Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wife of White Man Brutally Murdered by Former Black Texas A&M Athlete Commits Suicide

Stories of a loyal dog sitting by the grave of their former master have always struck me as the noblest reminder of the importance of friendship and how it can transcend even death. 

The grief of losing a loved one, yet finding some comfort in sitting by their final resting place is a powerful reminder of the permanent impression we can leave upon a person, even if the "person" in this equation is a canine
Dave and Patti Stevens, married for 25 years, are both now dead. Dave, murdered by a former Texas A&M football player in a "random" slaying, and Patti now dead by apparent suicide

Conversely, the story of Patti Stevens final days on earth are a reminder of what happens when a population far removed from "Man's Best Friend" is allowed to commit "random... totally random" murder (Dave, her husband of 25 years, was found laying down with a sword in his head and not moving.”).

[Patti Stevens, widow of slain White Rock runner, killed self, authorities say, Dallas Morning Star, October 26, 2015]:

The wife of a man who was killed at random while running near White Rock Lake two weeks ago took her own life Sunday, authorities said. 
Patti Stevens, 54, a physical therapist, was found dead of suspected suicide at her home in the 200 block of Brazos Lane in Sunnyvale, said Raul Reyna, a spokesman for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. She had shared the home with her husband, Dave, since 2009. 
The couple did not have children. 
Two of Dave’s coworkers called police for a welfare check on Patti after she didn’t answer her phone on Saturday night or Sunday morning, said neighbor Michael Knight, who spoke to the friends. 
The call came in around 2:18 p.m., and sheriff’s deputies arrived six minutes later to find Patti’s body, Reyna said. 
Sheriff’s deputies are investigating and the Dallas County medical examiner’s office said an official cause of death was not available Monday morning. But Knight, the neighbor, said police found her body in the garage and they believed she died of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
Her death came a week after she told The Dallas Morning News about her love for her husband of 25 years, and her overwhelming grief. 
“Dave was the love of my life and I’m lost without him,” she said through tears Oct. 19. “People need to know that this was a wonderful person going out and doing what he loved to do.” 
Patti Stevens said then that she had trouble with sleeping, eating and even thinking clearly after her husband’s death. 
Stevens, 53, ran 10 miles around White Rock Lake every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning before heading to his electrical engineering job at GE in Plano. 
Police said Thomas Linze Johnson, 21, a mentally ill former Texas A&M football player, randomly picked out Stevens and hacked him to death with a machete around 8 a.m. Oct. 12 on the White Rock Creek Trail. 
Johnson, a high school football star at Skyline High School, is currently in the Dallas County jail in lieu of $500,000 bail. Police said Johnson admitted killing Stevens, who he did not know, and placed a 911 call on a passerby’s cellphone after doing so. 
Police initially had difficulty identifying the slain man and Patti Stevens later said she spent more than a day trying to figure out what happened to her husband. 
She said he came home at the same time every day and when he didn’t arrive that evening or answer phone calls, she went looking for him. She called police after she found his car parked in a parking lot late the night he was killed. 
Patti said during her interview with The News last week that she hadn’t read news accounts of her husband’s slaying and didn’t know the details of his death. She said she was just trying to figure out how to move on without him.
 Dave Stevens body was hacked to death, virtually unrecognizable even to his wife. A sword was left in his head, after a former (beloved by tens of thousands of white Texas A&M alumni, who would do everything to avoid him six days out of week, but everything possible to watch him play on fall Saturday's) college football player selected him at "random... totally random."
On fall Saturday's, white people who implicitly avoid black people for six days of the week, explicitly worship black athletes like Thomas Johnson 

Dave and Patti Stevens were both white people, who created a life together. After Dave was savagely, brutally murdered by a former black Texas A&M football player, Patti would persist for less than a fortnight.

In the end, Thomas Linze Johnson has murdered not one, but two people.

It's my great hope that one day we understand the loyalty showed by dogs to their deceased owners is the exact type of grieving we should have for those white people murdered by a race of people seemingly immune from criticism or judgment in America.

Dave and Patti Stevens are both dead, and it should be painfully obvious neither death was "random... totally random," as police stated in Dallas.


Anonymous said...

Where is the white outrage? Here in baltifilth an elderly white retired police officer has just been nearly beaten to death by a gang of black thugs. How do we protect ourselves from this garbage?

Reaper6Romeo said...

Stories like this fill me with an intense sadness and rage. Just the thought of this creature sitting in a prison cell for the next 60 years, using up tax payers money for his food and recreation, while he reminisces about ending the lives of two White people makes me sick. What kind of a country is this?

Anonymous said...

Random, yes random. Wake up, people!

Ed said...

Saddest story I've read in years.

Anonymous said...

This story definitely has a sting to it as I too am a runner and do 10 mile runs 3 times a week. Running is fun but it also takes discipline to wake up to do a long run and then go to work. Contrast him to the member of America's Plague and the contrast couldn't be more different than night and day.
Most of the readers to this sight know the nature of Blacks. It's no secret they hate us for who we are what they can't be. The media and other SJWs fan the flames of the Black Grievance Industry. I wouldn't be suprised if this Black learned in College how evil White People are.
A fellow runner was killed and his family destroyed. Say a prayer for the family.

Anonymous said...

American football is a disgrace. The NFL (Negroe Felons League) are the worst negroe coddling organization outside of rederal government. Please boycott this negroe promoting game.

Dave and Patti are now in heaven and my thoughts a prayers are with them. Johnson should be executed immediately and his f***ing family, friends and black teammates sent back to Africa

Californian said...


That's the thing about BRA.

The killing isn't about passion or money or even an overt act of terrorism.

It's just random black on white violence.

Right out of the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Did these kind of random killings occur when they had segregation?

Just asking...

Anonymous said...

It does say a lot when no fellow whites are around, a white person will seek out a dog for companionship before he would consider spending time with a black.

This has to be one of the first cases where the "teen" involved is actually identified as insane. The vast majority of the crimes committed by black people are done by completely sane individuals who harbor no shame or empathy for a fellow human being. It is good to know that I have been correct in my assumptions that most black criminals are not insane. The nature in which he hacked away at this guy reminded me of the story about the overturned cattle truck in South Africa. In the jogger's case, do you think he would have stood a chance if he had kept his distance from the Bantu? It is the eternal problem of assuming blacks will act civilized when in their proximity. It doesn't have to make rational sense. They are impulsive and forward-thinking impaired. I always think of the guy who had to have his jaw shut after assuming it was ok to walk past a bunch of blacks having a rally and was duly sucker punched and beaten senseless for it. Think of all the parts of your face that you don't want to pay to have rebuilt after you get close to one of these jungle creatures. If you knew where the sharks were in the ocean, you would most likely avoid them too. What is there to gain from swimming near sharks? Same goes with negroes. Hence the invaluable advice in the three words: avoid the groid.

Anonymous said...

One of the saddest, most poignant and bittersweet things i've heard of, in my whole life.
May they both rest at peace, having found each other again on the far bank.


Jan Sobieski

Anonymous said...

this man ran 10 miles, 3 days a week, and could not outrun a crazy guy with a sword? nice analogy comparing a loyal dog to a loving wife. of course the indians used to do this for centuries. when the husband dies the wife throws herself on the funeral pyre. it was actually expected of her to do so and was a great shame if she did not.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but the South Carolina story is front page all over the news. We are witnessing the McKinney pool party incident all over again. A defiant and obnoxious black "girl" tests a police officer's patience and as a result everything is the officer's fault. Oh, yeah, did I mention that the officer was... WHITE!!!!!?!?!?!

Sometimes I wonder if TPTB are just as sick and fed up with blacks as the rest of us are and that is why we are bombarded with this white authority figure/black punk criminal crap day in, day out. It is not like we all can't notice patterns. Blacks seem to be involved in every single one of these moronic incidents that should have never happened in the first place. They instigated every single one, and are always there to milk it for all it's worth by throwing shame and responsibility to the wayside as they attempt to get millions of tax payer dollars into their pockets as a reward for being disruptive, rude, stupid, and just plain destructive. And there seems to always be a payout. What a great lesson to be learned. The squeaky, obnoxious, and sue happy wheel always gets the grease.

Even non-realists are getting incredibly tired of these constant "blacks are being victimized by authority" stories, as there is always a side not told, the details before the cell phone footage, etc. People are really starting to feel stupid by continuing to give blacks the benefit of the doubt when in reality they know better. Blacks are always the common element in all of these stories. The majority of people from other races aren't nearly as stupid or thoughtless as blacks so they don't get involved in pathetic situations like the one in South Carolina.

Keep bringing on these stories, maybe we can see if white patience and compassion actually has a limit.

Anonymous said...

That movie The Village......... Convinced that the director is a realist.

Anonymous said...

All Hail Satan!

Okay, I said it. Whose next? Satan has officially taken over. The Negro In Chief is in charge. Which of you next wants to kneel before him? Ben Carson, bitchez? Yeah. He's just what the (Obamacare tm) Doctor ordered. Give the negro and his handler's some rope - this is what you get. Enjoy it, bitchez. You ordered it on your menu back in 1965. Yeah, you old muttha fukkah. You bitched and moaned - and ate your g-damned peas. Anybody reading this born before 1965 is just as much to blame as the negro who done it. There. I said it. You (and I) will just have to live with it.

Blame your ancestors if you will. Then go look in the mirror. You (and I) are as much to blame for this disaster as anybody. Look at your weak sisters in Europe. The White man is a champion at rolling over. He has decided to commit collective suicide. What you're seeing now only confirms it. We can now collectively kiss our own asses goodbye. Truly sickens me.

Anonymous said...

That is one doozy of a story. Wow. BRA in full-effect as the story is utterly ignored by the national media. Flip the skin colors and it would have had Obongo commenting and the J&w controlled media in 24/7 race mode.

Just incredible. How much longer...?

GrimmTale said...

This entire story is so incredibly sad.

Vibrant C. Mandate said...

Compare the heartbreaking idea of this poor woman actually GOING OUT & SEARCHING FOR HER BELOVED HUSBAND to the "father" of Trayvon Martin, who took hours and hours before even checking on where his errant, already dead, "teen" might be.

No......scratch that. There IS no comparison. Even dogs, and other animals, will go out looking for their offspring--because they, too, feel love. NOT because there is a possibility of winning the Ghetto Lottery. Too many black people think that showing "love" is accusing a teacher (who you're prob. then meeting for the very first time) of "racism", because they dared to discipline the rude monster of your own making. I know about the low IQ, future time orientation stuff, etc., but is it possible that LACK OF SHAME is biological too? Could we try IMPLANTING some?? (I think I might have extra to spare!).

Very insightful, Mr. Kersey.

OT: I'm sure everyone else here is as already sick of the latest "racism" video as I am. What great strides for "feminism"--the idea that a black female can act just as thuggish as any Michael Brown, or Freddie Gray. And then STILL get an extra excuse for being "just a little girl".

Love how they think their stupid tendency to be needlessly defiant somehow proves them to be "strong", or "noble". "Backwards", and "clueless" are vast understatements!

Do any of them TRULY believe this kind of crap engenders sympathy in the rest of us??

I wonder if SHE'LL get invited to the White House? Hillary's already sided w/ her.

Anyway, this site is one of the rare oases of insanity in an increasingly distasteful world. I esp. enjoy the posts from "Formerly Miss Greenbaum", & "Medic Bear", along w/ those from "Julie". THANK YOU ALL!

Hang in there, all--and special best wishes to Mr. Kersey's recent reproduction! Breed more just like you, please!

Thanks again,
Diva Arcetty Fayle.

Anonymous said...

Sad. But nothing will change.

AZ Ray said...

This story is so gut wrenching on so many levels..

Two families destroyed. Two lives gone. Two families that will never know the joy of grand children that will never be born.. A white man murdered by a vile beast that should have even existed in the first place. Murdered for NO OTHER REASON THAN HE WAS WHITE!. His beloved then joined him in death shortly after..

This story is more than just the murder & suicide of a beautiful white couple. This is a metaphore for our current horror. Surrounded on all sides by savages. Our numbers dropping lower each year. Their numbers exploding. The savages are winning & we collectively continue the march forward, eyes closed, chanting "this isn't happening, this isn't happening".. Well, it IS happening. We better get used to it because we're gonna see a lot more of this.. The predators smell blood. YT is not only weak but PATHETICALLY weak. Predators destroy the weak. Most will not fight back & will just take the fetal posision. Most will go to their doom thinking "what did I do?!". Ummm, you're white!. That's all the beast needs to kill you.. You're white..

But it's okay white American "man", don't fret. You can still play your "fantasy football" & Sunday's game will still be televised..

Anonymous said...

Yea ok I love how the BS media portrays all these blacks as mentally ill instead of racial hate crime perps.When whites explain that alot of the killings by some of their mentally ill brethren are because of mental illness all these blacks and their families lie and say the same thing.This was a hate crime,plain and simple.You know why because this guy had a record a mile long but he was a star football player.He was a cool man of color who played for Texas A M...and we know that most if not all the problems that college football and all the violence and arrests are because of BLACK players since everybody and their brother wants to make excuses and allow these racist gangbanger athletes to continue to play football.The other and most important coment that keeps being repeated and just makes bells go off was the comment that it was RANDOM>with blacks it's always random....Every article I have read the word RANDOM is being pounded into everyones head,what does that tell.

Here I posted this over on facebook because the MSN article was written in a way you would think the perp was the victim.Makes me sick.Writing about how he was a great receiver for Texas A M.So i posted this>

Don't worry write the story like he was the victim,he was a misunderstood "yoof" he was turning his life around.He was a good boy .He DINDU NUFFINS.Just worship him because he was a black college football player.He was cool.Everything is fine with all your glorious football players of color.Just keep drooling over your college football.

kikz said...

shame they had no children.....

the only thing random about his death.. he was a 'random' White.

black SOB that caused both these deaths should cease to exist, as soon as possible, and at least cost to civilized society. i don't care if he is found to be insane, he's still responsible, and has forfeited his pitiful fukin' life by his actions.

Anonymous said...

To hell with "mentally ill" label applied to this negro murderer, in a media attempt to lessen his culpability. He didn't go to the 'hood and hack up a random black person, did he?

OT, but classic TNB I have to share. A YT lady at work had a bad plumbing malfunction that flooded her house, and had to move in to an extended stay place for 2 weeks+ during repairs. Day after she moved in to the extended stay, there was a big fire in a local Sec. 8 apartment building, and all the displaced negroes, at least 20 “famblys”, were put up at the extended stay. Next day she went to the coin op laundry room in the place, tossed in her wash, and returned to her room. When she went back to the laundry room, most of her clothes had been stolen - every pair of her UNDERPANTS were taken. As she told the story to 6 or so of us in the office, the lady, who is somewhat buxom, said “Who the hell steals used underpants? They took all the underpants, but left the bras, so it must have been a small titted shine broad!” I burst out into the best laugh I’ve had in months. Even the young “brainwashed” coworkers tried to stifle their own laughter, but couldn’t.

I explained the negro logic behind the redistribution of her clothing wealth, telling her “Girl, dat poor sistah been burned outa everythang she had, and dey ain’t eben put no extra on her EBT card yet, so who you be to be havin all dem white privilege underpants when she got none?” A negro truly will steal anything.

Mutant Swarm said...

Enter Valhalla
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens
Only for good Whites.

Anonymous said...

Another day another black atrocity. Meanwhile in Baltimore, 4 "teens" beat a 71 year old man half to death. Just more sacrifices on the altar of diversity. The religion of "equality" requires a lot of blood to be shed.

Anonymous said...

He may have had headphones in or have been in deep thought. I am a runner and I often do long runs to clear my head. The article stating he ran the same trail often so I imagine he probably didn't notice the Bantu until it was too late.
Where I run there are some Bantus so whenever I see one I keep a sharp lookout. Around Blacks never relax.


First, this slaughter is NOT RANDOM. Please, all of you, anyone in the media, there is NO such thing as "random", "meaningless" or "unknown" cause. There is always a reason and his & her deaths have many serious reasons that will increase in frequency as the negro population increases, as well as the mexican, arab and asians.

Basically, ALL Whites are in danger from all others who are not White. This is why we must have a White Only nation. Period. No exceptions.

Now, to the more controversial aspects of my comments. They had no children? Then, in my heart warming opinion, they were already "dead". The purpose of a White Woman is to have as many White children as she can. The purpose of a White Man is to support this White woman and all the White children, to love them and to defend them. Anything else is racial suicide.

"Women" having careers is a F'n joke and no woman should do such a stupid thing. Men are designed to work (kill) and women are designed to give birth and raise babies. That is natural, normal, healthy and necessary.

Next. He went out WITHOUT A GUN? If you are in America (or alive, White, and living anywhere on Planet Earth) you need to be armed. When I go for walks/jogs I have a "fanny pack" and in it are my house keys, watch and loaded Taurus 5-Shot .357mag revolver. No negro is going to hack me to death. You don't carry a gun? Well, it is hard to not say "I told you so".

Finally, the wife. I am sure she was a "wonderful", "good" person. But, what do we mean by good? Did she have 5 or 6 White children and teach them about their race? Their culture? Their cities, art, music and inventions? A Jewish Phrase: "You are not Jewish unless your grandchildren are Jewish". Oh, the pastor will say she served the "lord" (?). That she loved all mankind (?). That we are not to question (ever) the "will" of "the lord" (but we are to blindly worship) and that the Scriptures (written by complete unknowns during a time the smartest of them has a 3rd grade education, if that), the Scriptures offer her comfort.

Being surrounded by 5 or 6 White children, 3 being Sons, each a concealed weapons carrier, would give her far more comfort than the BullSh*t she received. Once she realized, unconsciously, that she had been fed BullSh*t lies her entire life, she wanted to get off this Africanized Planet. It is a shame she didn't take 10 of "them" with her.

Anonymous said...

This is another example of the costs associated with tampering with nature. Blacks were designed by nature to live short, exciting, and reproductive lives in the most primitive areas of Africa. For reasons associated with the moral code of whites we refuse to return them to where they belong.

Admittedly, there was an economic purpose for relocating a number of blacks to the US prior to the invention of farm machinery, but that time has long passed, and there is no longer any economic reason whatsoever for keeping them here. Because of our moral code we, as a society, believe that we have an obligation to uplift blacks to the standards of whites rather than return them to Africa. We continue to believe that we can force a square peg into a round hole.

Even now we refuse to allow nature to manage blacks according to their own blueprint. If not for our continued interference with nature's hand Shitavious would not have been in a position to kill the Stevens family. If not for welfare, EBT, and other gibmedats, it is unlikely that his mother would have shat him into the world because she would probably not have existed, and if she did exist, she would probably have aborted or killed Shitavious as a child to avoid the expense of raising him.

Even after the birth of the abomination, society would have been safe if things had been left to nature. Relying solely on his own skills and the support of his family Shitavious would have remained in the ghetto in which he was born and would never have crossed paths with the Stevens family. It is likely that the skreets of the ghetto would have consumed Shitavious at an early age. But whites, with the best of intentions, felt compelled to interfere again with the natural life cycle of Shitavious. Affirmative Action, one of our official programs for forcing square pegs into round holes, transported Shitavious to the campus of a college to participate in an educational program in which he lacked ability to complete. This sequence of events brought Shitavious into contact with the Stevens family, but did nothing to protect them from his foreseeable behavior.

The damage caused by our current policies regarding blacks far exceed the economic costs associated with the policies. This cannot and, therefore, will not continue.


A @ 5:29 AM

The negro does not "steal". They simply pick up and take what there that they want. That is not stealing.

That is grazing. Foraging. "Hunter" Gatherer normal behavior.

It is WE stupid whites who just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the news reports about this, they never say why the officer was there in the first place or how many times he asked her to get up and come with him.
Reporting "news" is a joke in this country. It should have been, "Black girl causes classroom disturbance, defys Police, fights Police, lands in custody with friend that trys to help".
Then the dumbass school superintendent/principal stands by the troublemakers instead of the Police.


David In TN said...

Nicholas Stix has written, "How often do you hear a black on black murder called "random?"

Anonymous said...

Just sit back and watch them blame this on concussions suffered at the hands of YT-controlled bloodsports. The NCAA will probably bail him out and pay his legal fees. I mean, c'mon, he was sane enough to be admitted to TAMU...right? Yep, this poor fellow is definitely a victim in all this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if people realize just how dangerous this negro is. Trained since childhood in knocking people down, selected for his speed and endurance and toughness and power, trained in tactical thinking and incredibly violent, this represents a new level of negro low. Even if the victim carried a gun, chances are he would have been blindsided by this "insane" negro buck.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they will steal everything they can. In my neighborhood, items hmfrequently stole by the Orc include flower pots, lawn ornaments, flowering plants, clay tiles, ups packages, mail boxes, flags, solar lights, guttering, bricks, lawn tools, ad nauseum. They are a plague: plain and simple. R Neville

Anonymous said...

It is sick! This POS was probably born and raised at taxpayers expense, educated (as much as possible) at taxpayers expense, got into college (because of his black assed skin) again, free, at yt taxpayers expense, then he kills white people because he's raised, (probably taught in college) to believe white people are holding the black man down.
First thing the white police do? Say its random and he has mental problems.
What the hell does it matter, and who cares, if its random?! Now get this, "IT WAS NOT RANDOM!"
When he saw that white man coming down the jogging path, he made a conscious decision to attack him. He had a weapon and was gonna use it. Are we in agreement? Good.
Now, as far as I know, there is no "time constraints" on premeditated murder.
He may have thought about this for 2 weeks, or maybe it was 2 seconds. Doesn't make a difference, does it?


David In TN said...

Every "reporter" at the Dallas Morning News has a key on their keyboard marked "Random." They are instructed to use it "liberally."

Jesse Guppy said...

It's not possible to judge blacks by their Behaviour these days. That's racist! It's not possible to discuss black dysfunction , black crime, black violence , the huge number of black inmates and we must not mention that hip hop glorifies all corruption. Gotta be thug right!! These angry apes are just a means to an end. That's an end to white America and white countries. The genocide of the white race is their real agenda. The quicker people realize their evil agenda the better!! As anti white as blacks are , their enablers are very much more anti white!! They are waging a silent war on the white race. They want race mixing to mongrelize, mass immigration to dilute, and they work around the clock to rile up the blacks with anti white propaganda . People need to realize who the man behind the curtain is and what these parasites are up too?? Before it's too late !! They have designed PC to make it taboo to address the problem , and if we can't address the problem then we will never be able to remedy this HUGE problem!!! Time for white Christian males to grow some balls!! Fuck PC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

As others have noted, today in the news, Negress wins Negro Lottery. School Resource Officer (SR0) Wins International Attention for Assaulting High School Negress.

I'm out of patience. Cops won't stop hunting the nappy headed, preferred bunch. No. They continually respond to calls in the hood, make corrective behavior their standard, and wonder why they land in prison. Hint.....cops........the negro in "America" is a protected species! Stop arresting the negro. It will land you in a sea of trouble and end your career.

Look, let me make it simple for you coppers. By 1945, Nazism was collectively out of fashion. Being a Nazi in 1945, especially in Germany, was akin to asking for (and getting) a lifetime membership to the jail/prison of your choice. Even if you hated Jews in 1945, you kept your trap shut. Well, it's the same way in America today. Touch that nappy (or weaved) head, and you've just landed yourself in the global stockade. I cannot fix stupid. If you're a cop reading this, please, please, please leave....the....negro.....alone. He is a tar baby. If you were born before 1965, look "tar baby" up. Hint: It's something you don't want to mess with. Just say'n.

Anonymous said...

this man ran 10 miles, 3 days a week, and could not outrun a crazy guy with a sword?

Are you kidding? It's called a surprise attack.

If someone wants to hide and kill you with a sword even a CCW won't save you.

I used to live near an inter-urban trail and I was always waiting for something like this to happen. You get bitter homeless Bantu living near these trails that spend their days watching White people.

The inter-urban trails also end up functioning as escape paths for criminals. We had problems with tagging and vandalism because they could easily hop on a bike and get away even if they set off an alarm. We were at least renting and didn't directly face the trail.

Liberal city media will keep trail attacks and problems out of the news. They don't want White people to stop biking to work. Bicycle commuting and mass transit are part of their planned utopia and the environment is of course more important to them than White safety.

Inter-urban trails are a nightmare for homeowners. Don't ever let someone buy a house that backs a trail.


I've been thinking of how my comment, that the only purpose of a woman is for breeding. I imagined some may be offended until I realized that The Holy Bible, and the Word of the Lord, and Christo, all back me up.

The Holy Bible, and all Christianity, states clearly a woman is to obey and honor her husband. (I don't know the exact versus). She is to serve him, wash his feet and provide. She is also NOT to preach or lecture men (Timothy 2 : 12). She is to never cut her hair, remain at home during that time of the month, and to cover her head when in the House of the Lord (ever see a Christian woman do that in YOUR church?)

Our nation and our people are suffering the wrath of the Lord for violating his Written Word. The Great prophits, Ezekial, John the Baptist, Elijia, etc ALL foretold of the coming destruction if we violated God's Word.

So, you wonder? This woman is supposed to have White babies.

Anonymous said...

Then go look in the mirror. You (and I) are as much to blame for this disaster as anybody.

Take your collective guilt somewhere else. I was never allowed to vote on whether or not I wanted Bantu in my community. I've never been allowed to vote on if I want my tax dollars to go towards welfare or Section 8. I have never tried to indoctrinate anyone nor have I tried to push racial fantasy as truth.

I'm not to blame for any of this.

This disaster was caused by Whites that were unwilling to face reality. The text of Brown V Board is kept from students because the evidence even then was so incredibly damning to paint theory. However a group of White judges decided to rule against reality because it went against their egalitarian ideals.

But the problem goes back even further to middle-class White Northern abolitionists that didn't live near Blacks and thought they could be civilized through traditional Western systems. They ignored the warnings of Southern Whites that actually lived with them. Obviously slavery was a mistake but the deluded egalitarians of the North caused even more problems by refusing to face reality.

FlowerBell said...

We all might as well be living in darkest Africa fighting to protect ourselves against the indigenous wildlife. It's as if a big black leopard jumped out of a tree and tore him to pieces.
Random? in a way. Dave Stevens was the first non-black leopard to come along.

Anonymous said...

The text of Brown V Board is kept from students because the evidence even then was so incredibly damning to paint theory.

Is there a good source for this? Be interesting to see what the segregationist side was.

Californian said...

First, this slaughter is NOT RANDOM. Please, all of you, anyone in the media, there is NO such thing as "random", "meaningless" or "unknown" cause.

Again, you have to look at the politics:

Was the perpetrator told that he was "oppressed" by YT?

That he was owed "reparations" for slavery?

That YT is "privileged?"

That the reason for his failure in life was due to "institutional racism?"

That the riots in Watts, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc., were really "uprisings" to gain "social justice?"

That terrorists like Nelson Mandela were really "liberators?"

Attacks like this are part of a much large struggle in which blacks are used as the muscle against YT. You can not have the intense anti-white agitprop which goes on in the Western world and not expect there to be pathological violence. This is so whether we are talking about Black Lives Matter mobs disrupting lawfully constituted events, gangbangers beating and shooting white people, "refugees" pillaging ancient European cities, ANC minions conducting torture-murders in South Africa, or an "athlete" hacking a white man to death.

Something to think about in the coming chaos.

nativist said...

Here in Spokane, Avondre Graham stabbed a woman to
death on the Centennial Trail as she was walking her dog.
He was sentenced to 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Is there a good source for this? Be interesting to see what the segregationist side was.

I've only seen the full text once on the internet and didn't realize how hard it is to find. Of course I wish I downloaded it.

The arguments made in respect to biology are the most damning.

Here is some of it:
Biological differences between the races.
There were two arguments for significant biological differences between the races. First, anatomist Wesley C. George argued that the brain structure of African Americans was significantly different than the brains of white Americans. According to George, not only did whites have, on average, larger brains, but also the fissures in the gray matter of the brain were significantly deeper in the white brain. Moreover, the differences in fissuration were in the frontal lobes of the brain, those areas most responsible for forethought and higher planning. These differences in brain structure were, George argued, immune from environmental influences and were almost wholly genetic in origin.


Everyone should take a copy of that before it disappears. That's a public university server.

The biological differences were never challenged. For those who don't know the frontal lobes of the brain are associated with planning and impulse control.

Anonymous said...

Can any of you share some of your real life experiences for the rest of the realist here?

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

THANK YOU for covering this.

Of course the national news is covering some smartass black teenager who got tackled by a white cop. Oh, the horror. But a decent white man gets attacked and chopped to death with a sword in a public park—well that's just a random attack. Unbelievable!

That poor man. His poor wife.

But, hey! Let's Affordably Further Fair Housing. Let's bring more blacks into nice suburbs so the magic zip codes can somehow rub off on them. Gee, what can possibly go wrong? More stories like this.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the court case where the liberal attorney made weird moaning sounds when the biological arguments were presented? It was another case where the racial realists completely destroyed the opposition and yet the judge and media decided to completely ignore their arguments.

I'll look it up later if no one knows it off hand.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...”we are bombarded with this white authority figure/black punk criminal crap day in, day out. It is not like we all can't notice patterns. Blacks seem to be involved in every single one of these moronic incidents that should have never happened in the first place. They instigated every single one, and are always there to milk it for all it's worth by throwing shame and responsibility to the wayside as they attempt to get millions of tax payer dollars into their pockets as a reward for being disruptive, rude, stupid, and just plain destructive. And there seems to always be a payout. What a great lesson to be learned. The squeaky, obnoxious, and sue happy wheel always gets the grease.”

You couldn’t have said it any better. The reason we’re bombarded and dragged through the mud? it works so well for the negro, and YT bends over as fast as he can to please the black sacks of garbage. YT can’t get enough! He’s that sorry. He’s that pathetic and despicable. All he wants, is to prove he’s not “racist’

Me? I owe black people nothing.

Anonymous said...

White replacement has been so cleverly carried out in Germany and the USA. Why?

In Germany, the children's section of any public library is filled with books about how to love being gay. There are no fantasy books. Just education books. How to tell time, basic geometric shapes and how great it is to have two mommies.

I would pay Merkel money to take an Arabic translation of "The Penguin has Two Daddies" into any refugee center and have story time for the kiddies. Ask the children to stand up afterwards and have each boy say he is free to marry a boy because he is in Germany now.

Generations of Germans were told they would have no retirement if they did not work, so women had no children. Now the childless Germans are replaced with fecund muslims who hate German society...

Same thing here. Women are paid a retirement based on their last pay. You cannot have a high pay unless you stayed with your career and did not stop to have children. You can't join the military after age 30. How can a woman have a military career and raise children?
There is such a clear structure behind the plan for white genocide worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Can any of you share some of your real life experiences for the rest of the realist here?

When I was a kid I stayed in the center of negroland because my parents were too cheap to get a hotel in a nice area. One day was all I needed to hate my friends that liked rap and emulated blacks. The destruction is unbelievable. You can't get a sense of it by watching YouTube. You have to go to Chicago or Oakland and drive around. I would do it in the morning when they are sleeping.

I also went to a liberal college with every nationality.

Of course there were some IKAGOs but the majority of Blacks were rude, clueless, loud, brash, and generally dull brutes that would follow every stereotype without having the brains to realize it. They would pile in the cafeteria like bratty children and go straight for the chicken wings and Hi-C. I never once saw a Black student have soup or salad. These were the Blacks that the liberal professors were going to turn into community leaders. Yea good luck with that.

What's funny about college is that you have classes on how all stereotypes are completely made up by Ebil Whitey but Blacks in college follow them both inside and out of class. I had to go to a special anti-stereotype lecture and the only Black student there fell asleep with his jaw slacked open. So this Black liberal professor had to talk about how stereotypes are wrong while the only Black student there was soundly sleeping through it. A lot of the White students were trying hard to not laugh.

Liberals of course assume that going to a liberal college with minorities will turn you into a good little liberal. I left college thinking that liberals were mad egalitarians that were perpetuating a massive lie against both students and the public.

Anonymous said...

OT: TNB. Black woman lurks in parking lot until she feels she has identified victim old enough to subdue.


PB said...

"this man ran 10 miles, 3 days a week, and could not outrun a crazy guy with a sword?"

Maybe if he'd already run most of the ten miles when set upon by a crazed football star, part of a game that involves lots of....running....then no, but that time he probably couldn't outrun the beast.

Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with police investigations would know that crimes like this are done by someone with seething rage and uncontrollable anger and often times knows their victim, say a woman killing her husband and stabbing him 40 times. While he may not have know the victim here, this simian was certainly full of rage at whitey. This wasn't random by any stretch of the imagination and the cop that stated such should be run out of town on a rail. Lying sacks of excrement, both of them.

Anonymous said...

It is possible they were infertile and chose not to adopt. To those demanding why she didn't have lots of babies. I know couples like that. They are awesome aunts and uncles.

Thought-Criminal said...

Black "logic": Since the 'gubmint' steals from YT taxpayers to give to the nogs anyway, why not just cut out the middleman by stealing it themselves?


A @ 2:06

Chose not to adopt? They are still guilty of Crimes Against White Humanity.

There are White teenage girls killing their White babies with Abortions. This couple could have made it known, widely known, that they are (were) willing to adopt White babies.

I am so tired of the excuses NOT to create more White babies. For the survival of our race (if stupid spotted owls and deserve to exist, then so do We.) we must condemn any White woman who is not caring for small White things. Sorry. Niceness got us into this hideous mess.


Valkyrie said...

I got this. This was a nice normal white guy who had the misfortune to not be a race realist. He didn't know. Black=danger. Avoid.

Anonymous said...

He was well enough to be accepted to a college, play football, ect, but now he's mentally ill and needs help. I wouldn't be surprised if the defense blames his condition on brain damage caused by playing football since he was a child.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is a 77 year old marine who always tells it like it is and carrys a loaded gun in his front pocket. He looks old and feeble, but wouldn't hesitate to ventilate anyone that tried to rob him like this. In fact I think he kind of hopes it would happen.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Anon October 28, 2015 at 11:44 AM

"Everyone should take a copy before it disappears"

Done. Ctrl A, Crtl C, Ctrl V and backed up twice...Thank you for posting that link.
The reference list at the end of the article looks very helpful.

Anyone with access to the full text of Brown V. Board...please, please post a link!!!

Anon October 28, 2015 at 12:09 PM

"the court case where the liberal attorney made weird moaning sounds when the biological arguments were presented?"

OMG...please get a link to that...it sounds like a gold mine!!!

Anon October 28, 2015 at 12:32 PM

"Me? I owe black people nothing."

I have also said this, but now with these kinds of attacks happening repeatedly, I feel I DO owe the negroes something...like my boot heel on their throat.


Anon October 28, 2015 at 1:01 PM

"I left college thinking that liberals were mad egalitarians that were perpetuating a massive lie against both students and the public."

The difference between you and I is that I left the university system KNOWING this above all doubt.

This is a sad tragic story about a white family senselessly destroyed. I cannot abide any details of the negro. His mental status is irrelevant. He should be put down like a rabid dog....case closed. Im sure they launched into the insanity defense because in Texas the lethal injection bed usually doenst long sit idle.

It has been implied that whites have a better future time orientation than negroes...Im beginning to question that assertion. Certainly the future time orientation of those well intended whites who devised the civil rights debacle must be under suspicion. If whites do indeed have a superior future time orientation then I would suggest that its high time we exercise it in regard to the negroes and our attitudes toward them.

I liked the film clip and will watch "The Village" tonight. I do believe that we must not give in to despair, lest we all commit suicide today. While white men live and breathe there is hope and events like this slaughter push us a step closer to the tipping point every day...two steps closer in this case.

I do believe that the failure of the current system will be in its erroneous economic basis. Nothing is more powerful than money in this world today and our economic structure is akin to the Titanic. This cannot last and will sink fast once the tide turns. Our best means to facilitate that end is for each of us to sabotage the economy as much as possible each and every day.

Steel yourselves for the coming storm. Give no quarter and expect none. Support your white brothers regardless. We can conquer this evil, but only together.

I send my love and prayers to this family and to each of you. This shall pass and we shall stand together victorious. Have faith good people the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Anonymous said...

Chose not to adopt? They are still guilty of Crimes Against White Humanity.

How so? It's not like there is a line of White kids waiting to be adopted.

Little Orphan Annie is a Hollywood creation. The system is filled unwanted Black kids from worthless parents.

White couples that want to adopt White kids have to go to Eastern Europe and spend tens of thousands to do it. It wasn't long ago that Russia basically banned all US adoptions.

Let them rest in peace. They're just one of many Whites that will have to be buried for our age of egalitarian stupidity. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Centurion said...
"There are White teenage girls killing their White babies with Abortions."

Would it be legal to form an agreement between said girls and a potential white couple? A surrogate arrangement of sorts perhaps?

How could the couple be assured of the racial purity of the baby? The nightmare scenario is for a white couple to be scammed and end up with a mongrel. If legitimate white babies are being aborted and white couples are looking to adopt then it seems like a no-brainer. I see the ethical implications of buying white babies, but Im ok with that.

I dont know the law and I feel sure that there would be an outcry about white privilege yada-yada. White babies being aborted must stop. Alternatively pregnant negro women should be financially rewarded to abort. I would gladly donate to a private fund that would offer a negro woman a significant reward for aborting, with certain safeguards against abuse and fraud.

Anonymous said...


Well done. I'd apply that to the MSM at large. But, you brought it to the fore.

in DC

Bubba said...

Starting this year, I have decided to quit my support of and devotion to college football, basketball, and all other sports that are racist and devoid of any redeeming characteristics. This incident confirms my decision. A friend sought me out yesterday to inform me a black LSU football player had stopped to help a stranded motorist and wanted to know what I thought about that. My response was, "was the stranded motorist black, or did the player rob or rape another white woman". My friend later called to tell me it was a relative. Until colleges start recruiting and fielding real students for their athletic teams, count me as a former fan.

Anonymous said...


One of either is not worth your life or your progeny!

in DC

Anonymous said...

Odds are they were a childless liberal couple.

Dallas is Batuland and managed by Democrats. The last thing a racial realist would do there is go for a jog.

But that still doesn't mean that they deserved it.


Anonymous said...

There will be no outrage.

How will it sell soap and cars? What will consumer sensitivity groups allow? Obama was actually sly today in hedging towards the police. This, is quite literally, not the season. We've armed up & learned up well. I believe in a European NRA. I also believe in a methodical strategy at home. We need to recognize and appreciate the strategies upon the perceived "arch". Then we must strike without, hesitation or mercy.

They've shown us no less.

in DC

Pat Boyle said...


Why I won't be voting for Ben Carson.

Ben Carson is Nat King Cole. Or maybe he's Sidney Poitier. Or perhaps Martin Luther King. All of these and several others are negroes created for the benefit of whites. They are not authentic or representative of real black people. In fact they have been promoted because they are the exact opposite of real black folks.

Nat King Cole was a very great pop singer. He wasn't quite as good as Sinatra perhaps but be was better than Julius LaRosa or Dick Haymes. But while he was a big success it was always in white venues. He sang in elegant night clubs frequented by whites. He sang songs written by white people to white people.

When blacks got enough market power to create the music that black people actually liked we got Rap Music. Music that was simple, crude, and obscene. Presumably there still are blacks who can actually sing but real black people seem to prefer listening to non-singers who do speech like chanting. Rap is low IQ music, if you think it's really music at all.

Sidney Poitier always played a sort of moral superman. Other leading men shot guns and got into fist fights. Poitier's specialty was in radiating goodness. He was always being put upon by white people but the film was always constructed such that he was shown to have always been right in the final reel. He was more stereotyped than Boris Karloff.

Of course Poitier's screen persona was fabricate by white movie makers. When blacks got into the movie producing business then things were different. We then had black heroes who were pimps and drug pushers.

Finally Martin Luther King was selected among many alternative social revolutionaries. He was nominally a Christian. That gave him a lot of cover. He had a certain weakness for prostitutes but otherwise was a pretty good role model.

But King was probably the last black leader chosen by whites. Blacks chose leaders like Farrakhan - blacks who openly hate all whites and want them dead.

So now we have Doctor Ben Carson running for President. How well does he represent black people? Carson is bright and accomplished but most blacks are slow witted and never do much productive. Carson speaks softly and seem well reasoned. But blacks are well known for being obnoxiously loud in public and foolish.

In fact Carson is just the opposite of real black folks. That's because he was chosen to be a person with a black exterior who was inside a decent person. Just like Nat King Cole, Sidney Poitier or Martin Luther King. I don't know exactly who keeps presenting these highly unrepresentative black people to the public, but I've had enough. The scales have fallen from my eyes. Black people don't like the elegant and sophisticated music of Cole. They are not as noble, honest and trustworthy as Poitier. And they certainly aren't as admirable as King.

I reject all these phony image of blacks that the media has promulgated. That includes Dr. Ben Carson. I resent being manipulated.


Anonymous said...

Anyone with access to the full text of Brown V. Board...please, please post a link!!!

I bet a lawyer or law school student could get access to it. We need the unabridged version.

But it's quite telling in how it is one of the most important cases to liberals and yet you can't just read it.

Liberals are so confident in Brown V. Board that they want it sealed just like the MLK FBI file.

Nothing says confidence like censorship.

Brian in Ohio said...

Random? Randomly white maybe.

But he was a good boy, about to turn his life around. blah blah blah. And his "pastor" and the NCAA have a list of excuses ready to go. All proven to work from previous negro dysfunction.

Insane my ass. Bored is more like it.

Julie said...

This is a gut wrenching story. The negro was acting out his savage, murderous inclinations. He is a frustrated thing, not a human being. Oddly, I have more hatred of the media and the police management for this repetitive lie that negro violence against white people is in any way random. It's a lie and they know it.

Anonymous said...

OMG...please get a link to that...it sounds like a gold mine!!!

Can't find it. I think it also involved evolution so of course it's going to be a very popular read.

Anyways this should be required reading:

Anonymous said...

Yup. I was thinking the same thing. And if he's still found guilty of murder, it will be because of the racist justice system. Then they will say YT is forcing these young innocents to play football because that's all YT allows blacks to do, is play football. Racist white America. You just can't make this shit up.

The mick

Anonymous said...

I overheard a good one today. The guy said… Total collapse of society, Armageddon = Never having to say you’re sorry again!

Anonymous said...

RE: Brown V. Board

I'm reasonably certain that Lexusnexis similar law library subscription would make this available or even a FOIA request provided you were willing to pay for the transcript.

If anybody is a student at a university most of them have a library with access to paid subscription databases like Hoovers or Lexusnexis.

Even approaching a librarian and asking if she could help you source a copy should get it done, particularly if you played it up as if you were interested in being a good little SJW.

RE: the comment about "whites" not having much future orientation when they passed civil rights legislation I would say that first the people behind the scenes of the organization there, as far as being white, would have earned a gold star in 1940's Germany. "White" indeed.....

That said the end results which we see today are precisely what was intended. More police state, more socialism/nanny state, and more gun control. All they had to do is convince us that negroes were human and all of a sudden the sort of measures required to maintain even a semblance of civilization among blacks are used to subjugate and eventually eliminate white European Christian middle class (who are the real target of TPTB)

Bogolyubski said...

Anon wonders:
Sometimes I wonder if TPTB are just as sick and fed up with blacks as the rest of us are and that is why we are bombarded with this white authority figure/black punk criminal crap day in, day out. It is not like we all can't notice patterns. Blacks seem to be involved in every single one of these moronic incidents that should have never happened in the first place. They instigated every single one, and are always there to milk it for all it's worth by throwing shame and responsibility to the wayside as they attempt to get millions of tax payer dollars into their pockets as a reward for being disruptive, rude, stupid, and just plain destructive. And there seems to always be a payout. What a great lesson to be learned.

Nope. TPTB want YT exterminated - worldwide. They see the muds as better, dumber customers for their shit-sandwiches and a surer path to their eternal rule over the planet. Most whites simply refuse to believe their own lying eyes, no matter how much evidence is presented. TPTB need to be removed and replaced. No quarter should be given, and no mercy shown. Theirs is a crime for which there can be no forgiveness - not even for their grandchildren. This cannot realistically happen at present. I am willing to bet that even Darren Wilson - the former police officer from Fergudishu - still does not get it. The great, central lie has been preached and broadcast endlessly - 24 x 7 x 365 - for decades on end.

There is actually a one-sided war going on but most of the targets refuse to believe it. As long as the niggaball games continue on the TV and the easy credit to buy shit-sandwiches and grape-drank continues to flow, the not-so-gentle slide into extermination will continue. All journalists are liars who are participants in the program. The only oath the so-called "oath keepers" care about is the one made to banisters for a pension which they'll likely never get. If I see Angela Merkel's bodyguards do what Indira Ghandi's Sikh bodyguards did, I might reconsider my (very low) estimation of these people. It's not as if she doesn't have it coming. I'll not be holding my breath as their real employers want her to carry out the extermination of Germany.

The Banana Empire has to collapse, and obviously YT is unable to even contemplate this at present. So, the killings, rapes and outrages by TPTB's negro foot-soldiers will just continue on - just as they do to this day in South Africa. Even there, in the face of open calls from the ANC and its friends for the extermination of YT - most whites refuse to believe reality, preferring myths and fairy tales broadcast by a media owned by self-identified non-whites and preached by a religion which has turned into a full-blown mockery of the original thing. YT must wake up or die. I don't see very many whites awakening - but there a few here and there, so hope hasn't vanished altogether. Housenigga Hussein was right about the 'bitter-clinger' thing in an odd sense. Most whites bitterly cling to the lies they've been told since kindergarten, reinforced daily by the Ministry of Truth, Academia, Business, etc. Taking that pill to see the hideousreality is very difficult.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

To Anon re:
"the court case where the liberal attorney made weird moaning sounds when the biological arguments were presented?"

It just sounds too good to be true. If you ever come across the information please send it my way.

I thank those of you who have responded regarding Brown v. Board.

I am not in the US, so I will have to rely on my library or internet abilities to get the unabridged transcript, which must be a hefty document.

I would have no idea how to approach a FOIA from outside the country...through the embassy I suppose. Sounds like I might need to retain an attorney for such an ordeal.

I will explore the nexislexis option and see whats locally available. If Im fortunate enough to get a copy I'll happily pass it on to any who may be interested.

In the meantime if anyone comes up with a copy please let me know.

I have accumulated so much great reading material from this site I will be busy digesting the material for several years at this point. Thanks to each of you who have provided. Someday I may have to go back to the university system and get an advanced degree with all this here edumuhkayshun...

Anonymous said...

The writer's observation about the football worshipping whites at A&M - and everywhere else - is dead on.

When the rich white neighbors of Aaron Hernandez were told he had been arrested for murder, one gentile white woman said: "I certainly hope it isn't true; we really need him this season!"

Sports is a mental illness; Klansmen would hand over their daughters as "entertainment hostesses" for visiting high school negroes if it could get them a top pick.

Anonymous said...


Everyone should take a copy of that before it disappears. That's

PAUL, Will you get a copy and store?

Also, the judge that gave Avondre 10 years, can you write a story about the judge?

Anonymous said...

Pat mentioned rap "music". What many people don't know is that there is a psychological condition that is akin to "word salad" (random babbling and gibberish) known as "clanging", which is described as "a mode of speech characterized by association of words based upon sound rather than concepts. For example, this may include compulsive rhyming or alliteration without apparent logical connection between words. This is associated with the irregular thinking apparent in psychotic mental illnesses (e.g. schizophrenia)". This is what rap is: clanging.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The writer's observation about the football worshipping whites at A&M - and everywhere else - is dead on.


Sports is a mental illness; Klansmen would hand over their daughters as "entertainment hostesses" for visiting high school negroes if it could get them a top pick.

Professional sports are absolutely a pathology. I live in the Seattle area. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people probably, who fly flags on their vehicles, wear jerseys with the number 12. It's supposed to be the number of the fans or something. It's sick. Point is they are overwhelmingly white. Their country is crumbling around them and their focus is on football. You ready to go to war to save these people? Not me.

Anonymous said...

A lot of commenters are also mentioning the case of the police officer removing the violent and defiant Negress from the classroom. An interesting point is that the Sheriff who fired the deputy could not answer when asked what the officer should have done. He therefore has no cause to fire the officer, especially without a diligent investigation and without addressing the lack of a department policy specifically addressing that type of situation. The officer was in a no win situation. Furthermore, the Negress was assaulting him before he took her down. A low IQ moron with an 80 IQ can easily put an officer with a 100 to 103 IQ in a no win situation because the cards are stacked against any white in every way.

Apparently, the little dears are going to get special Individual (African) Law Enforcement (Non) Plans, kind of like the Individual Education Plans (non education non discipline) that the hominids already get.

This is not going to work. This is completely unacceptable. This is untenable.

Now, as if things weren't bad enough, large numbers of moronic, insane so-called Conservatives are favoring Ben Carson (the pro immigration, pro amnesty, blacks first you can bet, reformed violent thug, I did say he was black didn't I?) in the opinion polls to demonstrate how enlightened they are, in other words to Virtue Signal. Narcissistic liberals and liberal "Conservatives" are destroying us. Can you imagine 16 years of Negro rule? Untenable. Will the United States survive 16 years of Negro rule? No.

Even the English lunatics have not been insane enough to elect a black prime minister.

P.S. Sometimes it seems as if the Great Deceiver created the negro body as a place to house and empower demons from hell. Evil incarnate.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone with access to the full text of Brown V. Board...please, please post a link!!!"

As complete as I found after a brief search:


I think what some want though are the briefs filed by the segregationist side. Ordinarily those wouldn't be found online for any case I'm aware of. Supreme Court decisions are archived in many places, but not the evidence and arguments presented in arriving at those decisions. They must be available somewhere, perhaps on microfilm. If you must have them, your local law library may be able to connect you.

The decision was unanimous, so there's no dissenting opinion. Justice Warren's opinion is well-reasoned, provided you accept that the races differ only in skin color, and that compulsory education for all children is in the national interest. I would suspect that the segregationist side lost in large part because they accepted these two premises, just as the vast majority of whites do today. So looking at the segregationist side's arguments probably wouldn't be of much use.

Anonymous said...

This has layers upon layers of tragedy all over it. I wonder what his last thoughts were before it was too late. When I hear of these horrible incidents I cannot help but wonder if the victims would have survived if only they hadn't been brain washed from birth to never acknowledge how dangerous negros are. I know I have read many comments on this phenomenon within this blog and others. Can some of you please help me find the words to describe what I'm talking about? How could we ever quantify the number of victims that would have been spared had they only been given the truth all along. That's what is really so infuriating. I bet the numbers of white victims of black crime would be reduced by 90% at least if an appropriate percentage of out tax dollars went into education and public service announcements to school people on the legitimate dangers of black dysfunction. Blacks should come with a fucking surgeon general's warning.

Anonymous said...

Even approaching a librarian and asking if she could help you source a copy should get it done, particularly if you played it up as if you were interested in being a good little SJW.

You could try but I doubt you would get the full version from a local library. My guess is that it has only been published for law schools.

Anonymous said...

If insane means a 70 IQ then the US has 20 million lunativs

Anonymous said...

It is rather sickening. So shallow and inept.


Pat Boyle said...

I want to thank the Anonymous at 9:30PM who mentioned 'clanging'. I was unaware of the concept but it is very interesting and very suggestive in trying to understand black music.

I learn something new everyday.


tradcon said...

Here's a site to the full U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka: https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/347/483.

Anonymous said...

White babies are in high demand and very hard to get, Blacks ones are easy to get, sort of like VD.

awakened white said...

CENTURION nailed it, btw Whites also need to stick together even better.

O/T but here's for the Carson IKAGO's on here.