Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Majority Black City Council of 73% Black Birmingham, Al Threatens to Cancel Contract With Topgolf if they Don't Hire Minority Contractors

Birmingham, Alabama. 

That oh-so-lovely 73 percent black city helping birth the current paradigm white people regrettably are forced to endure until it collapses under its own weight. 

And it will. 

The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013 documents the collapse of Birmingham from a thriving majority white city into an open air civil rights museum, whose decaying, blighted streets are a reminder why Bull Connor is one of the true heroes of the 20th century. 
A screenshot from the city of Birmingham's city council site. The 73% black city is home to near complete black political rule, and governs all city contracts under one protocol: how can we improve the lives of our black residents at the expense of other racial groups? 

When you visit the Birmingham City Government website, you learn the tagline for the city is "Where Freedom Lives." 

Truly in this 73 percent black city, whose citizens help Birmingham rate extremely low on nearly every metric qualifying quality of life, is where black freedom lives and what black liberation looks like, for in the absence of white people, a uniquely African world has emerged. 

With a black mayor and seven of nine black city council members, what little legitimate economic activity exists in the 73 percent black city is heavily influenced by white people and their purchasing power. 

Which makes Birmingham attracting a Topgolf venue so interesting, because this will only entice whites who rebuilt the city in places like Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, and Homewood to venture back into The Magic City. 

Topgolf is at risk of losing $1.5 million in financial incentives it received from the city of Birmingham to build a 65,000-square-foot facility near the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Authority downtown. 
City officials say Topgolf has failed to comply with terms of the project agreement by not hiring minority-owned contractors and subcontractors. 
In a letter to Topgolf dated June 16, Birmingham Mayor William Bell said the entertainment company hasn't provided any reports to the Birmingham Construction Industry Authority on the hiring of minority contractors. 
Topgolf also hasn't provided information that would have allowed BCIA to help minority and disadvantaged business subcontractors with the preparation of bids for the project, the letter states. 
Topgolf agreed that at least 25 percent of their contractors/subcontractors working on the Birmingham construction would be minority-owned, city leaders said.Topgolf was given 30 days upon receipt of the letter to comply with the requirements of the agreement. 
"In the event that Topgolf fails to cure the default, the city will be forced to exercise its remedies under the agreement, including termination of the agreement," the letter states. 
The Birmingham City Council approved the financial incentives in November.Under the agreement, the incentives would be paid in annual installments, not to exceed $228,000, for the next eight years. Each payment is equal to 30 percent of the sales tax revenue generated to the city by the project. 
The entertainment complex is under construction on BJCC-owned property at 24th Street North and 12th Avenue North. It is expected to be open by the end of the year. 
The high-tech driving range will feature a full-service bar/restaurant, a 2,900-square-foot corporate and event meeting space and lobby. 
The Topgolf entertainment complex is anticipated to create an economic impact of $264.5 million over 10 years to the Birmingham economy.
Not five years ago, the majority black city council was passing rules to stop new payday loan or title pawn stores from being opened in the 73 percent black city, because this was the only type of businesses the city could attract.

The city could see more than a quarter of a billion economic impact over 10 years by opening this business catering almost exclusively to wealthy white people, and the black controlled government worries that playing a similar minority-contract shakedown game as Atlanta has done for decades will negatively impact blacks.


Absolute insanity.

In a city where black freedom lives and what black liberation looks like, we learn Martin Luther King's dream was nothing more than a nightmare for white people, who are voiced to not only worship this prophet as some sort of deity, but create a religion of being color blind while every racial group is allowed to promote their racial interests and judge us exclusively via our color.

Absolute insanity.

But Birmingham offers a reminder to white people they will get no special concessions when they achieve minority status in the United States. Perpetually advancing the interests of non-whites must always be the standard operating procedure for white people in the USA.


Anonymous said...

And if any of the "minority" (they are actually the majority) contractors aren't up to the basic standards of world-class companies then what are said companies to do? Hire the "best of the worst" and hope to minimize losses? Are blacks that pathetic and helpless that they can't legitimately find work on their own? The rest of us are expected to not only go out and find that job ourselves and through our own merits, but to put on our most pleasant, polite, and thankful face the entire time.

How about some logical consequences? Act lazy, unmotivated, disrespectful and ungrateful and people end up not wanting to deal with you. Seems like a simple system to me. But of course, once again, blacks and their behavior are not subject to accountability or change in any way whatsoever- the rest of us may as well be squares on a Rubic's Cube being shifted at will to meet black needs and demands.

And what does he mean by minority? Do Asians/Middle Easterners count? It is amazing the lengths that people will now go to in order to obfuscate the simple truth about blacks- they are not only fit for first world societies- they will completely destroy them if given the space to.

Anonymous said...

My pencil broke, so I was unable to do a thorough calculation; but my White hindbrain tells me that in a 73% black city, Whites would be the Minority Population.
Solution: Hire only Whites, and you'll be in full compliance with Minority Hiring demands. Though, a better solution is to build your golf course as far away from blacks as possible. No golfer needs an actual Nagger Vance anymore, to tell him which club to use. There's an app for that now.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of these failures. They produce NOTHING. Blacks are a blight on the planet It's so sad that majestic African wildlife is in peril due to the White-enabled black population explosion. Blacks are parasites who have one card to play and we know what that card is. I pray that more people will wake up and realize that blacks should be kissing our feet in gratitude and that there is nothing to feel guilty about when these despicable ingrates cry "racism". I was never what would be considered a "cuck" but from childhood through young adulthood I was always the guy who was most likely to give them a fair chance until they proved otherwise. I am no longer interested in speaking, befriending, understanding, or dealing with them in any capacity. My misguided compassion has been burned away.

Anonymous said...

They're only risking $1.5 million in incentives if they don't comply? Sounds like a bargain compared to what it would cost them if they had to deal with the corruption and incompetence of "minority run businesses."

Lucius Vorenus

Anonymous said...

TopGolf should take their Balls, clubs and bags and just walk away. Let some other sucker take this "Opportunity" to get fleeced in BRA.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely BRA is in the process of collapse. Trump won't be able to stop the clique of criminal cocksuckers in the district of cesspool from bringing it all down.
We'll see how cucks and Marxist maggots like the equality of a hand to mouth existence in the midst of a rolling shootout.
Coexist stickers and group hugs in the safe space won't be an option.
The Great Leap Forward to the glorious Benetton rainbow utopia will never happen.
So don't let BRA get you down and enjoy the collapse.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

The P.R. that would result for a company building a Topgolf facility in a negro lead town isn't worth the expense of the enterprise. Unless, of course, the plan is to unload the cost of maintenance of the facility on the taxpayers of the city of Birmingham (ahem, that would be the 30% whites who still manage to fund the enterprise). And if past history is any indication of future performance, that is exactly what Birmingham will do.

I've seen it in my own hometown. A Civil Rights Center in our downtown area is a consistent money loser, but we went ahead and funded it anyway about ten years ago. Being negro led, no accounting was ever taken into consideration of rehabbing a 90 year old commercial building and bringing it up to a 21st century, public museum and the prior issues with water/sewage systems well over 150 years old were never taken into account. So now we sit, with a perpetual money loss, year over year. And all the negro board can say is, "Well, wee din lose as much mon as last yeeb! Weeze makin' prow-gress-ub!"

The few times I walk by this "museum", I marvel that they have done nothing to entice prospective customers into the place, as the huge plate glass window displays contain.....nothing......nothing....except scant pictures of negroes "dis-spected" back in 1960, when the white people in this town still had some sense.

As I always say, feed a negro for a day, and he is fed for a day. Give that negro some knowledge and some cash, and you will have a crack addict by Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that one of the assailants in the New Orleans beatings was named 'DeJuan.' I couldn't help but wonder, How does someone end up with a name like that? Then it hit me.

At the hospital, just after lil' DeJuan was born, the doctors mixed up the name tags on the incubators and had to call his mammy in to identify him. When she saw him she exclaimed, "DASS HIM! DASS DE ONE!"

The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Time and time again in Bham, "minority contractors" end up costing "the city" double for any given project. Either the MC goes out of bidness halfway through the job, or the job has to be totally redone by YT.

I saw this firsthand when a relatively simple road/sewer project took three years to complete because the MC took the money and ran (declared bankruptcy and kept da green). This brought on all sorts of legal shit, re-bids, etc. YT came in and straightened out the mess eventually. Fairly typical for da Ham.

Full Metal Realist said...

I used to think that Rachel Carson was a mass murderer for getting DDT banned which resulted in thousands of africans dying of malaria. Now I applaud her action. No good comes from white "voodoo" in interfering with natural selection. It's like all these missionaries who go dig a well for a race that is too stupid to figure out that digging a hole for water is more efficient than walking 5 miles with a friggin pot on their head.

Alex from N. England said...

Dear Mistah Mayor William Bell, Topgolf will not hire minority contractors because you shit-skinned demons are incapable of meeting minimum quality standards in anything you set to achieve. Disgusting. They want all the privileges without any of the sacrifices and hard work that goes to produce the said privileges and standards. I'll wager that if chimpanzees had the biology to express themselves in human language and the benefit of opposable thumbs, they would more than likely act, dress, think and talk like negroes. They would probably be better shots too.

Anonymous said...

"The Topgolf entertainment complex is anticipated to create an economic impact of $264.5 million over 10 years to the Birmingham economy."

I predict in 10 years, there will be no Topgolf entertainment complex, what will remain will be an empty building with competing gang grafitti decorating its exterior. The Topgolf executives who endorsed and promoted this boondoggle (assuming the company survives and isn't bankrupt) will have been quietly let go with golden parachute severance packages. I will be looking up Topgolf to see if they are a publicly-traded company, and if they have stockshares, I will be shorting them.
OT: 2 Florida negroes rape a White girl to "teach her about dating black men." I have to wonder what their point was??? The pictures of these sub-humans is priceless.

JK smaller said...

Then let them suffer the consequences by being anti as little as possible business wise.

Eddie from St. Louis said...

Topgolf should cut their losses now. After a few of us pale folks get robbed, beaten and our cars broken into, the project is doomed anyway. All you need for proof is to look at all of the closings of Shopping Malls close to urban areas. Nomesayin?

Brian in Ohio said...

"Minority contractors". In other words, they were told to hire someone on city councils cousin for a "no show" job and didn't.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Dumb question. If city is 73% black, isn't a white contractor a "minority"?

Iron Sharpens Iron said...

Martin Luther King was a bad man. A serial adulterer, vow breaker, LIAR, terrorist, plagiarist, and a communist. Like the negro terrorist Mandela, MLK somehow became a venerated saint through the clever manipulation of (((MSM))) propaganda. It makes me sick that the bust of MLK is in the Oval Office and cannot be removed under any circumstances; Trump can do nothing so long as he acquiesces to this lie. As it is said, "To learn who controls you, simply identify the people you are not allowed to criticize." This is BRA and it is here to stay. Whites have been cucked and feminized.

Accepting lies for the truth is the greatest sin of YT.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if l'm wrong, but Whites ARE the minority' in Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

"Where Freedom Lives" sounds nice. Are white folks included? I think I know the answer.

Must be great to hire 25% to shug & jive, tell jokes, disobey orders/rules.

Why in God's green earth would anyone deal with this stuff. "Land of the free" and you're told who/what to hire.

Bill in St Louis said...

"The city could see more than a quarter of a billion economic impact over 10 years by opening this business catering almost exclusively to wealthy white people, and the black controlled government worries that playing a similar minority-contract shakedown game as Atlanta has done for decades will negatively impact blacks."
I beg to differ: the city is NOT worried about the effect of playing the shakedown game, ("Where our gibs be?"), otherwise they would let this place be built by the only people who can build, (YT), and use the generated tax revenue to support all of the useless. That they would rather shut it down now for a few dollars in contracts as opposed to the quarter billion over time just shows a lack of future planning skills, or as it is known, TNB.
On a side note, who is going to go there when the staff is mostly black, (surly, if they show up), and when you can be "diversified" as soon as you drive off the property? (Reference PKs earlier article on the Preakness)

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Topgolf also hasn't provided information that would have allowed BCIA to help minority and disadvantaged business subcontractors with the preparation of bids for the project, the letter states.

"help preparing bids" -- This is the responsibility of the client to perform, not the subcontractor?

Who is working for who? You have to draw up the contract proposals FOR them too?

As a side note, I googled "BCIA" because I did not what that was. The first page results are nothing but news stories about how corrupt the organization is.

It was created out of discrimination lawsuits (shakedown racket) 25 years ago and formed to help minority owned businesses (shakedown racket) get bids on government projects by legal mandate (shakedown racket.)

As it turns out shaking down whitey is only the start, BCIA additionally requires bribes FROM the minority owned businesses to "earn" preference and priorities within their own pool. The organization, coincidentally, is headed by the brother of the mayor - with close to 80% of its funds being used to pay salaries.

This organization that was formed ostensibly to assist black businesses actually does the opposite - it prevents them from market participation unless they, too, are paying off the local big man.

This is the African model of business, which makes sense, being essentially an African city within the borders of the United States. The only thing missing is the head of the organizations being decked out in animal head dresses, aviator sunglasses, and military officer uniforms.

Amos said...

Wish MLK was still alive!!!

Anonymous said...

My only question is this, who would want to plunk down that kind of money in negroville? You know it will be dangerous getting to and from the place.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

How bout that vibrant diversity:

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what kind of company would risk building a white-supported business in a predominantly black city? What possible chance of success would they have?

Unless they are directly on a highway, I can't see affluent people cringing their way into a burnt out shell of a city to purchase golf equipment.

As for the 'black entrepreneurs' who missed out on the contract or otherwise refuse to work in the summer in Birmingham... is anyone surprised? Plus the fact the company with the contract wishes to stay solvent and not be hit with cost overruns from theft, vandalism and laziness.

So, I leave today scratching my head. In this case, the blacks are as predictable as ever, demanding jobs and special treatment. The whites confuse me though. Is a tax break important enough to get in bed with the city of Birmingham? Risk the lives of your employees and customers?

What's next? An opera house in Camden, NJ? Ballet in Patterson?

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

They did the same thing in Detroit when building a new arena. When all the minority hires didn't show up or quit, the contractors were sued for not having enough minority's. Can't win for losing with this bunch.

Anonymous said...

whites that play golf wont be lured to this rape robbery murder trap

Anonymous said...

I don't see how anyone sees this as a successful idea. It will turn out just like other venues in black majority cities with the police having to provide protection for the white people entering or leaving the venue as black criminals circle the area like rabid coyote's looking for easy prey. Only the immediate area will be relatively safe but step one foot outside "the zone of protection" and the predators will move in for the kill. The same story repeats in places like the harbor area in Baltimore, sports stadiums in Atlanta or the French Quarter in New Orleans or even well known colleges where the black undertow has engulfed the surrounding neighborhoods and transformed them into third world cesspits.

I wouldn't go to such a place even if they offered me free admission, a $100 dollar bonus and coupons for free meals as an introductory offer.

Anonymous said...

All this set asides are nothing but bribes, kickbacks, shoddy work and nepotism. If I were this company, I would run from this deal. Fill in the hole and walk away fast.

Sick n' Tired said...

TopGolf would be better off to take the penalty, otherwise it will cost them more in the long run due to shoddy workmanship, failed inspections, budget overages, and possible lawsuits from improperly installed stuff.
I work in the trades and the amount of problems people have with hiring groid contractors is staggering. Ranging from underbidding jobs and then running out of money 1/2 way thru, taking a large deposit to start a job and either blowing it or never coming back, claiming they have a license and the job being shut down for lack of permits, stealing jewelry/money while they are working there or coming back after the job is finished and robbing the place, charging for extra materials on one job and using them to do another one, or taking materials to use for side work, showing up drunk/high/both, or not showing up at all, doing the work wrong and others have to come in and redo most all of it....I know you all understand and get the drift. These are only a few things I have personally experienced first hand dealing with them, I know there's about 100+ more reasons I could list but don't have the time, because I have to get back to work. Moral of the story, don't hire groids for anything.

uncle jalopy said...

They signed a deal with the devil and now they have to hold up their end. The good thing is that white women are considered minorites so lots of guys give their wives 51% ownership to qualify for the racist redistribution-of-wealth policies.

Anonymous said...

If I were the TopGolf CEO I would file a lawsuit against the city for violating the Civil Rights Act.

If 25% of the contractors MUST be minority owned, this means that those 25% CANNOT be White.

They are telling him he cannot do business with people based on their race, by refusing to let him build if he hires White people.

Let's see this one wind up in front of the new Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

If I were in charge of Topgolf I would immediately withdraw my offer and build the damn thing in Iowa somewhere - then I would fire the idiot that thought it was good idea to build in Birmingham! Can you imagine the daily chaos/crime that would go on at that place - I would think that it wouldn't operate at a profit - EVER! It's also a given that the first "racial incident" that happens anywhere in the country - the Topgolf gets looted/burned!
I'm sick of these clueless rich White liberals that try to save the "communities of color" from themselves and love it when they get bit! Let them build their own damn entertainment centers - all these rich black Hollywood/sports elites and NONE of them can invest in a business in Birmingham to help "dey brothas"!

Anonymous said...

My question is would the city of Birmingham even timely pay those incentives over the course of eight years or would Topgolf have to chase after them with the lawyers? It seems to me the cost at this point telling them to fuck off would be much cheaper than trying to sustain the agreement before its even had a chance to get fucked up later. - YT in MI

Anonymous said...

Topgolf should have asked the Birmingham Code Enforcement/Building Permit department to work WITH THEM for bids on sub-contractors. Then, there would have been much paperwork to show the City Council that there were no qualified negro contractors who could do the job.

AND, if the City "forced" them to hire any of these negro contractors, there would be paperwork to perhaps show why there were problems.

Topgolf fell for the White concept of "fair play" and reasonable behavior. Odds were they couldn't find any competent, licensed, negro contractors and went about their normal White business model. Build.

NO WAY WHITE CRACKA ASS !!!That is not the point. You hire the negro contractor, pay him, and then clean up his mess. That is how we do it in Birmingham, you stuid White Honkey.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I would just stay at home and play golf on a video game system rather than risk getting shot trying to take a shot at the driving range.

I'd rather waste my time and money at the SHOOTING RANGE.

Anonymous said...

we beez nedun u to be usin sum muhfuggahs we noes to be workin on dat projek. Dees muhfuggahs getttin da sheeet dun an sheeet. Dey beez raht on it, an beez kilun sum dat muhfuggin monA backs muh way. Muhfugg, dats how sheet be dun down heah
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

espn actually details a case of horrific TNB...your usual tale of physical and psychological torture ending with the "mastermind" laughing as the judge sentences him to 155 years

Of course, as it is left-wing espn, comments have been disabled.

Anonymous said...

This is Paris today. And to think that ANY White men and boys died so this filth can destroy our White Europe.

We need a war. A real one.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. The (((New))) York Times is laying off more and more staff.

They don't get it, though. Nobody reads their propaganda. Nobody believes or trusts anything they have to write.

In a decade, they will be "online" and after that....closed.

Anonymous said...

"Birmingham offers a reminder to white people they will get no special concessions when they achieve minority status in the United States."

Although a perverse "achievement", it's one they have worked steadily towards for over 150 years.

"Perpetually advancing the interests of non-whites must always be the standard operating procedure for white people in the USA."

Indeed it must, so long as the mistaken Christian premise of racial equality holds sway over them, along with the example of Christ's sacrifice. Imitatio Christi. Is that the sum of all morality? In any case it's what whites believe. The destruction of their own race in the service of another is the ultimate proof of their virtue; a ticket to Heaven.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
- John 15:13

Anonymous said...

Nightline recently re-aired an episode from 2013, about Strawberry Mansion High School, one of the "most dangerous" schools in America. Security guards regularly search backpacks for razor blades and knives, and some students apply Vaseline to their faces to protect from scratches. Quote- "As part of Sawyer's "Hidden America" series in late May, the school was dubbed one of the country's most dangerous. It had spent six previous years on Pennsylvania's "Persistently Dangerous" list".
Diane Sawyer recently revisited the school - Tonight, the broadcast returned for a second report on what's changed inside Mansion High since the first report aired. The followup was broadcast at 6:30 p.m. on ABC stations nationally. It will be broadcast again at 12:35 a.m., Thursday, on "Nightline."
But much has changed in the last six months and the start of the new school year at Mansion High began with the school's removal from the state's notorious list and the return of its principal, Linda Cliatt-Wayman — the first time in four years a principal remained after the first year.

Cliatt-Wayman, who was profiled as part of Sawyer's first report, plays a prominent role again.

She touts the school's anti-violence plan, but notes that the Philadelphia school district's overall dismal financial situation — it recently shed hundreds of jobs and programs to close a $304 million budget deficit — has left her high school as close to the tipping point as ever. Musician Drake told ABC News that after he saw the report he decided to donate funding for a music studio at the school.

But after the special, a tidal wave of generosity from viewers helped breathe new life into Strawberry Mansion. Money donated by viewers helped to pay for school uniforms and to provide 13 scholarships for seniors heading off to college, as well as basic necessities that were missing at Strawberry Mansion, including books, notebooks and calculators.
There are signs of hope and vitality. For the first time in the school's 62-year history, it has a football team, the Strawberry Mansion Knights.
The Principal is ELATED because of recent gibs, and there is a place to click on to donate more gibs. The show focuses in on ONE student that went on to college. They could only find ONE.
And the school is now off the "persistently" dangerous list now. What, now it is just "dangerous"??
This report checks every box you expect- out of control violence, gibs, affleets,
demands for more gibs, very little results.
And also, Nightline, which used to be an interesting and informative show, highlights every night a "rapper" or "hip-hopper", most that I have never even heard of. P Diddy and Jay-Z are 2 of the richest men in America right now. HOW?? Who in the hell is buying their products?? If black people are only 15% of the population, and probably blacks under 50 are about 8%, then it follows that some white people have to be buying this crap, too. How about we make our OWN people rich??
L in Atl hell

D-FENS said...

Two christian cucks (Unitarian Universalists) got mugged in New Orleans, one remains hospitalized in critical condition.

What I like abut this is that it wakes up more Whites and takes out a couple of cucks who can never be awakened.

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of the never ending invasion of Italy by nigers. The article that comes with the video even states, clearly, that it is "private charities" that are doing this. What gives them the right to bypass immigration laws? (((WHO))) is funding these "charities"?

Remember, most of the "refugees" are around 20 years old. WE BRED THEM 20 years ago with our "Doctors Without Borders" and free food, etc. BIll GATES is one of the SJW who is funding the breeding program.

And then? When they all grow up, they are shipped to Europe. Hell is coming.

Anonymous said...

City officials say Topgolf has failed to comply with terms of the project agreement by not hiring minority-owned contractors and subcontractors.

This cannot possibly be a surprise to anyone. It is the standard operating procedure for blacks in charge anywhere on earth to force companies to hire unqualified blacks to replace qualified whites. It is the official policy of the South African government where it has the catchy name “Black Empowerment” program. Anyone with half a brain can see the stupidity of creating any program with the goal of empowering blacks to do what blacks do. Of course this policy always results in the failure of the company. When the program is applied on a small scale such as the city of Birmingham the damage is local and limited. Birmingham is going to lose a golf course, and no one outside of that community really cares. However, when the program is applied at the national level an entire nation can lose its electrical grid. The certainty of failure and the magnitude of the consequences don’t seem to matter when blacks are in charge.

Additional Black Empowerment was applied to Eskom in 2015, which was followed by impending collapse of the national power grid due primarily to incompetence in 2017. As one would expect in a black run country the emphasis is on encouraging businesses to learn how to run without electricity rather than hire white people to correct the problems with the national power grid.

DoubleTap said...

Why would whites even risk coming to a driving range in Birmingham where 73% of the population are savages? There are much safer places to play, I'm sure. The only hole in one that awaits them in Birmingham is in the side of their head!

D-FENS said...

Birmingham, where freedom lives - in fear!

Wide Awake said...

Haha, that's what I was thinking. The estimated completion date has been now pushed back another

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum: A better saying is, "Give a negro a fish and he'll eat for a day. Let him starve to death and you can forget about him forever."

Brian in Ohio said...

"Police said the victim was hanging out with the men..." when they suddenly got the urge to rape and beat her.

Mud shark.

Zero fucks given.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

Any white people living in a 73% black city should be going to the shooting range, not the driving range.

Arm up and start training.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

OK. It's war.

Please just read this...

Wide Awake said...

That's why I'm moving to Mobile! Much better ! Don't be live me ? Watch this comedy, or as much as you can tolerate...

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that feetsball!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

a few takes from this, 1) top golf shouldve said screw the money lets build elsewhere dam greedy company. 2) i will not trust construction by blacks..cannot do it. 3) this place will be the site of fights and murders.. faxt forward 10 years it will be 3rd rate driving range or closed down.

Hobgoblin238 said...

My long time ex friend Russell Hinson that lives in Birmingham who says he is a conservative Christian that wants to help them abandoned me when he got offended by me saying the truth about groids. 73% black huh? Well...eventually something is going to happen to him. I wonder if he will crawl back to me telling me I was right or will he dig his heels in to wait for the next attack...

Paintjob Theory said...

"Who in the hell is buying their products?? If black people are only 15% of the population, and probably blacks under 50 are about 8%..."

Remember when you went to that great new (((Hollywood))) movie or hot new (((TV series))) that had the negro music in the exciting chase scene? How about the latest (((insurance company/cellphone provider/etc))) commercial with the negro celebrity endorsement? Or the local supermarket that advertises on the radio station that plays that sort of filth? Rest assured, we're all paying for our displacement, it's virtually unavoidable and will remain so long as non whites remain in our lands.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

A couple weeks back they were your "brothers", now they're your friends too? You really are in the wrong place, Hiram. Piss off to Isreal where your pilpul and hatred of white Christians will be more appreciated.

"2 Florida negroes rape a White girl to "teach her about dating black men."

Which reminds me of a joke. A mudshark is wrapping up a night out on the town with her negro date and says to him "So, do you want to show me if what they say about black men is true?"..... so he stabs her and steals her purse.

Tarczan said...

Bid preparation is essential for the contractor. If these idiots are too stupid to prepare a bid it shows that can't do the work, the freakin' idiots can't think through the project. "We don't know how to do it or what it will cost, but give us the job."

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Blogger uncle jalopy said...
They signed a deal with the devil and now they have to hold up their end. The good thing is that white women are considered minorites so lots of guys give their wives 51% ownership to qualify for the racist redistribution-of-wealth.

It didn't work that way for my brother, who is a journeyman licensed electrician in the state of New Jersey. Over twenty five years ago, he and his now ex-wife, tried to secure minority (women only) bids, only to be told they didn't qualify because of them not being negro. Of course, that was in the state of New Jersey, so maybe other states had different rules. But no. My brother tried to go that route back in the early '90s and got nowhere. No white man shall prosper under the BRA rule.

On an end note, my brother is now in his sixties and fairly successful. He built his business on his own with no help whatsoever in that awful state of New Jersey. (apologies to those who live there) My last conversation with him left me saying to him, "Why do you continue to live in a northern state that has committed so much of its tax revenue and budget to the negro? Your property tax alone is almost four times the size of mine (in NC), and your house is smaller.

I suspect it's too late for him and other whites who find themselves in northern states who have bowed to the negro for over 50 years to leave without losing a huge amount of their house value. I'm glad I left over 20 years ago. I saw the writing on the wall even then. Negroes are a millstone around any society that entertains the idea of housing them. Good luck with that, Illinois (due to become junk bond status in the next two months). But hey, who am I to judge? Continue to embrace the negro. I'm sure in time it will pay off in a big way. sarc/off

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Which reminds me of a joke. A mudshark is wrapping up a night out on the town with her negro date and says to him "So, do you want to show me if what they say about black men is true?"..... so he stabs her and steals her purse.


You missed the part about where he and his homies rape her first.

Anonymous said...

Hear! hear! Best comment I've read all week.

Anonymous said...

I concur.

AR in Illinois

RolandR said...

I googles Top Golf and found this article Turns out a Top Golf constructions site in North Carolina has a slave cemetery on it. Now they want to build in "Bombingham" Looks like bad corporate decision abound in Top Golf.

Truth Corps said...

PK, you've written about Birmingham and David Sher (the Comeback Town) before in 2013, I remember:

SBPDL 2013

Low and behold Davis Sher is at it again. He can't figure out why Birmingham is ranked the 2nd Worst City in America. Everyone please leave a comment at his page.

The Comeback Town Blog
"Although many of us may live in upscale neighborhoods with good schools and low crime, we’re judged because our Birmingham region is evaluated unfairly".

This cuck lives in an "upscale neighborhood etc" yet wants fairness. I'm fuckin dyin. LOL

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude. in 1985 a black mayor authorized the use of a bomb to burn out some violent blacks in a black neighborhood. sixty some houses burnt to the ground. the city rebuilt those homes using minority contractors. several years ago the filthadelphia news stated the houses were poorly built and did not meet code and were falling down. did a whole expose' on the debacle of wasted filthy tax dollars.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

I read a story about an Italian "philanthropist" couple that spent 5 million on a large boat, outfitted it to rescue these "refugees", by bringing to Italy. WTF?! If they want to rescue them at their own expense that's fine, but they should be mandated to return them to Africa. Total insanity!

Anonymous said...

You hope anyway. They could always just double down on the cuckatry a la Davey Blackburn. I wouldn't be surprised if his slaughtered pregnant wife was pregnant due to them inviting a groid into their bedroom.