Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Former Black Mayor of 65% Black Memphis Admits the Most Poorly-Guarded Secret in all of America is True: Crime in Memphis is a "Black Problem"

On April 19, 2015, SBPDL asked the question: Is the Black Population of Memphis Irredeemable? Yes

I defy you to find any person or any outlet that was actively using this term as much as SBPDL before Hillary Clinton's infamous "basket of deplorables/irredeemable" speech in August of 2016. 


Go ahead. 

Irredeemable is an awesome word and it so accurately captures the black population in America, who
have received so much largesse in form of white taxpayer dollars and produced nothing more than
blighted/crime-ridden/decaying city after city after city nationwide. 

Few more profound than the devastation (the Visible Black Hand of Economics) on display in 65 percent black Memphis, where the civilization white people long ago abandoned has regressed to the black mean in a macabre manner one can scarcely find in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, but in the terrifying warnings of Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard and Theodore Bilbo. 

When you realize the true writers of horror where nothing more than public figures in 1920s America, desperately trying to warn their fellow Americans (white people) about the dangers of whites accepting demented egalitarian dreams, you'll understand the nightmare of modernity could have been avoided. 

Which brings us to this. [Former Memphis Mayor: Crime rate is 'a black problem',, 12-14-16]:

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) -The City of Memphis is seeing a record number of homicides this year. The last time the city saw this many homicides was in 1993 and Willie Herenton was mayor. 
Herenton said the homicide rate in Memphis now is at a critical level and the fix to the problem is much larger than the elected officials. 
"It's like old news being replayed," Herenton said. 
In 1993, Memphis set a record with 213 homicides. Herenton said a special task force, in the early 90s, helped examine the crime. Years later his administration saw a crime dip as a result of MPD's Blue Crush.  
Blue Crush targeted drug trafficking and crime monopolies. Although he said additional police officers would help the situation, they will not be able to get to the root causes of the violence. 
"I'm going to irritate some people when I make this statement: This is a black problem," Herenton said. "This is a black problem that uniquely impacts the fabric of the black community." 
Herenton said Memphis needs the same thing it needed in 1993. 
"What we need in Memphis--we needed it in 1993 but we really need it today--is a massive community engagement initiative like we've never seen before," Herenton said. 
He said drugs, gangs, and hopelessness have taken over the streets, and he is calling on people to act and to do it fast. 
"What I see is a lack of a sense of urgency," Herenton said. "I don't see the black community embracing this as being our challenge." 
As for officials like Mayor Jim Strickland or MPD Director Mike Rallings, he said it's not fair to put the homicide record on them. 
"I don't care who the mayor is. The mayor cannot take full responsibility for the crime wave in this city," Herenton said. 
Herenton said he is speaking at Strickland's prayer breakfast on New Year's Day. 
He has plans to announce a community engagement program at the breakfast.
Memphis is a city where the white people running the Memphis Commercial Appeal apologized for noting the Black Lives Matter-inspired racial attack in Dallas that left five white police officers dead, precisely because almost everyday their reporters cover an endless supply of black crime, black murder, black rape, black assault, black failure, black misery story only serves to prove those architects of Jim Crow were not only right, but that those Northern and Southern elected officials who worked to see the goals of the American Colonization Society come to fruition were the true heroes of our nation's history.

The worst black population in America is in either Memphis, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, or Philadelphia (honorable mention New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Newark).

There is no reforming the black population in Memphis, only a reformation of our views on blacks in how to properly protect our civilization for us in the present and for our posterity., South Georgia News, Weather, Sports


Anonymous said...

Wow. Must've been what addicts call a moment of clarity for deh mayor fo em tu goes anns sez dat cuz dey axed em bout dat.

Just more proof we need to stop supporting the failed 20% and start investing in our productive citizens

Anonymous said...

Hello all! Thanks, PK for this forum & all you do. my first post on this forum, & whatta ya know, O/T: today is the 16th anniversary of the Wichita Horror. Wiki, Google, Bing for the history. Stay alert, stay alive, arm up folks

fedupinmd said...

RAYCISS-oops nevermind....

Anonymous said...

Off topic but you are unlikely to hear about this from the American media:

Phil B

Bird of Paradise said...

Then its either time for him to do something about it or just resign in total disgrace he is negkecting his duty to protect the white citizens from the mobs of uncivlized brutes

Anonymous said...

This is a good first step. The black man admitting that it is a BLACK problem. Alcoholics have to first admit they have a problem before they can fix it.

Anonymous said...

Black crime wave in Memphis! Other breaking news: Water->wet!

Anonymous said...

R selected but nurtured like a K. A waste of resources and there end up being too many of them around. It's a sad truth but not sad- if lots of people are destined to die in your breeding cycle or be killed from "natural causes" (hilariously enough this is actually the MAIN CAUSE OF DEATH for black teenagers in this country. White males fill up their deaths with unintentional injuries (like car accidents) and suicides.

The point is, blacks are actively seeking out weapons with the intent to use them to murder people whom them have verbal disagreements with. All these unmarched-about deaths of blacks shot by blacks seemed to be baked into their DNA- someone has to go or there won't be enough low hanging fruit to go around. White mothers (and fathers) go out of there way to find out EVERYTHING that they can about their child's murder just to make sure another family of any race will not have to go through what they are currently going through at the hands of an armed murderer roaming free.

The imploding dystopia that you paint in your blog is very real; the stories of Selma getting (white) people to clean up the trash so that their burnt out sty of a formerly great city can be presentable for black people to do their magic and highly symbolic walk across it every year speak volumes to anyone who is paying attention.

P.K. has been very right; I came into the game late and when it was convenient and not avoidable anymore. I see he and others here have been here long before 2012-14 and had to become realist out of sheer survival. The black mean is also very real- it has been documented and experienced so many times not only in U.S. history, but around the world even to the present day and P.K.'s hypothesis' hold "eerily" true.

What is scariest of all is how simple this phenomenon is. Increase the percentage of the black population in an area = increased crime, decreased property values, increased litter, decreased safety. Either way, it is not hard to understand: +blacks = +problems.

So they spread them out. There should be one on the way to a neighborhood near you if the fambily hasn't arrived by now. You are not seeing things, they are the new hires and darlings of your formerly non-enriched community as well as their friends living great lives with jobs that they usually can't be fired for. We will find a solution to live in peace away from them, it's not like their general approach (invade, leech, destroy, reproduce) isn't difficult to predict or see coming.

You can't force people to like you, and if you are at that point than most white people (and other non-black people) probably don't want you around anyway. Can't take a hint but being blunt is racist punished by at least a social media storm from an angry and vengeful sowpottomus to set things right. I don't desire to be around people who dislike or despise me, why can't/won't they take the hint? Because it is in their DNA - the point is to swarm and make others uncomfortable and to establish dominance. With morons leading everything (see: Baltimore) things go to complete shit and black people just look randomly around as if this "travesty" just happened all on its own. That Flint needed to take a gamble with people's drinking water showed just how mismanaged that town was and how some of their denizens might as well have been transplants from Detroit. Milwaukee, Oakland, Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans (Now even in the fabled French Quarter!), Camden, South Central, and even the current rising star, Chicago. Same dynamic coming into play, same basic consequences and civilizational fallout occurring time and time again.

But we're not allowed to see it.

Anonymous said...


Enough people have been talking thanks to blogs like this one and the grand facade is all falling to shit right now- actually been in free fall for a few years and counting. Just like the teen who literally cut and disabled fire hoses during the Baltimore riots, blacks have been throwing kindling on the fire of white racial resentment for YEARS. Black Oscars, white police officers, neighborhoods that are too white, white privilege, white fragility, white male toxicity, colleges too white, racist, supremacist, etc. etc. etc.

For those that didn't see Trump coming the blowback has just begun. What has been set in motion will and has had consequences and white Americans are dreaming and now actively pursuing lives away from black diversity enrichment. There is no where left to go.

Anonymous said...

There has to be more to this. It really can't be that simple. We're all basically the same.

I'm going to continue looking for a glaring example of a majority black community success story that doesn't involve just reducing violence or lowering high school graduation standards.

Anyway, Paul is really shooting the Moon with this one, as cool as he does sound. All I have to do is find one very clear example of a large number of black people living in a city where theft is low, and violence is as rare if non-existent. Just one. See how easy that is. Ok, I'm off. I'll post on this thread or a following one once if find an example if not multiple ones. See you soon...

Eddie in St. Louis said...

This guy has probably signed his own Death Warrant. He is an Uncle Tom Toady who caused embarrassment to the Noses and exposed their sinister plans to make Memphis such a Shit Hole that they can buy it back for pennies and gentrify it to the Gays. He'll be blasted full of holes soon and no one will have saw anything. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The collapse of a nation occurring right in front of our eyes in real time! Wild!

Great move now is for ALL our cops across the land to specifically go fetal in negroid areas and let them go at each other unrestrained. Let the streets bleed just as Trump takes over. Make the problem so big that the people will give President Trump the mandate to go into orc areas and just mop them up.

Sometimes to solve a problem you have to make it bigger.

In this case, just let the negroes do what they want without interfering and the problem will magnify by a factor of one thousand.

Stand down, brothers.

Anonymous said...

Memphis is a negroid dungheap.

We need a list like this of all Humans killed or grievously injured by the black animals in America:

Brian in Ohio said...

The worst black population in America is in either Memphis, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, or Philadelphia (honorable mention New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Newark).

The black population in America is the worst where ever you find it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Paintjob Theory said...

"He said drugs, gangs, and hopelessness have taken over the streets, and he is calling on people to act and to do it fast."

And while he at least notes that the problems in his city are African inspired, the insinuation is that some new "program" (white man's money directed largely at him and his cronies) will prove to be the cure. At this point I'll wager that the only reason he and his ilk come out and say the problem is uniquely African is so that none of the money or programs are accidentally misdirected towards anybody else.

Back in the old country where first world methods of getting high have not even been conceived the natives actually collect raw sewage, ferment it, and then huff the fumes to get high and have visions of their dead ancestors. While I can't imagine why anybody would want to see more negroes, it can be said, when life hands you shit, make jenkem. In another fit of black inventiveness, in South Africa a mixture of rat poison, weed, and the aids drugs that YT sends them is used to create 'wunga'. (Who said there are no black inventors?)

Not to be outdone, the tribesmen of Nigeria have taken to collecting and smoking lizard shit for a buzz.

Where I'm going with this, is that getting high is as instinctive for negroes as "looks at muh", "muh dik", or "gibs muh dat". Nothing short of thousands of years of eugenics will fix this.

Ditto with gangs. The pinnacle of black culture and high civilization. Small bands or tribes held together by the force of will and brutal savagery of the most violent and aggressive negro bucks. While negroes still can't manage enough cooperative spirit or sense of loyalty to maintain a nuclear family, the ties that bind when the common cause of committing acts of mayhem, destruction, and inflicting misery on others are strong and strengthened more by fear of the alpha male of the troop. I would postulate that the only way to curb black gangs is to cow them with an even larger and more terrifying gang. Ruthless and cruel subjugation has been the only force that has ever held together black Africans for longer than the time it takes to take down an antelope, flash mob a convenience store, or gang rape some naive white girl at Spring Break.

The cruelest part of this situation by far is that without the white man against whom to contrast their own behavior and condition, black Africans would largely be content with the status quo they create living in a state of nature following the law of the jungle. The evidence is plain in that the lion's share of them make no effort whatever in improving their lot fewer still can even control their base impulses or think far enough ahead to even conceive of the results of doing so. Neveer attempting to sweep the street in front of their nests, fixing broken windows or "snitching" when shots ring out or some activity "goes wrong".

In short, so long as they're black the blight, dysfunction, vice, violence, and ruin will always follow them. We cannot fix it. For the cost of a Eugenic program grand enough in scope to make any progress civilizing them we could mine the asteroid belt, develop room temperature superconductors, or perfect cold fusion. The collective will to implement such a program would require far harder hearts than simple separation/repatriation/elimination and would depend on some future generation of bleeding hearts not appearing to halt the program and undue the efforts of past generations. Simply put, we need them gone.

Anonymous said...

Community engagement initiative? Sounds like a call call for more gibs.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Recall the totally harmless underserved gentleman who gunned down two cops during a traffic stop in Georgia? There is some body cam footage- basically get to see/hear the white officer slowly die as he talks over and over about "bleeding out".

I can see why Yahoo and other news sites didn't show the second video.

razzmo flapjack said...

It's refreshing to see that "It's a Black problem" is actually being voiced by others. You and I have known this for some time but ultimately we are the bad guys for speaking the truth. I personally have been very aggressive with my backing of that statement for over 50 years now. Worst part is that this "problem" will never end.

Anonymous said...

I'm in shock!
A black person putting the blame where it belongs!

Anonymous said...

We ARE allowed to see it. But if we make any kind of observations, we are expected to keep them to ourselves. Musn't comment on the dysfunction or the carnage if you want to be invited over for the Richardson's Tupperware party or have the neighbors drop by for the big cookout on Memorial Day. Oh well.

oogabooga said...

"I defy you to find any person or any outlet that was actively using this term as much as SBPDL before Hillary Clinton's infamous "basket of deplorables/irredeemable" speech in August of 2016."

Why, is this all about you?

Anonymous said...

"What we need in Memphis--we needed it in 1993 but we really need it today--is a massive community engagement initiative like we've never seen before," Herenton said.

In other words, Aybah Poda Hep. He acts like he's demanding black accountability but blacks will screech "Why ain' da White muhfuggas be doon dey paht an heppin' us wif dis shit??"

Bird of Paradise said...

Its for BLM to admit their a radical hate group as bad as the Nation of Islam,Black Panthers and Congressional Black Cacus time for them to admit the bitter truths about their true motives

Anonymous said...

Years ago while driving to Nashville from Arkansas, I would stop for gas and bathroom stuff outside of Memphis. I knew from experience just while driving thru it that it was an infestation and for safety reasons do my business far from the downtown area.Even at night you could tell it was a shithole.

Oil 'n Water said...

"He has plans to announce a community engagement program at the breakfast."

Well, I'm afraid the only result will be a statement that more funds are needed for ___ - fill in the blank. You know the routine.
If he wants actual, substantive change, that means concrete action, not speeches and candles; that blacks need to actually DO something to effect change.
I'd sum up effective change for him with one short list: enforced curfews, stop and frisk, door-to-door gun confiscation, public cooperation id'ing suspects, mandatory birth control, and serious punishment for drug dealing.
Oh, but it would be said, we cannot institute such drastic measures, uh…personal freedoms and blah, blah, blah. Well, if black lives are not worth these changes to you, why should they be worth it to whites?
But alas, even if the above were instituted, the lowest of the low would just move to another city until the sanctions were removed, which they eventually would be, and the city returned once again to the natural mean for blacks.

Anonymous said...

Former mayor. Former mayor. Former Mayor. Former Mayor. Former mayor. Former. Former. Former. Former. Former.

Anonymous said...

He’s spot on and we’ve always known it for what it is. Sorry for the read, but if any of you have time, read this article about the Black Panthers Party and see it’s all history repeating itself.

When you see Memphis, Black Run Baltimore, the youth centers, the grant money, blacks killing other blacks for a high position while money pours in from all sorts of directions. It becomes obvious, All the riots, BLM, youth centers, marches, Soros. It’s all been done before. It’s how some make it in politics and some get rich while a whole bunch die in the process.

This is what black empowerment leads too, nothing else!

Anonymous said...

"He has plans to announce a community engagement program at the breakfast."

There it is....gibsmedats, YT. This "program" will accelerate the negro evolution gap and all will be at peace. It'll work this time.

Bill in St Louis said...

Im pretty sure this inarticulate napa did the best he could, in identifying the murder rate as a "black" problem, but he really dropped the ball without someone to feed him lines. "Drugs, gangs and hopelessness have taken over the streets"? No. Black people have taken over the streets. The drugs, gangs and hopelessness are items and conditions that appear when there are large numbers of black people anywhere. I will give him credit for grunting out a mostly cohetent sentence, and almost getting the cause correct. But I have to ask: in majority black Memphis, where all this crime is taking place, isn't the community already involved? A fter all, the community are the ones drugging, ganging and not doing shit to fix it, right? So, any program that gets more blacks involved is set to raise the levels of drugs, etc. How about a program to reduce the number of blacks in Memphis?

Anonymous said...

Where I'm going with this, is that getting high is as instinctive for negroes as "looks at muh", "muh dik", or "gibs muh dat". Nothing short of thousands of years of eugenics will fix this.

A couple decades back, lefties made a big deal out of an alleged CIA plot to smuggle cocaine into the USA, turn it into crack, and then get blacks addicted thus preventing them from becoming rocket scientists and building pyramids. But what the "underclass drugs" story [ ] indicates is that even in the total absence of the traditional pharmacopia, blacks will use anything to get high (ground glass, excrement). They go as low as stealing HIV drugs to turn them into smokable substances. Surely this could not have anything to do with low median IQ and even lower impulse control, could it?

This also indicates that the US war on drugs was doomed from the start. While you can put any number of producers, smugglers and dealers in jail, blacks will use their cognitive skills to invent new ways to get stoned. From what I have seen, many whites have given up drugs because of the deterrent effect of harsh drug laws (i.e., future time orientation). But not so blacks. Even the threat of long jail sentences does not prevent blacks from using hardcore drugs en masse. When confronted with this reality, black "leaders" will claim that this is due to "hopelessness."

But why are blacks so hopeless? They have the full civil rights program, affirmative action, integrated schools, minorities-only contracts, positive role models on every television and movie screen, their Big Man in the White House, and etc. Logically, they could use all this to graduate with useful skills, create businesses, and maintain infrastructure and order in their cities. Of course, they do not. It goes back to the inability of blacks to assimilate into White Civilization. The best they can do is parasite off of the wealth which White people have created, commit large amounts of crime, trash the 'hood, and then get stoned. i.e., blacks are, quite literally, hopeless.

In the end, the great big experiment to "Elevate the African" has proven to be a total failure. And on every continent which it has been attempted. It's enough to make one take up drugs. Or better, realize that they are not like us.

Stay Armed
Stay Alert

Michigan Jim said...

Big push by the incoming Trump Administration to fix the blight in the inner cities. Bill Pulte of Pulte Homes fame has been tapped to lead the charge. I'm hoping for big things from Trump but this won't be one of them. Watch for loads of white volunteers doing the dirty work while the locals- who caused the mess- sitting around drinking malt liquor and watching. This has been tried before- you can't change genetics.

chattanooga gal said...

" At this point I'll wager that the only reason he and his ilk come out and say the problem is uniquely African is so that none of the money or programs are accidentally misdirected towards anybody else.


Californian said...

Few more profound than the devastation (the Visible Black Hand of Economics) on display in 65 percent black Memphis, where the civilization white people long ago abandoned has regressed to the black mean in a macabre manner one can scarcely find in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, but in the terrifying warnings of Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard and Theodore Bilbo.

Back when I was in high school, we read Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." Our English teacher recoiled in horror at this passage:

"Civilization's going to pieces," broke out Tom violently. "I've gotten to be a terrible pessimist about things. Have you read 'The Rise of the Colored Empires' by this man Goddard?"

"Why no," I answered, rather surprised by his tone.

"Well, it's a fine book, and everybody ought to read it. The idea is if we don't look out the white race will be — will be utterly submerged. It's all scientific stuff; it's been proved."

Surely, this man "Goddard" [Stoddard, Grant] was a "bigot", right? But how many people who critique such men and women have read their works?

One can read Stoddard online. He provides a reasoned analysis and makes some projections based on the data. And these projection have been demonstrated correct by the events of the last century. Black dominance of any city or country leads to its physical destruction as well as degeneration of its people.

This was also a theme in the writings of pulp fiction masters such as Lovecraft -- try reading his "Shadow over Innsmouth" and then compare its rotting streets and demented denizens with Memphis, Detroit and Selma. Similarly, Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Cimmerian, gives a brooding racial undertone to his works.

Much of this goes back to the early 20th century perception of the Decline of the West. The era of Progress was over. The world was entering a period of Great Wars and Greater Revolutions. And one of those revolutions has been in the race war of the African against the White.

Now, the funny thing is, White people could win this war in short order if they had to the will to fight. But the dilemma is in getting White people to understand that they are in a war in the first place. Which means dispelling the Shadow of Egalitarianism.

Anonymous said...

Not likely.


Californian said...

I would postulate that the only way to curb black gangs is to cow them with an even larger and more terrifying gang.

This is so.

Try reading Mike Hoare's "Congo Mercenary" for an account of warfare in the Congo during the 1960s. Black tactics involved terrorizing the other side. The White mercenaries, by a superior application of firepower and shock effect, routed large numbers of Africans. It's not the numbers which count but morale and leadership. And full auto fire.

Blacks got the message: if you resist, you die. More critically, when YT stands tall, Africans respect his leadership and will get into line.

You might also read the various works by A. J. Venter on Cold War era conflicts in Africa, or the numerous works now coming out by Rhodesian and South African veterans of the Bush War. Lots of lessons to be learned.

The most critical lesson is that in order to win against the African one must have superior political will. The collapse of the White world in the face of African-DWL agitation since the end of World War II negated many White military victories...whether on the Angolan frontier or at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Anonymous said...

The comments are really boring here and the articles are repetitive and boring. "Paul Kersey" is a far cry from the movie version. He has a heavy-handed approach to comments and is controlled opposition. I will not buy his books nor will I frequent his site again. I will not support him in any way. I am sick of these POS news aggregators trying to be our leaders. They are not worthy of leading anyone. Again, they are controlled opposition and a steam valve to prevent meaningful action. They are arrogant and overbearing controlled steam valves. To hell with them.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

From yesterday's posting:

Anonymous sez...
@December 14, 2016 at 8:09 AM


We're glad to have our white women with us. Those who are with us. It is, again, in the percentages.

I would also bring to your attention the correlation between the success of the so-called women's liberation movement and the increase in the attacks and misfortunes of white people as well as the massive importation of hostile non European foreigners.

Again, we are glad to have our white sisters who do support us and please keep voting pro white. Try to turn our misguided sisters to support the interests of their own fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers.


I've tried and been shouted down on numerous occasions. You cannot win with the liberal mindset. And their husbands are equally pig-headed. These are college educated (indoctrinated) people in their late 50s and 60s. I've been told off in no uncertain terms that my views are not welcome in their homes. And don't even try to go there with gay and lesbians. Not. gonna. happen. period. And mind you, I am a libertarian and believe adults should marry whomever they wish, gay, straight, bi, whatever. But please do not push your belief systems on me or children who don't have the understanding of what sexuality is all about. I don't mind hearing a dissenting opinion, but preaching to me is not cool.

In college, I had a sorority sister who was deep into the "Men are bad, women are the true power structure, etc., etc." I used to counter that by saying, "Women, if they have any rights whatsoever, should be cautioned to keep their mouths shut and ears open when their men are sent off to fight foreign wars."

Boy, did that ever stop them in their tracks. Nothing like doing some reverse psychology to get them to examine their own beliefs. Hint....liberals are mostly sheltered children who lash out against anyone who questions their dogma. Idiots, all. They were heavily influenced by Marxist dogma back then and even more so now.

Bird of Paradise said...

Any mayor who cant protect his own citizens and prefers to disarm them is a total disgrace and should resign in disgrace

Pat Boyle said...

The quickest and most reliable method for raising the IQ of blacks is to have a white mother. Full blacks in America have an IQ of 85. Mulattos of one white and one black parent are intermediate in IQ (about 92) between their parents. This is a very fast way for a low IQ population to increase their intelligence. The rub is that the mulattos are not really blacks anymore.

I assume everyone reading this already knows this.

The other methods for increasing the intelligence of blacks operate at a much slower pace. The white and the Asian populations split off from the Africans about 50,000 years ago. The current most accepted theory as to why these populations became so much more intelligent that those who remained in Africa is 'cold winters'. According to this theory the people who went to the North West (Europeans) and the peoples who went to the North East (East Asians) grew smarter to be able to survive the harsher climates. Presumably we could make Africans as smart as we are but it would take 50,000 years.

Or we could do some sort of genetic manipulation. The first problem with this is that no one knows how to do any such thing. Even if we did know how to increase the frequency of some allele, there are over a hundred alleles known to influence intelligence. Even the SNPs that have the most effect on IQ only increase it one or two percent. I have no doubt that we will one day boost the IQs of our kids with some sort of manipulation of their genomes. To do anything major however might take centuries. If the liberals continue to refuse to believe that genes matter - maybe longer.

So blacks - who suffer from racial stupidity - are not likely improve within the lifetime of any of our readers. So we should expect more of the same - more crime, more unemployment, more dependency.

In the meantime we have automation and robotics. About a month ago I wrote something about the $15.00/hour Minimum Wage. At the time there were no jobs advertised on the Web for workers in the fast food industry, but there were ads for a kind of engineering specialists - experts in robotics. Apparently if you know how to make a robot who can fry a burger - you need not fear unemployment. When I was in my twenties I was crazy to write code. Today I would study robotics.

Time has run out for blacks. They advertise Roomba on TV. I have had a Roomba for almost five years. In fact it's not very useful. It's an early model. But in a couple of years - we'll see. The classic default job for a black man is janitor. But soon institutions like the businesses in the skyscrapers will probably have some Roomba-like machines sweeping the floors. They will probably still have a human janitor but it will be someone who can fix the machines - maybe a Japanese guy.

Blacks are being squeezed out of the modern world. They seem to get more criminal as this happens. No, I didn't forget education. We are near the end of education reforms. The only people who still believe in the redemptive power of education are politicians and some people desperate for hope. We have excellent education now. It is hard to get better education from humans. Even computer learning won't help much.



Anonymous said...

He said drugs, gangs, and hopelessness have taken over the streets, . . .

What he has unintentionally described is normal black society as it approaches its natural mean. It will get worse before it fully stabilizes. Only with perpetual artificial support provided by white people can black society be maintained at a level higher than he describes.

Anonymous said...

Crime, welfare dependency, illiteracy, birth illegitimacy, violence, substance abuse, littering, animal abuse, neglect, and general social misery would plummet about 90% if we could somehow reduce the negroe population from 13% to 0%.

Anonymous said...

"In 2014, the city of Memphis ranked eleventh in violent crimes for major cities around the U.S. In 2006, Memphis led the nation in number of violent crimes. In 2001, 2005, and 2007, Memphis ranked second most dangerous in the nation among cities with a population over 500,000. It also ranked as most dangerous in 2002. There are approximately 182 gangs in Memphis, Tennessee with 8,400 gang members in the county."

2 years have past (going on 3) since 2014, maybe a realist who is familiar with the format can update the incidences for them.

Here is a good site, Jan 1 - Present:

220 (mostly black) lives snuffed out inside the city limits, 187 black, 177 gun-related.

Stop the black violence. Stop the biolence! We need another program for the sole benefit of black people to protect us and them from theyselbs. Maybe they can be enterprising capitalists and offer armored convoy tours to see Graceland. Seeing an Elvis tribute in his hometown is now more dangerous than going on an armed Safari in Africa.

Paul, I also think you should hold back a bit. I bet that there are several "black intellectuals" who can't keep from coming back to this site to carouse the comment section to "keep an eye on the enemy". Same with Pat, Paintjob, Greebaum, etc.- blacks are like very young children, you can't hold them accountable for their actions even when they physically attack you; they are still testing their boundaries of what they can get er right and wrong (White silence is white violence er, or something).

There are no patterns to see here folks, Memphis is most likely an anomaly, nothing more nothing less. Just because the theft, terrorizing, and cold-blooded murder by the black population is "more than likely/kinda/really/sorta/totally a black thing then I'm sure racism and outright privileged oppression are not far behind. Learn to "check it" and to follow the grate leaders that have been put forth by the lesbo matriarchy of BLM- they are the torch bearers of black angry/sullen/violent/agitated/shameless 'we be a'pressed (bowel) movement' that talks daily about 'black bodies' (in and outside the toilet bowl) being flushed down the drain.

Anonymous said...

His excellency said it was a black problem, not a black caused problem.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all,
I've been visiting this blog for probably three years or more. This is my first comment. I've visited many blogs but this one has by far the most intelligent commenters and the most useful information. I was recently without internet access for a week, when I could again get online this is the first place I came.
The main reason I'm leaving this first comment is to thank the various contributors from whom I've learned so much. Pat Boyle is a gem, I truly love your observations and have watched several of your videos on youtube. The others should be mentioned as well, Gwoobus Harmon, Paintjob Theory, The Former Miss Greenbaum and Californian are some of my favorites and I can't thank you guys enough for your observations and input. Of course I'd be remiss were I to not thank Paul himself. Mr. Kersey your courage and dedication to the truth are truly admirable. Thank you for this blog, you're an inspiration.
I'd also like to thank Californian for posting the names of past authors and their works. I just spent three hours this afternoon reading Lothrop Stoddard's "The Rising Tide of Color". Truly an amazing work, it illustrates again how brilliant white people were a hundred years ago and how brainwashed many of us are now. Thanks Californian for mentioning that book and others. Along with Negro in Negroland, it's educated me in a much more practical way than any school I ever attended. I encourage all here to read this work and others mentioned by the various contributors.
I probably won't comment again as I don't feel I have much to add to the conversation. I wanted to comment this time mainly to thank Paul and all the rest of you guys for the info you've shared. I know I've been bettered by the knowledge shared here and I'm very appreciative of that. Keep up the good work guys.

Unknown said...

Amazing. They usually use the code "youth problem" to cover up black crime.

Mr. Rational said...

How about a program to reduce the number of blacks in Memphis?

I believe the US has removed the neutron bomb from its arsenal.

There are certainly other means (e.g. eliminate free HIV medication) but this is not something that can enter the realm of the realistic even under the incoming administration.

Making EBT and housing subsidies payable only in Africa is a pipe dream.  Today.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Some scraggly group of black men were on my news tonight with their "program" to reach the youth, blah, blah, blah. Some were ex gang members, too - oh goody. I said out loud this is their new hustle now that they're too old to hustle drugs and beat people. And it hasn't worked the last 30 or more years it's been tried. Not one more cent! I think I got through to someone because they started thinking how many "programs" there are and our murder rate is the highest in years. Speak out when and where you're able. People are starting to see a little.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

The above video is so full of shit.

Segregation saved Southern Civilization and cities for 100 yrs.

From the time Segregation ended in the 50s/60s, so many Southern cities have gone to pot. And northern cities too with lots of black thugs. Look at Detroit and Baltimore.

Look at Selma today. It's a hellhole.

The fact is blacks are physically stronger, more aggressive, and tougher. They can beat up whites, emasculate white males, and sexually conquer white women.

The legacy of Civil Right is racial disaster all over America.

If blacks were just whites with black skin, the ending of Segregation would have been a good thing.

But the difference isn't just skin color.
Blacks are more muscular, more aggressive. They are also less intelligent.
So, they are more likely to be thugs, more likely to bully whites and humiliate white men and conquer white women.

Also, from end of Civil War to the 1960s, the entire number of blacks lynched by whites numbers around 2,000. That's it.

In contrast, blacks have robbed, raped, attacked, assaulted, and/or murdered millions of 100,000s of whites since the 60s.

From this video, it appears Dick Morris doesn't care about white victims of black thuggery.

rexfreeway said...

Stop, frisk and search. Will cut crime to near nothing. But you will have to prepare jails, court systems and prisons for the onslaught of Negroes that will fill them.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

oogabooga said...
"I defy you to find any person or any outlet that was actively using this term as much as SBPDL before Hillary Clinton's infamous "basket of deplorables/irredeemable" speech in August of 2016."

Why, is this all about you?

December 15, 2016 at 8:52 AM

I'll bite! No, this isn't just all about PK. PK I don't believe coined it as HIS word of choice and if I'm not mistaken PK named the OP of it who started using it to describe current situation in America.

Heck, I don't know PK personally, nor do I necessarily need to, but what PK brings to the table within this blog is the whole bare-naked unadulterated truth for all to see who care to see. For this in itself PK deserves all the praise in the world for offering us ALL a forum where we can not only exercise our 1st amendment rights but for us all to actively have an utmost unequivocal discussion/conversation about THE MOST IMPORTANT issue our country faces today, race relations. Pk gives us "realists" just the place to do that. Others do, too, but none compare to what we have here, period! The intelligence that is shared between the many members of this blog is sometimes so strong it's actually pretty overwhelming to take in all at once. For those of us who recognize this feeling within this blog are very thankful to have someone like PK alive and kicking. He gets "it" and so do we !!

So, if your oogabooga self wants to continue to keep living under a rock, acting as if it doesn't exist, please by all means, keep living under your rock, but do us all a helpful favor and keep your ignorance to yourself. Do you really have to troll here just to get a bit of attention? If so then it is clear to see who's the real "deplorable" is here...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The intellect on this site is amazing. Thank you. I found you all nearly three years ago and now I feel empowered. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Michigan Jim @ 11:30 . For every hot cheeto bag that dick and Jane pick up, shitavious and latiqua throw two more down. I, like you, have watched the Detroit mower brigade, and numerous other 'white' organizations come into the 'dirty D' to clean it up. If you drive through Detroit during the summer months it is jaw dropping. I don't think that there is a dirtier city in the U.S.. not only is the city itself dirty, but the problem has progressed into all the surrounding areas. Once the folks from Detroit started venturing out into the suburbs for food, clothing, and entertainment, the litter and blight followed. To Bill Pulte, better keep that broom and dustpan at the ready. This will be a 24-7-365 endeavor. Good luck,white cleaning people. Don't forget the ice cold koolaid (that's for the vibrant folks, while they watch you work).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said . . . Again, they are controlled opposition and a steam valve to prevent meaningful action . .

An interesting and somewhat confusing assertion. Now, who exactly is controlling PK? I must admit, I actually thought that PK wrote his own articles. Is it ((them))?

Anonymous said...

Blacks do not have Neanderthal DNA.

oogabooga said...

Hello Enough is ENOUGH !! I know first hand about blacks. I lost a dear friend to one. I'll post whatever I feel like posting. I hate blacks, but I hate most whites also. I hate most everyone.

Yes, this constant grandstanding about using a word is stupid. Whoever PK is (I take back about Taylor, he uses his name and goes into the belly of the beast) he needs to go public. GLR never backed down from MLK, X, Stokely and the rest of some boogs that would make you pee your snowflake diaper. RPO taught at Illinois/Urbana with a gun at his side due to his absolutely true comments about blacks and (((them))). If you're going to talk the talk, walk the walk. A plethora of grammatically comedic books will not cut the mustard. I haven't heard the latest podcast, but the constant giggling, tittering, etc., is not what men do when they discuss something that is as important as what they claim it is.

So, Mr. Enough is ENOUGH !! I'll come out from under my rock so you can educate me on the world I've seen more of than you ever will. I toured the world a few times over with a quite poular 80's rock/pop band. You've heard me on your radio. I've only heard you here.