Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oh, you can't get out backwards. You've got to go forwards to go back

Hidden Figures is going to win the Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards.

But is okay.

Space, as Dr. Greg Johnson and I discussed, is but a dream deferred.

Because Hidden Figures is truly science fiction, designed to boost the egos of blacks today and paint white people of yesterday as nothing more than hideous racists incapable of reaching the heavens without... hidden black female mathematicians.

But that's not quite true, is it John H. Sengstacke?

Who was Sengstacke? In Lynn Spiegel's book Welcome to the Dreamhouse: Popular Media and Postwar Suburbs (p. 165), we learn just who he is:
By the following week, the Defender's editor and publisher John H. Sengstacke had reversed the paper's initial enthusiasm almost completely. In his editorial, "Lily-White NASA," Sengstacke admonished NASA for failing to rain any black men as astronauts since the death (in 1967) of Maj. Robert H. Lawrence. he thought this exclusion was not simply an oversight but intentional. "The Pentagon," he wrote, "has seen to it that [no other black man] is selected for that training." Then he concluded with a not-too-veiled threat: "In truth, there are virtually no Negroes involved in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration... This is typical American racism in action. Like all other areas of racial bias in American life which had to be assaulted by picketing and militant demonstrations, NASA awaits its baptism of racial fire before it integrates its space program." (column published by the Chicago Defender, July 29, 1969)
When you distill down black contributions to the United States of America, they all are nothing more than perfecting the art of picketing and militant demonstrations in demanding white people abandon their future to provide blacks with a present.

In so doing, we ultimately destroy the future for everyone.

To get to space today, our astronauts hitch a ride with the Russians.

I was born in a world where white supremacy had been supplanted by egalitarianism, which ultimately birthed black supremacy and the strange belief that every human on the planet somehow possesses rights to be an American under the U.S. Constitution.

And though Hidden Figures is poised to win Best Picture, the truth of what happened in the 1960s, when white men stepped foot on the moon a mere 66 years after white men flew for the first time in human history in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, represents the ultimate seeds of our liberation.

John H. Sengstacke knew it, too.

The black contributions to America are simply assaulting the American way of life white people collectively create with pickets and militant demonstrations, demanding we abandon our dreams so that we can fund theirs.

We mortgaged the future on the belief we could spend trillions of dollars to prove race was really just a social construct, but in so doing, we were provided with endless data samples proving the contrary.


rent slave said...

As I've said many times,our space program went away when NASA decided to become Massa.We could have been living on the Moon,but chose instead to support the.....

Anonymous said...

To quote the late, great, stoner Morrison, "This is the end". However, I know full well that with the end comes the potential vfirva new beginning.

Unknown said...

Well someone doesn't pay attention to black history month. If February teaches you anything its simply this. All of the highlights of black history were done by people who weren't black, and written about with non-black languages to impress people who aren't black.

Whats the bottom line? Patronising stupid people just makes them angry. By keeping this up, blacks will finally fulfill the promise of Margaret Sanger and kill themselves off by pissing off the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

All civil rights movements for blacks, going back nearly 200 years, were the result of white altruism.

The Brits - master slave traders - banned it in 1830.

Americans wanted to get rid of it in the 1700s, but because of issues with trying to keep a new nation together, took until 1865.

The Portuguese and Spanish in South America, took almost until the turn of the 20th century to accomplish it.

Ironically, Africa still practices it today. But The USA is the most racist country in the world according to critics.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Great entries lately, Paul.

Haven't commented in awhile, but wanted to go O/T if that's okay.

Re Indianapolis:

Today we hope was our last experience with "WHO TREW DAT HAM AT ME?!"

Wanted to share a tale of 3 car accidents over a few year period.

1. A friend parked downtown noticed the car behind him wedged against his bumper. Old-school, pencil-neck WASP-y liberal democrat. Well-connected, though. He called a buddy with IMPD to send a cop over. Prob no damage, but he wanted a cop there just in case he needed to make a report. While waiting, he saw a "clergy" sticker in the window of the car. An obese negro in a giant purple suit & hat was hanging out nearby watching. When the cop pulled up, purple suit fat man ran up to the cop screaming that my friend had bashed into his car and he was glad the police were there. My friend was speechless. This sweaty negro made a huge scene about being a victim of a vicious hit-and-run. Ended up being nothing.

2. A friend's teenage daughter had an accident when a car turned left in front of her. Her dad was out of town and asked if I could run over there to make sure she was okay. The driver of the other car was a chubby Kenyan with a wife-beater shirt and heavy accent. The girl was shook up and crying. Her kid car was totaled. The black dude was waving his arms and making a scene. The rusty old POS Mercedes he was driving was totaled, too. He didn't want to involve the cops and offered to take whatever cash I had on me as settlement for his car. He was flailing his arms and making the same scene as the purple suited clergy. I told him it would be settled through proper channels. As I was taking the girl home, the cops were talking to him. It wasn't his car. Was his girlfriend's car. But he didn't know her last name. He couldn't find registration or insurance. Buddy told me later the guy hired one of these TV lawyers the next day claiming he'll be disabled for life. There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with him, except the obvious.

3. Yesterday I got a call from my pretty, white, professional, educated wife. She was at a very nice white people mall in Indy. African woman backing out of a parking spot bumped into my wife's car. Bumper to bumper contact at maybe 1-2 mph. Before even seeing the bumper, negress chimps out, doing everything possible to get my wife to admit that she "slammed into" her. My wife was getting scared and called me. The african was stomping around, screaming and demanding cops. My wife’s car had a tiny ding about 1/2 the size of a dime. The african's bumper had about a 1mm nick in the paint. My wife totally didn't care about the ding at this point and just wanted away from this simian lunatic. Mall security guy told the negress cops won't come out unless there's $1500 damage. The woman insisted on exchanging insurance. My wife snapped pictures of the back of the woman's car. The "damage" is virtually invisible. But the license plate on her luxury car was over 2 years expired.

We all see it. Whether we admit it or not.

Even the nicest areas of Indy are being infested. The new bus service is now shipping the disease to the nice, peaceful suburbs.

My wife is red-pilled. Always has been. Her family is solid, American, honest people. They weren't shy about calling it what it is growing up. Just like me and a lot of you, she just just wants the hell away from it. She wants our family away from the violence and chaos that comes with them. We're getting out.

There are no nearby "nice neighborhoods" anymore. You have to get away. Plenty of places in America where there are few, if any, negroes. We've settled on one such place. Spending a lot and leaving our city, but we're gaining security. One of the reasons we selected our new home is virtually 100% likelihood negroes won't come there in our lifetime. That is worth every penny. Just to get away from them and enjoy Whitopia.

Longtime commenter

Proudyt said...

The Zulu space program surely is capable of sending men to the by now aren't they ?

Brian in Ohio said...

Ah, the double edged sword that is diversity. The more blacks are shoved in our faces, the more obvious their failings are. This is probably why the same people who are telling us diversity is so awesome are the ones who don't live near it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

There never was or is any Black Contribution to society, unless you call twerking a contribution. Let that sink in and please point out my error if I'm wrong? Nomesayin?

Race said...

An interesting you tube post is getting interesting and could use done sbpdl support at

Bird of Paradise said...

Just like with the Grammies and the golden globe award shows their nothing but leftists propeganda for a bunch of liberal leftists useful idiots like last ear when DiCaprio used his moment to spew out his Global Warming drivel I quit watching these silly award shows many years ago

herfsi said...

good article & fascinating podcast - as you point out, our ubiquitous black thug culture was virtually nonexistent before the civil rights era. blacks newfound skill at picketing in the 1960s led Tom Wolfe to write his 1970 "Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers" about how blacks fervently pursue the gibsmedat bc "muh racism & muh feelz" & then the whole cottage industry of al sharpton & his ilk quickly developed. the moon was good while it lasted. we can get there again if we jettison the cargo that holds us back.

Anonymous said...

This movie plays like your average safe space college environment, where it’s okay to be imprecise about your claims as long as you sound like your down with the social justice warriors. A typical leftist negro ego booster injection, keeps the hostiles lost in a cloud of hasty generalizations and emotive thinking, while ready to cry “foul” or “racist” If someone dares point out that it’s no more than the product of their diseased mind.

A negro cannot formulate English into a sound argument let alone a space capsules trajectory, and with humans on board? Yea right, those magic negroes never cease to amaze me. Now I ask, when they do this ( pump up a negroes ego) and no person of color is able to achieve anything close or accomplish anything near as amazing, who’s fault is it going to be?

For A-holes like them, fact and reasoning is always a major inconvenience for their lazy pseudo-intellectual narratives. Why don’t they ask SpaceX for a magic negro job, I’m sure that company’s falling all over themselves to be diverse and inclusive, in total need of mathematical negro genius.

Friggin’ undertow, I’m so negro fatigued thinking about ‘em!

Anonymous said...

The premise of this propaganda film is ludicrous...too unbelivable to even pass as Sci-Fi

Anonymous said...

Hollywood tries to manufacture a new history with fictional shows on par with a cartoon.
Then have a big awards ceremony so they can pat themselves on the back. They have not yet figured out that pandering to the low I.Q. crowd is a slow suicide.


Wide Awake said...

My favorite one do date. Well done sir

Anonymous said...

Saw this on Twitter from @Mangan150

P. D. Mangan ����‏@Mangan150 19h19 hours ago
Crime has always mystified me, not in the sense that people commit crimes, but that society tolerates so much of it.

Well, I know why we tolerate crime. It's because blacks commit most of it and we aren't allowed to talk about race. Race and crime are related. Crime is black.

If we really cracked down on crime, or if whites retaliated with SYG and 2A,, we'd find that we were cracking down on BLACKS and that would be racist.

This white way of PC thinking in a multi-culti society is why we have a black crime problem in the first place. There is no such thing as equality.

Anonymous said...

Indy is a shit hole. You have to deal with feral urban nogs or the stupid commie bastard liberals who coddle them.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hey snowflakes Cheetos and Chester Cheeta have a special little snack for you Snowflake Crackers just your type

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Ironically, Africa still practices it today. But The USA is the most racist country in the world according to critics.....

The USA made the huge mistake of trying to prove the negroes were on equal par with the white man. Never was true, never will be true, isn't true now. Yet that won't stop the (((operators))) and their vacant, wooden headed SJW followers who are partnered with the blinded by the light Christians to think and act otherwise.

Look, you can deny reality all you want. It doesn't make it go away. Negroes are a disaster, a blemish, if you will, on the nose of humanity. Nothing short of acknowledging and acting upon it will change the course of direction this ship is sailing.

Anonymous said...

I was forced to watch CNN at the gym today- a few things I want to point out.
The Ex Governor of NC was just reported on CNN as backing Trump on the transgender bathroom issue, although while still Governor, he voted FOR it. My guess is, his conscience finally kicked in now that he does not have the pressure of office and other politicians. This will be interesting to see play out. I consider myself a Christian, so I mean no offense to believers, but I do not see how anyone can call themselves a Christian and then vote to allow humans that have a high probability of possessing a penis, to use the same bathrooms that humans with vaginas want to use without worrying about a person with a penis that might walk in at the same time. I think Christians are starting to see how "equality" is being used to push some very immoral, unjust, and dangerous agendas.
CNN also reported that "53" of "Americans" polled approve of Obamacare. That does NOT match what my friends, family, and acquaintances report. Many report that forcing them so sign up for it suctions at least 33& of their paycheck, after which, they do not quality for ANY government help, because they are "working", you know. WHY did the media not ask WHERE this poll was taken?? My guess is, they went to a high Section 8 area or public housing, and polled people there. No guess as to what their opinion would be.
L in Atl hell

Hick'ry Stick said...

"Think of all the hate there is in Red China.
Then take a look around to Selma, Alabama.
You may leave here for four days in space.
But when you return it's the same old place."
I'll bet not many of you recognize those lyrics, heard around 1967.
Yes, take a look at Selma, and tell me that it was hatred that caused the wreck of this city. That it was not the result of whites pressured to believe that racism and bigotry were wrong, but instead the knowledge of the negro that past generations understood, that had kept the flood gates closed.
Leave here for four days in space, indeed…if you can buy a ticket on the Russian express.
Oh, but just wait. The strength of diversity will show itself any time now, you unbelievers. It's only been half a century. Give it time already…
Know the name of the tune?

Anonymous said...

Also, Trump banned CNN, New York Times, and a few other media outlets from a recent White House conference. This is not an everyday occurrence. I am glad that he did. The blowback will be harsh, but I have NO sympathy for CNN and the others. Those bitches brought it on themselves with slanted, partial, and one way reporting that is slanted to the liberal agenda.
For instance- I have talked about how a white Gwinnett County commissioner-Tom Hunter, accused U.S. Representative in Atlanta, a black man named John Lewis, of being a "racist pig".
This is AFTER Mr. Lewis, a KNOWN "extra rights for blacks" agitator, called our SITTING President, "illegitimate", and of course, calls Trump a "racist" and yet, while the Naacp, Black Caucus , and many other black extra rights groups are agitating for Mr. Hunter to resign or be fired, not a SOUL in the media or anywhere else has agitated that Mr. Lewis be forced to resign for insulting our PRESIDENT. Unbeleivable. While both insults are bad, I would rather be called a pig than illegitimate any day. Black "leaders" pressured black Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to weight in on Mr. Hunters utterances, although Gwinnett County is not Mr. Reeds territory. Mr. Reed then wrote a letter to United Consulting in Norcross, (Gwinnett county, NOT Fulton county) which employs Mr. Hunter to work in Gwinnett county, that he finds Mr. Hunters "toxic remark to be insulting, reprehensible, and unacceptable to this administration", and to let him know how they plan to "resolve this matter".
Mr. Reed, may I please ask how you and your "administration" felt about the "insulting, reprehensible, and unacceptable" comments that Mr. John Lewis made about our SITTING PRESIDENT?? Hypocrites, everyone of you. Hypocrites with an agenda to only further the people of your own race, and forget anybody else and what is fair and impartial.
The Democrats on Monday, the Civil Rights hero encourages Americans to reject the bigotry of Donald Trump and his surrogates.

Lewis begins by citing the fact that the KKK newsletter “The Crusader” recently endorsed Trump for president, speaking to the “darkest part of our society.”

“What bothers me is that Mr. Trump has now run a national campaign that has emboldened these racists and bigots,” Lewis adds. “What bothers me is that I still remember the terror we felt in the 1960s, marching peacefully into a violent storm of hatred whipped up by racism and bigotry.”

How many times do Conservatives have to hear civil rights tokens like John Lewis and their calls of racism? For them, everything is racism except the racist crap they do.
Even though I know this may need to be edited, I would really like to hear everybodys thoughts about this.
L in Atl hell

chattanooga gal said...

as I posted once before, I did a similar job to what these magic negroes in the movie Hidden Figures did- namely, plug in numbers into a set formula to save my boss, who worked in nuclear physics, a tedious job. ANYBODY with a basic knowledge of algebra could have done it. I was just one of several to do this job. So I guess now there will be a movie about how I am responsible for the nuclear energy program?... crickets

Anonymous said...

I am going "Anonymous" on this one since it mentions my day job.

I see about 30 patients a day. I work in Florida which has a high rate of "snow birds", those who come down for 4 to 6 months to avoid the snow.

Wimpy White people who can't handle the very substance that CREATED us.

Anyway, I get a lot of these New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine folks. They are all skinny, Tight-Ass and cheap. They are all "liberals" and love the Lutheran Church or some other watered down, dick-less Christian loser off-shoot bull-shit Myth that I have never needed. I can tell they "love the negro" and are never, ever racists.

These are the people we have to vote against and fight against and suffer with. They are pathetic. They are what is destroying America and are behind the extinction of the White race. They have no negroes to deal with, up North, since the Cold, Snow and Ice will naturally keep them away (unless White Men are paying their heating bill, etc.).

We can not survive with these pathetic, whimpy, emaciated, "whites". They have to go. We need soldiers, killers, hard-core realists to survive.

Anonymous said...

The World Fantasy Award used to be given a bust of H.P. Lovecraft, but it was discontinued and a bust of a sheboon is now given in its stead. I believe this is a good time to bring back the old version of the World Fantasy Award for the Academies!

Barring that, can this tripe (cuz 'da bruvvahs eats 'dem chit'lins!) have its day at the BET awards?

Anonymous said...

Only because we're the shining example of what could be for ALL white nations, hence the need to press the black agenda here to win or lose it for ALL whites.

A rational discussion of the Negroe Problem must be had at the highest levels but could only be if many whites could finally allow that discussion without shrieking and melting down.

Anonymous said...

In college physics classrooms the picture of Sir Isaac Newton
will be replaced with picture of the soul sister who derived these equations
of gravitational trajectory.

Anonymous said...

"When you distill down black contributions to the United States of America, they all are nothing more than perfecting the art of picketing and militant demonstrations in demanding white people abandon their future to provide blacks with a present."

How true. Very powerful thought in one sentence. The other time something powerful was uttered in one sentence was Chuchill praising the RAF in the Battle of Britain by saying "we owe so much to so few." Those who master the English language will become public enemy no. 1 to America's hostile elite. More so then those who can handle infantry weapons. We now have to disseminate these ideas to a wider audience. I'm up to the challenge. Are you?

Anonymous said...

Was his girlfriend's car. But he didn't know her last name. He couldn't find registration or insurance. Buddy told me later the guy hired one of these TV lawyers the next day claiming he'll be disabled for life. There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with him, except the obvious.

Always covertly film the other person walking around after the accident. Give it to your insurance agent and there won't be any court date for neck and back injury BS.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know why we tolerate crime. It's because blacks commit most of it and we aren't allowed to talk about race. Race and crime are related. Crime is black.

Paint theory is the real problem.

Even most conservatives believe Black crime wouldn't be a problem if the environment was correct (more church, private schools, rejecting thug culture, etc).

I think Black crime could definitely be reduced with traditional conservative solutions but to believe it is an environmental problem at the core is delusion. Even before the 60s cultural changes it was accepted that Blacks were far more likely to kill each other over something stupid like a dice game or a jilted lover. Hollywood and liberal/egalitarian idiocy have definitely amplified the problem but it's not like we can take things from a 10 to a 1. I doubt conservatives would be so naive about changing them if cameras were around then and homicides had to be reported.

Wide Awake said...

The true irony here is that through slavery, we have dispersed the negro destruction throughout the globe. It's just a matter of time before the world is Haiti.

Anonymous said...

The USA made the huge mistake of trying to prove the negroes were on equal par with the white man.

I get your point but I wouldn't refer to the people that changed the laws to be the USA.

As with South Africa the people never got to vote on whether or not they thought this was a good idea. American Whites weren't able to vote on racial integration laws during the 60s and both parties did backroom deals that worked against them.

Marxists, liberals and other assorted egalitarians can't win if all facts are on the table and Whites are allowed to vote. They have to usurp White rationality and criminalize "hate speech" to hide the truth. Of course their current plan is to make Whites a minority to get the democratic problem off the table once and for all. But the question is will Whites value democracy when they are on the short end of it, especially within a system they created. I'm not sure but I do know that things will get very difficult for egalitarians once the DNA evidence is out. A lot of Whites have supported "good faith" efforts on the basis that the problem might be environmental. Take away the doubt and I think Whites will go back to working in their best interest, all all other racial groups do.

Anonymous said...

I moved to a small northern city that's only about 2 percent black about 1 1/2 years ago from near downtown St. Louis, where I lived for 8 years. In St. Louis, I lived among about 85% poor urban blacks, and I worked with the same at a local store for part of that time. Met a lot of good black people during that time, but also a lot of hostility, much of it overt. Here? It's a night and day difference!

Haven't felt nervous even once walking around, and I'm in the supposedly shady part of town. When I tell natives where I live, they get serious and say, "Be careful around there!" After living in St. Louis...hahaha!

When I walk around, even the whites who look like they have some serious addiction problems are polite or outright friendly.

The buses here are free of panhandling, drug dealing and pirated DVD sales. Instead, the buses are often full of friendly conversation between white people, both friends and strangers.

I sometimes go days without seeing a black person--but most of those I do see seem to be misbehaving. They also predominate in the crime headlines despite making up so little of the population.

Obviously this place isn't perfect...but sometimes I this what America used to be like in lots of cities? Sometimes I almost get something in my eye thinking about what has been lost, and what utter sh*t so many white folks are dealing with in all the former Mayberrys out there.

Anonymous said...

In the podcast, PK states that Katherine Johnson was hired before Affirmative Action, and states that she was genuinely talented, (though perhaps in a minor way). But Affirmative Action didn't start with the Nixon regime, as is often believed. Per wiki:

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy became the first to utilize the term "affirmative action" in its contemporary sense in Executive Order 10925 to ensure that government contractors "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin."[23] This executive order realized the government's intent to create equal opportunities for all qualified people. This executive order was eventually amended and superseded by Lyndon B. Johnson's Executive Order 11246 which prevented discrimination based on race, color, religion, and national origin by organizations which received federal contracts and subcontracts. In 1967, the order was amended to include sex as well.[24]

Even previous to Kennedy's order, Truman, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt had all made efforts to integrate the negro into white society, most notably by integrating the public schools and the military. Though it has proceeded in fits and starts, racial integration (i.e., white "genocide") has been the white man's ongoing project since the Civil War. So Johnson may well have been hired in compliance with federal guidelines.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I always heard Philadelphia is racist just like the old south and rest of the usa

Anonymous said...

Here's what most black people can "figure" - how to do just enough to not get fired from a job until they're ready to fake a work-comp claim or discrimination suit. How to act just smart and tame enough to get a job in the first place. Just how much to act-up in a restaurant to get their meal free. How to drive whites out of any piece of real estate. How to get every government handout while not qualifying for it.

Here's what they can't "figure". Any book learning above about 6th grade, any home maintenance, lawn mowers defeat them, child discipline that goes further than neglect but stops short of abuse. How to get along with others, even their own family members.

Those are just a few examples of African "figuring" ability. We all know it, their apologists know it and they know it which is why they act so badly around SJWs who make excuses and keep pressuring them to perform above their ability. Africans don't act so badly around common-sense people who keep their stance alpha and their expectations realistic.

Anonymous said...

Bruddas don fly no air-o-planes, like, knowwhatahmean, mofo?

Most of the great ones who rode Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, right up to the shuttle days...were first _pilots_. Guys who rode everything from J3's all the way up to F-4's and the like. Correct?

Sit around an airport. I did recently, and note, what doth these old redneck eyes NOT see? Negroes wearing the uniforms of the various airlines. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Negatory. Huh! Now, we all know that negroes excel at bakkaball, feetsball, rape, arson, murder, sports like those, right? What's wrong with being a pilot for one?

Despite Horrowood's crappy best, it is a cold, hard fact: Finding a negro who can even remotely qualify to taxi out an A-320 is up there with winning Powerball. Then, you'd have to sort through even more to find one qualified to handle a spacecraft.

And I've stayed current through the years, and sorry, I've never run into ONE negro who could handle a 172, R-22 or even fly a damned model one! NEVER!

It's another librull insane masturbation fantasy to even think a negro can pilot anything except a bakkaball. They need to be told: Please descend below 10,000 feet as there ain't no air where their lofty ideals soar.

-Carolina Cicero

Paintjob Theory said...

In other news, that silly broken race traitor who pretended to be a negro to join the NAACP is now unemployed and on food stamps (still trying to stay in character at least). This story will be looked upon by historians as the pinnacle of the insanity of this era.

Anonymous said...

Im going to disagree with the final outcome predicted here for "Best Picture" as my gut takeaway is that Hidden Figures will not take that award though its apparently being 'set-up' to look that way...Its some other pic, probably that La-La Land, the 'hollywood golden era' throw back, will get it...For some reason its coming across to me like Superbowl LI, where the set-up is being constructed to 'look' like the 'dark' team wins but at the last moment, a total reversal surges up and the more conventionally 'patriotic' comes up the winner. Something about driving the liberal/DWL/SJW hordes into another frenzy and blasting everywhere they can with all sort of 'da be rayciss!" BS...(Im of the mind that sees that the ongoing bread and circus all around us is more bizarrely contrived than any of us realize or know how to grapple with on many level....)


When I saw this headline, about a fight in a restaurant, involving 40+ people, I guessed it had to involve most, if not all, negroes.

Sure enough. Watch the smart-phone video....all negro...all the time.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a civilization above the level of mud huts and eating dead monkeys when you have the negro.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for ghettos in space.


About my last post about the "riot" in the restaurant:

Why do cops bother showing up? What's the point? You can't prevent it and you can't correct this, so why waste the money, gas, time, effort? Just let them fight it out.

The negro LIKES to fight. They Like It. It makes them feel alive, creates a sense of power, creates an emotional high...and we White people want to get involved with TNB (Typical Negro Behavior)? Why?

The (((anonymous))) who keep reminding us Whites that WE let this happen, is right in a serious way. We do. White cops who bother showing up. White cops who attempt to stop this TNB. White people who go ANYWHERE near the negro. WE ARE A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Stay totally away from the negro. Cops need to stand down and all White people need to stand down. Leave the negro alone and think of ways to confine them in their corral.


I just finished reading a book titled: OPERATION SNOW. It is about Harry Dexter White, Secretary of the Treasury, and Jewish, who was working for the Soviets and passing them information and passing information to Whittaker Chambers (of Alger Hiss Fame) through a Soviet agent assigned to "handle" him around the time of World War 2.

He worked with Henry Morganthau, another Jew, in Roosevelt's cabinet to support the Soviets.

These two worked with the Soviets to create a war between Japan and America and Mr. White DIRECTLY led us into Pearl Harbor. The book explains, in detail, how and why. Disgusting.

Anyway, around 1948 White was being investigated by the US Senate as to his involvement with the Soviets. One of the Congressmen was John Rankin, who stated this about Jewish involvement in the destruction of America (and this was WAY BACK in 1948):

"They whine about discrimination. Do you know who is being discriminated against? The white Christian people of America, the ones who created this nation ... I am talking about the white Christian people of the North as well as the South ... Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name. They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here.[23]" (From Wikipedia)

I am sure he had massive amounts of data to back this up. Thus, the involvement of the Jewish tribe to destroy us is real, documented and sickening.

IN the book, the author of the book stated, about Congressman Rankin: "He also regarded almost all Jews as communists who used their influence to stir up blacks". Well, well, well.

So for our (((TROLL))) who keeps defending his (((people))) and blames us Whites for our problem, there is MASSIVE amount of information to back up our claim that the negro, being too stupid to do all this damage, is being "stirred up" by.......(((THEM))).

TR3/B test pilot Area 51 said...

take this for what it is worth in just by happenstance I am at a major American city doing some substation banking right next to the grocery store is a chain theater that is showing this movie the movie must have just ended and there are about a dozen yellow school buses standing by for transport all I will say is what I saw is so stereotypical in regards to the black experience yelling screaming play fighting so forth and so on it was so sad to a certain extent...they by their actions proves our point I don't know if this will be permitted to be posted but I will say this as far as Beyonce being knocked up because what she has done towards law enforcement personnel and such I sure hope her spawn is born retarded are extremely learning reaps what they me the entire universe is based upon balance in order

Anonymous said...

Sub-Saharan Africa is a bastion of space technology......