Tuesday, October 13, 2015

“When civilization ends, it ends fast.”

September 1, 2005:
FEMA officially suspends its search and rescue efforts, claiming it's too dangerous and that some of the victims have become violent in their attempts to get into the boats. It's a Catch-22; the longer they wait, the more the craziness escalates. a national guardsman is wounded inside the [Super] Dome. Opportunistic crime intensifies, with looters breaking into stores, even private home. gunfire erupts. the city streets are getting too dangerous to even set foot on. [CNN REPORTS -- Katrina: State of Emergency, p. 62]
CNN dubbed it "urban warfare." 

Reports of 30-40 bodies being discovered by an (obviously enlisted) national guardsman from Arkansas would be dismissed as "rumors" when a formal review of the matter was conducted... the truth of what happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina - and its aftermath - is seemingly lost. 

But if you look closely enough, you'll find pieces of information proving those initial stories of utter depravity and horror were far more veracious than a formal review of the matters could cover-up. 

America's future played out in span of roughly nine days, as the civilization whites built in New Orleans drowned once their descendants fled for safe grounds and left behind the flotsam and jetsam of the Great Society for the world to see in all there Sunday best...

And in the reality of what occurred in New Orleans in late August/early September 2005, we see a horror story of far greater implications than Robert Kirkman's fictional The Walking Dead.[THE WALKING DEAD And Katrina: The “Zombie Apocalypse” Already Happened—And Can Happen Again, VDare, 10-13-15]:
The sixth season of the insanely popular The Walking Dead debuted Sunday night, and it shows no signs of stopping its momentum. TWD,as it’s known, has actually grown in audience size each year since its debut in 2010 [‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Hit Season Finale High With 15.8M Viewers, by Dominic Patton, Deadline, March 30, 2015]. This graphic tale of zombie survival even spawned a spin-off show (Fear the Walking Dead or FTWD) which garnered the largest audience for its first season in cable history [AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Has the Highest-Rated First Season in Cable Historyby Rick Kissell,Variety, October 9, 2015]

What attracts people to TWD? There can be no doubt two of the strongest white male characters in all of television—Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, played respectively by Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus—are part of the appeal. But there’s something far deeper at work. TWD allows the viewer to live vicariously in a world where civilization is replaced with barbarism. The shocking violence implicitly asks the viewer if he could survive in the absence of the state.
It’s a question that may not always be theoretical. TWD creator Robert Kirkman recently opened up about the newer show, which chronicles the opening stages of civilization’s collapse, saying:
Well I don’t want to be overly pessimistic about how the government would handle a crisis, but I feel like if something as all-encompassing as a zombie apocalypse were to ever happen…what we tried to show with Fear the Walking Dead was this is something that would happen really rapidly and it was happening all over the country, all over the world at the exact same time. It’s an uncontained phenomenon that would very quickly overwhelm any system, any government. I think it’s only natural to see a government not handle a situation of that magnitude very well. I saw [the National Guardsmen] as one faction of the military that definitely had some chain of command and some communication but probably not full communication and full chain of command. I think some people saw our military portrayal as somewhat negative. Like, “Oh, they’re bad guys.” But our intention was [to show] that they’re very overwhelmed, very outside of their element. It is, to a certain extent, them scrambling to make sense of the world around them.
[‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Spills the Brains: ‘This World Makes Us Soft’, by Melissa Leon, The Daily Beast, October 9, 2015]
To some extent, it’s already happened. Ten years ago, in the city of New Orleans, we saw civilization consumed overnight and the failure of the government to maintain order. And the perpetrators weren’t zombies—but our supposed fellow countrymen.
The descent of a once-great American city is now a part of American legend. “American Sniper” Chris Kyle famously claimed to have been dispatched to the city to shoot rioters. There are also reports thatBlackwater and other private security firms were called in to restore order [Blackwater Downby Jeremy Scahill, Nation, September 21, 2005]

Yet reports from those on the scene suggest that, if anything, the descent of New Orleans into TWD-style anarchy was actually understated at the time.
For instance, Sally Forman, communications director for the city of New Orleans when Katrina hit, reported in her book Eye of the Storm: Inside City Hall During Katrina that police were
…screaming over the radio that they’re running out of ammunition. [Deputy Chief Warren Riley] said, “That’s the first time in my 25 years on the force that I’ve even heard of a police officer saying he’s getting ready to run out of ammo in a gunfight.” I began to feel as if we were living in the Wild West.
Forman also wrote how Mayor Ray Nagin urgently requested “400 M-4’s with 25,000 5.56 caliber rounds” from the federal government. [p.127]
Who on earth were the police fighting in New Orleans?
It wasn’t zombies:
[Reporter Jeremy] Scahill spoke to Michael Montgomery, the chief of security for one wealthy businessman who said his men came under fire from “black gangbangers” near the Ninth Ward. Armed with AR-15s and Glocks, Montgomery and his men “unleashed a barrage of bullets in the general direction of the alleged shooters on the overpass. ‘After that, all I heard was moaning and screaming, and the shooting stopped. That was it. Enough said.'”
[The Secret History of Hurricane Katrina, by James Ridgeway, Mother Jones August 28, 2009]
According to Ridgeway’s report, military officials referred to events in the city as an “insurgency” and compared it to “Little Somalia.”
Read the rest at VDare.com, but comment here. 
Part Two is coming very, very soon. 


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of TWD. The "leader", Rick, is nothing but a tyrant who's always jamming a gun in someone's face and killing at whim. And the people he's always fucking with are sadistic, psychotic Whites out to harm others. Blacks are noble team players, dependable, and competent. It was fun at first but I'm weary of the propaganda.

Race said...

We SBPDLers know they are the zombie apocalypse, just not as pervasive and overwhelming as the show, but in other ways worse than the zombies.

PioneerPreppy said...

I think the segment of the population that is ready for a world where the government doesn't pick the winners is growing. Hollywood will never show it as it will really be but are constantly forced to put more and more minorities in the shows. The new one "Fear the Walking Dead" is full of minorities, mud sharks and so far all the White Men have been weak, either physically, mentally or both or just plain old bad guys in the spin off. They even introduced a Black Billionaire with a yacht the size of a destroyer. My guess is the spin off is being utilized because so many have been complaining about the lack of a strong Black Male character in TWD. They also brought back the Morgan character to fill that gap and added another Black character this season.

It has come to the point that many White Men are realizing they may actually be better off in a collapse scenario even with zombies trying to eat you than they are under the current Feminist/Multi-Cult ruler-ship we have. All civilization seems to be doing from my point of view is taking from Whites (especially Men) and giving to everyone else. TWD writers have been sort of limited by the graphic novel and the characters in it but I predict they will buckle under to the Multi-Cult and end up ruining the show trying to appease them.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth were the police fighting in New Orleans? It wasn't zombies... It was nogbies.
I know some people advise against watching these shows, for their portrayals of us being the sadistic bad guys, and zombies as the level-headed good guys. In my opinion, you should watch, and condition yourselves into becoming the real bad guys when the time comes. The Dead are not to be feared.

Anonymous said...

Blacks and zombies are not that alike. Sure, they shuffle along slowly, smell, are relentless, without empathy, single minded and have an endless appetite for white flesh, but zombies don't listen to hip hop or care about looks at muh rims. I wouldn't label zombies so harshly. Most community centers are not located near the cemetery so the zombies never had a chance.

Julie said...

The following is being reported by radio operators monitoring celestial radio traffic. It has been translated using new research out of the Palo Alto labs. Researchers are reasonably certain that the translation is accurate. If accurate, this is very disturbing.

Begin monitored broadcast.....

"....Negroes are the future of Earth's population. Casual observation shows that they are very dumb, not much smarter than your average Earth cow or other hoofed animal. Evidence also shows that they are uniquely violent and cause enormous destruction to any environment into which they are introduced.

Those qualities may seem as if they could doom the negro as a biological experiment. However, there are influential forces within the Earth's non-negro community that find the negro highly appealing. These forces expend great expense to increase the numbers of negroes. Large numbers of dim-witted non-negro Earthlings, seeing the praise and attention given the negro, have begun to imitate the negro's behavior. The society has begun to believe the negro is "real" and "authentic". This causes the population to consider the negro "cool". This opinion is so far reaching that one of the largest and most influential Earth populations elected a negro to lead them, twice.

Our observations force us to conclude that the planet Earth will be populated entirely by negroes within approximately 200 years. While these negroes have no means of escaping Earth, the strain is so unprecedentedly dangerous that we recommend destroying the planet.

Ta Naaa Cooot358x75, General Admiral of Interplanetary Relations"

Anonymous said...

Many,many people really don't have any idea how thin the veneer of civilization can be,nor do they realize just how little it takes to tear it away.

A fair number of people can-and do-figure out just how fast basic things most of us take more-or-less for granted can go away;grocery delivery,fuel,electricity on demand and that sort of thing.

What I don't think a lot of people realize is the absolute necessity of the Consent of the Governed in any kind of crisis. For that matter,in a non-crisis. I've seen-and most likely everyone reading this has also seen-a major interstate highway devolve into slightly controlled chaos in a matter of minutes.

During some construction,there was a slowdown due to one or two lanes being closed off to give the contractor room to make a lift and place a bridge beam across I 35. Not great,but not horrible. Until someone figured out that they could cross the ditch,and get on the frontage road to get around the slowdown. That was all it took-and since the bridge on the frontage road was also out,everyone who tried that ( which was just about everyone that could ) then had to force their way back onto the interstate,where it was already bottlenecked. The traffic jam was literally 9 miles long. ( I hit the trip meter,because I was curious )

That's what happens when the governed no longer consent to being governed,and the story I just told is,when you think about it,a very mild form of non-consent.

The problem that I see is thus:

A large ( and probably growing ) proportion of people in this country are fed up with the government,and don't have all that much in the way of incentives to keep giving their consent. Not everyone,of course,and almost certainly not a majority,but it really wouldn't take all that many people to really raise a lot of hell,if they put their minds to it.

The consent is still there for now,but what happens if-for example-the New Madrid fault slips and a massive earthquake takes place over a large area of the middle of the country? And then a respectably large number of people tell the government agencies responding-or trying to respond-to drop off their supplies and then turn around and get their asses back to D.C. or wherever they came from? What then?

Ex New Yorker said...

Do a story about Hurricane Sandy. Sandy broke the record for looting. Every liquor and drug stores were cleaned out. In Brooklyn with 2 and 3 feet of standing water the looters started out for anything they could get. The big rush was who could get to the freebies first. A mad dash for gibs. The whole coast line became a looters holiday.

I talked to in-laws in New Jersey after they returned home. When they came back to the neighborhood there were people patrolling the streets with shotguns and pistols to keep the jigs away. As soon as the storm ended they rushed home as soon as they could after friends told them what was happening with the looters.

The PEOPLE OF COLOR pulled rental trucks up to empty houses and hauled out everything of value. They dressed up with hard hats and uniforms and said they were with the electric company. The ones who let them in their houses got mugged and robbed. Families had their lives ruined because everything they owned was stolen. This was one of the first times that private homes were looted.

Later when some of the houses were being repaired from storm damage the looters came in on the weekends and yanked out the copper water lines and pipes. The houses were now flooded again. Private guards were hired to watch the houses that were being repaired.

NEW YORK 1977 BLACKOUT. Do some web searches for all the details. There are some good films on You-tube. Miles and miles of smashed in windows and looted stores all through the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Boarded up stores where the owners never did reopen for business. The first places to get hit were stores in Harlem. A big fancy clothing store for pimps was cleaned out in a hour or so. They called it GETTING FRESHENED UP (new clothes). Billions of dollars in damage and fifty buildings set on fire. After a spree of looting the sidewalks sparkle like diamonds. What your seeing is all the tiny bits of shredded glass shining in the sunlight and even at night it sparkles from the street lamps. When people walked their dogs their little feet would get cut up from the tiny bits of glass still embedded in the sidewalks.

It is really hard for the average mind to conceive of the damage these creatures can cause. I've seen it up close and personal. It's a memory that gets etched in your mind forever. MOVE OUT OF THE CITIES. Any large city that goes through a black out will get hit like flies on shit. It's time to find shelter from the coming storm.

Anonymous said...

Really glad you are posting at Vdare again. I have noticed that more and more content at Amren has shifted from illegals over to blacks, as we all have been primed by the endless black tantrum over the past two years and are seeking answers and an end to this madness. Collective black behavior (and the values that they reflected) was on extreme display during Hurricane Katrina, a natural and life threatening disaster that many of them exploited for personal gain. Paul has covered a lot of the events that took place that the mainstream news have left out of the story, and it is evident that he has become an expert of sorts on black misbehavior during this period of time.

The zombie metaphor rings true on so many levels, and is an apt description for how many black people act when the eyes and arm of the law are no longer on them. Without any checks in place, they are free to go into full predatory mode. The stories of what many of these Europeans and Australians went through are scary but inspiring at the same time. Whites and blacks both rising to the occasion in their own ways... blacks to steal, destroy and assault, whites to find the courage and will to survive the various onslaughts while helping others survive another day as well.

How each of our races will generally act in times of crisis and societal breakdown are in firm contrast to one another- one of greed, the other of selflessness. Blacks are indeed like zombies, insatiably feeding off of others like giant parasites. I can't imagine not being a realist at this point, but stories like these will continue to create new realists on a daily basis. People are noticing the now predictable patterns of negro behavior and are becoming less surprised and more disgusted.

Men and women can now unabashedly lock their car doors, cross the street, and clutch to their belongings for dear life when in the presence of a gaggle of negroes. No one should be ashamed of practicing self-preservation, zombies or not.

Anonymous said...

An Anon yesterday said, "Negroes remind me of those lizards that eat birds' eggs and then leave their own eggs for the birds to nurture."

You're confusing your biology. It's not lizards that dump their eggs in bird nests, it's other birds.

In Europe, chief among these birds is the CUCKOO.

(American cuckoos build their own nests and raise their own chicks, but we have cowbirds, which operate under the same strategy.)

The word "cuckold" is derived from the cuckoo.

Hidden inside the words "cuckold" and "cuckservative" is the implication that you're left to raise the young of another at the expense of your own.

Detroit Refugee said...

This should fit right in.
An Orc at work, the same one that expressed his desire to brutally gang rape 2
female co-workers, had also shared his plan
for " wealth re-distribution" with me.

It's basically he and his "crew", steal several DDoT Smart buses and head north to Grosse Pointe, Mi. Then fan out and commit all manner of TNB. All cash, jewelry, firearms, art,& food piled into the buses and then they head home. No doubt rape would occur at any residence where women are present.

Then I had to explain to the fool his plan would fail. The people they dream & list to target have guns. Lots of them, & better guns than the stolen/poorly maintained guns of da'hood. The police & residents would form barrier/Pickett lines. Another flaw; lack of order. One Negroe finds something shiny, and the Negroe who was his bro 5 min. ago
is now his assailant. I don't think they could truly give & take orders the way white men would in any situation.

Anyways, in a TWD type scenario, we could expect the huge number of blacks in Wayne County to go 100% chimp out mode! There's slim pickings in da'hood, so it's YT here they come. Anyone in S.E.Mi., get your ass to the Island BEFORE the bridges open. Same as the '67 Negroe insurrection!
Btw, the ORC with sick fantasies of retribution against YT is gone. It took a lot & I mean a lot. But he's back in the D where he belongs. He was forced out on medical, all I can say. Looking forward to other comments
comparing a Zombie Plague to the Negroe Plague we're all suffering in the former USA.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Paul ... I've learned from watching TWD that when the end comes, we will have strong, competent black men like Tyreese and Morgan to guide us through the tough times while all the weak, cowardly white men wring their hands and tremble in fear.

D-FENS said...

"The shocking violence implicitly asks the viewer if he could survive in the absence of the state."

How can a state be any less violent than its people?

Anonymous said...

Katrina was just the weather. Blacks were the condition.

Anonymous said...

Yep.......lame stream,media NEVER reported this stuff.

Nagin was incompetent.....what an orc thug he is.
Even black police were looting.

The people were too violent to rescue. Wow. This is the information race realists need to keep at the ready to show the progressive kumbayah diversity idiots.

White people don't act like that.

chattanooga gal said...

off topic, but over on v-dare, there is probably the best article I have read in a long time concerning the loss of free speech for white people.

Disgusted said...

Negroes are much like children, constantly pushing the boundary of what is acceptable behavior. Cross that boundary and your parents will punish you. This pushing is how children learn to define acceptable behavior, and this knowledge facilitates their integration into adult society. Sadly, there exists no parental influence over the negro population. Thus the are pushing way beyond the boundary of acceptable societal behavior, and they will not cease until they are appropriately chastised. We have laws prohibiting this outrageous negro behavior, but the laws are not being enforced, nor are appropriate punishments being meted out to the guilty. In short, society has given negroes cart-Blanche approval to do just about anything they want. Negroes can riot, burn, loot, rob. kill and maim at the extreme end of criminality and get away with "TNB" at the lesser end of it all in the name of anti-racism. Criticize negroes for acting like viscous child-savages and you will be excoriated as racist who must be ostracized from society. Obama and his ilk are selectively enforcing our laws to give Negroes a free pass through the Justice system, thus they bear the largest share of the blame for the current level negro lawlessness. Obama and his ilk have not only set race relations back by centuries, they've set society back to a tribal-like era of clannishness more akin to the Muslim worldview than to ours. My two cents says it was done purposely, but the "why for" has yet to be made apparent.

dc.sunsets said...

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead featured strong characters? On what planet? They both reflect Hollywood's image of America, where everyone is a Leftist, card-carrying member of Bloomberg's anti-gun crusade. I enjoy a good Zombie Apocalypse (ZA) story as much as the next guy, but Andrew Lincoln's character was so weak in Season 1 that I gave up after a few episodes, and more recent fodder looks more like an evening Soap Opera set in the ZA. In a nation where every other household has guns, there are enough guns to arm every man, woman and child AND people have hoarded ammo like there's no tomorrow for all of Obama's presidency, TWD and especially FTWD are populated with soccer moms without a hint of a clue. Where are the tens of millions who would not start out so clueless and helpless?

The appeal of ZA is that reasonably intelligent people can see how 100 years of rising socialist democracy led to 30-40 years of running Western Civilization's credit card (the Debt Bubble) in order to maintain the illusion of prosperity, having already redistributed practically everything out from under the US Middle Class. Now that the backbone of US prosperity (that Middle Class, led overwhelmingly by White males) has been thoroughly disenfranchised and conditioned to accept being robbed of the fruits of their labor by racial and feminist set-asides in favor of those who lose on a level playing field, we approach the final stage of democracy, Cannibalistic Democracy which in fictional metaphor IS the Zombie Apocalypse.

Margaret Thatcher noted that socialism works until it runs out of Other People's Stuff to redistribute. The greatest debt binge in recorded history these past decades (since the mid-1960's, frankly) occurred for one reason: To mask the fact that socialist redistribution was destroying prosperity while allowing the most cunning parasites to amass vast fortunes via political capture. When the debt/credit bubble finally pops and the illusions of remaining wealth evaporate, political redistribution will surely evolve into overt political warfare to grab whatever wealth still remains. The zombies are coming for you; they're ravenous, they don't produce anything, they fully intend on eating you alive and failing that, adding you to their legions.

Zombie Apocalypse, indeed.

The ZA is fiction foreshadowing life. All the "pretty grrrrls kicking mens' butts" Hollywood fodder is a holdout from recently past Unicorn Land. (Even sports involving the Great Equalizer, guns, have separate competitions for men and women because the best women are not remotely competitive with the best men.) Know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Within 24 hours of the EBT cards not working and EVERY city with more than 1% black population will look like this. The suburbs, by the end of the first week, will look like a remake of the movie Zulu as thousands of jungle savages charge with pointed sticks and a few stolen guns descend on the nearby whites.

It's highly probable that we will invite either UN or Chinese military to restore "order" afterwards. After a few weeks of living a live-action Mad Max movie the survivors will BEG to have all guns confiscated and will accept pretty much any "solution" that's offered to them by the squids.

Enjoy the show, white America, you're paying for it.

Anonymous said...

I will not watch a program like that, or allow my children and grandchildren to see that kind of crap on any television I own.
They're not going to grow up believing the propaganda coming out of Hollywood. They will grow up knowing "actors" are nothing but people pretending to be something else and negroes are not just like them.


Anonymous said...

ROTHFLMFAO> C'mon you have got to notice in the picture the little black boy picking nits,lice,bugs whatever, off of the tribal elders head,and a few seconds later no doubt eating them,remind you of something.I mean come on that is "straight outta AFRICA". Lmfao! Where's Marlin Perkins when you need him.

Anonymous said...

OT: check out the story about the negro football player who stabbed a white male jogger Monday. Police say it was "totally random". Attacker said he was "angry about his situation in life". Translation: I killed YT because he is always keeping a brother down."

Anonymous said...

Re: the 25,000 rifles, nagin more than likely planned on selling them and the ammo.

Anonymous said...

Slightly Off-Topic:

Excellent synopsis of BLM BS. Comments are spot on, as well.


Anonymous said...

I just hope I live long enough to see the karma pendulum swing back in the other direction....I wanna see DWL's suffer from the spreading of their racial pandering.

Anonymous said...

In the absence of government/law enforcement, some people would straighten out their neighborhoods real quick. The only thing keeping so many criminals on the streets is our overwhelmingly powerful and corrupt "justice" system. Just think if the grid was down and Michael Brown tried to steal Darren Wilson's gun - game over real quick with Michael Brown the most likely loser. No investigations, no courts, marches, rioting, etc. Just one thug down and more to go. Heck, Michael Brown might not have made it out of the quickie mart alive if the store owner had been able to protect his person and property without fear of going to prison.

Quick true story. My neighborhood was having a rash of vandalism. The police said they'd step up patrols. Continuing vandalism and police said they were building a case. After some months a few neighborhood men quietly patrolled at night and caught the vandal pretty quick. After a stern talk with the teen and his parents, the vandalism stopped. Most neighbors were grateful to the men for taking care of the problem but a few people were upset that the police were thwarted in "building" their case. Those nitwits will be useless or a problem when things go really bad.

Anonymous said...



Mutant Swarm said...

"...Forman also wrote how Mayor Ray Nagin urgently requested “400 M-4’s with 25,000 5.56 caliber rounds” from the federal government... [p.127]"

That better have been 25,000 rounds per rifle, Ray. 400 M-4s on full auto equals 12,000 rounds fired (probably in under 30 seconds, the way some of his "troops" would shoot). Times two equals 24,000. That's a little over two magazines per shooter.

To the anon who said he might have been trying to sell them: That reminded me of an ARVN commander trying to sell ammo to his own troops during a firefight.

Anonymous said...

In any scenario involving the breakdown of society, negroes will be the greatest threat to life and property. As others pointed out, all other races see a disaster as a time to come together, restore order and make the necessary repairs. Negroes see a disaster as a golden opportunity to loot and steal and "gitmesumofdat!" Those that aren't engaging in the looting are sitting on their asses wailing for help and expecting others to "clean dat shit up" and gibs them stuff. The latter group remind me (in one respect) of scenes in the Walking Dead where one sees a zombie trapped in a car battering itself against a window because it's too stupid to help itself and can't open the door and get out. A perfect metaphor for negroes who sit on their butts in a disaster and do nothing to help themselves while bitching and complaining.
Kudo's to anon who noticed the nit picking negro in the photo. I'd blasted right past the photo to the article and comments and missed that but once it was pointed out, LOL! Marlin Perkins indeed! All we needed was a companion photo of a giant assed negress down on all fours with a sprog riding on her back and the picture would have been complete!

AZ Ray said...

Wherever there are afreakans there is afreaka..

I have two white friends that are from Durban south afreaka (moved to USA in 1997). We often have had long talks about the horrors that Homo Africanus is capable of. White americans with their comfort zone of prosperity & a lifetime of lestist indoctrination (Cosby show & Fresh Prince anyone?) cannot comprehend the savagery, ignorance, filth, squalor, ignorance & depavity that the negro is capable of?..

When the petro-zio-dollar collapses though, THEY WILL!.. The horrors of Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone & Somalia will literally be at our front doors.

America, with 320 million population & with negros making up 13% of that population equates to 41.6 million blacks. Thats larger than many african countries.

My south afreakan friends tell me that much of black africa is akin to a post-apocalyptic world. Haiti-ditto & many of americas cities are looking like something right out of a dystopian novel?.

Is that the world we are to bequeth to our progeny?.. Teach your children well folks. Steel yourselves to the coming storm..

AZ Ray said...

"Disgusted said...
Negroes are much like children, constantly pushing the boundary of what is acceptable behavior. Cross that boundary and your parents will punish you. This pushing is how children learn to define acceptable behavior, and this knowledge facilitates their integration into adult society. Sadly, there exists no parental influence over the negro population. Thus the are pushing way beyond the boundary of acceptable societal behavior, and they will not cease until they are appropriately chastised"

Excellent point.

Cannot remember who quoted "the negro is half child, half demon"?

Problem is, with their child half, they have only the negatives of the child(immaturity, whinnyness, narcissism) and NONE of a childs positive qualities (sweetness, innocence, a sense of wonderment about the world around them)

We CANNOT let them win. If they do, this world will enter a dark age (pun intended) the likes of which this Earth has never seen & one it will never overcome. For the sake of all that is good & decent. For us to attain our destiny-to go to the stars, we cannot let them win..

Anonymous said...

The PEOPLE OF COLOR pulled rental trucks up to empty houses and hauled out everything of value. They dressed up with hard hats and uniforms and said they were with the electric company. The ones who let them in their houses got mugged and robbed.

Why can't blacks show all this ingenuity when it comes time to building legitimate businesses?

On Topic/Off Topic: now that Europe is being flooded with third world "refugees" (many of them from Africa), I wonder if liberal Europeans will begin to understand why the USA had segregation once upon a time?

Anonymous said...

I think the characters in the "Fear the Walking Dead" spinoff were created in response to the the reputation "The Walking Dead" got for killing off the black characters it introduced rather quickly. Hell, even last year the show was criticized by the SJW types because a strong white girl was standing up for and ordering a meek black boy around.

I stopped watching the spinoff after the first episode because it reeked of propaganda.

If there was a zombie outbreak, the vast majority of blacks in this country really would get wiped out in the first few days. It wouldn't make them pause that the guy standing next to him missing an arm and trying to bite him wasn't actually a fellow looter--getting the gibs would be their driving concern right up to the point where they get eaten alive. Hell, they'd be running into zombie infested 7-Elevens if there were 5 dollar scratch tickets still inside. It doesn't matter that the power has been off for days, there are flatscreen TVs out there to grab, and eventually YT will get the electricity flowing again as he always does.

Thus, I can still watch the original show and tolerate the sterotypical "wise" black characters by rationalizing that the blacks that were actually able to survive more than a week actually represent the "talented tenth"/very high end of the black bell curve.

Anonymous said...

It's a real toss-up between the 2 photos as to which scene would be worse to be dropped into. (The child grooming the adult black is heartwarming, though.)

In groups blacks are more violent and nasty than usual. But, even one on one with each other, they're horrible. Reference the shooting death of the black Memphis cop by his NEIGHBOR, another black adult male. On a Sunday. In broad daylight. In full view of other neighbors and children. They were arguing. Must have been about respect. Argument settled with cop shot 4 TIMES. Well done. Excellent way to handle a dispute with a NEIGHBOR. The cop's "fiancé" is 4 months pregnant. So surprised they weren't yet married. Negro neighbor (with past offenses) not charged.

NJ Woman

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, I have to say that I learn something new on every post you make, but the Katrina Posts are always a real look at the bottom of the negro toilet bowl.

By 2005, the 1992 riots had faded from view (especially after 9/11) and the various storms around the Country were coming in with scenes of Whites helping each other, lending each other gas, food, chainsaws and generally handling difficult times in a civilized manner. Hurricane Arlene, Cindy, plus the usual tornadoes in the Midwest, passed with no more than the usual excited commentary on the evening news.

Then Katrina. The Homo Africanus in all its glory. Police looting, negros shooting at Coast Guard and Navy Helicopters, negros shooting each other, looting by the negro, etc.

The after action reports by the foreign tourists were humiliating. The comments by soldiers at the scene were appalling. One magazine called it "the start of Combat operations in NOLA". The Superdome was a scene of barbarism, but in several other places in NOLA, it was worse.

Contrast this with the reverence and dignity the Japanese displayed during their own crisis, the Tsunami. No looting, no terror, no shooting, no cries of "gibs me dat!". A single race of people doing what they do best under difficult circumstances. Contrast this the 14 nurses and Doctors sent to Africa during the Ebola Crisis that were eaten.

They are not like us.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

To Ex-New Yorker - We lost power in our area for 10 days in a storm pre-dating Sandy, and for 2 weeks when Sandy struck. A small liquor store in our White town worked with the local Shop Rite and barbecued burgers and hot dogs outside their dark store each day for whoever came by. There was no looting. For the obvious reason.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

I've been watching "The Flash" on Netflix and wouldn't you know it? The Flash- just another superhero with a black girlfriend. Another white character (female) in the series just gave birth to her black husband's child. oh yes- and The Flash was raised by his black girlfriend's father after his own father was sent off to prison. Additionally, all the evil characters in the series so far are white.

I'm immune to the propaganda but I have to wonder about its affect on children and teenagers who won't see the not so hidden message and agenda.

I can't wait for someone to do a re-make of the Hulk with the Hulk being a negro. After the giant brained negro scientist is turned into the Hulk, we'd see the negro Hulk rampaging through a Walmart bellowing, "Hulk smash! Hulk steal! Hulk loot!" as he's followed by hordes of homies from the hood seizing the opportunity to do the same. A real black hero for these modern times! In episode two, negro Hulk could tear apart a police station full of racist white cops who were guilty of arresting negroes at the Walmart who couldn't get away. "Hulk MAD!" As the police station burns and we see dead cops everywhere and former negro prisoners running away from all the oppression, the camera cuts to a scene of negroes dancing in the street outside the station and holding signs that read, "Black Lives Matter!"
C'mon Hollywood! You can do it!

berek halfhand said...

AZ Ray,

It was Rudyard Kipling who coined the phrase: "Half-devil and half-child" in "The White Man's Burden."

Anonymous said...

That's why they need more money for programs, it would keep the zombies off the streets.

WW3 said...

WW3 here....I cut the cable long ago, but this weekend I attended a birthday party for my 7 year old niece. The big screen in the living room was on "disney channel". The kids were glued to it. Most of the shows, commercials and advertisements had one thing in common. Negroes were always in charge; Jews made up most of the characters and whites-especially WHITE MEN were presented as weak, bumbling stupid fools. It was the storyline on every single show; bar none. And of course the inter racial couple was always a ni&&er and a white woman. Disgusting to say the least.Children and teens watching this crap must believe this is the way things are in 2015. GOD help us.


Anonymous said...

we'd see the negro Hulk rampaging through a Walmart bellowing, "Hulk smash! Hulk steal! Hulk loot!" as he's followed by hordes of homies from the hood seizing the opportunity to do the same.
lol! We already see that every Black Friday. In the next reboot, Hollywood will make the White scientist (David Bannerduke) turn not into a green monster, but a big White monster with Hitler hair and Confederate flags genetically pigmenting his skin. He will grab Beyonce in one hand, and scale the Empire State Bldg. Then one of the Magic Negroes from Saving Mars Damon will fly up in his jet pack, rationally talk him down, then inject him with a new Ritalin he invented (Riddawhite) to permanently cure poor David and turn him into a metro hipster who runs a Fair Trade coffee shop with his life partner Steve and their Pomeranians with canine AIDS.
Oh, and thanks for the heads-up about Flash. I downloaded it, but haven't watched it yet. My hard drive is now 7gb lighter, thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

That interview with the British college students that were in N.O. when Katrina hit should be MANDATORY reading for every parent with their children.

Also, when I was about 9-10 I got a "D" in Math class, so my Dad made me do 100 push-ups over the Report Card, then write a 500 word essay on "Why Education Is Important" (which he graded and made me do push-ups for mistakes) then he drove me to the south side of Chicago (95th and Cottage Grove) and we watched the locals for a while. I saw the bars on EVERY home's windows, I saw the trash blanketing the streets, I saw open drug dealings, I saw a negro backhand his "ho" off of her feet while other black males strutted right passed them, drinking fowties. As we drove around the ghetto my Dad pointed out several negroes engaged in niggotry, such as smashing bottles, pissing in the street, fighting, running from Police, and he kept reminding me:

"Son, I brought you here because I am worried about you. As time goes on these ghettos are going to be bigger and bigger. By the time you're a man the entire city will probably look like this. All the cities. White people that don't earn enough money to move away from these negroes will be forced to live with them. If you can get good grades and get a good job, you'll be able to have a nice home- like mine- in a nice White neighborhood- like ours. If you flunk out of school, can't get into a good college, you'll wind up stuck living with negroes just like this."

I never got less than a B in school after that.

Anonymous said...

The fact that your still watching this fictitious Marxist wet dream, says more about you than the zombies on that show. Cut the cable and read a book, your only contributing to these Hollyweird commies.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Great story! Obviously wouldn't ever work with an Orc fambly, they'd likely scream racism and the BGI, along with CNN would descend upon that neighbourhood quicker than that pool party gone wrong in TX. They simply cannot be reasoned with.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit that I just let the Trump ad run over and over while I laughed. He even gave Colonel Sanders his own circus music. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Indeed sir, your take is the correct one. Sometimes on this comment section i see a great deal of white supremacist bull shit. Whites are the best at lots of things. Whites are also second best at things. Nobody can argue that the Asians are most intelligent. Nobody can argue that other cultures are also industrious, intelligent, ambitious... Except for the blacks of course. My position (as I feel should be everyone's) is not that our county should be "only white", but that it should be "anything but black!"



Fear of the Walking Dead = Fear of the Walking Negro


World War Z = World War N

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, in the future, it can come down to an issue of marksmanship, not media representation.


Anonymous said...

"Son, I brought you here because I am worried about you. As time goes on these ghettos are going to be bigger and bigger. By the time you're a man the entire city will probably look like this. All the cities. White people that don't earn enough money to move away from these negroes will be forced to live with them. If you can get good grades and get a good job, you'll be able to have a nice home- like mine- in a nice White neighborhood- like ours. If you flunk out of school, can't get into a good college, you'll wind up stuck living with negroes just like this."

I never got less than a B in school after that.

There's this film called "Scared Straight" where wayward youth were given a tour of prison to get them on the right path. But you don't have to go to prison, just head on out for a tour of the 'hood!

Anonymous said...

You're right. The story was all whites involved. Our neighborhood will be screwed when the undertow rolls in, just like everywhere is. White is nice!

Anonymous said...

"Katrina was just the weather. Blacks were the condition".

First the hurricane, then the hurricoon. It's strangely appropriate to call the going down of the power grid a "black" out.

Anonymous said...

In most posts comments are made about the negroes low I.Q. But they have learned something very well. This little bit of knowledge they have learned has lead to a lot, if not all, of the TNB we see today.
They have learned to run to a lawyer any time anything happens to see if they have hit the jackpot.
Lawyers, white lawyers are the intelligence hood rats turn to whenever anything happens to them.
When the shtf, remember those that sided with the parasitic criminals.


Anonymous said...

If your reading this and have a wife and children but don't own a firearm, Shame on you.
What kind of provider and family protector do you call your self ?
Or maybe your waiting for the government to ban all new gun permits which seals your fate.
Get off your asses tomorrow and take the first steps to gun ownership.
Guns are like insurance you hope you never have to use it,but if you do your glad you have it.
Don't be a victim of the coming horde. If not for yourself do it for your children.
Guns can be passed down from generation to generation. Consider it a gift to your unborn future lineage.
Ammo may be the currency of the future so stock up.
Even if the government takes away your legal guns you'll still have plenty of ammo to barter with.
Someone may have guns but no ammo. That's where you come in.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, my brother, a TSA drone at the time, did some work at the New Orleans airport in the post-storm evacuation phase. He told us that he saw bodies stacked up like cordwood behind the terminal. This observation has never appeared in any media story I've ever seen....

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Guns are like insurance you hope you never have to use it,but if you do your glad you have it.

Or, as somebody else put it, a gun is like a bull. A bull hangs around all day, never does any work, costs you money for feed and vet's bills and is mostly just useless; but when you need a bull, nothing else will do the job.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your first paragraph. Blacks say "f*ck the police" but the police are mainly protecting them from potential vigilantes. Take away police protection and I agree things would straighten out rather quickly.

anonymous said...

What a great dad.

Mr. Rational said...

He told us that he saw bodies stacked up like cordwood behind the terminal.

Could easily have been people who drowned... IOW ones too dumb to get out of town or even get to high ground.

Anonymous said...

Take away police protection and I agree things would straighten out rather quickly.


Anonymous said...

I've heard so many allegations and rebuttals as to what actually happened during and after Katrina. I wonder what the truth is... Can anyone recommend a good and reliable book on the subject? Does such a thing exist yet?

riptapart said...

I don't watch the show, never have, but I imagine that all the humans at least see the zombies as enemies and treat them as such. In the real world, that unfortunately isn't true.

Euro american said...

What is with this "Asians are the most intelligent"? If you have to study all day from age 4, then you are not intelligent. The parents have committed their children to what is obviously hard work for Asians.
Smart whites become interested in topics and pick it up quickly with relatively little work.
The NYTs reported that ALL asian children wear glasses because learning is so hard for them.
Hardly any smart white kids I know wear glasses.

riptapart said...

The progressive kumbaya diversity idiots are very well aware of the dysfunction of Black people. Don't think for a minute that the hipsters don't consider themselves to be far above "common Negros". What the preach and how they feel are 2 totally opposing sentiments. They just expect YOU to appreciate the diversity in YOUR neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, must not of got my comment on the rebellion against evacuation orders. I saw it on several newscasts days before the hurricane hit. Then, silence, just idiotic negros on their roofs or screaming "HEPPS"
Feces species needs to be their new label, thank you very much.
Old Guard

Rob06 said...

Asian culture looks down in manual labor. Indian included. I've known several Asian engineers who studied their asses off got great grade., memorized the text. Those guys showed up in the engineering lab and were an absute hazard. No physical ability no mechanical sense. That is where our white American culture comes to the fore. The ability to blend theory and hardware to produce. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

"Feces species"...thanks Old Guard