Friday, September 27, 2013

Abraham Lincoln Had it Right. 82 Percent Black Detroit Set to Get $320 Million from Federal Government; Why Not Use it for Repatriation?

(PK NOTE: it's actually $320 million).

Detroit has been bailed out before.

Coleman Young, the first black mayor of the city (elected in 1973), went to Washington D.C. and, “brought that bacon back,” in the late 70s.
Even he knew the truth. The ruins of Detroit in 2013 silently confirm this fact

Since then, a steady stream of federal/state/grant money has trickled into the city, keeping America’s black metropolis afloat, while the black citizenry (reaching 87 percent of the population) contribute to turning the landscape – once known as The Paris of the West – into the “Ruin Porn”/Blight capital of the western world.

In truth, the condition of 2013 Detroit is “stranger than racism”: a city completely dominated by blacks for forty years has disintegrated before our eyes, in a manner that would make even the most ardent Klansman frown with indignity.


If you continue to financial bailout black dysfunction in Detroit, you will only breed more blight and contribute to a greater proliferation of “Ruin Porn” than already exists.

Detroit already receives roughly $291 million/year in grants from 71 different organization to help pay for the burden of having a population devoid of white people (tax-payers).

Some $52 million left over from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is being funneled to Detroit to remove the “blight” (ruined remnants of the past white civilization usurped by high levels of black crime, pushing the former population to seek safe real estate for sustaining life) [Snyder, officials launch $52M blight removal program in Detroit, Detroit News, 8-26-13].

Now, comes news of something bigger.[White House to announce $300M in aid Friday to make Detroit safer, erase blight, Detroit Free Press, 9-27-13]
Nearly $300 million in aid for Detroit — from federal and state coffers, private businesses and charitable foundations — will be announced Friday as Obama administration officials visit the city to discuss what can be done to help eradicate blight, improve transportation, encourage new business and make residents safer. 
The funding will include $150 million in blight eradication and community redevelopment, including $65 million in Community Development Block Grant funding — which had already been awarded over two years but could not be accessed by the city. An additional $25 million could help hire as many as 150 firefighters in the city. 
Some $24 million in federal resources that had been tied up will go to repairing buses and installing security cameras, part of an overall $140-million investment in transit systems. And several charitable groups — the Ford Foundation, Kresge Foundation and Knight Foundation — will put millions into spurring entrepreneurship and creating jobs.

Some of that money ($100 million) will be used as transit grants for “buses, a streetcar project, and a bus rapid transit system.” The bus system, with a base hub at the Rosa Parks Transit Center, currently is under siege; its almost entirely black employee base is demonstrating against the violence perpetrated by its almost entirely black customer base [Detroit bus drivers protest for better safety, Detroit News, 9-17-13]:
Inspections are being conducted on one of the city’s most troubled bus routes to curb violence targeting drivers and passengers, officials said Tuesday. 
Detroit’s Chief Operating Officer Gary Brown said the city will immediately begin using its resources to conduct spot checks on routes that have experienced the most disturbances. 
The bus drivers union organized the demonstration to seek help in stopping physical and verbal abuse between passengers and drivers, as well as the unreliability and neglect of the buses. 
Eight drivers have been hospitalized from attacks by passengers in the past nine months, said Fred Westbrook, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26, which represents about 550 active Detroit Department of Transportation drivers. 
“The city of Detroit has got to fix the system. This is not what we signed up for,” said Westbrook, as he marched with about 50 others carrying signs Tuesday in front of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, calling for “cleaner buses” and “on-time service.”
Rosa Parks Transit Center? Never underestimate God’s sense of humor…

What could that $300 million do to help Detroit actually come back? Well, it could simply be used to repatriate the black population (significant percentages, at least) of Detroit to Monrovia, Liberia.

And what better date than February 12 (Abraham Lincoln’s birthday) in 2014 to start the initial flights from DTW to ROB?
The only way to secure a safer future for Detroit is to repatriate the black population

Using, we find that booking flights on Brussels Airlines, KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Air France, US Airways, and American Lines for the date of 2/12/14 has an average price of roughly $3,000 (remember, children under 2 can fly for free).

If we are only talking about using commercial airlines, with normal layovers, the government could use the $300 million to repatriate 100,000 black citizens of Detroit to Monrovia, Liberia. At 82.7 percent of the population (estimated to be 701,475 in 2012), this plan would also see all children under 2 on board these flights – roughly 25,000 people.

In 2009, roughly 100,000 black residents of the city where between the ages of 5 – 14 years old, thus the $291 million could realistically be used (if still using commercial flights) to repatriate the “youths” from Detroit, freeing them from the burden of consistently keeping alive the racial gap in education.

Such a move would see nearly 1/3 of the black population peacefully removed from Detroit, thereby eliminating from the equation the very people responsible for the “blight” found in the city. All for $300 million.

Now, such a plan – using commercial airlines – would be much more cost-effective if utilizing airplanes that went non-stop to Monrovia (supply-chain management gurus would be needed to determine the amount of flights that could leave DTW per day and, realistically, the capacity ROB has for such an endeavor).

More to the point about this repatriation: the United States would continue to pay for EBT Cards ($200/month goes much farther in Liberia than in the food desert of Detroit), and a $1,000 stipend/year – equating to $660 million – for those blacks resettled in Monrovia.

In exchange, those white people living in the suburbs of Detroit can move back into the city, abandoning absurd commutes – all to avoid living in the high crime areas of the former black metropolis. An actual downtown renaissance can occur, with the Visible Black Hand of Economics ($1 houses, anyone?) peacefully removed instead of eternally propped up to help bolster the cities ranking as “most violent in America.”

Now, such a proposal may seem outlandish.

It may seem incendiary.

But what’s the alternative? Continuing to fund the city of Detroit, with only one true return on investment found: and that’s the accelerated growth of the security, prison, and blight-removal industry?

The more lethal alternative is allowing the black population of Detroit to spread across America (Section 8 Vouchers in hand), to export the Black Undertow in places devoid of crime and boasting high property values.

Since 1948, we’ve tried to believe race doesn’t exist (Shelley v. Kraemer). The enormous error in American intellectual thinking has done what no invading army could; destroy once productive centers of commerce and public life, such as Detroit, Baltimore, Gary (Indiana), Rochester, Newark, Camden, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee.

Marcus Garvey had it right 100 years ago; the American Colonization Society had it right 180 years ago; Abraham Lincoln had it right in the 1860s.

In the ruins of America’s “Arsenal of Democracy,” we find the end-result of wishful, magical thinking.

Though most people refuse to see, the American Experiment had ended in the Petri Dish of Social Engineering still known loosely as ‘Detroit.’

Sure, a repatriation of black residents from Detroit to Monrovia, Liberia won’t happen; but neither will a closing of the racial gap in achievement.

All that will happen is more and more municipalities will collapse under the weight of racial reality, with more federal/state/grant money allocated as a “financial Band-Aid” upon nature’s greatest  (cruelest) joke of all.


Julie said...

Wonderful appropriation of funds. But, keeping cost in mind, you must put some aside for all the emergency landings and return flights. These are the people who fight over balloons, Chuck E Cheeses, and shoot each other at weddings and funerals.

Anonymous said...

"But what’s the alternative?"

C'mon liberals. Step up to the plate. Don't just guffaw and dismiss this as unrealistic. Show us the future as you envision it and then show us how you intend to get there.

In reality, it's YOUR expectations and vision that are unrealistic. Argue with Paul. Dialogue, that's always big with you. The truth is, you have no plan. Or at any rate, none that is grounded in science and statistics. You have your wishes and your "Dreams". But what are they but subjective fantasies?

You're just craven cowards, hiding behind your smug sense of moral superiority.

Anonymous said...

Around the year 1000 A.D., The English suffered numerous raids by Danish Vikings. Eventually, the English King Aethelred the Unready determined that it was easier to buy the raiders off with tribute than to suffer the devastation of the countryside and loss of life and tranquility that resulted from warring with them.

A similar situation prevails in America's cities. It is regarded as simpler to pay off the Black destroyers of our civilization than to war with them. They have worn down our resistance with their incessant whining and misbehavior and our leaders, like the unready Aethelred, have abdicated.

Anonymous said...

I cannot think of a better long-term solution.It is direct and could work.That automatically guarantees it won't happen.Coupled with birth control,a great idea.What we are doing is not working.Richard Cranium

R.E. Prindle said...

While we're on the subject, has anyone noticed that the muzak played in grocery stores and other semi-public places has changed from 60s and 70s White pop music to all Negro music? Not the Supremes, Motown and that semi-White music either. No Leiber-Stoller. Just some god awful deep-Negro crap that I don't even recognize. Horrible songs, must only have been played in the ghetto, bad back up bands and tiresome lyrics.

So, Negro culture is supplanting White culture in the grocery stores of America, conditioning people, especially the young to Act Negro and Think Negro. White people have their heads up their ass.

While it would be nice to pack Negroes and Moslems off to the Heart Of Darkness, in fact the flow is the other way. They're scouring the deserts and jungles to load up the planes to bring them over here. Let's figure that one out.

In order for this plan to succeed Negroes would have to be shipped out faster than they're coming in. As Lincoln said, or possibly said, this country cannot exist half Negro and half White. What is the Negro solution that we're seeing being put into effect? Eliminate Whites. The battle is being fought here and it won't be exported. Either Negroes are eliminated or Whites will be eliminated. This is fact.

The key to the struggle which is far advanced in the Negro's favor, I believe, is the NYC mayoralty election on Nov. 5th. On that date the Negroes led by De Blasio will democratically seize the government of NYC much as Germany did in 1933 when Hitler used the democratic process to seize the government and cancel democracy. De Blasio is Dinkin's disciple much as Roosevelt was Wilson's.

The muck is about to hit the fan. Be prepared.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 9:33 said

Around the year 1000 A.D., The English suffered numerous raids by Danish Vikings.

A thousand years ago, and our leaders still haven't learned the lesson. Rudyard Kipling spelt it out for them:

Danegeld, by Rudyard Kipling

IT IS always a temptation to an armed and agile nation,
To call upon a neighbour and to say:
"We invaded you last night - we are quite prepared to fight,
Unless you pay us cash to go away."

And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
And the people who ask it explain
That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

It is always a temptation to a rich and lazy nation,
To puff and look important and to say:
"Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
We will therefore pay you cash to go away."

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane.

It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
For fear they should succumb and go astray,
So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
You will find it better policy to say:

"We never pay any one Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost,
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
And the nation that plays it is lost!"

Anonymous said...

In reading about the Black Plague in Europe (the Plague of Justinian) I recall the writings of a friar at a monastery who witnessed the devastation. In effect, he said the plague was so devastating that it deprived of inhabitants entire cities and towns, castles and villages until scarcely an inhabitant could be found to dwell therein. And that the plague was so virulent that that whosoever touched the dead was infected and died and thus the penitent was carried to the grave along with the confessor.
We have our own black plague in America and that plague is the negro. It destroys entire cities and whereas the population does not die, the population (non black) flees (white flight) from the plague seeking refuge from it and all it's destructiveness and dysfunction but, just as with a plague, the plague bacterium (aka the negro) must spread itself to new areas and infect and destroy them. Many cities are now in a condition of permanent (black) plague and the disease is endemic and incurable. Worse yet, libtards help spread the plague much like penitents (flagellants) who marched through the countryside in Europe spreading the disease to new areas. Only they do it intentionally through their multicult religion (and using section 8 and other programs) but are just as stupid and delusional as the flagellants.
When blacks take over and destroy a city, it's as if a plague baccilus has replicated itself out of control until it's the dominant organism (having driven all others out)and the infestation/infection and resultant
destruction is called "black power."
Overall, if a plague micro-organism was doing to a city what black people do, the CDC would place the damn place in the strictest quarantine possible to prevent it from spreading to other cities and the damn libtards would be hunted down and placed in isolation.

Reverend Bacon said...

Thanks for the Kipling poem. Time and again, that guy has nailed the issues that we face about 100 years after his death.

panjoomby said...

maybe the feds instead will kick in a few bucks to post billboards that say “blacks are dangerous” & “stay away from groups of blacks.”

Anonymous said...

Repatriation? Ain't never gonna happen bro, and we all know it. Just like we all know what the 'Final Solution' is to our multiple infestation untermensch problems must be. Ain't no other way bro, and we all know it.

Bogolyubski said...

Toldya. The ususal suspects managed to find a way to funnel money into the black hole, despite the bankruptcy, despite the fact that there is no way any sane person investing real money would come near the place. They (meaning the Soros-Gates-Buffet-Corzine-Blankfein-Bernanke crowd) will find a way to have YT foot the bill too. It sure as hell will not be coming out of their own stash. They'll actually end up making money on the deal.

For anything like repatriation, or even restrictive real-estate covenants - much less anything so grandiose as a white nation - to happen, the fraudulent debt-slavery looting racket known as "the free market economy" must be completely, totally destroyed. The foundations, churches and all of the other entities and charities who support this sort of thing (keep in mind, Detroilet is but a single small example of the considerably more massive looting racket known as BRA) must likewise be destroyed. What is needed is a type of general strike where everyone just stops paying the bills. It has to implode to the point where all of the police, military, DHS army, etc. basically walk away from their jobs because there's no pay and no pensions. The black flag of total anarchy needs to be raised. I doubt that many even here are ready for this.

Anonymous said...

easy solution, build more prisons, longer sentences, blacks commit the most amount of violent crime (duh) so when in prison they wont be able to spawn turds. eventually the rest will kill each other. taxes will be raised but we are paying anyway. what can the libs say? prisons are for criminals of all races.

Julie said...

Bogolyubski said...

"What is needed is a type of general strike where everyone just stops paying the bills. It has to implode to the point where all of the police, military, DHS army, etc. basically walk away from their jobs because there's no pay and no pensions. "

I tell my husband this all the time. I would have started yesterday.

Julie said...

AnalogMan September 27, 2013 at 10:25 AM


countenance said...

Abraham Lincoln was for repatriation when he was speaking to people who were for repatriation, but that's the only time.

Anonymous said...

Paul or associate;
Please take this as an observation and a thought for you.Many good posters say they have trouble posting.More than a few times I have seen someone's post printed 2 times,in a row,word for word-in other words somehow the same post was posted on your site twice.Now since you are White,I bet you can glean what I am getting at.You do a decent job of ditching trolls,I know there is a trade-off.Thanks for a great site! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

If we sent blacks back to Africa, there'd be a massive dieoff within months. It'd make Ethiopia '84 look like a My Little Pony picnic. Whites would never stand for that. They'd take food out of their own childrens' mouths before they'd let their former "fellow Americans" go hungry.

Face it - they're with us for the long haul.

Anonymous said...

It's dangerous. It's very dangerous. I believe, Mr. President, we are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now. Every bit as dangerous as the break-up of the Union before the Civil War.
-Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Friday morning

Jassi said...

RE Pindle,

That could be a very interesting event if the October Effect comes true this year in the stock market immediately before the elections in NY.

Imagine a broke and panicking public immediately pushed into a mini-war with negroes.

I assume a large portion of NY population is just outsiders cycling through on their "gonna make it as an artist in the city" phase. You could imagine a 5% decline in the city population in a matter of days when they flee back to the Midwest. Their money and parental stipends leave with them, the gentrifying ghetto infringements retrace and groid territory expands.

A crisis on their hands.

New York is the worst.

Anonymous said...

Ok folks, I have the answer. I mean I really do. Blacks will never leave am I right or wrong? There is only one answer, only one answer that will work for whites. White people must have a white homeland for whites only. North western states, or a portion of Canada, and Alaska.Its the only answer that will work. It will take some time for us to come to the reality of what must be done, perhaps 10 , 15 years. But it is the ONLY ANSWER THAT WE HAVE.

Anonymous said...

The ship of sate would right it's self if the media would expose blacks as the violent parasites they are.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln couldn't do it. Hell, the Founders couldn't do it, and they had more balls and sense than most Americans today. It's nice to fantasize, but it's not going to happen. You know that.

The decline into totalitarianism is turning into a collapse. The entire West is committing suicide, so there's nowhere else to run. There will be no salvation through the ballot box. Our last free and fair election was probably in 2006. The military is compromised, so seek no help there. The NSA watches everything, so any organized resistance will be crushed.

Each of us is alone, for now, and we must brace for a crash and make a survival plan. It's all we can really do.

10mm AUTO said...

Anon @ 4:18

You got it right. How long till Whites realize this? I don't know.

Time is running out:

Watch this gif. It shows the last fifty years and how the USA has changed based on "Government Stats", so it might be even worse. Wait another 50 and your kids and Grand-kids will be calling them Massa or El Presidente'.

You don't even have to support such a Homeland, just don't speak against us or openly oppose us as we make our moves. Many people in the thirteen colonies were either neutral or Loyalist (Loyal to the King) and fled to Canada once the Colonials won. Fine, enjoy the rest of the USA as a "multicult" paradise. But if you see the Tricolor, know you and your sons are safe.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to pay more support for America's burgeoning Negro parasitic population!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Something is happening in Detroit. Several investment groups are buying up big chunks of real estate downtown and acres of vacant land. They're using the FedGov grant money to clear the land and improve the transportation system for them, not the people. A lot of blacks are voluntarily leaving Detroit and repatriating themselves back to the South. Good riddance!

Jassi said...

10mm auto said "You don't even have to support such a Homeland, just don't speak against us or openly oppose us"

This has been my thought on the matter for a long time. Why would anyone say that you can't even have one place of ethnic sovereignty and solidarity in all of Europe and North America? It's sickening.

Being that I have family who are mixed and am married to an Indian I'd probably seek refuge with them in a traditional conservative designated state if/when things get out of hand and divisions take place.

Let's hope that there can be good will, civil cooperation, free trade, and general harmony between the new societies that form post-Commumerica.

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes another 320 million down the black rat hole of dysfunction. Soon to be followed by hundreds of millions more to other black rat hole cities as time progresses. And all of it will change nothing and accomplish nothing.
Worse yet, as the population of black parasites grows larger and larger, their demands will too. As will the racial violence committed by blacks against all other races.
The present is ugly but you ain't seen nothing yet.

So CAL Snowman said...

Yes it seems that a Whites only homeland is our best and really only chance for survival at this point. The difficulty in achieving this goal should NEVER be a reason not to try, because try we must. Words have failed, the only thing these Marxists scum will understand is a fist to the face. More and more it becomes quite clear that the answer to 1984 is 1933.

Californian said...

Now, such a proposal may seem outlandish.

It may seem incendiary.

But what’s the alternative?

Well, consider how entire white populations have been displaced from Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, Detroit, Newark, various neighborhoods in European cites, etc...

Mass movements of peoples have happened throughout history. Certainly, white Americans/Canadians conquered a continent in the 18th and 19th centuries, displacing the former inhabitants. There is no reason that a renewed white race could not do the same. The real problem is, as always, political. White people lack the leadership, the organization and the will-to-power--especially the will-to-power.

Otherwise, white people have the numbers, the brains and the technology to reclaim their place in the sun.

Jay Santos said...

Californian said...
[A white homeland} Now, such a proposal may seem outlandish.

It may seem incendiary.

But what’s the alternative?

Death or enslavement is the alternative. This will be the next great struggle. Lose and all is lost. Who is in and who isn't will be the question. BRA keeps the coal burning white female and the hip-hop loving 23 year old white hipster. They stay on the other side of the fence, enjoying negro "civilization".

panjoomby said...

quarantine the black plague.

Mutant Swarm said...

10mm Auto said...

"...You don't even have to support such a Homeland, just don't speak against us or openly oppose us as we make our moves..."

You hit the nail on the head.

You people who pop up from time to time and start with the "Whites are never gonna have a Homeland, the FedGov won't let us, you're wasting your time, wah, wah, WAA!!" make me sick. You won't even cough up $10 a month to help get the ball rolling. You can at least do that anonymously, but no...that six-pack is just too important. Now, if you're unemployed or minimally employed, that's one thing. But if you can afford a new computer or piece of iCrap to read blogs and watch YouTube videos on, you can damn sure come up with an extra $10. I've been forking over way more than that for years now, so spare me your excuses.

But if you're not even going to do that much, perhaps it would be wise to do what we've all been trained to do...see nothing, say nothing. By now, it comes naturally to a lot of folks. Just keep doing it.

Anonymous said...

Cookie Monster

IKantunderstand said...

I said this on Amrem; this money would be better used by arming the Whites who live any where near Detroit. I don't know what it is, but with the rise of the Black population, there is a positive correlation with crime. I can't tell you how many well meaning Whites I have known, who claimed as Blacks began to move into their neighborhoods: "Well, they seem to be O.K. I really like them". Not one, NOT ONE, of these White people still live in a "changing" neighborhood. In fact, none of those neighborhoods are "changing", they been changed. And, not for the better. I seriously don't understand it. How is it, that a once pristine White neighborhood, turns into a piece of Shit within no time whatsoever? How? I assume that the first blacks who move in, have the money, and maintain their property. Now, once upon a time, I figured that these neighborhoods turned to crap because all the Whites fled. But, you know, I started thinking about it, and, I realized, that Blacks have crappy neighborhoods wherever they live. It doesn't matter how rich they are. The only way their home looks good, is if they are so rich that they can afford professionals to handle their property. O.K., I will admit, there are some suburbs that Blacks have sorta maintained: Southfield, Michigan., for example. And, I sincerely don't know what homes are worth there now. All I know is that people in my town are beginning to put their homes up for sale. And, the cycle repeats. Maybe we should stand our ground, and make the negro interlopers conform to our standard of civilization.Or, do something else.And, I'm not referring to moving. AGAIN!

PioneerPreppy said...

I don't have a problem with the White Homeland initiative, although the numbers are no where near what you would need to support such an effort. My issue is the area you claim to want to found it in.

The Northwest? Really? Within a month every Western nation would be accusing you of apartheid because of all the reservations and the Amerind population isn't going to relocate and if you tried to force em that potato would be HOT. The Federal Government isn't going to give up all that land they own more of than than the people that live there do and finally there is the coastal area. It may not have the numbers of Blacks that other parts of the continent have but it sure has more than it's share of looney liberal groups.

Away from the coast and East of the Rockies is going to run out of pump-able water soon and agricultural yields will plummet.

You would have better luck shooting for the Midwest East of all the Reservations and mass government lands. Split the Dakotas in half along the Missouri River to avoid the Western reservation lands and tempt the Blacks huddled together in the cities with welfare hand outs from the East coast cities. The various European groups still own the vast majority of the Midwest.

Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Jay in DC said...

If you keep throwing shit at a wall, in the multi-million dollar range eventually... SOME of it will stick. But not for long and not in a fashion that will effect change.

Since about '65 we have thrown billions of dollars of shit against the 100,000 year old GACT wall. Expecting what? Money not spent on genetic manipulation can uplift a race that is not exactly homo-sapien. A total fucking lie based on feel good politics. Something more akin to homo-habilis perhaps. Some hominid species. Our money is FAR better spent in laboratories instead of communities.

Gene splicing is our only solution. Find the blondest haired and bluest eyed peoples the world has ever known. Extract their DNA which is a time machine. It is 50,000 years of evolution lost on Africans in particular, and several thousand years lost on middle Europeans, Asians, et. al.

Inject Nordic DNA into the lesser beings of the world and then we are fucking GOOD TO GO. This will never happen under our current regime. But it would fix the world. Literally, the entire world.

Silent Running said...

Camp of the Saints. How many blacks can you fit on, say, a refitted tanker as opposed to an Airbus? Monrovia has a port.

Of course, there will have to be a welcoming committee for the Detroit blacks upon arrival. One wonders what sort of arrangements could be made with the government of Liberia.

It also goes without saying that prior to repatriation, the blacks' overall numbers will have been greatly diminished. No way are they going willingly.

In all honesty, however, I'm with 10mm and all the other Homelanders. It's possible that the end of the coming war may see something akin to repatriation, but it won't be anywhere near 40 million blacks. You'll probably only need one ship.

I doubt that many even here are ready for this.

You're probably right, though there's nothing I think about more.

Abraham Lincoln was for repatriation when he was speaking to people who were for repatriation, but that's the only time.

And we have a winner. The abolitionists - without whom Lincoln could never have won the war - would never have let him get away with it, and he would have gracefully bowed to their pressure. Abraham Lincoln was giving speeches in favor of negro suffrage as late as 1864, IIRC.

Anonymous said...

off topic but IMP

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration told colleges and universities Friday they can continue to use admissions to increase diversity among their students, even in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that could potentially open the door to more challenges.

"Racially diverse educational environments help to prepare students to succeed in our increasingly diverse nation," the administration said in a letter to schools.

The Supreme Court ruled June 24 that schools should approve the use of race as a factor in admissions only after concluding "that no workable race-neutral alternatives would produce the educational benefits of diversity." The 7-1 decision, stemming from a case challenging the University of Texas admission plan, did not question the underpinnings of affirmative action.

Civil rights advocates celebrated that the door on affirmative action had not been slammed shut. But at the same time, the decision

Left Coast White Guy said...

A+ for Californian! There already exists a white homeland. It is called America. It is called Canada. It is called Europe. It is called Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia, Russia. We have the land, we have the people, we.have the power. These things already belong to us. We simply need the will and a leader.

Anonymous said...

yes the squids 100 year stranglehold on us is reaching it's final conclusion prepare for collapse

Anonymous said...

With the Imperium encouraging (& increasingly FORCING) the emigration of black Section 8 voucher recipients (a.k.a. ghetto/hood rats) to formerly majority white lower/middle/upper class areas, it won't be too long before the social pathologies of the former manifest themselves beyond the Imperium's ability to hide thus creating even more & stiffer resistance to 'diversity' than exists now. Some folks need to be smacked upside the head before they get the point, & the faster it happens the sooner the revolt against our self-appointed 'bettahs' (on BOTH sides of the political fence) & their ideas/plans for a 'bettah' America will occur. And rest assured, it WILL occur, the question being whether such will happen before/after the system collapses.

Also note what may be the awareness of an approaching socio-political 'reset' by the majority non-'elite' population,: The simultaneous MASSIVE & continuing acquisition of firearms/ammo/parts/reloading materials/training, as well as storable food, water filtration/purification equipt, seeds, technical knowledge, & classic/neo-classic educational & recreational literature. And the efforts of the Imperium to slow/stop/reverse those trends thru mis/disinformation, propaganda, subtle/outright censorship, social/legislative pressure, & use of physical force (along w/ the increasing openness of our 'bettahs' about their plans for America/Americans as well as the exposure of what deeply disturbed & truly repulsive creatures they are) is, so far, only causing said trends to accelerate & expand.

While it's not ALL bad news, the above also shouldn't be seen as cause for celebration & slacking off but rather the recognition of such trends as indicators of just how bad things have become, how much worse things will get if the current psycho/socio/political degenerative trends continue/accelerate, & what may be needed to not only make it thru the horror but also clean up the mess afterward & set a course toward something better.

Cassandra (of Troy)

Bogolyubski said...

Maybe YT should start referring to all the taxes collected by our overlords as "shitgeld". Pity they can't be paid in shit, with much accrued interest.

Anonymous said...

"If we sent blacks back to Africa, there'd be a massive dieoff within months. It'd make Ethiopia '84 look like a My Little Pony picnic. Whites would never stand for that. They'd take food out of their own childrens' mouths before they'd let their former "fellow Americans" go hungry."

Surely better to feed them there than feed them here.

Anonymous said...

"Something is happening in Detroit."

Ever see the "Watching Too Much Television" episode of The Sopranos?

Anonymous said...

"Ever see the "Watching Too Much Television" episode of The Sopranos?"

Yeah. Detroit is one big, ongoing HUD scam. The "natives" in Detroit will never see a dime of the grant money.

Mutant Swarm said...

@ PioneerPreppy -

Did you pay your $10?

If you think your idea is better, get busy. Write your draft constitution, write out your four phase migration plan, and start trying to convince people you're right.

Perhaps you could write a book or five giving us your vision of what this new country of yours might look like.

Just my humble opinion.

How motivated do you think the FedGov troops are going to be when they aren't getting paid and their families are starving and getting evicted?

This is not my blog, so if you want more information, click on my name.

Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

"These are the people who fight over balloons, Chuck E Cheeses, and shoot each other at weddings and funerals."
I'm absolutely certain (given all the data) that shootings at funerals far far outnumber any shootings at weddings. You can't have that many weddings when upwards of 75% of niglets are natural born bastards.
In any case, you forgot all the rash of cases of niggas assaulting, stabbing and killing each other over "da last piece of chikken."
See? The black man jes' cain't get no relief! Even dem ebbil chikkens is in on da conspiracy to cause trouble in de black community! If da ebbil white man didn't put chicken shacks in da hood, dis wouldn't be happenin'. Just like dey put guns in da hood and drugs and makes people use dem!
Oh Lawdy Jeebus! Eben da birds is rayciss! Or da white man be puttin' somethin' in da chikken meat to control da minds of righteous, super cibilized black people to drives dem crazy!
Mmm Hmmm! Dat's right!

Anonymous said...

Prison isn't the answer. Prison is practically a 'utopia' for the groids. The bruthas consider prison time and down-low cornholing an actual merit (as in earning their 'cred'). Our prisons have gone pathetically soft. Bring back chain gangs and hard labor and then maybe prison might be seen as more than just a 'homey reunion' for the beltless, baggy jean bros.

Segregation made sense. Hell, we still separate our whites from our darks when we do our laundry. Where's the outcry about that? We should all just wear baby shit brown? No. I didn't think so.

PioneerPreppy said...

@ Mutant Swarm

I have done my bit, gotten my message out there and still do for what it's worth.

Our duty right now is to survive this multi-cult nightmare as a race and attempting to form a homeland only in the Northwest isn't the best way to do that in my opinion for the reasons I gave.

My hope is that the homeland will be larger than just the Northwest when this is all said and done.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that ANY amount of money will help rebuild Detroit? You could dump the Treasury of Switzerland there and it would just create a magnet for "gibs" and crime. Hell, North Korea would be better. You can get a house for a hundred bucks in Detroit, yet a mud hut in Somalia is probably safer. The cancer is still growing.

Southron said...

The first sign of a terminal condition for a city is the election of its first black mayor. This is the equivalent of coughing up blood, going to the doctor, and finding out you have tumors on your major organs. You aren't dead yet, but the clock is now ticking.

This usually occurs once blacks are a majority of the population. They elect the most corrupt, vile idiot they can find to run their city into the ground to teach whitey a lesson.

While losing a once grand city like Detroit is a tragedy, what worries me the most is what it says that the United States elected Obama without blacks being the majority of the population.

I can only hope more whites will wake up and put an end to this madness before it is too late.

Watch the movie Idiocracy for a taste of the future. It won't be long until we have the House of Representin'.

Lorraine said...

Which is why I keep telling white people to get their money out of 'the game'

Lorraine said...

I have been advocating for a complete and total disengagement by white people from the banking and financial system for the past year. I have told people to max out credit cards and not pay, to cease paying their mortgages, to get their money out period. I have been preaching this everywhere. I keep saying it and yet I still get jumped on. I don't get it. And now we see what happens, right? These POS's are banking on the fact that you 'goy sheep' will just keep paying.

The intent here is to hang us up by our ankles and suck us dry!

I have been following this blog for a year. Glad to see there are more new faces. More people who can 'see'

Whites have the power to change the direction of this sinking ship, we just have to do it.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

You don't want to send just random blacks. It would be far better to send black females in the 12 to 18 year old range, than to send black males or older black females. The lifetime negative NPV of a 12 year old black female is in the millions of dollars. If that 300mil were used to repatriate just 300 under-18 black females, paying them a million dollars each in compensation, it would be an excellent investment of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Jay in DC 9/27@10:14; I am imagining/hoping you were joking regarding your post.Mixing ruins everything.Let them to what they have.A teaspoon of dogshit will ruin 10 gallons of vanilla ice cream.I remember reading that a quart of used motor oil will make 100,000 gallons of water taste shitty and make you sick. A tiny dab of black paint will tint an unbelievably larger volume of lighter paint.These are goofy analogies I made up,but you get the gist of it.We have given all we possibly can,they are more fucked up and violent than ever,and somehow they are angry at us on top of it all.Their cheap games and hustles would not be accepted from a White kindgardener,yet they get a pass.What they do has worked for them so far.It is our job,mine,yours,anyone who is proud of the White race,to help put an end to all their bullshit that they are never held responsible for.We must demand accountability and the owning of one's actions.If we just started sticking together it would end for sure.Don't mean to rant but giving them our best DNA,(some would say our soul) as another reward for bad behavior? Not Me ! You were joking though,right? Seriously. Richard Cranium

Californian said...

RE the Northwest Republic: there are any number of ideas to salvage the situation for white people, and all need to be considered. It just may be that there are several paths to final victory. All need to work together.

Split the Dakotas in half along the Missouri River to avoid the Western reservation lands and tempt the Blacks huddled together in the cities with welfare hand outs from the East coast cities.

Might also consider an alliance with American Indians who want to carve out a homeland, say west of any white homeland. This would have a tactical advantage: Indians can guilt trip DWLs into making concessions.

Yeah, I know, this implies giving up American territory, but American territory is being surrendered anyway by the current system which is handing over cities to BRA and now to third worlders.

Look at South Africa: supposing back in the 1960s the whites had partitioned the country, setting up the Cape as a whites only state. Give the rest of the country to blacks. This would have been before the international jihad against apartheid revved up. Open up the Cape to European immigration to push up white numbers and create alliances with Western countries. Whites could have established a viable country for themselves (think Israel).

But whites in SA wanted it all--and as a result, lost it all. I do not mean to come down on them, by the way. They were in a difficult situation and it's easy enough to give lectures in retrospect and from afar. But there are lessons to be learned here.

Californian said...

Left Coast White Guy said...There already exists a white homeland. It is called America. It is called Canada. It is called Europe. It is called Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia, Russia. We have the land, we have the people, we.have the power. These things already belong to us. We simply need the will and a leader.


It comes down to the politics. What white people need is political movement, an ideology, a consciousness and some leadership. Then all else will fall into place.

Anonymous said...

Black people LOVE Disneyland.

I say we set up a theme park style expedition for blacks to move back to Africa. Disney's "Back To The Motherland Adventure."

It could be the "slave experience" in reverse. Entire families dress like slaves and pick cotton in costume and sing spirituals with Oprah at a theme park here somewhere in the hot, dusty American south. There can be mock beatings and lynchings, etc. They can eat "low on the hog" and sweet potatoes, and live in shacks, sharecrop, and participate in slave auctions.

Then after a couple of weeks of this, pack them into slave ships shackled in old antique slave chains, just like there were when they came here only going the other way. This would be like a "living history" museum with actors participating so that they can get the full effect of the journey.

Then, there would be a a Disney Epcot style african village set up in Liberia when the boats arrive, with escorts and tour guides to show everyone to their new hut, goats and chickens. They could have a DNA matchup with their long-lost African relatives.

Just make it seem like a REAL authentic going back home to the motherland. I think they would enjoy it.

rex freeway said...

Why is the government giving Detroit a dime? And after they blow thru this 320 million dollars, What, another 320 million? And yes they will blow thru it. No pensions will be shored up. No utilities will be repaired. They will blow it on bling, substandard housing, and the rest will be stolen by corrupt officials who demand that they dole the money out. Pardon my French but fuck them. Shut the power off and let them scatter like roaches. Find their own way out for once. Or die begging for handouts. Tired of supporting losers like this.

Joe Blodd said...

Hey hey they'll piss it away. Why would anything change?

Anonymous said...


W YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – New York City police said a 3-year-old girl was found in school Friday with more than a dozen bags of marijuana in her backpack.
Police said an employee of the New LIFE School in Harlem smelled marijuana on the girl at about 1 p.m. Friday.
They said the employee called police, who discovered 14 bags of the drug in the girl’s backpack.

just another african american male using and abusing females no matter what their age; but of course nothing will happen as barry and eric have already declared in 2010 that african american males will no longer be prosecuted in the USA, no matter what crimes they commit.

Lorraine said...

In shirt: we need to encourage all whites to steer clear of the purple poon!

White Mom in VA

Left Coast White Guy said...

ideocracy wasn't about the future, it was really about the present.

Eastside School said...

Paul, thanks for bringing up the reasonable and sensible idea of African repatriation. In 20 years it will be mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the only post I ever made here and it's not even posted. Thanks bro, I won't do it again.

HaroldC said...

Colonization would have been much simpler if the Federal government had purchased the slaves from their owners and then repatriated them as slaves. No convincing of the former slaves to expatriate would have been necessary. Then as soon as they hit the shores of their destination - wherever it would have been - they could have been freed at that time.

Believing that the freed slaves could be convinced to expatriate after they have been freed was foolish.

paulmurray said...

A ridiculous idea. Why the rush? Do it by sea! Detroit has access to a port, doesn't it?

Discard said...

Anon says, "Wow, the only post I ever made here and it's not even posted. Thanks bro, I won't do it again."

I will speculate here, and suggest that your thoughts were not put up because they were even more childish that this one. Grow up. This is a moderated site, and not everybody's every thought gets posted. Certainly not mine. Kersey is the moderator, and a moderator's job is to steer the conversation. If my comments aren't posted, it's because they did not suit Kersey's purposes. Nothing personal, nothing sinister.

Louis Pasteur said...

Jay in DC said...

“Find the blondest haired and bluest eyed peoples the world has ever known. Extract their DNA which is a time machine. It is 50,000 years of evolution lost on Africans in particular, and several thousand years lost on middle Europeans, Asians, et. Al.”??????????

Excuse me but the blondest haired and bluest eyed Whites aren’t the smartest nor the most advanced because their body adapted to an environment that gets much less sunlight than the rest of Europe. Scandinavians, Scots, Irish and Balts have had much less to do with Western Civilization which was instead pioneered, built and extended by Middle Europeans like the Northern Italians, French, English and Germans. Sorry to break it to you, but when it comes to the worst elements of our White population, it is most often the lightest Whites you regularly find in trailer parks like the perennial overweight blond women with black kids in tow at Wal-Mart.

This Nordicist myth is getting old and anybody with basic knowledge of European history would know that it’s the old Middle European tribes and nations that have contributed the most to the advancement of Western arts, science and literature.

Give it a rest…

Lorraine said...

What's wrong with being proud of being a Nord?

R.E. Prindle said...

@Jay in DC: '...aren't the smartest nor the most advanced because their body adapted to an environment that gets much less sunlight than the rest of Europe.'

Alright Jay. Now let me see, you say intelligence is determined by the amount of sunlight received. Thus Northern Europeans are dumber than Southern Europeans. It therefore follows that the Southern Europeans are dumber than Africans on the equator, Pacific Islanders, Indians, South East Asians and certain tribes living on the equator in Brazil.

However the facts seem to contradict your assertion. I'm sure the fault lies in my understanding but perhaps you could enlighten me on how sunlight works by going into further detail. I really think you're on to something.

Dave said...

$3000 to Monrovia is way too much. I found a DTW-ROB round trip for one adult on Travelocity for $1400, with three stops along the way. You could probably cut that in half again by chartering planes and flying them non-stop with a full passenger load.

Left Coast White Guy said...

R.E. Prindle,

You just read it backwards, rerea.

Paul Kersey,

Thank you for championing an idea that I have been promoting for two or three years on your site. This is the only logical solution. Now we must get to the point of getting the public ready to accept it. You sir, are carrying a huge load toward this end. I personally thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think "a" white leader will work. A leader or even a few leaders can quite easily be assassinated, jailed, destroyed by media or infighting, etc. This revolution for our people needs to come from large numbers of us, working together and alone for our common good.

The crush to kill us through miscegenation or through the colorful thugs is in full swing. We must start fighting the forced "diversification" of our communities if we have any chance at all. Otherwise, yes, let's keep running for the hills, until there is no where else to run.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote that deporting female blacks age 12 and paying them 1 million apiece would be a huge saving to taxpayers. We'd also then need to quarantine the male blacks away from whites.

Jay in DC said...

You were joking though,right? Seriously. Richard Cranium

Yes, apparently my satire was not clear. The point wasn't race mixing, it was a more sci-fi solution where we just turn all hominid knuckledraggers, et. al. into blonde haired blue eyed Whites...

Mr. Rational said...

This sentiment is certainly taking up more of the memespace lately, isn't it?

The problem with it is that the idea will not gain currency among the people who need to accept it until the resources to carry it out are gone.  In other words, Anonymous @ 11:27 AM has the most likely outcome pegged.