite blog and my #1 go to site for truth.

Anonymous said...

About segregation. I had to go into Orlando and there were three black "youths" at an otherwise white Publix. One had his pants below his rear end.
We got near them in produce, so my young child had to hear the word "f--- a few times and the lesser evil "stupid".
This happens every time we are near young blacks anywhere. Their language, if copied by my child, would guarantee my child could never hold a job.
So, we aren't even talking violence here. I have decided to avoid the aisle they are on at the store, much less live near them. What does a DWL say to that? I should ask the black men not to curse in front of my child? But that would be disrepectin' them, I would much rather keep my teeth and segregate my family.

Anonymous said...

Aspiring Rapper means Aspring Thug.
He made it!


Analog Mann:

WOW. I commented before I looked at the photo you posted of Ponte Flats.

I lived there. For 2 years in the early 80's. I lived on the 33rd floor. I am totally shocked.

It was one of the top addresses at that time. I remember one of the "owners" of the DeBeer's diamond mining enterprise lived there and had his Rolls parked in the garage. I had to park outside on the street since I was considered too poor.......and the car was never vandalized.

The view was awesome. The place was awesome and my wife (first wife) and I would go for walks at night down Hilbrow street (AT NIGHT) to have diner. NEVER a problem and the blacks we did see were polite. Our favorite restaurant was an Italian place called NAPOLI.

There was a park at the foot of the building were we would sit. The weather at that end of the planet is different and the nights were awesome. I have nothing but wonderful memories, back when Whites Ruled SuidAfrika, just as I have wonderful memories of White Miami and other areas I have known when White people existed.

That photo makes me sad. That photo is what America will be in a just a few more years.

(for the idiot who may still wonder how I can write so many comments, I shall put a Comment Time (CT) at the end of each one to show how many minutes it took to write)


Anonymous said...

The fact is there were WHITE slaves too! As I remember, BLACK slave owners sold them. Of course now, with revisionist history....

Reparations? 1/2 of the bosses are black, most public sector workers are black, it goes on & on

This prez was elected by a white majority it seems...2 times.

Send them back and sink the boats!

Anonymous said...

Saint Ashtrayvon and the skittles hoodies released their new hit (c)rap song Smash and Grab with a sample of Bob Marley's "burning and looting" out now on Silverback Records.
Pick it up in Ferguson to keep it real homey.

10mm AUTO said...

We are working on coloring out Rebel's Hypothesis, which there is a level of negroid infestation which triggers headlong White Flight. My answer is that it is aprox 10%, wherein the population of negritude crime equals the sum total of the crime of the White population.

Here we have an example of where the population was fairly steady at 15 to 20% and then something changed. This tends to support the idea that the negro is devolving toward the "Black Mean" rather than being able to take as a constant.

Cities and town that have kept a fairly high percentage of negro pets will suddenly find that the crime is up or (God Forbid) a few horrific crimes happen which starts the White herd moving. I will give the Ferguson people credit, there were some out on the street (not the police) who prevented the groids from going into White sections with rifles and camo. Good Job.

The video of the police retreating while their cars get kicked bottles bounce off and laughed at is shameful. I know they were outnumbered, but stuff like that makes an impression on the groid that they can do anything.

If you are going to find new work or live in a new town, consider the Northwest, it is really lovely here and it is the hope of the future. Don't be like a pawn on the chess board forever moving one square at a time always losing your money and always one step ahead of the African Tide.

White Homeland, Northwest Front!

Brooklyn born said...

That photo of ponte flats reminded me of that documetary "Life after people" What has it been ,only 20 yrs since the regression began?

Anonymous said...

A friendly suggestion to CENTURION. Don't waste time explaining how long it takes you to write a comment or responding to people who don't believe that you are exactly what you say you are. Just crank out good comments and continue doing whatever it is that you do. Because all of us are anonymous, with the possible self-proclaimed exception of Pat Boyle, no one can or should completely count on a self portrait being accurate.

Anonymous said...

Another "peace" rally/concert, this time in Philly (featuring rap "music"!!!!)---another dead "youth" shot dead in the parking lot.

Police Chief says he is not surprised.

Neither am I....

Mr. Rational said...

All this anger is due to white guilt. Hispanics immigrating , blacks protesting sucks that you whites are losing a country you NEVER built.

Isn't it funny, then, that all the great things in this country simply don't exist in the countries that all the Africans and Hispanics came/are coming from... and they do/will in Europe too, at least until the brown hordes tear them all down?

It's amazing how so many leftist slogans are utterly demolished by the slightest bit of critical thinking... which is why critical thinking has been abolished from leftist schools (note that I do not say "education system", as no education goes on there).

Californian said...

RE the ruckus in Ferguson:

Back in the 1960s you had black rioting in Watts, Detroit, Newark, and etc. The triggering incident for a riot might have been an incident of police brutality, but the liberal party line was that the real problems were under the surface: discrimination, poverty, inadequate schools, etc. Blacks were "rebelling" against these conditions. Thus, the government had to implement civil rights legislation, launch a war on poverty, and generally turn the country upside down to accommodate blacks.

OK, here we are five decades later. The entire agenda of civil rights, war on poverty, and etc., is in force. And yet we have rioting.

Exactly what are blacks "rebelling" against in Ferguson?

* Can blacks be discriminated against? No. Civil rights laws ensure that they are treated equally under the law.
* Do blacks lack access to public universities and civil service jobs? No. They are pushed to the head of the line via AA.
* Are blacks unable to access America's wealth? No. There's an entire welfare system and minorities-only contracting system to redistribute YT's tax dollar to the 'hood.
* Must blacks live in segregated ghettos? No. There's Open Housing and Section 8 vouchers.
* Is black culture denigrated? No. Blacks studies, black history and MLK Day have all become national institutions.
* Do we see demeaning stereotypes of blacks in the media? No. Television and the movies are replete with images of successful blacks.
* Is it impossible for a black man to rise to the top in America? No. Look at the current occupant of the White House.

So what is the problem here?

The problem is liberalism. It's assumption that socio-economic conditions create bad black behavior does not stand up to the experience of the last half century. Here we are in 2014 and blacks are pillaging a city.

The point is, no matter what liberal programs are implemented, things do not change. Cities are pillaged. The country continues to spiral downward.

That's BRA.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City’s Central Academy of Academic Excellence?? I'm sorry, I had to comment on this one even though it's been addressed. Did the founders of this school intend its title as a joke? A euphemism? We all know the truth here... you can't polish a turd. Any school with even a FEW burnt ones can never be an "academy of excellence".

Here in New Orleans, I'm of course surrounded by these idiot baboons everywhere I turn. Here's a story someone may laugh at. Yesterday my coworker (who is a black middle-aged female) was helping a black male customer in his late seventies. Without provocation, he began talking about race. That she was not your typical "angry black woman" but she was giving him too much trouble. He had an impossible task to accomplish... but anyway... he said his mammy raised him to believe that life is HARD. That he will always be under a dark cloud and will have to work harder than "everybody else" does. Then he declared--I kid you not--"Y'all know Ray Charles was a BLIND man and he play piano like a devilis' son-a-bitch and if he can do it wailll I cans too!!"

I have no idea where that logic came from and had to fight down tears of laughter till he left the building. I guess that's their way of trying to bond with one another. Bring up random black people and try to get the other one angry so they can riot and chimp out over nothing... simply for their own amusement. He might as well have been talking about Oprah or Obama. Wait--maybe Obama is one of his sons...

I've never seen a black person work hard and I've never seen one with a rational, logical mindset. They're in no way the same as us and I'm glad some of us know it, but it's not enough yet.

NOLA non grata

Ms. Sippy said...

If you get a chance, check out August 17th will mark 45 years since Hurricane Camille hit the Miss. Gulf Coast. Look at the pictures and take note of the destruction. Then look at the people, all calm and orderly, clean, well dressed. No police needed, people who lost everything pulling together as a community. No FEMA, no crime, no looting. I was 20 years old at the time and lived about 100 miles from there. People and churches all over the state responded to the area. Waveland and Bay St. Louis were wiped from the map, hundreds died. Most all the massive and majestic oaks along the beach were destroyed. The area was so beautiful then, it never looked the same after. Still doesn't. People were so united then, it was a wonderful time to grow up. The country was 90% white back then. There was NO crime! NONE! Pictures of "back in the day". All just a fond memory now, just like the USA.

Anonymous said...

"Nevertheless, only one other high school in a Missouri school district — Kansas City’s Central Academy of Academic Excellence — was found to have reported a higher rate of incidents in 2012."

I've noticed this phenomenon in Indy, but I wasn't aware it happens elsewhere. I should've guessed, though.

Africans come up with really long, impressive-sounding names for their really expensive new schools that they build with federal grants or charter money or some foundation funds or whatever. The "Academy of Excellence Blah Blah Blah..." But it's the same old african failure, just in a shiny, expensive school that they get someone else to pay for. The chillren jes' be needin' a place they can be proud of. A place they can excel! They may even wear little blazers with a crest on the breast pocket. But it'll fail fast. And the building will fall apart in a few years because they've used minority contractors and the black school employees don't maintain anything. It'll be a filthy, shit-stained animal pen in no time. And then Superintendent D'Quantrell Shitavius Washinton, Sr. will be making the rounds again to all the family and charitable foundations and having his grant writers apply for federal, state and government funding sources to pay for the Next Big Program to help his disadvantaged youfs get a hand up to climb out of the cycle of poverty. Gigantically fat black women and african men who all have either "Rev." or "Dr." (or both) in front of their name will get on the local TV station with a crowd of little thuglets having some kind of Community Day Walk or some such nonsense from the school to the nearest local park. They'll all have matching t-shirts that were either donated by some local screen printing shop owned by a white person, or that cost $150 each because they had grant, foundation or government money and paid a black-owned business to do it. Local TV stations will cover it and the reporter will act like this is the first time anything like this has ever been done, instead of being done by some black group in the city 10x a year for the past 40 years. The report from the park will end with dozens of little black faces with big Sambo grins crowding and pushing each other to mug for the camera while white people act like they're just adorable. And another million or two of tax money will flow to the ghetto shithole to finally give those poor poverty stricken chillren the kind of school they deserve.

"Academy of Academic Excellence" What the ever lovin' hell? And it's the most crime infested school in Missouri?? What a surprise. Not.


Anonymous said...

LGBTQ and joos identify with blacks.

16 other LGBTQ organizations have penned an open letter of solidarity expressing their grief over the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager gunned down by police in Ferguson, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb.

Anonymous said...

It's truly amazing how 12% of the population is destroying large cities and even small communities across the country. There's no way 12% is a correct number because the blacks are so widespread now. Probably impossible to account for the nomadic African males and whey dey be stayin'. 12% has to be a really low estimate.

Anonymous said...

I'll be singing Deutschland über Alles and laughing at cupid stunts who can't or won't see a nog governmental system that doesn't care one iota about whites beyond their taxpaying abilities.

The Holy Ghostbuster said...

Anonymous said ... This prez was elected by a white majority it seems...2 times.

Nope. Even a weak candidate like McCain won the white vote by about 55% to 43% in 2008. Romney won it by 59% to 39% in 2012. For those who still believe in voting, the depressing thing is that about 40% of whites are idiots, and that's unlikely to ever change.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about that as well! Blacks don't fill out the census. They don't have a physical address or mailbox to send the census to. They don't have a "residence". They "stay" with whoever is feeding them and watching they chillens for the week. They're ghetto nomads.

Who knows how many are out there but all I know is when I walk outside there are wayyy more of them then me. Hence, the pepper spray and the locked car doors while driving...

NOLA non grata

TheHoly Ghostbuster said...

PK wrote: White people will go to their grave singing the "Star Spangled Banner," never knowing it was the federal government's policy of black (minority) advancement that put them there...

The truth about negroes isn't hard to discover. But the average guy not only doesn't know, he doesn't want to know. He can't be told and he won't look and see for himself. He's prayed and prayed to rabbi Jesus for "equality", even sent his children to school with them, maybe even let his daughters "date" them, but the magic hasn't worked. Monkeys remain monkeys. Truly, there must be satanic forces involved here, frustrating Jesus' great plan. YT must try harder; he must do more.

Pat Boyle said...

Because all of us are anonymous, with the possible self-proclaimed exception of Pat Boyle, no one can or should completely count on a self portrait being accurate.

I'm not sure if that's a personal criticism or not. I never have posted anywhere as 'anonymous' but I used to post on several blogs under several different aliases. I dropped all those and only use my real name now. So far I have had no bad consequences.

I have followed this blog for several years. I recommended that people use their real names several years ago. I also encouraged people to speak their convictions in public.

I do have some gripes.

I see that some anonymous poster has again stated that the IQs of Sub Saharan Africans is 70. In fact that's the IQ popularized by the liberal critics of Lynn's book. Lynn gives the figure of 60. As far as I know all the research supports the figure of 60. The 70 figure seems to have been just invented.

I also tire of the phrase 'regress to the black mean'. Regression to the mean is a mathematical phenomenon discover by Darwin's cousin Francis Galton. Galton was a polymath - meaning a universal genius. It has little to do with math. In fact Galton wasn't all that good at math but that didn't keep him from making several major mathematical discoveries including correlation.

Galton became prominent as a big game hunter although at first he was quite a bad shot. He once fired at twenty hippos and missed them all.

His relevance for this blog is that he proposed - in a letter to the Times in about 1890 - to replace all the black people in Africa with Chinese.

Black people's behavior is by no means 'the mean' (it's much lower) so that phrase seems particularly inapt.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in Louisiana...

RIP? Woman poses as deceased sister while wearing her memorial T-shirt

Back to the topic at hand, it amazes me that in this day and age where anything done against a nog results in a federal case and media shitstorm that never ends, that anyone in his right mind would believe a cop would execute a black in cold blood in the street in front of dozens of witnesses.

It also amazes me that anyone would believe a group of people known for lying and being criminals, a group who when one of their own gets shot, or gets arrested for killing another, they always work in the same talking points "he's a good boy, he's not like that, he's just turning his life around/off to college, he's an aspiring rap/basketball/football star" ... it's already come out this one was making lousy formulaic rap music. Now they're out there rioting and looting and in general chimping out - how do they have any credibility to anyone?

But yet they do, I read plenty of anti-cop comments on other sites, even when I point out the obvious. Most from people who have no idea what it's really like, how these apes behave.

Anonymous said...

Notice the police chief and mayor of Ferguson, Mo. are both white. They are busy grovelling on TV for the negroes and their owners about how righteous they are and how tebbil, tebbil, tebbil discrimination is and how tragic it is that the baboon was killed. They have spent all their adult lives being part of BRA, having careers showing they aren't like those other terrible YTs, they are different. Now comes their reward.

All the grovelling in the world will not save their precious careers, they are done, stick a fork in them. Some one white has to go under the bus for this shit and it ain't gonna be da negroes or their owners who caused this shitstorm. The shyster lawyers will eat them for breakfast and send the bill to YT courtesy of The Usual Suspects.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this portmanteau that just occurred to me has been debuted yet, but I'll share it with you here:

Negression (n): The reversal of the direction of civilization once the Negro is introduced in any significant numbers.

Please feel free to help expand its definition and feel free to incorporate it into our continuing documentation of the 'ascent' of BRA.


Anonymous said...

40% of whites voting democratic are not idiots they just joined the gibs army more and more for middle class people YTs that is a sensible choice

Anonymous said...

Today's blacks aren't slaves.

Some are


Anonymous said...

Everything you said is ignorant, there has been more harm done to the black community.. Post civil rights era than good.

Ps everybody knows Affirmative Action Benefits White Women Only!

Anonymous said...

10mm AUTO said ”We are working on coloring out Rebel's Hypothesis, which there is a level of negroid infestation which triggers headlong White Flight. My answer is that it is aprox 10%, wherein the population of negritude crime equals the sum total of the crime of the White population.”

Ten percent is probably not a bad estimate although the problem might be too complex for such a simple indicator. Lets not forget PK's general formula regarding the health of a city as it pertains to black population which is roughly set out as: Low Impulse Control + Poor Future Time-Orientation + Low IQ x Jury Nullification x (black political control)²

It appears that there are two basic categories of risk pertaining to blacks. The first category being basic undertow and the second category being community leaders and decision makers. All negroids have the attributes of Low Impulse Control, Poor Future Time-Orientation, and Low IQ regardless of the negroid's role in a society. Whether a black is merely filling his/her role as basic undertow or serving as a community leader and decision maker he or she brings these attributes to the table.

Basic undertow is the least dangerous to the health of a society. I view the black undertow as something like an anchor of a ship that cannot be raised. With enough productive horsepower, determination and skill a competent crew can move the ship although slowly and with an enormous amount of wasted energy.

The real danger is when the negroids find their way into leadership and decision making roles. This problem in terms of the hypothetical ship would be analogous to a ship with a crew of impaired individuals all possessing the attributes mentioned above. Regardless of how modern and well maintained the ship might be, the crew will run it aground, burn it or sink it.

PK's formula reflects this difference. The final term of the formula includes the product of (jury nullification) and (black political control) squared. A very small increase in these two components will quickly overwhelm all other components. What this means is that a city with white political control can probably survive a much larger black population percentage than a city under black political control.

Ferguson might actually be a good example of this phenomenon. With a 67% black population my initial impression is that the city must already be dead just as Detroit is dead and now merely in the process of decomposition. But the city appears to be breathing. I have not looked up the racial profile of the Ferguson leadership, but there are 50 white cops in a department of 53 cops. This strongly suggests that blacks have not yet obtained political control which means that it is possible that a somewhat functional political leadership is marginally able to offset the effects of a 67% undertow. I predict that the tipping point for Ferguson will be when the blacks obtain political control, and with a black population of 67% it won't be much longer.

The only safe percentage of blacks is 0%, but I believe that as long as the white population can maintain political control a city should be able to survive with black populations approaching 50%. South Africa would appear to support this theory. That country did pretty well with what we would consider a lethal percentage of blacks until political control was turned over to them. I'm guessing that AnalogMan and a few others could enlighten us all on this topic.

Anonymous said...

PAUL KERSEY, SBPDL.. Everyday you ALL just bitch and moan! What is stopping you cowards from going public with your beliefs or protesting? Huh cowards ??? What's stopping all are just a small minority of bigots that will continue to be extinct.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the humanity ! BRA was arming and equipping police forces to be used to kill YT, now those same police forces are busy suppressing the righteous anger of the oppressed nogs. The irony is delicious, something to be savored, it wasn't supposed to turn out that way. TWMNBN were salivating at the prospect of those types of police forces being used against YT in the evil suburbs instead their pets are getting BRA's police treatment. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

BTW, how do all the nogs have time to protest ? Don't they have important jobs to do like research chemist, surgeon, electrical engineer, business manager etc. like I see on TV ? What ! Are you telling me Hollywood is lying ? Again ? I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...


I'd actually like to see someone take all the public data (census, crime, local budgets, etc.) from the 20 or 50 or 100 largest cities in America and cross-reference it all to see where that tipping point of the population is.

There would have to be some way to figure in school desegregation into the study, though. Because you can have the same percentage of the population be black from one year to the next, but with crime skyrocketing and propoerty values plunging as whites simply move out of the way of the incoming blacks. For example, a relatively small percentage of blacks can pollute a formerly outstanding (white) school, and the whites aren't moving to the ghetto to attend black schools. But even if they did, a school going from 0% white to 10% white will make no difference whatsoever. But a 10% black student population can bring a school to its knees with violence, filth, crime and demands for racial accomodation overnight.

This would be an amazing doctoral dissertaion if someone were dying of some disease and didn't have to worry about ever being employed again in the future. Seriously, though, just getting this data on digits and coming up with a program to filter it would add some mathematical backing to what we all have experienced.

But everything we know at this point seems to be anectdotal in nature.


Pat Boyle said...

This Ferguson incident is very interesting.

Politically we see Holder and Sharpton again converging on a small town to exert their benevolence. Maybe this is 'Trayvon Martin - The Sequel'?

In the original Zimmerman-Martin controversy those two managed to get Zimmerman tried. Obama gratuitously prejudged the outcome. Maybe we will see all that again?

But just a few months ago when the Martin case was current, Obama was still popular. Now, all the media write articles wondering if Obama is the worst President in our history. He is ridiculed for his laziness and cowardice. Holder is also much less popular now and Sharpton has lost most of his TV audience.

Given Obama's recent missteps, all the Democrat politicians are running away from him. I imagine that he is getting advice from Democratic Senators up for election to keep away from this issue - but will he?

I expect the news to emerge soon that this black teen was also a thug like Trayvon Martin. I have no evidence but the history of these kind of incidents is consistent. The media peddle a legend about how sweet the black victim was, and later we learn about their rap sheet.

The black community is very accepting of their black heroes. They have canonized Martin - a violent drug dealing thug.

Apparently, as I learn from Paul's article, Ferguson has been rioting in it's schools all along. It is only now that it has broken out into the streets that the general public has learned of the horrors of a black only town.

So, is this the beginning of the race war that some fear and others long for? I don't think so. It's still to soon.

The American public still maintains hope. They are not yet willing to give up on education as a remedy. They may not have even given up on electoral politics in spite of the lesson of Obama.

The next step is barbed wire. An almost all black town like Ferguson could be surrounded by a fence and contrary to what liberals would have you believe - fences work just fine. An all black town like Ferguson would lead to a fence around an almost all black city like Detroit.

This seems to me to be more or less inevitable. There has only been one public policy that has ever worked on black people - incarceration. We have less black crime than we had a coupe decades ago. We now have something like five times as many blacks in prison as we had when Bill Clinton was President. Incarceration works.

It probably won't be this year and it probably won't be Ferguson. But next year or the year after that, somewhere someone will be stringing up wire.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

Blacks=uncontrollable feral anger/violence. No more needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Dummy darkies don't realize they are playing right into the hands of their precious government's crackdown schemes. A representative (guess what race) from Georgia is calling on dear leader messiah to declare martial law.

Anonymous said...

The Negro is the Gun of the DWL

Libertard Rand Paul criticizes Ferguson police force said...

Libertarianism: The political philosophy for teenage males that don't want to grow up and deal with the realities of race or immigration.

Hey Rand Paul how about you go down to Ferguson and stand in front of those crowds without body armor. Those cops have already been shot at but you seem to think the problem is "too much government" because that is all Libertarians can offer.

And P.S. Blacks will never, ever vote for "minimal government" as long as there are Whites that can be taxed. That is a reality that Libertarians and Republicans seem completely incapable of dealing with.

Anonymous said...

I Like it:

Negression to the Mean.

Anonymous said...

He smiles and the 3 proud Hispanic just look at me. So, I wait a few more seconds, make a obvious effort to look all around, and then say even LOUDER. "Gee, you are the only White Male working here....." Then I say directly to him: "Don't say a word. You can't. But I can".

Careful, you could get someone fired doing that. They could lie and say he planted you to make them look bad. Token hires are a part of diverse areas and you can't change that by pointing it out. I'd suggest saving your nerves and moving to a White area. You're better off calling out DWLs on the internet.

Californian said...

Pat Boyle said...Apparently, as I learn from Paul's article, Ferguson has been rioting in it's schools all along. It is only now that it has broken out into the streets that the general public has learned of the horrors of a black only town.

This is a good point. Apparently, the youth are doing post graduate work in the streets!

Anonymous said...

The genome at work. Ferguson burns because of the allele differences between Blacks and Whites. Very, very simple.

Anonymous said...

To solve a problem, sometimes you have to make it bigger.

I've just sent a donation of 100 cases of water to the rioters/demonstrators/expiring rappers in Ferguson. Dropped it off in my SUV. No justice, no peace. You GO my homeys!!

Anonymous said...

"The modern, diverse, USA is a race war in slow motion."

Truer words have never been spoken.

And now we go from slo-mo, into fast-mo... in St. Louis, MO.


AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I think we can file this under miscegenation gone wrong, brings a huge smile to my face:

Agreed. And the icing on the cake:

The 62-year-old widow from Oak Park, Illinois, was a wealthy academic who once worked for Senator Ted Kennedy

I said previously that it's disgraceful that we let beasts prey on our people, regardless of how much they may deserve it. I'll make an exception in this case; the mongrel has standing by virtue of blood. I also get quiet satisfaction out of knowing that is punished its dam every day of its misbegotten life.

Wonder what happened to good old Dad?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Even a weak candidate like McCain won the white vote by about 55% to 43% in 2008. Romney won it by 59% to 39% in 2012. For those who still believe in voting, the depressing thing is that about 40% of whites are idiots, and that's unlikely to ever change.

And why are they idiots? Because they didn't vote for a silver spoon fed corporate whore who is for open borders and slave Mexican labor just like most Republicans? If you actually look at the voting records of Republicans you'll notice that they care far more about tax cuts for billionaires than closing borders or dealing with black crime.

Republicans don't care at all about the health or safety of middle class Whites. Our private insurance system has long had problems and the Republicans don't even like acknowledging that *gasp* corporations do not always work in the best interest of citizenry. They're married to the idea of "corporations know best" which is a joke given there are endless cases where a corporation chose profit over public health or safety.

The real idiots are Republican strategists that think they can somehow capture all these new Hispanic voters that they let in for Agri-business. Polls have been showing for years that this is a flat out dumb strategy that favors Democrats. But leave it to Republicans to ignore the polls just like they did with Romney.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the Ferguson Police Dept. issued AR-15's and announce that henceforth anyone looting or rioting will be shot on sight.
That would clean up this shit in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said I'm not sure if that's a personal criticism or not.

It is definitely not a personal criticism, and I certainly did not intend to offend you. I enjoy your posts and have no reason to believe that you are not who you say that you are, but obviously this impression is based solely on your statements. If I needed to place myself at risk based on you actually being who you say that you are, I would have to find a way to verify. Unfortunately, I must remain anonymous for reasons that you have previously mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski: "Slavery was common practice around the world for millenia. It was only "Christians" (who had already abandoned traditional Christianity by the late 1700s) who declared the practice a moral outrage. Funny how nobody who was shouting about all the evils of de slabery was going about forcing the religion of love and peace abandon the practice."
Speaking of funny, you know who else never lobbied against the turrble ebils ob de slabery? Jesus. The Christ, not the gardener. He gave instruction on how slaves and masters should get along with each other, but never once lobbied for an end to the institution. He never even "had a dream, that one day" all de massahs be in chains all up in Hell. It was nothing more than an employment system without a million unenforceable laws to govern it.
It's also funny, how setting them free did nothing but create more problems. Not 'haha' funny, but ROFLMAO funny.

Anonymous said...

"Hence, the pepper spray and the locked car doors while driving..."
NOLA non grata, please buy yourself a gun, and learn how to use it. Your life is too valuable to risk on pepper spray.

Anonymous said...

Q: How does a school become 98% black?
A: One negro at a time.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to agree with the premise that libertarian ideals are not achievable with the nog undertow in existence. I have aligned with libertarian ideas for many years, but am now beginning to see that many of these young pro liberty types tend to completely overlook the behaviors of the nogs and negate the destruction they have caused by simply assigning blame to big government. Now that the rose colored glasses have been removed, I am feeling lost, powerless, and even more frustrated. Where can we turn? How can we organize? Who is standing up for pro white interests?

Anonymous said...

AnalogMan: "Wonder what happened to good old Dad (of the matricidal mulattess in Indonesia) ?"
According to one of the articles, he died of natural causes a few years ago -- coincidentally, also on foreign vacation, also in a hotel. He was described as some sort of composer/conductor of music in Chicongo.

The Holy Ghostbuster said...

Anonymous said...And why are they idiots?

Voting at all is probably proof enough of idiocy. But a YT voting for a nig ... well, need I say more? Even if they think they see a short term advantage, as someone stated above, it's still like the capitalist selling his hangman the rope to hang him with because of the "profit" he believes he makes from the transaction. It doesn't end well.

Anyway, what I meant is idiots in racial terms, not IQ. That's the slippery thing about IQ. It doesn't guarantee anything. There are plenty of whites with high IQs that are the greatest devotees of "equality"; who don't understand the ineradicable nature of racial differences and never will. They're idiots. And in that sense, 40% is actually probably a low estimate. Most of those who voted Republican probably would swear they hate racism and racists as much as any Democrat. Maybe 99% idiots would be more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . Now that the rose colored glasses have been removed, I am feeling lost, powerless, and even more frustrated. Where can we turn? How can we organize? Who is standing up for pro white interests? “

Well, I've preached this before, but I'm one of those people who believe that things can be accomplished through political means if enough people speak and make demands in unison. Because blacks speak together and very loudly they get what they want. Most politicians don't admire or worship blacks, but they know that 90% of the blacks will vote together which represents a huge voting block regardless of the fact that blacks are a minority. Politicians also know that the white vote is not unified and regardless of what they do they will get perhaps 50% of the white votes canceled by the 50% that go to the other candidate. The pro-gun voting block is another good example. The NRA has a only a few million members, but politicians tend to listen to the NRA because their members vote as a block.

We need to unify a large group of whites. I propose a inexpensive experiment that all of the people reading this blog can participate in with no downside in the event of failure. We need to act on the next issue pertaining to whites nationwide that can be pursued without appearing to be a bunch of white supremacists so it will appeal to a broad range of whites and can be freely discussed in public. As soon as this event is identified we each need to immediately write letters or send emails to our elected legislators and perhaps news outlets. I have been told that a well written letter carries more weight in the eyes of a politician than an email. Additionally, we would need to encourage family members and friends to do the same.

To make this work, we need to have a procedure to quickly select the appropriate issue and provide enough information to potential letter writers to create a very noticeable barrage of letters and emails. As interesting as the Ferguson incident has become, I have not been able to identify an issue that would provide a suitable basis for a letter of outrage to my legislators – what would I demand that they do? The immigration issue might be good, but that isn't exactly why we are all here.

Ideally two or more rational and moderate people on this blog could be designated as a spotters to watch for issues with broad appeal to whites. Once they agree on the issue they could post it along with some background somewhere on the web where the rest of us would check daily. As soon as the issue is posted we would need to start our barrage within 24 hours. Except for the letters of outrage to our legislators, our communications would remain anonymous.

If we are lucky, we might see our efforts reflected in political comments or new broadcasts. The worst case is that we would collectively waste stamps and time. Okay, I've thrown an idea into the ring. I invite anyone to come up with something better.

Bogolyusbki said...

Holy Ghostbuster notes:
Voting at all is probably proof enough of idiocy. But a YT voting for a nig ... well, need I say more?

A white who voted for Housenigga Hussein is like a Jew voting for Hitler in 1933. There were probably a few Jews who actually did vote for Hitler that year, but nothing approaching the percentile of whites who voted for D'Won Mocha Messiah, a black supremacist, not only once but twice. This is why they are quite impervious to all logical and empirical arguments made about the fundamental nature of groids.

It's a shiny new, improved religion. Christianity 2.0, where the negro is the new the god-man. The Repukes and assorted "conservatives" (who like to think of themselves as the 'good ol' time religion' types) likewise worship their darkey dieties, from St. Martin "I'm fuckin' fo' Jeezus" the Adulterer to St. Nelson of the Necklace. I have more respect for even for Musloids than for these chumps. They're a total joke.

Anonymous said...

Have another drink moron.That is what most of the men I met in the south did,drank and whined.I lived in your moronic southern hell,I left.You are stuck.Grow up and do something besides this.I am willing to bet you are about 19 years old.
I am Red Sector A

Anonymous said...

Are you old enough to drink ?

Anonymous said...

P Boyle...

70 vs 60 -- either one is shockingly low.

60 is a terrible number to use in the argument because you start to shred credibility... all to no purpose.

A Bell distribution must surely place many Blacks with IQs below 60 even if the norm is 70.

But, since all of these stats are of a population that Americans are NEVER going to run into (deep Congolese, et. al.) all that's important is that Black Americans are brighter than Africans -- yet uncompetitive in America.

THAT'S the only equation that is worth arguing about.

Repatriated Blacks will pull UP the IQ norm for every African population they enter. (ex Dutch/ English Africans)

Africa has simply no end of blue collar work that American Blacks could do -- and do well -- that African natives simply can't do.

So they're importing hated Han Chinese. It can't end well.

The Chinese workers despise the native Africans. Guess why.

The ONLY thing keeping the Chinese there is a fat paycheck. It's so fat that even an American Black would find it sweet.

The cost of living in Africa is shockingly low.

We should advocate, promote and encourage smart American Blacks to begin a new era: Africa for native bloods -- of which they're a part of.

With over 1,000,000,000 Africans as it stands, an extra 30,000,000 souls would be a rounding error in the census. American immigrants would never represent enough of a voting bloc to upset local political alignments.

Their economic contributions would be most welcome.

Seeing America's Talented Tenth off to the old homestead brings a tear to my eye.

It's a no lose proposition for all involved.

Once they've established an economic beachhead, it'd be no trouble at all to bring more of the family over. America would kick in some Section 8 juice to make things click.

As for elderly Black Americans, they're free to take retirement in Africa, where the weather is almost perfect and the prices are super low.

Think of it as Costa Rica for Black Americans.

They could even vote for African politicians, tally the vote, and all the rest, showing Africa how democracy really works. And, in Africa, voting five or ten times a day is not a crime. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

American blacks will never move back to Africa on their own

No access to White women and that is the thing they want most, after the White man's money.

Anonymous said...

Just a tip.Bragging and gloating about how much money you make is rather noggish,and won't make you too many friends or supporters.Yes,there are morons on this site but they do eventually get bored and flake off.Some are young and do not know any better,such as butterscotch 'whistlin dixie' irish.Think of the sad little man on the 'ol Miss college logo for a visual of he and his ilk.Besides the needless gloating,most of your comments are right on.Do not waste your time trying to impress phillistines.Best wishes to you.

James Bondo said...

Heaven doesn't want the 30 million American blacks, and Africa is afraid they will take over.

Anonymous said...

I don't brag about making $1,000+ a day since it ain't bragging and that is NOT a lot of money.

During "season" and on a good day, I easily hit $2,500 take home profit. And, that still ain't a lot of money and it ain't braggin, It is a fact. Just don't hate others who can do it since you can't.

Now, go back over to the deep fryer before you burn the curly fries.

Anonymous said...

I don't seem to remember all the stories and outrage last year when that young man was murdered by THREE BLACK SAVAGES in front of his wife in that NJ mall parking lot around Christmastime. They sure made that disappear fast, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

A white who voted for Housenigga Hussein is like a Jew voting for Hitler in 1933.

Don't be stupid. It's more like a Jew voting for Hitler in 1942, if he had the opportunity. A Jew might have had some reason to vote for Hitler in 1933, figuring they would implode, for instance. The political left openly tells whites it means to exterminate them, and laughs in their faces about it. The left is guilty of, if not sponsoring racist violence against whites, then at least a depraved indifference to it. Violence that already include mass-murder, mass-rape, ethnic cleansing, and racist colonialism borrowed right out of the lebensraum play-book. 33? No.

Anonymous said...

blacks keep blaming slavery for their current problems.. research slavery and you will find some interesting things.. ie.. there were more white slaves than black slaves... please do some research..
Hundreds of thousands of Whites in colonial America were owned outright by their masters and died in slavery. They had no control over their own lives and were auctioned on the block and examined like livestock exactly like Black slaves, with the exception that these Whites were enslaved by their own race. White slaves “found themselves powerless as individuals, without honor or respect and driven into commodity production not by any inner sense of moral duty but by the outer stimulus of the whip.” (Beckles, White Servitude, p. 5).

Upon arrival in America, White slaves were “put up for sale by the ship captains or merchants… Families were often separated under these circumstances when wives and offspring were auctioned off to the highest bidder.” (Foster R. Dulles, Labor in America: A History, p. 7).

“Eleanor Bradbury, sold with her three sons to a Maryland owner, was separated from her husband, who was bought by a man in Pennsylvania.” (Van der Zee, p. 165).

White people who were passed over for purchase at the point of entry were taken into the back country by “soul drivers” who herded them along “like cattle to a Smithfield market” and then put them up for auction at public fairs. “Prospective buyers felt their muscles, checked their teeth… like cattle…” (Sharon Salinger, To Serve Well and Faithfully, Labor and Indentured Servants in Pennsylvania, 1682-1800, p. 97).

“…indentured servants were sold at auction, sometimes after being stripped naked.” (Roediger, p. 30). “We were… exposed to sale in public fairs as so many brute beasts.” (Ekirch, p. 129).