Friday, July 6, 2018

All-White Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Gate Arch National Park in St. Louis Attacked as Illegitimate, Forcing a Do-Over Cutting with Primarily Blacks

PK Note: If you haven't, check out Bell Curve City: St. Louis, Ferguson, and the Unmentionable Racial Realities That Shape Them

Shot. [Do-over set after all-white photo at Gateway Arch Museum dedication: Democratic state Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. said Thursday on Facebook Live that the image wasn't reflective of the city he represents.,, July 6, 2018]:

A black state lawmaker will hold a do-over Friday after a social media backlash over ribbon-cutting photos from the revitalized Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis that included only white people. 

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch...
Democratic state Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. said Thursday on Facebook Live that the image wasn't reflective of the city he represents. He proposed a new photo with black leaders, and scheduled a new ribbon cutting for noon Friday. 
"We want to show what St. Louis really looks like tomorrow," he said. 
Just over 200 people had RSVP'd for Franks' event on Facebook as of Thursday afternoon. 
The photos from the dedication featured more than a dozen people, including Republican Gov. Mike Parson and U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, and Roy Blunt, a Republican. 
The Gateway Arch Park Foundation apologized in a statement Wednesday."As organizers of the event, we acknowledge that our ribbon cutting did not reflect the diversity of our community." 
A foundation spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a question of whether any black leaders had been invited. 
From KMOV (Channel 4) in St. Louis...
The city is almost 48 percent black, according to data from the U.S. Census, larger than any other racial group. 
The park was dedicated Tuesday, the culmination of a five-year, $380 million renovation that Missouri political leaders see as a template for the future of the national park system. It was the first major renovation since the Arch opened in 1965, and about two-thirds of the funding came from private donations. 
The 630-foot-tall (192-meter-tall) Arch is a monument to westward expansion that sits along the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis.
Chaser. [Ribbon Re-Cut Outside Arch: "The Arch belongs to everybody - not just the wealthy donors," says City Treasurer Tishaura Jones.,, July 6, 2018]:

A do-over on the Arch grounds Friday at noon -- a second ribbon-cutting for the new Arch Museum, after complaints that the original ribbon-cutting July 3 was all white, with no people of color. 
State Rep. Bruce Franks says the first ribbon-cutting highlighted what he calls "systemic problems" of race in the region. Holding the scissors this time were Franks and City Treasurer Tishaura Jones. 
"The Arch belongs to everybody - not just the wealthy donors, but also, this is paid for by taxpayers, and so that's why we're calling this the people's ribbon-cutting," Jones says. 
St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, who was at both ribbon-cuttings, says while she didn't organize the first event, she regrets what happened, and says "the optics weren't good." 
"You know, that picture just makes everything that we're doing harder," she says. 
How could that photo have happened?, KMOX's Kevin Killeen asked. 
"Because we don't ask the hard questions of who's in the room and who's at the table," Jones said. "Sounds like people left their racial equity lenses at home." 
"Clearly, everyone needed to pay better attention," the mayor said. 
Anything too white is not a legitimate action in Black-Run America (BRA). The unbearable whiteness of [insert the activity here] is grounds for immediate outbursts of social justice hysteria, which the corporate media will gladly amply.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! This might just be the last straw for me. This is absurd. Keep kowtowing to these cretins and this country will be over sooner than we thought. The powder keg can’t blow quick enough. Like little babies with their do over. Wish we had one giant do over! Keep your f’ing cotton. I’d wear polyester to get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Guess what, you morons. Here’s something you can’t do over. The guys who designed and built it were WHITE.

Detroit Refugee said...

Sookin Sin they are gaining way too much ground.

It's All So Tiresome said...

What is wrong with blacks? They are just so self-centered, it's so frequently me me me me me, until it comes to responsibility.

In my city right now there's been a spat of shootings, some people say comparing only downtown areas, Toronto is now worse than New York, at least we are not Chicago! Next year: At least we are not Johannesburg? I usually avoid going out during Caribana, everyone in my family does this for years now, because blacks come to Toronto during Caribana to make trouble, rob for making-it-rain-money, but now, even outside of Caribana, they are already here!

This is the type of headline I've read many times in this blog, never thought I'll see it in MY city:

Mayor Tory meets members of hip-hop community to talk gun violence ...
mo money for dem programs:
//Kardinal has previously addressed the gun violence in his own social media posts, saying that a “lack of community funding and programming” has led to “desensitized youth with a lack of resources,” but he firmly denied it has anything to do with music.


“Sometimes we look at our officials and politicians as being out of touch with marginalized communities, but I will say that he is very much aware of the large task that is at hand and was very receptive to a lot of our ideas that were put forth,” he posted.//

Raccoon said...

Well, the answer is straightforward, isn't it?

Just paint the fucking Arch black. That will disperse the whiteness, won't it?

Sick n Tired said...

I highly the doubt there were any donations or contributions from the Michael "Gentle Giant" Brown estate, or any of the EBT section 8'ers took up a collection around the neighborhood for the arche's improvement. As far as tax dollars contributed by blacks goes, I would imagine that works at a net loss as well, the fact being Sha'Niquah's part time job at McDonalds doesn't pay enough into the system to cover the costs of her food, housing, keeds, medicare, free lunches, summer gibs programs, and so on.

Sick n Tired said...

Where is the story about having to redo the violent protests in Haiti because there weren't enough whites involved?

Anonymous said...

The original photo may have inspired visitors.
The retake, not so much.
As a kid I visited the Arch. Pretty cool, impressive, but in the early 80s it was a dump. I vividly remember the homeless guy sleeping near the bathroom on the red/brown carpet with yellow patterns.
My dad carried a 1911 with him, they didn’t use metal detectors then, because “they will kill you for the penny in your shoes.” Referring to penny loafers.
I wouldn’t take my kids there without a pistol either.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have no sense of civic duty. They belong on the rainforests of central and western Africa, where their destructive behavior only harms the local wildlife. These animals(Bantus) exterminated the rainforest elephants and rhinos. They are currently busy butchering any gorilla they can lay their paws on for "bush meat".

Just look at the way they litter. Urinate and defecate everywhere. Destroy infrastructure and pollute. They are the "Anti-Man" in their very essence. Evil incarnate.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

A demonstration of the childish side of "half devil and half child".

Paintjob Theory said...

"We want to show what St. Louis really looks like tomorrow,"

Wouldn't want all those potential tourists to get the wrong idea about St. Louis.

Anonymous said...


Another part of 'white privilege' is helping these savages attempt to act 'white', i.e. showing up for important events, even (gasp) on time. The problem is whites aren't ever supposed to tell, let alone suggest what blacks should and shouldn't do at any given moment- we can only change our behavior.

I guess the beatings of whites will continue until black civility increases.

Anonymous said...

Blacks played no pivotal role in either the exploration of the western U.S. or the creation of the arch. I see no problem with the first ribbon cutting. So glad the second one was assembled so that a black guy could get his 'looks at muh' on in the middle of the picture.

Why I’m Racist said...

Won’t someone say in response: Anything else you’d like to get off your chest before I whip my dick out and tell you to suck it?

Whoever does this will be an instant legend.

Bastion Harm said...

Only whites RSVP'ed for the event.

So only whites showed up.

Makes sense, since it always seems that white people are the only people who have an interest in things such as National Parks, etc.

Whites built them; whites maintain them; so only whites show up at such events.

Blacks? They don't care about such things. They couldn't/can't build them, and the sure as hell won't maintain them.

Wouldn't be nice if we lived in a country where we could tell the truth? Instead of these disgusting, groveling "apologies" for not signalling "diversity"?

Non PC Infidel said...

The event was advertised and included info that there'd be a ribbon cutting ceremony, food trucks, music and other activities. Yet, somehow it's the fault of the white man that dumbass blacks failed to show up. Was 10 a.m. too early for ghetto nesters to crawl out of their beds after being up to 4 and 5 a.m. in the morning? Of course it was. You know what dat be! It be a racist micro-aggression against da black community and was done to keep dem from bein' dere!

Hilariously, the only way they could get blacks there was to perform a ribbon cutting do-over and turn it into a looksatme event. It's too bad someone didn't offend the blacks by showing up with a loudspeaker and pointing out the race of the people who designed the arch as well as the race of those that built the arch while reciting their names. Then conclude with the statement, "You blacks had nothing to do with it or what it celebrates so why are you here? Stop appropriating white culture and accomplishments!"

Anonymous said...

Listen up Whites. More non Whites are born in this country then Whites born every day, more Whites die every day in this country than Whites born. This country now is only 62 percent White from over 90 percent White just about 50 years ago. Do you get it? Not only are we Whites about to become a minority in a country that our ancestors built, we are about to disappear completely, just like is happening in South Africa. Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

Anonymous said...

I would like a redo of the Detroit and Chicago shooting numbers. Not enough whites involved. Idiots! I’ll be in the corner sucking my thumb while you redo those statistics.

Anonymous said...

[Quote] "Not only are we Whites about to become a minority in a country that our ancestors built, we are about to disappear completely, just like is happening in South Africa."

When you deduct all of the mudsharks, DWLs, (((others))), self-hating YTs who show up at Black Lives Matter marches, plus all of the Hispanics and Arabs counted as whites, we're already a minority.

When our enemies write articles stating that our DNA is "an abomination" and violently react to the simple statement that "it's okay to be white," their intentions for us are very clear. Abolishing the 2nd Amendment will ensure we're disarmed and helpless when they come to exterminate us.

Hick'ry Stick said...

Off topic, but think you’ll get a kick out of this story.

Aside from the irony, there’s a first: it’s not the usual “streets gone wrong,” “shots rang out,” or “turning her life around” type drivel.
Instead it’s “gun gone wrong” and “turned her life so far around, she’s back where she started.” A refreshing twist.
I guess her theory was if you can’t shoot him, brain him.

Baron von raschke said...

Those whites that showed up for the do over are obviously cucks and should be ashamed of themselves.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

Consider it a fair warning in advance what to really expect what it'll look like when tourists get there. I hope none of them get the impression it's ok to associate with the cretins... So much for that attraction. Oh, hey, reminds me, we just saw the statue of liberty get "touched". Pretty much sums it up like the rest of the BS... a total waste of $$$!!

ughhhh... smh.. no stone will be left unturned or burned! Their motto....

Anonymous said...

I was correct in my essays yesterday about Soccer and Race.

England, having more africans than Sweden DID get more fouls and penalties, as predicted.

Lucius Tate said...

I'm shocked the scissors didn't disappear before the 2nd ceremony. It must have started sometime after 12. The only way they could have got that many to show up reasonably on-time was by offering free lunch or money.

Sick n Tired said...

I'll just leave this here. Great comments on the story. said...

Obviously you cannot celebrate a landmark built by White Men without worthless outdated fossils showing up to look dumb on camera. This system is more retarded every day in every way. You have to wonder about their suicidal impulses that they would want to put those idiots that would quickly kill them all without remorse and piss off the ONLY PEOPLE CAPABLE of maintaining this.


Pat Boyle said...

It makes perfect sense that everyone who showed up for these ribbon cutting ceremonies would be white Americans.

Ribbon cutting is American. It comes from an 1898 opening ceremony of a railroad track in Louisiana.

Ribbon cutting is white. The railroad people in Louisiana were following an old European marriage tradition. Black people are not very good at marriage. Hence all the black bastards.


Scot Irish said...

"We want to show what St. Louis really looks like tomorrow," he said.

Woke Whites already know what St. Louis looks like. I'm sure White tourist will find out too.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

So these orcs noticed the picture, and realised there were no fellow ooks and eeks in it? They had plenty of time to get their Affirmative Action asses there for the ceremony, why didn't they? Because they don't give a damn, never did. They just don't want a white accomplishment to be recognized without them being there to say "me too". The last story I remember where blacks actually took an interest in the Gateway Arch was when the two clowns were planning on blowing it up with a pipe bomb. Just as soon as one of their baby mama's got her EBT cash assistance card refilled, so they could buy the parts. Will Maxine Waters fly back to her home town when she gets wind of it, so she can get her "looks at muh" in too?

Anonymous said...

"Damned white people and their..."
*shuffles, draws card*

Anonymous said...

In the early 1980s I was stationed at Scott AFB, IL, a short distance east of Saint Louis, In the downtown area there stood the city's Union Station, derelict and boarded up. At one time it had been the world's largest and busiest train station, but by then it sat derelict abandoned, and the doorway entrances reeked heavily of urine. What little passenger service remained was in an Amshack out back.

This destruction of monumental buildings is typical of the effects orcs have on cities.

Since those days, white people paid hundreds of millions to restore the building as a hotel, shopping mall with restaurants, etc. In fact, there have been several very expensive remakes of the building, but the true problem hasn't been addressed -- the presence of felonious orcs who prey upon the law-abiding, driving them away to safety elsewhere. As long as they remain, any effort to make the hotel successful will be greatly hindered, and will likely end in failure.

D is for depressing said...

that the image wasn't reflective of the city he represents.

Indeed. At the next ribbon cutting, we should have ministers in bright gaudy suits along with escalades with bright shiny rims. We should line up obese women and have them wearing bikinis and twerking while holding their illegitimates.

While the minister is cutting the ribbon, what better way to showcase the authenticity than by having gunshots "ring out" and a clueless reporter play dumb.

Since blacks can't seem to build or maintain anything, why not have the arch collapse?

Anonymous said...

OT: I watched the latest Purge sequel currently in theaters and one might be a bit surprised at what develops during the film.

If you haven't seen it yet, be aware that some spoilers follow.

The film portrays how the Purge got started and one clearly sees the effort to draw parallels between the film and current events, to include the Trump administration. The country's economy is in shambles, the government is mired in debt, people don't have jobs, they're demoralized, etc. A new political party, the New Founding Fathers of America, with heavy financial support from the NRA, pushes aside Democrats and Republicans to put their own candidate into the White House. Forced to deal with massive problems inherited from previous administrations, the NFFA comes up with the idea of the Purge. It is first tested as an experiment in Staten Island (duh hood).

Initially there isn't much killing, mostly just small crimes like robbery and vandalism, and there are even block parties taking place instead of murder, so those running the Purge (all pasty-skinned YTs - no "diversity" here) send in American and foreign mercenaries, the Klan in full regalia, white cops, etc., to jump-start the slaughter. One leader of uniformed killers is even dressed in the style of an SS official (black tie, long black coat, white shirt) from the early 1940s. All that's missing is the armband. One of the uniformed killers, unmasked after being killed, has the stereotypical blond hair and blue eyes of the Aryan race. (Of course!)

It made me wonder if the script writers were inspired by the hilarious climax of Blazing Saddles in which the wicked from all over the world and all different eras attack the town sitting in the path of railroad construction. All that was missing was someone saying, "We don't need no steenking badges!"

On top of all this, apparently the NFFAs have been secretly dropping off caches of weapons and munitions in duh hood in hopes of getting the locals to kill each other.

Amazingly enough, those in duh hood come off as mostly nice, peaceful "People of Color," not the violent hoodrats that one actually finds in such places.

The hero who saves the day? The very black leader of a drug dealing gang.

A theme in the movie is that people in duh hood don't have jobs, hope or money (and that's why some choose to deal in drugs - YT has left them with no other options), but the hero drug dealer is rolling in cash that he acquires in selling drugs to those supposedly broke orcs. Question: How can one get so rich selling to those who supposedly have no money?

Van Jones, formerly of the Obama administration, has a bit part in the beginning as a newscaster.

The lesson of the film is that YT is the villain out to get you and you need to shoot, stab and blow up YTs in order to survive and protect your loved ones.

If you're a YT, don't waste your money on a film in which you're insulted as the source of all of duh hood's woes, real or imagined.

Anonymous said...

The "Tax Payers" of St. Louis look like the people who cut the ribbon to begin with.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your time replying. I will provide some more details.

The Business is a National Chain, open 24 hrs a day, so has a staff of 20+ people. I've been a dues paying Member for Years now.

The town is 20% negro.

The Negro manager was hired at a different location. Almost instantly promoted to Asst. Manager at that location then Promoted again 3 months later to manager of the location I attend. Total aa nonsense.

Watched over the past year the White Men disappear then the Non Black Men disappear, all replaced with Negros and then those Negros replaced with even more Negros.

To me this is a verifiable act of Discrimation based upon the Town's demographics and the consistent hiring of Negros or 20% of towns population as the Statistical Probability is too great for it to be random.

I posted this is Math problem on Fakebook using the analogy of a Bag of Marbles where 20% of those marbles are cats eye and asked what the chances are for you to reach into that bag and pull out a cats eye 50 times in a row, with the number of Cats eye decreasing each time.

I got this formula

[(200!)*(1000-N)!] / [(1000!)*(200-N)!]

This is schrodinger cat stuff here lol.

Regardless, what is the answer to this? Does this formula apply here?

Side Note: well aware of the predators iny midst. So I stay alert to stay alive. Plus the Gun culture of area scares most of Them into compliance.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if 48% of the 380 million it took to do this project came from the 48% black population of St Louis that are howling about "racial equity" - if they wanted "racial equity" they should've had "investment equity" also don't you think? You can bet your bottom $ that this project was totally thought out, financed, engineered and accomplished by those evil White folks that are now falling all over themselves to prove they're not "racisss". These kind of grovelling, "unwoke" White people make me sick and I've personally made it a point to banish them (friends and relatives) from my life - I've probably added years to my life because my blood pressure just couldn't handle their naïve nonsense anymore - lol. And did you notice the "black power" fists in the "do over" - I didn't see any Whites raising their fists in the first ribbon cutting did you? Don't you know the blacks are laughing their asses off because they got another one over on "Whitey"!


Anonymous said...

The World Cup final four is set and its three Euro teams with prominent African ringers (France, Belgium, England) against an all-white Croatia team (I don't even think there's a Muslim on it).

Brian in Ohio said...

Lest we forget, Escape from New York was filmed in East St. Louis, because it had just the bombed out shit hole look the producers were looking for.

Of course blacks need a do-over. Their entire experience in the modern world has been just one long mulligan.

Stay alert, stay alive.

gkruz said...

My God, I hate this country.

1776blues said...

Another park for more shootings, muggings, and rapes by blacks. Great!

Anonymous said...

What I see is a black face performance with out any black acheivement. So it is just photo opp best called a black face performance.

Dagwood Bumstead said...

I want to see Conan or any other DWL who is still denying Haiti is a shithole, to bring their families for vacation down there now.

Anonymous said...

"Dey izzunt enuff People o' Color in them old 1970's Osmond Family Specials, we's be demandin' a do-ovah!"

Justin Igger said...

We are in a race war, whether you want to believe it or not.

D-FENS said...

@Anan 1:31 PM - Without knowing the total population of the town, a sampling without replacement calculation of the probability can’t be done. However, if the town is is very large, say > several thousand, a sampling with replacement assumption would be a good approximation. In this case, we are drawing 50 consecutive “cats eyes” in a row with each drawing having a probability of 0.2. That is just 0.2 multiplied by itself 50 times (ie 0.2^50). This is a very small number (~10E-35essentially zero). The true probability from sampling without replacement would even be lower so it is an upper limit on the true probability.

I would look to see if the Whites that were replaced were laid off/fired filed unemployment applications. They may have left just to escape negroes.

The 1000! in your equation is beyond the capacity of my calculator. Probably have to use Stirling’s approximation. I haven’t verified the equation but it looks like it is assuming a town population of 1000 people.

Again, Pat Boyle is the SBPDL resident statistician.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are tired of all the "gun violence" in Chicago so what do they do?

They shut down a major freeway, that's what!

How incredibly moronic, short-sighted, counter-productive, and wasteful-

We need more of these protests, now!!!

Blue Eyes Matter said...

We used to dread going to the airport, because you had to go through East St Louis. The Heart of Darkness.

Anonymous said...

What ticks me off is that it never fails that in every picture of black protests or even the one for this redo, there's always at it least one white sympathizer standing in line with all the boons.

Anonymous said...

Van Jones, formerly of the Obama administration, has a bit part in the beginning as a newscaster./ the commie group he was in is reported to have started the rodney king riot
that killed 50+---remember reginald denny.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

The Nazis referred to them as "Untermenschen"

The Nazis were right

Wide Awake said...

It was for Community LEADERS, not Community members....

dirtydog1776 said...

All the blacks were waiting for government limousines to come and pick them up, along with paying them for their time and giving them welfare and free tuition.

Marc B said...

Demonstrations of this sort of cuckery ultimately have the opposite of the intended effect in the long run. Displays of ridiculousness this immense awakens the race realism in normies.

Anonymous said...

In a sane world, the office of the mayor would respond, "We did not invite any Negroes because we did not wish to give them sharp objects which could then be used to steal our wallets."