Thursday, July 26, 2018

Security Doors at Fifth Third Banks in All-Black Communities in Chicago Removed After Cries "Racism"

Previously on SBPDL: Philadelphia City Council Passes Bill to Force Businesses to Remove Bulletproof Glass because it represents "Indignity" to Blacks; Meanwhile, Philadelphia Police Unveil 150 New Cars with Bulletproof Glass...

What is the cost of doing business in communities of color in Chicago, where whites constitute less than one percent of the population? [Fifth Third Bank Security Doors To Come Down At South Side Branches, CBS Chicago, July 26, 2018]:
CHICAGO (CBS) — The additional security doors at various Fifth Third banks around the city will be coming down. Protesters said security measures at nearly a dozen Fifth Third Bank branches in Chicago were racist for their presence in predominantly African American neighborhoods.
Protecting bank employees from black crime is a lower priority than removing impediments put in place to  prevent black crime 
The first extra security door disappeared Wednesday. 
“I think it’s a victory of respect for the community,” said Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church, knowing what he called the “jail-like doors” are gone from the Auburn Gresham Fifth Third branch. 
“You couldn’t move to the inner door ‘til they buzzed you in, like some kind of criminal,” he said. 
In November, customers were greeted by red and green lights, along with a metal detector.  
Pfleger and his followers protested in the fall. 
Fifth Third Bank is headquartered in Cincinnati. Chief Administrative Officer Teresa Tanner visited the South side branch. 
“She saw it and said this is disrespectful. She felt very bad about it,” Pfleger recalled. 
Bank customers can now come and go form the South Ashland branch without getting stuck between the doors. Regular customers say they are very pleased. 
“Man, it was confusing. I’ve had different stuff in my pockets and set off alarms,” said a customer. “Sometimes, when you were in a rush, it was a headache, trapped in between the doors.” 
The security door system has been replaced by an armed guard. 
About five miles away at a branch on East 79th Street, the double door and red light/greenlight system is still in place. 
Fifth Third Bank says it will go away in the near future, along with the doors at all branches. 
“We just want business to treat our community with respect. If you don’t want to, just leave,” Pfleger said. 
Pfleger said when Tanner visited the South side branch in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, the outside of the bank appeared barren and lifeless. The area is now landscaped with colorful flowers.
No matter what business do to protect their - and their stock holders - bottom line, it will be abandoned the moment an accusation of racism is hurled its way. Even if barriers and security measures are put in place to protect employees from black criminality, these commonsense measures will immediately be deemed as bigoted and demeaning to blacks.

Pattern recognition being the motive behind increasing security measures seems logical for a business in an all-black area, but such an action is intolerable in a nation governed by the principles of Black-Run America (BRA).


Anonymous said...

Pfleger is a walking talking pile of excrement. Talk about the ultimate cuck...

Anonymous said...

"The security door system has been replaced by an armed guard".

A racist security door was replaced by a security guard with a gun. Yeah, that door could have had a helluva time trying to defend otself. Good move, sound logic.

Anonymous said...

Stories like this aren’t new in BRA, I’m afraid.

I recall some years back when Danny Glover tried to hail a cab in NYC, but no one would pick him up because he was dressed like a thug. He pitched a public fit and the city cracked down on cabbies, forcing them to ignore their instincts and pick up more young black males.

Predictably, the number of robberies and murders of cab drivers in the city shot up shortly afterwards. 😐

Anonymous said...

Replaced by an armed guard? So I guess this banker lady is OK with trading a shot-out glass door for a shot-up security guard.

Anonymous said...

Traitorous virtue signalling catholicucks like Michael Pflaeger will get their just desserts when their urban pets turn on them. If all out anarchy erupts in the cities, when the ECAR RAW/Day Of The Rope/EBT cards run dry/SBTF we'll probably see Father Michael's mutilated corpse being dragged across the streets by his faithful, trust pets. That's how they show their gratitude.

On the issue of security doors....Blacks are so stupid that even multiple security cameras fail to deter them. The FACT that statistically almost all armed bank robbers get caught also fails to discourage these ingenious urban elves. They all seem to be shocked that they didn't make the NFL/NBA or get a sportsball scholarship or make it as a big time rapper! Maybe our very own Pat Boyle can attempt to couch statistics in terms these orcs can understand.

Anonymous said...

He was a gud boi. He dindu nuffin. He was turnin' his life aroun'.

He was a drug addict. He was estranged from his kids. He was a born fuck up.

"Still, he was a jokester"

Aaaah yes. He was just "funnin'". That's all.

Anonymous said...

In New Zealand lots of banks have this feature, god forbid you have some patience

Bill in St Louis said...

" “We just want business to treat our community with respect. If you don’t want to, just leave,” Pfleger said. 
Pfleger said when Tanner visited the South side branch in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, the outside of the bank appeared barren and lifeless. The area is now landscaped with colorful flowers."
Leave? Ok. Then you can protest because there are no businesses in your area... but at least employees won't be killed for being at work. Nice touch, making YT plant flowers in the area. After all, it isn't YOUR neighborhood or anything... Jesus wept.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins III said...

“We just want business to treat our community with respect".

Respect is earned, not given. We want customers to treat the businesses with respect by not robbing them.

"If you don’t want to, just leave,” Pfleger said. 

Ok. Since you insist on us being vulnerable to robbery while ignoring the reason for the high probabity of being robbed, we will leave. Just dont cry about the Disparate Impact of Bank Deserts.

Oh the Logic is strong with this one.

Anonymous said...

Of course they want it removed. They are demanding it be easier to rob the banks. Next step now is to demand the combo for the vault.

Anonymous said...

Appease, appease, appease. It never ends.

nokangaroos said...

These things are expensive, so the very idea that banks(!) would install them just because WAYCISS is laughable. Do they even listen to themselves some time?

Further, might the fact they have these, erm, "associations" at all (MY family sure wouldn´t. I might because the bishop specifically requested "hefty" altar boys. Seriously :) mean they have paid more visits to da Big House than to City Hall?
In which case, might we not consider the whole thing as a
Public Service Reminder to Reduce de Bilence (tm)
instead of an "indignity"?

Just askin´;b

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Fifth Third bank is changing their business strategy due to people constitutionally recognized as being only 3/5 of a person.

Ironic? Nope! Just another freakish mocking of reality here in Clown World!

Anonymous said...

"The security door system has been replaced by an armed guard".

Well, I hope it is a smiling, chuckling negroe who makes witty banter with the passers-by, kind of like a pitchman for their business.

Anonymous said...

“I think it’s a victory of respect for the community,” said Father Michael Pfleger...

No orc has a German name like that. This is a white cuck who even has a Wikipedia page:

"Social activist" -- that pretty well sums it up. He's also a hypocrite. Here's this excerpt:

Despite his anti-gun stance, he always travels with armed bodyguards when participating in protests. In 2014 Father Pleger was criticized for attending an anti-gun rally while being protected by 3 or more armed bodyguards. On May 27, 2018 a member of his security detail was arrested outside St. Sabina when officers noticed him brandishing a pistol. Upon investigation, the officers discovered that the bodyguard, Eugene Hale, did not possess a Concealed Carry License and was not legally licensed to carry a weapon in public or even own a weapon due to not possessing a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID).

Yep, he wants the rest of us disarmed but he has own armed security detail. Typical liberal "celebrity."

But let's fix that sentence above:

“I think it’s a victory for the thieving and violent criminals of the community,” said Father Michael Pfleger...

To cucks like these, allowing the thugs to prey upon the law-abiding is "social justice."

When things unravel, cucks like these will be among your worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

Those security doors weren't installed because banks like to spend money unnecessarily. They're there because of bitter experience with the local Bantus.

Why even have branches in duh hood? When a bank wishes to open branches in a liberal- or black-run city, it's common that the bank will be required to open up branches in duh hood to give "people of color" (aka bad loan risks) loans for purchases of homes, cars, etc. It's understood that those same POCs have a much higher rate of default but the bank is expected to absorb the losses (which are balanced by low default rates among YT's neighborhoods) as part of the "cost of doing business." Also expected is the occasional robbery (aka "injecting funds into the community") and the shooting of a bank employee ("he white, he don't belong here").

My father, who grew up in the Old South, had a much better proposal: "Put up a fence around the city and let 'em eat each other up!"

And if YT pulled out, that would indeed come to pass as the locals reverted to the African mean.

Anonymous said...

My prediction is they will need to put the security doors back once the level of crime goes up which it will. social do-gooders like this father come and go but crime in black areas will continue.

Paintjob Theory said...

Up here in whiteopia none of our businesses have bars on the windows, tellers behind 6 inches of bullet proof glass, or armed security. Perhaps it's population density? I bet places like Tokyo have to have all sorts of measures like that.

Anyway, armed security for your place of commerce... Just the cost of doing business in African America and another cog in the giant machine which is the negro-industrial-complex.

Robin Naybors said...

Thanks to modern technology, I rarely have to visit my credit union in person. The last time I was in there, I walked right through the door and got about two steps into the building before a nice lady greeted me and asked how she could be of assistance; I didn’t even see a security guard.

Everyone in the establishment looked and spoke like me and I was in and out, business completed, within 10 minutes. There were no blacks within 15 miles, at least, of the bank.

I wonder if there is a correlation between the lack of security and the lack of diversity in this scenario?

I wonder…….

Standup Broad said...

First the security doors are removed, at some later point the security guard will be considered an intimidation and removed OR the guard will be killed. Then this bank branch will be closed eliciting cries of discrimination. After a lifetime of this crap I have become psychic.

OT-Russia is offering all White South Africans a small amount of land and no-hassle resettlement. Hats off to Putin.

Augustus said...

I live in the Chicago area, and I can't find any white Catholics who can stand him. Minorities may like his form of Liberation Theology because it allows "victims" to blame others for all their own problems. White Catholics are tired of the whining.

Anonymous said...

once again, the fact that the company allows themselves to be browbeaten by gangs who mostly don't even use their services speaks volumes about their backbone.

A simple 'No' followed by silence. Let them boycott, let them protest. Eventually, they get tired and move on to something else.

Hopefully, the branch is staffed entirely by blacks so the violence will only consume them. I can't imagine a white person staying in the place after a decision like that.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

The fact is that it sounds like what they're replacing is the standard bank design in cities and suburbs everywhere. It doesn't sound like this is a "convenience store plexiglass" situation here--it's just the universal bank design having a "disparate" impact.

I can't think of a bank branch in the city I live in where you don't have to use an ATM/credit card to "buzz" yourself into the outer lobby of the bank (where there are ATMs) and where you can then walk into the main area of the bank through another non-locked door during business hours.

Non-blacks don't think of themselves as "convicts" having to buzz themselves through the outer door of a bank. They know that this system was designed to allow them the convenience of 24-hour ATM access and keep homeless beggars away from the ATMs.

Inner city blacks don't get this. They see the locks as jail bars, especially since they don't carry their own ATM/credit cards to allow them the access past them. Without these golden keys, how else are they going to shake down people using the ATMs for money and ATM cards of their own? Racist!

Sick n Tired said...

I was in Tokyo last year, and they have nothing like that. It's one of the cleanest and safest cities I've ever been to, because the citizens treat it with respect, and there are very few groids. The food was amazing too!


"The area is now landscaped with colorful flowers."

FINALLY, GAWD ALMIGHTY, free at last, free at last, Thank GAWD Almighty we be free at last!!!

I hope this solution get out FAST to the Barbershops and Mid-night Bakkaball courts.

I don't ever want to see another community barbecue that doesn't have flower pots !!!

I wonder what colors the flowers would be. Good God if it is White tulips, Frangi Pangi, Gardenias, White Periwinkles, the Edelweiss flower, GAWD forbid White Roses since these Racist WhiteAss flowers are micro/macro aggression to the "other wise" peaceful bucks.

Marc B said...

Fifth Third should offer hazard pay to the staff these five "newly remodeled" branch locations.

John Lennon said...

Father Pfleger. You should read about him on Wiki (a notorious lib website;sounds like even they know he's an asshole). The guy is head catholic in a parish that is almost entirely black and he refuses to leave, even though he is white. In defiance of the Cardinal for that area, he has adopted not 1, not 2, but 3 little bouncing negro boys, one of whom was killed by "stray gunfire." He, himself, led a demonstration against a White local gun store owner, threatening to "snuff him out." Two of his biggest buds are Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Obama's savage long time White people hating minister) and of course, the Rev. Al. I remember seeing him on TV when he spoke at Wright's church. He went on a diatribe about how racist and hateful the average White person is. If they gave an award for Cuck of the Year, this guy would get my vote hands down. And, BTW, forgive me for using the outdated term "White". We are now "People of Light."

Anonymous said...

"Father Pfleger". Remember HNIC Obammy and his "revrun" Jeremiah Wright? Who was also there? Yep, Pfleger. Another fucking (((bolshevik)))
Mr Turner

chattanooga gal said...

I give it no more than a month before the first robbery.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they spend a lot more on security, per capita, in Johannesburg than Tokyo. Japan is one of those countries that mysteriously doesn't let foreigners become nationals too easily and they have yet to take in refugees.

Would you take a chance encounter in a late night alleyway in Tokyo, Copenhagen or Monrovia?

Californian said...

Look at the bigger picture, the politics behind the thing.

The removal of security doors is part of a wider campaign to eliminate impediments to black criminality. It's related to the removal of transparent anti-crime barriers in convenience stores, the Obama era "disparate impact" model of enforcing discipline codes, the creation of "spaces to destroy" during urban riots, and the overall trend towards de-policing. This way, aspiring 'hood entrepreneurs will not be slowed down when they redistribute the bank's wealth during a transaction where they hold a firearm turned sideways.

There's also an element of delusion. An assumption here seems to be that if you make the physical appearances of buildings in the 'hood resemble those of the suburbs, then 'hood denizens will have equality rain down on them like a ruling from the Supreme Court. After all, if you spend the same amount of money on a school in the inner city as you do in the suburbs, you get the same outcome in student graduation rates, no? So why wouldn't that work with banks, yes?

It gets back to BRA being in many respects one big cargo cult. They can fiddle with security doors, flowerbeds and full-scale models of airplanes made out of palms trees all they want. But no matter what they do, they're still stuck on that island of genetic inheritance.

OverSeer said...

“We just want business to treat our community with respect. If you don’t want to, just leave,” Pfleger said.

Yup...all white run businesses should up and leave. Its just not worth it to jump thru hoops for savages when you can just do regular good ol' white business elsewhere. Leave them alone to a food and business desert.

Anonymous said...

I really hope PNC bank gets all SJW about the security doors. PNC has had security doors in black neighborhoods for a decade and I never heard about protests regarding that in Indianapolis. I support their logical decision. Nobody has to bring race into the discussion. They just got have the courage to say we care about matters of safety for our employees and customers. Enough said.

Deborah Brown said...

After signing petition after petition to get the USA to help these whites(actual refugees)from South Africa, I'm so relieved that Putin has decided to rescue these poor farmers from certain death.
Thanks for sharing the up date!

Anonymous said...

Second City Cop regularly has harsh criticism of "Pfather Pfleger".

Anonymous said...

OT: Speaking of shadow-banning, when you type in "SBPDL" into Google, the first page of hits you get are for this:

The South Bihar Power Distribution Company, ltd., in India.

Is a regional electric utility in India all of a sudden so popular?

Archie bunker said...

He sounds like the perfect candidate to be eaten by his pets

Anonymous said...

So they are replacing the doors with guards now?

Where before they replaced the standard doors with these security doors because of the banks location?

There is an awful lot of replacing going around down in the hood these days....

I have a one time replacement that will fix all of this..

....replace all the Blacks with Whites and send the obsolete farm equipment back home to Africa....

Pat Boyle said...

The commenter at 9:37 thinks this case is similar to the famous Danny Glover cabbie case. Before Danny Glover New York cabbies would not pick up most black men. Glover raised a stink. Then after the Glover incident the cabbies still wouldn't pick up most black men.

Why? because getting a fare from a black guy wasn't worth your life. They tried to make regulations that cabbies would have to pick up all who wanted a ride. They still wouldn't do it. Cabs drove right past black men trying to flag a cab. Again the prospect of a fine or losing your job is still better than losing your life.

Glover and the other negroes claimed it was racism. But of course cabbies would pick up black women and very old black men. They wanted those fares. They wouldn't budge however on picking up those dangerous black men. There was a history of cabbies being murdered for their cash and it was always by a black.

I never actually drove a cab on a public street but I went through the training course and took the oath in court and got a cab driving license. So I was licensed and ready to go. Then I quit before I started. I don't remember just why but the cab company warned prospective cab drivers to always be alert. You would be carrying around withy you loose cash and there would be a stranger sitting behind you who might have a gun. Maybe that's why I never showed up to drive a cab. Truck driving is much safer.

Cab drivers don't want to pass up fares but Danny Glover belonged to a identifiable group that was known to murder cab drivers for their fares. Glover could have gone on TV and pleaded with his fellow blacks to cooperate with the police and rid the city of the blacks who rob and kill. He could have accepted responsibility for why cabs refused service to black males. Rather he chose to blame his inconvenience on racism among white drivers. In fact a lot of cab drivers were themselves blacks and they too wouldn't stop for a black male fare. More cab drivers were recent immigrants and they really avoided black passengers. Pakistanis and Hispanics have much less tolerance for African-Americans than the average white.

In this bank case, I imagine that the sequence will be - they lighten security, they get robbed, they reinstitute the security measures. It's unlikely that when they reinstall the bars and doors that it will make the papers.


Anonymous said...

Due to litigation the guard will be unarmed from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

"Traitorous virtue signalling catholicucks like Michael Pflaeger"

I agree that Michael Pfleger is a total slimeball, but he ain't a real Catholic. He's nothing but a left wing Commie who is hiding behind the Robe so he can claim the high ground. Catholics have been wanting to lose this creep for decades. Why don't they just remove all doors from the safe and everywhere? Just pile the cash up on a table and let the parasites come to take it for free. At least nobody will get killed in the process.

Anonymous said...

Luckily I live in Northern Nevada. Doors ate unlocked but tellers are behind glass. You are asked if you need assistance upon entering. Did I mention the prevalence of concealed carry among citizens of Nevada?

Anonymous said...

Man Who Served Time For The Death Of His Son Now Arrested For Killing His Girlfriend’s 18-Month-Old

Francois Browne is facing a first-degree murder charge for abusing the toddler and causing fatal internal injuries.

Published 2 days ago

A Baltimore man who was convicted for causing the death of his own infant son now faces charges in the abusive killing of his girlfriend’s 18-month-old son.

Francois Browne was charged first-degree murder charge in the death of toddler Zaray Gray, who died from internal injuries and a broken clavicle, reported WISN.

On Wednesday, police found an injured Zaray, who had stopped breathing, inside a northwest Baltimore home. Zaray was alone with Browne, who had taken the toddler and other kids to a playground earlier that day. When police questioned Browne, he told investigators Zaray fell down a slide.

However, in their arrest report, police wrote the boy was found with a number of bruises, a broken clavicle, and tears to his bowels “likely caused by multiple blows to the abdomen.”

This is not the first time Browne, 35, has been involved in the death of a child. In 2012, he was convicted of child abuse resulting in death after his 7-month-old son Kendall, who died after suffering fractured ribs and bleeding in his brain.

For the death of his son, Browne was sentenced to 15 years in prison with four years suspended. After serving a little less than three years, Browne was released in 2015.

Browne is now held without bail in Zaray’s death.

Although Browne was convicted of child abuse resulting in the death of a child, he was not charged with murder in 2012 and is not Zaray’s birth father; therefore, Zaray was not protected by a special law shielding children from parents who have killed someone, said Rachel White, a director with the Advocates for Children and Youth organization.

“This case is another example on why there is more work to be done to expand this statute and prevent more children from being susceptible to child abuse, neglect, or murder,” White told WISN.

Dr. Dylan Stewart, director of pediatric trauma at Johns Hopkins Hospital, told The Baltimore Sun that the laws are “far too lenient” and Browne should not have been released.

“I have a huge amount of concern for the level of child abuse in Baltimore,” he told the newspaper. “Murdering a child should not have a different penalty than pulling the trigger and murdering an adult.”

Written by Rachel Herron

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The blacks need the banks to handle their large amounts of drug money. Everybody else goes to the payday loan/pawn shop/check cashing store.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The natives will rip them out of the ground, and scatter the pieces. What will be left is dirt with scattered fast food wrappers, Cheetos bags, liquor bottles, urine, and hypodermic syringes.

Anonymous said...

I just love it how we have to take diversity's word for it and they are never made to blame when things inevitably fall through. Take pride in that they need us and we don't need them. What's more important, a forever elusive reputation from the ungrateful black and brown hordes, or your own life?

Negro Antidote said...

Any aspects of a civil first world society and it's practices are considered racist and an insult to the 80 IQ crowd. It's futile to deal with them at all.Time is long past overdue to re-segregate or repatriate them. NOTHING can be done for them to function in a White society.

Anonymous said...

OT: Speaking of shadow-banning, when you type in "SBPDL" into Google, the first page of hits you get are for this:

Use DuckDuckGo for searches as they do not track you.

The South Bihar Power Distribution Company, ltd., in India.
Is a regional electric utility in India all of a sudden so popular?

I wonder to what they attribute the sudden spike in their traffic?

Augustus said...

A locked vault could be offensive and racist. We need a city ordnance forcing it to always be wide open and inviting during normal business hours.

Anonymous said...

Have the Catholic clergy lost their minds? What is this?
Catholicism is not a suicide pact. If Fr. Pfleger is so passionately egalitarian in his beliefs, I would ask him to prove it by taking a late-night stroll on Chicago's Lakeshore in civilian clothes, without his body guard or body armor.
Put up, or shut up.

OverSeer said...

What the bank should have installed are buttons to all the tellers for when our melatonin enhanced friends rob the place they get locked in until the popo arrives. Everyone can just sit and laugh behind bulletproof glass as the dindu goes apeshit trying to get out. I have seen youtubes of gas station/convenience stores doing this and they are always hilarious.

Detroit Refugee said...

Wise choice avoiding the cabbie job.
It's not safe, hasn't been for decades now. My dad had a cousin from Grosse Pointe, Mi. A firefighter by day, moonlighted as a cab driver. A BM fare had him drive all the way to Chicago, then executed him from behind. Happened in the late 60's.

I know a few guys around here that have done this work, it's miserable hrs, for low pay. Divide your take home into hrs behind the wheel and it averages out to $4-$5 bucks hrly.
W/ the rare jackpot bonus tossed in occasionally. Surly TNB custo's Downriver make it miserable.

Archie bunker said...

In St Paul, at the conclusion of Rondo Days, a festival of African American culture, veteran actor and singer T Mychael Rambo was approached by 5 teenagers while stopped at a light, Hey Unc, gives us a ride to the next train station, he agreed, he was then pistol whipped, robbed, jumped out of car while moving,then attacked again,they left with his car and belongings, he sought help and survived, he said he was saddened so many are lost and blamed their behavior on being isolated due to technology and that they see people in high places who have power, not reap consequences of their actions, meanwhile across the river, on the same July Saturday night, there was shootings, stabbings and pistol whipping at a downtown mpls bar involving the Surenos and WSK 13 Hispanic gangs, diversity is wonderful, their beautiful music, food and culture, just great what democrats have done to the state

Wynn Lloyd said...

He has strayed so far from the Church that he should not be calling himself Catholic. He's a megalomaniacal narcissist.
Of course, now we have one of those in the Vatican, though this is just the darkness before the dawn.
Flagler will eventually be exposed, as will Francis.
Despicable men, both.

Wynn Lloyd said...

Loss prevention and expenses will soon make staying there impossible.

Anonymous said...

Wow! They have a Congo Days in St. Paul? ;)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he could volunteer to serve the faithful in Sierra Leone!

Wynn Lloyd said...

Something is so psychologically different about them. To be that much of a hypocrite.
So damn wicked. I guess that's what you turn into when you worship yourself instead of God.
The Archbishop needs to quit cucking himself and strip that fool's faculties.

Wynn Lloyd said...

They will probably pack up and leave. Then the retarded dindus will not understand why there are no services in their "community."

Brian in Ohio said...

My guess is that 5/3 operates a few branches in the hood, at a loss, to avoid the inevitable lawsuits for only operating in safe(white) neighborhoods.

When you do business with blacks, screeching about "inequality" or some other perceived slight, is inevitable. That's why a lot of companies don't do it, or avoid it as much as possible. A small, "mom and pop" operation is the first to go when blacks show up, because they cant afford to take a loss.

5/3 made 2.1 BILLION last year. PROFIT. So yeah, they can afford to lose money on a few locations, and take out the armored glass, if it keeps the shyster lawyers and race hustlers from suing them every month.

Blacks don't deserve a nice bank to do business in. Cashing their checks at a sketchy, Pakistani run gas station, is what they deserve.

Safety is a privilege they haven't earned.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure a lot of cabbies did ignore the regulations, but some were afraid to because they didn’t want to lose their jobs and cabs. And some were robbed and even killed as a result.

I wish I could find the original story I read about the whole thing. The author included a statistical breakdown of the number of cabbie robberies/murders and how they increased in the wake of Glover’s complaint and the subsequent police crackdown (instituted by then-mayor Giuliani) in response. The NYPD even went so far as to put undercover officers on the street to catch cabbies “discriminating”.

It was in a print issue of National Review, but it doesn’t appear to be online.

I did find this Slate article describing the crackdown (they of course aren’t upset that cabbies were forced to risk their safety to appease the diversity gods; they just wanted to bash Giuliani for they were incensed that many of the cabbies in question were minorities themselves).

Wynn Lloyd said...

There's no comparison. Let me share this story to relate how safe it is;
Japanese gangsters (yakuza) have a reputation for ruthlessness, cunning, and brutality like no
other, but they don't become involved with ordinary people. There are codes of conduct involved with that.

Well, a guy I know was walking with a chick down the street to a restaurant. He was in his mid 40s, the girl her late 20s, and a couple of yakuza thugs started following them, and cussing her for going with a foreigner. They tried to ignore them but the two persisted. Eventually, they couldn't ignore them anymore, and the guy I know turned around, thinking he had no choice but to fight. Well, just then an older man yelled at the two thugs in the distance, and they left. My friend and his girlfriend continued to the restaurant. While they were eating, they saw the two thugs go into the restaurant, along with several others and a much older, severe looking man. The guy thought he was screwed, that they would beat the hell out of him for being with one of their most attractive girls. He regretted going there.
Well, at that point, the older man motioned to the two younger ones in a stern tone, and they approached the guy's table. Then they got down on the floor and started profusely apologizing. When the older man was satisfied, he ordered them up, bowed himself, and they left. The guy was left totally stunned.

These were gangsters who are known for skinning people alive and other horrible tortures, but they take their code seriously. The two young thugs had caused their boss and themselves to lose face, and had to apologize for hassling a person unrelated to their activities.

My God would it be awful to actual be involved with them and end up double-crossing them. A grisly death would be certain. They are ferocious, effective, and savage then the gangs in the USA, but they also have more self-control and an understanding that you don't kill the Golden gooses of the world.

One more quick related story. There's a black guy who was loosely part of a group I was associated with. He was black
American, so he had better access to things than a Nigerian or some other Dindu. He had a somewhat chunky Japanese girlfriend (obese by their standards) and began making homemade porn videos and selling them online. You don't do that there; the right to produce pornography is exclusive to the Yakuza. The government low-key allows this in exchange for them not bringing drugs into the country.
Well, the local gangsters paid a visit to my friend. They liked him, so they offered to have him work for them. He did for about a year. After which he beat up his Japanese girlfriend so badly she was in a coma.
He was sentenced to prison, but ended up being beaten even worse himself by the inside gangsters. The USA embassy successfully got him released, because he was certain to be killed if he stayed there. He was already in a wheel chair. Of course, he can never return, though he's probably so terrified that's the last thing he would want to do.

I really feel horrible for girls from Asian countries who have no idea how the Dindu really is. They have low self esteem because they are fat (by their standards) and can't lose the weight, so dindus seem like an acceptable boyfriend. Being fat in East Asia is a lonely experience it seems.
But they end up in the same straights mudsharks do here.
One Chinese girl ended up getting sentenced to death after being tricked into trafficking drugs by her Dindu boyfriend. They eventually gave her clemency, but the groid fled before they could catch him.
They cause problems no matter what part of the world they are in.

Wynn Lloyd said...

Putin and Russia will be blessed for this. Boers are among the best farmers in the world, and Russia has huge tracts of rich, black soil that are unused due to population changes.

Great White North said...

"“You couldn’t move to the inner door ‘til they buzzed you in, like some kind of criminal,” he said""

No, they buzzed you in if they didn't think you were some kind of criminal, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

OT: Here’s a recent article from amren on black violence in London.

‘This War Won’t End’: London Gang Murders on the Rise
Andy Hughes, Sky News, July 25, 2018

Young black men in London are being murdered at a rate unlike anywhere else in the UK, as gang wars rage on in the capital.

Sky News has spent months speaking with London’s fiercest gangs as part of an investigation into this year’s increase in gang-related violence.

Our freedom of information requests reveal almost half of murder victims and murder suspects in the capital are young black men — way out of proportion to London’s population, in which 13% are black. This is a stark contrast to everywhere else in the UK, where the racial and age profile of murder victims and suspects reflects the demographic in those areas.

In our Line 18 special report, gang members from 410 in Brixton and the Woolwich Boys in southeast London warn Sky News they will continue their street war — and they don’t see an end to violence in the capital.

One gang member told Sky News: “This is the only life we know, we just have to keep doing it — there’s nothing else for us to do. “This war isn’t going to end. How can it? It’s too deep now.”

London’s gang war has had a drastic effect on the capital’s murder statistics. There were 80 London murders in the first half of 2018, with more than 1,300 stabbings. The overwhelming majority of these are gang-related.

One of the many gang-related murders in London this year was the shooting of Rhyhiem Barton in May. The 17-year-old was gunned down in Kennington in south London.

The teenager was the lead rapper for drill group Moscow17 and he starred in music videos with hundreds of thousands of views on social media — making him a target for rival gangs.

On the day he was murdered, Rhyhiem was coaching football with family friend and mentor Sayce Holmes-Lewis.

Mr Holmes-Lewis, who runs sports youth project Mentivity, which steers teenagers away from joining a gang, said: “Rhyhiem was a good kid but made some bad decisions and got mixed in with the wrong crowd.

“Music was an expression for him, but the wrong expression, and it made him a target for rival gangs.

“The tragic thing is he had just started to talk to me about leaving that life, but it was too late. I felt like I had lost my own son.”

Metropolitan Police figures released last week show there has been a 16% rise in knife crime in London and at least 51 people have been stabbed to death.

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, said more needs to be done to steer young men away from a life of violence.

Mr Khan told Sky News: “I have met lots of young people who want to get rich quick. “They see someone on their estate, someone they know with a nice watch, nice trainers, nice car — and they want a bit of that.

“We need to make sure young people know that if you work hard there is a helping hand and that you can fulfill your potential. Too many people haven’t got that helping hand even though they are working hard.

“We need to explain to young people that there is a consequence if you get rich quick unlawfully — you can be a victim of crime, you can end up in prison. There needs to be an alternative to a career in crime.”

Other than the locale, the problem is identical to that of any groid-infested American city. Here there was no slavery, no Jim Crow, or any of the other things orcs bitch about, yet they behave in the same savage African manner.

Notice the similarities to any article on duh biolence in the USA:

Black thugs portrayed as victims? Check.

A murdered thug “turning his life around,” “he was a good kid,” etc.? Check.

A politician calling for more programs (“helping hand”)? Check.

Gee, just like America, and with equally dismal results!

Anonymous said...

Utterly predictable.


Egghead said...

VCU [Virginia Commonwealth University] Health is making DUI cases harder to prosecute by refusing to draw blood, local authorities say

*The article is behind a paywall. The question is WHO is VCU trying to protect by refusing to draw blood for suspected DUI cases....

Anonymous said...

He's nothing but a left wing Commie who is hiding behind the Robe so he can claim the high ground

Sounds like Jim Jones 2.0. It’s amazing how many people still think the Peoples Temple was a Christian cult. They were true communists; they had the Soviet ambassador to Guyana as a guest at their compound, and before the mass suicide they were considering moving their group to the Soviet Union. Some of those that died even willed their money and belongings to the communist party.

Sick n Tired said...

"Look at the bigger picture, the politics behind the thing."

If you look at the news in the past few months, lets say starting with the 2 nogs who wouldn't leave the Philly Starbucks, to multiple, almost daily news stories on Yahoo (one of the few sites that still allows comments, although heavily edited), you'll notice a pattern of news stories about "rayciss" whites calling the cops on dindus who were using a charcoal grill where they shouldn't be, wearing socks and basketball shorts in a condo complex pool, trying to use some obscure coupons at CVS/Dollar Store, and a bunch of other minor things that somehow escalated to the police being called, and the white person who called them being shamed, branded a racist, losing their job, or some other type of public humiliation. All this does is reinforce blacks sense of entitlement, and make whites not want to get involved when they see some shady groid doing something they shouldn't be doing. The fact companies are bending to the demands of a few squeaky wheels is disheartening, because it will only make them push further and demand more, because somehow they are owed something, even though the only contributions they have made total a horrible net loss if added up to what has been given to them.

Carolina Cicero said...

I hate to say this, considering we're talking about a bank, but? Easier way to deal with negroes:

"We do not handle cash. We only accept checks or cards."

Shy of the fabled food stamps cards, this would stop negroes stone cold. If the negroes I deal with are any example, eliminating cash transactions would really run them off.

Of course, then, they'd have to figure out how to buy or sell crack on a card....


Anonymous said...

I live in Whitopia a few miles west of Boston. Not only are banks wide open but supermarkets leave heavy outdoor items like 50 Lb. bags of fertilizer and plants out overnight without problems. There are no steel grates on windows, businesses or homes and cars parked on dark streets away from main roads just get covered with leaves, no break ins.

I wonder if that is related to the fact that there is almost no diversity where I live. A woman from southern California who was visiting was shocked to see that, the Mexicans would have picked it clean in California and the nogs would have robbed everything in sight anywhere else. The last big crime wave was kids setting off fireworks around July 4th and the police chasing them. The fiends got away no doubt to set off more fireworks later starting another crime wave right before school starts.

Anonymous said...

...If you rob bank in Illinois you run the risk of getting your library card revoked if you get caught three times

Anonymous said...

Jonestown was a CIA drug front, yes?

I did read a book about it, long ago. I forget the details.
however it was mostly Blacks still getting gov checks from USA.


Anonymous said...

Regarding black deaths in London, I say let the Brits enact more and more knife laws until they get to the point where you cannot say the word 'knife' in public. The more do-nothing laws they pass means more of these deaths. You can't defend yourself in your own home in England, and these bogus, ineffective knife laws just add to their own decay and demise.

Detroit Refugee said...

There's a couple stores or farm markets around here that leave heavy items outside. Large bins of fruit/veggies, bags of mulch/topsoil, etc. etc.
Maybe we all should consider this as one more factor or standard when choosing a place to call home.

It goes back to that social capital, and high trust community.

The Other Realist in MA said...

Similar to Anonymous at 01:19 I live in a Whitopia (love it!) north of Boston. Likewise our grocery store leaves large items out all night unsecured. We are less than 2% diverse. We had one nog in our middle school. It knocked up a girl in the 7th grade if you can believe it.

Anonymous said...

Except in Mass you need a permit to own, a permit to carry, and a permit to buy ammo. Mag size, ammo, weapons are all heavily restricted.
Deeply ironic given what happened in the 1880s near the towns of Lexington and Concord.

Anonymous said...

I was in Hartford Connecticut at a grocery store and there was a sign on the shelf that contained plastic picnic cutlery that ALL PURCHASERS OF KNIVES MUST BE 18!
Out west we laugh at that stuff.
Carrying a gun, concealed, is legal without a permit. 15+1 mag? Okay. JHP? Sure! 40, 45, even 50 cal? Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

I deal in cash.
No company, outside my vendor of choice, needs to know how much ammo I purchase or how often.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure Revere and the Adams brothers are spinning in their graves... 😐

Harry said...

'Takeover' style armed robberies of banks are usually just seen in Hollywood movies. 99.9% of bank robberies are done by a loser that approaches the bank teller with a note; sometimes they might show a gun. The 'take' is so small that a person would have to rob 4 banks a year just to make minimum wage. Data supports the FBI's proclamation that any person can successfully get away with a bank robbery ONE TIME. After that, their chances of getting caught increase substantially; they're face is now all over the local TV stations and there are plenty of fellow low-lifes that would be more than happy to snitch them off in exchange for a plea deal.
I am not dismissing this bank's desire to have better security as overkill, nor am I taking up for the Dindus that this be "raycis". Simple bullet proof plexiglass is all that is needed.

Christopher N Hamm said...

I live in North Alabama and I have never been into a bank that had a security guard, tellers behind glass or any kind of door security. Plenty of blacks here too. It's a different culture here (cops will kill yo ass if you try some shit around here).

Anonymous said...

That Catholic priest is an enemy of the people. Always shilling for blacks, but NEVER telling them to take responsibility for their crimes. That bank needs to close its doors for being fucking cucks and not giving a fuck about the safety of their actual customers

Anonymous said...

To The Other Realist in MA,

That other black in your kid's middle school that knocked up a white girl in the 7th grade is probably going to end up like some of the other notable blacks in mostly white Boston area high schools in the past few years--one spray-painted his own house with the n-word and falsely claimed a hate crime, while the other more notorious one killed and raped his math teacher, stuffed her body in a trash can and left it in the woods, and then went to see a Woody Allen movie.

Awakened white said...

"Father Pfleger". Remember HNIC Obammy and his "revrun" Jeremiah Wright? Who was also there? Yep, Pfleger. Another fucking (((bolshevik)))
Mr Turner
-- ahh yeah he rang a bell in my mind. Another chosenite no doubt. Hardly White or a Person of Light, really like that term.

Anonymous said...

I live in a safe mostly White suburb, and we have banks that require you to ring yourself in. Negro Fatigue is real and measurable.