Thursday, March 29, 2018

Black Lives Matter? Black Peace Activist Shot By Fellow Blacks in 65% Black Memphis

Previously on SBPDL: Memphis Commercial Appeal's "Wounded City" Series on Gun Violence Fails to Note Blacks are Suspects in Almost Every Fatal/Nonfatal Shooting in the 65% Black City

Guns aren't killing Memphis.

Guns aren't the reason police form an army around heavily trafficked tourist areas in the city.

Blacks are killing Memphis.

"Ride of Tears" is an organization in Memphis trying to convince black people to stop killing/shooting other black people. One of their members was shot and almost killed by another black person...

Blacks are the reason police form an army around heavily trafficked tourist areas in the city.

Black people using guns for violent acts in Memphis is the reason the "Ride of Tears" organization exists. 

Which brings us to this. [Memphis peace activist shot, fighting for her life,, 3-27-18]
MEMPHIS, Tenn. - - A peace activist is fighting for her life after falling victim to the very kind of crime she's trying to stop. 
Choosey Parker was shot March 18 near the Purple Haze nightclub downtown. 
Two men have been charged in the incident, according to police records. 
Alan Neal, 27, of West Memphis faces aggravated assault and weapons charges. 
Frank Tuggle, 43, of Memphis also is charged with aggravated assault. 
Neal told police that Tuggle, who was at the club with Parker, attacked him armed with a handgun. 
Witnesses told police they saw Neal and Tuggle in a confrontation outside the club and heard multiple gunshots, but could not determine who fired first. Police said shell casings from two different weapons were found at the scene. 
Tuggle was shot in the leg, while Parker was shot in the abdomen and taken to a hospital in extremely critical condition. 
Parker works with a number of anti-gun violence organizations in town.She's a member of "Ride of Tears." 
They use mock funeral processions as a symbol that gun violence can lead to someone's final ride. 
They did one in July and now, they're doing one for Parker, who is still alive.Stevie Moore supports "Ride of Tears" and runs his own anti-gun violence organization. 
He says Parker films his events. 
"It's an energetic young lady that's trying so hard to be a part of something positive, save our community," Moore says. 
He's confident she'll pull through and says he needs her back. 
"I am convinced that she will shoot another film for me as soon as she's out and able to hold that camera and point it at me and what I'm doing," Moore says. 
He says what happened to her is another argument for stricter gun control. 
"A lot of people say guns don't kill, people kill. That's true, but if they didn't have no gun they'd have to kill 'em with ink pen, a ball bat. They couldn't just take a life that easy," Moore says. 
A family friend says Parker had a major operation Monday and was doing a little better. 
No date for that ride has been set.
Black. Lives. Matter. 

End of story, right? 

When people lack impulse control, a sense of future-time orientation and have higher rates of testosterone (aggression: see lack of impulse control), it doesn't matter if they have access to guns or not; whatever weapon they can procure will be sufficient for inflicting maximum carnage.

Even upon a black peace activist, who is a participant in the "Ride of Tears" anti-gun violence organization.

The black males who shot her didn't care about her civic mindfulness and desire to prove 'Black Lives Matter'.

Guns aren't killing Memphis.

Guns aren't the reason police form an army around heavily trafficked tourist areas in the city.

Blacks are killing Memphis.


Why I’m Racist said...

Self-correcting process if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

Another "shit-hole" full of "negative profits" over-run by "wakas". yep

D-FEND said...

Blacks killed America.

Raccoon said...

Jesus. How can they build Wakanda, if they keep shooting each other?

Awakened white said...

Education is the key? Sure, Lakisha. Sure. I'll put money on it.

P.S. The weather is heating up all! You know what that means.

Anonymous said...

Good ole Bolshevik playbook folks.


Anonymous said...

Another brick in the wall.


Anonymous said...

What is really shocking is some of the people BLM protest's for are career criminals who are doing harm to black people, examples Mike Brown and the UCLA players who stole from a store both reinforced negative stereotypes about blacks stealing, which scares jobs away, after Brown was shot they were saying we need more jobs, but Brown did something that scares jobs away. And Drug dealers like Freddie Gray are basically giving poison to his clients Drugs lead to early death, ruined lives and creates an atmosphere of crime, So Black Lives Matter is actually supporting people that have been doing almost all of the damage to black communities, Bizarre and Ironic.

If anyone really cared about black people they would want/demand all the bad apples/criminal element be removed, so black neighborhoods would be crime free, but the criminal is almost glorified in black communities and culture, example many rap songs. When President Trump called for the National Guard to be called into Chicago (where a black person is shot every 2 hours and 2-3 die daily) The Mayor and Black groups protested against it and blocked it.

So Black groups who claim to be for Blacks, Block a plan to reduce the murder of Blacks, and they CLAIM to be for Black People.

President Trump tries to stop Blacks from being murdered and he gets called racist/anti-black.

The World is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Ban guns and disarm the urban elves and witness "knife crime" go through the roof.

With their fast twitch muscles these orcs when in a murderous frenzy can probably stab you 30 times in 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

In the UK the negroes use knives and machetes to do their butchering. Talk is not going to stop the violence, fear might do it! Start hanging the guilty parties in a public square, don't sell a gun to a negro, and start the process of sterilizing negroes so they can't breed.

Anonymous said...

If I passionately want to change something, you know what I DON'T do?

Stand around holding signs.

Anonymous said...

Right, let's have gun control because the theory goes that this will lead to fewer Africans attacking other Africans. The first point is that gun control doesn't reduce violent crime. The second is that even if it did, do these self-important Wakandans think that whites are going to disarm themselves, for the sake of a problem not of our doing, and for a group that has contempt for us? The premises that underlie what some think is the ethical action whites should take are amazing.

Anonymous said...

If dey dint hab no guns, de haf to kill dem wid baseball bats or clubs - or at da club.

Brian in Ohio said...


I bet she wasn't. lol

Stay alert, stay alive.

Non PC Infidel said...

"A lot of people say guns don't kill, people kill. That's true, but if they didn't have no gun they'd have to kill 'em with ink pen, or ball bat. They couldn't just take a life that easy," Moore says.

Oh come on now, my dark and dusky simian brutha! I know ya'll ain't gonna be outclassed and outdone by no damn chimpanzees! Let me shows you da way fo'ward. Ya'll kin do it! I knows you can! Chimpanzees Trained To Use Machetes. Excerpt from British Wildlife documentary about Uganda chimps. Quote from video: "It is rumored by park rangers and locals that these chimpanzees have attacked humans with gruesome and murderous efficiency." See? Ya'll don't need no guns!

Dateline Memphis, July 4th, 2021. Several people were hacked to death and several others severely wounded with machetes at a pre-fireworks rap concert by rap artist MotorMouth D when rival groups attacked each other. According to witnesses, the altercation began when a member of the Bootlip Gang accidentally stepped on the tennis shoe of a member of the Brillo Haid gang and an argument began about disrespek. "Suddenly, ebberbody done jus' went hog wild!," said Shareeka Williams who was attending the concert with her little brother. "Dey was choppin' and hackin' and slashin' at each other like dey wuz starvin' bums tryin' to carve up stolen turkeys at Cristmuss time. It were awful! We all jus runned away as fast as we could!"
Memphis Police Chief Izagetmuh Pension had this to say at a meeting of concerned citizens the following day: Machete violence in the city is out of control and machete's need to be banned. "Dat's right!" said Cyrrosha Livers, a resident of a neighborhood that's seen much of the machete violence. "Sto's be sellin' two types of machetes! Dey sell the long ones and the haff size ones which be called shorties and people carry de shorties up da sleebs of their coats or shirts. Den when dey walks by sumbody on da skreet, dey pulls it out, turns and hacks dem in da neck. Dey always go fo' da jagalar vein so da victim bleed out quick! Dey call it "da slice" and dey keeps dose machetes razor sharp! You don't ebben have to have done nuthin'- it could be you in da wrong neighborhood, you looked at sumbody the wrong way or dey don't like what color shirt you wearin'. It could be anythang! It don't make no sense! Of course, sum of dem be doin' it to robs people but still! It crazy!" Other residents however pointed out how gangs of youths will surround an unsuspecting victim or victims they have a beef with, pull out their shorties and hack them to death in what's called a "chop down."
The meeting concluded with a call for the community to attend another bi-monthly march against machete violence planned for July 12th organized by the right rev'run Johnson Dribblespeak. End report.

Non PC Infidel said...

All sarcasm aside, this is what happens- they don't need guns or knives.
Teen Mob Randomly Beats Man To Death On NJ Street.

Paintjob Theory said...

"A lot of people say guns don't kill, people kill. That's true, but if they didn't have no gun they'd have to kill 'em with ink pen, a ball bat."

Because when you have to kill someone you simply have to kill them somehow... This is one of the "good ones" a "community leader". Basically admitting that her kin can't help themselves from killing each other and that their best hope is to restrict their selection of tools to get the job done. It's OK if they kill each other (and any white people stupid enough to be around them) with knives, spears, hammers, or by throwing acid at them, but guns are just too advanced for such unevolved folk.

"He says what happened to her is another argument for stricter gun control."

Tyrone has no impulse control so we had better strip the rights from 100 million law abiding white European. That makes sense from the perspective of an 80IQ primitive that can't think beyond 30 seconds into the future. I'd suggest slavery was the best thing the white man ever did for these cretins, and if they're so eager to give up the rights that YKW worked to tirelessly to give them, I'm fine with putting them back into chattel slavery or helping them relocate to Wakanda.

"The liability to fall into a condition of servitude is not so frightful in Africa as it is where there is a higher appreciation of personal liberty; nor does the same odium attach to the term slave as is attached to it among civilized men. The African sees very little difference between the authority exercised over him by one whom he acknowledges as his master and the petty tyranny which is exercised by most African chiefs over their subjects ; and
so long as he is worked moderately, and treated kindly, he has but little cause for dissatisfaction, and not infrequently by his own choice places himself in this condition." ---Wilson's Africa

Everything tune played by the (((pied piper))) that sets these vermin to marching amounts to nothing more than returning them to a state of dependency they had on the plantation. Gibs us jobs, (((Free))) healthcare, housing, clothing, food, and old age care... protect us from ourselves. Free shit isn't freedom, it's dependence. The rations of a slave; hay and a barn for two legged cattle.

But it gets worse. Moshe has no use for a mule that kicks or an ox that won't pull. They're useful as a crime wave and voting block to justify establishment of a hellish police state and cradle to grave nanny state, but once the pieces are in place, the defective farm equipment and the useful idiots do not have a future beyond a bullet to the back of the head or a one way trip to a gulag.

IF you are still supporting our enemies by using social media, the best thing you could do right now is spread the idea that gun control is *gasp* RACIST and has historically been used to keep the slave population from rebelling. Create further infighting amongst the DWL, YKW, and their pets as they scramble to dodge the scarlet R and fall over each other begging to have their rights taken away.

Anonymous said...

@ Non PC Infidel

Lol! Classic...absolutely classic.

*wipes away tears of laughter*

Anonymous said...

OT: This link has images of the now-closed Owings Mills Mall outside of Baltimore. It was once an upscale shopping location but it was not immune to the Black Plague. See:

This is truly Wakanda, not the silly images found in the recent Black Panther film.

This article from 2011 tried to make the case that crime wasn't really a problem there:

Owings Mills Mall Not So Dangerous, Statistics Show

Titles like that one remind me of what my statistics professor in college said: "Statistics can tell you the truth and they can lie like hell for you." I suspect the struggling mall was attempting to obscure reality from the remaining customers, just as cities cover up crime in order to keep tourists coming and to keep businesses from fleeing.

The article did, however, contain this gem:

"In years past, known gang members would walk around the mall flashing gang signs and openly recruiting mall patrons, said a mall security guard who wished to remain anonymous."

How much longer can we afford to have this happen across our country before there are no more safe places for living, much less shopping?

Anonymous said...

O/T but we need to help whites get out of SA now! Land grabbing without compensation, and now thoughtcrimes:


What were these 3 doing outside the club? Did she mouth off and egg on these fine black men? Was SHE the reason? Was she two-timing both of them? Banging both of them and now was enjoying having 2 bucks fight over her? (That really turns women on.)

What really is the back-ground story? Since they BOTH had guns did this uppity negress KNOW her "date", for the hour, have a gun on him? If she knows her "community" then she already knows who carries a gun. But, no, she wants to play innocent, and all that sheeeeeit.

If this uppity negress could not stop 2 bucks, she knew, from pulling out guns and pointing them (with horrible aim, I must add) at each other, and then watch/observe/aid in the escalating of the confrontation, then she is useless.

I have a hunch she is the PROBLEM in this negro circus rather than a victim.

If you runt on the floor with Boy "A" last night, then show up at "his" club the next night with Boy "B", and are too stupid to know this is really NOT a good idea, but do it anyway since it makes you "FEEL LIKE A WOMAN" (Act like a Whore),.....then don't go whining to the White Man to sew you up, like a gutted stray alley cat, at a WHITE invented and funded hospital, you stupid uppity negress.

Early in the video (12 sec mark) I could not help noticing the 2 ugly Africans with BLONDE hair? Hey, isn't this cultural theft? BLONDE HAIR? Can some negro explain that to me?

And look at the HUGE FAT SAMBO in the purple shirt? He may be the PURPLE HAZE club owner and more than likely supplies all the drugs and whores available at his dump. Could she be one of "his girls"?

The idiot News Caster is talking about GUN CONTROL while they show a picture of the DOOR to the whore house where they have that sign, a gun with a circle in it, which translates to"

"HEY, home boy, the people here are total idiots and you are free to come on in and kill them, rob them or rape them"

If this drug den is GUN FREE, ANTI GUN, and is already following GUN CONFISCATION, then how is Gun Control going to work? The stupid as sheeeeit Sambos have made it clear they do not want guns in/near this club, SAY THEY DON'T, talk and protest about GUNS being evil...BUT.... they all keep packing and shooting? There is nothing else that can be done.

This is why the (((Rulers))) love it when Sambo "A" kills Sambo "B". They want the killings. They want, and LOVE, the school shootings. (((THEY))) want more of this. More dead White children, the happier they are. That is why you hear nothing about negroes killing negroes, very much, BUT have 24/7/365 "news" coverage when a White is involved.

Scare the White mother and abolish the 2nd Amendment. That is the game plan and will never end until the White Man kicks the (((aliens))) and their pawns (mexicans, haitians, africans) OUT.

Until we establish a WHITE ONLY home land, and defend it will absolute violence, we are destined to extermination.

Anonymous said...

O/t but--anyone see the story from Ft. Wayne, Indiana regarding the (black) BAE employees? It's been buried, since the MSM is busy investigating major scandals like if Trump made faces at a classmate in 2nd grade, or if Sarah Palin farted during a junior high slumber party, but it is interesting.

BAE is a large Fortune 500 company-defense contractor, etc. They evidently have a big plant in Ft. Wayne. Lot of good jobs.Like other big companies, they believe in "duh-bersity"

They offered all employees a perk where they could enroll in college, tech school, etc and BAE paid the way. They actually gave the workers the money upon enrollment. If you dropped out/failed you paid the money back.

Some of the "duh-berse" employees figured out a scam--they enrolled in courses, got the money to pay upfront from BAE, then they cancelled the courses , and were able to internally alter the records so it looked like they were still enrolled, and then later completed(And, of course, pocketing the money meant for school).

The first one caught, Latonya Smith, stole $27,000 that way. Now, three more were charged this week--Aleece Good, Shynell Hutchins and Detrick Tubbs. Turns out several more have been stealing--about $525,000 all in all.

Now, don't the groids and their cuckwhite enablers endlessly whine about "good jobs"? And once they get there through affirmative action, they whine about "opportunities".

Here's a company that hired and paid these beasts, putting up with their monkeyshines--and offered workers money for education and furthering themselves--they even treated them like adults, paying up front.

And these groids just drop their britches and sh!t all over the employer. TNB 101.

Anonymous said...

After listing to the post in the car I was going to make the EXACT SAME POINTS CENTURIAN made in the first half of his above post. I'm glad he did it first, because boy was he thorough and thoughtful. My main point was going to be why is she going to a club with someone who is illegally packing and itching to use it? By day she protests these vile scum, at night she beds them? Eventually that leads to her and the state raising some of the baby daddy spawn together so they can repeat the process and whitey can continue to pay for it.

Incredible analysis. Glad to see 10-mm is back around again as well.

James Owen said...

Black Lives Matter is actually supporting people that have been doing almost all of the damage to black communities, Bizarre and Ironic.

The whole premise of BLM is predicated on Whites being responsible for Black's predicament. Black lives only matter when it's YT's fault that they went wrong, or ended abruptly.

I think it's safe to say that we can just ignore BLM and their complaints and demands.

James Owen said...

All of those things, fine as they may be, are prohibited by law in most Western countries.

Marc B said...

I suspect they go there after Grizzly games or following being shot down by every White girl on Beale Street several times. The Plush Club used to be their favorite shooting gallery in the area.

Anonymous said...

Be safe out there.


Anonymous said...

"A lot of people say guns don't kill, people kill. That's true, but if they didn't have no gun they'd have to kill 'em with ink pen, a ball bat. They couldn't just take a life that easy," Moore says.

Wrong, monkey breath. Blacks have been murdering themselves without firearms for longer than recorded history. Anyone who is interested in developing a mental picture of how really really low the mean for black society is without the influence of white people you need to read “Negroes in Negroland.” This book is a gruesome compilation of first hand accounts of white men who witnessed the normal every-day hacking, stabbing, chopping, burning, eating and enslaving of one another that was the normal life of ordinary blacks in Africa. Approximately three fourths of African society was enslaved by the other quarter. All of this was accomplished without firearms.

Places like Memphis and Detroit are only as nice as they are because of the few remaining white people with influence over those areas. Compared to the true natural mean for unassisted black society places like Detroit are present day Wakandas.


SO, if we ban GUNS, what will the negro use?

Just ask the negro mobs of Germany. Different country, same negro: But, here the mob uses's not the best video, buy you'll get the point. Germany has gone to hell, but they asked for it........they voted for the (((woman))).


More fun racial stuff. We all know the drill and ALL of us could write this article.

Anything dealing with the negro is like kindergarten: Cut and Paste with that Elmer's glue that came with the big goofy brush attached to the lid....................

Anonymous said...

The latest BLM celebrity in Sacramento, Stephon Clark, might be the worst one yet.

He had done time for robbery, drugs, guns, all the typical stuff.

He was described in one paper as a "stay at home dad," but that's because he had gotten out of jail a month earlier for beating up his "fiancee," who is a prostitute. He had also been arrested for pimping and at least one earlier domestic violence and child endangerment case.

So that cute picture of him with his keeeeeids? He was beating up and pimping out their mother.

Father of the year material, right?

According to the family's autopsy, he was shot 8 times "in the back," even though the video shows him walking towards the officers. The county's autopsy is waiting for the results of the drug screening to come back.

I haven't heard a word about either his mother or his father, but he allegedly has 11 brothers and sisters.

If you want some Friday afternoon entertainment, watch this video of his brother "Stevonte" bringing some vibrant diversity to the Sacramento city council.

My money's on Sacramento for the next to burn.

Anonymous said...

You can keep mopping up the leaking water on the floor, or you can permanently fix the leak in the roof.

Keep trying to patch up the constant and permanent issues the Groids will cause is the mopping route...

100%, one-drop-rule repatriation to Africa is the fix of the hole in the roof.

What kind of country will you leave your kids and grandkids? Seriously...

Your choice, White Man.

Anonymous said...

I heard..... blacks that get killed by blacks go to wakanda, and blacks who get killed by popo go there too but get a black halo for showing whitey!

Anonymous said...

OT: Hallelujah, a black megachurch minister has been busted! Seems like stealing is just in their blood.

Houston megachurch pastor, accomplice bilked investors out of more than $1M: Feds

SHREVEPORT, La. -- A federal grand jury has indicted a Houston Texas pastor and a Louisiana financial planner with bilking investors out of more than $1 million.

U.S. Attorney Alexander C. Van Hook said in a news release Thursday that a 13-count indictment was handed up against 64-year-old Kirbyjon Caldwell, of Houston, and 55-year-old Gregory Alan Smith, of Shreveport. They're accused of wire fraud, money laundering conspiracy to commit those two offenses.

According to the indictment, Caldwell used his influence as pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, a prominent Houston church, and Smith used his influence as operator and manager of Smith Financial Group LLC, in Shreveport, to lure investors to pay more than $1 million for Historical Chinese bonds that aren't recognized by China's current government and have no investment value.

The bonds were issued by the former Republic of China prior to losing power to the Communist government in 1949, reports CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV.

The indictment says Caldwell and Smith promised high rates of return and, instead of investing the funds, used the money for personal loans, credit card balances, mortgages, vehicles and other expenses.

The rates of return that were promised were as high as three-to-15 times the value of the investments, KHOU says, citing the indictment.

Caldwell is the pastor at Windsor Village United Methodist Church, a 14,000-member megachurch in Windsor Village in Houston.

Smith and Caldwell could face up to 20 years in prison and fines as high as $1 million if convicted.

More details can be found here:

Brian in Ohio said...

He had done time for robbery, drugs, guns, all the typical stuff.

...for blacks. Typical stuffs for blacks.

Hence the black communities outrage when a young buck who has a rap sheet as long as your arm ends up, predictably, on a slab at the morgue. Criminality IS typical black behavior.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Love the sign that says “education is the key “. No one is stopping any of you from becoming educated. You stop yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Detroit is really cleaning itself up. However, every suburb that these black ingrates have infiltrated now has crime and gritty, dirty neighborhoods. It’s swift and thorough. 10% might try but 90% just coast and sponge.

Anonymous said...

Blacks committing ‘suicide by cop’ actually it’s the cop committing career suicide. He or she just doesn’t know it at the time.

Anonymous said...

Buh buh buh thass rayciss!!!

Anonymous said...

The latest BLM celebrity in Sacramento, Stephon Clark, might be the worst one yet.

He had done time for robbery, drugs, guns, all the typical stuff.

But he was turning his life around, at least according to the LA Times.

Turned 360 degrees...

Anonymous said...

My money's on Sacramento for the next to burn.

California has a very liberal state government. Be interesting to see how the governor and state assembly respond to any African "uprising" in Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

I looked up the demographics for NYC. 25.1% are black. Not a majority but they cause ALL the problems and destroy quality of life for everyone else.

In my relocation efforts, any city that has more than 10% is a no go.

Anonymous said...

PK, you should do your next article on this "Stephon Clark" guy. He had a rap sheet a mile long, including burglary, drug trafficking, robbery, assault, domestic violence, and even human trafficking.
He was witnessed first hand by the helicopter pilot breaking a sliding glass door to burglarize a home. He had no job and was out on parole for... You guessed it - burglary. Anyways I'm too tired to finish typing this, but the case will get interesting I think.. The MSM is trying to bury any investigation into who Stephen is, including scrubbing all his social media and pictures

Anonymous said...

California has a very liberal state government. Be interesting to see how the governor and state assembly respond to any African "uprising" in Sacramento.

Probably not enough ghetto Blacks in Sacramento for a riot.

California is lucky this didn't happen in LA or Oakland.

Standup Broad said...

Any death of the ferals among us is a matter the age or sex of the "victim".

Anonymous said...

Free food.Free rent.Subsidized or free utilities.Blanket permission to engage in crime.Midnight basketball.Marches against violence.Street-corner shrines to recent shooting victims made up of liquor bottles and broken crack-pipes.Obvious criminals hanging on street corners 24/7 that the cops ignore.After-school programs (free babysitting).Endless handouts,give-aways,freebies,etc and they still cannot make it !
There is almost a guaranteed shooting at every and any 'black march for peace'or 'memorial for shamiqua'.
Never fear,though,because the left has a plan.Most of this violence would stop if we simply took guns from law-abiding White hunters and sportsmen and collectors and gave blax 'reparations'.
I am all for reparations.As large as possible.Only one thing,though.The check can only be cashed in Africa,and you cannot come back.Ever.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone already was either ignoring or ridiculing Black Lies Morons.

nokangaroos said...

So, what are the remaining differences between BLM and the Zombie Apocalypse?

1) It is not your brain they are after.

2) They survive an appalling number of head shots.

- Whether or not these two fun facts are related I am not prepared to dwell upon.

Anonymous said...

Sacramento isn't all that far from 'de diberse naybuhoods ob Ookland an Haywurd. Duh bruddas kin ride in dey hoopties an protess (rape, riot, loot, commit arson, in English) in de Kapitul ob Sagrumendo an be home in time tuh beat dat ho Latrina fo not turning nuff tricks dat day. Sheeit.'

Anonymous said...

No, I can't watch that video filled with White cucks ever again.