Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Black Baltimore Police Commissioner Defends Turning City Over to Black Rioters/Looters/Arsonists/Thugs and Lack of Police Response because, "they're still kids."

On April 25, the black violence/looting/rioting/uprising/revolution in 65 percent black Baltimore forced the almost entirely white fans of the Baltimore Orioles to stay inside the stadium because of the "ongoing public safety" issue outside. [For Orioles fans, it was a strange night all around, Baltimore Sun, 4-26-15]
A picture of the black elected/appointed leadership in 65 percent black Baltimore (Black Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts on far left)

On April 29, the black violence/looting/rioting/uprising/revolution in 65 percent black Baltimore and the inability of the primary black elected or appointed officials to maintain control of the city requires those white fans of the Orioles to stay away from the stadium... yes, a Major League Baseball (MLB) game will be played in front of no fans, because the government in Baltimore and Maryland can't guarantee the safety - police failed to answer more than 50 calls of one business owner on April 27 - of the white fans entering the war zone that is 65 percent black Baltimore. [White Sox-O's postponed; tomorrow closed to fans: Unrest in Baltimore also causes weekend series against Rays to be moved to Tampa Bay, Orioles.mlb.com, 4-28-15]:
Due to the ongoing riots and protests in the city of Baltimore, the Orioles-White Sox game on Wednesday has been rescheduled for 2:05 p.m. ET and will be closed to the public. In addition, this weekend's games against the Rays, originally scheduled to be played at Camden Yards, have been moved to Tampa Bay. 
Both Monday's and Tuesday's games against Chicago were postponed due to safety concerns in the downtown Baltimore area, as the city is currently in a state of emergency and is receiving assistance from the National Guard in an attempt to restore order. 
The two games will be made up as part of a single-admission doubleheader at Oriole Park on Thursday, May 28, starting at 4:05 p.m.
Who would have thought a baseball game could be delayed or cancelled because of not only inclement weather, but the inability of black elected officials to control a black population rioting/looting/burning a 65 percent black city? 

And to think Baltimore was once the city birthing the United States National Anthem, when Francis Scott Key saw the American flag still flying over Fort McHenry.  

Does it even make sense for the American flag to fly in Baltimore anymore, when the black elected officials have basically ceded control of the city to the black mob? Of course, back in 2012, massive black-on-white violence on St. Patrick's Day in the Inner Harbor was covered up by the majority black police, but who's keeping track of such pesky details...?

Recall the words of black Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who gave the black looters/rioters/revolutionaries "space to destroy" on April 25 (trapping white Orioles fans in Camden Yards in the process): 
“I made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech,” Rawlings-Blake said. “It’s a very delicate balancing act. Because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. And we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate.”
But those comments pale in comparison to black Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts sympathizing with those black looters/rioters/revolutionaries/arsonists who assaulted white people (with a mob of blacks dragging one white person out of liquor store and beating him) and burned private property on April 27, as he said "they're still kids." [Baltimore Police Commissioner Defends Response, CNN, April 28, 2015]:
 Responding to criticism that his department acted too slowly to riots, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts emphatically said that: "Yes, we were prepared." The decision not to move faster was related to the fact that many rioters were as young as 14 or 15, and the community did not want to see police use force on teens. "They're old enough to know better, they're old enough to know not to do those things, they're old enough to be accountable, but they're still kids, unfortunately. So we had to take that into account while we were out there."
Black "kids"... who actions caused an"ongoing public safety" issue in 65 percent black Baltimore on April 25, trapping white Orioles fans in Camden Yards; Black "kids" whose destruction of Baltimore and looting/rioting/arson in the city is requiring not only massive police and National Guard presence, but a baseball game to be played in an empty stadium... because the almost entirely black elected and appointed city officials in Baltimore can't guarantee the safety of white fans entering a city black looters/rioters/revolutionaries hold hostage...

This is the state of an "American" city in 2015, one where the almost entirely black government has failed in its duty to protect private property and the general welfare of its tax-producing citizens, instead turning the city over to black rioters ("kids," as the black Baltimore Police Commissioner dubbed them) who only needed "space to destroy."

And those black kids destroying private property and ensuring avenues of wealth creation are forever closed with the tightening of the Visible Black Hand of Economics on the city have the black Baltimore City Council President on their side too. [Baltimore City Council President Apologizes to Rioters, The Daily Beast, 4-28-15]:
The president of the Baltimore City Council apologized for calling rioters “thugs” at a press conference Tuesday, calling those responsible for the violence “misdirected” youths. Standing side-by-side with self-proclaimed gang members, Jack Young said that gang members stood in front of stores to prevent looting and retracted claims that gang members were targeting the Baltimore police. “We are all Baltimoreans,” Young said. Almost 200 people were arrested during Monday night’s riots. At least 144 vehicles and 15 buildings were burned, according to the mayor’s office. The notorious Bloods and Crips have agreed to join together and protest police.

Land of the Free/Home of the Brave?

Sorry Francis Scott Key, only 201 years after you wrote those words, the American flag no longer flies over 65 percent black Baltimore, because the black elected and appointed officials have all but sided with the black looters/rioters/revolutionaries/arsonists.

After all, they're just black kids!


Earl Turner said...

My prediction, after seeing the Diversity National Guard officer on TV, is that those brave soldiers are going to be sitting ducks. No loaded weapons, and rules of engagement that will prevent them from defending property, themselves, and their fellow soldiers from harm.

Anonymous said...

Shoot the looters dead in their tracks. If the store is on fire, let them burn. A few crispy critters go a long way in shutting down the rioters.

senatortombstone said...

Schweinsöhne! Just black people being black people! Stay safe! Watch from a distance and laugh, but don't go near it.

American Citizen said...

Speaking to people, at work and in public places (i.e. at a bar with the TV on and whites watching) I find that a lot of whites would agree with this site. However, these same people would be aghast at actually visiting this site or posting or taking a public stand for white awareness. We have a lot of people with sympathetic viewpoints, but the stigmata of White Awareness is tough to overcome.

The same person who says "Damn Niggers" when watching the Baltimore Riots still sends his kids to a school in which diversity is stressed and blacks can do no wrong. He still accepts affirmative action quotas, even if he or his children are adversely affected. He still pays taxes to a government that increasingly insists that white racism is the source of all societal ills.

PK has written before that our priority is to survive the coming unrest, and come out the other side whole and ready to rebuild what once was the greatest Republic ever to grace this Earth. Heed his words, because it is increasingly clear that this racial divide is growing daily, and we've passed the point where this can be settled with words.

riptapart said...

And they already have started blaming "white society" and persistent "racism". I really apologize for this. I probably will regret it. But this is what white people have brought on to ourselves. We have been on top of the world for so long as the number 1 superpower, that we became complacent, soft, weak. And as bad as this may sound, we can only hope for more of this, much more. Let Black people show the world what their "culture" represents. I only hope the white casualties remain minimal. And I don't wish physical harm on anyone, but I will admit I feel a sense of justice when some whiney white social justice warrior is on the receiving end of "cultural enrichment".

Anonymous said...

Hey PK…you may have hit upon something…along with the weather forecast, they can give the Negro forecast. Tonight there will be an 80 percent chance of Negroes looting in Baltimore area and also affecting the eastern seaboard! Instead of Sharknadoes, we would have blacknadoes! The black forecasters can advise people to stand away from windows in the center of their house to avoid flying debris.

Dude, all joking aside, your editorial was spot on! Thank you for all the good work you do in bringing out the truth!

Anonymous said...

But are 13-15 year old negroes really kids biologically? I don't know it their is any data out there but somehow I doubt it. Negroes are full adults by that point and many have shat out future thugs by that age.

From a scientific standpoint where are they developmentally? It's a givin that mentally they're behind other races and will never catch up there but physically I bet the case is they're full adults. That being the case the hammer would be dropped in a sane and properly ran city.

The image that comes to mind is the Cossacks going after the Marxist protestors at the Olympics after Putin warned them not to play their games. Many will remember with glee how as soon as they started masks came down and whips appeared. I never heard anything else out of those idiots, it must have worked.

Cossacks are needed in Baltimore.

SC Native

Pat Boyle said...

I was born in Washington DC. There were two things we never did. We never went into the Potomac River. It was an open sewer. It was full of used condoms (true story). The second thing we never did was go to Baltimore.

Baltimore was not only dangerous it was in déclassé. I lived in Washington until I got out of the Army. I traveled all over the south and the north but I only went to Baltimore once.

It was October 1961 and Willie and I thought Maris or Mantle might break the Babe's record against the Orioles. Otherwise I can't imagine I would ever have set a foot in that place.

Even in the best of circumstances - Baltimore is a good place to avoid.

The poor ignorant darkies are being manipulated. Most of them have no idea who the cause of the moment is. They obviously don't care. Look at their faces in the photos. Big grins. We have Michael Jackson imitators performing. It's a carnival. Its a negro cultural festival.

They should really schedule these sorts of events for 'Black History Month'. Maybe after it gets to dark for looting they could organize some 'Midnight Basketball'.

It's not quite a race riot. If it were a real race riot there would be another race there to oppose the black festivities. When they last had a race riot in Baltimore (1968) (6 dead) the cops also had to confront whites who were out fighting the blacks.

This was an all black festivity.

I wrote a late day historical analysis of riots yesterday which I will not repeat. Let me just say that all this looks like a manufactured campaign by the Obama Administration with two possible motives.

If the rioting escalates and the efforts to delegitimize the cops continues, the Obama Administration may attempt to invoke the authority of the UN. And if the UN or other international entity is brought in I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Muslim presence.


Ricky In Cali said...

The cycle of violence:

There was an article on Yahoo yesterday that says “Poor children have smaller brains than wealthy peers”.

Reading into the article made me think about Blacks and their spawns. It said that researchers from MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research compared the brains of 12 and 13 year olds to the brains of less affluent peers to conduct their studies. As we all know, 12 and 13 year olds to any other race is a child. To a Negro, that is almost a fully grown adult body, probably 6 feet tall and sexually active.

If your wife was pregnant right now (or for you ladies reading this), would you suggest that she eat a Burger King value meal with a child inside of her? Would you suggest Top Ramen noodles with MSG? Would you suggest she drink Malt Liquor? Smoke weed? Or perhaps even smoke crack?

Once the child is born and hits the ground like a scene out of a Sci-Fi movie, would you feed it powdered government milk? To an age where they can walk and the next source of nutrition are Capri-Sun and Hi-C packets? Followed by TV dinners, chicken mcnuggets and $5.00 Little Caesars pizza? This underdeveloped child who gets neglected at home, eats shit for meals, doesn’t care about school, has an IQ of high 60’s, has (scientifically proven) a smaller brain, is now taught that he is like this “BECAUSE THE WHITE MAN MADE YOU THIS WAY!!!”. Now he is in the streets with other feral apes that look just like him and the “Monkey see Monkey do” mentality comes out and therefore we have a Cat-3 Chimpout in Baltimore because they don’t understand what they are doing. They get a cheap thrill breaking windows and burning businesses and they don’t understand where this is coming from. That cheap thrill they are getting is the animal side of them coming to surface.

These acts are all done in areas where they know they can get away with it. They will become more brazen in their looting but their stupidity will lead them to areas where they will be shot on arrival. I can’t wait for that day! I would love to see how the media spins the headlines when the Negro’s riot in the wrong city.

Protesting gone wrong I'm sure....

Woodsy InNYC said...

Looks like a parade right now.

What a joke!

I really don't think the curfew, heavy police presence and National Guard will change anything.

It's 8PM EST.

Better start heading back to your crack shacks!

Let's see what happens at 10PM.

I would like to see some net guns/net launchers utilized tonight.

This is going to be better than Age of Ultron, which wasn't THAT good.

Got plenty of snacks ready for tonight!

behind blue eyes said...

This is why we now call February: Teen History Month.
The Lame stream media has used "teens, yoofs, etc, as another word for black male (regardless of age) for a few years now.

Anonymous said...

When will the shenanigans of 13% of the population be put to an end?

WE are the power in this country.

An ever-growing portion of people can see what is happening in the true light. When is enough enough?

I have never been happier to be away from the USA than I am now.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Well, I guess Baltimore doesn't need no stinkin' money from those fans to fill the ballpark. And heck, who needs businesses like CVS? The gubmint sends those checks out each month, along with the EBT card, so what's the big deal? Oh, wait, "Food Desert" is now in the negro vocabulary. Seems YT doesn't like opening up businesses where there is A) no money, B) scads and scads of violence, and C) no buildings due to them all being burned to the ground. And the negress mayor wants the rioters to have their space to destroy. Lovely, just lovely. After all, they're just chillen who din do nuffins.

The national news showed people filling the streets cleaning up the debris, as though this were Nepal where a natural disaster leveled hundreds of buildings. But no, we had thousands of negroes torching buildings. We don't need no stinkin' earthquakes. We gots our negroes for our destruction. Anybody alive in 1915 wouldn't believe the state of our "union" in 2015. This truly is the Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Starbucks will organize a group hug

Anonymous said...

Yes. True and very much on point. Problem being that orcs are truly a protected class that use the race card at every turn. Being overt about how you feel will bring misery to you. You can lose your job. You can go to jail. It is a shame that the civil rights act has brought all this mess upon us. Really I don't see a way out. I would love to see segregation again. White America knows how bad it is and black America are still crying about their treatment by cops and what they don't have. In reality, they have it made! Their main problem is most cannot stay crime free which brings unwanted attention to them. Which they equate to mean racism. Welcome to our USA now.

Anonymous said...

It actually would be kind of interesting to watch that baseball game on TV. What is it going to sound like when the player makes a hit and there is no crowd noise whatsoever? The players will probably have to keep telling themselves that it's not a batting practice and it counts.

Ammo Man in OK

10mm AUTO said...

And you guys thought we were joking! Well, here we are after reading and posting on SBPDL for the last few years, watching another American City burning and Whites being dragged from cars and even shop keepers being taken out of their own places of businesses to be pummeled.

This will never throttle down and let me tell you why.

The negro wants more. Mo'money, mo'resp'ting, mo control, more power.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there simply isn't the money left to give the Dane his Geld. We borrow 2 dollars, keep one and give the other to Egypt or Syria or Israel or Whateverstan. We are broke, really.

Second, even if we gave the feral negro what it wants, it will not stop hurting our women, burning our daughters, killing our sons.

Oh, and those who have a little IKAGO left, note that the attacks against Whites are apporved by both the Mayor, Obama and J. Lynch (otherwise known as Judge Lynch). While SWL White huddled in Bars and shouted things like "You are hurting your cause!" and screaming like girls; out back the niglets have reduced his M3 BMW to burned out junk.

To complete the Travesty; The negro Revs (You remember them from Ferguson and the "Sanctuary Areas" are out as the "voice of Reason" saying they are "decrying the violence".


It only gets worse from here.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

10mm AUTO said...


What a great Title for Paul's next Book about negros and civil destruction.

Good Compilation video of the negro dysfunction


Anonymous said...

It is always the 'kids' causing trouble. Here in Hampton Roads the local malls put curfews in effect on the weekend to limit the TNB. The news always refers them as teens. Still most people know the score and avoid the groids. We had one Dindu shoot in Portsmouth after assaulting a cop. Maybe the groids will riot here too.

Anonymous said...

We didn't bring this on ourselves. I'm 60 and I watched the change over time. From the mid-70s on, the liberalism hit us hard. TV, Movies, popular culture hit back hard at the fat, White, meat-eating Archie Bunker types. Traditional White people became the biggest target.

We had endless television programs about women making it on their own. Crime stories about bad White men, and little morality plays built into every sitcom or drama addressing racism, sexism, etc.

The Left, followers of Gramscian Marxixm, Foucault and feel-good hippy bullshit became the conventional wisdom. A big part of that was accepting all Blacks as noble savages or gentle little lambs.

All of it was a pack of lies. America was founded on English law and Protestant Christianity. No greater nation had ever existed, but it's promises of equality, opportunity and peace didn't include Negros, Muslims and hostile outsiders ripping our nation into factions.

White Christians built this nation and didn't want it to fall to it's current sad state of affairs. Regardless of what you Bogo worshipers believe, all the blame for America's fall lies with the political Left. Democrats, Marxists, Socialists and ignorant young voters did this.

Michigan Jim said...

A common theme on this site is "give up the sports addiction. Stop worshiping and enriching the negro". Well now it turns out that for one day at least we are getting our wish, thanks to blacks. No baseball fans allowed in Baltimore's Camden Yard on Wednesday. Who'd a thunk it? OK, baseball is not that black, but still.

Here's hoping that some of the fans denied their precious sports fix will looks at themselves after the game and say "Hey, life went on just fine without my sports addiction. I golfed, played with my kids, gardened, whatever".

Just a pipe dream? Yeah maybe (actually yeah probably). But starving BRA is the way to go, and I can't think of a better place to start than with the crown jewel of BRA, sports in America.

Anonymous said...

Now this curfew will affect everyone; regardless if you rioted or not! Although a white person would be a nut to go to Baltimore, I am still offended that “I” cannot go there because there is a curfew and “I” had absolutely nothing to do with the riot. White people had NOTHING to do with the riot so the curfew should only be against jigaboos. If the Amish cause trouble, the place the curfew on them. If white students riot in malls, ban them from the malls. However, the ONLY bad group is the blacks so why don’t we just ban their f’ing nasty black asses from the cities and malls and anywhere else!

Dan said...

Should have let the British keep the city. They'd have it looking like Halifax or Cornwall.

There you are Yanks!

Anonymous said...

The black terrorists in Baltimore that were given space to be anarchists by the black mayor are likely Obama's private civilian army which he advocated having. They would come under the command of the DOJ therefore the mayor could not allow the cops to "harm" them to stop them. Think. How could the black rioters actually get control of a cop car to destroy it. So why weren't the cops with the car? Both the mayor and the cops have been traitors to their duties by not pursuing their responsibilities to maintain established laws and aggressively control the criminals. Traditional law requires shooting anarchists, because mobs cannot be peacefully pacified into stopping. A violently staged riot cannot be stopped by using arms against DOJ paid anarchists. If the National Guard is not allowed to use force of arms either to control the criminals in Baltimore, then it will tend to prove that there is no intention to stop them.

Anonymous said...

Black preteens are already fully developed mayhem machines. They shouldn't be in any way compared to human children. I wish that whole species would be flushed down the toilet.

Woodsy InNYC said...

Please post live video feed links.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Paul, you should get an account and post a link to your book about Baltimore to reddit (r/Baltimore).

Wow. Baltimore.

Where else will you read the all-important adjective "65-percent black"?

Great work, sir. This site is a godsend.

Solid post.

Anonymous said...


All my life I have always told people at private gaterings and parties and such that black people scare me. They invariably looked at me aghast and commented on my rank racism and "unenlightened" view of the world - sort of in a manner suggesting that I was in a cultural time warp, as it were.

I wonder how many of them from long ago NOW feel about it, or if any of them even remember my prophetic "crass and redneck" remarks!

Choke on it, you kneepadding dumb white useful idiots! What has all that black knobgobblin' got ya, huh?

awakened white said...

its after 10pm now and the swamp rats are STILL there, gotta get my snacks ready like someone else mentioned.

Woodsy InNYC said...


Anonymous said...

Savage is ripping a black caller to pieces here just before the bottom of the second hour. Referring to looters as animals, too.

Anonymous said...

Bernice, you hit the nail on the head here. I don't know about someone born in 1915 but my great uncle is staying with us at the moment and he was born in 1916.

I took him to the VFW tonight and all of the old timers there are ready to storm Baltimore and restore order with live rounds. He was an officer in 1944 on the beaches of Normandy, probably one of the few left. As we drove back home he mentioned that this country reminded him more of the old USSR than the USA of his youth. Naturally he's appalled at the idea of a mulatto in the White House and last night when he saw the Governor of MD flanked by all of that diversity he looked at me and said "no damn wonder the place is in such a mess, you've got a pile of ni@@ers trying run something they were never supposed to in the first place". Then he went back about 90 years, at that time his great grandfather the owner of my place. He said the men of those times dealt with this kind of thing differently as he looked at a portait of his great grandpa. This man was a real life participant in the Birth of a Nation story was the gist of the story and it's time for people to stand up again and say enough is enough. I asked him how and his reply was "all you need is a leader, the followers are already there". I'm reflecting on that now since the house is asleep and I'm alone with the ghosts of the past.

I think a leader will arise in time, hell he might come from South Carolina... Or anywhere in the union for that matter. It might be she instead of he who knows.

But I'm sure I'm not the only one listening to a centenarian (well maybe I am on this point) or looking at their wife and kids thinking this can't go on.

Once something like this happens in a place with a large population of no nonsense YT you're going to have a problem. Either those responsible are going to get exactly what they're looking for or one hell of a suprise. For now though let the ghetto burn, fire is a cleansing agent.

SC Native

Anonymous said...


So CAL Snowman said...

Personally I think this is hilarious! Watch the animals burn down their own city in support of a dead criminal thug with a rap sheet that borders on NBA all-star level gangster. We need more of this kind of behavior in every big city in America. Only then will the drooling White masses awaken; actually they will never awaken and thus they will become part of the zombie horde you see on The Walking Dead. It's a big secret metaphor dontcha know. A lot of words are spoken about black on black crime, but you know what isn't funny? The fact that black on black crime pales in comparison to White on White crime in the 20th century. And that my friends is precisely why we are in our current predicament. Instead of fighting them we were too busy fighting ourselves. What does the future hold? Only Al Gore knows for sure but it doesn't look to good for ol' Whitey and the gang. I suppose the real litmus test will come when the black horde eventually sets its sights on those outlying White suburban enclaves. What happens when a roving band of righteous dindus attacks an evil apartheid suburb and the evil Whiteys have the gall to fight back? What then indeed.

Anonymous said...

Negro Fatigue is sweeping the nation. I listen to politics and news all day while working. Everywhere I turn the dial, I hear it.

Maybe it's my deep south(so deep, I grew up thinking Va was a northern state) understanding of polite people's comments toward the negro. Sorry if your not fans, but Rush, O'reily, Hannity hell even Joe Scarbourgh was getting somewhere on MSNBC this morning, regarding negro culture. Then the cameras panned to Al(FBI informant, coke dealer, tax cheat, insert TNB here)Sharpton, and I had to change the channel.

I hear all the things we all know starting to be mentioned constantly.
The government has ruined black people with handouts. There's zero accountability for their actions, whether it be violence or poor parenting or not working, etc.

This country is tilted in the direction of pulling the negro up from his forced place in life because
of racism and "slabery"

Whats the ROI on the $7 trillion spent america????

More Negroes to care for and prop up and edumacate and create worthless high paying gov't jobs for and more cities like Baltimore.

Slavery, whatever, is alive and well in almost every country in the world except america.

Our most recent slaves were the chinese building our railroads. You might count the internment camps for Japs in WW2. Neither group has a national voice like the negro. Maybe a few exclusive organizations based on discrimination, but not like the negro. Also unlike the negro the avg asian didn't waste their time whining and protesting the injustices. They went their ass to school and graduated and succeeded to the top income earning class in america.

Busy Hating in the ATL

AnalogMan said...

What is it going to sound like when the player makes a hit and there is no crowd noise whatsoever?
- Ammo Man in OK

We've got you covered. Coming soon to televised sports: The Crowd Track Machine. Or am I too late already?

Democrats, Marxists, Socialists and ignorant young voters did this. - Anon.

Yeah. Shoulda voted for McCain in 2008. </s>

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean 'Teen Hiskry Mumf?'

AnalogMan said...

Slavery, whatever, is alive and well in almost every country in the world except america.

- Busy Hating in the ATL

No, that's not true.

When a man is forced against his will to provide a service to another (feed a negro, bake a cake for a pervert, whatever), what is that if not slavery?

Anonymous said...

Fatigue hitting me something 'Nuclear'. College commies, er I mean 'kids' doing protests in New York here for extra credit ( which I do believe) are going to make things difficult for the next couple of days with 'Protests' in the city.Should be a doozie.In the meantime, papers here had an IKAGO on the front..holding up a pack of Charmin's paper towels.Still wrapped. Made me laugh hard to start the day, but alas also on page 1- was 'Jeffrey Dahmer's killer breaks silence after 20 years'..." I dinno who he was but they locked me up in a room with him so I bashed his head in yo.Yeah, it was a setup." Folks, have a moment of silence for me in New York. Fatigued.

AnalogMan said...

"all you need is a leader, the followers are already there".

Inspiring. This is my fervent hope.

My respects to your uncle.

Anonymous said...

America is a hard nut to crack for the islamists....citizens are armed quite well and i do believe God still protects us even though we dont deserve it. But when He removes His presence from us it will all happen very quickly, and anything will be possible...including a sudden takeover , and it looks like they are getting ready while we are preoccupied in trying to live good, honest lives

Anonymous said...

Is there anything blacks are worse at than raising their children?
Is there anything more ineffectual than black elders dealing with black youths?

Mental incompetence leads to sexual incontinence and raising unplanned children in a noisy overcrowded home with a tv addicted lazy slut as the parent. It's going to take very powerful contraception combined with financial incentives to overcome negro weak headedness in this regard.

For me, there isn't anything more telling about how deeply dysfunctional blacks will continue to be for the indefinite future than to see the almost incredible laziness and stupidity of black elders in dealing with their youths.

They're 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration.
Marches, chanting, singing, t-shirts, slogans, releasing balloons, holding hands, praying, and when the cameras go away it's back to their White built homes to plop their fat butts on the couch, eat junk food and vegetate watching junk television.
It's infinitely more effective to aggressively instill a sexually responsible mindset in young people, but that requires industriousness and intelligence.

Younger blacks. Stupid and violent.
Older blacks. Stupid and lazy.

SKIP said...

Behind blue eyes said: " media has used "teens, yoofs, etc, as another word for black male (regardless of age) for a few years now."

Let's not forget "older teens" lololololol

KronosBathory said...

This is what happens when the slave gets his freedom. Manson predicted this year's ago. Helter Skelter is coming. Behold the horror of your creation Anerica

Anonymous said...

I don't like a lot of what Rush Limbaugh says, or FOX News but they were absolutely right what they said about the Baltimore Mayor and the whole mess.

I was listening to CNN about 3:30 p.m. my time and some man (one of the news commentatorrs) said that it was bull to not put down the rioting and make arrests because of the ages (teens) of some of the rioters. He said that was a sorry excuse by the officials. I could not believe CNN let that comment be heard by viewers.

I listened to the Mayor (with both middle fingers pointed at the television) and hell, she is an idiot!!! No intelligence what so ever. As long as one is Black, one can get elected.

bubo said...

The local shitlib community paper in Baltimore has run stories saying the Orioles baseball fans were responsible for the violence on Saturday, going so far as to say, and trust me I'm not making it up, that a redheaded white woman was violently trying to steal a black male protester's purse. No shit.

The redhead woman set the record straight on Reddit and predictably the shitlibs have started deleting tweets and blocking people from calling them out on their lies. Oh and all the names of the journalists are most assuredly "non eskimo."

Fence sitters are waking up not only to the out of control violence of the negroes but the outright lying of the lib media.

Woodsy InNYC said...

Prosecuting Attorney Woodsy, you may now make your opening statement.


(Sung to the tune: Yesterday)

Freddie Gray,
Wrote down "dealer" on his resume,
Lost his life because he ran away,
Apply my breve, to Freddie Gray.

Showed he just had spinal surgery,
There will be no ghetto lottery,
For Freddie Gray and fam-ba-lee.

Crime spree, crack and blow,
That he sold,
Most every day.

Why Fred?
Dumb to run,
With a broken

Freddie Gray,
Now we see the riots every day,
Hands up, you would be alive today,
Goodbye disease, called Freddie Gray.

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mmmmmmm.

(takes bow)

Judge: Case dismissed! Good riddance!

(bangs gavel)

March 20, 2015: Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance

March 13, 2015: Malicious destruction of property, second-degree assault

January 20, 2015: Fourth-degree burglary, trespassing

January 14, 2015: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute

December 31, 2014: Possession of narcotics with intent to distribute

December 14, 2014: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance

August 31, 2014: Illegal gambling, trespassing

January 25, 2014: Possession of marijuana

September 28, 2013: Distribution of narcotics, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, second-degree assault, second-degree escape (escape?!)

April 13, 2012: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, violation of probation

July 16, 2008: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession with intent to distribute

March 28, 2008: Unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance

March 14, 2008: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to manufacture and distribute

February 11, 2008: Unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance

August 29, 2007: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, violation of probation

August 28, 2007: Possession of marijuana

August 23, 2007: False statement to a peace officer, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance

July 16, 2007: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance (2 counts)

(Very nice resume.)

Anonymous said...

"Should have let the British keep the city. They'd have it looking like Halifax or Cornwall."

Which, of course, means it would now look like MECCA, MEDINA OR RIYADH!

Disturbed YT said...

Y'know, It just amazes me how quickly all of this rioting BS could be solved with one tool: flamethrower.

Anonymous said...

In a White America, the Hueys would be blaring Wagner, .50 cal would provide crowd control, and napalm would remove the urban blight.

Anonymous said...

So CAL Snowman said...

A lot of words are spoken about black on black crime, but you know what isn't funny? The fact that black on black crime pales in comparison to White on White crime in the 20th century. And that my friends is precisely why we are in our current predicament. Instead of fighting them we were too busy fighting ourselves. April 28, 2015 at 7:54 PM

So CAL, I think you just hit the powder magazine.

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mr.negro police commissioner, "just kids" don't riot, loot liquor stores and burn down drug stores and nursing homes.

But thank you for sharing. You, her honor the mayor, along with Queen Barry and her merry bunch AA dindus are helping to prove what a truly pathetic useless lot negroes are.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Our most recent slaves were the chinese building our railroads. You might count the internment camps for Japs in WW2. Neither group has a national voice like the negro. Maybe a few exclusive organizations based on discrimination, but not like the negro. Also unlike the negro the avg asian didn't waste their time whining and protesting the injustices. They went their ass to school and graduated and succeeded to the top income earning class in america. Busy Hating in the ATL April 28, 2015 at 8:17 PM

With all due respect, aside from the indentured railroad serfs of the 19th Cent., the main Asian Invasion began about 1984. They petitioned to be classified as "minorities" under the various federal anti-White acts such as the 1964 Civil Rights Act. That was the scam that opened the door for the Mongoloid species of hominid to invade the ecological niches of the Caucasoid species. Every one of them that came over since is here in the US by way of a scam.

Remember: No two species can occupy the same ecological niche.

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

With the summer ahead, watch your 6 at all times. Ccw. Do not surrender your freedoms for this pc.crap

Anonymous said...

Ricky In Cali said...
The cycle of violence:

There was an article on Yahoo yesterday that says “Poor children have smaller brains than wealthy peers”.

No, negroes have smaller brains and there is no amount of EBT that can fix genetic inferiority.

Ricky in Cali said...


bernicegreenbaum said...

Michigan Jim sez...

Here's hoping that some of the fans denied their precious sports fix will looks at themselves after the game and say "Hey, life went on just fine without my sports addiction. I golfed, played with my kids, gardened, whatever".

Just a pipe dream? Yeah maybe (actually yeah probably). But starving BRA is the way to go, and I can't think of a better place to start than with the crown jewel of BRA, sports in America.
The thought of all that missing revenue is still going through my mind, even at this late hour. Imagine the amount of cash a sports venue brings, and I'm not even talking about the obscene amount of the tickets. Picture your average stadium. Calculate the cost of each seat. Oh, and then there's the beer or two you drink during the nine innings. How about a hotdog for you and junior? By the way, where'd you park the car? Oh, yeah, that's right, it's that lot around the corner where you plunked down $15 dollars, not to mention the cost of the gas needed to take your ass there.

So where's all that cash now (you know, the stuff that shoulda left your wallet and didn't go into someone else's?) Guess who else didn't get paid today? That's right, the vendors, ushers, ticket takers, all those fine people who were counting on the game today that ***wait***for*****it****DIDN'T HAPPEN! And why didn't it happen? Well, the negress mayor decided the precious, exalted, sh*t colored citizens should have their temper tantrum in lieu of raking in all that fine cash. Great decision, ya'll! It's the stuff that built this country!

Let's not even go into the fact that anyone looking to make some money in the future now sees this negro run hellhole, formerly known as Baltimore, can't even manage to keep a CVS from being looted and then burned to the ground. All because of the negro. By the way, white man, leave your gun at home. This is a negro destruction area. We don't need your cash or investment here. Go someplace else, white man. Your kind ain't wanted here! Yeah. That's a recipe for success.

One of the sadly humorous MSM articles I read today was that this Baptist senior home being built, to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars, was written off as someone saying, in effect, "Well, yeah, we're gonna rebuild." As though the freakin' thing was taken down by some unforeseen act of nature. True madness!

bernicegreenbaum said...

SC Native,
I think I like your great uncle! My husband's mother was born in 1920 and she doesn't say much about TNB, except "They ruin everything!" Those old timers really know how to put it in terse, easy to understand words. I wish my own parents were still around sometimes, but in a way I'm glad they're gone because I wouldn't want them to see this mess.

It's difficult for me to see the country I was born in so rapidly devolve into another form of Africa, writ large. My old grade school class pictures show me with my YT classmates, all smiling, maybe one or two nogs at most. Now those schools are 90% nig. Ninety percent!

I drove to the hardware store this afternoon in my hood and saw a negress/Muslim broad in full garb walking from a bus stop. There were nigs dodging in and out of traffic, as well as dancing outside of a Rite Aid. The negress inside said, half-heartedly, "Welcome to Rite Aid". The cash register calculated the change I received so her brain wouldn't have to. There seems to be no escape from this negro plague. They're on television, they're in your hood, they're running the government, and it's all going to ruin. They run the schools. Hell, we've got one running (sic) the country. And YT just sits around scratching his balls. It would be difficult to imagine a more disastrous state of affairs. We've got one hellacious road to tow, my friends! May Almighty God be with us!

bernicegreenbaum said...

Wow! Just took a peek at Craigslist Baltimore Rants and Raves. We all on Paul's site look like DWLs compared to those guys! Dear Lord, no punches held back. Highly recommended. Could it possibly be that we are not alone, my friends?

bernicegreenbaum said...

It's coming out that St. Freddie was arrested at least 18 times during his adult record. Should be amusing to see the MSM and DWLs waltz their way out of this one. Then again, nothing f*cking surprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

In situations like this the National Guard do not have live rounds. Kent State University some 40+ years ago, had 4 kids killed. Since then no live rounds except in the most dangerous situations.

Until a show of force is shown, the negroes will only continue to riot.


Anonymous said...

The black mayoress of Baltimore has been in bed with the Feds to help implement the Obama agenda of federalizing American city police departments. For co-operating with the Obama agenda the mayoress gets federal money for the Baltimore P.D. and how much to be siphoned off for herself and the other blacks in city positions? So all that is happening in Baltimore and now other cities are likely DOJ sponsored and probably being financed by Soros (Obama's sugar daddy). Ignorant, but YT hating Marxism taught blacks are being let loose to attack and destroy. YTs better stay out of stadiums and large capacity buildings where they can be locked inside by cops or soldiers. YTs cannot be defensive when they aren't allowed to resist.

Anonymous said...

Saw that weave-wearing sow that is being heralded as "mom of the year" for physically assaulting her son when she saw he was going to go have some fun rioting.

Reminds me of that shirt about being a real man by fighting with fists instead of guns. Violence is inevitable and perfectly fine now, it all depends on the context!

How about NO VIOLENCE at all as the standard? I know it sounds difficult, but yes, we all can keep our hands to ourselves like we did in grade school!

Ex-Copper said...

I'm pretty sure the adjutant general stated the guardsmen would be armed. Not seating a magazine is part of their ROE. It sounds like they're using the rules from peacekeeping in Bosnia and other UN or humanitarian missions.

Their use of force is weapon handy, loaded mags in pouches. Next level is seating their magazines. Next is chambering a round. Then it is warning round or firing on threats. Of course they can skip levels as needed.

If I was leading an infantry squad in Baltimore the first night, I would have said fuck the ROE, lock and load. That was a situation where urban training would have been utilized.

I can't fathom being a soldier having to patrol the streets in my own area. I had an all white unit, but remember the Muslim soldiers in other units killing their leaders in the run up to Iraq. If I had blacks in my unit in Baltimore, they'd be walking point so someone could hopefully shoot them if they turned on us.

If it were to turn hot, there would likely be a pause of shock realizing we're about to kill Americans, but after the first round down range that feeling would likely pass.

On the other hand, with my only other true profession being law enforcement, it would be a whole lot easier popping rounds at criminals.

Ex-Copper said...

As far as the kids walking out of school to riot and cause injury to civilians and police, that's a no brainer. Kids can hurt you or kill you just as dead as an adult can. Even though there's a lot of distrust and anger towards the Israelis and Feds here, they're fine with shooting rock chucking Muslim and Mexican youth.

GrimmTale said...

....What was that...?
What was what...?
..That white blur.
What white blur...?
That white blur I just saw streaking past me..?
Oh, that white blur!
That was white-flight from Baltimore Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Seems possible BrokeBack Freddy already had a preexisting spinal injury from a car accident. Developing...

OrcFest 2015 is in full swing. Watch that thermometer and get ready for Phase II.

I've been warning DWL friends for years now about the ground apes. Now they're calling me up sheepishly and saying "You were right".

The Revolution is here... Feel it in the air?

Anonymous said...

I think Rudolph Guiliani would be a likely national figure to lead an anti-NAPA campaign. He clearly hates the orcs, and has a great track record in locking their worthless ape asses up and running a tight ship.

Rudolph, get out their with a "Negro Control" message and I'll vote for you for President. As will many, many others. And at least get the issue front and center in the campaign.

Run, Rudy, Run!

chattanooga gal said...

since when did " being a kid " excuse one from vandalism, assault, theft etc? My ass would have been in a world of hurt for such behavior.

Ricky Tucker said...

Any one else see Don (I'll toss yo salad) Lemon try to imply a National Guard Hummer tried to run down a young brotha right before they snatched him off da skreet last night? Kudos to Chris Cuomo for sqashing that narrative...if he keeps reporting truthfully he'll end up at FAUX news...

Kyra said...

This is NOT over. These "kids" have been coming into neighborhoods like mine brazenly casing entire blocks. Burglary, muggings, assaults, car break-ins & home invasions are becoming all too common. Will it get better? I don't think so.
I live just over the line from Baltimore City, in Baltimore County.

Ricky in Cali said...

A couple of the posters here have suggested logging onto "Baltimore Craigslist Rants and Raves". Some even posted a few links here - HOLY SHIT!!

It's getting so heated in the comments I can't even get out of April 28ths comments - LOL!! They are tearing the Negro a new asshole there is no holding back there and the rants keep flowing. Not everyone is happy with Blacks burning their city down

Anonymous said...

They're holding up this negro sow who smacked the shit out of her son on camera as a hero. She said she has 6 kids , is a single mom , and this is her only son. I personally don't know ANY white people that have 6 kids. None. Most of the people I know are married couples with 2 or 3 at the most. Even if this mother of the year candidate has a good job, I'd be willing to bet we're paying for her irresponsible breeding practices.
Nice example for your 5 daughters , this negress could have 40 grandchildren by the time she's 50.
We are fucked

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not "kids" once puberty begins. They dont have 5 years or so to mature from child to adult like whites do. They do from little kid to 6 ft tall aggressive sexual criminals in about a year or so.

Anyone here go to jr high with blacks? I did, by 13 they were full grown and drinking, smoking drugs, stealing, having sex, you name it.

By 13 my white friends and I were still figuring out how to jack it.

We still had our amoms doing our laundry.

We were kids.

But 13-14 yr old blacks are essentially adults, physically. Large, strong, and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else starting to feel like a Jew at the beginning of WWII in Germany? Our civil rights are trampled and glossed over by the media while any harm to the chosen ones is front page news for a week and the offenders are demonized.
When will white people wake up en mass? Or will you plan your revolt from a concentration camp?


Anonymous said...


Yeppers, all these useful liberal idiots on television nailed the problem - Baltimore needs more jobs!

CVS, go right back in there and rebuild your burnt down warehouse! Where's your sense of community? Do your civic duty, you heartless capitalists!

Wait, OTOH maybe CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR can move in and relocate and give them the "jobs" they need. I'll furnish the gasoline for fo dese poverty-stricken pickaninnies wearing $200 Nikes they bought with EBT cards - foot gear the rest of us paying the bills cannot afford ourselves.

Anonymous said...

You mean, like in a city where "room to destroy" is seen as the stupid, asinine, ghetto, small brained remark that it is? We will never know if that happens (the media) or we will only know about it with a spin on the facts, (the media.)


Long Island Guido said...

Listening to Fox Radio(Mike gallager show) and ex NYPD officer Bo Deetle is on talking about the current situation and says that we just need to GIVE MORE TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY..AND THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO SPEND MORE TO KEEP THE GROIDS OUT OF TROUBLE.

Im soo mad i cant even think straight. So the current spending isnt ENOUGH as it is!?! IM SOO FUCKING SICK OF THIS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These AA animals sure are high maintenance...

Anonymous said...

What would really happen if we just ignored them? I mean really. Just shoot the looters and ignore the protestors.
Will Africa deploy to the US like we do to other nations?
Will China come? Sweden? To stop us from just saying stop it.
I think no one will come and if we just ignore the media uproar, it will all be over. Every nation despises black Americans. No one cares and not one nation would come to occupy us and defend them.

Mutant Swarm said...

Seems ol' Freddie had been in a car crash, and was getting a structured settlement from Allstate:


Gee maybe it wasn't the cops' fault? Nah, too late...we have all that time and energy investment in the "hate the cops" line.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see that but I did see the HNIC try to blame it all "on a handfull............" I then changed channels. He's a lying sob and I can't stand him.


ms sippy said...

We will soon be 1917 Russia, we are already South Africa! To me the only pro White candidate is Donald Trump, but the traitor Dems, Repubs, and the media have done a great job smearing him and making people hate him, just like Ron Paul who had some great foreign policy ideas, other ideas of his and supporting Whites, not so much. Negroes and DWLs just want to legalize crime for blacks, laws are racist! They are getting closer and closer to their goal.

Anonymous said...

These poverty-stricken youths all seem to have smart phones! Can you not run a drug business with a clamshell?

Were any KFCs burnt down? Just wondering. The church was fair game, but of course there's no fried chicken there.

The Ray Lewis video was at once funny and horrifying. If only there had been subtitles, I would have understood more of what he said, I think he forgot the 2 stabbing deaths in 2000. Perhaps Ray Rice would like to comment.

Anonymous said...

Several have said more spending is needed. That's the liberal answer to every problem, throw other people's money at it. Just once it would be nice if a reporter would point out the obvious, that if it hasn't worked by now how will it ever work?

Race said...

They are not Americans. They are an invasive species in their non native habitat adversely effecting a delicate environment.

Anonymous said...

Addressing WHEREDA WHITE WIMINS AT comments: I know what you mean. While I don't feel as strongly as you (yet? I still believe a percentage of blacks are like us), I find it very frustrating that any group of people can be criticized, but blacks are off-limits. You say what's blatantly obvious, which is that blacks are 100% responsible for their mess ("plight"), and you are a racist. No one in the media dares to say negative things about Barry, because he's BLACK. And the DWLs who look at you disapprovingly for your mean- spirited worldview do not live in black areas, by choice, and do not want their kids to marry blacks.

Jeff the Chef said...

I was only in Baltimore once and it was ten years ago. It had a dangerous vibe, for sure, but it didn't stop me from wandering around, taking pictures.
My wife thought I was crazy and was huddled down in the Hotel room.

I ended up in a bar with a bunch of (white) road workers and it was really fun. It was like an episode of Cheers!

But I did notice that I was being "looked up and down" by the local nignogs.

Being from California, Nogs don't frighten me, as I know their true nature.

They possess no logic or rational thought, so they attack like hyena's. In a pack.

I would just give them the "Death stare" right back, as if to say, "Let's go, Sambo!"

And they would cast their gaze downward and shuffle away, like the subserviant creatures God designed them to be.

Stand up for your station in life, you've earned it. You'll sleep better and live happier.

Dan said...

Halifax, Nova Scotia. Cornwall is about as white as can be.

Your entire Eastern Seaboard is nog central. How's that Democracy and Decolonization working out for y'all?

Dan said...

Children in the bodies of Afleets.

Anonymous said...

OK, 3rd comment today - only 2nd day ever visiting this site. So angry, must get a grip. HOWEVER, must mention there were NO White Riots here in NJ when 4 black thugs gunned down innocent Livingston college student Brendan Tevlin in a June 2014 carjacking. Nor when another 4 black thugs gunned down young Hoboken attorney Dustin Friedland during a December 2013 carjacking at the Short Hills Mall while he was Christmas shopping with his fiancé. Of course, NJ doesn't have the death penalty. I won't kill bugs, I don't eat any of God's creatures, but I believe I could shoot them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this morning at breakfast after everyone else had left for school and the kid tornado had settled he dropped this one on me.

"Son I've lived long enough to know this will not last. A war or an economic crisis can change any situation overnight."

He's right on this one I think, look back and the change is almost immediate. This time I'm thinking economic crisis, unless the Republican front runner is a chicken hawk. Then it could go either way or both ways. Hell it still could go either way.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bernice, I think he'd like you too. These old folks are so blunt I think because the see the negro for what they are because they're old enough to have seen the real negro.

After explaining what a blog was I put him in front of a computer and he read some articles while I took and returned a few calls. I heard him laugh at a few comments, he's glad to know real Americans still exist.

His response to rioting is live ammo and shoot to kill orders after one warning to disperse. He said most negroes are docile by themselves (well country negroes) but they feed off of each other. If they gather in large numbers the ni@@er will come out in them every time.

SC Native

Ex-Copper said...

The escape charge is likely he ran after cuffed, as he was sitting in the car, wagon, or as he was being cuffed. That or he was on house arrest, work release, community corrections, cut his bracelet off and walked away.

If those offenses were listed in court docs and not at time of arrest, they were most likely combined cases.

At least here the "community leaders" make the statements that all of the dead blacks from coppers killing them to the regular black on black murders, had booking photos prior to the offense/martyrdom.

Ethan said...

When somebody picks up a chunk of concrete the size of a grapefruit and hurls it at a cop, and does it multiple times, they're no longer a child.

Ex-Copper said...

In the old days the burning of and bombing of their churches was what helped pave the way to the CRA. Now they torch their own shit.

If this church was building the elderly community center out of altruistic conviction to actually do something to improve the community, these "youths" torched a project that took a decade of paltry tithes to even get concrete poured and wood screwed together.

They're all like spoiled children throwing a tantrum in the store checkout lane demanding a candy bar or flailing on the floor in the toy aisle after being told they can't have the toy they want. Then when they're bored with the toy they destroy it.

Anonymous said...

Some good pictures of the destruction here:


Anonymous said...

News Flash From South Carolina

Apparently their was a minor chimpout this weekend in Charleston that's just now getting out. Apparently some "teens" were out blocking traffic and a few people we assaulted early Sunday morning. This was in downtown Charleston not North Charleston so it could get interesting.

I'm waiting, this is a state with proper gun laws for the most part. It looks like this happened near the College of Charleston which is a limp wristed DWL bastion of crap. Let's see what happens when one of the "teen dindus" try's this on a real YT man. CC is very popular in the state.

SC Native

Ex-Copper said...

I made a suggestion at work last night. Since electric power suppliers are being taxed so much for using coal to turn their generators, or as Obama put it, "you can continue to use coal plants, but it'll cost you more than the electricity is worth to do it under my plan", all gibs recipients will now report to the new power producing plants in a government-private partnership. Refusal to show up and work a minimum of an 8 hr shift will result in immediate loss of gibs. Recipients will have to constantly pedal a stationary exercise bicycle at sufficient rpms to turn electrical generators.

This will assist to drive down the expenses attributed to all publicly funded welfare benefits. The pedal power will create a clean and renewable energy source, the burning of calories will greatly reduce the obesity of persons living in food deserts and reduce the burden on Obama care incurred by black beneficiaries; specifically type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

This program will give "opportunity employees" a sense of self worth in that they earned money through the sweat of their brow, increase economic activity in the area through the creation of food joints, gas stations, parking facilities, security personnel, and other type business to support the high density worker population.

The bicycle energy program will be extended to prisons and county jails. All prisoners not engaged in coveted inmate worker programs such as tool shop, government uniform production, license plates etc will have to work in the power plant. This will allow for inmates to get money on their books (commissary cash), exercise to wear them out cutting down on inmate violence, and marketable job skills at a power plant upon release.

Sounds like a win-win to me

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... "Maybe Starbucks will organize a group hug"
LoL, and don't forget yoga!

Curtis King said...

As we should all know by now, negroes are their own worst enemy!!!

Ex-Copper said...

Meanwhile in ferguson, the community gathered at the St Swisher memorial speed bump to participate in a "solidarity rally" supporting the protests in Baltimore. One participant shoots another, hitting him in the leg. Bystanders call ferguson police for help. Upon arrival and dragging the "victim" to a safe location to render aid, the officers were thanked with hurled projectiles aimed in their direction.

Fuck them racist pigs coming to help out one of us brothers who gots shot at a unity rally and shits.

Ex-Copper said...

I called car crash a couple of days ago. Wish I could've laid down a bet in Vegas on that theory.

Ex-Copper said...

I think you guys are missing the true mark on big momma beating her son down on TV. I commented a while back that fetching momma to come get her chile after stealing her car was way better than taking the shit to juvie.

The street justice these people lay down on their little basterds is absolutely priceless to see live and in person.

The media missed the mark on calling it remarkable parenting seeing this play out on TV. If this was truly for punishment, then she was actin white because we all know that getting the shit stomped out of us for the same behavior as youth would come from dad so quick mom wouldn't get a chance to get that wooden spoon to beat us with. This is more about them being embarrassed by the chile for ackin a fool in public.

I think it would be time for whitey to grab some popcorn and watch that show, not complain about the violence she's dishing out.


Now white flight is replaced with MLB flight

Anonymous said...

I spent much of the morning looking through news reports, pictures, and videos of the riots in Baltimore.

Three images stand out, I'd embed them here if I could:

1. A video of a black "yoof" silhouetted against an open blaze, waving his arms as if he were conducting a symphony orchestra. Could be captioned "America's Requiem Mass".

2. A still shot of where the senior citizen center was destroyed. Next door is a magnificent Victorian structure that no black people could have ever created. Like a visitor from another world; can you imagine if the builders and planners who created it could see it's setting now?

3. A White woman standing on a sidewalk with a broom and dustpan. She came to document the destruction with a camera, then felt an overwhelming need to be useful and help clean up. A sad portrait of White reasonableness and optimism in the face of civilizational implosion.

Anonymous said...

The ignorant vile orc hordes just don't realize the massive shitstorm they're heading into. Enough Whites have now awakened to lead to action.

A Republican government after Obanana will start bringing the hammer down on these out of control prehistoric ground apes. Just a matter of time. There will be pushback from the crats, but they've had their chance; time for real men to stand up and take the helm.

PK, good to have you aboard as one of the spiritual leaders.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the negroes that are IKAGOs have had a good does of YT dna banged into their bloodline along the way. They need to be reminded of that and forced to publicly acknowledge that they are only successful and somewhat smart because they aren't full-blooded Bantu.

Don't forget to take this into account when judging negroes.

General J.O. Shelby said...

"Their main problem is most cannot stay crime free which brings unwanted attention to them. Which they equate to mean racism."
The Scorpion and the Frog fable covered this. When they cry racism, it's an admission of genetic defect.

Pat Boyle said...

This isn't the complete problem but it's part of the problem - the death of Freddie.

It started about the year 2000. Freddie was ten years old.

In our alternative universe the unions were not particularly powerful and the Democratic party wasn't in power. But in the real world the Democrats were in power and the unions were very influential. In the real world the unions protected their adult dues paying members from competition from the kids willing to work for less. They passed laws making it illegal to work for less than $5.15/hr.

In the alternative world of 2000 in Baltimore Freddie Gray who was only ten got an after school job. The next year he got another job for which he was paid $2.00 an hour. The man who hired him didn't think he was worth even $2.00/hr. But he liked him and decided to give him a chance.

Freddie at twelve years of age was a little flaky in his work habits, but his boss had a serious talk with him and Freddie started showing up on time and staying until quitting time.

In the real world Freddie never got that job at age twelve because it was illegal. He never got that talk either.

In the real world he wasn't allowed to do work that a grown man could do for $25/hr. The grown man was, of course, much, much better as a worker but he didn't want any competition from low wage kids of any kind.

The adult worker was afraid that the employer would hire a bunch of kids rather than him. So he paid the union to agitate to make hiring low wage kids illegal. And it the real world that's how it worked out.

In the alternative world Freddie by the time he was twenty had been working at local stores around the neighborhood for years. The store owners knew him. He was a good looking and pleasant enough young man. People liked him. He had a High School diploma and had been going to junior college for night classes. He got hired at the big national chain a few miles away. He had a decent salary, full benefits and a dental plan.

But that didn't happen in the real world. Nobody would hire Freddie at age fifteen because he had no job history from age twelve. So Freddie in the real world started selling drugs. After a few times being told in a job interview that he wasn't the kind of person they were looking for, he didn't even bother to apply for regular jobs anymore. He had kept his childhood work habits so even if he got hired he would have lost the job soon enough. The real Freddie wasn't socialized to the world of work.

By the time Freddie was twenty he was just another street hoodlum. The cops caught up with Freddie when he was twenty five but in fact he was doomed since the age of ten.

Minimum wage laws have consequences.



I wonder how many millions of dollars the city of Baltimore will be missing out on with no fans for the game. And the city should refund ticket holders and chalk it up to failure to maintain order.

Anonymous said...

Old enough to do the crime, old enough to do the time.

This is exactly the attitude that created these ferals in the first place: a capricious attitude towards discipline, where they either ignore their kid doing something obviously bad, or they chimp out on their own kid and CPS has to get involved.

I'm friends with a Chinese-American couple, and the way they handle their two-year-old son is like ballet. They can see a problem coming from a mile away, and they redirect the kid before it turns into a tantrum. In a long weekend with them, I only saw the kid get really upset once, and his dad was completely placid with him. It was a beauty to behold. As a result, their kid is a delight to be around.

But so many blacks, it's all or nothing. Either they whip their four-year-old kid on the balls with a tree branch for pushing another kid, or they ignore or even encourage a tiny Cat 0 because they just don't care. And God forbid anyone--police officer, teacher, well-meaning stranger--try to call the kid on his bad behavior, or even point out to the parents that there's an issue.


A few years ago in Oakland, there was a thirteen-year-old boy who shot and killed his seventeen-year-old sister. Both the boy and his sister already had kids of their own (!); all the kid's Facebook pictures were of him throwing up gang signs, grabbing his dick, and waving around wads of cash; and of course, according to the family... Do I even need to say it? No.


In a picture of him that I can't find now, he's in his room and there are about 20 shoeboxes in the background. All the way through high school, if I came home with a new pair of shoes, my mom would have noticed and demanded an explanation. The kid's 13 (too young to work legally), and he's got a couple thousand dollars worth of shoes in his room!



YTs, if you catch your four-year-old kid playing with a lighter, grabbing candy in the checkout line and pocketing it, or pushing another kid, what do you do? Do you tell yourself and everyone around you that the kid's too young to be disciplined and let the kid carry on with his bad behavior, or do you take the kid aside and administer a stern lecture and some proportionate, age-appropriate discipline?

If we YTs (and every other race except one) don't let tiny kids get away with petty misdeeds on a small scale, then why should we just stand back and allow young adults (and not-so-young adults) to get away with arson, robbery, and assault on a citywide scale?

10mm AUTO said...

It's getting so heated in the comments I can't even get out of April 28ths comments - LOL!! They are tearing the Negro a new asshole there is no holding back there and the rants keep flowing. Not everyone is happy with Blacks burning their city down

April 29, 2015 at 5:32 AM"

Here is an area that the Northwest Front can help, so as one White to another. I mean no disrespect to my White friends but:


Allow me to give you a liberal reason, a parable as it were:

In 1956, Encouraged by Mao Zedong's policy of "letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend", intellectuals were widely involved in criticizing the errors committed by the Communist government in its work after 1949. Having offered various constructive suggestions, they then found that what Mao really wanted to do was to "draw the snakes out of their lairs". As a result, in the 20 years after 1957, approximately 500,000 intellectuals were tortured and maimed, both mentally and physically, sometimes to the point of death.

This Government uses lists, this government talks about payback, this government is now headed by a negro "Communtarian" and the law enforcement branch is headed by an NOI fanatic and plant.

Use Truecrypt to secure your computer, use TOR if you just HAVE to join in the bashing, but remember what you risk. Our numbers continue to decrease and the O'hole is gathering all evil to him. Very soon he will launch an assault upon the USA against which none of us will be unscathed.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

General J.O. Shelby said...

"I've been warning DWL friends for years now about the ground apes. Now they're calling me up sheepishly and saying "You were right".
The same media that brainwashed them that 'color is only skin deep' is the same media reporting on the riots. The controllers of the media know that the US debt levels are unsustainable, so know they are telling your DWL friends that it's time to take out the trash. Next up, a police state 'lock down', another phrase the MSM loves to use!

Anonymous said...

Jane in Metro Detroit Here:

O/T - Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the censuses bureau under counts the negro population? I live eight miles north of the boarder from Detoilet, and even though one of the main roads with access to my subdivision is on the bus route out of the city, I still see them everywhere! My city is supposed to be 85% white, 8% asian, 5% black and 2% other, yet they seem to be much more plentiful than just 13%! I mean they are literally everywhere! The grocery store, movies, restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, shopping malls, Target, etc. I think they’re more than just 13%, what are your thoughts? Jeez……….I gots ta move!

Anonymous said...

I was raised with a healthy mistrust of the police, and I think they get away with much too much.

But in the last few years, I've learned to wait for the facts before condemning cops who on the surface appear to have committed atrocities. Sometimes the cops are wrong. Sometimes the cops are right. But it might take a few months to know which is which.

Freddie Gray was obviously injured when they loaded him into the van. Beyond that, it's all speculation. And there's a lot of that coming from both sides.


Anonymous said...

If the black "kids" need "space to destroy" what do the black grown-ups need? A whole nation to destroy?

10mm AUTO said...

Paul on Amren about Baltimore Riots.

Download or listen online.

Great facts and Paul sounds better than ever.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Hillary has spoken. Black violence, black destruction, black crime can be fixed!! No, silly, the blacks are not responsible for their own doing. The answer is REFORMING THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM!!! I feel so relieved. And to think she figured this out from her toney NY suburb. Note: The Scooby Van has not (and will not) visit Baltimore. You couldn't pay her enough to step foot there (which is amazing considering what she has done for money).

Anonymous said...

So how is the mayor of SHEBOONERY doing.Still allowing the riots I see.

Anonymous said...

"All circumstance points to the CIA importing paid government thugs to trash Baltimore 1. The mayor told the police to stand down and allow the "protesters" room to destroy. This would be the modus operandi for a staged op." [Quoted] Still Obama gangland blacks, even if it wasn't the local black gangs. Tax-payer financed black terrorists that the DHS won't even acknowledge.

George Soros financed Ferguson rioters/protestors with $30 million, as actually reported.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Bonjour, A little thought from France to support you against this poor situation. I live it in Villiers le Bel in 2007 and i was sick of this negro's chaos. Imagine what white people could have with the money given to them? Bye

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

"They're just kids."

So were the Khmer Rouge.....

Anonymous said...

PK…I read that Freddie Gray may have had a pre-existing injury to his spine. If you or any other readers in our group could verify what the Patriot Factor is claiming I would appreciate it.

Here is the blog:


I would like SBPDL (PK) to comment if you have time, or anyone else, and see what you think of this. There are pictures of documents of interest.



Anonymous said...

Non-black police.... you have to STOP policing black neighborhoods. It's a lose-lose proposition. They don't want you there and who cares if they fuck their own shit up?

Your salary can't be enough to risk your life trying to stop these orcs from committing crime and offing each other. Let the animals have their jungle.

Stop patrolling niggerhoods, or move to a White, safe area to work.

Just ain't worth it.

Anonymous said...

In the area where our national anthem got its inspiration, a baseball game is being played to an empty stadium. The fans aren't allowed in because the rioting negroes might injure or kill them. America's pastime in 2015.

Wow. Just... wow.

PK, this has your name written all over it. Slow and easy pitch right over the plate. Swing batter!

Fatigued and over TNB in Minneapolis said...

Who is the man.. who would risk his life for brutha man.. / Shaft! / Right on.. They say this cat Shaft is a bad mutha.. .. / Watch yor mouth! / (I'm juss talkin 'bout Shaft).. He's a complicated man.. but no one understands him but his woman.. oh ya.. / Shaft!..


Anonymous said...

The Orioles are playing a game that is closed to the public.

Cut to Charlton Heston looking at the Statue of Liberty.

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

Bernice and SC Native, both posts are spot on, just today me and my dad who is in upper 70's said about this travesty going on......"What the hell is wrong with just duking it out like we did years ago, you fought with your fists and later in life you ended up being friends... Nowadays they shoot it out and that's it...ain't gonna have no friends that way!!" Lol, it was classic, but truth be told, most old timers are ashamed to see what our country has evolved into because of the current BRA. Stay vigilant friends.


Anonymous said...

The US military already has an anti-rioter system called "active denial" from what I know. It is a heat ray dish thing that is small enough to fit on the top of just one Hummvee. This one system alone could have made all of those angry negroes start running all the way back to their section 8 hovels in probably less time than it takes me to say the words "chimp out" at least two or three times rapidly.

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)

U.S. Military Unveils Heat Ray Microwave Crowd Control Cannon

Of course, if the "active denial" system had actually been used during the Big Baltimore Chimp Out of 2015, then we would have never heard the end of it from the DWL's and negroes about how raysiss and "cruel" it was for such a non-lethal weapon system to be used on poor oppressed blackie, of course. Now, if a whole bunch of whitey's show up somewhere to protest something, sometime in the future, and then things turn really violent - (Think the Cliven Bundy situation from last year.) - we can fully expect all of the advanced military technology to be used on whitey however, all with the full blessing of the squid-controlled media. Think drone strikes, the heat ray being "tweaked" a bit to make the clothing of whitey catch on fire, and other forms of high-tech nastiness. Only the best for whitey will do, right?

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Great tune!!


Anonymous said...

Is there any way of adding "like" on each post so we can keep score of the best responses? You have a great blog and many good writers who care for the cause, thanks.


Anonymous said...

I think its obvious. Its because you live in Detroit metro..

chattanooga gal said...

it seems sweet Freddie had recently won a law suit due to spinal injuries in a car wreck. he may have had spinal surgury as little as 10 days before his arrest.

Anonymous said...

Jane in Metro Detroit:

I've wondered too why blacks seem disproportionate to their numbers, and I have a few theories.

1. YTs (and honorary YTs) have cars; blacks walk and take the bus
2. YTs shop online or in a few selected "safe" stores; blacks go to the mall
3. YTs live in the suburbs; blacks live in the city
4. YTs are at work; blacks are roaming the streets
5. YTs are either at home or at socially sanctioned activities; blacks are roaming the streets

Your average YT man rolls out of the garage of his single detached house in the suburbs and drives to work. Meanwhile, his YT wife takes the kids to school, does a few hours of work from her home office, buys some new clothes for the kids online, goes to the nice suburban grocery store, and then picks the kids up from school and takes them to soccer practice. After work, our YT man goes home and helps the kids with their homework while his YT wife fixes a healthy meal. After dinner they sit on the couch and watch TV, and they're all in bed by 10 because they have to get up early and do the same thing again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Shaniqua and her 5 chilluns have a day of not going to work, ditching school, waiting for the bus to go three blocks, hanging out at the mall, chillin' wit dey homies on the corner, eating at the Mack Donald, gettin' crunk, blasting music until 3 in the morning, and generally acting like homeless vagrants who nevertheless have a place to live.

If you're driving down the street between your house and your job, the YT family is invisible while the Shaniqua family is impossible to miss.

Anonymous said...

The US military already has an anti-rioter system called "active denial" from what I know. It is a heat ray dish thing that is small enough to fit on the top of just one Hummvee. This one system alone could have made all of those angry negroes start running all the way back to their section 8 hovels in probably less time than it takes me to say the words "chimp out" at least two or three times rapidly.

Only in a sane and smartly-run country would something like the military's heat ray system have been used on those chimping nignogs. Not in BRA or the totally-nignog-run Baltimore though. The word is now coming out that this uppity negress mayor of Baltimore gave the direct order last Monday to the Baltimore PD that they would not be allowed to do anything to the chimping nignogs as they looted and threw objects at the Baltimore PD. She also ordered them to not wear all of their own riot gear, too. Every one of those injured Baltimore cops ought to sue that uppity negress mayor and (C)Harm City itself.

PB said...

"Is anyone else starting to feel like a Jew at the beginning of WWII in Germany?"

I don't think you understand this era at all. Hint: its not how Hollywood rewrote it.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are fed, clothed, housed and all their needs are met. They aren't smart enough to compete for jobs, so they steal and fill up government jobs. They have lots of children and those children have lots of children.

What does happen when there are too few paying for all the gibs and government do-nothing jobs?

What is wrong with America if we are paying to support and breed the worst elements of society?

Whatever happened to "more children for the fit; less for the unfit" ??

I have one child. Most of my coworkers have none and we're all over 35. Most Blacks have 3+ kids by my age.

The future is Black, stupid and dangerous.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

I spent the afternoon at Target Field for the Twins-Tigers matinee; I was struck by all the YT's; spending time at the ballpark with their kids, engaged with their kids, enjoying the day; standing in lines, being polite and friendly and orderly and civil and, you know, *dignified*! And I thought, "What a nice planet to live on.. this one COULD be.." etc.. Ugh.

awakened white said...

Any one else see Don (I'll toss yo salad) Lemon try to imply a National Guard Hummer tried to run down a young brotha right before they snatched him off da skreet last night? Kudos to Chris Cuomo for sqashing that narrative...if he keeps reporting truthfully he'll end up at FAUX news...

April 29, 2015 at 5:04 AM

yep, saw it too, the lemon has lost his marbles it seems.

Ricky in Cali said...

Great post!! This description hits the nail on the head

Anonymous said...

A white woman with red hair trying to steal some black bucks purse? Does the media, as a whole, have the negro small brain problem?
Does anyone here not believe she was trying to get her purse back?


Anonymous said...

I have said, and others, that thug Grsy had to have a preexisting condition of the spine, ehether Gray was aware or not. There is no way in help a spinal cord can be severed from falling or being thrown around in a van. The media's medical experts never ever addressed a preexisting condition. The media had to help fan the flames of racism.

If the report is true that thug Gray had a previous spinal injury the orcs will say there is a cover-up by Whites. The orcs always say Whites are liars and cover up the truth.

Interesting how the Baltimore police department is called corrupt when most politicians of Baltimore ( Black politicians) are corrupt but Blacks deny this. Only Whites are corrupt, right?

Anonymous said...

Detroit, St Louis, and now Baltimore.

Cleveland has been rather quiet as of late. Perhaps the fun is soon to begin there as well.

Chuck Hammer said...

Anonymous said...
Is anyone else starting to feel like a Jew at the beginning of WWII in Germany?

According to the 1946 Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry there were 215,000 Jews in Germany in 1939.

I'm starting to feel more like a Christian in Russia in 1917.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it is not blatantly obvious to anyone other than Bogolubski what is going on here.

Dindu Nuffins are as dumb as dogs. Even the IKAGOs with lots of human blood in them, such as that "mayor", are stupid as a bag of hammers. They are not capable of organizing a fart contest, much less a TERRORIST ATTACK of this magnitude.

Who is organizing this? Who is printing up their ready made signs and banners? Who is paying for all this? Who is importing nogs from Fergustan to Bodymore?

The media is actively fanning the flames, and spinning the reporting as hard as they can. WHO OWNS THE MEDIA?

Who is pulling Obongo's strings? Who was his mother? Who or what is Soros?


Come on, people!

It's all just a big Cohencidence.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

A Republican government after Obanana will start bringing the hammer down on these out of control prehistoric ground apes.


Anonymous said...

Ive been wondering why you never hear about these things happening in Texas.

Is it because there are no blacks in Texas...No...there are plenty of blacks there.

Is it because the blacks in Texas are so much better off...No...theyre just about in the same predicament as the rest of the blacks.

My guess is that the whites in Texas would put up with their bullshit for about 5 seconds before the bullets started to fly.

Just an observation...

AnalogMan said...

The cops caught up with Freddie when he was twenty five but in fact he was doomed since the age of ten.

Minimum wage laws have consequences.

In fact, he was doomed at conception. Inheritance has consequences.

In your parable, alternate Freddie is White. Giving real Freddie a job at age ten would not have turned him White.

Millions of White kids don't get jobs at ten. They still study, graduate and get jobs. It's not child labour laws, or minimum wages, that make negroes worthless. It's what they are.

Anonymous said...

Where you shop. Your grocery store. Your home . Your neighbor. Operation jade helm is coming . Find the video from texas. Our country is about to fall. Obama and ms.loretta lynch of the justice department want the prisons emptied. Now throw in all of our Democrat youth that support captain golf cart
A civilian army gangs. Watch your back.

Mr. Rational said...

if a whole bunch of whitey's show up somewhere to protest something, sometime in the future, and then things turn really violent - (Think the Cliven Bundy situation from last year.) - we can fully expect all of the advanced military technology to be used on whitey

Whitey is smart enough to put aluminum foil on the back of his protest signs and use them to reflect the microwave beams, hiding in the shadow behind them.  Beams can also be reflected back at the riot police if you've got good aim.

Whitey is also smart enough to figure out what the all-minority government offices mean.  Think about it:  not ONE SINGLE FRIENDLY in an entire building.  In a time of war, what's this good for?

he was doomed at conception. Inheritance has consequences.

As Steve Sailer says, "8 months and 27 days before birth... but no more!"

SKIP said...

"My guess is that the whites in Texas would put up with their bullshit for about 5 seconds before the bullets started to fly.

Just an observation...

Don't kid yourself, when the assault on Texas comes, the entire force of black run Amefrica will be involved and it will be a no prisoners assault. Arm up White people, stash some weapons and ammo away from your homes and be ready.

Anonymous said...

Latest narrative is Gray tossed himself around in the back of the van trying to injure himself.

My opinion is if he already had a neck injury of some sort, he'd know he could hurt himself badly without a lot of effort. There's room in the back of those vans, but not a lot of room. To break your neck that badly would take some serious effort.

I would then guess that he hoped either to hurt himself in a way he could blame on the cops and sue over, and simply hurt himself too badly, or perhaps in his feeble brain the idea formed that he could be a martyr, the next Mike Brown, if he were to die in police custody. Were I to bet, I'd bet on the attempt at a lawsuit that worked too well.

It is worth noting there was another prisoner in the back of the van and he apparently was unhurt from the ride.

I guess we'll see with whatever they finally release to the public.

Meanwhile, idiots are out in several cities, including back in Ferguson, breaking into and looting more stores there, one family even pictured with a stroller to bring the kid along.

Truth Corps said...

By the time Freddie was twenty he was just another street hoodlum. The cops caught up with Freddie when he was twenty five but in fact he was doomed since the age of ten.

Minimum wage laws have consequences.


Pat, usually you are spot on, but this is absurd. Minimum wage laws didn't stop Freddie from TNB any more than they stopped me from earning a comfortable living in a career (non-union Red State) that is pro-union as a whole, Nationwide.

Back up & punt my friend.

Anonymous said...

The black life cycle:

infant -> chile -> goo boy -> nigger -> prisoner -> corpse

Anonymous said...

PB said...
"Is anyone else starting to feel like a Jew at the beginning of WWII in Germany?"

No Im starting to feel like the other guys.