Wednesday, February 1, 2017

High School Students "Marched" to see 'Hidden Figures' as a way to Launch Black History Month in Tampa

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This headline seems to have come right out of Pravda. [Hundreds of Tampa students march to theater to watch movie ‘Hidden Figures’,, 1-30-17]:
TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — About 600 students from Jefferson High School marched to a local movie theater to watch ‘Hidden Figures’ as a way to kick off Black History Month. 
The real 'hidden figure' of the Apollo Program... black people who marched with the Poor People's Campaign to protest the July 16, 1969 moon launch as a waste of money that SHOULD have been spent on blacks
The movie is based on true events and highlights the story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. 
The African-American women worked for NASA and were instrumental in helping launch John Glenn into orbit. 
They showed a country anyone can dream—and dream big. 
“Sometimes I can feel a little bit limited but I feel that’ll just open things for me,” said Jefferson High School student Cassie Thomas. 
Students in American History and African-American Studies classes walked to the AMC West Shore 14 theaters to sit together, watch and learn. 
“It’s an opportunity for our students to see a movie that’s going to be related to history, said Jefferson High School Principal Robert Quinn. 
Now, they’ll hold onto a piece of that history thanks to a lesson learned—in their local movie theater. 
“It really helps promote what we learn in school and it helps put it in a perspective of reality,” Thomas said.
Obviously tax-payer money went to fund this "march" to the theaters to see Hidden Figures, a movie liberating impressionable young minds from a Eurocentric view of the NASA Apollo Program...


Anonymous said...

I knew they'd do stuff like that to keep attendance numbers up. And it's pronounced Black History Mumf. I'd have called my kid in sick that day rather than have them see that propaganda.

Anonymous said...

:-) OK !

NC Realist said...


Bird of Paradise said...

Black History Month the 28 days where lies are told to them revisonists history fruad and decite becomes the normal that's 28 days to brainwash the youths with lie after lie the HISTORY CHANNEL carries this lie every febuary and the infamous MORRIS DEES and the SPLC spew their lies as well

Mr. Anon said...

"The movie is based on true events and highlights the story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson."

It's based on true events. Yes - there was an organization called NASA.

"The African-American women worked for NASA and were instrumental in helping launch John Glenn into orbit."

No, they were not instrumental. They were essentially interchangable with any number of other people.

NC Realist said...

Two low life vile nasty negroes kicked off black history month one day early on Tuesday night in Tampa Florida. They INSTINCTIVELY decided to kill a White man while his White son looked on...over a dirt bike the father and son were selling on craigslist. One as arrested while the other is still loose. Perhaps the loose negro will be in this crowd of low-lives marching to see a movie that continues to show how truly meaningless their lives are...based on lies to make them look credible. As credible as two negroes doing what they do best...making the world turn to shit everywhere they happen to be.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks we have already won just because of the Trump victory is seriously mistaken or in serious denial. The leftists are only going to get bolder and more crazy and childish and violent, and sadly, they are going to take a lot of our young people along for the ride. And being the infants they are, they are not going to be looking for a dialogue - they want our blood.

2017's going to be one of those years you tell your grandkids about ... if you even live to have grandkids. :(

Anonymous said...

OK, so three black women did some math for NASA. And that is an accomplishment? That is the best they can do? How about the black engineers who actually built the manned rocket program? Where is the movie about that? Oh wait, that never happened in reality.

It says something that the only way they can glorify the accomplishments of blacks is by showing them doing something that any number of white math students could have done. Had those three black women not worked for NASA, someone else would have worked the math. It's not like something unique was being accomplished. It's not like they came up with a new theorem.

Well, perhaps after the movie is over, all those black students will march down to sign up for an advanced math placement program. But there is an element of pathos here insofar as the best they can dream of is the bottom rung of white achievement.

Anonymous said...

In other news, Trayvon Martin's parents are considering running for public office. (!)

My guess is they're running out of the gibsmedat money they won in that civil suit and don't want to go back to their old lifestyle. But that's just a guess on my part.


D-FENS said...

"The movie is based on true events and highlights the story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson."

Loosely based. Very loosely.

HalfElf said...

The closest parallel I can see is frog marching a group of history students down to a showing of Speilbergs 1941 on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor as a history lesson. I'm not sure the Tampa taxpayers got a solid return on their investment for this.

Brian in Ohio said...

I a controlled environment like high school, everything can be made equal, albeit artificially, by lowering the standards. That's why they`ve got to indoctrinate them when they`re young. Once these kids get out in the real world, they`ll start to see through the bullshit.

Some of them anyway.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Unknown said...

Even though blacks had nothing to do with NASA. Affirmative Action wasn't much in effect back then, so how could they work for NASA without the help of Affirmative Action.

mike meaney said...

Whats with the hoodies over their heads? Did the "Polar Vortex" descend upon Tampa, dropping the temp. to Arctic like conditions? Love, Mikey©

Anonymous said...

"Perspective of reality" the chimp said. Been re-reading Huckleberry Finn, and it's striking how little has changed in the negroes magical thinking. Whether its Nigger Jim being ridden by witches across the country or black female maff geniuses, nothing much has changed I'd say. Alex from N. England

chattanooga gal said...

this whole movie is such a blatant embellishment of a minor accomplishment. All these women did was the tedious, routine job of plugging in numbers into a set formula. anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of basic algebra could have done it. It's just another way to pretend that someone's black janitor was obviously responsible for all the achievements of brilliant white scientists. Quite frankly, I served a very similar role for a nuclear scientist when I was in college. I worked in his office and was used to test the resistance of various items. measure number. plug into formula, record in book. saved him a tedious job, gave me some money, and yet I would hardly say I was responsible for all nuclear power plants in the world today.
Also, I notice they waited until everybody who could refute the story was dead before coming out with this tale.

Shark said...

The link doesn't work for me, except for a 15-second advertisement for a fun run, or something...

Anonymous said...

I remember the protests by blacks against the money being spent on the space program. I'm 65 years old and have never heard the story of the black female mathematicians who supposedly save the space program. This rewrite of history gets goofier everyday. Tiring too. Has anyone identified the loud mouthed woman from Seattle that wanted me to give her my "stuff"?

Anonymous said...

Watching Breakfast at Ttiffany's never turned me into Audrey Hepburn, and believe me, this movie won't turn these viewers into mathematicians. We all can dream though. After all it is February.

Anonymous said...

Public schools are a cesspool. Look at all these stupid whites at Berkeley. Reagan should have put a better guy to get rid of that department rather than Bennett. This is what happens when you don't nip things in the bud from the get go.
Female in FL

Wild Bill in Detroit said...


I've coined a term that should take social media by storm - but it never will because I devoutly abstain from all forms of numbing social media, and even if I didn't, my newly minted term would never receive a pass from the "free speech" censors at Facebook, Twitter, and every other left-leaning, multicultural embracing, politically correct platform out there.

The term is "Mud-Slinging."

I'll give an example first, and then a precise definition can be developed in the future.

You know how every neo-lib millennial, race un-realist, white-guilt ridden Caucasian, (((white person))), brown minority, etc always bemoans the "white-washing" of media, advertising, whatever? Think "#Oscars so White." Well the opposite is "Mud-Slinging."

Mud-Slinging is when the self-hating powers at be force us regular white folk to view, buy from, sympathize with and extol people of brown faces who need not deserve our accolades and acceptance solely because they are of browned skin tone and who feel underrepresented in our predominantly (at least for now...) white society.

This "news story," for example, is Mud-Slinging. The gross over exaggerated claims of the unsung "heroes" of Hidden Figures is Mud-Slinging. So was yesterday's article about the black Mr. Clean; or the TV show Blackish; or the "diverse" cast of Rogue One; or showing Colin Kaepernick disrespecting our nation at the beginning of every anthem; or the constant praise of the "noble" BLM movement by the media, and the list goes on and on and on and on. Everyone can see what I'm saying, I'm sure.

Those behind the curtain throw brown people at us in various forms, I guess, in an attempt for us to one day accept them and say, "well you know what, brown people really aren't that different from you or me."

When in actuality they are. They are very different. Particular emphasis on those who are of African descent. But no, "they" say! Black people use cleaning products, too. Black people can be sitcom stars, too. Black people can take the place of white people in a multitude of ways.

Ummm...No they can't. We know this already because we are realists. "They" do not notice because they are in a pitiable state of near irreversible denial.

You heard it here first, everyone, courtesy of the Wildest of Bill's in Detroit: "Mud-Slinging!" When those who control the various forms of media force you to watch something involving a black person when no black brown person should be there for any other reason besides them being non white; and meant to be used as a tool of unmerited acceptance in white culture.

Tell your friends about Mud-Slinging. Let's see if it catches on.


Why didn't they walk down the street to see the 3 ATLAS SHRUGGED movies?

(One can buy the Trilogy as a boxed set. If you have not read the book, but only heard about it, see the 3 movies and it may interest you to read the book that will change your life....if you are able to understand it)

Paintjob TheoryTh said...

Stoddard predicts the outcome of such foolishness and we can see it play out on a daily basis: "So long as all men believed all men potentially equal, the Under-Man could delude himself into thinking that changed circumstances might raise him to the top. Now that nature herself proclaims him irremediably inferior, his hatred of superiority knows no bounds."

When all these 'we wuz kangs' actually come face to face with the reality that they cannot compete with whites, Asians, or even Mexicans in the modern world they get even more angry and resentful. They will KNOW that the only thing holding them back is the white man's oppression since they have been told all their life how great they are and see every day in fantasies created by (((media, academia, and marketing))) that they should all be scientists, accountants, investment brokers, and heads of industry. What other explanation do they have for their constant failure?

The other takeaway here is once again, if you allow your human child into a public school you need to examine your priorities in life and change that situation by any means necessary.

Oil 'n Water said...

Maybe another movie should be made about a current story involving "hidden figures"- the cover-up of reported sexual abuse of several female students by highly sought after student "afletes" and the coaching staff who apparently ignored it. Baylor, a bottom tier football program suddenly became a top ten team. Possibly the reason why?
The coaching staff was subsequently fired, but some have acquired jobs at other universities. The University of Texas is defending its hiring of one of the assistant coaches.
His name…I am not sh!tting you…Casey Horny.

Anonymous said...

This video should be used as the definition of "moral preening" in every online dictionary.

Proudyt said...

Ot:I'm finding even what should be quiet moments are disturbed by negro's. While using the stall to relieve myself at a retailer recently rap music began playing in the stall next to me. Having a nice loud speaker on my current phone I immediately blasted some Led Zepplin back at him. The dirty look I got from him when going to wash my hands was one of the most satisfying things that has happened to me recently. Btw. He didn't wash his hands.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the mom in the pic did not miss any meals and certainly does not look hungry. AND the research of James Mitchner, Tom Wolfe, and others show no connection of the figures women to anything in the program. The Space Program has poured money and jobs into the United states, along with many unforeseen in wildest dreams benefits. Heinlein had, in one of his books, a computer that was the size of a a house. A graphing calculator today could do the work of that, let alone a Macbook Pro. the list of spinoffs and technology is far too long to type and post.

But the lies and "feel good nonsense of the bullshyt is not. This is a LIE, compounded on more lies.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I started giggling as soon as I saw the headline. In jr high my English class walked to the movie theater to see White Fang after reading the novel. Now I can say I participated in a "march".

Anonymous said...

And they keep on bashing us over the head with their false narratives and propaganda:

Look for a commercial during the Super Bowl for the upcoming Fox show, "Shots Fired", which is basically a retelling of the Ferguson story where all the lies and liberal narratives of Ferguson form the plot, meaning it is 100% the opposite of the truth. Black teen gets hit from behind by racist white cop, shot in the back and killed on the ground with his hands up, and the white racist police force in a black town covers up the crime. The brave media tries to get the terrified black residents of the town to come forward with what is going on but they are just too afraid of the police to talk.

I'm sure it will be watched by absolutely no one, yet get nominated for and win multiple Emmys. It's not going to be broadcast for ratings or for anyone to watch the show for that matter. The point of the show is to exist so that the TV viewing public gets bombarded with ads for the show (and thus the false narrative) during commercial breaks during on demand and online viewing. After seeing a couple hundred ads proclaiming that the show is "a moving portrayal ripped from the headlines", sheeple will accept the plot as truth.

Sick n' Tired said...

There was a similar push when the movie Amistad came out. Oprah was involved and schools were getting all kind of literature and talking points about it, even though it is mostly fictional, aside from the facts that slavery existed,Africans were brought over on ships, and there was a ship called the Amistad.

On a side note I'd like to know how many paying movie goers quiet afternoon was ruined by the arrival of 600 black teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Marchin' Lootin' Coons, here's a story about two black preacher pimps - Sharpton and Marcus Mosiah Jarvis - dueling it out for fame, federal gibs me dats, and tribal territory.

"Peace is the Streets" and "Stop the Violence" are more Jew-funded redistribution of wealth shams. Blacks will do anything for a buck and a bit of publicity.

I live in a large city, and the black preachers are basically politicians and tribe leaders. They get their pick of the women if they are not getting BJs on the Down Low. . They are 100% in line with the black gang leaders. No difference between the two. Blacks practice voodoo, not Christianity. They don't observe whitey's government, representatives, or rule of law. Blacks are some of the stupidest, most vile creatures on the planet.

Anonymous said...

President Johnson promoted the space program by building facilities all over the South: Cape Kennedy/Canaveral, Houston Space Center, Redstone Arsenal. This benefited Southern industry, technology and the tax base (redistributed as welfare). And what gratitude did he get from blacks? Well, there they are in the photo protesting at the Cape. They can not see beyond the next EBT meal. Of course, it would take future time orientation to understand the benefits of the space program. And while they might march on down to see movies about black math whizzes doing their part in the space program, they can not translate all that YT has done for them into functional societies.

I imagine blacks look at the rising towers of Cape Canaveral and compare it to the cities they dominate, and see a civilization they can not understand, much less ever duplicate.

Something to think about in black history month...

Anonymous said...

That picture gets me every time. That she boon is not hungry. She could stand to miss a few meals. Gibsmedats, way before my time. What's new?

I owe black people NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the lady in the picture is going hungry.
Maybe she should share some of her food with the kid.

Anonymous said...

Why don’t they show Hiroshima as it is today, comparing it to Detroit as it is today after the magic negroes where given the keys to the city? Oh yea, we have to make things up and pretend the negro is equal in all respects. Color means nothing as long as the negroes achievements in history prove the power and strength of diversity. After all, reparations is justified.

Only the white devil has to be eliminated or reduced to a minority status, so the true builders and architects of the real world will have their true accomplishments recognized and honored. When all this finally takes place, there will be peace and love for all humanity.

How about Haiti for some Black History?

Flush the Tpp said...

Well, we see the (((people))) behind the curtain are out to get rid of Whites...And that their inclusive pro equality human rights mantra is just cover to get the useful idiots who voted for Hillary to destroy our race culture and Constitutional republic. (((those))) behind the curtain have shown when the Bolsheviks get in power, the useful idiots eho destroyed their own culture for a chance at utopian equality and tights ---are the first killed imprisoned or enslaved.
A good quote from Breitbart comments:

Who invented leftist totalitarian idealogy?

Cultural Marxism held that Communism would not be able to take root in the West until our traditional Christian values and foundations had been destroyed.

This would be done via the creation of:

1. Racism offences.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools' and teachers' authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Creating dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.
12. Overthrowing traditional male/female relationships.

Cultural Marxism originated with the Frankfurt School, which is a Jewish creation as this well-known publication points out.

It was founded by Felix Weil and funded by Jewish millionaire Carl Grünberg. Its key players were all Jewish such as Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Horkheimer, Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukács.

Pat Boyle said...

My first contribution to Black History Month is an analysis of the Tuskegee Airmen:

This is a video I made a couple years ago. Like the current movie in the theaters now about black women in NASA - the Tuskegee Airman story is largely propaganda. The real Tuskegee Airmen story is very different from what you have seen on TV or in the two big Hollywood movies. No doubt sometime in the next month you will hear more about these black pilots. But what you hear will likely be lies.

There is a lot of detail in this video - lots of dates, names and statistics. Some of the policies are complex and difficult to follow. Any mistakes are solely my fault.

I have considered making videos again. If I do maybe I should do one on the black women in NASA? It will take a good deal of research. So is anyone interested?


Anonymous said...

Here in beautiful Atlanta, almost everybody is going ape crazy over the Falcons and the Superbowl. My family will probably have a get together. In years past, I went and was bored out of my mind. I am sparing myself this year. Micheal Vick wrote a "letter" to Atlanta- according to the media, it was "heartfelt" and everyone cheered when he walked out at a recent sporting event. WTH?? Can they say felon??
And the media is still inundating us with stories of cute little illegal aliens who worry about being deported. NOONE mentions that their parent BROKE THE LAW to begin with. They CHOSE to cross the border illegally. There was a story on Nightline about how at one place on the border, people were allowed to meet there and hug their relatives on the other side for 4 minutes. Do these "illegals" ever think of fixing their "problem" of possible deportation by going the hell back to their own country?? That is NEVER mentioned. But there is hope. There was also a story about American Caucasian citizens forming a border patrol of citizens called AZBR. Arizona Border Recon. The reporters head was practically spinning, although he could not ignore the facts of children and elderly being left with no food or water in the desert when they could not keep up with the smugglers, (even though they were paid for this), cartel members smuggling drugs, etc. You could tell the reporter did NOT approve, but I would like to ask him, what are YOU doing about this problem?? Probably not a damn thing, except one sided reporting.
And Happy Black History month. Blacks, and illegals everywhere, are living by the credo- "We shall overcome". The problem is, it means that "we shall overcome- white people", NOT "we shall overcome prejudice". They only want to be here in America because white people built such a great society. How can we be both the builders and founders of this great country, but also in their mind "whites are the problem??'" Let me tell them, if whites are the problem, blacks and illegals are certainly not the solution. If only whites could stick together and be cohesive like they are, they would get nowhere. For example, we spend some time on this forum arguing back and forth about each others grammar and Christianity and what it means. All the while most black people are sharing info about how to get over on us, and where to get freebies. Shame on us.
L in Atl hell

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I'll bet that the Asian kids stayed back so they could knock out a few more differential calc. problems.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next movie ......

Maybe one about a janitor at UC Berkley who was the real brains behind Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project...........


Anonymous said...

Funny, the woman in the photo with the sign that says "Billions in space while people go hungry" didn't look like she was missing any meals. American Blacks are the fattest people on the planet, thanks to the White man's EBT.

Detroit Refugee said...

Btw. He didn't wash his hands.

Sure, then the filthy chimp went back to work @ the fast food joint preparing YT's burger.
How's that diversity taste now?

Anonymous said...

9:57am- "Look for a commercial during the Super Bowl for the upcoming Fox show, "Shots Fired", which is basically a retelling of the Ferguson story where all the lies and liberal narratives of Ferguson form the plot'
At least three billboards today were advertising the new "24" show, apparently rebooted with a bootlip negro hero, with the caption "One tough S.O.B. (On Fox after the Superbowl)". I can't imagine WTF they think is going to set their VCRs and pre-order popcorn after seeing some big ugly boon giving them the stinkeye on the freeway. It made me wonder if there was some blaxploitation flick in the 70s titled "One Tough SOB", it was that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Who do they think they're kidding? This is just a practice run for the march down to social services when they hit 18!


Ex New Yorker said...

Just seen more video clips of people being shit kicked and jumped on by protesters. I will repeat a self defense tactic I've mentioned before.

If anyone GRABS YOU with their hands on your arm, body, clothes etc. the way you get them to let go is you GRAB ONE FINGER OF THEIR HAND AND BEND IT BACK AS FAR AS YOU CAN. The pain is instant and you will feel the bones pop. Do this to each hand that is grabbing you.

This saved my ass back in Frisco in 1962. I will not go into the details. There were at least 5 on me that night. I was black and blue for a week but I did not hit the ground.

A good defense item for the car is a can of wasp spray, bear spray or a small cattle prod. A cattle prod (4 size D batteries) will knock someone on their ass.

I live inside a FREE ZONE so these are things I don't have to thing about anymore. America seems to be turning into some kind of weird horror show.

Warrior said...

Preparing to celebrate African-American history month, 2 black "teens" kill father of 3 in front of his 15 year old son as they rob him of his dirtbike he was selling on Tampa's Craigslist.
Here's the link to the story. Another headshaker brought to you by the black "community".
the link to the gofundme page if you want to help the family out...,

Anonymous said...

I definitely would be

Anonymous said...

"Antonio Gramsci"

Gramsci wasn't Jewish.

Anonymous said...

I for one would welcome Pat's research of the math women of NASA. My question is what the hell was so tough about a little math.

I know a white guy with a PhD in math and I bet he could do that and more!

However, when the movie comes out for free I might watch it to see what all the brouhaha was about. The real geniuses of math are white men...and a few white women.

How about Euler? Archimedes? Euclid? All were white men.

Mr. Rational said...

I have considered making videos again.

If you do, consider NOT doing your video as a talking head using a teleprompter.  Get a low-profile earphone with a noise-cancelling mic and cut away to other images for most of the time.  This would let you be off-camera, read from paper and speak at a natural pace, and get rid of the echo which plagues your older productions.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Who can doubt the massive and incoherent ramblings about something from blacks. Edited down you can hear about space wheels, flying pyramids, and black cleopatra jones, the harlem egipshun from Queens. Well now with taxpayer dollars for education they can learn about those selfless Nazi scientists brought to America by the CIA to compete with the Nazi scientists kidnapped by Stalin in the Space Race for the Supremacy of the Moon and Stars. Wait black women? OK. Its another handout to Hollywood.

Californian said...

I have considered making videos again. If I do maybe I should do one on the black women in NASA?

Go for it.

A lot of people would like to see the other side of this story. And the video could go viral.

Sick n' Tired said...

I live in S. Florida and they wear hoodies when it's 90 degrees out.

Anonymous said...

At an intersection yesterday, a groid was panhandling for money and even with my window up he was directly in my face wanting to know why that I would not roll my window down. What went through my mind was the movie " Death Wish" when Charles Bronson formed his hand into a gun and "pointed it " at him. I did the same and smiled!

Anonymous said...

How you know about blaxploitation movies

Anonymous said...

OT: Loved the Led Zep vs Rap in the crapper story by Proudyt at 7:40 a.m.
I have a similar story.
A couple of summers ago, on a brutally hot day, I decided to stop at a 7-11 for my first Slurpee in years. For some reason I just wanted to have a Slurpee.
I got the Slurpee and about 50 feet from the store were some trees and a picnic bench. I decided to enjoy my Slurpee in the shade and just relax for a bit.
About a minute later a bunch of vibrants in a car pulled up and parked next to mine. They were blaring rap music...make that rap noise that was incredibly loud. But not as loud as my car alarm. As they were bopping their heads to the noise, I decided to add to the noise with my even louder car alarm. I set off my alarm and blew their ears off. They were pissed, looking around to see whose car it was. They were chimping out. I had to do my best not to laugh hysterically. One of them ran into the store to look for the car owner. One of the vibrants approached me and pointed at the car. I just shook my head "no," letting him know it wasn't my car. The other three vibrants finally turned off their rap nonsense and went into the 7-11. I turned off the alarm, went to my car, got in, backed out of the parking space and waited for them to come out. When they came out, I made sure they saw me and then pulled away.
Geez, they are everywhere and annoying. I couldn't even enjoy a freaking Slurpee in peace due to these chimps who have no idea how to behave in public.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. is that it allows you to generally avoid the groid. I haven't been to a theater in forever.

Race said...

We really shouldn't allow the actor who plays the white wayciss cops to go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

"And the media is still inundating us with stories of cute little illegal aliens who worry about being deported. NOONE mentions that their parent BROKE THE LAW to begin with. They CHOSE to cross the border illegally"

I too am sick of the sob stories. I don't feel sorry for these people, they broke the law, throw them out. The children of illegals have dual citizenship because their own country of origin counts citizenship by blood, something the vast majority of nations do and we should too. As such, these underage kids should go back with their parents automatically. If they want to show some sob stories, how about focusing on the thousands of American families who lost a loved one to an illegal alien drunk driver or the millions of working Americans who make a lot less money and struggle to feed their families because cheap illegal labor drove their wages down. How about that?? The news media and the Left doesn't give a damn about Americans but moon over every illegal alien and foreigner.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks, and illegals everywhere, are living by the credo- "We shall overcome". The problem is, it means that "we shall overcome- white people",

Yes, and do these idiots ever think about the fact that what if they do overcome White people? They'll be living in a 3rd world country of their own creation and all the welfare freebies paid for by YT as well as the jobs will go down the toilet.

"They want the White man's world but they don't want the White man in it. What they never seem to understand that where the White man is, he brings his world with him and if the White man leaves, his world will leave with him". Be careful what you wish for
Blacks and illegals.

Anonymous said...


Notice how people who patrol the border are falsely labeled by the news media as "vigilantes". No, they're not vigilantes, a vigilante is someone who takes it upon themselves to mete out justice to someone who they believe has committed a crime rather than letting the court system handle it. People patrolling the border aren't exacting justice on anyone, they simply watch the border and call border patrol if they see people trying to illegally enter or smuggle drugs into our country.

Anonymous said...

Hungry chimp

Anonymous said...

do fat blacks offer their ebt to the starving black children?

Anonymous said...

9:15am- "a bunch of vibrants in a car pulled up and parked next to mine. They were blaring rap noise that was incredibly loud. But not as loud as my car alarm. They were pissed, looking around to see whose car it was. I just shook my head "no," letting him know it wasn't my car."
You should've laughed and said, "I can't believe it! The alarm shop said this thing would go off whenever a black got within 30 feet of the car. I thought for sure they were pulling my leg!"

Anonymous said...

And Hollywood wants us to believe they're geniuses!

If you're going to feed someone a load of BS, first thing you have to do make it not smell like BS.

Question: How long have we had black history month?
Why are we just now learning about these ho geniuses?


SKIP said...

Does anyone remember a poster here that worked in immigration and asked a Somali why he wanted to come to Amefrica? The Somali replied that he wanted to be where poor people are fat!!!!