Wednesday, February 28, 2018

'The Wakandan Curriculum' Goes Viral in Public Education, Ensuring Both White Guilt and Non-White Rage Towards Whites Increases

"I swear to you wherever you go, wherever you are, I vow there will always be daggers buried in notes... They will be flung into doors of your children's children's children, do you hear me?" -- Hook, 1991

Paraphrasing the threat made by Captain James Hook to the grownup Peter Pan (played masterfully by Robin Williams) in the otherwise uninspiring Hook, no matter where we go, no matter what we do, they will always follow and never stop threatening us. [The Viral ‘Black Panther’ Middle School Curriculum Provides Parents Real Insight: The curriculum finds ways to engage with the most beautiful aspects of the movie while asking vital questions that are central to its critique,, 2-22-18]:
Marvel’s (well, Ryan Coogler’s) afro-futurist opus Black Panther has obliterating box-office predictions, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of cheerful moviegoers. The “Wakanda Curriculum” an in-depth movie companion designed to help students “engage more critically and thoughtfully with the film” is now make rounds on the internet as parents grapple with how to talk to kids about the film, which touches on issues related to the African and African-American experiences. 
It's a religion now for blacks, fueled entirely by resentment of whites
Broken up into two sections, pre and post-viewing, the curriculum opens with two lessons vital to understanding the films undertones — “The Legacy of Colonialism in the African Continent” and “The Legacy of Slavery in the United States.” After learning about the definition of colonialism, students dive into the Transatlantic slave trade, “Colonialism’s long-lasting effects,” and “Slavery’s legacy today.” 
These are just building blocks meant to get  students to understand how slavery and colonialism facilitated “Global Anti-Blackness,” before they start discussing “African Cultural Representation in Black Panther.” The curriculum comes equipped with various classroom activities meant to illustrate the wiles of colonialism on “a very basic and less violent level” 
Tess Raser, the curriculum’s author, says that it’s meant for kids in grades five through eight, but can be taught to high schooler’s as well.  While the curriculum presumes that students have had some experience studying the African continent and colonialism, it does well to lay the groundwork for those concepts. 
The second, post-viewing, section covers character attributes and nterpretations of three of the films main characters T’challa (Black Panther and the King of Wakanda), Killmonger (the not-so-villainous villain), and Suri (the princess and genius behind Wakanda’s technological advancements). After exploring the characters, the lesson plan dives into subjects like “the role of Black women in Wakanda” in order to get students to compare it to the role of black women in our own society. The final question posed to students by the Wakanda Curriculum aims to tackle the most divisive aspect of the film, is Wakanda a pillar of poisonous “Black elitism” or an “Afrofuturistic Possibility” that can be built on global black solidarity.
At the end of the curriculum, students (well, kids) are presented with the question that kids all over the country have been subconsciously grappling with since the film came out last week: “What Would You Look Like in Wakanda?”
#WakandaIsntReal, but the black narcissism it has spawned is exceptionally real and a haunting reminder there can be no peace. They truly believe European colonialism of Africa halted Wakanda from being birthed, and they believe even more feverishly continued systemic inequality in a white supremacist society prevents Wakanda spontaneous eruption today. [What ‘Black Panther’s’ Wakanda can teach us about Africa’s history — and its future, Washington Post, 2-28-18]

They'll never stop threatening. In every note they write henceforth, the script will be nothing more than white guilt inducing tropes.

It will truly be 'Wakanda Forever', for they seek to make a religion out of Wakanda.


Julie said...

I am a 3rd grade educator. Our school and most schools in my state were given advance copies of The Black Panther. All our teachers used this wonderful movie to prepare class curriculum.

The story made our African-american students so excited. They immediately identified with the black characters and you could tell they were so proud. There was a really small uptick in aggression from the children of color. Some, just some and not all, African-american kids began to beat the non-African-americans in what seemed to be a frenzy of pride after seeing the movie. The injuries were not severe. One little white girl had her left eye stabbed by an excited African-american kid. But the little girl still has her right eye and it is healthy and working fine. The school district immediately issued her an eye patch.

There were a handful of third and fourth grade African-american children that fashioned spears from items in the classroom and became a little bit aggressive. But other than small puncture wounds, the non-African-americans were largely uninjured. Those that were severely hurt received immediate medical attention.

Having watched the movie, I thought it was just terrific. It is about time that Hollywood began to show the positive developments in Africa.

AnalogMan said...

Incredible. And intolerable. Can we stop pretending, now, please?

Non PC Infidel said...

The only thing greater than the narcissism of blacks is their sheer stupidity and propensity for self-delusion. Now that they've egotistically and quite idiotically decided that wakanda could of or would of been real if not for the white man, nothing will ever blast that retarded idea out of their tiny, unevolved simian brains nor stop them from ooking and eeking excitedly about it. Now we'll have to put up with even more low IQ fat mouthed negroes spewing a load of wakanda/ bullcrap while strutting around all puffed up and full of themselves. Black Idiocracy on full display. It's pitiful, pathetic, moronic, annoying, disgusting and hilarious all at the same time. Who let the tards out? DUH! DUH! Who let the tards out? DUH! DUH!

Don't be surprised if you eventually see stupid negroes dressed up in costumes from the movie standing on street corners and berating passerby about how they beez da original wakandans and beez superior to ebberbody else and sheeit. If you see that, just tell them, "Yeah, you're so full of wakanda, it's coming out of your ears."

Good God! It's all so stupid, it just makes me cringe!

Anonymous said...

They will never stop threatening because they have nothing else.
No heritage, technology, no culture.
They abscond with the culture of others, hoping that the reality of the African continent will be ignored by the willfully ignorant.
The sub-Saharan Black African culture is devoid of ANY advancements of A society, let alone a mildly advanced one.
If one subscribes to the evolutionary theory, that is even less favorable to the Negro. As the origin, or near origin, of the human species, they would have had the greatest amount of time to advance. But, they didn’t.
They have no wheel, no advanced cultivation of crops, no written language, a primitive oral language, no tools, no simple machines. The subsisted because they lack the ability to advance.
The Negro is a beast of burden, a less intelligent sub-species that brings little benefit to a modern society. We see it here first hand. Everything bad is because of whites.
Did they have advanced crop cultivation?
Nope, Africa has taken farms from whites in Zimbabwe and promptly suffered famine.
Did they have a rich written history?
Nope. Even today, illiteracy is a challenge as the Negro is more adapt to games of skill and strength than intellectual development.
But they were Kangz in Africa.
Not really. Tribal warlords is more accurate.
To this day, even fellow countrymen are starved because of tribal rivalries.
White people have made the world a better place and are blamed for it.
We wuz Kangz.
Just don’t drink the water your majesty. A little kid just shit in your water supply.

D-FENS said...

The founders of Fatherly magazine are Michael Rothman and Simon Isaacs. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

If I might address Afrofuturism: Think of the most shit hole black country in the world...Haiti...that is the negro's future without whites to take care of them.

They talk of colonialism in Africa and make it look bad. How about Hong Kong, wasn't it a part of the British Empire. Why did Nigeria turn out like shit, but Hong Kong is one of the greatest success stories on earth? IQ makes a difference, but blacks are too stupid to understand that they are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Stop this crap dead in its tracks. Completely.


Or your children will have to fight.

Times up...

Californian said...

As I say, it's a race war, but a most peculiar one. In this race war, only one side is fighting: the Wakanda-Americans.

I do not use the term "Wakanda-American" facetiously. You have numerous blacks seriously identifying with a fictional homeland. An entire mythos has been created out of pulp print and CGI, one blaming YT for black failure and then promising the earthly paradise of Wakanda. Bear in mind this is a fantasy for a demographic with a median IQ of, what 85. It does not have to make any sense. Wakanda also has to be seen in light of the ongoing efforts to agitate blacks, including the inception of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Of course, we must look for the Man Behind the Curtain.

"Black Panther," the comic book or the movie, was not created by blacks. Nor has the funding for BLM come from blacks. It has been media giants, Soros, the Clinton campaign, corporate foundations, and many more who have ginned up this mythos. The goal, apparently, has been to use Wakanda-Americans as cannon fodder in their perpetual revolution against White civilization.

Of course, Wakanda itself is a miserable fraud. No matter what Wakanda-Americans do, they can never create such a high-tech civilization. They can not even maintain White cities which have been handed to them over the last several decades. The reality of Wakanda-America is to be found in Liberia, Haiti, South Sudan and the ruins of Detroit.

This affair does indicate the ease with which Wakanda-Americans can be manipulated by information ops. Useful information for when Whites wake up and start promoting their own interests.

Whites face a two front war:
One is against massive black dysfunction, violence and delusion.
The other is against the people who pull the strings on Wakanda-America.

As for YT:
Stay armed
Stay alert
And continue the struggle

Anonymous said...

There is an HBO documentary I just saw called 'Traffic Stop.' Can you guess what it's about? That's right - innocent black gets pulled over by rayciss white police. At least, that's the narrative HBO wants you to take away from it; in reality, the black woman who gets pulled over repeatedly goes apeshit even though no one's threatening her. The cop tries to explain why she is being detained, and why so many blaxx are arrested in general, but all she can do is find different ways of saying "Dat's rayciss!" Literally, you could make a drinking game out of how many this woman says the 'R' word ... you'd be wasted in five minutes!

Anonymous said...

Brainwashing orcs to hate and kill Whites....bad times ahead.

I realized White Americans are suffering from Battered Wife Syndrome - we're being abused and told that it's our fault (slavery).

Time to resist, and reverse.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ms.Raser is a big BLM supporter.bit even lists her (then current) address.

Paintjob Theory said...

"In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of society must be brought under total control, i.e., must be housebroken, trained, and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter. In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated day-care centers for the occupationally orphaned children.

The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquillity for the ruling upper class. " ----Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Don't think for a minute the purpose of any of BRA is to benefit or appease blacks.

Mr. Rational said...

they seek to make a religion out of Wakanda.

They build out of sticks and wakanda, and turn everything else into wakanda.  Why wouldn't they make a religion out of it?  It's all they know.

Am I the only one who looked at the bald sheboons in their rubber suits and thought "ye gods, how UGLY!"?

The sub-Saharan Black African culture is devoid of ANY advancements of A society, let alone a mildly advanced one.

Indeed.  This filler of the gap, this thing to "join the rest to Man", is at the end of its evolutionary fitness.  Let's return its habitat to the mountain and lowland gorillas, the gazelles and zebra and lions and elephants.

If we had a fantastically wealthy civilization which could put every last African in off-planet space colonies, we should do it just to watch them implode and die once left to themselves.  They'd probably fight to get on the transports if you just gold-plated a few things to make them shiny.

Imagine all the ways they could find to kill themselves, and which one would get them first.

chattanooga gal said...

They explain away their failures in Africa by saying that, even if they were given a fully functioning modern society, such as S Africa, they can't keep it going because they were never educated properly or trained in the running of electric companies, etc. Of course, they never explain why after many years none of them would think to try to GET the proper training, so 100 years from now they will still be using that same excuse, much as blacks here still use slavery as an excuse for not achieving, no matter how many years have gone by, and how many gibs and set asides.

Exador said...

As others have pointed out, Africans existed for thousands of years before colonialism. Where was all the inventing? The fertile crescent was just as accessible, yet that development went everywhere else in the world EXCEPT subsaharan Africa. Why is that?

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Reality for negroes sucks, so is it such a stretch to see that they get all jiggy about a fantasy world where negroes are actually competent and capable?

Anonymous said...

The nogs have had millennium to build Wakanda so where is it?
There is a burnt out eyesore mall here locally that is an economic wasteland for blocks around the mall.
Maybe they could lobby for this space to be made into Wakanda.

Anonymous said...

Calypso Louie thinks he will soon zip off in the mothership to Wakanda:

Anonymous said...

This all boils down to - We Wuz Kangz n' Sheeeeeeiit. The negroes delusion is beyond compare.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Julie! You're students are so fortunate to have such a caring and progressive teacher. And let's be honest here, the white children probably had it coming.

Anonymous said...

I try to do my part. I avoid blacks at all costs. When forced to be around them, I ignore them and their "looks at muh" nature. I don't donate a dime to any cause that may go to blacks. I refuse to pander to them or the social justice warriors who speak so glowingly of them. I refuse to support black businesses. And you won see me at a showing of Wakanda.
My situational awareness is always on high alert any time I'm near them.
Racist? No. Simply the power of association. I've seen enough of their anti-social behavior over the years to know I don't want to be a victim. I refuse to willingly associate with those that are dangerous, dysfunctional and incredibly dumb.

Californian said...

As usual, good comments:

Incredible. And intolerable. Can we stop pretending, now, please?


Good God! It's all so stupid, it just makes me cringe!

Virtually every aspect of Wakanda-America is a manifestation of delusion, sustained by the increasingly labyrinthine falsehoods which must be told to justify black failure. Look at how scientific effort of genetic differences in IQ, violent crime rates, and etc., is suppressed and replaced with, well, a movie about a totally improbable black hi-tek kingdom, somewhere in Africa.

What is doubly disturbing is how people are expected to smile and pretend and chant the party line on "equality," no matter how stupid it is. The fact that Wakandans have wrecked every institution which White people value goes by the boards.

This is why we have to keep the Internet free and clear. It is a front in the ongoing infowar insurgency, the war to restore sanity against the rising tide of Wakanda-America.

Anonymous said...

And never mind that the United States did not participate in the Scramble for Africa nor the Berlin Conference.

Anonymous said...

Julie is soooooooo enlightened.

Here on my university, we are holding a film festival: "From White Supremacy to Wakanda: 400 Years of Struggle in Film."

The program is very diverse, with lectures by progressive, leftist and marxist film makers. We explore how from the time of Columbus, white supremacists made movies to justify slavery, colonialism, apartheid, segregation and micro-aggressing. Slave traders forced beautiful black African-Americans to watch movies on slave ships with titles like "Picking Cotton: an Exciting New Career" and "The Overseer: Everybody's Friend." Anyone who talked during these screenings was thrown to the sharks which still circle the slave ship routes in the Atlantic.

But then on the plantations, a revolutionary movement began, called the Underground Movie. Revolutionary black African Americans used the tunnels dug by the Underground Railroad to show movies about rising up in revolution. As the movie "Lincoln" shows, the American Civil War was really an uprising by revolutionary African Americans who revolted against slavery.

Unfortunately, during the terrible era of segregation, beautiful black African Americans were forbidden by segregationists from eating popcorn in theaters, even though they had picked the corn. On top of that, movie showings in the South often began with a lynching. The word "matinee" has its origins in the "mats" which lynching parties would use to carry away the bodies of lynching victims. Fortunately, television came along and with re-runs of movies like "Selma" and "Red Tails" on the Late Show, civil rights triumphed.

Today, Hollywood continues this tradition of resistance with "Black Panther." We congratulate Julie and her enlightened school district, and look forward to more exciting reports about her students.

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Turn on the TV and you see intelligent, successful blacks, in control if their emotions and impulses. Go out into the world, and you see low IQ subhumans behaving as they always have.

Anonymous said...

A middle-scool compendium for....a fucking COMIC BOOK MOVIE? Forget blackwash like "afro-futurism"'s a COMIC BOOK FAIRYTALE. It's not historical, it's not a damned documentary. This isn't what Africa would be like if evil whitey hadn't colonized it.

Geeze I'm trying to imagine my elementary school handing out a compendium for "Superman" back in the 1970's because Krypton is real.

Anonymous said...

^^^ effing idiot

Anonymous said...


You mean the (((people))) who pull the strings, right?

Miss Lee in Commie California said...

Here it is in a nutshell: I don't care about "African-American" issues. They are manufactured issues. They need to shut their pie-hole and go to school and get a job like the rest of us.

Julie, I love your posts.

Anonymous said...

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Looks like this could've gone down a few ways and sadly they were "friends" on social media. The ape in the ointment? You guessed it!

(A white woman mysteriously disappeared from in front of her home, leaving the door open and the 1 and 3 year old alone, signs of a struggle...)

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Just wait. Liberal politicians are going to be falling all over themselves to heap praise on this brain dead piece of garbage. Surprised Hillary and Chelsea aren't already tweeting about how thoughtful and insightful it is. They need those negro votes to supplement their voter fraud. All this for a race that couldn't even successfully construct an outhouse toilet. Or even see the need for one.

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful. I think I will propose thar our City commission immediately hire a sculptor to begin work on a Black Panther statue to replace the confederate one removed last fall.

Anonymous said...

I've got a great idea I bet no one's thought of. Why don't we build separate schools for blacks and whites. That way neither race will be offended by the others agenda.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Yeah if these blacks could read this might be a problem. But reading is racist and sheeit.

It's Out of Control said...


The film is set in Africa, although basically only establishing shots were filmed there; Much of the principal photography of Black Panther was shot in Atlanta and South Korea.

The United Nations scene at Vienna International Centre was shot in Atlanta's City Hall.

Footage for the Warrior Falls was filmed in Iguazu at the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Sets for the casino, the Great Mound, the Throne Room or the City of the Dead (inspired by the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia), were built in Pinewood studios.

The city of Busan in South Korea served as the location for many of Black Panther’s scenes.

Black Panther was also filming on location near Dongseo University and the north area around Sajik Baseball Stadium.

Well it's kinda telling that Africa itself was little used in this fantasy, maybe the trash heaps by the roads in Lagos, Nigeria, would have been a bit more appropriate.

It's Out of Control said...

As happens at Julie's school, our district celebrates Black History Month with a look at the achievements of black people:

• inventing the peanut
• using a pyramid to fly to the moon and back
• vibrantium diveritium
• and making basketball more "inclusive" by not enforcing the rules about "traveling." (Kind of like the PROMISE program, let's not get lost in the weeds on rules and criminality.)

We plan to weave this new film "The Black Panther" into our Black Experience syllabus.

Current films include "Glory," "The Jackie Robinson Story," "A Raisin in the Sun" "and "Foxxy Cleopatra," with their inspirational themes about how hidden figures such as Shaft helped with the Manhattan Project.

As with Julie's pupils, some of the Wakanda-Americans in our classes have gotten a little "rowdy" and gone a bit Nat Turner on their classmates, but nothing you could really compare to say Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Anonymous said...

If they can watch Black Panther in Detroit, can they also watch Detroit in Wakanda?

Anonymous said...

The only time that blacks are tolerable is when they are appropriating white behavior. Even that’s stretching it. I have absolutely no problem turning them lose to their own devices. Stop helping them and their shit hole countries. Let them rise or sink on their own. Very tiring.

Californian said...

There is a burnt out eyesore mall here locally that is an economic wasteland for blocks around the mall.

The mall has been Wakandized.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Chinese or Russians will take the guff we do, surely not 100 years from now.

My guess is that by then, blacks in Africa will be killed off while the ones in Europe will freeze/starve to death (or perhaps the pickaninny children will perhaps have enough white in theme ft of revert to a caveman like state.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they went in that direction...

And returned with slaves!

tradcon said...

This wide-spread white-bashing/black-agitating propaganda will ramp-up to the mid-term elections later this year and then will ramp-up again down-the-road leading up to the 2020 national election. As Steve Sailor has repeatedly pointed out, the statistics clearly show that, to win in many districts/states, the Dumbocrats need a lot of black women (because black men rarely turn-out to vote in significant percentages, unless someone like the GayMulatto is running) to be sufficiently agitated in order to be motivated enough to turn-out to the polls in large numbers. It's their best voting bloc, most often voting +90% dem.

Anonymous said...

But...muh history.
Yay! We made it through that awful month.
Bad enough that it is the worst weather month of the year but to have muh history everyday is just too much.
I had to put up a White European cultural firewall the last two days of the month.
Cultural classics always get you through the hard times.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Walk in to your local dispensary and ask the clerk for a gram of Wakanda.

Anonymous said...

I heard several dozen Tanzanian albinos were hired to play Wakandans but they were eaten before filming started.

Anonymous said...

There has to be one city, town, burrough, village, township, in the world, that is 100% run by blacks that functions in a first class manner. Someone out there must know of such a place. I’m giving you the whole world. Anyone? Just one place. Low crime, good schools, clean, good economy. C’mon guys, can’t be that difficult...or can it?

Anonymous said...

Hey it's time for some humor. Story from Corsicana, TX.(Dallas). A statute of an ape (maybe dressed in a Confederate General's uniform?) was removed from a community playground because it was offensive to a certain demographic. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

It’s almost too late for all you haters to visit a real Wakanda. This coming summer vacation surely will be one of your last opportunities to visit a real Wakanda right here in America. White guys have come into “Wakanda “ and have started to whiten it. Gone are the empty dilapidated buildings. A lot of the streets have been swept and are litter free. You still have time to see the Wakanda like neighborhoods. You know, rats, filth, garbage, potholes, etc. visit with the Wakanda families but be prepared to duck and cover. Especially around gas stations and fast food restaurants. Get a map to michigans largest city and enjoy. Hurry though, the white people are ruining what took the blacks sixty years to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 6:30am. I’m afraid that your burned out mall and it’s surrounding environs are indeed Wakanda. Look no further, you have found Wakanda right in your own backyard. Were you expecting something different? We are all race realists. We know Wakanda when we see it. Not the fictional version. The version we have lived with since childhood.

Anonymous said...

Hurry though, the white people are ruining what took the blacks sixty years to accomplish.

Here's a book title: "The Detroit Story: 60 Years to Wakanda."

Anonymous said...

My wife is a teacher. I told her about Wakanda and the theft of ideas. She giggled. Knowledge can be shared. It cannot be removed from a people. Look at the intellect involved in making a myth.

True, I suspect South Africa is well on the way to becoming another shit hole. So much for the pyramid flyers.

Detroit Refugee said...

Great post from Julie as usual.
Hook. Wow, haven't heard that in yrs.
We had a Hook Pinball Mach. In a Wyandotte bar, I think Goldstar Bar on Vinewood.

Detroit Refugee said...

Used to be a fascinating contrast between Detroit & Grosse Pointe. Connor, Alter, 94-Jefferson & everything in between. There was a dilapidated farm market/fruit stand, it became known as the Obama Mart, due to the large face mural after his 1st term. They painted a huge watermelon next to that. Silly Dindu's.

Anonymous said...

Thats why it's called acting.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the film must be saturated with state of the art subliminal messages and mind altering brain waves.

Cause & design?: For the same purpose child soldiers were used. they have experience with that method. What better way to stir the pot. Indoctrinating the next generation of chronic complainers, comminity destroyers & city killers.

Planting the victim seed early, in a highly ecceptable, naturally violent, low IQ'd mind. Would cover ground an army couldn't gain. The motivation "is not" advancement for people of confusion. It's a mold for a new wrecking ball to hammer the foundation of this nation.

I have a sign over my shop door : Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

Anonymous said...

You know there is no Wakanda. If there was, the U.S. would be paying out the nose in foreign aid.

Anonymous said...

Today's news. Wakanda (kenya) doctor performs brain surgery on wrong patient. You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

The groids that I encounter are always bragging about or just plain one upmanship on the kinds of electronics they have, including the latest cell phones, cable devices,and of course cars. They never shut up especially with their money schemes while knowingly they are taking advantage of their own kind. OT anyone see what is happening in San Antonio at UTSA , a NO WHITES allowed for an new magazine, see the comments.

Susan said...

This is another piece of government propaganda designed to keep blacks agitated and hating whites. The corrupt US government is behind all these hate whitey movies, and this insane school curriculum associated with Black Panther. Blacks are so dumb that they believe all this shit, and it keeps them hating whites and wanting revenge. Blame the government for this continual divide and conquer mess.

SKIP said...

"t they get all jiggy about a fantasy world where negroes are actually competent and capable?"

You mean like ALL cop shows and nearly all commercials? :-)

Anonymous said...

We certainly know (((who))) is behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

"The nogs have had millennium to build Wakanda so where is it?"

Wakanda is a computer simulation just like The Matrix.

Anonymous said...

Wakanda, where every street is named Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kersey, I enjoy your website and wish you all the best. You make the alt-right proud to be white by exposing blacks and other groups that want the destruction of the white race. Good luck in all you do my friend!

Anonymous said...

PJT, truer words have not been written on these pages.

Anonymous said...

We already have a space colony. It's called Africa. Just leave Blacks there and stop importing them. It can be done, but we must get control of (((them))) first.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt about it. Don't associate. Just like that lady in Virginia recently found out. Still want that "cool Black friend", White folks?

Anonymous said...

That's some interesting info, although not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Why panther though?

As if we all don't know

Negro's look and act like monkey's. With none of the simians redeeming facet's.

With an ooga booga here, a jibber jabber there,
here a hoot, there a click,
ebbawhere a chikkin wang.

No feline grace or aesthetic harmony to be observed, in all history.

Short of anthropomophic projection of the aforementioned by imbecilic parroting jellyhead's or malevolent liar's/circus exploiter's.

Who stand to gain from such risibly shyster mendacity.

If black's were beautiful, their lives mattered,their power was anything other than the power of entropy, malaise, blight horror beyond measure, suffering and death, it would go unsaid.
It would be a given.

The male's and female's are uniformally hideous and contrary to all concept's of beauty/utility by any measure, on any scale, that isn't inverse to observable empirical data/reality based observation.

M&f, not man or woman.
Which in order to qualify, it is prerequisite to be human.

Even sin must feel like a hollywood dollybird by comparison to the acme of all that is,
and will ever be,
loathsomely ugly.

And i imagine even a black plague canvassed for an honest opinion,would view larping as a negro, to aquire reflected glory, as beneath its dignity.

When a cat looks at a King its not sizing up a Kang Kong Koon.

Here we see why...

Man Friday

Anonymous said...

Seek God and His word. It will help you with all your anger, sadness and self pity.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Susan please, the government is not a sovereign entity. The ((deep state)) is a real and well document reality who gives the government it's marching orders. The gov't alone doesn't originate anything that is not a part of an overall agenda. This is not conspiracy talk, this is reality to anyone who hasn't "drank the look and".

Anonymous said...

"Seek God and His word. It will help you with all your anger, sadness and self pity."

Pray what is owed to your kind is never delivered.

I pray the opposite.

Man Friday