Monday, April 27, 2015

As the Moynihan Report Turns 50, 65 Percent Black Baltimore Erupts into Black Chaos...

PK NOTE: Pick up a copy of The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore to understand how the civilization whites created in Baltimore has been driven out by the rising black population.

Understand unbelievable high rates of black violence (almost exclusively against other black people) has required much of the city's businesses to protect their employees - and, in many cases, the entire store - behind plexiglas. The dwindling white population in the city lacks the vocabulary - and morality - to properly address black dysfunction, since all the misery blacks create has its origin in white privilege...

Fifty years ago, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan became the target of the architects of Black-Run America (BRA) for publishing the Moynihan Report (The Negro Family: The Case for National Action). 
Life at the end of Black-Run America (BRA)

Though the report still tried to excuse away black dysfunction as a symptom of white supremacy, it did bring up many uncomfortable truths regarding the depravity within the black community and the potential incompatibility of black people with the civilization whites had built in America. 

Which brings us to 2015 Baltimore, a 65 percent black city completely controlled by black elected (or appointed) officials. 

One of those officials, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, admitted the black riots on April 25, 2015 were allowed to proceed to "those who wished to destroy." [Baltimore Mayor: Space Was Provided To Those Who ‘Wished To Destroy’ [VIDEO], Daily Caller, 4-27-15]:

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a stunning admission Saturday in the aftermath of violent protests over the recent death of Freddie Gray, saying she wanted to give space to those “who wished to destroy.” 
And destroy, some did. 
Numerous storefronts and vehicles were damaged and businesses were looted at the tail end of a day of demonstrations. Thirty-four people were arrested and six police officers suffered minor injuries. Baseball fans attending a game at Camden Yards were told to stay inside the ballpark until violence outside of the stadium subsided. 
“I’ve made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech,” Rawlings-Blake said during a press conference Saturday night.
And though black people have marched in 65 percent black Baltimore against black on black violence (in 2013 and 2014...) and the city has instituted year-around curfew centers because of the violence - and harm caused to private property and potential outside investment in the city - caused by young black people, nothing unites black gangs like engaging in attacks on the perceived enemy... the "white" police department. [Baltimore Police: Gangs Enter Partnership to Take Out Officers,, 4-27-15]:

Baltimore City police say they have received credible information that various gangs have entered a partnership to “take out” law enforcement officers. 
In an emailed statement city police wrote: “The Baltimore Police Department / Criminal Intelligence Unit has received credible information that members of various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips have entered into a partnership to “take-out” law enforcement officers. “ Police are advising law enforcement agencies to take “appropriate precautions” to ensure the safety of officers. 
“Further information will be sent through appropriate channels,” police said. 
CLICK HERE for the official police notice.
The American Dream is over.

The American Nightmare has begun.


Anonymous said...

Watching CNN coverage of the Baltimore riots & jaboonery. SBPDL should get a lot of new readers after this....

Anonymous said...

After today's events in Baltimore, I really hope PK thinks about changing the name of the site from the campy SBPDL to reflect what it actually is. Those looking for race realism see "Stuff Black People Don't Like" and probably assume it's a silly parody site. I did initially. People need to read this stuff. It's gotten serious. Today may have been the Fort Sumter of the long discussed coming race war.

Anonymous said...

I am watching this nonsense right now. Wow!!! BRA.... How you like it liberals?? You voted for shit like this!!!! We that are smart know exactly what would stop this!!! 7 officers already hurt. The mayor needs to go with her irresponsible give them space to destroy shit!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion nothing is ever going to happen until at least 50% of the white population of the U.S. wakes up and start seeing things for what they are. Just over an hour ago I was watching Fox News and they said the law enforcement were calling on the parents of the "teens" rioting to get in contact with them and get them to come home. Well that is complete bullshit, because these are feral negros. Pretending that they have the family unit of the average middle class white family is a sick joke. Mama is a 300lbs plus sheboon with a bad weave stuck on the side of her head who only had them for the welfare money and benefits they bring in and could care less what they are up to, no matter how horrible. Daddy, well it's usually a toss up between 5 or 6 bucks, usually the mother isn't even sure. I could go on but the white population have to start realizing that these things are violent primitive "things" and not modern human beings, despite what the media would have them believe.

Anonymous said...

When night time hits these animals are going to be out in force. Blackie owns the night.

Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

The reality of black hate for whites is extraordinary. A black President, AG, Mayor...

This is a Zulu Impi. Not a riot.

Awakened White said...

me thinks to buy more ammo. say alert and safe fellow YT's.

Anonymous said...

Not good events, but does anyone know just how big this disturbance is in reference to the whole city; that is, a football field away from the action is life going on as usual in the city?

Anonymous said...

Attn. all non-black owned businesses in Baltimore: Move. Out. NOW! Baltimore is toast. Blacks have destroyed it. It is now the next Detroit. Cut and run, while you can. Let the knee grows stew in their own juices. Easier to make money elsewhere and not risk your lives.

Game Over Baltimore. Enjoy your negroes.

D-FENS said...

Reportedly. Howard Schultz is on the way to Baltimore to "start a conversation".

Anonymous said...

They are now sending in troops because the mayor wanted to insure their (those with fuzzy headed afros) freedom of speech. Why doesn’t she protect white people’s freedom to live without terror, or businesses to function without looting? This dumbass stupid woman should be arrested for negligence. What kind of twisted contorted misplaced idea of justice she has!

If I lived in Baltimore, I would carry a gun. If attacked by the city’s black youth, I would protect myself.

Can’t these black dumbass leaders see that they are doing nothing but fanning the flames?
Oh yeah, baby, there will be a race war! If this is what the coons want then bring it on! I’m tired of anything to do with fucking NEGROS! It is about time to put them in their place. The part of Baltimore they rioted in is a touristy area; not really where LOTS of whites live. If they go into white neighborhoods, I can’t believe whites would lie down and let a coon wreck their house, car, and family. I would go after them with a baseball bat or butchers knife if nothing else. Good heavens people grow some balls!

Anonymous said...

Watching this idiot called Miss madam mayor of Baltimore try to clean up her speech about allowing space for those to destroy. Wow this woman was elected????? Woman, Black and democrat sure helped her. What a train wreck she is. The media is eating her stupid ass up!! Thank heavens I do not live this shithole!!

Earl Turner said...

A poster on the previous entry, I think it was MMP, told an experience with DHS that read as nothing more than an exercise in intimidation.

That is exactly what it was and I have experienced something very similar. It was right after the murder of the white infant by black thug Demarquise Elkins in Brunswick, Georgia. That was when I became very outspoken online (and in person).

Not long after that, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation paid a visit to my place of employment. They claimed that I had used the wifi at my job to place a Craigslist ad soliciting minors. That of course never happened. The agents showed up all "tacticool" and spent a lot more time talking to my employer than they did to me. They searched my work computer with some forensic USB device and of course it came up clean. I still have the computer, by the way. And I even offered to let them search my home computer due to the nature of the accusation. They declined.

Ok let's think about this for a moment. You're state law enforcement investigating a serious accusation of solicitation of a minor and your subject says "I have a computer and internet at home, would you like to check that out as well?" and you say no? Really?

When the search was done, they just left me alone and went back to talk to my employer. That conversation was nothing more than them telling him that I'm a racist and he needed to fire me. "We found nothing on his computer, BUT he's a racist."

There was nothing on my work computer that would identify me as racist. I supplied it myself and use it to do my job. Ain't that interesting?

I still have the job. My boss is a race realist, though he doesn't often admit it. He saw the visit for what it was and was pretty angry.

so the lesson is, friends, be ready for a visit. It's going to happen. The government is not going to go after the thugs and those who lead them. The government is coming after us, those who can see.

Stay safe out there. It's going to get a lot worse during this long hot summer.

Anonymous said...


Kind of looks to me like Herr Obama and his fellow Muslim, Valerie Jarrett, are setting the stage for martial law and a permanent and lasting suspension of civil rights in this country - read WHITE civil rights here.

I knew since Fergadishu that this was coming, and the die is now cast. We either submit as a once free people governed by laws and orderly institutions, or we fight.
I pray it does not come to this, but if it does, Churchill's words are worth heeding. We ignore his great wisdom at our dire peril as a free republic:

"Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves."

--Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

trentonz71 said...

These black riots remind me of those "coexist" stickers I see all over the car's of these DWL's here in Austin, Tx. Little do these dumbasses know you can't coexist with people who want to kill you. They are not like us. They have another agenda. White economies are the host, and the majority of them are the leaches/ticks. I've been an avid reader of sbpdl for a while now. I became a race realist about 10 years ago when I moved to Beaumont, Tx for college. A city of mostly blacks and lots of crime. Back in Austin now but I deal with the DWL's here who love their diversity and preach tolerance. I'm over it and I'm fed up with it. I'm so happy there are whites out there waking up. The younger the better. I'm only 27 and I'm doing my share to spread race realism. Keep it up guys and gals and stay safe! - Trenton (race realist in the ATX )

Ricky Tucker said...

Silver lining: A lot more people see what WE see now. Inept city officials, no effective plan in place to stop rioters, (curfew starts tomorrow night? Really?) and blaming the media for reporting the story...let it my popcorn ready.

Anonymous said...

In other news, keep an eye on Detroit. ICE agent shoots black male. Police chief says: "tension is running high". And then there is Louisiana, father and son murdered execution style in their living room by a black male on a crime spree. (Why them ?)

Anonymous said...

And they keep calling them 'kids' or 'children' on TV. THEY ARE NOT KIDS, they are thugs! Doesn't matter their age, they are born and bred for this very purpose.

I was visiting my old man today, and all he did was scream at the TV to 'kill them all!' I gently reminded him that if one black is killed by an officer, the entire nation will erupt in flames. I personally wouldn't mind if it did, this nation needs what I like to call 'the great reset' but he lives in an area that is turning rapidly dark and I would fear for him. He is too stubborn and rooted to leave.

This has got to stop. Blacks are winning their age-old vendetta because they have nothing to lose by chimping out, and everything to gain. Too bad none of them realize that when whitey is gone, they will fall.

Anonymous said...

Care full white people,this is a set up,they are hoping we start shooting then they can come in and take away all of our properties.
Didn't Obongo promise a civil army

Anonymous said...

Heard that the rioters are now invading homes. If this is true, every homeowner and apartment dweller must seriously consider arming themselves to protect their families. Really can't believe how this incident in Baltimore was allowed to get out of hand like it has. Should have started shooting at around 3 pm. Really sad for what was a great city.

Anonymous said...

Today I imagined one of the more learned negro's was carousing this site and actually purchasing a copy- for research (gotta learn the oppression within by studying one's mother's white side) and wondered what the experience would be like.

Going head to head with Paul on race would be difficult and no easy task no matter how big you are or how loudly you speak. You would come up thrashed and heavily worse for wear if you could claim any sort of victory at all. Paul is their tar-baby. Can't tussle and hustle with old man P, for it might be revealed that your shit does stink. Worse than whatever you call that crap that oozes from your very pores like African vomit.

I've noticed that he doesn't need to aim low or take cheapshots- he generally only does that for our further amusement; the facts are clearly on Paul's/our side and it really just comes down to the issue of how to display them (whitey invented advertising empires so I'm not worried). When enough creative minds come together and begin to see (what was your bellwether moment?) we can change the way things are talked about and understood, through non-black ingenuity and consistent, tenacious delivery. The answers are all before us already, we just need to speak up and agree on the solutions (basically how to avoid and minimize the groid and its damage to our collective social capital). Most people with money are already self-segregating already, might as well just call a spade a spade and start talking openly about things. I wonder if all the black rage and property destruction turns on white feminists. They love violence and the subordination of women. I just wonder how they don't end up getting raped or shamed for not putting out with all the time spent going to nog neighborhoods and marching with them. Any former DWL women care to share your stories? I can't imagine being an attractive young white woman among these beasts and staying sympathetic.

Woodsy InNYC said...

Ricky Tucker said...

(curfew starts tomorrow night? Really?)


Curfew in effect for those 14 and under - 9PM.

Curfew for those 14 through 17 - 10PM.

Curfew starts tomorrow for everyone from 10PM until 5AM.

(munch munch munch)

Anonymous said...

The visible hand of the defective black genome.

Anonymous said...

These assholes are running true to form-DW Griffith couldn't have done a better job in Birth of a Nation-both the rank and file looters/rock throwers and the monkey island city hall circus.

The UK papers (Daily Mail etc) have 20x the pictures our gutless MSM will never show.

Yeah-these assholes are whining that nothing is done for their community-the media swallows it-and in the same breath, they're saying a brand new senior center has been torched-yeah nothing's done for the community just a brand new building for the old apes that the young apes torch.

I almost pulled a drunk Elvis and shot my TV listening to rump ranger Shep Smith defending these shitstains. That schlong gobbling asshole needs to get thrown into the 'hood overnight.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know any live feeds on the Baltie Chimpout? No cable TV here.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

Don't worry everybody; Obama and incoming Lynch spoke today and they're monitoring the situation carefully so.. it's all good.. etc..

Anonymous said...

It just occurred to me that all of these riots/lootings are going to be made into a BRA-approved movie in the not too distant future... it will be like the Oscar Grant bullshit known as "Fruitvale Station" on steroids- we must grab the narrative NOW! Paul has written it all up; you can order and read/cite his books and keep them for additional reference- whitey also invented movies so I know we don't lack for talent. Even if you can't get black actors, do what Michael Moore did and just use well placed clips of your chosen topic. We have footage for every groid behavior as well as aftermath (and pre-groid) pictures for every groid problem/anti-social behavior. You could even make it retroactively years later, but why not do it now before DWLs craft a pretty narrative of oppression for them.

(One point about Fruitvale Station that I have never heard debated is the scene in the movie where the fight starts. Oscar Grant is all polite charm and smiles chatting up a pretty young white woman who he met the other night (she initiates the conversation, right) and then a fat ugly dude asks him, "Are you Oscar Grant?". To this Oscar replies, with all the same charm and politeness he showed to the white woman, that yes he indeed was Oscar Grant.

Without warning, the ugly, surly, fat white man sucker punches Oscar Grant. The fight is on. Soooo fucking not true and you know it.)

Cheers Paul, stay safe and thank you for this forum and all that you do!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:26 I couldn't agree with you more on the coverage by shepherd smith. Jaw dropping amazing how he shilled for these idiots. You're right he should have to spend a few nights in the hood. Sickening! Shame on Fox News.

Pat Boyle said...

Let's not over react - if only because these riots serve someone's agenda and you don't want to be just a pawn in a game.

As I did a quick count on Wikipedia there were approximately one race riot a year in America in the Civil Rights period. Recently there are about two.

So why are they turning up the tempo?

Hillary is probably divided by the news. The headlines are no longer all focused on her personal corruption, but she is probably not looking forward to answering the question - What will you do as President to stop the riots? What indeed?

Do you think any newscaster will dare to ask Obama the quwstion that all of us have - Hoe many more riots do you intend to hold?

We may very well have black riots this summer in Oakland. The City of Oakland sits on a major earthquake fault. I believe this is the only place in the world where a major city bestrides a major fault.

It is classified as the American fault most likely to slip. I've been posting about this for two years. One day I'll be right and on that day there will be another black riot.

I was just interrupted by a knock on the door. It was a black guy. But he was just delivering my wine. I guess I'm a little jumpy.

This Baltimore riot seems stage managed. I haven't seen the script. But I don't think this is the last act.

I've got to get to the Big 5 store tomorrow and buy that shotgun.


Anonymous said...

JFC. I must be from a different planet. ABC2 just went to a long commentary and video of people praying. And talking about people ministering. No real video anymore though. They said that Baltie just asked for 30 firetrucks (10 of one kinds, 20 of another). But they are afraid to show any videos of any of the stuff that is happening.

Anonymous said...

Switching to

Anonymous said...

This Negro Fred Gray lived by the Law of the Jungle and , whatever the ultimate cause of his death he recieved jungle justice. He was headed to an early grave due to his savage way of life. He was a dangerous, uncivilzed brute like all other feral blacks and do not deserve the protection afforded to them by White Civlization. For those that cry about the Rule of Law and professional police and civil rights I say none of that can exist without Civilization and Civilazation can not exsist with feral cretins like Fred Gray roaming loose.

bernicegreenbaum said...

My friend who took me out shooting had no interest in my take on the latest Freddy martyrdom. He once lived in Baltimore and knew a prominent IKAGO surgeon there who brunched with Obama shortly before the election. I've given up trying to warn him of the rising black tide, as he sees the side of the protestors. The saddest part of this is, he has a very cute 2 year old son who will have to grow up in BRA and suffer the consequences that the negroes will bring down upon what's left of YT civilization. I'm glad that I won't be around to see how this all goes down.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Negroes cutting holes in fire hoses aimed at burning buildings in Baltimore. That about nailed it for me. Anyone who isn't a realist by now doesn't interest me. Those bitchez are on their own now.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching fox's coverage of the latest saga of being black and angry in america. This white reporter Leland will be beat down before the night is over. Baltimore is an absolute disaster. This reporter spends 45 seconds of every minute asking the orcs to not curse. The lack of intelligence from these rioters is amusing. It's going to be a long hot summer. The orcs only know violence and destruction. I just hope no more cops are injured or worse tonight.

Anonymous said...


It's kind of sad, in a truly sickening way, to see a major American city now run by semi-literate nogs facing television cameras and pontificating (in eubonics) at a level not to far above room temperature IQ level.

As for the lack of action on the part of the police, I think it's a very wise policy to simply allow this chimpout to run its course and let it all burn to the ground.

As you know, no matter what they do or don't do, it's a no-win situation. You don't fight with rabid animals, you shoot them. However, since that is now off the table, why should any of them die protecting these subhumans and the black morons running the insane asylum at City Hall?

It's like a helplessly stupid, ill-tutored mayor telling them to enter a cage with feral pit bulls armed with a dog biscuit. Wait, it's not "like" that - It IS that!

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that the final result of all the disturbance will be a murder of a cop. Eye for an eye. The trash can throwing and glass breaking is a diversion. The throwaway comment made by the mayor about out of the area thugs is a hint that the power structure is scared of a retaliation killing as in NYC-Eric Garner. I think a killing or two will happen, and then perhaps the counter insurgency efforts of the government will become pretty apparent.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Randy Newman will do a 2015 update to his song 'Baltimore'? Oh well, I guess I'll do it for him ...

Beat up little cracker
On a marble stair
Tryin' to find a Starbucks
Lookin' everywhere

Hard times in the city
In a black town by the sea
Ain't nowhere to run to
Cuz the coons get everything for free

Crack ho on the corner
Waitin' to pull a train
White man on the sidewalk
With an injury to his brain

And the media hides their faces
And they tell us lies
Cuz the city's dyin'
And we know EXACTLY why

Oh, Baltimore
Man it's hard just to live ...

Anonymous said...

Still watching on Fux News--they've got some soft faggy young white eunuch with a squeaky voice interviewing blackimals on the street.

I'm thinking how did we go from the Rangers at Normandy or the Marine Raiders in the Pacific to these piss poor excuses for white men in 70 years..

This Fux News twit is "searching for answers" from these babbling savages who love to posture and preen and spout nonsense.

Now there's a motormouth 'groid that dumbass Sean Hannity is trying to reason with. The 'groid is chimping out about how what's going on is justified.

Unreal-when will we put an end to this shit?

Anonymous said...

Hey, PK, I think you got the attention of Google.

Normally, I access this site from a Google search instead of a bookmark, and Stuff Black People Don't Like comes up in the recommended searches by the time I type the 'B'. Not anymore though. Someone manually removed you from the recommendations, the same way xxx searches don't get displayed.

Standup Broad said...

If White people had a Country of their own THIS would not be happening.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Brooklyn born said...

Hilarious skit on Fox news with reporter Leland. He interviews a 'Councilman" about today's events. As the nog is giving his reasons for the destruction IE: Oppression etc, Leland interrupts and asks "What about those people right over there looting the Liquor store?"
The nog goes, "I aint talking about that, what's that got to do with anything?" As the camera pans around, Leland says "all four corners are being looted as we speak". Then a hand goes over the lens and another nog puts his back in front of the camera, to hide the looting.

Laughing my ass off already, I nearly fell off the chair when I see some feeble minded child man grab a garbage pail and a broom, puts it in front of the camera, and starts to sweep up trash! Like saying Looky here! we good! This is comedy gold!

Seriously though, this is only the beginning. I'm seeing reports now that they are moving into white areas, looting and burning.

MMP said...

@ Earl. U make the 3rd I know intimidated by DHS brownshirts....

Meanwhile,,,Back to the chimpout :)

Ya'll stay safe

Anonymous said...

I want to register a prediction. We're gonna keep having chimpouts, and we're going to keep doing nuffin' about them. As the nogs get emboldened, they're going to escalate into further depravity.

Then, one day, they'll go too far. It'll probably be something like half a dozen negros raping a 15-25 white girl. They may or may not mutilate her while they're at it. They'll post the video on FarceBook, and it will go viral.

After that, ECAR RAW is pretty much guaranteed. The only choice the Feds will have is which side they support. And if they support the blacks... Well, most of the capable ones are white, and they'll probably turn, and join the right (white) side.

I think we'll even get a happy ending out of this. It's just a matter of how much blood, fire, and tears we'll see along the way.

Woodsy InNYC said...

Anonymous said...

Switching to


Panic/anxiety watching that blonde sitting between 2 savages.


Very good live coverage and updates on the state of emergency here:

No cable since 1999.

Saved AT LEAST $9,000 on cable bills alone since then.

($50 x 12 x 15)

TheotherNorth said...

listen to this

Anonymous said...

I'm with Pat on this one, something is just too scripted about these chimpouts. Sure negroes are very emotional and it only takes a nudge to send them into spasms but that's no secret. It's always been that way. I'm far away from a metropolitan area so I'm going to watch. I don't see any signs of chimping from the local nogs but then again they're not city nogs. It takes a large pack to start a real chimpout.

Remember that discretion is the better part of valor.

When the chimpouts start happening in areas with non DWL YT then it's time to think differently.

Any of you that have seen combat know it's something you dread. You probably also have had the chance to see a negro's shock at YT in full warrior mode, it terrifies them and it should. YT didn't get where we are today by being nice all of the time. A few decades of brainwashing will never erase who YT happens to be deep down. By the way, have you ever seen one DWL that even came close to being a real man? I've never met one that wasn't a limp wristed sissy, the women are kinda manly though.

I talked to a friend who lives in MD about where the chimpout was happening and it's in west Baltimore which suprise suprise is the exact same area where the great MLK chimpout of 68 occurred.

As I said before, Pat's right on this, don't take the bait. When the "festivities" come to areas where scary old racist YT lives and the nogs are chased screaming, all eyes and teeth from the area then watch how big brother acts. If YT is punished for defending themselves you have a problem. Otherwise this is a smokescreen for something else.

By the way, it's been real quiet in SC regarding the N Charleston business. I don't know if the dog and pony show would fly here anyway. Regardless of what you hear a real DWL is very rare here outside of metropolitan areas and almost always imported. Watch look and listen, don't let emotion get the best of you.

SC Native

bernicegreenbaum said...

What we're seeing is the Theatre of the Absurd. We grew up thinking that was somehow "avant-garde. Now we are witnessing that come to fruition as our new reality. Survival is key and we must learn how to do this each and every day.

Take nothing for granted. Dare to learn new things each day. Most importantly, learn which one of your friends and neighbors you can trust and count on. The hour is drawing near. If you don't want to do it for yourselves, for god's sake, do it for your children.

Interestingly, I've noticed on various sites my comments are being increasingly censored. My initial thought is, why? Is it because I've started to uncover some previously undisclosed truth? Surely I'm not that astute, but why? I'm not using vulgarity, not advocating violence, but there is a veil of deceit, even among realist sites, that won't let you disclose certain things and I have to ask myself why.

It's about survival. I'm done trying to convert people who firmly have their hands clasped over their ears screaming, "They're protesting racial injustice!" You're free to believe in fairy tales if you wish. Yeah, they're "just like us".

Sorry, but you are free to die by their paws if you so choose, but not me. So go ahead and bathe in the richness of cultural DIE versity. Just don't expect me to attend your funeral or mourn your passing. To me, you've brought about your own death. I have no more time for fools and still less for idiot DWLs. I only have concern for myself and my immediate loved ones. No tears for those who won't save themselves from the onslaught we have before us. Perhaps there are a few out there who are a bit more merciful than I. Let's hope so, because I'm officially out of patience with stupid YTs.

TheOtherNorth said...

live feed

Denise said...

Priceless gems from the "News" shows; I've been switching around and I was just watching some terribly earnest White (?) male reporter from the Sean Vannity show interview some middle-aged Negress, babbling about "..Der are mothers CRY-ing" and blaming Whites for everything of course. Re: Freddie's death - "This is happening in every police department every day, in every city in America" re: cops murdering innocent yoofs, for no reason at all. Here's the pricelss bit- the reporter informs the Angry Negress about the actual make-up of the Baltimore police force, "The police are mostly Minority...what do you think about that?" Sean cut im ASAP, and spared the Negres. They had to go to a commercial break...they are back now. The cops are holding the looters and burner back from her door, literally. The reporter is stoking her "outrage". Her name is Joanne. "This is an everyday occurrence in Black neighborhoods." Joanne is angry because the "cops don't care (about Black people)". While they are literally preventing her co-ethnics from burning her house down.

I'm certain that the Negress Joanne NEVER EVER considered that Blacks are the REASON why "...this is an everyday occurrence in Blacks neighborhoods".

FYI - Sean is actually trolling the Negroes. But they don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna pay for all of this damage?

Woodsy InNYC said...

@ Pat:

Mossberg 590 Persuader 12-Gauge Security Pump-Action Shotgun.

9-round capacity.

$459.99 at Big 5.

I want to see you using it in your next YouTube video.

(Right in the middle of the video, just pick it up and blast off 9 shots - then finish the video like nothing happened.)

Anonymous said...

Thought that PK was only talking about this past weekend- I made the crazy assumption that the protests were slated for the weekend so working people could get back to their lives after expressing themselves in a weekend of "protest".

So NOI basically negotiated a plan for rival black gangs to cooperate in the assault/killing of police.

Cutting holes in fire hoses!?! You gotta be kidding me! Burning down other people's workplaces and homes is all in good fun and a great spectacle, right!?!

Well hope you had your fun teens, because mammy mayor just gave you a bedtime curfew because you can't be held responsible for your own actions.

Would love to have been one of the officers calling sows at home and attempting to get them to care about their kids. I would have so many great stories!

Anonymous said...

Fed UP

Darkie's have a plan. there now in Fells Point. Which is south East, And where the DWL mostly are. Oh boy lets see some change in these college people . Who are as dumb as a box of rocks

Anonymous said...

Responding to post upstream about New Orleans double homicide...
I live in the New Orleans suburbs, about ten miles from the scene of the crime. This crime happened in a largely white, middle class area (maybe richer) area. The thugs busted up in the house in a 'burglary gone wrong" and both victims died from close-range shotgun blasts to the head. Both perps were caught. They were 17 and 19 years old black males.

They shotgunned these men in their heads at close range, translation--they blew their heads off.

Wake up, America.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

I'm thinking how did we go from the Rangers at Normandy or the Marine Raiders in the Pacific to these piss poor excuses for white men in 70 years..

Hell,I can hardly fathom how we went from heavy metal headbanging guys to squeaking,lisping limp-wrist Bieber and Bruno Mars manginas in just 30 years.

Anonymous said...

I love carousing the news and reading the comments, just as I do here. Lately there are either a number of posters but a blank page or no comment section at all. They really really don't like the flow of the conversation. Those of us with keyboards. We're all kind of coming to the same conclusion. You can bet on these events now. Yes they are violent (Baltimore store fronts), without empathy (see again, Baltimore store fronts and customers) and are a drain on society (notice how all this is happening at the START OF THE WORKWEEK).

Keep talking people, sites like this one are all I have now a days with the rest falling and bowing to the undertow.

Some brilliant posters here who don't beat around the bush. I find it very refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Cutting a firehose must take some effort so why didn't the cops even attempt to interrupt it?

I swear I've seen this movie before (it was called Ferguson). Just like Hollywood to release a sequel instead of something original.

Fox News is too painful to watch. Did anyone see the pale black cop blaming the riot on years of Democrat rule in Baltimore? Good grief, can't they think up something else - that line's worn out.

Other Realist in MA said...

Fox has some shots of the burning building that had been under construction in Baltimore. Looks like the scenes of Atlanta burning in Gone With the Wind. Appropriate I guess.

More signature work by the noble kings and queens of the Dindu Nuffins tribe of Africans in America.

PK: 'Africans in America' is your best turn of a phrase. Every time I say it to someone they stop and think for a second.

ATL Born said...

ATL Born here~ this shit is awesome!! I have come to the conclusion the more the nogs destroy the better for us. I missed a lot of today's action as I was at a job event but heard about it on 750am and bought a 6 pack to celebrate how many YT's & SWL's will possibly wake up!! Burn baby burn! Or kill the domestic terrorists! F_ck the BRA!

Anonymous said...

"Fux News" Hahahaha
I love the commenters on this site. I have learned soooooo much. Thanks everyone!

I read that the rioters in Baltimore wete attacking anyone eho was NOT White. Also the Damn Black Mayor told police to not do a damn thing. I bet Obama is throwing a party....he is getting his race riots at taxpayer (meaning Whites) expense.
I was watching the news, live feed, and as soon as the firemen unrolled the hoses someone cut the hoses. These orcs are showing their IQs.

I hope that every business owner sues the Baltimore Mayor, sues Elijh Cummings, sues Obama and Holder (one can dream). I really hope every business leaves Baltimore after these riots.

Another stupid thing I read was that Blacks think that Whites are covering up what happened to thug Freddy Gray because answers were taking too long. Once again the orcs show their inferior intelligence... .investigations take time. Orcs really are idiots, aren't they.

Jim Davis said...

Shep Smith and Leland Vittert make Anderson Cooper look like Clint Eastwood. Where does Fox find these pole smokers?

Anonymous said...

Listening to Mayor of Baltimore. She comes across as an idiot. How the hell did she get elected?

Anonymous said...

Pat I believe you have the right idea, but your America Under Glass would be situational at best. We need segregation.

Self-segregation. That is not the only way, but it is the easiest, cheapest, and most humane way to deal with them. Right now it ultimately comes down to money, but some groid-free places of the country are actually pretty hospitable to whitey. Cold climates with lack of services and very limited diversity, humming along on trust and hard work. I'm sure many of you could find a way to contribute and make yourselves very useful in some of these generally groid-free communities- you just have to think about standard of living, pondering your real values, and plan it out. It's one of the freedoms you have left. Improving ones life, not "white flight", but if you wanna call it that or start a band with that name then be my guest. I'm not ashamed of being white, and I never really was. Just beaten down and told not to think about it.

But I can now look to other groups, almost any, and we can both agree and shake our heads at what has become of BRA.

Tom Thistlegood said...

Well I will give these wild animals credit for one thing: they are most efficient at ruining the infastructure that the evil YT devil erected. With their natural camouflage at night, they are sure to do some serious damage.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the Whites of Baltimore will try to recall the ignorant, racist, Mayor. The Mayor is responsible by ordering police to do nothing. I would like to see business owners sue the orc mayor personally as well as the city.

Sad. This is going to keep happening with Blacks in power.

Anonymous said...

Fatigued in NY here- Could not believe what I saw on the TV today..Third degree chimpin' on a police car- 1 officer injured. The media must be stopped at all costs.City after city is getting flushed down the toilet.As I was looking at this I said to myself 'Maybe they beat this Grey kid down because these white officers wanted a transfer out? Baltimore's a toilet.Why float with the rest of the turds?'

Detroit Refugee said...

I've steered 2 YT's this way tonight, they're professionals so I doubt comments will show up soon. The Baltimore Ecar Raw is to thank.
All I did was send a text asking" what think you of the latest Chimp-Out"? And the floodgates opened!! So, one asked where'd you get all that info? PK. And SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's a Mossberg 500, as it's the AK-47 of shotguns.

Anonymous said...


Fully call him out on the future prospects of his progeny.

Medic Bear said...

How anyone can continue to be a DWL is beyond me and I'm with several posters: if they're not realists yet, screw 'em, they're on their own.

Anonymous said...

Black economics in action.

Maltliquormore's punks and sluts have little capacity to think or articulate anything mildly complex, but they do have good eyesight and a grasp of simple reality.
They see in their reflections and visual images just how brutish they are compared to light skinned people. They're confronted with endless evidence of their weak mindedness.
They also clearly see the large quantity of quality housing stock nearby that would be available if the hated Whites would only leave.

These facts dovetail perfectly with their asshole personalities.
By being themselves, i.e., violent, stupid, slovenly, lazy, sexually incontinent, etc. they drive Whites out of their cities and create a negro housing windfall.

Essentially it's,

Housing Stock ÷ Social Capital = black violence incentive

The better the housing stock compared to quality of the population the more incentive younger blacks have to be shitheads and older blacks have to be negligent.
This ratio is extremely high in American cities so there's not going to be any sustained improvement in black behavior in the near future.

Of course, with black's disastrous dysgenic breeding, having them overrun the cities is a lesser evil than having a greater number of them bringing their plague to the suburbs and rural areas.

Truth Corps said...

I've got to get to the Big 5 store tomorrow and buy that shotgun. -Pat Boyle.

Pat, a shotgun is a great choice for self defense and since you're in CA an un-neutered AR style rifle is probably not on your list. Get yourself a Remington 870 Police if you can, if not any 870 will do just add a Wilson Combat +2 extension to up the capacity. Or you can go all out and get a Benelli M4.

The most important thing I can say about firearms after three decades of experience with them is spend a good portion of time training & shooting. It will pay off when it counts. Secondly, stockpile ammo & a few spare parts. The supply line in BRA will be cut at some point in the future, not "if" but "when".

To PK,
Now might be a good time to revisit the billboard idea from a few years back. Imagine a billboard on I-95 near Baltimore...
"Had enough of riots, looting & thugs destroying America?

Thanks again, for all you do.

PS, I still think a name change would be a good idea...

"THE END".com perhaps?

The Human Element Exposing Negro Dysfunction

Anonymous said...

Give Baltimore's sheboon mayor and the rioters wide coverage. Give it to Reverends Jackson and Sharpton and Queen Barry and her husband as well. There's nothing like witnessing uncensored dindu behavior to win converts to race realism.

BTW, any comments yet from Howard Schultz?

C'mon, Howie, isn't it about time to have that conversation about race you're always going on about?

Woodsy InNYC said...

Live overnight coverage:

Anonymous said...

This is a non-event.

The areas where the people who really matter are well protected.

They will not blink since their private guards will destroy the mobs without mercy.

They can laugh at the hapless YTs caught in the disaster.

Anonymous said...

Rioter answering Fox reporter when asked why he was shot by bean bag was fucking priceless!! Dumbass basically told on himself and then caught himself. Reporter, " we're you throwing stuff?" Dumbass, "yes I was... We was...." Wow! Quite brilliant with his subpar IQ... I bet that IQ is 72 on a "goot" day. America is getting sick of you maggots!!!

Anonymous said...

Im watching Fox News right now.

They are basically agreeing that these riots are a legitimate expression of legitimate Negro rage about long standing white police brutality.

I'm cheering the Negroes on.
Please burn that city to the ground, torch every car, loot every store. Don't stop until there is nothing left but cinders.

Fuck this horrible country we live in. We had it all, and tossed it away like it was a used Kleenex.

Reverend Bacon said...

to Anon at 4:17PM

True, but not if YT would give the cops night vision gear. Just turn out all the street lights, silence the weapons, put on some PVS-15 goggles, and clean house. The real Paul Kersey would do it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Still watching on Fux News--they've got some soft faggy young white eunuch with a squeaky voice interviewing blackimals on the street.

I'm thinking how did we go from the Rangers at Normandy or the Marine Raiders in the Pacific to these piss poor excuses for white men in 70 years..

Quite a transformation isn't it? Men, white men, have turned into this. Maybe estrogen in the water. Schools certainly worked on it for 40-50 years. At least you and many here recognize what's happening. That's small encouragement anyway.

Anonymous said...

So what is it gonna take for the human,(read white here),male to regrow his balls and deal with the negroe problem?
Personally I like the idea of a final solution to the ghetto monkey problem.
This is the only viable option for humans to survive in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I won't be around to see how this all goes down.
No need to worry. We are experiencing 'Peak Negro'. I said this when the anointed one went into office. He's proven me right. The NAPA's have become fearless while the national debt has soared. The Fed Gov is over it's head in debt. The zoo keeper(Uncle Sugar) won't be able to feed the animals for many more years. Stand Your Ground Laws are being written to take care of the fallout.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......I don't have a TV so I just went to a bar to watch the news. Yep, the fuckers are burning down buildings in their own neighborhood. Some row houses were starting to burn.

The 1977 New York City blackout riots were blacks at their finest. Their only excuse was the fact that their was no electricity. Mostly looting. Only about 50 building were lit up.

Hurricane Sandy broke all records for looters. Had in-laws in New Jersey that would give me updates every few days. That was the first time looters invaded personal homes.

I know that when the AL SHARPTON THREE RING CIRCUS comes to town things will get better. Maybe the brothers can burn down city hall.

Anonymous said...


craigslist ---Ni@@as

<<< prev1 to 100 of 520 next >

Apr 28 Cops and National Guard are outnumbered (United States) [x]

Apr 28 As Baltimore burns white people quietly list their homes and move away (from Baltimore) pic [x]

Apr 28 Burn your stank-ass city down, niggers [x]

Apr 28 for the love of Beyoncé [x]

Apr 28 channel 11's heart wrenching gang interview [x]

Apr 28 No one should put a business or do business in Baltimore [x]

Apr 28 ALERT !!! ALERT !! ALERT !! (baltimore city) pic [x]

Apr 28 The people of Seattle think Baltimore has too many negros (Seattle) pic [x]


Apr 28 THE KING HAS SPOKEN (baltimore city) pic [x]

Apr 28 A SIMPLE SOLUTION ASSHOLES (Burnitmore) pic [x]

Apr 28 cops. (usa) pic [x]

Apr 28 dis is what happend awright (bmore) [x]



Apr 27 A southern view (georgia) [x]

Apr 27 RE: Let it all burn and start over (Baltimore city) [x]

Apr 27 Where is the leadership???? (Mpls. Mn) [x]

Apr 27 WTF is wrong with you people? [x]

Apr 27 Open season on coons in Baltimore!! pic [x]

Apr 27 Black Cops (B Mo Careful) [x]

Apr 27 the good news is (ballsmore) pic [x]

Apr 27 Monday is LOGO day at Mondawmin [x]

Apr 27 Ya baby... (let it burn!) [x]

Apr 27 Wake up Baltimore (nnj) [x]

Apr 27 C Mon Steph !!! [x]

Apr 27 RE : you honkeys ain't gonna do shit (baltimore city) pic [x]

Apr 27 NIGGERS [x]


Apr 27 Let it all burn and start over (Baltimore city) [x]

Apr 27 No problem here. (Midwest) [x]

Apr 27 Re: Better Yet... Baltimore Rant and Raves pic [x]

Apr 27 Baltimore (nnj) [x]

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in white-opia today I saw some young children, a brother and sister around 6 to 8 years old on the side of the road selling lemonade. I expect the negro equivalent of such youthful entrepreneurship is a "lookout" who alerts drug dealers when police approach.

You really don't notice how badly negroes bring down your quality of living until you have first lived amongst them, then are living in complete absence of them. A thousand small and large differences amount to in essence the difference between first and third world levels of civilization.

Anonymous said...

This latest drama in Baltimore is bringing home even more of the total hypocrisy of the black community. Quote from the Baltimore mayor- “I’ve made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech,” Rawlings-Blake said during a press conference Saturday night. Oh, yeah, free speech for blacks includes rioting, burning, looting attacking police, etc., but in the meantime white folk can't even use the "N" word- that's OUR free speech these days. Also, she said- [Baltimore Mayor: Space Was Provided To Those Who ‘Wished To Destroy’ [VIDEO], Daily Caller, 4-27-15]:
That is just it, Ms. Mayor, we whites DO want to give blacks space- and plenty of it, but blacks won't let us. Freedom from association would be a big blessing, but blacks know that when whitey leaves an area, so does the green. Ms. Mayor is like many black politicians and black elected officials- they think once they get into office, they can make decisions and laws ONLY for "dey people", which is the same damn thing that blacks have accused whites of doing. The local so called news stations here in Atlanta did not show any footage of the esteemed Mayor saying either of those 2 things- they showed only the footage of her "working with police". Ahem. The( white) Governor finally had the cajones to stand up and say that this kind of behavior will NOT be tolerated. Let's see if he stands on his word.
One of the problems is that blacks think that "cibil" rights really means black only rights, and that they can do things white people can't do, and not be held responsible.
Now even such an All American activity as going to a ballgame is tainted by black violence.
I am trying to understand this mindset of many blacks- "I think that a brotha that was running from polices was mistreated, beaten, or killed, violence from the police, and the brotha be innocent. So lets us go find some innocent white business owners or white tourists or po pos , . , and in protest cause MORE violence, and beat them whities, rob them, or loot their businesses and burn them to the ground. THAT is how to stop da violence. --This is extremely irrational behavior, but such common thinking among blacks that it is scary.
I am waiting for the day (but not holding my breath) that a black "leader" stands up for all to see and says-
If black lives matter, then our young men need to STOP RUNNING FROM POLICE and resisting arrest. Submit as the law requires you to, and then you can hire an attorney if you think that the arrest was not lawful, and live another day. And while we are at it, STOP COMMITTING SO MANY CRIMES- yes, even petty crimes such as shoplifting and mugging. Then if police ever stop you, you won't feel the need to run because you will NO outstanding warrants.
Common sense, no?? Wait a minute....
L in Atl-hell

Anonymous said...

I was flipping through the various cable news channels to see the coverages of the riot.

And then, Rachel Maddow's show came up. As she was explaining the recap of the Freddie Gray arrest story, she was crying on air while was reading her teleprompter.

Crying. For Freddie Gray.

There is something that is terribly confusing with how progressives view blacks, just as how some women view hoarding stray cats.

Let's say this ECAR RAW truly goes down and blacks are given their own homogenous republic. What do these white liberals think will happen?

Do you think they'll just be welcomed into black society on a path of flower petals at their feet? Like the end of the second Indiana Jones movie when he returns to the Indian village as the hero?


Very much no.

They will be eaten alive. Succumbing to the nature of things as everything else eventually does.

Whether it's politics, social issues or just someone you might work with at a factory job - someone who is careless because they think they know better than everyone else, or are more enlightened, usually meet a horrific ending.

Anonymous said...

Pat, Oakland's not the only major city on a fault. Memphis and St. Louis have a lot more to worry about.

As I recall, there were no monkeyshines in '89, and some of them actually helped with the rescues on the Cypress Structure.

That being said, Oakland's going to burn someday, and I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

It's got the wrong combination of thugs, NOI, liquor stores, anarchist whites, Dan Siegel, crack, wussified cops, black panthers, good weather, John Burris, and DWLs who would think a riot was entirely justified. In other words, there are too many angry people there who would love to see the thing go down in flames, and too few people willing to stop a small riot before it went citywide.

If, say, the Oscar Grant shooting happened today, you couldn't get me out of there fast enough.


I get the sense that every time I post here, I'm getting the check mark by my name, too.

One of the first battles that needs to be fought is the battle over so-called "hate speech" and the DWL policing of anything that might possibly question the party line. That being, of course, the idea that the only thing wrong with blacks starts with a Y and ends with a T.

Having uncharitable thoughts about other groups IS NOT A CRIME. Everyone does it, but it's only white people who are ostracized for it.

I'm friendly to people of all races in person. I have no political or corporate power, so I can't secretly keep black people down through institutional means. Nevertheless, as a white woman, there are places I don't go by myself. And, of course, I've dared to say what I really think: a large number of black people in this country are amoral savages. I've seen it with my own eyes. But that makes me a racist, and being a racist is worse than being a pedophile.

According to the little Dindus in Baltimore, I'm the enemy because of my white skin, blue eyes, and chestnut brown hair. And everyone just acts like this is a perfectly reasonable attitude for them to have. Some other white people who I'm not even descended from held their ancestors as slaves 150 years ago, so it's okay for them to hate me, rob me, rape me, or kill me. And it's mandatory that they blame me for all their problems, from the overdue water bill to their shitty failing schools.

The stuff PK writes is a perfect example of the kind of "hate speech" we should be defending. Ask questions like "Is there a majority-black area anywhere on earth that isn't a mess?" and "Since white people have become much less racist in the last 50 years, why haven't black people shown any improvement?" Throw statistics out there. Learn the facts and when a DWL tries to tell you that most blacks are imprisoned for petty drug crimes or that there are more white people on welfare, take them to school.

We need to have a national conversation on race, but it's not going to go anywhere if we're too scared of being branded with the scarlet R.

Anonymous said...

Accelerating Baltomres status to that of Detroits. Accelerating the USA's status to that of Africa.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we still have nukes pointed at some of our major cities from the cold war. Do i need to start a kickstarter campain to have them launched? I would never condone an attack on my beloved country, but she seems to be crying to have her paracites removed...I'm postive that the cities the russians were aiming at are now nothing but ceaspools so two birds=one stone in my opinion. If you're going to pay for a rebuild...I'll be damned if the previous tenants should be allowed to live there.

Anonymous said...

yes it does come up right away so no one is manipulating anything.It comes up with sites like Stuff Black People Like, or Dig, Or Stuff Educated Black People Like etc

Ex-Copper said...

It's raining, it's pouring
Freddy Gray stopped snoring
He hit his head, now he's dead
The city's toast by morning.

Anonymous said...

The Third Reich lasted 13 years, The Reign of BRA timeframe is similar in theory, it's coming to a self inflicted end. Be aware be prepared.

Anonymous said...

And he was made a saint by in a black terrorist church frunural, a church one can be certain he never set foot in. But the harlot made him elevated to martyr, a martyr for the wicked generation to destroy the relative safety as ordered by a ghetto assed mayor.

Anonymous said...

the hour approaches when we must do what must be done.

men of honor will rise up in these dark days. ours will not be a legacy of capitulation, our legacy will be glorious.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore City Police Live Audio Feed

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Same here PK. Usually by the time I get to B your site pops up in Google. Signifying a lot of hits based on their algorithm. Not today.

Funny how the "champions" of free speech for the "oppressed" are so quick to silence dissenting opinions. Dissenting facts are even more dangerous I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Finally found some news on the Baltimore riots with a comment section attached.

My favorite part is the dipshit walking across the scene like Shaft, carrying what looks to amount to $10 in stolen merchandise. Wonder if he realizes that people with jobs can buy stuff like this all the time without ransacking and looting without even batting an eye. They probably even pay their water/utility bills and don't need to run generators in their living rooms.

What an absolute embarrassment. Put that fist in the air and keep it there Blackie, your revolution is just beginning.

Anonymous said...

Every time a DWL gets thrashed or robbed by one of its "pets," an angel gets his wings.

Baltimore is a sewer, and the sewage is overflowing onto the streets. Detroit-On-The-Chesapeake is worth exactly a pile a manure.

I can only hope the governor grows a pair and issues "shoot to kill" orders on looters and rioters.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

There is a health crisis going on in a rural Indiana county. HIV is getting spread around the white trash drug community at an alarming rate. This story was on top of MSNBC’s page yesterday, right next to the coddling of Baltimore.

Trash is trash, and I believe this is what separates YT and mud the most clearly. Whereas, YT is quick to disavow the antics of our trashy cultural elements, muds embrace theirs.

I would like to speak about our socialist policies here in the USA, and defend them. YT, has realized long ago that shit can happen. Future oriented thinking can mitigate a lot, but nevertheless, shit still happens. When the Great Depression hit, normal charities were overwhelmed. The gubmint (us, to be specific when talking about a constitutional republican form of democracy) stepped in to save us. The able bodied were put to work in gubmint sponsored make work programs, that at the time were needed for infrastructure modernization and expansion. Food stamps were based on seasonal agricultural surpluses and not the bottom lines of Frito-Lay, Nestle’, Coca-Cola, etc…

Shame, that elusive building block of civilization, was given to the able bodied on the dole. The high rise “projects” began as low cost poor and working class housing (for YT) and were maintained, but vacated as soon as the occupants were able to find better accommodations. The elderly were able to live with some dignity, as the demographic shift from rural to urban living shattered the once common traditional multi-generational households. Children, who have never asked to be born, were able to live with basic needs provided, even if their trash parents would/could not. Again, shame was heaped upon the parents of said children, as it should be.

Western Europe, post WW2, took our programs further creating a socialist paradise. Taxes were, and still are, very high there but the quality of life was excellent for almost all of the citizens.

At this point in our history, our leaders found themselves in control of millions, billions, trillions of dollars that they could distribute as Caesar gave bread. YT has proven difficult to rule overtly, (we’re getting easier) but there was an “oppressed” population of simpletons, with legal precedents on the books for full enfranchisement, who had until then been kept in check by civil society waiting to be unshackled and eternally grateful to whomever made it possible. The long hot summers of the late sixties were not because the mud felt oppressed. On the contrary, mud knows only two ways to exist in a society, to oppress or to be oppressed. The long hot summers were muds with the chains lifted, testing the limits of their newfound power.

Fifty years later, we find ourselves wanting to end the programs that were developed for YT’s security. We would rather harm the vulnerable ones of us than bankrupt the country by the abuse of these programs by muds. YT’s trash, as cited in my opening statement, is degenerating wholesale to the level of the nigger. Shame is no longer used as a pillar of civilization; rather it is shunned, as it hurts people’s feelings. The mud is shameless, a barely sentient savage ill suited to the society of YT. The great experiment is over. It is possible when white. It will flourish when it is white. The experiment failed due to giving the same civic responsibilities to the mud people, which are expected of YT. Ask Europa how its Cadillac gibs are being “appreciated” by the mud invader. Ask them how the mud is enriching the cradle of the First World.

I would like to hear your opinions of gibs as they relate to YT. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

The monkeyshines in this video from the "Big Baltimore Chimpout of 2015" are both infuriating and entertaining at the same time:

Rioters cut water hose trying to put out fire

CNN had this total beta male type named Miguel Marquez reporting live from the Baltimore chimpout scene. (Don't let the name fool you; he looks and talks like a total DWL nerd type...think a real life version of Clark Kent.) He is the same CNN field reporter who for some reason has been walking around the streets in Baltimore with a microphone in one hand while holding his smartphone up to his ear with his other hand, all while these Baltimore nignogs were chimping out all around him live on CNN.

Now, despite the title of the CNN video that I linked above having the word "rioters" in it, there was actually only one rioter that knifed the fire hose after the firefighters connected it to the fire hydrant. In the video, if you look closely, there was this nignog wearing a gas mask and on a bicycle in the background briefly as Miguel Marquez was interviewing another nignog that was dressed up sort of like how a member of ISIS would probably dress; using those pieces of fabric to wrap around his face, dark sunglasses, etc.

So, as the ISIS-looking nignog was babbling on and on in negro-speak about the "need" for the Big Baltimore Chimpout of 2015 to Miguel Marquez, the gas mask nignog suddenly then came back into the camera frame in the background and used a knife on the connected fire hose. (Other nignogs shuffling around blocked this from the camera's viewpoint.) Then this same gas mask nignog came back to use the knife on the connected fire hose again, but this time, we can see that a rather large knife was used on this fire hose. Then we can see the gas mask nignog knuckle-drag away from the leaking fire hose, saunter down the street, and then retrieve his bicycle from a fellow rioter nignog to ride off for probably more monkeyshines elsewhere that same day.

Ex-Copper said...

Things I learned last night:
Running from police, forcibly resisting police and attacking police are not excuses for "peavy handed" police tactics.

Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow have a new message regarding lawlessness resulting in injury or death of a suspected criminal. There is no need to accept responsibility for actions by the citizen and the real problem is "police violence".

The governor of a state must now get the nod from the president to activate the national guard for state duty. Since when?

Anonymous said...

All of this is being tolerated and encouraged by the government in order to set-up Obama's big legacy achievement. Reparations are coming. All of the unrest and violence is to finally coonvince (or intimidate) YT to hand over the money to which the poor persecuted knee grow is entitled.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Please note that the race war scheduled for this week has been cancelled because White folks are too busy screwing around on their telephones and computers to participate.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Chimpout is still down. Anyone know why they dark? Obongo get it shut down? Be careful PK, you'll be next.

This Baltimore ground ape riot is perfect fodder for a good chimpout discussion; can get more colorful language involved than we can here.

Negroes! Arise my brothers, arise and fight the power. Your destiny awaits you in the streets. Time to take on the National Guard with your saggy pants and rocks.

Ook ook, eek eek!

NY Girl said...

You know, you bring up a good point. Most of us have been looking at the Trayvon/Mikey B./NYC/Gray incidents with dread, because of the inevitable riots. We should be welcoming the excuses to chimp out, because people who otherwise could not care will be forced to notice the swath of destruction that follows the death (usually justified) of some nappy-headed citizen.

Many of us woke up, or at least were open to the idea of waking up, after the Rodney King riots. It's time a new generation got that clarion call.

Let. It. Burn. Whites can ALWAYS rebuild, and Blacks are happier living in North Haiti.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

One of my Facebook friends posted a dreamy photo of MLK last night with the quote "Where do we go from here: chaos or community?".. and I just about spit up my beer, and I was thinking, are you f&@$ing KIDDING ME!!? When do DWL's set down their dreamy little decades-old romantic platitudes of fairy tales and nursery school stories and grow the f&@$ up and join us here in the 21st century? I was at the Twins game the other night at Target Field, and it was "Jackie Robinson Night"; something Major League Baseball does ever year, and all players on all teams wear #42 on the back of their jersey. And again, I'm thinking, how long.. how. f&@$ing. long. must we romanticize MLK.. and Jackie Robinson.. and Rosa Parks.. how. f&@$ing. long..? I mean, what.. aren't there ANY other black human beings on the entire planet worth a damn since? Baltimore burns, descending into the African mean right before the world's very eyes.. and all my DWL FB friend can think to think is, "Aw shucks man.. can't we all just.. y'know.. get along?".. Ugh.

Ex-Copper said...

Last night, while watching the press conference in Baltimore, I thought I might need Bogo's tinfoil hat.

Watching a brand new (R) governor talk about the activation of the Maryland National Guard, flanked by a black female adjutant general, black female mayor, and black police chief in a city that borders the black federally controlled District of Columbia, I got the creepy feeling King Kenya finally found a means to make himself permanent leader of the United States.

The governor needed to activate the guard, no dilemma there at all. The guardsmen are being deployed in a support role, will be armed and in "full battle rattle" (sapi vests, lbvs, stuffed mags, nvgs, etc) and driving uparmored hummers and rhinos. Local police will need to secure critical infrastructure and the guardsmen will back-fill their positions freeing police to secure perimeter positions. A minimum of 500 police officers from the state and neighboring states has been requested as well.

The Adj General reiterated multiple times the possible 5,000 troops will be armed and using full combat gear. The governor, Adj General, police chief and mayor reiterated multiple times a curfew will be put in place along with strict enforcement. They also stated martial law has not been declared, YET. (Emphasis added to suggest it could be).

My concern is that the guard has been heavily used to support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The vast majority of these soldiers have been under and have returned fire in strict rules of engagement once "combat efforts" ceased. Basically, no shooting unless fired upon or recognizable reasonable threats to safety are observed. These guys will not hesitate to react to the bait of shooters using the crowd as cover. They will shoot back while seeking cover and dragging their wounded to safety, not retreating without returning fire as police did in Ferguson. I do not imply they should have to be nothing more than paper targets in this scenario.

This fact, leads me to believe, once a free fire zone has been established between insurgents and guardsmen and leads to chimpouts across the country, the Pres will federalize the guard and activate the reserves. Regular military and alphabet agencies will also deploy across the country.

The following national declaration of martial law will prevent the possibility of a safe and free election. He will have to remain CINC as no new government will be available to be sworn in.

D-FENS said...

I used Google to search SBPDL and had no problems.

What IS disturbing is the experience of Earl Turner. I believe another poster on a previous thread had a similar experience with intimidation for publicly expressing non-orthodox thoughts on the internet/social media.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! That's funny as hell! Criminals all over the TV and the government can't find one.
Seriously, I think you're right, white people are going to be confronted for everything, even what they think.
When they come knocking, I guess I'll fire that guy but it will be difficult, being self employed and all.


Anonymous said...

On a positive note here in Oklahoma City applications for concealed carry are on the rise.

Time to get the shotguns and glocks ready for the summer.

Ammo Man in OK

Anonymous said...


As George Orwell observed, "It will one day become revolutionary to tell the truth."

When you actually see "reporters" at the scene of a dying black city (but I repeat myself), and a city almost totally run by black "chilluns" elected by black morons), refusing point out that under the circumstances a race riot is a flat out contradiction in terms here.

Clearly, we not only have a problems with blacks, but an even bigger problem with braaindead whites holding them to NO standards whatever and effectively blaming the white race for every single social pathology blacks now have in their dysfunctional communities - communities now RUN lock, stock and barrell by THEM, from the Mayors on down.

This is not unlike prisoners blaming the guards for being in prison.

Anonymous said...

It was one at first.

Anonymous said...

If that fault slips, the resulting earthquake damage will be all yt's fault. Years ago, they made a shotgun called a street sweeper, it got a lot of bad press but if I was going to get a shotgun for dark problems, I'd look for one.
It should be issued to the Baltimore police right now.


Anonymous said...

Me too. My blood boiled. Even Gutfeld called him out on live tv over sheps bullshit.

Same for Hannity as well. I used to listen to his radio program but after he condemned PO Wilson without knowing any facts, he sounded just like any other libtard. I'm pretty much done with fox news.

Anonymous said...

My take on his death was that it was due to either a headlock too forcefully applied during a struggle or the injury occurred as a result of him being tossed into the back seat of the cruiser and then striking his head on the opposite door.

General J.O. Shelby said...

'Same for Hannity as well. I used to listen to his radio program but after he condemned PO Wilson without knowing any facts, he sounded just like any other libtard. I'm pretty much done with fox news.'
I'm glad to hear people wizing up. I turned off Fox years ago for the same reason (around the time they hired Williams) plus the constant war mongering for Israel. We are not Israel's plantation.

Anonymous said...

Orcs are on the warpath. Do you live near an infestation? If so, prepare. They will be smashing down your door soon and coming for your wife and kids.

It won't be pretty.

PK, please, warn all non-blacks that the creatures are on the loose, fired up to kill by Obama, and vicious.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Baltimore, a slice of the third world right in you're own back yard...

They should just give out grass skirts, shields and spear to these sub human apes. Nice job setting back race relations 100 years, apes.

Anonymous said...

Earl Turner said ”. . . Not long after that, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation paid a visit to my place of employment. They claimed that I had used the wifi at my job to place a Craigslist ad soliciting minors. That of course never happened. The agents showed up all "tacticool" and spent a lot more time talking to my employer than they did to me. They searched my work computer with some forensic USB device and of course it came up clean. I still have the computer, by the way. And I even offered to let them search my home computer due to the nature of the accusation. They declined. . . “

Very disturbing post. So do you think that someone who didn't like your race realistic views made a false police report, or do you think that the GBI made the accusations on their own as a warning that they can ruin your life?

Dan said...

Rangers at Normandy were the problem.

Anonymous said...

61-year old white woman. Former DWL. My views reluctantly changed over last 2 years. Was disappointed in myself. Now realize what's what. Recognize race realism. Still believe in equal rights, but all men are NOT created equal. Disgusted and fed up. I am responsible for my actions and my decisions. Why aren't blacks? And why do they have so much free time to march (they love that march crap) and demonstrate (aka riot, loot and destroy)? Oh, they don't work, or get educated, or take care of their offspring, or do anything productive. Lots of free time to ruin America. On my tax dollars. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the way they cut away to african commenters? One of the stupid "intelligent ones" just said there were only a couple people causing problems.

If they're all so unhappy about things here in the United States, leave, go back to Africa! Only problem with that is they haven't totally ravaged this country yet. That's the goal.
We have all seen the african allowed to run free in American cities now, what do we do about it? The police have their orders. The police are also a minority and they will have a choice.
How much longer? Or is everyone going Bruce Jenner?


10mm AUTO said...

To those who believe this will "end", please understand TWMNBN Soros did not dump 33 million into the pot to keep these protests alive through the Winter just to have them burn out in the Spring! What would be the point in that? No, no, no! He wants a real Excellent summer with lots of jumping and yelling and excitement. You don't think he feels he has gotten his money's worth out of a pile that big, do you?

Anonymous said...

Could start a worldwide trend.


behind blue eyes said...

This Chimpout will serve to open even more fatigued eyes. Tell your friends. The fatigue grows.
Remember to let the DWL'S know that it's ALWAYS been content of character. Realists know this. The TNB is all based on that. The shitskin is just a warning sign.
Prep your own. Share in knowing family comes first.

Anonymous said...

What makes America great is you can be a gutless, useless, freeloading parasite who pisses on America and everything it stands for, and still get a check from the government every month.

And as Baltimore shows us all, that's true even if you're not the president!

Anonymous said...

Blacks also bitch about what they think white people think about them, then they provide ample evidence we were right all along.


Ricky in Cali said...

Same with me my friend! But we are not alone. Some posters go onto Yahoo (during racial topics) and simply put

"Yahoo is censoring my comments"

And they'll get 800 thumbs up! We are not the only ones there's others like us out there

Anonymous said...

I encourage them to spend more time with the devils. A few have been attacked, my response is always what did you expect idiot?

SC Native

Fatigued but temporarily amused in Minneapolis said...

re: "Anonymous said...
What makes America great is you can be a gutless, useless, freeloading parasite who pisses on America and everything it stands for, and still get a check from the government every month.
And as Baltimore shows us all, that's true even if you're not the president!" HA!! Humorous comment of he day award mate! Good one!

FlowerBell said...

People all over the world throughout history have gone through the same thing we're all going through now concerning the behavior of blacks.

Most simply rounded blacks up and used them for beasts of burden.

In America we instituted segregation and Jim Crow laws to protect civilized people from these savages and their savage behavior remains unchanged to this day.

What is the advantage of ignoring centuries of knowledge already gathered and sorted for us?
Its time to listen to our ancestors and move on.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the fatalism? We need to decide when we'll take our country back and how. We need to decide when we will return them to Africa and how. We have all the power if we choose to use it.

Anonymous said...

Instead of "oh, they will be so sorry when we are gone!" How about:Things are going to be so good when they are back in Africa where they belong.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I recommend to every reader of this website to comment on your local newspaper/tv station's website.

They no doubt have a story about Baltimore right now and it is a ripe time to spread the word about PK's books and this website.

Here is a sample comment that I posted on my local rag :

Published almost exactly one year ago, The City That Bleeds, by Paul Kersey, covers every aspect that lead up to this kindling point being seen in Baltimore right now. It is down right prescient when viewed in this light, fearlessly and honestly covering the history of Charm City from the past 100 years to how it arrived to what is seen today. Curious? Want to know the real story?

Anonymous said...

I'm worried that the rioting may interrupt the studies of all the negro scientists, doctors, lawyers, scholars, inventors and philanthropists who are doing such great work every day. I see them on the tube on all the commercials, patiently advising YT, giving investment advice, curing YT in hospitals and getting ready to launch spaceships. I hope this police oppression of the youfs exercising their first amendment rights of free speech, free EBT, free weed, free 40 ouncers, free 22 inch rims, free section 8 etc. doesn't interfere with the great accomplishments of the negroes, they have important work to do. Don't they ?

non-DWL from NE
Remember, Rev. Oprah says there just like us, different paint job.

Anonymous said...


While I realize this is off topic, I would like to put many of you that visit PKs wonderful blog about a couple of other websites, namely and These quite crude sites share absolutely nothing in common with PK's thoughtful, brilliantly written commentary on the black problem in this country.

For obvious reasons, I visited both these sites using TOR (with even added anonymity enhancements). My gut feeling is both of these are government honeypots for listing names and IPs for perhaps "later use" if necessary. The way things are rapidly deteriorating in this country, nothing can now be justly characterized as paranoid. Paranoia is when you merely "imagine" they're out to get you, but as we are quickly seeing, our own government is now the deadly enemy of its white citizens. especially, which is a "forum" asking for your personal info and your email no less, is a dead giveaway. Whoever is running this domain is looking for a lot more than just ad revenue. You can take it to the bank. Except for perhaps a few close friends and family, you're asking for big trouble giving out you email to anyone, and that includes "anonymous" emails that also (by law) log your visit and email. They say otherwise, but I can assure you you're about as anonymous as the Himalayas.

Anyway, I know more than just a little about computers and how this near Nazi government now works with their fingerprinting of just about every non computer savvy user, and the mere fact that such a crude, overtly racist site like this even exists should give you pause about even visiting it, much less logging in to it.

It's there for a reason, and my hunch it's there for the same reason a fish net is thrown in the water.

Just thought I would pass this on to you. Your ISP and browser (if you allow it) maintains data on you like you cannot even imagine, and your ISP would out you in a NY minute with with just the flash of a badge, let alone any court orders. Your IP, with the help of your Internet provider, is a good as a key to your front door.

Pat Boyle said...

What is Obama up to?

This comment is too far down the page to be noticed, so I will try to repeat near the top tomorrow.

Historically rioting precedes tyranny. That's the purpose of community organizing. You stir things up and then you impose order. Both the Nazis and the Communists engaged in street brawling as tactic. The Nazis won in Germany.

But of course it's a much older tactic than that. Clodius and Milo were rival gangs in late Republican Rome and of course they helped pave the way for the destruction of the Roman Republic and the replacement by the Empire. This was probably the single most studied historical event among the American Founding Fathers. Our form of government is modeled on the Roman Republic and all the members of the Constitutional Convention were worried that our republic might succumb to similar events and pressures.

Our revolution was shortly followed by the French revolution and the French revolution ended when Napoleon ended the rioting with a 'whiff of grapeshot'. Soon Napoleon was the Emperor. People are grateful for those who end rioting even if they were responsible for starting those riots.

So 'Cui bono'? Who benefits from these obviously staged riots?

I have a theory. I may be wrong.

If the rioting gets really bad - not like the casualty free Baltimore riots - but deadly. And the police have been disparaged so much that they are no longer trusted, Obama will ask in UN step in and help. That UN help will have a decidedly pro-Islamic bent.

Tell me I'm crazy, but this scenario looks all too plausible from where I sit.


Anonymous said...

I have had the tube on with the sound off switching channels watching but not listening. I notice this, at 1:35 East Coast time the numbers of nogs roaming beautiful Baltimore has increased greatly over the past few hours. Are they on their lunch breaks from their jobs or did they just wake up ? Is rioting a real job ? Do they get annual reviews and pay raises ? What will their parents think when they see little Shitavious and Shaniqua carrying arm loads of shit from CVS ? Where did they get the money for all that ?

Anonymous said...

Lots of old hippies, young DWLs sitting in the streets of Baltimore, chanting something about wonderful nogs. No doubt they are on that communist Soros' payroll, bussed in for the occasion. They better be careful, night is coming, the natives are extra restless and the police they hate won't be there to help. This could very well be "a teachable moment" as the Left likes to say and one of the best lessons stupid white people will ever learn.

non-DWL from NE

Howard Roarrk said...

**1968 Black Race Riots Baltimore, Public Housing, Segregation

Lots of photos. Nothing has changed. Except that now they have full access to us.

Anonymous said...

Can I say I feel sorry for the tiny percentage of blacks who aren't subhuman creatures? (people like Jason Reilly, who is probably mortified by this most recent round of typical black recreation). Cause I do. That said, why doesn't that idiot DeBlasio send Dante down there to do some community outreach. He could get him away from those terrible, scary NYC police, of whom he was taught to be afraid, and let him be with his poor downtrodden brethren. They're not scary like the police. Barry should take his girls out of white private school and send them down too.

hispls said...

"Can't believe Chimpout is still down. Anyone know why they dark?"

Word on the skreets is that whoever had the credentials to access the server is gone (no explanation) and the host either booted them or they didn't pay their bill.

AFAIK pretty much all the founders of that site were spinoffs from over some dispute and from what I can gather virtually none of the charter members are around anymore for one reason or another, so the above story is pretty credible.

Considering the entire financial might of Hollywood and the recording industry can't keep Pirate Bay down for more than a week I doubt it's an institutional attack on Chimpout, just poor organization, foresight, and planning on the part of the admins.

Quite a shame because that site generated a lot of traffic and was good for some stress relieving venting. It also sent a lot of people in the direction of this blog and others.

If you do a web search for "Baltimore chimpout" you'll find some other blogs and race realist news sites with some pretty wild west comment sections. I picked up a new one to add to my favorites bar.

Anonymous said...


General J.O. Shelby, FWIW, not only has Hannity been punked, too, but that also goes for Rush, Ingraham, Levin and the rest of that crowd who dare not say a *ucking thing about these racist, murderous, savage black animals raping America. All of them also know why Brietbart is no longer with us, too. Ever heard any of them ever make a peep about his murder? Think they might be a little scared as well?

They all know just who is buttering their bread, and don't ever forget. Hint: It's not the American white people who founded this country and made it the greatest country that ever existed on the planet - that is, until both parties decided intelligent, productive white people were not in their best political interests.

Ill-informed and largely uneducated blacks and Mexicans are what they need to keep themselves in power - not Caucasians who can actually think.

Note: Yes, I know Mexicans are classed as Caucasians, but then again so aren't murderous, savage Arabs as well.

Anonymous said...

In the words of the gunshop clerk, right before the T-800 wastes him- "That's a good gun!".

Anonymous said...

St. Louis and Baltimore are screwed more than other cities for not being incorporated into counties. They can't grab tax dollars from citizens who have fled to areas beyond the city limits. In the case of these two cities, the departing take their money with them.

General J.O. Shelby said...

'I've noticed on various sites my comments are being increasingly censored.'
At least you could still post. I've noticed that most left-leaning sites have been removing their comment sections, entirely, in order to suppress free speech.

NY Girl said...

Think you just answered your own question.

Howard Roarrk said...

White shop owner dragged out of his store, kicked, beaten by ferals:

Ricky in Cali said...

Yahoo just recently got into this too! The app on your phone let's go to articles and comment like on your computer but the last couple months they started posting articles WITH NO COMMENTS SECTION! Inflammatory articles too about "police brutality" (horseshit), "Christians leaving the faith behind", the "presidents poll numbers are the highest they've been" all kinds of crap we can't answer back too!! That way when stupid people read the headlines they will think it's real and there is nothing we can say back to it

Anonymous said...


Shelby, Townhall, which likes to think of itself as a conservative bastion, farmed out their comments section to Facebook, as if any intelligent, politically engaged conservative on the planet would post to that POS garbage dump of humanity. "Low information voter" doesn't even begin to describe the ill-tutored, brain dead morons who customarily post to Facebook and Twitter.

Townhall may have got a big payday from Facebook, but their actual site revenue will soon dry up for total lack of readership.

I hope their entire operation folds now.

Plaga Negra said...

Congrats on waking up. If you're brave enough, delve deeper and you will see that "equal rights" are a sham as well.

MMP said...

Come on....Sing along :)

He'd be makin it real shitty....

By burning down a city....

If Obama had a son.....

SKIP said...

" We need to decide when we will return them to Africa and how. We have all the power if we choose to use it."

BS! we know better, to quote the hunter guy om "Jurrasic Park" They should all be destroyed

Anonymous said...

Can I say I feel sorry for the tiny percentage of blacks who aren't subhuman creatures? (people like Jason Reilly, who is probably mortified by this most recent round of typical black recreation). Cause I do.

I don't.

Blacks like Jason Reilly don't expect to change anything, they're promoting themselves like Sharpton et all. Sure I will take a Reilly over a Sharpton but that goes without saying.

I used to pity them until I realized that like DWLs the majority of the talented tenth support lies over truth. They don't see racial realism as in their best interest so they support the status quo.

It's also the talented tenth that bring their cousins into the burbs. The destruction of a White neighborhood always begins with a nice IKAGO family.

Anonymous said...

In the words of the gunshop clerk, right before the T-800 wastes him- "That's a good gun!".

I'm a proponent of Whites over-arming for the intimidation factor and that Terminator scene should be a source of inspiration.

I want to read a story about a nice White lady pulling out a .357 with a laser sight and taking out a rioter. Or a Grandpa getting an AK from his truck to take on a mob.

Part of the reason why blacks riot in places like Baltimore is because they know the remaining whites are pushovers. Whites that apply statistics to their lives do not hang around coffee shops in downtown Baltimore. White males that have a spine and value their gun rights left Maryland long ago.

SwampThizzle said...

As a longtime reader of this website and the guy who coined some of the funnier race realist neologisms like "die-versity" and "weaponized subhumanity," I feel compelled to say this: the police in the United States are out of control and have been for quite some time. Today, the increasingly lawless death squads that are the American police are dragging Freddie Grays off the streets and torturing them to death for daring to look at them and being "punished" with paid vacations if anything at all. If unopposed, tomorrow these same thug cops will be coming for you and me. I hate to say it, but I'm with the violent black mob on this one. These cops must be opposed. And it is not the same thing as opposing law and order. In fact it is standing up for law and order to oppose these thug cops.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is the dipshit walking across the scene like Shaft, carrying what looks to amount to $10 in stolen merchandise. Wonder if he realizes that people with jobs can buy stuff like this all the time without ransacking and looting without even batting an eye.

Looks like diapers, pringles and iced tea.

You are right that he could go mow a lawn and in an hour would have more than enough money to buy the same items.

I'm still shocked by what I see Blacks trying to loot. Of course they don't fear the justice system but they also have no shame about appearing on national tv with a bag of stolen chips.

MMP said...

@ swampthizzle...

And who are protecting lives & property in Baltimore at the moment?

Anonymous said...

SwampThizzle said..

..... tomorrow these same thug cops will be coming for you and me. I hate to say it, but I'm with the violent black mob on this one. These cops must be opposed. And it is not the same thing as opposing law and order. In fact it is standing up for law and order to oppose these thug cops.

Is that you Alex Jones? Sure, if an alliance needs to be made, the obvious choice is to ally yourself with negroes. Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Based on the pictures of the looters, toilet paper looks like the most popular item to negroes. Who knew they used toilet paper?

Anonymous said...

"I'm still shocked by what I see Blacks trying to loot. Of course they don't fear the justice system but they also have no shame about appearing on national tv with a bag of stolen chips."

Hey man, chips are awesome! Oh


Are you asking why didn't they rob the Escalade dealership? So that they could roll out on some smooth ride with fancy rims and all dat sheet?

Aw yeah….they be talkin!

Maybe the dealership wasn't open and too many iron bars to shoot thru, so the chips and tea were easier to take at the time.

Really, what could riot and steal after 9PM at night? No dealerships are open. What can they take? Banks are all closed too.

They went for the familiar. Guess Popeyes wasn't nearby or they really could've had a full meal with those chips and tea!

Anonymous said...

OT and just for your information: I know a blog spot where a man can say what he wants to about the Negro problem. I know because I have done it. It is at:

This is a Teaparty site and the blog master (Diane Sori) is for sure a Muslim realist, but still clings to the idea that 99 percent of blacks are good people. I used to copy/paste stuff from SBPDL all the time (with credit to PK for sure). Some people cling to the idea that blacks are just like us although I proved time and again that is just bullshit.

She did an excellent expose on Ferguson, and did everything but call Negroes the “N” word, but still maintained that deep down Negroes are just like us.

If any of you hate Muslims and Obama that is the site for YOU! They are referred to as pigs, dogs and bastards, and that is when we are being nice to them.

I would invite all to visit her site and please use PK’s stuff as proof. You know…the statistics that show how that 90 plus percent of murders are done by blacks in large cities such as St. Louis. Now…her opinions of blacks and mine were only different in the degree of dislike. However, she said in answer to one of my posts that she would NEVER cut back on my right to state my opinions freely. Some have said that they were not allowed to say EXACTLY what they wanted on other blogs; on her blog, I aver that you CAN say EXACTLY what you want. Although the topics were mostly about Muslims, I would still base my posts on nogs; not only nogs, but M…F… NOGS! I forget what I referred to Obama as being, but it was not good. The libtards referred to me as a racist (also they referred to PK as a racist); I prefer realist! One said that my post would make Django Unchained seem mild in comparison. Have fun! This is just a suggestion. PK’s blog is my favorite now and forever, but sites like that can be entertaining and educational! Like PK she is a very intelligent person.

Post away and say whatever you want! (it’s anonymous).

Anonymous said...

"The destruction of a White neighborhood always begins with a nice IKAGO family"

^^^This!! Same goes for Mexicans and Muslims. The "good ones" don't control the "bad ones" and will scream "rayciss" when YT tries to. Society is not a collection of atomized individuals, a community is all or none.


It's classic bait and switch. They militarize the police to stop the "gangs" and "terrorists", but the police will never directly engage blacks or muslims as a group (dat rayciss). The militarized police is for YT. At some point White people will get fed up and open fire on "peaceful protesters" trying to burn down their neighborhood. Then and only then will you see the tanks rolling down the street as DHS comes to take the guns away from all those evil racist YTs.

SwampThizzle said...

@MMP: Baltimore is 65% black. Fuck their lives and property and fuck any clueless white people who stick around (sad day for them, lol).

Anonymous said...

Hey! Baltimore negroes. Almost curfew. Into your cages please.




Anonymous said...

Random thoughts:

I agree with anon on 4/27/15 at 4:06 p.m. that a name change might be in order. "SBPDL" has a curiosity piquing look to it, but hardly reflects the serious and thoughtful, research-based content. On the other hand, it is an established brand...

Obama never, NEVER condemns the "senseless violence" without a wink and nod and dog whistle or two about "justified" and "understandable" anger. And this was the "healer" that was going to usher in post-racial America...

Baltimore's Police Chief said they were outflanked and overwhelmed yesterday. Military style tactics were used to force the PD to split it's forces up and then face larger numbers. Sounds a little too sophisticated for our dark complexioned friends, doesn't it? Who could be calling the shots?

Still can't get a firm idea of how much destruction took place. No tv in my house, and looking around the 'net I haven't found a comprehensive view yet.

Finally, Obama referred to the "overwhelming" numbers the Police Chief faced as "a handful of people". Others blame "a few thugs" for stealing the limelight from the "large number of peaceful protestors". Wow. And right to our faces, too.

NY Girl said...

Speaking of "fatigued in NY," I am right this minute taking the train from NYC to the 'burbs. We are in what is supposed to be the "quiet car," but across the aisle some ook and his soon-to-be baby mamma (judging from the amount of belly hanging out between her bippy shirt and her jeans, which also gives us a (shudder) lovely view of her gigantic tramp stamp), making enough grunting noises that the polite white guy who actually had the seat gave it up so Shitavious could sit next to Shaniqua. Why, oh, why do we have to reward their ook-ey behavior?

Anonymous said...

" lawless death squads that are the American police are dragging Freddie Grays off the streets and torturing them to death for daring to look at them"

Oh really? He was a goot boy what din' do nuffins. Poh leese beez pickin' on him becawse he be black an sheit.

Judging by this shit-bird's rap sheet he is a career criminal and as likely as not has got away with 100X as much stuff as he got caught doing and police likely know about half of that. So police see a known criminal/drug dealer hanging around the "dope spot" on the corner, he makes eye contact with them then bolts, they KNOW he's out there looking for trouble.

For fuck's sake, I defy you to drive around any fuxated city and just eyeball the negroes prowling around and if you have a brain in your head you'll KNOW instantly which ones are up to no good.

Would that it were true that these murderous police were "taking freddy grays off the street" the world would be a better place.

Even if we were to lend credence to your Alex Jones line, once the negro problem is delt with militarized and over-the-top police forces are impossible to justify. My little town has about 3 police officers, the station is open Post Office hours, and every year the town has a vote on whether to just close it down and go under the county umbrella for law enforcement..... Oh, we have zero spades here by the way.

Let's take a vote on who is "out of control" and "violent". The police, or negroes?

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

"I used to pity (Blacks like Jason Reilly) until I realized that like DWLs the majority of the talented tenth support lies over truth."

So true, and even the smartest of them use what intelligence they have to construct justifications for black dysfunction. Any black who concedes there might be even a bit of a cultural problem in their "community" immediately becomes persona non grata.

You will find more examples of well-intentioned self-criticism of Whites by Whites in any randomly selected PK comment section than you will find of black on black critiques in the last 40 years. Their collective cultural ego appears to be too fragile to endure any criticism.

Anonymous said...


MMP, our resident Marxist mole said, "And who are protecting lives & property in Baltimore at the moment?"

That's a question better directed at your savior, Barak O Corpseman who was directly instrumental in law enforcment operations right - down to the Chief of police. Yet another replay of Fergidishu.

BTW, comrade, since you're clearly somewhat of a smarmy pedant when it suits your political purposes, did you email your Lolipop-in-Chief about his 2nd grade mispronunciation of corpsmaan? The man's a total, ill-tutored buffoon and poseur, but I repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100%, we had a good system and for some reason (Marxists) screwed it up.

SC Native

Brian Peters said...

Last night was comedy gold on TV. I am hoping for more tonight, and that the black plague stays away for a while north of Indianapolis. Go to it filthy sh!tbeasts.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said ”. . . If the rioting gets really bad - not like the casualty free Baltimore riots - but deadly. And the police have been disparaged so much that they are no longer trusted, Obama will ask in UN step in and help. That UN help will have a decidedly pro-Islamic bent.

Tell me I'm crazy, but this scenario looks all too plausible from where I sit.”

Good observations on the relationship between historical events and the present. Without disagreeing with most of the post, I don't foresee a visible UN involvement prior to the complete disarming of the American public. I honestly believe that the appearance of a bunch of blue helmets in UN vehicles enforcing international law in the US would trigger an armed response far in excess of what would be triggered by riots in every black run city. I probably would not quit my day job if riots burned the top 10 black run cities to the ground although I would intensify my preparations for the ECAR RAW. If the UN was patrolling the streets in America I would probably quit my day job and get directly involved.

Anonymous said...

Here is how crazy our culture has become: Fox News among others, are lauding a black mother who saw her boy rioting on tv and went and found him and disciplined him.

This woman is being called "Hero Mom" and generally showered with approbation by grateful White folks.

Sure, we see black scientists and geniuses of all kinds on tv every day, heroes and idols every one.

But the real level of expectations for blacks are so low that merely correcting your boy for throwing rocks at officers elevates you to be called the "real hero of the Baltimore Riots". Never mind those police officers and firemen, this gal is the real deal in heroics.

If we were writing all this as fiction, would we dare go *this* far over the top? Add another pedestal to the pantheon, White America. We have a new hero: there's MLK, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, and a black mother who tried to actually discipline her precious boy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/27 @ 10:58 pm:

I grew up in Brooklyn and lived in NYC until 1980.

I live in a 99.8% white town in a 96% white county in one of the 3 whitest states in the Union.

Man, are you ever right! You walk around day to day, not noticing that your kids can go out and play, walk to school with lunch money, you can forget to lock your doors, your car radio is eight years old, and then! BINGO!

I knew something was different!

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are lots of posts for this topic! It would take a long time to read them all!

I thought I would share this picture of an orc walking down a street with burning buildings and cars in the background and stolen booty in his arms. Isn’t this picture worth a thousand words and shows the current state of Negroes in America? This photo will win an award because it shows very briefly what the hell white America is dealing with!

I took this off Drudge. The topic was about photo journalists getting beaten, bones broken, and robbed of their cameras. Yet…Odumbshit in the White House wants us to understand these inbred coons. I heard today on Rush Limbaugh that Al Sharpton is headed there to encourage peace at the request of the mayor. OH YEAH…that will help! (Sarcasm).

Once these dumb shit stains burn everything down, then they will bitch about their neighborhoods being burnt to the ground. The bad part is that they don’t have the intelligence to understand that they did this to themselves.

The picture on Drudge was a buck holding a large package of TP. That will be the last of the TP in their neighborhood. From now on they will need to drive miles to buy TP to wipe their worthless stupid black asses.

I saw a young buck nog on TV saying he wanted freedom and justice, but wasn’t he wiping his dirty black ass on everyone else’s freedom and justice? What does he need freedom to do? Loot.

I hope they burn all their cities to the f…ing ground, and then YT can tell the to go to hell when they ask YT to rebuild their mess. Give the bastards guns and let them kill one another!

I will say this: the only thing that is protecting them from YT is the government. The same government they condemn is the ONLY damn thing that is protecting them from IRATE whites! You can bet your ass on that!

Anonymous said...

The woman who corrected her son may end up murdered by her own son. The young groids are vicious and not to be trusted. What she did to her son the police needed to do to him; the mayor has pussified her police to do nothing but watch her city burn. They need to go in and break some bones, and kill when necessary. We have taken enough of their bullshit. I disagree with trying to appease these dumb shits, just break some heads and hopefully some more spines so we can bury a few more of them.

Anonymous said...

What's amazing is that an hour after the interview, they showed video of him as one of the looters.

An up close full lens shot of him carrying away a 24-pack of soft drinks and other goods.

Laughing and hollering throughout the whole scene.

Your "look at me" victim syndrome in action!

Anonymous said...

From Proud to be Confederate:

The Moynihan report was absolutely correct and it is still relevant today. There have been studies done in the past few years addressing the same things as the Moynihan report and the conclusions are the same. Nothing has changed. The reports are absolutely right and truthful. Another blog site just recently reported how absent Black fathers, thug rap music, etc., Black women having every kid fathered by a different man, and so forth has contributed to Black problems......not racism from Whites.

Regarding the Black mother who was shown pulling her riotong son away and hitting the kid said she went after the kid because she did not want the kid to end up like Freddy Gray..... note that she did not say it was wrong for the kid to be destroying private property and attacking police.. oh no, no, no. Even the mother felt no remorse for her son helping to destroy their city. I just saw her on the news five minutes ago explaining why she went after her kid. WOW. The mother does not deserve accolades because she did it for wrong reasons.

I have seen articles where Mayors from all over the country have, or are trying, to get laws passed to make it difficult for Mayors to be recalled. I can only hope the residents of Baltimore have the will, and the law on their side, to recall the inept, racist, law breaking, un-American, butthole mayor.

Anonymous said...

This black dude took the words out of my mouth:
Seriously, you might be surprised by how right on this black dude is.

Anonymous said...

Lots of 223 Rem!

Dan said...

Get a law degree. Keep your nose clean. Don't be a fanatic at your age. Be in a church. Align with the local conservative GOP activists. Get your credentials in order and have a child. In your 30s start getting seriously political. Start overtly advocating once you have a few ducks in a row.

Dan said...

Equal rights among whites only.

Blacks didn't build the fraternity of western civ, they just seek to tear it down.

Along with the YKW.

Dan said...

If only it were "Nazi". The per capita spending and man power the Germans used to "police" themselves was infinitely smaller than that of the Communist Stasi or the American FBI, ATF, Police, Prison Guard...etc.

The Germans didn't in fact need to police themselves much because the State was designed to fulfill the needs of the people in the polity. The Gestapo was quite small and had very limited enumerated powers in comparison to the LEO we have today. Think about that!

Dan said...


No. It's more likely that the people who run the press are going to further impose the control that they already possess.

Anonymous said...

Yes you know something is different. You live in heaven on earth my friend. My town I think is 85-90 % YT. The atmosphere... The air... The overall feeling is better.

sally said...

The 1960s were to have served as a wake up call to many Americans concerning police and race. Somehow we fell back to sleep.
As the bitter debate about how our police forces treat non white citizens escalates it has exposed a truth many minorities know.
White children learn early on the policeman is your friend. He keeps us safe It is their truth but the truth is often skewed as simplistic as the vintage schoolbook illustrations I grew up with. The all American white schoolbooks of my own 1960s civil rights era childhood serve as nothing less than a primer on white privilege. If racial identity shapes the way people are treated by police it also shapes the way we are likely to view them. Take a look

AnalogMan said...

sally said...

If racial identity shapes the way people are treated by police it also shapes the way we are likely to view them. Take a look

Yeah I took a look. Doesn't it embarrass you to still be spouting that "he had his hands up" BS? I mean, that's just a lie, a proven lie, and nobody believes it any more. Well, apart from negroes, of course, but they'll believe anything.

Cool picture, though. Fittingly, Michael Brown was a big boy, but mostly arse.

Anonymous said...

My cousin was a die hard demo. This was 2001. She was out with friends in nyc. They took the 7 train home. A guy in a three piece suit got on sat next to nicki. The guy stabbed her before he got off. Now a die hard repub. Baltimore will be burning thru october. I live less than 10 min from Ferguson. Now that it's warm every night on t.v. every time a social genius did nu gang members kills one another the networks break into programmes. They keep asking the justice department t o interviene. It is rumored that the feds altered documents and added and deleted info from files. We too have a governor that was ordered to stand down. The mayor too. Moss berg 500 a beautiful choice.

Anonymous said...

If you are an immigrant that is here in America and you want to open a small grocery store or nail salon or small business find a location in yt/area . Just Google the valiant awesome Koreans video during the l.a. riot. Standing on the roof with guns defending it from the gentle giants burning everything all the way down the block. Never forget.