Saturday, April 25, 2015

"I got to tell you, I thought the blacks in Baltimore were bad..."

With apologies to Kenny Powers of East Bound and Down, the "fags in San Francisco" have nothing on the blacks in Baltimore, easily the worst black population in America. 


Pick up a copy of The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore to understand how the civilization whites created in Baltimore has been driven out by the rising black population.
Freddie Gray protests in 65 percent black Baltimore... America is Africa Bound and 100 percent Down

Understand unbelievable high rates of black violence (almost exclusively against other black people) has required much of the city's businesses to protect their employees - and, in many cases, the entire store - behind plexiglas. The dwindling white population in the city lacks the vocabulary - and morality - to properly address black dysfunction, since all the misery blacks create has its origin in white privilege...

Which brings us to the case of Freddie Gray, a black male in Baltimore whose mother was a drug addict and is representative of the exact type of problem Norplant was trying to stop from occurring. [Baltimore's Fledgling Norplant Program Seems Careful, Consensual - And Needed,, 3-18-1993]:
And those black activists who profess to see Norplant as a "genocidal" attack on black fertility should answer this:
What is more dangerous to the flourishing of black America, Norplant for teenagers or a growing number of black adolescents headed for a life in poverty because they were born into poverty to a single mother whose life chances were blighted by a pregnancy at age 15?
Norplant. A way to decrease pregnancy among black Baltimore teenagers. Gray's mother could have been implanted with Norplant to stop her from ever bringing him and his sisters into the world... instead, an already decaying city must now witness yet another racial disturbance displaying to the world why America is no longer a superpower

The New York Times can bemoan "Baltimore's broken relationship with police," but the reality is the police are attempting to keep alive some semblance of civilization in the 65 percent black city truly earning the title of Africa in America

Individual black people collectively broke their promise to maintain white civilization (a city they took over because of high levels of black violence created the necessity of white flight) in Baltimore, with tens of thousands of black people possessing the exact same promise and potential as Freddie Gray. 

Freddie Gray should never have been born, his mother a drug addicted, welfare queen incapable of balancing a checkbook, let alone raising a child. 

But he was born... and now the tyranny of #BlackLivesMatter continues.

And now what's left of the civilization whites built in Baltimore is on the verge of burning. But it's been that way for decades, with racial animosity and jealous of blacks toward white people being the primary course of business in Baltimore. [Council tries to mend fences on changing boundaries Recalling the night that Sheila Dixon let the shoe drop, Baltimore Sun, March 21, 1991]:
When time mercifully causes all else to fade from memory about the great racial debate of 1991, the vision of a shoeless Sheila Dixon will unfortunately remain.
While the city councilwoman from West Baltimore did not literally put her foot in her mouth the other night, she did remove her shoe and wave it in the faces of her white colleagues and declare:
"You've been running things for the last 20 years. Now the shoe is on the other foot. See how you like it."
In so doing, Dixon performed that rare feat of saying exactly the right thing in exactly the wrong manner -- and thus pointed out the festering sore that race relations still remain, years after many imagined it would heal itself through hard work and good will and diplomacy. 
Dixon, who is black, spoke bluntly of an undeniable truth: As the city of Baltimore has shifted over the past 25 years from majority white to majority black, its political representation has unfairly stayed majority white.
It's been 24 years since Dixon took her shoe off and said in racially explicit terms, "Now the shoe is on the other foot. See how you like it.

And yet the late Freddie Gray is a reminder of why white people should have never allowed the shoe to be in the hands of blacks. 

A complete and utter thug, the absolute worst of the black community, is now championed as the latest cause and hero of the black experience in America. 

Just remember this: once you have experienced blacks, you'll understand why San Francisco is working overtime to price blacks out of the city

The American Dream is over; we are now in the early stage of the American Nightmare.


rent slave said...

The Mayor and the police chief will keep the hordes away from Camden Yards and the Inner Harbor,as they know the fate of their town if whites stop going to those places.

rent slave said...

Check that!The crowds have now moved down to outside of the ball park.A message was put up on the scoreboard advising fans to remain in the stadium until the police can restore order.

Anonymous said...

Utterly amazing; completely predictable. Cinematic, almost. The rioting Baltimore negroes have forced the city to tell the fans at the nighttime baseball game to stay in the stadium until further notice. They're trapped in there!

Outside, the orcs are smashing police cars, rioting, looting etc. Will there be a body count?

Long, hot Summer ahead of us; this will continue until Bull Connor rises from the grave and unleashes the dogs and firehoses.

Ricky In Cali said...

Another riot! Why wait for any facts to come out when we can just loot and destroy? TNB at it’s finest

These are not DEMONSTRATORS. These are not PROTESTORS. These are RIOTERS. There is a completely different meaning between getting a message across and SENDING a message across and these animals are clearly rioting and need to be put down. Target practice with bean bags out of shot guns would be a lovely method but I’m sure the ACLU will want us to offer them hugs instead and reason why they are savages. That would be like teaching algebra to an ant.

One thing about the American people is we are not stupid. People do dumb things, we see a lot of dumb things on the internet, but a majority know right from wrong. We are NOT stupid. If we had pedophiles going to court and every judge let a pedophile go home with a slap on the wrist, people would be outraged and there would be blood in the streets. We know that molesting a child is wrong but if we saw the system didn’t recognize that we would come together as a common core to change something that is wrong. The American people are not stupid.

Now we hear about all these Black shootings from Police officers. Yet tomorrow I will go to work and so will the rest of the country and it’s not so much because people don’t give a shit about the Negro (most don’t), but it’s because WE KNOW IT’S NOT AN ATROCITY. WE KNOW THE NEGRO IS A SAVAGE. We know there is more to the story than is being told. We’ve had our run-in’s with the law and we were not shot to death, we know Negro’s have no respect and did something to have it coming to them, we know these “innocent victims” had a rap-sheet the length of my entire arm and they are no Saint. That is why no one cares because we know under all the smoke and mirrors lay’s a huge hot pile of horseshit and eventually we are going to get fed up with this “protesting garbage”.

I swear to you, in an odd way this is not so bad. America is getting fatigued my friends. The more they “demonstrate” the more people are getting sick of it….

rex freeway said...

ESPN actually reported this. And put their pet race in a bad light. Wow. BTW was this protest registered? Most cities require that protesters register. Or are Blacks immune to laws designed to protect the public. That or they did register and the city council approved it. Caring less about the people in the Stadium.

Southron said...

I like how that sign at the Orioles game references an "Ongoing public safety issue..." What could this public safety issue be? Tornadoes? A hurricane? Flooding?

Of course not, it's angry negro riots. Just another perfectly natural occurrence.

But how can this be? Weren't we told that when segregation was ended, blacks would soar like an eagle, and take their place as productive members of this country? We're just one game of midnight basketball, or one enterprise zone away from making it happen, right?

I guess the next time a black "teen" rapes an elderly white woman, it can be categorized as an ongoing sexual issue.

Truth Corps said...

Paul, I don't know how you find the time and energy to document BRA day after day. I have to take a break from it because it enrages me so.

Please keep it up. There are more realists than any of us know. The violent protests in negro infested cities nationwide are swelling our ranks by the day.

The City that Bleeds is next on my list. I predicted last year that 2015 may be the year for peak negro fatigue. God willing.

rex freeway said...

Sheila Dixon said, "You've been running things for the last 20 years. Now the shoe is on the other foot. See how you like it."

Has anyone asked this racist mental midget how she likes it in the 20+ years of Black rule since she uttered this ignorant statement? I would love to hear her response.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it.

Baltimore protests turn violent...

In other news, water is wet...

Anonymous said...

The colors shown on the American (sic) flag in the photo are the colors of the Black Liberation Flag - Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Anonymous said...

A complete and utter thug, the absolute worst of the black community, is now championed as the latest cause and hero of the black experience in America.

If I had to make the agonizing decision of my favorite line in Paul's article, this would be it.

Anonymous said...

"Ongoing public safety issue"...that's exactly what blacks are.

Anonymous said...

St. Louis is the same, new Ball Park Village has a lot of fans going there now away from the rest of crime ridden city.

Anonymous said...

Skip to just about 15 minutes in and watch what happens to this ditzy liberal RT reporter who has to run to the cops for protection from her beloved black brothers.

Anonymous said...

Black Liberation indeed. To these rioters the flaming trash can toss is their equivalent of the Declaration of Independence. It's a different species, ya gotta believe.

Anonymous said...


One of them just got turned in by his own mother!

This woman deserves a medal for not spouting the usual BS about what a good boy he was and how he was turning his life around.

Anonymous said...

The solution is revision of rights for certain sectors of the population. The second and fourth amendments cannot apply.

Anonymous said...

Actually, water is not wet; it makes other materials wet.
A negro protest, which invariably turns violent, makes race realists.

Anonymous said...

It's all cool. The new attorney general will put a stop to this. Er oh wait. Never mind.

Keep calm and Chimp on.

North Floridian.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new Detroit Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....It looks like I'll be on EBAY again tonight looking to get another item for my MEMORIAL TEE SHIRT collection of black martyrs. I'm hoping to find a nice JUSTICE FOR FREDDIE shirt with a picture of him at 9 years old. I prefer the tee shirts over the hoodies because I'm limited for storage space.

The thing that gets me upset is I still cannot find any Michael Brown or Travon Martin boobing head dolls. Also the memorial coffee mugs have not yet been produced. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY. People loot and burn down their own neighborhood and nobody makes a RIP... MICHEAL BROWN souvenir coffee mug.

I don't know how this Baltimore thing will end, but I'm sure I know what neighborhood Starbucks will be opening up a new coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the convenience of being socially retarded excuses the feces species.

Unknown said...


Take a look:

If you haven't done so already, order some body armor. NOW.

People of SBPDL, DO NOT ever use a metal only plate in your vest unless you also use a soft insert in front of it. Metal only plates will ricochet a bullet into your throat or your head. Metal plates with several layers of kevlar on the front will not ricochet and will provide excellent ballistic, trauma and knife protection.

Buy extra ammo. Find a good long range rifle with a scope and practice. Get a long bow or crossbow and some decent night vision. Get your heart rate up by running before you unload a clip in practice. Make it muscle memory. Protect yourself, your family and your property.

It all comes down to this:


I feel bad for the people and families that just can't "up and disappear" if martial law is implemented.

God be with you all. Stay vigilant.

Anonymous said...

One thing about the American people is we are not stupid. People do dumb things, we see a lot of dumb things on the internet, but a majority know right from wrong. We are NOT stupid.

Maybe not stupid but gullible.

Most people believe what CNN or Fox tells them. Both parties support paint theory and because "everyone agrees" the masses don't seem to question the idea. I think inertia is on the side of realism but it's only the independently minded that are asking questions. Mainstream liberals and conservatives are still arguing about what is holding blacks back.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Man if you didn't do this story, I was going to comment O/T in the other thread.

I could give a sh*t less about sports these days, but I managed to catch Sportscenter while winding down tonight, and you couldn't get a clearer image of the disconnect.

Viewing a mostly empty stadium with what remains of Baltimore's white population going to catch the "national past time," and outside was a scene that could have been from Mogadishu. The funniest part was ESPN announcing the attendance at "36,000" -

(which as a side note is the total farce and artificial propping up of BRA in sports. Do you really think 89% black Detroit fills its stadium for Red Wings Hockey games? or 65% black Baltimore fills up for Orioles baseball games? ... No, the local companies buy up those empty seats that whites from the area no longer wish to purchase so as to prevent the obvious decay from those cities being visible when aside from large employers and fortune 500 companies, they lose the prestige and notoriety of a pro team being located there.)

But anyway, back to the original story, while I imagine it may be a fun and exciting time to be a Baltimore black going down to the festivities to raise hell and shirtlessly take part in the social screaming activity, the end result is too many more of these events and the last gasps from the remaining white productivity that keeps the lights on will abandon you. Have fun while it lasts.

There is going to come a time when every last white resident says, "F*ck this, y'all can have this sh*thole, we are outta here." ...And at that point, it will set in amongst that city's black population that a lot of the first world standards that they enjoy are taken for granted. As easily as they are given, they can be taken away, and you will have Africa.

It is very easy to protest and live off of the abundance that stems from a city administered by and fueled by the industriousness of whites, but it is an entirely different thing to create, sustain, and provide it yourself.

In the meantime there are dumbasses who, upon mention of the city, draw up images of hard working turn of the century types doing factory work and living in rowhouses, Ft. McHenry, inner harbor nightlife, and Cal Ripken Jr.

...The reality is that city, the one whites built and bequeathed to blacks who promptly destroyed it .... is not Johnny Unitas .... but instead the murderer Ray Lewis, not the Star Spangled Banner .... but instead Stop Snitchin' DVDs, and not crab cakes and Natty Boh .... but instead the Wire.

Read PK's "The City That Bleeds."

Anonymous said...

You say we're not stupid, yet we elected Obama. Twice.

Anonymous said...

Watching the clips that Woodsy posted, this is why the cops have tanks.

Were none of the YTs in the restaurant packing heat?

You can't swing a dead cat without hitting someone with a CCW in my neck of the woods, and I'm in Northern California.

I wonder how many of those YTs went home, changed into fresh undies, and began two processes:

1. The process of getting a CCW


2. The process of learning about Stuff Black People Don't Like.

Bears, cougars, and other wild animals have a natural fear of humans, but once they realize that we're tasty and defenseless, they're happy to kill and kill again. Right now they're mostly aiming for intimidation, but some point, those "teens" are going to realize that a group of 10 scared YTs can't do squat, and they're going to move in for the kill.

Ex-Copper said...

She did at his initial hearing. Check out second city cop's blog. Link is on the web version of sbpdl for those using phones.

He updates a few times a day, so you may need to scroll down to find the story. I saw it Friday morning after work, I believe.

Ex-Copper said...

Metal trauma plates are notorious for "splatter" when hit. That's when the round loses its jacketing and the jacket flies up into your face.

The metal also fails to disperse the energy of the round into a wider area and dents as well. When a vest takes a bullet, it still pushes in a few millimeters. That sounds shallow, but if you've ever seen a vest ballistic testing with clay behind it, you will see that you don't want to get hit even with a vest on.

A soft trauma plate will spread the energy of the round out. The main purpose of the trauma plate is to take multiple rounds while keeping its integrity. The Kevlar in the rest of the vest stretches out with each round and ultimately fails.

If you upgrade to ceramic plates for rifle protection, take care of the vest when training and storing. Do not drop the heavy thing on the ground or store where it will bounce around on a solid object. Crack the ceramic and it is worthless.

Last tip on armor, make sure the Kevlar is facing the correct way in the carrier. It will say strike face sometimes for the side that needs to face out or "body side" for the side that goes against your body. Believe it when I say failure to do so will cause the armor to fail to stop a bullet. Some manufacturers are trying to find a way around the issue as vests smell like death if not cleaned from time to time and people sometimes put them back in the carrier backwards.

Anonymous said...

The Braves were criticized for making plans to move their stadium to Cobb County and out of Atlanta. Looks down right prescient tonight.

Anonymous said...

Has this been posted yet?

Would you like some rice with your ghetto lobster?

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for the updates, the editorial, and the youtube links (a picture paints a thousand words, Woodsy!)

I heard nothing of this because I didn’t watch the news. I spoke earlier of information to accompany the showing of Selma; I think videos such as this are also educational. Perhaps the children will ask: why are those black people destroying innocent businesses and throwing rocks and bottles injuring innocent people? A white man was obviously injured by this riot who I would guess knew nothing of Freddie Gray (I knew nothing of that NEGRO until right NOW). Why did the black people attack this man if he had nothing to do with Freddie Gray? The teacher could assign an essay to the class to explain why the man who was struck down deserved what he got because of racism.

Maybe the president and the Mayor of Baltimore will get on TV and ask white people to understand the rioters! Perhaps Obama will tell the demonstrators (rioters) to keep it up like he did with Ferguson! If the white man should live and doesn’t have too much brain damage, perhaps the liberal media could use him to tell whites to understand blacks, and that he deserved to be injured due to racism. (Please be aware that I am using sarcasm freely in my comments.)

I wonder what the media will have to say about this. Maybe they will think the riot police used too much force by charging the rioters. I saw several BLACK faces VERY clearly on youtube breaking windows and smashing things. Perhaps MSNBC will invite them to give their story of how slavery and racism kept them from becoming a CEO of a major business. I’m positive Washington State University will admit all the rioters into their law school with EVERYTHING paid for just as they did one of the Jenna six thugs. Although the rioters can’t write at a third grade level, they will receive a law degree that enables them to be community organizers.

It’s going to be a violent summer ladies and gentlemen! I’m sure PK’s keyboard will be overworked this summer. I tip my hat to the blog master…excellent reporting of the news with apropos comments by my colleges on SBPDL. Keep up the good work!


MMP said...

Summers here folks.

We Can go to the movies and watch the country be destroyed by meteoroids.

Or check reality and watch it be destroyed by negroids.

As to Marshall law..... It WOULDN'T Need to be declared nationwide.....No, it would only be declared in regional areas......areas where the "Public Disturbances" are happening.

If marshal law was declared Nationwide? We're all in deep shit, as then a civil war has begun......Kiss your jobs....and life as you knew it goodbye.

We've had the Fergustan Follies

Just call this one the Baltimore Bullshit.

Wonder how long this one will last? And how many more "food deserts" and such will be created?

I'm gonna start sellin' T shirts to Cops.


Anonymous said...

3:30 AM, April 26, 2015
Overnight new stories reporting:

-When "Protesters" (black criminal rioters) arrived at at asembly area they were shouting, "Let.s fxxx-up their game!" and "Lets get some white people!"

-Rioters marched to near the stadium and attacked (non-black) fans before the game and after, throwing bottles, punching them, and yelling racist slurs. During the game, people were not allowed to leave the stadium for some time.

-Pictures show the rioters with metal objects clenched in their fists at they try to hit people. Several (non-black) fans were left bloody. But Baltimore media is reporting TWO! people were injured and just says "several" were arrrested. Of course, nothing said about race. [Several photos on-line now, including Drudge, of the rioters attacking people at the outdoor bar tables before the game.]

-Rioters smashed the glass in several stores and looted them. Stomped on parked cars and broke windshields. [Many photos of this on-line now.] Rioters smashed up an occupied car driven by a (white) woman and opened the doors trying to get at the (non-black) people inside.

-One reporter was attending the game with his brother, who was just missed by a thrown bottle. His brother yelled at the police who were JUST STANDING AROUND, saying [paraphrased], "Arrest them, stop them, they are hurting people!" THE POLICE DID NOTHING, and let the rioters loot and attack people. Eventually, police in riot (sorry, protest) gear finally showed up and formed lines, but didn't arrest people vandalizing everything in sight - including police cars - thousands of (tax) dollars of damage to every car. Details about the "several" arrests are not in the reports.

-The (black) mayor said a lot of stupid things.


It started last year. The Missouri governor let rioters loot and attack people while the National Guard was blocks away sitting on their butts. While looters and arsonists have been identified by NAME (pictured in many photos), and the liars in front of the grand jury are obviously known, NONE have been arrested for their crimes.

The police will not help you and neither will the Guard. Think Katrina, where the the (black) city police ran away (some looting along the way). The Guard there nearly left a group of white tourists to be raped and killed in the Dome. Only ONE guardsman saved them.

The police and Guard are under orders from the Democrat politicians to do nothing - or be fired.

If you live in any city or town that is over 5% black, move - NOW. The areas of the country to move to are obvious. Get away from any large cities, no matter what the demographics are there.

Note: Remember that Hispanics don't like black criminals. The Hispanic gangs in the cities will kill black criminals if they pull this crap on them and their families (and do other nasty things to them for good measure.) So some city areas are "buffered" from the black criminals by the Hispanic gangs. It's actually safer to have a Hispanic area between you and the black crime in a city if you must stay.

Arm yourself - NOW. Take a class and get a concealed weapons permit - NOW. Or take a basic class first to learn about guns. A 38 Special all-steel revolver (Ruger or Smith & Wesson) is fine if you are unfamiliar with guns. Even a 22-caliber revolver is fine if you are a small person or don't want any recoil at all to deal with.

Just look at these photos on-line of the rioters to see what is coming in the cities. And why you must get out, and why you need a gun.

Be aware that if you are carrying a rifle or shotgun in public, the police or Guard will try to disarm you (while they let the rioters riot and attack). A handgun can be hidden on your person or in a pack. Long guns are best for when the whole mess falls apart and the cowards abandon us like they did in Katrina and in the L.A. riots. The Koreans brought them out, got on the roofs and did the job the pussy police wouldn't do.

Anonymous said...

The question this post and the comments have not answered so far is, how did this young man's back get broken?

Also, he is described as a thug. But, do we have any evidence - other than being black - that Gray had a rap sheet? Is there some evidence that he had a pre-existing condition or merited having his back broken?

Believe me, I am sympathetic to all the views printed herein by Paul and others. But, it weakens our side to side with police even when they have done something wrong.

Perhaps, out of frustration, the cops have become less than gentle in Baltimore. But, the grind should not make them behave unprofessionally - if they did.

We will gain few sympathizers if we say Gray deserved it, when he didn't.

I would love to see some mitigating evidence to explain why a young man would die so quickly. That would make our anger justified and theirs look petty. Got any?


Anonymous said...

Here are the some of the lines of "negro speak" that ran through my mind as I watched these videos of the negro rioting in Bodymore, Murderland:

Dem poleez be raycis!

He wuz a gud boy an sheeit.

He dindu nuffin, yo!

Need mo money for dem programz

Anonymous said...

I just watched a RT Ruptly video where this Russian female reporter was out on a night time Baltimore street. She was recording on video a whole bunch of pavement apes that were all throwing bottles and other objects at the Baltimore police. About fifteen minutes into the video, a mob of teenapers approaches the Russian female reporter. They soon begin their negro babbling about "raysiss poleez" but it does not take long before they chimp out on her and steal her purse. You can then hear this Russian female say "Sooka" at about this same time, which means "bitch" in Russian. Then the Russian female chases after the teenapers and yells out, "Give it back! Give it back!" The Baltimore cops soon then catch one of the teenapers but not the one with her purse. Less than 30 minutes after the video was posted on the RT website, it was removed from the RT website. My guess is that it was posted and then ordered removed by higher ups who saw it as being counter to the prevailing message of negros being victims of whitey.

You can now watch this entire video here:

RT reporter is assaulted and has bag stolen by Baltimore youths - RT reporter is assaulted and has bag stolen by Baltimore youths - Begins at 15:00

Chasmaniac said...

Hoping all my White friends are staying safe in the NE today.

Don't go out alone and get isolated. We know the chimps love to attack in large packs vs solo targets.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the picture of the thing celebrating his successful lob of a large object through the window a private restaurant business.

7-11 was even having a 100% off sale at one store. Not sure what it has to do with police or Eddie Grey- but hey, they get their free gibs and looks at muh and Paul gets vindication and further reading material.

To make matters even more interesting is that the city is already solidly and literally BRA. One of our most historical cities has been handed over. It's like when you sell/give something away to stop the bleeding. But soon you're giving up another city. Eating peacefully downtown or attending a major sporting event are not the same anymore. It's sad really, because if you were actually batting for this proud and oh so presentable dark-skinned woman you would know her only hope at revitalization (without further massive taxpayer assistance) is the waterfront and historical attractions that this region is known for.

Went there in Spring of '96, even then there were clear warnings not to leave the relative safety of the waterfront. So so much history for such a young country, and most of it is there. I remember being in high-school and being so impressed with what Boston had to offer. The black undertow really is like a creepy plague. No empathy. No long term planning or future-time orientation. I wonder if anyone (besides police, of course) have written programs to track the oozing of the black cancer across our urban (and increasingly non-urban) zones. Like the blob in super slow motion, violently and mindlessly destroying and wrecking lives and property just because.

Keep those camera's rolling, I love the pictures of the teens (and increasingly grampa teens) insulting and provoking officers while the officers stand stone-faced and alert. They are not fighting for rights anymore, aside from the right by skin color to ignore well-established laws and civil conduct which had helped make this country great and not some third-world shithole.

Ricky you are right, blacks are the ones that need to lead the way on this, we can merely offer suggestions as they pave the way with a path of wanton and sadistic destruction. Let all non-blacks young and old witness the violent and vengeful acts that these teens are now perpetrating on a weekly if not daily basis. These are actions. You can ignore all the words said about them.

D-FENS said...

Regarding the "Whitening" of San Francisco - here's the Marxist organization highlighting it:

D-FENS said...

"One thing about the American people is we are not stupid."

Uh.....ahem......nice sentiment but unfortunately, they are stuck on stupid (present company excepted).

Theoretically, they had the power to stop this. If you accept the fact that this country peaked about 1960 and that none of the 13 presidential elections or 26 congressional elections since have been able to make any difference, it is likely that the situation is irreversible through electoral politics.

The question is whether we are likely to go through some kind of slow motion collapse like the British Empire rather than a sudden convulsion like the Soviets which was really a handoff of power from one gang of criminals to another.

Anonymous said...

Black lives DON'T matter. DWLs know it. Even black leadership knows it. They even know that the biggest danger to blacks is other blacks and that their blame YT campaign is just an attempt to steal power, no different than when they were stealing malt liquor from the corner convenience store, only on a grander scale. While I couldn't possibly care less about the NAPAs dragging each other down, I do care about the undertow it's created on white society.

Anonymous said...

"It's all cool. The new attorney general will put a stop to this. Er oh wait. Never mind."

While not direct agitators per se, it is pretty apparent by now that blacks in positions of power assist blacks indirectly by looking the other way or discussing the grievances of only their favored, oh so sensitive, side. Soft words of condemnation while no real punishments or solutions are given. At least that is the best blacks can hope for at this point, and that is all they ever get- supportive talking points from their mulatto leaders. It's like they have some obligation to say one thing (even if it's obvious they are lying and toothless) to blacks and support them no matter what, no matter what stupid and destructive things they do. Causing violent reactions and non-stop agitation of citizens and businesses should not be "understandable" by anyone who supports and understands civic order and duty.

Well, Obama tried to please everybody and got a whole lot of nothing done for doing so, and now even liberals despise him. Fortunately for him and other "black" (see mulatto and raised by whites) leaders, the black population has problems with future time orientation so even if he keeps talking and never delivers anything it's not like they will notice. All they will notice is his skin color because in their tribal primitive minds that is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

And not even Summer yet! Baltimore is Planet Of The Apes. The city has jumped the shark and is now, for all to see, a piece of niqqa shit. Baltimore, you blew it; you allowed blacks to take over and now you have Liberia. Adios, idiots!

Get ready for a lot more of this nationwide; negroes love rioting.

Anonymous said...

I had 2 jobs in the 70s, working in the city of Detroit. The first was with HUD the 2nd was selling insurance. Some of my insures were in the city.

I had a male negroe insured that filled out a claim, reason being. HIS NEIGHBORHOOD SCARED HIM. Of course I told him his claim would be denied , but he tried anyway.

Another time a friend had a huge negroe female, that was walking across the street and was bumped by a car. She also put in a claim. My friend told her she needed to prove her actions , so she had a friend take a picture of her huge ass. Lol you cant make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

Fatigued in New York here-Just wanting to say I do NOT CARE about Baltimore, which has been lost long ago, but I am scared of the ripple effects of these low IQ zombies.Anyone remember on the net few years back, the 'Shanty towns' pics taken just outside Baltimore? Seems those pics are gone.Kaput.Nada. They've shown what a third world hellhole Baltimore-a once beautiful city has become. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go beg my friend NOT to visit his 90 year old demented ( you'd have to be at this point) grandmother who STILL lives there.

ms sippy said...

I'll bet Freddie Gray's autopsy will show he had cervical spinal stenosis, with spondylosis(spurs). Many people have this dangerous condition and never know it until an accident or symptoms appear, like arm and hand weakness, loss of bladder function etc. People with this can become paralyzed from whiplash, a fight, heading their head etc. I think the takedown of Freddie accidently caused this. He appeared paralyed as they were putting him in the van. Cooper Manning has this condition and he was advised never to play football again! During my 40 years as an RN I worked several years with spinal cord injury patients.

Anonymous said...

I had a thought the other day, not necessarily original or profound, but I think it's a great and succinct thought. Police officers (particularly white ones) are held to impossible standards, and black males are not held to any standard at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ex-copper for the great tips on body armor.

Anonymous said...

If the riots are going to happen anywhere then they might as well be in Baltimore/DC.

Let the Dindus run wild near the politicians. Those areas have also been anti-CCW. A lot of libs and colorblind conservatives live in gated MD burbs and need to experience the Dindu exhibit they have fostered in other cities.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are destroying our great cities one by one. Now it's the cities then it will be the country. There's not much left of the country as it is.

Anonymous said...

You're right, there's a small minority of Americans that are not stupid. Obama was elected by the stupid majority and all the africans, often voting multiple times.
The ACLU would have a conniption fit if the police started enforcing laws and to hell with the criminal africans, but you don't see the ACLU out there, on the street, trying to "discuss the situation" with the assholes.
Now the stupid white majority is getting exactly what they deserve. All rights and authority have been given up to the state and federal government for security and safety. Now the state and federal government have turned against them.

I keep hearing more and more white Americans are "waking up" every day. I hope so and I hope enough white people survive their african experience to make the minority of race realists a majority.
Until that time, keep your powder dry.


Anonymous said...

More dindu rioting, this time in Bantumore???

Nothing that a well placed Starbucks in da hood can't cure. New employment for the opportunity youfs, instead of the traditional negro career path of school to prison.

Paging Howard Schultz. C'mon, Howard, put your money where your duplicitous lying mouth is.

Anonymous said...

In answer to K-Patriot, from what I read the young man had problems due to lead poisoning as a youth. This caused behavioral problems in him later on. He was known to police and had a record of drug related charges. Upon seeing the police, he fled and they tackled him. OK…what did the police do wrong? My theory is that the black man was injured in the tackle.

OK…I again ask: what should the police have done in this case? The man fled and got injured in what the police thought was a crime in progress. YES…being tackled can cause spinal injuries that cause death! So what! It happens in football games all of the time.

This is how the young man could have been alive today? When accosted by the police, he should have complied with them. He ran! He was hurt in the chase and died. The fault belongs to the fleeing Negro.

I bet there is more to the story of the cop shooting the black in the back in South Carolina than we know as well. He was attacked previously as could be seen from taser wires hanging from him.

K-Patriot, you are correct to assume the black undertow will use this incident to riot and cause mayhem, but don’t you think we need to stop eating our own? That boy died because of an “ACCIDENT”. Blacks are the cause of their own suffering and they bring down the rest of society with them. As this black preacher tells us, blacks are the cause of their own downfall. It’s not what they want to hear, but what they NEED to hear!

Those rioters had NO reason to attack innocent people and damage personal property due to Freddie Gray’s injury and death.

In all these stories I may be alone, but I have no compassion at all for blacks, I honestly look forward to the day when we can separate ourselves from the barbarians and let them police themselves. The woman in PK’s story can have both her shoes because the outcome will belong to her kind; she won’t have to worry about putting the shoe on the other foot. She will have both shoes for both her feet. I yearn for the day when they can’t blame YT anymore.


Anonymous said...

There is already another video on Youtube that shows one of the "highlights" of the 2015 Baltimore mass chimp out.

RT Reporter Robbed by Youths On-Air While Covering Baltimore Protests

Watch this video above and imagine seeing something like that in front of your own two eyes in real life, in front of your own home.

If you were in a situation like this one in the Youtube video linked above here with my comment, what would you rather have?

1. Two cans of Spectracide wasp spray that you just bought from Home Depot?

2. Or one loaded firearm instead that you just bought from Bass Pro?

Think of this video linked above the next time you hear anybody asking about who needs an AR-15 rifle loaded with a 30 round magazine with some more loaded 30 round magazines in their pockets. You can just tell them, "Because there are too often nowadays these mobs of angry blacks that are looking for the nearest white person, just like me, for them to attack and kill, that's why."

Anonymous said...

The question is whether we are likely to go through some kind of slow motion collapse like the British Empire rather than a sudden convulsion like the Soviets which was really a handoff of power from one gang of criminals to another.

A natural disaster might be all it takes.

Someone in another forum said that at any given time NYC only has a 2 day food supply. The Whites there are unarmed and the Blacks know it. The police won't be allowed to shoot rioters and I bet many would drop the badge and protect their families if it got serious. I wouldn't blame them given the environment.

I don't think the status quo could withstand losing NYC or LA to racial riots. Too many DWLs would move to the other side of the fence.

NYC especially is a powder-keg because of the population size and limited routes into the city. It's hard to imagine but most of the city could easily burn to the ground in a natural disaster. All it would take is a power outage and a riot. Rioting Blacks in Harlem could choke off northern access while the bridges would naturally lock up. Once the buildings start burning there is a cloud of war from the smoke. There is already negro fatigue and stories of thousands of rapes would push the country over the edge.

Ricky Tucker said...

Wow...I didn't see any of this on CNN or FAUX news yesterday. Can't be real. But real or not, I'll be sharing this information with my friends in hopes of helping them SEE. We're still not MAD enough to do anything yet. We're cussing mad, not committing mass genocide mad...not yet.

Anonymous said...

The question this post and the comments have not answered so far is, how did this young man's back get broken?

I don't see why it matters. I'm not going to support police that break the law but it's not like the black community really cares about the truth as seen in the Michael Brown case. Even anti-White Eric Holder had to acknowledge the autopsy supported the officer's story and yet we still see blacks doing the "hands up don't shoot" gesture. The fact that they were still angry over an aggressive thug getting shot speaks volumes. You don't see White people defending White robbers that charge police.

Anonymous said...

From the linked San Francisco story:

"I don't necessarily think we need to reinvent the wheel in some instances, but we have to look at more of the ways in which we can start to deal with the problem in order to change these statistics..."

Funny. I don't believe black ever invented the wheel in the first place, so they certainly can't "re-invent" it.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous 3:30 AM, April 26, 2015 said...-One reporter was attending the game with his brother, who was just missed by a thrown bottle. His brother yelled at the police who were JUST STANDING AROUND, saying [paraphrased], "Arrest them, stop them, they are hurting people!" THE POLICE DID NOTHING, and let the rioters loot and attack people.

The first priority of a possibly overwhelmed police force facing a riot situation is to CONTAIN the riot.

Of course, I wonder what those police will do if a CCW holder opens up, or perhaps a shop owner starts blowing buckshot. But then again, I wonder what Baltimore's laws are that would allow people to be able to protect themselves in the first place... if I recall, they aren't exactly pro-2nd amendment there.

I didn't see it mentioned here in the comments, but how does this make MLB look, since they banned concealed carry in their parks, which even extends to some or all off-duty cops. MLB has now installed metal detectors at the gates, making concealed carry disallowed as a matter of fact, not just policy.

I don't know how Baltimore runs, but in Philly, a lockdown of the MLB ballpark would be considered a disaster. And here, the stadiums are off by themselves in South Philly. How much worse it would be some place where the ballpark is near or in a major tourist area.

Anonymous said...

Attention Orioles fans:

Angry packs of Bantus are roaming the city.

Please remain in the stadium until it is safe to exit.

Popcorn and refreshments will be made available.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

In watching one of the videos of the riot, I saw a white man and woman on the street and a negro threw something at them. The man, obviously trying to defend the woman, gets into a fight with the negro. Immediately, he is swarmed by a mob of negroes and attacked. The mob surrounding the man moves off to the right of the screen with the man being beaten and nothing more is seen of the man or woman.
TNB. Negroes are cowards and attack like a pack of hyena's. When will people learn?

Anonymous said...

To the anon who posted the story of the Chicago mom who turned in her son after video stills of him were shown of him sexually assaulting a woman on the subway, read the actual story before thinking she was some altruistic saint. She turned the kid in because she was worried the police would (according to the current black mindset) hunt him down and shoot him on sight and thus she would lose one of her EBT moneymakers (the kid was still only 15). Also, she did say that, despite the video evidence, that he "didn't do nothing".

By turning him in, she was insuring her cash flow remained intact with this kid staying alive.

Anonymous said...

"These are actions." 100% right, they are taking action. Police stand by and watch. The Police are the public face of our government. If they're standing around and just watching, they're showing the states position on the matter.
Now, the negroes are taking action, the police are just standing around, what must yt do? Your safety is in your hands.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think 89% black Detroit fills its stadium for Red Wings Hockey games? or 65% black Baltimore fills up for Orioles baseball games? ... No, the local companies buy up those empty seats that whites from the area no longer wish to purchase so as to prevent the obvious decay from those cities being visible

Let's not forget about that minor league basketball team that got into trouble for emails that showed they were concerned with too many blacks showing up for cheap tickets and not buying enough memorabilia and concessions. The media flipped out but we all know that only a fool would give out cheap tickets to blacks.

Anonymous said...

As I read the posts, I see that most people are realists concerning the black undertow, but some of you still may think that blacks are something more than barbaric animals. This is where I would differ from some: I believe blacks are wild animals and should be treated as such.

Sometime in the past, these animals were given equal standing with whites under the law; this was our first BIG mistake. The came FORSED integration with these animals:

Here are a couple of quotes from Abraham Lincoln:

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the White and Black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with White people...” - Abraham Lincoln (Fourth Debate with Stephen Douglas at Charleston, Illinois on September 18, 1858, Vol. III, pp. 145-146 of The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln).

"I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal. . . We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed, with millions of an alien, inferior race among us, whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable." -- Abraham Lincoln

Here is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

"I have not been able to think out any solution to the terrible problem offered by the presence of the Negro on this continent. He is here and can neither be killed nor driven away." -- Theodore Roosevelt.

I believe I got both of these quotes off of SBPDL, but I can’t remember now. The point I am making is that at least some of our former presidents saw the black undertow in their days as well and surely saw that blacks could not be counted as citizens.

As a white race, we are reaping what our ancestors have sown. If they knew blacks could not assimilate, then why did they allow it to happen? Maybe money, power, and politics were a big factor. The leftist media led politicians and others in the 1960s to assume that the only difference between the races were in skin color. This was an error which caused the Civil Rights Laws to be written giving Negroes more than they deserve.

Blacks assume that all men are created equal which equates to them thinking there should be equal outcomes with whites. They will never succeed because of the IQ deficit. They will be perpetually angry because they will never achieve white achievement. They best we could do for them is relocate them in their native habitat and let Mother Nature take over as it was meant to do all along. Sadly blacks need more time to evolve into t he modern world; but because they are animals, they should be placed apart from us. We should treat them as we would wild Chimpanzees.

Anonymous said...

Its reading posts like yours that piss me off. Mainly because its the truth! I hope people reading SBPDL for the first time feel the same way.
Don't stop!


Anonymous said...

My wife has been to Baltimore for business on a few occasions, and always stayed close to the waterfront area. The cops have a very heavy presence in that area.

Once her plane did not leave on time, and she was driven to a very seedy hotel for the night. When checking in, she was told to stay in the hotel because the surrounding area was dangerous. She called me crying that the hotel was a mess, old and dirty. What could I do except try to talk her down. On returning she complained to the airlines, but I bet nothing was done.

Yes Baltimore is completely gone...


Pat Boyle said...

I just finished a biography of Lincoln by DiLorenzo. Lincoln wrote the 'Emancipation Proclamation' as a war stratagem. He had never in his life been particularly sympathetic to the needs of blacks.

His preferred strategy was of course colonization. He wanted to send the blacks back to Africa (Liberia) or Panama or even Canada. None of these schemes worked very well. Most of the African colonists just died. The fatality rates were so high that voluntary colonists became hard to find.

That's still probably true today. As most of the readers of this blog realize blacks want to live near other blacks but not too near. There must be some whites around to pay the taxes and maintain the infrastructure.

Selma - yesterday's subject - is an excellent example. As the city gets more black it crumbles and the blacks themselves run away.

So what is the answer? After watching the videos of Baltimore it is tempting to recommend extermination. But that would be premature. First we need to try architectural segregation (' America Under Glass'). Normal segregation has been by some sort of municipal edict. We had painted a line on the street and said blacks on one side and whites on the other.

Segregation by edict leads to these kind of confrontations. Instead of a painted line we need a brick wall. Or concrete. Or architectural glass.

The Oriole ballpark needs to be white only. And the teams that paly need to again be white only. The new 'Jackie Robinson' can play in in a black league again. Blacks are rather good at baseball but they have lost interest in the game. There are fewer black player every year.

The Baltimore riots show that blacks must not be allowed to mix in public with whites. That's a pity because sharing public resources is so much cheaper than building parallel resources. But these doesn't seem to be any choice.

It starts with 'safe' refuges for whites. That is places were blacks are not allowed. Malls are the simplest places to secure but other venues would follow.

Lincoln's notion of 'send them back to Africa' never could have worked. But we don't have to be
utterly passive either.


Anonymous said...

I discovered this site last year, and have been reading it daily since then on my iPhone. Just ordered 4 books: Don't Make the Black Kids Angry, Escape from Detroit, White Girl Bleed A lot and The City that Bleeds. Probably the best $60 I've spent in a while.
As a frequent news reader/watcher, I am more and more disheartened by the failure of the media to cover any race issues from a realist point of view. We continue to avoid the obvious truths about the failure of the black race.
Going back thousands of years, those individuals who had the foresight to see a better way of life and imagine things other than the obvious took the first steps of what I call "Self Selection". They moved away from sub-Saharan Africa into other areas of the then unknown world. This showed a higher state of awareness and led to the development of a greater intelligence. We still see self selection today - when whites move out of or stay away from areas with high levels of blacks - neighborhoods, malls, or parks, etc... People do it both consciously and unconsciously.

Thank you to everyone for this site. I just wish there was a way for face to face discussion. Would love to have a beer and a shot with this group (yeah, I was raised in Pittsburgh).

Fed Up in GA.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Civilized people are helpless to defend themselves because Maryland has gone above and beyond in its efforts to disarm its non-feral populous.

The only state worse than Maryland is probably NJ when it comes to the right to bear arms and the right of self defense / preservation.

If this happened in Texas or Arizona, the results would be lot of "youths" will ventilated livers.

Anonymous said...

We ... Did not elect Obama twice. We the citizens of the United States lost a national election... Very much by hook and by crook.. Obama got elected the second time by....,

A massive campaign to get out the "urban" vote which was very successful.

Guarantee you there was massive voter fraud involved. ( Must have been successful or why would they be working so hard to bring in immigrants.)

Single Mothers , lookin for mo gibs.

Obviously dumbass college students and skinny pant / flannel wearing hipsters.( think occupy crowd).

And a massive social media campaign to divide voters on "hotbutton" issues.
Abortion, war on women, healthcare , incarceration rates, race, wages, you name the issue and they used it .

But look what happened when congressional elections took place in 2010 and 2014 and elections were decided by districts. Dont give up hope yet. I will be quite shocked if Hillary even gets the nomination let alone the Presidency. Not that im a big Rand Paul Fan but im betting that he or scott walker get the nod for the repukes this time. Any takers?

ricpic said...

It's obvious that the only hope for whites lies in the breakup of the United States and the establishment on part of its former territory of a white successor nation, one among several successor nations. But it's equally obvious that this has no chance of happening until things get much much worse. The combination of economic implosion and black insanity everywhere may get us there. Or it may not. But failing the very worst conditions this slow bleed will continue and continue to be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

OT: The NYTimes published an editorial about the turrible plight of black men:

The comments are still open and a lot of people are making comments along the following lines:

"True, a lot of blacks are in jail "nonviolent drug offenses," and the Times would have us focus on that. But a vastly disproportionate amount of America's violent crime is also committed by blacks. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, blacks commit murder at a rate almost eight times higher than whites (see page three in the link below. That's huge! The disparity for other crimes is similar; whatever sort of crime you are looking at, blacks commit a lot more of it than whites (or Asians). Yet the Times talks about imprisonment as though it's just sort of happening to blacks, as though they had no say in the matter."

Thoughtcrime! Thoughtcrime! Doubleplusungood! Take this citizen to Room 101 for reeducation!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Woodsy for this link:

So…who told the gentrified crowd this was a safe place to be? That was the question that accompanied this youtube video.

In answer to the question, it was the same people who gave us forced integration, forced bussing, and Affirmative Action. In their zeal to prop up the Negro, DWL white people are moving back to gentrified neighborhoods to see outcomes like this. Does anyone think this will NOT hurt the prospect of other once great white cities becoming white again? Who would want to live in a gentrified neighborhood near Negroes? The further Negroes are from whites, the better!

White people see these videos and will vote with their pocketbooks and common sense.

Does anyone really doubt the outcome of the planned Starbucks in Ferguson? It will be a failure like anything else to do with the African race.

I hope the screaming women in this diner being attacked will remember this scene and stop supporting the Democrats. The Democrat Party is the one that is the instigator of black violence by condoning it. Nothing will be done to the rioters! Maybe they will go to the police station for cookies and a coke. MSNBC will feature some of them to justify their rage against white people. Those injured will be considered collateral damage so that blacks can
demonstrate their anger. Obama might get on television to express his love of the African American people and tell them to keep up the fight! The new Attorney General will not prosecute one of these black thugs…NOT ONE!

I continue to ask this: how much more does YT need to see before he wakes the FUCK UP?

We need separation from these beasts!

Anonymous said...

Where are all the "conservative" Republicans during this mess, are they condemning the rioters and calling for the National Guard or even Regular Army troops to restore order ? Oh, that's right, they were busy confirming the new negress "my peeps" as Atty. General so that the ever retiring Eric "my peeps" Holder can finally go away somewhere. The Republicans are going to criticize BHO and his administration about the rioting in Baltimore as much as they did about the rioting in Ferguson or stopped BHO's mestizo invasion, zero.

Checking Fox TV they didn't give the riots much time but perhaps I didn't see enough TV and missed their stories, I can't stand more than five minutes at a time though. Fox TV is so committed to the IKAGO/paintjob quasi-religion that they must suffer cognitive dissonance on a grand scale when ALL the nogs chimpout at once giving the lie to their quasi-religion of IKAGO/paintjob. No blaming the rioting on a few bad actors like Rev. Al or Rev. Jesse in Ferguson or Baltimore and later this year the rest of BRA.

What would "conservative" Saint Rev. MLK Jr., patron saint of "muh dik", plagiarists, misogynists and all around scumbags say ? According to Fox TV he would be reading the loathsome Wall Street Journal, watching Fox TV, voting Republican and investing in the stock market while he condemned the rioting. And this is the "conservative" opposition to BHO/BRA ? As has been said many times here, we aren't voting our way out this.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

I see on Conservative Treehouse that many are outraged that the sheboon in charge of Baltimore gave a "shout out" praising the Nation of Islam in her press conference.

Many conservatives are woefully uninformed about the influence the NOI has over the vast majority of blacks. Almost all approve of it-many don't fully participate because NOI says no pork no drugs no alcohol no white wimmnez-and also b/c it usually requires members to kick a bunch of money upwards-why you see NOI selling their newspaper, bean pies etc on the street if you are unfortunate enough to be in a 'groid area.

Too much discipline and forking over money for Leroy Sixpack-he'd rather have his booze and white women and just go with NOI on their hatred and racism.

I knew many blacks- from where I used to work, etc-including 60 yr old women Bible thumping blacks-who would ask each other "Are you going to see Minister Farrakhan next week?" Hell that lowlife sells out PUBLIC areans from coast to coast-no whites allowed-how does that work? DC Convention Center the L.A. Forum Cobo Hall in Detroit All paid for by YT tax $$$ How is that allowed??? The MSM runs full scans on Indiana pizza cooks who won't cater gay weddings or if Joe the Plumber has overdue library books, or if Sarah Palin farted in class in 11th grade-well, cue up a full media blitz and lil' Jon Leibovitz Stewart making faces while the idiots all laugh.

How about a black racist group mandating segregation at public arenas-how does that work? Paul maybe you could fan the flames of that travesty.

The strong arm wing of NOI-the Fruit of Islam-are the shock troops usually just shaking down members for $ but hell 25-30 years ago Mayor Marion Barry of DC gave the FOI some big bucks contracts to provide security in housing projects-many local 'groids cheered-think about it-if you cross them it's all frontier justice, but if the cops do 1/20th of that it's riot time-all BS you can't reason with people who can't reason.

I remember people joking about Trashcan Martin's daddy's nickname "Fruit"--I'd bet my last $ that was in some way a reference to Fruit of Islam--Trashcan was a wannabe punk lite like many millennials-black and white-which doesn't mean he wasn't feral or could cause some danger-but his daddy was cut from different cloth-you could tell that boy was an authentic rough monkey-the real thing. I guarantee you Trashcan and his "homiez" calling him Fruit was out of respect not teasing.

Anonymous said...

We ... Did not elect Obama twice. We the citizens of the United States lost a national election... Very much by hook and by crook.. Obama got elected the second time by....,

A massive campaign to get out the "urban" vote which was very successful.

1. He still took 40% of the White vote.

2. I wouldn't begrudge anyone that didn't vote for Romney. Maybe the GOP can find someone other than a spoiled millionaire that hired illegals and lied about being a hunter. I voted NONE OF THE ABOVE. Romney and other GOP millionaires are not on our side. Blue bloods like Romney are completely against these types of forums since they undermine the foundation of the establishment. Politicians like Romney would like you to shut up, pay taxes and go to church. They are not your friend and would leave you dying in a ditch.

The GOP wants to ban abortion and believes in paint theory so I'm not sure why we should view them as the answer.

Anonymous said...

The RT reporter should have done her homework. Jane Goodall knew to always carry a bright shiny object to use for distraction when she was with the chimps. This gal didn't even have a banana on her.

But then again chimps, as savage as they are, are intelligent and trainable. Dindu Americanus is not.

Anonymous said...

After last nights chimpout, im sure many YTs are not going to anymore live baseball games.

Let the negroes have their way, and this is what you get. They want more, more, more.. f##k em.


Anonymous said...

Thank so much to the reader who gave a link to an RT reporter being robbed by black teenagers…or as the media refers to them: teens.

These black children had nothing but mischief on their minds when they robbed the RT reporter.

I hope that this encounter will be a teachable moment for those who still believe that blacks can be assimilated into our culture, and those who are still on the fence concerning race realism. I would also hope the RT reporter will learn from her encounter that blacks are a subspecies of human, they don’t think or act like we do; they will not fit in to our civilization. We need to STOP feeding the bears!

Our national parks tell us to not feed the bears. Wild animals should be left alone. If we keep feeding them (EBT), they will lose their fear of humans (law and order in this case) and freely attack us when we don’t feed them. I posit these young BLACK hoodlums were doing this for fun. If you don’t believe me, then read about the coon who helped burn down the Krogers in Memphis. PK featured this young buck in one of his editorial pieces. Because they robbed this woman while laughing, they will do it again and again. One of the days they will lie dead in the street, and nobody will care(unless it is a white that kills them.)

Because they are animals, they can be trained to show respect, but YT needs to get over the notion that they are somehow equal to us. This one point drives me crazy with white liberals and those who strictly follow the Constitution: the Constitution was written with white men and those who could think coherently and have skin in the game; not those who would vote themselves a raise.

Blacks have drained our coffers to relegate them, educate them, and bring them up to speed with the twenty first century, but all that money and time spent was in vain. Blacks are a waste of our time and resources. Stop giving the money; insure they are given birth control,
and control them with rules that punish them for wrongdoing. I would hang the young blacks who stole her purse. Yes…baby…hang it! They will learn NOT to mess with da law! Segregation is the only way now; living together will no longer work; gentrification is doomed to fail!

Long Island Guido said...

The time is near folks. Either we step up and "fix" this country..or it will be too late.

Long Island Guido said...

On another note...

Imagine if all the whites being attacked by the zombies in Baltimore just pulled out weapons and put a stop to the rioting? Only in a sane society..

stop lying to children said...

You're right, there's a small minority of Americans that are not stupid. Obama was elected by the stupid majority and all the africans, often voting multiple times.

I'm not convinced it is as simple as smart vs stupid. I've met too many intelligent Whites that are completely incapable of thinking critically about race.

Liberals follow a secular religion even if it sounds contradictory. They maintain a sacred belief in cognitive equality that is beyond questioning.

Conservatives believe blacks are held back by liberal culture/government and that every city on earth could become modern through Christianity and capitalism.

Of these two groups I think conservatives are better targets for conversion. Open assessment of the facts still lead most to the conclusion that the government cannot solve the problem with welfare or enrichment programs. Liberalism/leftism collapses when you accept that biology is the underlying difference between Ottawa and Port-au-Prince. I suspect the top Marxists know this which is why they want to mix Whites and hope for a left-wing Brazil even if it means subjecting the world to lower standards and fewer advancements.

Conservatives just need to get over their plans to turn BRA into leave it to beaver. I realize the facts and conclusions are not very Christian but I'm not convinced there was ever a divine plan to mix the races. Africans were naturally isolated by an expansive desert and only modern technologies allowed their importation.

Long Island Guido said...

Thank god Long Island doesnt have many groids to perform such Mob attacks. Too many rugged whites out here to deal with such.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what if people that were in the immediate area of these type of riots would start producing their firearms for defense, what would the "rayciss po po" do?? Would the citizen protecting themselves become more of a criminal than the piece of shit rioters???? If law enforcement would do their fucking jobs this garbage would stop just as quick as it starts. The police would probably be the problem with quelling this shit that is way past old!!

GrimmTale said...

New Home-Team Baseball Chant For Orioles Fans:

Oh the riots outside are frightful
Baltimore on fire is so insightful
And since we've no place to turn
Let It Burn! Let It Burn! Let It Burn!

It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I brought my gun for popping
The mob without much concern
Let It Burn! Let It Burn! Let It Burn!

When we finally leave tonight
How I'll hate going out in the storm
But if you'll really aim on sight
On the way home they'll be gone

The fire is quite foreboding
And, my dear, we're still reloading
But as long as your aim is stearn
Let It Burn! Let It Burn! Let It Burn!

HeeHee ;)
Frankly...I say let the darn town burn to the ground. The white nomads of these past 60+ years, know it's time to pack-up and move-out...and I guarantee after this, they will do so again in MUCH larger numbers. Let the blacks have this town too. The USA is a big country, and God knows we're aptly capable of setting up new communities and prospering infrastructure in a short amount of time.
The problem of white-guilt will be a tough one to stop, and unfortunately this is becoming a 12-step program for white KoolAid drinking buffoons, who still believe whites must repay for slavery. It becomes even harder when you have public school's indoctrination of white youth (Selma video distribution to every school country wide, is yet another sip of the KoolAid).

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty dumb good site!! I agree. Only problem is I wish it had more followers that are true to the cause. The other problem is site's like this are just labeled as hate sites and we are disgusting racists. Blacks can exist.... Just away from me!! I wish no harm on them, but if they are places whites and other races in harms way, then they need to be neutralized!!!!

D-FENS said...

Pat - I also recommend DeLorenzo. I e-mailed him for a recommendation on a reliable book on Reconstruction. Haven't had a chance to get a copy as I have to work to support BRA and our best buddy ever in their Biblical Theme Park in the Middle East.

"Comedian" Chris Rock had a rant the other day about the lack of negroes in MLB. He said MLB was boring because it was "too White". When I checked the demographics of MLB, (yes, somebody DOES track the MLB demographics), I found that Whites made up about 70% of the players in the early 1990's. Today they make up 60%. Hispanics have displaced Whites AND negroes. So, Chris Rock is saying that hispanics are boring. And since many of these hispanics are part negro, he is actually saying that NEGROES are making MLB boring!

Anonymous said...

Some of our friends on SBPDL have asked why the police didn’t move in more forcefully to protect life, limb, and property. I would like to address that issue.

I put the onus on the government from which they get their marching orders. They were probably told to not hurt a hair on the ulotrichous head of any teenage Negro. Because of that, the black youth were emboldened to not only attack property and police cars, but hurt whites as well.

As some reader pointed out, a white woman was viciously attacked by blacks. When a white man chivalrously came to her rescue, he was instantly surrounded by marauding bands of blacks not unlike packs of hyenas. One might ask: where were the police? Well…let’s put the blame where it belongs: the city’s democrat (a.k.a. black) leadership. The black mayor allowed this to happen.

This will lead to the downfall of the gentrification of Baltimore. What white in their right mind would want to locate there? Who will pay the bills for the blacks to procreate, breed, and eat? Without a white taxpayer base, the city is doomed.

Perhaps Jesse Jackson can propose that whites and the businesses owned by whites cannot leave Baltimore like he also proposed for Selma. Force them to stay in order to support black dysfunction. Instead of white school children watching Selma, a movie made about an event that happened 50 year ago, why not show them the product of 50 years of gibsmedats from the government. Is not what we see in Baltimore the fruits of the labors that DWL forced upon white America? We should look at the here and now; and stop looking behind us (except not to repeat the same mistakes.)

Anonymous said...

You should follow a case in Tulsa that does not look good for the LEO. His name is Robert Bates and is starting to get national news. There is a video of an already subdued Eric Harris being shot by a .357 revolver. Deputy claims he thought he had his taser. Eric Harris was a known felon and scumbag .... But he was black. It appears that Deputy Bates and our Sherriff Stanley Glanz were pretty tight buddies and it wont surprise me at all to see if Glanz isnt ordered or "encouraged " to resign.

Anonymous said...

The US government does not stock pile large amounts of grain like they use to years ago. The pictures of silos full with grain, are a thing of the pass. The stock piling stopped about 15 years ago.

So when(not if) the shit hits the fan, you are on your own. Do you think this was done on purpose.

Is the pope ......well you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the media has stirred up a race riot using an outcome, but without having few, if ANY, of the facts that lead to this outcome.

The outcome: Black teen dies in custody from spinal injury.

Do you think that a black mob could be mustered up about this story if it wasn't endlessly repeated with the tagline from reporters, "This brings up questions of police brutality, right?" Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

And all that's left is for the CNN "analysts" and race hustlers to fill in the blanks with the Expected Narrative, without any of the facts available. Even when these facts become available (as with the Martin and Brown cases), the Initial Narrative will become the accepted one in most of the public's eyes (and all of the black community's).

Narrative: Black teen, "unarmed", didn't no nothing, arrested for running away, assaulted and brutally beaten by racist white cops, dies of injuries

We don't know exactly what the kid did, we don't know the race of the arresting officers of if and what kind of "brutality" was committed, we don't know the details of his injury or if it was related to the arrest. We don't know anything, and it doesn't matter--the mob is loose, they are calling for YT's head, and nothing will shake them of the belief that YT murdered an innocent black teen, even if it turns out no white cop was involved in his arrest.

Facts don't matter, only the outcome and the immediately crafted Narrative to explain the outcome.

stop lying to children said...

Lincoln's notion of 'send them back to Africa' never could have worked. But we don't have to be
utterly passive either.

It would have worked out wonderfully. The side effect of the colonists having a difficult time of adapting by Western standards should be an irrelevant consideration. Africans have never adapted to Africa in the Western sense. Life there has always been cruel and unpredictable. If anything the African genome is adapted to cruelty and instability. Low living standards and chaos seem to bother them less than other races.

But I enjoyed your post regardless.

Anonymous said...

Remember that kid's game from the 1980's called "Hungry Hungry Hippos"?

I wish that I could make a game app for smart phones and call it "Angry Angry Negroes".

My game would let you play as either an angry negro or a white riot cop. I could probably sell this game for a while on the app stores too, that is, before it got banned by the nerdy SJW types that seem to run the whole tech universe now.

Unknown said...

Ex-Copper, I salute you, sir.

These days, men have been so feminized to the point where they wear such tight skinny jeans that their genitals are being mutated into "manginas".

See you on the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link for white people who understand law and order:

Overly-Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

Check out the photo in the middle of the page of Thuggo on top of the car surrounded by his simian slugs; and then note the passive language: "demonstrators".. "protesting".. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

One thing that distinguishes European style civilizations from African anarchy is citizens who follow the established laws. When a citizen breaks the law they are punished. What I have seen lately in Ferguson and in Baltimore is timidity on the part of cities to enforce the law for fear of being labeled a racist, or police brutality. Is this the fault of only the cities? No! I place more blame on the Attorneys General who punish cities for trying to follow established laws. Did not the Attorney General Eric Holder pursue Ferguson for racism by turning over every stone to turn over? In all the years of e-mails studied, how many racist e-mails did they find…ummm…maybe five or so! When there is no racism, the Democrats invent it! They want the Negroes to always be in a state of heightened anxiety. The Democrat platform is based on the hate and jealousy of blacks towards whites. They know blacks can never equal whites, so they use that point to cause friction between the races. The new downtrodden group will be Hispanics who came to this country illegally. Did anyone notice that Homeland secerutiy – which is headed by a Democrat – is doing everything in its power to give illegals the right to vote! Why? They need more disgruntled voters. Why can’t DWLs see this? These are supposedly smart people! Can’t they see by adding 50 million new third world people to our country will hasten our own demise? Can’t the conservatives at Fox finally realize that we can’t be diversive? Diversity is a recipe for failure! We were a white nation; why oh why can’t we just be for white people? Why must whites always fight against themselves? I hope the lady at RT who was robbed has opened her eyes about blacks by this point. Going into their land is like waking into Mogadishu!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Out here in the FREE ZONE the small towns around me are having high school proms. It's an event people look forward to. I don't get to excited since I was a high school drop out. The longer you stay in school the dumber you get.

The weather starts getting nice in May so ALL these small towns put on fund raisers for their local volunteer fire departments. People show up from other counties to donate money because whenever we have bad grass fires trucks will come in from outside the area to help the locals. Our town does the same. We rely on each other.

$15.00 ticket gets you a night of free food and drink. One dollar raffle tickets are sold for prizes donated by the local businesses The ladies donate apple pies and cakes. Some guys will buy 50 to 100 tickets with hopes of winning one of the two grand prizes which is ALWAYS two hunting rifles. The men meet in the fire station and the ladies meet in a local bar. A couple buddies and myself prefer the food made by the ladies so we sneak into the bar later at night to scarf up what is left over. Life is hard out here in the wilderness.

LOTS OF PEOPLE show up for these yearly events. I have been here for over 20 years and not once has any teenage girl been raped in the parking lot. No car windows were smashed and the cars broken into. No cowboy has had his pickup truck set on fire. For some strange reason nobody ever gets shot, stabbed or beaten up. No cop cars show up to keep the people from beating the shit out of each other or damaging the fire station.

After having killed my television set my only link to the outside world is this computer. Seeing what is happening in Bullshitmore and other parts of the country I feel like I'm living on another planet. All my life I've felt like I was a "stranger in a strange land" and America is getting fucking weirder by the day.

Anonymous said...

"Just remember this: once you have experienced blacks, you'll understand why San Francisco is working overtime to price blacks out of the city".

No one wants Negros, least of all a liberal elite playground like San Francisco (or Martha's Vineyard, Hyannis Port, Vail, Aspen, etc.). No, that DIE-versity is only for the Little People.


Anonymous said...

Baltimore is going from bad to holy sh@t pretty quickly.

I've noticed that chimpouts happen in certain places where a dindu situation occurs and in others next to nothing. I wonder if it's the percentage of Bantus in the area or it's related to gun laws? Perhaps it's a mixture of both but it is curious.

SC Native

Monroe said...

T-shirt slogan: "I'm Baltimore and enjoying it less" -- Freddie Gray

Anonymous said...

Work with a "teach for America" DWL type lady and her uber lib husband are thinking about moving back to this hell hole. Black lady I work with said "are you crazy"! Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...


Many of you folks in here can guffaw all you want, but as an older person, and highly educatd by the way, almost of the problems we now experience with these hardcore pavement apes and sundry n'er-do-well, habitual criminal nigrahs can be directly tied to the 50s wherein the larger white culture began to adopt and emulate many, if not most, of the very worst cultural and social norms of the black community.

It really started in the very early fifties when whites began listening to black music on the radio and really started taking off when Elvis Presley, a white negro, hit the scene. In case you are not aware, at the very beginning there was an enormous backlash against Presley's songs and black mannerisms and style of singing when he first started out in Menphis.

If you look around today, you can see white trailer trash everywhere acting black and thuggish, which was passed onto them by their parents and grandparents nearly rwo generations ago. This also coincided with the Civil Rights movement aned "The Great Society" which effectively enslaved these uncivilized basrbarians.

Notice further how this has now migrated to much of the white population. Just visit Walmart and dozens of other similar stores and watch whites galore using EBT cards. Moreover, most of them look like they should be institutioalized - and they likely WOULD have been when I was growing up!

Anyway, without these EBT welfare cards, half the stores in this country would shut down within two weeks. Effectively, the Waltons, and others like them, are being subsidized by what few remaining people there are who still work for a living.

Gee, talk about welfare. Now our biggest corporatons are playing the game and ripping the taxpayers off bigtime. It's called crony capitalism, and Walmart is leading the charge.

Get enough white trash acting blacker than black trash, and you might just as well hit the road and try surviving in Antartica or something.

Monroe said...

T-shirt slogan: "I'm Baltimore and enjoying it less" -- Freddie Gray

Anonymous said...

Separate but equil. That didn't fly to well in Brown vs. Board of Education. The blacks would never agree on where to put the line, or wall or fence or whatever. They have some kind of need to be near yt.
The decision to build a wall, fence, whatever, would have to be unilateral but I'd like to see it tried.


Anonymous said...

The Drudge Report has a good selection of links to show the blatant racism of black against whites. Here is what I consider a good first person account of how things went down.

Now…after all of this evidence, why do we as a people have to put up with these beasts? Since the government is not protecting us, don’t we have a right to protect ourselves?

These animals attacked a white family in a station wagon; beating on their car; terrorizing their children. Why in the FUCKING hell do we as a white people put up with this bullshit?

I hate blacks; I don’t care about their rights, I care about white people’s rights. I don’t care if they die, and when they die, and I don’t care how it happened. These animals were throwing bottles of beer and water at white people for being white. HELLO liberal media; HELLO US Government: this is unbridled racism against our race and it IS war. This is a RACE WAR (ECAR RAW) for people who don’t understand the word YET!

God help us all! If I were the man with my family being attacked by blacks, I would have used my car as a 2000 lb. weapon. Screw the black devils!

Anonymous said...

Someone should put together a video montage of the baltimore , ferguson, LA , and other riots ....... And for the background music.... Ebony and Ivory of course!

Anonymous said...

I doubt if the media follows this too much as it shows blacks for what they are: dirty racist pigs! Their young nogs were in the street laughing at hurting white people? Where is the new Attorney General…oh…I forgot she is a nog too! Nogs got to stick together! If this racist scene were done to innocent black people, there would be no end to the media coverage. But since it is white people being hurt, the media and our government do not care. We are on our own!

SKIP said...

In 1968 I was sent Vietnam to D.C. for the riots and we troops were cautioned to stay out of "B-more" seems nithing has changed.

MMP said...

@ Anonymous @12:08

"and highly educatd by the way"



Everyone has spell check, and most folks make typo....Yet when your first sentence contains
"but as an older person, and highly educatd by the way"

I can't help but laugh at you being "educatd"

Anonymous said...

Summer 2015

Peak Negro Fatigue.

Be ready.

Awakened White said...

my state, cant wait to live in a White paradise.

Anonymous said...

MMP said:

Everyone has spell check, and most folks make typo....Yet when your first sentence contains
"but as an older person, and highly educatd by the way"

From your punctuation and grammatical writing style, I wouldn’t cast stones in “a” glass house. So enlighten us MMP, what is your major?

Don’t you think the gravitas of the situation calls for us to be a bit more forgiving of simple spelling and typographical errors? The gentleman is probably old and can’t see clearly. Cut him some slack asshole!

MMP said...


National Association of Always Complaining People.


Anonymous said...

Delaware dude here. the fatigue is getting to me. the gf is from charmless city aka bodymore. she was appalled at the idea of there being a riot there. it is taking some time to turn her into a realist. O/T, one of her co-workers was injured and had to go to the Wilmington Hospital. you know the city version of our trauma center where the gunshot vic's are treated. minor injuries on the c/w. he waits for 11 hours to be seen by a dr. why? locals keep rolling the shooting vic's out at the emergency entrance or help them in. local fish wrap only carries the big gun battles. anyway said c/w says there were 12 brought in ahead of him and the wrap had no story. guess they were too busy covering the buckwheat univ. party shootings and the secondary drive by at the dorms. its going to be a long, hot summer for us white boys surrounded by mokes. did finally get my app. for ccp. stay safe and more the distance back to 45 feet. reach for the extra mag before you draw.

Steve Smith said...

A little off topic, all this outrage and shenanigans before all the facts are even known. However, when the victim is white no one bats an eye. I first saw this story a couple of weeks ago, then...nothing. Not another single mention. Blatant police brutality CAUGHT ON VIDEO. Black cop, white victim. Not a single word. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I'm just so sick of it all.

anyway, watch the video. It's sickening.

Steve Smith said...

I should add to my previous post with the video link. The article is blatantly anti-law enforcement. I did not post it with that in mind. I wanted to highlight the fact that the brutality was blatant black-on-white.

I am not anti law enforcement. It's a tough job; I know, I used to wear the badge.

Don M said...

I still have my soft vest with SAPI plates. Its a souvenir from my time spent in Iraq, serving the PCMC Empire and paving the way for ISIL's captured Toyota Hi-Lux and Ford F350 parades.

Fun times, those...

The ceramics have reached their "expiration dates" but I am sure they'd still stop the projectile from a Dindu's Glock "Foh-Tay", fired sideways of course.

The only thing is, even mere possession of armor is illegal in several states, Maryland included. The Baltimore heroes in blue may not interdict rioting Dindus, but rest assured they would arrest you in a heartbeat if they saw a vest showing under your shirt.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Sippy,

Thank you for the possible answer to my query. I had not heard of the medical condition, spondylosis (spurs). That is a probable explanation. I had not heard of the football player you mentioned either. Good talking points.

AL (April 26, 2015 at 7:12 AM),

I am glad you don’t misunderstand me. I am trying to strengthen our case, not justify rioting.

From what Ms. Sippy shared and the video, the police seem to have some legs to stand on. The treatment of him prior to being taken into the car did not look so bad. And, his spine seems to have already have been severed by then. If so, the only neglect afterwards was failing to put on his seat belt.

Please know, I don't care what the blacks think; that is a foregone conclusion. But, I think the DWL's opinion is very important.

The anarchy and violence raise emotions. Evidence about Gray's injuries may determine if the DWL suppress their emotions or if the emotions cause them to finally say, ‘enough’.

Because the opinion of the silent DWL majority hangs in the balance, I think we need to compile and publicize facts about these cases in general and the Gray case in particular.



Gunny_Aresnal said...

I am so sick of people calling this a riot. Obviously it was only some teens out wilding.....

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I also hait too sea sum one kritasize any body four bad spilling. I wuz a high skool drop out and din git to git a gud edukation. My onlyway I kin rite is withe spel chick. I only have one gud eye. The bad eye cant sea small typ but it iz gud for walking the dawg. I use a dicktioary whin I have to spill big werds so i can git them writ.

MMP said...

@ Anon @ 4PM

My major is the same as your name.


Anonymous said...

America, along with Western Civilization in Europe, is being thrown under the bus at a global scale. Those that perceive this are branded as"racist". YNW is more than happy with this state of affairs BTW.

Unknown said...

SBPDL said...

What is more dangerous to the flourishing of black America, Norplant for teenagers or a growing number of black adolescents headed for a life in poverty because they were born into poverty to a single mother whose life chances were blighted by a pregnancy at age 15?


I overheard a conversation between a group of savages tonight buying *fronto leaves* at the bodega for a party.

(Fronto leaf - whole tobacco leaf used to roll up weed, like blunt wraps. About the size of a large fig leaf.)

Anyway, one of the savages is ooking and eeking that it is a grandmother. The guy behind the counter says "bullshit" and the savage starts chimping out.

I almost had a stroke when the savage was asked it's age:


How many grandmothers do you know who are 27? This must be a new record.

Naturally, I had to yell out from the back of the crowded store (in perfect ebonics): "WHO BE DA FAH-DUH? HE GIVIN' OUT SEE-GARS?"

"HE IN JAIL NIGGA", was the reply!

I almost had a stroke!



Anonymous said...

The gentleman is probably old and can’t see clearly.


Awww. How sweet.

I was thinking more along the lines of:

The gentleman is probably drunk and has fat sausage fingers...

...somebody go and get his reading glasses!

Gravitas my ahhss!


Anonymous said...

PK…this is a pivotal time in history! Our race either makes it, or falls by the wayside. I have hopes for our kind. However, we are not united as a group. Caucasians have always been very independent; this fierce independence is both a blessing and a curse. We need to come together now. The time is far spent for us to bicker among ourselves over whether or not we are inclusive, or how accepting we are of strangers. Sadly my friend, we may have already gone too far. When I look into the face of America, I don’t see my kind anymore. I see a hodgepodge of every mongrel on Earth. Maybe that is what we will end up being: mongrels.

I notice the regular cadre of followers is not here today. I suppose they reached their peak in Negro fatigue. I…on the other hand, read every article, post, and write my opinions with alacrity. I must tip my hat to you sir for your perseverance. It takes one with deep convictions to achieve what you have achieved. The books you have written and the time you devote to this endeavor must be Herculean in scope.

Today’s theme was big news on several sites; some that reach millions of readers. I hope that the promulgation of this information finally wakes some of our sleeping brothers and sisters from their hypnotic reverie. I’m sure the family that was attacked, or the people in the diner who witnessed black rage will come away with what we call “realism.” I’ve known blacks all my life. The majority are savages such as we witnessed today. The thing that strikes me as most entertaining is that the media continues to engage in this folly. Blacks are the one thing that dooms a society; yet the media and DWL continues to cling to their demented obsession with Negroes. Maybe they have spent so much capital they refuse to back down, but rather continue to double down like a gambler who will bet until the only thing he has left is the shirt on his back, and then bets his shirt as well. They refuse to lose even though the game is over; that is delusion at its best!

The Negro is good at a few things: they are united as a whole. We must admit they swing elections and used their numbers to their own benefit. They are very protective of their own even if the person is bad they are protecting (that is not good, but they are good at it.) They understand and use white people with alacrity. Using our own government, they have leached off our society for hundreds of years. The best they could have hoped for in their native Africa would be a grass hut to live in.

Here is my hope…that we don’t become South Africa! In order to survive, the remaining whites will either have to form their own homeland, or immigrate. I would surely take them into our fold if we could give South Africa our blacks. This would require all whites acting as a united front because the most blacks would not leave their government teat lightly.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

So...what of the ventilated dindu nuffins who ran away from the police? Folks have been quiet about that as late...

So I live in one of the far-flung Baltimore suburbs...we watched the coverage of the chimpout on the propaganda box. The usual suspooks. The police will defend Camden Yards (Orioles' home park) and the Inner Harbor at any cost; without those things (and the Baltimore Convention Center) in between, the city goes into the toilet...well, more so.

Musashi said...

Whites have aborted their own by the millions. Blacks do it too.

Whites need to unfuck their moral depravity before anything good can happen. We are reaping exactly what we have sown.

Anonymous said...


I just love the the way MMP so readily picked up on a few typos in my last post, thereby utterly destroying the thrust of my arguments. Gotta hand it to him; clearly genius material here.

OTOH, I must say, though, that this guy is definitely libtard material. Ad hominem and a transparent lack of any argumentation skills, and all in one breath.

Yeppers, definitely a Huffpo metrosexual whose idea of an intellectual is someone skilled at totally gratuitous ridicule and mocking anyone whith whom he disagrees - which is to say he has no arguments, but rather only insults and kiddie ka ka poo poo. Sound like a faculty lizard at some POS liberal arts "re-eduKation kamp."

Anonymous said...

A lot of the Blacks leaving San Francisco are just moving into the surrounding suburbs. Where the rents are cheaper, the crime rate lower, the schools better, and in some cases the local government is slightly less fuckheaded, only slightly less fuckheaded mind you. We'll see how things turnout.

MMP said...

@ Anon @ 7:40

Ya know I didn't disagree with your comments. only that you start it with "Highly educated" then follow with the typos, misspellings, whatever. I just found it funny.

Yet now in your last comment

"which is to say he has no arguments, but rather only insults"

"that this guy is definitely libtard material"

"Yeppers, definitely a Huffpo metrosexual"

"but rather only insults and kiddie ka ka poo poo."

"Sound like a faculty lizard at some POS liberal arts "re-eduKation kamp"

Did I insult you like that?

Only insults huh? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. And as such, you can apply your same insults to yourself now, huffpo metrosexual & all.

Yup...I pick up a couple typos as you say, and you in turn call me pretty much everything but a white man.


Anonymous said...

This will lead to the downfall of the gentrification of Baltimore. What white in their right mind would want to locate there? Who will pay the bills for the blacks to procreate, breed, and eat? Without a white taxpayer base, the city is doomed.

The U.S. government AKA BRA will pay the bills for Baltimore, Detroit, Camden, Atlanta etc., that's the essence of BRA, YT pays for his own destruction. BRA is floating the diverse cities and has been for decades while YKW reaps a fortune through the financialized economy. YT pays and pays as the squids devour all the wealth leaving an empty shell.

When Detroit went through its sham bankruptcy who ran the con ? The same general group of people happy to issue bonds (for a fat fee) backed by "the full faith and credit (sic)" of Detroit ! No bullshitting ! When retirees pensions get reduced through bankruptcy and the defaulted bonds are "reorganized" who gets paid for this ? Wall Street again. Now "investors" (guess who ?) will buy the bonds, pennies on the dollar with a new guarantee from BRA for repayment, that is the outline of just one of the innumerable scams that constitute the "economy" in BRA with YT paying the bills.

This can go on as long as the U.S. dollar retains its status as a reserve currency meaning it's in demand around the world for paying bills. The rise of China and its Asian Development Bank, its unknown but growing gold hoard and the over extension of BRA's empire around the world will eventually cause the death of the dollar, something all too common in history. The dollar is backed by nothing just like other currencies and the Federal Reserve is printing like crazy via QE with no accountability but these things can last a long time.

One misconception, The U.S. government CAN NOT go bankrupt. Look at any FRN and you will see the words "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private". That means the government can print as many dollars as it wants (and it has been) and pay its debts with them, especially when they are worthless. The government can then in a legal sense claim (and it will) it didn't default and they will be telling the truth. The government promises to pay its debts in dollars (which they just print) but NEVER guarantees their purchasing power, a crucial distinction.

If the dollar were defined as a Troy ounce (480 grains) of silver, a quarter as 120 grains, a dime as 48 grains BRA would have come to a screeching halt by 1965 because it would have run out of silver. That's the year silver was eliminated from U.S. coinage. Paper is easy to print, gold and silver, not so much.

non-DWL from NE
BHO says buy gold, silver and lead.

Anonymous said...

Rember Belfast Northern Ireland

Anonymous said...

When America splits off into separate nations I can only hope that I will be allowed to run the negroe resettlement camps in the negroe free area.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Oriole Park will sell out quite often, as does pretty much every Ravens home game right next door. Fed Hill is a short walk from the ballparks and you could confuse it for the whitest town in America on a Friday or Saturday night. I sympathize with you, but, this latest TNB aside, Baltimore is actually swinging up. After 40 straight years of declines, the number of white students in BCPS has gone up every year the past four years. The black population is aging and the teen birth rate is in freefall. It seems like a paradox, but it's true. DC has been going in this direction for the past 15 years. DC will soon become the first major city in history to regain majority white status, I wouldn't be shocked if the same happened in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Even Putin (the owner of RT) is part of the gang I guess.

Anonymous said...

I know this is WAY past its prime, and is also off topic, but good comeback "WHEREDA WHITE WMINS AT!"

The people who moan about spelling are nothing but idiots. The TOPIC is about NEGROES; not SPELLING.

Some jackasses need to get a life!

It's sad some people (assholes) want to spend their time throwing out insults to nice people.

Keep up the good work! I always enjoy your comments!

Personally, I don't care what they think of my spelling.


Ex-Copper said...

If you can find an X-ray tech or ultrasound tech that has the run of a Dr office after hours, see if they'll check your plates for fissures. Most new systems don't use films anymore, but put the scans on a computer screen.

Alot of the times expiration dates on armor is to get people to buy more. Some manufacturers will let you send the the plates and soft armor in for sanitization and wear check. If they pass, they'll guarantee them for another 4-5 yrs. In other words, armor expires more due to the fact it smells like ass if worn everyday and can get moldy from trapped moisture.

Some manufactures also give out one time upgrades for little or no cost. Eotech does a one time deal, last time I did it it cost $75 to upgrade from the old sights that took "N" size batteries to the AA powered optics with nvg added in. Just gotta call and ask.

Ex-Copper said...

Quite a few interesting comments made while I was at work today.
-Former PMC, left you a piece of info re: your armor.
-Cops only try to contain large scale civil unrest. Too easy to get seriously injured or killed. I would be hard pressed not to grab a group of fellow coppers and help evac citizens who, like at the baseball game, were trapped by the fracas and not trapped because they wanted to gawk. Let them burn their shit to the ground.
-having said what I did about the crowd, unass the area with your family/friends/the trapped. If armed keep your strong side hand free. If you do need to draw, you're best bet is to fire as well. No hesitation, pointing the gun and not doing so emboldens them to try and take it. Use the gunfire to continue your retreat, again unass the area in a hasty retreat.
-The Koreans in LA were successful in defending themselves and businesses for a few reasons. Blacks know they don't fuck around and punk out easily, the locals know them and what they're capable of. They either kept the looters from burning their stores or got lucky no one tried.
-To further my argument, I watched conair once, stupid movie, but on the plane the "DEA" agent whips out his gun while surrounded by prisoners. Cage tells him, "You realize you're in a situation you can't control, right?" Dude ignores him and is quickly killed.
- a long rifle with collapsible stock, slung and carried close to the body can be hard to see by people not paying attention. Old sniper trick when patrolling and keeping sniper rifle semi-out of view when using M-16 as a contact weapon.
-The comments on the gov not stockpiling grain, cities only having two days worth on hand, and other same type of statements shows no one has been paying attention. The minimum supply you need for you and your family of equipment is 3 days worth of food, water, med equip, 550 cord (with its guts), quality knives, hatchet, and multi-tool, batteries, hand crank radio, Chem-lights, portable light weight shelter (mil issued ponchos), one change of clothes for inclement or temperate weather, and other essential supplies. These things need to be distributed by weight in rucksacks and backpacks family members can reasonably carry. Cached items that are accessible if you need to bug out, but retrieve as necessary is a good idea as well.
-FEMA says to prep for 3 day minimum, but classifies those that do as extremist in nature. Real military issue MREs are the way to go in terms of long storage. They have a 5yr shelf life that can be extended through checking certain items for freshness. Lots of good web sights with instructions, how to recognize mil issue MREs, test for spoilage, and which non-mil MREs are best.
-After seeing more previously "unknown" video and the filmers own accounts, the NC cop did in fact get beat up by the fleeing subject, had his taser stolen and used against him. Shoot looks a lot better with that info. Because the end was shown repeatedly, the addition of the rest plus statements is needed to counter the prosecutors case. Again Second City Cop has good photos on his blog of the encounter.
-With Gray being a known criminal, it sounds like police had good cause to try a Terry Stop, and the chase and subsequent tackling looks reasonable. One theory on the spinal injury is he was in a car recently that was crashed at 40+ mph and was hit in the neck or head by a foreign object not secured in the vehicle. A Kleenex box corner can kill someone if hit by it in a high speed collision. I've heard countless recounts of crashes from accident investigators where an occupant was struck and killed by a foreign object, died minutes or days later from a spinal fracture not known about resulting from a crash. One account was an officer alert and walking around post-crash talking with investigators "popping" his neck and dropping dead when the broken vertebrae severed the spinal cord.

Brooklyn born said...


"Teens" at it again:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Blog.
I am so grateful people are finally opening their eyes. And even speaking and commenting on subject.
Here is my rant . I am hoping to try and feel more sane and grounded by venting all of this horror.
At 46 years old. My husband and self made biggest mistake of our life. To try and save a few bucks in living expenses. We decided to move to a Multicultural l Mecca.....a SO CALLED city on the rise with an art scene and redevelopment and renovation.
We will be lucky to make it out of this dump alive and somewhat sane. And we are only on our 8th month.
I have a Black landlord. I don't live in a ghetto. Looks ok from an outside glance. Didnt know was almost All Black section. And at first I didn't even care. I had no idea what we were in for. I have black people all around me all the time. Black people that HATE White people.
I have never seen such insane, self destructive, disrespectful, ignorance and STUPIDITY.
There is something Very wrong with the minds of these people.
SO WRONG!!!!!!
Guys. We are in big trouble. Something needs to happen here to pull the brakes on this ridiculous, outrageous Lie being tossed about by Main Stream Media, Obama and posse and Prog Libs that have never stepped foot in a ghetto.
That Black people are victims of White Americans.
Good Lord!
This Community of filthy, miserable, angry, whining spoiled brats has only One daily goal. And that is to do as little as physically possible, hate, hate, hate, destroy all things clean and nice, eatmacaroni and cheese and pizza 24/7, smoke marijuana all day all night,
Scream and yell to aggravate and annoy all in sight, plot all day on how to throw a monkey wrench into a strangers life to jamm up, shower misery on everything humanly possible.
No laughter. No smiling. No cleaning. No working. No jobs. No flushing toilets. No manners. No brain. No money. No common sense. No sense if reality. No kindness. No gratitude. No please or thank you Ever No desire for anything better. Total refusal to pay for anything. Paying is for suckers.
I've lived in many urban areas in my lifetime.
But have never seen anything like THIS before. I'm hoping they-Blacks are on the way to generating so much nonstop hate and rage.
That THEY....Black America will just spontaneously combust into one big dust cloud and ash pile.
NOW.....I hate EVERYTHING about these people.
Its almost impossible to imagine existing in such a state of never ending, self created misery. And never once this is such a stupid, unnessesary, vile, empty way to be.
Nope. There is no thought process. Or thinking or building or growing or maturing
It's all the same. No matter the age of gender. Ond giant downward spiral of destruction. Snatching anything in its path.

I can honestly say. For the first time in my life.
These people are rock bottom Stupid.

There is a REAL disconnect gong on.
The lack of intelligence as a whole compared to other races in groups is startling and tragic. But you cant fix being dumb as a rocks. I no longer believe Whites and Blacjs can coexist.
My answer is. Let them have their own Detroits and Baltimores. Put huge wall around it. No one goes in. No one goes out.
And let them kill, rob, rape, steal, destroy each other.
Stop bailing out this gang of losers!!!!
Enough is Enough.
Not one single positive thing can happen by trying to HELP these people.
Avoid at all costs.
Walk away.
We finally got our shit together and are preparing our move out of this depressing heap of shit of a city.

Please. I beg you. Don't make the same mistake. There is NO UPSIDE.
The downside is cancer. Black America is a cancer to America and all things good.

Thanks for letting me vent and rant on and on. Feels good to get that out.

Euro American said...

"Why must whites fight against ourselves?" I have seen this asked a couple times at sbpdl.
As Oscar Wilde said "with every success of my friends I die a little"
Blacks don't turn on you at the post office and say "my granddaughter makes big money as a pharmacist!". Blacks don't work on your teeth as a dental hygienist saying "you are german? My son, who got straight A's taking calculus, physics and chemistry at the same time is taking german. He is already fluent..."
Whites can feel superior to blacks. Feeling superior feels good.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Holder and friends invented a whole new kind of homegrown terrorism. A chaotic, mAniacal, living, breathing destroying machine.
Black America unleashed! Very scary.
And the cops are the bad Guys now
. We are no longer arresting, confronting, incarcerating, prosecuting or even acknowledging any criminal wrong doings or violent acts by any Black person.
And how does this idea help anything??????
Why not just set offf a couple of Nukes on the good ole USA.
Same result. But a quicker less painful way to die for us White folks.

Anonymous said...

"Here is my rant . I am hoping to try and feel more sane and grounded by venting all of this horror.
At 46 years old. My husband and self made biggest mistake of our life. To try and save a few bucks in living expenses. We decided to move to a Multicultural l Mecca.....a SO CALLED city on the rise with an art scene and redevelopment and renovation.

Sorry for your mistake, I hope things work out well for you. Do you feel comfortable telling us the name of the city you moved to with the negro problem?

Anonymous said...

Thanks multi culti mecca.
I hope you can escape tonight!

Anonymous said...

Ms sippy: thank you for the info on the spinal stenosis. On another post I mentioned that the thug Freddy Gray had to have had a previous injury, or condition, unknown. There is no way in hell falling in a police van can sever the spinal cord, regardless of how fast the police allegedly drove. It escapes me that the so called medical experts the media uses never mentions these things. Oh yeah, the media won't because the media can't tell the truth.

People walk around with spinal injuries and never know it. I pray the truth comes out on this, but I seriously doubt it.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Criticize the older person's spelling all you want,they're right about Elvis and his emulating groid ways.I catch hell from my own mother for pointing this out because she just can't see it,even though she hates groids properly she still suffers from 50s Elvis mania.And remember,Elvis was supposedly part Cherokee too from way back,and if you're from the south you know how older folks are about that Cherokee grandmother crap.

As much as I personally like to sound eloquent when typing,constantly pointing out spelling/grammar is a libtard thing,like pulling the race card when they have no other argument.I was a high skoo escapee myself(I HAD to gtf out of that groid-infested hole while I was still sane).

Anonymous said...

Watching the news this evening its like seeing hundreds of cockroaches. these people don't care nothing about what happened to the young man it was laid to rest 5 days ago all they care about is losing and creating havoc. They're nothing but animals like tired looking for their next meal who could care less about anyone else but themselves.

Mr. Rational said...

Freddie Gray should never have been born

None of today's ghettobangers should have been born.  Not Freddie Gray, not Michael Brown, not Trayvon Martin.  Not one should ever have been born in the USA.  If their mothers went back to Africa, fine... but not here.

I was about to write "90% of Africans-in-America should be forbidden to have children here" but I realized that 90% was far too generous to the current r-selected population.

Mr. Rational said...

[Lincoln's] preferred strategy was of course colonization. He wanted to send the blacks back to Africa (Liberia) or Panama or even Canada. None of these schemes worked very well. Most of the African colonists just died. The fatality rates were so high that voluntary colonists became hard to find.

If we didn't support them here, they'd die too.  Ultimately, they're doomed whether they exterminate YT or not (China is in the early stages of colonizing Africa and you can bet that genetically-engineered malaria-resistant Chinese will even take over those harsh tropical zones).  There is really only one humane course of action with two options:  sterilization here, or colonization there.  We'd see the benefits in less than a year.

Because they are animals, they can be trained to show respect, but YT needs to get over the notion that they are somehow equal to us.

Albert Schweizer had that insight long ago.  If you try to treat them as equal, they will eat you.  You must maintain your role, you the superior, they the inferior.

GrimmTale, WONDERFUL!  But the word is "stern".

Anonymous said...

Hopeless in Craplanta said ”. . . As much as I personally like to sound eloquent when typing,constantly pointing out spelling/grammar is a libtard thing,like pulling the race card when they have no other argument.I was a high skoo escapee myself(I HAD to gtf out of that groid-infested hole while I was still sane).”

I think everyone is overreacting to the spelling incident. The person who made the original spelling mistakes actually made the bigger mistake of pointing out their high level of education. When with a group of people it is almost impossible to note one's own high level of education without offending someone. Someone was offended and then noted the number of typos in the original comment which could be viewed as being inconsistent the writing of a highly educated person. Things kind of went downhill from there.

I recommend not pointing out one's own high level of education and/or experience unless it is necessary to show a basis for an opinion. For what it is worth, if that first comment was typed directly into the comment box without the aid of an editor or spell checker, it was pretty darn good.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

I don't care to interact with DWLs but I find myself curious to know if they're still following their Mulatto Messiah like lemmings and still repeating "rayciss rayciss slavery/injun-genocide it's the white man's fault!" ad nauseum.If you force them to watch what's happening right before their very eyes,do they continue to keep on wailing over the poor widdle itty bitty helpwess bwack babies?

Anonymous said...

well here's one human being capable of critical thought:

Race said...

"Americans aren't stupid"... Americans aren't Americans anymore.

Race said...

She would say it's fantastic because she is in power. She is a city councilwoman. It doesn't matter that the city is a heap of crap. THEY CANNOT MAKE THAT DISTINCTION. They are apparently incapable. At least that would offer an explanation as to why they live in the filthy manner that is typical of them.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is only the beginning. ''Civil War Two" is now feeling more true each day. Multi ethnic empires will not last, especially under are current inept rule. Its time for the black man to have his own nation and the white man to have his. There must be walls to keep us apart. There is simply no other solution. Nothing can turn back decades of ignorance, rap, drug abuse, and crime that plagues the let them have their space, they deserve the chance, and let Darwinism run it's course.

Anonymous said...

Name of my city isn't important.

Our Dear Leader has given the green light.
Might as well of unleashed a warehouse full of rabid dogs and then prodded and poked all into a killing frenzy.
Same thing.
All this....... coming soon to a city near you.
These people are Not Right.
The attitude runs so deep.
Doesn't even matter Why or How these people came to be this vile and stupid.
The point is... They are completely content living like this. And see no reason to improve or change up. The more hate the better.
Rules, regulations, force and consequences.
You give green light for total annihilation of everything in sight.
Any sane, reasonable thinking 3rd grader could tell you. Blacks need to be controlled.
I am so tired and beat down just trying to fight off, ignore, deflect all daily assaults. I can hardly think straight.
Maybe some day Ill post a timeline of every last incident. And attack.
I decided to start keeping notes. As too much was happening to keep it all straight. couldn't even believe HOW insane.
A corrupt police force. And city officials that like Their Ghetto...
All jumped on the band wagon of intimidation, threats, bizarro land.
Decency is forbidden.
And I promised myself I would tell all the world. Anybody who will listen. Just HOW FUCKING BAD This is getting.
I just have to get out of here first.
I fear for my life.
Being killed by a total fucking Sicko stranger... Because I work and because I am White. And because I am a woman that likes to speak Her mind.

Steve said...

Concealed carry people. The cops ain't going to help you when the teens spring into action because its just not the progressive thing to do. The blacks already have the city in their control and see how it has gone downhill. See how they like it when whites don't have anything to do with them. This is not justice but the mob violence in black culture and no whitey is a good whitey.Let them have the hell they make.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment about the falling teen birthrate in DC: any references? What is the root cause?

Left Coast White Guy said...

Wow, so Bogolyupski is back at his Antichrist rants again. For bogolyupski and anyone else there is a well written article from Occidental observer currently about Christianity and the ethnic suicide of the west. Here's a snippet...."Several comments on my post “What’s wrong with the Swedes?” mention Christianity as a problem in the dispossession of Whites. I agree that Christianity is part of the problem, but I think there are several difficulties with supposing that it is a root cause of the problem.

First and foremost, Christianity was the religion of the West during its expansion around the world. A century ago, with the exception of China, Japan, Siam, Korea, Ethiopia, and Liberia, the rest of the planet was dominated by Christian Europeans. Christianity was at least consistent with this incredible expansion and with the very large increase in the European population that occurred during this period of expansion. If anything, the decline of the West has co-occurred with the decline of religion among Western elites. If the world had stayed the way it was in 1960, no one would be talking about the suicide of the West.
Christianity has been many things throughout the centuries—an ideology of ethnic defense during the Iberian Reconquista, a pillar of exploitative monarchies and aristocracies in Europe and Latin America, a force for ethnic defense against usurious exploitation of peasants by ethnic outsiders at times during the Middle Ages, supporting slavery and segregation in the American South and apartheid in South Africa. And there are also the Puritans, Quakers and several other Protestant sects that figure so prominently in my account. Christianity has not had a consistent message of ethnic suicide or moral universalism. People on both sides of the slave trade in 17th–18th-century Britain were Christian. Both sides of the American Civil War were Christian."
I disagree with the concluding statement from the article but the body of it is excellent. Please take time to read it.

Race said...

There are not enough blacks in baseball because you needed a dad to play catch at home with. They seem to have a shortage of fathers in black homes with chilluns. Mom's or getting knocked up again and grandma doesn't play catch.

Anonymous said...

What can anyone say? It's the Black people that will have to bear the brunt of their own people's madness in Baltimore. If you consider that all of the Negroes that were enslaved from 1440 - 1870 from West Africa, mostly by their own people and the Arabs, only 15% ended up in the USA. However, do you ever hear the Slave Card being proffered in any of the other countries, like South America, or the Caribbean etc. Only in a free country like America will you hear continually about being a slave. All of that ended years ago. Its about time the majority of the Black population, thought deeply about their position. Did Martin Luther King die in vain, the good Blacks are being degraded by their fellow men. It's time for you people to realize this and monitor your own position. Even though you have a Black President, will you never be satisfied until you have destroyed democracy and wiped out the American way. Signed by a non American immigrant: John Bradley

Anonymous said...

Detroit Red Wings games are packed with Whites who take no crap from the mopes. Mopes know better than to mess with boozed up Whitey, plus the cops by the Joe don't play, they will skull with mopes messing with moneyed Whites. Ford Field and Lions games are also hands off Whitey area, Whites will happily stomp mopes chimping off. Mostly black on black crime in those areas, if Whites stray off or try buying dope off a colored, then the White may get Utashed or "detroited". Strength in numbers downtown, and always have a little friend, ceramic knives are perfect.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Basic rules: Don't run from the cops, don't resist arrest, don't steal a car, don't get high on drugs, don't have a gun on you, don't be a criminal. Follow these basic rules and you will not get killed or even arrested. If you don't understand, watch a few episodes of COPS. You'll get it.

Doug the Ex-Fat Guy said...

It amazes me that even 35% of "Balty" is non-Negroidal. My Dad once put it well: "Son , there are NO white people in Baltimore!" (the subject was going to an Orioles game when they played in Memorial Stadiu, aka the 33rd St Madhouse)

Steve said...

Yes, Let Baltimore, Ferguson, Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit and any other city going downhill because of black leadership sink deeper until they realize its them and not whites.

Anonymous said...

Help me understand something - a white police officer was killed in Memphis about 3 to 4 weeks ago we only heard a short segment on the news about this NOTHING more... WHY?
Oh i know it's lack of ratings for the news networks... White man, woman or child killed by black man or woman -- it's news but not important news... I guess the bleeding heart liberals are once again running the country. Look who they got elected for president in 2008 and 2012..
As for police and black riots - Time for all police depts. nationwide to go on strike, let the crime rate go through the roof and then when Barry Obama is about to crack -they come back with a new set of rules -- Police are not the problem it's the blacks not taking account for their actions.. A man can only blame themselves not others for what happens to them - B. Cosby.

Anonymous said...

American's need to wake the hell up. Blacks demand more every single day. This time the Confederate flag was deemed racist... Next time it will be our American flag they want to change. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I cannot believe that we have allowed 10% of the population to dictate what the rest of us will do. Particularly that the 10% make 70% of the crime. I am so sick of the the entitlement mentality. If you could have seen all the "poor me" bullshit during the Blizzard of 2016 you would have gotten sick...... like I did.

Alex Ellis said...

The ideology that a black man who commits a crime is given a black honoring him should make all decent blacks in America sick to their stomachs. The slave mentality is fresh however as you have to ask yourself: "Why do we not take responsibility for our actions and continuously blame others. This has gotten out of hand and every little thing is based of racial profiling..... Who for one minute actually thinks any good will come of protesting the actions of those who do wrong in the eyes of the rest of us and then have the nerve to say their lives matter as if their were some justification for taking from someone else. We put our selves in a dilemma that makes no sense and the leaders in the communities are both blind and ignorant to the entire mess as the fear being called Uncle Tom, or even Uncle Ruckus, a sellout and more. Careful those "sellouts, Uncle Toms, and Uncle Ruckus' you speak of are going to find a way to push you and your slave mentality and finger pointing right out of the scene. I can tell you a new day is coming, and it is one that will completely hurt if you continue with this kind of ignorance.