Monday, February 27, 2017

For 3rd Year in a Row, Historically Black College/University (HBCU) Basketball Tournament in Charlotte Interrupted by Blacks Committing Gun Violence

You probably didn't hear about this story. 

99.99% sure you didn't hear about this story, because it once again validates any prejudice you might harbor about black people, guns, and crime. 

Stop me if you've heard this one: a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) event comes to town and a rolling gun battle/violence breaks out... for the third straight year the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) basketball tournament in Charlotte was interrupted by black people confirming long-established stereotypes. [Up to 100 shots fired just before final CIAA game in Charlotte, Charlotte Observer, 2-26-17]:

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The city’s role as host of the CIAA tournament took a bruising this weekend, when two violent incidents occurred within six hours and just a couple blocks apart from each other. 
In the first, as many as 100 shots were reportedly fired early Saturday evening in uptown along the 600 block of North Caldwell Street. 
It happened about 6:30 p.m. near the intersection of North Caldwell Street and 8th Street, which is a part of town filled with residential buildings, including the First Ward Apartments. The timing was just a half hour before the men’s championship game of the CIAA was to start at the nearby Spectrum Center. 
Multiple apartment units and vehicles were struck by bullets, officials said in a statement released Sunday morning, but there have been no reports of injuries. 
Investigators were canvassing the area Sunday for witnesses. “Several dozen” shell casings have been found at the scene, police said. 
It’s believed the shooting took place in the roadway and did not occur in a nearby apartment complex or any tented events. Some social media posts were saying a “street party” was going on in the area at the time. 
Regarding Saturday evening’s shootout, several national lifestyle websites – including The SourceXXLComplex and BET – reported that one of the targets was a rapper who goes by the stage name Young Dolph. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police declined to say whether he was in fact involved. 
Dolph reportedly performed at an unofficial CIAA-related party at Cameo Charlotte nightclub later that night. Attempts to reach his booking agent were unsuccessful. 
In a separate incident, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer and an N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement officer were hospitalized with minor injuries just after midnight Sunday morning, after being struck by a suspect fleeing the scene of an investigation on North Caldwell and Sixth streets in uptown, CMPD officials said. 
Police have charged Jerel Manvil Rhoades, 37, with two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer causing serious injury, two counts of felony hit and run, carrying a concealed weapon, driving while impaired, reckless driving and hit and run. 
Neither incident was related to any official CIAA-sanctioned event going on in uptown Charlotte, police said. 
However, this marks the third year in a row that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have been forced to contend with gun-related violence during the final weekend of the CIAA tournament. 
Last year, three men in town for the CIAA tournament were arrested after they fired dozens of bullets into two vehicles and an uptown hotel and were found in possession of an AK-47. 
No one was reported injured in that incident, which happened around 4:40 a.m. on a Sunday near the Hyatt Place hotel. The bullets hit a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and a red SUV parked behind it in front of the hotel lobby. Two of the three men charged in the case were from Memphis and the third was from Elgin, S.C. 
In 2015, a woman was shot in the head but not seriously injured at the Label nightclub during tournament weekend. And two people were stabbed at the Oasis Tent on College Street. One man was charged in that stabbing.
You probably didn't hear about this story. 

99.99% sure you didn't hear about this story, because it once again validates any prejudice you might harbor about black people, guns, and crime. 

It involves black people, the exalted, esteemed HBCUs (hilariously always working hard to confirm stereotypes) and guns...

All reasons no mainstream media has found any interest in reporting on the third year in a row the CIAA basketball tournament has been interrupted by blackness.

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Anonymous said...

Unrelated but it shows that there is one law for them,one for white people:

Now, if it had been the other way round ...

Anonymous said...

Yep . . . nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see but TNB.
100 shots fired and no confirmed hits. At least we're not stuck paying the tab for any emergency care, so the partygoers aren't the only ones who dodged a bullet. Like the Cubs fans used to say, "There's always next year . . . "

Anonymous said...

I never saw this site before. Highly recommended to the SBPDL audience:

Bird of Paradise said...

And the usial calls for More Gun Control Gun Confiscation repeal the 2nd amendment blame the gun lobby blame society blame global warming anything these liberal pinheads will do to find scapegoats

Bill in St Louis said...

Well no. Hearing that "gun violence" "broke out" as negros were playing bakkaball is like reporting that the sun shone during the day. It is to be expected, and downplayed, since SPORTS/NEGRO WORSHIP is such a fine thing to have in one's city.

Anonymous said...

What? The big Oscar win didn't chill these people out? What else do they want?

D-FENS said...

Yet the entire state of North Carolina can be boycotted because they won't let men and women use each other's bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

NC is ground zero. No one would believe what the major hospitals in NC are doing now. Open heart surgeries and heart transplants for 50 yo obese sheboons on welfare and crackhead pimps. Spending millions

Anonymous said...

The local paper has a story on page 1,above the fold. Murders are down from last year. Continue to page A8, pictures of the victims and perps on display for all to see. 90% black, female white victim was a coalburner with two niglets from two different negroes.
Nobody wants to address the elephant in the room.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

These creatures have to be deported from our shores. It will happen. I reject the (((oriental pessimism))) that says "It's impossible...give up" That kind of thinking is un-European and un-western. Nothing is impossible. Alex from N. England

Anonymous said...

Off Topic but germane to PK's chronicling of the decline of Indianapolis. The Indy Star reports the Indianapolis City Council voted to adopt a 0.25% income tax increase to fund expanded bus service. As seen in so many other places, the tentacles of bus routes sneaking their way into white, low crime neighborhoods provide the pathway for black criminals to expand their range. The darkening of Indianapolis proceeds unabated.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One of the few joys of being a realist these days is watching explanations/cover for black violence and degeneracy get more and more desperate and ridiculous.

How about a study of how blacks always occupy the lowest rung of society in non-black majority country in the world? Or a study of their makeup of the prison/criminal population in all of the non-majority black countries they occupy. The point is that we hardly need one because we have seen the results play out time and time again in various social settings/countries. Their behavior dooms them to failure and a solid reputation for being untrustworthy.

You can not build great societies and cultures without trust. It's akin to attempting to make romantic relationships work without love. As Pat astutely pointed out a few posts ago, people generally don't trust blacks, and for good reason. Anyone who hasn't been living in a cave in isolation has stories of being bullied or ripped off by blacks on more than one occasion.

If you study blacks for any significant period of time you will see many predictable patterns start to emerge- unlike blacks themselves, you can depend on these patterns to arise like clockwork. No other demographic group has a massive problem following simple police instructions and just not abusing the law so much in general.

A huge part of intelligence is the recognition of patterns. To not see these patterns means that you are intentionally dumbing yourself down for blacks, a favor that blacks will never appreciate or return.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis: This is HUGE. I mean HUGE.

The public transit tax $54 Million per year, has passed. Now the ghetto groids are going to be shipped to the white suburbs of Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, and Carmel on the rapid bus lines from Indy. Blacks are licking their chomps for an opportunity to get up to the whitopias for low income housing, school vouchers, and sum dem goot gubment jobs an sheeeeeeeeit.

I saw an old white baby boomer shit wearing one of these orange transit shirts in a bar last night. I PRAY that he lives in Fishers, IN and gets violently enriched in the next few months. These fuckers deserve every car jacking, every rape, every robber, every home invasion, every diverse employee that they are about to get.

Indianapolis is about to get a whole lot safer.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha RACE WAR NOW!

Randy said...

From the last paragraph quoted from the original article:

In 2015, a woman was shot in the head but not seriously injured at the Label nightclub during tournament weekend.

How do you get shot in the head without being seriously injured? It would be interesting to know the details of that incident.

Anonymous said...

Nigs gonna nig, yo. Why u expectin' anything else? It's in their DNA. Literally.

But help is on the way! Watch video in link below. Hardwire a Glock 45mm onto this thing, feed its CPU a photo of Jay Z's snout, then program it to hunt and terminate similar bipeds with extreme prejudice. Release in hoods nationwide at same time.


Anonymous said...

I told my kids the scientific name for the American negro is Pavementapius Bellcurvius.

That's correct, right?

Sick n' Tired said...

I guess if you have shit for brains, getting shot in the head doesn't really affect you.

Anonymous said...

Attention Trump Administration! You can do a great service to America and end segregation by race in colleges. Just make illegal the historically Black college system. That's racist.

Would we accept historically White colleges, as most were? How about historically White Congress, etc.?

End it Mr Trump. Let the negroes join us in our mixed colleges; join the chicanos and orientals.

End segregation now!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH- its the final day of that 'hellish' misnomer that taints the entire month of February in this country - "Black History Month"! So sick of it - if only TRUMP could get rid of it, along with the 'hispanic' and 'asian' strangleholds on the months of May and Sept, too! BTW - a big thank you to Anon at 10:36pm...that blogsite, is a very HELPFUL, RACE REALIST VALIDATING site & other SBPDL readers need to review it (can be very useful in converting some of the DWLs that we encounter (BTW -asians / hispanics are often the same, especially asians - the NYC best nabes see flocks of predatory asians & they are ALL passive - aggressive predatory types - its gotten that I can't stand to be around them, too - they are all trying to insinuate themselves in the whites only areas & using 'paying 10% cash" to do so & then proceed to ruining the nabes in their own way - OVERCROWDING & RAMMING IN 3-5 houses/businesses where once stood a single one and throwing their trash right into the streets/gutter! Flushing, NYC has become a chaotic mess - here's a local blog thats catalogs the deterioration of the borough in Queens, (btw- asians tend to run 'cash only' businesses to avoid paying taxes - really they are total get-overs in their own way, same as the hispanics/africans loading up on the free hand outs w/o paying anything into the system that supports them! NYC needs to rid itself of the deluded, wanna-be martyr mayor & his awful she boon 'wife' asap- these 2 are absolutely NUTS!). So, the actions of 'wealthy' among the shit stained mud varieties is really just a microcosm of the larger pattern - that is to say, millions are clamoring to get into USA, any way they can, because it was founded/built by Congese, Chinese, Libyans, eh? HAHAA! USA exemplifies 1st world quality of life that only EUROPEANS & THEIR BLOODLINE DESCENDANTS CAN BUILD and everyone wants a piece of while badmouthing itbeccause their screwed up egos that can't handle the fact that whites are THE superior race! We are told by the sociopath mulatto that just got booted out of the WH that we, as a country have to 'accept' a 'browner America"? What the heck for? Wake up & see reality - this country need not fall like a Haiti or a South Africa or a Vietnam! Build that wall, vetting ALL muds the heck out will help & reduce/deport the rest as much as possible! To paraphrase a recent FB post I saw the other day: "Hey, USA is FULL- Get/Stay the F**K Out!"....

Sick n' Tired said...

We had a similar initiative here where they wanted to raise taxes by a penny in order to "improve" public transportation. It didn't pass luckily, but they were pushing pretty hard for it pre-election.

Anonymous said...

They REALLY know how to celebrate black hissry mumf!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, the fake black middle class is about to shrink dramatically.

Trumpenfuhrer has announces budget cuts of $10 trillion in 10 years. Cutting the EPA and Dept. of State, to name a few.

He's going to cut out some dem good jobs. Get ready for cries of racism and disparate impact.

Anonymous said...

I rode the IndyGo #19 bus to downtown Indy a few weeks ago. I am a young conservative and realist disguised as an artist/hipster living in the urban core. I wanted to see what all the transit hype was about.

I was the only white person on the round trip. I didn't even see any Mexicans or Cambodians either. (We have a lot of immigrants.) Every bus stop in the city center and along Meridian St. (the route for the new Red Line) was either totally empty, or chock-full of retarded negroes. I witnessed one verbal fight between an old black man with a cane and a female who he said kicked him on the bus. The driver eventually made him leave the bus for creating a scene. Unfortunately, he reappeared on the different bus I took back north to my home. I think these blacks just ride the bus around all day with a free pass.

The drivers were all black too, but seemed nice enough. They are supposed to be attracting more whites to the transit system, but it won't work. We love our cars. The sparkly new transit center downtown was full of blacks sunning themselves on the limestone benches, or blacks loitering inside, charging up they sail foams. The negroes are so menacing. No white people are going to ride this thing regularly. But we are going to pay for it. I would NEVER get off to transfer to another route. All the important line transfer spots are in the heart of the black ghetto.

Not impressed!!

nokangaroos said...

Well, erm, no :)
As they themselves claim to be "no homo" (and who am I to argue on that;b), I hereby propose the new taxon Australopithecus welfarensis sp. nov. NOK 2017.
If we are to reclaim science from the SJWs (like taking a lollipop from a baby really), we better play by the Stockholm rules.

Otherwise yes - the two incidents are without doubt so totally unrelated.
I´d positively HATE to be a cop and have to say that with a straight face.
Maybe with a little botox ...
The levels (read: depths) of cognitive dissonance (((they))) aleady take for granted are astonishing.

Paintjob Theory said...

These cretins are parodies of themselves and the stories just write themselves. 100+ rounds fired and nobody even wounded, "rapper" with absurd name, basketball, police being assaulted. This one really encapsulates a lot of TNB.

"How do you get shot in the head without being seriously injured?"

Negroes have a much thicker skull than humans. Also no vital organs in there. I reckon they function pretty much just off of the reptilian stem portion of their brain and the rest of it is just a sponge to support their chia-pet wool.

"Pavementapius Bellcurvius"

I don't know if that's their scientific name, but I'd give even odds that somewhere in darkest African America where the natives have never seen a white man apart from a few hapless explorers, there's a nog who has a name that is no more than 1 or 2 letters off from these.

"Like the Cubs fans used to say, "There's always next year . . . "

And yet even the Cubs eventually won a world series again. In another 110 years the Cubs may win another world series, but nowhere will a large group of black Africans gather without it turning into a bloodbath.

Proudyt said...

Right. Laws are merely suggestions to blacks,then they wonder why they are pulled over by cops more or followed around in stores more.

Anonymous said...

Like you sick n tired

Anonymous said...

This never happens when Ric Flair comes back to his home of Charlotte, North Carolina and puts on a show. WHOOOOOO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of you have brains to operate

Anonymous said...

Well just Move out New York then

Anonymous said...

I never saw this site before. Highly recommended to the SBPDL audience:


Some good stuff there.

Californian said...

One of the few joys of being a realist these days is watching explanations/cover for black violence and degeneracy get more and more desperate and ridiculous.

The growing public awareness of this is one reason that the Alt Right is on the march. Consider how far the movement has gotten in the last year. As long as the pressure is kept up, this can eventually become a decisive force in America.

How about a study of how blacks always occupy the lowest rung of society in non-black majority country in the world? Or a study of their makeup of the prison/criminal population in all of the non-majority black countries they occupy. The point is that we hardly need one because we have seen the results play out time and time again in various social settings/countries. Their behavior dooms them to failure and a solid reputation for being untrustworthy.

To take this further, look at how blacks create that lowest rung with their dysfunctional behaviors. Move a million blacks into a city like Detroit and you end up with crime, school breakdown, infrastructure collapse, civic bankruptcy, and etc. And of course, black behavior not only dooms them, but everyone around them.

Anonymous said...

Any city that would host this needs to host a "Black Bike Week" as well. Why have just one week from Hell when you can have two?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

The 2015 shooting @ the Labele nightclub just proves the importance of ammo selection. FMJ's, 230 grains or more are the best medicine for that sort of cranium. Anything less just splashes.

The CIAA tournament in Charlotte is having a good run of shootings per annum, but they have a long way to go before they catch up to New York's Caribbean Day parade.

Anonymous said...

I watch a hell of a lot less TV in February and it's expanding into other months too.
Commercials get muted and only glanced at to see if it's over. Caucasians and negroids were never meant to live together. Commercials that constantly slams the two together are revolting.
Hope I'm not the only one. Hollywood can go to hell and take their make me want to puke commercials with them.


PvtCharlieSlate said...

Parvus Zinjanthropus malus ignoramus.

Anonymous said...

Well NYC and California both large group of people from different backgrounds what do think

Anonymous said...

its little wonder why no one wants blacks in their communities. Where blacks go so goes crime and a general breakdown of community, government and law and order.

Race said...

28 years for being an a-hole? I didn't even know it was a crime!

Anonymous said...

So Trump signs a measure to help Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
I can only think that this is throwing out a bone so that, upon later actions being called ray-cisss, he can refer back to this decision. This does seem discriminatory against the colleges that admit ANY smart qualified person of ANY race. But Trump is too smart to do something like this without a good reason.
His speech tonight should be interesting.
And I slightly disagree with Anon. at 9:19 am. I WANT Asian Americans, Latin Americans, Native Americans, and other groups to agitate for their own history months and for placement in commercials, movies, in tv shows. According to Wikipedia- White Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, amounting to 13.2% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to 17% of the population, making up the largest ethnic minority. The White, non-Hispanic or Latino population make up 62.6% of the nation's total, with the total White population (including White Hispanics and Latinos) being 77%.
For every Latino, Asian, or Native American that is cast in movies, tv shows, commercials, etc., that is one less spot for African Americans to take, and the US and the world needs to be shown that, although blacks protest, riot, and make more noise, they are NOT the only minorities on the planet. And every dollar spent on other minorities, besides blacks, is a dollar they don't get to siphon.
And you can actually educate and lift up those other minorities.
L in Atl hell

Brian in Ohio said...

Randy said...
How do you get shot in the head without being seriously injured?

Blacks skulls are very dense and mostly empty. Even if the bullet had penetrated, it could bounce around a bit without causing much damage.

As to the O/T, with that many blacks in one area, I`d be amazed if spontaneous blackness(gunfire) DIDNT break out!

The maximum safe number to be around is between 0 and 10, depending on the venue and amount of surrounding whiteness. If you see 10 at a ball game with a couple hundred white people around, your probably ok, but keep your eye on them. If your alone and there`s 2 of them, they`re sizing you up for an attack, especially if your a woman. If your in a Chucky Cheese and there`s 5 of

Any more than 10, anywhere, and your in the wrong place.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I blame basketball. It got the streets all riled up and then the gun violence rang out. You can't get certain neighborhoods all excited without shots ringing out - everybody knows that. Sounds like a good time, nobody hurt except maybe that cop but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time so whatcha going to do.

These articles have to be written with blanks where the names go because every article about TNB reads just like every other report of TNB.

Sorry about the expanded bus line Indy - those suburbs are screwed. If you're a realist you'll be selling your house right now!

Left Coast White Guy said...

I started reading this, man they are all so similar it's no wonder the news media doesn't report this. It shows a VERY distinct pattern of them raping and murdering white people. They're like demons. Doubt me? Read the above link and tell me you don't come to the same conclusion. Apparently we are color coded for a reason.