Monday, June 26, 2017

$10.9 Million: The Combined Amount of Money Families of Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Philando Castile Received in Settlements

Posthumously, it pays to be a black criminal:

Freddie Gray was a heroin dealer, who should have been in jail.

Michael Brown tried to kill Darren Wilson.

Philando Castile refused to cooperate with police.

All in all, in death they are worth a combined $10.9 million.

Oh, and Tamir Rice's family got $6 million from the city of Cleveland.

This is why we coined the term of America being irredeemable long before Hillary Clinton decided to use this rarely used adjective to describe Trump supporters.


Anonymous said...

The bottom line in all of these cases is money- blacks feel entitled to huge sums of money for being the deadbeat parents of criminals. The last sentence, unfortunately, is not a joke. Think of all the parents who have "done everything right" and not made a stink about anything- how about some money or recognition for them? Oh yeah, I forgot, that would be disparate impact when blacks came in dead last in yet another measure.

More extortion rackets, courtesy of black people. Why use your newfound fame and name recognition to start a career when you can just shake down whitey instead? Mike Brown's parents should be paying Ferguson and Officer Darren Wilson for the mess "they son" caused. If anything, shouldn't his grandma be the one getting the money anyway since she was the only one invested in actually raising him?

And speaking of Tamir Rice, do a search sometime and watch him methodically point his very real looking gun at children much smaller than him as he walks by- it is downright chilling just as is the footage of Michael Brown bullying the much smaller store owner.

Blacks have one trick- be the squeaky wheel until they get the grease. "Squeaky" of course includes violence and rioting- and they get what they want EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Let them riot and chimpout, what do we really have to lose at this point?

Anonymous said...

That's alot of money. I guess this is new way of life

davecydell said...

What this [[[country]]] needs is more negroes and less guns.
After all, you can only die in hell once.

Anonymous said...

What The F---

Anonymous said...

Add another million+ to that.

"Trayvon Martin’s parents have settled a wrongful death claim with the homeowners association of the Retreat at Twin Lakes, the Florida housing complex where their son was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

The undisclosed sum is believed to be more than $1 million, the Orlando Sentinel reported."

Anonymous said...

Paul, 2 corrections--you misspelled 'heroin' and it doesnt pay to be a criminal, in those cases, but to be the mama or whoever.


When P was unemployed I applied for EBT.
They demanded a copy of the pink slip to my car, my bank account number AND the current balance (close to ZERO), AND a copy of a recent paystub. Then, my paystub wasn’t current enough so I had to re-submit. After ALL this, my EBT monthly benefit came to a staggering $85!! Per month!!!

All of that for a lousy @! bucks and change per week! You gotta be kidding me. And isn’t it REALLY strange how the EBT Office is staffed almost exclusively with foreigners?

They still have their accents and everything. I see what kind of EBT benefits the foreigners get all the time. It is not unusual to see a foreigner couple with $1000 in food benefits AND $1000 in EBT cash benefits!! Me, a white male–who had been a TAXPAYER for 30+ years? I get 85 bucks a month. Destroying the White Race. That’s what it is all about.

Anonymous said...

But...... slabery.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention..... slabery?

Anonymous said...

Is that why you never hear the term " crime doesn't pay" anymore?

PB said...

The new kleptocracy.

D-FENS said...

A new investment option for negroes. It would be interesting to see what becomes of this lergesse in a few years.

As ridiculous as these payments are, they are probably a bargain compared to the costs of schooling, incarceration, spawning worthless offspring etc.

Anonymous said...

There was some security cam footage of blacks attacking whites and robbing them in the steaming pile of feces known as New Orleans.
The shithole dump should use the footage in their tourism campaign.
A good slogan could be New never forget the smell.
The evil statues of confederate crackers are gone and midnight basketball is widely available so maybe there weren't enough coexist stickers or hugs for thugs for the goot bois who dindu nuffins.
Give up on Amerikwa it is long gone and when millennial Marxist maggots take over doomsday will commence.
Trump will buy some time but will it be enough?

Alex from N. England said...

Giving a nog a million dollars is pointless. They will invariably fail to invest the money in anything value adding, squander the money and die in poverty. It may seem unfair but nogs can't appreciate that money any better than orangutan can.

Anonymous said...

And, not​ one red cent was deserved. Black criminals​, dead or alive, cost the taxpayers too much.

You forgot to add Trayvon Martin's "parents" ghetto lottery win.

Bill in St Louis said...

Well, that isnt too bad. I bet we could do better with a little innovative thought though, say a flat $250,000.00, payable to the shooter, every time an orc is killed? Law Enforcement not eligible, but think: Devonte shoots Shitavios , and his baby mama, and grandma, plus 3 keeds that was home. (1/2 price on orcs that haven't bred yet) . For just over 1 million, that is 6 down. What does each section ape user cost per year? Add into this that Shitavios`s homies will vow revenge, we may not have to pay him. Now we can pay the homies at going rates, and as their natural inclination towards violence kicks in, they forgo (unless there is a grape soda, some jordans or its Tuesday) killing YT to get that money! Tax dollars will still be going to dead thugs, but this way we get something out of it.

Anonymous said...

Those things are worth more dead than alive.
Don't forget that other worthless bastard, Travon Martin.
Hopefully there will be push back now since the HNIC is gone.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the settlement that honor roll student Laquan McDonald received for taking 16+1 from that Chicago cop. 10 million in settlements the family took to shut their mouths.

Anonymous said...

If you add up the total valueof the earnings this group would have made thru legitimate jobs it would probably total zero. The politicians are pandering for votes. Fight these bs lawsuits in court, don't settle.

Former Liberal said...

Just a useless, violent, parasitic race.

behind blue eyes said...

That ghetto lotto sure pays out well.
Maybe that's why sows crap out so many sprogs. It helps to up the chances of getting a large gibsmuhdat far exceeding of the regular gibs. Also the sow, and what ever buck is the current dad "staying" in the nest, knows the sprogs will do TNB.
Its been said many times before: blacks don't care about dey churrin. Its only a payday and they know it. Its one of the reason they have 30 grand mammies in da hood. Generational paydays as sow teaches sowlet. "Hab dem churrins gurl. Dey bes payin fo yo ass to be habin dem."

Anonymous said...

In Milwaukee in 2001, a black kid was killed by a cop. Later the family got $500,000.
Ya think they stayed in their dumpy inner city home. "We movin' on up" as the song goes.
Not heard fro, seen since.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, all that money has probably already vaporized into fast food, blunts, malt liquor, huge ugly rims, assorted bling, and cases of hot Cheetos.

Even when they win the lottery legitimately, they still blow it away. This story is from a few years back, but reads like a ghetto manual (of course they leave out the part about drugs, and most of the other nefarious activities these lowlifes did to help blow the dough):

Great White North

Paintjob Theory said...

If any of those coons had lived 1000 years they would not have contributed one penny's worth of value to society. in fact I'd go as far to say that with sufficient data and a good modeling program we could probably put a dollar value on the cost to society for every breath taken by one of these sub-human beasts... I reckon it would be shocking to see what each one of these animals costs to keep every day.

At this point I really don't care though, worse is better. More violence, more cities brought to ruin, more travesties of justice. When these tremors happen which way do you figure the fence sitters fall as they're shaken off?

Guns and metals are good, but food, water, and isolation are better. You can't eat .223 Remington or pre-64 coins, and you can't cook your beans, wheat, and rice without potable water (nor can you live more than a few days).

How many of your suburban neighbors are "armed to the teeth" but don't have a week's worth of food stored? When they come knocking on your door week 2 gaunt faced and you seem plump and healthy what will you tell them?

The inevitable reset button will be very painful and bloody but only those with the best future time orientation will survive. This culling of the herd is long overdue... nature can only be held back for so long.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, all that money has probably already vaporized into fast food, blunts, malt liquor, huge ugly rims, assorted bling, and cases of hot Cheetos.

And that's after the Feds and lawyers take their cut.

Anonymous said...

"He was such a goods boy, he nebber ebber dids hurts nobodies, er, what was his name again? yes Michael dats bees it, where's bees my check?

Anonymous said...

@former liberal I'm a little shocked by your name. I think blacks and other minorities groups are probably calling us the same thing like parasites. After all we are the hard working class

Anonymous said...

Giving a nog a million dollars is pointless. They will invariably fail to invest the money in anything value adding, squander the money and die in poverty. It may seem unfair but nogs can't appreciate that money any better than orangutan can---

Rodney King.Remember him?

Iron Sharpens Iron said...

Every single lawyer was black. That means every negro got paid. This was never about the merits of the case. Sheeeiit, was a lawsuit even filed?

Unknown said...

Freddy Grey incident - probably a hoax

Michael Brown incident - a known hoax

Philander Castile - a known hoax

A real good way to make a lot of money without doing a damn thing. Just make up a shooting incident, script it out, get a go fund me page, and then just sit back and watch the money start pouring in. You don't even have to work, lift a finger, or do anything.

Anonymous said...

To the naysayers who say America is now long gone, I say keep up your hopes and never give up on White ingenuity. More and more YTs are waking up. I know I sure did - used to be a bleeding heart liberal until I got dumped on by these beasts... several times. If a race war doesn't ultimately take care of the problem, more and more awakened YTs will begin "starving the beast" (by bartering, working under the table, etc.) so the money eventually runs out for support of these human-substitutes. And think of all those settlements as an investment in our futures: we no longer have to pay for these worthless scum or their chirruns who will never exist. Those we also won't have to be financially and socially responsible for. One time payment, nothing after that. Settlements are expensive, yes, and a complete insult to us taxpayers who ultimately pay for them. But think of it as a long-term investment and money well spent.

Anonymous said...

$10.5mm to the families. What was the cost of the rioting, looting, and burning? Add that for the TOTAL cost.

Anonymous said...

What this [[[country]]] needs is more negroes and less guns.

I know what ((())) means, but not this one. Is there a list of these bracket codes anywhere?

Anonymous said...

If a genie came out of a bottle and asked the families if they'd rather keep the money or have these sterling exemplars of virtue brought back to life, what would they choose? OK, I'll stop asking stupid questions.

Anonymous said...

While I'm in agreement with the thrust of the article, I can't fathom the inclusion of the Philando Castile decision lumped in with the remainder.

And simply saying he 'refused to comply' with a police officer certainly shouldn't have warranted him getting shot. Here was a black man who actually went the legal way and made the effort to get a concealed weapon permit (meaning no arrest record) and winds up getting shot when trying to produce his paperwork for the officer.

We really should look at which fights are worth fighting and worth winning. Castile seemed to be just a black, working-class guy. There are those among us who will herald his demise regardless but I am not one of them.

There are PLENTY other cases to choose from and I will side with you on all of them. When a cop is in the wrong and is falsely made to look right, our entire struggle gets dirtier.

Now, let me chime in on my own topic here and say that the reason we have such poorly trained, poorly prepared police is because the standards for police have been deliberately degraded since the 1960's 'Equal Rights' decision. When you 'dumb-down' the requirements for such a critical job to allow those of lower intellect and smaller stature, you have a recipe for disaster. Opening the job to minorities and women have turned the current police force into a bunch of frightened children who shoot indiscriminately out of fear. The court backing these kinds of 'heroes' only degrades their reputation further.

Remember, these cops are scared of YOU and ME too! They won't hesitate to bust a cap on a white boy either. I was stopped (for speeding) in a very affluent area. Now, they ran my plates so they knew I was a local. Two patrolmen approach my car like I was Dillinger. Hands on pistols; one at my driver's door and one at the rear. For 35 in a 25. Hard to give mad respect to guys whose toughest day involves stealing from locals to fill their coffers.

So, Mr. Kersey, here's a topic for your next book. Look at the statistics of police shootings since the inclusion of minorities and women and see if you can recognize a pattern of decay since LBJ did his deed. I can foresee most of today's problems with gun-happy, hyper active cop behavior began shortly thereafter.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

I made a lot of people mad on Facebook by pointing out each settlement was about a million dollars more each than each one was worth.

Anonymous said...

The Gentle Giants fambly probably feels dissed!

Anonymous said...

I blame the lawyers for the cities they should not have to pay one dime to any of these cretins if the courts find the officer not guilty then how they entitled to any money I thought there's a glut of lawyers out here can't some Sharpie work pro bono and put an end to this yes I can see if the officer was criminally negligent but it should be like Europe if there's no criminal finding of guilty a civil lawsuit cannot go forward and even if they order a city to pay I suggested that City don't pay it's time we put our foot down on these domestic terrorist... again where is the fop in other organizations that can join other lawyers in organizations that can fight these warrantless lawsuits... when is White America going to wake up and start resisting

Anonymous said...

@anonymous you know your Ebonics by hard

Anonymous said...

Actually part of Detroits bankruptcy was due to blacks bringing lawsuits against the city. From bus accidents, tripping on sidewalks, police malfeasance, discrimination suits, looking at them in a disrespectful manner. If you can dream it, they sued for it. A million here, $350,000 there. The law department would just whip out the old check book and fill in the empty spaces. They didn't bother to fight the lawsuits. Most were just 'paid off'. Moving blacks out of the ghetto one lawsuit at a time.

PB said...

The impression I got from the Castille incident was one of Police operating on a hair-trigger when it comes to interactions with Blackie. Its probably fair to say (not knowing much about it from over here) that the outcome with Castille had its genesis in generations of violent, often homicidal confrontations between Blackie and the Police such that no chances are taken anymore and if Blackie doesn't comply straight up then its assumed he's up to no good and self protection by the Officer kicks in.

Anonymous said...

Jim in jersey,

The Officer was found Not Guilty because he had reason to fear for his life when he gave the suspect a lawful order to NOT REACH FOR ANYTHING and he ignored the order and continued reaching. The Officer also testified that the suspect resembled a recent robbery suspect in the area and that he smelled burning marijuana as he approached the vehicle.

In short, the suspect failed to comply with a lawful order and caused the Officer to fear for his life by continuing to reach for something after repeatedly being told not to do so.

So: Not Guilty. He got fired because the incident is going to cost the city millions in a settlement with the family, not because he acted unlawfully or outside of the training he received.

The former Officer now faces zero charges, criminally, and a civil lawsuit will go absolutely nowhere after the Not Guilty verdict.

Don't make Police nervous by reaching your hands where they can't see them, especially after being told specifically not to reach for anything.

Anonymous said...

This one of millions of "nails" in the coffin of America.

This is why one negro is equal to one AIDS virus. You are dead.

Now, remember, all Government agencies, at all levels, are "encouraged" to hire these creatures and this is what we get............

Anonymous said...

I can see fraud here:

A negro set of "parents", hire a negro "lawyer", to sue a negro ruled "city".......

Now,who do you think is getting a payoff?

Those in the city only need to meet with the lawyer and make a deal.

Everybody wins and the White Man Pays. What a country

Pat Boyle said...

In order to understand the Tamir Rice incident you need to remember the second "Die Hard" movie. In the opening scene John McClane (Bruce Willis) announces that the guy he apprehended in the luggage section of Dulles airport was carrying a super expensive ceramic pistol designed to be invisible to airport security X-Rays. It was this new gun called a Glock.

Of course a Glock is not ceramic and shows up clearly on X-Ray machines and metal detectors. But back then no one expected real firearms to have polymer frames. I'm in the market right now for a Glock. Even If I don't get a Glock there are so many pistols now that are Glock-like that I will probably get some Glock clone. Glock dominates the handgun industry - and the toy gun industry. I don't think they actually do this - but you could make a toy gun on the same production line as your real firearms. It's all plastic on the outside.

I had an airsoft carbine that I used to run off the raccoons. It also didn't have an orange tip. It looked identical to a Beretta carbine. If the cops had seen me with that, they might have shot me like they did young Tamir. There is no real way in an exciting situation to reliably tell a real gun from a toy gun anymore (except the orange tip). Tamir was carrying a gun without an orange tip.

The cops should have shot him from long distance and then arrested his parents for child endangerment.


Anonymous said...

Like I said yesterday, this is setting a DANGEROUS precedent. Now all the "famblies" of ANY criminal shot while committing a crime, will want "dey monies", too. Our large cities are in a financial crisis, and here they will be paying off the results of criminal behavior, while those who WORKED hard for years and raised lawful children, might lose their pensions or retirement funds. Pure insanity. REWARDING antisocial and criminal behavior. Watch for many many lawsuits from "famblies" who didn't get theirs.
And OT, but I have also noticed more and more commercials featuring blacks who speak proper English, dress in a classy manner, and have jobs, and clean and pleasant children. Total fantasy, for 90 % of them are NOT like this. Too bad some whites are sheltered and do not realize this. And I have ALSO noticed that MOST of the charity given out these days are to blacks, who are approx. 15 % of the population, but seem to receive 90 % of charity handouts. Especially on talk shows. Rarely do you see a white person receiving anything. The local news channel here in Atlanta, 46, is making a BIG deal over distributing "free books to kids". A worthy endeavor, but wasted in these parts. Wonder how long it will be before those books gather dust, or are thrown away??
If I am allowed to include this, I read this yesterday. It is an article from 1991, 25 YEARS ago, that nails the insanity happening right now.
And might I add- if we actually did treat blacks like "equals"- and equals ONLY- no favors, programs, handouts, affirmative action, , etc., they would go nuts.
L in Atl hell

Sick n' Tired said...

This one really captures the full extent to nog mentality. I'm sure the town and bail bondsman aren't complaining though.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/Jim in Jersey - Castile does not belong lumped in with those other animals.

Paintjob Theory said...

"And simply saying he 'refused to comply' with a police officer certainly shouldn't have warranted him getting shot."

Best to watch the video, Jim. The way I saw and heard it went like:

Nog: I'm carrying a gun
Cop: Don't reach for it
Nog: Imma pull it out
Cop: Don't reach for it
Nog: Imma pull it out
Cop: Don't reach for it
*Nog reaches for it*

Pop pop. Six piece and a biscuit served up for yet another negro with oppositional defiance disorder coupled with the IQ of a rhesus monkey. Three times the cop told the negro to not reach for anything. Nothing of value lost there and IMO a good shot, and I'm generally an outspoken opponent of police in this country.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the family of Sam Dubose in Cincinnati. 4.85 million dollar settlement to his family plus free undergraduate education for his 12 illegitimate children valued at half a million. A second mistrial for the UC cop, Ray Tensing, that shot him as he was being dragged was declared last Friday.

Brian in Ohio said...

You forgot Sam Dubose, who was shot dead while dragging a University of Cincinnati police officer with his car.

The Dubose family was awarded a settlement totaling 5.3 million, which was 4.85 in cash and free tuition to the university for all of Dubose 13 children... whom Dubose fathered with 11 different women.

The university also built a monument to Dubose, who had racked up 90 arrests, on campus. I shit you not.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

Fred Reed hit a home run with this one...

Curiously, what made me give up all interest in the problems of blacks was not their virulent racism, the horrendous rates of crime, or the parasitism. Instead it was the assaults by blacks and their fellow travelers on Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans. Similarly, the banning of the Confederate battle flag at Gettysburg, for God’s sake. For reasons doubtless opaque to the historically ignorant, this annoys me.  Why should the least productive, most criminal, most dependent of the population rewrite history that in any event they don’t know? The erasure of the South and the Confederacy by people most of whom couldn’t spell it, of Washington and Jefferson and Lee by grifters, race hustlers,  wanton illiterates and the Brownshirts of Black Lives Matter…enough.

Read the full essay here:

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a game show...
"OK Michael Brown's parents...time for the final decision. Have your teen menace Michael, the Gentle Giant, put down permanently or take the money, a cool 1.5 million?"
"What do permanently mean?"
"It means he gets killed...I mean, kilt. He gets kilt and you get the money. He doesn't get kilt and you have your Gentle Giant but no money. What's your choice?"

Studio audience in a frenzy yelling, "Take da money, take da money!!!"

"Your decision?"
"We be taking da money, dats right, give us da money bitches!"
(Audience hootin' and hollerin'. All except Mikey, the Gentle Giant.)
"Sorry Michael. The decision has been are a goner!"
(Audience goes wild as The Gentle Giant roughs up a producer as he's led backstage to his demise.)

Anonymous said...

im in jersey said . . . Don't make Police nervous by reaching your hands where they can't see them, especially after being told specifically not to reach for anything.

The need for this admonition when dealing with blacks is further proof that they don’t belong in modern society. This advice is one of those self evident truths that very few white parents even need to teach their children. My parents never gave me this advice, yet I know to never reach for something that an officer can’t see when he is telling me not to reach for anything. I’m beginning to believe that all of these black people who claim to be afraid to leave their nests for fear of being killed might actually have a valid concern. To them the modern world probably seems full of unpredictable dangerous surprises just as it would seem to an animal that escaped from a zoo. For the good of black people we must move them back to Africa where they belong.

Stephen Keen said...

Well why do you think they breed so quickly? It doesn't matter to them if a few die at the hands of so-called racism. That's a payday. They'll just pinch out three or four more to replace them. Japanese had the kamikaze, Chinese had the Dare to Die student corps and Blacks have the "Mama Gunna Get A Payday" squads. The main difference being the first two actually served a greater purpose than mere financial gains of the individual.

Even with all that money they will ask for more reparations from Whites.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

Anonymous @ 3:35 PM
No, they wouldn't go nuts. They would, eventually, go extinct.

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Being a retired officer that worked 26 years in a south suburb of Shitcago that turned black overnight I have been there. People talking shit about a job they have never done posses me off to no end. One little but you left out was that shitbag TOLD the officer he was armed, which raises the danger level in any actions that said dirt bag takes. He was high (along with his shithead baby mama) which didn't help matters. Legally carrying or not, it's all HIS fault he's dead. AMF

AR in Illinois

Anonymous said...

Pat, funny shit. I'd like to add that if an ENTIRELY plastic gun was ever made possible that one thing would always ping the metal detectors.....the BULLETS!!!

AR in Illinois

Mr. Rational said...

And isn’t it REALLY strange how the EBT Office is staffed almost exclusively with foreigners?

They still have their accents and everything.

Yes, think about it:  an office staffed entirely by foreign enemies and traitors.

Think about it.

Now all the "famblies" of ANY criminal shot while committing a crime, will want "dey monies", too.

That will continue until people start doxxing the counsel of such plaintiffs.  What do you think Benjamin Crump would have done if both his home and his office were buried under tons of junk mail, to give just one obvious reprisal tactic?  If his FAX paper was run out several times a day with sheets carrying nothing but "GO BACK TO AFRICA"?

If such lawyers felt as beseiged as Whites who are forced to shoot their Black assailants?

This is 4GW, folks.

He was high (along with his shithead baby mama) which didn't help matters. Legally carrying or not, it's all HIS fault he's dead

If he was high, his carrying of a firearm was a FEDERAL offense.  Also, his permit was invalidated by his moving without officially changing his address.  The department in his destination did not issue him a permit because he never asked for one.

If any issuing agency had done due dilligence on him, it would have found his Crips connections and denied his permit.

As always, this comes down to dindus expecting to be given a pass on the rules that White society requires to function.  They do not belong in this society and should be sent home ASAP.  The more who are returned to Afreaka, the less anyone has to complain about.  Dindus included.

I'd like to add that if an ENTIRELY plastic gun was ever made possible that one thing would always ping the metal detectors.....the BULLETS!!!

Uranium dioxide has a density of about 11 grams/cc and would make fine non-metallic bullet cores.  The jacket could be a thin layer of Teflon.

Not that I expect anyone to do this, but out-of-the-box thinking is essential for facing the future.

Anonymous said...

The ghetto lottery will be ending in Illinois (i.e. - Chicago) shortly as they cannot even pay the real lottery winners right now.

Fed Up FF said...

While we're tallying up the costs negro diversity has graced us with let's not leave out the healthcare costs, (topic for a future blog post PK?).

Ask any Paramedic, EMT-Basic, Firefighter or ER staff. The cost that negroes bring to bear on White taxpayers is ENORMOUS. Let me make one thing clear. They never pay their bill. Again, THEY NEVER PAY THEIR BILL. Not for services rendered for 1st responders, EMS/Ambulance care and transport, Emergency Room care or Inpatient Hospital care. Not one fucking dime. Sure the under 14 ones are all on Medicaid (that we Whites fund) and the over 65 crowd are on Medicare (again, that we Whites fund) but the majority of young negro bucks and depandopotamus' that receive treatment are 16-35 years old and are not covered on anyone's plan. That means the Hospital/Ambulance Service/1st Responders eat the cost of negro care- well actually, they pass it on to paying Whites in the form of higher bills to balance the ledgers. This cost alone Nationwide must exceed the Nationwide Medicaid expenditure which is $553 BILLION Yeah, that much. Feeling gracious towards these parasites yet? Me neither, and I run calls on them all day & night.

Anonymous said...

PK, please do another podcast. Donation inbound this Friday.

Anonymous said...

You are incorrect sir have you heard a 3D printers plastic bullets are possible now they're not going to be as effective as metal but they are possible

Kyle Winstead said...

Medicare? Don't you mean Medicaid. Medicare is paid for by white people, so that white people may have a little healthcare as they grow older. However whites suffer less Care because of obamcare, witch is to say obamcare was just an extension of Medicaid. Bought and paid for by white people. So whitie pay taxes till you can't pay and fucking die. Your rewards await you in heaven, yeah good luck with that.

LA "Lower Alabama" said...


With Castille the problem is you really don't know what happened. The cop said don't reach for it. I would like to think Castille wasn't murdered and was going for his gun and was too stupid to not follow orders, but the cop sure did look jumpy and didn't do himself any favors in the case. He said don't go for it a couple of times before shooting him. If you don't comply with officers after saying you have a gun and he is telling you not to go for it and put your hands up then he had it coming. On top of the cop not doing himself any favors, the passenger didn't make their case look any better. She was like you just killed my boyfriend and proceed to go into a rant vs asking for medical assistance etc. Based on her actions I am inclined to believe Castille was going for the gun even if just to hand it over and had massively selective hearing issues. The cop could have shot to disarm but you can get killed really quickly if you screw that up and it was his call. I think he was probably in the right but its being twisted by national media.

Anonymous said...

Yes. And it's taking far to long

Anonymous said...

Lawyers, yes. Settlements aren't taxed on the state or federal level.

Mr. Rational said...

Based on her actions I am inclined to believe Castille was going for the gun even if just to hand it over and had massively selective hearing issues.

The crazy things you hear from Blacks suggest that once they get an idea in their heads they usually will not or cannot get it out again.  Castile may have been reaching for his wallet, but with his hand out of sight the officer could not tell what he was reaching for.  It's likely that Castile was too dumb to listen to the order and get his hand back in view because in his mind he still had to get his papers out.

Basically, Black people are unfit to even travel through White society and have to go.  They don't have to go back, but they can't stay here.

The cop could have shot to disarm

Absolutely not.  If you are justified in using deadly force you do not try to "disarm".