Wednesday, March 28, 2018

#WakandaIsntReal: Only Blacks Can Be Citizens of Liberia, an African Nation Where 73% of its Gross National Income Comes from Foreign Aid

Are you sitting down? 


Take your time. 

Pull up a chair. 

Have a seat. 
The American Colonization Society bestowed Africans in America their own nation in Africa. In 2013,  73 percent of Liberia's gross national income came from foreign aid... #WakandaIsntReal


Because here's your shot. [Trump to let temporary legal status for Liberians expire, Axios, 3-27-18]:
President Trump announced Tuesday that he will let the Deferred Enforced Departure status for Liberians expire on March 31st as is scheduled and will not extend legal protection for them to remain in the U.S. Recipients of the special legal status who have been in the U.S. since 2002 will have a year before forced to leave the U.S. 
The backstory: The special legal status was first implemented in 1999 shortly after Liberia's civil war, and has been extended every year by Clinton, Bush and Obama. The White House's statement says that Liberia "has made significant progress in restoring stability and democratic governance" and has also made progress in preventing Ebola outbreaks. The Department of Homeland Security has recently announced the end of Temporary Protective Status for those from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan.
Okay, how about another shot? [A Decade of Aid Dependence in Liberia, Huffington Post, 8-13-2013]:
A decade ago, the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement ended 14 years of civil war in Liberia.  
Under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf — the first female head of state in Africa and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 — much progress has been made. Elections have been held, debt has been forgiven and economic growth has been impressive. 
The government has signed up to a host of international standards and best practices, related to everything from natural resources management to government transparency. 
Since 2003, the international community has poured billions of dollars of aid into the country. In 2011 alone, OECD data indicates that Liberia received $765 million in official development assistance, 73 percent of its gross national income. Hundreds of international NGOs have set up offices and deployed staff to manage projects. 
The United Nations spends more than $500 million a year on its peacekeeping force, which a decade after the peace agreement still totals 7,500 troops. 
In spite of all this, Liberia is still one of the poorest countries on earth. 
More than 50 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty on less than $0.50 a day, life expectancy is just 57 years, the population is one of the least skilled anywhere and illiteracy is above 60 percent. The U.N. ranks Liberia 182nd out of 187 countries on its Human Development Index, and Liberia was recently featured toward the bottom of Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer
Still sober? 

Seriously, you must have a buzz going, right? 

Well, here's the chaser. [Liberia Considers Allowing Non-Blacks to Become Citizens, Breitbart, 3-14-2018]:
In his first annual message to the legislature in January—roughly equivalent in ceremonial significance to a State of the Union address—Liberian President George Manneh Weah called for eliminating the “unnecessary, racist, and inappropriate” constitutional clause that bars non-blacks from becoming full citizens of his nation. 
Liberia’s top Muslim cleric responded this week by warning that black citizens would be marginalized and oppressed if the rules are changed. He accused Liberian residents who are not black of harboring dual loyalties and criticized Weah for appointing two Christians as his religious advisers instead of naming a Muslim. 
In his address to legislators, President Weah said the constitutional requirement that all citizens of Liberia must be black “may have had every reason and justification” when the document was framed in 1847, because the country was mean to be a safe home for former slaves “fleeing from the oppressive yoke of slavery imposed upon them by white slave owners.” 
“This may have been appropriate for the 19th Century and for the threats and conditions that existed at that time,” Weah said. “However, here in the 21st Century, I am of the view that these threats no longer exist, and that conditions have changed. In these circumstances, it is my view that keeping such a clause in our constitution is unnecessary, racist, and inappropriate for the place that Liberia occupies today in the comity of nations. It also contradicts the very definition of Liberia, which is derived from the Latin word ‘liber,’ meaning ‘liberty.’”
No way you are sober now.

Who fears a black planet?

Knowing the history of black Liberia(the Liberian Nationality Law), a nation where Africans in America were recolonized and had a chance to build their own Wakanda, you better believe the fear of a black planet should be real.

All too real.

Not only did Weah criticize the blacks-only requirement as a racist anomaly in a more enlightened age, especially for a country that models itself on America, but he frankly explained that allowing non-blacks to become citizens, apply for dual citizenship, and obtain full property rights was vital to the “development and progress of this country.”


Awakened white said...

An dindu planet? It be worse than a comet hitting the earth.

Anonymous said...

Stop the thread, we have a winner!

Kyra said...

Here’s all you need to know about Liberia,the Worlds Largest Litterbox.

Awakened white said...

Thanks 7:54! Blushes. Haven't been on SPBDL in awhile but I'm back.

Anonymous said...

Since 2003, the international community has poured billions of dollars of aid into the country. And what do they end up as ? A shit-hole full of negative profits.

Lee in Commie California said...

You give them their own country and surprise. A shithole. Speaking of shitholes, O.T. but the blacks are fixing to burn down the state capital here in my native California over, you guessed it, one of their fine upstanding black citizens being shot and killed by police. Of course he dindu nuffin they cry! 22 year old Stephon Clark was described by family members as a good dad to his 2 kids and they admit, he did have some trouble with the law in the past but was “turning his life around.” Yes they said that. So the blacks have been blocking the streets for several days now and are frustrated that the two police officers in question are not being charged with murder. I think they are ahead in the blacks killing cops contest but they never mention that. So get ready. They’re going to burn down Sacramento and the government there will let them do it.

Anonymous said...

I love this site!

Where else but SBPDL would I learn that these hominids carry "ghost DNA" lol!

A euphemism for non-human DNA. Science will save us from this madness and return us to sanity.

Thank you, Mr. Kersey.

10mm AUTO said...

Every White should apply! That way we have dual citizenship, just like the chosen (((people))).

AvoryGirl said...

I doubt that many non-blacks have ever found the law barring them from citizenship in Liberia to be much of a problem. LOL.

Would any of you be unhappy if the city of Detroit passed a law banning non-blacks from moving there?

Anonymous said...

The bloody violence of Charles Taylor's cannibal soldiers of Liberia:

Every form of black depravity, dysfunction, and stupidity from human sacrifice to public defecation is on display in Liberia:

One tidbit I learned is that the freed slaves sent from America to Liberia became slave owners. I look forward to the amusing confused and convoluted responses of white liberals when I tell them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break it to him, but whites have to be in charge and have to make up a substantial percentage of the population if they ever want to break shithole status.

Anonymous said...

I watched tonight's episode of the popular sitcom 'black-ish'. I'm confused: white people are supposedly lame and annoying, but the black family in the show does everything it possibly can to act white, talk white, dress white, live in a fancy white neighborhood, etc.?

What's the point of being "black" if you're not even ... black?

Anonymous said...

Liberia Considers Allowing Non-Blacks to Become Citizens
All they need now is a clever marketing campaign, and they'll begin to see a massive influx of intelligent, well-dressed, well-mannered, delicious wypipos.

Tom Brady! You just won the Superbowl! Where are you going now?

Ohio Machinist said...

Hahaha , golden . 😂😂😂

Anonymous said...

And all the foreign Aid is from WHITE countries that are not allowed to do business in Liberia it seems...

Al Goldstein said...

A country of only black people, headed up by a woman? Progressive post-modernist utopia. Send all the left wing activists there.

Anonymous said...

IIRC Haiti also has a similar provision, except they're generous enough to allow white females married to blacks to become citizens.

Anonymous said...

73 percent? That's pure poppycock, sheer and utter nonsense!

Actually, it ain't!


Anonymous said...

Christ on a crutch! Ummmm... If this costs 50 bucks and I can do it over the internet using a copy of my VA ID I'm game to stand in a virtual line to become a White Liberian-American! If I could send all that and a valid passport picture and get my very own prestigious Liberian passport! Surely a handsome $100 will get me a passport with a hand woven palm frond case, or perhaps a black leatherette case with the respect inducing glory of, "Old Stinky"! Yes, the Liberian flag!

Anonymous said...

SAN FRANCISCO -- Five people have been struck by a van in San Francisco in a hit-and-run incident, police say. One victim has since died, according to a hospital spokesman. CBS San Francisco reports that police spokeswoman Giselle Linnane said the incident happened at around 10:24 a.m. local time in the city's Dogpatch neighborhood.

A witness who chose to remain anonymous said it was a dispute between a driver of a van and four or five people on the street which led to the driver getting out of his van and chasing after the people with an ax or a hatchet. The witness said the people were able to disarm the man and chase him back to his van, where he then got back in the vehicle and drove onto the sidewalk and into the group at high speed.

The witness described the driver as dark Hispanic or light African American in his late 30s to early 50s with a scruffy beard, matted hair and a plaid shirt. It appeared to the witness the man was living out of his van, described as a white GMC with a partial license plate number 165.

The driver's name is Mark Dennis, CBS News' Jamie Yuccas reports, and police arrested him shortly after the incident.

Brian in Ohio said...

For your consideration, Mr. Kersey.

Fraud at a "historically black" university. I`m shocked! Shocked, I say!

Hell, I just figured defrauding government programs was a class they taught at such places.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Iron Sharpens Iron said...

It's kind of awesome knowing that huge check I had to stroke to the IRS will be wasted on negroes in Liberia who are too stupid to wipe their own ass and want to kill me, all at the same time. Hopefully, there's some money left over to load up few thousand EBT cards for Shaniqua, Traverious and friends in Section 8 housing.

We all have to do our part.

Paintjob Theory said...

Back in 2002 I worked at Logan Airport for a bit managing a retail shop in one of the terminals. I met a fellow named Thomas from Liberia (better than half of the employees of the airport were foreign nationals, most of whom were non white). He was a nice enough bloke, we would chat when I took my smoke breaks and we took turns buying each other coffee in the mornings. Thomas worked long hours as a porter with the goal of saving enough US dollars to return home to live like a king in his native homeland.

Mind you, he was dumb as a box of rocks. Conversations were around the level that you would expect to have with a human 6-8 year old child... so figure old Thomas was probably on the high side of the Liberian bell curve to have there wherewithal to actually GTFO of Liberia to earn a living and have the future time orientation to plan for a future. He would buy clothing (apparently boots were as good as gold back in the old country) and the occasional shitbox car which he would ship back to family he had in Africa who would parlay these trinkets into getting his house built for his eventual retirement.

I never heard how that panned out, but knowing Africans I can guess. I do hope Thomas returned home and built himself a little slice of Wakanda.

"It's kind of awesome knowing that huge check I had to stroke to the IRS will be wasted on negroes in Liberia"

Don't forget the 3 billion to Israel so they can maintain their border wall.... oh and the half a billion in "aid" we send to red China. Our largest export is dollars. Laugh all you like about Liberia but at least they have the direction of flow for (((foreign aid))) correct.

Mike Isbell said...

Thank you so much for all the work you do Paul.

The international community should just stop propping Liberia up by providing most of it's GDP, and let them remain a black ethno state, the problem (in cruel, but necessary Darwinian fashion) would sort itself out.

This should be the rule for all of black Africa. The west shouldn't take in refugees. The west shouldn't provide aid.

Let nature take it's course.

Anonymous said...

Only YT can help them break through "the glass shothole"!

Dagwood Bumstead said...

Err bod poda hep

Basso e Grasso said...

Is "ghost DNA" the same as bonobo DNA?


Do you think the Haitians will change their constitution?:

The Haitian Constitution restricted citizenship to Blacks and white women only.

The book is: LOST WHITE TRIBES by Riccardo Orizio, @2000, the Free Press (Division of Simmon & Shuster, inc.)

Page 135: From the Haitian Constitution of 1805

Article No. 12: “No white person, of whatever nationality, may set foot upon this territory as a land owner or master, nor may such persons in future acquire any property whatsoever”

Article No. 13: “The preceding article does not apply to white women who have been naturalized by the government, nor to their eventual offspring”


I "used" to have a CITI credit card. No more. Ever since those aholes started telling gun stores what they can, or can not sell legally, I cut up the card and wrote them a letter.

Not only did I tell them why they would find pieces of their card in my letter (envelope), but that I had just sent in the request for a NRA credit card !!!

F U CITI (((BANK))) !!!!!

I am going to us my NRA endorsed credit card everywhere !!!! I never go to a Starfucks Coffee, but my wife does, now and then. Next time I am forced to go with her, I shall pay with my NRA card and watch the idiot ignorant snow flakes have heart attacks. !!!!!

No more respect from me, liberals. You want to F with my life? Then I shall make yours miserable. You want war? You have it, and I fight more dirty that you.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 3 billion to Israel so they can maintain their border wall.

That's military aid which at least creates jobs domestically. I'm not saying I support it but good luck getting anyone from either party to even suggest ending it.

What really bothers me is that we give borrowed money to Africa for health care. We have uninsured workers here and yet we send billions to Africa. A lot of that money was increased by Bush II. They actually love him there.

Maybe Bush II should move to Africa if he thinks it is worth our BORROWED money. Both Bush and Obama can go work on Wakanda.

Bill in St Louis said...

Because back when they were all kings and queens and had flying pyramids, blacks spoke a highly articulated dialect, dressed well, didn't litter, or drop litters. Then evil YT stole thier birthright and enslaved them, forcing them to mumble, commit crimes and attempt to emulate us.

Californian said...

Note how countries which do not allow Whites to be citizens, or which actively expel White people, fare: Liberia, Haiti, Zimbabwe...they end up self-destructing within a couple decades. The economy collapses, the infrastructure disintegrates, civil order turns into a bloodbath, we know the drill.

So by all means, let's see a "Blacks Only" policy in these countries. Further, let's see all blacks everywhere move to these Wakandas-in-Progress. The rest of mankind can sit back on the sidelines and enjoy the show.

Pass the popcorn.

PB said...

"I "used" to have a CITI credit card. No more. Ever since those aholes started telling gun stores what they can, or can not sell legally, I cut up the card and wrote them a letter."

CITI are basically a money laundering operation for drug cartels. Thats how the survived the Subprime fiasco.

Rouetheday said...

Please white people, you must come to our beautiful Liberia...wait, what are you babbling about...a scorpion and a frog... I don't understand, stop talking nonsense...please come, come...

Great White North said...

I'm as fair to anyone as I can be, so I have to actually hand it to a black who will come out and say a law that "favors" blacks is also "racist". But we know that what is really going on here, is that they probably want to sucker Chinese and Indians there to somehow bolster their economy. And as others said, any white would be a fool to take up their offer, while they are still in charge/the majority. But still I hand it to this guy for at least trying to be as un-hypocritical as he genetically can.

Anonymous said...

So, freed American orcs enslaved the local orcs when they were given Whites.


But, when US citizens had plantation farm workers, and paid them with free housing, food, medical care, clothing etc, etc...were they really slaves? I mean, they were compensated for their labor. Just like now with welfare...minus the actual labor.

So, was it actually 'slavery'?

Just asking....

Anonymous said...

OT, but relevant. Days old article about the murdering of white South Africans, article is from Australia news site. MUST see comments from white SA's commenting on just how they are in peril.

Anonymous said...

Awakened white said...
An dindu planet? It be worse than a comet hitting the earth

Laughed so hard that I came super close to peeing in my pants. GREAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

For every billion dollars in aid poured into the country from (mostly) middle-income white Americans, Black despots take about $980 million for their own coffers. Think about that. - Luke

D is for depressing said...

Recipients of the special legal status who have been in the U.S. since 2002 will have a year before forced to leave the U.S.

Hallelujah! Kick them out. Good riddance. Can we do the same thing for Haitians and other proto-humanoids that don't belong in civilization? We don't need your stinkin' tuberculosis.

life expectancy is just 57 years

Don't worry. Their high birth rates will keep their population stable. White intervention with aid and modern medical care will perpetuate their suffering.

constitutional clause that bars non-blacks from becoming full citizens of his nation.

LOL! How many non-blacks are actually trying to become citizens of that shithole (presidential) country. Other people not being permitted to become citizens is actually a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Race Realist in Blackskin said...

For every billion dollars in aid poured into the country from (mostly) middle-income white Americans, Black despots take about $980 million for their own coffers. Think about that. - Lukethere is a talk or 10 on (((youtube))) about the Clintons dirty deals w the african warlords.

Anonymous said...

Scratching my head trying to think of a reason to stop them from burning down Sacramento. Can't think of a single one.

Let em burn it, their pets are turning on them.

Anonymous said...

Here's a case where if Whites simply ignored the problem, it would go away. What would happen if Whites decided to simply ignore blacks, leave them alone, and treated them like anyone else when they are around? No more foreign aid, affirmative action, free housing, EBT, free healthcare or free utilities. 95% of the world's blacks would starve to death within a year. Problem solved.

europeasant said...

Check out this article at the St Louis Post Dispatch, "'Black Panther' fans can find glimpses of Wakanda in Africa". This article claims that parts of Wakanda can be found in various places in Africa.

"JOHANNESBURG • Want to go to Wakanda? The blockbuster success of “Black Panther” has created a new, compelling vision of Africa as a continent of smart, technologically savvy people with cool clothes living in a futuristic city amid stunning landscapes".

I think they forgot to mention that Johannesburg is a White invention.

"The hidden, high-tech kingdom is fictional, of course. But the movie successfully weaves together many different aspects of the continent to depict Wakanda. For fans who long to visit, there are many real places to consider".

Looks like someone wants to drum up some tourism for Africa.

Anonymous said...

Well, for further illustration: even after 200+ years of 'independence', considering the current state of this place, located not far off the coast of USA, that in many ways is so abysmally degraded from its once highly affluent past, its indeed likely that its perturbed events that transpired in August 1791 probably did serve as a very graphic, clarion call for ratifying, in December of the same year in the USA, of the need bear arms...

Photon 5 said...

Awakened white said...
A dindu planet? It be worse than a comet hitting the earth.

It's sad when Dr. Zaius and Cornelius would be able to form a more orderly
society than the bootlipped bandits.