Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 27, 2016: Chicago Pastors Call for "A Day Free From Murder of any Kind" Because Blacks Can't Stop Killing/Shooting One Another

Thou Shall Not Murder. 

It's one of the Ten Commandments. 

In Chicago, a city where black people can't stop killing/shooting one another, it's yet another cheap ploy to try and convince black people to put down the guns for just one day. 
March 27, 2016 -- Over/Under on Homicides/Shooting in Chicago, a day designated as one "free from murder of  any kind"

March 27, 2016 - "a day free from murder of any kind." From
Chicago pastors are calling for a day without death. Inspired by divine law and spurred by belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, we invite the entire city of Chicago to participate in creating a day without murder.
Seriously, is there another racial group on this planet requiring clergy members/church leaders/community activists/business leaders/elected officials to come together and basically beg black people not to shoot anyone for just one day? 

So what's driving the increases in homicide among the black population in Chicago? Police standing down for fear of losing their job if a wrong encounter with a black criminal goes viral. [Police brass, facing horrible homicide numbers, at last see frontline response, Chicago Sun-Times, 3-1-16]:
Police stops have plummeted by 87 percent this year and homicides have soared to levels not seen since the 1990s in Chicago — creating a firestorm of criticism for the department. 
Still, police officials said Tuesday they’re at last seeing progress from their frantic efforts to get cops back to work on the streets. 
Police work nearly ground to a halt in the first six weeks of 2016 because officers were worried about increased scrutiny of their stops following the November release of the video of Laquan McDonald’s shooting. The video led to a murder charge against Officer Jason Van Dyke and a federal probe of the department. 
Ninety-five people were slain over the first two months of the year, the largest number of homicide victims in Chicago since 1999 and nearly double the body count over the same period of 2015 when 48 people were killed. 
Cops have told the Chicago Sun-Times they’ve been afraid to make investigatory stops because the Justice Department and American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois have been busy scrutinizing police practices after the release of the McDonald video. 
The huge slowdown in police activity this year could be a factor in the rise of violent crime in Chicago — along with warmer-than-normal temperatures that drew more people outside in high-crime neighborhoods.
Thou Shall Not Murder. 

It seems with police sticking to hanging out in the coffee shops instead of patrolling "high-crime neighborhoods" (black communities), black people have decided to disobey this commandment with ruthless aggression.

Good luck on March 27, black Chicago!



rent slave said...

Does it count if one of them is shot on Sat.Mar.26th but doesn't die until the 27th?I'll set the line at 4.5.

Anonymous said...

"...along with warmer-than-normal temperatures..." Don't feed them after midnight, either.

Anonymous said...

It will never stop...

Shooting outside busy Minnesota sneaker store

Ex New Yorker said...

After Ferguson and Baltimore many commenters on this site talked about cops staying out of the hood. You all know who you were. I was one of them. I have not changed my belief. Why should the cops interfere in "high crime neighborhoods" if the victims of the crimes do not want the criminals arrested. The "Black Lives Matter" protesters have been the driving force behind the idea that the cops should stay out of the ghetto. The cops seem to agree with the protesters and I support that decision.

Blackie is oppressed by white people who are the cause of all his misery. This is a known fact according to the media. Because of bad schools and no jobs caused by racism the poor and suffering black people have only one way to express their anger. They release their frustration by BLOWING THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER ON A DAILY BASES AND TURNING WHOLE CITIES INTO HUGE BLOODBATHS. Dey be shootin each other cuz dey got no jobs and sheeet.

I agree about taking the day off on March 27. They need to take a break so they will have some time to reload.

Anonymous said...

Thou Shalt Not Murder
For the most part, they do a pretty good job honoring that commandment. Many of them plead down to manslaughter. (Unless that's a codeword for "dindu murder")
I'm White, so please forgive the ignorance of my question here, but: If not-murdering is so important to you people, why are you only shooting [PUN!!!] for a one-day moratorium? And why wait til March 27? Why not tomorrow? Why not hijack those #flashmob twitter feeds and just announce - "Hey yalls. No flash mob today. But no murder, too."
Remember those old email chain-letters your mom would send you, that tried to organize boycotts of gas stations? If we get everyone to boycott Arco on Monday, Shell on Tuesday, Chevron on Wednesday, etc, then those companies will really feel our bern. Well, anyone with a brain realized that the overall demand for gas would not decrease; and whatever business Arco lost on Monday, they'd make back on Tuesday/Wed/Thurs as the Shell/etc boycotters needed a different place to fill up. So, we didn't bother with the boycott. Point being: if Nigtavious gets offendified (or cheated in a dice game, or cuts in line at the Air Jordan store) by Shitskinvious on 3/27, he may not murder him on that day, but next time he sees Lil'Shits, he'll probably remember & go bus a capn his ass.
In any population center, there is a nearly-predictable probability factor of murder, dependent on race, number of inhabitants, and random external factors (weather, current events, lunar phase). Your stupid-ass march isn't changing anything. You might as well organize a Midnight Weave Exorcism.
PK: black people have decided to disobey this commandment with ruthless aggression. (If I may be so bold) ...with extreme prejudice.

Tim In Kodiak said...

This is what happens when the Blacks are not appreciative of the protection the police provide their communities. Now the must exist in a no-mans land where even the cops won't go because they are too heavily scrutinized by the PC-police at the ACLU and Obama's "Justice" department [I use that term "Justice dept" very loosely]. If homicide numbers are off the chart, heck black the Republican Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner. I could not be the Democrat machine that runs Chicago for all this Black crime and violence there. Heck, it's Obamas' adopted home town! Oh, yeah. Speaking of Obama, has he ever once gone to Chicago and addressed Blacks there and told them to STOP IT with the gun crime and violence? I bet if he did and made a major speech to Black America from Chicago, it would go a long way in stopping this senseless shit from happening. But who am I except some dude who lives in Alaska? I'm glad I don't have to deal with those savages.

Anonymous said...

"Da po-lice be shootin up our aspiring rappers and goot boys turning they lives around. We be afraid of the po-lice because they be killing black people."

"Da po-lice ain't be doing they jobs. Dey need to patrol our neighborhoods and make them safe."

So what is it? Do you want law enforcement in your neighborhoods doing their jobs or do you want them to stay away so you can run wild and deal drugs, commit murder and mayhem? Of course, Kwantavius saw Pookie shoot up De-Von'dre but refuses to tell police because "there be no snitchin in the hood."

What a screwed up bunch of idiots they truly are. Pathetic yet somewhat amusing at times. Just keep killing each other and stay away from humans.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

How" you just don't get it" can you get? Every one of these retarded psycho bastards is going to be thinking" Yeah, put down your guns, punk, all the more for me". There is only one solution to this madness, death, or prison. Given the state of Chicago's economy, better go with the more cost efficient choice.

These thugs have no real human qualities, if they did this wouldn't have gone on as long as it has. It gets worse every year too. The crimes get more violent and inhuman. The perpetrators get younger. The dwls know it, and try in vain to remove themselves from this plague that follows them, but the denial is strong in this one.

Discipline you children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you delights you desire.
Proverbs 29:17
No, I'm not a Bible bender, but truth is where you find it. Basically, this means "Spare the rod, spoil the child". We can't fix the countless black youth that have been spoiled by generations of parental neglect. Stop asking, not on our to do list. It's too late for them, stop marching, go home and be parents Goddamn it! It's a hard, thankless job, but it pays off later. That's the problem isn't it, the ability to envision a reward later? Parents so out of control they can't keep themselves out of trouble, let alone their children.

Anonymous said...

WTF is this ? I thought they gave up murder for Lent, aren't they always marching with their holy "revruns" for peace ? Thou shalt not kill ? Aren't the Negroes extremely religious ? The nuns and priests always taught me "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", isn't that universal amongst all Christians, even Negroes ? Inquiring minds want to know.

Check this out, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.) from Texas (Houston), the Negress boss from Hell:

This is the kind of psycho inhabiting Congress and they wonder why YT people who pay the bills have had enough ? Fuck 'em.

non-DWL from NE
BHO is going to the mosque for Easter.

Anonymous said...

L M F A O !!!! "The huge slowdown in police activity this year "could be" a factor in the rise of violent crime in Chicago — along with "warmer-than-normal temperatures" that drew more people outside in high-crime neighborhoods."

"COULD BE" a factor and how could we forget the old stand by.."WARMER-THAN-NORMAL TEMPERATURES".Must be some kind of instinctive genetic trait from the muddaland of Africa.I love it.All these "FACTORS" must be taken into account.But not just plain old irresponsibility and sociopathic behavior and their genetic disposition of murder and mayhem.Living in a civilized ,organized,educated,common sense,law abiding world 'BE A WHITE Thang" "We Don't Be Acting WHITE and Sheeeeit Dawg!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Well done CPD! Very smart; protect your lives and jobs and let the orcs cull their own herd of savages.

Every American city should pay attention; don't patrol groid hoods as they will destroy you. Slow down, let the monkeys bleed out and let the perps escape to blast more shit apes. That's the Africans in America way.

And ONLY black officers in da hood; anything else be RACIST!

AZ Ray said...

God they're pathetic..

As you said PK. Is there ANY other group that this madness would apply too?. Oh c'mon Tyrone. We don't want to hear that this is about "the legacy of slavery", white oppression, demonic hair weaves or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This behavior is universal-everywhere the same for your kind. Be it Detroit, Chicago, Haiti, London, Paris or Zimbabwe..

Bro, you can't seem to grasp why NO sane mind wants to live near you or wants anything to do with you?. What sane mind WOULD?!. You are a disaster wherever you are. You bring filth, squalor, depravity & degradation to EVERYTHING you touch. You of course ALWAYS & without fail blame some external circumstance when all of these ills inevitably come to fruition from your innate deficiencies.. Like children.

But children that are inherently demonic. None of the sweetness & innocence that one associates with white children. These "people" should give ALL thinking people nightmares. If they "win". There we be only one result. A world or an eternal dark age. A world of ignorance & banality. A world devoid of beauty & hope..

"Fear of a black planet"?.. You're absolutely godd**n right..

Anonymous said...

That's why they're called Murder Monkeys. ;)

Attn libs, nigs, and all who believe in radical egalitarianism:

Want to have an epiphany RIGHT NOW!? Want a sentence that will make EVERYTHING CLEAR?!

Global negro dysfunction is due to genetic factors that include lower IQ, poor future time orientation, low impulse control, lower threshold against violence, higher testosterone etc.

Think what that group of differences does to an individual. Does nog behavior NOW make sense?

You're welcome. Now, back to work so you can pay taxes to help breed more of these things...

Anonymous said...

What can you say? No one else does this shit, no one needs a day free from murder, not even the latinos. They have no excuses for sitting around selling drugs and shooting each other. Any black that wants a job will get one from the government, and all they have to do is show up every day to keep it.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Good luck, indeed. Back in the summer of 1994, I was living JUST outside Chicago, in a little place called Cicero. One mile further east on Cermak Road (22nd Street) and you were in the city. 3/4 of a mile north on Laramie and you were also in Chicago.

Anyway, there was a drive by during the summer of 1994, where a carload of orcs sprayed bullets at some rivals. Even back then, not much in the way of accuracy. A five year old girl was killed, while the intended targets didn't even get a scratch. The media went batshit crazy about this episode. As did City Hall, and the Urban League, the churches, "community organizers", and almost every other grievance group. The word was passed from the Mayor's Office to the command structure of the CPD: whatever overtime needs to be paid WILL be paid, but make the arrest. The heat got to be so much that the shooter's OWN GANG MEMBERS blew the back of his head off and left his body under a bridge. The shooter was an eleven-year-old dindu by the name of Robert Sandifer. Some friends he had, huh?

So . . . good luck with this March 27th circle jerk, Chicago . . . you're gonna need it.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

former liberal said...

First, I DON'T CARE IF BLACKS KILL EACH OTHER. Also, why should we risk white cop'S lives and careers in predominantly black areas? If the police become more proactive, the Negroes complain, if not they also complain.Eff these pathetic people.

2 Minute Alpha said...

Has a black preacher ever counseled forgiveness towards white people for slavery?
Note I don't believe white people have done anything wrong to be forgiven but the church preaches forgiveness, this is the year of mercy, will white people ever be forgiven for slavery, the legacy of slavery, jim crow, micro-aggressions, white privilege, otherizing or whatever silliness their feeble little minds can come up with to excuse the behavior of this loathsome people?
Of course not.
Until I hear black preachers thanking white people for creating a society that allows them to crap indoors, I'll consider their pleas for non-violence to be just noise. Until they call for white people to police their people as harshly as needed, until they defend police when a heroin dealer gets himself killed or a violent thug gets himself killed after going for a cops gun, they're not serious.
The debt owed white people is astounding, forget the money, think of the life you could be living, the future your children could have were it not for this anchor around the neck of the white race, this white mans burden.
The American character is flawed, fundamentally flawed at its core, to accept this constant attack from blacks is nothing more than pride, a pride that allows innocents to be slaughtered just to show how enlightened they are. Repent America, true humility entails stopping the white genocide.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's any non-black people in Chicago that believe "They're just like us."?
Hmmmmmm....could Chicago become the shining pile of shit on the hill? The city that shows everyone "They're not like us!"?


Anonymous said...

I predict that Chicago pastors will have no more effect on curtailing black violent behaviour than any other pastors in: New Orleans/DC/Detroit/ St. Louis/Milwaukee/Atlanta/Memphis/Birmingham/NYC/Philadelphia/London/Paris/Berlin/Rome/Capetown/Earth....

It's so obvious, isn't it? All over the world, no matter where you find them, blacks behave violently far in excess of any demographic group, yet the media & gvts bend over backasswards to hide this; they deny the facts, hide the truth, attack whistleblowers, deflect blame onto 'white racisim'.....ANYTHING to keep the truth under wraps. My anger is red hot at how people are so blatantly lied to.

Anonymous said...

I had a little encounter today. I was out walking and was near a nice neighborhood and a guy walking his dog asked if I lived there. I told him no, but I live nearby. He asked if I was scoping out houses and I told him I wasn't of course.

He apologized and said they'd had a lot of break-ins and I pointed to my pasty white face and said, "The guys breaking into houses around here don't look like me." This stumped him for a second and he replied "Yeah, I know...but you never know!"

When I told a friend about this he said, "The guy probably thought you were racist!" I said, quite proudly, "I am!"

***ANYONE who has lived in Atlanta for ten years and isn't a racist is a dumbass, plain and simple.***

Often I think I'm one for still living here, but I'm here because of work. But I wasn't racist either when I didn't live around blacks, in fact I was a pretty liberal person. But you can't deny what you see. I use to think we were all the same too, but I don't anymore. We're animals, products of and adapted to different environments, but I won't go into all of that here.

I understand the guys concern though. He's bought a huge house he's going to be paying off for 30 years and he doesn't want nigs breaking in while he's at work, stealing his flat screen and anything else they can get their paws on. Probably like me he moved here from a predominately-white area. Give him a few years, he'll figure it out.

riptapart said...

The "warm weather"? I would place bets that there are more murders around full moon too as the moon has been proven to have great influence on behavior in the animal kingdom.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. From the logic of the current narrative of Obama land, removing tough policing, aggressive desegregation policies, giving every advantage possible to black people to "even the playing field" should all mean that black americans should be living in a utopia by now. But, as has been pointed out, black people are murdering each other more than ever.

Anonymous said...

This past weekend only saw one person killed and 15 shot. On Saturday, only 4 people were shot.

Only 4 people were shot.

Only 4.

In a civilized (white) society there would be zero shot.

The blacks in Chicago are unable to not kill each other. The police should leave, set up in the white neighborhoods to keep black criminals out, and let the south and west sides turn into the wild west. Let the herd thin itself.

Alfa158 said...

Cops don't need to hang out in coffee shops, and can still appear to be diligently doing their work. They can keep walking and driving their beats, responding to calls etc. All they have to do is stop actively looking for suspicious people or activities, and operate more like firemen who only act when called on for help. They just don't take the initiative until a crime happens, at which point, they respond promptly, collect the bodies and expended casings, carefully take notes and photos, ask people in the hood if they saw "nuffin" file their reports and move on. If they have to show a quota of contact reports, they just chat chat with little old ladies, store clerks etc, and report that as a contact. That way it looks like they are working, they make it through to their pensions, the hood gets the level of policing it is asking for, and the body count grows. Win/win, everyone is happy except for the gentrifying SJWs who have to move back out of the city.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Have to admit, I kinda like the mural of the gun, with the twisted cylinder tied into a knot. Gives the message that it really is, after all, those terrible, terrible guns doing all the shootings and such. Bad guns! There outta be a law, for cryin' out loud! Poor black folk! It just ain't fair that all these violent guns have settled into their neighborhoods and fired off shots and such.

Meanwhile, back at the Funny Farm, Hillary and Bernie are weeping real tears over how mistreated our black youth are, as middle aged whites rampage through the hood, terrorizing the black citizens. Why, Bernie even recounted a story from twenty years ago where he and a fellow black congressman were unable to hail a cab - due to him being a Jew and the other guy being a negro and all.

And the chorus in the background sings on, "Weez so oppress-ud, n' Donald Trum be so rayciss an don't love duh black folk much!"

I regularly read articles from foreign rags, especially Daily Mail, and it's interesting to read the comments. If I were a European, I'd be laughing at our election, seeing these bufoons wait in line to kiss negro ass. But many are frightened by what they see. They say, "You yanks still control the world. These people running for president are sick and dangerous!"

Seems our rulers and theirs have a hand in letting the flood gates open to foreign Africans and Muslims, hell bent on destroying European/White civilization. Now WHO on earth would be behind such an endeavor, I wonder.......

Anonymous said...

"A day free of murder..."

This is what I admire about negroes. They aim for the stars. No half measures for them. The pastors could have called for an afternoon without a murder. But no, they aim for a full day, twenty four hours. God bless them.

It Da System Fault said...

This is from The Onion, right?

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

OT: Here in the Twin Cities a change has been made to the security checkpoints at the MSP Airport causing huge lines and missed connections. It appears to be a case of 'it wasn't broke but they fixed it anyway'.. but anyway.. In a recent article on the matter, this quote (from an "official") jumped out at me: ""We cannot allow air travel to become an onerous experience that reduces business activity and discourages tourism."".. It occurs to me that this is how it works in America; The business of America *IS* business.. and as long as TNB shenanigans do not (yet) reek the appropriate levels of mayhem and chaos necessary to grossly become a detriment to the bottom line (stockholders).. we'll let it slide. Or at best, we'll deflect cause-and-effect to, say, the po-lice. What does it say about a society's core moral character when it throws its law enforcement personal under the bus in lieu of its permanent criminal underclass?.. Apparently, we can continue (for now) to disregard turning our national attention to the priority of eradicating TNB shenanigans (negro killing negro ad-infinitum/ad-nauseam) and the inevitable collateral damage (white pizza delivery guy snuffed out fer $20 bucks and a large pepperoni and onion.. and white woman raped, terrorized, brutalized and murdered etc.).. as long as it does not (yet) adversely effect the bottom line.. etc.. I do not know how it will all play out of course.. but it strikes me that any push for further restrictions on lawful gun ownership should be of manifestly alarming concern for any real human being, in this environment, etc.... And especially any male human being (not busy preoccupied with having sexual encounters with other males, or fixating on diversity-being-our-great-strength) who has loved-ones to defend and care for.. Notice; Any white alpha-male human beings out there: feel free to step right up any damned time here and give a damned care and concern, about the civilization built, at great cost, by our forefathers.. etc.. before its gone forever..

Anonymous said...

This is what a real " police state " looks like. All the fears about hyper-surveillance, big brother, frightening rough tactics prove to be illusory. The truth is police are human and don't want to throw their lives away in pointless and dangerous forays into enemy territory. Stalemate develops and persists because of the sheer dead weight. The lifting requirements are too much.

Anonymous said...

I love how warm weather is blamed for the shootings.

For some reason the warm weather in my neighborhood doesn't cause shooting.

Anonymous said...

Police are damned if they do - damned if they don't. Whatever they do, or don't do, is considered racist. And I wish somebody, some where, some how would tell me why they should attempt to stop any of these worthless creatures from killing each other, or save 'em from getting injured? Police need to seriously think about their personal safety, and just guarantee coming home alive each night to their spouses and families - no need to be open and honest about it either. Those in charge and the street cops don't need to do anything official - just have patrolmen and -women slow down as much as physically possible before arriving at any scene on the "skreets." Should be an unwritten understanding. After all, nobody can help it if there's traffic. Police should not be speeding anyway - dangerous to everybody. If possible, take another emergency in another part of town. Little if anything the violent thugs and their enablers can do about it other than screech some more.

Anonymous said...

I like how at the end they try to blame the weather. The warmer then normal weather seems to draw people outside. It's gonna be a long hot summer in Chicongo I mean Chicago

Anonymous said...

off topic --philanthropy email

This week's RFP Bulletin from Philanthropy News Digest includes requests for proposals in the areas of African Americans/blacks, aging, arts and culture,

To browse or search hundreds of additional RFP opportunities, visit the RFP section of our website.

Anonymous said...

The commandment "Though Shall Not Kill" is incorrect.

The commandment was that the Hebrew people were commanded not to kill each other.

It was ok to kill "the others" as they did in taking over the "promised land" (deed recorded in 1,500BC at Temple of Jerusalem, book or records, page 666)

PaintJob Theory said...

Up here in central Maine, many of us haven't even begun making maple syrup yet since we have had few above freezing days in a row, meanwhile in African America warm weather again is to blame for black dysfunction.

I've seen this warm weather meme come up many times now, and what's fascinating is it seems to work to explain away the barbaric nature of blacks whether it's a 90 degree summer day reminiscent of their equatorial homeland or even if it is just a mild winter.

Perhaps climatologists and professors of African studies at our major universities can team up and attempt to quantify the causality link between black violence and atmospheric temperature. If we're going to pretend to take this bullshit seriously, we may as well go whole hog. What really needs examining is why the warm weather doesn't turn whites and Chinamen into mindless savages. Perhaps the answer is to send all the negroes north? We could turn Alaska into our negro preserve where the cold temperatures would keep them behaving in a civilized manner, and with all the gold, fishing, timber, and oil resources there they should be able to create a thriving economy with their work ethic, drive, creativity, and proverbial engineering skills that we see every day depicted by Hollywood and Madison Avenue YKW's.... I suspect we could ship all of them to Alaska too to document the success of the African's endeavor?

In the meantime, until whites care enough to fund some serious research into the issue there's not much we can do except print up more signs and t-shirts reminding these mongs not to kill each other and have a few more marches and prayer vigils.

I hope that warm weather doesn't come up here to rural Maine and turn us all into violent savages.

CENTURION (aka "Shots Rang Out") said...

A negro shooting a negro is NOT a violent crime. It is like a standard greeting. It is actually crime-prevention at it's best.

White a White, with Privilege, greets another White, with Privilege, on da streeet, they nod their heads, say "hi" or maybe shake hands. IT is a "White Thang'". For Sambo and Sambo, the natural greeting is: "yo, you f my hoh? Dat dis me, niggah." Out come the illegal guns carried by each felon, and after 34 shots are fired (17 rounds per GLock), one of the negro males may have a bullet in him.

Police men, (I do not not recognize women as police), you are doing the RIGHT THING. Stop going into the Jungle. Let them deal with their own choices and let Negro Justice do it's thing.

Remember, I am always there since my nick name is "Shots Rang Out".


rent slave:

Good question.

10mm AUTO said...

The new group "Swinn!" (pronounced Swing!) or "Shoot Whites Not Niggers" got a big boost today after being endorsed by both Democratic candidates running for President and several Republicans, though not Donald Trump. The Reactionary Trump, being the racist, xenophobic moron that he is, continued to support Whites and encouraged "negros to get their heads on straight".

In various press releases and statements, all the black and Saturday organizations denounced the White Supremacist Trump as "an evil racist goy and a holdover of the legacy of past discrimination who reminds us of the Plantation master of White America." said Aaron Rosenfeld, speaking on behalf of The Nation of Islam. He encouraged Whites to "give up their evil ways and embrace extermination" as a progressive good for all mankind.

Steve Smith said...

I wonder how many evil weaves are behind all the killing.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago pastors are appealing to gang bangers who don't care what the pastors think, want, say or feel and they don't understand how irrelevant they are. Gang bangers have their own set of rules, "values" and beliefs and aren't going to change their ways just because some pastor or group of pastors asks them to.

Of course, it goes far beyond just gang bangers as the rot in the black community is bone deep and blacks will kill over almost anything: disrespect, koolaid recipes, tennis shoes, being "looked at wrong", the last piece of chicken at a barbecue etc. Blacks are going to express their true nature regardless of what anyone wants or says. Words do not trump genetics.

I don't blame the police for backing off and standing down. The fact that when they do, black crime soars into the stratosphere is very revealing. Instead of trying to stop black on black crime and violence, the cops should simply try to contain it to black areas and blacks should be severely and harshly dealt with when they bring their violence out of their uncivilized enclaves.

Of course, no matter what is done, blacks will have fits and tantrums over it. If attempts are made to stop blacks from creating hellholes in their own areas, they'll complain of profiling, police brutality, bigotry, prejudice, being kept down and the black community being "under attack." If the cops back off, they'll complain that no one cares about them, the white areas get all the services and they don't get nothing and they're deprived victims and that's also because of bigotry, racism and prejudice. It's a no win situation. In both cases, they just use their fits and tantrums to demand more programs, services and gibsmedats that change nothing, improve nothing and make no difference whatsoever while they continue lashing out and blaming everyone else in the world for everything that is wrong with themselves and their communities.

Blacks are helpless and hopeless and doomed to create Haiti wherever they exist in large numbers. The experiment to raise blacks up and include them in civilized societies has failed utterly and spectacularly even after doing everything possible to prop them up.

The wise man knows when to give up yet this nation continues to play the fool and that needs to stop.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

I used to live right outside Chicago. There was a "drive-by gone wrong" in the summer of 1994. Instead of gunning down a rival gang member, the 11! yes, I said ELEVEN year old gunman killed a five year old by mistake. The media, City Hall, and the usual grievance industry gurus went batshit in a major way. CPD was pretty much given a blank check for however much overtime it would take to clear the case.

So . . . the heat got hot enough that thos little dindu by the name of Robert Sandifer wound up getting the back of his head blown off by one of his own crew - some friends, huh?

Good luck with the Community Circle Jerk on the 27th, Chicago . . . you're gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

I live in a predominantly White suburb of Chicago and very rarely go into the city anymore. The negro violence is even spilling into the Gold Coast area where all the tourists are. The little Zionist gangster Rahm Emmanuel has imposed so many punitive parking fees and red light cameras to go along with the obscene sales tax that I refuse to spend a dollar in that shit hole anymore.
I think I read somewhere that all about 15% of the murders in Chicago end in a conviction!
I can't imagine the work load the detectives and district attorneys must have in investigating and prosecuting as many as 40 shoots in a given weekend.
Were it not for all the young white women from small towns in surrounding states who come to Chicago with dreams of being Carrie Bradshaw and marrying Mr. Big Chicago rents would plummet.
These women are some of the most naive on the entire planet. They seldom venture out of Lincoln Park or Lakeview and have no clue idea that the other 98% of the city is a ghetto.

and yes, I remember the tragic tale of little Robert "Yummy" Sandifer. He was made into the victim by the media. I'm surprised he hasn't been canonized by petitions from Father Phleger to Pope Frankie.

Anonymous said...

Was watching The Last King of Scotland the other day. At one point, a Brit described Idi Amin as "he rules with a firm hand, but it's the only thing the African understands". Nigs know what they are but non-blacks aren't supposed to notice. Sort of like family members can criticize each other but don't let an outsider try it or the whole family will be in your face.

It Da System Fault said...

How many in Chicago will be killed by "weather gone wrong" this year???

Anonymous said...

There was a rape in a nearby city.

I blame the weather. Fog always brings out the rapists.

Damn you weather!

Anonymous said...

OT: Beyonce performs free concert in Texas, jams traffic for miles.

Anonymous said...

***ANYONE who has lived in Atlanta for ten years and isn't a racist is a dumbass, plain and simple.***

Often I think I'm one for still living here, but I'm here because of work.

I'm curious as to what type of work is keeping you in a place like Atlanta. Are you making 6 figures? Do you live in a gated community? Just wondering.

Life is better in the country. It's very relaxing and it doesn't take long to make some connections. In some states you can make 60k driving trucks and within a few years you can start your own business. I'm a degreed professional but I would shovel cow shit before moving back to the city. You don't realize how bad it is until you get away for a few months and let your mind decompress.

Anonymous said...

This shows you what you know, Mr and Ms white supremacist! My university sponsors A Day Free from Murder of Any Kind in the beautiful black community surrounding our campus. This day is held annually on February 30th. If you check the statistics, there are no murders on the 30th of February, ever. This demonstrates that for one day of the year, beautiful black people can embrace the rainbow and inspire us all.

Now excuse me, I am going to the university's fair trade soy latte collective coffee house. I am doing a spoken word performance piece called, "A Diverse Approach to a Peaceful Community: Every Day Can Be February 30th."

I. M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Californian said...

Was watching The Last King of Scotland the other day. At one point, a Brit described Idi Amin as "he rules with a firm hand, but it's the only thing the African understands".

An excellent movie.

A theme is the naivete of white people who believe that blacks are just like us but with a different complexion. The white protagonist has to learn the hard way that they are not. Really, it's not so much about the horrors of black rule (though they are in the film) but the risks that white people take in trying to interact with blacks on the same basis they would with other whites.

Anonymous said...

Homicides are up in all Black cities. Chicago, DC, Baltimore, Memphis and Milwaukee.

It's a major story that the media is avoiding. I think they are trying to wrap up the year for Obama.

I don't think it has anything to do with the weather or lack of patrols.

I think it has everything to do with BLM and constantly being told by the schools and media that Whitey is conspiring against them. This encourages them to disregard the laws of "the system" and do what they feel like.

Anonymous said...

The black-on-black killings in Chicago (or any city) are a source of joy to me. The higher the numbers the better. This is black achievement I can appreciate. It's just feel-good information.

The warm weather reference is just so entertaining to me. It makes me giggle. Warm weather makes White people want to walk or sit in the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors. The warmer days we're starting to get here in NJ have many of my cats happily lying in the sun or rolling in warm dirt. But the warm weather makes negroes even more violent. Has Al Gore studied the correlation between Global Warming! and Negro Violence!? I'd love to see a summit on that.

On another feel-good point, my husband and I watched the Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) biopic "Love and Mercy" this weekend. Yet another example of the creative brilliance, musical genius, intelligence, passion and beauty of White people. It took my breath away. Name one negro that has accomplished anything like Pet Sounds. Don't waste your time trying to do so. There aren't any. Never have been.

Anonymous said...

NJ Woman here. Forgot to sign off on post I just made (Beach Boys). Neglected to mention we saw Los Lobos Saturday night performing with Mexican folk dancers in a celebration of Mexican culture. The 5 men in Los Lobos are all brilliant musicians, most of whom play multiple instruments beautifully. They also sing and harmonize beautifully. Most attendees were my (their) age. There were NO negroes in the audience. I assume this is because there were no repetitive, inane filthy lyrics being shouted absent any form of actual music while negroes in vile costumes gyrate on the stage. It was a beautiful evening and yet ANOTHER example of the talent, creativity and beauty completely absent from the negro race.

awakened white said...

love how warm weather is blamed for the shootings.

For some reason the warm weather in my neighborhood doesn't cause shooting.

me too, I enjoy the warm weather since its been cold here. unlike the American Africans I enjoy the outdoors, rake leaves, etc. no time for drive bys, etc...

Anonymous said...

NJ Woman here again: Barry and Michelle have announced they will be staying in Washington once out of the White House - SO THEIR DAUGHTERS CAN FINISH SCHOOL THERE. Uh huh. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with Barry's sons' 24/7/365 shooting high jinks in Chicago.) You would think he'd want to get back into the bosom of his beloved negro brethren and put his girls in public school with his sons. I'm SO confused. Don't he and Michelle love regular ole hood black people? Don't they want to return to the White-hating congregation at their Muslim temple? Don't they want to get back to their community outreach projects to help all those back chillen who could BE their chillen?

Sigh. This is beyond my understanding.

P.S. To Ex-New Yorker - you neglected to use the word "SYSTEMIC!" In front of "RACISM!" Never forget to use "Systemic" - Hillary never does and she's super knowledgeable and honest about the negro's plight. 😺

Anonymous said...

Yes! Let's get these black on black murder numbers up to all time records for the end of Obama's reign; an excellent final statistic to spread far and wide after this piece of sh*t is out of the White Hut.

Cops, fall back and let the groid officers patrol the hood; your lives and jobs aren't worth it. The nigs are waiting for you with cameras and a plan to sue you to death.

Avoid the groid!!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
The commandment "Though Shall Not Kill" is incorrect.

The commandment was that the Hebrew people were commanded not to kill each other.

It was ok to kill "the others" as they did in taking over the "promised land" (deed recorded in 1,500BC at Temple of Jerusalem, book or records, page 666)"

Hmmmm, sort of correct. The OT morality was in group/out group morality meaning the moral code applied by the ancient Israelites amongst themselves was different from the moral code they applied to the rest of the world. This was a common way of practicing a moral code in the world in the first century A.D. and is still also widely practiced throughout the world by many different tribes.

The moral code Christ taught was universal in nature i.e. applying at all times and to all people. This was a complete change from the supremacist morality and attitude of the Pharisees from the OT and a point of conflict with Christ. Roman law also was universal in that a Roman citizen enjoyed the same rights and privileges throughout the Empire even when the citizen was not of Roman birth. St. Paul (originally Saul of Tarsus) was able to have his case heard in Rome (Acts 25:10) instead of by the Sanhedrin because Roman law was universal throughout the Empire and St. Paul was a Roman citizen.

If the "revruns" were truly Christian one would think they and their followers would at least try, however fitfully to apply Christ's universal moral code, stop shooting and try to stop others from shooting. Then again that would be acting YT ya know. They want to go backwards and have a separate morality for themselves which allows all their vile behavior, they just want the benefits of YT civilization.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

This time, it will work.

Ex New Yorker said...

This is about a big story that happened in New York City the last couple years before my escape. There was this little shit head rich white guy that was in court downtown. I forgot why he was before the judge but he was a real snot nose. A spoiled rich kid.

This is roughly what the judge said to him one day "Boy....If you don't change your attitude in my court I'm going to send you to Rykers for 30 days. While your there some big buck will protect you from the others by making you his own private punk." you can guess the media went fucking crazy. Never did the judge use the B-word (black). The phrase "big buck" was enough to cause the liberals to foam at the mouth. As I recall the judge stuck to his words and told the press to shove it. It was a great day.

Anonymous said...

I did not know black people loved Sci-fi and fantasy so very much. The demonic Weaves and now this about not killing for a mere 24 hours. They need to find someone and incorporate the plots...million seller.

Anonymous said...

I unfortunately live in Shitcago and I do all of my shopping in the suburbs too. You are spot on in regard to the LP trixies and mindless Wrigleyville inhabitants. The thing is, Lincoln park and Wrigleyville infested with sec8 apartments and groids are everywhere. Plenty of mugging, theiving, raping, and nigging that goes on every day in those neighborhoods.

I would love to set up a meeting location for the local sbpdl fans in the area.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum said ”Have to admit, I kinda like the mural of the gun, with the twisted cylinder tied into a knot. . . “

It is kind of clever, but just as with every other creative idea or accomplishment offered by blacks it is stolen.

Brian in Ohio said...

A whole day with blacks not killing each other?... What a waste.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Is Ctown so violent bc of more gangs?
It is not the Blackest city in USA,yes?

Why is chicongo more violent? other cities are blacker.

Anonymous said...

"Name one negro that has accomplished anything like Pet Sounds."

Maybe Stevie Wonder with "Songs in the Key of Life."

Armondo from Pasadena said...

As a white looking Hispanic i have to say that this site is insightful and entertaining.

I cant stand blacks as anyone else, just a horribly disfunctional and violent race altogether.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea for the negroes instead of a day without killing. Simply announce that on March 27th, negroes can kill each other with abandon and not have to worry about being arrested. It can be called the "Get It Out Of Yo System Day." To make it more interesting, announce a "Rumble In Da Jungle" and have all the opposing dindu nuffins gather at a sports stadium. At the sound of the starter pistol, they can all rush the field and pick up whatever weapon they want from the piles of supplied weapons and start blasting away at each other. As an added initiative, the survivors can be told they'll get a free one year supply of KFC for the entire fambly.

After the battle is over, have a table with two buckets of KFC pop up out of the ground in the center of the field and watch the survivors kill each other over it.

Anonymous said...

This is the exact opposite of "The Purge".

Anonymous said...

6:16 am : That guy was correct to suspect YOU of casing his house. If you really paid attention to the news, you would know that there are plenty of White burglars, and they often have an easy time with their "job" because other Whites look at them and don't suspect anything-they can cruise around White neighborhoods without arousing any suspicion. Better to be suspicious of Everyone in your neighborhood you haven't seen before.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Chicago area, we have PA every half of hour on the urban stations, like WGCI, 102.7 and Power 92.3 asking their audience to put the guns down. This been going on over a year now, no affects on the murder rate so far. Rev. Pfleger and other pastors have been marching for years, still no results. No JuJu magic! If the pastors were seriously about stopping the killing and shooting, they will ask their congregation to turn in their relatives who are doing the shooting. But no, that will not get them face time on the local news. So the shooting and killing will continue in Chicago and southern suburbs.

YI. M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies said February 30th will be the only day of no shooting. So true!lol

Willie from Naperville

Bird of Paradise said...

So they want a day without any violence? Why don't they hold their breath and count to 200 while standing on their heads

Anonymous said...

Non American here, well, seems "gangsters" (youth whatever) want exclusive rights to shooting black perps. Now think about, no harm to police officers, no payouts to grieving famblys, no anti white media attention (actually none). Officers are free to pursue serve and protect humans duty. No ammo money even wasted. Win Win Win! Let obamas sons settle interfamily chimpouts amongst themselves.

Anonymous said...

Blacks should really value the police more.

After all, police are the only thing keeping white people from doing what needs to be done.

The time will come, I assure you.


Geoffrey Limes said...

With the non stop rabbit strategy breeding and non stop slaughter - it's almost as if some extra terrestrials are farming Schwoogies to feed carrion beetles that are vital to Gaia's ecological balance

Oil 'n Water said...

Never before has so much been granted to a single group of people...and so little done with it.
Pumping in more money - result - more breeding. More breeding more crime and so on.
Not just here, but look at all of the aid to Africa, and what has it all produced? More needy Africans.
These people are irredeemable.

Anonymous said...

Why is chicongo more violent? other cities are blacker.

Sheer numbers. There are a million blacks in the Chicago Metro area. It was a major destination during the Great Migration. For a long time the South side of Chicago was considered the "capital of black America" and blacks had more political power there then anywhere else in the country. Chicago was also a hot bed of Judeo-Bolsehvik activity. So basically blacks have been off the leash there the longest and without the firm hand of Western, i.e. White, Civlization, have really degenerated into base African savagery. And when you have that many lowly unpredictible creatures packed into one area watch out!

Philadelphia Mike said...

It just breaks my bleeding-ass heart to think of all of the fatherless chillin's and pickininnes out there, fending for themselves because of this unending...undeserved black violence.

Tears just come rolling down my cheeks, knowing that the 5 year old little niglet I see trying to steal a bike has no father to jive him rap beats at a little tiny jungle bunny drifting off to a rhythmic drum beat lullabye.

And at Kwanza/Christmas time, there will be no more shiny new i phones and sparkly 14 Karat gold baubles...freshly coated with the blood of their White and Asian victims...waiting under the Kwanza bush.

It wrenches at my soul to envision the multi generations of welfare mammies...and grandmammies..and great grandmammies...wailing "Oh Jesus, but he be a good boy...why, Lord, why?" as they lay these beloved fathers to rest with wanted posters and criminal records displayed like family albums beside the coffins.

Like Cat Stevens said, "Ooo Baby, It's a Wild World"

Philadelphia Mike

Mr. Rational said...

as they lay these beloved fathers to rest with wanted posters and criminal records displayed like family albums beside the coffins.

Arrays of booking photos as the family photo album.

Anonymous said...

Unless it involves bulldozing their neighborhoods and sending them back to the motherland, I'm not interested. I already donate to house, feed and educate them, every time I go to work.

Anonymous said...

A change in temperature usually means the beginning/end of a season. For people of Asian and European decent, it signaled the time to begin preparing fields for planting, live stock were getting ready to give birth, and the dark months of winter were coming to an end. For people of African decent, warmer weather just means another day has gone by, try not to get eaten by a lion or hippo.

Anonymous said...

Chicago--- so Chicago has a million blacks. in a population density 'they' cant deal with? so they resort to gun violence?
In a country with [yikes] 44? million Blacks, thats like 2-3%.

Pat Boyle, what ya think?

Anonymous said...

Think about their main industry. Drug dealing. You're constantly interfacing with druggies who will rip you off and kill you for a few bucks. And unlike a regular business if you do get ripped off you can't call the cops and collect insurance. Only recourse is to pop a cap in someone's @22.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as curtailing, slowing down, or stopping the groid from violent behavior. It is their nature. Their inability to see long term consequences, an underdeveloped brain that forces them to act on the base instinct, and a lack of morality predisposes them to such violent acts. As long as it is restricted to violence against one another, my wife and I have no problem with it. Let the groids kill one another off. Consider it culling the herd. One less ni##er is fine by us.

Wayne and his wife

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can hire this pilot to fly over the city and take aerial footage of the murder free day?

Anonymous said...

It's the exact opposite of the Purge movies where for one day a year, murder is legal.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike - you have painted a touching and most evocative vignette. I smiled ear to ear. And by Cat Stevens, I assume you mean Yusuf Islam - he prefers to be known by his ridiculous Muslim name.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see people on here be sarcastic and smart azzes to other people who think the same way regarding Blacks. Someone asks a sincere question and possibly help and some respond with sarcasm and dirty comments.

Just whining and complaining won't accomplish anything. If Whites don't start supporting one another off the blogs then we really are doomed. The Blacks can at least get together and start a movement, even if it is terrorism. What are Whites doing? ....Nothing.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get a glimpse into Chicago Police thinking, check out

There's no way I'd live in a metro area again. I spent 15 years in downtown Atlanta and I had no idea how high my baseline stress level was until I moved to a rural community.

Anonymous said...

What we want here are baby steps. Banning "murder of ANY kind???"

We need to work up to that.

Let's start with the elimation of murder of ONE KIND this weekend, and gradually add on each week.

Let's start with White Pizza Guy murder. Don't worry. Chinese Food Delivery guys are still fair game, as will Jimmy Johns drivers.

There are going to be set backs and questions of course.

For example, when you're setting up your delivery-guy-murder trap, can you call Dominoes and order wings and grape soda and still kill him?

I mean, if he ain't delivering pizza, is he still a pizza guy?

Let's chip in and fund a hot line staffed by clergy, Princeton black studies professors and Loretta Lynch's Justice Department to answer this and other burning questions.

Speaking of Ms Lynch, I'm very disappointed in her. Why hasn't she changed her name yet?

Doesn't she realize the pain that word causes every negro born before 2008, who remembers and lived through the 62,000 lynchings that took place during the Bush2 Administration?

At what happened to that Federal exemption she sponsored exempting negroes employed by the government from wearing neck ties. Imagine the inhumanity, shame, fear and humiliation they must feel each time they tie a Windsor knot in that Wembley?

Get on the ball, Ms Loretta.

Anonymous said...

Since there are now designated days for just about everything like, Secretary Day, Heart Awareness Day, Take Your Child To Work Day, Nurse Day, Love Your Dog Day, Respect The Planet Day etc., maybe there should be a Negro Love Negro Day. Google can join in with a meme of Dindus holding hands and singing "We Are The World"...that will work, won't it?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the "inequality" of mandatory sentencing. Now a dumbass, such as myself, would think that means that everyone would get at least the same minimum sentence for a specific crime, regardless of race, religion or creed.

However, it seems that that would be "inequality" masquerading as equality.

Reason: Negroes bitched in the 80s that if a crack epidemic was devastating the white community the way it was the black community, we'd "be passin' us sum muh fu'n Draconian laws n' shit."

Who knew that 30 years later those laws they begged for would only be used to incarcerate young black men?

I guess all the white crack dealers beat the system.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point. That's why DeBlasio just decriminalized public drinking.

Of course, he also had to decriminalize public urination, because after downing a couple of 40s, a nigga needs to pull out his schlong in a public park and piss all over your kids playground equipment while they watch.

If you want crime to go down, decriminalize crime. Once we eliminate the social stigma attached to murder and fix those antiquated laws, murder statistics will plummet.

Inquisitor said...

Vast majority of black negroes are pagan in reality

Fu said...

"Blacks can get together and start a movement", no they can not. They physically assualt, and murder each other at gatherings of more than twenty people, while we fight by simply exchanging words behind a screen.

Although I agree that we must start to physically organize, and teach our children the wonders of unity and homogeny, we must also march in, in full Mussolini style. All some people know is force.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:16- I feel your pain. I live a little outside the Southside of Atlanta- hope to be moving soon, getting all ducks in a row. Saturday I went to the library- a huge black gal was sitting to the left of the only available computer, with her stuff strown all over. I firmly sat my water bottle down on my side of the desk, right next to her junk. At this point, a civilized person would have said, sorry, let me move my stuff to my side, but that never happens. It so irritated her that I claimed my rights, that she started humming and singing loudly, taking deep breaths to let me know she was annoyed and angry. I calmly pulled out my "kit" I keep for da hood, which includes ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones, and put them on, after which I couldn't hear a thing. This enraged her even more, especially when I totally ignored her. Her time ran out on the computer, she got up and left, but then came back and talked loudly and sung some more, while I continued to ignore her. I have found that ignoring them and knowing your own rights and calmly asserting yourself angers them more than anything. A fight between two teenage boys broke out here last week- police had to be called. A fight between 2 teens broke out at a basketball game my family was playing in. Everyday things.
Good advice for police, Alfa 158.
l in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Will monitor this thread and heyjackassdotcom on the day.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. Let the garbage men handle the garbage. The only downside to cops staying out is that it gives these animals an excuse to move on to the subberbs. From what my friends on long island told me its happened out there. Moving from the Bronx and Harlem, east to queens, Brooklyn and then to Nassau and finally suffolk county. It's happening in flint Michigan now. Leaving the cesspool of flint and moving on to grand blanc, Burton, and linden. So essentially what you have is police that aren't doing anything bc of course everything they do is racist somehow. The weaker animals are moving to nice cities and towns, setting up shop, and ruining these places. Then the alpha thugs move into those areas and the weaklings are on to ruin the next nice town. Maybe I'm over thinking it or just incorrect in my thinking

Bird of Paradise said...

The first murder took place when cain killed his brother able not when some dumb hairy ape freako bashed another dumb ape freak over the head with a bone like was depicted in the opening of 2001 A SPACE ODDISY

Anonymous said...

I remember that. I believe it was wgn that interviewed the brothers that killed him, or at least one of them. The typical I'm a changed man, I was a kid and didn't know better back then story. It talked about the great stuff the brothers do now, gardening and anti violence groups. But the reality is neither one of them has changed, just perfected their stories bc the driver is eligible for parole this year. They talk about how they aren't those same kids butnwont return to the neighborhood when they get out bc they are worried about going back to the life. So how have they changed? All that tells me is they haven't learned a damn thing and its only a matter of time before time magazine is running a cover about yummy's killers being back behind bars again

Anonymous said...

"Police stops have plummeted by 87 percent this year and homicides have soared to levels not seen since the 1990s in Chicago — creating a firestorm of criticism for the department"

With Blacks you can't win. If police patrol Black hoods more heavily and arrest more Black criminals, they're accused of racism. If the police back off from Black hoods and crime soars, then they're accused of not caring about Blacks because they're racist.

Louie Vizcarra said...

Omg I died reading this. So funny!!!

PaintJob Theory said...

" The first murder took place when cain killed his brother able not when some dumb hairy ape freako bashed another dumb ape freak over the head with a bone like was depicted in the opening of 2001 A SPACE ODDISY "

These are both symbolic of the same thing.

" The Blacks can at least get together and start a movement,"

By "movement" do you mean flash mob or gang rape? That seems to be the extent of negro planning skills and cooperation. I promise you if you look at any political movement for the benefit of blacks they are almost without exception all funded and organized by YKW.

Anonymous said...

Right, how many crimi-chimps murdered their own during Beware of blacks Mumff??
K Koloreds
K Killing
K Koloreds

Grave Mistake said...

Got an idea for a dreamy tee shirt: A=(X+1). Ref: Black birthrate=(X), Black on Black Murder =A