Saturday, December 6, 2014

No, David Hoech (the 74-Year-Old White Man Carjacked and Run Over in Ferguson by Two Black Males)... the 'Rule of Law' Won't Save Us

Did you read about the white septuagenarian who was assaulted in Ferguson, had his car stolen, and was run over by the two black males who got away in his vehicle?:
Amid the burning and looting as Ferguson, Mo. descended into chaos Monday night, an elderly man with an oxygen tank was carjacked and run over.
74-year-old Donald Hoech was run over on Nov. 24th in Ferguson, after two black males carjacked him: he still believes the "Rule of Law" will save America...
The man was in the parking lot at Faraci Pizza’s on South Florissant Rd. with another man watching rioters just before 11 p.m.
“Only in America do you see stuff like this,” the man reportedly told Jaye Perry, 52, who was also surveying the scene from the parking lot, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
He hadn’t seen anything yet. Then the man, hooked up to a portable oxygen tank, headed to his car for a fresh tank.

That’s when two men approached the elderly onlooker and took his car, but the senior tried to hold on to the steering wheel and was run over as the crooks sped away, the Post-Dispatch reported.
He reportedly continued to yell for his oxygen tank after the carjackers were gone.
 Who was this man who "continued to yell for his oxygen tank" after the two black carjackers had driven off in his own car?

Oh, he has a name: David Hoech.

And he believes the "Rule of Law" will save us all (never mind the Department of Justice, which has declared war on white police officers nationwide, judging black criminals by the color of their skin and disregarding their criminal actions as the oppressive remnants of white supremacy forcing its standard of civilization on an eternally discriminated against people).

It's this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article that should permanently put to rest any belief in the greatness of the "Greatest Generation." [Ferguson carjacking victim preaches that the rule of law will save us, 12-6-14]:
A spotlight lit up the sedan as it turned around on West Florissant Avenue and stopped in front of the burned out QuikTrip. The driver’s side door flung open. Out clanked an oxygen tank and an old cuss named David Hoech, who was mad as hell about all the “race bait” on the news.
Hoech, 74, a retired international business consultant, wanted to defuse the situation in Ferguson. Ignoring demands to stop from the brute line of armored police vehicles, the Vietnam veteran headed straight toward the gun barrels like he was going to scold a spoiled child.
“I’ll go where I want, when I want, and do what I want within the rule of law!” Hoech recalled telling police. “I live my life free. I work at it, and I ain’t going to start giving any of it up tonight. That’s for damn sure!”
Hoech (pronounced Hake) was one of the few people allowed through the roadblock that night. As soon as he passed, he turned around and drove an hour west on Interstate 70, back to his home in rural Warren County.
The effort landed him on Glenn Beck’s conservative radio talk show, where Hoech accused CNN of making events in Ferguson appear worse than they were.
“The more it gets fanned — there’s going to be fires in every city because people are upset about a lot of other things,” Hoech said on air. “And they use crap like this as an excuse to go out and vent anger. And anger is the wind that blows out the candle of the mind. While everybody is angry, we accomplish nothing.”
On Nov. 24, Hoech was back on scene. By the end of the night, he lay in a tangle of oxygen lines a few blocks from the Ferguson Police Department as attackers sped off in his 2015 Subaru Outback.
On the night of the grand jury announcement that police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for shooting Michael Brown, Hoech, who suffers from a terminal lung illness, turned up in Ferguson with a cart loaded with three oxygen tanks.
Hoech toted a white flag in a plea for everyone to surrender to the rule of law.
Over an electronic bullhorn, he played a Ray Charles rendition of “America the Beautiful.”
“Nobody does it better than Ray,” Hoech says now.
Matt McGrail, 19, a business student at Mizzou, who had also come to experience the news firsthand, saw Hoech adding music to the din of chants for justice that have become synonymous with the Brown shooting.
“I just looked at him and smiled because I knew he was there to bring peace,” McGrail said.
Hoech said he embraced one protester who asked about his choice of music, given so much conflict in the streets.
“I said America is beautiful,” Hoech recalled. “We have this much freedom to be this messed up, but we can still express ourselves and the rule of law. Do we have the willpower and the obedience to the law to straighten it out and make it beautiful the way it was?”
Not immediately for Hoech.
Tired and cold, he went back to his car and climbed into the passenger side. Soon, the door flew open and Hoech was thrown to the ground. Witnesses said he was carjacked by two men whom Hoech tried to fight off.
He had grabbed on to the side of the car and even bashed the front windshield with an oxygen tank. Hoech was run over by his own car as it sped off.
Above all else, he preaches about the “rule of law,” a phrase he repeats over and over again as a remedy to corporate malfeasance, government overreaching and arson.
From a young age, the scriptural decree of obedience — found in his favorite book of Leviticus — was instilled in him. His father was a Baptist minister and his mother was of Jewish heritage.
While others preach about race, Hoech says Ferguson will be fixed when all sides honor the law.
“He believes it for people in corporate boardrooms and he believes it for people in distressed neighborhoods,” said Lieber, who along with Whitacre wasn’t surprised to see Hoech taking that message to the streets.
Hoech ended up spending Thanksgiving week in the hospital after being attacked. He has a new ball joint in his left hip and is already up on his feet, demanding to be heard.
He tells people who ask that he’s still disappointed in the “stupidity in this country.”
There are major leadership and economic problems in the U.S., not racial problems, he says.
Speaking from his living room, he described the carjacking as a crime of opportunity.
“I got beat up by a couple black guys,” he said. “That didn’t make me dislike black people ... Racism is in the mouth of a racist!
As if he was out on the street again, and as if he needed a bullhorn to begin with, he yelled: “There is only one thing that is going to save us all, the rule of law! ... If you don’t stand up for what’s wrong, you are what’s wrong!”
Hoech stood up, tethered by a long hose attached to an oxygen machine. He says he’s recovering from the new hip and is going to be the first person to beat pulmonary fibrosis.
“I am getting in shape,” he said. “I am going dancing Saturday. It might be in my kitchen, with my own music.”
 Race > Law.

Once, white people used the law (some call it, derisively, the era of Jim Crow) to protect the present and preserve the future for their posterity; now, laws are passed to presently discriminate against whites to ensure they have no future.

Sing 'America the Beautiful' all you want to, Mr. Hoech: it won't be singing back.The "Rule of Law" is dead in America.


Philadelphia Mike said...

"There are major leadership and economic problems in the U.S., not racial problems, he says.

Speaking from his living room, he described the carjacking as a crime of opportunity.
“I got beat up by a couple black guys,” he said. “That didn’t make me dislike black people ... Racism is in the mouth of a racist!”

Judging from his statements, I would venture to say that Mr. Hoech is either overmedicated on prescription mind altering medications...or in the first stages of dementia...or has been living in a world of his own his entire life.

Any which way, the old guy has no credibility.

Be strong. Teach your children well.

Philadelphia Mike

Bogolyubski said...

How many of the ankle-biters here have repeatedly made the identical claim about the "rule of law"? Here's your "rule of law" in the Banana Empire - take a good long look. Some whites are truly beyond redemption: 74-years old and he still believes in fairy-tales. He grew up in a different world so I guess we can't blame him too much. Betcha Weepin' Johnny, the Brokeback Boyz, and the Kentucky Undertaker are all going to be taking this very seriously!

Anonymous said...

"It's this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article that should permanently put to rest any belief in the greatness of the "Greatest Generation." "

The other night I re-watched "The Longest Day", the 1962 movie about D-Day. On the edition I had, the movie was preceded by some Movietone newsreel pieces that were shown in all the theatres back during the war. One of them was a clip of President Roosevelt saying that the war against Germany was to ensure that "no one race would ever dominate the world." Looks like YT got his wish alright. Contemporary BRA is the result. They weren't the greatest generation, but they possibly were the stupidest.

Anonymous said...

He isn't part of the greatest generation. He would have been born in 1940, so he would belong to the silent generation, a generation of losers that never even contributed one president to America.... come to think of it, the silent generation may have contributed substantially less to the downfall of white America than the greatest generation, who allowed Jim Crow laws to go bye-bye.

MMP said...

Slightly off topic

I'm hearing "they" want reparations for slavery.

I remember reading a while back how few of there "roots" go back to slavery, and not post civil war immigrants (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Somalia etc.)

So just for shits & giggles....lets offer them the reparations....As long as they can document that they have pre 1870 "roots" here.

Oh.....And Babies Daddies don't count.

I would think that would shut them up. Then again being a "people" with a lack of reasoning skills?....Maybe not :/


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......This is not a case of "being in the wrong place at the wrong time". It is a case of playing the wrong music. He should of played DANCING IN THE STREETS by Martha and the Vandellas. Or a more popular song the peaceful protestors would enjoy is LIGHT MY FIRE by the Doors.

Rule of law? He should cut back on his PROZAC or whatever other meds he is on.

Medic Bear said...

Truly sad. What do they have to do to make him admit this country is no longer what she was and that in the current environment, the rule of law applies to certain colors differently ?

I bet he voted for Obama, too, out of some grandiose idea of a post-racial society.

Thank you for your service, Mr. Hoech, but I fear you are a DWL.

And the time for progressive, liberal, multicultural diversity BS is past.

The war on poverty, the civil rights act and everything done in the name of attaining that post-racial nirvana has proven to be an abject failure, epitomized by the current racist administration which calls for Blacks to be above the law and above work.

As long as one race demands special treatment, we will have racial issues.
And seeing as most of the members of that one race lack work ethic, morals, the ability to be law abiding and the idea of personal responsibility, the problem ain't going away anytime soon.
Unless the race goes away.

Polar Bear said...

"None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see."

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero-

PK? Hate to say this, but there is rule of law here, it's just now more like the way the USSR was.

We whites are now standing around in our gulags, yes. The anger is increasing, and not for the rulers, no. Just the opposite.

Speaking to colleagues as of late. Yes. And get this! I am seeing more flags flying and with pride at that, a warning to the local blacks....

"You aren't fooling anyone but your own selves. Might want to shut up, okay? Okay?"

Madness, utter and total madness! What do these blacks want? At such an insane risk? To anger YT?

Interesting, yes....

Anonymous said...

Obama's personal, criminal savages -- brown and black!! Millions of outlaws in America!!

by BRANDON DARBY 6 Dec 2014
A drug trafficking group was apprehended earlier in the day, according to the sources. When the agent was attacked, he reportedly deployed intermediate weapons such as OC spray and a baton. One Border Patrol agent source told Breitbart Texas, "After the Ferguson ordeal, agents are so apprehensive about using their firearm that incidents like these may become more frequent. Agents are so hesitant that it is actually risking our lives."

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the "rule of law" this old idiot thinks will save us is actually the Law of the Jungle.

Mr. Rational said...

Any which way, the old guy has no credibility.

I think he makes a great object lesson.  He went to advocate for Africans, and was lucky to escape with his life.  He's the poster-geezer for "Around Blacks, Never Relax".

Anonymous said...

Well maybe it will take another beating or two but eventually he will get it. Some are slower to learn than others

Anonymous said...

The next major election will be all about race. A modified Willie Horton ad will clinch the vote for the party judged most pro 'negro control'.

Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

doooooooh, the "Rule of Law" has been usurped & replaced by the "Law of Rule" in case'ya hadn't noticed.

Another social justice benefit of social fascism inspired by Alinskyism.

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

My Granny used to say "There's no fool like an old fool" Looks like Granny was correct.

Eddie in St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Didn't read the article carefully, too long, not that interesting; but this old man seems like a bit of a publicity hound to me.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Son of minister, drives a Subaru, lives well away from diversity, and thinks he can solve racism by talking to blacks and playing some of their old music. And he says YTs also to blame. He's lucky he only needed a new hip. I think he should go back to Ferguson every week - walking around is good therapy for a hip replacement.

Good grief I'm tired of these old hippies lecturing whites and emboldening blacks.

Semi-employed White Guy said...

A few observations:

1. The guy is partially Jewish.

2. What the hell was he doing out on that night? Did he not understand the savagery he could (and did) face? Oh never mind, see #1.

3. Why is he making excuses for his attackers? Oh, right, see #1 again.

2Minute Alpha said...

I blame him completely and without reservation. 1. Vietnam Vet - Another one of these "my Bro was Black" types. 2. International Business Consultant - I would bet he's one of these globablist, "we're all immigrant" types. Were his International dealings sending jobs overseas? (like Romney) 3. Member of the Greatest Generation! (tm) - The Greatest Generation!(tm) is the generation that brought every bit of the dysfunction this country experiences today. They have lived their lives willfully ignorant as they have voted in politicians who have worked against the interests of America so that they could get their own little piece of the give me thats. They think we can all get along because deep down they are the archetypal negro: greedy narcissists whose only sacrifice is to themselves.

America is dead. Whatever fantasy they want to tell themselves about taking back the country will not change the fact that the 50's not come back to the United States of America. It's over. Observe without bias. Prepare for the worst.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't seem to bright. He will have to be run over a few more times before he understands black people.

Anonymous said...

He grew up in a time when standards of behavior were much higher than today. He believed in the rule of law and believed he could go anywhere he wanted and do whatever he wanted, within the law.
But ever since the "civil rights era" the Africans have more and more come to believe they're not subject to any law except jungle law.
The law of the jungle just caught up to this elderly gentleman. I hope he has family that will come get him and take him to a civilized place far from the jungle.


Anonymous said...

RexHymens here:

Just look at how completely mind-altering white guilt is.

Here's a senior citizen, beaten and robbed, assaulted so viciously that he could have been murdered, and required major surgery to avoid being confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

And his first instinct and concern is to immediately start bleating "I'M NOT RACIST!"

Being targeted and assaulted and robbed by blacks isn't enough, you then have to assure everyone that the blinders of political correctness were not ripped off during the attack.

Here's a tip from me to every human in or near a city/town with negro populations:

When you see a big group of negroes DON'T stand there "observing" them, DON'T approach them, DON'T think that supporting them or cheering them on will protect you from them. RUN away! STAY AWAY from them! THEY WILL KILL YOU!

This old dummy deserves everything he got that night. It's almost sad that he has decided NOT to learn anything from his experience.

Anonymous said...

I give him credit for going into the scene and trying to inject some peace and common sense into the situation.

It is sick and twisted of these black perps to carjack a man's car...especially one who is hooked up to portable oxygen. God knows what they did to this man.

Anonymous said...

At first i was enraged at this incident. Now that i've heard this elderly "MOON BAT" spout.....i wish he had his head run over! Keep your powder dry WHITE PEOPLE, the time is near.

Love, Mikey©

Philadelphia Mike said...

Philadelphia Mike, here.

The "Rule of Law" is not the same rule as it was 60 years ago.

The "Rule of Law" is now corrupt, protecting the assailant and disregarding the damage done to the victim and the victim's family. The wrongdoers are glorified while the rightful and just are vilified.

There still might yet be hope for the FUSA, especially now that so many more Whites are vocalizing their discontent with the status quo.

But even I get moments where I feel discouraged, wondering if I am just deluding myself into thinking that in the end everything will be alright.

I think what raises most of my doubt is seeing all of the DWL's participating in the antics of the negro, standing side by side with the negro, and hoping for the final demise of Euro White culture. Then, I remind myself that many of these instigating Whites are paid hired hands who rally those of lesser wit into protest and mayhem.

I have young children. I'm still not sure of where I should move to. Should we go West? But the big brother government has started to infiltrate the pristine areas of the nation. Should I take my family to greener pastures abroad? But WHERE exactly are these greener pastures?

But, as I have said before, wherever I go (or stay)there will be a large extended family there right alongside me.

God, do I need guidance in this matter. Sometimes I feel like it's my duty to stay put right where I am and be united with my White brothers and sisters in this cultural discourse. Actually it's a cultural war.

I feel like some kind of evangelist, rekindling the fire of White enlightenment into my fellow Whites. And many many many Whites are awakening.

But is it too late now? Sometimes I just want to get the hell out of here. Pack up and go and start a new life for myself and my family somewhere else.

Even the strongest of us have moments of doubt.

Any thoughts, anyone? I would greatly appreciate it.

We Are The Torchbearers of Civilization.

Philadelphia Mike

10mm AUTO said...

Whites are really behind the 8 ball.

This is the final alignment before real evil crap starts. Guys like Hoech you see in every patriotic crowd, little electric carts and hats with pins on them or the name of their Ship or whatever. Once they are killed off, the fun will really begin. It reminds me of the Rev. in the original movie "War of the Worlds" that comments that "No real effort has been made to talk to them" and walks out into the battlefield with bible in hand. In seconds, he is ash.

Every effort has been made to talk to negros, to make them understand and to teach them. Our society has turned itself inside out to accommodate the negro, but it just hasn't worked. These guys are stuck in the old America, White America, with fishing holes and children who could play out till sunset.

It isn't like that anymore.

They were brave men in their time, but they can not see what has happened since; they are stuck in their moments of glory.

Our children have to live in the life as it is now, in the reality as it is now and build their dreams on the framework as it is now, not in 1970.

The fact is (and I have seen few comments on this) that Farrakhan has called for the mass extermination of Whites, by whatever means necessary. This is the head of the largest "church" in the black community with literally millions of followers. The NOI has stated that the Bosnian Christians (Whites) are "interlopers" and need to leave.

The Orc intifada has reached the point of near comedy, so that while the police, counter-protester or White commentator frantically insist that they are not racist, that racism is evil, All while the negro side gleefully targets anyone with White skin.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Southron said...

I know a lot of comparisons are made from the events going on now, and the novel, 1984. While we are headed in that general direction, we aren't there yet.

That is why it is so disturbing to see white people gush about equality and racism after they or their loved ones are brutalized by blacks. That line of thinking wasn't forced on them at gunpoint. They shackled and chained their own minds, and are proud of it. The government of Orwell's 1984 isn't needed. People are voluntarily practicing cognitive dissonance on a daily basis.

I like the part where he's lecturing the police on the "rule of law" smack in the middle of black riot right before he gets his butt kicked and car stolen by blacks. Maybe his "rule of law" bullhorn should be aimed at the ones breaking the law.

David Hoech is hopeless.

Unfortunately, he could represent the future of America. Old, clueless, feeble whites getting tossed around by blacks like a sailboat in a hurricane.

I'm sure some of our soon to be newly legalized friends from south of the border will show the same respect for an elderly white person that the residents of Ferguson did.

MJM said...

>>> “That didn’t make me dislike black people ...

True, but if it doesn't make you want to live apart from them, then you are too dumb to be alive.

MMP said...

Is he part of that "Generation of old white folks that need to die" that oprah spoke about?

Anonymous said...

Outreach gone wrong.

I hope Rand Paul is paying attention and perhaps can do better next time he visits Ferguson.

I give him credit for going into the scene and trying to inject some peace and common sense into the situation.

When have peace or common sense ever prevailed in a country, city or street event dominated by blacks? Blacks require a battalion of cops and social workers to ensure a peaceful Expo convention.

It is sick and twisted of these black perps to carjack a man's car...especially one who is hooked up to portable oxygen.

Maybe, but not much more sick and twisted than blacks shooting infants or engaging in torture-murders, something for which they have a predilection. Then again, the USA is not quite at the point of cannibalism and child soldiers pillaging entire villages--though come to think of it, Ferguson seems to be a step in that direction.

Anonymous said...

MMP said...
Is he part of that "Generation of old white folks that need to die" that oprah spoke about?

Well, I guess that Oprah and her folk will have to start dealing with the new younger generation of White people who are taking up the cause of race realism.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Here’s what I did. I married a Polish woman in the US and we moved to the town she was born in in Poland. It has a population of 50,000 and is well supplied with shops, restaurants, service centers, leisure facilities, etc. The climate is similar to much of the midwest US with cold winters and warm and breezy summers.

The great thing about living here is that there is no diversity. I have never seen a non-white person in our town in four years. The only exception to this is when we travel to a big city like Cracow or Warsaw. Walk around Warsaw for a day and you’ll see blacks for sure but no more than half a dozen in total. These are most likely students from Africa who will do their course in engineering or whatever and return to their African hellholes after graduation. I have no real problem with these individuals. There are not enough of them to create a crime epidemic, fortunately.

I have been here four years, as I said. Polish is a fiendishly difficult language but I’ve learned enough to deal with people in most practical situations. Even without my wife (who deals with all the gubmint red tape here) I believe I could survive here well enough on my own. Most people here speak only Polish and virtually no English or any other language.

There are probably other places in Eastern Europe that would also be worth looking at. I have visited the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia and they all seem fairly similar to Poland. Attractive countries with overwhelmingly white people, a healthy distrust of foreigners en masse but welcoming to people like me who simply want to live among them as a guest, not as an infiltrator as part of a “community”, hell-bent on making them adapt to my way of life (a la Muslims) or pissing and moaning about gibs and slabery and dixcriminashun (as US blacks do). If you want to live in this part of the world and live well as a white person who cherishes Western civilisation, you can.

I’m sure you can find someone in Philadelphia to give you and your family Polish lessons :-)

Powodzenia i do widzenia!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everything you said, except I must be a little older as it is my grandchildren's future I fear for.

I am afraid it won't be long before anyone greeting another person will have to say "Heil Obama", like Germany in 1934 and their "Heill Hitler."

White Americans, including you DWL's, will be just like the Jews of wartime Germany, except probably not treated as well by the Africans. If they win, we will lose everything.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoech, if you are suffering from senile dementia, or if you are suffering from cerebral hypoxia as a result of your pulmonary fibrosis, then please get your friends and family to take care of you so that you don't wander out at night by yourself.

If, however, you are another naive diversity-loving idiot who believes that "not being racist" is the pinnacle of human achievement, then you are most certainly a big part of the problem, and I encourage you and your oxygen tank to wade into seething crowds of angry, feral blacks at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoech, you say it doesn't matter what the race of the turds that stole your vehicle and ran you over is. You believe that America is still the country it was when you were sent to Vietnam. And your sort of right. Thats the same time the Liberal douche came on the scene. Remember the ones who spit on you when you returned from combat? Yea, they are the ones who empowered a sub par race. The ones who decided they needed to do away with "the rule of law". At least when it involves Negro's and their threatened culture. Thank you for your time in the Military sir. But please let go of what was the "rule of law". It's gone. And so will you if you cant let go of your fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Today is Pearl Harbor Day Sunday, Dec. 7th, 1941. The communists here in the U.S. did far more damage to the country than the Japanese Imperial Navy did in all of WWII. This dickhead in his 70s is proof of how far and deep the rot is, he hasn't learned a fucking thing about real life in 70+ years even after getting a healthy dose of diversity up close and personal. This country had been drinking the Kool Aid for decades before Jim Jones got busy, we are now reaping the whirlwind.

non-DWL from NE.

Anonymous said...

A couple of observations:

David Hoech isn't part of the "Greatest Generation". He was born in 1940, so he'd be one of the last of the "Silents". Given what he grew up with, I'm not surprised. He spent his entire childhood watching on the TV, hearing in school, church, at work all about those EEEEVIL Southrons like Bull Connor and George Wallace, and all those "racists" who stood in school house doorways to keep those "innocent", fresh-faced, prettily dressed negro children from an education. He grew up, hearing first hand accounts of the atrocities of Nazi Germany, and received heapin' helpin's of "White Guilt". What else would you expect?

I commend him for having the courage of his convictions, and the moxie for doing his best to stand up for them, to try to inject some sanity into the situation. It's a lot more than the leftstream media did; more than the winner of the last Presidential Selection did. I question his wisdom for casting Pearls before Simians.

Mr. Hoech is very typical of his generation: an IHAD Coonservative, and I have a whole bunch in my own family. These types really do believe in that judging by content of character, that the only thing wrong with negros is a lack of "education", that if we just found the right formula, we could civilize these feral negros. I hear it all the damn time, and there's always an excuse when you point out inconvenient truths: negros actively avoid education, that a school went from majority white to majority black and saw GPA's increase has never happened. Point out that every majority black city becomes Mogadishu, and they always find someone else to blame for the plight of these poor, pitiful, put-upon negros.

Yes, Mt. Hoech learned his lessons well. The Force (of indoctrination) is strong in this padawan. What people like him do not understand is that forced integration is doomed to failure. Younger generations have the dubious distinction of experiencing the TNB for themselves.

A word about the GreatestGeneration(tm): There is nothing "great" about them other than their Great reliance on the Federal teat. The first generation that likely got their first jobs as part of one of FDR's make-work programs where the day crew would literally dig a hole, and the night crew would fill it in. They got to college on Federal money, promised a comfortable retirement on Federal money. They were the first generation to become dependent on cradle to grave entitlements. Mr. Hoech's generation grew up saying: "Never trust anyone over 30". I believe they were onto something here.

Anonymous said...

Always remember, the "greatest generation" brought you:
"Civil Rights" legislation
integrated schools
The "Great Society"
Gun control
The Kerner commission/report
The Immigration Act of 1965
Changed the coinage and currency
Vatican II
The strategy to lose the Vietnam war
Affirmative Action
They opened the institutions to the communists

Everything that has influenced your present life in a negative way, began directly with the "greatest generation". Fuck them, they even managed to be on the wrong side of the second world war.

Anonymous said...

The media doesn't want to talk about the stabbing spree on the Amtrak train in Michigan.

The only facts I can find are that the perp is a black male. He stabbed the conductor and three passengers while screaming something.

What do you want to bet the victims are white. If so, this would be a result of the media enflaming the blacks to even more violence.

Anonymous said...

I think that regular readers of SBPDL forget that 99.8% of whites in the USA agree with David Hoech. Being a "race realist" means you are a member of a very small club. I had my "eyes opened" growing up in Detroit back in the 1960's, but most white people have never experienced that level of continuous, direct contact with feral blacks and/or witnessed the total destruction of their hometown in a matter of 20 years.

In my view, it's too late to "wake up" the masses of white people to do anything. Like David Hoech, they're too far gone. Just be glad that you're able to see things clearly and use that knowledge to survive this madness.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike said ”. . . But even I get moments where I feel discouraged, wondering if I am just deluding myself into thinking that in the end everything will be alright. . . “

I tend to view the human struggle as an ongoing story that will have no end until human life is extinguished. We will never reach a point where everything is alright for everyone because a good situation for some people will be viewed as unacceptable for others.

The present situation where blacks temporarily have the privilege to disregard laws and rules of society while at the same time demand to be supported by that same society will change for the simple reason that it cannot continue. Presently, the economic load that the dependent blacks add to society is not unbearable for most productive whites. Most of us see and are appalled by the waste, but generally the taxes each of us pay are tolerable.

At some point the load will become unbearable because there is a limit to the number of dependents that the working class is willing or able to support. I am not smart enough to predict the drone to worker bee ratio that can be sustained in our society, but I'm reasonably sure that that the limit will be reached far before blacks exceed 50% of the population. As long as this triggering ratio is reached while blacks are a significant minority of the total population the resulting correction should be favorable to whites. Because the affluence of the productive class affects their ability to support the dependent class, the triggering ratio would also change as the economy changes.

My opinion is that we are approaching the trigger due to the combination of black misbehavior, the size of the dependent class, the growing demands of the dependent class, and the declining affluence of the productive class. Once the trigger has been reached there will be a significant unified white response. This unified white response will physically and politically overrun the black sideshow, and it is likely that the physical response will target problem areas rather than their own neighborhoods. I can almost guarantee that if whites take to the streets in a manner similar to the black mobs of today that things will change.

An interesting comparison could be made of the Black Panthers and Oath Keepers to illustrate the effectiveness of blacks compared to whites. The only recent noteworthy accomplishment of the Panthers that I can think of would be the intimidation of harmless voters in black voting precincts. The two Panthers who planned to blow up the Arch and kill the DA and Chief of Police failed so miserably that it was comical. On the other hand, a small number of Oath Keepers, presumably mostly white, went to the heart of a black mob in a majority black city and prevented the destruction of property. It is difficult for me to believe that black leaders don't realize that a nationwide race riot would be catastrophic for blacks which leads me to the conclusion that these leaders either don't believe that a trigger is imminent or they feel confident that the government will protect them. They could be correct as to the imminence of a trigger, but they are very wrong to believe that the government can protect the blacks if whites revolt in very large numbers.

Blacks are a problem that we cannot run from because they will follow us wherever we go. Certainly it is discouraging to watch the hopeless DWLs and ineptness and corruption in our government, but our situation is definitely not hopeless. Sometimes it is best to make a rational decision after careful consideration of all of the relevant issues then not waste time revisiting the decision again and again. We should focus on finding solutions rather than waste time rethinking our decision to act. I don't plan to leave my home to flee from the groid. If the situation becomes so dangerous that I must abandon my home, I will view it as a tactical retreat to be followed by a response.

Anonymous said...

MMP said...

I'm hearing "they" want reparations for slavery.

....lets offer them the reparations....As long as they can document that they have pre 1870 "roots" here. December 6, 2014 at 9:22 PM

Full and comprehensive reparations for all Negroids means restoring this species to its natural habitat (sub-Saharan Africa). They should also agree to forgo all the gifts the White Man has bestowed upon them- ships, electricity, writing, 2-story buildings, plumbing, etc.

The boxer Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) once said "if it were not for the White Man, I would be living in a mud hut." Is this covered in Black Studies?

-Beyond Hatred

Pat Boyle said...

Mr. Hoech?

There's no fool like an old fool.

Sure let's pull out the police vehicles. Let's demilitarize the police. Let's try to reach understanding with the darkies.


What does he think is the problem? Mr. Hoech has been dozing. The world has changed since he last paid some attention.

The last time Hoech was fully awake Huntley and Brinkley were on the news explaining oh so gently that racial prejudice was the sign of an ignoramus. We were preached at that the backwardness of blacks was the fault of whites because we refused to give them proper schools.

Well there have been some developments since Hoech was last awake. Thanks to the Beatles we have brain imaging technology *.

We can now look inside people heads and by golly those darkies sure have tiny brains! The Marxist Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould had managed to ridicule the nineteenth century findings that showed brain size differences in race but with actual live images of brain size now available at every clinic, the truth was hard to hide. Thanks Paul! Thanks Ringo!

IQ is known to correlate brain size at about .40. If you aren't up to date on the educational research literature, let me help you. No one thinks there is a classroom technique that will grow you a bigger brain.

Before Mr. Hoech went to sleep in the sixties, blacks in America could make a good living in Detroit assembling big American cars as part of the UAW. At that time I was in the Army with draftees many of whom were about as smart as a bag of rocks.

All that has changed Mr. Hoech. The Army now screens prospective troops for their brains and many blacks can't make the grade. The Big Three are struggling and cars are assembled by robots. I'm not happy about it but the reality is that blacks have no place in the modern world. As I look into the future all I see is more of the same for blacks.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

For Philadelphia Mike

Ex New Yorker here....The borders for the Free Zone are between interstates I-70 and I-90. From Salina, Kansas on I-70 to Grand Junction, Colorado there are mostly whites except Denver. From about 100 miles West of Omaha on I-80 all the way to Utah no blacks except for the Katrina transplants in Cheyenne and a lot of them are in prison. Cheyenne has a lot of work and jobs in construction.

I-90 all the way across South Dakota and Wyoming it is all white. Mostly cattle ranches and cowboys which are all good people. South Dakota shuts down in the Winter. A lot of tourist and bikers in the Summer because of Mount Rushmore and Sturgis. The oil companies are moving into the Northern parts and are trashing the area like the coal companies did. I-25 in Southern Wyoming has a few little cow towns and all you can see for miles around is just wide open prairie. It is gorgeous with pure clean air and no crime or blacks. Nice schools. Honest people. The ranch folks are still leery of outsiders but once they get to know you they are the best friends you could have. They have been on the land a long time and are well armed. Remember how they backed up Clive Bundy in Nevada. That is the kind of people you will be living with.

You may still see some blacks here and there but not any of the welfare leeches like you see in the heavy populated areas.

Back in the early 60's I was doing the beatnik/darma bum/hitchhiking thing and the first cross country hitchhike trips I used old Route 30 all the way into Frisco. I was on Route 30 in the mid-90's and nothing had changed in 40 years. The towns still looked the same. Route 30 parallels I-80 and the small towns still have mom and pop cafes and gas stations. It looked like what America used to be like before the big cities started growing.

Stay away from the coal towns and meat packing houses. You do not want to live near the oil drillers and don't live to close to hog farms and stock/feed lots. The smell takes a long time to get used to. Hey Mike...GOOD LUCK. If the FIT HITS THE SHAN the people in the cities will be killing each other over cans of beer and loafs of white bread.

MMP said...

In reply to Anonymous "Trigger Point" comment.

From what I've seen, the "entitlement" programs that will be cut first & deepest will be the elderly........Then the disabled...The weak & helpless)....It will be the 3rd reich all over.....All to appease the nog......It won't be till after that, that any tipping point would be reached by YT's about nog "entitlement"


PB said...

Reparations for slavery will make the number of descendants of slaves balloon like the number of holocaust "survivors" many years after the fact.

Free money will make you "survive" anything.

Mr. Rational said...

the "entitlement" programs that will be cut first & deepest will be the elderly........Then the disabled...

Hoech, 74 years of age and on oxygen, wouldn't last long would he?

IBWHITE said...

Wow. There's no fool like an old fool.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......This is not a case of "being in the wrong place at the wrong time". It is a case of playing the wrong music.

He should have been playing: Arsonist by Urban Shakedown.

(a VERY fitting title/artist)

This is NOT rap music or heavy metal. I play this at 3am when my crazy crackhead neighbor starts having (what sounds like) seizures. Bass boost ON and at FULL VOLUME! 2000 watts of DEVASTATION! The savages HATE this type of music! Their tiny peanut sized brains (Magilla Gorilla reference) can't process what is happening. Scares the f*cking shit out of them EVERYTIME! Feel free to use it on telemarketers, on Halloween when Sheboonaynay pulls up with a truckload full of gerbils or on your cell phone with a bluetooth speaker as a deterrent against the savages!

Woodsy in NYC

Anonymous said...

No reparations, but repatriations. Blacks want their 20 acres and a mule? Okay. Let's give them 20 acres and a sensible car, but in Liberia. A generous one time stipend of $50,000 per person once citizenship is renounced and documents signed swearing they and their descendants will not return.

As for Ferguson, I say leave it alone. Do NOT rebuild it. Keep it in its current state as a reminder of the Black Insurrection of 2014, along the lines of what France did with the town of Oradour-sur-Glane. The SS had murdered the townsfolk and burned the town, and the French kept it as-is for all to remember, right up to today.

Anonymous said...


Sources report that the Black Gorilla Family is planning to shoot cops in NYC. The Black Gorillas issued a press release signed by lead gorilla D'ante Umguhopip. It read "we be muffugin done wit da crackas. We gonna tear dis bitch up an da muffuga be daid. We be da real gorillas and sheeit. Gnomesayin."

Law enforcement agencies across the United States have offered apologies to the Black Gorillas and vowed to hire more Black Gorillas. At colleges across the country, a number of student groups have begun to hold rallies for the Gorillas, many holding signs proclaiming, "Gorilla Lives Matter". President Obama is scheduled to make an emergency speech tonight on the subject and many pundits believe the President will reveal that he himself is a Black Gorilla.

Just another day in the United States, land of the free and home of the brave...

Anonymous said...

A very well thought out post. It is a strange thing really, that although blacks are annoying and serendipitously dangerous, how soon the world's populace forgets that everything that is truly terrifying and significant has been created by the white man. Just ask anyone who has ever stepped foot in Nagasaki. The fact that some would still challenge us to the extreme limits that they do serves as a testament to their genetically-rooted stupidity.
Spencer Finn

Anonymous said...

"The Easter eggs have hatched".

There is no better film to revisit at this point in our country's history than the horror/comedy "Return Of The Living Dead". It is available for free on Youtube.

Just watch the whole thing for the full effect. Spoiler: it's set in St Louis. The rampaging violent hordes destroying all they see are in St Louis. Zombies are the negroes of today. Poetic and beautiful. Watch the whole film for the wonderful unfolding of what we now now know be our reality.

P.K. Pay attention to this film as your wit and intelligence will make many, many connections to the infestation of blacks running amok amongst us, and the theme of this film. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

MMP said

MMP might be correct, but nonetheless I expect the trigger point to be reached when productive class cannot support the dependent class combined with a growing frustration with black behavior. I generally referred to “dependent class” because I realize that blacks are not the only people receiving entitlements. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised the total number of whites receiving entitlements nationally exceeds the number of blacks receiving entitlements because whites comprise a much larger percentage of the population. When white Americans must choose between supporting their aging parents and grandparents or supporting the able bodied blacks who refuse to work, reproduce like rabbits, destroy cities, engage in a disproportionate amount of crime, and refuse to contribute anything positive to society lets hope that whites in general will choose to boot the deadbeats, white or black, from the welfare roles. Few whites would consider the elderly, disabled, weak & helpless to be deadbeats. Booting deadbeats would affect all races, but blacks would be affected disproportionately. However, if things get bad enough, whites might have to develop a way to care for their own though channels outside of government support.

It is my opinion that blacks enjoy their preferred status solely because of their tendency to vote as a unified block, but once the tipping point has been reached it is possible that whites will become more unified and the black monopoly on preference will end.

Anonymous said...

No reparations without repatriation.

Dan said...

Dumb Negrophile.

Anonymous said...

The Greatest Generation!(tm) is the generation that brought every bit of the dysfunction this country experiences today.

It seems to me that they all got a case of the White Guilts after WWII and let the Marxists run wild.

They all decided that since Hitler was a naughty man everything related to racial genetics must be false, even if the data was pre-Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Reparations for slavery is about nothing but getting a check. Why should 40 million descendants of the 4 million slaves in the USA (as of 1865) all get money if such were to happen?
That's as ridiculous as saying that because someone burned down your grandmother's house in 1940, that all living relatives today should get a free house~ aunts, uncles, cousins etc on down the line~ as if what happened to grandma deprived them of a house too!
In any case, it wouldn't matter if all 40 million were given reparations. Twenty years later, all the descendants of that 40 million would be screeching that they weren't born when the money was dished out and they deserve some too! The shrieks of, "Where mine at?!" would be deafening.
That's the problem with the whole idea of reparations- negroes would want a check for every negro yet to be born (as an entitlement for life) as soon as each was born. They'd all be popping out babies faster than a pez dispenser to get dat check fo' Markishus, Tomika, Kawanda and a horde of useless brats so they could live the high life.
IF anyone thinks a one time payment (to negroes alive today) is what they want, then you need to think again! They want a permanent large cash entitlement for every negro that exists or will ever exist. Gibmedat!

Anonymous said...

I think that regular readers of SBPDL forget that 99.8% of whites in the USA agree with David Hoech. Being a "race realist" means you are a member of a very small club.

It's not that high, it just seems that way by watching TV. Most of the South still thinks the North is foolish for still wanting to believe that Blacks are just Europeans with a dark tan. Southerners live with large populations of pure blood Africans and aren't able to delude themselves like Northerners where more of the Blacks are isolated and mixed race.

But it is rare for Whites to know how damning some of the buried studies on race actually are. Very few know how lopsided the argument actually is. Racial egalitarians depend on information control to propagate their explanations and theories. When Whites learn about things like Liberia and twin studies they start to lose their conditioning.

Anonymous said...


The Daily Rag spelled it as: "Black Guerrilla Family".

The police bulletin spelled it as: "Black Gorilla Family".


That was brilliant! A classic play on words! Bravo!

Now I have some new "verbal" ammunition for tomorrow...

Woodsy in NYC

Anonymous said...

“I got beat up by a couple black guys,” he said. “That didn’t make me dislike black people ... Racism is in the mouth of a racist!”

As if he was out on the street again, and as if he needed a bullhorn to begin with, he yelled: “There is only one thing that is going to save us all, the rule of law! ... If you don’t stand up for what’s wrong, you are what’s wrong!”

Did rule of law save you from getting carjacked? Did it stop all those businesses from being burned?

This guy is just another naive moral crusader. Another naive conservative that thinks Blacks would start voting and taking care of their children if they were given the right speech from the right Black leader. I honestly wish it were that simple but I'm afraid genetics will continue to mock any environmental approach.

festus said...

2015 Subaru Outback


rent slave said...

I've got a great idea for a T-shirt:

"I can't breathe.Your EBT card is suffocating me".

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he thought we could win the hearts and minds of the NVA while he was overseas as well........

I Am The Law said...

There are several Rules of Law that are applicable in troubled times when civilized men are beset by savages.

Rule 308, Rule 223, Rule 45, Rule 357... make sure you choose a rule that works for you. As general guideline, the larger the number the more effective the rule, when swiftly applied.

Anonymous said...

Reparations for sterilization and removal to africa would be a good deal for Whites.

Bogolyubski said...

Pat Boyle:
Sure let's pull out the police vehicles. Let's demilitarize the police. Let's try to reach understanding with the darkies.

While we both know "understanding with the darkies" is a DWL wet-dream, the militarized police and armored vehicles are not there to protect white folks like you, Pat. They're in place to protect negroes from any white who attempts to defend himself. Sooner or later the order will go out to disarm all whites. Most police will obey, as has already been seen in California, Connecticut, and New York.

If police want to protect white suburbs and neighborhoods from the Alinskyite mob, that would be one thing. That's not what is happening. The St. Louis Police, sounding like Baghdad Bob as negroes openly chanted 'Kill YT" before hammering the young Bosnian to death, stated "race was not a factor". If they're willing to recite such blatant and obvious lies, why on earth would anyone here think they're "secretly on our side"? White cops need to understand that the day of choice fast approaches. I expect most will choose their squid paymasters, which is predictable.

They should indeed be pulled out. Let the negroes go full Mogadishu and descend to their natural African mean (cannibalism). We don't need to be memorializing treasonous whites like the David Ruenzel or David Hoech. White police need to understand that they are wearing the uniform of a regime dedicated to the extermination of their own flesh and blood. They need to catch the blue ebola.

MMP said...

The BGF prison gang spells it gorilla.

Unknown said...

This idiot is imitating an old Far Side cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's hard to feel sorry for any person who deliberately put himself in the middle of the lions den, thinking these animals listen Ray Charles and embrace diversity. Even after carjacking, he still believes that these feral beasts respect the law. Clearly delusional.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sometimes they even get killed by the very people they try to defend.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sometimes their pets eventually attack. Wonder what this guys final words were? "Please don't kill me, I hate whites too!"

George said...

There is no fool like an old fool


Black Lies Matter

Denise said...

HAHAHA!!! Couldn't happen to a better Nation Wrecker!

Anonymous said...

Actually, according to halachic law, he's fully Jewish. All offspring of the maternal line are considered Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Subaru Outback Jap car with Aussie name... Serves the idiot right. Of course this fool buying goods from the east would think rule of law will save him lol.

juvenal said...

" He who reaps the wind, sews the whirlwind"

juvenal said...

Well they contribute Generation x to the world. Well, at least the older half. Just saying