Thursday, September 10, 2015

65% Black Baltimore in 2015: What Poll Taxes, Sundown Laws, and Restrictive Covenants Once Dared to Prevent

Poll Taxes.

Sundown Laws.

Jim Crow.

Restrictive Covenants.

When you consider what life was like in Baltimore when all of these ideas flourished, you'll know civilization prospered and the city economic prospects boomed; when you consider what life has been like in Baltimore when all of these ideas were overturned - unleashing the black-rule after the very legal protections in place to protect white civilization were outlawed - you'll know a civilization blighted, with once thriving city now decaying.
Poll taxes, sundown laws, Jim Crow, and restrictive covenants once were all voted into law/enacted to ensure blacks didn't have the "space to destroy" (to paraphrase the black mayor); without these safeguards, you have the very city in 2015 Baltimore our ancestors dared to prevent from coming to fruition

It's fitting to remember that when police pulled back after the Baltimore Uprising in late April/early May 2015, the fabled "Hamsterdam" episode of David Simon's The Wire didn't manifest; the white man's law no longer ruled Baltimore and the city reverted to the black mean.

So it's okay to laugh when you read the almost entirely black-run (elected or appointed) city of Baltimore has agreed to pay the family of the convicted heroin dealer $6.4 million.

Go ahead and laugh, remembering what poll taxes (literacy tests), sundown laws, Jim Crow, and restrictive covenants existed to perpetuate: white civilization.

Once those structures safeguarding white civilization were removed, the road to 2015 Baltimore was all but guaranteed: a 65 percent black city held hostage by black criminality elected black officials must tolerate if they hope to stay in power (recall: Baltimore still has excellent housing stock and outstanding amenities/infrastructure, meaning the slightest uptick in white gentrification will immediately bring a desire for better governance than the current black elected officials can provide).

Where "prayers" to stop the violence are a routine occurrence by elected officials, who beg black citizens to come forward and provide information on who is killing innocent children...

And so we are left with this, courtesy of an editorial from The Baltimore Sun.  [Freddie Gray settlement: Did the mayor just take out a $6.4 million riot insurance policy?, Baltimore Sun, 9-10-15]:
Here's the best case that can be made for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's surprise announcement that her administration would propose a $6.4 million settlement of all potential civil claims in the death of Freddie Gray: It might have prevented a riot. Announcing it just two days before a judge is to hear arguments on whether the criminal trials of the six officers involved in Gray's arrest should be moved out of the city gives it the potential to calm any tensions that were brewing. But it nonetheless also carries real risk for the city in terms of setting precedents for future cases, changing the course of the criminal trials and affecting public safety in the city more generally.
Poll Taxes.

Sundown Laws.

Jim Crow.

Restrictive Covenants.

Once, all these were ideas to ensure western civilization survived; once gone, western civilization disappears and Africa creeps into the same streets and buildings were it dared to flourish. [Baltimore Mayor Admits $6.4M Freddie Gray Payout Was to Prevent More Riots: Cites "potential liability that could come with an unfavorable jury verdict", InfoWars, 9-10-15]:
Faced with the prospect of significant legal expenses involved in an extended federal lawsuit as well as the potential liability that could come with an unfavorable jury verdict, our city’s attorneys came to the conclusion that the $6.4 million is in the best interest of protecting taxpayers,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The Baltimore Board of Estimates also acknowledged that the civil settlement had nothing whatsoever to do with the criminal case underway and that its purpose was to “bring an important measure of closure to the….city."
Poll Taxes (literacy tests).

Sundown Laws.

Jim Crow.

Restrictive Covenants.

With these, Baltimore flourished; without these safeguards, Baltimore became the city existing in 2015, where Major League Baseball was forced to play the first ever empty stadium game because the safety of almost an entirely white fan-base couldn't be guaranteed.


Mr. Rational said...

once gone, civilization disappears and Africa creeps into the same streets

FTFY.  Africans can neither sustain nor abide civilization.

Anonymous said...

In order to sway things their way (and throw Baltimore police, black and white, to the wolves) Baltimore has become a theater of the absurd. I'll see if I can recap everything:

Police on heavier patrols in high crime drug areas, at the request of Marilyn Mosby Esquire.

A paint chip eating death peddler makes eye contact with police and runs, disobeying their commands.

An illegal knife is found on Freddie's person. Freddie has a huge history with the police and a rap sheet half a mile long, mainly for selling addictive death to the surrounding community.

After pusher is caught, he goes into full blown spectacle mode and goes limp, as if severely beaten, for the cameras.

Drug pusher's self-injuring crash for cash behavior is noted by other prisoner in the van. Freddie was intentionally trying to injure himself. Past evidence of participation in crash for cash shakedown schemes comes to light later.

Freddie goes into a coma and dies a week later, of apparent self-inflicted injuries.

The whole community, one which had just received nearly 2 billion in federal funding, shows its utter sadness over the event by smashing windows, antagonizing non-black people, while local gangs loot and burn all of the nearby pharmacies.

Black mayor Hyphen tells the police who are ready to act to stand down and give looters "space to destroy".

Baltimore erupts in chaos not seen since the 60's where it had caused massive white flight many decades earlier.

Baltimore city council forms a pack with trio of local gangs to keep things real.

An inexperienced by entitled firebrand is given the job to assassinate the character of all police officers involved with the criminal's apprehension and following transport in the van.

Even though Mosby's husband is a city council member in the district where Freddie Gray was apprehended and Mosby showed signs of seeking vengenance when initially charging the officers, Mosby stays on the case. Paperwork is filed at the wrong courthouse, etc.

Mosby and husband are guest ringleaders in a 3 ring lazy black run circus. Mosby then parades around on the stage with Prince.

Freddie Gray's heroin-addicted family does not ask for compensation for Freddie's death, but is given it anyway in the form of a 6.5 million dollar settlement from the tax payers personal accounts. By giving away so much money with no rational reasons given people begin to wonder how much black leadership are skimming off the top of the settlement deal.

Male Mosby and former mayor who was forced to resign Sheila Dixon run for the next Clown Executive Officer of the great city of Baltimore.

I know I missed some things, but it already sounds completely unbelievable. Even the Ferguson Fracas in tandem with the Michael Brown convenience store strong-arm robbery footage couldn't hold a candle to it.

I really don't see any other black run city putting on a better display of uninterrupted blackness than Baltimore did this year.

Anonymous said...

PK - I think the most fertile ground for your work might be the words, the predictions of those who warned the nation what was to come from unleashing the negro. There are historical comments around the creation of sun-down laws, Jim Crow generally, control of negroes on public transportation, school segregation, etc. Those words of explanation from people long dead are incredibly valuable. I'd guess that in the overwhelming number of cases, their predictions have turned out far, far worse than even they imagined. That history and wisdom cannot be buried and expunged. There was prescience in those concerns, whether from Bull Conner or George Wallace or any of the lesser known men and women who understood the negro.

I think you will find your greatest source of material in those historical warnings. Then continue to use those along with contemporary accounts of negro depravity that is beyond our comprehension as white people. For example, two negroes have been convicted of creating videos wherein they torture small and baby animals; puppies, kittens etc. We know negroes kill, but there is something so depraved in this that it is unspeakable. That's my for example for today:

Anonymous said...

Crap, in my list I forgot to add the safe-streets office being used for gun running and narcotics distribution... and the harbor that won't be swimmable for the next decade due to mismanagement.

And Baltimore had the teens cutting the firehoses, correct?

Yep, Baltimore really had it all this year. Move over Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Another great article PK, thank you for your time. Here's another great headline from the once great city of St. Louis, now it's constant headlines like this.........

Can you imagine when the Lou turns 65% black in about ohhhhhhh, 5 years, what our headlines will read............

10 year old rapper kills 2 year old future rapper over spilling beer on his Air Jordan's.


Anonymous said...

I believe it was an anonymous poster, many months back, who earnestly asked if the subjects of this blog were actually the personification (blackification?) of evil/Satan. Because one sees the grand photos from the turn of the century in all our formerly beautiful cities - Baltimore, St. Louis, Germantown and North Philly, even parts of Camden and compare them to now. Can God reside in a destructive, evil force?


Anonymous said...

Poll Taxes. Sundown Laws. Jim Crow. Restrictive Covenants. = Civilization.

No Poll Taxes. No Sundown Laws. No Jim Crow. No Restrictive Covenants. = blackest ghetto Africa or more commonly known as Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta.......

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, this isn't going to stop. The Elite don't need us anymore. We are going to be swamped and swallowed and shit out brown on the other end. It's over for the common white man. Sorry, but it's the truth. We don't have the will to fight anymore.



If there are any Whites living in Baltimore welfare checks MD. Take a vacation or move to another area for awhile. I know a lot of you work downtown but you just will have to commute a little further than you would like. It just may save your life.


Anonymous said...

They've destroyed our cities, like Baltimore, and look what they've done to our music! Ooga Booga chanting and jumping around like monkeys! OMG, did you see Fallon and Timberlake on the Tonight Show doing a medley of hiphop "music"??!! Carson must be rolling over in his grave. Pathetic, yet perfect example of our descent as a country into the sewer.

unknown google profile said...

I can't figure out why she would bother, after all, last time she gave them "space to destroy".

Anonymous said...

In ancient Rome there were barbarian hordes that would mass just outside the walls of the city. The Emperor and governing body decided that it would be far less expensive to just pay the barbarians in money, food, and supplies than it would be to fight the barbarians and defeat them. The deal was, we pay you off, and you stay out of our city and don't cause trouble.

Sound familliar?

The problem we have is that the barbarians are taking the payoffs, and then destroying our country anyway.


Anonymous said...

Enogh Powell, a UK conservative, delivered his "Rivers of blood" speech in 1968 that caused a political storm, making Powell the target of a ton of shit that hounded him until his death. He warned of immigration changing Britain.

He wasn't just right..... he way underestimated the shit the UK is in now. Coddling politicians just can't get enough blacks or non-christians into the UK.

All the big cities and the once industrialized towns are basically islamic. Blacks have caused mayhem just like in the US... low IQ criminals.

Take a look at Enoch on Youtube..... he was an original race realist.

Anonymous said...

Here is a simple solution......... Deport everyone who can't swim AND can dance really well.

Have a big disco and throw all the good dancers in the swimming pool. Then deport all those who need fishing out.

This method isn'r racist?????

former liberal said...

Off topic, Paul, but Nashville just elected a Democrat, female, "progressive" mayor. Might want to keep an eye on what transpires, as our low I.q. blacks there support her. Glad I live in a rural county now. Afraid that now the shit is really beginning to hit the fan in Davidson County, where Nashville is located.

Anonymous said...

That huge tent city in Saudi Arabia is amazing. It can house 3 million. Why not build a 10 million version in Iraq??? Then implement a three strikes rule with the Tented Hiton being the final destination. It would cost 5 dollars a week to house and feed each prisoner (a.k.a black person).

Prison as a deterrant would then work. There would be no need for prison guards as, just like the plantations, the more cunning blacks would become effective warders.

US police officers would have very little to do on US streets as crime would be slashed 90%. Rather than lay them off.... they could do 3 months in Iraq whooping some black asses.

behind blue eyes said...

So the fambly gets paid to keep the resident nogs from chimping out.
Now ever NAPA will use this as a way for even more gibs. Just like a toddler throwing a tantrum the nigs will cry and fuss and not stop.
Mayor Coonsby,what with her high end YT girl hair style, who no doubt lives in a fancy mayor mansion will give in to her perps.
Without a doubt baltimore-city is now gone. Any and all achievements and YT history will be lost.
When a multiple arrested worthless buck gets awarded for performing TNB is seen as justice its a lost cause.

Gunny_Aresnal said...

If they honestly wanted to "protect the taxpayers" of Baltimore, they would export all the useless black parasites back to "da muddalan".

Anonymous said...

The white man's native intelligence and technology are great and wonders to behold. However, never forget that bombs and tanks and other powerful ordnance which we habitually refuse to use, domestic and internationally, are of less use than the matches and bricks and handguns vicious black barbarians are now using to destroy our country. Even our own black Mau Mau president is smarter than most whites in this country by acknowledging that if the other guy brings a knife to a fight, You bring a gun.

World_War_Me said...

I can't handle animal abuse of any kind. The crushing of those baby animals enrages me to the point of nosebleeds. My concern for the well-being of my fellow Whites, animal life, plant life, the environment, and other things on this planet I care about are the only reasons I don't pray to Cthulu to send a 50-mile asteroid straight toward the Earth and cleanse it of this insanity (along with certain vile demographics).

Mutant Swarm said...

Off topic, but a HUGE win for the good guys:

Black Terrorist Website is Hacked and Flipped

"While the #BlackLivesMatter leader going by the name 'Palmetto Star' has been busy wiping his ass with American flags and organizing a mass flag-burning event this coming 9/11, investigators looking into this domestic terror organization have been working around the clock to expose this radical group, who non-apologetically have been calling for 'open season' on 'whites and cops.'

Screenshot 2015-09-05 at 9

(Image: Palmetto Star torches Old Glory while repeating like an ignorant fuck: FUCK YO FLAG!!! FUCK YO FLAG!!!”)

Distracted perhaps by ways to increase the horror of their threats, even targeting one military veteran and threatening to gut his pregnant wife and hang the baby in a tree, Palmetto apparently forgot to pay attention to what was going on with his own website, neglecting to renew his domain name for the site he utilized regularly for posting incendiary propaganda against white people and police officers. And that’s when rogue investigator Hannibal from noticed the website was vulnerable, and swept in for the WIN:

Read more at Universal Free Press.

(PK, feel free to turn this into a separate post.)

AZ Ray said...

"I'm telling you, this isn't going to stop. The Elite don't need us anymore. We are going to be swamped and swallowed and shit out brown on the other end. It's over for the common white man. Sorry, but it's the truth. We don't have the will to fight anymore."

I try not to despair, but it"s getting harder & harder to see HOW we are going to get out of this?.

And now with football season upon us, the white american "man" will go back into his self induced coma..

Our cities crumble. Our women raped by the tens of thousands & we do nothing. Maybe we are not fit to survive?... How can we be the same people that put man on the moon?.

Germany & the Germans, once the epitome of the masculine virtues of courage, honor & duty is commiting wholesale mass suicide on live television.

Britain whose empire upon which the sun never set, now its cities are filled will vile muslim rape gangs (but hey, the Manchester united game is on!). Britain, tossing away its birthright like common houshold garbage..

What was it all for?. All the struggle?. All the accomplishment?. All the children?. All the building & effort?. All the art, music, science & archetecture?. Too only in a couple of generations to throw it all away?, to destroy our childrens & ALL future descendants futures?. What has ANY of it meant if thats the case?.

I'm stocked up on ammo & MRE's. I wont go down without a fight but I feel a great many of our people will willigngly go right off the cliff like lemmings. Pathetic..

I try not to despair, but can someone-anyone give me an answer as to HOW we can save our people & our civilisation??, ANYONE.. If we somehow gain a country of our own, the 3rd world will still risk death to get into it, & we are still not having babies. The banksters still will stop at nothing to destroy us economically.

It's getting to the point now where I'm beggining to feel that the only thing that can save us is divine intervention or benign aliens beaming us off this rock!..

Pat Boyle said...

It looks as if the American form of democracy will soon be abolished. I regret that and I may be wrong, but the form of democracy that we have drifted into seems to be crumbling.

The remarkable thing about our government is that it began at a definable moment in time and place by a known cast of characters - the Founding Fathers. It has endured for a very long time as government systems go. But maybe now that it seems to be dissolving finally, we should try to examine its weaknesses and mistakes.

The template for the American republic was the Roman Republic. The Romans had a working republic with elements of representative democracy, separation of powers, and limited powers. They had that form of governance longer than we have so far managed. All the Founding Fathers were well versed in Roman history.

But there were differences, Romans voted by tribes. The Romans gave the franchise to all members of a particular tribe. Anyone who was acceptable to the tribe could vote but in practice, Romans restricted voting and office holding to male property owners.

Originally the American systems also restricted voting and office holding to male property holders too. There were a lot of slaves in ancient Rome as there were in early America. But the Romans enslaved peoples like themselves (mostly other Europeans). A slave captured in a war and brought to Rome would often find his son would become a Roman citizen, property owner and voter. Romans welcomed the manumission of slaves. They formed a replacement population which was assimilated into Roman ways and civilization. Rural Italian men would be sent for twenty years to someplace like Hadrian's Wall where they would marry local girls and raise a family of new Britons. Meanwhile back in Italy, the conquered Greeks and others became household slaves who were freed at their master's death and who became shopkeepers. They changed their names to something more Roman sounding and their son's became the next generation of Romans.

In this way the peoples of Europe got all mixed up. Many of the early Romans were blond or red headed but gradually came to look more like Sicilians or Greeks.

In America however it was recognized from the beginning that the black slaves were never going to be acceptable American citizens. Since the fall of Roman slavery had fallen slowly out of favor. Largely this was because of military resistance from the populations who supplied the slaves. The Germans who had been a major source of slaves, revolted as early as Arminius. Eventually of course the Germans conquered the Western Roman Empire. The French had been enslaved by Caesar but they assimilated. They stooped speaking Celtic and took up Latin. The Slavs {who gave us the term slave) gradually became serfs not slaves. Real chattel slavery died out in Europe in the Middle Ages.

All that changed when the Portuguese discovered black Africans - a people who seemed to be destined to be field slaves. They had no armed forces to resist enslavement and they, as a tropical people, were well suited for working in the semi-tropical fields of the various North and South American colonies.

Slavery in America was a relatively minor economic issue until the Cotton Gin. Then for a century or so we had large well organized cotton based slave plantations. But they were doomed by Rust's Cotton Spindle. No one by 1900, was interested in black field hands. So the natural era of black slavery is that between the Gin and the Spindle. Alas we fought a terrible civil war largely over the institution of slavery. Had we been able to wait a few more decades there would have been no need for war.

But now after about a half century of black employment in heavy industry, we have an remaining obsolete population. We are thrashing about searching for a use for the blacks. But all the remedies only have made things worse. It looks very much as if this problem will crash the American government system. There doesn't seem to be a way out if you stay within the form of governance that we have evolved.


Anonymous said...

Well, we didn't bring 'em here because of their brains.

Anonymous said...

Pat (in a great post) wrote:

"But now after about a half century of black employment in heavy industry, we have an remaining obsolete population. We are thrashing about searching for a use for the blacks. But all the remedies only have made things worse. It looks very much as if this problem will crash the American government system. There doesn't seem to be a way out if you stay within the form of governance that we have evolved. "

Very true, except there has been ONE use for which blacks have proven perfect, they form a strong and reliable voting bloc for the Democratic party. By essentially voting themselves representatives who bribe them in turn for future support, they are a symbiotic unit.

Tragically, things the Founders knew but considered too basic to even need much articulation, were black inferiority and the impossibility of making responsible franchise holders of them. That was such self-evident knowledge no one thought of inscribing it in a fail-safe way.

I don't believe the current system can be made viable for White racial interests. If we survive the fabled SHTF moment, we have to devise a clear political instrument for Civilization to once again flourish under White guidance.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Pat Boyle said...
It looks as if the American form of democracy will soon be abolished....

I'll agree. The negro is so destructive to a permissive welfare state that the state will be destroyed, transformed. Freedoms Americans have taken for granted since the country's inception will eventually disappear entirely. They will be replaced by new "freedoms"; drugs the negro enjoy, homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion and violence against those who supported the old values. Society will be brought down to the level of the negro, with the elites living materially rich lives.

Negroes have destroyed dozens of cities and they will eventually destroy the nation. Resistance to this destructive force is just not out there.

Anonymous said...

AZ Ray "What was it all for?"...absolutely nuttin' as the inheritors turned, for some reason, to mass suicide

PAT - political problems doomed the country: presence of africans,
expanding the franchise, amendment to change election of Senators & on & on & on...but your point is correct: the country's political system is indeed doomed. What the outcome will be, who knows but lots & lots of us suspect it won't be a "good" outcome :)

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

If you have had any doubts that the goal of almost all western governments, large corporations and the elites in general to reduce or even eliminate the white population from the earth look no further than the so-called immigration/refugee crisis these past 2 weeks along with the overboard worshiping of diversity and multiculturalism. Literally the world has gone mad and totally insane before our very eyes. Everyday brings a new outrage to digest for us normal people. When and where does it stop? Frankly it is out of control now and we all know it. Most of us are just waiting for the tipping point.

Be assured this has all been planned for decades. World government is the goal and middle class whites across the globe would be too hard to control. If you are white please understand we are considered the enemy. It matters not if you are liberal or conservative. We are the ones most feared by them and consequently even if you are one of todays useful idiots your day will come too!
I still can't comprehend why we have so many suicidal whites willing and longingly go along with their own destruction and the elimination of their families and future progeny. These people obviously don't believe in evolution. Evolution being survival of the fittest after all. So they must all believe in creation?....however as we know most of these fools only believe in the faith of man and not some form religion based on creation. Ironic is it not to submit and subjugate yourself to lesser beings which will drag the world down and the rest of us along with it.

I know and I think many of us know there will be only one true solution to stop this never ending madness that is way too long to list here. Everyday we not only move closer to that fateful day, but the pace is quickening rapidly. I think only a miracle can stop this now, and yes I would gladly welcome that miracle that would put the world back on track.

Prepare yourself and have a plan to survive not just for yourself but your future generations. Being 60 now, I only ask that when this tipping point happens, I am still physically and mentally able to help make a difference. As I am one very angry man with years of intense disgust and frustration held inside all these years to be unleashed. Good luck to all of you. We are going to need it.

Anonymous said...

The slow-motion train wreck that is modern America has been gathering steam for the last fifty years. Lately we see an exponential burst of velocity as the n*gs get more uppity, demanding and violent, and the Whites start to openly say "Enough, n&ggers!".

This can end in only one fashion: widespread violence. There is too much at stake; these are people's fighting for their territory and sustenance. The Id s are in control and the battle is about to get up close and personal; lizard brains have been awakened.

Only smart move is to physically relocate from the action-areas, and prepare.

Anonymous said...

I went to Nashville TN last year and was quite suprised to see so many blacks there. I went in a Wal Mart north of the city and they were all over the place at 10 am! Sad to see so many blacks in such a charming place as Nashville.


Mr. P.K., an unsolicited suggestion: Do a book on Women, like Vera. Get into their "minds" and their emotions. There is a lot to learn from "why" White women rut with the negro. Look at the number of comments in relation to her. There is a big interest in this topic and this topic will determine whether or not the White Race survives. Only White Women can make White Babies (with a White Man). They are the key and it is why our enemies have spent 100 years brainwashing them. They know.

Anonymous said...

Google is a good way to check up on those nice neighborhoods...

Anonymous said...

Hey Negroes!!

Do you know what your President Obongo is doing behind your furry backs?!

He's pledging to bring in Arab immigrants form Syria and settling them and supporting them in America!! Your fellow orcs are starving and dying in the streets, and he's helping his Muslim brothers. Barack HUSSEIN Obama!!

Maybe you should do something about it, huh?

Or are you too stupid, violent and lazy, Like Dylann Roof said?

Euro American said...

Vera, I just read your story. The black/white teenager love trap is absolutely beautifully explained. I will have my whole family read it.
The media is so powerful.

Anonymous said...

"and other things", not a typical description I have ever expected to come out of a politician's mouth. A junior high schooler, maybe, but this is the mayor of a major American city. And she always looks so good and professional, doing her job and other things.

First they "gave space to destroy" on her orders with the pessimistic approach of "we can't have any more black deaths at the hands of police right now, we can replace property, but we can't stop these angry black teens from taking what is theirs! Revolution!!!

Next give a family that never asked for or deserved a settlement a giant one with no questions asked! It's only whitey's money anyway! Only costs each person a fraction of the total, they won't even miss it! Principle? What are you talking about?

It's just a big white people party being crashed by those in the highest levels of government to the thugs keepin' it real in the streets. Let's take whitey's house (Baltimore) scare everyone away with riots every 50 years or so, elect our skin brethren to the highest offices available and strut around like we actually know what we are doing. When in doubt ask for even more money from the president. All this magical money to spend and buy things with without any white people telling us what to do!

Yep, I think I pretty much encapsulated how Baltimore is run these days.

Anonymous said...


Roberta Vinci, a brunette Italian WOMAN just stopped the linebacker from his grand slam victory. Hopefully we don't have to hear black women gush about Serena for a few more month now.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood has few that are adopted by the rich and famous. Can't wait tll they are of breeding age.

Anonymous said...

3-year-old boy run down in Newark by felon trying to escape from the police. The well-groomed, articulate, hands-on father, no doubt gainfully employed and married to the mama, blames the POLICE! If the police had not chased the FELON, his beloved child (probably one of an unknown number of offspring scattered throughout Newark), would still be alive and living in familial harmony with his nuclear family in the well-tended home provided by the father's regular, hard-earned paycheck. The felon has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. That's killing someone with your stolen car, in case any blacks happen upon this website with a stolen iPad.

NJ Woman

P.S. On a positive note, Serena lost in the men's, I mean women's, singles at the Open.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Southern Army Didn't win..

Anonymous said...

Been there, seen all the darkness too. Just can't figure out if they love country music so much, why didn't I see any at the Opry?


Anonymous said...

"Baltimore city teachers union officials say they are outraged after learning that thousands of city teachers will be shortchanged in their first paychecks of the school year, and some may not receive a paycheck at all.

According to an email sent Thursday by Marietta English, president of the Baltimore Teacher's Union, teachers will not see a 1 percent pay raise that was to be reflected in their Friday, Sept. 11 paychecks.

The raise, negotiated in the union's contract, was technically supposed to be applied on July 1, and English indicated that the district assured union officials over several months of meetings that it would be applied this pay period."

The money has been sent to St. Syringe's family already, sorry teachers. The symbolism in cases like these, while lost on blacks, are always good for a laugh for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

To the police officers who read or comment on this site. Please look into another line of work. As a former police officer I am telling you that it is not worth your time and effort. Many urban areas are very vulnerable to the failure of their economic systems. If and when this happens don't count on the federal government to bail you out. Many large municipalities don't pay into your social security. This means that the G.P.O. And W.E.P. will take past and future contributions to S.S. Please check into this if you are currently employed as an officer. The federal government has the money to give benefits to blacks and immigrants but not Americas police officers. Stay strong!


A @ 1:28:

ALL American cities will become dumps. All.

The bigger the city, the faster the core will rot. It will spread out.

My question is how much destruction is it going to take for Whites to WAKE UP !!!!

Anonymous said...

That applies to 90% of our current immigrants too.

Anonymous said...

Like the BLACK ELEPHANT running loose that a Decent Citizen Should not ignore.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

The dough should be out paid in a annuity, say 20 grand a year. Then let the family chimpfest begin. They could always sell the annuity for fast cash to one of the settlement fast cash outfits that advertise on late night TV. My bet is the money is gone in 12-18 months tops!

Anonymous said...

From another 60 year old man, I'll see you on the line.


Anonymous said...

Very nice summary. With a few small changes it would ge a great script for a Selma style movie.


Since I am a conspiracy theory nut-job, I see the "rulers" making their move. They are in a panic and have to move fast before a critical mass of White Americans and/or White Europeans wake up.

They have to crash Europe and America and they are setting up a huge financial collapse. Hope you are all ready. Even if you cash out of the stock market, your funds are still in the banking system. They have you.

Move to cash. In your house. In your hands. Use this to buy silver coins and small gold coins.

As for the massive invasion of Europe by the Muslims? Welcome to Anti-Crusade 1. This time they weren't stopped at the Gates of Vienna. They will go all the way to Norway.

War is coming.

Anonymous said...

In related news:

Several black hate monger sites have been taken over and repurposed due to not renewing domain site .

Fear the Viking!

Brian said...

They are a cancer that is sapping the strength of this once powerful nation. Their communities stand out as obvious tumors across the country. Unfortunately, many are still in denial as to the diagnosis.

Trying to placate them with all manner of financial support and accommodating their backwards social norms is the same as taking Asprin for your headache...that's caused by a brain tumor. Its NOT working, and it never will.

The only "cure" involves massively invasive surgery to remove the affected areas and a lengthy recovery period. None of which is pleasant, but in the end, your better off because of it.

D-FENS said...

"I'm telling you, this isn't going to stop. The Elite don't need us anymore. We are going to be swamped and swallowed and shit out brown on the other end. It's over for the common white man. Sorry, but it's the truth. We don't have the will to fight anymore."

No it isn't going to stop. In fact, it seems to be accelerating. Overconfidence? Panic because many sense that something is pretty fucked up?

It's not over. But they want us to think it is.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that STD (Space To Destroy) Stephanie wants the police department to be perceived as oppressive to the undertow, and she wants the officers to be convicted. She is eager to pay the family money if it will help achieve her goal. The recommendation by STD could actually cover multiple possible outcomes.

1. She will be a winner in the eyes of the undertow for making the suggestion whether the city counsel rejects or adopts her recommendation.

2. Payment of the money to Gray's family will improve the likelihood of convictions in the criminal trial because some jurors will know of the payment, and it will be impossible to convince jurors that the payment isn't an admission of guilt by the city.

3. If she is aware of the existence of strong evidence that Gray caused his own death attempting to win the ghetto lottery, she needs to make the offer now while there is some justification for it. If she waits for a dismissal or acquittal of the cases following the revelation of overwhelming and damning evidence that Gray caused his own death, the offer would appear stupid.

4. In the event that the city counsel adopts her recommendation but the officers are acquitted, she will still be a winner in the eyes of the undertow. She will then be able to brag that she obtained 6.4 million for the poor family whose loved one didn't receive justice in white man's judicial system.

5. If the city adopts her suggestion and the cops are convicted by the kangaroo court, she can always say that she saved the city millions by paying the 6.4 million before the convictions which would have raised the price of settlement. And of course, the family will win the ghetto lottery either way.

I have not been able to think of a likely scenario where STD Stephanie loses by making her proposal.

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan is calling on blacks to boycott Christmas, in his words " to redistribute the pain."

Are you sh*ting me? No packs of feral sheboons rioting, and grabbing things from white customers at Walmart? This could be the best Christmas ever!

Anonymous said...

Very good anology, but barbarian hordes were smart enough to take their gibs me that and leave thus proving an iq above 65.

Standup Broad said...

Anon @ 11:29 said...
This can end in only one fashion: widespread violence.

Too true. Unfortunately, YT will not win the fight for the cities. Why? Most of the fighting men of the White race do not live in the cities. They live in semi-rural or rural areas, where the American gun culture is still the norm. The cities will be pacified, the spoils divided among the survivors - which will satisfy the browns and blacks...for awhile. Eventually YT will only be found in scattered enclaves, the "new" Amish. Prepare NOW, don't let your children dream of college unless they are TRULY gifted in one of the STEM fields. YT will not be welcomed in the employment sector, better to have a trade; plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, so they can have their own business. Sadly, our children and grandchildren will not have a better life than we do, but better "a life" than none at all.

Anonymous said...

Non american here, seems negroes are so dumb they want to kill the cops that protect them from each other, knock out the whites who feed them, rape the white women who educate their children, rob the stores which cater to them- then glorify a dead drug dealer. They are a truly dumb failed racist race.


Over the years I have done a lot of cross country travel. Seeing all that wide open space I always felt that there was no way an ARMY could subdue this nation. IT IS TO BIG and has too many people. It will never happen. In order to conquer a country like America you would have to do it the way it is being done in Europe. With a massive invasion of violent third world people who hate anyone who is of a different race or religion. Loyal members of THE PARTY have that plan in mind. Those press whores and politicians who have sold their souls are strong supporters of the country being invaded through immigration.

Traveling those cross country interstates and a lot of two lane black top I came to my conclusions regarding a future race war. Your rural mostly white towns will be somewhat safe. Those larger cities with a big black population will probably BECOME BURNING INFERNOS. I lived through the BURN BABY BURN days of the 1960's and remember all those places that were lit up when MLK was shot. Way before King's death there were the great memorable fireworks like Detroit, Omaha, Newark, Watts, Los Angeles, Ferguson and Baltimore. These were all locally contained infernos with no damage done to the out lying areas.

The radical black movement with all the talk about killing whitey will not be successful because they are not capable of planning any type of military action. I've seen enough clips of those New Black Panther idiots and they are quite funny.

If they start a war all they can control will be the large black populated cities. Once the ammo and food runs out they will turn on each other just like they are now currently doing. It will just be an expanded turf war. The super dome after Katrina is proof. Any assault against the out lying white areas will be met with a hail of gunfire.

Blackie is shooting smack, snorting coke, smoking weed and killing each other over the control of street corners. Meanwhile those dumb honky white crackers are piling up stashes of guns, ammo and food. The further away from the large cities you can get the better you will be. I have moved so far away from this madness that out here there is no place left to run. This is the end of the road. I myself have done enough fighting. My plan now is to ride out the storm. God bless all of you and may you and your family be safe.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Walmart, all it is is a huge, countrywide conglomeration of feces-strewn and germ-laden "stores" directly subsidized by EBT cards and catering largely to nogs and incredibly noxious white trash. IOW, Sam Walton and his family are the richest, most rapacious family on earth grabbing billions of personal welfare riches from the taxpayers who are literally keeping them in business. Without EBT cards and other shit going on paid for by struggling whites, most of corporate America in the retail "business" would go broke overnight without welfare and EBT cards.

The last time anyone paid cash or used their own credit card in any Walmart or grocery store in this country was about 1992 I think. I would personally rather go dumpster diving than buy any "food" in that fucking nogville/white thrash commissary. Gawd, what a freakin’ carnival show. Even the Onion can no longer parody what's going on in this c country. It's so bad most people, even sane people, believe your typical Onion article is the literal truth - and it wouldn’t even faze them a bit if it were printed on the front page of the New York Times!

Californian said...

Once again, PK hits a homer out of the park (assuming that any baseball fans were allowed in the stadium owing to the rioting...).

The reality is that segregation was put into place not because of "prejudice" or "bigotry" or (horrors!) "racism." It was put into place because blacks can not sustain the civilization which white people have created. Future historians will look back at the Baltimore Bash in the same way as we today look back at the barbarians sacking some Roman city. And see it as a turning point--or perhaps a trigger fur a white revival.

Oh well, the events of Baltimore have accomplished one thing--they make Bob Mugabe look good in comparison. Congrats, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Too bad the Southern Army Didn't win..

To which I will add, too bad the Germans didn't win.

Anonymous said...


boycott Christmas, o please do.

and, Several black hate monger sites have been taken over and repurposed due to not renewing domain site ..............links?

Anonymous said...

If they start a war all they can control will be the large black populated cities. Once the ammo and food runs out they will turn on each other just like they are now currently doing.

They won't be able to control anything. The cities depend entirely on White distribution systems that bring in food from White farmers. I think I read somewhere the average city has a 2 week supply of food. But I doubt they would even last that long.

Blacks don't want a war, they just want cash. Most Blacks will turn on each other for a cheeseburger. The idea of Black unity is mostly a liberal fantasy. Just look at the history of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are way too cynical.

Sure things might get rough. But you know what I can smell? Fear. There is a fear among the establishment that they are losing control.

Both conservatives and liberals are losing control of their narratives. It's much harder with the internet to maintain false narratives that exist to hide harsh realities.

Anonymous said...

"Speaking of Walmart, all it is is a huge, countrywide conglomeration of feces-strewn and germ-laden "stores" directly subsidized by EBT cards and catering largely to nogs and incredibly noxious white trash."

I don't know where you get these ideas about Walmart. You're way off base. The quality of any individual store is governed entirely by the demographics of its location. In a predominately white suburban area they are generally clean and reasonably well run.

I shop for certain groceries very frequently at my local Walmart super center located in a white, rural area. The prices for name brands like Perdue chicken is much less than the local chain groceries such as Food Lion. Walmart is $3.28/lb for Perdue boneless breasts. Food Lion is $5.90 for the exact same product. And Food Lion takes EBT just like Walmart and every other national food chain.

I have not noticed any feces strewn around in my local Walmart supercenter. I use my credit cards exclusively for my purchases in order to earn a discount from my card company.

Perhaps the urban Walmarts and those located in places like Selma and Baltimore fit your description.

NY Girl said...

Actually, she's already lost. She's not running for re-election in 2016. She's already pissed off the cops and business owners by throwing them under the bus, and her pets are less than grateful because they won't see any of the 6.4 mill. And, not incidentally, she's starting to realize that being a mayor is not just about graft and kickbacks and good parking spaces and nice parties; there's actually WORK involved!

NY Girl said...

Aww! I hope they don't go through with it! One of the best parts of Thanksgiving Weekend is seeing videos on WorldStar of Trayvon, Shaniqua and Shitavious fighting over a $50 flat-screen, until one hopes to win by shooting his competitors and hits the damn TV instead.

Don't know about the rest of you, but those videos are the 21st Century Miracle on 34th Street--I could watch them all day!

Anonymous said...

EX-NEW YORKER wrote an extremely interesting view of possible end-game dynamics at 7:30 PM above.

One thing he said, " Any assault against the out lying white areas will be met with a hail of gunfire. "

Yes, very possible, IF masculine values are re-elevated to preeminence in the post-apocalyptic landscape. Feminine "sympathy" and "compassion" values will kill us off if allowed to become dominant in such dire straits. Think of the crowds in Europe currently marching IN FAVOR OF immigrants. WELCOME IMMIGRANTS the banners say...

So, how long, out in the good old heartland EX conjures for us above, will we be able to hold out against weakness from within? If we let our women folk talk us around into a few cases of selective charity here and there, the seeds are sown.

Now, there is a place for feminine softness. Ideally, it functions as the perfect corrective and refuge for the child from a father's stern and stoic approach to life. Thank God for our gentle and sweet Mothers and sweethearts...but the feminine weltanschauung cannot be allowed to form our principal values, as it has in the West for the last fifty years or so. It's how we got to "here".

Keep those weapons trained on the horizon, White men of the post-SHTF moment.

Anonymous said...

After hearing about the child found in the lagoon CHItown I still can't fathom the depths of of mind that would do that.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. Sept. 11,2015 7:02 p.m.

Very well said.

Happening in European countries also, correct?

GrimmTale said...

More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America (G. Edward Griffin 1969)
The Grand Design: The Hidden Plan That Shapes US Foreign Policy (G. Edward Griffin 1968)

Is what's happening world-wide today coincidence ...?

GrimmTale said...

Forgot to say:
The point in this one video which addresses "The Negro Question" begins @roughly 7:40.

More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America (G. Edward Griffin 1969)

riptapart said...

What is really sickening to me though, is how long that sentence is. In a sane world, I would agree to the sentence or even much longer as this woman is going to be a burden to civilization forever. But, there are white PEOPLE, who are attacked, robbed, raped, and beaten by groids. Those groids receive far shorter sentences. That is how far our country has fallen. There are attempted murder convictions in which the victim is completely innocent and random, and the napa doesn't receive that much time.

Anonymous said...

Government sure isn't the negro's strong suit. BRA - BR-ANYthing, for that matter - is destined to start out as poo flinging and rubble production and quickly go downhill from there.

Farrakhan is calling on blacks to boycott Christmas.

Those silly negroids have got it all wrong as usual. The purpose of a boycott is to put a STRAIN on the boycotted party, not improve things for them.

riptapart said...

But maybe now that it seems to be dissolving finally, we should try to examine its weaknesses and mistakes."

The weaknesses are simple. Democracy doesn't work in a state with widespread welfare. It also crumbles when there are large groups of people with a very different genetic makeup. Unity is strength. Diversity weakens the bonds that hold a people together.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Farrakhan is calling on blacks to boycott Christmas, in his words " to redistribute the pain."

NOOOOOOOOO!!! I've already bought tickets to the Newark Christmas Walk! They have such a flair for holiday decorating in the hood. And what about caroling in Camden and driving around Paterson on a romantic winter's eve to look at the lights? I guess I'll just have to satisfy myself with watching the negro version of The Bishop's Wife (a true abomination).

NJ Woman

P.S. The Layaway desk sho will be slow. I assume Thanksgiving and Halloween are still on the table?

riptapart said...

That would be the greatest gift they could ever give America. The extra money that Whites spend due to a much more pleasurable shopping experience, and the lack of theft at the big box stores, will extremely excess any losses from Black shoppers. The reduction in theft alone would be astronomical. Retailers will be able to significantly slash prices while raising their bottom lines.

riptapart said...

I live in a white rural area too and the Wal-Mart is great. I have spent a lot there over the years. But the day they removed confederate flags was the day I vowed to never purchase from them again. Let me say, it has been easier than I imagined. ALDI'S is just fine for most food items and is a huge savings. Also doing so forced us, my family, to buy much better quality appliances and high dollar purchases.

riptapart said...

I can say with absolute certainty that if outside hoards of dark people tried taking ever, that would be met with organized, and very unforgiving force. You would be amazed at what rural folk are capable of hitting from hundreds of yards away. Pennsylvania deer hunters are incredibly good shots with no formal training. There are also a great many farm boys and scholar athletes that are pretty capable with up close violence when necessary, and often just for fun.

A bunch of disorganized mahogany heads hold in their .22 caliber pea shooter pistols sideways wouldn't stand a chance. Many homes in areas like where I was born, and again reside, have ammo laying around there homes like kids matchbox cars. Most have full gun cabinets that are never locked, yes even with kids in the house. Probably less likely to be locked if there are kids in the house, especially if they are often home alone. I have to laugh when they say to lock up guns so kids cannot get at them. What if the kid is the one who suddenly needs it? Also, I chuckle when I hear the experts say to never leave a loaded gun in the house with youngsters. How dumb are they. When the kid needs to protect himself in his home, he cannot load the gun any faster than an adult when seconds count.

Mr. Rational said...

Nit:  One uses one's hoard of ammunition to fight off the horde of third-worlders.

Anonymous said...

It is for this and similar reasons I stopped watching TV years ago.

Anonymous said...

And the network news shows going into orgies of dismay over the deaths of lions and panda bears, while ignoring the deliberate murder of viable human infants. We live in strange times.

Anonymous said...

Universal suffrage is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

I never gave a damn about her race until she did the "crip walk" on national TV and started babbling the usual black empowerment bullshit at every opportunity. I realized she was just another in the long line of loudmouth black race hustlers. Now I can't stand to look at her.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Too bad the Southern Army Didn't win..

To which I will add, too bad the Germans didn't win.

September 11, 2015 at 9:59 PM