Thursday, April 7, 2011

White Bed Sheets in Utah, Rims Outlawed in Cincinnati: Just Another Day in BRA

White bed sheets could be used for nefarious purposes. Just ask Alta High School
Remember the two white University of Missouri students who got expelled and almost charged with a Hate Crime for dropping errant cotton balls in front of the Black Student Union last year? A crime that shows that all white sheets and white pillow cases must be banned immediately was committed in Utah, a situation that has even drawn the attention of Eric "My people" Holder's Department of Justice:
COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC 4 News) - The US Department of Justice has taken an interest in alleged racism at Alta High School.

Tuesday evening, Rosa Salamanca, a representative of the DOJ met with the Canyons School Board in a work session conducted at Brighton High School.

Salamanca said she was there not to judge, but to offer help.

The visit was sparked by an incident that happened at Alta on March 17th. During a school spirit rally, a junior reportedly put on a white hood similar to the ones worn by members of the KKK.

The Canyons District’s Office of Civil Rights and Accommodations launched an investigation. According to a letter sent by Canyons Superintendent David Doty and Board President Tracy Cowdell, that investigation “uncovered evidence of other very serious incidents that warrant immediate and thorough attention.”

Salamanca explained Tuesday night that the department has a community outreach called “The Spirit Program” that offers everything from formal mediation to informal conciliation.

Salamanca also spoke of solutions that go beyond the immediate problems and involve bringing together faculty and student leaders to help change the culture of a school making it more welcoming and inclusive.

The board directed its administration to continue to work with the DOJ, but took no other action.
Quick, it's time to raise the Homeland Security threat level over this heinous infraction!

Remember, this is a nation where a prank announcement at Wal-Mart notifying all Black patrons that "they must leave the store" became a national news story. Wearing a white pillow case on your head and running around is an obvious indication of political affiliation with the KKK and is worthy of a DOJ investigation.

Black Panthers disenfranchising voters is not.

If you have white pillow cases or use white sheets on your bed, we recommend you burn this or give them to the Good Will or the Salvation Army. Of course, such generosity could be construed  as having once been a member of the KKK, so you should just burn incriminating bedding amenities.

In an unrelated story, horrible rates of Black-on-Black crime in Cincinnati that have gotten worse since 2002 show no signs of abating. Embattled police, in an attempt to stop these horrible rates of criminality, have decided to wage war on the obvious source - Black people:
Cincinnati residents who enjoy a higher view of the road thanks to oversized wheels are having their vehicles impounded by the Cincinnati police who only return them after an inspection, saying rims are suddenly a safety issue.

Why the law enforcers of WKRP-land decided chrome spinners were menacing the populace more than a decade after they became popular isn't known; city officials have yet to explain the reasoning behind the move. Owners say the crackdown came without warning, and that if a vehicle doesn't pass a city inspection, the owner must pay an impound fee, a fine and hire a tow truck to haul it out of the city lot.

It's here where one has to mention Cincinnati's history of ill will between police and black residents, a relationship that's reportedly healing after 2001 riots. Know what could sustain those improvements? Explaining decisions rather than making unannounced shifts in enforcement that leave people without transportation. Anything else is just spinning.

Banning rims is a move that could stop high rates of Black crime. Check out this story from Houston, where Black criminality was said to be primarily caused by a desire to acquire someone else rims:
Shiny, unmistakable and a little strange, the custom wire wheels of choice on some of Houston's toughest streets are the star attraction of whatever they're beneath, be it Benz or Bentley, certified slab or laughable junker.

No doubt they demand attention. They are the stuff of local legend and lore, of lust and commerce at its most American, and most dangerous. Poking out 6 inches or more from the hub like a chrome tepee frame, they sing a siren's song, and young men hear it droning.

For more than two decades these unconventional rims, going by nicknames like swangers, elbows and pokes, have been coveted as none other by the car enthusiasts in Houston's poor black neighborhoods.
Those who live there, who ride there, who pay attention to what rolls down the streets, are fully aware of their allure. They also know well the mayhem that sometimes comes from possessing something so desirable.
“They have created an adverse culture of killing,” said community activist Quanell X.
“I don't care if my kids are 30; they ain't gonna have these on their car,” said music producer Anthony Scott, a record company owner who produced the Block Boyz's YouTube project modestly titled Official Riding Swangas Video.
In another breath, however, he does not deny the appeal. “You hate all the violence that is done because of them, but inside you still want 'em, you know?”
If Houston's rappers are quick to praise the rims, they are just as eager to cite the risk, if one bothers to listen. Then again, the acknowledged, danger may add to the appeal, lessening the intrusion of imitators and wannabes. If you roll on swangers, you roll ready. Self-defense is a required add-on to the purchase price of $2,000 or more.
“The police will never admit it, but if they want to catch young black men with guns, they'll stop a car with elbows and Vogues because they know the young men will have guns,” Quanell X said.
It's mostly a Texas thing, the pursuit of the poke, but the story of rim-inspired violence has been written and rewritten in most major cities around the country. Up north, “spinners” had their appeal, admired for their continuing movement when the car stops. In greater Miami, the rimjackers have killed for Vogues atop “Trus,” a different sort of wire wheel. In southern California, it's Dayton wire wheels, slang translation “danas,” made famous by Snoop Dogg. Elbows might get you laughed at in Los Angeles. It takes danas to get you shot.
To many rimjackers, the wheels are nothing more than a fungible commodity, a high-demand item that can be quickly turned into cash. To others, they are the prize in and of themselves, representing a quick ticket to acceptance.

That Black people invest unbelievable sums of money into a good that can be easily stolen is an obvious indicator that Black people don't like saving money for the future. Attempting to show off ones "bling" is a great way to invite thievery upon ones self.

Banning rims on cars in Cincinnati will be construed as racist, though it could save many Black lives who would otherwise waste them trying to procure somebody's property.

It's funny: Black Run America (BRA) actively demonizes white people for partaking in the most innocent offenses including the dropping of cotton balls; asking all Black people to leave Wal-Mart; and donning a white pillow case as a joke.

These crimes are so grave the DOJ must investigate. When the police force of Cincinnati bans rims in a bid to slow the horrible rates of Black-on-Black crime, racism is the first word heard from the Black community.

The madness of 21st century American life under the rule of Black Run America is hard to understand sometimes. One can only imagine what insane situation will occur next that will require an immediate DOJ inquiry to ensure that any form of white racism is immediately squelched and that the person at fault for violating the rules of BRA is made to publicly pay for his or her transgressions.

Any sign of white racism, no matter how trivial, is cause for a national news story and a DOJ investigation. Any attempt to stop high rates of Black crime will be seen as implementing racist polices, so the plan might save countless Black lives.

Word to the wise: Don't buy anymore white sheets or white pillow cases. Stop using white cotton balls. And stay far away from Cincinnati.


Fayette White Guy said...

Stay far away from Cincinnati - this is good advice! At least if you're black.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I may try to keep a strong libertarian streak mixed into my political views, but banning rims sounds like a really practical idea to save blacks' lives. Of course I don't like the idea of the govt. impounding my expensive property all under the pretext that it would be good for me.

Overall, this is just ANOTHER case of white people being damned if the do, damned if they don't.

B. Herder said...

I suppose my ol' 4x4 Dodge Powerwagon with a 6" lift and 35x12's will be next on the list. I'm SURE it might infuriate black folk in some way or the other.

Chuck said...

Now if they'll just ban "truck nuts".

Anonymous said...

"Remember, this is a nation where a prank announcement at Wal-Mart notifying all Black patrons that "they must leave the store" became a national news story."

Actually, that harmless prank became an INTERNATIONAL news story back in 2010 from what I can recall about it. It was even mentioned on the brief-and-rather-unfunny "Wanda Sykes Show" which Fox later replaced with reruns of "Fringe" in its Saturday night programming line-up.

Flash-foward to 2011: Last February, two black males in their twenties decided to shoot up a black fraternity house party, after being asked to leave said party, in Youngstown, Ohio, leaving one party-goer dead and eleven others wounded. Did this black-on-black mass shooting make international news, or even just national news? No, of course not - just some young black males with prior felony conviction records committing violent crimes with firearms they possessed illegally - yawn - nothing to see here, just move along now.

Anonymous said...

"Did this black-on-black mass shooting make international news, or even just national news? No, of course not"

Initial reports of this incident deliberately avoided any mention of the fraternity in question, or the race of those involved.

Shocking, I know.

Jack from OKC said...

Again I ask: How much longer will we have to pretend to take these people seriously?

nokagaroos said...

Once upon a time I used to work in the tire-and-wheel business ...
who in his right mind would want wire wheels? They are insanely expensive and next to impossible to get straight. Now, if you are retired and drive something like an original Morgan, I understand; alloy wheels would look gauche. (even in this case I would prefer Aluband; they look like fresh from the city dump but are far superior)
However, if you have something like out of "Escape from New York" with a driving characteristic somewhere between an APC and a used condom there is no excuse whatsoever for low cross-section tires (provided they at least kept the specified circumference, which they don´t - I understand the police´s gripes about safety)

Deep ... very deep down inside blacks must be consumed by fear their pipi is too small.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad history books of the future will paint the modern negro like modern history books paint the savage Indians.

I live in Houston and I'm shocked that Mr. QuanX said the following:

“The police will never admit it, but if they want to catch young black men with guns, they'll stop a car with elbows and Vogues because they know the young men will have guns,” Quanell X said.

With this statement, he seems to be a Miltonic devil, but in reality Mr. QuanX is a bombastic douche bag. This guy would never make it in the wilderness. I would love to put these rim things on my Geo Metro, but if it means I have to carry a gun then I can live with the stock hubs. But to ban them or not to ban them? That's the question. My vote is NOT to ban them - let the savages shoot each other.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...


Sandy, Utah

93.52% White
0.50% Black

If this doesn't convince all of those self hating Uncle Toms and Tokens out there that white people don't like them I don't know what will.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

You know I was thinking, they should enact some sort of tax for those big blinging rims, couched in some environmental cause. This would help recoup a great bit of handout money, and stealthily I might add. lol

Back on topic though...I find it odd that blacks will get upset at the behavior of a couple of white folks, but turn a cold blind eye to the social cannibalism taking place right under their noses-by their own people to their own people. Which is far worse than a couple of white folks poking fun at blacks. It is duplicitous and nihilistic....but I'm sure all that can be blamed on whitey somehow. ;)

Anonymous said...

"they should enact some sort of tax for those big blinging rims"

You can't tax stolen property.

Midwestern said...

"If this doesn't convince all of those self hating Uncle Toms and Tokens out there that white people don't like them I don't know what will."

So why don't you help us spread the word?

Midewstern said...

"But to ban them or not to ban them? That's the question. "

Blacks do many things so that white people can identify them and stay away. Whites do one thing, blacks do the exact opposite. I appreciate this. It is a gift. It is like in the natural world, poisonous frogs are brightly colored so that we know to avoid them.

I say, let blacks express their unique blackness with things like spinning rims, saggy pants, gold teeth, colorful clothing, flashy cars, huge jewelry, special food and drank, and ebonic speech. Blacks work hard to separate themselves from normal behavior, and I think this is an advantage for all. It also helps black people determine which way to point their gun when they want to shoot someone.

Hirsch said...

"It's too bad history books of the future will paint the modern negro like modern history books paint the savage Indians."

My quick impression of civics class in 2300 A.D. "In 2008, George Washington Obama founded the United States of America."

Anonymous said...

While the rest of mankind uses the automobile for transportation as it is intended, the negro uses the automobile to express its negritude and depravity. The 'boom cars' with the super loud stereos are psy ops weapons that they use to make neighborhoods unlivable for decent people. The rolling boom box is a way to benigger and attack people thru the walls of their own home.
When I see 'nigger wheels' or obama stickers on a car I know all I need to know about the 'driver'. Nigger wheels mark the worst and most wicked blacks, mex, and wiggers. They are also the most reckless and hostile drivers in most cases, expressing their savagery and wickedness in their hostile driving habits. I recall the acronym DLAN, Drive Like A Nigger.
Police have every reason to target the criminals who turn cars into rolling obscenities. I wish they would crack down on the 'boom cars' too because they do as much damage to the community as dope and littering. Also crack down on the merchants who peddle these noisome accessories to degeneracy.

bed sheets said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with blacks but i hate the ones who act like niggers! So many black people where I live act low class and they wonder why there is a stero-type. Maybe if you mother fuckers wouldn't steal, wouldn't talk and dress like trash, would come into stores in groups and be as loud as possible and would pull up your fucking pants no one would call you niggers! Again not all black people act like this, but there is a special part of hell for the ones who do!