Monday, July 9, 2018

Count the Number of Stereotypes of the Black Community this Article in the Sun Herald (Bay St. Louis, MS) Confirms...

Count the number of stereotypes this article confirms about life in a nearly all-black community in Mississippi. 

Go. [There's a plan to take back the 'heart' of Backatown from killers and drug dealers,, July 8, 2018]:

A visitor could drive right through Backatown and never know they were in a community known as A Place Apart.
Taking a stand against nature...
There is no sign signifying the neighborhood in the city's Third Ward. There aren't many attractions — a barbecue joint, a Boys & Girls Club, some churches, a seafood store. There are some comfortable, well-kept homes, some that could use a little TLC and some lots where the weeds have gained the upper hand. 
But there isn't, in the eyes of the leader of the local NAACP chapter, much black heritage on display in a place that until not that long ago was almost exclusively African-American. 
"Downtown is not inhabited by African Americans," said Gregory Barabino. 
"There's not African-American culture here because we don't have any businesses left." 
And that brings him to MLK Park in the city's Third Ward, the heart of the black community. Starting Sunday, he plans to hold regular events every Sunday in July, with the help of 30 to 40 like-minded men. He'll bring the music and he's encouraging others to come out and cook, or just hang out. And, he'll have other organizations there to show the younger people the opportunities and programs available to them. 
"We need to show them there's more than basketball," he said. 
So far, he says he has Youth Workforce, NASA, Pearl River Community College, 1190 AM/104.3 FM Gospel broadcasting, the WIN Job Center, Black Magic Fitness and the Young World mentor program planing to be there. For fun, there will be a bounce house, water slide and inflatable obstacle course. And the park has a lot of permanent playground equipment. 
"The problem is MLK serves a dual purpose," he said. "It's a hangout spot because there is no hangout space in the African American community. The projects used to be across the street so it was very utilized. 
"Recently, because the people who aren't drug dealers have disengaged and they just left the park out there for the people who peddle drugs. And, why not, when there are no consequences." 
He said city officials have helped in the past, building restrooms for the park, for example, but he said it's up to the community to help police the park and keep it presentable.
But is there more than basketball?

Is there?

It should be known the initial title the article in the Sun Herald was "Bay St. Louis' Black Community Takes Stand Against Violent Crime."


Gavin Newsome said...

Let's see, not one ounce of blame for parents who do a shitty job of raising keeids.

A plea for mo' money fo' dem programs.

My guess is that "Backatown" is a negroid corruption of "backabaw" which is the favorite game of groids.

Anonymous said...

More than bakkaball???!!!


The real crime states commit against blacks are the state lotteries. My father used to call it "the nigger tax". I had a black co-worker once who constantly bummed me for 20$ to squander on lottery tickets and cigarettes. When the lottery numbers were announced he would be sullen and genuinely depressed. He didn't seem to realize that it was virtually impossible, statistically to win these damn lotteries.

Lower IQ'ed people who lack critical thinking will get bitter and confused when "civilization"(aka YT) fails to give them their hearts desire. Namely, infinite drugs. Infinite liquor. Infinite "fun". Infinite "looksatmuh". And of course infinite white women.

Anonymous said...




Lack of visible community

"Lazy" black man sitting around on his @ss during the middle of the day, basically loitering

Lack of attractions- Rampant theft? Employee's not safe? Gang violence?

BBQ joint

Boys and Girls Club daycare drop off child-raising services

Black "churches" (which are nothing more than opportunities to show off vibrant clothing and talk about the latest gossip. They changed it from look at God to looks at muh, complete with obnoxious dancing and sound effects).

Seafood store- didn't mention if there are bars on the windows, but I'm betting so in this "small town"

Houses that in whitey's opinion could look better, but "I dooze what I wants"

Weeds "gained the upper hand"- blacks have a much lower standard of cleanliness

Forgot to nurture and protect a future legacy and it is somehow white people's fault

Blacks didn't support other black locally owned stores- some solidarity

MLK designated park (I'm sure there is a local street bearing the same name as well with completely predictable crime to boot).

Prodding of black male "role models" for a one-time event which will hopefully impact lasting change in the behavior of local bastard black (redundant) youth.

Mentoring, job programs, fitness equipment and play equipment that they will destroy if they can't steal it, as sharing is for the weak. The jobs don't pay $20 an hour entry level wages and allow for weekends and cellphone use while at work so those are pretty much non-starters. Luckily whitey is paying for it all so no need to value any of it.

Drug dealers pushing everyone else out of the area, people blamed for "letting them" do it. The honor system will be used where everyone just promises to help keep druggies and bad people out of the park.

There are a lot of stereotypes here, but a lot more could have been easily inserted for greater effect. I feel like they're not even trying in their complaining and excuses anymore, just kind of going through the motions.

Sick n Tired said...

I only counted one...."We need money fo' dem programs"

Sick n Tired said...

Meanwhile, it looks like Russia will be the last white stronghold in the upcoming future, da?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the typical black community.
Outside of what is built FOR them, they can’t even sustain, let alone improve their quality of life. Their best hope is their own managed decline. Yeah, I read all the stereotypes, but the answer is the 5-10% who care, can’t overcome the majority.
Worse yet is the propensity for violence.
All the Rick James and weed they can get won’t overcrome their desire to form tribal groups.

Anonymous said...

The BBQ probably isn’t bad. Not worth getting shot for, though...

Anonymous said...

This is where the Black man invented "Backaball" yo.

Anonymous said...

They act as if everything was *taken* from them, as if by force, or by magic. They literally can't take responsibility for their actions because they know on some level that that would set off a whole chain of consequences. People would start expecting them to take responsibility for themselves more and more.

Either that or they're just stupid.

Bastion Harm said...

Starting Sunday, he plans to hold regular events every Sunday in July, with the help of 30 to 40 like-minded men. He'll bring the music and he's encouraging others to come out and cook, or just hang out. And, he'll have other organizations there to show the younger people the opportunities and programs available to them.

50:1 says next Sunday's event will descend into violent monkeyshines, prompting their immediate cancellation.

...then a followup story later this summer will blame guns, then whitey (maybe not in that order) for the continuing plight of this "community."

Anonymous said...

I can't count the stereotypes, but the article further goes to say,

"It was the lack of culture, places to hang out and opportunity that led Barabino to New Orleans, where he lived for years. It was the tug of his family ties that brought him back to the area in 2009.

"I wasn't planning on living here, because there's nothing here for me," he said, "other than family and a good place to raise my daughter."

He said the others helping, like him, have spent time away from Bay St. Louis.

"They know that there's a world out there and this is unacceptable the way we're living," he said. "With no businesses, no infrastructure, no resources. It's tough. It's just tough".

So the pseudo-prodigal son returns home for "family" and that it's apparently a good place raise kids even though you left it. There was no culture? I thought only white people had no culture since we don't eat nearly as much spicy food or revel in the simple pleasures of dancing and the customs such as "jumping the broom", a solemn yet joyous occasion which has seen many an African-American couple starting off their rightfully renowned long-lasting marriages. But I digress!

When an unincorporated town is little more than a wide spot in the road you make do. It's got a Boys and Girls Club, what the are they doing year round? Sounds like you left New Orleans and are surprised to see that you can't escape the effects of white racism, prejudice and the legacy of slavery wherever you go. Well, shucks! Perhaps you might try ringing up the police and providing them information about the drug dealers, gang members, the people who sex traffic your daughters, etc. ad infinitum! You know I don't really like cops, but I like them when they do their jobs. A friend of mine has worked with the police to get prostitution out of his neighborhood. It's taken a few years but he's actually managed to finally get that crap to largely move on. You can do this kind of stuff as well but you choose not to.

I think it amounts to this... He is noticing what his old home doesn't have... The same things it DIDN'T HAVE when you LEFT IT!

But the prodigal idiot has returned to his village, yay! It's a big change but some things will always stay the same in "the hood"!

Bill in St Louis said...

" He said city officials have helped in the past, building restrooms for the park, for example, but he said it's up to the community to help police the park and keep it presentable."
Up to the community. So, the same people that won't fix thier houses, or keep vacant lots clear, who won't go to the park, are supposed to police it? Hasn't he heard? That's acting WHITE! Never gonna happen. At least this article didn't (as of now) call for mo' gibs fo de chirrun.

Sick n Tired said...

The amount of blacks I see buying multiple scratch off lottery tickets (the expensive ones that are 5-10-20 dollars a ticket), along with multiples of the daily Cash 3 or Pick 4 ($10-20 worth) is astronomical. They'll buy $50-70 worth of lottery tickets, then ask for $6 on pump 4 for their beat up car.

Anonymous said...

MLK Park, Boys & Girls Club, weed choked empty lots and run down houses. It perfectly describes the black part of every town and city across the United States.

Kids in my neighborhood mow yards and shovel snow for spending money. Sounds like the kids in the article sell drugs in the little park for spending money. We just have different cultures and no amount of money will change people who like filth, drugs and noise into quiet, tidy, hard working people.

Anonymous said...

From the news: Black toddler shoots himself with gun left around by baby's daddy:

I was extremely surprised when I heard the news about a 2 year old boy shooting himself, a 2 year old! At that age, my cousins were still 'floppy', they could grab a finger but there was no way they could pull the trigger (of a toy gun or anything). It makes sense now that it was an African baby because they mature really fast.

Rapper Lil Wayne also shot himself as a child, when he was 12:

Lil Wayne explains why the white cop who saved his life after he accidentally shot himself at age 12 makes him say 'he doesn't believe in racism

Paintjob Theory said...

"some lots where the weeds have gained the upper hand. "

N!ggers... outwitted by plant life. Honest to God. I can understand things like a lawnmower requires first developing the wheel and clippers are an advanced application of the lever (negroes still can't figure out the 3 simple machines lever, wheel, inclined plane)... but you can simply grab weeds by the root and pull them up. You really would think you could train an ape to do that. These things really are lower than animals and prove once again they are not even remotely close to able to function in modern society.

"There's not African-American culture here because we don't have any businesses left."

Sounds like what I've seen every time I've had the misfortune to go on safari through African America. Do they want some Pajeet to stand behind 6" bullet proof glass and sell them loose cigarettes, malt liquor, and scratch tickets for 50 cents on the dollar on their food stamp cards?

"He'll bring the music and he's encouraging others to come out and cook, or just hang out."

Because lounging around stuffing your face listening to jungle music is sure to cause a first world civilization to just sprout up around them. This is probably the saddest cargo cult ritual yet.

"We need to show them there's more than basketball,"

Yes, there's also hanging out, listening to music, and eating BBQ and fried chicken as you watch the kudzu consume your village.

"For fun, there will be a bounce house, water slide and inflatable obstacle course. And the park has a lot of permanent playground equipment."

You know what they say. All work and no play makes Shitavious a dull boy.

"Recently, because the people who aren't drug dealers have disengaged and they just left the park out there for the people who peddle drugs. And, why not, when there are no consequences."

Even assuming there's no police to handle their undesirables, they have tires and gasoline, right? They certainly seem nonplussed by the idea of killing one another over a pork chop, why then can they not sort out drug dealers? Of course the question is rhetorical, they don't care, most of these hand wringers are probably related to the criminals (or are criminals themselves), and the only reason they make a scene pretending to lament this state of affairs is that they have been trained that showing these conditions to YT translates into more gibs.

Absolutely hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Talk about "weeds gaining the upper hand" in black communities...are the branches of that tree going to have to grow into the basketball hoop before they do anything for that basketball court?

Anonymous said...

OT - Look at all those blacks giving freely of their time to rescue the soccer team and their coach in Thailand. You can't see them because blacks don't do things for free. That would be slavery.

Anonymous said...

Right HERE is the problem this Sambo is having:

He'll bring the music and he's encouraging others to come out and cook, or just hang out."

Hey, you stupid Sambo, THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT. Music? WTF? Cooking? WTF? Hanging out? WTF?

This idiot monkey Sambo thinks that these things are important and produce anything.

Even the DUMBEST White Man knows that music, hanging and cooking are something you "might" do AFTER a hard days work. After a week of working and you "MIGHT" (if you wife lets you) cook with your buddies while watching a game on TV.

This IDIOT thinks that these useless activities produce anything? WHO THE FUCK is this loser?

Anonymous said...


"there is no hangout space in the African American community."

Why the F do you need to "hang out"? Why not go to school. Learn how to do A/C work. Get a job laying brick that the Mexicans can do? Learn roofing, you stupid fuck, since roofing in perfect for your black skin, you goddamn stupid monkey.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sambo, you stupid fuck:

"...they just left the park out there for the people who peddle drugs."

Who is "they"? Them White Folk? We have to clean up your vomit and wipe your ass? You know who the drug dealers are so why don't you call the Po Po and report them? Why don't YOU clean up your own ass and wipe your own asshole rather than constantly demanding the White Man to do it for you?

Report the drug dealers, unless you are being paid off by them so they can sell drugs in the park?

Californian said...

There is no sign signifying the neighborhood in the city's Third Ward.

What they meant to say: "There is no sign signifying the neighborhood in the city's Third World."

You have a Third World population and you end up with a Third World city: crime goes up, the economy goes down, and the streets fill with weeds.

True in Port au Prince
True in Destroit
True in Backatown

Here's an experiment for a major university to conduct: give each black inhabitant of Backatown a monetary grant to move to another part of the state. Then move in a First World population, perhaps White South Africans. Thereafter conduct annual studies of the status of Backatown's streets, parks and business district.

Will the weeds have mysteriously disappeared to be replaced with well mowed lawns? Will the parks inexplicably see families replace the criminals? Will the economy start booming for reasons which will cause every social studies PhD to scratch their head in disbelief?

It's the signpost up ahead, you're entering a strange new dimension called Race Realism.

Wide Awake said...

Predictably the 3rd Ward has turned into the 3rd World.

chattanooga gal said...

sick-n-tired, give it 15 years and those black African "farmers" will be begging Russia to send them food grown by the white s. African farmers they chased out.

Non PC Infidel said...

Public restrooms in or near black areas tend to become places where the whores take their customers for a little privacy and to wash up afterwards. That's what happened when a local park in my town had public restrooms installed in a park near a black area. The security guard at the park told me that the guards were tired of having to chase the whores and their customers off and tired of constantly having to go by the restrooms to monitor the situation. However, after awhile, they'd gotten it under control for the most part as the whores and their customers knew they wouldn't be able to get away with it as there were constant security patrols.

On another note (and to be fair) there were/are parks in solid white areas that had public toilets that became pick up/cruise joints for gays. The police have to do regular stings at those locations due to the numerous complaints from families using the parks. Every now and then there'll be an article on-line about how many men were arrested for exposing themselves and for other "activities." There are parks that don't have restrooms that also have the same problem and the police are constantly having to move from park to park to deal with the situation as the gays migrate from park to park when one becomes "unsafe" for them due to police crackdowns. However, in the interest of further fairness, a lot of the men who get arrested are married men. One was even a city councilman, another a married preacher and yet another a school teacher. And yes, one time even an off duty policeman.

As per the subject of policing the parks, the cops often become very heavy handed in their approach and often engage in what amounts to harassment and intimidation. For example, the local park nearest my house is one I'd often go to just to chill out and relax and often took my dogs there for some play time as they loved the creek that flows through the park. However, as a single male, the cops would zero in on me, become quite aggressive and abusive, demand identification and even tell lies that there'd been reports of someone in a vehicle such as mine dealing drugs. Sometimes they'd become so belligerent that they'd scream at me and tell me to get out of the park which I would refuse to do. In comparing notes with others who lived in the area, there were tales of cops giving people tickets for speeding in the park when they weren't, "trespassing" and other made up violations such as being in the park after sundown even though it was still daylight. A lot of people (single males or just any male alone-not gays) stopped going to the park because they got sick of the harassment and so on. On a hilarious note, I'd get harassed when I went to the park and was in my van but when I'd go to the park on my motorcycle while wearing my vest with patches, they'd leave me alone except for one time when a cop decided to give me a bogus ticket for illegal parking. One time I'd met a friend at the park and we'd hung out, talked and just enjoyed the day for a couple of hours. When I got on my motorcycle and left, the cop that was watching us left me alone but stopped my friend and demanded to know who he was, who I was, what we were doing in the park and what we'd been talking about. Obnoxious, no? Another time and under similar circumstances, the cops crept through the woods so they could spy on us sitting at a picnic table that was in plain view of the main road and all the traffic passing by. First we heard twigs snapping as they stepped on them and then the clincher was when a police radio crackled to life. I burst out laughing and even though I couldn't see the cops hiding in the woods, gave them the finger anyway.

In any case, what I'm saying (in the interest of fairness) is that I'm sure innocent blacks get harassed pretty badly in public parks just as I ( and others) did because of the activities of troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

It's different for me.

When we fled Jersey City in 1967, we were running away from a city already on the decline. The suburbs became the cradle of white civilization until recently.

For me, driving back through Jersey City, which I do periodically, is a poignant lesson in nostalgia. Seeing the destruction and squander of a once-great city forces one to wrestle with the 'what if's' and 'who's responsible' questions that have no solid answers. Seeing the current situation draped across the solid bones and classic architecture that has fallen to ruin makes me angry that my parents didn't stay and fight.

My city is unrecognizable.

His city, on the other hand, is the same city he left. How horrible must that be??

Empty lots are still empty. Storefronts have turned over or disappeared. Houses that have burned have stayed burnt. Places that were dangerous then are un-survivable now. I can't imagine being part of a 'culture' like that. One that begs and feeds off the scraps of another civilization. One that can't even preserve something that was given to them FREE. No pride in ownership. No pride in their work or abilities. Just the dangerous pride that requires violence when someone inadvertently "disses" them.

Still, even after being on this blog for over a year now, I see no logical end. Not in our favor at least. I'm old enough the have watched what happened in Africa (Rhodesia, Congo, South Africa...) and can see the parallels to what is happening here. The Marxists have too strong a foothold in the government and the media. Any preemptive or defensive move will be abolished and turned back on us. We will be outlawed. Defense of ourselves will be outlawed.

We sure have gotten ourselves into a pickle, haven't we?

If we had simply rounded them all up at the end of the civil war and returned them to Africa, we would have a whole host of different problems but at least not the Africans in America problem.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

It was intentional. The kid looked around and saw what was in store for him and he chose the "game over" solution to the quandary of growing up in da hood. This comment may be callous, but it's the first thing that came to mind.

Anonymous said...

"This IDIOT thinks that these useless activities produce anything? WHO THE FUCK is this loser?"

This loser, you racist cretin, is known as a.... now say it with me chirruns... "REV-run"!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they shouldn't have left the park out there all by its lonesome. Hmmm... unincorporated wide spot in da road in da hood, no services, no businesses, and no public works employees! Christ on a crutch, who built the park?

Perhaps "Backatown" is a formerly white town that was renamed once they realized they wanted the whites to come, "Backa (to) town".

Jeff Davis said...

I live 30 minutes from here on the coast. The majority of white "conservatives" here, the home of Jefferson Davis himself, father of the Confederacy, are CUCKED to their rotten core. I can't wait to retire to the mountains of Tennessee or Kentucky. The moon crickets here are reproducing at a rate of 5 to 1 versus whites. In 30 more years (if the (((dollar))) doesn't collapse, the entire Mississippi coast will be one big cesspool of negro filth just like 'Nawlins.

Anonymous said...

98% of all the volunteers that clean, mow and maintain city of Detroit parks are white people from the suburbs. Blacks are pretty bad when it comes to field work. Ironic, don’t you think?

Anonymous said...

Seeing the current situation draped across the solid bones and classic architecture that has fallen to ruin makes me angry that my parents didn't stay and fight.

No your parents did the right thing. Individuals cannot stay and fight. You would have ended up in a nightmare public school and endured multiple beatings *at best*.

White moralists decided that race doesn't exist and that's why they left Black areas.

White moralists know best. They love Black people so much that they avoid them as much as possible.

Anyone who posts here is just an ignorant rube that doesn't know "the truth" which White moralists can't actually explain and in fact get hysterical when you ask simple questions like how Blacks do well in sports if everything is a grand White conspiracy. They can't explain anything but liberal tv hosts like Colbert tell them they are smarter than everyone else so it must all be true somehow. It can't be that some random simpletons on the internet are actually right about race being more than skin color. All those high paid professors MUST be right.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Not getting ‘“Chuck” the hell out of America once The War Against The States was over was not just A Big mistake, it was a HUGE one.
One that has already bitten US in the ass, and will end up devouring US, if not corrected soon!

Anonymous said...

I’d give it 5 or 10 years, and they won’t have to ask Russia for anything because European and American cucks will start sending plane loads of money at the first sign of suffering. Of that maybe 10% will make it to the people who need it after the 90% government corruption tax.

Former Liberal said...

I agree with you, but blacks are mostly useless in a trade. They bring all of their bad traits such as being generally unintelligent, lazy, surly, and unmotivated. Try to run a job with them. It's like herding cats or talking to pigeons: the results are the same. As for blacks's nonstop screeching about their self-induced problems, I am well past caring.

Anonymous said...

And then stand at the counter to scratch them off while other people are standing in line behind them waiting to check out... 😐

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Especially importing Afrikaners. They are facing extermination back home anyway. Bring them here…they’ll be an asset.

Anonymous said...

OT - what is up with the the news articles about white women calling the cops on little savages? We're not supposed to protect ourselves at all? Okay, don't call the cops and take things into your own hands. The savages get real hostile if you ask them a question or make a reasonable request on a bus.

Anonymous said...

With blacks it is always retrain, readjust, re-mentor, reeducate, remediate, reteach, reinforce, reinvigorate, reconcile...

The Black Plague is coming. And their ranks will be filled with self hating crackers.

Nothing more than a 3-day Marianas Turkey shoot.

Egghead said...

Former Governor Wilder is one of the blacks whose image is often suggested to be made into a statue to be placed on Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

They won't make it to sunset before somebody gets shot, stabbed, ran over, or has boiling grits thrown in their face. On a positive note: Website Hey Jackass shows 25 Chicongo geniuses have shot themselves so far this year, while trying to take selfies, posing with their guns! But dey be gud boyz, dey don eben hab no gun.

Anonymous said...

Beat me to it!

Dindu Nuffinz said...

They simply lack any and ALL traits necessary in order to assimilate into a civilized society...

This is just one of millions of instances where the proof is in the puddin'... do you still like chocolate?

Brian in Ohio said...

Looks like I found my new favorite pizza!

Stay alert, stay alive.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

The bbq and "hang out" time is just the front for them to peddle the drugs. Kids in tow, too!

Dindu Nuffinz said...

I didn't know they chased them out, I thought the majority of them were being murdered. Is there a cover up going on? Where are they moving to?

K. O. said...

I grew up some 30mins East of there.... in the 60's. I remember a time, we didn't even lock the doors or windows at night. Bay St. Louis, Pascagoula, Moss Point... Selma, Mobile, B'ham, Atlanta.... the name of the hamlet/state don't matter, it's the same story from one to the next; Bacatown, Carver Village, most of Moss Point, all no go zones. it's only gotten worse. No matter where they go, there they are.

Same here in the N. Dallas exoburbs, add brown to the mix, heat and repeat.

I love the MS Gulf Coast and its natural beauty, but i'd never live there again..... too black, too violent. NOLA? my NOLA's gone, been gone, it no longer exists.

Detroit Refugee said...

Not sure about the number of stereotypes present here. But I do know they reinforce them all on a daily basis.

Mr. Rational said...

Looks like I found my new favorite pizza!

Don't be so hasty.  He apologized (which is cucking) and may be out of the company when the SJWs take that as a confession and double down on the mob assault.  His replacement may well SJ-converge the company.

Anonymous said...

For a couple of decades I did a lot of consulting work in poor communities. I saw some horrific conditions. And I will never begrudge poor people, and I never looked down at people who couldn't afford nice stuff, but JFC it takes ZERO money to pull weeds or pick up trash. Why do people choose to live in filth?

I grew up in a poor rural area. But our house was spotless.

Augustus said...

Don't worry, the country will not be able to maintain the Largest Government in the history of mankind, provide all the "safety net" welfare programs, and maintain a capable military defense with the interest on the national debt consuming the lions' share of total GDP. The collapse should start somewhere between 2028 to 2032. Tell your kids to learn a foreign language, a trade, and be prepared to leave before government tries to print money enough to cause a financial implosion. It's coming and all the DC crowd know it, they just don't want you to know it. That's why they aren't feverishly trying to shore up the electric grid. They know it's a waste of time.

Augustus said...

PS: Chicago Mayor Emmanuel and Police Chief blame Indiana gun shows. Ingorant Chicago voters vote straight Democrat ticket,as they have for past 7 decades and get same results. It's good to be Mayor and do nothing.

Left Coast White Guy said...

I'd rather have Russia send troops to fix the obvious problem.