Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Aaron Alexis: There's a Reason Black Soldiers Carried Shovels at the Grand Review of the Armies in Washington D.C. in 1865

One of the great stories from the Civil War was Gen. William Sherman's desire to keep blacks from marching in the Grand Review of the Armies in Washington D.C. in late May of 1865. Though they fought against the South, these 'colored' members of the Union army weren't worthy of parading with the white troops. 
General Sherman knew then, what we refuse to know now

The thought of allowing blacks to carry guns conjured images of Nat Turner, John Brown, and the Revolution of San Domingo in the eyes of Gen. Sherman. 

So a comprise was struck: one black regiment could carry and parade with shovels. 

Yes, shovels
In the Grand Review of the Armed Forces which followed the cessation of hostilities very few blacks were represented. Relegated to the end of the procession in ‘pitch and shovel’ brigades or intended only as a form of comic relief, neither the free black soldier not the former slave was accorded his deserved role in this poignant national pageant.
If only black people had been forced to carry shovels instead of guns in Washington D.C. since Gen. Sherman's comprise of 1865 at the Grand Review of the Armies... but that wasn't in the cards

Though the bulk of black gun-crime is directed at black people (especially in D.C.), the fear of being the victim of black gun-crime is the number one reason cities like D.C. and Baltimore were abandoned. 

Enter Aaron Alexis. 

Had Mr. Alexis, a black male, been forced to carry a shovel instead of a gun,  the Navy Yard Massacre would never have happened. [Profiles of the Victims: The 12 people killed in a shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday were mothers and fathers, hockey fans and airplane enthusiasts, amphibious operations specialists and bird lovers.,, 9-18-13]

There is much to learn from General Sherman and his fear of arming blacks, even if it was only for a parade. [Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis was 'not happy with America,' friend says,, 9-18-13]:
"Everybody loved him," Kristi Suthamtewkal said. 
He spent a lot of time in his room, burning incense, she said. Michael Ritrobato, a handyman at the restaurant, said Alexis played violent online video games but was good-natured, not angry. 
After he returned from a contract job in Japan in Nov. 2012, he didn't seem as easy-going, though. 
He felt like he had been cheated out of money from the contract and complained that he was mistreated because he was black, Kristi Suthamtewkal said. 
"He felt a lot of discrimination and and racism with white people especially," she said.
Keep digging your own grave, whitey.

Turn away from the ugly truth of Obama's America (remember, you live under the rule of the Kerner Report, from which there is no supplication), and keep digging.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby was discriminated against in Japan. Guess that he never heard that Japanese really have an issue with foreigners - all foreigners, especially black foreigners. You can thank the US military for allowing blacks off base for the Japanese to loathe blacks. Blacks weren't content in just screwing the bar girls, but instead would snag an occasional schoolgirl for some recreational sex (most of the time against her consent) making the schoolgirl an outcast in her family and community. Tough shit to blacks who go overseas and expect the same treatment there as they get in the US. Different country with different rules.

Anonymous said...

Vast majority of mass shooters like this have been white males, and I don't think the pathology of mass shooting and typical endemic black crime is the same. Crime is rampant in black "communities" because they fail to think ahead of time and consider consequences. That's is different from mass shootings like these...when these happen, the shooter almost never intends to survive it. They don't happen because someone failed to have proper future time orientation, they happen because of extreme mental illness.

Anonymous said...

OT: Indiana, ISTEP school testing.

Gary, IN- more students failed than passed. True also for majority black public, charter, and project schools.

What a fucking waste trying to educate them.

Hamilton Co., Zionsville, Brownsburg, etc. are majority white suburbs outside of Indianapolis.

Get ready for calls for more "school choice" vouchers to spread the negro failure to successful white districts.

Anonymous said...

Alexis had no homies that he could join with to stomp some innocent YT to death, so he used a shotgun. Same outcome. They hate YT and want them dead.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Vast majority of mass shooters like this have been white males, and I don't think the pathology of mass shooting and typical endemic black crime is the same.

Oh, they're close.

White: No respect for the lives of the victims, all at one time. Daydreams of killing for personal enjoyment, then acts out days or weeks later.

Black: No respect for the lives of the victims spread over years and years. Constant fantasy of doing deeds to victims. Acts out minutes later, or at the first opportunity.

Crime is rampant in black "communities" because they fail to think ahead of time and consider consequences. That's is different from mass shootings like these...when these happen, the shooter almost never intends to survive it. They don't happen because someone failed to have proper future time orientation, they happen because of extreme mental illness.

Some would say that blacks' lack of concern for the victims and enjoyment that comes from inflicting harm is mental illness, and the differences in timing and mental state at the time of the crime matter so, so much.

Whiskey said...

The vast majority of Mass Shooters White Males?

Au contraire, my friend. VDARE had a fairly good rundown of the non-White male mass shooters, off the top of my head: Omar Thornton, "Cookie" Thornton (no relation, the Kirkwood CO shooter), Christopher Dorner, that guy in Seattle, the Beltway snipers Lee Boyd Malvo and John Mohammed, Nkosi Thandiwe (Atlanta shootings), Colin Ferguson (Long Island Railway), the Michigan shootings done by that Hmong Immigrant, Virginia Tech (Cho), Nidal Hassan, the Chechen Bombing Brothers (Durbin's "Dreamer" Muslim girl says Muslims are not White so I'll take her word) and so on.

White guys are only the majority if you push non White guy shooters down the memory hole.

The danger is not the revival of the Klan, Segregation, Nazis, or anything like that. White people got dissolved in the acid of modernity and technology first and foremost.

The most likely outcome is a full on plague of Kazinskys. The Full Ted Treatment, but with no notes, no manifestos, nothing to tie them to anything, and conspiracies of one. Impossible to detect, or stop, or even find out afterwards. "The Wrong One" will be the survivor, of some horrible Kill Whitey incident, and having no ties, no friends, no more family (wiped out by such incident), no nothing but a PC/Multicultural environment that alienates and disconnects and removes Joe Average White Guy, will go Full Ted. And not get caught. Aim not to get caught.

The government can look everywhere, all at once, and listen everywhere, all at once. But it cannot focus and understand all at once. Even with AI help. It took Ted Kazinsksy's (spelling?) brother recognizing his crazy siblings writing to catch the guy. In fact such things may have already happened, and the killings artfully concealed.

Nope there will be no mass movement. But extreme individualism can be just as deadly. Given modern technology. Just ask anyone who had a relative killed by Ted.

10mm AUTO said...

This negro felt "discrimination" from the Japanese people as well. The Japanese people are sick of negros, particularly American negros.

After a particularly ugly bit of TNB by three groids on the Island of Okinawa, boiling down to the gang rape a 14 year old Japanese girl who must have weighed 80 pounds soaking wet. The people of the Island were already sick of the negro predations, but this was so outrageous (gang rape is nearly unknown in the Japanese culture, let alone gang rape of children) that the kettle burst. Despite their reputation as peaceful, long suffering and orderly, a crowd of Islanders showed up at the American Base; grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, mothers, etc with rakes, clubs and Samurai Swords(!). They wanted the Base Commander to turn the monkey's over to them. That would have been short and sweet, but of course it didn't happen. It became such a problem that the President of Japan had to intervene because the Islanders were trying to have the whole base removed! it took me nearly an hour to confirm they were negros, as the CNN article only said this:A CNN article reports ” Three U.S. servicemen were convicted Thursday in the kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old Okinawa girl and sentenced to up to seven years in a Japanese prison. The verdict handed down by a panel of three judges — Japan does not have a jury system — followed months of protests against the U.S. military presence in Okinawa. In the aftermath of the crime, support for American troops in Japan has reached one of its lowest points since World War II.” However, a Star and Stripes Magazine article has pictures of them being led to the courtroom in dress blues and they are deep dark groids. no other news outlet has pictures, indentifying them only as "American Servicemen".

The Japanese regard Whites as humans, but creative barbarians. negros they regard as not human and deeply resent Americans sending their smelly evil low I.Q. "diversity" over there to commit crimes.

Here is a perfect example:

Or here

LOL it seems no matter where you go in this world, there is a video of negros being shoved in a squadcar.

This creatures bring down every civilization they come in contact with, the more advanced, the worse it looks. Now they shoot Whites in the workplace, the street and in their homes and we can barely get our media to cover it.

Mutant Swarm said...

Don't you just love how they're showing two different pictures and saying it's the same guy?

At least they knocked off the "white accomplice" nonsense.

Chalk up another hit (pun intended) for Professor Raoul X.

Anonymous said...

The quotes from the A.A.'s employer and landlord, a Thai woman, are very telling. She goes on and on about what a quiet, gentle soul he was, such a good worker, loved by everyone, the same nine yards of bullshit you hear about every killer. But the more she speaks, she can't help but reveal his true nature: the raciss victimhood, everybody owes him something, getting angry at small, stupid things like "you didn't give me a ride" or "your cat has fleas". Everybody who ever had personal contact with this nut, did so with active ignorance of his true nature, and were damned lucky he didn't kill them over a perceived slight, or "disrespectful" glance.
This A.A. suffered from the same Pinocchio Complex as Christopher Dorner: the black who desperately wanted to be a Real Boy, but snapped under the crushing reality that it was just not possible. For this, we should blame the Idiocrats, who have mandated Affirmative Discrimination and Extra Enabling Employment Opportunities which have given these two, and others like them, the audacious hope that they could ever serve society as something greater than a ditch digger. Coaxing people to reach for the stars, while knowing they will fall short, is simply cruel.
Shovels, indeed, Mr. Kersey.

countenance said...

Sherman is buried at Calvary Cemetery, which is in Chocolate City St. Louis, Bell Curve in all directions as far as the eye can seef.

Conn Conagher said...

Apparently he only went to that Buddhist temple just to try to get some Asian nookie. From all I've read, this groid was TNB to the extreme.

Melanie said...

@ Whiskey September 18, 2013 at 4:20 PM-

Thanks for the debunking. This, along with the serial killer and pedophile memes, are constantly brought up by blacks as some "whites commit even worse crimes" argument. When in fact, in all these categories, blacks account for a higher proportion of these crimes according to their percentage of the population than whites do.

They do the same thing with welfare number rolls-"there are more whites on welfare than blacks". Only in raw numbers, because there are many more whites. In proportion to population, there are more blacks on welfare. But no matter how many times you explain this to them, they either can't grasp the significance, or pretend not to.

Same with incest-I especially note the argument someone made at the Second City Cop blog, that black incest rates may be even higher than the ones accounted for, because so many ghetto blacks don't know who the fathers of their various children are, and one black woman may have as many as 5 or more children with different fathers, each child with multiple candidates for the father, while the men sow their seed broadcast with different females like weeds-one man could have multiple children of almost the same age by different females. The women don't need to care, they're not likely to get child support anyway, and Uncle Sam (the money stolen from working Americans) will pay for it all.

Anonymous said...


I think you are losing it. Though I do understand why. Take a deep breath and maybe stop blogging for a while.

Anonymous said...

What experiences did Sherman have with his black troops to conclude they could only have shovels? Did they shoot without orders? (TNB) Refuse to hold their lines under attack? (TNB)

BTW, 10MM, the you tube videos are great. You think the blacks don't realize their privilege stops at the border?

Annie Oakley said...

Icerink – this post is meant for you ok? For one thing, I make NO bones that I’m a white racialist. I’m a white separatist, not a supremacist. Big difference. I don’t want to rule over you. I don’t want to live near you.

As a white woman I want a divorce from black folks. A no-fault, uncontested divorce. No separation, no staying friends, no shared property. A clean break, no contact, divorce.

Here is the huge difference between your tribe (black folks) and my tribe (white folks). When YOUR tribe is in power demographically and in positions of government, you have no mercy towards whites and in some ways quite cruel to white folks.

This is evidenced by the cruel and sadistic methods by which your peeps murder, rape and rob white folks.

I cannot for the life of me remember one case of a young white male raping an old black female. Can’t remember one case.

But I do remember countless cases of little negroes not only robbing granny but brutally raping her. I can’t imagine why any male human being (and I don’t think blacks are human) could possibly get any satisfaction raping a 90 year old woman!

When white folks have high numbers demographically and politically (for the most part) they are overly nice to minorities. In fact many brain dead brainwashed whites will go out of their way to accommodate and make Laqueesha feel welcome.

Once again, when blacks are in the majority, it’s hell on earth for white folks. The relationship is never a 2-way street. All for thee, but none for me.

You see icerink, here’s another difference between blacks and whites. You’d be safer at a Klan meeting and a cross lighting at night than I would be as a white woman walking down the streets in Detroit in broad daylight.

Your white neighbors will not come out and tell you they don’t want you living in their cul de sac. If they did, they would subject themselves to demonstrations, lawsuits and all sorts of ooking and eeking from your black brothers.

I don’t care that you don’t commit crimes. I don’t care. Your presence eventually brings Shitavius, Laqueesha and other black criminals. I’m sorry but your tribe is far more trouble than they are worth.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 4:49

Spot on-- these creatures don't fit and can't fit in human society. They are told they can by DWLs but then even they don't want to live near groids.

It is inhumane to pretend they are equal. It is cruel.

Jay Santos said...

This Alexis negro is a classic. A number of people who knew him speak about him complaining of racism.

“He felt a lot of discrimination and racism with white people especially,” Kristi Suthamtewkal told the reporter.

Thairintr said Alexis told him he was upset with the Navy because "he thought he never got a promotion because of the color of his skin. He hated his commander."

This piece of garbage was accepted into the Navy. He was trained, he was paid. Despite firing a gun into the ceiling of his apartment and nearly killing a neighbor and despite shooting out the tires of a car, he was never prosecuted. Despite these events and insubordination in the Navy, he was given non-negative discharge. He was hired by a company and sent to Japan. That's quite a great deal for any young person. He was hired by this federal government contracting, affirmative action snake pit called "The Experts". He probably had a salary of at least $85K. Yet he was discriminated against. This son of a bitch was given every single imaginable break in life and he is discriminated against. This is the negro mindset. Nothing will ever be enough, no amount of totally undeserved hiring, promotion, attention and "at a boys", nothing is enough. Fucking destructive savages.

AnalogMan said...

@ Annie Oakley 6:43 -

Nailed it. One minor quibble re:

I’m a white separatist, not a supremacist.

Since they will never voluntarily leave us in peace, separation can only be achieved through supremacy. We can't separate unless we have a place of our own, where we can make and enforce the rules on them.

It can only happen if we have a country of our own.

The notion of a racially homogeneous country may be pure wishful thinking, but even if we can't expel the orcs, they definitely need to be disenfranchised.

Anonymous said...

Clinton disarmed the military bases.
Muslims [whites] are a HUGE danger in US military.
Need I post 'Infilt......'fill in the rest.

Anonymous said...

He killed ten whites and two blacks. That's actually fairly close to the real racial breakup of this country.

Looks like we have an honest killer here!

Anonymous said...


It only makes sense that the majority of mass shooters in the US would be white because their percentage of the population that is white is much larger. But it is also true that the worst of these mass shootings have been perpetrated by whites.

Anonymous said...

5:38 Anon - What an interesting accusation, although you don't explain it at all. How, exactly, is the blog owner "losing it"?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I thought the blacks with Sherman were mostly in construction and food service. Would make sense if the blacks in construction crews carried shovels.

Dan said...


That's because blacks aim badly. White people tend to have better aim.

The reality is that mass killings are only made possible by being a sneeky bastard with a functioning brain and predatory ability to hunt on a large scale.

Blacks kill in packs, they frequently get excited when they kill so they don't remain steady. When you hear in the new that a gunman fires into a crowd 14 times and kills no one you know 100% that the perp was black.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
He killed ten whites and two blacks. That's actually fairly close to the real racial breakup of this country.

Looks like we have an honest killer here!

You don't know southeast DC. That facility is NOT 13% black. Support, clerical, janitorial etc makes that place easily 60% black.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this page intrigues me. I am black, educated, and a proud conservative. I have never committed a crime, my brothers are law enforcement professionals, I know and have a great relationship with both of my parents who are still married. But after reading the information on this website I have learned that I am predestined to commit horrible crimes because the almighty God of heaven and earth made me black. I love my country, and I hate socialism, I consider myself a patriot. But reading this stuff hurts. I was so ignorant towards the opinions and attitudes that remain about people of color. I guess I need to give up, quit my job, leave my family, drop my pants and start rapping. No, I refuse, I may be seen as an illegitimate American to some of you but I pray God shows you that ALL black people are not evil.

Anonymous said...

Vast majority of USA is is your point?

Blacks are overrepresented in mass shootings just like in any other crime...malvo, Mohammed, Ferguson, Thornton, and it goes on.

They have perhaps less workplace violence than expected because they so rarely WORK

Anonymous said...

They demand worship like the "chief' gets and are cruel and capricious

Anonymous said...

Like malvo and Mohammed or colin Ferguson huh? What do you mean worst?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should crusade against black crime. We all know good're just too small a minority compared to the bad that we don't want to deal with any of you.

Even YOU don't. Show me a black who fits your profile and I'll show you one that himself lives FAR from his own kind for exactly the same reasons whites do

Anonymous said...

Anon@ September 19, 2013 at 10:57 AM

You would be part of the talented 2% Congrats. I'd be shocked if your achievements last more than one, possibly two generations before reverting to the norm.

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

"I pray God shows you that ALL black people are not evil."
To be deemed "not evil" requires more than wearing a belt on your trousers, being educated, and abstaining from criminal acts. When 90+% of blacks shun and condemn*, rather than offer knee-jerk support and sympathy to their brothers who commit evil deeds (Trayvon Martin or O.J. Simpson, or the local "knucklehead"), then the rest of us can begin to overlook your race's genetic tendency to antisocial, violent behavior, and accept "the good ones" for what they are. Until then, you will all be seen as cut from the same, whole cloth.

*And by "condemn", I don't mean donning a T-shirt or "In Loving Memory" bumper sticker, or holding a pussified candlelight vigil. You (all) must, for starters, work with the police to put the offenders in jail, and then demand harsh penalties from the courts. Until then, The Talented Ten will only be seen as the dijon mustard on a shit sandwich.

It's Time said...

Anonymous at 10:57:

SShhh....I hear a set of hands clapping. They must be yours.

Anonymous said...

Love Annie Oakley's post!!
From De'Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

Dan said...

Never committed a crime? Or never convicted?

AnalogMan said...

It's Time said...

Anonymous at 10:57:

SShhh....I hear a set of hands clapping. They must be yours.

Nope. That's me, applauding Anon @ 2:22 -

Until then, The Talented Ten[th] will only be seen as the dijon mustard on a shit sandwich.


Dutch Boy said...

Alone among the major field commanders, Sherman steadfastly refused to incorporate black men into his front-line forces, deploying them instead in support and other rear echelon capacities. Ironically, when George H. Thomas organized the defense of Nashville in December 1864, he had little choice but to deploy Sherman's outcasts and by the end of the battle had concluded that "negroes will fight" (p. 232).