Thursday, December 22, 2016

A "Hate Crime" with no arrests... Vandalizing of Monument Avenue on Night of Trump's Win in Richmond still has no arrests

As more and more "hate crimes" instantly promoted by the mainstream media (to perpetuate public opinion against white people) turn out to be nothing more than hoaxes, one real crime based purely on anti-white hate still has yet to be solved. [Richmond monuments vandalized during anti-Trump protests; 12 arrested,, 11-9-16]:

 Hundreds of people gathered in and around Monroe Park in Richmond to march in protest of President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday night. 
From no arrests made yet for these true hate messages
Protesters shut down several streets as they marched near VCU chanting, “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” Some were also carrying banners that read, “not my president.” 
A large group was also seen marching onto I-95 south in downtown Richmond, eventually shutting down the interstate in both directions.According to police, ten people were arrested for refusing to leave and charged with unlawful assembly and for being pedestrians on an interstate. 
The following people were arrested and charged (the ones in bold are VCU students:
  • Mackenzie A. Werner, 21
  • Michael D. Stough Jr., 20
  • Madeline C. Lewis, 20
  • Sarah Jacqueline Camden, 25 (aka) Sawyer Jackson Camden
  • Madeline L. McElgunn, 19
  • Joseph Gerard Forcier, 20
  • Trevor A. Clarkson, 20
  • Briana M. Collazo, 26
  • Gregory Robinson, 22
  • Sofia R. Bugge, 23
  • Haley A. Reynolds, 22
  • Tion D. Edmonds, 18
According to police, Lewis was also charged with being in possession of a concealed weapon (flip-blade folding knife). 
The protests continued into the early morning hours as they worked their way to Capitol Square and then back to VCU’s campus. 
On Monument Avenue, both the Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee monuments were vandalized during the anti-Trump protests.
Written in all caps on the Jefferson Davis Monument in Richmond were the words, "Your vote was a hate crime."

The Robert E. Lee Monument was also vandalized, though to this day no arrests have been made in for this hate message.

There can be no peace. The opposition truly believes a vote for Donald Trump on November 8, 2016 was a "hate crime."

Fitting the message was written upon a monument to a man who understood what this hatred truly meant.


Original Ex-Detroiter said...

You can't find the one who committed the crime if you're not even looking for them. there's no real attempt to find out who actually vandalized the monuments.

These spoiled little punk-asses need a good dose of real diversity in action to knock them into reality. My kids thought I was a "racist" when they were younger. When they got out into the real world and got their diversity lessons in real life, they found out I knew a little something about the saintly negroes after all.

Merry Christmas to all of you (even the Christian bashers),
Original Ex-Detroiter

Anonymous said...

Time this bunch of traitors, marxists, terrorists got a heavy dose of REALITY
Evidently Election Day didn't teach them a should've,
they better realize THEY are a minority, & when the day comes that they piss off the true majority enough for it to do something besides unite in the voting booth
and they are dealt with once & for all,they'll have no one to blame but themselves & thier lefty,commie rabble-rousing masters like Soros , BHO & the rest of the scum that winds them up, throws them a few bucks,then has them do thier dirty work.....

Baron Münchhausen said...

To Me, The message is clear:

To be White is a Crime.

How many of Us have noticed that the War on Whiteness© is ever expanding, now to include White Beauty Standards?

They are now attacking White Women for looking like a woman should. Not some Justin Bieber lookalike or a Wookie.

Go ahead, Google White Beauty standards Racist.

Be angry. It is justified.

It started with the whole Fat Shaming© nonsense. Now it has morphed into attacking the fact White Women are the most attractive & sought-after in the world.

So comparing non-white womens' level of attractiveness to White Women is racist and bigoted. So now the campaign has begun to replace beautiful angelic White women with Michelle Obama clones in advertising and promotions and everything else.

It is my opinion that they are treating Whites like an abused Woman: Blaming us for everything, Being Aggressive toward us, Shaming us, Telling Us, We, the Children of Those who reached for and walked in the Heavens, are not intelligent or graceful or beautiful or anything that matters in this world.

And all the time, the reality is quite the opposite.

And just like the poor woman in that abusive relationship, We hold the keys to our freedom. We just have to be brave enough to unlock the door and walk away.

Beam me Up

The Baron

Mr. Anon said...

"According to police, Lewis was also charged with being in possession of a concealed weapon (flip-blade folding knife)."

Since when is it illegal to carry a pocket knife? Since when is a pocket knife considered to be a "concealed weapon" in the legal sense of the term?

Bird of Paradise said...

To a liberal hate crimes are only commited by conservatives gainst liberals and minorties they can never commit any hate crimes becuase they think their as pure a the driven snow and their still driftin off to lala land

Anonymous said...

I think it's great. It's important to note that Virginia elected the first African-American governor in US history, Douglas Wilder, in 1988.

The election was a repudiation of "Bullshit".

Negroes are not oppressed. Negroes know it. Whites know it. It's time to move on.

Blacks could get on board and turn their attention to their own dysfunction. Instead, they choose to double-down on lies.

Proudyt said...

Stupid,spoiled rotten little snow flakes. 20 years from now when they have their own kids and mortgage payments you think they will still be this naive ?

Anonymous said...

Negroes have never and will never be held to first world standards...or any standards. Lefties feel that punishing negroes for TNB is like punishing a baby for shitting in his's just what they do.

"The soft bigotry of low expectations"....George W. Bush

Anonymous said...

Nice expose P.K., you can always be trusted to keep your eye on the ball. What you did is obviously the rational next step after dealing with the "anti-black graffiti"/obvious hoax incident. Who here would desire to paint Swastikas everywhere? I'm no adherent of Hitler. Like smoking cigarettes and unprotected sex it was battered into me my whole academic life that he is the epitome of pure evil. Hitler is even more dead than the KKK. If anyone were to "follow in his footsteps" they wouldn't call themselves Nazis and they probably would use other symbolism than the Swastika when "expressing themselves".

Were there runs on spray paint stores as soon as Donald Trump (who was the extreme underdog) legitimately won the election? Was it white people with now completely unreleased white racism who were buying it all up? How did they do when drawing their Swastikas which they obviously see on a day to day basis?

That the Swastika is all that their bereft black heads can come up with to mimic white racism and hatred is a great sign because it shows the sheer incompetence of our adversaries. They are the ones into picking fights and taking things that aren't rightfully theirs, whites are just sitting back and letting them expose themselves for the true monsters that they are- not the fake scientists and caring two parent families that you see all over the television. They are like this EVERYWHERE, not just in the U.S. The time for running and dodging is coming to a close and it's time to finally rub their nose in the shit that they have created.

You want equality blacks? Equality doesn't just mean access, it means ACCOUNTABILITY. It needs to be shown that when blacks are actually the perpetrators rather than the victims that they will be held to an equal standard. In the great push for equality we can get rid of affirmative action and other preferential programs. If you want to be respected and held as an equal then you have to show it through your actions, not through your non-stop lies and excuses. That is something you will never understand because "hustling" has always been and always will be your game plan- (i.e. skimming, looting, stealing from others who actually do allow themselves to be held accountable).

The police/hate crime task force should revisit this as well- it is only fair. It would show that we as communities are dedicated to holding each other accountable. Every message board/comment section on the web awaits realist input if these issues are not fairly and objectively dealt with.

Anonymous said...

"Small town rocked after beloved gas station clerk is set on fire and left to die by masked man in a shocking unprovoked attack"

UK Daily Mail, for all the U.S. news that you won't get in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Dindu wedding ritual in Toronto:

"Huge brawl erupts at wedding reception after 'the bride's ex-boyfriend put pictures of her performing a sex act on the tables'"

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are mostly useless,white delusional liberals. Too bad a semi didn't mow them down.
Female in FL

Unknown said...

Where's a Muslim Terrorist with a locked and loaded semi when you need one.

D-FENS said...

Perhaps the FEMA camps, if they exist, could be put to good purpose.

Anonymous said...

OT But......After your finished watching "Barry" on Netflix (still waiting for a review guys, come on) you can take the family out over the holidays to see - drum roll.......Hidden Figures. The story of the three black female number crunchers who, without them America would have never made it to space! Who Knew!?!

I'm willing to bet they were really tasked with going over meal money, hotel & toll receipts and other expenses submitted but hey, I wasn't there so........

Next on the upcoming move list - ChaQueefa! The story of the black stewardess who was REALLY responsible for Sully's "Miracle On The Hudson" plane landing a few years back. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Almost Forgot! Happy Kwaanza everyone!


Mr. Clean said...

Mr. Anon said...Since when is it illegal to carry a pocket knife? Since when is a pocket knife considered to be a "concealed weapon" in the legal sense of the term?

Not a knife guy, and not knowledgeable in the law there, but a "folding knife" that locks open, or perhaps has a blade exceeding a certain length, or appears to be carried for use as a weapon, might be problematic.

Anonymous said...

Notice that hardly ever see any Hispanics on TV, i.e. especially commercials. It's all BLACKS, you cannot click on a station these days without seeing blacks as portrayed as the person who knows "everything " or is brow beating the white characters on what to do, insurance, food, comparing cable channels, etc.For a group that makes up a slim margin of the overall population they get all the limelight. What about the Asian population??

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hate crimes, the main negro (Lemaricus Davidson)responsible in the torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom (The Knoxville Horror) has failed in his attempt to escape his well deserved fate. The Tennessee Supreme Court has upheld the sentence of death despite the groid trying every trick in the book to get it over-turned. Now, if only the death sentence would be carried out quickly!

Pat Boyle said...

Merry Christmas.

In this the holiday season at the end of another year, it's time to make an accounting. How were things this last year, what are they like now, and what are they likely to be in the coming year?

I'm optimistic. Things have been going well for those of us who are pushed to the edge of society because we are racial realists. The public hasn't come around quite yet to our way of thinking but there are cracks in the mighty edifice that is political liberalism.

On FOX News, which is playing on my kitchen TV, I just saw a Democrat defend Barrack Obama and attack the notion that any of his party's collapse was due to him personally. That's great news. It means that the Democrats have not yet figured out what went wrong. They will apparently continue to wander sightless in the wilderness. Good. The longer the Democrats flounder about with delusional thinking, the longer America has time to heal.

Obama was an impossibly bad President. But don't tell anyone. Let the poor benighted Democrats waste their remaining energies defending the indefensible. Obama's influence has been the impetus for the Republican Party to reshape and rebuild itself. The Democrats are now faced with the political possibility that they can only win elections when they run a black candidate. They accuse the Republicans as being a white man's party. But they are in danger of becoming a black man's party. But as the tide of black violence rises, black leaders are becoming less attractive.

When I was kid the parties were separated by ideology. Race wasn't a defining issue. But today it is virtually the only issue. So if you're white and a Republican the New Year looks like a good year. This may be a watershed moment. Behind us are all these years of self hate and depression. The future looks bright.

For example, I learned that blacks had an IQ about fifteen points lower than whites in 1968. It had been known for much longer but I didn't know it. How many people today know this simple fact? I would guess about ten percent. Your politics can change when you know the facts about IQ. In 1968 I was a psychology undergraduate. Almost no other group of people in America except psychology students and professors knew anything about IQ. The activists were ready then to call you a racist for just noticing that that one simple fact explained a lot about race relations.

The general public got a shock with the OJ Simpson trial but a bigger shock with the Obama Presidency. Many people have yet to figure it out. It isn't that whites hated Obama but rather that Obama hated whites and the nation which made him its President. I'm hoping that that reality will continue to emerge in the consciousness of more Americans. You can figure out Trump's actions if you remember that he loves America. Obama's actions are clear when you realize that he hates us.


Anonymous said...

I said "Merry Kwanza" to a negroe cashier today and he looked like he wanted to jump the counter and strangle me.

Of course, since it would have been a 1-1 fight and i was facing him, he didn't attack me.

Michael Dean Miller said...


Is it me or does it seem like Kwanzaa is getting too commercialized lately?


Awakened white said...

Cheers to fascism!!!! the brain dead morons probably don't even know the meaning of the word.

Sick n' Tired said...

Certain places take into account blade length, and if it is a spring assisted open (can be flicked open quickly like a switch blade) or thumb assist (has a tab/screw on the top of the blade to flip open with your thumb). Depending on where you live and how dickish the cops want to be, it could be considered a weapon.
A friend of mine in NY got a year probation for having a little bit larger then standard pocket knife in his cup holder during a traffic stop. I went to Parragon (an outdoor store in NYC) to buy a new pocketknife during a business trip there and they had a paltry selection. The clerk told me it was because the laws regarding pocket knives in NYC were so strict, regulated, and ridiculous, that most knife companies don't even bother doing trying to do business there.

Anonymous said...

Groiddal women fighting over a hard boiled egg at a Denny's ,police had to be called. Just look at the names of the perps and see comments.

Anonymous said...

There is only one solution to all of this. Always vote republican. To everything,- keep voting republican. They will cut their funding (welfare, child allowances) and thus destroy the hive. Problem solved. There is no other solution.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I wish a Merry Christmas to all blacks. As many people have stated many times on this blog, I don't hate blacks, in fact I wish them well. I hope that, some day, through their own grit and intelligence they discover a cure for cancer, explore Mars, and invent cold fusion. Until that day, please, allow you and me to choose who we wish to live amongst, emulate, and support financially.

Merry Christmas to PK & family, and everyone else who reads and thinks.

Paintjob Theory said...

“not my president.”

These clowns still don't understand how our political system works. I've been harping on this for the past year about the fact that ONLY the electoral college votes for president. Hopefully some of you took the time to read the US Constitution. If you haven't please do so. It should take under 1 hour, you can do this in a week's worth of sitting on the hopper.

"Always vote republican. To everything,- keep voting republican. They will cut their funding..."

Astounding. This is almost as asinine as blacks trying another march to stop violence. Naught for nothing but the Republican party has offered nothing more than rhetoric that's different from the democrats for the last 100 years. Just socialism and PJT packaged for those who aren't fringe/minority/degenerates.

Also I missed the party a couple days back but I do want to address FMG's comment about being a coward. I hate to say it, but if you're worried about losing a "job" that you hate and at which you are lorded over and subjugated by surly blacks, you have already lost, and you certainly will not be willing to make the much harder sacrifices that will be required eventually by those who wish to restore civilization. Furthermore, if this job is so great, why haven't you put by enough money to survive a year or two while you get something else going if you do lose it? If you're not prepared to survive at least a year if everything turned to shit tomorrow you and your family are in grave danger. The time to make such preparations was a decade ago. (This is a warning to all of you, ignore it at your own peril).

Keep silent for the sake of your job and see how that goes. When blacks are the majority you won't have that job anyway, or you will be forced to work and legally prevented from quitting or moving (Jesse Jackson at one point mentioned this is what is needed to keep enough whites around to feed all the hongry negroes).

If you have fear in your heart you are a slave to anybody who threatens it. All somebody needs to do is threaten to take away your job/car/house/life/freedom/social status/etc. etc. and you are at their mercy. I have no fear. I'm prepared to survive regardless of what you take from me, more importantly, I'm prepared to die with a rifle in my hand if someone does try to take what's mine unlawfully. I'm at peace with my creator and I'm not afraid to go meet him.

This Christmas think about how George Washington and his men spent their Christmas on the Potomac. Many of those men gave their lives, many more lost fingers, feet, and legs to frostbite. Perhaps it is not yet time for action, but are things getting better by our inaction or are we just upping the ante on what sacrifices must be made of future generations?

Don't get me wrong FMG, I really appreciate you here. Perhaps for whatever reason you really can't just do a "take this job and shove it", but you might consider making it priority #1 in your life to change that state of affairs with all haste. Also be prepared to lose that and much more if you sit back and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Pat, truer words were never spoken.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

To Baron Munchausen:

Thanks for mentioning that White Beauty Standards are under attack. Those of us who've watched shows like America's Next Top Model have seen this trend coming for many years. Somewhere around Season 10 or so, the mixed-race Tyra Banks began casting butt-ugly females who were at least 5'9" tall, while lecturing us viewers on "expanding our definition of beauty".

Over the past decade, we've been treated to "up-and-coming models" such as: a black burn victim; a black skeletal smart-mouth bantu who was so dark, she was practically blue (she won her season); two different transsexuals (both black); another smart-mouth negro with vitiligo, a skin condition which made half of her skin white (she looked like a panda bear); and several female models (black and white) who appear at first glance to be flat-chested men.

Not only that, but physical defects which used to be corrected 10 years ago are now highlighted or made even more extreme, such as the white girl with ears that stuck really far out (let's give her super-short hair!) or another white girl with a gap between her teeth (let's make the gap BIGGER!). Keep in mind, when a past black girl had such a gap in Season 6, they sent her to get it fixed (and she ultimately won her season, too). Ten seasons later, when a beautiful blonde white girl has a gap, Tyra sends her to the dentist to make the gap larger and more pronounced.

It's too bad, really...I used to enjoy the show, but now I can't tolerate the constant harping and lecturing by the "judges" on what's considered beautiful, and the sneering way in which they dismiss legitimate white beauties as being "too commercial" or, God forbid, "conventionally pretty". Meanwhile, the bantus actively raise hell and sow discord among the others, prance around like they're God's gift to men everywhere, and react with glee every time a lovely European girl goes home because "she be too pretty". At this point, the show would cast Quasimodo or the Elephant Man if they were at least 5'10" and could walk in heels.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent point and highlights another insidiously asinine argument often trotted out to ease anxieties - namely, that the existing power structure is necessary to maintain the negroes' high standard of living, therefore, whites are in no danger of being displaced. I ask the folks who actually believe this: do you really expect the negro to lose anything when we have Connecticut school officials banning a team chant because it might be construed as "racist"? White America is prepared to work under a lash keeping those hongry negroes fed, housed, and provided with every accoutrement of modern entertainment just to escape the red hot brand of "racist". It's white complacency that has kept these parasites fed and clothed for the last 50 years. The only difference is that tomorrow it will be on their terms, and rest assured, YT, the negro will use the artificially constructed moral prerogative of "slabery" to justify to the rest of the world their natural despotism. South Africa is the prototype.

Mutant Swarm said...

The wife and I realized that we don't watch TV anymore. We have weaned ourselves off what Harlan Ellison called "the glass teat." Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and that's it. enemy propaganda can't affect you if you don't watch it.

And as for the dilution of White beauty standards, well, that's just one more instance of our enemies' lack of future time orientation. Hey, dummies - if you breed out all the White people, where will you get the White women you so love to rape and murder? You'l be stuck sleeping with the Moochelle clones...and you'll deserve it.

Oil 'n Water said...

"Keep silent for the sake of your job and see how that goes."

PJT. While your comments usually reflect intelligence, logic and knowledge I think you missed your meds on this one, regarding FMG.
I found the comment to be demeaning, patronizing, and lacking much logic of real world consequences, though I'm sure you didn't intend such to be the case.
If we assume that Miss G. follows your advice, and say, verbally blasts the black workers as well as her boss on her way out, and then attempts to get another job, what does she ask the interviewer: the number of negroes on the payroll? Does she insist they not hire blacks on the threat that she will quit as she did before?
I get your message; not taking a stand can lead to even worse consequences later on. But self-immolation is not the answer, at least for now.
You are a student of history. Do you recall the stories of the banzai attacks by the Japanese during WWII? Bravery, yes, self-sacrificing, yes, fruitless and wasteful, yes.
Your willingness to die, if necessary, in defense of loved ones and property is admirable, but if you believe this action would change the course of the mess we are in today, you are mistaken. It would simply be a case of another old(?) white guy being gunned down by blacks - hardly fodder of national proportion (just to let you know, if you are old, I am "vertically-challenged," as well).
"So," you may ask, "If you've got something better, something that WILL make a statement, then let's hear it."
It may not be better, but I'll give it a shot. I wrote the following a couple of days ago in response to the original comment, and didn't post it.

Ever since the thoughtless, "coward" comment, directed towards a regular (and far from cowardly) commenter a couple of postings ago, the question of what could actually be done to show unity among whites continued to roll around inside my balding noggin.
How, besides elections, could whites protest en masse, without risking their livelihoods, without blackballing their families, and other such unwanted consequences?
A national White-out. A week-long boycott of purchasing goods and services.
No unemployment risk. No work-place confrontations. No need to fake illness.
Simply refuse to purchase any goods or services during a designated time period.
And why go just national? Why not every single white-majority country in the world?
The impact would be most effective if whites gradually stored up weeks before the scheduled dates.
We have the right tool at the right time - the internet - to spread the message to millions of dispossessed whites.
A well-worded mission statement would be essential.
What might it accomplish? Maybe the spark needed to ignite tangible solidarity among whites. Perhaps even the beginning of an open, guiltless, world-wide movement to reverse the ruinous agenda the ((enablers)) and liberals have pushed down the throats of our people for decades.
Even if only one-fourth of all whites participated, think of the huge impact of a movement impossible to be concealed by the media.
Possible moniker: "WWW" - Whites With Whites.

Bill in St Louis said...

I'm down. Let me know when. The economic impact will be staggering.

Anonymous said...

Whillst I'm not getting involved in the upcoming love triangle between Paint Job, FMG & Oil, I will say a white out week is a great idea. We could make it Thanksgiving Week leading up to and including "Black" Friday! Load up. Stay home. Can you imagine the backlash? Nobody shopping on Black Friday but looters and animals fighting over items they can buy cheaper after the holidays! Now, if we could only reach the unaware, lazy and just plain stupid of our tribe we may have a shot!


Californian said...

This is an excellent point and highlights another insidiously asinine argument often trotted out to ease anxieties - namely, that the existing power structure is necessary to maintain the negroes' high standard of living, therefore, whites are in no danger of being displaced.

Consider how Africans have had no problem in expelling White people from countries like Haiti and Zimbabwe. And consider how Africans-in-America have no problem in driving White people out of cities like Detroit and Selma. True enough, this leads to economic-infrastructure collapse. True enough, they end up with a de facto one-party and utterly corrupt government. But do Africans care? For the most part, "no." They would much rather rule over the ruins than have to concede anything to YT.

Some of this can be in that lack of future time orientation. They literally can not comprehend that pushing YT out of a city or country is going to lead to streets going wrong and shots ringing out. Bear in mind that Africans-in-America adapt to the most primitive conditions by forming their own warlord gangs and raiding into other people's territory.

It just may be that for future Africans, the years from the late 19th century to early 21st will be remembered in tales about campfires as a brief period in which they lived some fabulous lifestyle before reverting back to the African norm.

Californian said...

I will say a white out week is a great idea.

Some other things which White people can do:

Cancel your TV cable contract. Write a brief note to the cable TV company saying that you are fed up with the liberal media. If 5 million Whites canceled their cable, it would be a revolution in this country.

Instead of buying stuff from corporations which attack Whites, spend the money on ammunition. Spikes in ammo purchases drive DWLs crazy.

Subscribe to out of the mainstream rightwing publications, like paleo-con magazines. Even if you never read the articles, the sub fee supports a good cause.

Stop going to pro- and college sports which are dominated by Africans. Better, join a local pickup ball or hockey team.

Declare some day to be National White Buying Robert E. Lee's birthday. Shop on that one day. If millions of Whites did this, then the surge would be noted by business and some corporate suits might take notice.

Any more ideas?

Pat Boyle said...

It's Christmas Eve and I can't remember anything much about Hillary Clinton. She has faded from my memory. Poof.

Who says there is no Santa Claus?


Brian in Ohio said...

I get your message; not taking a stand can lead to even worse consequences later on. But self-immolation is not the answer, at least for now.
You are a student of history. Do you recall the stories of the banzai attacks by the Japanese during WWII? Bravery, yes, self-sacrificing, yes, fruitless and wasteful, yes.

"No son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other son of a bitch die for his!" Gen. G. S. Patton...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap! I've carried a pocket knife ever since dad gave me my first one when I was 8 or 10 years old.
Told me never to take it out of my pocket while at school. Can't say I did that but only my buddies, also with pocket knives, knew about it.
A man never knows when he will need a good pocket knife. I carry several all the time now. Never had a problem with the police.
Of course I don't pull one out while talking to a cop either.


Anonymous said...

I have never needed someone else to tell me if a woman was attractive, or drop dead gorgeous.
Black...females, have for years tried to appear "white" because they know how ugly they are, and nothing looks more ridiculous than a big fat sow with blonde hair!


Anonymous said...

If vandals were shot dead committing their crime, it wouldn't be so hard for the police to figure out who did it.


Mr. Clean said...

Californian said...And consider how Africans-in-America have no problem in driving White people out of cities like Detroit and Selma. True enough, this leads to economic-infrastructure collapse.....But do Africans care? For the most part, "no." They would much rather rule over the ruins than have to concede anything to YT.

You get this wrong. Sure enough, cities such as Detroit, Selma, etc. start circling the drain as negro infestation takes hold, but they aren't allowed to "collapse" or become "ruins", and THAT is exactly the problem. At some point, the feds, the state, etc. steps in, and props them up.

Anonymous said...

"Ever since the thoughtless, "coward" comment, directed towards a regular (and far from cowardly) commenter a couple of postings ago, the question of what could actually be done to show unity among whites continued to roll around inside my balding noggin."

Not too painful for you, I hope.

But you can't show a unity that doesn't exist, and it will never exist while whites quietly accede to their own racial displacement rather than fight back.

Paintjob Theory said...

"But self-immolation is not the answer, at least for now."

If not now, when? When whites are a minority? After some boon at her work makes up a phony hate crime and blames her? After she is raped, assaulted, or killed at the hands of one of her simian co-workers?

"Do you recall the stories of the banzai attacks by the Japanese"

Let's recount the stories of the Americans who stormed the beach at Normandy, or the story of my great-uncle who fought at Guadalcanal. Stories of men who threw themselves on a grenade to save 4 of their buddies. Not everybody on the winning side comes out unscathed either. Somebody will have to be the first guy running up the hill at the machine-gun nest. Someone some day will have to be the first to charge over the barbed wire. Someone has to go to prison for stating that the Earth is round.

True, if only BG says "you damned dirty apes" and walks off the job it serves nothing more than removing her from a bad situation. But if 10 million whites did the same then what? What you suggest requires a leader or some other central organization and cooperative spirit. We white nationalists are a train wreck in that department.

"Does she insist they not hire blacks on the threat that she will quit as she did before?"

Simply moving to a majority white town/county/state makes this a non-issue. Many of the folks here talk about the Pacific Northwest as a white destination. I know much of the rural flyover country is, as well as Alaska. I can vouch for Vermont, NH, and Maine being very white (barring a few cities). You can get an old farmhouse on 8-10 acres up here in central or Downeast Maine for @ 50,000$. Most city folks with their too important to lose jobs pay that in 4 years on a car note. Find a spot in an unorganized territory and your property taxes are a few hundred a year on top of that. Before the market went sideways in my last business I could have put that on my American Express card.

Yes. Quit the job you hate working for people who hate you and come out to where the white people are. Get any old menial job you like and you can support yourself. FFS, we put a man on the moon, use some of that white European ingenuity to find a way for yourself that doesn't involve kowtowing to muds.

"It would simply be a case of another old(?) white guy being gunned down by blacks"

I'm 43, but I suppose I'd make the Orca list of old whites that need to die. I'm not suggesting that I'm ready to reenact the battle of Rourke's Drift in Baltimore or Detroit, but I've retreated to a defensible position and have drawn my lines in the sand. It really doesn't matter what anybody else thinks of me anyway. At the end of the day it's me living with myself and I need to find my own principals and values and stand steadfastly by them. Same for the rest of you.

Lastly that wasn't so much of a dig at FMG, just a statement of fact. What I or anyone else would do in her shoes is pure conjecture, and as our sad state of affairs proves, virtually nobody has the balls to call a spade a spade. Perhaps it's not cowardice to go along to get along and play nice with blacks pretending they're our equals for the sake of "your job" or "just following orders", but I can assure you, nobody will ever call it heroic or brave. If you're not willing to make some sort of stand, at least make a strategic retreat.

Please, FMG, don't take my statements wrong, but do examine your life and priorities. Life is far too short to subject yourself to misery, you're white, smart, and dedicated. I'm sure you have family and true friends. You always have options. If I didn't care about you and the millions of others living this lie I'd not have taken the time to write this.

Anonymous said...


Ideas--save money.
Encourage people to learn a trade.
Forget most periodicals.
Watch what you spend yr money on.
Stop funding most charities.

Anonymous said...

'detroit family???' 'family????

‘He Waited’: Dog Dumped on the Curb with Discarded Furniture on Snowy Day by Detroit Family
Char Adams 6 hours ago

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A dog found abandoned on a curb is awaiting a permanent home after his owners left him behind when moving out of their Michigan home, reports say.

A photo showed Ollie the dog sitting on a chair, surrounded by garbage on a Detroit corner earlier this month. The 2-year-old dog was emaciated and suffered a broken leg when he was discovered, according to a You Caring fundraiser for the dog started by the Detroit Animal Welfare Group.

“He waited for his family to come back. And they didn’t want him. They didn’t come back for him,” Terri Looby told WXYZ of the dog’s owners, who allegedly took their smaller pup with them when they moved away. “They did come back for the little dog and then left Ollie.”

The dog is now in the care of the non-profit animal rescue group, and has been placed with a foster owner while he undergoes treatment for a broken femur, WXYZ reports.

He was expected to undergo surgery to repair his leg on Saturday, DAWG officials wrote in a Facebook post. The fundraiser was created to help cover expenses related to repairing the dog’s femur. It has reached twice its original goal of $2,500.

“Ollie Loo was left with the trash when his family moved out. Left to survive the freezing Detroit temps with a broken leg and emaciation,” officials wrote on the page. “Please help us save his leg.”

Injured Pup Couldn’t Be More Thankful for Chance to Walk Again in New Foster Home

Another dog experienced a similar situation in October. A pooch named Boo was also left on a curb along with his family’s discarded furniture in Detroit. He was later taken in by a local dog rescue

Anonymous said...


Prosecute the owners... Or, are they black, so they can be assumed to not know any better, so left alone to do such things again?

Anonymous said...

Lol Pat
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Stupendous ideas. TV. Kill it. I believe that is the most single effective thing that can be done.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Just a little rant from your favorite sociopath,

I dont like all this passive agressive nonsense. White out day? We all know we have the power economically, as others have said we dont have any solidarity. We had and still kind of have the numbers to resist all of this.

When they started bussing in blax to schools and all whites pulled out then and there, what would the feds do? Lock up all of their productive tax paying citizens? There are a number of situations where whites en masse could halt the economy.

I personally want them gone. I dont want to see their ugly mugs another day on this continent.

There are many things individuals could do to change their surroundings, with the mind power and technical know how.

The clearance rate in cities is low, when jigs shoot eachother seemingly for sport the cops cant figure out exactly who did what and good luck getting the 32 people on the street who witnessed it to come up with anything of value when trying to collect statements.

A getaway car can be outfitted with a few diffrent apparatuses to make it damn near unstoppable. Get a gas can and an electric pump or two and a pvc pipe with holes drilled along the bottom or even some spray nozzles. Fill the tank with some low weight oil. What do you think will happen if you were being chased at a decemt speed and as you changed lanes you layed down a nice thick patch of oil? The car persuing you is going into the nearest solid objects with no steering or brakes to aid them.

Another, this time just a peice of capped aluminum square stock with the bottom cut out and put on hinges. A latch can be released with a cable running to the front interior. Fill this square stock with a couple hundred screws and nails. If youre being chased pull the latch and out falls all those lovely fasteners from under your rear bumper and onto the road in front of your persuer.

Last but not least an idea mainly for lifted trucks but can work in anything. You know how when youre being pulled over and the cop shines his spotlight into the car to "see whos in the vehicle" but mainly so he can blind and disorientate you? Well amazon has cheap LED light bars that are pretty compact. You can stack three of those and wire two on a flasher relay to have youreself a seriously fun toy. Epileptics watch out!

Now dont go using this kind of info to evade law enforcement guys, the police are your friends who are there to help you.

Murry Crimmus errbody


Anonymous said...

There are only two kinds of White people: those that are OK being around Negroes, and those that aren't. You better leave the latter alone as we are getting really, really, pissed off..

Anonymous said...

Propaganda only affects those with weak minds.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the down syndrome girl they brought out. I thought this to be cruel. Sure in that protected environment on the show she could feel like a queen, but out in the real world she may be disappointed by how others treat her.

SKIP said...

"Propaganda only affects those with weak minds."

Which, not to be offensive, encompasses a huge number of Americans...enough in fact, to have elected a black president...TWICE! Read "Turner Diaries"

Oil 'n Water said...

"True, if only BG says "you damned dirty apes" and walks off the job it serves nothing more than removing her from a bad situation. But if 10 million whites did the same then what? What you suggest requires a leader or some other central organization and cooperative spirit."

Ten million whites will not walk off the job.
What was suggested - a white-out - would not require a leader or central organization. It would require a keyboard, a message, and a small sacrifice to forego a week's worth of monetary output.
It would involve hitting the ((establishment)) where it hurts the most - in their pocket books.
And most importantly, it just maybe kick starts further impetus for cooperation and unity among whites - unity that you correctly say, is missing. And that is where a leader or leaders will begin showing up.
If we do not have the will at least for passive resistance of this kind as a group, then let's face it, we're doomed already.