Sunday, February 18, 2018

On His Netflix Comedy Special, Chris Rock Calls for the Shooting of White Children (So White Mothers Will Cry)

Previously on SBPDL: The Mask is Slipping: Michael Eric Dyson Calls for the Killing of White Children

There's not much else to say, except to rehash a harsh reality touched on a few years ago: The mask is slipping faster and faster. . 

Every moment that passes, each second that ticks off of the clock, the mask gives way to an ugly truth most people never want to confront. 

Like Dorian Gray's hidden portrait, this mask has repressed a truth so vile, so macabre, few people will be able to stomach it when they see it. 

It will knock them over. 

Many will turn their head at the horror; but like a gruesome car crash, it's only natural - instinctive - to want to take a look. 

It's Chris Rock's turn to show us this image. [Everyone Will Be Talking About Chris Rock's New Netflix Special, Esquire, 2-14-18]:

It's been a shitty few years for America, years when Chris Rock's hilarious outrage was not only needed, but necessary. While we haven't seen much of him—he's been dealing with a messy divorce recently—he has been around in subtle ways. He appeared in an essential post-election SNL sketch detailing that infamous November night in 2016. He helped Aziz Ansari craft a powerful SNL monologue, and he made a few late-night appearances softening our Trumpian reality.
But Tamborine, his surprise new Netflix special, gets everything out that's happened to Rock and the country recently. It's more of a therapeutic release than anything else, and if you're in the mood to just release it all with a grin, then Tamborine is crucial.
After a fitting and brief opening to Thundercat's "Them Changes"—"Nobody move, there's blood on the floor"—Rock makes his statement immediately. Here's his opening joke:
You would think cops would occasionally shoot a white kid just to make it look good. You would think that every couple of months they’d look at their dead nigga calendar and go, "Oh my god, the 16th—we gotta shoot a white kid quick." "Which one?" "The first one you see singing Cardi B."
Then he continues: "I want to live in a world with real equality. I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month. I want to see white mothers on TV crying."

Ladies and gentlemen, the mask is slipping. Chris Rock has his knives sharpened. He has just - on Netflix - called for the killing of white kids. 

 A lot of white people have tried to make this experiment work; but when looking at the picture of race relations in America, a disturbing hidden pictures emerges. Rock just showed it to us.


Anonymous said...

Still whining about Whitey and calling for violence with a net worth of $100 million.
Yes he has it so rough in evil wayciss America just like poor Oprah and sobama.
SNL will probably welcome him back with open arms.

Anonymous said...

What is just as revolting as what he said is if Netflix does not drop him. Had a white man, no matter if he was a comedian, said such a thing he would be immediately terminated.

Anonymous said...

I guess the old civil war in the black community between blacks and niggas that Chris Rock spoke about years ago is finally over. The niggas won.

Anonymous said...

This level of insanity would not be possible without (((them))).

Anonymous said...

What a sick bastard!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, Chris Rock, you do not want to live in a world of real equality: where White-on-black crime is equally proportional to black-on-White crime.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Ice Cube? You know, America's favorite (((Hollywood))) family man? Well, 30 years ago he was doing this schtick.

Anonymous said...

San Domingo...Haiti....that's what they want

White Genocide.

Anonymous said...

I tried watching it the other night. I got about 15 minutes in, when he got to the bit about how it is hard for blacks to send their children to school because they have to be exposed to white people.

Come again? Is it white people that turn formerly 'gud skoos' into dysfunctional zoos? No, that's blacks.

It is NOT traumatic for blacks to be around whites, it immeasurably improves their living conditions which is why they follow us around - while whining about how awful we are.

It is HIGHLY traumatic for white children to be around blacks, who often are 5 years ahead of them in weight/physical development and so can rule the roost. Of course, white kids deserve this because white people are so oppressive and horrible.

Nothing is more telling about how the narrative has changed over the last five years than how Chris Rock's act has 'evolved'.

Remember the 'naggers hate naggers' bit? -

Or, best of all, the how-to-not-get-shot bit? -

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the people with disposable income (YT) are the ones that are supporting this garbage. I have not seen the comedy special, but I can imagine that the audience is majority white and they are laughing their asses off while he calls for the murder of their children.

Anonymous said...

This whole charade of "only a black man gets shot" is complete nonsense. Why will no one make the one and final statistical examination into this knee-grow myth?

Because it's not in the script. The program reads "victim culture" YT can't be a victim, only poor discriminated against people of color can.

Cam said...

I watched the special - it just wasn't funny. Even the audience seemed confused at times.

That whole bit about teaching his kids white people drills instead of fire drills? Oh so when Adam Sandler, David Spade and Jerry Seinfeld come over yr kids feel safe? Lol wtf

Anonymous said...

Well said, I couldn't have stated it better

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a study a while a go that concludes white people are actually more likely to be shot by the police in the same situation? Is that in numbers too, total numbers? Ratio? And white people are just less likely that 'f*ck da police" black people in confronting the police.

Also, jury nullification coming to the Great White North:

How a broken jury list makes Ontario justice whiter, richer and less like your community
A Toronto Star/Ryerson School of Journalism investigation reveals how the province’s jury selection list, based on property assessment rolls, leaves many diverse Ontarians facing overwhelmingly white juries.
Toronto lawyer Steven Hinkson recalls a Black client asking him, "How come there aren’t any Black people on the jury?" Hinkson told the 36-year-old man he was defending, "that’s all we had to choose from.” (RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

Seventy-one per cent of the 632 documented jurors were white in cities where more than half the population identifies as non-white (In Toronto, 51.4 per cent of residents identify as visible minorities; in Brampton, the figure is 73.3 per cent).

People who identify as Indigenous are not counted as visible minorities by Statistics Canada.


Reporters noted jurors’ race based on their physical appearance, using the same categories as police: white, Black, Indigenous and brown, which includes South Asian people. Reporters added the categories Asian and other, which included Latin American, Middle Eastern or mixed-race jurors.

Of the juries documented, only three were composed of 50 per cent visible minority and 50 per cent white jurors. In most cases, white jurors represented the majority with as many as 11 of the 12 positions.

Of the 632 jurors surveyed by reporters, 451 (71 per cent) were white; 45 (7 per cent) were Black; 42 (7 per cent) were brown; 89 (14 per cent) were Asian; and 5 (less than 1 per cent) were listed as other. Reporters were unable to identify a single Indigenous juror.

Anthony Morgan, a Toronto lawyer with Falconers LLP, says it’s time for the government to name the problem and take action.

“We’re never going to get to a place where we can fix this until we outwardly say, yes, there is an underrepresentation of Black people on juries but there is a dramatic overrepresentation of Black folks who stand charged of crimes,” he says.

Jury Nullification of prosecuting black criminals, 'the fix' being promoted by Toronto Star now. It really troubles me that they are trying to increase the amount of blacks in juries - remember how they cheered for O.J.? Ought to be an IQ test.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous February 18, 2018 at 11:33 PM said... Trust me, Chris Rock, you do not want to live in a world of real equality: where White-on-black crime is equally proportional to black-on-White crime.

In a world of "equality", each person would largely get out what they put in, would reap what they sow, etc.. That would not work out well for the negros. At all. You can look at any number of African cities, including the ones in America, as models of this.

Paintjob Theory said...

Another washed-up has-been "celebrity" says something edgy to try to reclaim 5 minutes of spotlight. "Looks at muh!"

Got any guts to back that up, boy? Come on, Sambo, get yourself a rifle and come try to get you some wipipo and see how long that dog hunts.

Anyway, always refer back to the negro hierarchy of needs.
Muh Dik
Looks at muh
Gibs muh dat

Almost all TNB boils down to one or more of these, and in that order. The rest is just long periods of sloth punctuated by outbursts of mindless violence which is sort of their default state.

I'm back from my annual safari in African America (though I'll probably need to go back for a couple months). The classic old adage "around blacks, never relax" couldn't be more true. Even though where I visit in the south is only 7 and change percent it's just awful. I can never let me guard down since there's always one of those monsters lurking around with some dull witted sullen and confused expression (this is the look of one who is deciding which of its three needs it's about to try to fulfill). On my drive back home I took a rather inland round north to south and saw so much beautiful small-town real America. Hiring signs everywhere and kind friendly people who look like me and share my values and concept of civilization.

Do yourself a favor, come join us in the free zones. Know real peace.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90's a lot of guilty young white people raved about this prick and how funny he was. A cousin of mine showed me one of cable specials and while she was laughing and carrying on I was not. I knew what he was. She was and still is DWL, this guy was one of funny little pets which that group loves to coddle and mindlessly praise out because of their conditioned guilt. Now those pets like Rock (Pet Rock!) are getting ready to turn on their benevolent and clueless sponsors. It is in his act, it is out on the open. Just for kicks google search "white couple" and see how brazen it is.

Anonymous said...

Gee Chris, white mothers cry every time they see another black kid sitting in the classroom with their white child. We also cry when you move into our neighborhood. We aren’t the ones killing black kids, blacks are killing black kids.

Anonymous said...

Gee I wonder what would happen if a white comedian called for the killing of black children? Lol

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1204,

The mask came off for O'Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube on the Lethal Injection album.
There is a skit of him robbing a christian, white women are called cave bitches.
Up to that album he kept his real feelings hidden.
Hollywood started using him in films after that.
The "street niggas" called him a sellout even with the white bashing lyrics.

Anonymous said...

If you have seen Idiocracy this is a problem of society in that movie:

Anonymous said... hmmm:

D-FENS said...

I always like to find out something about the authors of these articles. I could not find much about Matt Miller. Miller is a common goy surname used by (((them))) and he looks the part. Seems to have a fetish for stories centered around negroes in the entertainment industry.

Wasn’t Chris Rock the comedian that conservatards used to praise for a routine advising negroes stopped by the police to avoid getting shot?

Anonymous said...

Almost 5 years ago, I guess this doesn’t count.

Anonymous said...

Dirty savage. That freak needs to go back to Africa.

ot: greta way to troll your Lib friends on Faceberg is to point out to those calling for AR15 ban that they are being racist, showing their White privilege etc. Point out that AR15s mostly kill White kids, but the vast majority of American are blacks killed by handguns.


Ron Polland said...

The first fact of the matter is that Black cops kill more black kids than white kids, twice as many Black thugs kill White kids than White thugs kill Black kids (despite there being 5.9 times as many whites than Blacks in the population, and finally, Black thugs kill other Blacks more frequently than White thugs kill other Whites, again despite the huge disparity in the population percentages (77% White, 13% Black).

The second fact of the matter is that Chris Rock is a colossal idiot.

Anonymous said...

ot: good meme fodder is the "If You See Something, Say Something" line they use for anti-Moslem terror ads. Like if u see an unattended bag on a bus, call the cops.

But we should use that line and have the face of illegal immigrants. Use the face of two or 3 of the convicted ones, and superimpose that warning line. Give the ICE hotline to report illegals. lulz!!

Also, use black men's faces who have been convicted. Say they likely to have a felony warrant and to call cops.

print and post in your hoods.


Anonymous said...

There is no gentle way to solve the problem. No amount of encouragement, coaxing, investing, or training will transform blacks into individuals who as a group can maintain a typical modern society created by whites. As long as blacks and whites share the same space there will be tension and instability. If control of a modern society is placed into the hands of blacks, that society will quickly revert to the level that can be maintained by blacks. It is difficult to predict the true horror of a black society operating without any assistance from whites. Even shitholes such Haiti are propped up to an extent with aid from white people either directly or through other countries receiving aid from white people. I suspect that a true 100% black operated country with zero assistance from outside benefactors will quickly experience a population decline until it reaches a level that can live off of the land. This is how nature designed blacks to live.

I believe that South Africa is a good example of this process. The following is my simplistic view of what has happened in that country, and others with more knowledge should feel free to correct my errors. When whites colonized this country several hundred years ago it was sparsely populated by an aboriginal tribe unrelated to any of the tribes now claiming that they are the rightful owners of the land. Under the control of white people South Africa became the crown jewel of the African continent, and that affluence attracted black immigrants from the surrounding countries. Those governing South Africa as the black population climbed realized that a special form of government would be necessary to keep capable white hands at the controls rather than turn control over to the blacks who would run the country just as all other black run countries in the African continent are run. Apartheid permitted South Africa to flourish under the control of a white minority by excluding blacks from critical areas requiring competence. Immigrants continued to pour into South Africa during Apartheid because even with the un-democratic aspects of that form of government, South Africa remained one of the best countries in Africa for blacks to live.

The West finally decided that Apartheid had to go because it was unfair to blacks who were believed in the West to be just like white people except for skin color. Economic sanctions were imposed, and the threat of a civil war where whites consisted of only 8% of the population forced the white South Africans to give up Apartheid and put in place a more democratic one person one vote form of government. South Africa is now well on its way to being another third world country. This is precisely what happens to any city, state, or country that is turned over to blacks. It doesn’t matter if the entity is Detroit, Baltimore, Haiti, Liberia, or South Africa. The inevitable result is always the same. Anyone not aware of what is happening to white people in South Africa needs to watch some of the videos being produced by Lauren Southern.

The only reason that the United States isn’t in the same predicament as South Africa is because blacks are still a minority in our country. It is impossible to have modern society and a Democracy or any form of government respecting one person one vote with a majority of blacks. There can be no such thing as a modern society with blacks at the controls.

Anonymous said...

"I want to live in a world with real equality. I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month. I want to see white mothers on TV crying."

-Chris Rock

Mr. Rock,

I hope you can understand that you don't see crying white mom's on the telescreen because we raise our children differently, for the most part. Historically we have raised the sorts of people who, for better or worse, create rather than destroy. A white mother is just as likely to cry for her children as a brackish mutha... err... black mother.

But the white mother is much more likely to shed tears of joy in regards to her child(ren). The white mother understands "cause and effect" therefore actually raising the child rather than having an accessory that get more violent and stupid with time.

And to any whites that find this funny enough to share this shit around me will likely get an earful and perhaps be the first person I have decided to slap sense into for quite some time.

You don't see white comedians do this crap, but I would like to see White comedians speaking of their desire to see Blacks turn into real people someday and speak of the evolutionary struggles they will have to go through to become the sort of apes who act Human instead of Negroid.

Anonymous said...

This scum has always been a vile anti-white POS-I lose patience with the gullible white Hank Hill-virtuecucks who were too dumb to see it in the past.

Go back to his 1990s book, a bestseller- called Rock This! In it, he talks about how, if OJ is ever proven to be 100% innocent, then Nicole's bereaved mother and sister should be forced to "f**k" OJ as an apology.

There was another charming story about an uncle of his-a groid, naturally. He was married to a white woman.

The uncle used to say, on a regular basis, that, while he loved his wife, if there ever was a black revolution, he would kill her right away, just to show that he meant business.

When the other groid family members laughed in response (because, you know, that's so funny....) The uncle would protest and say he was 100% serious. That was 20 years ago or so.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris (c)Rock,

When Dindus think that desiring bad for others rather than solving their own problems makes things "fair" it is obvious to see why so many strong black women are crying over their sprogs. You people aren't raised, you are born and then tormented by the genetics of your own people for the entirety of your life.

I pray a white mothet will read this and cry with laughter!

Anonymous said...

I gave up watching TV well over 40 years ago. I'm always grateful to web sites like SBPDL to keep me informed on what I've missed, which is not much!

Wide Awake said...

The Hoax of Black Victimization Continues

Anonymous said...

" . . . That whole bit about teaching his kids white people drills instead of fire drills? Oh so when Adam Sandler, David Spade and Jerry Seinfeld come over yr kids feel safe? Lol wtf

February 19, 2018 at 4:17 AM"

Adam Sandler, David Spade and Jerry Seinfeld (and the rest of their friends) only deal with nogs/hispanics under the most carefully controlled conditions with lots of YT security within a yard or two of them and heavily armed, too. Adam Sandler, David Spade, Jerry Seinfeld and their type hate YT and yuck it up in front of the camera at Yt's expense using their two legged biological weapons as anti-YT foils. When it's time to go home they leave the colored people behind, far behind and go to their multi-million dollar gated communities where there are only YT (or YT looking) people.

They are the world's biggest hypocrites and scumbags, always have been too.

Anonymous said...

Tucker Carlson: "Nobody on the left jokes anymore, not even the comedians."

D is for depressing said...


Keep doing it. Keep adding gasoline to the fire. One of these days, you'll say the wrong thing and will start something that can't be stopped. Fellow Whites, even though this is painful understand one thing:

Hard times create strong people
Strong people create good times
Good times create weak people
Weak people create hard times

europeasant said...

I have one of Rock's earlier DVD's "Bring the pain". I only paid one dollar for it at a DVD rental that went out of business. Most of it is hilarious. But then he starts with that "pou black peoples" stuff and I have to turn it off.
I think Rock is pulling our leg or pandering to the blacks. Oh "wow iz me, looks I bee done distrimunated agin". He surly must know the crime stats. Heck in my town if all the blacks were removed from the city, crime would drop by 90% even though they only make up about 30% of the population. Yes he's pulling our leg and laughing all the way to the bank.

PB said...

"What is just as revolting as what he said is if Netflix does not drop him. Had a white man, no matter if he was a comedian, said such a thing he would be immediately terminated."

This is the most important take-home here. What he said is permitted to stand and so far he is without sanction for saying it. This illustrates how Blackie may be the shock troops, but the real enemy hides deeper, unmolested.

Anonymous said...

Rock has always been infected with ABMS (Angry Black Man Syndrome), just like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson and others. I could see it seething under the surface and in his thinly veiled propaganda comedy for years. Now, indeed, the mask comes off. Isn't it outrageous how it's always the wealthiest black men, those who owe their fortunes and fame to the jews, those who never spent one day living in a real ghetto plagued by black violence, those who live the White lifestyle in the manicured gated communities and suburbs who send their kids to White schools, that have the ignorance and audacity to the the fake moral high ground?

This ignorant fool needs to do some real research. Because Whites outnumber blacks in the U.S., it's White people that are more often shot by police. That's a fact. It's also a fact that it's blacks who are the overwhelming killers of police officers. The vast majority of blacks are always shot and killed by other blacks. So sick of all this BS race baiting, but then again, he's got to spread the misinformation and message of his (((masters))) to which he owes his manufactured success. Any White person that watches this guy or goes to his performances deserves whatever they get that's coming to them in the orchestrated (((race war))).

Anonymous said...

I was going to cancel Netflix after they released "Dear White People", which I never watched. This is something no Caucasian with any common sense should put up with, so I just cancelled my account with them. Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

What do you say to someone like Chris Rock? He understands the undertow if you listen to his comedy routine. He would be the first to admit to not walk on Martin Luther King Blvd. He is a pathetic little black dude who belongs to the dumbest people on the planet. What if I, as a white man, proposed killing blacks, would that be funny to him? So...he wants white mothers to cry? How diversified of him to say that!

Anonymous said...

He is not stupid. He is actually a Race Realist and, in his way, he is on our side.

He mocks and brings up the stupidity of the negro. I believe he is BEGGING the White race to wake up, and in his own way....he is warning us.

If you go back and watch, via YouTube, his work, you will be astounded at how well he insults the black race, and he gets away with it. No White comic could say what he does/did and get away with it, unless it was somebody like the Late-Great Sam Kinison, but even Sam had to hold his own with his "Gay-AIDS" jokes, but they could not stop him since he had a huge following and his act was one big F U !!!

I knew Sam personally and he could not care less what his non-audience thought or felt. He was slightly "brain damaged" (car accident) and a bit Suicidal but he turned that part of him into his "in your face" comedy. He was never acting. He was always like that, on and off the stage.

Chris Rock, (whom I've also met) is calling it like it is. He is basically saying that the BLACK community wants White babies to be killed for "equality" and he knows it will disgust the normal White viewer. That is his point. He is walking a thin line, and knows it. He is basically saying F U to both the negro and white world.

Comics get very bored with their original and old routine and have the tendency to always "push the envelope". That is the kind of people they are. They became comics since they could not, and can not, fit in with society. To them, society IS INSANE. They start off as the class clown, then making co-workers laugh at a day job, to being dared into doing an open-mic night at the local Comedy Club.

Problem is, they are a hit the first time they are on stage, get addicted to this rush, and go full time. Their minds never stop. They see the stupidity everywhere and finally have a place to vent the Truth, in your face, get paid for it, and pick up really hot chicks.

Truth is said in Jest. Comedy is the ONLY place left where one can tell the Truth. He knows it is NOT funny, but like the Late-Great George Carlin he is tired of the "funny", and is sick of the audience not getting it, and has decided to just flat out push the envelope into "unfunny" so you will get mad and STOP THE MADNESS of this world.

(Some of the most intelligent people I have ever met we/are comedians.)

That is why Carlin was not funny in the end. It wasn't funny any more. Just like Ex-New Yorker expresses...this isn't fun nor funny any more. It is all insane and what's the point in trying to act like it isn't?

The 50's were peaceful in America.

The 60's were irresponsible in America

The 70's were fun in America

The 80's were the hangover in America

The 90's were the "talk", "music", "new age" therapy years in America

The 20's were the Psychiatric Drugs.............

Today is the Suicide of America.

Anonymous said...

O/T, but if you want a laugh, at the time of this writing, on Chicago abc 7 website, there is a story about how the (all black) students of Chicago public schools get a free showing of black panther this weekend. Right next to it, a story about four negros are robbing CTA passengers, and a story about 6 other negros got shot over the weekend

Californian said...

Trust me, Chris Rock, you do not want to live in a world of real equality: where White-on-black crime is equally proportional to black-on-White crime.

Good point.

Supposing Whites conducted a number of driveby shootings, flash mob attacks, home invasions and general mayhem against blacks as blacks now do against Whites? And then amped it up to make it proportional to demographics?

As I say, there is a race war going on in this country, but only one side is fighting it. And it ain't Whites-in-America.

Anonymous said...

San Domingo...Haiti....that's what they want

Well, perhaps Chris Rock could have it simply by moving to Haiti. With O'Brien and Maher, and do their shows from the Caribbean paradise of Equality.

Anonymous said...

All together now...Everybody Hates Chris.

Anonymous said...

RE: the post about juries above

The reason that there could be a majority of whites on juries, even when whites are not the majority of the population in a district is simple:

White people obey the law and show up for jury duty.

Blacks don't show up at a decent rate, and the city doesn't punish them for it (because, "disparate impact", etc), and so now word on the street is that jury duty is optional for them. What, you'd have even more blacks getting arrested if you started arresting them for something as "minor" as not showing up for jury duty...

Anonymous said...

Yet, he will say this in front of a White audience who will cheer him. The problem is us as much as it is them. We need to fix our kind. The rest will fall into place.

Anonymous said...

even Drudge [today] is on the panther bandwagon.

The studio put 250M in?



Blogger Pat Boyle said...

I don't quite get it. The headlines say that "Black Panther" is doing land office business but when I checked the Hollywood blogs it seems to have brought in fewer customers at the box office than several recent films like a couple of the dreary Star Wars offerings and others. For example the Marvel movie "Deadpool" seems to have had a bigger opening weekend than the Panther of Wakanda - or maybe I'm reading the returns wrong.

I'm happy for the studios, Hollywood has been suffering through a dry spot recently. It's clear that the way we will get our entertainment in the future is changing but as a conservative I prefer moderated change to revolution. I don't want to see the whole movie industry crash and burn. I like Kung-Fu films and Samurai movies for example. I like westerns (like "Free Range") too.

I can't imagine I would actually buy a ticket to see "Black Panther". But I'm saving up for a big TCL flat screen TV when the new 2018 models are released. (I'm junking my projection system) So next fall Panther is shown on some service that already subscribe to, like Starz or HBO - I'll probably watch it. It can't be any worse than "Green Lantern" was. Can it?

I expect that the box office for Black Panther will soften. But if I watch it at home and it gets too distasteful politically or

Brian in Ohio said...

All truth is said in jest.

Just because he said it with a smile doesn't mean he was kidding.

Don't doubt for a second that that's what the majority of blacks actually want. They seethe with rage because they know they could never build what we have. Achieve what we have. Never. They know the only way they will is to take it from us, by force. South Africa writ large.

If they see an opportunity, even the slightest breakdown in the status quo, they`ll exploit it. Even in small localized natural disasters, they are the first to take advantage of a lack of law enforcement.

You need to be prepared to defend yourself.

You need to be prepared to dial 911 and no one answers, because they already know what they`re going to do when the cops stop showing up.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:18 said: "The vast majority of blacks are always shot and killed by other blacks."

True, but they don't really see that as a problem.

One of Colin Flaherty's videos featured a she-boon complaining about cops shooting (felonious and violent) dindus, which she didn't see as justified under any circumstances, and someone asked her about the overwhelming majority of killings being black-on-black. According to her, that wasn't a problem, that was just black people working out their differences and disagreements in their own (hood rat) way.

I kid you not. This is the mentality we're dealing with.

A number of decades ago, when I was living in the VA suburbs of DC and the dindus were steadily increasing the bloodletting, on their way to becoming the Murder Capital of the USA, my father had an excellent suggestion: Put up a wall around the District of Columbia and let 'em eat each other up.

They would be free to organize, without YT's interference, their own Wakanda. Not the fantasy kind, however. The real kind that exists in every black community in the world.

Anonymous said...

Once blacks vent their hatred and racism against Whites they are an empty void and cannot speak. They just blow away.

Sick n Tired said...

I got rid of my tv about 6 months ago, I don't miss it, and when I do catch some of the crap I see on tv these days, I REALLY DON'T MISS IT. Find something better to do with your time, even if it means whittling a stick.

Anonymous said...

If you are a white male

black males - Want to murder you

black females - Want to murder you

If you are a white female

black males - Want to rape and then murder you

black females - Want to murder you

I wrote the exact same thing well over a year ago on this blog but PK did not show it in the comments. He seems to be a bit more "red pilled" these days, so maybe he will allow it this time around.

It's Out of Control said...

Weeellllll, Chris, the popo ventilated a white father of two at the La Quinta in Mesa Arizona, Daniel Shaver, who had his hands up and was begging for his life. So maybe we got a situation here where yeah, Chris, black moms are crying over their Dindu Nuffin sons, and white wives and children are crying over REAL police savagery.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Let's see how this would go over....On His Netflix Comedy Special, George Carlin Calls for the Shooting of Black Children (So Black Mothers Will Cry)

Anonymous said...

By the way ,the whole Black Panther thing has to ARTIFICIALLY have their numbers boosted.Just like Hidden Lies,ooops I mean Figures.You notice they had all these advance ticket sales and community ticket bulk buying for the little "chilluns",whether it be schools or businesses or Black celebrities buying all the tickets to go see everything Black...Kangz,Queenz,and Black Pantherzzz and shit! LMFAO! Whites and businesses and schools and towns don't go out buying advance tickets for everyone.

Pat Boyle said...

Maybe I'm doing this wrong - but according to the published box office figures, Black Panther is a real big hit but by no means is it an unprecedented run away sensation as some of the media are contending.

On February 16th "Black Panther" opened in more than four thousand theaters. On opening day it earned about $75 million.

That's a lot, but just last year (5/1) "The Age of Ultron" made $84 million. BTW I saw Ultron on free cable - it was a real stinker. The "Force Awakens" (also a stinker) on 11/4 pulled in $119 million. I saw it on cable too. And finally "The Last Jedi" that every critic seems to hate brought in $114 millions on 12/15 just a few weeks ago. There are some other films that had as much success as "Panther" or more.

All these figures come from the "Box Office Mojo" website which calls Black Panther the fifth biggest opening - big but not the biggest. It is clear from these figures that most of the biggest earning movies are not by any stretch of the imagination "the best" movies. Based on recent history "Panther" is unlikely to be very good. The movie going public seems to prefer second rate entertainments.


Anonymous said...


This is an interesting article talking about Israel deporting Africans.

From the article:

Israel completed a steel fence along its southern border with Egypt in 2013, which has largely stopped the influx of Africans.

Of those who made it to Israel, a number have already moved on to other countries. About 20,000 have left in recent years, with many finding Canada a more hospitable host.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada told CBC News that 1,880 Eritreans living in Israel were given refugee protection in Canada since 2016, mostly under private sponsorship programs.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, which represents Jewish groups in Canada, is urging Ottawa to sponsor African refugees in Israel, so there is "minimal dislocation and hardship for asylum seekers."

Why do they want to get rid of Africans? A few quotes from the article:

"I didn't grow up thinking that I would be afraid to go out of my house, and feel I will be raped or murdered"

"62 per cent of Israelis living in South Tel Aviv were too afraid to leave their homes at night"

"changing every possible criteria of our lives in a violent, very brutal way."

Read each line.

Anonymous said...

He is not stupid. He is actually a Race Realist and, in his way, he is on our side.

He mocks and brings up the stupidity of the negro. I believe he is BEGGING the White race to wake up, and in his own way....he is warning us.

He is a racial realist but not on our side.

He sold a politically incorrect act to get famous. Basically said things about Blacks that Whites aren't able to say.

Now that he has money the routine has changed. He's clearly playing a BLM angle here.

Anonymous said...

If you are a white male

black males - Want to murder you

black females - Want to murder you

Black females may hate White males for political reasons (mostly because liberals have told them to) but on a personal level they will breed with one when possible. A friend of mine was nearly raped by one. I wish I was making that up. Was a young teenager at the time and was completely shocked. She basically dragged him into a room and didn't care about formalities.

I was in Boise once and I had one yell at me from a car. It took me a minute to realize she was hitting on me.

What really shocked me was that there was a Black female in Boise.

Mr. Rational said...

Achieve what we have. Never. They know the only way they will is to take it from us, by force.

They don't know that what they take will crumble into dust in no more than a generation.  They're stupid that way.  No matter how many of YT's creations they grab and fail to master, they still fail to understand that they fail to understand.

This appears to be the essence of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Anonymous said...

1:50pm- "He is not stupid. He is actually a Race Realist and, in his way, he is on our side...He is basically saying that the BLACK community wants White babies to be killed for "equality" and he knows it will disgust the normal White viewer. That is his point. He is walking a thin line, and knows it. He is basically saying F U to both the negro and white world."
He is not walking any kind of line, because he faces zero consequence from his employers, after making these kind of statements.
Nobody needs to go ***tube his prior works, when he criticized his own coonmunity. He went full-negro soon thereafter, and never looked back -- all the way to where now, he calls for the murder of White babies.
We're all so very impressed that you know some comics. But don't come in here, and try to shill for that worthless piece of shit, and wink-wink, "he's really on our side". That big-mouthed turd, with Netflix' backing, is inciting war.

Anonymous said...

Children and convicted felons generally don't get to vote. ;)

Anonymous said...

re Anonymous at February 19, 2018 at 6:12 PM: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada told CBC News that 1,880 Eritreans living in Israel were given refugee protection in Canada since 2016, mostly under private sponsorship programs.

Little Potato Has To Go! As recently as the late 90s and early Y2K, Canada was still white. I remember growing up smug that Canada has better mainstream music than the USA, now I realise it's because mainstream music in Canada then was still white, while US's mainstream music had already negorified.

Sunshine said...

They are, and they seem to love it and eat it up. Why!? I'll never understand. I have always loathed this obnoxious shrieking fool and never saw what was amusing about his "comedy", which seems to be "white people do THIS, black people do THAT" kind of crap. I guess if you've never had the misfortune of being around blacks, it might be funny, but if you grew up around them, it's not. I've seen their hatred up close and personal many times and I use my money to stay away from them as much as possible, not seek them out to hear their hate whitey BS.

Sunshine said...

Can I ask what made you want to waste an hour or so of your life listening to this obnoxious negro? Why do white people, especially racially aware white people, want to listen to this? I do my best to avoid listening to, looking at, and being around blacks. If you consume it they only make more of it! Kill your tv and if you still pay for ANY of it, you're nuts! Please stop!

Sunshine said...

I'll never forget OJ. My mother sat me down and said "this is what happens to white women that go with blacks". I'll also never forget watching them read the verdict and seeing all the blacks I went to school with celebrating. Oh yes, I'll never forget all of that. Too bad more parents didn't do what my mother did (she needn't have worried, I always found blacks utterly repulsive).

Sunshine said...

But where are you? What state? I have family in Appalachia and could theoretically go live there, but it's got it's down sides as well. It's about 7% in my county here in the Deep South and it's the fastest growing county with the best school system in the I'm preparing for the undertow to show up soon although I'm in a rural part where all the whites are fleeing to. So you know it'll be ruined soon enough. I just hate to be cold. I know that's dumb but I honestly have trouble functioning in cold and gloomy weather. I'm not trying to pry but I am very curious about your state or general area.

Sick n Tired said...

We had this story on our local news a while back. Dindu gets shot while breaking into a house, his sister is quoted on the news saying "How else he posed to get money fo' skool?"

Steve Smith said...

Very, very good question Sunshine. I would ask the same if supposedly aware whites who paid to see the latest woogabooga movie, all the while acting like they TOFTT. For heaven dake, STOP! You already know how they feel about you, so why waste time and money.

jeff west said...

I think this is good. What better place for your enemy than out in the open? I look at how President Trump handled the Russian collusion charges: He let his enemy run with the ball just as long and are as they wanted to. And look where they wound up. I'd encourage the folks who are pushing their white genocide agenda to do the same. Hell, I'd tell them they need to pick the pace up. Never stop your enemy from doing something stupid.

jeff west said...

Agreed. This is not comedy:it is a policy statement.

Anonymous said...

Stop supporting the white cuckolds ,the ones who bend over for them , these tv ads are becoming loathsome,I switch over as soon as I see the lie, of functioning black or mixed families

Bud said...

"The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, which represents Jewish groups in Canada, is urging Ottawa to sponsor African refugees in Israel, so there is "minimal dislocation and hardship for asylum seekers."

Golly. Gee.

Anonymous said...

I left Netflix after the "Dear White People" crap. Only self hating crackers and disingenuous guilt ridden white trash liberals subscribe.

Giselle Pikor said...

Comment of the year!!

Anonymous said...

Comment winner!

Anonymous said...

Every day I ask myself what are we waiting for? Blacks have become bullies. Whites have become the scared kid being picked on. When does the scared kid start fighting the bully?


Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power. If no one watched this we would never have heard the line: "I want to see white mothers on TV crying."

Chilling, even when taken out of context. War is coming. Whether we want it or not.

Paintjob Theory said...

@ Sunshine

My whiteopia is Maine. We have 2 cities where pretty much the entire state's negro population lives and the rest is paradise. White places to live are typically cold and reasonably far away from major cities.

Personally I'm very comfortable in the cold. I keep the heat set to 60 and in the summer I can't even sleep if it's over 70 at night. "The cold" is easily managed. Oil and gas is pretty cheap now, heat pumps are getting better and better, and there's nothing like a good wood stove on a cold stormy night. Short days can be a bit of a drag, but it's far easier on the spirit than always having to be on guard for African predators.

Poke around with the census website and see what's out there. Up north and away from the coasts is pretty white in general. West Virginia looks very nice and is lovely country and more mild. Personally if my business wasn't dependent on this region I'd be in Alaska.

Marc B said...

Rock has been piggy-backing off of Whites ever since him go to a White Middle School, and now after amassing his fortune he is ready to end the symbiotic relationship responsible for his success. He's too old to make inroads into black audiences (who consider him a sell-out), and will lose chunks of White audience when fans after his explicit anti-white turn.