Wednesday, June 14, 2017

His Name is Sebastian Dvorak: Popular White Bartender Murdered by Black Male in 70% Black Baltimore

Remember Robert Ponsi? He was a server at James Joyce Pub in Baltimore. He was fatally stabbed by a group of black males in January of 2016. One of the black males who participated in the execution of Ponsi was the son a community activist

Remember Kimberly Leto? She was a bartender at O'Donnell's Pub in Baltimore. She was murdered by two black males in 2014. One of the black males who murdered her was the son of a police dispatcher. 
Kimberly Leto in 2014, Robert Ponsi in 2016 and now Sebastian Dvorak in 2017. Three white working-class residents of Baltimore murdered by blacks in 70 percent black Baltimore

The white working class in 70 percent black Baltimore has no community to support them, nor advocacy group to promote their interests. 

Whites represent under 25 percent of the population of Baltimore, when in 1917 whites represented nearly 90 percent of the city's residents. 

It was a world-class city then; now, it's nothing more than another Mogadishu in the making. 

So, who is the next member of the white-working class to pay the Eloi tax in 70 percent black Baltimore? Sebastian Dvorak, who worked at . [Family pleads for help after bartender fatally shot in head: Sebastian Dvorak shot early Tuesday in Canton,, June 14, 2017]:

A well-known Baltimore bartender was fatally shot in the head early Tuesday morning, and his family is pleading for help. 
Police said Sebastian Dvorak was found around 2:45 a.m. Tuesday in the 2600 block of Boston Street in Canton bleeding from his forehead. Police later confirmed someone shot him in the head, killing him. 
Baltimore City police haven't released much information on the shooting, but did reveal Wednesday that investigators believe the motive is robbery and there could be more than one suspect. 
Dvorak was well-known in the Baltimore service industry and known as "Seb" to his close friends. 
Dvorak's family is pleading to the public for help. His father, David Dvorak, read from a prepared statement as police look for his son's killer. 
"If they saw anything or heard anything, or even check their security devices for any recordings, to please -- I beg you -- to contact the police," David Dvorak said. 
David Dvorak said the loss of his son has devastated many people. 
"He was exceptional in every possible way. He lit up every room and was loved by so many. We cannot express how painful this loss is for us and so many others," David Dvorak said. "Sebastian could carry on any conversation on any topic. He never made you feel inferior in any way. He engaged you in those conversations, and he was incredibly intelligent and incredibly smart." 
Matt Drechsler, a close friend of Sebastian Dvorak, was with him Monday night prior to his killing. He and a large group of friends went barhopping in Canton Square. Drechsler had to leave early, but he said he believes his friend could have been simply trying to walk home. 
"It just turned into a horrible night," Drechsler said. "It's just a random, horrible incident. It's getting worse in the city where you can't even walk home at night, you know what I mean?" 
Police have reviewed security camera video from area businesses, portions of which they released to the public Wednesday evening. Police said the people seen in the video are considered a person of interest in Dvorak's killing. 
Police described the person of interest as a black man with thick curly hair and a medium complexion. He was wearing a gray T-shirt with a white tank-top underneath, blue jeans and gray New Balance sneakers. 
Police said the man is seen in the surveillance video putting glasses on his face while walking down Eastern Avenue.
With black violence in 70 percent black Baltimore reaching levels never before seen in an American city, police are forced to work 12-hour shifts in a last-ditch effort to maintain law and order. 

 In July of 2015, the Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center was opened in Baltimore, to help black children become... empowered? 

Baltimore should be a world-class city, just as it was in 1917. 

But something changed: the racial system was flipped, with black people taking control of the city's political structure as well as moving into houses and neighborhoods where once white people thrived. Strangely, as Baltimore became blacker and blacker, it came to resemble the dreaded eponymous district in H.P. Lovecraft's The Horror at Red Hook

Nothing thrives in 70 percent black Baltimore today, save black crime. 


Anonymous said...

Detoilet East? Yes we can!
Just gibs dem some space to destroy and eventually there won't be anything left.
Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

PB said...

And what do White people do? They go after each other. Divide and rule has been refined to an art. Its less about grand principles than it is about who's left standing.

Anonymous said...

I have lost all desire to enjoy the night life in Minneapolis. The plunge in retail sales and the surge in restaurant closings is blamed on Amazon and the minimum wage but I suspect that story is a ruse. The real cause of much of the erosion of public enjoyment of the city center is crime. We all have been there : in a public place we sense unease that shouldn't really be there. In a racially homogenous society it wouldn't be.

Bird of Paradise said...

So how many more son dose Obama have that are commiting acts of random violemce against white folk dont you think since Obama has all these unknown sons should'nt the Obamas be held resposible over crimes they commit?

It's Out of Control said...

Whites are getting sport-hunted in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter, yet murders of white people there (and everywhere else) have higher (murder investigation) clearance rates while most black ones go "unsolved". White people actually care enough about their loved ones and the love ones of others to turn in people who murdered their own flesh and blood.

Maybe the mayor can put together an army of stupid, rude, and ungrateful "squeegee boys" (did you just call them "boy"?). Notice how none of their ideas or answers change even when our technology vastly does. Because we all know the skills of roadside squeegee men are in high demand and that such a job will lead them places. Too bad they all can't have a cushy cargo-cult job like their mayor where they only have to pretend to do things, and do it with other people's money.

Whatever you do, don't learn anything technical or look at employment trends. All you have to do is pick up a squeegee.

Anonymous said...

INDIANAPOLIS: Fuzzy haired black piece of genetic garbage rapes white 15 year old multiple times in 95% white Elwood, IN. There are ZERO BLACKS in Elwood. ZERO.

Can you imagine what would have happened to this subhuman shitskin back in 1950? We need to bring back the good old days. Where are the good old boys when you need them?

Anonymous said...

"He was incredibly smart?" I don't think so.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

What THE HOLY F is going on with the Judeo-Southern Baptists?

Just look at this baptist preacher's Twitter feed:

They just denounced the Alt-Right as SATANIC at their convention, and now these cucks are adopting a bunch of colored kids instead of birthing white babies, and signaling about it on Twitter.

What is going on here??? #SBC17

Anonymous said...

Paul, this is HUGE.

After high drama, Southern Baptists denounce the 'alt-right' as Satanic.

Anonymous said...

I guess midnight swimming doesn't work. Bantumore is what it is.

Paintjob Theory said...

"...he was incredibly intelligent and incredibly smart."

And yet didn't have the wherewithal to not be stumbling around drunk at 2:30AM in darkest Baltimore. Good riddance to another delusional fool who likely would scold us about "not all blacks" or that he lives in the "nice part" of Baltimore.

""It's just a random, horrible incident."

Totally random, it could just as easily have been a negro Monday night reveler butchered by a couple white hipstrs.

"Police have reviewed security camera video from area businesses, "

Which I'll wager are reminiscent of a Jane Goodal documentary.

I said last week that population control needs to be concerned with quality over quantity. See Battle of Rorke's Drift or the Battle of Mogadishu where whites pull out victories with 1000:1 KD ratio over mud hoards. Good times make weak men, weak men make hard times, hard times make strong men, strong men make good times. Can anybody guess where we are in this cycle?

The protagonist of this tale is no big loss in the large scheme of things. A grown man out "bar hopping" on a Monday night living in a negro infested sewer like Baltimore. The more of these dopes are culled from our herd by their pets the closer we are to being left with a white population which will do what is necessary to ensure our survival. Worse is better.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that white lives don't matter to whites on the left. I think they hate their own being and humanity. It is sad that young whites like this young man died at the hand of n****rs. Thanks for letting me speak my mind.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are taking over the US and destroying the country city by city. You see one great city after another turned into a third world no go zone.

Anonymous said...

The article said he was a bartender so he could have been coming home after his shift with a decent amount of cash from tips in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

This isn't harsh, (reality is harsh if you refuse to SEE it), but I have questions:

1) Did he believe in Diversity?
2) Did he vote for Obama, Hilary or Bernie?
3) Does he think inter-racial dating and marriage are cool?
4) Would he join us here?
5) As he ever read, or heard, of American Renaissance?
6) Would he defend/support Right Wing speakers at a college campus?
7) Does he support "affordable housing", "living wage"?
8) Is he quiet about Black Lives Matter?

His answers will determine my feelings and opinions about this event. I, being White, feel no obligation to "defend", nor feel, for those other whites who don't defend The White Race. He, and others, can't have it both ways.

If you want White Civilization (to be able to walk home at night), you must have the White Race. You fail to understand that, you fail to live.

Anonymous said...

This is all attributable to the negro problem and the problem will never be solved until that is admitted. Not a single report identifies this is a negro problem and everyone is just dumbfounded about all this "violence" in Baltimore. Who could be doing it? Why is it happening? We are a great city! Man, it's a head scratcher why these people are so weak to acknowledge the self evident. Hard to have any sympathy for them when they hide behind politically correct narratives and are comfortable living a lie while refusing to deal with the truth.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I tend to think this dead white man is a possible recipient of the Darwin award. Swimming in the ocean is fun. The chances of being attacked by a shark when in the ocean is actually pretty slim. That doesn't mean the next time I go swimming in the ocean I will tie a couple of pork chops to my ankles and don a Salisbury steak necklace. Yet wandering around plastered in the wee hours of the morning in a 75% negro city is an open invitation to disaster.

I would no sooner go to Baltimore in broad daylight, let alone half drunk after midnight. But go ahead, libtards. Continue to make your case that "they are just the same as us." It's like the old Groucho Marx joke, which went something like: "Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this." Doctor replies: "Then stop doing that!"

I am sure one of these days the endless negro depravity, violence, and savagery will cease to afflict our inner cities, but we all know that day will never come until they are ridden from these shores.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy to think that "they" whine and cry about police brutallity. (Why couldn't the man use less leathal means to solve the situation? Then, lump all LEO's with every fatal shooting that happens to a negro
Now, ask a negro about a dead YT brutally murdered by a negro. (Oh, well, you can't blame a entire race for the actions of a few (followed by a justification) YT "USED" to hang a negro for just walking down the street!)

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, that's what I was seeking for, what a material!

existing here at this web site, thanks admin of this website.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous quote blacks are taking over the US and destroying the country city by city. No it diversity just trying to make America great again. I'm surprised that you didn't mention the bean illegals

Anonymous said...

White people have taken over the planet and ruined the world one continent at a time and what we are seeing now are the results of thousand year dominance dating back to the confused romans and greeks. Study history. Until then keep your ignorance to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Unless we can bring back 'head bashing cops', and 'men on horseback ', none of this will stop. You almost have to live in an area where not only are there no blacks living there, but no blacks visiting there. Sick bunch of absolute fools.

Bill in St Louis said...

No biggie, another PJT believer is now a convert... just a bit too late. Situational awareness would tell you NOT to go bar-hopping in Mogadishu, so one can see he had none.

Anonymous said...

"After high drama, Southern Baptists denounce the 'alt-right' as Satanic."

After all this time, it should be as little surprising that Christians act this way as that negroes act the way they do. Christianity is the religion of race suicide. Sooner or later, this essential part of its nature must be expressed.

Anonymous said...

We have a few negroes commenting here.

Notice their "reasoning"? Payback. Revenge. Get Whitey

Yet, they want to still live around us?

So we acted like all other tribes for the past 5,000 years, but what we did, or did not do, thousands of years ago is justification for killing, beating and raping Whites.

Fine, let us kill and beat them (very few White men want to rape a black female, disgusting), but since Africans enslaved us for centruries through Mediterranean raids, etc. we need to enslave and beat them. Negro Logic.

When we White leave blacks alone, as in all our major cities, they destroy themselves. Why? Because we were mean to them 1,000 years ago. Really.

When I read the various negro comments, that we are getting, I am TOTALLY convinced we must get away from them and keep them away from us. BUT, to keep them away from us will require VIOLENCE since the crave living with us.

I have a question for never negro who doesn't like us today, why do you demand to live with us? If White people are soooooo bad, would you not prefer to get away from us?

Anonymous said...

Another brainwashed dead white. Victim of the MSM, dumb downed education, and lack of critical thinking. Way to go whites. Keep living in Mogadishu. See how that works out for you.

Anonymous said...

"...White people have taken over the planet and ruined the world one continent at a time and what we are seeing now are the results of thousand year dominance dating back to the confused romans and greeks. Study history. Until then keep your ignorance to yourself."

1. Capitalize Romans and Greeks. Wonderful civilizations/cultures.

2. Shut the hell up and get out of here.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes...we destroyed everything didn't we? I would love to segregate from you and your ilk. We could have our own place to ruin with things like: beautiful architecture/art, medical and technological advances, new industries, peaceful gatherings and clean streets.

You folks can have your place keep doing what you're doing. You can have rap battles and midnight swims. Candlelight vigils and barbecues aplenty! Keep making those pyramids fly!

Don't follow us. Don't hold your hands out. Don't be parasites. Do it all yourself. And for god sakes leave us the hell alone.


Anonymous said...

White men conquered, built, invented and have paid for the first world civilization you live in. A mammal that never created a written language of its own is not capable of creating or maintaining civilization.
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

With out white men there are no white women!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Welcome to America on the minimum wage. I really don't blame crime in Minneapolis for malls or restaurant closing. Amazon is hiring

Anonymous said...

Anon said: White people have taken over the planet and ruined the world one continent at a time ect, ect, and so on and so forth.

Man, you grew up in the 3rd world or some ghetto housing with way too much lead in he paint. You know your moma used dope while she was pregnant with your dumb ass, don't lie!

You can only sling trash because you can't encourage anyone of us here at SBPDL to ignor your kinds ignorant and ridiculous sideshow or get us to focus instead on celebrating some imaginary value of diversity and tolerance that's supposed to be a cure for everything thats wrong in this Nation.

We know what's wrong with this Nation, preach your guilt trip on some other site you nasty MF!

10mm AUTO said...

Wow, a black man wearing New Balance "Official Brand of White Supremacists!".

Seriously, Whites walking home at night in negroland is like a lone Zebra walking through tall grass in the Serengeti. Sure he might make it a few times, but the audience is just waiting for David Attenborough's voice to start up to describe the kill.

"Notice the concentration on the face of the negro. The negro has waited all day for the kill, and it is hungry. Walking boldly up to the prey, he asks in his mumbling language for a "light", missing the irony of the darkness he represents. The White responds that he doesn't have one and the negro is now close enough to attack. Whipping out its Glock, it shoots for a killing blow. The White staggers and falls and the negro reaps his reward. This is life in the "Urban Jungle" for the White; brutal but short. The White has the power to destroy the negro, but for some reason we can not understand, are content with the constant killing. As the night ends, we see the body of the White, now stripped of money and cell phone, lying in the position the negro left it. The negro, now having higher status due to the kill, will mate and produce another niglet, and so the cycle of life here on Planet Earth renews itself.

Now tomorrow on Planet Earth, The Arctic, the Frozen Wasteland."

Brian in Ohio said...

Situational awareness FAIL.

There is no excuse for doing something as foolish as being a white man walking the streets of Baltimore after dark.

He was either very deluded or very stupid. Probably a bit of both.

It`s hard to feel sorry for someone who ignores the warning signs.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:28 am. What you suggested has been tried. White people finally had enough and moved, lock, stock and barrel out of Detroit. Blacks had virtually the whole city. Destroyed it from the west side to the east side. North to south. Not one neighborhood was left standing the way it was when occupied by whites. That is over 140 square miles. What do you think the blacks did after the trashed the place? Yep! Moved to the suburbs with whitey. They will follow us to the ends of the earth and beyond. Sometimes I wonder if it's punishment by the powers that be. Hope there is an after life so I can ask...WTF? Oh yeah, the suburbs that they moved to...trashed that too. Weirdo's

Bill in St Louis said...

Entirely O/T, but perhaps PK could do something on the spin I found when I logged in today.
A nice link to the "Heroic" actions of the BLACK Capitol Po-lice,
Complete with pictures of them playing Negroball in college, twitter feeds wondering why they aren't getting 24-7 mainstream coverage (for doing their fucking jobs. I bet they had graduation ceremonies from kindergarten on up) and then a link to the shooter, who, aside from here
Seems to be busy being identified as a right wing gun nut. Even on talk radio they seem to be glossing over his worldview in favor of disarming the population.

John Robert Mallernee said...

You're going to want to read this blog post:

Anonymous said...

They even light white people on fire in the middle of the daytime. Check this out, 2 blacks set a homeless guy on fire. Doused him with gas and torched him in front of others.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous history is getting a new rewrite over to the diversity especially black people are the ones that help build and created the world civilization and maintaining it also

Anonymous said...

Bantumore! Effing good one!

Johnny See said...

Thanks to whomever of you it was that recommended "the Controversy of Zion" by Douglass Reed. What a fascinating and revealing work. I am on chapter 13 and am enthralled. Want answers? Read it.

Anonymous said...

I know a guy so liberal that when Hillary wasn't elected, he intimated he would move to South Africa. Seriously! He's God a decent career, a nice white wife but they didn't have kids of their own you see... They adopted, and guess which continent their luv-monkeys come from? White lives don't matter at all to these folks, not one whit!

Anonymous said...

Off topic. If any of you have Netflix (on demand), I recommend two videos.

1) "Welcome to Leith". The idea of whites buying up vacancies and getting control of a small town was pretty clever. However, bringing the Nazi, Skinhead and KKK baggage was probably not such a good idea.

2) "American Experience: Ruby Ridge". This did a very good job of showing Randy Weaver's side of the story. At the time we were only shown government propaganda.

Both are documentaries.

Poor Seb. Hopefully in a few years we can watch a show about the Dvoraks getting justice from a black prosecutor and judge in Baltimore. Throw in some anti-violence marches to clean up the neighborhoods. However, this won't be a documentary.

Anonymous said...

Christ on a crutch! Hope many refuse to READ? Grsnted, this guy lived in Baltimore, WORKED AS A BARTENDER and was likely headed home for the evening. His crime was likely one of omission, not using his tips to use a ride service to get home... Beyond that, actually living in Baltimore or near it is what caused his demise.

Anonymous said...

"You're going to want to read this blog post:"

Typical Fred. First, he objects to the racism of blacks, then he decries political correctness shutting down white discussion of the problem with accusations of racism. Has it never occurred to this fool that political correctness is effective precisely because, uniquely among the races, virtually all whites (including him!) have been acculturated to hate racism? Or that the racism of blacks is entirely natural, and what's bizarre and unnatural is the white hatred of racism? He says that as a youth he started out as an anti-racist, and his continuing denunciations of racism show that he's never really changed. Deep down, Fred would be happiest if blacks stopped being racist, if only so he could get back to being a "good" man who could once again try to believe that, regardless of race, we are all the same. I get the impression that for Fred, that's the worst offense blacks have committed. They've forced him into disliking them, when he'd really prefer to love them. By their behavior, they've caused him to start to suspect himself of racism, and that is something he just can't forgive.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later the cognitive dissonance will make their heads explode. Sooner, with any luck. In fact it may be happening now, manifesting in the form of Trump derangement syndrome.

Lucius Vorenus

Anonymous said...

I got to thinking that every time someone with conservative leanings commits violence with a political motivation, they are swiftly branded a "right wing extremist." Seems like this guy fits the definition of a left wing extremist, but apparently in the mainstream media no such creature exists.

Lucius Vorenus

PB said...

"White people have taken over the planet and ruined the world one continent at a time and what we are seeing now are the results of thousand year dominance dating back to the confused romans and greeks. Study history. Until then keep your ignorance to yourself."

I have. I still can't find the bit about flying pyramids and the ancient Kangs of Egypt. Maybe I studied the wrong history?

Anonymous said...

In April here in my hometown of Fresno, California, a black male killed 4 white people for being white. He was on a mass murder spree but was stopped by our police force. Why does Dylan Roof get all the glory for killing a bunch of blacks and hardly a peep from the media regarding this. This asshole said he was trying to kill as many white people as possible. No one cares about black on white crime. No one will care about whites getting killed in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat related:

The black police chief in Syracuse, NY can't even police his own son's behavior. It's yet another example of a black "ute" getting cut break after break after break. Sooner or later he'll be involved in a murder.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of the "Heroic" Capitol police, I love (not) how that article is gushing over the two black cops who got shot, hailing them as heroes, but completely downplaying the cop that actually took out the gunman, a Latino! So basically, my takeaway from this is that if it wasn't for the Latino, this place would have been shot up seriously, and with a much higher casualty toll...yet the two Blacks are the heroes! I try to be open minded, but jeezus, this is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

FredonEVerything was one of the first Blogs I ever went too. Back then he was quasi "Liberal" and would only hint around race, race relations. He would drive around with cops in his town, before he became a race traitor and moved to Mexico and married an Aztec dwarf.

Maybe, just MAYBE, what is left of his White brain/instinct is awakening him. MAYBE he is willing to see that this race conflict is going to find him in Mexico. A Race war here, coming, will involve the negro AND the Mayan-Aztec tribes. He, being a white man in Mexico will be killed. The Indian tribes of Meso-America hate all Whites....he being white, he will be killed. He still wants to think the Meso-Monkeys are reasonable. He is still thinking "white".

He is spot on, but I am sure he spent a good 30-40 years of his adult hood CREATING the problem. I hope he can own guns in Mexico.

Elliot Foley said...

Excellent use of Lawrence Auster's "Eloi Tax"! Typically it's paid by white women, or worse, their friends or family. Seb should have taken an Uber....

Anonymous said...

"Black people helped build, created and continue to maintain world civilization"

What was that? That was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor in absolute stupification.
Are we living in Bizarro World???

I am aprofessional researcher with multiple degrees...i research and comb through libraries and museums for a living. I haven't seen any evidence to support that claim....

By all means, please point me toward some and i would be happy to have an unbiased read through it.
I mean actual research: historical documents, scientific papers, carbon dating, statistics, patents -hard evidence. Not interested in impassioned editorials or historical fabrications. Now feels, just hard evidence.

Anonymous said...

I'll look I to "Welcome...", dunno if it's inspired by "Pioneer Little Europe" or not. And the Ruby Ridge thing, like the Waco Massacre is something people need to investigate. Peaceful whites who want to be left alone generally won't be and our nation will only do better when we can be left to our version of peace in our nation.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like the Latino cops that shot the black man in St. Paul, MN. His trial is underway, I think.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Christ on a crutch! Hope many refuse to READ?"

+1 to the refuse to read count because the story plainly said he and his friends were out bar hopping.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

To anon @ 2:14... Like the police chief in, what was it, Dallas? His pup was goodified by actual cops for shooting at the police.

City with a black police chief? In high stakes poker, that's called a "tell". Not a place to be in, if you value your life.

Unknown said...

He probably was a regular on American renaissance. That site is a fountain of anti White propaganda.

AnalogMan said...

Johnny See said...

Thanks to whomever of you it was that recommended "the Controversy of Zion" by Douglass Reed. What a fascinating and revealing work. I am on chapter 13 and am enthralled. Want answers? Read it.

Thanks for the endorsement. Spread it around. Everybody should read this book.

There is also a Text-to-Speech version on if you prefer to listen on your commute.