Saturday, December 17, 2016

Media, Professional Anti-White Agitators Go Crazy Over Trump Sign Waved at High School Basketball Game as Predominantly Black Team Introduced

We were supposed to go quietly into the night. 

We were supposed to vanish without a fight.

We weren't supposed to live on. 
The horror!!!

But then, Donald J. Trump took an escalator ride at Trump Tower in June of 2015 and announced his candidacy for president. 

Trump, nothing more than an American nationalist, sent the mainstream media/entertainment industry/private sector/academia into fits of rage, for they saw the continued growth of crowds and enthusiasm around the brash New Yorker as a sign something long, deliberately suppressed through 24/7/365, cradle-to-grave propaganda had failed to kill off... hope. 

Michelle Obama might believe "hope is dead," but as Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story made quite clear, where hope survives, people will still fight. 

Though the odds seem daunting and the all lost, hope is contagious. 

People will rise, when everyone around them demands they stay on their knees (when every waking second they are hounded with a message of white privilege and how white racism of their ancestors is something they can never atone for).

And when the name "Trump" (now forever synonymous with white America, all because the mainstream media/entertainment industry/private sector/academia incorrectly diagnosed the energy behind his movement) is utilized our enemies can only point, stutter and let out a pathetic cry of 'racist'... increasingly falling on deaf ears. [Trump sign waved in student section as predominantly black basketball team introduced,, 12-13-16]:

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The Warrensburg School District has apologized after one of its students displayed a Donald Trump sign during player introductions for the Center High School boys basketball team on Monday night. 

The Center varsity roster has 13 players, all of whom are either black or biracial, according to coach LeDale Wooten. 
Toniaa Lakylia Nunn, a former Center student, posted video of the pregame at Warrensburg High School on her Facebook page Monday evening.
In the video, the majority of the Warrensburg student section turned its backs to the court as the Center players were being introduced. One student held up a blue Donald Trump and Mike Pence campaign sign. The students were dressed as farmers as part of a theme night. 
“My focus was on the basketball game and my guys. I didn’t notice anything,” Wooten said. “Our focus is on basketball and basketball only. Everything else is irrelevant.” 
The Facebook post had nearly 4,000 shares as of Tuesday afternoon. Nunn wrote, “I’m appalled by the nonsense I’ve just witnessed with my own two eyes.”The Warrensburg School District issued a written apology on its social media accounts, calling the behavior “inappropriate and insensitive toward our opponents.” 
In an interview with The Star, Warrensburg superintendent Scott Patrick said the student section turning its backs during opposing teams’ introductions has been a long-standing tradition, though he referred to it as unsportsmanlike and something the administration does not condone. 
Patrick said the school was not notified of any complaints during the game. 
“I think in this case, (the Trump sign) was really the difference in what took this from something that was unsportsmanlike to something that was insensitive, not necessary and inappropriate,” Patrick said. 
Center School District public relations director Kelly Wachel said she had spoken to the basketball players and they told her that they were unaware of it during the game. 
“We have talked with our students, and we will continue to listen to them and their families,” Wachel said in a release. “Despite the events that have transpired, Center High School has continued to focus on an academic environment of learning and course work today.”
At high school and college basketball games across the nation, student sections routinely greet the visiting team with apathy when they are announced, often passing out newspapers and reading them in a hilarious display reminding the opposition of how little they matter.

But throw in a toxic "Trump" sign and play a basketball team whose roster is entirely black, and you have an international incident.

White people in America weren't supposed to think of being white, except in terms of the original sin this carried; now, the continued desire to shame white people as racist for supporting Trump is erasing decades... more than half a century of indoctrination.

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White guilt, like the heaviest snow, eventually melts away.

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Anonymous said...

Center used to be a white district but desegregation went so badly in Kansas City that blacks eventually fled and now Center is ruined. Warrensburg is a rural town east of Kansas City and mostly white. They are a no nonsense bunch and I only wish they'd all brought Trump signs. It's time for payback. The school people need to shut up and tell the dark city folk to get over themselves. I'm going to have to get a Trump sign - it seems to upset all the right people. Go Warrensburg!

Anonymous said...

white privilege and white racism has put Sub Saharan Africa in one hell of a bad situation for hundreds of years now by hacking their computers and selling them Cocoa Cola and printed

BTW you too can make big money selling crap on the interweb

Mr. Rational said...

The Warrensburg School District has apologized after one of its students displayed a Donald Trump sign

Mission for patriots:

Find the names of those who issued this apology.  Get them fired.  Replace them with White people who refuse to apologize for being White.

We Have Had Enough.  Make America White Again.

Proudyt said...

I wonder how many of these blacks and mixed players have agreed with what Colin Halfanig has been doing before football games during our national anthem. Him and players like him in other sports are giving a collective middle finger to white American. That's all it is plain and simple. So Fuck them if they can't handle one Trump sign.

Bird of Paradise said...

These backward thinking bunch of socialists progresivists dont like Free Speech(Escept when it allows them to go screaming through the streets calling for the murders of cops)and these snowflakes cant get over the facts trump was elected by the people so if they dont like this they can just leave

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but the left is fucking brain dead! Can we show some pride in our new president? Is that alright? isn't that also free speech? I don't known where you find this stuff PK, but this is typical bullshit of the left.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. The avalanche of "guilt" and "privelege" has stopped, and with the sun peeking out to end our winter of discontent, we can dig out.

So say we all.

oogabooga said...

That was a well written article old boy. Bravo.

I know I'm hated here but I don't care. I thrive on being hated. And I will comment the way I please. I'll just get flushed if PK don't dig it. I think he likes to publish me so you can see the type of idiot that sometimes posts here. I'm white, btw.

Yesterday was "Wright Brothers Day" in my world. No joogle doodles or any mention in any media. Just like back in 1903 when they flew, what, 10 feet high for 100 feet? I don't remember. I don't cut and paste. They sent word to their dad who told the media but the papers couldn't care less about their feat. Just like today, some boog dunking a basketball is a big deal. But no mention of true greatness. And true greatness has always been white.

See, I'm on your side folks. You wouldn't want it any other way.

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: Trump, nothing more than an American nationalist, sent the mainstream media/entertainment industry/private sector/academia into fits of rage,,,,,,,our enemies can only point, stutterand let out a pathetic cry of 'racist'.

I think "sputter" is a far better and more accurate word here than "stutter".

Their collective reaction has been of a demon hosed with holy water.. Hmmmmm.

Although we moaned and saw this election as our last chance when Trump was the underdog, the truth is that it was just as important for the other side. Their momentum has not only been stopped cold, but is likely to be substantially reversed. And it is now obvious to many on the other side, including the First Negro himself, that his time in office is/was pretty much a dud. As was to be expected by anyone who could "see".

Detroit Refugee said...

That last sentence says it all.
Get with it or get dead.

The blacks around here are playing for keeps. Those of us in the Metro Detroit Region, only have to watch the nightly news ( friends house ), to know.

Is YOUR head on straight??

Anonymous said...

The thing that I never understood is why blacks are at the front of the "hate Trump train".

He talked about illegal immigration (mainly effects Latinos) and Muslims. What has he EVER said about blacks that was racist? Nothing. There is no pleasing these people so it is understandable that Trump never took the bait.

As an aside, after doing a basic news search for the latest stories, this one from Huffpo came up pretty early on the list. It looks like race realism can't be denied anymore so they are trying to target and attack it now. Very good sign:

Even liberal whites aren't buying it anymore. I guess lining up to get kicked in the nuts has gotten old for some of them. When searching again for the story I realized that "the unbearable whiteness" is a very common news term/phrase. Here is a list of the other articles that popped up:

The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (Donald Trump)
The Unbearable Whiteness of Pumpkins
The unbearable whiteness of craft?
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being Bernie
About the Unbearable Whiteness Behind 'Orange Is the New Black' (almost all white writers!)
The “unbearable whiteness of publishing” (guy won an award for it)
The Unbearable Whiteness of the Oscar Nominations
The Unbearable Whiteness of Brunch
The unbearable whiteness of science fiction
The Unbearable Whiteness of Hollywood
The Unbearable Whiteness of the American Left (The Nation pissing on its readers again)
The Unbearable Whiteness of Protesting
The Unbearable Whiteness of Cameron Crowe's Aloha
The Unbearable Whiteness of Congress
The Unbearable Whiteness of Soft Rock
The Unbearable Whiteness Of Late Night

As you can see, it is all so UNBEARABLE! While all this does disgust me, it has been wonderful watching the left eat itself.

Anonymous said...

Just had to share, incredibly inspiring news story. A formerly liberal blogger turned realist has basically single handedly ruined a white-hating black politician:

Kessler basically went through this blowhard's tweet history and compiled all of his white -hating rhetoric. Kept his nose to the grindstone and "wallah", the shoe is now on the other foot!

This was from the efforts of a SINGLE BLOGGER, a white person who was fed up with the hypocrisy and double standards that black people are allowed to live by. A very great tale for fellow realists who ponder what kind of a difference they can make.

Anonymous said...

White kids need to abandon football and basketball. Those sports have been ruined by negroes. When Frito Lay stops advertising during the Super bowl, you know it's all downhill.
Take up golf, beautiful surroundings, hardly any negroes.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Aware awake White students are our future!

ot: Good times at my office holiday party last night. Live in New York city and many negroes at work. Office party had a bar table with big bowl of eggnog. I offered to be bartender for awhile.

When pavement apes came up I held up the ladle and a mug and offered some eggnog.

I said "Want some, nog?

Most gave me a nasty glare. But dumb apes couldn't do anything about it; seemed totally innocent.

Hahah! Trolls these monkeys where u can.

Paintjob Theory said...

Why are any whites out watching an African Tree Hockey game in the first place?

Proudyt said...

Would they have found Trump t-shirts and Trump hat's offensive too ? I've seen thousands of Obama shirts and hats on the past 8 years and 100% of the time a black person was wearing them. Time for the coddling to end.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago I made a prediction that a murder in Greenwood, Indiana was the Work of the usual suspects.It turns out I was wrong and so I will do the White thing and admit that my prediction was wrong.

Anonymous said...

OT noticed today on google the banner is steve biko south apefreakan activist extrodinare. So, I thought I'd let google bring me to SBPDL this morning. And, I'm sick of these crybaby assholes. However, I believe these kind of nonsense stories are good. Keep pushing with your ridiculous bullshit, I truly believe these kind of incidents are helping red pill a lot of folks. Fatigue is reaching levels I never imagined.
Mr Turner

Proudyt said...

Now THAT'S some funny shit right there !

Anonymous said...

OT--So today we remember Steve Biko, who had children out of marriage. He helped end Apartheid but what I would like to know is how often they have to interrupt clean water and power because the Zuma Govt. has looted the budget for repairs and insists that people that are not qualified operate the power plants and water systems.

Race said...

"I know I'm hated here but I don't care." are you talking about?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous said...
The thing that I never understood is why blacks are at the front of the "hate Trump train".


Let me answer this one. Trump pissed them off when he talked about bringing jobs back to the US. Nothing repels negroes more than the thought of a job in which they have to show up each day and act semi-intelligent. Like a vampire is repelled by sunlight, so is the negro opposed to the idea of working for a living.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

When pavement apes came up I held up the ladle and a mug and offered some eggnog.

I said "Want some, nog?


HA! Love it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Imagine if they all wore tee shirts that said "I'm dealing with my white privilege my way."

Michigan Mike

Anonymous said...

White Privilege--Noun--The privilege of supporting everyone else and receiving no tangible benefit for the seizing of half of one's assets in taxes for people that have done nothing to earn it.

Jamel was Jealous of Ralph's supposed White Privilege until Ralph showed him his pay stub. Jamal could not respond in kind because he lived with Tamika and her 8 kids, none of which had matching fathers.

Anonymous said...

The Warrensburg School District has apologized after one of its students displayed a Donald Trump sign during player introductions for the Center High School boys basketball team on Monday night.

The District made the same mistake that we see again and again. They apologized for doing nothing wrong. By its very nature an apology is an acknowledgment of wrongdoing. The District admitted that the home team's behavior right up to the display of the sign was within the normal range of acceptable behavior which means that the sign itself was perceived as particularly offensive. So what could be wrong with a Trump sign? The complaint that the sign was displayed during the introduction of the opposing team of black players clearly implies an allegation of racism, but there is no basis for this allegation. To my knowledge Trump has not made any racist statements or engaged in any racist activities during his campaign, and he is probably less racist than Clinton.

By apologizing for displaying a Trump sign, the district is affirming that the display of a Trump sign is a racist act, and of course it would follow that people who support Trump must be racists. I'm sick of hearing these kinds of apologies. Perhaps The district should also apologize any time their team wins as an acknowledgment that winning itself is insensitive and unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

You're not hated, actually the contrary. As a matter of fact, your posts are starting to get interesting.

Anonymous said...

A little OT : Perusing through Netflix today and came across a new movie titled "Barry" about guess who? If anyone has the stomach to watch it give us a review. I'm sure it's about the chosen ones, saviors and the like. Uggghh..


Brian in Ohio said...

If this is all it takes to set them off, its gonna be a long four years...

I hope Trump keeps the election merch. store open for the duration.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Gubbler Chechenova said...

The GLOB says Russians have nukes and Russians are coming.

But Russians won't use their nukes, and they are not coming to the West.

But black Africans have mega-dongs and they are cumming all over the West and taking over white wombs as aging whites go to their tombs.

It will be the end of the West.

Feminism was bound to fail.

There is a thing called Political Ecology, and its seeks balance and equilibrium.

When feminism in the West cut off the balls of white men, the new order hankered for return of masculinism. A society without manly man is like human body craving for iron in the blood.

Since white men, associated with Evil, weren't allowed to supply the masculine content, the West came to look elsewhere, esp black Africa and the Muslim world, for the masculine content.

Feminism cannot work because it has too many contradictions.

On the one hand, it is an individualist ideology that says women and men should be judged for their individual merit. So, if a woman does better in school than a man, she should be favored on meritocratic grounds. In this sense, feminism is purely individualist-meritocratic.

But another side of feminism is 'socialist' and collectivist and urges women as 'sisters' to unite together for their Womyn Interest that violates the rules of individual-meritocracy. So, feminism lobbied for more women in the military even though women, based on individual merit, cannot compete with men.

The individualist side of feminism says superior women should be favored over inferior men in the name of meritocracy, but the socialist side of feminism says inferior women should be favored over superior men in the name of Sisterhood.

This is obviously crazy, but white men caved to it. And in doing so, they lost their balls. And in our high stress society, people need someone to blame and scapegoat. Since PC made white males the BAD GUYS, everyone dumps all their problems on white males, and white males have been totally cucked.

Gubbler Chechenova said...

But are white women really happy that white men are a bunch of cucks? No. Women, esp successful women, want sexual desire and that comes from being with men with masculine qualities. More successful a woman is, the more she looks for a masterful man with alpha qualities. She has no use for beta-cucks. Feminism says it is for social equality, but feminism is about women 'having the best'. Best jobs and best men. Feminist women don't want just some regular guy who drives a truck or washes dishes. Feminism seeks fulfillment with best of everything. Feminism uses egalitarian rhetoric, but feminist power is totally elitist. And successful women want the most manly men.

But since white men are not allowed to be real men and have been forced to act like dorks, there is the western female craving for real men. Human nature calls for this equilibrium since white men have been reduced to such dorks.

And this equilibrium is filled by welcoming macho men from black Africa and Muslim lands. Black men got muscle and dong, and Muslim men don't give a shit about acting dorky and beta. They insist on being manly and won't have any white feminist bitch cut off their balls.

Of course, the best way to restore male/female equilibrium in the West would be to allow white men to be manly and proud again. But PC says that must not be so. PC says white men must be beta, dorky, apologetic, and wussy. So, feminists subconsciously look to OTHER RACES OF MEN to restore the equilibrium. Feminism makes white women cut off the balls of white men, but that leads to white women desiring Real Manhood that is missing from cucked out white men. So, white women welcome black and Muslim immigration to the West. Even though 'conservative' critics make the case that Muslim men and black men aren't as 'progressive' as white men, that very fact is the very reason why white women subconsciously welcome these invaders. They act like Real Men.

But this will lead to the downfall of the West cuz Muslim men got lower IQ and black men got lower IQ and savage genes.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the President Elect. Why is it inappropriate to have a sign?

What is this outrage about?

Tell those who are offended that they are mentally ill and move on.

chattanooga gal said...

you know, last I heard Trump was our president elect, soon to be at the helm of the white house. And so, mentioning his name, or proudly displaying the sign of our president is now considered some kind of hate crime?! when has that EVER been when it was any other president? If someone had held up an Obama sign right after he got elected, would I have been allowed to get all hysterical and make the school district apologize to me for the unbearable assault of seeing our president's name in writing? This gets more and more ludicrous.

Hick'ry Stick said...

"…I will comment the way I please."
And don't we all, here? I'd like to think we are free thinkers, not people who hand negroes bricks at a riot, receive one upside the head for our trouble, and then praise their aim and hug their families as soon as we get out of the hospital.
That’s the "Thank you sir, may I have another!" group.

Oil 'n Water said...

Michelle Obama declares to Oprah, "There is no hope."
It's almost comical, seeing two blacks, surrounded by white-provided opulence, claiming that without Barry - and, by inference, with Trump - hope is gone.
Goodbye Utopia. Farewell as we slide off the edge into the darkness of despair without the black man's and woman's unequaled talents and steady hand to lead.
Woman, you and Barry, your rapper pals and radicals, and your hypocritical way of living, cannot clear out soon enough.
See Judge Jeanine Pirro's comment:

Race said...

OT. Beneath their ingredients and next to their bar code, Frito Lay states their food is made with "genetically engineered foods products"! Now why would a HUGE company like that play with Frankenstein products?

Race said...

OT. Beneath their ingredients and next to their bar code, Frito Lay states their food is made with "genetically engineered foods products"! Now why would a HUGE company like that play with Frankenstein products?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

The next time you attend a Warrensburg basketball game, bring the following sign:

Hillary Clinton
"They Must Be Brought To Heel"
For President 2016

rexfreeway said...

Wow. So a picture of Trump Displayed anywhere in a school is Racist? If a Negro walks up to a White student and asks for lunch money and is refused, that's racism also? You get Liberals and Negroes out of teaching roles and school administration and this problem will right itself overnight.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

A little OT : Perusing through Netflix today and came across a new movie titled "Barry" about guess who? If anyone has the stomach to watch it give us a review. I'm sure it's about the chosen ones, saviors and the like. Uggghh..



I've got a good by line for the new movie: Barry- The epic story of the rise of a Chicongo Fairy.

Truth-hammer said...

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with these people? The kid flashed a sign that has the name of our President-Elect on it. Is the opposing team from a foreign country? Are the school officials from a foreign country? What if one of the negroes flashed an Obama sign? I understand the other team is composed of pure-blood neegras and mulattos, but are they stupid or slow? (a redundant question, I know). BTW, does the 1st Amendment not apply in this hallowed negro school?

Anonymous said...

Trump has got to bring this to an end!
Fatigued in Florida!

rent slave said...

Those people are lucky that Darren Wilson didn't move there to run against the black Congressman from that area.

Anonymous said...

ot: sam hyde does funny and on the mark parody of a ghetto goblin dating a Human in the opening act of this show. Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Leave it to Beaver is taking up my time. You learn a lesson with each episode.
Female in FL

ChickenChicken Sweep said...

Despite the events that have transpired, Center High School has continued to focus on an academic environment of learning and course work today.

"After absolutely nothing at all, we will continue to fail to get our students to read at the fourth grade level."

herfsi said...

ethnocentrism for all!

Anonymous said...

I saw that propaganda about the Barry movie. funny how in all the time Obama supposedly went to Columbia not one person remember him. Not one.

OT - Hamilton, the Broadway play. can someone please tell me WTF is about? Is it some myth about blacks again? more attempts to re write history.

MEMprospector said...

A little OT:

Watched "The Siege of Jadotville" on Netflix the other day, and today watched "Tears of the Sun" with Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci. Both movies set in Africa, both centered around having whites sent into a fuxated area of Africa (I know, I know) to protect some "asset(s)" or to extract said "asset(s)"

Siege of Jadotville was based on a true the early 1960s the UN sent Irish troops to a mining town in the southern part of the Congo - where they were ambushed, several times, before having to surrender. Of course, the French aided the natives there, however not one Irishman died during this incursion while many, many Congolese were wasted. It's a pretty solid flick IMO and based on true events. Moral of the story? UN should never send humans into a dark area to protect some cuck's interests, no matter what the price. Maybe the UN should just go away altogether.....

"Tears of the Sun" was more Hollywood-esque and not based on a true story (that I know of). A SEAL team is dispatched to Nigeria to extract a missionary doctor (played by Bellucci), and she won't go without her "people" - a ragtag band of injured and/or displaced who are trying to outrun the Nigerian rebels. The SEAL team initially gets to the landing zone and embark onto helos - while having to physically put Bellucci's character onto the helo. Bruce Willis' character gets a case of white guilt, orders the helos to do a 180, and go back for SOME (12) of the remaining refugees. Those refugees are safe, but it costs the SEAL team a few of its members when the Nigerian rebels catch up to the remaining refugees and the rest. Moral of the story? Saving a clueless cuck and its followers can often come with a STEEP price....

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but do you really think the correct word is "wallah"? I know, I know, people hate grammar Nazis, but that's too atrocious for me to ignore...

The word is "voilà," and it's French.

Anonymous said...

Well said!
Ohio born

MrGJG said...

My take on "Tears of the sun" is how savage and psychopathic black Africans are. I'm actually surprised Hollywood showed them in such a light. On the other hand I could have done without Bruce Willis's character telling his black 2nd in command this is "for our sins" to justify why he's risking the lives of all of his men.
My biggest disappointment with that movie was that the idiot doctor survived. She deserved to be on one of those savages dinner plates for suffering such an acute case of cuckness.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whining little snowflakes christmas is coming i hope santa brings you lots of coal


"HAMILTON" is a play where Blacks get to "Act White".

Pat Boyle said...

I didn't bring up Gibbon and the Decline of Rome just to argue history or stimulate theories of Rome. My point was "on topic". The topic was the strange phenomenon of white victims of black violence forgiving their assailants. Gibbon attributed the decline of Rome in general to Christianity. Rome had been very militaristic. He thought that when under Constantine Rome formally adopted Christianity as the state religion (and earlier) Rome became too forgiving.

Plenty of scholars dispute this theory but if Christianity indeed has the effect of causing victims to 'turn the other cheek' then it fits with the topic of the day - the strange forgiveness of blacks by white victims.

Maybe you don't like Gibbon's theory - but there it is. Why do you think whites are so anxious to forgive the black thugs who assail them? I have offered two explanations: first the idea of excessive Christian charity; and secondly the selective publication of these forgiveness stories by a media with an agenda.

If you have a better idea let's hear it.


Anonymous said...

Zulu is my go-to 'Whites in Africa' movie. 'Thousands of them!'

Hick'ry Stick said...

Lately, I've noticed on this site, an increase in attacks on Christianity as being a significant cause of today's racial and ethnic problems.
I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, nor am I a go-to-church-every-Sunday Christian (more like weddings and funerals).
However, I will say this: Where was the blame on Christianity during the latter 1800's and the first half of the 20th century, when segregation was rigorously enforced, presumably by Christians and other groups alike?
Were not the founding fathers Christian?
Was George Patton merely paying lip service to Christianity, and would he approve of today's cauldron of egalitarianism? In my opinion, no, on both counts.
I get it regarding the religious relief programs and their part in bringing the most dangerous and low-functioning populations into this country, and profiting from it to boot. And though I am a Catholic, I believe we have today, one of the most liberal - and probably out of touch - popes, that I can remember.
But to brush stroke all of Christianity as being at fault here, doesn't make sense.
It is my opinion that many of these incidents where whites not only forgive their assailant but offer succor to the perp's family are not a reflection of religious doctrine as much as white people's natural inclination to be forgiving - an asset in an all-white culture, where forgiveness is understood and valued, but a liability when dealing with blacks.
A prime example is the war with Japan - one of the bloodiest, no quarter given wars ever fought. Many of you know the stories of Japanese soldiers who ate the livers of downed American pilots, as well as the inhuman treatment of American soldiers during the Bataan death march, not to mention Pearl Harbor.
We could have enslaved these people after their unconditional surrender, but what did America do? Forgive them and help to rebuild their country. Excessive Christianity as a motive? I don't think so.
You can be a Christian and believe that all people possess a soul, and still accept race realism. I don't believe the two are exclusive.
My attitude toward religion, agnosticism, or atheism is to live and let live. I've got no poodle in the parade.
Just seems to me we're losing focus by pointing at erroneous side issues and not concentrating on the main factors, the most prominent being the following: Was it not legislation of the 60's and the relentless implementation of the liberal agenda backed by the media ever since, that put us where we are today?
If so, that is what we should be fighting against.