Monday, February 26, 2018

So can white people ditch this whole judge by character thing, since blacks exclusively judge the merit of entertainment by the racial hue of participants?

There was a great comment at SBPDL the other day, trying to ascertain Black Panther's opening weekend (it made $202 million opening weekend) numbers in racial context.  

The commenter wrote:
Let us do some math. 
Opening weekend was $200 million. How much money of this was spent by whites? 35% of $200 million = $70 million. 
Blacks are showing up in huge numbers for Black Panther, almost exclusively driving its box office returns
For a typical movie, whites constitute 56% of ticket sales. That means when whites, as a group, spend $70 million on a movie, the typical movie could be expected to have an opening weekend of ($70 million) divided by (0.56) = $125 million opening weekend. So, why the $200 million in ticket sales? 
If this was a typical movie, blacks would have constituted 12% of ticket sales, which would mean they would have spent only (.12) X ($125 million) = $10 million on this film. However, they instead spent (.37)X($200 million) = $75 million.
Yes, black people represented 37% of the opening week box office for Black Panther, a reminder this whole "judge by content of character instead of color of skin" crap is a scam/scheme white people are supposed to only adhere to as a policy governing every aspect of our lives. 

Interesting enough, Fortune published an article explicitly making this point, with the headline: 
Black Panther: Women, African-Americans Drive Box Office Sales

This headline has been change to a less ostentatious one, but through the magic of the Internet, the racial intent of the article will live on through its original title... [An Especially Diverse Audience Lifted 'Black Panther' to Record Box Office Heights, Fortune, 2-26-18]:
In the U.S., 37% of the movie’s overall audience was African-American, which is well above the norm as the average movie audience is about 15% African-American, according to box office tracking company ComScore and Screen Engine. White moviegoers made up just 35% of Black Panther‘s audience over its opening weekend. That an exceptional percentage of African-American viewers turned out for the highly-anticipated movie’s debut is not so surprising, considering that the movie had generated considerable buzz, thanks to its overall critical acclaim and the fact that it boasts an African-American director (a first for a Marvel superhero movie) and a mostly black cast led by Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, and Angela Bassett.
So opening weekend, white people constituted $70 million of the box office receipts for Black Panther.  

What percent of the audience do black people make up for superhero movies boasting a cast lacking in melanin? [Black Panther Has Already Broken Box-Office Records, Vanity Fair, 2-18-18]:
Black Panther is also unprecedented in terms of its audience demographics. Audiences for superhero movies have, in the past, been mostly white. But Black Panther’s opening-weekend demographics, according to comScore, show that 37 percent of ticket buyers were black, 35 percent were white, and 18 percent were Hispanic. Normally, black audience members make up about 15 percent for a tentpole superhero movie. Marvel hasn’t announced any plans for a Black Panthersequel yet, but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has mentioned that there is plenty of material out there and “many, many stories to tell.” Let’s be honest: if anyone should survive the Infinity War, it’s the king of Wakanda.
 So traditionally, blacks make up a fraction of the box office receipts (15 percent) for superhero films. 

What about the second weekend of Black Panther's release?
Ryan Coogler's groundbreaking superhero pic Black Panthercontinued to defy all expectations in its sophomore outing, grossing $111.7 million from 4,020 theaters to score the top second weekend of all time behind 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens and finish Sunday with a domestic haul of $403.6 million, according to final numbers.
Black Panther continues to play to an ethnically diverse audience. Caucasians made up a bigger share of ticket buyers this time out, with 37 percent, compared to 35 percent on the film's opening weekend, while the African-American share went from 37 percent to 33 percent, according to comScore/Screen Engine. 
Hispanics remain unchanged at 18 percent, followed by Asians (7 percent) and Native Americans/Other (5 percent). No other marquee superhero tentpole has played to such a diverse audience.
Let's do the math: 
White people were responsible for $41 million of the $111 million haul (.37)X($111 million) = $41,070,000. 
Blacks were responsible for $38.8 million of the $111 million haul (.35)X($111 million) = $38,850,000.
I'm going to map out the breakdown for opening weekend Marvel Cinematic Universe by racial demographics when this data can be tracked down

Black Panther is obviously doing great business for a movie costing $350 million to make ($200 for production and $150 million for marketing), but it's success is heavily driven by black racial loyalty and a desire for black people to see their inner fantasies of powerful Africans projected onto the big screen.  

But let's be blunt: this movie represents the 18th entry into the carefully scripted Marvel Cinematic Universe, a world of primarily white characters representing little more than a long-running television series

The data shows white people aren't flocking to the theaters with a sense of racial euphoria as blacks people are to see Black Panther; instead, white people are showing up as they usually do for entries into the episodic Marvel Cinematic Universe, of which Black Panther is just another pawn in Disney's well-crafted game. 

Blacks want to cheer on black superheroes and watch a world where they are the kings and queens (as in Black Panther); white movie reviewers want to heap praise on a movie with a black director, almost entirely black cast, and an obvious agenda predicated upon erasing the purported of #OscarsSoWhite; white people just want to see what happens next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so they'll be up to speed when Avengers: Infinity War comes out in a few months. 


Westminster Dragoon said...

What time zone is Wakanda in?

Okay, I think we all know the answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

in reality whites were responsible for more of the sales, via welfare payments

jerseygirlangie said...

I tried posting a link to this on Twitter, and was blocked because they thought I was a bot . Funny how none of my other Twitter posts have been blocked !

Anonymous said...

It's all a big exercise in poo-flinging.

Anonymous said...

WALDORF, Md. (ABC7) — The search continues in Waldorf for four men wanted for a vicious sexual assault.

Deputies said a 16-year-old girl was walking on Melrose Court when a vehicle stopped next to her.

Two men then dragged her inside, where she encountered two more men.

The four armed men then sexually assaulted her before pushing her out of the vehicle near Post Office Road around 3 a.m.

“They are pieces of crap. You’re going to gang up on a girl. One girl, four guys, seriously?” Christopher Borchert said.

RWA 1/2

Anonymous said...

ABC7 News has learned the 16-year-old was from California, and she was visiting relatives in the neighborhood. Her language barrier prevented her from getting help right away after the assault, but eventually, an elderly man gave her a ride back to her relative’s home.

“He drove her back to where she was staying and made sure she got inside. The victim later went to the hospital where she was treated,” according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

“I feel for the girl. I’m sorry she had to go through a situation like that,” Borchert said.

The suspects’ vehicle is described as a black Jeep Cherokee with tinted windows, an American flag sticker on the passenger side front windshield and dark leather interior.

Suspects’ descriptions:

Suspect 1: Black male, possibly in his twenties, moustache and goatee, large tattoo of an angel on the left side of his neck, tattoo with writing across the lower stomach, wearing a blue skull cap with stripes, a large North Face brand jacket, a “True Religion” shirt, black jeans with white stitching, blue Nike shoes, a small gold chain on his neck with a circular piece of gold with diamonds on it. He also had an electronic monitoring device on his ankle.Suspect 2: Black male, possibly in his twenties, shoulder-length dreadlocks (worn in a ponytail), clean shaven, wearing a black and white shirt (with a picture of a male on the front wearing a gold chain holding the chain up from the neck with both hands), black pants, black Jordan Retro 2’s, black North Face brand jacket, and a gray belt.Suspect 3: Black male, possibly in his twenties, teardrop tattoo below left eye, thin moustache, heavy/large build, green eyes, short black hair, right eyebrow had vertical scar (which was missing hair from that area), wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, black shirt, black North Face brand jacket, khaki pants, gray belt, and black shoes.Suspect 4: Black male, possibly in his twenties, tattoo on back of his right arm (which was a picture with some writing), very short hair, wearing a black shirt (possibly “True Religion”), black North Face brand jacket, running style pants, Jordan brand sneakers that are black/gray/blue/red.

Racist Weird Al 2/2

Anonymous said...

We wuz Kangz.
Everyone needs a fantasy escape.
For the Negro it tends to be a little more outlandish.
Think about it, in the real Africa, money donated by white people drills wells for clean drinking water and buys grain so their children don’t starve.
The rate of AIDS infection is extremely high and again, white people pay for anti-viral drugs. Hell, white people INVENTED the anti-viral drugs for people that are too primitive to dig an outhouse far from their water source.
We wuz Kangz.
Name a majority African American city with low crime, excellent schools, median income above the US average, and high property values?
We wuz Kangz!
The depths of shitskin dystopian reality can be summed up right here. A stupid comic book movie says it all. Meanwhile the story, albeit sensationalized, about actual Negresses who worked for NASA, well, it didn’t shatter any records. Maybe if they drove around in bomb Lexus and sheet.
We wuz Kangz!
We’s Gonna muh-dik yo’ wyfe, while youse workin’. Gimmie dolla yo.
If you aren’t carrying everyday, get a permit and start.

Anonymous said...

How many sneak-ins do you think Blackety-Black Panther is getting? LOL

Anonymous said...

Just wait for the chimp-out to begin when it doesn't sweep the Oscars next year. #OscarsBeDissinBlackPanfuh. On a side note, my local mall which hasn't up to this point been that bad is suddenly overrun with teens solely drawn by the AMC showing BP. Who didn't see THAT coming...

Anonymous said...

Judge by the frequency of alleles in the genome.

That is where the races differ, and where IQ, future time orientation, impulse control, etc, are regulated, and where Negroids differ greatly.

Their genetics create their dysfunction (compared to Humans).

Paintjob Theory said...

Let's be honest here, this whole thing was funded by whitey. We pay taxes so that the ape creatures get their gibs money, we pay higher costs for goods and services so they can get their diversity quota make-work jobs, and nobody mentioned how many tickets were bought by the studio, their tribe allies, or white virtue signalers to give away to black Africans.

You get the white people who went to see this are probably split even between superhero movie fans who would show up for anything with the (((Marvel))) name on it, some who showed up because of the hype that is is the greatest movie of all time, and still as many (or more) who show up just so they can virtue signal around the water cooler at work telling everyone how they watched it and it was indeed the best movie ever and I double dog dare you to say otherwise and you'll be branded as a heretic.

And let's face it. It's still really everyone's greatest fantasy that negroes would finally get up to speed and start behaving civilized and cease being criminal parasites. Negroes want to be kangs, their enablers wish with all their heart to prove that their god (the state and our tax money) can create the perfect citizen, and I'd wager if negroes were just like us with a different paintjob none of us would even be here on this blog.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to win a game when you've been coached to pass the ball to the players on the other team and they only pass to themselves.

I have one non-white friend, a Latino I've known since Little League. He asked me if I wanted to see Black Panther. I replied Hell No and he asked why so I told him it's an anti-white movie. He didn't believe me so I sent FOUR reviews on youtube that carefully explain the anti-white aspects. He watched the first one and pressed me to see it any way, dismissing the points made in the review by saying it's "only a movie" and "what's the big deal if blacks want to imagine a world like this". I responded with a long explanation of why I won't see the movie. He hasn't responded and I'm surprised to say that if this ends a 34 year friendship I don't care.

nobody said...

You would think with all the fawning over the movie the comic book would have been a best seller. Oh yeah I forgot, that involves reading.

Anonymous said...

Come Oscar night, I can't wait for the liberals in Hollywood who contributed to the truly deserving films of the year, to have their movies snubbed when a SUPER-HERO MOVIE wins Best Picture. Do they complain and heaven forbid, invite charges of "racism", or accept with phony smiles the pandering to blacks?

Paintjob Theory said...

Meanwhile, somewhere in Wakanda:

"Investigators allege that Shameka Latrice Lynch, 30, squabbled with other moviegoers around 11:45 PM Friday at a crowded AMC theater in Greenville.

During the dispute over seating arrangements for the Marvel superhero movie, Lynch allegedly pulled out a .32 caliber pistol and discharged the weapon inside the theater. "

I'm betting my life savings that this isn't the first and only chimipout regarding viewing this movie, but it does seem to be the first one noticed by the (((media))).

Pat Boyle said...

We shouldn't get too excited about Black Panther and Wakanda. Most of us like comic book silliness and as these things go, Wakanda is not all that silly. All comic book stories are fantastic and bizarre. The Wakanda story is less fantastic than most. The Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer are much more improbable than The Black Panther and a hidden African city. As comic book plots go, Wakanda is rather staid and reasonable.

The big difference is that no one actually believes in Spider-Man or Wolverine and no one thinks that there is a real Bat Cave and Fortress of Solitude. It isn't that the Black Panther universe is so improbable, in fact by comic book standards - its rather realistic. But while normal people may enjoy a fantasy film like "Ghostbusters" - no one thinks its based on fact (except maybe Dan Aykroyd).

I haven't seen the movie or read the comic books but my impression is that the super negroes mainly just get in fist fights like the other Marvel heroes in "Daredevil" or "Iron Fist" or "Luke Cage". Adult characters who resolve their life problems by punching someone out is a common theme in comic books aimed at an audience of pre-adolescent boys.

The real wellspring of Wakanda isn't comic books - it's the whole Black Athena movement. There are dozens of books that address the problem of historical black inadequacy with a whole mythology of black achievement. Common themes are the idea that the Ancient Egyptians were really sub-Saharan blacks that had had their inventions and ideas stolen from them by the Greeks and Romans. A few years ago the government in the name of "Black History" provided us with black inventors of the electric light, the automobile, and the airplane. When I was little kid the Soviets claimed to have created all of those same inventions. Some inventions really were invented by Russians, but not many. Most people don't realize for example that the modern submarine is an Irish invention (funded by the IRA). So sometimes improbable peoples have made unlikely contributions. But black Africans have never done much of anything.

The real history of civilization is easy to accept if you are a European or a Chinese. You can exult in thousands of years of building, writing, and creating. If you are Mexican you can point with pride at the pyramids at Teotihuacan. The South Americans can point to Macho Picchu. But sub-Saharan Africans have nothing because Africans like Australian Aborigines or Andaman Islanders have never advanced past savagery. They have no accomplishments that they can point to.

Fortunately for the blacks, the federal government has provided "Black History Month" to fill the voids in their soul. Black History is Subsidized History. Now we have Wakanda for much the same purpose in Cinemascope and Stereophonic sound.

There have been all these books that claim that blacks had done great things in the past like building lost cities (Opar, Zinj, and Wakanda). But alas blacks don't read a lot, so a movie is a better vehicle for the Subsidized History message.


Anonymous said...

Gunned down at the Bar-Kays Corral! Happy Black Hist'ry Mumf!

North Carolina man shot dead on Facebook Live, suspect in custody

WINGATE, N.C. — A man here who spent his time trying to improve his neighborhood was shot to death on Monday while streaming on Facebook Live, authorities said.

Prentis Robinson, 55, was gunned down roughly one block from police headquarters where he had just stopped to report a stolen cell phone, according to Wingate Police Chief Donnie Gay.

The suspect, 65-year-old Douglas Cleveland Colson, surrendered Tuesday to the Union County Sheriff's Office, according to Gay. Colson, a lifelong Wingate resident, has been arrested before.

In the footage, which Facebook has since removed but was viewed by NBC News, Robinson can be seen walking down a street in Wingate, south of Charlotte, with a cell phone attached to a selfie stick.

“You on Live,” Robinson says repeatedly to someone off-camera who appears to be moving toward him.

The person, whose face isn’t visible, then appears to fire four gunshots. Robinson tumbles to the ground.

In a statement, Facebook said it removed the post because the company couldn't have known if Robinson wanted "this horrific act to be live streamed on social media."

Gay said the suspect was wearing blue jeans, brown Timberland-style boots and a black and blue windbreaker. Citing local police, Wingate University — which briefly put its campus on lock down after the nearby shooting — added in a statement that the suspect was armed with a long gun.

It wasn’t clear why Robinson was targeted, Gay said, though his killer didn’t seem to care about appearing on camera — or shooting someone so close to the police department.

"Only being a block or so away from the police department — if that’s not brazen I don’t know what is,” Gay said, adding: "It's heart breaking. I can’t believe it."

Gay said that Robinson was one of nine kids. Aside from a brief move to Atlanta, Robinson had lived in North Carolina his entire life and had become well known for Facebook videos in which he took “it upon himself to clean up this area.”

A friend of Robinson’s, Chester Sanders, said the videos — which included Robinson highlighting illicit neighborhood activities, like drug dealing — likely made people upset.

“If people don't like it and they get angry, at some point in time it will start and something will happen,” he said. “I don't know if this was the reason for ... this tragedy to happen but it happened.”

In a video posted on his way to the police station on Monday morning, Robinson can be seen walking through the neighborhood with his selfie stick. He waves to passing cars, contemplates singing birds, complains about his stolen cell phone and worries about the area’s elderly residents.

"They're afraid of some of the activities going on,” he said, adding: "I’m trying to keep the neighborhood quiet like this — peaceful."

Anonymous said...

I've been agreeing with what Centurion has been posting the past week. Black Panther was going to do fine in the US box office because the Marvel movies have (as PK pointed out in his article) a large loyal base of viewers of all races who show up to see every "episode" in the Marvel movie arc. However, it's the black business that is the anomaly that is pushing the box office higher than the average Marvel entry.

But what exactly constitutes the black box office? No doubt a large percentage of this involved the massive ticket presales (unheard of for a non-Star Wars movie), which were all assumed to be "black". However, these presales were most assuredly NOT purchased by blacks although they were most assuredly earmarked for use by blacks, hence their inclusion into the "black ticket sales". One constant in our world is that blacks don't spend money. Black Panther could be the most important thing they ever could watch in their life, but they wouldn't shell out 10 bucks (or more) to see it in the movie theater. They would take a free ticket or sneak in, but not pay for it in great numbers. Hence the need to buy tickets in bulk for them beforehand.

That brings up the second point. How many of these millions of prebought tickets were actually handed out to black "schoolchildren" or "church groups"? How many were bought simply to inflate the box office and "prove" that Black Panther was more than just a run-of-the-mill Marvel success (think Ant-Man)?

There are a lot of hints that much of the box office was simply purchased but unused tickets, as Centurion proposes.

The video of groups "renting out" theaters that we've been shown by the media always feature "schoolchildren" or "church groups". If you wanted to pick two groups of blacks least likely to devolve into wanton violence and destruction when thrown into a theater together, these would be they. Thus, it seems that the freebies that were handed out en masse were given to blacks most likely to not shoot up the theater and not to blacks at large.

Average large groups of blacks, as you know, gathered in any public setting, from a fair, to a zoo, to an ordinary movie, will, more often than not, cause destruction and/or violence. Yet, despite record amounts of reported black moviegoers seeing this movie over the past two weeks, we hadn't seen a single report of "shots ringing out" at a showing until just yesterday. If there was widespread violence at showings of the movie, the media, try as they might, couldn't impose two weeks of silence on it. Blacks themselves would be uploading the mayhem online at WorldStar, etc, as they wouldn't be able to help themselves.

From the actual lack of violence, one can imply that since "schoolchildren" and "church groups" entail only a small percentage of the black population, and these were the black groups we know were attending this movie, most of the "black box office" was due to presold tickets that went unused. The average black person wasn't buying tickets to see this movie, and they weren't getting tickets to see it for free.

Anonymous said...


As I wasn't going to chance going anywhere near a theater on opening weekend, I've had to rely on second-hand tales from DWLs I know who did venture in. One consistent thing I heard was that there wasn't a large black audience in attendance. In fact, the small amount of blacks in the movie theater was the same as with any superhero movie they've gone to. (One person told me it was nowhere near a showing of the third Austin Powers movie he happened to be at which was half full of blacks and resulted in the movie needed to be temporarily suspended due to mayhem in the aisles.)

My gut feeling is that the blacks that are going of their own volition to see Black Panther and believing that Wakanda is what Africa would be like without white people are mostly the affirmative action types that have been told by white people their whole life how incredibly gifted they are and have come to believe the lies. Indeed, the silly articles pushing this trope have all been written by black pseudo-intellectuals or white liberals themselves.

The average black person likely realizes Wakanda isn't real, just like the flying pyramids. They know how stupid and lazy they themselves are. They know that they would be a lot worse off living in any African country. They look down on speaking proper English (like the main character in the movie), being super-smart, and building technological marvels as "acting white". So why would they want to go see a movie that placed unrealistic (and unwanted) expectations on themselves?

Well, the commercials showing the cool cars and high tech weapons seem to have worked as based on the recent shooting, average blacks are now making their way to the theaters to see Black Panther. If there is going to be an uptick in black violence at this movie, it's going to come over the next few weeks. And the media and the Left won't even need to address it--the past two weeks have set all sorts of box office records and been peaceful to boot. The history is set in stone.

Anonymous said...

FEBRUARY 26--A North Carolina woman is jailed on multiple felony charges after she allegedly opened fire in a movie theater during a dispute over assigned seats at a screening of “Black Panther,” according to police and court records.

Investigators allege that Shameka Latrice Lynch, 30, squabbled with other moviegoers around 11:45 PM Friday at a crowded AMC theater in Greenville.

During the dispute over seating arrangements for the Marvel superhero movie, Lynch allegedly pulled out a .32 caliber pistol and discharged the weapon inside the theater.

Lynch, seen above, fired one round into the theater’s ceiling, police allege.

While the shooting resulted in no injuries, Lynch has been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill (prosecutors have identified the victims as two men attending the “Black Panther” showing). Lynch is also facing a third felony count for discharging a weapon in an enclosure to incite fear.

Quite likely there have been more. Or maybe it's just beginning, look out when those free gibs me tickets runout!

Longknife 6 out.

Anonymous said...

If you think the hype for Black Panther is bad now just wait until next year and see how many Oscars they nominate it for and worse how many it wins.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 10:16 PM

Good points. I've always said that the two greatest days in any losers' life are yesterday and tomorrow. They never have their act together today--it's always in the past ("We Wuz Kangz!") or tomorrow ("Why come dey shot him? He was fittin' to turn his life around").

Anonymous said...

How many tickets were bought for schools of negroes to go see fo free? Disproportionate numbers again. When it comes to the blacks, you can bet on the books getting cooked!

FSR said...

Cops: Woman Opened Fire At "Panther" Flick
Gunfire followed dispute over assigned seats for superhero tale

FEBRUARY 26--A North Carolina woman is jailed on multiple felony charges after she allegedly opened fire in a movie theater during a dispute over assigned seats at a screening of “Black Panther,” according to police and court records.

Investigators allege that Shameka Latrice Lynch, 30, squabbled with other moviegoers around 11:45 PM Friday at a crowded AMC theater in Greenville.

During the dispute over seating arrangements for the Marvel superhero movie, Lynch allegedly pulled out a .32 caliber pistol and discharged the weapon inside the theater.

Lynch, seen above, fired one round into the theater’s ceiling, police allege.

While the shooting resulted in no injuries, Lynch has been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill (prosecutors have identified the victims as two men attending the “Black Panther” showing). Lynch is also facing a third felony count for discharging a weapon in an enclosure to incite fear.

The shooting prompted police to evacuate the entire 12-screen multiplex.

Lynch surrendered to police Saturday evening and was booked into the Pitt County Detention Center, where she is being held on $250,000 bond. Lynch is next due in court on March 14.

Anonymous said...

Either these first two weekends of Black Panther screenings have been remarkably peaceful, or the media is doing a very good job of burying any stories about violence surrounding this movie. Of course, a perfect record could not continue.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Afrofuturism? When you are discussing africa, the past is prologue. Always.

Anonymous said...

How can one judge the content of another's character except by noticing their behavior?

It is not what a man says or looks like. It is what a man does that is the basis for judging his character. This does not, however, negate the noticing of patterns of unacceptable behavior. The patterns will be revealed on their own.

The response White realists must give on questions of race is to point out the behavior. We should be relentlessly asking the questions, Is this behavior acceptable? Why should a Civilized people put up with such savage behavior?

Focus on noting that bad behavior is not something a person with good content of character would do.

Subtlety works better than a full frontal charge. Learned this by observing the way the Tribe operates.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Reduce your taxable income as much as humanly possible. If you are married with children, cut down on your lifestyle so that only one of you has to work. Our tax dollars are being used to exterminate us. When oh when will white people wake up to this simple fact? Subsisting on beans and cornmeal and cancelling your cable will do more for your children's future than an annual trip to Disney World. Only when we stop funding the (((beast))) will it cease to destroy us. The sooner whites figure this out, the better. I'm not holding my breath.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

My husband and I both own cars that are sixteen years old. We purchased them new. The last time I drove a car this old was when I was in college. I have no desire for a new car, which apparently tracks everywhere you go and monitors your driving habits.

Today I was met with the sad news that my one hundred year old bathroom sink in my one hundred year old home needs to be replaced. I am not sure of many things, but I do know that whatever I end up purchasing won't last half that time in its future.

P S Bindy said...

White people should NOT drop "Judge by character." It works every time.

Anonymous said...

All burnt out on it.
History monthed out.
I'm playing the 1981 Excalibur with the sound turned off and Richard Wagner playing in the background.
Culture that has blown my doors off since age 10 when it was first exposed to me.
Excuse me I have something in my eye.

Hillbilly White Trash

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

If you aren’t carrying everyday, get a permit and start.


It's not that easy. You need a permit to purchase a gun, and ANOTHER permit just to carry it. For the record, I did the first but not the second. I still don't carry my Glock with me, but I'm considering it very seriously, even if it means doing so illegally. I think this summer we are going to see some serious sh*t go down. Your advice is well taken.

Left Coast White Guy said...

So all four also robbed a clothing store for North Face jackets and Air Jordan's.

Sick n Tired said...

OT: They just need more money for them programs.

Brian in Ohio said...

I don't believe any of those numbers. It`s a propaganda piece, (((Hollywood))) would never let it fail. It could be showing to empty theaters across the country and they would still be crowing about what a big hit it is.

I`d wager that they lost money on it. There`s no fucking way that blacks are bad for every other form of business EXCEPT the movies.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Gem Junior said...

I'm wondering why the African Americans are not yet boarding airplanes for Wakanda,in order to assist in building up the motherland? Surely the movie is inspiring them all to go and build a techno-paradise now that Evil Whitey, who formerly stopped them from achieving these goals, is no longer stealing all their resources (that they never had a clue how to extract wealth from in the first place)....

Anonymous said...

Where did that 350 million com from to make that movie. I heard a statement once. Obama was going to or was interested in a one million dollar investment in a movie.

Anonymous said...

Westminster Dragoon said...
What time zone is Wakanda in?
Okay, I think we all know the answer to that one.

Since Wakanda is actually an accomplishment (real or imagined) it definitely isn't CPT!


Anonymous said...

How's this different than,"Shaft" "Dolomite" or "Superfly?" Crappy movies with overblown storylines.

Anonymous said...

How do we know how many movie goers to see the BP are black and how many are White? Are the ushers taking the tickets keeping track?

And as another poster on another story here on SBPDL asked, How do we know if those block ticket purchases actually equaled the number of actual attendees to the movie?

Anonymous said...

20th Africa has never been anything more than a bottomless pit for donations of food, medicine, and emergency relief. At one time, there was only one sub-Saharan African nation that afforded its citizens the vote. Can you guess which one? It was the rich one - the former Republic of South Africa.

Fled The Undertow said...

He hasn't responded and I'm surprised to say that if this ends a 34 year friendship I don't care.

I'm sorry that happened, and even more sorry to report much the same thing has happened with some of my "friends" in the last few months, over similarly stupid reasons. It's sad to realize the folks you thought valued your friendship are suddenly willing to turn on you without explanation, without at least a "we-can-agree-to-disagree" compromise, because of our personal political/social/racial beliefs.

I grew up with a mother who has a raging case of Borderline Personality Disorder, and growing up I didnt realize it was her BPD that made her suddenly drop people from her life the minute they dared to disagree with her. The message she inadvertently sent her kids during our formative years was crystal clear: "Friendships don't survive disagreements".

In Current Year, however, it seems my crazy mother's extreme, alienating behavior has become more mainstream. Either that, or personality disorders are becoming way more common.

Perhaps both.

Anonymous said...

Savagery, crime, pollution, illiteracy, epidemic disease, warfare,famine, overpopulation... and it can't be stopped

Anonymous said...

Having been the victor (not the victim - I was attacked, and fought off the attacker) in a violent physical assault, I can tell you that the survival instinct is overwhelmingly powerful. If you choose to carry a firearm, for Heaven's sake, get trained by a professional. I can't recommend that you carry illegally - the consequences are truly dreadful.
That being said, you have only one life, and are, at any time, just one heartbeat away from Eternity. Protect yourself, legally and physically. Jail is a really, really nasty place.

Anonymous said...

"GPS coordinates for Wakanda International Airport seem to be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean - planes full of joyful, happy 'African Americans' are vanishing into the sea. Scheduled return flights from the technologically advanced African nation are nowhere to be found. Wreckage has been found at sea, as well as thousands of sharks, which are apparently dying en masse from food poisoning."
They make even sharks sick.

Fled The Undertow said...

With enough time, the Oscars will lose credibility and undergo the same white flight as everything else we used to value (schools, neighborhoods, shopping malls, beaches, clothing lines, TV stations) which were overrun and ruined by blacks.

One former private school where I worked used to be very high-quality until the director got greedy and wanted State dollars. She began to enroll more "Special Ed" students on the State's dime (in THAT state, Special Ed is synonymous with "blacks who can't afford private school".)

Within a few years, the quality of teaching went down as more and more black students (who were disruptive, lazy, and dumb as hell) forced teachers to lower standards and inflate grades. Within a few more years, every other school in the area knew that any transcripts from this school were lies, that high grades were handed out like candy, and any diploma bearing the school's name was worthless. The good white students had all left by this time, along with all the good teachers. Together, a group of these former teachers and families opened a couple new, high-quality schools in a whiter areas, and according to these new schools' policies, they don't accept applicants with existing IEPs (which means "no Special Ed", which means "no kids with learning or behavior disabilities"...which means "only a handful of blacks will get in, if any".) These policies are not unique, btw: every single prep academy I ever heard of in our city (unless the school was specifically marketing itself as a "special school") would not accept SPED students, period. It's the private school version of disparate impact...probably the last bastions of merit-based admissions.

Similarly, the Oscars will eventually lose all credibility, while newer awards will crop up to compete with them. By that time, the Oscars will only represent the opinions of minorities, Jews, and a few virtue-signalers, while real movie makers (disgusted with the crap propaganda movies which keep winning industry recognition for blatantly partisan reasons) will eventually rally around some new award for quality cinematic work. With any luck, THAT new award will surpass Oscar's popularity, while poor ol' Oscar will have to be put on federal life support...

...kinda like Air America.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

Actually, the Australian Aborigines do have a achievement that is uniquely their own: they invented the boomerang. It probably took them hundreds or even thousands of years to develop and with absolutely no understanding of the aerodynamic principles involved, but it is their own creation.
The boomerang isn’t a toy. It’s a sophisticated weapon for hunting small game in a desolate, semi-arid environment. If the Abo launches his boomerang at a small animal and scores a solid hit he can then trot over and pick up his dinner and his trusty weapon. If he misses his target, his precious boomerang doesn’t go sailing off into distance while his dinner heads in the other direction: it comes back to him so that he can try again without having to chase all over the Outback trying (and maybe failing) to find the only hunting tool he has. It’s a pretty clever tool - and it’s more than any black African ever invented.

P S Bindy said...

Gem Junior said:

I'm wondering why the African Americans are not yet boarding airplanes for Wakanda,in order to assist in building up the motherland?

Because I haven't yet marketed my special 'see Wakanda through the hologram
matrix disguise' glasses.

You must remember Wakanda looks like any other African s-hole country to the unaided non-Wakandan eye. It's disguised!

My special glasses, which look remarkably similar to those one eye red, one eye green glasses they pass out for three D movies will allow authentic wannabe Wakandans to see the real deal once they stumble across it in their African meanderings.

Since no one but native Wakandans knows the true location, the African American seeker will need to travel to a LOT of s-hole places to find their Wakandan El Dorado.

Watch for them at check cashing establishments, wig and nail salons, liquor stores, and Indian (Dot, not feather) run convenience stores. Ten dollars a pair or two for twenty-five.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet their victim wasn't black!

Anonymous said...

You should tell him that if blacks worked as hard as Latinos they wouldn't catch near the hell they do, even if they still committed crimes like they do. It would prove that for all the trouble they cause, they actually generally give something in return.

They dont.

Anonymous said...

It's the first to involve gunfire, we haven't been info ed of the beatings. Don't forget that what happens in the parking lot or later that evening will not be chalked up to the powers of duh Black Pamfa.

Anonymous said...

If fools build barriers why did Superman need the Fortress of Solitude?


Anonymous said...

And in Africans, you can bet on them cooking people!


Anonymous said...

FMG, I can feel your pain. May I suggest looking good into a new sink made of Vibranium? ;)


Anonymous said...

Something in your eye watching the '81 Excalibur? Dare I say the beauty of young Helen Mirren is what brought a tear to your eye?


Anonymous said...

Too black to fail! ;)


Sunshine said...

Amen! This white woman with four white children lives exactly this way, by choice, for this exact reason. I've always been a "racist" but when I figured out how our tax dollars are used against us, I instantly stopped wanting "things" and to show off and "keep up with the Joneses".

We do eat an awful lot of beans and rice in this house. We also have a garden and planted a bunch of fruit trees this past weekend. More livestock is next. Making it work with less, or second hand items, is my passion. I'm happier now with my old stuff than I ever was with anything new. And I have more money now than ever before. No iPads no junk food, no phones (for my kids) or cable tv, I don't even have the Internet other than on this phone. My passion is saving money and working towards living "off the grid". My kids are thin and smart and well behaved. I act like its 1950 in my house and everyone is happier for it. I recommend it to any and everyone. There is not one thing out there worth jeopardizing my children's futures for.

Anonymous said...

Most Cineplexes are at malls. The one near me only showed only showed the black panther movie in 11 of 12. The one movie was also black. I suspect other theaters are the same.

Most of the mall customers are black I but I don't know where they come from.

Many people go to the mall and then decide to go to the movies after they shop and eat. If only one movie showing what else would you see?

Awakened white said...

I still don't carry my Glock with me, but I'm considering it very seriously, even if it means doing so illegally. I think this summer we are going to see some serious sh*t go down. Your advice is well taken.
Amen Ms. Greenbaum! Damn the stupid laws! Your life and others is far more important. The government doesn't obey any laws!
Btw hope Thanos in infinity war slap all the diversity in that movie. "He will bathe the starways in their blood"

Wide Awake said...

This happened near me. My wife actually read this story to me with the full description of the suspects. Although Waldorf is a cesspool of black infestation and dysfunction, this report struck me as very odd. I couldn't provide that much detail if they were all standing in front of me !

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. You're pissed because black people are flocking to a movie that's a) full of people who look like them and b) isn't some indie drama but is instead a mainstream, mega-budget superhero movie.

What's the problem? Isn't it natural that people would want to see a movie about people they feel they have a connection to? Would you be mad if you read about Italians going bananas for a new mob movie, or a Chinese person being especially interested in seeing "The Last Emperor"?

Give it a rest. Let them have their movie. Why do you have such a problem with it? I know plenty of white people who won't see a black movie because they feel it's not "made for them."

Mr. Rational said...

Give it a rest. Let them have their movie.

It's not "their" movie.  It's a veneer over a bunch of racial hate propaganda that they never could have created on their own.

Why do you have such a problem with it?

Let's make sure that YOU are one of those beaten and robbed because the "yoots" blame you because they aren't living in Wakanda, and then we'll ask you what the problem is.