Monday, December 22, 2014

"Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America's Bankrupt Black Metropolis" Out for Kindle

The recent story that "Dozens of suspected murderers, rapists and other criminals who were arrested by Detroit Police over the past four years have been released because of a backlog of unsigned warrants at the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office," shouldn't surprise anyone who has been exposed to the racial truths of Detroit's transformation from a 1st World city into a 3rd World reminder that race isn't a social construct. [Detroit warrant backlog frees suspects, Detroit Free Press, 12-16-14]
Available now for your Kindle!

If race were a social construct, the Pontiac Silverdome wouldn't be a venue for photographers to capture the awesome images of 'Life After White People'.

With this in mind, SBPDL is proud to announce the publication (for ebook) of Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America's Bankrupt Black Metropolis.

Order your copy here!

The long-awaited sequel to Escape from Detroit, Detroit tells sets the record straight as to the origins of the historic bankruptcy of the former 'Arsenal of Democracy':
Busted. Broke. Bankrupt.  
Once the most civilized of American cities, Detroit was known by many as the 'Paris of the West'.  
Now, however, the city of Detroit lies in ruins, victim of its own population. 
The tragic story of the death of Detroit serves as a lesson -- but what have we learned?  
In Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America's Bankrupt Black Metropolis, Paul Kersey answers this question.  
His cutting-edge investigation looks inside the corpse of this once-great city and reveals the rot and cancer that ate away its fiscal health over the past fifty years.  
Beloved conservative economist wrote this about Paul Kersey: "It would be easy to dismiss Kersey as a racist. But denouncing him or ignoring him is not refuting him."  
It's not a pretty sight. Autopsy is an ugly process. But the truth about the death of Detroit must be known. In these pages, Paul Kersey peels away the lies, spin, and fantasy layer by layer and reveals the truth about the death of Detroit.  
Chapters include: The Rise of a Black City The Road to Detroit’s Bankruptcy Origin of Crime in the “Arsenal of Democracy’ The Africanization of Detroit Flat-Earth Society: Those Denying the Racial Angle to Detroit’s Collapse Sunk Cost: Attempts to Bailout Black Detroit Over the Decades 
The book will be available in paperback around December 30th (if interested in acquiring a signed copy by Paul Kersey, make a donation for $25 via the PayPal link on the right-side column of this site).


Anonymous said...

The Feds should import some African elephants,giraffes, zebras, lions, and myriad other African animals of the four-legged variety, drop the four-legged Serengeti and Congo jungle animals off in Detroit to roam around wild, then a whole Safari tour industry would start-up, ipso-facto saving Detroit's economy.

From : Joe

juvenal said...

To paraphrase a a protest line from the hippies, " Its time to bring it all down girl".

Anonymous said...

@ juvenal

Burn it all down is the plan.
Dirt doucheflap maggots from the 60s are in power now.

Jim said...

The decline of Detroit in less than a half-century from the city with the highest per capita income in the world to it's present condition has few historical precedents aside from the effects of natural catastrophes such as volcanoes or the effects of war.

Leftists blame changes in the world economy but the suburbs around Detroit exist in the same world economy and they include some of the nicest communities in the country. These communities are however predominantly white.

Anonymous said...

What do we want, a Detoilet nation.

When do we want it, we want it now.

Enjoy the new Zimbabwe comrades.

Workers of the world unite!

To each according to his needs.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever believe that darkies care that a former first world city is now a shit ridden third world cesspool.
They look at it as a great accomplishment.
As for the criminals released back onto the streets to ply their trade they are poor downtrodden victims of the white power structure.

Anonymous said...

You can laugh at Michael Savage and call him a TWMNBN but he is the only one to call the Bolsheviks what they are and is right now saying we are in a race war.
No where else will you hear that on Das Radio.

Anonymous said...

Wish your books were available at Walmart. Will have to check Barnes & Noble next time I am in town.

OT. Was listening to the radio today and I learned who the real victim of the police assassinations in New York City is. Al Sharpton. He started getting nasty phone calls and someone even called him the "N" word.


Anonymous said...

Double jeopary? Boring old white guy stuff:

P.S. Dr. Savage just said we are in Helter Skelter.

Anonymous said...

Ruin Porn Rocks:

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....At the age of eighteen I enrolled in a school of higher education called THE STREETS OF NEW YORK. I learned many lessons that I carried with me my whole life. Some were very enlightening and many were very painful. The two most important lessons were DON'T HANG OUT WITH DUMB GUYS and the other was EVIL DESTROYS ITSELF. Darkness preys on darkness.

In the early years I would hunt someone down that did me wrong. If I had an enemy I wanted them more afraid of me than I was afraid of them. That worked out very well. Later I outgrew that stage of my development. I learned that if I just LET IT GO that someone or something will do the job for me. Evil against evil. I saw some people really get fucked over. All bad guys of course. I will admit I had an orgasm when I heard about the TURKEY SHOOT AT ATTICA.

I am mentioning this because there is no bigger example of evil destroying evil than the grand old town of DETROIT CITY USA. A true place of pure evil. A demons playground of destruction with an orgy of death, murder, theft, greed, sorrow, fear and every other passion known to the dead and dying.

Fear feeds on fear. Evil feeds on evil. Death feeds on death. Once a city starts to devour itself it brings on it's own destruction. Detroit became a paradise of doom like hundreds of other cities competing to be KILL ZONE NUMBER ONE.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that the family of one of the deceased officers has already forgiven the murderer. Doesn't that just warm all you're hearts during the Christmas season?! This is just sickening. When will enough be ENOUGH?!

Anonymous said...

"Leftists blame changes in the world economy but the suburbs around Detroit exist in the same world economy and they include some of the nicest communities in the country. These communities are however predominantly white."

We may never know...

make it rain TRUTH said...

So cruising on over to that dailmail link about the silverdome. It's astonishing to see the comments blaming unions and socialism. You could write these mopes' arguments for them they are so rote and by the conservative playbook.

They simply cannot entertain the idea that socialism and unions aren't the bogeymen they want them to be. That the answer is much simpler than that.

It's black people. Everywhere and anywhere black people have any political power, the resulting regression of civilization gives them the answer. It is screaming it in their faces. And yet they do not listen. They run out to grind their axes against leftists like some form of buffoonish Pollyannas. Only the joke is on the rest of us who have made the choice to open our eyes and see.

Anonymous said...

Typos in post:

None found. But you should be receiving a payment through VDARE in the amount of $225. If it didn't come with a shipping address for books, say something.

juvenal said...

That's exactly my point . Use their own strategies on them. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing left maintain.

Anonymous said...

Since Detroit is all negro all the time there are certain conclusions that are obvious:

1.) The negro claim that they invented the automobile must be true since Detroit is home to both the feral negro and the automobile.

2.) The B-24 and other airplanes were also mass produced in Detroit along with tanks, half-tracks, artillery and machine guns therefore proving that negroes invented those too.

3.) Detroit had one of the finest art museums in the world at one time therefore negroes have excellent taste in fine art also.

Conclusion: What would we do without them ? With all those accomplishments behind them how can anyone doubt that they also built the pyramids and levitated them too or that Minister Farrakhan is communicating with the mother ship on a regular basis ?

non-DWL from NE.

Anonymous said...

Quite amazing to see what happens when the allele frequency of the human genome is slightly altered by Evolution.

Sheila said...

I retract my earlier post. I was wrong to attack those who were merely offering Bogo a little constructive criticism and I apologize to you. I sometimes let my emotions get the better of me.
I also realize that merely using my first makes me no less anonymous than other posters, I simply wasn't thinking. Again, my apologies.

Long Island Guido said...

Savage nailed it yesterday. Pope is part of the push for socialism in America as well. Told some old black dude to fo fuck himself as well..very enjoyable!

Long Island Guido said...

Yep! Ill take a Mike Savage anyday over a Rush Limbaugh

Anonymous said...

Interesting story here: Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Air Jordan Robbery Attempt.

Check out the comments. It's not stated the shooter was white, btw. In fact given the venue the shooter may well have been black.

Johnlenzini said...

Anon stated that Detroit had the finest museums in the world.

Still do, talk is sell off all the beautiful pieces of art to help pay the debt. Detroit I think is around 318 million in the red.

besides the many millions in water bills still due.

Note, the negro museum built a few years back, is safe from the selling block. Reason being, nothing worth selling.

And the beat goes on...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:43

Those fugly shoes were made in a Taiwanese sweat shop by an 8 year old making 13 cents a week.
Only drooling dummy darkies would pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of Air Jesus crap shoes thinking they can run away from the po po's faster or jump higher.

Anonymous said...

Destroit will never get any better since it doesn't have a tax base. 83% black population, 90+% of whom don't pay any taxes, hoping for a cash infusion from dey Chocolate Jeebus. Destroit will continue to be a hellhole no matter how much White altruism, benevolence and compassion (the ABCs of Whitey) is bestowed or 'invested' in that place.

Regarding 'ruin porn', there's a pic of a foot sticking up out of a deep frozen puddle in a bombed out building somewhere in Destroit. Some asshole died under unknown circumstances, and a photo was taken when his foot was seen. To me, that typifies Destroit.

Anonymous said...

Even African animals have no use for them.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. The unions were responsible for the good standard of living in the once vibrant city. As I recall, it wasn't the unions receiving tens of billions in bailout money in 2008. It's a total cop out to blame unions on the demise of Detroit. It's no different than blaming Islam for the murder of two cops in NY because of the ghetto rats first name. The low IQ moron couldn't read the Koran if his life depended on it.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I've been to all three and not once have I seen one black.

Anonymous said...

Well of course they forgave. They arent black. Blacks just hate hate hate.

marco baroli said...

Detroit — One person is dead and three others wounded after a gunman opened fire on a car full of teenagers Monday night.

According to the Detroit Police Department, the incident occurred at about 9 p.m. in the area of Charlevoix and Philip on the city's east side.

Police said the car was occupied by three females and two males with one victim age 15 and the others all 16. The deceased was 16.

According to police, four of the five victims lived in Grosse Pointe while the fifth lived in Detroit.

"At approximately 9:10 p.m., we received a call about four teenagers being shot in the area of Charlevoix and Philip," said Deputy Chief Renee Hall in an interview to Fox 2 News.

"We found approximately 30 shell casings in that area... which is very desolate. The victims reported they were in that area attempting to find the brother of one of the victims."

According to Hall, the survivors said they had pulled over to smoke some marijuana when a black man driving a tan Cadillac approached their vehicle.

"He was approximately 6 feet tall wearing a bulletproof vest and army fatigues," Hall said.

"Four of the five were shot. The deceased is a white female. After the shooting, the suspect driver pulled off. That's all we have at this time."

The unharmed female in the group then raced to the Grosse Pointe campus of Beaumont Hospital where the three survivors are believed to be in critical condition.

Police are trying to get more information from the survivors concerning the incident.

"They said they were going to locate a brother," Hall said.

"That's the information we're getting now. We're not sure what they were doing in that area, which is very desolate. Our prayer is that they will be forthcoming with information."

Hall said the shell casings were all from one weapon.

"We don't believe there was an exchange of fire," Hall said.

"Why this individual opened fire we do not know at this time."

Anonymous said...

Leftists blame changes in the world economy but the suburbs around Detroit exist in the same world economy and they include some of the nicest communities in the country.

And conservative inc blames unions.

No one can state the obvious, everyone has to come up with their own disingenuous theory.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:08

I remember that photo. The poor downtrodden Detoilet comrade had fell down an elevator shaft and was frozen in place if I remember correctly.
That should be a monument of the plight of the poor downtrodden darkies of Detoilet.
The elevator shaft is a symbol of the oppressive white power structure.

Anonymous said...

White Charlotte fire investigator fired for thoughtcrime against Dear Leader Messiah and the good revrem Al on Fakebook:

Anonymous said...

Pants up don't loot Part Deux:

Californian said...

No one can state the obvious, everyone has to come up with their own disingenuous theory.

This is so.

And it underlies much of the collapse. When people can not speak the truth -- that it is all about race -- self-destruction follows.

Anonymous said...

I blame the collapse of Detoilet on evil North Korean hackers.
It works for me but I don't recommend it for anyone else.
It couldn't be race since we are all equal and the same under the glorious rainbow hammer and sickle flag with each according to his needs.

Bogolyubski said...

Detroilet is a useful case-study of how BRA works. The 15 stages of negrofication described by our commentor Rebel have run their full course in Detroilet. Negroes took over political control permanently in 1974 - four decades ago. Yet it lumbers on, not alive and not fully dead. Detroilet is truly the Zombie City. Must be a challenge to do an autopsy on something that isn't quite dead yet. It should have been dead long ago - by 1984 at latest. For geniuses like the moron who styles himself as a hunter, who will henceforth be referred to as Elmer and his anon allies as the Fudds, 1984 marked the second election of the Ronald Reagan Repuke teleprompter-reader, glowingly referred to as "Ronaldus Magnus" by the idiot Limbaugh. Poor old fellow was likely senile by then - especially after the zombie-kid who was 'Poppy' Bush's neighbor managed to slip past the world's finest badge-gang and shoot him at close range.

With such a "conservative" in power, one would have thought that Detroilet - already a full-blown example of negro corruption run rampant - would have been allowed to completely collapse into a coon minstrel-show and subsequently held up as the perfect example of Democrat socialism's massive failure - thus ensuring a bright future in the mind of proles and zeks for the Republican brand of socialism. That's not what happened of course. The Repukes, fresh from signing a consent decree with a blackrobe under which they forever agreed to allow negroes to stuff ballot boxes, hold polls open for hours after closing and allow more votes to be cast than the population of the district, bailed out Coleman Young's slick lakeside cesspool with more tax dollars (whose creators are ultimately paid with the fruit of YT's man-hours).

The process has been repeated over and over ever since, just using variations on the same general theme. Elmer and the Fudds are much like negroes in terms of their cargo-cult thinking. While negroes like to blame all the violence on "guns" or "the streets" and hold various marches and 'prayer vigils' as rituals (until they 'go wrong') our own cadre of deep thinkers - steeped as they are in the finest thoughts of Howard Zinn and Herbert Marcuse (plus some Tim Wise) tell us that Repukes and the Tea-Party, magic-negroes, magic-hispanics, and magic-asians represent the solution to BRA. BRA, you see, is much like the violence which mysteriously arises from the "streets" or appears as smoke from "guns". It's a supernatural phenomenon, a tornado or a blizzard that just came about for mysterious reasons or no reason at all - save perhaps that the Shitcongo Jeezus and Saints Martin, Mandela, Trayvon and Swisher were displeased with paltry nature of our latest offering to diversity and equality.

Anonymous said...

Just in time for the body armour ban:

Anonymous said...


I believe the Sd is in Pontiac. Pontiac is a train wreck.

I believe a few years back the
Sd sold for cheap.


st week and sold off stadium items like copper wiring, ...
New tale of Detroit's woe: Pontiac Silverdome sold for ...
The Christian Science Monitor
Nov 18, 2009 - Pontiac, Mich., sold the 80300-seat Silverdome for $583000 Wednesday. The former home of the Detroit Lions cost $55.7 million to build

Anonymous said...

Marco Bandit -

Well, they sure as hell found a "brother" didn't they.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Marco Baroli.

I see a video circulating Fakebook now apparently made in Africa somewhere, where some chimps come up to some armed nogs at a camp. One of the nogs dances and tries to get the chimp to imitate him. Then for some reason he hands the chimp his rifle. The chimp dances with it, finds the trigger and starts shooting. Of course the nogs scatter, including the cameraman.

Any other group and I'd think it was fake.

Bogolyubski said...

Meanwhile, in case any of you are wondering why the rest of the world is starting to laugh its ass off at what a miinstrel-show slapstick-joke the Banana Empire has become: look no further than this example or this even better example of the kind of degenerate oligarchs and psychopaths who issue the orders and serve as arbiters of right and wrong, law and justice in our giant minaret of maggot-encrusted manure. From a man on the moon to a monkey in the white house in the blink of 45 years! So badge-gang and their bootlickers: Are these really folks worth dying for? You honestly think the likes of these will actually pay you a pension should you be fortunate enough to live through what's coming? It's not a bet any sane person would make....

Medic Bear said...

As many have pointed-out, the main problem in any and all of these facts - and the overall decline of anything resembling civilization in our once great country - is simple.

Many are just too fearful to say the word. Some, rightfully so, as the backlash from the multicultural diversity power structure can be devastating: truth-tellers are fired, libeled, ostracized, blacklisted (no pun intended), and more.

The problem is BLACK PEOPLE.


Not ALL of them, perhaps, but a large enough section of the population, with their alleged "Black culture" that espouses lawlessness, no personal responsibility or accountability, hedonism at others expense, drug use, violence, parasitism and instant gratification above all else, to name just some aspects.

Say it with me: "Black people are the problem."

If enough of us kept saying this, and kept saying it despite the shouts of "Racist !" from the delusional White-guilt left and those who benefit from keeping this situation active (Blacks and their race-pimp enablers, as well as the irreverence industry), maybe we would enlighten a majority of our fellow Americans and maybe, just maybe, unify to do something about the problem.

I have hope despite the current racist & un-American power structure.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:32,

Thanks for recon update. I haven't been up to the Detoilet and environs since the 1984 World Series.
What would you expect though from a town named Pontiac.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Kommissar holder will pardon them on his way out the door to work for wall st. banks again:

Anonymous said...

RexHymens here:

Does anyone doubt that the federal government will bail out Detroit (with our debt)?

One by one, the largest, most negrofied cities and towns will start to fall. Collapsing under mountains of debt because the local governments keep borrowing money to shore up a failed system where public sector union members retire at 50-something and collect 75% Pensions and get Cadillac health INS for them and their families, and "poor" people are given free housing, free food, free health car, free cell phones, free utilities, and monthly EBT cards. Well, not really "free", paid for with our debt.

We the foolish working chumps will keep churning along, feeding the beast and trying to provide for our families while the beast devours over half our EARNED income and uses OUR EARNED money to give "free" Section Ape vouchers to feral negroes so they can come live in our nice safe suburbs and send their feral niglets to our safe clean schools- including the expensive private schools we mortgage our homes for, so we can try to keep our kids safely away from the feral niglets in the public schools.

We move away from the city to avoid them, the gov sends them to our suburbs, we enroll our kids in private schools to keep our kids away from them, the gov gives them vouchers to make DAMN sure our kids WILL be endangered. ALL of this is being paid for by debt that our grandkids will be on the hook for.

This system cannot be sustained, the cities will go into the red to the point that the feds will have to start bail-outs, so responsible taxpayers in Montana will be shoveling their HARD EARNED tax dollars to provide for Chicongo, Nig York, and Detoilet.

Then the federal debt will reach a point that it becomes impossible and they will have to declare that they can only pay a very small % of the debt, pennies on every dollar.

THAT is when TSHTF. It will make the Great Depression seem like a mild annoyance. There will be a complete collapse, martial law declared, riots daily in every major city.

I plan on living with my family in another country LONG before that happens. Our "leaders" have made it clear that they have ZERO interest in changing course to prevent this disaster. They just keep trying to put out a fire by pouring more and more gasoline on the fire.

America has built a huge house of cards, and instead of acknowledging it, and starting to rebuilt it with actual wood, they just keep piling on the cards.

It's so sad. I feel envious of those who lived their prime's during the 1940's and 50's. Everything has just gone to Hell since the 60's.

Anonymous said...

I can haez cheezeburger:

(no need to guess the race)

Anonymous said...

I blame the collapse of Detoilet on evil North Korean hackers.


I knew it!

Those axis of eeeeevil North Koreans!

Pat Boyle said...

The economics of Detroit and race are pretty simple.

Unions were involved but hardly the cause.

The Great Migration was blacks being driven off the fields by mechanization. The Great Migration is said to have been from 1910 through 1970.

Wikipedia says the blacks left the deep South because of racism. But a more plausible explanation is John Rust's cotton picker. This machine introduced in the 1930s drastically reduced the need for field hands. The displaced blacks went North, East and West.

Those who landed in Michigan got unionized jobs in auto assembly. This was the 'Golden Age' of American blacks. But it was not to last.

Toyotas and Hondas were miserable little cars poorly suited to American conditions but they were largely assembled by industrial robots. And machine assembled cars were cheap and were well built.

The United Auto Workers fought automation but slowly lost as Americans bought foreign cars eagerly. Then The Big Three embraced auto assembly robots and for the second time in a century blacks were driven from the workplace by machines.

It's hard to see how there can be a solution for this latest phase of black unemployment. As automation advances job requirements advance. Almost all employers today require a High School Diploma. Blacks find it particularly difficult to earn a HSD. They have smaller brains and lower IQs. Jobs for such people are gone from America forever.

The UAW didn't kill Detroit. If it were up to a new Walter Reuther he would outlaw robots and try to bring back all those dues paying union members. But that isn't going to happen.

It also wasn't just socialism that sunk Detroit. The black regimes that took over city hall re-distributed as much wealth as they could from established sources to the black cronies and collaborators. But they were just scavengers feasting on the corpse of the dying city.

The true reasons for the collapse of Detroit are to be read in Paul Kersey's books. Probably the simplest explanation is simply - population change.

After the end of WWII Berlin was completely devastated. Yet within only a couple years West Germany was a major world power and quite prosperous.

Port-au-Prince in Haiti was recently devastated by an earthquake in 2010. Nearly five years later and the streets are still filled with rubble.

I was in grad school in urban planning but I quit largely because urban planners refuse to admit that the nature of the population was at all relevant. They like to pretend that site planning, and architecture are the major variables in understanding civilization patterns.

They're wrong. A place filled with good people will be a good place. A place like Detroit can never improve until it changes its population again.

Pat Boyle

Jassi said...

Degenerate modern "artist" Claes Oldenburg prophesied Detroit as part of a toilet back in the 60's.

Jassi said...

" Anonymous said...

Comrade Kommissar holder will pardon them on his way out the door to work for wall st. banks again:

December 23, 2014 at 1:20 PM"

I was reading this yesterday and I checked out the comments which have now disappeared. Probably one of the most brutally honest comments sections I'd seen in a long time.

As usual, the realists break down the facts better, offer far more rational arguments, and also supply some great sarcasm, so the site shuts down comments. Many operators of these media outlets really, really don't want the truth out. And they don't want us to know that we're not alone with our thoughts and observations. Many have experienced the viciousness of hateful blacks and tell of first person experience.

There is nothing wrong with our perception, but that's exactly how they'd like the situation to be portrayed.

Anonymous said...

The oligarchs' pets are off the reservation tonight. During a memorial service for the two policemen killed by a feral negro Saturday protesters taunted people at the site. Tonight "protesters" aka communist organizers and their useful idiots are shutting down 5th Ave. just before Chri$tmas.

It's one thing for the diversity crowd to do their thing in Brooklyn or the Bronx but 5th Ave. is the heart of Oligarch Land. NYC and Manhattan as well as wealthy, "liberal", hypocritical suburbs as well as the same a few hundred miles south in D.C. and the beltway are the heart of Oligarch Land. NYC represents their economic control, D.C. their political control and LA their propaganda control.

The oligarchs may be losing control of their biological weapon, there is no way they want protests and riots in the area around 5th Ave. They have also managed to further open a mile wide split between negroes and police who are natural enemies. Now police are seething mad at government as they go under the bus for holy negroes who are "my peeps" in the eyes of the current figurehead of BRA.

All of this is taking place while there is intermittent rain in NYC with the temperature about 40 deg. Fahrenheit, not good protesting weather. This summer could be an interesting one with displays of righteous anger from the usual suspects when the weather turns good. So far D.C. and LA have been quiet but no doubt there is lots of righteous anger there waiting for proper encouragement.

Some people are sick of the narrative in Europa.

non-DWL in NE.

Mr. Rational said...

Toyotas and Hondas were miserable little cars poorly suited to American conditions but they were largely assembled by industrial robots.

Not at first they weren't.  They were assembled by Japanese, who were intelligent, took pride in their work and gave rapt attention to W. Edwards Deming (a man who was almost totally ignored in the USA until Japan had been eating our lunch for some time).  The cars were designed for reliability, because parts suppliers were far away and dealerships few and far between.  The economy and reliability got the attention of American consumers sick and tired of "planned obsolescence" and OPEC.

The "lights out" Japanese factory is a very recent development by comparison.

10mm AUTO said...


December 23, 2014 at 11:26 AM""

As I have said, your skin color is your Uniform.

negro goes home, smokes a few bunts, dresses up in camo and a flack jacket and gets in its Caddy (!). When it runs across a car full of Whites, opens fire. No "Robbery gone wrong", no "Wrong place at the Wrong time" BS from the cops this time. No "Drug Deal gone bad."

This was a terrorist operation against Whites. Reverse the races and the Whole town would be going nuts. No one is willing to say what is obvious; this guy knew exactly what he was doing and planned ahead, fired without mercy or remorse and will do it again. No one dissed it or called it a racial slur. It was an unprovoked attack on Whites as clear as the Boston Bombing. The only thing he didn't do was scream "Allah Akbar!", but then the NOI has a different set of priorities.

Watch yourselves.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Sheila said...

Paul - you know my email address, so you ought to be able to see that whoever posted the comment purportedly from me "retracting" my post about the trolls was, in fact, from a troll. Gee, whoodathunk, a troll trolling? I realize you have a life and don't need to waste time on these comments, but I'd appreciate not seeing others here claiming to be me.

Bogolyubski said...

Those axis of eeeeevil North Koreans!

I thought Putin was the NEXT HITLER!!!! (after me, that is.... I lose track)

Anonymous said...

Fast food gone wrong!

Anonymous said...

I worked at one of the state prisons in Detroit's east side. Hidden in the neighborhoods, we received gunfire from the surrounding projects, neighborhoods, industrial buildings, and the 11th Precinct behind us was a constant buzz. Firehouse down Ryan Road ripped up and down the road all day, gunfire, cars blowing red lights at high speed, crotch rockets hitting highspeed all night, plumes of black smoke from "homes" going up in flames, rounds buzzing overhead impacting the prison walls and gun towers, and on and on and on. Neighborhoods, blocks upon blocks of nothing, no one inhabits the ghetto'd area. A ghost town, a frightening sight, driving home with my .44 between my legs watching two negro bucks fighting and slicing each other in the alley down Dean Street, 30 negros on a porch drinking out of brown bagged 40 ouncers cracked out and blunted up, nope I had enough. I'm done, nothing good to say about detroit. The recent attack of 4 White teens by a camo'd ballistic vested negro putting 30 rounds in their car is disregarded by the coloreds as "Deys had no bidniss here" well Renisha McBride had no bidniss in Dearborn Heights drugged up and drunk breaking into Ted Wafer's White home. But that's wrong to these life forms.
Old Guard out

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, brothers and sisters. Keep the faith.

A couple things:

Detroit is indeed a sh*thole. I hope Paul turns his sights on Cleveland next-same thing.

One of the most important and vital cities in America-also one of the most "diverse" in a good way-whites from all over Europe-every area, who made it an industrial and cultural powerhouse.

1920--approx. 3%'groids--(and trouble w/ them, BTW)

1960-approx 25%

now, non whites 53% with other non whites equaling maybe 15-20% more-so maybe 30% give or take of whites--guess what? the change wasn't an improvement.

The overgrown 195lb groid who aimed his realistic looking toy gun at folks and got lead poisoning by cop when he disobeyed instructions and reached for it was at Cudell Rec Center on the (previously)mostly white West Side-now a groid infested shithole. Used to be that rec center was aplace white elderly women went for the many art and craft classes etc they had. It was a nice place in a white area-it's close to the lake (Erie) there were some high end brick apartments that prominent people lived in. That was 40-50 years ago or more. Now half the locals commenting talked about what a bad area it was--if anyone didn't know what it was like before, they'd think it was always that way.

BTW-the poster who brought up W. Edwards Deming was spot on-although he wasn't initially ignored in the US. Only after WW2.

In the 20s and 30s he did outstanding work at Bell Labs and the government used his genius for the 1940 Census, and also during the war where he did outstanding work for the defense industries.

After the war, in the post-victory flush of success he was kind of an afterthought-MacArthur tapped him to help rebuild the Japanese industrial base. To their credit, they listened to him and Joseph Juran, etc and did what they said--I give them credit for that.

Anonymous said...

They PRIDE themselves on what they did. They are proud to exist in a whirlwind of violence, they insult those of us who maintain peaceful cities and sectors. They look at us as weak or aloof for being good. LET THEM WALLOW, DO NOT HELP THEM

Anonymous said...

My 7:38 comment about Cleveland--I meant 53% black along w/ 15-20 % more non white -mostly Hispanic. Like the Puerto Rican named Castro who kidnapped those girls a while back--how "vibrant!!"

The 53% 'groid stat seems mighty low-esp. if you go and look around-they've infested everywhere-and so many formerly nice areas are totally messed up.

They also messed up a lot of once-white close in suburbs too A lot of whites whose parents lived just fine in the city 40-50 yrs ago now live 30 plus miles away just to avoid the groid. That's progress.