Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Conservatism: An Ideology Existing to Impede the Future from Becoming the Present

The new normal means tolerating Islamic terrorism and the 24/7 police state erected under the guise of keeping us safe/preventing Islamic terrorism. 

I don't stand with the people of Belgium, Sweden, France, Germany, England, Spain, or any nation where Islamic terror has occurred, because these people continue to elect politicians who openly side with Muslims immigrants and defend Muslims interests over the European people and their interests. 
Pathetically predictable... courtesy of Islamic terror and Western leaders who have committed to defending Islam over the interests of Western nations

Every monument in Europe and the United States currently lighted up in the colors of the Belgium flag (just as they were after the Paris attacks by Muslims and, paradoxically, in celebration of gay marriage) will one day be topped by a minaret or imploded by conquering Muslims, for demography is destiny. 

There exist to stop Islamic terror in the West: 
1. Don't Let Muslims in your nation (repatriate those currently living in the West); 2. Execute Westerners who agitate for relaxing rule one.

It's that simple.

Until then, we are just presently waiting for the next European/American city we must stand in solidarity with after another entirely preventable Islamic terror attack has happened there (a natural disaster is a tragedy; a Muslim terror attack is 100 percent preventable if you have the will to bar them from your nation).

Have your Facebook profile ready to incorporate that nations flag imposed over it!


Anonymous said...

India has a huge muslim population, but none of these problems. Why? The muslims know if they kill any Hindus, there will be bloody riots, with savage reprisal killings of muslims, mosques burned, etc. They fear the wrath of the Hindus. They aren't scared of us at all.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Sweden has let in a ton of these Somali black Muslims and now they are the rape capital of the west with numerous "no-go" zones. They have been paid back handsomely for their benevolence.

A recent video I came across shows a Swedish 60-Minutes crew going into one of these areas and being attacked as soon as their police escort leaves.

Black and Muslim, probably the worst combination I can think of.


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all those folks who lost their lives in Brussels yesterday, but this is all a result of the racist foreign policies of the United States. WE created the Arab Spring ... WE invaded Iraq ... WE colonized and conquered these once-great nations and held our boots on these peoples' heads. Is it any wonder they lash out like this?

Until we learn to EMBRACE and TOLERATE People of Color, these attacks will never stop. Until we can learn to be more INCLUSIVE, they will act out. That's what my Muslim neighbor, Abdullawa'an, says. He is from Burkina Faso, and he and my wife have become very good friends recently. ;) In fact, we are hoping to import a few thousand more African Muslims of Color into our little town in the near future. We will show the world that the power of love conquers all prejudices!

-A Compassionate Oregonian

herfsi said...

this is a fight that goes on to the end/forever.
those who can't see that are blind.
i'm as sarcastic as possible around those who support tolerance:
i say, "oh yes, they're probably all done now. i bet they like us now. from now on they'll be on our side."

these idiots think that being nice/respectful to them will help.
Hello, we tried that with our Africants:
bending over backward & being nice & overly respectful to the blaxcks for the last 75 years -
giving & giving & giving. the results? look around - it only makes things WORSE.
it definitely doesn't close any achievement "gaps!"
like the old joke says: it wastes our time & annoys the pig.

tanabear said...

The wages of liberalism is death!

If any of the supporters/voters of that socialist mayor of Molenbeek, Philippe Moureaux, were killed in that terrorist attack yesterday, I say "Good Riddance." You not only caused your own death but the death of many who were innocent.

Californian said...

I wonder: of those Europeans who have been the victims of the recent terrorist attacks, or were assaulted in Cologne, or saw their cities burn in rioting from Malmo to London...how many of them supported sanctions against apartheid era South Africa? ...or cheered the various third world "liberation movements? ...or looked down their noses at Americans because of segregation?

And how many today are waking up to what happens when you have a third world demographic in your country?

Anonymous said...

In the late 80s, I had a small boat in a marina. The two middle-eastern guys who owned a much larger boat next to mine were partners in a successful auto repair business.

After some conversation, I learned that one of them was an Israeli Jew, while the other was a Syrian Muslim.

What they had in common was they were both came to the US to avoid military service and the turmoil.

They were both, by the way assholes, who made a good living ripping off rich Volvo-driving assholes in an upscale neighborhood.

My larger point is that there are many people of all stripes in the Mid-East who could care less about Jihad or anything else other than coming here and making a buck, and reluctantly paying taxes like the rest of us. To them, religion is of secondary importance, if important at all.

Those were the sentiments of most immigrants over the previous 100 years, whether they were escaping pograms or service in the tsar's army.

Fast forward to today and many immigrants have the same agenda, but many do not.

Trump's appeal is that he's the only person on the national stage who can admit this very obvious fact.

His "Nazi" solution is the politically-incorrect stance to put the brakes on immigration until we can figure out who is coming here and why, and draft a plan to separate the hummus from the chaff.

Half the populace of the US thinks this is a good idea. The other half, indoctrinated with the Unicorn virus, and assumes that "right thinking" and the "brotherhood of man" will prevail.

What all this really means is that a tractable one or two percent will decide this election and our future.

With apologies to the victims of Brussels, and, before them, Paris, events like these will decide our future.

The electorate is fickle, and eight months is a long time. The election hangs on whether more of these events like Brussels happen close to the general election.

If another does close to the election, we'll get a Trump. If not, we might get a Hillary.

Unfortunately, this election will depend on whether there is massive bloodshed by Jihadists sooner, or even more carnage later.

Paintjob Theory said...

Oddly enough nobody managed to answer my question yesterday regarding what possible motive would some alleged Johnny Jihad have in blowing up an airport in Belgium?

Cui Bono?

Who's cause is aided by such an event?

Anonymous said...

A short, sweet post.

I was speaking with a Swedish intern at my office. She was always asking people to visit Sweden. Ive been ignoring her because most recently, I started to hate Europeans. When she asked me to visit Sweden I said, "I have no desire to visit Sweden. Ever". When she asked for a reason I said, "I probably wouldn't get along with people who are apologists for rapists." She never spoke to me again.

It makes me ashamed to be part Swedish. I talk to my dad all the time in disgust saying, "These people that share our genes are allowing their women to be raped."

It gets worse. In Sweden you can get prosecuted for criticizing it's immigration laws. EVEN WORSE: every Swede I came across recently I've asked them about this policy. They DENY it. They get defensive over it. How fucking pathetic can they be?

So PK, you not only speak for yourself, you speak for me too. I don't not stand with France, Belgium, Sweden, or any other country dumb enough to allow this to happen.

Conservatism? Find me one "conservative" politician. You can't because they are all cucked out. Only regular people are conservative.

Funny how liberals always claim that since they are "tolerant" they can deal with change. But can they? Why is it that college DWLs want socialist policies? Could it be because they cannot complete in ever changing, volitale, free markets? When the market fails them they are first to tap out and ask for parents or government to bail them out. Another thing in common with blacks, that explains the natural alliance.

Screw Europe and all those cowards. Reap what you sow, wimps. Imagine how well the right would be doing and how many more realist friends we'd have if we allowed "refugees" to pour into this country.

Anonymous said...

322 ... That's a significant number to our Overlords.


John Thomas said...


Anonymous said...

This paint job theory we're all the same b.s. is what has allowed for all these attacks to happen. Bear in mind Trump was the one to bring up immigrant threats BEFORE all these European attacks of late began to happen. Before the regular rapes and assaults at public swimming pools

If you were them, wouldn't you want compassion, you ask? That's just the thing. I'm not, and I'm nothing like them. My charity and empathy are reserved for those who would show me the same, otherwise I become a mere servant to whoever is constantly asking for favors, handouts and understanding while throwing me in front of the bus every chance they get.

I should help them, not because we are close or because they care about me, but because "I am a good person". Another label for that is a sucker- they person who pays for everything and suffers all the losses while you take take all the gains.

There is NOTHING in it for me. There is also NOTHING in it for my European brothers and sisters. It's time for all of our men to stand up and do everything we can under the law to repel these relentless marauding parasites in our midst. It's really our game to lose. Our enemies are just wondering how long we will keep taking it before their number is up. They show us every single day how stupid it is to give charity to them, yet we continue to do it or be made an example of.

We know who the problem people are, even if we have to revert to displaying cold hard statistics to prove it. We are risking our lives and happiness for the sake of their feelings. There is no reciprocation.

We will outsmart them and we will get them out of ours lives.

You can count on it.

Anonymous said...

But....but....employed, straight, Christian, white males kill other people too. And....and not EVERY muslim is a terrorist!

Yup. Exceptions prove the rule, and every rule has an exception. As long as not hurting other people's feelings remains a more pressing issue than national security, these attacks WILL continue.

D-FENS said...

On Faceberg I posted that we need to stop bombing the middle east and pay more attention to our borders. I was tpld to take a deep breath.

I have noticed that I am seeing fewer posts and shares from several "friends". I don't know to attribute it to a general Faceberg fatigue which I suspect is real or whether I have been "unfollowed".

Anonymous said...

I told the wife, as we watched the lackeys in Belchum holding hands, lighting candles, boo hooing, allowing leering negros push up on them, that standing with the shit soft Euros is a big mistake. They bent over so fast to let the trash in, and now they reap the benefits. No protests against muslims, no kicking muslim's asses, just more bending over and "solidarity". Disgusting whores, allowing afro/arab muslims to destroy their land, and doing nothing about it. The common lie spread by the news networks is that the muslims are persecuted in Europe, lies. The muslims enter the lands and begin their bullshit sharia. Then the media lies about the ease of muslims living in America, lies. Muslins in America aren't living in a socialist structure, they have access to big money commerce. They are doctors, nurses, big money makers. They are the funders and shot callers that directs the attacks in Europe. The muslims in America are overseeing, untouched, the madness taking over Europe. Europe chose to disarm citizens and bend over to muslims, so standing with Europe is nonsense. Running muslims out of America and defunding them will reduce all instability in Europe. Europe stupidly allowed muslims in thinking they'd be assets, like being doctors, merchants, so on. Instead they are socialist welfare rats, waiting on orders from big money fundamentalists. Follow the money, it isn't all coming from the middle east, no one is looking at the big money muslims here in the USA. Spend time in a hospital, watch muslim doctors' disdain in dealing with non muslims. It's blatant, and the saying "Follow the money" speaks volumes. Boycott muslim doctors, businesses, ignore and watch them like the trash they really are.

chattanooga gal said...

the powers that be almost seem to be sending the message " let the poor, downtrodden Muslims in, you'll get used to living in a terrorist state with frequent bombings and the fear of being killed just going to work. lots of people throughout the world deal with that every day"It's almost the same message they send when they want to send hordes of ghetto gang bangers to our neighborhoods- " you'll get used to the constant fear and high crime" I don't WANT to get used to it. Why should we have to. If they feel so altruistic, let them go to these areas of horror and do something THERE.

Mutant Swarm said...

"A racist is someone who wants to save his race. A conservative is someone who wants to save his money." - If I told you who said this, this wouldn't get posted. It's not Hitler.

rent slave said...

I don't do FACEBERG.

On Monday-before the attacks-,I heard someone on Mike Gallagher's radio show explain that Europe is doing the same as are the Democrats here:Importing a more favorable electorate.

Either mankind puts an end to Islam,or Islam will put an end to mankind.

Anonymous said...

It's very frustrating to watch pundit after pundit talk about how "difficult" it is to prevent this terrorism, I want fo scream at the tv. It's actually really simple, you deport all arabic and african muslims and prevent ANY more from coming in, and you prevent them from riding in your planes, trains, and buses.

It's really that easy. No islamics, no islamic terror.

Les Robbins said...

Good plan! It will sure thin out democrat voters which is an added benefit. George Clooney and his ilk will be gone....remember he married a Muslim

Earl Turner said...

The jokes just write themselves with this failed species.


Steve Smith said...

OT, but it illustrates typical TNB so well.

Here in Atlanta, the capital of TNB in the south, it seems two of Atlanta's finest got into a fight WITH EACH OTHER in a crowded restaurant WHILE IN UNIFORM. The whole thing was caught on video. It seems one even pulled his sidearm on the other.

No mention of race in the article but we know, don't we?

I'll bet it was over the last piece of chicken.



During the 70's I "back-packed" through Europe with my copy of "Let's Go Europe". From the summer of 1971 to my last summer trip, summer of 1978, I hitch-hiked and rode the EuroRail Pass all through Europe. 8 trips and I visited every country from The Scandinavian region to Malta and every nude beach in between.

I loved it. Beautiful and peaceful. 99.9% WHITE and safe. I used to sleep in the train stations and sometimes in a nice park. Never a problem and always clean. I made a point of buying a nice cheap bottle of red wine each day so I could look at the label and know what country I was in. "Europe on $5 Day"? Hell,no. More like "Europe on a Bottle a Day".

Watch changed?

There is no way in hell I would go to Europe again. I am surprised they even have a tourist industry. I would rather go to Epcot at Disney World to visit "France" and "Italy" and have less chance of my legs being blown off. Does anyone know much about the tourism industry in Europe now?

Shocking how easy it is to brainwash the White Race. We are the most beautiful and intelligent of all the races, yet there is something wrong with us when it comes to being "nice". We are fools and we need to wake up and kick out ALL THE NON-WHITES from Europe.

Anonymous said...

Bill Bratton and Bill Deblashole need to be investigated for their continuing denial and hiding of criminality.

Anonymous said...

The end is near folks. Start accepting and preparing yourself for it.

Californian said...

Here's something to consider:

Why does a single act of terrorism cause such moral signalling? After all, we have seen several European cities pillaged by third worlders in recent years. We have seen massive criminal violence against Europeans in recent years. Are in the bigger picture, we are seeing the genetic destruction of Europeans. Yet none of this causes any particular amount of outrage, at least not from official sources.

But reasonably speaking, the creation of No-Go Zones within European cities is a far greater threat than a singular terrorist attack.The No-Gos represent a loss of sovereignty and the creation of quasi-independent states within states. They are also bases for even more third world havoc against Europeans.

Will actions like the Brussels attack energize a more general European resistance? Or are they distractors? i.e., because everyone draws flowers on electronic devices, or NATO bombs some insurgent base in Syria, no real action is taken against the third world invasion.

Anonymous said...

How to stop Islamic terrorism 101

-Secure borders
-Don't allow Muslims into your country
-Deport Muslims who are here

No Muslims, No Muslim terrorism. It's that simple.

FlowerBell said...

"Compassionate Oregonian" has the mistaken idea that you can take a personal relationship and expand on it to include great hordes of people.

Individuals and "people" are an entirely different animal.
This is where the IKAGO failure begins. Magical thinking.

"Compassionate Oregonian", why do you celebrate diversity yet live in the predominately white state of Oregon? (87.9% white, less than 2% black)

Anonymous said...

Not true. India has plenty of ieds and terror attacks.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Each of the so called "ages of man" really refer to what the common tools and weapons of war were made of (stone, iron, bronze, gunpowder, etc...) The people who continued to fight using the obsolete materials, unaware that they had entered a different era, were destroyed until all surviving men were using their era's modern tools and weapons.

At a subconscious level Europeans realize that the weapon that was used to wreck their societies and dispossess them was of the psychological variety, preying upon empathy and encouraging mass collective guilt, shame, ignominy, and stigma. They laughably are now attempting to wield it themselves against an enemy that is immune to it.

So when you look at the cartoon of the two flag colored, crying marshmallow people with floating hearts betwixt them ... this is a guilt inducing image that basically says, "Look what you did. You hurt us. Now we are sad, don't you feel bad, mister?? Why don't you go think about what you did, and only come out of your room when you are ready to apologize."

Europeans do this, because they think it will work on others the way that it has worked on them. It is how Europeans have punished their children for tens of thousands of years, training their offspring to be empathetic, sensitive to shame induction. It is how they talked themselves into freely surrendering their civilizations, whether here in the U.S. to mestizo invaders and negroes, or in Europe to Arabs and Africans. But they foolishly miss that other cultures will not be swayed by "guilt trips." They do not feel shame for eradicating what they correctly see as a weak population with more resources than themselves and no will to defend it.

Because we have so thoroughly tamed the planet we have lost touch with the simplest fact of nature - species compete and kill for resources and living space. All human history is really just the story of one group pushing out another group until defensible borders are established. That will never change. This is just its most modern incarnation, Islam as a civilization encroaching into undefended, borderless territory, populated by people who do not fight or see it as theirs.

This may be the first example in history of a group just up and deciding they did not want to muster any form of defense of themselves. And all because they had convinced themselves socially that it would be virtuous to cooperate with their own elimination while also convincing themselves simultaneously that it is evil to resist it.

(And yes I know that it was all thoroughly encouraged by YKW, but we are still the ones who did it.)

Pat Boyle said...


I see that besides the new version of Tarzan Hollywood is about to release a new version of Ben Hur.

America is a different kind of nation from what it was when the Charlton Heston version was released. The relevant difference here is in Christianity and the representations of Christianity. We are a much less Christian nation than we were in the late 1950s. But as Mel Gibson proved the remaining Christians are ready to buy tickets in large numbers.

So this new version of Ben Hur may do well at the box office. I don't know and won't hazard a prediction. But I can comment on the history.

The history in Ben Hur the best selling novel written by a Civil War general, the silent film with Ramon Navarro, and the fifties Heston version - is bunk.

The basic story is subtitled ' "A Story of the Christ'. It is a story about Jesus with a Roman adventure story wrapped around it. There are two big set pieces in the story - the chariot race near the end and the sea battle near the beginning. Neither scene relies on dialog - just action. It is certainly true that Romans loved chariot racing but the naval scenes are all wrong, The spine of the tale is that Judah Ben Hur is betrayed by his Roman friend and sold as a galley slave. The problem is that the Romans didn't have galley slaves.

Romans employed lots of slaves. Probably at the time of the story most of the people on the streets of Rome were slaves. The agricultural sector used the latifundia system of slave labor. And slaves worked the mines. But the galleys were rowed by a guild of free men. There were galley slaves in the Mediterranean but only in the Middle Ages long after the Romans were gone.

The Errol Flynn movie - "The Sea Hawk' - shows more accurate depiction of galley slaves in Elizabethan times.

But Hollywood always gets slavery wrong. The only recognizable star in the cast of this new Ben Hur is Morgan Freeman. This is an example of Hollywood's proclivity to fill ancient Roman movies with African negroes. It's barely possible that there were some blacks in Rome at the time of Christ but none of the ancient historians mention them. Vegetius catalogs characteristics of all the various peoples known at the time. He doesn't mention Africans. One of the gladiators in the Russell Crowe "Gladiator' is black as is one of the gladiators in the recent film 'Pompey'.

Hollywood casts blacks in their Roman films to underline the fact that certain people were slaves. But in Rome almost all the many slaves were certainly white. The true situation of slaves before Africa was discovered by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century might confuse the politically correct narrative.



Anonymous said...

I was talking to an old friend who lives in a European country which is experiencing a rape epidemic thanks to the new people her country is taking in. Her family has no guns and she doesn't like the situation one bit. I feel bad for my friend but know that things will get much worse prior the pendulum swinging back towards a sense of relevant social homeostasis.

chattanooga gal said...

as for the " good" refugees, of whom we are told all but about 5% are, my take on that is to hold out a bag of m&ms and ask, " if I told you only 5% of these were deadly poison would you let your kids eat any of them?"

Anonymous said...

as for the " good" refugees, of whom we are told all but about 5% are, my take on that is to hold out a bag of m&ms and ask, " if I told you only 5% of these were deadly poison would you let your kids eat any of them?"

Why take the risk? This simple question drives liberals and cuckservatives crazy. It shows that they are not for acting in the best interest of the majority.

Anonymous said...

Hot off the White Guilt press:


Anonymous said...

Re Oregonian:
almost a self-parody, isn't it?
Always, always, whites who rhapsodize about the benefits of non-white neighbors live in areas where the whites are in the vast majority. It is so predictable I refer to it as a "law" of social science; I'll call it the Settler Effect. Why that name? Because the believers in it are usually first generation whites who have lived in the area without interruption from racial chaos. For a generation or two, or ,more ( this being North America, there aren't too many generations to begin with. )
They aren't "gentrifiers", who, for all the scorn they endure, at least have the balls to go into black areas for the value of the old buildings and historical interest, and try to live as free spirits. Sometimes they see the folly of their ways, and after a beating or two, depart. Sometimes one of their own gets murdered, for being a "fag", etc. Nearly all of them however add the magic of European American culture, if only for a short time, if only watered down with bohemianism, and hamstrung by fear of black retaliation, or leftist scorn.
Oregonian lives on the ethereal nourishment of the religion of the Media. He sees an addition where others see a loss, clarity and unity where others see confusion, and cacophony. His peace is drug-induced, and the Media is the drug. Why does he feel his life is improved with black or third world neighbors?
I have written before on this topic, so I'll summarize a bit. The USA is a major outlier in terms of world history. The country went through the most momentous event in history ( quantifiably the largest human endeavor ever...World War Two) more or less unscathed physically. I know the human losses were huge, and the grief and psychological damage real, but the point is that the country was physically undamaged. The population did not see bombs drop on houses full of civilians, did not see executions in the street, did not have to endure artillery shelling. It didn't even hear gunfire! World War Two was an order of magnitude, or more, damaging to Europe and Asia than it was here.The people in this country don't know what happened in the twentieth century. They are naïfs. Which means they are not in touch with their fear. Nor were their parents. They are passionless people in a world flooded with political passion.
As the psychologists say, "They can't relate." The quality of the political thought which supposedly guides them is so strange the occasional critic simply calls it a mental disorder, as in "Liberalism is a mental disorder" seen on bumper stickers.
Now, as for where human beings can live in peace and freedom and happiness. Where are these societies. Of course they are few, but they are always to be found in northern Europe in relatively homogeneous white populations.
I'm going to leave it here because the implications are obvious. However not without this parting thought: there is a genetic component to all of this. It has been hypothesized that the northern European has the genetic hardware refined through generations of challenges, and successes, that the people of the Dark Quarter simply lack. In other words, there will never be a blessed moment of equality.
Why anyone should try to achieve the impossible is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

We had no problem putting the japs into internment camps, it worked, it kept them out of the landscape. We bombed the shit out of them, ALL of them. Now CNN and the other interferons question the logical and balls out approach to muslim contamination. Intern them, all of them. Don't deport, round them up and keep them out of the landscape.

Anonymous said...

Build massive internment prisons, pile the muslims in, don't deport them. We'll know where they are and what they can no longer do.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but the article I am linking below is not a joke, and no, it wasn't taken from the Onion. Writing "Trump 2016" is now apparently hate speech:

The president of Emory University has met with 40 to 50 student demonstrators who said they were concerned and frightened after someone wrote "Trump 2016" in chalk on campus sidewalks and some buildings.

Jim Wagner, president of the Atlanta university, wrote Tuesday that the students viewed the messages as intimidation, and they voiced "genuine concern and pain" as a result.

Emory on Wednesday provided The Associated Press with a copy of Wagner's letter, in which he said students confronted by Trump's name in chalk "heard a message about values regarding diversity and respect that clash with Emory's own."

Emory's student newspaper, The Wheel, reported that the students this week chanted, "You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!" shortly before Wagner agreed to meet with them.


Mutant Swarm said...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

"...So when you look at the cartoon of the two flag colored, crying marshmallow people with floating hearts betwixt them ... this is a guilt inducing image that basically says, "Look what you did. You hurt us. Now we are sad, don't you feel bad, mister?? Why don't you go think about what you did, and only come out of your room when you are ready to apologize.

"Europeans do this, because they think it will work on others the way that it has worked on them. It is how Europeans have punished their children for tens of thousands of years, training their offspring to be empathetic, sensitive to shame induction. It is how they talked themselves into freely surrendering their civilizations, whether here in the U.S. to mestizo invaders and negroes, or in Europe to Arabs and Africans. But they foolishly miss that other cultures will not be swayed by "guilt trips." They do not feel shame for eradicating what they correctly see as a weak population with more resources than themselves and no will to defend it..."

I don't know which is worse, to BS somebody else that badly or to believe one's own BS. Case in point:


(I found this on Youtube by searching for "bullshido exposed.")

Bud Man said...

There are good people in those countries upset at their leaders and there are many who are truly innocent as well but I do agree with the post that those who voted for such politrickster should shoulder the blame as well. Same with those who harbor White and Western Guilt. I did run into a teacher from a high school in West Virginia who taught a few foreign exchange students from Germany. One of them is a 17 year old boy and he told the teacher that he is angry and fears for his country by letting in refugees from the Islamic world. His parents think and believe the same way. He also made it clear that if things continue like this, "at some point, my (his) generation will deal with it." I don't want to see a return to genocide of course, that is wrong but I think the humane way to deal with the refugees, that is, if your heart says so, is to not let them in, deport the troublemakers and freeloaders and for the rest of them in their own countries, fly a few C-130's over them and parachute food, medicine and provisions to them and let them handle it on their own. Either we do it that way or the anger will keep building until something blows up. We cannot keep letting people in who do not understand our Western way of life nor have the desire to do so. It is a different world where they come from.

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus Harmon really strikes a chord with me. We ARE brought up to be kind and compassionate, and, especially, to obey The Golden Rule. Most Whites try to live this way. Try to find joy in life and bring joy to others. But race realism makes Whites question their morality (and suffer guilt and remorse). Until they realize that they can be true to their values and still be a race realist. That's been the tortuous process for me. It's been 2 years since my complete awakening, but I am just now feeling comfortable. I am a good person, who literally won't harm a fly, and I am a race realist. I am not evil or violent - just a realist. My heart is lighter now.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

I hope to God that is satire...

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 11:04am re - Hot off the White Guilt press: "poor-white-kids-are-less-likely-to-go-to-prison-than-rich-black-kids/"

Because they commit a fraction of the crimes? Even though they are poor? And money does nothing to improve the performance of blacks? End of story. Must be a short article.

NJ Woman

P.S. Read all about it! Pigs less like to fly then birds!

Anonymous said...

I've found that it's often the people that live in the least diverse areas that are the most vocal about how great diversity is.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum said...

Que bono?

Clearly not the Muslims residing in Europe in that they are going to be subject to suspicion and heavy scrutiny, justly deserved. Clearly not the leaders in the countries where the terrorism is happening, because they have to put up with an agitated public. I'm constistently amazed each morning I awaken and Angela Merkle's head isn't resting on some pole in Dusseldorf. Have the Germans really become that big of a p*ssy? Americans have no rights to throw stones, in any event.

My personal theory is that the larger agenda put forth by these "random" terrorist acts coincides with an end prize that is beyond the realm of our collective imaginations. If we go by the theory that nobody does anything that isn't in their own self interest, then there is no explicable reason why western countries are not defending their borders. There is therefore only one other possbible goal and that is a radical redrawing of said borders encapsilating not countries but rather "regions", not ulike we've learned of in Agenda 21.

We are the world, we are the children...blah, blah, blah... I've given it a great deal of thought and it's about the only theory that makes sense. The past few years have seen both Russia and China decline their designated place in the NWO, and both are actively vilified by our "leaders" and persecutied in MSM. Why? Vladimir Putin is simply putting the interests of the Russian people first. Isn't that what a leader of a country should do?

Say what you will about China, but after the west stupidly gave it all of its manufacturing base, they're going to defend it for all it's worth. Real wealth is measured in raw earth materials and the apparatus to turn them into product. Therefore, a strong business tie in between Russian and China is completely logical. They don't really need the west and its fiat currency. China has enough US dollars to go back and forth to Mars stacked two piles thick.

It makes no sense for the enemies of the western powers (Russia and China) to stir up the populace that makes buying their sh*t possible (Russia is sitting on one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world - both countries are seeing some real danger to their economies).

So it's not our traditional "enemies", it's not our "leaders", it's most likely a very quiet regional player who holds many of the cards in this little game and likely has an extremely good memory over what an enraged, mono-ethnic, superior intellect, European blooded populace can dish out. And it scares the hell out of them.

What to do? Destroy the bloodline, destroy the culture, create an active, ever-present enemy combatant from the lowest ranks of civilization's members (the negroes and the sand n*ggers) and watch the little comedy play out over a period (by my calculations at least) of approximately 70 years, give or take.

Anonymous said...

"Compassionate Oregonian", why do you celebrate diversity yet live in the predominately white state of Oregon? (87.9% white, less than 2% black)


'I've found that it's often the people that live in the least diverse areas that are the most vocal about how great diversity is.' duh. Riche Libs want it pushed on poor Whites.
even Blacks avoid living in 'bad' areas, if they can.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum said...

Christianity and Christian doctrine are diametrically opposed to the "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" justice that prevails in the Middle East. Your most successful people in life can understand this fact and are able to differentiate between equality and equal opportunity. Believing in equality is, for me, an ideal, like believing all good people will go to Heaven after they die. Logically, I don't believe such a place exists. I therefore don't believe equality can ever exist in mortal beings. Providing equal opportunity is another matter. Providing access to education and advancement is a fine and worthy goal. But those goals must be earned, not randomly given out, like candy during Trick or Treat.

Brian in Ohio said...

You reap what you sow. Guess Europe is going to have to learn the hard way.

Well, when you import middle easterners, you get the middle east. Nobody even blinks at mass rape or suicide bombings there.

We`ve seen what Europeans can do in a war. I hope they find their balls soon.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. What a bunch of animals.

Ratchet said...

Oh FFS. They need a swift kick in the ass and a swat up side the head. They are in pain. Give me a break.

Steve Smith said...

Compassionate Oregonian usually posts satire, like Julie

Anonymous said...

We need to stop saying "radical Islamic terrorism" and just call it what it is - "Islamic terrorism".

We also need to stop using beautiful, innocent dogs for explosives detection. It breaks my heart. Why can't we use "bomb-sniffing n*****s"?

NJ Woman

Bill in St Louis said...

Because when you get used to it, to the point where surrendering all your civil liberties in return for TPTB getting rid of them sounds like a good idea, is the end game. Then the hordes of whatever flavor will be rounded up and gassed, and we will become the NWOs new serfs.

proudyt said...

Good one.

Ex New Yorker said...

Why is it that after these "terror" attacks they always have the same after effects. There are new laws made to take away more peoples freedom. The more you "terrorize" the people the more willingly they give up more of their freedoms. It works every time because the people are sheep who want someone to protect them from the "bad guys."

This shit with the Muslims has been going on for years in Europe. Every year in France they set thousands of cars on fire to celebrate New Years Eve. In Finland women have been beaten and raped for years. Their government made laws that said you cannot say anything bad about Islam. Does anyone remember the Muslim riots in England a few years ago. They set London on fire and nothing was done to stop them. Just like Baltimore. Hasn't anyone seen a pattern here.

Why were all those boats filled with Muslims brought to European shores when the sensible thing to do was return them back to where they came from. Isn't it obvious whats going on. All those photos I've seen of European women with signs welcoming the invasion of rapist. Who are these women.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum said...

The default position if Trum doesn't win is that we get Hillary. The silver lining in that cloud is that we will probably be within months and no longer years in our ultimate collapse. If America is in fact irreemable, and I find that to be true, then we are headed for a brick wall at break neck speed and will be in overdrive when Mrs. Clinton gets into office.

She and Bill were two of the most dedicated to the destruction of this country that I have ever seen. Sure, both Bush one and Bush II were pretty bad, and going full throttle into Iraq seriously ramped up business for the military security complex.

I noticed after visiting Washington D.C. back in 2011 just how much of a police state we have become. Having grown up there and witnessing the change from pre 911 induced a severe panic attack in me, one of the most severe in my life.

In later years, if we're lucky enough to survive the carnage and perhaps toss back a beer or two while recollecting over it, we will marvel that we didn't see the encrouchment that the Security State has taken over our lives. It's another one of those things you can't accurately assess while it's happening but only in hindsite.

Keep in mind that the negroes and the sand n*ggers are being used as foot soldiers in this war on YT. A stupid populace that can't think of anything more lofty than where the next KFC bucket is coming from is ideally suited for ultimate control. The violence can ultimately be dealt with, North Korea style. :)

Mr. Rational said...

Oregonian lives on the ethereal nourishment of the religion of the Media.

"Compassionate Oregonian" is satire, like "Julie" and "I. M. Klewless".

Tune up your sarcasm detector, you'll need it here.

Anonymous said...

"There is no way in hell I would go to Europe again. I am surprised they even have a tourist industry. I would rather go to Epcot at Disney World to visit "France" and "Italy" and have less chance of my legs being blown off. Does anyone know much about the tourism industry in Europe now?"

Don't kid yourself, we here in the US are going to have more terror attacks, it's just a matter of time so staying away from Europe isn't going to matter. Whether in Europe, the US or any other Western country, terrorism is going to be a way of life to some degree because of our stupidity.

Anonymous said...

"Americans have no rights to throw stones, in any event. "

Actually, Americans do, Europeans have certainly thrown enough stones at Americans and South Africans in the past regarding Blacks. How would Europeans like it if we Americans started calling them racist because of all their Islam trouble?? I think they'd get pretty angry. Europeans in the past have been very naïve and many still are. Europeans used to live in all White societies so had no idea what it was like to have large 3rd world populations in their midst. Now Europe is learning the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can send African-Americans to Brussels to play basketball. I am sure that would end violence in Belgium.

Anonymous said...

NJ Woman said ”. . . We also need to stop using beautiful, innocent dogs for explosives detection. It breaks my heart. Why can't we use "bomb-sniffing n*****s"?”

They're simply not smart enough.

Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to Red Ice Radio with Matthew Bracken. A long and interesting discussion on post-Brussels attack Europe. The conclusion seems to be the prospect of Civil War in Europe looms large. Before that however I think there will be a "dirty war" as in Argentina in the 1970 - 1980's.[ Communists had infiltrated the schools, churches, and unions, and they were insidiously turning the country into a KGB-run ally. Industry was going to pieces, and the spectre of Cuban-level permanent poverty goaded the military into action.]
Poland and Eastern Europe in general will be muslim-free and the political movement which liberates them will spread. I look forward to the cloud of dust as the European Union falls into the dustbin.

Anonymous said...

@ Californian,
Yep, it's a whole lot different when it's happening in your own neighborhood and not halfway across the world. That's when the virtue-signaling rubber really meets the road. While I wish no one harm, at times I've felt a little Schadenfreude regarding the ultraliberal Swedes who have pushed multiculti nonsense on Europe and to some extent on the rest of the West. Gunnar Myrdal's work was instrumental in bringing about integration in the American South. Frankly I despise his name. Neither Europeans, nor most Americans care about the on-going genocide of the white South African people. I don't believe the South African whites can qualify as "refugees." I could be wrong, but I don't think so. There was a piece not long ago about an elderly South African woman who was being deported from Britain, although her daughter lives in England. They were kicking this woman out, a white woman of British descent, but allowing thousands of non-whites to come in and stay. Yeah, we whites are pretty messed up. Europeans will happily greet with bon bons and flowers the invaders who are coming into their countries to displace and murder them. Frankly, I find the greeters disgusting traitors. They would have been the ones leading the Persians over the mountain pass to kill their fellow countrymen at Thermopylae. Any one who sides with the OTHER against his own people is a freak of nature and will ultimately win the Darwin Award. Hopefully. I'd like to think this latest horror will wake people up on both sides of the pond, but it's doubtful. It's hard to understand why there is no resistance movement similar to what went on during WW2. Maybe European men have been eating too much soy. They really ought to start snacking on pumpkin seeds.

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus, excellent comment as always, but I would argue that this isn't the first time that a passive culture has just given itself over to an invading horde. "No new thing under the sun." Mark Steyn's excellent book "After America" uses the term "Eloi" from The Time Machine to distinguish the modern humanoids that we witness all around us. HG Wells no doubt sensed the direction that humanity would take with the technological advances that were in store. With the modern disconnect from history, science, biology, ecology, and racial understanding that influences so much of "common knowledge" today, the Eloi-ization of gooey descendants of Europeans continues unabated.


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that only a fraction of all venomous snakes ever bite a human? Don't judge all vipers by the actions of a few. In the event that a nest of yellow jackets developed beneath your backyard deck, it is unlikely that every one of them will sting you or your family. You therefore have no right to remove the nest.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

If I could be certain that electing Hillary would hasten the fall I would probably start supporting her. I guess Im clinging to some shred of hope that President Trump can instill some guts back into America. Although I can see how a cleansing could do a world of good.

I guess from that perspective we win either way, just with Trump its a little less painful...maybe.

Have a great Easter holiday.

awakened white said...

Deport Deport deport! btw same here NJ woman! what Whites need to do is use that pathological altruism towards our own people and not rapefugees, etc..

Anonymous said...

God, this boo hoo warm and fuzzy crap after terror attacks is soooo corny and gay.
WTF, you all are just a fkkn doormat for them to wipe their shitty feet on.

I used to live in brussels and once stepped on a huge human turd in a parking lot
of a grocery store. I was berated by those fks controlling those internet cafes.

Why do you want to include them in your grieving faggy stuff,
why don't you fucking just get rid of them. You can do it!
F*ck the corny crap and get to work.

Anonymous said...

The media is so genius.
They ferment conditions until something bad happens,
then they capitalize on the big news story they've helped generate.

You can even notice them trying to ferment the next
big attack story even while covering the current one.

In the current example, they are showing all the
goody goody muslims after the terror attack and
how they are all sympathetic and everything.

The media loves this kind of sh_t ! They'd do anything to
generate the next attack so they can reap the rewards of their labour
and get all the viewers of the next big big news story.

Do you think they are satisfied with an ordinary flood or tornado
or something when they can have a terrorist attack to capitalize on??
They are not able to ferment conditions for the next tornado or flood,
but they are able to help create conditions for terror attacks,
and YOU know how, people.

Anonymous said...

The pattern repeats because it's a reliable template of a hustle. It has a short arch from attack to laws. So, it's hard to interrupt. Right now, we can just call it out for the BS it is.

in DC

Paintjob Theory said...

"The past few years have seen both Russia and China decline their designated place in the NWO,"

Don't believe that for a minute. What they have done is almost hit the finish line and are just shuffling around waiting for us to catch up with them. The Bolshevik revolution AND China's communist revolution were both financed and organized by the usual suspects, and if history is any indication it takes some deep and painful purging to remove that parasite if they are to be rooted from their positions of power and influence.

To the best of my reckoning the standard of living of the vast majority in those countries is very poor despite their nations' resources and homogeneity and the opportunity for social promotion is almost non existent. The cold war, and the "fall" of the Soviet Union were all just a show.

What the USA has (in addition to natural resources and food production) is the cream of the crop of white European stock. Our people are still responsible for virtually every great advance in science, technology, and medicine, and our particular genetics makes us the only species of man who can dream and create such marvels. When you own the printing press your motive is no longer money, it becomes only a means to and end (power). Once you have sufficiently cornered the market on and cemented your power what's left? To live forever. The black, and brown will never in a million years create such technology. The yellow man may be able to copy it but they seem to greatly lack the creative spark to create it in the first place. It tremendously behoves those who run this show to keep us around if they want to have nice things and eternal life... they just need us compliant, enslaved/dependent, depopulated, and so demoralized with the current order that we will go along and accept the new one largely willingly.

Anonymous said...

"All those photos I've seen of European women with signs welcoming the invasion of rapist. Who are these women. "

Naïve idiots who will learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Jihad is not all violence. Indeed, the Islamist is asked to be patient, and when confronted with circumstances that do not permit action, such as living in a society that holds the upper hand, to remain silent, play along and bide your time. Work within, quietly, slowly (see Dearborn, MI). It may take 10, 20 or more years, but the opportunity will come. That is what is happening in this country, right here, right now. Let us not be fooled.

Obama, a Muslim at heart, knows this.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason for Europe to let Muslims in. Some Middle Eastern
countries will not let them in.

The majority are not war refugees.

The U.S government refuses to list Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR (Council for American and Islamic Relations) as terrorist organizations.

Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR has its tentacles in the U.S. government. The Saudis own stock in many, many U.S. and European companies. The Bush crime family is best friends with many of the Saudi royals. The day after 9/11 the only ones allowed to fly were the bin Laden family to leave the U.S. Right before 9/11 Bush stopped all Arab / Middle Eastern profiling, especially at airports.

Bird of Paradise said...

The doule monder day pluages of Multi-Culteralism and Diversity

Anonymous said...

The Brussels Chief of Police is a transvestite and everyone knows. Not known from article if the Chief wants to do gender reassignment surgery. There are photos of the Chief in brightly colored women's clothes and at a couple of parties.
In one photo it appears the Chief is wearing a short night shirt or something that looks like a night shirt, kind of skimpy also.

Seems the Chief is too busy going out dressed as a woman to have fun that he does not have time to do police work.

I wonder if he has ever been attacked by the devout pious Muslims. LOL