Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Current Year Personified: White Students Call Each Other the N-Word as Tax Dollars Pay for them to see "Hidden Figures"

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So there have been three stories at VDare about Hidden Figures. For those unaware, the New York Times attacked Paul Kersey for daring to use facts to counter the myth of Hidden Figures.  

Well, here's my favorite story about Hidden Figures I've read yet. [Birmingham field trip to see Hidden Figures ends in violence, allegations of racism: Parent shoves teacher in confrontation over n-word,, 1-20-17]:

Birmingham school officials and police are investigating after a parent allegedly attacked a teacher at Seaholm High School. 
It happened Thursday after a field trip to see the hit movie Hidden Figures - a film about African American women who played an instrumental role in sending astronauts into space. 
On the bus ride back to the school, officials said a student used the n-word, setting off a confrontation. 
"A situation is being investigated both from a physical altercation point of view as well as a racial, in point of view," said superintendent Daniel Nerad. 
A teacher was talking to a student in the hallway about the confrontation when the student's parent arrived and shoved the teacher. The violence broke out in front of other students. 
"We're still processing through those witnesses because we have an obligation to insure that our facts are correct, " Nerad said. 
The parent was issued a ticket and has been ordered to stay away from the school. 
Officials aren't sure what role, if any, race played in the confrontation. 
The parent of a student with knowledge of the incident said a white student may have directed the slur at another white student. A black student then confronted them, saying  it was not appropriate to use the n-word.  
What is clear is that the teacher should not have been assaulted. 
"There is certainly no place in a school for anything that is violent in nature. No place whatsoever," Nerad said.
The movie Hidden Figures would have you believe white engineers lacked the intelligence to compute Mercury/Apollo flight mission trajectory, yet had time to discriminate against black women whose superior mathematical abilities enabled them to do these computations. 

In 2017, white children now call other white children n-word as they go see Hidden Figures... 


herfsi said...

maybe they thought the movie was called "Hidden Nigures" :)

Anonymous said...

Birmingham Michigan, go 'figure'. There was a time when the only blacks that you saw in Birmingham were maids catching the Woodward bus back to the D. Now it's blurred lines. Blacks like to drop their teens off in the evening for some 'upscale' shoplifting. They also like disrupting movies in downtown Birmingham. Much to the dismay of the blue haired, Bloody Mary matrons. Another upper crust community getting a dose of vibrant diversity. Does anyone have a way back machine? First stop...1963.

Anonymous said... said “I had hoped your particular brand of racism was dying out with the last of the “it was a different time” racists, but your article made me understand that as a Black Female Doctoral student, there will still be those who doubt my credibility due to the amount of melanin in my skin.”

No Tiffany, we don't doubt your credibility due to the amount of melanin in your skin. The excess melanin merely identifies a group of people who are by every measure dumber than the group of people easily identified due to a lack of melanin in their skin. To my knowledge melanin doesn't actually cause stupidity.

According to the 2011 Meet a Matador page ( you were a junior majoring in psychology. That means you should have finished up that program in 2012 and begin working on your doctorate. Here we are five years later and you are bragging about being a Doctoral student. It would be so weird if you were born in 1979 as suggested in your email address. That would mean that you are 38 years old and are still working on a degree. I'm sure that your family is very proud of you, and some day you might be portrayed as a genius black woman who revolutionized psychology, but the truth is almost certainly that you are an expensive parasite on the working taxpayers.

My guess is that you have been on the AA gravy train for a very long time and have probably never had a full-time job not funded by tax payers. The fact that you are in college makes you an elite high melanin person, but your performance places you at the bottom of the range of actual smart people. I have an advanced degree in college that I earned while working full time for a non-government corporation that payed non-minority employees based on honest performance. I never met a high melanin employee that was anything other than a placeholder to satisfy racial quotas. That company didn't pay those employees based on honest performance. They were paid because of the melanin in their skin.

Anonymous said...

LoL, one could almost laugh off this nonsense,
if it weren't for the part about being taxed to finance it.
And that might be a large reason trump was elected,
because of all the working white women who all of a sudden
were faced with doubled and tripled health insurance
payments to pay for obamacare. Tax payments are only
being employed to suppress, destroy, and ridicule the taxpayer.
Just look at what we get for our heavy tax burden, we get 3rd world, nonsensical.

Ex New Yorker said...

OT.....There has been this long time debate about how accurate blacks are when shooting their guns at different type targets. Some test were done in upstate New York this last Summer to test the theory that they "can't hit the side of a barn".

A farmer was paid for the use of his barn for testing this theory. The barn was 90 feet long and was painted a bright red. Urban "youths" were brought in and allowed to fire off their favorite handgun at the barn. Each shooter stood 30 feet away and fired at the 90 foot long target. It turns out that 10 to 20 percent of the rounds actually hit the barn.

In the late afternoon another test was done. This time the weapon was a 30 Cal. tripod mounted machine gun with a 40 shot belt. This time there was an improvement in shooting skills. At least 30 to 40 rounds per shooter hit the side of the barn.

The experts decided the reason they scored better with the 30 Cal. was because it was to difficult to fire a tripod mounted machine gun sideways.

Anonymous said...

White children are especially vulnerable to (((popular culture))) and social pressure to fit in. How moronic hip hop music came to dominate American music, I will never fathom. Alex from N. England

Anonymous said...

If I don't hear the words hidden and figure for the rest of my life it'll be too soon. Would 'Groes be offended if white kids started calling each other cracka or honky? After all, those words are theirs too. My Neeg Fatigue is at an all time high!


Anonymous said...

"There is certainly no place in a school for anything that is violent in nature. No place whatsoever," Nerad said.

Well, that battle was lost back in 1954 when the Supremes opened the schools to integration. It's been a non-stop race war ever since.

Anonymous said... is early in the morning and I am pretty loaded, but white men RULE in math. There is NO way some black women outdid the men in math. Anaclitic Geometry is ELEMENTARY math! All majors must learn it. It is not calculus! It is a FORMULA!!! I have not seen the movie, but these women did not do anything an AVEAGE math major couldn't do.

Mance Rayder said...

O/T here..Yet another excellent podcast. My new favorite new three word phrase."Pure Kinetic Beauty," was coined by "Natasha Lennard." An "ex-brit" who probably left England to avoid the muzzles over there. So she moves here to lecture US about how we need to adopt similar bs policies. Well, PK, she gets what I call the "Go f@*k yourself" award. She's is a real blue ribbon winner. Thanks for ALL you do PK and to the Commenters here!!

Anonymous said...

That movie is a lie and a travesty. Groids ruined our lunar programs.

ot: for our infestation issues we need to triple penalty for violent crimes and drug dealing, then offer a 50% reduction in punishment if voluntarily neutered (male and female). Enforce law harshly; wait a few years.

Get smart YT. Start dropping their numbers...

ps. What do you call 10,000 Negroes on the moon?

A good start.


Proudyt said...

One of the funniest and at the same time sad thing's I see are white kids acting black. Pants sagging,rap music playing,hat's turned sideways and even the black slang. It makes me want to smack them on the back of their heads.

Brian in Ohio said...

Well, they said they wanted black parents to get involved in their kids schools. Here ya go.

Stay alert, stay alive.

ejxinmi said...

I appreciate that you found this. I'm in their broadcast area (WXYZ), and missed this report. I suppose it has already been memory-holed.
But beyond this school bus incident, 'Hidden Figures' is blatant anti-white propaganda-- and that's being polite. It's infuriating to realize that, through compulsory taxation, I help pay for teaching white children to despise their forebears and their culture.

On a more positive note Mr. K., over the past year or so I have been listening to your conversations with Jared Taylor, and your recent contributions to The Daily Shoah, and Red Ice. When I first bought the Kindle edition of Escape From Detroit, I was disappointed with the typesetting and editing. I thought you were too rough around the edges, and maybe even a dilettante. Well, I was very wrong. I am so impressed with the breadth of your investigations and your memory is astounding. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Not only a black person, but a black woman was needed to do... advanced math. There were no Asians or white women available, and black males were busy building America and Black Wall Street. So black women were taken off of the local track team to "fix" a problem for white people? And then we have a black women telling the complete truth when she writes a story glamorizing black feminist math geniuses. Maybe Pat can give us the odds on that happening.

Anonymous said...

What YT should start doing / should've done was go in large groups to this movie and start screeching, ooking, eeking, tossing popcorn and yelling "bullshit" every time one of these math geniuses added 2+2. Maybe even use the screen for a game of Duck Hunt with the characters! Blacks helped NASA. Yeah, o-tay!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Proudyt said...
"One of the funniest and at the same time sad thing's I see are white kids acting black."

The saddest thing is that this behavior isn't exclusive to kids. Over the decades, as blacks have been put on a pedestal, every one of their puerile behaviors has been deemed the epitome of "cool", and game to be emulated by white people of all ages.

I just saw a poster for some program sponsored by one of the country's major, major children's hospital and on it you had the president and the CEO, an old white woman and and old white man respectively, giving each other a "fist bump". Of course, it was painfully awkward, but the average person would look at that and think, "those old people are cool, they must hate trump".

Anonymous said...

I just saw two guys talking urban in a commercial so dissapointed

Anonymous said...

I love the way they're dragging all the school kids to see this BS to keep the attendance numbers up.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question: why is it that Hidden Figures has taken off while other "black" movies have tanked (Selma, Red Tails)? What is it about this one movie which has given it mass appeal?

MrGJG said...

Herfsi deserves a thumbs up for that comment. That right there was funny!
As far as the movies goes, just another in a long line of anti-white propaganda that even blacks have to be feeling a little embarrassed about.
Of course the target audience isn't blacks, but virtue signaling whites who want to impress their friends with selfies on facebook of them standing in front of the marque.

Anonymous said...

I'm also in the metro Detroit area and a listener of red ice, the daily shoah, Amren podcasts. Also missed this story but I haven't watched much news lately with all the sob stories about refugees I don't give a shit about.

Anonymous said...

"Witnesses say the man burst onto the scene and loudly asserted, "Aaahs da buck nigga in diss fambly! Ain't nooooo-badah call my boy a nigga 'til he go ta prizzin!"

Anonymous said...

OT: Indianapolis: Not only does Indy have a violent negro crime problem, now we have a Latrino immigrant problem.

Today, these illegal Mexican turds, along with a group of Jews, Moslems, and white traitors are meeting with our Mayor to discuss the protection of illegal beaners in our city. This won't turn out well for them. LOOK AT THESE TRAITORS!!!

Must be 300 people waiting to get inside IndyCan event on immigration at St Philip Neri Church. The media is there too.

I will bet that activist Jews have organized this stunt.

Anonymous said...

This is the price of having negroes in our communities. Everything is deemed as "culturally insensitive" by the black whiners.

Whitey be keepin' muh down and sheeeeit!

Yes, we now have "hair-braiding regulations" in Indiana. Blacks should not be required to pay business taxes, pay for permits, be open for inspection, or be regulated like the rest of us are.

"It was devastating to say the least," said Barnes-Thomas, who saw Indiana's strict regulation of an African-American tradition as being culturally insensitive at the least, and economically devastating at most."

Anonymous said...

OT: "Pack Away Hunger"

Have you seen this crap? I was forced by my employer to participate one of these "volunteer" charity food packing events last week. In my BIG SHIPPING CORPORATION. If you don't do these volunteer opportunities at least once a year, you get passed over for promotion and your professional reputation goes to shit.

We had to pack these little bags of high protein dry foodstuff in bags to send to Africa and South American countries. First we had to endure an hour of boo hoo stories about starving brown people. All the stupid women were crying their eyes out. I wondered why we weren't packing birth control pills.

So yes, let's use white people to volunteer and donate money to feed these starving turds this GMO dry food so they will be fertile and healthy enough to make more starving turds and then call it a "not for profit" and pay ourselves a salary in the process. CORPORATE-PRIVATE SPONSORSHIPS. CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING. IT'S THE NEWEST THING.

Look at this story out of Indianapolis. Not a black face in the volunteer bunch, except for on the colorful posters of starving turds in the background. White people have lost their minds!!

Anonymous said...

She said, "Cautiously hopeful that the bill will serve the needs of communities of color, Brown said Wesco's bill may be indicative that "the next generation of Hoosier lawmakers will take into consideration the needs of their constituents. By 2050, this nation will be a minority-majority voting bloc, after all."

WHY is this white GOP cuck traitor from a 100% white district in Indiana helping these she-boons avoid taxation?

Anonymous said...

Will EMPEROR TRUMP'S 2017 budget finally bring white people some relief? Let's hope.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

FY2017 cut: $4.3 billion ($38.8 billion to $34.5 billion)

2017-2026 reduction: $292.8 billion

D-FENS said...

What do you call employees hired due to Affirmative Action?

A staff infection.

Anonymous said...

As i said in a previous post. If you really want to see black mathematicians at their finest, look no further than the city of Detroit. After 40 years of 2+2=3, you have one giant bankruptcy. This is the real "hidden figures". Black math gone wrong.

marc said...

Trump will be thought of as a tremendous leader in years to come. He is a builder and is uninterested in war and destruction.
Trump is not inclined to go to the White House Correspondents dinner. Trump was insulted in a very unfunny way by the super-wimp, Seth Myers. He was, to his face, called a clown by that skinny jackass. I have read that was the moment he decided to run for President. Trump represents the common man who needs a better America: safer, cleaner, with new buildings and high speed trains, new airports and above all, new bridges and freeways. Those improvements will be paid for by repatriated trillions of corporate earnings brought back by much lower tax rates. Any high school econ instructor could have thought of that, but not the Dumbocrats.

William Hendershot said...

It seems as if the media and the advertisers have stepped up their anti-white campaign after Trump got inaugurated. Between sports and the media,white kids are brainwashed to hate themselves.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone investigated the truth behind this movie, hidden figures? I have never heard of this story until the movie came out. I do remember blacks always complaining about the space program. A waste of taxpayers and government funds. That is what black politicians and black community leaders said. I'm not sure how much poetic license was taken with the writing and production of this movie, but I'm guessing it was significant. Anyone???

Oil 'n Water said...

Why is it that black "achievement" is often portrayed as being tempered by White repression?
If we are to believe the message so often expressed for decades now, that Whites have restricted blacks through denial of substantial opportunities, then does it not follow that where blacks are free of this stifling influence, their accomplishments must abound?
Then we must ask: Where is the African space program? Where are the automobiles produced in Africa or Haiti? The great agricultural advancements in Congo and Liberia? Where are the ground-breaking black scientists in the motherland creating cures of which the world may benefit? And where are the great architectural and civil engineering triumphs?
Instead, black achievement, actual or fabricated, must constantly be exemplified, not only proving how accomplished they are as a group, but needing to be coupled with the omnipresent struggle against those who wish to deny their true abilities.
I could stomach the Hollywood and MSM portrayals - everyone needs to feel a sense of ethnic pride. But having to swallow this rubbish while at the same time being force-fed the notion that they collectively possess great character, is too much. Our crime rates, disintegrating cities, dysfunctional schools, and fruitle$$ efforts to improve their lot, tell a completely different story - the true hidden figures.
But, of course, the fault again lies with Whites.
Something smells in the basement when one group must be raised up through the denigration of another group.

Anonymous said...

When I was in high school, they would show movies like Lilies of the Field and To Kill a Mockingbird. Of course, this was in the 1970s, so you figure there might have been some residual "injustice" for blacks to face. And there was some reason to think all Americans, white and black, could overcome them together and build a new future.

Here we are 40 years later and we have to ask, what on earth could black schoolchildren learn from a movie such as Hidden Figures? What challenges would a black have to face when, say for working for NASA in 2017? It's not as if Bull Conner and George Wallace were still running the show. No one is discriminating against blacks in government, academia or the corporate world. If anything, blacks dominate many federal agencies while DWLs and cuckservatives alike bow down before Saint MLK.

But even with the system rigged via affirmative action, black history months and positive role models dialed to the elevens, blacks are not making any positive impact on NASA. We do not see black aeronautical engineers being turned out en masse from the universities, nor so we see them pioneering into space. Instead, the main black accomplishment of the last several decades has been burning out several major American cities via rioting, crime and infrastructure neglect.

Well, perhaps from Earth orbit one can detect the blackened ruins which once marked the city of Detroit.


Californian said...

On a more positive note Mr. K., over the past year or so I have been listening to your conversations with Jared Taylor, and your recent contributions to The Daily Shoah, and Red Ice.

I especially like it when you and Dr Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents are on together. Some really good insights into how movies, ballgames and popular culture intersect.

One day I'd like to hear -- as the Man used to say -- "the rest of the story!"

Anonymous said...

If there is no room for violence in the Birmingham schools, quit letting blacks use phony addresses to enroll in your schools. When you have black students and black parents you will also have violence. Paying high property taxes, and inviting rowdy guests to your school district. Idiots running cities that used to function at a high level. What's that giant downward sucking sound? It's America, one city at a time.

Pat Boyle said...

So far we've examined several of the popular proposals commonly advanced to address our racial troubles. The common theme that unites all the more drastic proposals is immediate and violent political opposition. This last month we have seen violent political opposition to even such relatively innocuous proposals like the increased vetting of refugees. If we were to sterilize welfare recipients imagine how much opposition the government would encounter.

I am not arguing that we should do nothing - just that we should be careful about what we propose. We are looking for a line of action that is effective in rolling back the black tide but which engenders as little opposition as possible.

My solution is reducing welfare payments.

First of all most Americans - both liberal and conservative - are opposed to public welfare. Many citizens still remember Ronald Reagan's speeches about "Welfare Queens". Liberals like to disparage Reagan's welfare anecdotes but the reality was always much worse.

We hear a lot on the news these days about "Fake News". Trust me no one lies as much about social issues as the typical welfare program spokesman. The official 'line' when I worked for the government, was that welfare fraud constituted at most about one percent of all cases. I wondered were this figure came from, so I counted those on my own caseload. My estimate was 50% shouldn't get a grant.

Let me repeat - by my count, half of all welfare recipients were receiving their grant fraudulently. Most Americans have always suspected something like this. That means that the general voting and tax paying public are emotionally prepared to cut welfare payments. So this is the easy way forward. Unlike sterilization or incarceration, the public doesn't have a tremendous amount political and moral opposition to overcome.

Also America is broke. We are approaching a twenty trillion National Debt. Most of that debt is in the entitlement programs. It used to be in the Military but now it's in "transfer payments". That means transferring the money from your checking account into some welfare recipient's EBT account.

I think the solution is to cut off the financial support of blacks who don't work and whose kids kill and steal. There's a reason that cities don't allow the people to feed the pigeons. To eliminate pests you cut off the subsidized food.


Anonymous said...

I doubt this even happened as far as the n word comment. I see this as bs white bashing. As far as the teacher getting hit / hurt no damn excuse. The movie. Based on history,ok why are we just hearing about it. I don't go to movies anymore. Three reasons. Socialist sjw bs. Talking. Germs. Home school. No more crappy field trips.

Tom B. said...

Not sure if this is too off-topic, but I think it is relevant to your readers.
S. African president Zuma has now come out declaring he will "redistribute" the wealth and farmland of White Afrikaners to blacks, who will no doubt piss it away just as they did in neighboring Zimbabwe. South Africa is now, officially, doomed. This is what happens when you turn political power over to a group, most of which, actually HATE you. But American liberals will not understand this until it is too late.

Racoon said...

Pat Boyle @ 5:57pm: Reducing welfare payments is pretty appropriate, but bear in mind that (1) it has to be undertaken across the board (i.e. white trash and brown trash as well), and (2) we need to be prepared for the unspoken-but-hinted-at blacklash that such a measure would engender - the threat that blacks will go "ape" in predominantly white areas, as opposed to rioting in their own nests.

It will not be a popular move at all, and will require Trump-sized balls to bring into play.

D-FENS said...

"Here's a question: why is it that Hidden Figures has taken off while other "black" movies have tanked (Selma, Red Tails)? What is it about this one movie which has given it mass appeal?"

I suspect that there is some sort of guerilla (gorilla😀?) marketing campaign not just for (((financial))) reasons but as agitprop. I am in a Faceberg group focused on the early space program. There are a couple of posters who repeatedly post links to this movie but never participate in any other discussions. When I look at their Faceberg pages, there is always an indication of SJW activity. This doesn't prove that their actions are orchestrated but is interesting.

I am also a participant in the collectspace forums. These are hard-core space afficionados who debate arcane aspects of manned and unmanned spaceflight. The movie "The Right Stuff" has been endlessly discussed and its numerous historical inaccuracies pointed out even though it is almost 35 years old. There has been no equivalent discussion of "Hidden Figures" outside of one or two comments that it was somewhat entertaining. The (((gentleman))) who runs the site is the only one that seems to push the film.

Anonymous said...

Im not anti Christian, but these churches are really pushing the limit. I quit going a few years ago due to all the money they wanted to send overseas to Africa and haiti. Every service at some point came to be a beg-fest for all the missionaries on the dark continent. Ugh. The area I lived in got its first taste of vibrant Central American diversity in 2004, thanks to lax immigration policies under ELPresidente Jorge Boosh, a local crooked lawyer, and of course, none other than St Josephs church. The crooked lawyer has since made himself scarce, after the local illegal "community " sued the school district for not teaching class in spanish. Yeah they did. No shit. They're absolutely no better than negroes, you better believe it. They're there sucking off welfare, clogging up the emergency room at the hospital, getting free labor and deliveries ( yes they do my ex wife works in management there and verified that) clogging uo the social security office, you name it. Point is, an illegal invasion is NO better than having an infestation of negroes. Its all a problem for our society.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

You bring up a very good point with this. Problem is, you don't volunteer, your voluntold. That's where it becomes a problem. And, you're correct, unfortunately many of our brothers and sisters have went totally off the deep end. However, there are many who are coming out of their slumber, thanks to the new environment and attitude towards illegals. Keep your heads up, and speak the truth my friends.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

That's a number that needs a chainsaw taken to it. Imagine what we could do without these parasites!!
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

That would be funny as hell if it weren't so true
Mr Turner

Sick n' Tired said...

A friend of mine works for a major corporation in San Fran and regularly has to do similar things, like AIDs walk, pack food packages for third world countries, and other types of SJW nonsense. She said the same thing about being passed over or being shunned by coworkers for not attending these "voluntary" events.

Californian said...

Anonymous Oil 'n Water said...
Why is it that black "achievement" is often portrayed as being tempered by White repression?

It provides a narrative which sanctifies blacks by making them appear to be geniuses who, if they can overcome eeeeeeevil oppression, will bring enlightenment to the world. Of course, we can ask why blacks have failed to live up to this image. When they control entire countries, blacks tend to regress to the African mean. Here in the USA since de-segregation, blacks have been conspicuous in their inability to maintain the infrastructure of cities which Whites have handed to them.

Consider this: academia has any number of Black Studies programs. But what great innovations have they produced in science, technology, engineering or math? How about the soft sciences, like history or philosophy? We can all see how Black History is a crude rewrite of the facts to indulge African fantasies. As for philosophy, the best they can come up with is agitate-agitate-agitate when not indulging in drivebys and flashmobs.

But hey, who cares, as long as the silver screen can show images of feisty black women saving YT's space program? And who cares if on the drive home from the theater you pass a burned out ruin that was once a prosperous neighborhood?

People will, in general, believe a pleasant delusion as opposed to facing hard reality. The critical thing is to wake up Whites from that delusion. Meantime:

Stay alert
Stay armed
Stay alive

Anonymous said...

I personally hope that the yoofs that attend this movie don't get the idea to take "maff" classes instead of aspiring to be rappers, gangsters, pimps, or millionaire NBA stars.
If they do take "maff", and they (naturally) excel at it, how will we EVER be able to compete with them via honest work in the various highly paid technical fields?

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said...Let me repeat - by my count, half of all welfare recipients were receiving their grant fraudulently. Most Americans have always suspected something like this. That means that the general voting and tax paying public are emotionally prepared to cut welfare payments.

I would think it's more than that, don't forget the subsidized housing and the child care vouchers. What we have in our area is public housing that the blacks never move out of but keep passing on to their children and relatives. Don't have a job? Welfare pays the rent which is only 30% of a tenant's income.

An adult can not live on $34 a week, that's why there's a huge underground economy. The blacks invented this, starting with the credit unions at their churches and using non profits as fiscal conduits. The Chinese are the real pros, having minimum 2 different alias's to get benefits. No one can understand them except the Chinese welfare workers who put the blacks to shame with their expertise at fraud.

In order to end welfare, stop hiring all blacks to work at welfare offices, they are the ones teaching the recipients how to do fraud. These are the real criminals, they hate America and Americans. Affirmative Action has put black and Spanish women in the top earning jobs in supervisory positions that they are not trained or qualified for. Most of them do very little actual work for the paycheck. Privatize these agencies and get rid of the unions. Same thing with the IRS and other civil service jobs.

Anonymous said...

Dixie here (and ex-Atlanta resident) -

There are (at least) two billboards on I-285 in Atlanta. One is on the west side near Camp Creek Parkway (all-black) and the other on the east side just south of I-20 (again, all-black.)

In all caps - BIG letters - "Black People Are Being Pushed Out of Atlanta." SERIOUSLY? Atlanta is mecca for the negroes! They took over Atlanta years and years ago. They run everything. The airport is all-black. The city of Atlanta's government is all-black. Talk about dens of iniquity and corruption. Been that way ever since King Maynard Jackson ran the airport. You can't walk downtown without seeing them shucking and jiving, day and night. They're everywhere. They have it all. But it will never be enough.

Found this article:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... OT: "Pack Away Hunger
No doubt these will not be available to the average starving child or , but sold on the black market after being apprehended by the local politicians and activists.
Yes, no one dare say a word or even joke about these stupid events.

Steve Smith said...

Really?!? I live in Atlanta and it feels like they are being pushed INTO the city. It is a Mecca of black dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

"Hair-braiding salons are just one of many businesses Republican lawmakers are hoping to deregulate, with Indiana lawmakers considering changes in the licenses of psychologists, mental health counselors and social workers. But hair braiding, which has been an African tradition for thousands of years, is an industry with a nontraditional constituency for Republican lawmakers."

Changing license requirements for psychologists, me talk health workers and social workers... These will be all-black professions soon, with lowered standards allowing lower people to put more people on social security for their "disabilities". And then the disabled Brainerd can make tax free money.

Gimme mo gibs, sucka!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dixie-maybe blacks are being pushed out of downtown Atlanta- rent is high there. But they just move out to the SOuthside mostly where rent is cheaper. They don't, or won' t go far. Dis be dey city,after all. L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

" Magic knee grow " films and "melanin" challenged " students droppingthe "N" bomb. And just when you thought we'd lost our sense of irony

Anonymous said...

Another question that comes to mind, is if they are so much more cultural superior to us white Devils, than how exactly were they able to have been so easily subdued in the first place.