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#WakandaIsntReal: The Story of a White American Who Tried to Rebuild a Centuries Old Bridge in Ethiopia (Originally Built by Europeans)

PK Note: I forgot I wrote this, but it's included in Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero, published in August of 2011. It discusses Wakanda and the Black Panther, long before the dream of a film on the African King had come to fruition. 

Even though Stephen Hawking can’t find a Black Albert Einstein living in Africa; even though  98 of the 108 patents granted in all of Africa came from white people living in South Africa; even though not one invention of significant importance can be attributed to an African; even though immense resources have been mined by European, American, and Chinese companies, where the indigenous Africans can’t conceive of usages for them; even though all of the aforementioned is true,  Marvel Comics decided that the nation with the most advanced technology would set in the mythical African nation of Wakanda, protected by the Black Panther.
A bridge in Ethiopia, built by Europeans centuries ago. Africans never rebuilt the bridge, so they cross it via ropes

Though the only Nobel Awards given to those of African descent have come in either peace or literature, Marvel expects us to believe that the most advanced technological society on earth is in Africa.

Wikipedia tells us:

Wakanda is a fictional nation in the Marvel Universe. It is the most prominent of several fictional African nations in the Marvel Universe. Wakanda is located in Northeastern Africa, although its exact location has varied throughout the nation's publication history: some sources place Wakanda in East Africa, just north of Tanzania, while others - such as Marvel Atlas #2 - show it bordering Lake Turkana, near Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia (as well as fictional countries like Azania, Canaan and Narobia). Wakanda first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966), and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The name is evocative of the Wakamba tribe of Kenya.

Marvel would have us believe that a continent, where the overwhelmingly majority of innovation is originating from white South Africans, could produce an ancient land called Wakanda that harbors one of the most advanced civilizations in the world.

At this point it would be wise to reproduce an article from a 2002 issue of National Geographic that discusses the breadth of African innovation. That article showed a bunch of Africans standing on a dilapidated bridge built by Europeans for the famous Ethiopian Emperor Fasilides more than 300 years prior. Influenced by this picture Ken Frantz, a white Virginian who was in the construction and building industry, decided to found Bridges to Prosperity to help rebuild this collapsed European bridge in the heart of Africa; a task that Africans were incapable of doing.

Here is that article which discusses Ken’s inspiration to found the group:

Ken Frantz decided to fix an Ethiopian bridge because, he says, “I’m a boy, and boys love bridges.”Happily, this “boy” owns a construction company.

Ken, 52, was waiting for mechanics to service a truck in his hometown of Gloucester, Virginia, when he picked up the December 2000 Geographic. He saw a photo of Ethiopians being hauled on a rope across the Blue Nile- a 360-year-old bridge that had been destroyed during the Italian occupation of 1935-1941. “I looked at the photo once, twice, three times,” Ken recalls, “and it came to me: What I want to do is repair that bridge.”

Ken helped launch Bridge to Prosperity, dedicated to building bridges to help create wealth in developing nations. The group surveyed the site, won backing from tribal elders, and chose a lightweight steel design. Donkeys toted in 25,000 pounds of supplies, and Ken, his crew, and Ethiopian volunteers rebuilt the bride in ten days at a cost of $108,000, largely donated by the organization’s founders.

“Half a million people live near the bridge,” he says. “Now they can trade, get to hospitals and schools on the other side, and see family they haven’t seen for years.” Ken’s group has also built cableways in Nepal, a suspension bridge in Indonesia, and a second Ethiopian bridge.”

Why did it take a white guy in America, galvanized by a desire to help those less fortunate, to help build a rebuild a destroyed bridge? Frantz explained further:
“It was built in 1640, approximately, by a very famous emperor, Fasil. And he was just a building maniac.” 
Emperor Fasil’s bridge spurred a flourishing trade route. But as people chopped down trees in this area, erosion increased – and so did flooding. Increased flooding undermined the bridge.
A white engineer in the USA helped rebuild this bridge, because Wakanda isn't real. 
“So it was constantly being washed out. Until it got the name the Sebara Dildiy. Sebara Dildiy in Amharic means broken bridge." 
In 1936, Ethiopian nationalists destroyed the Sebara Dildiy on purpose, to slow Mussolini’s invasion during World War II. Makeshift repairs using logs held the bridge together until the mid-1950s. 
After that, travelers and their livestock could only cross the river on a tattered rope, pulled by ten men on either side of the river. Nine years ago, Ken Frantz saw a photograph of this precarious scene in National Geographic and decided to fix the broken bridge. He assembled a team to repair Sebara Dildiy in 2002 using steel beams that were painstakingly carried down and assembled on site. But THAT bridge didn’t last. A flood destroyed it in 2006. That’s why Frantz and his team have returned to Ethiopia – to try again. This time, they’ve taken on a more ambitious project: A new, cable suspension bridge, much longer and higher off the river. But not everything would go as planned. 
“All right, tell everyone, higher one is coming from the inside…” 
Bridges to Prosperity’s director of operations Avery Bang supervised final preparations. She found a few surprises. Her group had trained a young Ethiopian engineer to oversee construction of steel and concrete anchors on opposite walls of the canyon. 
These would secure the cables. But the location of the anchors was different from what the plans had called for. 
“The excavation was supposed to be further back and deeper. What are you going to do? You have to redesign.” 
So the team revamped the way the cables would be cemented into the anchors. The pace of work picked up after all six cables had been hauled into place. On one side of the river, workers began winching the cables tight. 
The cables slowly rose in a gently drooping arch between the canyon walls. On the other side, workers sawed wooden planks for the walkway. Ken Frantz and two of his brothers nailed the planks in place. 
They were halfway across the span, 80 feet above the river, when calamity struck. A stone pillar that anchored one of the handrails rocked, then tipped, then tumbled down the steep hillside. Ken Frantz’s brother Forrest later recalled the tense moment. 
“We looked up, looked out across the river, and it’s pretty far away – it’s hard to see the details, what’s going across the river – but you could see the tower collapse. The cable dropped, hit the ground, and a cloud of dust came up. The next thing we heard was horrifying. And that was the sound of things dropping into the river. We could not see through the dust. We didn’t know what was falling into the river. We did not know if it was rocks or if it was people.”
Why didn’t the Wakandians build the bridge for them? You see, in the real world, American engineers motivated by altruism - such as Ken Frantz - build Africa’s infrastructure for them; or Chinese companies - motivated by profit, expansion and cultivating resources the African population can't cultivate on their own - perform this task. 
White people built the bridge. It was destroyed and Africans couldn't rebuilt it. A white guy from the USA rebuilt it. #WakandaIsntReal

Sadly the best aviators and airplanes aren’t built in Wakanda either:

Deaths on commercial aircraft worldwide rose 15 percent last year while the overall accident rate involving Western-built jets fell to an all-time low.

Those figures were released Wednesday by the International Air Transport Association, a trade group for the world's airlines.

The group said 786 people died in 23 separate accidents last year, up from 685 deaths in 18 fatal crashes in 2009. The figures include all kinds of jets and turboprops operated on commercial flights but don't include private or military aircraft.

There were no fatalities involving U.S. airlines last year. The most recent fatal accident involving a U.S. airline was the February 2009 crash of a Continental Connection flight near Buffalo, N.Y., in which 50 people died.

Accident rates were lowest in the former Soviet republics and North America, followed by North Asia and Europe. Rates were higher than the world average in the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East-North Africa and Latin America-Caribbean.

The highest rate was in Africa. IATA said African airlines accounted for 2 percent of worldwide passenger traffic but 23 percent of serious accidents.

Regrettably, Wakanda (or for that any of Africa, save white South Africa) can be seen illuminated from the vantage of space. Consult these NASA images available at ( 

While the United States and all of Europe, with parts of Russia, Asia, Australia, and South America, can be seen to have beings of intelligence capable of producing electricity, the heart of Africa is dark from space.

Why isn’t Wakanda illuminated?

Probably because, like it’s protector the Black Panther, the nation is a figment of Marvel writer's imaginations. Yes, the leader of Wakanda is named the Black Panther, and in the comics he routinely battles members of the KKK, radical white Afrikaners, and other assorted white supremacists and international enemies attempting to steal Wakanda’s technological secrets.

In the early 1990s, popular movie franchises like Superman (four movies starring Christopher Reeve) had already been made; two Tim Burton Batman films (starting Michael Keaton); and three hilariously bad Marvel films (1989’s Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren, 1990’s Captain America, and a Fantastic Four movie that never saw a theater or VHS release);  not to mention a live-action Dick Tracy, The Shadow, and The Phantom films – all staring white guys – were on the verge of being released.

Wesley Snipes, who would portray the Black vampire Blade in three films, wanted to bring Wakanda and its protector, The Black Panther, to life. He told the St. Petersburg Times in 2010:

Snipes said in August 1993, "We have a wide-open field for comic book characters on the big screen and we've yet to have a major black comic book hero on the screen. Especially the Black Panther, which is such a rich, interesting life. It's a dream come true to originate something that nobody's ever seen before."

As of yet, tales of Wakandian lore have yet to reach the cinema, but such an event can only be around the corner. Marvel is trying to option all of their major or minor heroes into films – to generate more and more revenue – and the tales of the Black Panther fighting for the honor of the technological advanced citizens of Wakanda will make a great addition to the stories of Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

Even though Stephen Hawking can’t find a black Einstein in Africa, Marvel Comics can help draw up some historically inaccurate self-esteem for the few black readers of comics by creating Wakanda.


Standup Broad said...

Fellow Whites, are you teaching your children race realism? Are you PROPERLY preparing them to enter the world outside your home? Do they understand life in BRA as it truly is?
OR, do you let them watch movies and TV shows where blacks are portrayed as "just like Whites"? Do you attend a Church where "equality" is preached? Don't exacerbate the brain-washing that takes place by standing mute when they are shown lies. Their life depends on knowing the reality of the black savages that roam our once great and safe Country. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

I'm checking out twitter posts under your hashtag WakanaIsntReal

And looking at the picture of negresses holding up pointy metal spears, I can't but worried hat after the Wakana movie there would be a spat of attacks by spear wielding negroes. Already in Britain there was an incident where a Somalian raped a white girl after threatening to stab her with a sharpened wooden stick.

Despite her pleas, Abdoule 'jabbed a sharp piece of wood into her stomach' and forced her upstairs. He then began his twisted attack on the teenager, holding the weapon against her throat as he raped her.

Stay Alert Stay Alive. Keep out of stabbing range and keep about you something to hit and/or block with. Before I got a briefcase I used to keep a stiff clipboard in my messenger bag in case of train stabbings.

Anonymous said...

Well, given they can not even dig wells on their own these days, why would anyone expect Africans in Africa to build bridges?

Anonymous said...

I figured he would go for a more visually appealing/retro design but I guess the price wouldn't be justified as it will eventually be ruined or destroyed by the Africans in Africa. It is just strange to me that the people living there wouldn't be curious how the bridge was originally built and how it could be rebuilt using the same methods after studying the basic design and materials used.

Never crossed a single person's mind, or at least it never led to any action.

No desire to keep up a makeshift, but sturdy wooden bridge either. Even laying down felled trees in strategic locations seems too advanced for these people.

If you really want to help these people introduce another advanced concept- contraception.

The less of these people for everyone to deal with the better.

Anonymous said...

A super power for a white person would be flight/levitation, spider abilities, super strength, super speed, incredible physical resilience, etc.

A super power for a black person would be a high enough IQ to create an advanced civilization.

Makes sense, both rely on fantasy.

Augustus said...

After over 50 years of school systems building "self-esteem" amongst minorities, we can start to evaluate the results. Black people still aren't able to compete, but the programs have increased self-esteem, so we now have helpless people who can't do much for themselves but who think they are geniuses.
Hallelujah, we be idiots!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to lower the blood pressure of some of you because I feel a stronger connection to you than to most acquaintances of mine that I've known for decades. Many of you are familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect but if you're not, this is a description from Wiki:

"The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate."

To put it another way, the stupid are too stupid to realize how stupid they are. This is why it's frustratingly futile to argue with most blacks, especially on anything that pertains to race. They are simply too stupid and biased to even know when they've been demolished. A recent example of this was Jared Taylor's annihilation of a stupid angry black whom I despise too much to mention. So when you become aghast at how most blacks don't realize that nothing they're saying makes sense or is true, think Dunning-Kruger, laugh, and be glad you're not black. Whether we succeed or not in our struggle, there is one certainty which is that blacks will never rise above their current level. They've reached their peak in 2018 America due to being coddled by naive and misguidedly kind and tolerant whites. Under any future scenario whether good or bad for whites (economic collapse, white ethno-states, global Asian dominance, or anything you can imagine) blacks lose badly. Thus the darkly comical aspect is that they hate the only group that tolerates them.

Anonymous said...

Came to post some ridiculous stuff I could barely read. Wound up checking out some of the same. I am not religious, I grew up close enough to DC to smell it's stink. The link I'm posting shocks me. It's fly over refugees that thinks their shit don't stink because they eat soufflés.

Knowing someone has to fix a centuries old bridge for a people who are this pathetic is mind boggling. It truly is. And these aren't Bantu creatures, THESE ARE THE SMART ONES!!!


Anonymous said...

Read accounts of people who've lived in Africa - they're frightening. Blacks are literal race of retards. They themselves are a bridge - a bridge back to the Stone Age.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know who can comment about this article because it's picture perfect... really nothing else can be said 100% spot on...

What I will say and it parallels this I was watching cable last night and on one of the channels there's a commercial for the APA and of course they're asking for money I get so upset when I see the poor little dogs and cats I have to turn the channel I do help the poor animals but I do so at a local level because I know from first-hand experience will you make donations a lot of times the money don't get to Target so anyway I can't stand to see the pathetic say to the animals so I turn the channel and it's been awhile but they have a commercial on for one of these like save the children of course we see all these malnutrition children etc and of course so we're talking about Africa children and to be quite Frank with you I didn't feel nothing and I could care even less you know instead of asking money to feed these kids I would gladly give money so that birth control methods could be brought to them... other than that nobody should give a dime to these creatures...

And along those notes I think the presentation went a little bit South and the powers-that-be did not particularly care for this but my friend who is a police officer took a training class about terrorism.... the presenter had a very valid point he almost had a hemorrhage when he talks about remember what hands across Africa feed the people back in the 80s... he claims our trouble today with terrorism is directly related to that again food medicine and materials never made it to the people in need but was ripped off by the local Warlords and such and if it wasn't for these resources some of these groups never would have solidified and morphed into what they are today... like he said Evolution should have been left alone and the situation address itself... his Viewpoint is absolutely no humanitarian Aid to these countries because they pose a direct threat in the future to the countries that helped

Anonymous said...

Comics and cartoons are for children. If you liked them as a child there is nothing wrong with that.
If you are an adult and dwell in fantasy land, it could be a problem.
Everyone knows (((who))) made this piece of agitprop with the intention of stirring up trouble between the races.

Anonymous said...

African backwardness (compared to non-negroid countries) is simply an outward reflection of the DNA structure within.

Very. Simple.

Beavers aren't taught to cut trees and build dams; it's instinct.

Different races have different instincts. Building a first world society is not a negroid instinct. In fact, it's the opposite. They infest and destroy as parasites.

Worldwide, same story...

Genetics holds the answers....

chattanooga gal said...

well, these are people who can't even figure out how to dig a latrine, so what do you expect.?I think someone on here once commented that beaver dams were more complex than African homes.

Anonymous said...

Nothing illustrates the literal millenia blacks are behind on the evolutionary scale better than that picture. A bridge, built by Europeans at the same time America was being colonized which likely could have been built even better by the Romans almost 2000 years before that, is a work of technology so far beyond their comprehensions that it stands like the monolith in the movie 2001.

At no point in the almost 500 years that that bridge has stood has any subsaharan Africa had the curiosity in how exactly how it was built or shown an interest in fixing it (or replacing it with a better design from the last half-millenium). No, they treat the bridge's remains like a natural structure, like a big dead tree or large hill, and are content to settle for the best work-around their 60 IQs can manage--pulling people across it with a rope.

And keep in mind the blacks themselves were the ones who destroyed this bridge. All the relatively recent damage to it likely stems from the damage they did to the foundation, otherwise it would likely be standing intact today. And while it may have been a good tactical move during wartime, unlike those in Europe who blew up bridges to halt the advance of the Germans, these Africans had neither the skill, intelligence nor motivation to rebuild it later on.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even surprised, the longer it took to release suspect name and description the likely it is that it's somebody black and/or Muslim. President Trump had expressed his condolences on Twitter, this is big, the two police officers appear to be well liked, and they died responding to a domestic violence incident so the left was inclined to be more sympathetic then if they had been responding to a robbery - so they couldn't have swept this under the rug and HAD to name the suspect, and it's a black!

Confirmed it as soon as I saw the name in Daily Mail, so many national newspaper don't have his picture up.

The wife is probably black too, Candace is a name popular among the Africans who DID want to fit in as opposed to the make up names they have her credit she did warn the police officers during the initial call that her husband was always carrying a gun - I bet though, if Quentin Lamar Smith was White, he would have been the dead one, but the police are just too paranoid about killing a spook. Two veteran officers murdered and the thug wasn't even made good. We are not even past the middle of February yet and Wakana has yet to be released. Someday when the world is same again February needs to be re-christianed as "Black Crime History Month" Reparations? When will reparations be made to the many many victims of African crime?

Their names were Officer Anthony Morelli and Officer Eric Joering of Westerville PD, Mr. Morelli was 54 years of age and Mr. Joering was 39 years of age.

Officer Morelli is a 29-year veteran of the department and was recognized at the 2012 as the Westerville Division of Police Officer of the Year, according to WCMH. The division's 2012 annual report said, "Officer Morelli ranks number one on the shift for the following categories: case reports, incident reports, accidents, and OVIs. He is substantially above the shift average in all other categories of the activity report including citations and arrests. His assigned cases are thorough and completed in a timely manner. Throughout his tenure, he has remained motivated, dedicated, and professional in the performance of his duties."

Officer Joering was a K9 officer, a 16-year veteran of the department and had been recognized with the Exceptional Duty Award three times, according to WCMH.

This just ruined my day. I hope the spook doesn't get enough pain meds in the hospital, but what use is his pain. This never should have happened.

Non PC Infidel said...

The photo of the destroyed bridge and stupid Africans using ropes to cross the gap doesn't surprise me in the least. Remove all whites from African dominated cities in America and cut off the white taxpayer funds and they'd quickly collapse into primitive bantu enclaves where everything was falling apart and nothing worked. They'd be walking to whatever nearby streams, rivers or lakes there were with buckets on their heads to get water to drink. There'd be no electricity or anything else~ just the typical African darkness and primitive conditions. Their white built bridges would collapse too along with everything else.

Overall, they're a completely pathetic species and need to be off on their own and left to their own devices. Supporting them and providing them with everything they can't provide for themselves is about as sensible as putting a herd of pigs up in a 5 star hotel room- all they're going to do is trash the place and shit all over everything while squealing their lungs out to be fed and taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I’ve watched them “literally”
turn a city into a pile of bricks. Turn a budget surplus and fully funded pension fund into a bankruptcy. They are an ignorant group of people. But,’re not allowed to say in out loud.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

//Under any future scenario whether good or bad for whites (economic collapse, white ethno-states, global Asian dominance, or anything you can imagine) blacks lose badly. Thus the darkly comical aspect is that they hate the only group that tolerates them.

February 11, 2018 at 11:52 PM//

In Singapore, they don't give Africans any special treatment the way the West does, an African who traffics drugs will get the death penalty all the same. Same with Mainland China, cept, it's not just drug, it's also thief, robbery, rape, overstaying, and since China has more space than Singapore, there are more situations where spooks are stored in cells and forgotten by the officials, except the jail guards who gets bored or frustrated with the TNB and roll in the electric shocks, etc:

Some 2000 Nigerians are currently living in squalid conditions and being tortured in a Chinese prison, according to a prisoner who was recently released and returned to Nigeria.

The prisoner was held in Dong-guan Prison for more than three months and diligently took notes on the conditions of the prison and prisoners throughout his sentence. He took his prison notes back to Nigeria and handed them to The Guardian, which published a report on his notes on Monday.

According to the whistleblower, most of the 2000 Nigerian prisoners were charged with drug-related offenses, some of which are punishable by death in China, and are subjected to torture on a daily basis. Specifically, prison officers shock prisoners with an electric device for up to two hours at a time. The former prisoner said that such treatment has caused mental health problems for some prisoners.

In his notes, the source also said that Nigerians and other Africans are treated “like animals,” worse than other prisoners.

“We are tortured daily with [an] electric device. The worst part is that it is our fellow prisoners officials use to carry out this torture,” he explained. “When we ask why they do this to us, they say it is because we are blacks, our government [doesn’t] care for us and our government can’t do anything to them.”

He revealed that prisoners are also subjected to forced labor.

“We are made to work long hours in [a] factory every day without any salary being paid to us. Yet, we are not well-fed. The only thing left for them to do is to exterminate us or put us in the gas chamber just as the Nazis did to the Jewish people,” he said.

He lamented that many foreign prisoners from countries such as Ethiopia, Senegal, Iran, Jordan, Colombia and Yemen have returned to their home countries due to the intervention of their respective home governments, but this has yet to be the case with Nigerian prisoners.

News of this Nigerian national’s poor treatment in Dong-guan Prison comes just three days after Chijioke Obioha, 38, was executed in Singapore for possession of cannabis.

- Click on article for picture of the executed spook, or just image google it, his expression as he's dragged by the guards is hilarious -- WE WUZ KANG or Princes, please wire some money...

Anonymous said...


Paintjob Theory said...

"Ken helped launch Bridge to Prosperity, dedicated to building bridges to help create wealth in developing nations."

Developing? Into what? This is another great newspeak word meant to imply that the stone age inhabitants of these places are working on infrastructure or are just beginning their industrial revolution or something, when in truth, they have become even more useless than their primitive ancestors who at least had the wherewithal (mostly) to feed themselves via hunter gatherer lifestyle with a bit of raiding neighboring tribes mixed in. Today's African doesn't even expend the effort to follow a herd, dig grubs out of a stump, or scratch up the dirt for some yucca roots but only sits on his duffer waiting for the next shipment of rice and other staple foods from the (((UN))) or some globalist (((foundation))), all wolves in sheep's clothing using the white Europeans unique sense of altruism as a weapon to destroy our civilizations and culture.

How's all that prosperity coming along by the way? Surely with this new bridge the tribe in the story is reopening their ancient trade routes and engaging in commerce and industry with the other Wakandans, right?

As someone so eloquently pointed out recently here, the masses can suspend their disbelief at the whole black scientist/engineer/smart guy trope, largely because we have been spoonfed this shit from (((Hollywood))) and (((Madison Ave))) for decades now, or perhaps they have met some far outlier on their bellcurve in their life. My junior high school music teacher was black as a burnt match (his son was one of two negroes in our entire school) and he was truly gifted. He could pick up any instrument in the band room and play it proficiently (actually reading music and all).

The willing suspension ends when they try to feed us the black African who is altruistic and cares about truth and justice or great ideas. Apart from preaching dissatisfaction (race hustling) which is primarily self serving "looks at muh" and "muh dik" seeking, there isn't a single negro ever who has done a lick for the greater good of his people or even his own family.

This (((movie))) is going to be nearly as big as the whole Zimmerman thing for race realism. (((Disney))) basically is serving up a heaping pile of shit and their fellow media tribesmen are hyping this up as the greatest (and most diverse) feat of cinema of all time. Stand aside, Citizen Kain, Godfather, 2001, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Lawrence of Arabia. And of course anybody who disagrees is a racistnaziwhitesupremistkilledsixmillionKKK. There are already articles claiming anything less than 100% reviews are just racist trolls engaged in some giant conspiracy against blackie. Granted I'm sure some people will give bad reviews just for the sake of their tired of having a pack of talking apes rammed down their throats in film, but at the end of the day the movie isn't the triumph of all time and is more likely just your average CGI explosion generic cape guy fare with a cameo from whatever other cape guy does best in focus groups.

Double down, I say. Convince all the dullard masses that this is the movie event of the century and get the sheep to march into theaters filled with the sons of Wakanda. Sell them a another turd sandwich and force them to say it's delicious or be made a pariah branded with the scarlet R. Even better is that many black Africans here believe that this is some sort of documentary and will start demanding schools teach their little chilluns about the real history of Wakanda every February.

What a glorious time to be alive!

Anonymous said...

Those Mondays crossing the bridge with cables would make a great Wakanda isn't real meme.
Crimethink is fun! Equality über alles.

Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom. Alexis de Tocqueville

Anonymous said...

When will the halfrican queen bathhouse fairy chime in about Wakanda:

10mm AUTO said...

Why Africa will always be the same.

Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa - rich beyond the dream of a poet's fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter be necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.

-Thomas Dixon-

It ever will be thus.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude. to anonymous at 11:52, I had and eye doctor, a very good optomologist. he said his father had a saying. "when a person is too stupid to know that they don't know, they are dangerous." evidently, the man periodically called people dangerous in front of his children prompting an explanation. he and his siblings called it Keenan's Law. pretty much the same thing.

Californian said...

I figured he would go for a more visually appealing/retro design ....

That's what I thought, too. The lightweight steel structure looks out of place with the older stone arches. Well, I suppose the aesthetics do not matter much as long as the bridge is functional. And in any event, it is good PR for this fellow's construction company. Perhaps Conan O'Brien can be photographed sipping from a coconut shell on it?


The Haitian Constitution restricted citizenship to Blacks and white women only.

The book is: LOST WHITE TRIBES by Riccardo Orizio, @2000, the Free Press (Division of Simmon & Shuster, inc.)

Page 135: From the Haitian Constitution of 1805

Article No. 12: “No white person, of whatever nationality, may set foot upon this territory as a land owner or master, nor may such persons in future acquire any property whatsoever”

Article No. 13: “The preceding article does not apply to white women who have been naturalized by the government, nor to their eventual offspring”

Sam said...

"Under any future scenario whether good or bad for whites (economic collapse, white ethno-states, global Asian dominance, or anything you can imagine) blacks lose badly. Thus the darkly comical aspect is that they hate the only group that tolerates them."


Pat Boyle said...

This posting will be about the bridge. I will post later about Marvel Comics and Wakanda.

Every reader here should remember my discussion on this blog about African architecture. It was short because there isn't much African architecture. I pointed out that Great Zimbabwe was made with no arches, no dressed stone, and was built quite recently - perhaps by Africans who were copying Muslim practices as best they could.

Great Zimbabwe was probably twelfth century and no one is quite sure who built it. This bridge is much later - it is seventeenth century. It is obviously built like a Western European bridge. It is built of Roman style arches. It is not black African in any part. But it doesn't appear to have been well built.

There are two famous arrays of Roman arches at Pont-du-Gard in France and Segovia in Spain. Both are much, much bigger than this broken bridge and both are also much older. One reason why the Roman constructions still stand is because they traverse a valley not a river but also they are made of dressed stone (Stones trimmed to form regular rectangular blocks). This African bridge seems to be made of rubble. The only regular parts are the arch stones. Contrary to the explanation given in Wikipedia this bridge appears to have failed from the top down not the bottom up. This suggests lack of maintenance.

Roman arches last a long time. Our troops in WWII found it difficult to blow up these kind of bridges to delay the enemy. Black Africans never evolved quite enough to ever employ the true arch. In fact I don't think black Africans ever even used the corbelled arch as was used in the Mesoamerican temples and large structures.


Marc B said...

Peace Corp ambassadors learn the truth about Sub-Saharan African ingenuity and diligence after depending a few months on the Dark Continent. They quickly loosen up about it after a few drinks.

Pat Boyle said...

Wakanda doesn't particularly bother me. It is a comic book. I don't believe that people get super powers from being bitten by a radioactive spider or will turn into the not-so-Jolly Green Giant if they get angry. I have no trouble at all with movies about Spider-Man or the Hulk.

But I have decided to never watch a Marvel movie ever again as of yesterday.

Wakanda is not an original idea. Tarzan spends several books (I read a lot of Tarzan books as a teen) searching for the Lost City of Opar. There was a Caspar Van Dien Tarzan movie where he finds the black kingdom of Opar deep in the African jungle. There was also the Michael Crichton novel and movie "Congo" where they find the lost black city in the jungle but this time it's called Zinj. The many King Solomon's Mines movies are also about finding ancient black civilizations.

So Wakanda is just the most recent of these fictional advanced black cities that have been lost and overgrown with vegetation. Some of this began when in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries explorers came upon Mayan temples and cities in Honduras, Belize and El Salvador. The Mayan cities in the more northerly and drier Yucatan Peninsula were never lost but with the new technologies of LIDAR (laser gizmos) we are still finding "Lost Cities in the Jungle". But of course none of them are in Africa. They are all Mayan.

But I don't care if people are entertained by fiction about Wakanda anymore than I am upset over the genetics of the X-Men. Anyone who takes the stories in comic books seriously is a fool.

Last night I started watching a Netflix original Marvel Comics show called Jessica Jones. About a half hour into it she ends up humping a big black guy called Luke Cage. The show itself is marginal (Marvel heroes all seem to solve all their issues with a fist fight) but the interracial sex scene seems to be just a gratuitous attempt to push a political agenda. That's it for me. I liked Ant-man but I hated one or more of the Iron Man or Spider-Man films. I'll just hereafter avoid everything from Marvel and that includes the upcoming Black Panther film.

I don't think I'll be missing much.


rexfreeway said...

Someone wagered that you could give Negroes 1 million dollars and a zippo lighter and tell them to replicate it. And they could never pull it off. I used to doubt this. Now I find this spot on. When you cannot figure out proper English language then you do not belong to the future.



AH, my recent favorite topic.

While doing yard work this week-end, I let my mind wander to WAKANDA, and wondered:

1) Does Wakanda have any grocery stores? When it is safe to watch this joke movie, from a RedBox, or Netflix, then I am going to study all street scenes to find a grocery stores. Will they even THINK of having a grocery store in the background?

Since this movie is a comic book fantasy, and whose purpose is to shove it up WHITEASS, then you would think they would have a scene in a marvelous Grocery store. Abundant food, clean, fantastic, where they can say to WHITEASS: "LOOK!" See what we could have, in the hood, if you WHITEASS Cracka's didn't steal our knowledge?

Also, I wondered if WAKANDA has a movie theater where they can show/watch.....WAKANDA...A bit ironic, and the thought made me smile (as I was watering my bougainvillea and thinking about the snow dump up north......Global Warming......ya know.....).

It is a bit funny when one thinks about the fact that there are NO movie theaters in the negrovilles of America to show WAKANDA! The negroes are going to invade the White suburbs.

2) Then, there is the thought of naming future nigglets "WAKANDA", or some derivative of such a word. (A made-up fake word for black children....classic). So, while moving on to my tomato patch, I had the idea to call the local hospitals and ask the Maternity Ward if any newborns have been given the name "WAKANDA", or perhaps, D'Wakanda, or WakandaLesha?....... I think I'll do that latter this week before the movie release.

3) Then my thoughts moved to Haiti. Why not. (I was doing my own yard work....) and wondered why they needed to create fake scenes and fake back-drops for WAKANDA. Why didn't they just film the entire movie, on location, in the World's Treasure Country...HAITI?

Think of it. You don't need to invent a negro country, one 99.9% BLACK, we already have one. A real one. One that shows the world what can be achieved when there are No Whites around (except for pasty Conan) to stop the negro from building a vibrant nation.

JWMJR said...

I sincerely hope that this completely fictional, unrealistic movie inspires a very real back to Africa movement. Then these idiots can spend the next 100 years looking for the African El Darado, Wakanda.

Anonymous said...

In the rural area I grew up in, one industrious white farmer who owned farm land on both sides of a river, in about three weeks, created a pedestrian suspension bridge over a gap four times that size, using four two inch thick steel wound cables and some pallets of two by eights and some large wooden pillars. He assembled most of it on the ground and then with the help of three other guys hoisted it up to the other side. He made it merely to avoid the hassle of having to drive a mile to get to his other field. He built such a structure based only upon a picture he had seen. He never went to school beyond the eighth grade.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of a "feel good" news story on CBS (IIRC) a few years ago. In one of Africa's shithole countries there is a river about 30 feet wide which for centuries the natives had to walk several miles downstream in order to cross it at a narrower point with rocks to step on. The report was gushing about how a man (White of course) built a very simple 60 foot wooden bridge so that now the locals could cross the river without the long trek. The report showed the savages all excited about this new development. Not mentioned was the obvious question: Why, in all those years, didn't a single native "kang or queen" think of building such a bridge?


How long, after the White builders leave, will all the construction pieces be stolen?

Also, I've reviewed the WAKANDA trailers many times, (since I can't believe how Full of "it" the actors are and the BS attitude). So, I began to wonder, will being Bald be the next fad for the negro female?

That is going to be some fashion statement!!!

At least Wal-Mart won't have to carry any hair-care products for the female hominid, but this Bald craze will put the weave and hair extension businesses out of business. AND, all those Black Beauty Shops will go under (and they are the only tennants, other than Pay Day Loan Shops, in these dead strip malls).

At least the Hair Lice problems will go away, too.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! If anyone needs a laugh today just look at the Smithsonian portraits of the first half breed mongrel rat P.O.S. and the first she male tranny.
They have the great White Sox fan who couldn't name any player from any era and kept calling Commiskey Park Kaminsky Park hanging out in the ivy of Wrigley Field while in deep contemplation...about what bathhouse to attend that night.
The she male tranny portrait looks like some other person and the crowd reaction was great at the unveiling.

Anonymous said...

Trump's budget proposal includes the ending of federal funds for NPR:

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget:

Today is the day all patriotic Americans celebrate the birth of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. Even racist white people honor him, because he once or twice said some things about negroes that, by today's standards, are unkind. But just think, without the resolute efforts of this American hero, the USA might never have been blessed with equal citizenship for its blacks! Only through Lincoln's agency was this potential humanitarian disaster averted.

Rest in peace, Mr. Lincoln. Your legacy endures.

D is for depressing said...

the presenter had a very valid point he almost had a hemorrhage when he talks about remember what hands across Africa feed the people back in the 80s... he claims our trouble today with terrorism is directly related to that again food medicine and materials never made it to the people in need but was ripped off by the local Warlords

Evolution should have been left alone and the situation address itself.

Exactly. Meddling never produces any good. The Africans are suffering because do-gooder Whites decided to give them vaccinations and food that allowed their populations to expand beyond what their environments can support.

It is clear from doing a simple Google Image Search that they're overwhelmed. Let Mother Nature correct the mistake.

PB said...

I would have thought they would enjoy the ropes and swinging across. They seem to at the zoos I've been to.

Anonymous said...

"I turn the channel and it's been awhile but they have a commercial on for one of these like save the children of course we see all these malnutrition children etc and of course so we're talking about Africa children and to be quite Frank with you I didn't feel nothing"

Soooo, yeah, I have just been racially aware for about 2 years and it´s so strange. All my life I never felt anything resembling racism, I guess I was "color blind". Everyone around me, at least almost everyone, was the same way. Now, in such a short time, I´ve done a whole 180 (sadly I´m the only one and I´d never bring it up to anyone since that would be social suicide). This brainwashing that I grew up with is so effective. I´m considered a smart person, I´m not easy to con or take advantage of but this, this whole thing with not seeing the world as it really is is just mind boggling! I´m also very well read in history, anthropology, religion and many other things but I still didn´t see how blatant the racial differences are (thanks sbpdl and others, you opened my eyes).

Anyway, I have become completely immune to any guilt-tripping or whining aimed at the white race, when it comes to inferior cultures and peoples. They have their place, we have ours, and we should not mix the two together. We have hundreds of years of history showing us that it does not work out and everyone is worse off. People in Africa should go back to their tribal ways and we should leave them well enough alone and not allow them to "flee" over to our lands.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God this Black Panther movie propaganda is really kicking into warp drive... did everybody see that you can buy the action figure of the main character for 270 dollars...

Hey I got news for everybody and this ties into the failure of The Last Jedi when it comes to merchandising...

The only people buying life-size Darth Vader replica for $4,000 are believe it or not the replica of the robot from Lost in Space for $15,000 and you can see that on YouTube are guess what 50 + year old white males according to the sales demographics...

This Black Panther movie is going to fall Bad on its face I guarantee you none of its merchandise is going to sell I ask anybody that reads this what typical afro is going to buy an almost $300 action figure let alone an almost 60 plus white Caucasian...

And by the way people I have to admit I spent $400 Plus for the completed and assembled Ark Ship and rail launch system model from the movie When The Worlds Collide 1951... that sets on my business desk and trust me every time I look at that I always envisioned that if it happened in real life the whole crew is YT... in fact if the human species would to survive that's the way it would have to be... from the conception of the ship to the actual launch it's a Caucasian production but then again I guess according to this Black Panther movie there would be some sort of bs energy beam coming out of one of the pyramids deflecting the incoming planet from destroying the Earth and of course everybody would be thanking Black Panther you're saving the Earth....

Witch Chan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Imagine the SCREAMING if a White person did this:

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Great. Now they can crap in their drinking water without getting their feet wet.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

They probably bought the rope from a white rope factory at that.

Anonymous said...

Stan Lee must be wondering why they didn't make this sooner. The whole Black Panther thing was obviously just pandering to the blacks so he could sell them comic books - which is a wide audience given their mind stops maturing about age 12. They can at least follow along with the pictures if they can't read. It sure seems to be working.

I read somewhere that for all the modern technology of Wakanda the people in the movie still fight over the same silly tribal disputes as real Africans do. You'll have to confirm that on your own as I've no desire to see the movie.

I am seeing comments from movie theater staff that make it a toss up which is worse to clean up after, this or the latest Shades of Gray movie, but that's probably a discussion for elsewhere.


Wakanda Movie will it be? (little joke there)

Here is a horrid thought. Disney will most likely open a WAKANDA exhibit at Animal Kingdom at Disney World?

They may not even want to, since 98% of their audience is WHITE PEOPLE, but the PC pressure is going to be so great.

They may not even want to install it at Animal Kingdom (get it?) but where else can they put an African themed park? Hollywood Studios? That will make it obvious it is fake, along side the Star War pavilion?

I know! Epcot. They can get some funky African country to build an African Country Exhibit....a nice fake one called...I know....WAKANDA.

I am dying to see the Action Figure sales results since white boys, who buy those things, won't care about some negro......

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I'm thinking Simon & Garfunkel could do a benefit show to help out:

Like a bridge over toilet water . . .

Witch Chan said...

While I agree overall with this article. I have one big nitpick. Is there any source saying it was originally built by Europeans?

Mr. Rational said...

Sell them a another turd sandwich and force them to say it's delicious or be made a pariah branded with the scarlet R.

"Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to." — Theodore Dalrymple

Even better is that many black Africans here believe that this is some sort of documentary and will start demanding schools teach their little chilluns about the real history of Wakanda every February.

They really are that stupid.  It's the child-mentality which creates cargo cults.

Those Mondays crossing the bridge with cables would make a great Wakanda isn't real meme.

Did you notice that they weren't even smart enough to set up timbers or stone piers on the ends of the stone bridge to elevate the ropes and let them make a plank walkway level with the old pavement?  It wouldn't even be particularly difficult to do, it just takes some thought and some time.

Of course, thought is something Africans don't do very well.

One reason why the Roman constructions still stand is because they traverse a valley not a river but also they are made of dressed stone (Stones trimmed to form regular rectangular blocks). This African bridge seems to be made of rubble.

IIUC rubble fill inside dressed-stone skins is the norm even for period structures like cathedrals.  If all you're trying to do is fill space and provide weight to hold the structure in compression, rubble is just the thing.

the thought made me smile (as I was watering my bougainvillea and thinking about the snow dump up north......Global Warming......ya know.....).

Warmer air carries more moisture.  The further north you go, the fluffier and less massive the snow gets.  It's near the edge of the snowbelt where it comes down wet and heavy as hell.  The difference of a couple of hundred miles N/S has to be seen to be believed.

So yes, if you have more water coming down on you it's because the air was warm enough to hold that much more water.

Anonymous said...

BALTIMORE is back in the news again. They are on a winning streak, it's not made up sports fans. And as usual see the comments to read about what the good citizens think of this great event.

Brian in Ohio said...

The Panama Canal. The Golden Gate. The Mackinac Bridge. The Chunnel.

The greatest engineering feats this world has ever seen.

But these "kings" had to wait 70 years until some white do-gooder came along and dropped a treadway section across a 30 foot gap. How many people do you think fell to their deaths trying to get across that? Decades passed, and the best anyone could think of was a single rope....

Truly Wakanda.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Color me surprised. More proof of blacks inability to create Wakanda. They can't even be decent cops and clean up their own communities:

Witch Chan said...

This a video about it. After being destroyed there were many attempts to rebuild it using logs but it keeped being destroyed in floods so they gave up unti the guy came

Californian said...

But I have decided to never watch a Marvel movie ever again as of yesterday.


All White people need to boycott Marvel.

D-FENS said...

“Is there any source saying it was originally built by Europeans?”

I am researching this but have yet to find a definitive answer. However, I did find one website that purports to identify numerous African achievements that could be a cornucopia of subjects for future SBPDL articles:

Californian said...

...this Black Panther movie propaganda is really kicking into warp drive... did everybody see that you can buy the action figure of the main character for 270 dollars...

I am waiting for them to sell Flying Pyramids. Use the same technology they do for those toy drones, but make the hull in the shape of a pyramid. For a little extra, you can buy one with a videocam to spot the cops when they are going to do a drug bust. They can even come in gang colors.

Some toy company would make some good bank.

Remember, you saw it here first!

Anonymous said...

"...the longer it took to release suspect name and description the likely it is that it's somebody black and/or Muslim."

Spot on. There have been three murders of cops on duty in mostly white Colorado in the last month. The first was committed by a white Iraq war vet and his face and story was plastered all over every media outlet for days on end. The next cop murder was committed by a nog, and the one after that by a mestizo gang member. Only the white perp got major media coverage. The other perps got the usual sweeping-under-the-rug kid gloves media treatment. Utterly predictable.

Anonymous said...

Check out this weeks (((Time))) magazine. The cover is the Wakada fairy tale. The article just before the Wakada one is how Cape Town has run out of water and rationing has begun. The irony of leftists.

Anonymous said...

"In Singapore, they don't give Africans any special treatment the way the West does, an African who traffics drugs will get the death penalty all the same."

Welcome back Chinese Girl in Canada.

Anonymous said...

"But just think, without the resolute efforts of this American hero, the USA might never have been blessed with equal citizenship for its blacks!"

Without cheap-labor loving southern planters who prefered to enslave black people rather than hiring more expensive white people to work the large land tracts that were given to them by crony British politicians, we wouldn't have this huge problem now. Lincoln did at least want to send the negroes back to Africa (or to Panama) if possible.

Bobby PGH said...

How many groids are going to name day chillin "Wakanda?"

Anonymous said...

"did everybody see that you can buy the action figure of the main character for 270 dollars..."

Stores will have to lock them up with the Black hair products at that price.

Apex_Predator said...

Anonymous said...

Stan Lee must be wondering why they didn't make this sooner.

'Stan Lee' is well aware of the hows and whys of Marvel's rapid SJW convergence and virtue signaling. Because (((Stanley Martin Lieber))) AKA Stan Lee has an agenda just like most everyone involved in -any- kind of media.

Don't be fooled for a moment. Your enemy walks among you and conveniently wears 'white' skin when its suitable but then peels it off to reveal the tribal lizard underneath when it suits them.

Blacks are a biological weapon, nothing more. They are like the Aliens of the same franchise, look at WHO weaponized them and why if you want to get to the root of the problem. You may as well be angry at a termite nest for consuming a house, a virus for replicating until it's host is consumed and destroyed.

Your anger is misplaced and misdirected. The bio-weapon engineer is the true malevolent force. There was a poster here long ago Bolgobyubski who use to ID "the vampire squid" years before it became common parlance. He was a bit of a visionary because the (((indicator))) did not even exist at that time.

Direct your energies and animosity appropriately.

p.s. I will claim partial credit for your exemplary use of satellite imagery in this article showing the blatant truth of objective reality based on my comment on the last article PK. LOL

Anonymous said...

@Blue Eyes Matter

No, they probably stole the rope.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Just look at the amount of aid that Africa has had over the decades and to no avail. Corruption and ineptitude go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

In South Africa, they have turned South African Airways into a multi-billion rand loss making joke. It used to be once of the finest airlines in the world.

Mr. Rational said...

I have one big nitpick. Is there any source saying it was originally built by Europeans?

Well, honey, I threw "emperor fasil blue nile bridge" and "Sabara Dildly" into and didn't come up with anything more than you did.  This suggests that facts have been/are being actively buried.

However, if you look at the behavior of the local population in response to the loss of the bridge (contrast the rebuilding of Dresden after the WWII firebombing) you have to realize that the locals are grossly deficient in the mental abilities to even ameliorate the loss of the bridge, let alone reconstruct it.  Their ancestors may have been the muscle behind its original construction, but they could never have been the brains; that had to have been a European architect.  The locals are now (ahem) obsolete construction equipment.

Anonymous said...

" Lincoln did at least want to send the negroes back to Africa (or to Panama) if possible. "

Lincoln had no plan to send the negroes back to Africa or anywhere else. He may have hoped that they would voluntarily depart, but he had no plan to force them to go. The sad fact is that white Americans of the 1800s had no more taste for forcibly deporting negroes than they do today. That's why they amended their Constitution to make them equal citizens.

Bad scholarship and outright fabrication on the right underlies a lot of this mythology. For example, in his talk entitled "A Brief History of American Race Relations" Jared Taylor stated:

I’d like to turn now to the abolition movement, which I think is one of the most misunderstood movements in American history. Most Americans today think the abolitionists wanted to free the slaves and make them equal to whites. Not at all. The huge majority wanted to free the slaves and send them out of the United States, in a process that they called colonization.

I assume you have heard of Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote the great anti-slavery novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Her brother, the famous Brooklyn preacher Henry Ward Beecher, had what was very much the majority view, and I quote: “Do your duty first to the colored people here; educate them, Christianize them, and then colonize them.”[i] Most abolitionist activism therefore reflected a deep conviction that slavery was wrong, but it was coupled with a desire to expel the free blacks from the United States.

But if Mr. Taylor had been a better scholar, he'd have tracked down the Beecher quote to place it in context, and he would have realized that the abolitionist didn't "desire to expel" the negroes, but only to help them leave if they wanted to repatriate. Here's the complete quote from Beecher, found in his Patriotic Addresses on p. 186:

I am for colonization. If any one wishes to go to Africa I would give him the means of going, and for the sake of the continent of Africa, colonization is the true scheme; but if colonization is advocated for our sake, I say, Get thee behind me, Satan, thou savorest not of the things that be of God but those that be of men. Do your duty first to the colored people here, educate them, Christianize them, and then colonize them.

So, again, abolitionists such as Henry Ward Beecher didn't want the negroes to be forced to leave for the sake of white people. No! They thought that motive was sinful and base. They only wanted to help any negroes that wanted to return to Africa to do so. In their eyes, that was the path of virtue. They saw it as their Christian duty.

Mr. Taylor continues:

Abraham Lincoln is known as “the great emancipator,” and most Americans believe he wanted to make blacks equal to whites. Again, they are wrong. He, too, wanted to free the slaves and send them away. Like the other abolitionists, he did not want free blacks in the country. Why? He knew there would be conflict.

I'd like to think Mr. Taylor is merely ignorant here, rather than telling a baldfaced lie, but it's hard to avoid that conclusion. I've heard Mr. Taylor speak, and he's quite a well-educated and intelligent man. Can it be true that he's unaware of the fact that in Lincoln's last speech before being assassinated he called for making citizens and voters out of negroes? I doubt it. The speech is easy to find online, and historians are of the opinion that it was this very speech that sent John Wilkes Booth into a homicidal rage.

I'll leave it for you to decide if Mr. Taylor is lying or merely ignorant of the facts about Lincoln. But plainly, Lincoln himself wasn't fool enough to think that all or even most of the negroes were going to be "colonized". By proposing citizenship and the vote for negroes, he was laying the groundwork for his legacy, the multiracial wonderland the USA has become today.

Thanks, "honest" Abe!

Anonymous said...

You can’t make this shit up:

Lucius Vorenus

Anonymous said...

On the topic of colorfuls being unable to maintain what white people built, here's yet another example:

Entire Baltimore Metro system to close for a month for emergency repairs

This reminds us of the very similar problem in DC where the Metrorail system was just plain neglected by its colorful employees, leading to severe service interruptions, emergency repair programs, etc. Rail operating employees are also notoriously unsafe, having run over a number of their own track workers. Apparently that wasn't enough for them, though. One train operator not only didn't slow down in an area where repairmen were on the track, his speed was so high that it would have been well over the limit under normal operating conditions, and he almost ran over two federal inspectors. Metro tried to fire him, but the (colorful-dominated) union was fighting it, and likely won.

Firing "the sick, the lame and the lazy" on our colorful transit systems is next to impossible. Example: For many years the escalators in the subway station entrances kept breaking down. Finally a GAO investigation revealed the truth: Metro maintenance workers were not doing the required maintenance, but instead were pencil-whipping it, leading to inevitable breakdowns. Metro had to call in outside contractors to do the work while their own slug employees continued to get paid for not doing their jobs.

The DC Metro started off as a great transit system, designed and built by whites, but now it's operated and maintained by colorfuls, and the result is inevitable.

This is hardly news, as evidenced by this article from six years ago:

Excerpt: "Ninety-seven percent of the bus and train operators at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority are black, with only six white women out of more than 3,000 drivers, according to Metro documents — a lack of diversity at one of the region’s largest employers that has led to an acknowledgment of failure in affirmative-action documents and spawned a series of lawsuits.

The homogeneity, interviews with dozens of current and former Metro workers indicated, is a proxy to a clubby culture of favoritism in which merit has little to do with promotions, and accountability, such as noting safety violations, is a career death knell. In typical examples, court and Metro records show, a black man who spent eight years in prison for dealing PCP was promoted to a high-level management position soon after his release, and whites in the same positions as blacks with far less seniority are inexplicably paid less."

Mr. Rational said...

Without cheap-labor loving southern planters who prefered to enslave black people rather than hiring more expensive white people

False premise.  Whites, slave or free, couldn't work the tobacco and cotton fields of coastal Virginia.  They had no immunity to the diseases of the area and died like flies; Whites on 7-year indentures might last 6 months.

Even ignoring the human toll, a colony can't pay for 7 years of labor and get only 6 months.

So long as tobacco was in demand, the warm parts of N. America were going to belong to whoever could make them profitable enough to be worth defending.  The Spanish and Portuguese had no problem with importing Africans (look at Brazil, Honduras and Cuba today) so the result of the English refusing to do so would have been a Spanish-speaking country where the USA is now, and maybe a competing French one north of the St. Lawrence and perhaps south to the Ohio.

Yes, it really came down to who was willing to use the available farm equipment.

Anonymous said...

Without cheap-labor loving southern planters who preferred to enslave black people rather than hiring more expensive white people to work the large land tracts that were given to them by crony British politicians, we wouldn't have this huge problem now. Lincoln did at least want to send the negroes back to Africa (or to Panama) if possible.

Life in the early days was very tough and you'd have had a hard time getting anyone to voluntarily go there to work under such harsh conditions. There was never a question of "hiring" anyone for higher wages, as labor was in short supply and the working conditions were brutal.

It will probably come as a surprise to most, but for close to 200 years the early British colonists used white Irish slaves to work the fields. Coming from a cooler climate with typically overcast skies, with insufficient food and no medical care, they died in droves. Africans proved more able to deal with the hot, humid environment and were more highly valued as slaves than the Irish. Buy a copy of the book Proclamation 1625 and read it for yourself:

When one thinks of slavery in America, the only thought that comes to mind is Africans picking cotton in the fields of America. What many Americans don’t know is that the Irish preceded the Africans as slaves in the early British colonies of America and the West Indies. They toiled in the tobacco fields of Virginia and Maryland and the sugar cane fields of Barbados and Jamaica.

For over 179 years, the Irish were the primary source of slave labor in the British American colonies. Proclamation 1625 is the unveiling of the true and untold history of slavery in America. King James I’s Proclamation ordering the Irish be placed in bondage opened the door to wholesale slavery of Irish men, women and children. This was not indentured servitude but raw, brutal mistreatment that included being beaten to death.

The Irish were forced from their land, kidnapped, fastened with heavy iron collars around their necks, chained to 50 other people and held in cargo holds aboard ships as they were transported to the American colonies.

During the early colonial period, free European and free African settlers socialized and married. Intermarriages existed in the colonies for over a hundred years until the birth and evolution of white racism. The Irish and African slaves were housed together and were forced to mate to provide the plantation owners with the additional slaves they needed.

The British abolished slavery in 1833. This act emancipated the Irish slaves in the British West Indies. America abolished slavery in 1865. None of this freed the Irish to the degree they wanted because America had classified them as ‘colored’ and treated them accordingly. It was only after the ruling class accepted them as ‘white’ that they could finally say: “I’m free, white and 21.”

Proclamation 1625 is for those who want to know the true and untold history of slavery in America.

Despite what the Irish went through, they are nothing like the colorfuls and don't blame any problems they may have on "duh man keepin' me down" while living in squalor.

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Put a bunch of white people on an island, get England.
Send a bunch of white colonists, get America.
Send white prisoners, get Australia.
Put a bunch of Asians on an island: Japan.

Blacks/Africanson an island: Jamaica, Haiti, Madagascar.

Any questions?

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2:34pm- Oh my God this Black Panther movie propaganda is really kicking into warp drive... did everybody see that you can buy the action figure of the main character for 270 dollars
Walmart's going to need a lot more locked shelves. Armed guards as well.

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Brian in Ohio: "Decades passed, and the best anyone could think of was a single rope... Truly Wakanda."
Truly a low-trust society. They never made a permanent installation of that rope (or even two ropes, or three - which would be easier to cross). Because they knew some other Wakandian would see it the next day, hack it off with his machete, and steal it. Instead, they had to bring two full basketball teams to manually hold the rope from both sides of the gap.
Whites say, "This is why we can't have nice things."
Wakandians say, "This is why we can't have things."

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Lincoln also killed more Americans than any other president.

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chattanooga gal said...

I think someone on here once commented that beaver dams were more complex than African homes.

A more telling comparison that Vox Day likes to quote, is that a dung beetle knows how to make a rudimentary wheel to roll his burden home, but no African ever figured the trick out.

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Portuguese Masons built the bridges with the aid of locals. The Ethiopians have it recorded in the history books.

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Limiting your spending to $100 per month requires planning and future time orientation. Shoronda would have blown that $10000 in less than a week.

Also, did you mean LaTrina or Latrine?

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Why did you post that link! I went over there and spent two hours commenting. Those people are so sad, but as I said, this is their religion and they're every bit as fanatical and zealous as any "Christian". It's scary because they, like every fanatic, won't live and let live. They are determined to force our conversion, or kill us when we refuse. We've seen this all before, haven't we?