Friday, July 13, 2018

In the Soviet Union, Those Who Fell Out of Favor With the Regime Were Airbrushed from History... In America, Papa John's Founder Becomes a Non-Person for Using the N-Word

As the eerie book The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia makes clear, when one fell afoul of the Soviet edition, they'd be airbrushed out of history. 

The prevailing ideology of our day is Black-Run America (BRA), which requires your complete and total obedience to if you want to remain in the good graces of the dominant orthodoxy. If a heretic you become, even when using certain words in a non-aggressive manner, you are airbrushed out of contemporary American life. [Papa John's is pulling founder's image from its marketing,, 7-13-18]:

Papa John's, which has featured founder John Schnatter as the face of the company in logos and TV ads, is pulling his image from its marketing after reports he used a racial slur.
The Commissar Vanishes... the white man vanishes
Schnatter admitted Wednesday that he used a racial slur in a May conference call with a marketing company.
His face was off at least some materials by late morning Friday, though the company said the details and exact timing for everything were still being worked out. The pizza chain said there are no plans to change its name.
Fallout from the incident included the University of Louisville football stadium renaming itself as the Cardinal Stadium moving forward.
Originally the stadium was named the Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. 
UofL President Neeli Bendapudi announced Friday that the school will remove "Papa John's" from the name.
Bendapudi said the decision is effective immediately, but she's not sure how long it will take for all of the signage for "Papa John's Cardinal Stadium" to be removed.
She said she wanted to move quickly and spoke with Schnatter and officials with the company.
"At this time, I think the Cardinal Stadium name is what we need," Bendapudi said.
Schnatter was supportive when she called to tell him his name would be removed from the stadium, she added.
Bendapudi said Papa John’s International appeared to be eager to help the university moving forward.
"There's 120,000 employees whose livelihoods depend on what's happening. I really hope each of us distinguishes between the individual and the company," Bendapudi said.
The fallout from the initial report by Forbes was swift. By the end of the day Wednesday, Schnatter had resigned as the chairman of the board of Papa John’s and from the UofL board of trustees.
Schnatter, trying to downplay comments he made last fall about the NFL, said KFC founder Colonel Harlan Sanders never faced public backlash for using the N-word to describe African-Americans, the Forbes article said.
“News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true. Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society,” Schnatter said in a statement Wednesday.
Last fall, Schnatter received heavy criticism after he said the pizza chain's sales were hurt by the NFL’s handling of protests by players who knelt during the national anthem.
Company officials later apologized, and Schnatter stepped down from his role as CEO in December.
Earlier Friday, the Associated Press reported that Papa John's plans to pull Schnatter's image from marketing materials.
The AP reported executives decided to remove Schnatter as the marketing face of Papa John's.
The Commissar Vanishes? The White Man Vanishes...


Baron von raschke said...

Another white person loses their job for a slip of the tongue but blacks say worse all the time and never lose their job

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely outrageous. The speech police are out in full force. Only prosecuting white speech. Blacks are allowed to fill the world with verbal filth for the last thirty years and not a peep out of anyone. Stand up John ! As long as we keep taking their abuse they will keep dishing it out. No one ever fights this. The dominos keep falling and piling up. No one stands up for themselves and says NO! Stop the PC fascists.

Anonymous said...

Stop apologizing and letting people ruin your business, tv show, pool job, apartment manager job, teaching job, acting job, police job, etc.. enough is enough. Wasn’t this guy just reiterating the words of someone else? We are indeed a nation of white wusses.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. He had every right to criticize the Negro Felon League for their national anthem BS and the effect it was having on his business. God forbid anyone be critical of our black ruling class and it’s behavior...

Why doesn’t anyone fight back? Why do they all cuck out the minute the Internet lynch mob arrives?

So sick of this shit...

Anonymous said...

55--DRUDGE is okay, sometimes,

A waitress required 15 stitches after she was attacked by four women she served Tuesday night at a Henry County Applebee’s, police said.

The women beat and punched the waitress and stabbed her in the forearm with a steak knife, McDonough police Maj. Kyle Helgerson told They allegedly took her tip money before they skipped out on a $62.57 bill.

Authorities identified the four women as Demetrius Boyd, Keterah Boyd, Lakisha Boyd and Lashondra Boyd.

gnome sane said...

Hard to believe Colonel Sanders hsn't been targeted yet. At the very least he should demoted to private.

Anonymous said...

White men who cuck out like John Schnatter put all whites in danger. Now the predators know. White men, women and children are easy pickings.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

To Hell with the politically correct. Call a spade a spade.

In other restaurant related news:

I'm encouraged, though. More and more the White men and women with whom I come in contact are beginning to wake up to the facts. One of which is that the barbaric behavior of outdated farm equipment is making large parts of this country unfit for human habitation. Eventually something is going to give.

Anonymous said...

He was pretty much gone already. Enjoy some 500 calorie piece of synthetic shit with some buttery dip for the pepper? No thanks. Will the Negro Felon League send all P.J. commercials to the memory hole?

The Kwanstain makes Idiocracy look like a fucking utopia.

Mr Clean said...

John Schnatter's "airbrushing" is not a big deal. It is a business decision. It is not government imposed. He is not facing arrest.

I have far greater concerns about the recent spate of public painting and statue removals of objectively important white men. I shudder to think how the history textbooks read these days, and will read in the near future.

Schnatter has made the usual apology, and will now have to find something to do with himself and his $700M fortune at the age of 56. I doubt he is distraught.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I never use that word. There are too many other good ones.

Anonymous said...

Papa John went the gutless pakastani way like that shit coffee place. I recall that shit filled negro felon league episode last year. Hmmmmm do i wanna please the negro today or the white people who made me rich ? F U John.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that I don't care for this company's pizza. Heck, I like actual real pizzas from locally owned businesses since i generally don't like huge corporations. Heck, when you gripe that National Feetsball League affletes are costing you money, Id say quit counting on blacks to sell your products for you! Having said that I will probably order from Papa John's once in a month of Sundays just because of this.

Paintjob Theory said...

What makes no sense is that someone like this bothers to apologize at all. He is worth 600 MILLION dollars and owns his own castle. Not like you couldn't live the life or Riley if you just dumped that sort of wealth in AAA rated bonds and coasted off the interest. So what gives? Anybody ever wonder if these things aren't totally staged and this is all done to manipulate the masses?

I don't trust this sort of thing, not one bit.

Anonymous said...

OT: Go to Google pictures and type in "overdose" and all you see are White people. I tried "teens overdose" (kind of like the "three black teens" search leads to booking photos of blacks) and saw one black on the first page.

I am not saying the drug problem isn't real or anything less than horriffic. Perhaps I'm mad because in this day and age we should have the rainbow of colors when you check for overdose pictures.

Archie bunker said...

How ridiculous, this has gone far enough, the lowest, least contributing members of society are treated as kangs

Baron von raschke said...

Obviously they still have you fooled!

OverSeer said... one but a few execs heard this and only by Schatters own admision we have fallout like this? Every incident like this and I can't stand them just a little bit more.

John Lennon said...

Utterly ridiculous that White Americans cannot use a word that black Americans call each other. I agree w/ Anonymous who wrote: "White men who cuck out like John Schnatter put all whites in danger." If any public figure is called out for using the word, DO NOT apologize. Simply say that you'll stop using the word when blacks stop using it.

Anonymous said...

Some other great "related stories" on the link provided for that Applebee's assault including:

"Paraplegic zip-ties, assaults, uses taser on exotic dancer"


"Robbery suspect who skipped court date arrested after SWAT standoff"

Anonymous said...

Despite hating the pizza and what companies like this have done to good pizza in America, it is indeed sad to see the tools of black's racial hatred of us used so casually.

It may indeed be a power play on the part of the NFL and the company to remove the founder. He had spoken out against the 'take a knee' crowd and that wasn't popular amongst the rabble.

The way I heard it, he used the word 'nigger' in a role-playing scenario with his PR firm and THEY TURNED HIM INTO FORBES MAGAZINE!! Could you imagine hiring a company to help out with your image and have them turn you in?? Sounds like a set up to me.

Jim in Jersey

Pat Boyle said...

I don't approve of so called racial slurs but lets think about the issue. There are some subtleties here.

The reason I don't approve of racial slurs or ethnic disparagements is that they are not polite. When I was so anxious to hire Chinese programmers it would have been unwise of me to refer to them as 'slopes' or 'chinks'. I would not have been fired or punished for such language but it would have been the wrong language to use when I was trying so hard to get young Chinese from UC Berkeley to work for me. But in fact I've never heard anyone call a Chinese person a 'chink'.

Similarly I have never heard anyone call any of the many Mexican or Mayan yard workers a 'wetback', a 'greaser' or a 'beaner'. If you want your lawn raked or your weeds pulled you don't use those terms. I have two women come in to clean my house every Wednesday. One speaks English. I always treat them with respect.

I myself have never been called a 'mick' or a 'mackerel snapper'. But it probably wouldn't bother me much. Sidney Riley - the famous British spy on whom James Bond was based - was in fact a Russian Jew. He explained once that everyone hated the Jews and everyone loved the Irish. So he chose to be Irish. I suppose in and around Boston in the nineteenth century people didn't like the Irish much and used impolite names. But today everyone loves the Irish (except for perhaps the IRA).

In general Americans respect all ethnic groups - despite what the Cultural Marxists would have you believe. In the Indian Wars white settlers were routinely tortured and slaughtered by the Indians on the frontier. Yet our movies and TV portray Amerindians as demi-gods and heroes. I can't even think of the racial slur for 'the noble red man'. No one ever seems to have anything bad to say about Indians.

The great exception to all this brotherly love is the term 'nigger'.

Actually white people almost never say it in public because the penalties are so severe. But one suspects that without the serious penalties for using that term, everyone would use it. Such terms point out differences. And we have adopted this Cultural Marxist idea that all people are exactly the same - and no one truly believes that African descended people are really the same as members of the advanced races.

We don't have any laws or social penalties for calling me a 'mick'. As the Irish prospered in America the term just faded from discourse. But the differences of the blacks did not disappear. The reality of black inferiority must be suppressed. The governmental speech suppression must be maintained against the mounting scientific
evidence. Papa John probably said whatever he said to draw attention to the unattractive behavior of negroes in his restaurants. If so he was speaking the truth. Blacks are not good restaurant patrons or employees. No one really can argue that they are, but that means if you are a Cultural Marxist that you must work even harder to stamp out the truth.


Pat Boyle said...

I see that today there is yet another example of the inappropriate negro restaurant behavior of which I wrote. In an Atlanta Appleby's the waitress accidentally brushed against the leg of a black diner. She apologized but all four of the negresses at the table attacked her. The beat and stabbed her with a steak knife. Then they stole her tips and ran out without paying the check.

We might regret that the waitress was robbed, beaten and stabbed, but at least no one ever used the 'N' word. That would have been too terrible to endure.


D-FENS said...

Buy local, grow your own, make your own as much as your circumstances allow. I used to buy Peets coffee. I now just buy the store brand whole bean and grind it. Not only is it two bucks a pound cheaper, I’m not paying for a bunch of chicken twirling extortionists to “approve” of the production process. It’s almost impossible to avoid paying this extortion in the US if you buy pre-packaged food. It is less prevalent with foreign brands.

Making my own yogurt as I write this.

You probably can’t totally avoid national chains, but remember they are called “chains”.

Don’t fund our enemies.

The personal satisfaction in fucking the system is worth the inconvenience and is likely to save you money. Spending less also means lower tax revenue for the governments which despises us.

Unknown said...

For a better understanding of what they are doing to John Schnatter read Henry Ford's (yes that Henry Ford) articles called "The International Jew."

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Never liked Papa Johns pizza, so no big loss. Anonymous above who described the "pizza" as synthetic hit the nail on the head. And John Shatter (sic) looks typical of other rich men and women of a certain age who have injected themselves with so much collagen that his face looks like an over ripe pumpkin, completely devoid of expression or emotion. Another cuck bites the dust as he is sacrificed on the Altar of Diberstee" (tm).

In other news, you can see from our president's visit to the UK that our (((rulers))) are truly sh*tting their pants, as the Donald lays down the law, refuses to bow down to the queen, tells Theresa May to shove it, and internationally, publicly calls out Jim Acosta from Crap News Network, "fake news". Hilarious, that! The crack in the armor is growing ever larger as many of our white brethren are seeing the writing on the wall. About f*cking time!

It is with a tinge of joy in my heart as feetsball season grows ever nearer, and our negroes will again push the envelope of taking a knee during the anthem. Intelligent, patriotic white Americans are (FINALLY!) seeing the writing on the wall. The colonization of our country by our (((greatest friends in the Middle East))) may finally be coming to an end as the white man awakens from his slumber. There will come a day when the negro will no longer serve as a useful pawn to be used toward our extermination. So good riddance to you, Papa John, and your maniacal allegiance to your Zio masters, beeyatch!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

So beautiful and on point, I'm repeating it...
Anonymous D-FENS said...
Buy local, grow your own, make your own as much as your circumstances allow. ...............

You probably can’t totally avoid national chains, but remember they are called “chains”.

Don’t fund our enemies.


Wow! Powerful, on point, on target! Same goes for clothes. Repeat the lessons from our grandparents. Mend it and wear it out and when it becomes threadbare, turn it into a dust cloth. buy as little as possible from these cretins!

******* D-FENS closes with yet another gem.****

The personal satisfaction in fucking the system is worth the inconvenience and is likely to save you money. Spending less also means lower tax revenue for the governments which despises us.


Never, ever forget that, folks. The ones who manipulate all of this crap behind the scenes hate you with such a ferocity that nothing less than rendering you a penniless slave in a hovel or on a death bed will ever assuage their deep contempt for the white man. The razor they are using to cut us can cut both ways. Do not be afraid to use it.

Anonymous said...

He made a fortune selling lousy pizza and supporting one of the most corrosive, anti-white businesses in the U.S. The NFL is responsible for enabling violent criminals who can throw a football 50 yards to commit rape, assault, drug dealing, murder and many other crimes. I don't have an ounce of sympathy for this business scumbag, he would sell his grandmother for a nickel if it would advance his business, collateral damage be damned.

He decided long ago to partner with the NFL, he knew what they were like, fundamentally anti-white but he didn't care until his pets bit him on the ass. It's ironic that another business hired by his company caused his downfall:

" . . . the founder and public face of pizza chain Papa John’s—used the N-word on a conference call in May. . . . The call was arranged between Papa John’s executives and marketing agency Laundry Service(sic). It was designed as a role-playing exercise for Schnatter in an effort to prevent future public-relations snafus. . . On the May call, Schnatter was asked how he would distance himself from racist groups online. . . “Colonel Sanders called blacks n-----s,” . . Schnatter also reflected on his early life in Indiana, where, he said, people used to drag African-Americans from trucks until they died. . . . multiple individuals on the call found them to be offensive, a source familiar with the matter said. After learning about the incident, Laundry Service owner Casey Wasserman moved to terminate the company’s contract with Papa John’s. . . "

Apparently the PR agency that Papa John's hired that stuck the knife in their client's back isn't doing too well either. Hopefully they will all go out of business together; the NFL, Papa John's and this ridiculous advertising agency that betrayed their client.

Ha ha ha, fuck him.


...Formerly Miss Greenbaum...

I admire the fact you can say what you did and be posted.

I wish I could.

George Armstrong said...

Looks like it's time to quit buying Papa John's. If the company is gonna bow down to the nogs, then let the nogs support the company, becqause I won't

Anonymous said...

(((Casey Wasserman))) was hired by Papa Johns to boost John Schnatter's image for TV advertising purposes, Schnatter was obviously expressing anti-racist sentiment in the conference call, yet somehow Forbes magazine got wind of the contents of the conference call between (((Wasserman's))) consultant firm's employees and their clients and published an article titled "Papa John's Founder Used N-Word On Conference Call," penned by a Forbes staff member named (((Noah Kirsch))).

Are there any people who still don't get exactly what group is responsible for all this Doublethink shit lately? The sudden rash of people getting in trouble for calling the cops, the #metoo movement, an entire Fortune500 company basing its power struggle on its Founder REFERENCING the use of a slur by somebody else, its all part of a coup-d'etat being perpetrated by a (((small but extremely powerful and well-placed group of usurpers.)))

Anonymous said...

You gotta hand it to "the Rev" Al Sharpton - he's never apologized for anything he's said and now everyone runs to him as a "voice of reason" - the "elder statesman" on racial issues and was a VERY frequent visitor/advisor to "Imam" Obamas White House.

Archie bunker said...

He isn't the enemy though, he probably only apologized to save his empire, making him the villain is what they want

Anonymous said...

Gee, I don't hear the message yet. When thought crimes become speech crimes you might as well add murder to the list, because you are done.

Businesses won't hire or do work with you, organizations that you founded act like you never existed, life time friends unfriend you, and every social punishment is born down upon you in the public sphere until you either commit suicide or go into self-induced exile.

Well here is the problem. Some of us don't have much to lose, and some of us would even like the notoriety that comes with making a name for us with a big scarlet letter attached. Better than making a go for it using usual channels only to be ambushed later using old social media and blog posts. The more that stand up, the more difficult and more expensive it all becomes for the usual suspects to control. While whites are declining percentage wise, there still are a lot of them and they are abandoning the left for groups that support them in droves.

There is NOTHING left for whites on the left, those who stay will only get burned harder, lest they further insulate themselves.

Have fun playing whack a mole with every race realist who has internet access! The first person to make a stand against you (and knock you down hard) will gain a tremendous following and I know that this scares you all shtless.

The tables have turned a while ago and the more desperate you become the more you attempt to destroy any individuals who resist. Realists are born every day and we work for free.

Detroit Refugee said...

Stop using the word when blacks stop using it.

I never do. Just feel that it's in the rear view mirror. My Dindu IKAGO a always presses me to use it. Instead I helped Dindu grow legs & wings. Now they use it comfortably & often.
Keeps me away from Labor Relations & another stupid "diversity/tolerance" class. Also have them saying aspiring rapper as a substitute for you know what.

About the restaurant episode; Damn..!! That's terrible, I feel for the poor working girl. The hits just keep coming, as of late, there's been way too many African public displays of character. The old man, the girls babysitting, an old woman attacked over a seat, etc. etc. you almost have to make a list on paper.

Great new podcast by JT/PK. One of my favorites now. Woke up to a text thanking me. Sent it out yesterday. Keep em coming guys!!

Anonymous said...

The brainwashing was strong even 30 years ago, so the madness of the present day isn't surprising.

I was just watching a Family Feud episode from the late 1980's pitting a white family against a white family (which would never ever happen today on the Steve Harvey iteration). The question was "name the most important person in the history of America". One family gave the now un-PC correct answers of "Washington", "Lincoln", "Columbus", and "Jefferson". They were unable to come up withe the last name. The other team had a shot to steal and the head of the household guessed Mike King Jr. which surprisingly turned out to be wrong (Edison was the last answer).

While MLK would no doubt be near the top of the charts on an episode today (indeed, googling "family feud most important person in american history" brings up a puzzle where he is the #3 answer), it's telling that an all white family would be thinking of his "supreme importance" 30 years ago.

Wide Awake said...

Remember Isaiah Crowell ? Just received $12 million dollars to run with a ball.

Brian in Ohio said...

Paintjob Theory said...
What makes no sense is that someone like this bothers to apologize at all. He is worth 600 MILLION dollars and owns his own castle. Not like you couldn't live the life or Riley if you just dumped that sort of wealth in AAA rated bonds and coasted off the interest. So what gives? Anybody ever wonder if these things aren't totally staged and this is all done to manipulate the masses?

I don't trust this sort of thing, not one bit.

Follow the money.

My guess is he and his family still own a lot of company stock, so this is just a calculated move in the best interests of the shareholders. Namely, them.

So he makes the required "apology", and lays low. This time next year no one will remember this. I seriously doubt he gives a shit if his picture is on the box, as long as that dividend check keeps rolling in.

To the liberal/SJW crowd, substance isn't nearly as important as image.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Detroit Refugee said...

Youths, teens, aspiring rappers, urban residents, Dindu, on & on...

Blue Eyes Matter said...

What's the difference between a Papa John's large pizza, and a black man?

A Papa John's pizza can feed a family of four.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

While the black man can't even feed himself but yet can have 4 keeds that automatically becomes hmmm, someone else's burden, and we all know who that is. Up is down, left is right, and they're the kangs and kweens of BRA... 🦍🦍🦍

gkruz said...

My God, I hate this country...

Jim Christian said...

I grew up in Virginia, Fairfax. In my whole life of 55 years in Virginia I never heard the N word as much as three or four weeks in Boston. Look, whether Papa John knew it or not, there are rules. Rules. Like it or not, there are rules. Chris Rock or Larry David maybe, wrote in to an episode of Leon saying: "Nigger is MY word, not the White man's word." Rules. Just ten years ago gays and trannies were ROUTINELY scoffed at in sitcoms, 2 1/2 Men comes to mind. Can't do THAT anymore. Rules.

Papa John, honey babe, you broke the rules and badly damaged your life's work. He's got plenty of dough, pardon the pun, he can crawl into a hole and forget it all. But he did break a rule. Hell, the old Clippers owner (IIRC) said Dark People. They forced him to sell his team. Rules.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

@Unknown 14July 10:09
I am in the process of reading them now.
For those who are not familiar with them: these were written around 1920 -1921 as a series of articles in a Dearborn newspaper that was distributed free through Ford Dealerships.
One of the things that is striking about them is that, although they are almost 100 years old, they are completely relevant today.

Anonymous said...

He was on a conference call about dealing with controversy and was pressed to say that line. It was a set up to get him off the name since he spoke the truth about the impact of the kneeling controversy on their sales.
If you, or anyone, care about actual social unjust against white people, never buy a Papa Johns pizza again. Let the black man and black woman, or the taxpayers via EBT, support them.

Anonymous said...

Fox 5 Atlanta (no surprise) had video of the 4, the assault, and them leaving.
Not a single CCW white man in the place? Oh yeah, see in GA, you can’t even dream of drawing down on a black woman. The video is priceless as the obvious N.E. Transplant County Sheriff gives his version and discusses their search.
If blacks frequent a business, leave.

Anonymous said...

It gave in South Africa and the whites are trying to move to Russia.
Not to the Netherlands, the UK, or Australia, Russia. To farm their and grow food.
What’s going to give is when someone drills a back of darkies, Bernie Getz style, and gets jail.
People are sick of TNB and the blind eye the media turns.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

FYI: There is a company in Ohio called All American Clothing. Made in America by Americans using American materials.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Until the power is out, there is no food, and they come to your house. Rottie has to eat

Anonymous said...

Of course, he could make it all go away if he put up some money for more of Dem Programz.

gkruz said...

I agree with those who say we should boycott all corporate chains, for food or clothes, or anything, really. But that is only half the battle while da gubmint exists to enforce negro equality on us by gunpoint. Corporations, being composed of cowards with no higher value than profit, only follow where the fed monster leads and or coerces them to go.
That said, if you must eat out at one of the plastic joints, by all means AVOID Denny's, McDonald's, Popeye's, Burger King, Arby's and Taco Bell! Especially the first two, as these are the most likely locations for chimpouts or other TNB. I am also seeing more blacks at Chick-fil-A and Bob Evans, two places once deemed "too White" for them to go to, but not anymore. And Cracker Barrel is practically inviting them in.
Even in places where these fake food places have few black customers, they often have substantial numbers of black employees, sometimes the entire crew other than a White female manger who seems whiggerish.

Anonymous said...

By the 1980s few Americans used that word, not even in private. Even 40-somethings would flinch when old folks would use it.

Blacks mainstreamed the word and now it's back.

Most instances of the uses of the word are innocent and whites are punished regardless of context. Witness the idea that whites who pay good money to attend bad rap concerts are told "they aren't allowed" to say the word when chanting along with lyrics.


Anonymous said...

"Authorities identified the four women as Demetrius Boyd, Keterah Boyd, Lakisha Boyd and Lashondra Boyd".

Hold on! What was that?

"Authorities identified the four women as Demetrius Boyd, Keterah Boyd, Lakisha Boyd and Lashondra Boyd".

Also known as, "The Queens Boyd"! Yes, the four women, Demetrius, Keterah, Lakisha and Lashondra! I just went to and verified she is not the only female named Demetrius. The other i found was black, too, btw. etc).

They all have the same last name, they all took part in an aggravated assault and battery with deadly weapon, armed robbery, strongarm robbery, assault (words meant to threaten, intimidate cause fear for safety, life and limb) and I would suggest to go so far as to add felony public affray, literally "running riot". These literal sisters did all this, stole tips and fled in their Infinity SUV?

Geor-gia! Oh, Geor-gia!
No peace, no peace I find.
Just an new sweet song,
'Bout Negroes on 'da rise!

(Negroes on the riiii-iiiise)

Many arms strike out at me,
Many groids stare hatefully.
Through troubled sleep I see-ee.
The gibs, they flow to you.

Whoah-oh-oh, woah-oh...

Anonymous said...

"The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that following his social media outburst, Crowell donated $35,000 – roughly a Sunday’s pay – to Dallas officers’ families in need. The Dallas Police officer explained Monday that after meeting with the NFL player personally, a number of widows shared Pennie’s sense of forgivenes".

He donates one days pay, $35,000, to make everything okay again.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know if they changed it, but if you googled “American”, all you’d get was blacks. Zero whites. But no, no agenda there, eh?

Anonymous said...

Canadian, Ray Emery died at 35. He was a retired professional hockey goalie who played in N. America and in Russia. He was noted for his aggressive play, his off-ice legal and substance struggles. He drowned after diving from a boat he was on with friends at a Canadian yacht club.

Oh, and you probably didn't know, he was black! Which reminds me of the tragic deaths of those 2 football players who drowned in a squall off the Florida coast. Their white captain managed to keep himself alive by treading water.

Anonymous said...

You sir are on point and to go further would result in the SPLC coming down like a ton of bricks.
I was banned from a news site and threatened with harassment charges for simply posting the names of key people in the previous President’s administration and quotes with links to their own words and attacks upon our Constitution.
Understand your enemy. ALL of them.

rex freeway said...

Just about the time Negroes are fading from the spotlight...BAM! there they are again, right back in the spotlight. Being held down by Whitey. Mark my word. When the Liberal media finally lets this story begin to fade.....BAM! Whitey will be there, holding them down again. It's a never ending cycle. Liberals cant quit finding way's for Negroes to be victims. And Negroes are now addicted to the spotlight.

Shaylok said...

If the Dems had their way, freedom of opinion (expression, speech) would outlawed and the "Thought Police" would be a very real thing.

Anonymous said...

The marketing agency that ratted him out to the Forbes reporter is called Laundry Service, located in Brooklyn, whose clients include Beats by Dr. Dre, Air Jordan, and ESPN. Any questions? Papa John's was a new client for them. That conference call was a private business meeting. I'd fire any employee who discussed details of a client meeting with the media, but it's not our world anymore, now is it?

Detroit Refugee said...

I knew the NHL had some token blacks. When I heard this story though, made me think of Bob Probert. Now he was a bad ass..!!

Anonymous said...

The majority of advertising and marketing agencies are very, very leftwing, and the advertising campaigns of their major corporate clients reflect this bias. Laundry Service is no exception. For heaven's sake, take a peek at their "team." They may have taken a dislike to Schnatter when he refused to incorporate the usual miscegenation and other virtue-signalling into his company's advertising. The left fights dirty, and the right is invariably shocked and mystified by this.

Allah sucks dog balls said...

because they don't have any jobs to lose

Anonymous said...

yep, he was set up and he was too scared about his stocks to just stand up for himself

Anonymous said...

Meh....who cares???

Marc B said...

The digitization of all information provides a nearly infinite opportunity for the "editing" of everything. History is, after all, is whatever Google says it is.

Green Skies said...

Yep, the gloves are off...I had never used the word in my entire life. Until recently.

Mr. Rational said...

Look at this N-word ban as a GOOD thing:  maybe we can stop White people from giving money to (c)rappers.

Nobody's ever going to call them racist for singing along with a country song.  Maybe for listening to music that's "too White", but WGAF about that anymore?  And country makes REALLY good African repellent.