Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One of the Five Blacks Who Tortured/Murdered White Grandmother in Georgia Posts Facebook Selfies from Jail

Not far from the where the fictional events of The Walking Dead take place (season 1-4), a story of a black-on-white crime/murder provides the proof zombies are the perfect stand-in for the legitimate fear of Africans in America.

You remember white grandmother Dorothy Dow, who was set on fire by five blacks, beaten and ultimately, after a lengthy stay in the hospital, passed away from her wounds.

One of those five blacks, a fine female representative of the species, is in some serious trouble for taking selfies in the jailhouse and doing the universally-regarded-as-horrible "duck face."

No remorse, absolutely no regret for taking the life an 83-year-old white grandmother, as long as her "duck face" photo in jail gets at least 10 'likes' on Facebook. [Murder suspect caught taking pictures while behind bars, CBS46.com, 12-6-16]:

MERIWETHER COUNTY, GA (CBS46) -A young woman accused of robbing, beating and burning a Meriwether County grandmother who later died has been caught taking pictures while behind bars and then posting them to social media. 
Accused killer Mina Ellery and three others are jailed and are charged with the killing of 83 year-old Dorothy Dow in August. Meriweather County Sheriff Chuck Smith says the suspects forced their way into Dow's home, beat her, poured gasoline on her and then lit her on fire. 
Ellery is now in trouble for posting the pictures of herself on social media. In a post on Facebook, Ellerly is seen with a jailhouse phone in her hand while making a "duck face". In another picture, she can be seen sticking her tongue out.  
Investigators think a visitor snuck a cell phone camera into a visitation room inside the jail. Sheriff Smith says deputies are reviewing surveillance video from the jail to see who smuggled the cell phone illegally into the facility. 
CBS46 talked with Ellerly's mother, Sherry Lee Ellerly, who lives in Oregon. She says she loves her daughter but doesn't like what she did to another family. 
"This isn't right. She's in there for a reason, and it shouldn't be like she's smiling and having fun while another family is sad and grieving," Sherry Lee Ellerly told CBS46 News. 
CBS46 also reached out to Sheriff Chuck Smith who tells us the jail doesn't have pat downs or metal detectors for visitors but there will be a staff review following the incident. 
"We're going to make sure our jail staff is following the procedures," said Smith. "We're also going to use our video surveillance that we have here within the jail, and this is going to help us identify this person. That's why this person is going to be held responsible." 
Sheriff Smith says once they find out who snuck the cell phone into the jail, he is going to request criminal charges be filed with the District Attorney's Office against that person.
At least the zombies of The Walking Dead have an excuse for their actions. CBS46 News


Anonymous said...

Africans in the USA will be much better off when they return to Africa, even USA Africans agree "Go Home, Work For Your Own People!"


BLAXIT - The Ultimate 'Go Back to Africa' Video


(This land of immense opportunity is only for Africans; no Europeans allowed)

Anonymous said...

Remember in Shawshank Redemption early in the film the fat white guy gets pummeled by the main guard. I really wish i could do that to this waste of oxygen. These beasts are not human. They should be executed by the public slowly. On t.v. for the whole world to see. Why does boontefia have her phone!! Don't they confiscate your personal belongings when you get booked. Dorothy Dow may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you in heaven.

Anonymous said...

These incarcerated negroes need to be making little rocks out of big rocks 12 hours a day. Going to today's version of prison is like a vacation to them. This needs to change.
Off topic, is it no wonder current music sucks, look at the nominees for the Grammys.
Another example of the negro Midas Touch, everything they touch becomes ruined.
Female in FL

Brian in Ohio said...

Doesn't look like she`s losing any sleep over what they did, does it? Photo was captioned, "Fitting right in here at Negro U!"

To have remorse, she would first require a soul. Filthy beast.

Just your average black girl.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

the jail doesn't have pat downs or metal detectors for visitors but there will be a staff review following the incident.

post her picture on the wall, and when people ask "Why am i being searched"? just point at

Fled The Undertow said...

Who brought in the cell phone? Really?

The question should read, "Which of our guards is smuggling in shit to the felons?"

A kid I used to teach is in prison for shooting his drug dealer. The foolish fellow apparently had the gall to resist when my ex-student (a jackass even when he was 6) decided to relieve him of his cash.

Then, once settled into the Atlanta Federal Prison, my little Einstein decided to shoot another prisoner with a smuggled gun. So how hard can it be to get a cell phone?

At least the mother had the decency to denounce her daughter's behavior. I was half expecting to read about how her mother in Oregon is selling t-shirts with her chile's name and face on them, wailing about how she be a good girl who got caught up in the wrong crowd. So at least there's that.

Anonymous said...

"shouldn't be like she's smiling and having fun while another family is sad and grieving,"

Your family is full of humans. Homo Sapiens. You are capable of remorse, empathy, regret, mourning, and other thoughts and emotions that require higher brain functioning.

The feral savages that tortured and murdered your grandmother are Homo Africanus. They are the only people on Earth without Neanderthal DNA, they have unique skull formations, denser bones, wirey fur instead of long soft hair, smaller brains, and other biological differences that separate them from us. They do NOT feel ANY remorse or regret for what they have done to your family. They are only sorry they couldn't have done what they did to every White person on Earth.

Once you accept the base reality that Homo Africanus is NOT Homo Sapiens all of the sudden the atrocities you see in the news, the huge achievement gap between negroes and Whites, the incarceration rates, the poverty levels, the blankets of trash in ghettos, ALL of it starts to make perfect sense.

Imagine you have a dog farm. My neighbors have one, they breed beagles. A couple hundred beagles at any time. Nice dogs. Smart, friendly, obedient. Now imagine I made you take a dozen hyenas into the farm, and told you they only LOOK different from beagles, and they only attack, torment and kill your beagles because the beagles are evil breedists that make the hyenas feel bad. And if YOU so much as insinuate that these feral hyenas are ANY different from the beagles then YOU are an evil breedist! SHUT UP YOU EVIL BREEDIST! NOW PAY MORE TAXES TO TAKE CARE OF THOSE HYENAS AND DONT YOU DARE EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM AGAIN YOU EVIL LOATHSOME BREEDIST SCUM!

This is america.


Paintjob Theory said...

I know a man who killed someone in a car crash when he was blackout drunk about 15 years ago. To this day you can tell he is a little off. Many white veterans I know who have killed in close combat also give off an aura of being haunted by what they have done.

"It is hard to make them feel that the shedding of human blood is a great crime ; they must be conscious that it is wrong, but, having been accustomed to bloodshed from infancy, they are remarkably callous to the enormity of the crime of destroying human life." — Livingstones Africa, page 217.

If these primitives ever feel remorse it's only for the fact that they got caught. Prison is not punishment for them, it's like a family reunion where they can live the life of Riley never having to work or worry about providing their next meal, keeping the lights on or providing a nice warm place to sleep. There's even as much sex as they can handle.

In truth, I believe that there is actually no punishment which would serve as a deterrent sufficient to prevent TNB. They're just animals acting on their nature and cannot conceive three dimensional concepts like cause and effect or consequences for their actions. It is likely that this creature probably doesn't even understand why it's in a cage now.

If you have a dog who tips over your trash and rolls in it spreading it all over your floor and you come in an hour later and get angry, the dog only "learns" that you are angry when trash is on the floor, they do not associate any of this with the fact that an hour ago they were merrily rooting around in said trash and were themselves the cause of the current situation. Negroes with their unevolved sense of time. The only difference between a dog and a black African is that if you catch a dog in the act and punish it eventually you can actually change its behavior, or if it cannot be trained and proves to be a danger to humans you can legally take it to the vet and have it put down.

The sooner the masses understand that the sub saharan African is not human the sooner we can take the actions needed to restore our first world civilization and realize our destiny out amongst the stars. As Pat often says, there's simply no place in the future for the dodo bird, the woolly mammoth, or the black African. They are relics of a bygone age that evolution left behind. If we don't do it and let the undertow sweep us out to sea, rest assured the yellow man will purge the Earth of their cancer.


I don't think that is a selfie. She is holding a phone in her left hand, speaking to the person through the Plexiglass that separates her from the "visitor".

I think the Visitor took the pictures and up-loaded them to her Assbook account. Most jails I've been in SEPARATE the inmates from visitors and make it impossible to hand them anything. It must really be a strange "prison" where you can walk in an hand the inmate anything.

Just my thoughts. I hope some female "Aryan Nation" type prison gang gives this negress a nice welcome..............................Nothing pisses off honest, decent, moral Racial Aware White prisoners than an inmate who messes with children or elderly women. You don't do that. Ever. You won't face justice from the disgusting legal system, but you WILL face justice at the hands of Bubba and Bobby Joe or their sister-wives Betty Sue and Maybell.

Roberto said...

No pat downs or metal detectors for visitors? Really? This is in a real city or county jail and anyone can just walk in carrying whatever? Holy Shit!! Who in the hell is running this place? Must be more africans.

Mutant Swarm said...

"...CBS46 also reached out to Sheriff Chuck Smith who tells us the jail doesn't have pat downs or metal detectors for visitors but there will be a staff review following the incident..."

WHAT THE [^%@$%? This is the 21 century! What ELSE is getting smuggled in there, Sheriff? Every jail that I've ever heard of has metal detectors, pat-downs, and a
no-hostage policy.

The only good to come of this is the photo will show a depraved state of mind, shocking to the conscience, etc. that will get this piece of genetic garbage a short rope and a long drop.

ejit said...

Sorry if you already noticed, but (in addition to what they do) they're SO UGLY.

Anonymous said...

Street Crud gets Street Cred. She's livin' it up in jail having a good time with any number of rats from her hood. It's a fambly reunion of sorts. For her, it's like hanging out 24 hours a day at an all girl's high skoo- lots of socializing, free food etc. Just another "place to stay."

She needs to be sent to a work farm and be worked 12 hours a day so that she's utterly exhausted and miserable during her stay. A serious attitude adjustment is definitely in order.

Myself, I'd have preferred that she was executed 24 hours after conviction.

Sick n' Tired said...

Looks like whoever visited her took the pictures, since she is on the other side of the glass. It's still appalling though to see her smiling and having visitors, when the only thing the victims family can visit is their mother/grandmother's grave, and be reminded of the horrible way her life ended.

Anonymous said...

Jail and prison no longer seem to be punishment. Outside of being removed from society at large, what exactly is the punishment? Most prisoners were marginalized in society to bigin with. A roof over their head, three meals a day, recreation, friends, visits by family, and I'm trying to find a negative. As far as I'm concerned, a prisoner should roll out at 5am. and work a full ten hours a day cleaning up this country.i don't care if you give them a bucket and a can of comet cleanser, and have them scrubbing sidewalks. Under the watchful eye of a rifle wielding guard, work instead of tv. and weight lifting. jobs instead of phones. In the event of a murder conviction, solitary work of some sort. Cell phones, drugs and other contraband must have employees looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

Look up henry "hank" skinner on Texas' death row. He had his cell searched and they found a couple of SIM cars, a phone charger, and a cell phone. The cellphone had to be discovered by x-ray, where it was inserted in his ass.


...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

It has been said before but I'll say it again. Jail/prison for them is just like going to a fambly reunion, with three squares a day, a gym, and all the down low sex they can handle. There is never any sense of remorse. The only sadness they feel is that they get caught.

Think about it. You go to an airport to fly on business and get patted down, shoes removed, felt up, down, sideways, perhaps even cavity searched if you give back any sass. And you are traveling on business to keep this depraved machine running which your tax dollars support.

Meanwhile, LaTrina and LaJayveeyus run around stealing, shooting, raping, gang banging, and lighting little old ladies on fire and they get what amounts to a slap on the wrist. When they are apprehended, they din du nuffins and are innocent. We have a very inverted justice system where the people at the very top (Hillary Clinton, cough, cough) and the very bottom never have to answer for their crimes, no matter how heinous. Yet let middle class YT run so much as a traffic signal and all hell breaks loose. Stand up to a negro who cuts you off in traffic? Why, you are rayciss and disrespecten him.

I advocate a good tar and feathering for this negress, preferably in a public square, after she is beaten within an inch of her miserable life. But hey, that's just me. They are a worthless species, beneath even dog poo, which will eventually replenish nutrients in the soil.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

OT, but related.....My drug addled brother once told me that jail sucked and prison was much better. Quality of food, accomodations, etc. were far preferable. Plus, there was less chance of someone messing with you as the surveillance was usually superior.

Proudyt said...

Black women are just as bad if not worse than the men. I work with quite a few of them and find nothing about them attractive. There's no softness in them like you find in women of most other races. Sex and food are at the very top of their list.

Californian said...

Of course, Mina Ellery is "smiling and having fun."

Consider how the Islamic State pushes its videos of beheading prisoners online. Why? To spread terror. To give themselves cred as the baddest in the Middle East. To show that they can get away with anything while their opponents are helpless.

Sound familiar? Here in the Homeland, Africans-in-America post videos of their violent incursions against civilized peoples on World Star Hip Hop (or whatever they call it). Same principle. Ms Mina is following in this "proud" tradition. She is now the baddest of the bad. She tortured and murdered a helpless old white woman, thereby striking a blow for her tribe. And why not? What is YT going to do about it? Put her in jail?

Well, jail might make a difference to someone with a high IQ and future time orientation. But that is not what we are dealing with here, are we? Besides, isn't the "Revolution" coming with all those BLM demonstrators out in the streets and her tribe pillaging all those cities? She's part of that Black Army of Liberation with antecedents in the Long Hot Summer Riots, Nat Turner, the Haitian bloodbath and every farm-attack in South Africa. And isn't she the real hero here, anyway? That's what DWLs will tell her as they grovel, she and her sistuhs are victim of 400 years of slavery-segregation-micro-aggressions.

Perhaps the comparison between Africans-in-America and the Islamic State is unfair. Unfair to the Islamic State. After all, the Islamic State is fighting against people who have guns and shoot back. And the Iraqi government is fighting to retake its cities from the terrorists. Would that White Americans do the same!

Anonymous said...

In our system of scientific Taxonomy we divide living things into different categories, including species. There are many examples of animals that look very similar, but are genetically different enough to be considered different species. Some birds, for example.

yet when it comes to humanoids, we suddenly change the system; we bow to political correctness and say all humanoids are the same species. But google up a photo of a Swedish woman, now find one of an Aboriginal woman in Australia. ENORMOUS differences, yet same species!? Outrageous!!

Anonymous said...

This county jail is a very small facility, so it's not surprising that there aren't any metal detectors. I've never set foot in there, but I drive by it often - it's on a main road. Meriwether isn't exactly a prosperous county, and the nog population is fairly high. In spite of that, this kind of crime isn't typical for the area.

It's very likely that funds simply haven't been available or even necessary for metal detectors. The county was begging for a millage increase to improve their fire trucks and firefighting equipment.

What I can't fathom is why these creatures haven't been sent to a higher-security facility where we can all hope that things would take their own course.

Chuck Smith took over the previous sheriff's unexpired term (there were all sorts of nefarious dealings going on) and was re-elected last month. At least he ran on the conservative ticket, and at least he's white. His opponents were a Demonrat and an independent. They got shellacked.

Overall, the country is still a lot safer than the city, but not for poor Mrs. Dow. From reading about her, she was a good Christian lady trying to help people whom she thought needed help, and gave them jobs. However, the one fact she couldn't acknowledge is that nogs hate whites. Period.

Anonymous said...

The feral savages that tortured and murdered your grandmother are Homo Africanus. They are the only people on Earth without Neanderthal DNA, they have unique skull formations, denser bones, wirey fur instead of long soft hair, smaller brains, and other biological differences that separate them from us.

It was generally understood until at least the mid-20th century that blacks were inherently different from the other races of mankind. See Madison Grant, Lathrop Stoddard, and others. The race science of the early 20th century pretty much pinned all this down. And even before that, it was understood by observation and close contact that blacks were inherently different from whites. The Arabs saw this right off. Even Enlightenment worthies such as Jefferson knew this. No one in their right mind would have handed over a civilized city -- much less country -- to blacks without anticipating the most dire of consequences.

The irony is that over the last several decades genetic science has advanced to the point where the racial differences are pinned down. And we have examples as far afield as Zimbabwe to post-segregation America to show what happens when you turn over countries to blacks. But as has been pointed out, racial differences are not within current ideological parameters. So the reality goes out the window as the mantras of ekwality are chanted.

The result? Grandmothers tortured and murdered by ferals.

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy. Another nog on the loose after killing one police officer. The other officer is in bad shape.


This article only gives the name of the perp. So typical. Earlier this morning, a post on the sheriff's Facebook page gave an accurate description of the murderer. The link has since disappeared. Hope the police pour plenty of chlorine into the gene pool today.

Anonymous said...

In the event of a murder conviction, solitary work of some sort.

There are areas where they could do work with low risk of escape.

For example there are remote areas of Nevada that could use some new roads and anyone who escapes during the summer would not get very far.

The ACLU put an end to chain gains on the grounds of it being forced labor (well yes) but there are ways of getting around that. Prisons can charge for things like heat, beds and blankets. Let the prisoners have a choice. Work the chain gain or sleep outside.

Anonymous said...

No pat downs or metal detectors for visitors? Really? This is in a real city or county jail and anyone can just walk in carrying whatever? Holy Shit!! Who in the hell is running this place? Must be more africans.

Prisons in the South are heavily Black, both staff and prisoners.

Organizations that are heavily Black degenerate towards third world standards.

I watched a National Geographic documentary on a prison ran by Blacks. Probably the last place you want to be if you are White or Hispanic. If they weren't speaking English you would have thought it was a prison in the Congo.

Blacks and other third worlders adopt a sort of "dats da way it is" attitude once they have taken over. It's simply not in their bloodline to improve things or maintain high standards. Our idiot government still lives in denial of this and views prisons as a place to provide Blacks with middle class jobs. Then there are also amoral prison corporations that hire Blacks as basically cheap enforcers. The result is third world like prisons in the South where you are pretty much guaranteed to be raped if you are small. Hiv/Hep C is prevalent by both rape and "down-low" sex which creates endless medical bills for the Feds (YT dollars). I have family in medicine and they were talking about a patient that had to have is colon repaired. He was a small White male that was recently released from prison.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

Anonymous said...

Was his name Kortez Hurt?

Anonymous said...

mannequin challenge

The meme made the cops’ job easy.

A heavily armed mannequin challenge in Alabama resulted in the arrests of two men for firearms and drug possession on Tuesday.

The video, posted to Facebook last month, shows 22 men standing completely still and brandishing guns outside 5012 Powell Drive in Huntsville.

The mannequin challenge is a viral Internet video trend in which people try to stay completely still as if they were part of a Madame Tussauds wax exhibit, typically with the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background.
The shootout video, however, makes use of “Ain’t No Comin’ Down” by TEC & Maine Musik.

Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Salomonsky said someone sent the video online to the sheriff’s office, prompting an investigation. Though the video has been removed from Facebook, al.com preserved it on YouTube.

“The criminal investigation/narcotics unit through their investigation was able to obtain enough probable cause to get a search warrant for this address,” Salomonsky said at a press conference Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Whites fund black crime thru the 'feed n breed' LBJ inspired gov programs.

Anonymous said...

And nothing will change as long as these afreakans can party in jail and are hired to work in the jail.
Government is infested with afreakans and it gets worse all the time.
Arm up and stay aware.


Malcolm Xcrement said...

Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would occur from the MSM and the coonmunity leaders of the feces species if there were such photos of Dylan Roof (S.C. Church Shooter)Posted? On Jan. 21, 2017 President Trump's Office should be overwhelmed by E-mails, letters and phone calls demanding #1 LAW AND ORDER #2 Prison reform, True prison reform. Not this Obama bullshit but true reform. No more shall prison be Negro Adult Daycare! Chain gangs need to be evident in all 50 States. Voting was the easy part, now White civilized Americans must keep constant pressure on ALL Government levels to reform and save America! This is indeed a war for the future of America and cannot be taken lightly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering this, P.K. I was hoping that you would. I am sickened and saddened by this. that black female helped take out a YT- that is the only thing she cares about, and she is wallowing in the attention she is getting for such a vile unthinkable act. Are they missing a (conscience) chip?? I have friends who live in this neck of the woods and fear for their safety. And these friends moved AWAY from Atlanta to get away from such trash as this. God help us.
L in Atl hell

Roll Tide said...

I agree with the old chain gang. Not only do they have everything mentioned above but a lot of places criminals have access to internet and tv.

How is she in jail? I am guessing the trial is still up in the air "talk about another thing that cost the tax payers money". Think of the time wasted it takes the jury to be off work, the "free" public defender, judges time, etc when it is about as clear as it can get. This trial should take two days, not how ever long it will take. They all probably pointed a finger at each other. Watch the three males get a heavier sentence while she somehow gets off with a 10-15 year sentence. That happens a lot, one cooperates and they get a easy sentence for say being the primary instigator in burning a elderly woman in her own bed alive. I am now having to drive into downtown Pensacola fl for medical reasons and it is sad to see people out everywhere asking for $, food for their dogs, etc. Used to never be like that-

Anonymous said...

They had to get some pictures for promotional material for her rap album which was recorded the week prior in a series of phone calls!

Girl ge'in paaaaaaiiid!

Anonymous said...

To Rex Hymens,

Excellent analogy with the hyenas, thank you.

Just for fun, Google a guy named Howard Storm. Years ago his heart stopped while on the operating table and he claims to have died and gone to hell.

Whether he did or not is debatable, of course. But of particular interest to the readers of this blog is Storm's description of the demons who were torturing him. You would think he was describing your average Knockout Game, right down to the laughing and carrying on the demons were engaging in as they attempted to tear him apart.

I believe when a third of the angels fell from heaven with Satan, they acquired the form and behavior of Homo Africanus. Either that, or the Africans were created in the image of demons.

It's a case of the chicken or the egg, really.

Truth-hammer said...

With any luck, this ape will be twerking at the end of a rope. However, I will not hold my breath waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

Jail for scum like this should be modeled on Parchman Farms. They won't be so eager to go to jail then.

Anonymous said...

OT but...My Great Uncle died in The Battle Of Metz and 3 of my Uncles carried shrapnel around for the rest of their lives when they (luckily) returned home. Never asking for anything in return. No tales of John Henry. Just did what they had to.....Black, Black, Black, Black, Black,Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Blackety Black Black!



Anonymous said...

For reasons that defy logic, blacks think they got a Get Out of Jail Free card when Obama was elected. And even more perplexing is that they think they'll get a pardon or affirmative racism parole. People like the ACLU should be appearing any minute now to defend these cretins.

Detroit Refugee said...

Blacks as a whole are the eternal child of planet earth.
This story confirms that.

Tom B. said...

Most blacks, I'm convinced, are psychopaths--lacking ANY CAPACITY FOR SELF-REFLECTION, EMPATHY OR GUILT.

PK, this is a little off topic for this post, but I have a petition here I thought your readers should see. It is to the European CoMMision to allow the White South Africans the right of return to Europe. I know it's a very long shot, but there are fifty thousand names so far, and I believe they only lack twenty thousand. As you already know, the situation for White South Africans is grim and getting worse, as EFF leader Julius Malema continues to stir up genocidal rhetoric against the Whites, in a country that is already one of the most violent in the world. Now they say he and his anti-White party may soon take power from the already horrendously anti-White ANC. It is no win for the White South Africans, it seems. Anyway, here is the petition:

Petition to Grant White South Africans the Right of Return to Europe:


Facebook page:


Anonymous said...

The irony is that over the last several decades genetic science has advanced to the point where the racial differences are pinned down. And we have examples as far afield as Zimbabwe to post-segregation America to show what happens when you turn over countries to blacks.

What annoys me is that the island of Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic) already provided the perfect social experiment over 100 years ago.

But dopey egalitarians even then refused to face reality. And if Haiti wasn't enough there was also Liberia.

Liberia is the country that is never spoken of in Western schools. It completely undermines liberal beliefs in civilization dust and blank slate. It also undermines the idea that Africans are naturally innocent. The founders of Liberia setup their own class system where only ex-African Americans could vote.

Today Liberia is only known for it's bloody civil war started by Charles Taylor, a Western Educated African who then led an army of children across the land to terrorize and chop off limbs with machetes.

And liberals still teach that we only need to educate Africans and everything will work out. They just need the civilization dust.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you LIBERIA

Anonymous said...

yet when it comes to humanoids, we suddenly change the system; we bow to political correctness and say all humanoids are the same species. But google up a photo of a Swedish woman, now find one of an Aboriginal woman in Australia. ENORMOUS differences, yet same species!? Outrageous!!

This is a squirmy issue for liberals. They will say that White people don't exist as a separate taxonomic group because they can procreate with Blacks. Ah ok then I guess wolves don't exist because they can breed with coyotes. Time to remove Federal protections for them, right?

Anyone who knows the basics of genetics (either through college or self-taught, not High School or media) is aware of that a few flipped genes can make a huge difference (see down's syndrome). The "99% the same" argument is just egalitarian deception. Mice share 97.5% of our DNA but that doesn't mean we should live with them or expect them to maintain first world standards.

Someday this will all over and liberals of today will be viewed as a weird cult that only pretends to value knowledge, similar to the Catholic church of the dark ages. Hopefully America and a few European countries will still be standing at that point. God help us defeat this wretched destroyer of worlds called liberalism.