Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Without a black population, New Orleans would be Key West: Black Crime Requiring Huge Security for Big Easy Restaurants

One of my most "liberal" (I don't really believe in the left/right paradigm anymore: either you understand race or you don't...) friends and I were in New Orleans not long ago, followed by a trip to Key West. 

I told him, "tell me what you notice about each place and what's the primary difference between NOLA and Key West?"

We went to NOLA first, and then after only a few hours in Key West not long after he looked at me, and begrudgingly said, "I don't see a cop anywhere, and in New Orleans you couldn't turn your head without seeing a cop."

Why might that be? 

The answer is quite simple: blacks. 

New Orleans has a surplus black population Hurricane Katrina tried to dump on cities like Atlanta and Houston; Key West's primary asset (New Orleans' liability) is a lack of blacks, meaning restaurants and businesses have little need for hiring security guards and installing expensive cameras to protect their merchandise, employees, and cash in the registers. 

With a huge black population, New Orleans is stressed financially to provide sufficient police coverage to protect tax-producing businesses from the criminality hovering around this racial group like the morning dew covering Dixie. 

Key West doesn't seem to have this problem, because it doesn't have blacks. 

So when you understand the reality of black criminality, you'll understand why restaurants in New Orleans are closing because of the out-of-control costs of security. [After Uptown robberies, restaurants struggle with security costs, NOLA, 9-29-15]:
The recent string of armed robberies at Uptown New Orleans restaurants and bars has many proprietors rethinking their security strategies, fearing theirs could be the next business targeted by masked gunmen. But there's only so much cash-strapped owners can do, said Amanda Toups of Toups Meatery. 
After robberies at Patois and Atchafalya, Toups' Mid-City restaurant changed the way it closes, locking the doors immediately after the last customer leaves. Employees also stopped counting the night's money at the bar. 
But beyond that, little can be done to stop armed criminals intent on robbing restaurants during dinner service, Toups said. A full-time security guard is one option, but for a business that operates on a narrow profit margin, such a solution would be cost-prohibitive, Toups said. 
"After Patois was robbed we had a woman call asking if we were going to have an armed guard that night," Toups said. "I said, 'No. But I have a big mean husband with a big mean knife.' So she said, 'Ok. See you at 7.'" 
"I don't know how I feel about hiring security, how our customers will feel when they walk in and see a guy with a gun standing at the door. It feels like we'd be giving in." 
The first of the Uptown robberies happened Aug. 20 at Patois, followed by Atchafalaya on Sept. 24 and Monkey Hill Bar four days later. Police haven't linked the three holdups, although they were all carried out in a similar fashion: Armed gunmen stormed into the business before closing, robbing the owners, employees and customers. 
For Ray Gruezke, owner of Rue 127 on North Carrollton Avenue, the crime spree brings back painful memories. Almost three years ago, two gunmen robbed his restaurant shortly before closing. They entered through a back door, threatened Gruezke with a gun and stole his computer and the night's revenue. 
The customers ran out the entrance before the robbers made it to the front of the restaurant, he said. The police never caught the suspects, despite witnesses providing the license plate number of the getaway car, said a frustrated Gruezke. 
After the robbery, he installed gates around the building, video cameras and a large safe and changed how employees handle cash at the end of the night. But like Toups, Gruezke said he couldn't afford to hire a security guard. 
"This really brings it all back. But you just have to keep going," Gruezke said. "When I was robbed, it was scary and you think about closing. But if you give in and change who you are and what you do, they've won. They got your money, and they've won." 
Mat and Nadie's, 937 Leonidas St., is one of the few restaurants that pays for an officer to keep watch over customers and employees on a nightly basis. 
Even though it costs close to $30,000 annually, times like these make it seem like a sound investment, owner Steve Schwarz said. 
"I could hire another cook and a half for that, but when you hear about all the stuff going on, we're happy we have it and our employees appreciate it," Schwarz said.

The cost of doing business in a city shouldn't be tolerating black criminality and hiring profit-decimating security guards just to provide security and safety for your employees, customers and ultimately, your investment.

One day, our children will look back on this time period and wonder why we spent so much time squabbling about silly partisan politics, when the only real problem was our inability to construct sound social policy based on the reality of race (discernible in every facet of life if you only dare notice). 


Anonymous said...

Once again, PK sums it up:

One day, our children will look back on this time period and wonder why we spent so much time squabbling about silly partisan politics, when the only real problem was our inability to construct sound social policy based on the reality of race (discernible in every facet of life if you only dare notice).

Julie said...

"But beyond that, little can be done to stop armed criminals intent on robbing restaurants during dinner service, Toups said. "

There is much that can be done to stop armed negroes from robbing restaurants. Packs of pit bulls or a similar aggressive dog species. Automatic weapons, most calibers will do, even the lowly .22. Flame throwers. Hand grenades. Poison sprays. Lasers. Shotguns. Knives. Napalm. Booby traps. Mustard gas. Throwing stars. Pikes. Battle axes. Cross bows (with poison tipped arrows). Cannons. The military fork. Bayonets. Chlorine gas. Huge horses to stampede them. Biological agents. Employment offers. Flame throwers again, because I really like that one.

America is at war with the negro. If they even look like they are doing something suspicious, they must be dealt with. Swiftly. Finally and with certainty. Jail for the negro is merely a lifestyle upgrade. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Martin Luther King, so don't call me a racist.

Ex New Yorker said...

There are blacks in Key West. When my wife was still alive I went down there every Winter for a month or so. Bahama Village is where the jigs live. The place is a dump. If a tourist ventures to far off Duvall Street in the wrong direction they will get robbed. Every year they have some kind of FOOD FESTIVAL that goes into Bahama Village. During the food fest the cops line the street.

There are a lot bicycle cops in Key West. One Winter a cop on a bike was chasing a black guy through the Village and another black threw a broom handle into the bikes front wheel. The bike flipped and the cop died from a broken neck.

Cubans in Miami are the ones bringing the drugs into Bahama Village and other parts of the Keys. The old timers and Cubans (Conchs) don't put up with much shit from the blacks so they are pretty much contained inside their own self made ghetto. Israelis run the tee shirt shops on Duvall Street and the jigs leave them alone because they are all Jewish tough guys. Lots of bars on the main drag and the blacks know to stay away. Key West does a real good job of keeping the Negro confined in there own little part of the island. If they let the blacks run loose the whole town would die because the LIFE BLOOD of Key West is tourism. Blacks stalking the streets is bad for business.

Anonymous said...

Very good article tonight, Paul. While reading it I imagined gunmen coming into a restaurant while I was eating and what feelings of absolute horror I would have. Most people can imagine being in a bank when it is robbed, but a RESTAURANT?

From what I've heard in the past, 95% of new restaurants fail because the profit margin is so small. A lot of people who have done it tell others not to. These people are providing quality food and service to people while barely edging out a profit. To have someone not only steal your revenue on top of scaring away all your customers is a pretty low blow. People attempting to add to the community thwarted time and time again by people only determined to take from it at every violent chance they get. What are these restaurants supposed to do? Find a non-black down on their luck enough that will agree to work for meals and lodging somewhere inside the restaurant? What does one do in a situation like that? And after the undertow "wins" they chase all white people and their money away and big government has to step in to help out these poor individuals who have chased any semblance of civilization away around them.

When people finally open their eyes (whatever the last straw may be) they can look back on articles like this and think "Wow, I can't believe I never saw it, it was staring me in the face the whole time."

You make a very strong point partly because your point is so simple and streamlined. There are no long theoretical explanations of why all this happens, you just call a spade a spade- more black people = more crime = capital flight = more misery. The narrative of the poor poor oppressed negro and why he destroys civilization the way he does seems to grow in explanation each year, yet the facts behind the reality remain the same year after year. It isn't complicated, but blinders can keep you from seeing things right in your face.

I never imagined people being held up at a restaurant until today, minus the opening scene from Pulp Fiction. I am at a loss for words. I am looking for a word that describes both disgust and fear at the same time.

Anonymous said...

"Police haven't linked the three holdups..."
Google's facial recognition software can link them for you.



Off-Topic only cause I mention a different city.

Last night while waiting for my lottery numbers I have to watch NBC NIGHTLY NEWS. And that sandpaper colored anchor with the 7 forehead brought up the 50+ shootings over the weekend in Chi-Congo.as well as the 13 Monday night. And yet never did the idiot talk about what race was committing all those shootings. Lester Holt would leave the people with eyes shut to actually think that there were White people involved in these shootings. The Marxist media in this country when this is all said and done one day in the near future should be jailed for life. Let those that helped destroy the greatest country in the history of mankind sit in jail cells with their pet negroes.


R_Moreland said...

This is something that law enforcement officers who serve in cities on the Caribbean coast of the USA: the mass migration of blacks from Haiti and other islands into American cities is going to cause a spike in crime. And we can add the importation of blacks from the African continent. They will mean more violence, more gangs, more no-go neighborhoods, more attacks on police officers.

You have to ask, why are America's leaders inviting in this invasion? Those American leaders who are collaborating in a criminal conspiracy. They should be treated as the criminals they are.

NC Realist said...

Here's one that'll make you feel all good inside...courtesy of the low-life negro scum in Irving Texas. Yes...again it's off topic...but a good read..as this particular station was the only one I could find so far to have the balls to describe the perp. NEVER EVER EVER trust a negro. http://kfor.com/2015/09/29/good-samaritan-tells-crash-victim-hes-there-to-help-then-does-the-unthinkable/

Anonymous said...


'Very thinkable' once the victim's brother describes the waste of oxygen.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Ok...this is OT, but I figured you might need a laugh...hope you enjoy


Brooklyn born said...

OT, buy is anything OT when it comes to Negroes?

Woman trapped in overturned vehicle, Negro does what negroes do; Robbed her:


Perp description redacted in ALL but this one story.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely how you gradually slide down the ladder from First World civilization to Third. Brazil, here we come!

You idiots! How can you just let your country go?!


Brooklyn born said...

Here's another one:

Negroes in Sweden. The blonds do love their Black Men!


Anonymous said...

Went to NO once. The moment I strayed out of the tourist area it was the Congo. Desolate wasteland; drunk orcs lying about. One came to beg while I pumped gas. Scary.

Here's the decision we each must make: what is your end game? Is it to take actions to make living with the groids amongst us as palatable as possible? Or is it to have a physical and complete separation?

You need to commit to that end goal, and then act accordingly each day.

So, YT, what's it gonna be?

Black fatigue at a ten said...

I can't say it enough. The police should be protecting and serving those that need and want their protection.
These reasturants pay high taxes and supply local employment that keep that city going.
Police should be patrolling these areas not the ghettos where they are not wanted and not making any difference.
Why should blacks receive constant police protection? They don't pay for it. They don't appreciate it. They don't want it,
But these business owners and humans do. Protect what is worth protecting.

Earl Turner said...

Once again, Africans in America do the job of educating the public far better than even the most eloquent among us race realists.

Anonymous said...

"Key Largo

No Negroes

Baay-bee why don't we go ..."

Awake said...

The cancer is spreading.

It is coming to a neighborhood near you if it isn't there already.

Awake said...

and in other news...

Does anyone see a commonality of behavior? No matter what the social status, these traits bleed through. Selfish poor decisions with absolutely no future orientation. Cosby, OJ, etc..... the list continues to be written.


Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

re: "I don't really believe in the left/right paradigm anymore: either you understand race or you don't.." - Bingo!

Anonymous said...

I've mentioned it before but there's a popular chain style restaurant in my town that borders both the groid area of town and is right off an exit of I40. They have to have a security guard posted inside at all times. He sits in a back area of the restaurant but has a straight line of sight on the front door. The same restaurant chain has multiple locations throughout the city but the one near the groid infested area is the only one that needs a security guard. Heading downtown through the groid infested area, you can see that many of the shops have steel security bars on their windows yet this is not necessary elsewhere in the city.
I guess this is the same "enrichment" that DWL's want to spread to every neighborhood- except their own, of course.
I'll echo the sentiment that someone else expressed one time: DWL's should be required to live in groid infested areas for a year and "live the dream." Maybe then they'd wake the hell up to reality and see the negro for the dysfunctional pest species it really is.
off topic sort of: There's a story out of Texas where a woman rolled her car and was trapped inside. A negro stops to "help" and steals her wallet, credit cards, ID, SS card and $80 from her purse and takes off. Of course, the MSM doesn't mention that the perp is a sweet, innocent, magnificent black angel.

Anonymous said...

Re fatigued....
Yes it is really comical to consider the longevity of the left/ right paradigm. It's origins were in revolutionary France, and reflected a seating arrangement in the assembly- or so the story goes. Anyway, it yields an insight into the manipulative aspects of mass media. The simplification it creates allows all " news " to become a set of cliches and zombie metaphors. Personally I enjoy listening to the news with the goal of counting these.
The latest zombification centers around the term " teen ". It is interesting that " teen " brings up wholesome images of youngsters frolicking and studying their homework, going to high school football games and pleasantly conversing about personal events. " Teens " don't shoot clerks or knife strangers; that is what thugs and vicious marauders do. Yet, the word " teen " is used continually in that context. Think of the damage that malicious inaccuracy does to the television news audience - an audience which is largely white and educated. It is the public's mental imagery that is being assaulted by the media. I contend that assault's intention is to magnify the sense of fear by overtly declining to name the obvious. If TV news directed at a black audience were to use the word " farmer " to describe a Klansman the black audience would be more riled than if the actors were described honestly.
I think it was Solzenhitsyn who said the goal of propaganda is to force the audience to participate in its own humiliation.

Fatigued yet a little hopeful in Minneapolis said...

I just want to alert you guys (if you're not already familiar) that "BLM" here in St. Paul plans to disrupt the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend. This on the heels of disrupting the light-rail service to a Vikings game a couple weeks ago, and the great Minnesota State Fair a couple weeks before that. What's noteworthy are the COMMENTS, which make it crystal clear that this group is doing more for race-realism than a bunch'a guys and gals like us could do in a hundred online years. I bring this up because there are great glimmers of hope out there which point to an apparent slumbering mass of first-world human beings who are either waking up, or there to be awakened when the time comes when they can simply take no more of the great lie, etc.. It just seems to me (some days anyway)that most white people, Asians, Hispanics, and a significant number of AA's as well.. just ain't gonna buy the narrative after a point. Perhaps there's hope in this thing in the long-term big-picture.. Anyway.. dig the COMMENTS if ya get a chance --> http://www.startribune.com/black-lives-matter-protest-plan-stirs-fear-spurs-backlash/330034841/

Anonymous said...

Can we dare to believe this it is possible that future generations will become race realists and look back on this time in astonishment?

Not to be negative, however, it is virtually impossible to see how this change in mindset can become the dominant narrative factor with blacks so embedded in our culture, sports, entertainment...etc. Everyone sees the carnage every night on TV news in cities with large black populations but the same frozen faces and Sgt Schultz deniability ("I see nothing, I know nothing, I hear nothing") amongst all prevails.

It is despairing to me as a converted race realist that this ugly, demonic, twisted dystopia will haunt us and our children/grandchildren until death. I can only pray to God that I am wrong...and curse all those who participated in bringing these hordes to our shores back during the slave trade - may they all burn in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Whether all three were committed by the same "set" or "crew" or whatever is irrelevant. They were all three committed by the same common group of criminals. Nigs are just one big black gang with squabbling interior factions.
The link is blackness. The cause is genetic. The solution is removal.

Anonymous said...

In Houston, a negress was leaving a grocery store parking lot, hit a telephone pole, and died instantly. A gaggle of negroes rushed over to "help" and noticed the fresh groceries scattered on and around the corpse....Yep.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post.

I've shared this here before, but if you haven't seen it, this is like a reverse treasure map:


Anonymous said...

Do the New Orleans police have any idea of the race of the armed robbers??? Could it possibly be a gang of tiny, elderly, White Irish church ladies? It's impossible to tell from the news reports. Which leaves restaurant patrons totally in the dark as to whom they should be afraid of. Should they avoid restaurants near Catholic Churches and senior centers? Sigh. It seems more info is needed.

NJ Woman

Thought-Criminal said...

A possible solution to help stop armed robbery of NOLA restaurants is to encourage concealed carry for the customers and staff. If the groids hear that they may get a bullet in the ass while robbing restaurant ABC, they may just decide to stay put with their EBT cards.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Aahhh yes, New Orleanian here, two of the things the crescent city is most known for - cuisine renowned the world over and violent blacks. They two entities almost never intersect and now that they do, the mayor and tourism board is in a panic.

Interestingly enough, this story overlaps with the previous one about St. Louis, and really the thrust of this entire blog in general. The United States has mostly limped along by avoiding coming face to face with its black population and their effects. There has always been a way to avoid them, but that is decreasing every year.

Back before Katrina slashed the police department's numbers, there was a largely unspoken rule (one that is advocated here quite frequently) in the city. Basically, the black areas of town were permitted to be as lawless as they wished with minimal interference or interruption. The tourist areas, uptown, garden district, and downtown were however completely off-limits. The second a group of blacks showed up in any of these places, they were followed and harassed until they left, or did something stupid and got arrested without hesitation. It permitted a somewhat workable duality where commerce flowed and the innocent were protected. If whites were victims of crimes, it was because THEY did not respect the imaginary boundary and crossed the invisible line by entering one of the lawless black areas, and thusly "got what they deserved."

Basically, if you limit your exposure, you never have to confront the problem. The police can no longer provide that barrier and the criminals understand that the green light is now lit to rampage the vulnerable.

New Orleans is circling the drain at this point. The school system is a wasteland. The city is clearly unsafe and the police force inept. The job market is mostly entry level hospitality jobs. There is a huge dependent and unemployable citizenry that must be supported by the shrinking productive tax base. The infrastructure is falling apart and has no budget for upgrades at all. Just this past week, a power surge knocked out the water treatment plant for almost two days and contaminated the water supply for the second time in a few months. The reason? Balloons from a black child's birthday party were loosed and got entangled in power lines ... But the cherry on top of this is that the many local fees and taxes are exorbitant, especially regarding property. There is literally NO reason at all for a white family to be raised there, it is costly and the reward is that nothing publicly funded is usable for you or your children.

I give the city less than two decades before it is voluntarily vacated and later reclaimed by the Mississippi. Cause of death? ... blacks.

Dondondondon said...

My family and I have a long history of enjoying vacations in New Orleans. No more. The last time we went, we were prepared for the security/safety issues (my two sons loom large and string). But we were not prepared for the all-night shooting. Coincidentally, we have booked a trip to Key West.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here about the night and day difference between the places. Btw, on a side note take a gander at the typical stupid woman response. She's not going to put a security guard because it doesn't FEEL right. Never mind you've been robbed before and everybody was wiped clean of their money.

Anonymous said...

Fresh dead cop today. My money on a groid killer.


Anonymous said...

Monkey Hill Bar? Gee, they're not even trying to deny it anymore!

- Tobias Benjamin Goode

Pat Boyle said...

I realized the implications of the black presence several years ago. But I rejected the logical conclusion. I have tried to imagine another way out with various schemes and social configurations. I'm not the only one to travel this path but because no one speaks of it, people who work their way to the logical conclusion do so alone.

The conclusion I speak of is the realization that black people must be eliminated - first in America and finally everywhere.

There are something like seven billion people on Earth today. The species might be safer and more stable if there were many less. If for example it were determined that the environment would be more sustainable if there were only perhaps only five billion people, we would need to cull some two billion people. The question then is who would need to go? Politically correct liberals would fancy some sort of racially proportional scheme. That would seem to them to be 'fair'. The Chinese might volunteer some of their large population which they do not see as a benefit to their national strength. I would suggest that that would be an excellent opportunity to eliminate the troublesome black population. This would yied many benefits and engender few losses.

It has happened before. The AMH (Anatomically Modern People) eliminated the Neanderthals. Earlier there were in Africa, multiple hominids evolving simultaneously in the same areas. But the less successful branches were eliminated. The history of human development has been one of elimination of diversity. So today we have one species with about five major races. The next step in this winnowing process seems to be to go down to three or four major races. There are no more Tasmanians. In the natural course of events there will soon no longer be any Australian aborigines. African peoples should join this list.

Segregation didn't work. Apartheid didn't work. Assimilation didn't work. Almost everyone who reads this blog recognizes all this, but no one will say it. Many black leaders, some with many followers, have called for the extermination of white people. I think it's time for white people to consider permanent solutions to our specie's race problem. At least we should discuss it.


Mr. Rational said...

a negress was leaving a grocery store parking lot, hit a telephone pole, and died instantly.

Wire foams goan wrong!  Dey need to use only SAIL FOAMS because wire foams be RAYCISS!

Anonymous said...

Nothing is off topic when it comes to the negro unless you are a disgusting "news" reporter. Hey stupid dumb ass news reporter, the code words "youths, teens, high school students" whatever you use isn't working anymore.
When you report a dozen crimes, and you state the suspects are white, in one or two of them, then give a vague description of youths, teens, etc. everyone knows you're trying to protect a "negro".
You media types think so highly of yourselves and your profession and the truth is, you're disgusting pieces of shit!


Anonymous said...

"Black fatigue at a ten said... I can't say it enough. The police should be protecting and serving those that need and want their protection."

Remember what police we're talking about, "The police never caught the suspects, despite witnesses providing the license plate number of the getaway car"

Anonymous said...

Assuming the perps are young, youthful, teenage, underserved black boys, perhaps black ministers at the door armed with bibles and big gold crosses would fix this situation. The reverends could get a free meal in lieu of pay. I'm pretty sure this would work.

NJ Woman

Californian said...

Not to be negative, however, it is virtually impossible to see how this change in mindset can become the dominant narrative factor with blacks so embedded in our culture, sports, entertainment...etc.

Again, look at how White people woke up in the wake of Reconstruction. You had the White Revolution which restored sanity to the South and the country as a whole.

Or look at how quickly Soviet communism collapsed. The Berlin War fell and the entire system unraveled.

Happened before, can happen again.

Deo Vindice said...

These robberies by the blue gums in NOLA have become an almost hourly occurrence. Today they knocked over two teachers at a school (http://www.wafb.com/story/30150253/gunman-robs-teacher-inside-school-search-for-suspect-underway?clienttype=generic). Naturally, no race is mentioned in that article, but...well, it's New Orleans. As usual, they ask for anyone with information to contact authorities, but give no physical description whatsoever.

In another article about these restaurant robberies in Uptown NOLA (http://www.nola.com/dining/index.ssf/2015/09/atchafalaya_robbery_gunmen_pat.html) restaurant owner (and likely DWL) proclaims she believes Uptown is still "relatively safe" and that the "perception...is probably worse than the reality". Yeah. Right. Tell that to the tourists and former patrons who aren't in your restaurant anymore.

Anonymous said...

Once again Bantu savagery never ceases to amaze me.
Drive by Shooting in Chicago, kills Grandma, Mother and wounds infant.
Burhead throws newborn baby out of a window
Just another day in the hood

Anonymous said...

In the early 80s there was a nice area of Houston called Fondren Southwest. Nice, large houses of 3,000 square feet and a couple of walled enclaves featuring million-dollar homes.

Many garden-style apartment complexes were built to accommodate those pouring into Houston during the boom years and the area featured many fine stores and restaurants.

When oil prices collapsed about 1983, the occupancy of the apartments declined sharply, and foreclosures skyrocketed.

The apartments became cheap enough and with the help of section 8, the ghetto essentially got on a bus and destroyed this area almost overnight.

There was Denny's style 24-hour chain restaurant in the area called "Champs". I stopped in there about 4:30 one afternoon and was told by the security guard that they would be closing at 5pm.

When I asked why I was told that the drug dealers would show up about 5, open their briefcases, and proceed to sell drugs out of the booths. They were going to close the location once the lease expired.

Eventually, the area homeowners associations sued the owners of the apartment complexes - many of which had been abandoned and turned into Crack houses - and managed to get some torn down.

It was too late, however, it's not as dangerous as it was, but all the middle-class people who bought their dream homes either had to sell at a loss or remain there.

Large homes that sold for the princely sum of $100,000 in 1979 aren't even worth $80K 36 years later.

Incidentally, the former Champ's restaurant was in the same parking lot I referenced in an earlier post, where the dead negress' groceries were stolen from her car after the crash. I forgot to mention she had two kids in the car who were unhurt and ignored by the banana thieves.

Truth Corps said...

Monkey Hill- you can't make shit that good up.

10mm AUTO said...

""Can we dare to believe this it is possible that future generations will become race realists and look back on this time in astonishment?

Not to be negative, however, it is virtually impossible to see how this change in mindset can become the dominant narrative factor with blacks so embedded in our culture, sports, entertainment...etc. Everyone sees the carnage every night on TV news in cities with large black populations but the same frozen faces and Sgt Schultz deniability ("I see nothing, I know nothing, I hear nothing") amongst all prevails.""

Absolutely. Kids today are already "waking up". Lies within a society generate pressure to overturn them. As the truth is denied, the pressure increases. When vast swaths of the society are lies gradually people begin to disbelieve.

Examples: (We are going to Win in the Middle East! Negros are "just like us"! Global Warming is a hideous Threat! We must welcome criminal Aliens! Socialism is inevitable! The Income tax is the only way to run a State! Free Trade, Free Borders, Free Society!" We are a Global Village! People demand Sustainability and World Government! We are the ones you have been Waiting For!)

In the Soviet Empire, there were no "sides" to pick in a civil war as was usually the common way civil strife. People protested and rioted, but the majority just simply began to Disbelieve. They got up from their jobs when they heard the wall had "fallen" (meaning the security guards were not enforcing the rules anymore) and people began to simply walk across till a trickle became a river which became a tsunami and a billion people "walked off the job".

What will happen when people shoot home invading negros and never report it? When "Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up" is SOP? When people look to a alternative Political party like Northwest Front for security or protection?

This is happening already in Detroit, where in 20% of the city police will not go, where police response time for rape and murder is measured in Hours or Days(!), where gated communities have hired BlackWater mercenaries to deal with any roaming negro casing the neighborhood. If a few negros never return home, the general Orc population learns to leave that Gated place alone. BlackWater gets its contract renewed and Harold/Harriet the White Homeowner with 2 kids can sleep safely at night, feeling that the extra money is well spent.

See: http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2012/02/life-after-white-people-detroit-glimpse.html

These restaurateurs face the same horror. Hire full on Mercs, or get eaten by the Orc population, especially if the Orc population IS the Police; as it is in Birmingham, Clayton County, Ga., Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, etc. Again, do you think some negro cop wants to stop his Brothars and Sistars and sheet? Ah Hell No! Every negro in these town knows who is ripping off these places, but "snitches get stitches"

Lies like this merely generate power for the opposition. This will merely feed the collapse and the lies are a weight for our side of the scale.

AnalogMan said...

This kind of robbery is practically a national sport in South Africa. I'm amazed that people there still eat at restaurants.

I just did a Google search for "South Africa restaurant robbery". 1,160,000 results. Thank you ANC, Nelson Mandela and the "Backroom boys": Harry Oppenheimer and the usual suspects. And, of course, all you anti-Apartheid activists throughout the world. How do you like Africa, now that it's coming to you?

Anonymous said...

"A gaggle of negroes rushed over to "help"..." May I correct your language please? It's "hep."

Thanks and you're welcome.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said

I think it was Solzenhitsyn who said the goal of propaganda is to force the audience to participate in its own humiliation.

I think you may be referring to this quote by Theodore Dalrymple:

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is...in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

Anonymous said...

Call me a cynic, but what's "unthinkable" is that he only stole her purse.

Mr. Rational said...

New Orleans is circling the drain at this point. The school system is a wasteland.

What I read elsewhere is that the NOLA schools are much better than before Katrina.  They are all-charter now, and White parents are starting to send their kids to the better (more selective) ones.

What an irony it would be if e.g. the collapse of Detroit Public Schools opened the door to an all-charter city, and a bunch of Whites colonized the area and opened schools with standards that kept the turdlers out.

There are quite a few blocks in Detroit where you could come in with heavy equipment and in a few days have a rammed-earth wall topped by razor wire around your brand-new gated community with its own school building (remodeled).  You roll in a bunch of mobile homes (not taxed as real estate in Michigan) and get down to business:  living cheap, no crime, good education paid for mostly with state funds.  The only thing left to do is have a co-op organization where the owners have to approve new residents, and exclusde africans and SJWs.

The best part?  Mobile homes fall apart so fast without maintenance that if you did get invaded and have to abandon an enclave, it wouldn't even be 10 years before you could revoke all the certificates of occupancy, remove the scrap metal and start over with new residents.

Anonymous said...

To Pat Boyle - Yes. Yes. Yes. There must be a way, perhaps even a passive way in which we simply let nature take its course. The world would be such a better place. It would be beautiful.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Hulking Michelle Obama look-alike mom in NYC, arrested for throwing baby out window to its death, now suspected of killing her baby boy previously. Seems like we failed this woman. Obviously was not provided parenting classes. Shame on us all.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. For every one "they be slaughtering us negroes" comment there's at least 10 pointing out the hypocracy of the blackliesmatter "movement".

Brian in Ohio said...

BLM has done more to open white eyes to the true nature of the negro in the last year than any white supremacist group could in 200 years! they sow the seeds of they`re own demise.

Thank god for the internet.

Anonymous said...

The only reason she wasn't raped (or worse) is because she was belted in and upside down. That particular negro was the garden variety "oh sheeit sompin else fo free". Other negroes would see that as an opportunity to get more street cred.

PB said...

"In the natural course of events there will soon no longer be any Australian aborigines."

What is replacing the old generation is these nasty little half-bloods pumped up on US Nog-culture, born of 15 year old babymummas who ask "for dem pepperz forda bebbymunny" before they've even left the Birthing suite. I've left my coastal city for the rural inland countryside, and one reason was rising crime as more of them drift to cities to "hunt".

The media here call them "teens" too, but they'll still say "described as of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander appearance" (which still doesn't help much).

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Negro who stole the woman's purse while she was in her upside down vehicle. I said this before: an overturned vehicle sets off a genetic urge for the Negro to swarm, overwhelm, loot, destroy and retreat. It's what the Africans do when they bring down a hippo or elephant in the Serengeti, and only retreat when the lions show up. Here, when a vehicle rolls over and the blacks swarm it, they stay until chased away by the cops. Vehicle = hippo/elephant, lions = cops. Negroes have an inherent ability to knowingly group up, crouch, flank, mobilize, swarm and attack, all while locking eyes on their prey. It is instinct. It happens everywhere there are Negroes. These creatures are at an evolutionary dead end because they are inherently violent, unpredictable, irresponsible, sullen, stupid, and angry. They thrive on being a menace and a problem, knowing there are millions of people who will agitate on their behalf and obfuscate their atrocities. Get your CCW people.

10mm AUTO said...

Horrible negro attack on an Army Captain. Accidentally "bumped" a negro, who felt it was disrespected so it went and got his Orc pack and took the human out with a sucker punch. Usual kicks to the head and face. Usual terrible facial and eye injuries.

PoPo "at a loss" to find negros because no cameras.


Carry Weapons people and keep you back to a wall. They are not like Us.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

AnalogMan said...

I told him, "tell me what you notice about each place and what's the primary difference between NOLA and Key West?"

We went to NOLA first, and then after only a few hours in Key West not long after he looked at me, and begrudgingly said, "I don't see a cop anywhere, and in New Orleans you couldn't turn your head without seeing a cop."

There you have it: the difference is the number of cops. If we just got rid of all those cops, New Orleans would be just like Key West.

Isn't that just like a liberal? They just can't bring themselves to name the problem, and so, of course, they can never solve it.


The solution is very simple.

Have a sign on the front, and back, that says:

"ALL EMPLOYEES ARE ARMED. We encourage all customers and patrons and delivery personal TO BE ARMED. You are more than welcome to dine with us with your concealed or open-carry weapons. If you don't have one, we provide your choice of RUGER .357 revolver, GLOCK 17, Beretta 92FS for your evenings enjoyment. Please ask your waiter for tonight's handgun special"

Also, have double doors in the front and back. One gains access to the first, and then staff can look at them before opening the second door. Ask all those in the front if they have reservations. The negro does not make a reservation since the negro has no idea what that is.

In all ads, encourage your patrons to arm themselves and have a good time. In fact, rename your restaurant to something obvious repellent to the negro:

Dixie Grill
Rifle Club
Anglo Bar and Gun Club
Plantation Lodge
Jefferson Davis Restaurant
Southern Culture Dinner
Sons of the Confederate Bar & Barbeque
Toby's Joint

This can be fun.

Anonymous said...

Who but the zaniest of the DWLs would open a restaurant in a Black city? Especially a city that is known for corruption?

Restaurants are difficult enough even in a mostly White area. They thrive on tips from Whites and Asians which brings in the quality staff. Black patrons are basically a PITA for everyone. That's not a myth or a RAYSISST comment, you can find endless forums where BLACK WAITERS complain about this problem.

What kind of nutcase looks at a majority Black city and invests in a sit-down restaurant? Especially the kind that is open late and mainly attracts White patrons? Of course the place will be robbed. DUH. They're not going to hit the local chicken shack.

These are frontline liberals that serve the purpose of showing the rest of us how liberalism turns your brain into mush.

They're risking their savings and LIVES.....for what???? So they can sell an overpriced salad to a fellow DWL? There are a dozen liberal cities where you can do the same thing and without having to hire a 30k a year security guard. I also find it to be a sad commentary that a restaurant would even need a full time guard. But I guess in libtopia you eat your dinner while a guard stands behind you with a shotgun to deter the local black youff from robbing the place.



White Trash Hillbilly said...

Pat Boyle, you finally came right out and said it. Ive said it before and I imagine almost all of the regulars here have often thought it.

You mentioned the figure of 5 billion people as a sustainable population. Its more like 1-2 billion. Earth CANNOT be sustainable with more then 2 billion people.

The obvious conclusion is that MANY must go if ANY are to survive. I look at it like an overcrowded lifeboat. No reason to tiptoe around the issue anymore. Personally, I'd prefer to see only giraffes and wildebeasts left in africa.

Hard decisions must be made and made soon. No one wants to play God, but play God we must. I'm glad you said it and I'm glad that I'm not the only one willing to look at this honestly.

Eugenics anyone?

Anonymous said...

There you have it: the difference is the number of cops. If we just got rid of all those cops, New Orleans would be just like Key West.

Isn't that just like a liberal? They just can't bring themselves to name the problem, and so, of course, they can never solve it.

I was in a Canadian city recently and I went an entire day without seeing a cop. There were probably around 10k people walking around the downtown.

I also noticed a lot of the shops were selling maple candy. Probably half the shops had some type of maple candy for sale.

Any intelligent liberal can see that there is clearly a correlation between maple candy and a peaceful society. What we need is a government program that encourages maple candy sales in New Orleans. A $100 million subsidy wouldn't cost much if you compare that to the defense budget.

Anonymous said...

Meh and these same owners probably supported taking down confederate memorials throughout town. Live by BRA die by BRA.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 2:28 - So well written. That should be Baby's First Biology Lesson. Complete with illustrations.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Julie - Your list of deterrents is wonderful! Highly cteative, certainly effective and lots of fun, to boot. Leave it to you to think outside the box. I share your preference for Flame Throwers. Makes me think of toasting marsmallows. Good memories.

NJ Woman

P.S. You, racist? Don't be silly.

Anonymous said...

"Monkey Hill" robbery!! Hahaha!

Monkeys... sure enough!

Can someone please send these freakish animals back to where they came from??!!


Anonymous said...

Another slain police officer.
Sorry not able to.post a link but Google "Greg Alia", I'm sure it's the first result.
Shot by another dindu with a stolen handgun in a gun free shopping mall. Same old story.

Anonymous said...

One of obamas last acts of contempt for America will be the forced acceptance of the few remaining centers of white civilization of hordes of black section 8 negros. There they will magically transform into intelligent, productive members of society by close proximity to white created advantages.

A steaming load of crap, and even he knows it. At least he should, his backers tried to pawn him off as the most intelligent president ever. Of course, there are no grade transcripts, no scholarly publications, or even a workable policy in any area he's tried his hand at, to prove that. His abilities pale in comparison to any other non-african leader. The world laughs at him and his wife, and us by proxy, for allowing such an inadequate stooge to be foisted upon us. Aren't we all sick to death of all the pictures of him standing with his head cocked to one side in juvenile contempt? How many more photos of Michelle giving the hate glare at white people who make her confront her own uselessness by being intelligent and competent can you stomach?

The earlier poster who called the negros a genetic dead end called it. If being in a better neighborhood was all it took, they would have achieved greatness by now, instead of ruined war zones of neglect that were once proud cities.

Fact:all schools pretty much have the same curriculum by this point, they've been standardized to mediocrity. Students don't fail due to bad schools, schools fail due to bad students. Blacks, for the most part, cannot learn beyond a certain point, that is an obvious truth. Once they reach their level of inability, they stop the learning process for the whole class by acting out, and disruptive behavior. They really require a ridgidly structured special needs classroom environment just for themselves.

Fact:economic opportunity exists in every city. That "no jobs" b.s. has got to be discredited by the reality of the fact that other people are working, why can't you? I'll tell you why, you've be conditioned all your life to believe you're special, and deserve the best life has to offer, with no emphasis on ability, and no marketable skill set. You got nothing', as you like to say.

Fact: food deserts exist due to the law of supply and demand. In an opportunistic society like ours, if there was a demand for nutritious, wholesome food, someone would be profiting by selling it. Apparently, though, there is a demand for liquor, drugs, cigarettes, little fruity cigars, hair weaves and extensions, ridiculous clothing, and pay day loan stores and pawn shops. Yep, that's a vibrant, enriched economy.

Anyway, it's a white thing, you really wouldn't understand.

Detroit Refugee said...

Here's a similar story regarding blacks preying upon a car crash victim. Detroits East Side @ 1998 or '99, my younger siblings friend went where he had ZERO business. A rave party, all fucked up on alcohol & ecstasy, leaving and in an unfamiliar area the car was T-boned.
Ok. Stop. Wait, homeless black drunks & crack heads assisted him!
No, rather than call 911 or offer any type of aid, first blacks on scene tore threw his pockets & cars contents.By moving Danny they caused further spine damage. He was paralyzed from the neck down, and died before age 30.

Anonymous said...

310 / There are something like seven billion people on Earth today.

Uh...took a billion years? to get to a Billion Humans.
that was about 1900 a.d.

And Whites are drastically decreasing as a % of total.

huge decrease.

Anonymous said...



USA now has a million? 3 million? Haitians.

where ya think they disembark?

Anonymous said...

If you've spent any time on vacation in Africa, you see exactly the same things; looting grocery stores, sucker punches to the back and sides of people's heads after a squabble, "religious" men always molesting children.

I've spoken to White South Africans and when they talk about Blacks vs Whites, they often make the point that Blacks are "a different animal"; radically different from us.

That's the point. These Blacks are being honest with their impulses. The vast majority cannot ever adapt to first world, Western civilization. They simply aren't designed to handle it, or live within its strictures. Police will tell you, Blacks simply cannot behave themselves. There is endless work opportunity for police because Blacks bring an endless supply of mayhem. The only way to stop the endless Black crime waves is to repatriate them back to Africa. They only want to stay here for welfare, EBT and Affirmative Action. Chop those programs and they'd all be catching flights to Cameroon.

Anonymous said...

America. Until you ship them to their glorious Motherland, you need to cordon their troops off from the rest of your people. The ghettoes need to be more clearly delineated, and negroes must stay within their boundaries. Section Ape and AFFH need to be smothered in their cribs. They are a complete cancer-spreader. No joke. Look into what they do and you will be appalled. Shut them down fast.

Once segregated, let them destroy each other; avoid emergency care and let them bleed out. Provide free abortions and birth control.

Gotta get real people; this ain't no joke.

Anonymous said...

So, what kind of crime do you want, the unpredictable violence of black crime or the implied violence of immigrant mobs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fear and loathing In BRA.

Anonymous said...

Breaking: South Carolina White cop shot dead at mall. Who is the killer? Yep, a negro.


Anonymous said...

Jarvis Hall was the shooter. Jarvis..
Repeat offender. Lifetime social leach.
Shot the officer with a stolen pistol in a "gunfree" zone.
I wonder if Obama is going to sing Amazing Grace at this officers funeral too...

Anonymous X said...

Centurion at 2:32 pm:

Thank you for this. Funniest post of the month!

Anonymous said...

The Muslims and blacks in Dearborn mi. have successfully petitioned the city to remove the statue of Orville Hubbard. Hubbard was the mayor of Dearborn Michigan from the 40's till sometime in the 70's. Known for being a sundown city, Dearborn was immaculate!! There were signs around town reminding residents that "if everyone sweeps their own sidewalk, the whole world will be clean". Well, we can't have that kind of nonsense today!! It's 2015 for god sake. Oh, by the way, with the inclusion of blacks and Muslims, Dearborn is no longer immaculate. Those damn white people with their rules and regulations. Welcome to greater Detroit, where slobs are not just welcome...we encourage pigs to be pigs! Done with your coffee or soda, open that car window and heave ho. A bag of McDonald's hamburger and fries containers, don't tote that around in your car all day. There's plenty of adopt a road warriors that would love to clean up after your sorry ass. What a Midwestern shit show.

Anonymous said...

Centurion @ 2:32 absolutely hilarious! Sons of the confederate bar and barbecue. That ought to keep them out!

Anonymous said...

Some more for you, Centurion:
Krazy Karl's Katering
EBT Not Welcome
Jim Crow's Counter

Anonymous said...

White Hillbilly: "Hard decisions must be made and made soon. No one wants to play God, but play God we must."
Playing God is long overdue. They've been playing Lucifer for centuries -- by feeding, breeding, and relocating the Africans all over the globe.

GrimmTale said...

I have a personal example of the exact same thing, of blacks robbing you while injured.
Back in 1977, I was run-down by a drunk driver while on the back of a motorcycle. Driving through the "good-section" of the negro cesspool of a town called Lynn, Massachusetts, on our way home at 2:00am. Nobody else around. All of a sudden, headlights are heading directly toward us. My boyfriend driving, comments to me "this guy must be drunk", so we swerve closer toward the curb-side, but he comes at us again, I can see the headlights aiming at us, shining brightly - then POW, strikes us, and continues on. Never stopping. I fly through the air, and closed my eyes, the next thing I know, I am on-all-fours. I don't feel a thing, except the minor road-abrasions/cuts on my hands and wrists from the landing. I look up from my hands, up some large-stone-steps, and see a HUGE Cross staring me in the face (it was at least 20ft high). These stone steps were of a Church. Immediately, my boyfriend grabs me from behind and starts to lay me down on my back, and I see the damage to my body, my left leg is now right at my face, as he is leaning me backward to laydown on the ground. It's ripped to shreds, at least 8" of femur covered in blood looking right back at me. Being the true Italian I am...weirdly, the very first thought that came to mind was "wow, that looks just like Manicotti" (ha, really that was my very first thought).
Then, as I'm laying there with my leg torn apart, bones sticking out in all directions, huge chunks of tissue ripped down and away from the front of my lower-leg, and my leg so mangled, and bones broken, it looked like a partially opened wooden stick ruler that you can bend back on itself and fold-up... it was a mess. I didn't feel any pain, just a feeling of a bruise. I must have passed out for a moment, and then as I'm laying there, two black women came over to me, held my hand, telling me it's going to be ok. I was comforted by them there. Then all of a sudden, the boy I was on the bike with comes over and pulls them away (literally), telling them to get the fuck away from me, to get the fuck outa' here. He then holds me and says they were trying to steal my pocketbook, and were refiling through it. I will NEVER forget that. I was a young 18years of age, out on a warm spring night on May7-1977. Yeah it was late/early hours of the morning, we were not drinking, we were not high, we were just riding home from an evening out.
(Even though I've made my point regarding blacks, I might as well continue with my story, since I have gone this far.) Other riders had taken another route home, but for some reason, we chose this route...much to our detriment. I woke up again inside the back of a fire-engine, with the biggest, kindest blue eyes looking back at me. These eyes were wearing a dirty yellow fireman's hat, soot-covered coat, and had a firm grip on my hand and arm. He tried to let go for a moment to do something, and I grabbed-on tighter, not letting him go. Fireman Vitali from the Lynn Fire Department saved me that night.
Next I recall the hospital lights hanging from the ceiling whizzing by while I rolled along beneath them. I lose consciousness here and there, then see my mother who tells me "They are taking you to surgery, Dr. Joly is on his way". ...Dr. Joly? HA HA HA, I burst out laughing (the morphine was coursing through my veins at this point I'm sure). But, I look down and see a white sheet, soaked with blood and realize what's going on. The next day, I wake up in ICU and see that it is snowing out. May8,1977 was a freak-snow storm... Go figure! Thirteen surgeries later, 5 months hospitalized, and I was able to keep my leg. At the age of almost 57 now, it's painful most all the time, but it's NOT a prosthetic!
I have NEVER and will NEVER forget those black animal women that night.

Anonymous said...

CENTURION - Niw those are establishments I would love to visit. Please include some vegetarian options for me.

May I add these suggestions?

Uncle Tom's Cabin
Jocko's Lawn Jockey Lounge
Watermelons and Weaves Watering Hole

NJ Woman

Virginian said...

More teens in the news..... http://eagnews.org/student-brawl-erupts-at-barack-obama-high-school-in-milwaukee/

Anonymous said...

GrimmTale - I'm horrified by your story; every aspect of it. You learned the awful truth at a young age. They're pretty much all monsters, down to a one.

Thank goodness you survived. I hope whoever hit you and those 2 foul negro females are leading horrible lives or dead.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Great idea on the negro-deterrent names for food establishments! Don't know if it's been proposed yet, but it couldn't get more obvious than this:

James E. Ray's Southern Cookin'

If any SJWs tried to complain, you could just say, "The E stands for Emmett - you know, like Emmett Till ... see there, I ain't no r@cist!"

Huge Confederate flags both outside and inside, of course, David Allan Coe / Johnny Rebel playing on the jukebox inside, nooses hanging from the rafters (negro effigies optional).

- Tobias Benjamin Goode

Anonymous said...

I'd like to find and patronize a pub called The Awakened Saxon

Anonymous said...

Sad event, but the comments are a good read.

Anonymous said...

Give a free appetizer to all tables who are armed.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, there really is an "Uncle Tom's Diner" in Lancaster, NY.

ejit said...

In NOLA, your security guard is likely to be a moonlighting NOLA (black) cop - only a small step away from being a robber himself. Examine the police behavior during Katrina: looking, etc.

anonymous said...

Euro-Americans will become race realists when they are a minority and without power to do a damn thing about the oppression of their race, as in South Africa. How can we help the white South Africans immigrate here? Many are dying literally to get out.

anonymous said...

Deport criminal blacks to Africa or castrate them.

Anonymous said...

OT-- Oregon school shooter is "mixed race". (light skinned black)

GrimmTale said...

@NJ Woman - Yeah, still to this day, I hope for the very same. They never were able to prosecute the drunk-driver. Back in 1977 there were no cellphones, but some guy with a CBRadio called in the accident with a plate-number (but didn't stick around, or give his name to the authorities, nor did they ask for some reason), they tracked-down the hit-and-run driver - who reported his car stolen 19hrs after the hit-and-run, and had someone lie for him to say he was out in the other part of the state at the time. I tried for many years to find him (since I was provided with his name and address), I wanted to show him my mangled leg, and well...boil him in oil for a few moments, nothing out of the ordinary (heehee) - but he moved and that was the end. I am hopeful his life has been shit, and he thinks about what he had done every single day, making his life even shittier. As far as those black-troll-women, they most likely never gave it a second thought. They were there to get something, regardless of the situation. And we ALL know how that thought process works with this feral race. But, they were black women, living in a cesspool of a town, so it's pretty much a guarantee their lives were shit!
...Can I get a Hallelujah!

Fate takes us down paths we never think are for a reason, but that was my fate-path and it must have had a reason. What...who the heck knows. That ole' adage of God works in mysterious ways is something you never understand while it's happening.

Anonymous said...

And then there are the hundreds of robberies and shakedowns of hard-working black folk in New Orleans you will NEVER know about.
I have worked with black New Orleans citizens who have been robbed at knife or gunpoint regularly by their own.
One 70 year old man I work with has been robbed 5 times in the last few years while walking to catch the bus to and from work.
Another, younger man I know was walking his girlfriend to the bus, was robbed, then shot in the head and chest. He miraculously survived but lives with continual head and chest pain. This has not stopped him from working 40+ hours a week to support his wife and kids.
These are the unmentioned, convenient "ATMs" used by these criminals to make a quick buck.
And these people live with it, and will never report it, because they fear for their lives. They indeed know that "their lives don't matter".

Anonymous said...

Nola once had a way to prevent these robberies, it was called segregation, sundown laws, and an armed citizenry.

Anonymous said...

Ex-New Yorker is right about Key West having a black neighborhood. Blacks are about 9% of Key West's population and concentrated almost exclusively in a small area known as the Bahama Village. It is dumpy by Key West standards, but not a true no go zone and nothing like the black wards of New Orleans. There is even a nice restaurant in the Village, Blue Heaven, though notably it is most popular for brunch, not dinner. Blacks in Key West don't cause that much trouble and mostly stick to their own little ghetto. This is partly because they are so outnumbered, but also because the KWPD is, somewhat surprisingly for such a faggoty city, a true Old South style police department that conducts frequent raids in to the Village to keep the blacks in line. There has been some controversy lately about the police anally raping blacks during strip searches in the middle of the street in broad daylight but even though these incidents were filmed, nothing came of it. The city is squarely (if quietly) supportive of all measures to make that area go away. The oppression is so effective that most blacks would indeed have moved out long ago if not for the idiotic Section 8 and Federally funded Key West Housing Authority that induces them to hang on in their little taxpayer subsidized ghetto paradise.