Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Black Deaths Matter: A Convicted Heroin Dealer - who had History of "Crash for Cash" Schemes - is Worth $6.4 million...

Remember the whole Freddie Gray 'Crash for Cash' scam the honorable Marilyn Mosby tried to keep hidden from public? [Defense claims Freddie Gray had history of 'crash for cash' schemes, CNN, August 6, 2015]

It's important when we consider what just happened in 65 percent black Baltimore today, when the city accepted liability for Gray's arrest and death... though asserting no-wrong doing by the police (how could the police have done anything wrong when it was State's Attorney Mosby who asked them to target the very spot where the convicted heroin dealer was arrested?).
The Freddie Gray Empowerment Center will teach young blacks in Baltimore how to exploit their injuries at the hands of law enforcement and turn them into multi-million dollar settlements...

Not only did the city accept liability in Gray's arrest and death, they agreed to pay out the "crash for cash" schemers family $6.4 million. [Gray family settlement will be raised at officers' criminal hearing, analysts say, Baltimore Sun, September 8, 2015]:

In outlining a planned $6.4 million civil settlement with the family of Freddie Gray, city officials stressed — in two underlined and boldface words — that the agreement has "nothing whatsoever" to do with the pending criminal proceedings against six police officers charged in Gray's arrest and death. 
Analysts said that's arguably true from a legal standpoint, but not from a practical one. 
"It's definitely an issue that's going to be raised, and it's definitely going to come to the forefront of the conversation" during a motions hearing this week to determine whether the officers should be tried in Baltimore, said Jeremy Eldridge, a defense attorney and former city prosecutor. 
"Once again, there has been a direct impact on the citizens of Baltimore City. First and foremost, it's taxpayer money that's being used to fund this settlement," Eldridge said. "And although there's not a finding [of] liability on the part of the officers, the city's acknowledgment and subsequent settlement certainly connote some acknowledgment of liability. 
And for the average citizen to separate the two is going to be extremely difficult." Legal analysts said it's unclear how Circuit Judge Barry Williams will rule on the venue issue. 
While publicity in high-profile cases doesn't hold the same weight it once did in getting trials moved — the Internet has largely made information universal, as accessible on the Eastern Shore as in East Baltimore — the argument that potential city jurors could be scared to issue a verdict they believe would stir more unrest is a powerful one, they said. Under the settlement, the city accepts liability in Gray's arrest and death but does not acknowledge any wrongdoing by police. 
David A. Harris, a University of Pittsburgh law school professor and an expert on police misconduct issues, pointed out that it's easier legally for plaintiffs to prove civil liability than it is for a prosecutor to prove criminal guilt. Nonetheless, he said, the settlement could hinder the officers' ability to get a fair trial in Baltimore. 
"If potential jurors don't understand the distinction, and they just think the city is admitting the police officers are at fault, a judge would tell them otherwise in jury instructions," Harris said. "But a lot of folks might still carry the thought of the civil settlement with them as potential jurors. So I would expect the civil settlement to come up in defense motions for change of venue."
Any hope of Baltimore ever recovering from the black death plaguing the city just ended. There will be no gentrification in the 65 percent black city.

Remember: Baltimore is a city with the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center opened to mentor young black kids into how they to can hit the ghetto lottery for their families, becoming far more valuable in death than their lives ever were worth.

In the end, Freddie Gray shows us Black Lives Matter is a lie; it's Black Deaths Matter, and how they can be exploited for quick settlements.


Philadelphia Mike said...

Judging from this absurd settlement amount, I would wager that the flood gates have now been opened.

Lawyers from all over the nation will be seeing dollar signs whenever a black person is killed by the police or by non blacks.

There will soon be enough negro mammy millionaires out there to make a village!

There's automobile insurance...And homeowner's insurance...and boat insurance...disability insurance...life insurance...flood insurance...the list goes on.

But is there negro insurance? Or does that fall under the category of "natural disasters"...well...because they really ARE natural disasters.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

This is just Boongeld, to keep them from rioting again.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing that this criminal's family is going to receive that amount of money. Just mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

Who's got the line on how soon the family pisses it all away?

Anonymous said...

I know it won't happen but it would be WONDERFUL if Baltimore got the money to pay Saint Heroin's family the 6.4 million by deducting a sizeable chunk of cash directly from the paychecks of EVERY Government Employee in Baltimore, effective immediately. And redirecting ALL of the $ that is currently funding all of the community centers, programs, and other negro gibs programs. They could simply list it on the paycheck stubs as "Gray Family Settlement Deduction".

Imagine the massive chimpout that would happen the first payday the Baltimore gubmit monkeys saw that THEY were the ones that would be paying the ghetto lotto prize for the Grays.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this P.K., seeing others point this makes some of my rage subside. And I hope that Baltimore never recovers and is never gentrified as you say. Place is a racket from the lowest of death peddlers to those in the highest of offices in the once great city. Of course once white flight has destroyed their tax base they will just ask from more from the fed. to make up the difference. I just hope that we can get Obama out of office before anymore taxpayer money is given to this failed city.

Anonymous said...

It is exactly decisions like this one, that destroyed the city of Detroit! I'm not sure how much money was paid out to shysters in Detroit but it has to be in the billions. Over the course of 40 years, the Detroit law department, became the blacks lottery department. Slip and falls, bus accidents, police altercations, school disputes, city workers who looked at them crooked. No matter the complaint, there was a dollar amount attached to it. Have fun Baltimore, you're on your way to hell!!! We in Detroit will wave as you go by! We are already there.

Anonymous said...

Knowing that Freddie participated in crash for cash schemes in the past makes his behavior while being dragged to the police van crystal clear. Knowing bystanders were recording he became lifeless, as if he had been hurt prior to even being placed in the van. Then the information about him banging around in the van intentionally trying to injure himself.

If this doesn't disgust the majority of the populace enough to become realists, I don't know what will.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Caucasian heroes: George Washington, Mother Theresa, Ghandi. (Yes Ghandi is considered Caucasian).

Negro heroes: Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin.

As a people, is this all that they have to offer humanity?

It's pathetic.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

It looks like the posters that mentioned officer Slager's stun gun being used against him were right on the money. Guy was high on coke and pointed a stun gun at the officer, as recorded by the police dash cam. But of course none of this matters. A useless black life can be exploited by other blacks to rain down misery on police, and by extension, the rest of society.

I am so sick of black man, white cop b.s. that keeps being printed in the news. Race is never mentioned unless it fits the above scenario, then it becomes a centerpiece of the description.

We all know that black crime statistics wouldn't change a bit if all the white cops changed to non-white cops overnight. Cops react to people's actions, they do not cause them. It is as if the powers that be want to make being a white police officer a criminal offense, or at least something to be looked down upon in disdain.

Everyone is getting fed up with this reverse-racism that is being jammed down our throats when we all know the true nature of the banana beast. When you can't win for losing and the deck is stacked against you all that you have left is to avoid them altogether.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Someone commented the other day that we should find word other than 'community' to ascribe the concentrated habitat of the negroes.

Actually, community is the perfect word.

I found an excerpt during an internet search on how chimps live.

Philadelphia Mike


How do chimpanzees live?

Chimpanzees live in large communities in the tropical forests of Africa. The communities consist of several adult males and females with their offspring. The total number of members can vary between communities from 12 to 150. Males stay for their whole lives in the same community, while females move to neighbouring communities after they become adults.

The members of a community do not stay together for the whole day. After they wake up in the morning, chimpanzees split into small groups, called parties, which search for food separately. These parties sometimes meet during the day, mix, and separate into new parties. The males normally maintain contact among the parties by drumming on the buttresses of trees, huge roots that look like big triangles. This drumming can be heard for about a kilometer. That way everybody in the forest knows where the males are and the community can meet in the evening to build their sleeping nests together.

Anonymous said...

This money will surely be used to uplift this poor, unfortunate African-American family from the crushing poverty imposed on them for the past 400 years by the greedy white power structure. Now all of Mssr. Grey's brothers, sisters, cousins and children can follow their dreams, wherever they may take them! Science, music, engineering, math ... whatever they can dream, they can achieve!

I'm sure they will also give a couple million of that money back to the community. It's only right. I'm sure these folks want to do what's right.

Irwin, NYC

Virginian said...

Truly amazing... the inmates are most definitely running the asylum. I know I'm not the only one who wonders if there isn't a deal between the family and the city officials to get a slice of that pie. I hear a freezer is a good place for Negro politicians to hide the loot.
All jokes aside, BRA & BRM (black run municipalities) are the most absurd political experiments this world has ever seen. Throughout history great civilizations have perished from war, famine, poverty and disease, all common human calamities. However, here in the FUSA, we have decided to give considerable political power to a race that in their native land have yet to pass from a hunter/gather society to an agrarian one. Again, a country that has put man on the moon, developed nuclear power, made organ transplants a common procedure and has produced more wealth than any and all empires that have come before it, HAS GIVEN ITS POLITICAL POWER AWAY to a race of people who still use spears to hunt for dinner and only inventions are jenkem and necklacing!
I just bought a new car, a really nice car. I'm going to put my small child in the backseat with the wife. I will sit in the passenger seat. Who's driving you ask? My old dog. I realized that saying he is incapable of driving is discriminatory and it may hurt his feelings. Still not as insane as BRA!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if you asked Gray's family, "Would you rather have 6.4 million dollars or Freddie Gray alive?" they would all say, "Gibs us da money!"

Sam said...

Gotta wonder if the black Baltimore politicians/officials are in line to get their piece of this $6.4 million settlement. Something stinks with this whole thing. The "settlement" was way too easy, unless those who pushed it through expect to get their cut. What a convenient way to score some free money (was going to say "bucks" but that may confuse the issue) and have it all done under the radar. Anyone else suspect this?

Brian said...

The Ghetto Lottery... They won, but the whole city of Baltimore loses.

Agnes said...

Good day to all.

I posted the other day a curse to those who've betrayed my beloved Europa to the plundering hordes of invaders from the darkest of continents.

I cannot tell you how much my heart aches right now. To see what is beautiful just handed on a silver platter to savages, brutes, and terrorists.

I shake my fist at the sky last night in anger. These leaders of Europa, they spit on the graves of our fallen who've died throughout the ages for the glory of Europa. These leaders now, they are traitors.

And these Germans. During the last war, they didn't question authority. And look what happened to them. Again, now, they don't question authority. Why? Why I ask myself? And this time, the Germans don't just bring down Germany, they bring down all of my Europa.

Why do they betray us?

I cannot fight. But I can talk. I can teach the young. I understand revenge. I live in Buda (Budapest) for many many years. The folly of the Germans will contaminate my homeland.

Please. What can we do? What can I do? Does anyone here have answers? I come here because you understand the truth.

I cry. Our blessed beautiful homeland has already been through so much. And now, this? The tears, they don't stop.


Anonymous said...

Another big winner in the ghetto lottery... Hope the local Cadillac dealer has plenty of escalades in stock.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, I was watching the Ken Burns' Civil War documentary on PBS this evening and tonight's episode ended with a quote from Frederick Douglass -

"...from the dreadful ravages of revolution and anarchy, lift up now your voices with joy and thanksgiving for with freedom to the slave will come peace and safety to your country."


Anonymous said...

How can blacks say they are underpriveleged, with a straight face? Those mf's even have their own exclusive lottery.
And $6.4 *million??? If Freddie's birthsow had applied for a $6 mil life insurance policy on his worthless ass, how fast would they have laughed her out of the office? Somebody call the Mayor. I need room to breeve.
*that's thirtytwo-score-hundred thousand dollars, for you white-wigged country gentlemen out there

Anonymous said...

$6.4 million. Well, negroes are very valuable commodities. If we lose one, people have got to pay up.

It's certainly hilarious. It's funny because you are not a Baltimore or Maryland taxpayer. And if you are, well you had better get moving somewhere. May I suggest Camden.

White people who sit around in these places and take this metaphorical raping are just flat out stupid. Sorry, but them's the facts. Separate from the negroes. Move to western states. Get the hell away from the east coast and south in particular. Get out of what are known as blue states.

Anonymous said...

They should have given the money to all the families of the junkies that Freddy Grey sold heroin to and helped destroy their lives. Or put the money towards building a wall around that useless city, because that place is beyond saving.

Truth Corps said...

Baltimore just got the final nail in the coffin. The cops will leave, the businesses, the law abiding, the producers. It should be renamed "New Detroit". We are witness to the death of Western Civilization. You might want to scribble down a few entries into a journal for some future Indiana Jones to discover.

Off topic: HS Coach tells two players to "take out" Referee during a game:
Link here with video.
And here he is: COLOR me shocked.

Of course, as predicted, the "cause" was the ref making a bad call, then using a racial slur.

Still watching/supporting ANY Sports? (besides hockey, swimming etc.) Yeah, me neither.

Anonymous said...

How the city leaders of Baltimore could reach such a decision prior to a trial is a bad joke. It is also an indication of what happens when the corrupt rule. Baltimore is the new Camden. Its doomed.

Anonymous said...

BRA = Baltimore Ripoff for Africans.

Californian said...

This affair reminds me of the scene in Birth of a Nation where D. W. Griffith shows the state legislature under the control of a black majority. It becomes a cesspit of corruption, working in alliance with black mobs in the streets...all enabled by white collaborators. Birth of a Nation is frequently denounced for its portrayal of blacks, but you have to consider how close to the mark Griffith really was. Just check out the events of Baltimore, Ferguson, Selma, Detroit and you know the drill.

Anonymous said...

This redistribution of funds would have never happened without the YKW controlled media.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just when you think you've seen it all, this city stoops to a new low. It's really just embarrassing, imagine the future generations reading about this. What this is really doing, is showing the rest of the country and world just how ridiculous BRA is and how quickly it could/will come toppling down.

Hope all the great posters on here had a nice safe Labor Day weekend. This site has really caught fire in the last week or so with great new commenters, personal stories, and informative posts by the regulars. I'd like to welcome all the new readers and realists. Kevin and Vera, thank you so much for telling us your stories. George the Greek, Ella! (I grew up near Greeks who survived communism, and after listening to their stories and reading the book Eleni, much respect). PK, congrats on the addition and research you talk about!

Also would like to mention Centurion's fantasy shootout league idea is fantastic. Where you at on that Draft Kings??

Take care everyone and continue to prepare yourselves. God Bless.

NC Guy

-Bernice, I am not far from you at all. Maybe able to help you with some contacts in the job/housing sectors….. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

In other news...

They are just like us:


Why won't we embrace them and accept them?


hondo said...

De-police. Best counter-tactic available at the moment. Especially with heroin dealers heroically servicing the community. 6.4 mil - for the Gray family & friends to fight and kill each other over. Heads up to the "community" - dat Gray fambly - dey gots lots o'money n' stuff - probly in dey crib - time pay dem a visit.

Anonymous said...

PK===don't be down in the dumps about this!!!

6.4 million is a SMALL price to pay to get rid of this dindo! Think about it a second....

Freddy was a young 25yo buck...lots and lots of powerful black semen to pop out 10 or 12 keeds. $1 million EASY for those keeds and $1 million EASY for all them keed's mammas.

Freddy done been in the Negro Hotel 2-3 years just so far... $300K....so total for the rest of his dumbass life...$2 million EASY in jail/court costs for fly attny and sheeet.

Freddy had already gotten tons of money when his mamma feed him and his sistas lead paint chips....oh no...lets try another $1 million for his disability care/doctor/psych visits and trailing lawsuits.

Sheeet Nigga! As you can seek PK---we are fast fast approaching that tiny $6.4 million settlement that the civilized Negro lead city of Baltimore is going to pay out.

Yea...$6.4 million is a lot....but the look on a couple dozen white father's faces when they realize that Freddy won't get to string out their daughters on heroin while boning them....PRICELESS!!!

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

You probably missed it because it wasn't in the news

Police officers boycotted President Obama’s Labor Day address in Boston after what they called a “horror show” of violence against police, complete with no show of support for law enforcement by Obama.

Jerry Flynn, the executive director of the New England Police Benevolence Association, told the Boston Herald that the association’s members “are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. It’s clear that he has an agenda, and unfortunately the police are not part of his agenda.”

Flynn went on to say that it’s unacceptable that the police should continue to feel unprotected by the commander in chief, and that even a statement denouncing the killings would be better than nothing.

More Americans we can be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Negro stimulus package.
At least us sane whites can take a little solace in the fact that the money will be pissed away in a month and grays family will be targeted by the rest of the coonmunity now that they have some cash and shiny shit to be stolen. Fuck them all.

Anonymous said...

Holy Sheet! I am at loss for wotds......again.

The judge in this case is on Mosby's payroll. The cops will nevet see freedom. Same in the Officer Slagel case who shot the thug after attacking cop and shooting cop with the taser. Officer Slagel is sitting in solitary confinement because judge won't give bond. How ridiculous.

I said before that these thugs will kill themselves, if need be, at the hands of police so the family can get a payday.

It really is too bad that race realists can't somehow get together and file a class action law suit against Mosby, Obama, and their ilk for robbing the tax coffers to pay criminals. Seriously. My h3ll, how much more can we take?
And now we have muslim terrorists coming in fresh off the boat, and they are as bad as blacks. I know, I have dealt with Muslims and they, like blacks, are scum.

I am getting depressed thinking about our officers. I wish we could get them to understand to leave black thugs alone! The officers family and life is more important. Let the blacks keep killing each other.

This makes me physically ill.


Anonymous said...

I want you to know how excited I was to find this blog. As soon as I am able I will buy books and male a donation. I don't get hand outs and free money like blacks. I am temporarily disabled. Fighting for disability. I know this blog is very hard work and time consuming. You deserve an award PK.

I enjoy the people on this blog. I feel like I have friends even though we don't know one another.
One day I would like to meet as many as I can.
Every one.. God bless us... take care of yourselves and family.......be careful and be safe. I am inpressed with everyone here. Thank you for allowing me to say this, and I sincerely mean every word.



In a sane world that negro would of been sitting in jail on the day he was taken to jail again for his other criminal doings. Only in America can a drug dealing negro get a building named after him and the community he belonged to doesn't think that it's a problem. I really think more and more that this country be divied up for the sake of White lives. I'm all forgiving the lowly common negro two choices. One you can go back to Africa or two you must live in the area of the U.S. that we have provided your kind to live with each other.and if any nigger lovers wish to join you in that area they will not be welcomed back after the negro has no more use for you either.


Anonymous said...

Pk thank you for an eye opening review of this settlement. Telling potential jurors to basically not consider the settlement in regard to reaching a fair verdict in the cops trial is juvenile at best. We are witnessing a modern day lynching by bra against law and order. This settlement will further embolden the orcs to win the next ghetto sweepstakes. Wouldn't the wise thing for the city and taxpayers to discuss a settlement after the criminal case is decided? Of course it would be smart to hedge by delaying a settlement. As in the city would likely have settled for either nothing or a certainly smaller sum upon a not guilty verdict against the cops. Mosby is doing everything she can to taint the case against the cops to save face with her constituents. And so the fleecing of america by bra continues.
North Floridian.

Anonymous said...

The Freddie Gray Empowerment Center??? WTF

Are they seriously joking. What next:

The Freddie Gray Freeway
The Freddie Gray Bridge
Mount Freddie (Obama could rename a mountain)
The Freddie Gray University
The Freddie Bureau of Investigations
The Freddie Shades of Gray Bookshop

nobody said...

Freddie the freeloader, did he ever earn an honest dollar in his life? I think we need to rename the USA to Parasitia.

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

Who cares? It's just more YT money. The city warlord's constituents didn't contribute a cent. I wonder how much actually gets to the nest after everybody in on it takes their cut.

"Gibs da bitch 5000 dollas. She be daid in a week and we gits ta keeps da rest", was overheard coming from the judges chambers before the ruling was made.

James Brandt said...

When I first saw this news story, I thought, "unbelievable".

A second later I realized that given our current situation, it's really not that unbelievable at all.

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

In some distant future, when the world is likely ruled by Asians, they're going to study our history and think some Chinese version of, "What the hell were these people thinking?!"

--James B.
Boise, ID

Anonymous said...

Give them a couple of years (if even that long) and they'll be totally broke again.

Gladiator said...

Have we just entered the twilight zone. The Freddy Gray Empowerment Center!! This was a convicted Heroin dealer!! He sold drugs to other black people. What if a white man came into a black neighborhood and sold drugs would they name a football stadium after him. This is the ultimate insanity.

Anonymous said...

From what I have recently seen on the television, it's apparent the future for white people in America is coming to an end. White people outraged about a dentist shooting a lion. Yet a white family slaughtered during a home invasion and barely a peep from those same white people.

A known heroin dealer, a worthless p.o.s. manages to hurt himself so bad he dies, and his family is awarded millions by the city. Is the city also going to take "responsibility" for the 45 killed in the city last month? Makes about as much sense.
I hope those that have eyes but cannot see and have ears, but do not hear, die a quick death when the black vermin come to take what's theirs.


Anonymous said...

"In the end, Freddie Gray shows us Black Lives Matter is a lie; it's Black Deaths Matter, and how they can be exploited for quick settlements."

Brilliant observation, PK. Just think of the "possibilities" now for these pavement apes. Beyond the lottery aspect, much like Middle East terrorists now strap C4 or dynamite to their kids to blow up some Jewish market place or something, black mammas can now directly instruct one her 15 or so nappy-headed, hip hopper sprogs to go kill some "pigs" until he runs out of cops or ammo (whichever comes first) and then hope to hell he gets killed and sit back and wait for a "Freddie Gray Payday!"

Even your typical 65 IQ black mamma can do the math on this one!

Anonymous said...

So basically this is just another way for BRA to backdoor the people for even more reparations. Un-effing-believable. What the hell is going on in this country? I am so done with politicians and the justice system. None of them can be trusted to do the right thing. The people are going to have to make a stand and take this country back.

SteveinDetroit said...

Do they realize that this idiot had just had failed C5-C6 cervical fusion and was already at a high risk for quadriplegia or death? He put himself in that position to be arrested for selling heroin, a major crime anywhere in US. In Asia they put heroin dealers to death.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this anti white crap. The BRA is on course. We need more Jessie Peterson, Kevin Jackson.

Anonymous said...

If the orc family actually gets the money, someone should do a documentary film and follow them for a year. They'll burn through all the cash fast; drug od's, invest in hiphop companies that go broke, etc. It will destroy them. Thank God.

hypie said...

Freddie's famblee b b'n real glad he b b'n DAED now fo'shure

JackPot City

in said...

I'm stuck here in baltipit and everything stinks in this filthy hole. All I know is who will be picking up the tab. Any guesses?

Anonymous said...

This settlement sho does buy an awful lot of HOPE for the Gray family. I imagine they will devote every dollar to the betterment of their community. Good times are ahead for Baltimore's downtrodden negroes.

NJ Woman

P.S. It's good to see a burgeoning "job market" for hapless negroes. There are only so many worker's comp, slip and fall and damaged weave lawsuits available to ambitious blacks trying to make an honest living.

P.P.S. Who needs Nigerian scams. We're covered.

Anonymous said...

Inkster MI, a shit hole negro suburb of Detroit, settled with some negro crack head that got beat up by a cop. I can't remember the amount , but the broke ass city put it right on the property tax bills. This country is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Ol freddy's family will be lucky to get under 4 million after the lawyers get their cut. Ghetto lottery at is finest.

10mm AUTO said...

Freddy Grey's nest: "We shure be in da big house now!

Michael Brown's nest: "We didn't get sheet cept this plaque and some asphalt".

Trayvon's Sow: "We only gots a lousy million".

This political atmosphere certainly "lowers the bar" on resisting. As we have seen, negros will now both resist more as well as gun snatch while still blaming the police officer. They will film officers while they taunt them, even to the point of battery. The sows are the worst, depending on Western remnants of Chivalry to protect them, while doing their best to incite.

It should be noted that the money for freddy got into all the right hands. The nest got some, the family attorney got some (probably half) and the Whites in Baltimore got shafted.

This wouldn't be happening if Whites had a Country of our Own.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is this 'empowerment' center supposed to offer? Will it instruct Freddie Gray acolytes on how to keep up the works of Saint Syringe, now that he's in that great Poppy Field in the Sky?

Anonymous said...

I would rather live in a world ruled by Chinese/Japanese then a world ruled by blacks. At least an Asian run world would be polite and efficient.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the comments on this article.


Anonymous said...

The lawyer's get $2.1 million of that, leaving them with $4.2ish, if it's a 20 year payout they will probably give up the $4.2 to one of those companies that buys settlements and gives a lump sum, which is usually around 1/2 the value, so now they are down to $2.1 million, which they will burn through in 3 years tops, but most likely sooner. Then there will be some news story about how they are being evicted from their McMansion and filing for bankruptcy.

NC Realist said...

This is true irony at its best. Growing up in what used to be a more sane world....you would hear/see slogans that "crime doesn't pay" or something to that effect. The police were respected. Only this black stain/dwls in a civil society could completely reverse this.

Mac said...

"Negro Insurance"
Best post today.

Anonymous said...

But is there negro insurance?

Used to be. It was called: Mutual of Segregation.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be like the skit on the Chapelle show where the blacks get "reparations" and proceed to piss it all away on rims and bling.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Telling potential jurors to basically not consider the settlement in regard to reaching a fair verdict in the cops trial is juvenile at best...

Exactly. That jury will convict regardless of evidence. Quite a chess move.

Californian said...

Sam said...

Gotta wonder if the black Baltimore politicians/officials are in line to get their piece of this $6.4 million settlement. Something stinks with this whole thing. The "settlement" was way too easy, unless those who pushed it through expect to get their cut. What a convenient way to score some free money (was going to say "bucks" but that may confuse the issue) and have it all done under the radar. Anyone else suspect this?


If we had a media which was worth anything, it would be investigating this shakedown. Of course, it's too much to ask the federal Department of Justice to do anything about this shakedown. Too busy looking for some cop making an ethnic joke.

I earlier mentioned D. W. Griffith making Birth of a Nation about the massive corruption of black government in the Reconstruction era. Be interesting to see if/when sanity returns to the USA how a movie of the Obama era will go down.

Anonymous said...

This site has really caught fire in the last week or so with great new commenters, personal stories, and informative posts by the regulars.

PK brings out the best in commentary.

Anonymous said...

What can we do? What can I do? Does anyone here have answers? I come here because you understand the truth.

If you live in Europe, could you join one of the nationalist political movements?

Thought-Criminal said...

"Sam said...

Gotta wonder if the black Baltimore politicians/officials are in line to get their piece of this $6.4 million settlement. Something stinks with this whole thing. The "settlement" was way too easy, unless those who pushed it through expect to get their cut. What a convenient way to score some free money (was going to say "bucks" but that may confuse the issue) and have it all done under the radar. Anyone else suspect this?"

I'm with you Sam. My very first thought was to wonder how much of a kickback is to go to Marilyn Mosby, the judge and the "City fathers" who approved this ridiculous settlement. By the time all kickbacks and under-the-table payoffs are pocketed and the shyster lawyers take their 50% fee, the Gray-groids will be left with a small fraction, which, as noted by others here, will be pissed away in short order. In fact, I predict a inter-family feud ala the Browns of gentle-giant-swisher-sweets fame as they claw each others eyes out for the money.

Niggas gots ta beez niggas.

Anonymous said...

7:01am - "I'm sick of this anti white crap. The BRA is on course. We need more Jessie Peterson, Kevin Jackson."
Your solution to BRA is to have more IKAGOs? You are a fool.

Southron said...

It truly is a world turned upside down when a drug dealing scam artist gets a multi-million dollar payout for his family, and a community center named after him, all because the dumbass hit his head too hard trying to fake police brutality.

African "culture" is slowly but surely bankrupting western civilization financially and spiritually.

Anonymous said...


choice comment, and very funny - Mount Freddie (Obama could rename a mountain].

The payout-- thats really 'Nigger Rich.'
Like the southern gal w 4? kids and no ring at the age o 24, spends 5-10 million to get her heroin dealer outta jail.

and she is a church goer, scared my kids because I was jumping up and down in the house," she said, beaming on Monday after North Carolina lottery officials handed over a giant check with her name on it as confetti rained down from the ceiling.

Their startled reaction was just the first of many ways Holmes said her children -- ages 7, 4, 3 and nine months -- are going to see their lives change because of the prize, she said.

"This is going to make a huge difference for them," she said. "They're going to be able to go to school, not have to worry about paying for it. They're going to be able to live a comfortable life and not worry about struggling."

Holmes is from the coastal town of Shallotte, North Carolina. The winning ticket, Holmes said, was in a $15 batch her mom picked up for her at a convenience store on the way to church.


NC lottery winner spends $9M to bail fiancé from jail - NY ...
www.nydailynews.com/.../n-lotto-lotto-winner-bails-fiance-jail-...Daily News
Aug 13, 2015 - Powerball winner Marie Holmes spent $9 million to bail her fiancé out of jail twice. WTVD-TV ... 5 after posting a $6 million bail. Holmes ...

chattanooga gal said...

"these thugs will kill themselves, if need be, at the hands of police so the family can get a payday."
I doubt if any of them are that altruistic. most likely, he didn't realize that his actions could actually kill him, being dumb as dirt, and just thought he would go to the hospital, get lots of free morphine and win the ghetto lottery lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

OT: For all you hardasses who think every TV journalist is a SJW pansy who deserves to get shot by gay negroes, check this out:

chattanooga gal said...

"It really is too bad that race realists can't somehow get together and file a class action law suit against Mosby, Obama, and their ilk for robbing the tax coffers to pay criminals."
I really like that idea.

riptapart said...

But really, are enough people "getting sick of it"? Whites outnumber Blacks by great numbers. The problem is that so many are so far removed from them geographically and never get the wonderful enrichment they bring to society. I have been around the country, and went to college, but I live among so many people who rarely ever see a Black person. If a fambly moves into our town, it never lasts too long, because they quickly learn how not liked or wanted they really are. They get the looks, the taunts, and cold shoulders so often that they are soon gone.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be like the skit on the Chapelle show where the blacks get "reparations" and proceed to piss it all away on rims and bling.

This is exactly what happens. After the lawyers and Feds take their thirds the rest will be pissed away on luxury cars and tacky jewelry. If they buy a mansion they will learn about property taxes and all the additional fees that come with a large house.

They'll probably also end up paying one of those companies that cashes out structured settlements for another 10%.

I would bet that in 4 years they will be back to where they were. These ghetto payouts benefit the lawyers and Feds more than anyone.

riptapart said...

None of you are thinking this through with your derogatory remarks. You mention all this misguided man did wrong in life. But he was relatively young nd could have easily got his act together, and turned his life around. His friends and family can vouch for his character. He might very well have gone on to do great things for society. He might have designed a new computer system, or could have been a world renowned surgeon. He might have saved the life of another or others in a selfless heroic act. We will now never know. He might have been the first human to set foot on Mars. Just being arrested 20 times, dealing dope, and robbing people doesn't mean he wasn't going to amount to anything. That's just keeds bein keeds an sheeit yo.

riptapart said...

Blue Cross & Black Shield


For James Brandt: "What the hell were these people thinking" in Chinese is:

Dàodǐ shì zhèxiē rén zài xiǎng shénme?

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

OT, but just returned with hubby from a beach trip to Atlantic Beach/Morehead City. Zero, count 'em, ZERO groids!!! Nothing but lovely, civil white people everywhere we went. Sorry to be OT, but you all know what a genuine pleasure a groid-free experience can be! No negroes, KNOW PEACE! Know negroes, NO PEACE! They are a curse and a bane upon civilization everywhere!

Wicked Nigrahs !! said...

African "culture" is slowly but surely bankrupting western civilization financially and spiritually.


Ha, dat "cultcha" already beat me to dat. Da house ain't werth sheeeit n da
neighbors r all da same.

Looks like I'm nothing more than the toilet paper they use to wipe their
nasty black asses with and down the drain with them we go. And ha, at to
think that running is our best option. Seems like I'll just be running to
another city only to have it infiltrated with refugees. I can think to
spend money on another house only to have the same thing happen to me the
first time around. Much like their sorry despicable lives, the cycle that
continues for them would surely also continue for me. Simply a lose/lose
situation from a reality perspective.

Simply put, we're fked no matter where we go.

Yes, that trip to Mars definitely sounds better than this planet of the apes !!!


The timing of this payout is perfect. The 2016 Escalades are hitting the dealerships as we speak!!!

I missed commenting on some previous posts, and since no good post should go to waste, I shall comment...here.

The honorable Reverend with the tent. Why just 1? If a TENT can stop violence, imagine how much violence can be stopped with 5 or 10 Tents. Think BIG, bro.

For the comment about a city going from 5% negro to 100%. In theory, and in practicality, that can not happen. A 100% Negro City would fall apart. It could not exist. At around 90% the self-implosion would remove any structure, etc. One can not have a 100% Negroville.

Now, you can have a 100% White City. I say them in Switzerland back in the early 70's. Awesome and clean and post-card pretty. You young people need to ask your grandparents what a post card is. They may have a few in the attic.

Ghandi was NOT a caucasian. He hated White people. He learned to hate us in South Africa, were he got his law degree. Ghandi is not our friend. Indians (cow-shit, not buffalo-shit) are not us.

Anonymous said...

What does SJW mean?

Anonymous said...

riptapart: "He might have been the first subhuman to set foot on Mars."
Fixed it for ya.

Wicked Nigrahs !! said...

Never doubt the powers of the Underman, even though he is merely a puppet
sent in to destroy America, to destroy the world. It's all history in the
making as we speak. We are living in the times of the revolt against
civilization. Saddest part is, is that WE are letting it happen.....

Once awakened, where do we go from there ?!?!?!?!

Thank you to Kevin for sharing his story with us, especially if it was
100% true and nothing less.

I was simply thrilled to hear about your own professor stating something
about this website to all of you, not to mention the reverse it did for
you through the power of truth.

As you already well know, from the atrocities that happen on a daily basis
in this country, we have absolutely nothing to lie about when we have so
much indisputable truth set forth in front of us.

As these times continue, this country will further transform in a country
filled with apes, where movies such as "Idiocracy" become the norm, if it
isn't already in your city. If not, just like a future movie flick, coming
soon to a city near you.....

The blaque cancer is in motion. The outcome for everything it invades: TERMINAL !

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,


First of all, please realize that we all weep for you and what you are seeing in Europe, as well as in America. Secondly, you must understand the source behind all the negro/brown invasion. Frankly, it's what the Germans tried unsuccessfully to rid their country of eighty years ago. Indeed, an inconvenient truth. Do not get angry with the snakes. You need to be angry with the ones dumping the snakes into your yard.

That being said, start forming communities. I know you guys can't have guns, but be prepared to take on the coming brown assault. And make no mistake. They hate you and want you dead. And there are many DWLs that want you dead, too. They're too stupid to understand that they're next on the savages' dinner plates after they get rid of us race realists. Be strong, stiff upper lip. We whites have been under siege before. Unite, sit tight, be right (with God) and get ready, cause it's ready to hit the fan. Best wishes!

Rational, free thinking, Christian people are anathema to the PTB. What they want is a compliant, stupid, magical thinking populace. Negroes and muzzies are the perfect solution for tyrants attempting to control a populace. Here's some "free food" and a "free" place to rent. Now vote for me or I take the McNuggets from the menu. Got it?

Over two hundred years ago, my ancestors fought to gain freedom from the same b*stards who plague us today. Difference being, back in the 1700s we still had some b*lls....and some sense. Today? We like worshiping the magic negro totem. All hail Emperor Obama!

D-FENS said...

Intel announced that it is dropping its sponsorship of the National Science Talent competition. The sponsorship cost about $6 million per year. The winners were invariably White, Asians or Jews.

Didn't Intel recently announce that it was going to spend $100 million over the next few years to recruit minorities?

I fucking hate BRA.

Brian said...

I hope we`re kept up to date as the Gray family fight like a pack of Hyenas over that money. I bet at least a dozen women have showed up at their home with babies claiming their Freddies. God, please let them get a reality show!

Anonymous said...

I guess this means fearless Freddie can no longer be considered a "worthless" POS.

Anonymous said...

But is there negro insurance?

Used to be. It was called: Mutual of Segregation.

Yeah-they are the sponsor of "Wild Kingdom", the show that's been running for 50 years now. New episodes air each day on the news.


6 Million? Think of how much heroin his family can buy.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Of course it would be smart to hedge by delaying a settlement. As in the city would likely have settled for either nothing or a certainly smaller sum upon a not guilty verdict against the cops.

No, you still don't "get" negroes. They're sitting in a highly-paid job that they're not qualified for, and basically just faking it. Now somebody presents them with a lawsuit. What are their options? Defend it, or pay?

Let's see... to defend it, they'd have to do some work. No idea what, specifically, but there'd be work involved. Paying up would cost them, personally, nothing at all. It's all taxpayer money, which comes from Whitey's magic money tree. And the problem goes away. What to do?

It's literally a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...


What's more powerful than a filthy n*gger who has had his ancestors literally BRED for power, so they could work the fields of the South??!! Groids are TOO powerful, and TOO stupid, therefore they get into all sorts of trouble.

Nogs don't need 'empowerment', they need segregation.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Memphis.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but i can't help but think that Mosby or somebody in the Baltimore Gubment is gonna git some grease money for allowing this "settlement" to happen. I mean no city council in its right mind would ever allow the public coffers to be pilfered by some dope dealers family without getting a piece of the action. I would follow every frickin dime of that money if i were the feds. No way theres not kickbacks and hush money being passed out..... No way.

Anonymous said...

Mutual of Segregation.

Yeah-they are the sponsor of "Wild Kingdom", the show that's been running for 50 years now. New episodes air each day on the news.

Marlin Perkins, where were you when we needed you?

Anonymous said...


I found this article when I was trying to see how many baby mamas ol Freddie has that will stake a claim on his ghetto lottery. To read this black bra authors words is sickening... Here is an excerpt.

2. He was raised by a mother who suffered from substance abuse, had a disability and could not read.

Gray was exposed to the perils of substance abuse and disability at an early age. His mother, Gloria Darden, was addicted to heroin when Gray was a child. Darden is also reportedly disabled, although it is unclear what kind of disability she has endured. Darden revealed in a court deposition that she also could not read.

This Ghetto lottery will be spent and lost in no time. Just like they did with his lead paint lotto win.


Excerpt...Before his April death while in police custody, before this hollowed-out city plunged into rioting, the life of Freddie Gray was a case study in the effect of lead paint on poor blacks. The lead poisoning Gray suffered as a child may have contributed to his difficulties with learning, truancy and arrests — all of it culminating in a 2008 lead-paint lawsuit and a windfall of cash locked inside a structured settlement. By late 2013, Gray was striking deals with Access Funding.

Freddie Gray, awarded a structured settlement as a result of his lead-paint lawsuit, now wanted the same. “Being debt free will be a great help,” said an affidavit that Gray signed. “It will take a lot of stress off of me and will help improve my credit rating so that I can make larger purchases in the future.”

Gray had agreed to sell $146,000 worth of his structured settlement, valued at $94,000, to Access Funding for around $18,300. His sisters wanted ­almost the same exact deal, which in all would relinquish $435,000 of the Gray siblings’ settlement — valued at around $280,000 — for about $54,000, or less than 20 cents on the dollar of its present-day value.

The Gray family, which signed six contracts with Access Funding, now burns with resentment. The kids were in a tough spot financially, stepfather Richard Shipley said. Shipley said he tried to dissuade them from taking the deal but failed. “They sucker you in. . . . They didn’t know they were giving up so much for so little,” he said. Now, he said, the lead checks have stopped, and Access Funding won’t return their calls.

Access Funding, Borkowski said, has a “good” relationship with the Grays. “In fact, we have had dialogue since Freddie’s passing in which we provided our condolences and sent flowers to the family,” Borkowski wrote in an e-mail.

Access Funding is lining up for a sweet deal for the Gray family. LOL Perfect example of TNB.

North Floridian.

Anonymous said...

Dear residents of Baltimore, we suggest you stop destroying your city! White residents will just leave and they won't be around to rebuild shit after a riot. Sincerely, The Former Residents of Detroit.

Anonymous said...

I have come up with a new concept to please the Black Lives Matter crowd. It is based on the premise that blacks and non-blacks have different values and preferences. It is called tiered policing. People within a 25 mile square radius get to vote as an exclusive 'block' on what general kinds of policing and law enforcement they want.

Tier 2 would be what we generally have today in 'white' areas, some patrolling and enforcement of laws. This is what whites and other non-blacks are usually fine with.

Tier 3 would be the one that no one would choose, but is added to make it look more complicated than 'non-black vs. black'. Heavy police presence and constant suspicion, gloves are off, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Anyone, even an old white woman can be stopped and frisked.

Tier 1 would be for areas that the undertow had taken over, and would be a laissez faire approach to policing. Don't give cops a reason to show up and they will be nowhere to be found. The cat is officially away and the mice can play.

If you live in one of these areas you better adjust or move to an area whose residents have values more in line with yours. Democracy and everybody is happy.

think about it said...

A new low for our once mighty and beautiful land. I hope, if ever we meet on the spiritual plane, that Thomas Jefferson can forgive me for standing by as I watched these horrors and did nothing.


I too weep for Europa. I understand that those people who live in a war zone must want to escape. Is it in anyone's best interest to allow all who would come to enter? I think we may have over-extended the meaning of refugee. It would seem that many are not fleeing persecution at all and merely looking for greener pastures.

What to do...

Stay strong. Talk to your neighbors, form coalitions, join nationalist movements. Acquiring a weapon might be advisable. Get active and learn what is happening in your immediate area. Find others who feel as you do...you are NOT alone. Consider ALL options.

I also believe that Baltimore's glory days are over and we will now witness its rapid decline to join Detroit at the bottom. We can change this if we choose to. It really comes down to who among us has the courage to be the first to stand up. I suppose it may be the one who finally realizes he has nothing left to lose. We need a hero. One who can lead us back from this destruction. The way will be dark, but a true leader of men can get us through. May God deliver unto us a man among men. The hour grows late.

Jim Davis said...

The taxpayers of Maryland should sue these new ghetto lottery winners for all of the damage to society caused by Saint Freddy during his absolutely worthless life. There won't be enough left for a bucket of KFC.

Anonymous said...

So Obama talked about "letting in" about 5000 Syrian refuges. 90% of the population there is Muslim, and mostly Sunni at that.

If we have to take them, can we renovate some nice homes for them is say... Baltimore? Or all those foreclosed homes in Detroit? They have the space, don't they? They need the money, right? Seems like a no-brainer then.

When a non-black Muslim ends up causing mass casualties we can say that the black lives lost mattered.

Anonymous said...

I also believe that Baltimore's glory days are over and we will now witness its rapid decline to join Detroit at the bottom.


NYC is only improving because of gentrification and that is not possible in Baltimore. There isn't a nearby industry that is attracting Whites.

Mr. Rational said...

When a non-black Muslim ends up causing mass casualties we can say that the black lives lost mattered.

Ahem.  The fourteenth anniversary is the day after tomorrow.

awakened white said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum,

I have been there too, it is a nice awesome White place.

Annie Oakley said...

Agnes, you've received some good advice here. Form group and make friends in real life, not online.

I've been in my white enclave a little over a year now. Making new friends and getting the lay of the land. I've learned all the back roads and trails. These are alternate paths in case of road blocks or civil unrest. Some of these roads even locals don't know about, but I do.

I do not have cable and refuse to pay for it. I have an antenna that allows me to get a few channels in case there is bad weather and I need to watch the radar. Just watching 10 minutes of TV makes me physically ill.

That being said, my DH and I have white TV nights. We watch all sorts of good shows from the 60's and 70's. I plug my laptop through an HDMI cord to my TV. White TV is comprised of men who act like men and ladies who behaved like ladies.

If you younger kids want to get an idea on how your grandparents used to act, watch older TV. Women were polite, well groomed and articulate. My grandma and Mom never wore slacks. They always wore the Donna Reed type of dresses. Not to mention TV was 99% white. No freaks or refugees.

Ex New Yorker said it quite well. GET OUT OF THE CITIES. There are garage sales all over the place now that it's getting a little cooler. You can get some really good deals, plus you can talk to the locals and get a feel of what's going on around town. You won't find that online. I don't discuss race or politics, I let THEM talk. Since I'm the Johnny come lately who just moved here, I need to find my way before I butt in and give my opinion.

If whites collectively leave their cities with their brains and their wallet, huge impacts can be made. We're seeing it now in our state as the larger negro run cities are falling apart. All one can do is pop some popcorn and watch the freak show.

Ex New Yorker - you're really my favorite poster. There I've admitted it. PK feel free to share my email with him anytime. I'm sure we'd have some great stories to swap.

D-FENS said...

Intel will spend $300 million dollars between now and 2020 for minority recruitment not $100 million as I said previously.

Guess I'll have to consider AMD. Are they still around or did the Chinese buy them?

Anonymous said...

A claim has been made the referee made a racial slur. On a football field, with hundreds of people there, in today's political climate, does anyone really believe the referee made a racial slur towards anyone?
It's the go to excuse for any TNB nowadays. I never knew the race of the players until the race card is played.


Anonymous said...


Feminist Study: You’re Racist If You Don’t Have Sex Outside Your Race

You're "sexually racist" if your sexual history lacks diversity, study claims


With each day, they stoop to newer lows.

Philadelphia Mike

Euro American said...

I feel solidarity with you Agnes.

I have a German relative who is paid a Euro an hour. Ein Euro Jobs they call them.

They keep telling her she needs more and more training to actually be paid a decent wage.
There are not enough jobs in Germany yet they bring in Muslims. The muslims will be so very organized to make sure their relatives are hired.

Great comments on here. Yes, whoever got hooked on heroine by Freddie Grey is owed a great deal of money from the ghetto lottery proceeds. I can hear the radio commercial in Baltimore already:

"Have you or a loved one been injured by being sold heroine by Freddy Grey? Have you experienced anxiety, liver damage, skin damage, lethargy, sleep disturbances? If so, call Kevin the lawyer NOW. Freddie Grey's estate has millions that you may be rightfully entitled to. Know your rights. Call Kevin."

Anonymous said...

And on the American news networks, it was reported she worked for a right wing station and has since been fired.


Anonymous said...


Intel to spend $300 million -- almost 1/3 BILLION
over the next few years to recruit minorities./

Well how White of them.
and what a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

When the police are allowed to do their jobs again, I'd like to see the fear in those dead eyes when Shitavious realizes he can no longer bait the police into reacting.
It will be real entertaining watching body cam footage of Mr. 85IQ daring a cop to hit him while he tells the cop he's going to f--k his wife. BLAM!!! Let him say that with no teeth!



MORE INFO ABOUT JUNKIES. They will sit in a room and pass THE SAME DIRTY NEEDLE to others with 4 to 5 people waiting their turn. After they shoot up they generally vomit on the floor. A junkie will sit backwards on a toilet and after getting off he will slid off the seat and kneel on the floor so he can easily barf into the toilet bowl. What kind of life does a person (I hate using that word) have who sticks their head into a toilet 3 to 5 times a day.

The last 5 or 6 years I was in New York the smack dealers would set up shop in empty tenement buildings. They would wall themselves up on the second floor and seal the empty apartment in with cement blocks. A small hole was left open to pass the money through like what you see in those plexi-glass stores. Downstairs would be the guards and bouncers who let in the junkies. To enter you had to roll up your sleeves and they would inspect your arm with a flashlight for tracks (needle marks and scares). No tracks. No entry. The bottom stairway was filled with customers waiting in line to buy their goodies. Of course the costumers were all brown and black. The upper class WHITE junkies bought their shit in AFTER HOUR CLUBS. That is another story.

Elsewhere on the block would be a SHOOTING GALLERY on the bottom floor of another empty building. A fee of $2.00 got you in the door so you could sit on dirty mattresses to shoot up. They also provided buckets to barf into. If a guy nodded out they would drag him into a corner and half an hour later wake him up and chase him out. Any one who died from an overdose the body would get put into a dumpster or throw into the East River at night. Any time the cops would bust these places another would open up a few days later.

I am sorry about telling you the gruesome details about this shit, but people have no idea about how these dirt bags live their lives. To them it all normal. As I mentioned before, junkies are extremely violent. The great and loved Freddie Gray and his mother were citizens in that world. Now he is a hero. Remember.....they spent their life sitting backwards on a toilet and you paid for it.

Boogs said...


Sadly, when Hungary joined the EU in '04, it traded its national sovereignty for the whims of Brussels Eurocrats. (And it must be said that in '03, 85% of Hungarians voted to join the EU.) With respect to other posters, the only thing you and your country folks should be organizing for is to leave the EU.

I get the importance of reverting to Hungary's western roots, especially in the face of neighbor Russia. But joining NATO should have taken care of that. Like most new EU members, Hungary went for the short money, unaware that it would ultimately cost its very identity. And in truth, I wouldn't bet that NATO is even willing to protect its own anymore.

If you're not up for national redemption (I get that too) then immigrate. Come to the U.S., Australia, Canada or New Zealand.Try and remember that there while there is a France, Britain, Ireland, Italy and so forth, there isn't now and never was a "Europa." That's just a swindle that the EU used to entice new members.

Anonymous said...

There are so many things that stink, where to start. Settlements like this don't usually happen until after the criminal case--even then, it's often a couple years. And how did they come to this outrageous figure when it is suppose to be based on the victims Earning Potential.

Freddy was an illegal drug dealer with an EP of $0. While Baltimore allows for emotional distress, it is capped at around $950,000--making the remaining $5M plus, his supposed EP.

How wonderful, $6.4M going to a mother who is a former heroin addict--and probably still is, and an absent father. Meanwhile, the rest of the city is oblivious to this thievery, as funds that could improve the lives of many black folks are gifted to a family that obviously didn't care what Freddy did. And people wonder why government is bankrupt--in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how "lead" is so incredibly poisonous, learning disabling, and stupid-making to blacks...but not whites.


I.e., those of us who grew up in big cities like Baltimore, Philly, and Camden and had major highways blown through our neighborhoods were exposed to a lot of led in exhaust from cars of the era (leaded gas, no emissions controls). Yet somehow we managed to be orderly, intelligent, functional, productive people.

The whole "Freddie Lead" thing is a hoax. He was a low IQ, low impulse control, disorderly bantu with a drug addict sow and absent buck. He was the result of drug induced fornication by low IQ people. No amount of lead in the world would change that, nor would any amount of no-lead.

Oh but there's plenty of fodder for malevolent shyster lawyers and PR agents.


Californian said...

Anyone ever read Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities? Or see the DePalma film version? It's about a Wall Street master of the universe who gets swept up in a ghetto lottery case. What seemed to be over the top satire in the 1980s is mild in comparison with the events of Baltimore, Ferguson, Katrina and points both west and east.

Consider the elements:
* A major riot over a suspect thug who might have had a role in his own offing.
* A city government standing down the cops so the rioters have "space" to run amok.
* The handover of public funds to the family of said thug.
* And the naming of an "empowerment" center after the same.

Bonfire of the Vanities? Wrong movie.

At this point I hear in the distance Charlton Heston yelling, "Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!"

Anonymous said...

You know in Indonesia they hang anyone caught with any type of quantity of drug, no long wasteful trial.....Shame America doesnt really get tough on drugs by hanging drug dealers. Why the savings in EBT alone would pay for such a program.

MrNatural said...

Perhaps this might be a good time to sell that Intel stock you've been holding on to.

I also enjoy the commentary of ex New Yorker. While I most certainly appreciate his desire for seclusion and anonymity, I too, would want PK to share my contact info in hopes that we might arrange a meeting sometime to share an adult beverage (or two).

On that note, it would be quite nice if this community could arrange some sort of meeting to actually physically get together, but I suppose thats much too risky in todays climate. It would be quite fun though...especially if Ex NYer could be the key note speaker.

I often contemplate the immense damage that the decades of welfare programs have done to our country. Most notably to the negroes. Not that they were ever anything to crow about, but their precipitous decline contrasted by the immense amounts of resources devoted to them is undeniable. All this effort with presumably good intentions which has now delivered to us an insolent, burgeoning population of inner city negroes without hope of redemption.

I dont say that with any malice, but more as a statement of fact. I understand that they may feel hopeless. What hope is there for them? What more could they possibly be given? Is there any education or training program that would really convince them to adopt a rationale of peaceful and responsible co-existence? What more could be done? I see nothing.

I see a very dark future for the negroes who infest the inner cities. They feel hopeless because they are hopeless. I can certainly understand their behavior in that context, but it still bodes ill for them.

I believe their time is nearly up. They have overplayed their hand and everyday more of the decent part of society sees them for what they are. They will reach a tipping point as all similar instances in history have done. I suspect the end will be both harsh and swift. I suppose, as it concerns the future redemption of the negro, I too am hopeless.

over and out

Anonymous said...

"What can we do? What can I do? Does anyone here have answers? I come here because you understand the truth. "

Run! Flee the cities and areas with large African populations. Since I'm guessing you live in a country where the serfs aren't allowed to arm themselves the best you can do it hope to hide and wait things out. They key thing to remember is that these third world primitives cannot feed themselves and are nearly 100% dependent on the charity of the white man. The day must come when the free lunch is gone, then things will get very ugly, but also the population of these primates will quickly reduce itself to manageable levels and the survivors will have a few generations where they won't forget the lesson learned as they rebuild civilization.

We're beyond the point of voting our way out of this or finding a peaceful solution. Be prepared to survive 3-6 months of a Mad Max movie when this crisis comes to a breaking point.

Anonymous said...

"Feminist Study: You’re Racist If You Don’t Have Sex Outside Your Race

You're "sexually racist" if your sexual history lacks diversity, study claims"

Two common TWMNBN surnames in the trio who did this "study". I'd bet you could shake a few pork dodgers out of the family tree of the third as well.

Most of this organized anti-white propaganda in media, government, and academia virtually always can be tracked back to the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

The purveyors of 24" chrome rims, hair weaves, and crack cocaine are literally parachuting into Baltimore as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Mount Freddy, that's kinda catchy. I like it. They could decorate it with gigantic busts of Marilyn Mosby, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Bathhouse Barry. A true monument to our times.

Anonymous said...

There's a good reason for that politeness. A couple millenia of genocidal warfare and very high population densities have left them convinced that respect is better than conflict. China in particular was regularly convulsed by wars that made our wars prior to the 20th century look like pattycakes.

rex freeway said...

Those shitskins will blow thru that money in 1 year and be back on welfare and EBT

Anonymous said...

1:03am - " You know in Indonesia they hang anyone caught with any type of quantity of drug, no long wasteful trial.....Shame America doesnt really get tough on drugs by hanging drug dealers. Why the savings in EBT alone would pay for such a program."
That program might be the final straw that pushed Rand Paul into getting gene therapy to turn himself into a real-life Negro.

Anonymous said...

Of course all these black city officials will get a cut. This Swift payout is insane I live in a small town w a few blacks. When I was a kid these blacks would bully you and take your lunch money . this was a long time ago I'm 58 years old. Same behavior just worst now

Anonymous said...

Mosby et al knew Gray did "crash for cash".
Even before the kangaroo court is held for the six not guilty officers, a criminal is being awarded.

Remember the campaign slogan " crime doesn't pay"?

Crime DOES pay.....if you are a black ccriminal in a black run city in a black run country.

This mafia payout has set a dangerous precedent.

Sick, sick, sick. This country will never wake up, will it.

Jacob said...

Except does that excuse police executions?

Anonymous said...

Blogger Jacob said...
Except does that excuse police executions?

Look around the country, the police could NOT have killed that MANY!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous rex freeway said...
"Those shitskins will blow thru that money in 1 year and be back on welfare and EBT"

Pray, remember - the settlement is a just a humble attempt to compensate them for their GRIEVOUS LOSS. I'm sure their entire package of hard earned and richly deserved welfare benefits will stay in place.

NJ Woman

Annie Oakley said...

I grew up in a sundown town. I remember hearing my Grandma telling me what the sign said and it was this" N88888 don't let the sun go down on you". I always felt safe in my hometown. I miss it. It's a ghost town now. Thanks to corrupt pieces of garbage rectal cavity politicians shipping jobs offshore, my town died. As I get older, I occasionally look at some of my photos and realize what I've lost.

The Klan had a very heavy presence in my hometown and surrounding areas when I was little. Blacks were too afraid to cause any problem. They would just as the elders used to say "gone missing".

Mothers are integral in a woman's life. It's been proven over and over again that if a young lady has a distant or clueless mom about race, she's doomed. It's also essential that females have a strong mother who has integrity and that my Momma and Grandma had. If I would have dared brought home a black person I would have been met at the door with a shotgun.

My grandma, mom and aunts and I used to hang out and do things together. Nothing fancy as we had very little money. But it was time spent doing girly things. We used to have a quilting club meet at my Grandma's house once a week. Grandma would bake a pie and put on a pot of coffee and we'd quilt and talk. It was a way of women networking and building community. We are sorely missing that now. We would also go to the park all day and hang out, go swimming at the local municipal pool or something as innocuous as going to the Dairy Queen and having a sundae.

Now, white women are leaving home and going it alone. White woman is lonely, maybe a little chubby or not the greatest looking woman, and bam, a non-white man gives her attention. Now if that same white women was in her hometown with her tribe, she'd be far better off. Men can smell it if a woman has no backup.

So ladies, cherish your daughters and spend time with her. The life you save may be your future white grandchildren.

Now anytime I see a black person, I'm instantly on guard. We were leaving a big retail chain and getting ready to eat a healthy snack in the car before heading on down the road. This avoids getting too hungry and eating at some fast food restaurant.

A groid in his ghetto pimp car was parked right next to me. I thought here we go. I made no eye contact with him. I told my DH uh let's go now. We're not going to sit here and eat while he's sitting right next to me. Of course the gangsta looking monkey was sitting in a high dollar car talking very loudly into his $600 Iphone. They're complete attention whores and want to be noticed by everyone.

So we get in the car and leave. Usually if we have a long drive home, we'll get something healthy in market, turn on the AC, eat a quick snack and drive home. Not this time. I'm sure he noticed what we did but I didn't care, I just wanted to be as far away from him as I could. We pulled over by the garden center had our snack peacefully and left.

Was I in any danger? Probably not, but I didn't want to take that chance. Too many of them are just waiting for a chance to chimp out. But as many of us are packing legally, I think they realize the older crackers are carrying.

The number one thing whites have to learn and I pound this into my nephew and niece's head is situational awareness around blacks. I don't care if they're 23 or 63, if they're black, I'm on guard. I hate living this way but there is no other choice.

Mr. Rational said...

I don't care if they're 23 or 63, if they're black, I'm on guard. I hate living this way but there is no other choice.

Words to live by.