Saturday, March 31, 2018

Black In-School Suspension High School Teacher Arrested After Threatening to "Execute every White Man He Gets his Hands on"

Previously on SBPDL: Two Blacks, Affiliated With Black Panthers, Planned to Bomb 90% White Elementary School in Birmingham Suburbs and Then Kill Police/First Responders to Start a Race War

A black in-school suspension coordinator at a high school in Connecticut (with a 92% non-white student body population) threatens to "execute every white man," saying he couldn't wait for the '[Black] Panthers to give the ok and a revolution begins because he will execute every white man he gets his hands on.' [High school placed on lockdown after staffer threatened to 'execute every white man,' police say, Fox News, 3-30-18]:
A high school in Connecticut was on lockdown Wednesday after a school employee who wanted to “execute every white man” threatened to go on a killing rampage, police said.
Has CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times or the Washington Post highlighted this story? 
A suspect identified as Carl Lemon, 63, an in-school suspension coordinator at Harding High School in Bridgeport, was charged with second-degree threat and breach of peace, the Connecticut Post reported. He was released on $5,000 bond. 
Officers responded to the school following an alert of a possible threatening situation. Dane Brown, the school’s principal, said the man made threatening comments to a teacher. 
Police claim Lemon said he hates white people and couldn’t wait “for the panthers to give the OK and a revolution begins because he will execute every white man he gets his hands on.” 
The school staff member also allegedly stomped on an American flag and told students in the classroom that “This is what I think about it.”
How many other black people across America harbor the same anti-white view s as Lemon?
During the police investigation, Principal Brown said she found an anonymous note in her mailbox regarding Lemon’s troubling behavior. 
“Mr. Lemon talks about shooting whites a lot! He watches radical stuff during class. I am scared he will do something … he is crazy,” the note reportedly read. 
Lemon previously faced charges of creating a public disturbance, disorderly conduct, and harassment. The charges were later dropped.
Why is Fox News afraid to mention Carl Lemon, who wanted to "execute every white man he could get his hands on," was a black man?

Why are we so afraid to acknowledge the depth of racial acrimony blacks harbor toward white people in the USA?


Anonymous said...

Another good post PK. I have a few questions I'd like to throw into the mix, though.

1) Although the media goes pretty far out of the way to not point out any of the TNB unless it's a glaringly obvious case such as this, how many other episodes like this DO manage to get swept under the rug and down the memory hole?

2) For every episode like this that does generate a police response (((but with no news coverage))), how many other events or threats never get called in at all because the threat is just dismissed out of hand as a "harmless rant" or "blowing off steam"?

3) How many other people out there harbor these same kind of attitudes / beliefs / resentments but have enough self-control to keep their mouth shut as they finalize their plans?

Are these some disturbing questions? Probably . . . but I'll bet if we got honest answers to them, the answers would be more disturbing.

Try to have a good Easter, everyone.
Let the people that mean something to you know that they are special to you. I think quite highly of the commenters here. We have some of the sharpest, funniest and most insightful posters to be found in any corner of the interweb-thingy.

I'll conclude with a reading from the Book of Brian. Specifically, Brian, Chapter 9, Verse 11:

Stay alert, stay alive.

Here endeth the lesson.

Anonymous said...

You asked many good questions Mr. Kersey! What are the news people afraid of?

The negro was out of sorts because he wanted to shoot white people. Well, I suppose that is his decision, but did he know that white people can shoot back? Oh yes...just speaking for myself, I can shoot a bit of fluff off a rabbit's ass without hurting the rabbit; I have done that before while out hunting.

People like that need to be shipped to Liberia.

Anonymous said...

OT: This is who is in charge of deciding people's fates.

Anonymous said...

During the police investigation, Principal Brown said she found an anonymous note in her mailbox regarding Lemon’s troubling behavior.

How convenient. Principal Brown receives an anonymous note reporting Lemon’s troubling behavior before the investigation has been completed, and she probably pretends that the note is the first that she has heard of the problem. In her AA mind she has fooled investigators by being all proactive and on top of things by reporting Lemon’s behavior before the investigators complete their investigation and tell her about the problem. She probably repeatedly says that she wishes that someone had reported the behavior sooner because she would never in a million years tolerate such behavior at her fine school. It is almost a certainty that the good Principal knew and approved of Lemon’s hate of white people and his behavior at school long before she received the “anonymous” note. Listening to AA bullshit is tiring.

Anonymous said...

‘ A black in-school suspension coordinator at a high school in Connecticut (with a 92% non-white student body population) threatens to "execute every white man," saying he couldn't wait for the '[Black] Panthers to give the ok and a revolution begins because he will execute every white man he gets his hands on.'

Delusions of adequacy old man.
If the NBP party issued a defacto kill order for all whites, the groid population drops precipitously over night.

nokangaroos said...

He dindu nuffin ... jes watchin Black Panther oftener.

But annonimas WAYCISS note?! If dat aint jes likem peckerwood mofos.

Anonymous said...

Then why don't they just leave?

The (((left))) wants us to believe that the idea of a racial "divorce" is unthinkable. But such separations have happened all through history. In fact after the 2nd world war and the 19th century Balkan Wars(not the 1990s wars) such ethnic displacement was welcomed.

I can't help but lol at the (((powers that be))) trying to cow dissent by making an example of Laura Ingraham. They are suffering a major narrative collapse and their only answer is to throw all their chips in and try to bluff their way out of this.

Are we still asleep?

I don't think so.

They need to leave.

Anonymous said...

One way ticket to Liberia please.

Anonymous said...

What kind of bomb would one of these dummies even make? They can't even pull their own pants up!

Anonymous said...

" He was the
father of two boys, ages 1 and 3.
Friends and family have
described him as fun-loving,
devoted to his family. He loved
football, video games, shoes and
was trying to turn his life around,
they said."

The Stephen Clark shooting is only remarkable in how unremarkable it is. 22 years old. 2 kids. "Fiance"/Baby mama. No job. No father. No education. Rap sheet(including domestic violence)

What were you doing when you were 22 years old?

Brute said...

Personally, I think talk is cheap. I'm not particularly worked up about it.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop said...

He's just speaking what 90% of them are thinking. They want the white man's world without the white man in it. We all know what would happen to them if that actually came to pass. Sadly, (actually predictably) this will not make it on the news but if a white person said this it would be national news.

Anonymous said...

O/T the situation in Sacramento keeps heating up, and if you haven't watched any of the videos of Stephan Clark's brother then you are truly missing out. The guy is a bigger attention whore than David Hogg and he seems to be absolutely loving being the center of attention and getting to interrupt everything and boss everyone around- including the NAACP and the one and only Al Sharpton. The circus has it all, collapsing "grieving" grandmother complete without tears, and Benjamin Crump ready to institute another shakedown. I found myself punching the table in fits of laughter watching this stereotypical black spectacle unfold.

Here is the funeral. I missed many groidal aspects, you have to watch it to catch them all:

Skip to the thirty five minute mark. He is a parody of himself, watch how he makes everyone put up with him and his rude, entitled behavior. Don't forget to watch the others- he doesn't disappoint.

Anonymous said...

White liberals attempt to bond with black and brown diversity by throwing the rest of us under the bus. It doesn't really build any bridges, but it sure does help with black and brown resentment. I have seen much of it firsthand, the double standard against whites is accepted as normal.

When we are told that we are all the same and that the only reason blacks and browns aren't at the forefront of technology, innovation, discovery, industry etc. is because some form of white oppression. What else could explain it? A different culture, values, work ethic, future-time orientation, evolving for thousands and thousands of years continents and oceans apart?

Most Sub Saharan Africans have a lower IQ than American blacks but at least they know that they are stupid in comparison to their European and Asian counterparts. They don't wonder why Wakanda hasn't arisen- only misled American blacks do.

I've been making a point to read through each of the Face to Face with Race articles, and an excerpt from this one goes into better detail:

"To begin with, there is ample evidence that African blacks feel inferior to whites. The reasons for this are not hard to understand: In most of the ways that count in today’s world, blacks as a group are generally less able than whites and are not so foolish as to fail to recognize this. Most Africans are indifferent to the emotionally charged refusals by whites — typically those with the least contact with blacks — to recognize racial differences. My own basis for saying that blacks accept these differences is my experience of talking to hundreds of Africans. "

Mr. Rational said...

Derbyshire's "The Talk: Nonblack Version" point 9 is apropos here:

"(9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming."

Given the circles Derb runs in, what he perceives as 5% is probably closer to 20%.  That's about 8 million, pushing twice the population of Liberia.  If racism is a crime, every one of them should be removed from the street.  I prefer recolonization, so that their "oh woe is me, I never knew how good I had it" narratives offset the (((Marxist))) hate machine here to some extent, but only a limited number can go to the country founded for that purpose.  Prison and dirt naps work as direct prevention but don't deflate the hate machine.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they list his ethnicity on his booking sheet? It is NOT a social construct.

Anonymous said...

"Execute?" And this orc doesn't think white people are going to fight back? This homo erectus would be in for one hell of a shock if he attempted his "execution spree."

Anonymous said...

Wow! In-school suspension monitor? He's not actually a teache. The teachers I had growing up always said how they weren't babysitters, but this guy actually is. Even if a kid is suspended, rather than dealing with consequences at hime, they just suspend them in the school. Nice to see the affirmative action hires really are as qualified and gentle a creature as (((Hollywood))) tells me.

Anonymous said...

A certain group amongst us think that by making the USA more 'diverse' it makes it safer for them...guess who?

NOW does it all make sense...?


Anonymous said...

President Trump....I know you check in on this site and the comments each morning with your coffee (as so many thousands of us patriots do) so I'm going to address you here:

Now is a critical time in our nation's history. It all comes down to a decision that you have to make...right now....before the Summer gets going....

Negroids amongst us are a cancer - rotting our national body from within. You know it. But you have to be so careful not to state it as you will have the media and the Left use anything you say to bludgeon you with. It's been amazing watching you tiptoe around any issue to do with Negroes. You are a genius.

But the time to act is now...this stalemate cannot must act and let loose the millions of patriots who want a strong country, not a nuclear armed Brazil full of mystery-meats causing chaos for the dwindling White population.

So, what I ask is that you pick the appropriate time...and get involved publicly with a Negro issue. Take the White side and watch the black hordes go bananas. A huge Cat 5 Summer chimpout will rally the Whites and separate the orcs from their support system. The Whites on the sidelines will see the true nature of the beast and join you.

So, one opportunity may be the Sacramento case. Maybe state on Twitter that the cops aren't getting fair treatment, or that the dead black was a criminal. Something you can actually defend and be correct with. Or there may be other cases like Darren Wilson or Trayvon where the Truth is hidden by the media. If you support the White side and cause a nationwide Chimpout your support numbers will surge and you will have great success in the midterms.

Use this opportunity well. Let the groid hordes loose....

Anonymous said...

Erasing your history, White man...

Things are heating up...they soon will demand every White statue be taken down nationwide...let the mud hordes take over demographically and I guarantee that will happen.

Your move...

Anonymous said...

Yea, where is this covered in the (((mainstream))) news??!! A White teacher doing this would be 24/7 headline news on CNN.

Utter disgrace; our country is a joke.

ot: this fine young man needs to be the new face (snout) of the Black Lives Matter movement. Hopefully he gets nonstop media coverage. His antics are straight out of the monkey house. Let him represent American blacks.

Ricky Tucker said...

"Police claim Lemon said he hates white people and couldn’t wait “for the panthers to give the OK and a revolution begins because he will execute every white man he gets his hands on.” I can't wait either Mr. Lemon, I hope it's the same day as the GOVT orders mass gun confiscation, it'll a glorious day.

Roberto said...

What the hell is an "in school suspension coordinator" ? My local high school doesn't have that. Oh yea, because its maybe 1% black. FFS

Brian in Ohio said...

1) Although the media goes pretty far out of the way to not point out any of the TNB unless it's a glaringly obvious case such as this, how many other episodes like this DO manage to get swept under the rug and down the memory hole?

2) For every episode like this that does generate a police response (((but with no news coverage))), how many other events or threats never get called in at all because the threat is just dismissed out of hand as a "harmless rant" or "blowing off steam"?

3) How many other people out there harbor these same kind of attitudes / beliefs / resentments but have enough self-control to keep their mouth shut as they finalize their plans?

My first thought exactly.

Sure this guy got arrested... because he said it in Connecticut. You could hear this sort of talk in any Atlanta or Baltimore public school teachers lounge on any day of the week, and none of the other faculty would bat an eye, let alone call the police.

As to your third question; on some level, all of them. Don't think for a second that we wouldn't be facing the same fate as the South African Boers if they had the numbers here.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

What were you doing when you were 22 years old?

Was on my second deployment with a MEU(SOC) in the Gulf of Aden.

Good times.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

Because (( they )) know that if they give the groids an out-of-school suspension then there goes the neighborhood! Hide your wife. Hide your kids. Hide anything of value! Hence the ISS AA hire to handle the "misunderstood" groids. Whoever said it, YES, this country IS a JOKE !!!!!

Mr. Rational said...

This is who is in charge of deciding people's fates.

The prosecutor and "judge" who decided the fate of Theodore Wafer look just like that.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

Redundant! Disgusting! Repulsive! Irredeemable! Decrepit!

There is only one way out of this colossal mess white man....

Love the letter to President Trump !!!! And I agree 100%!! The timing couldn't be better... the stars are aligned... and there not in their favor... in the slightest!

Anonymous said...

In kneegrow "comedian" Chris Rock's bestselling book from about 20 years ago Rock This!, he includes a charming anecdote about an older male relative-an uncle, I think.

The uncle is, of course, a groid-and he's married to a white woman. Anyway, the uncle used to supposedly say on a regular basis " I love______ (whatever the mudshark's name was), but if there's ever a race war, I'm gonna kill her right off the bat, just to show I mean business"

Then, Rock writes, after everyone is laughing (because that's such a funny story) the uncle would protest and say, "No, I mean it".

What charming people. And how many white cucks bought the book and made it a bestseller?

James said...

Wait a minute! Are you telling me that Bridgeport, Connecticut, has a school that is 92% non-White? I thought that Connecticut was only about pretending that "diversity is our strength", not actually making an area a shithole. But, apparently

"In Bridgeport, 39% of the population over 15 years of age are married, 53% speak English and 33% speak Spanish. 46% of Bridgeport residents were born in Connecticut, 18% were born out of state, 8% were born outside of the United States and 29% were foreign born."

In addition, the population is 35.5% negro. This compares with the State percentage of 10%, with 13% Hispanic. Whew! I was worried. Apparently, they still keep the blacks in da ghetto, da ghetto being Bridgeport and other less affluent areas. And here I thought that the yankees made sure the South was the only area that had to deal with Wakandians.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

What were you doing when you were 22 years old?

I was (still am) working a full time job, enjoying my single life when I could outside of work, saving money to buy a house, you know, them typical things most civilized YT's do...

Oh, and lol, I like that... in the Book of Brian, Chapter 9, Verse 11

Stay Alert 🚨, Stay Alive!

God Bless all of you & Happy Easter !!! Enjoy !!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said What kind of bomb would one of these dummies even make? They can't even pull their own pants up!

True. I remember a previous article on SBPDL where a couple of them were making plans to blow up the St. Louis arch. Their plan fell through when the EBT card that one took from his girlfriend or baby mama wasn't sufficiently charged up with funds so they were unable to purchase a bomb. A white bomber would make his own bomb. The most advanced attack we need to plan for when the Panthers say go would be a few attacks with rifles. The orc shooter Micah Johnson, who stated that he wanted to kill white people, killed several cops in Dallas before he holed up in a bathroom where law enforcement blew him up with a robot. Then there was Christopher Dorner in California who went on a rampage and ambushed several people before he holed up in a cabin and either killed himself or was burned alive when the cabin burned. Although Dorner did manage to ambush and kill a few unarmed people, almost everything that he attempted turned out badly. He was unable to steal an escape boat, and he broke his escape pickup truck and had to walk to a cabin where his life ended. The most successful homicidal blacks that I recall would probably be the DC shooters several years ago who sneaked around in a vehicle shooting unarmed people through a port in the trunk of their car.

This small number of marginally successful black killers were formerly in the military or law enforcement and probably would be considered top tier killers by the Panthers. They used rifles.

If the Panthers give the kill whitey order and blacks become homicidally energized it will probably be more like a Zulu attack. If whites are prepared, have a plan and are willing to use deadly force, the attack will end quickly. After the initial ambush where rabid orcs kill a significant number of unarmed white people, whites will retaliate and blacks will be scattering like cockroaches when the lights come on. The South African battle of Blood River and the events leading up to the battle exemplify this pattern. Blacks are simply incapable of planning, organizing, and executing the kind of plan that is required to kill all white people. I can think of no case where blacks defeated armed whites in equal numbers. The larger problem will be the white idiots who support the blacks.

It is very important that whites never allow themselves to be disarmed. It is also understood by ((others)) that whites must be disarmed to be defeated.

10mm AUTO said...

Actually, this is extremely sickening.

This negro is in the same building with your daughter or son. You can't protect them at a distance and the school can't or will not protect them when the time comes. When the NBP party (the military arm of Nation of Islam) really goes full on White cleansing, you will probably hear it on the news as some far away "incidents" in some far away city, (if at all) right up until they are looting your neighborhood.

The fact is, the negro hates you.

Your uniform is your skin color, and the negro knows that the aging White population will soon be less than 50% of the population of the USA. Do you think we will be treated better because we are less than 50%, or worse? Will we be treated fairly with negro police officers, judges, prosecutors that forgive every black crime or (as Obama did) insist that Whites get punished in equal proportion to negros.

Look at the websites just under the search term "2040". The news media CELEBRATE the passing of Whites as though it were the passing of a rain cloud, a natural event.

Our extinction is government policy. It can be changed. It can be reversed. However, to say so is crimethink.

This negro isn't an anomaly, but a representative of a larger part of the negro population that is watching and waiting. Watching and waiting worked in Rhodesia, it is working in South Africa and it is working in America.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Military chump!

Anonymous said...

That look in his many times have we seen it? From behind a counter at a fast food place or store, at the DMV, at any government agency where they are burrowed in like ticks and love to make whites cool their heels while they take their time. The hate that no matter how much they try to hide always shows in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the school have handled this as an internal disciplinary issue? I mean, we don't want this poor young man of color to become part of the "school to prison pipeline." I'm sure he's already turning his life around.

Pat Boyle said...


It's Sunday. It's beautiful outside and my mind wanders.

I started reading "War Before Civilization" The author - an anthropologist - muses about how ideas have changed about the Maya. I remember that very well. It wasn't long ago that all media claimed that the Maya were 'philosophers in the jungle' - a deeply spiritual peaceful people who studied the stars and contemplated eternity.

That was true in the eighties. Then Mayan script was deciphered and all those ideas were discarded. This book tells me that there had always been plenty of evidence that the Maya were a bloody barbarous people devoted to murder and torture but that the accepted and acceptable fiction of their saintliness dominated mainstream academic anthropology.

I went to the Yucatan around this time. I was shown the cenotes where the Maya murdered thousands of teenagers. Mel Gibson showed a much more accurate vision of the Maya than you got in the best university anthropology departments.

Today no believes all that quasi-Marxist-liberal nonsense that was taught just a generation or two ago. So this raises the question - will there be a similar reversal of opinion about Africans and African-Americans?

It's hard to perceive a social revolution when you are right in the midst of it, but I think public attitudes towards blacks are changing even as the government doubles down on pushing the paintjob theory. Science discovers 8% Ghosts in the African genome and the Feds make all TV commercials show blacks as wise and virtuous. Whites keep sustaining shocks to equality theories with every headline, If they keep up with the scientific literature they experience even more shocks.

If you watch the tube today you would think that blacks have high IQs, low crime rates and are as noble and saintly as the Maya used to be - a race of Sidney Poitiers from "Lilies' of the Field".

It could all change. Given recent historical tempos it might all reverse in ten or twenty years.


Pat Boyle said...

I hate to repeat myself, but let remind you again that the Tuskegee Airman legend is a hoax. The George Lucas movie is particularly deceptive.


D is for depressing said...

“for the panthers to give the OK and a revolution begins because he will execute every white man he gets his hands on.”

Mr. Lemon, I have an acquaintance I'd like you to meet.

Mr. Lemon meet Smith N. Wesson

Smith N. Wesson meet Mr. Lemon.

Detroit Refugee said...

Doing @ age 22 ?

22/23 was the best year of my life thus far. Good family , many material goodies, booming family owned company. None of the problems this dead black criminal had whatsoever.

Detroit Refugee said...

One of my best friends knew Tim.
Worked w/ him, lived a mile or so away. Seeing his name here, I can't help but share this; a black lady at work asked me about this case as it was being tried @ 5 yrs ago?

She had no idea I'm a friend of a friend. It's just that race is 100% on their minds. Told her my connection, afterwards she became very cold.
Can't say that bothers me.

Detroit Refugee said...

From childhood throughout life up to & including work today, I'm tied to a 1,000 or more boaters/hunters/fishermen.
If forced to organize & protect women & children the groids will only succeed at making the Detroit River black n red.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on April 1, 2018 at 5:03 AM said:

Why don't they list his ethnicity on his booking sheet? It is NOT a social construct.

Did you look at the correct attachment? Both of the attached images can be viewed in a larger format by clicking on them. The booking slip lists his name right above the face forward mug shot. Reading from L-R, top to bottom to the right of the photos, the booking slip lists Lemon's info as follows:

Line 1) SSN followed by date of birth.
Line 2) Race followed by Sex.
Line 3) Height followed by weight.
Line 4) Hair color followed by eye color.
Line 5) Ethnicity followed by skin tone.
Line 6) Arrest # followed by date of arrest.
Line 7) Age at arrest followed by Incident #.

No hits from the FBI or SID databases, no known aliases. Lemon's (presumably) current address appears below his right side profile mug shot.

Okay . . . ethnicity left blank, but an entry made for race, along with all the usual physical descriptors such as height, weight, eye and hair color. If anything, I expect there to be some protestifying by the local SJW brigade because the Race spot was typed up as "Black" instead of "African-Amercan."

Anonymous said...

How many "youths" did this professional babysitter mentor with his kill Whitey ideas during their "in school suspension" timeout breaks?

rex freeway said...

When I was in the 6th grade my school had a Purple haired White Woman for principle. There was a Negro in my class that was bigger than any of the teachers and most feared him. We had to use ink cartridge pens to write with. And this loser didnt have one and took mine. When the teacher told him to return it he snapped it in half. He was an easy 2 ft taller than me so i could do nothing.
Told my father about it and the next day he went in to talk to the principle. I sat outside her office and listened. She told him that she could do nothing. My dad said he would give her today to get him out of the school. Or he would be back and do it himself. Then he told her that wasnt a threat, it was a promise. He was pulled from class that day and we never seen him again. Pops had no problem calling a spade a spade. If more were like him half this crap would never happen.

Pioneer Spirit said...

But I wonder what our grandchildren will do. I see them easily voting away gun ownership as they volunteer for Eloi status.

Anonymous said...

Rex, your dad was tops! Sounds like he was probably a legend in your neighborhood.

Paintjob Theory said...

"But I wonder what our grandchildren will do. I see them easily voting away gun ownership as they volunteer for Eloi status."

What you are witnessing is a half dozen naive sociopath attention whores being used as sock puppets for (((George Soros))) and his tribe. IMO if the best front men they could find out of an entire high school is the group of unlikeable rabble we have seen paraded around it is very encouraging. Consider extreme Marxism, political correctness, and fuck whitey is the current (((mainstream culture))). Teenagers typically rebel against whatever they're told the mainstream culture is. I predict the generation of young people in high school right now will produce a white nationalist leader that would make Hitler blush. The (((media))) will never show you the young men and women with those viewpoints. Do not believe ANYTHING you see in the media. Every single bit of it is carefully crafted propaganda designed to manipulate you.

"If the Panthers give the kill whitey order and blacks become homicidally energized it will probably be more like a Zulu attack."

Considering you can't get 30 of them together for a funeral or baby shower without them murdering each other I predict that any large gathering of armed negroes will not make it far. Their ability to coordinate and cooperate for anything more involved than a gang rape or flash mob is proverbial.

Happy Easter to you all.

Lee in Commie California said...

They are fixing to burn down Sacramento. Did you see the Don Lemon interview with the choirboy’s brother? Bat shit crazy. Have we tallied the number of police officers executed by blacks this past year? I think the blacks are ahead.

Anonymous said...

Let them riot.
The more they chimp out on a grand scale, the more reasonable people fail to care about the “racist” label and embrace reality that surrounds them.

Anonymous said...

By demonstrating proper firearm ownership, use and care. Then providing them with firearms for their own use, once they reach legal age.
It wasn’t that long ago that at age 10, every boy got his first 10-22.

Lee in CC said...

Rex, good for your Dad. I have a similar story. In 1971 they started busing black kids from the hood to my high school. What a culture shock. Loud, intimidating, cutting in line. I had not decided to dislike negros at that time because I was a young hippie. Right off the bat the school gives them a black student union. No white kids in there. There’s a picture in my year book of a group of them, fists upraised. Yikes. One mean little black bitch decides she does not like my sister for absolutely no reason. Every day this black pos hit and terrorized my sister. I witnessed this and did nothing. I was scared to death. The teachers did nothing. After a couple of weeks my sister finally tells my dad. Dad went down to the school and the abuse stopped. That girl was not expelled.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

I doubt if “the white idiots who support the blacks” know which end of the tube the round comes out.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

After the Sandy Hook event, the State of Connecticut passed a gun control law that required that “assault rifles” had to be either surrendered or registered. The resulting NON-compliance rate is estimated at somehing like 85% or about 350,000 weapons. That doesn’t include bolt-, lever-, pump- actions and shotguns. The state police number about 2,500.
I used to work in BPT in the early 80’s. It was a total shithole then with areas where the police wouldn’t go. I was once sent on a job interview in BPT and was told that the place would be easy to find because it was next to an abandoned building ... which was about as helpful as saying it was next to a maple tree.
At one time the FBI ran a drug sting operation in BPT and arrested the mayor and chief of police ... who claimed that they were running their own sting operation to arrest the FBI agents.
Bridgeport deserves to be nuked.

Anonymous said...

If you've ever lived in Connecticut you wouldn't be surprised for a second that this happened there.

Anonymous said...

At age 22, I was going to junior college full-time on the G.I. Bill, and helping my disabled father by cooking, cleaning, and maintaining his house.

AnalogMan said...

The war is already on. We're all sitting around waiting for permission to fight back. It's not going to happen.

I sent this link to my children today and made them promise to watch the whole video. It's ugly, but it's necessary to understand the predicament we're in. Persevere to the end.


Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said:

"I hate to repeat myself, but let remind you again that the Tuskegee Airman legend is a hoax. The George Lucas movie is particularly deceptive."

And I would add, for a very informative and fascinating background on this topic Pat Boyles you tube video on the Tuskegee Airman.

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

I've lived in CT, it's a really great state in the fact that it is VERY segregated. Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, and Waterbury are all crime filled shitholes, thanks to blacks & Hispanics, but the rest of the state is full of quaint small towns, pockets of wealth, and good restaurants in the middle of nowhere.

Awakened white said...

You hear that YT? As for me, the ammo stockpile just got ten feet higher.

Bill in St Louis said...

O/T, but in response to your mention of the Laura Ingram "controversy" , i was just amazed at how fast David Hogg was able to respond on his twitter feed with a complete list of her sponsors to boycott. Its almost like he has an entire team coaching him, clothing him, cutting his hair for public appearances and writing his speeches. [sarc]
The narrative is no longer what they wish it to be, and when control is lost, Pricipal Wakanda may just get his wish. Like the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, cause TY shoots back.

Anonymous said...

Bill in St. Louis:

He DOES have an entire team. It's called Media Matters and is run by Soros toady David Brock, who also employs an army of trolls to spam comment sections on conservative web sites. They worked extensively to try and get Hillbag elected and have been working double-time trying to interfere with Trump.

This is what we are up against...organized media cults like Media Matters that have a choke-hold on the broadcast media. If Trump has done anything, his targeting of the media is probably right at the top of his accomplishments (and long overdue). The question is, what do WE do next? The FCC is never going to hold CNN accountable or pull their broadcast license. So we continue to live in a world where orcs like Principal Wakanda won't even be reported by the news, and every black shooting by cop is portrayed as a crime against "humanity."

Pat Boyle said...

Lucas' movie is basically a pack of lies. It is rather like the Wakanda movie - a fiction crafted to flatter blacks.

The first charge is that the black pilots were stuck with second hand and second rate P-40 fighters. The film implies that the white pilots got the P-51 Mustangs. Nonsense. The film says that the P-40 was like "my father's old Oldsmobile".

The P-40 (made famous with the painted-on sharks teeth by the Flying Tigers) was in constant production throughout the war. Curtiss factories ran at maximum capacity. It was used in many theaters. It couldn't dog fight with a Zero or fly as high as a Messersmidt Bf-109 but for the bombing and strafing of Panterleria, which was where the Tuskegee Airmen were at the time, it was the best plane available. The white pilots flew it too. The P-51 Mustang came later when they swapped out the Allison engine for the Packard Merlin. The P-40 was a fine ground attack fighter that all pilots of both races flew.

This whole theme about blacks getting inferior planes seems to have been a George Lucas invention.

When the high flying long range Merlin Mustang became available the Tuskegee Airmen flew those on bomber escort missions. This is where we have more Lucas fabrications.

There are three major claims about the Tuskegee Airmen flying bomber escort.

1.) The Airmen never lost a bomber. Simply false.
2.) The Airmen were preferred over white escort pilots. True.
3.) The Airmen flew close to the bombers while the white pilots went after the Nazi planes. Also true.

All pilots had flown close support in the beginning of campaign. But that was a disaster. Losses were so great they stopped all daylight bombing for a while. But then Doolittle, feeling the pressure of Operation Pointblank, changed tactics. He ordered the escort fighters to fly ahead and hunt out the German planes. All fighter pilots then left close support and attacked - all except the black Tuskegee Airmen who were exempted. They continued to fly close support. The Luca movie gets all this backwards. It claims that the whites were so cowardly and undisciplined that they refused to stay with the bombers but just flew off seeking glory. Ironically the Army had investigated just this kind of behavior of the Tuskegee Airmen when they were flying in Italy.

The bomber pilots liked having the fighters stay close so they were not happy with Doolittle's change in tactics. They liked the black piloted escorts which had been exempted from the new tactics which made them feel more vulnerable.

It's possible that Lucas shot his film and told its ass-backwards story out of simple ignorance. Lucas is no expert on military subjects. Or its possible that Lucas consciously lied so as to elevate the poor record of the Tuskegee Airmen and defame the record of the white pilots.



PAT, if you accept the Conspiracy Theory of History as the explanation for "History", as I do, then Lucas knows exactly what he was doing.

Trash the White Man
Glorify the negro.

Movies are propaganda. That is why just about every Movie Studio has been owned or controlled by one groups since the very beginning of Movies. The goal is the subjugation of the White Race.

Movies are designed for that. Written for that. Casted for that. That is the point of movies. Not profits, not fact, not truth....only Propaganda. They don't need to make money since the same group "prints" the money.

Anonymous said...

Centurion that's as accurate as anything I've read in a long time. CORRECT, they don't need to make money because the same group prints all the money. It's the same with porn. Why do you think they flood society with it FOR FREE? Because it's designed to destabilize and destroy us, not make a profit!

By My Greybeard! said...

AnonymousMarch 31, 2018 at 11:44 PM:

“...answer is to throw all their chips in and try to...”

I misread this w|o my glasses as
‘answer is to throw all their chimps in and try to...’― that gave me a laugh!

Coming back today, and w|my reading glasses, I see that the word used was “chips”....

That started me thinking: perhaps the mis-read was closer? ;-D