Monday, March 26, 2018

In 2017, 96% of Homicide Suspects in Los Angeles were Non-White: The City is 29% White

In 1940, Los Angeles County was 93 percent white. By 2000, Los Angeles County was only 32 percent white. 

What is this majority non-white world of 2018 like in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County?[LAPD analysis shows homicide victims are overwhelmingly young, nonwhite and poor, LA Times, 1-31-2018]:
For years, homicide detectives have known all too well which groups of Los Angeles residents are most likely to end up the victims of a violent death in the city.
52 percent of homicide suspects in 2017 were Hispanic; 40 percent black and six percent white...  Los Angeles is 49% Hispanic, 29% white and eight percent black

The results of a new demographic analysis released Wednesday by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck confirm what his investigators have so often seen — that young men from minority, low-income neighborhoods suffer disproportionately from the impacts of deadly violence. 

In Los Angeles last year, more than 90% of homicide victims were black or Latino, the analysis found. Most were poor and lacked college degrees.

Many homicides are committed by people who also fit those descriptions, according to the analysis.

Beck, who is retiring this summer, began a Wednesday news conference by highlighting a 4% drop in homicides last year.
It's all gone... the American Dream is dead. 

For the eighth year in a row, the city had fewer than 300 homicides, nearly four times less than in the 1990s.

Then, Beck's presentation turned to the victims.

"I've been with the families. I've stood over the victims in the middle of the night and seen the tragedy, seen my kids' faces in theirs, because these are primarily young men," said Beck, who worked homicides for years. "It is a waste of a generation."

About 8% of Los Angeles' population is black, but 36% of homicide victims last year were black.

Slightly more than half of homicide victims were Latino, and the city is about 49% Latino.

Whites, who make up 29% of Los Angeles' population, comprised 5% of homicide victims. Asians make up 11% of the population but 1% of victims.

Los Angeles County was 93 percent white in 1940.


A better tomorrow?



It's Out of Control said...

In Los Angeles last year, more than 90% of homicide victims were black or Latino, the analysis found.

This is a problem ... why?

Anonymous said...

But...but...but Teddy Kennedy said that the immigration reform act introduced by (((Emanuel Celler))) and (((Jacob Javits))), the Hart/Celler act of 1965 would never, ever, ever change the demographics of the USA. Gee, you don't suppose that the (((Jews))) and that fat, drunken fool lied to us, do you?

Anonymous said...

Like nearly every other newspaper article about crime victims, only a very sympathetic view of the dead is presented. One of my brothers used to be a prosecutor and he pointed out that typically such encounters weren't "good vs. bad" but "toad vs. toad." The orcs are killing off each other, and as long as they limit it to each other, it's actually rather positive. No whites would want to be anywhere nearby, but the more they kill each other, the fewer there are to commit crimes against whites or produce little illegitimate nogs as quickly as rabbits.

Ken said...

OT - in a post, a commentor wanted to know what the first order of business be if Africans-in-America suddenly disappeared. This is what would have to happen:

1. Bring in 10 million Chinese workers who would destroy any reminders of the African pressence. All the now empty housing stock, including the obscene, soulless, housing projects would be demolished along with schools, prisons, welfare offices and prisons. Most of the infrastructure is already run down and not worth rehabing. Let places Detroit and the south side of Chicago revert back to nature. This phase would take 3 years as the Chinese work hard.

2. Many government agencies, such as the US Dept. Housing and Urban Developement, would no longer be needed. Other government agencies can reorganize themselves to be much efficient on less staff. With no blacks, things run more smoothly and management would have more leeway. Also, our share of local, state and federal taxes would be reduced. There would no longer be any need for thousands police officers, sociologists, social workers and special education teachers. I'd reckon about a million people would have to find employment elsewhere.

3. Reparations would be given to those who were brutalized by Africans and the accompanying (affirmative action) laws. For instance, students who forced to attend "integrated" where they were routinely beaten up and robbed would get something. Plus, those suffering what we call Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from violent African crime would get lifetime medical coverage to heal their scars.

4. A constitutional amendment to ban any African immigration. A African nightmare would never happen again.

5. Politics would change. The Democrat Party would cease to exist and would have to re-invent itself. All levels of government would be more responsible to its citizens.

This is what would happen if Africans-in-America happened to depart.

I Invented Flying Pyramids said...

I think it's worth covering this story PK, as it was a huge defining moment in history, and for all the wrong reasons. The (((mainstream media))) is crying six million tears over this woman dying.

Thanks to her case, we now have whites kids (and teachers for that matter) terrified to go to school because of the apes running loose and the standards have been lowered greatly with each passing decade so that the low IQ Africans-in-America can pass (which they STILL have trouble doing.)

The media is acting like she had to walk fifty miles to school in the snow when really the black school was only a few blocks farther than the white one from what I understand. But of course, blacks cannot resist bitching and moaning about everything, even back then. All part of their "WAAAAAAA! Looks at muh!" mentality.

I could care less that this woman is dead. I don't see ANY black person offering condolences for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, or Autumn Pascal, Amanda Blackburn, etc, etc. Do you? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

My own father was born there in the early 30s...dead now, he would weep at what's become of his once-great city and state if he was alive today.

Ok, let's snap out of our stupor and deal with this problem like Men.

The enemy is out there and growing fast; demographically they will overtake us very soon. The traitors on our side aren't helping. Effectively we are the minority right now. But we can fight back and still win; we must reclaim our nation before we are rounded up and destroyed - along with our wives and children.

A huge part of the problem is that the 'normies' out there just see groids and hispanics via the media so they are disinfected; a fantasy version of what the mystery-meats actually are. We must make the vast hordes of browns and blacks expose themselves so all can see what we are dealing with. The only way is to cut all the welfare they get and federal programs that prop them up; that create this mirage that they are functioning acceptably amongst us. Without being propped up they would begin eating each other, and us. Then the normies will get it and fight back.

Get involved in local politics and start identifying and destroying all these programs. That action is the rocket to the heart of the Death Star in the movie Star Wars.

countenance said...

And, as is the case in most cities when it comes to a big majority of Non-Asian Minority (NAM, code for blacks and Latinos) homicide victims, they are the same kind of "wrong side of the tracks" ne'er-do-wells if not outright thugs as the people that murdered them. In these cases, the only difference between murderer and victim is whose trigger finger is quicker or whose aim is better.

That's a point that I see Anonymous above has made in a different way. Where he or she gets it wrong is in thinking that this kind of violence will make a dent the overall NAM population. Girls and women of reproductive age and capability are the population bottleneck, and almost all of this violence has as its victims (and perpetrators) boys and men. There can't and won't be any severe population decline caused by violent street crime unless and until girls and women of reproductive age or younger are its homicidal victims.


There is is again: Gunz Violenz attacking young black men on their way to Calculus Class:

"....young men from minority, low-income neighborhoods suffer disproportionately from the impacts of deadly violence."

Can our Author of the Gunz Violenz saga please help us here?

ALSO note, from the post: "Most were poor and lacked college degrees."

Well, Damn, we need to give them all college deegreees and some Benjamins so they are no longer victims of the city....

THEN: " "It is a waste of a generation." No Shit.

Now, if we can only find a way to get the females of this species to kill each other we can put a dent to the rat breeding programs.

Anonymous said...

The destiny of our demography is here.

Anonymous said...

Using these number, I would expect that Asians would have a murder rate of .018 instead of .01, or one percent of the total due to population. So, for some reason Asians are not being murdered as much as whites by a factor of .008 according to population alone.

Looking at these statistics one could say blacks might be the most violent of the group by many times.

Anonymous said...

Mostly, the blacks and mexicans are doing the job the "justice" system won't do. I'm only interested in innocent victims, like possibly Kate Steinle. And I'd have to know what her politics were before I decided how innocent she was.

Guamanian Pie said...

I was raised in Los Angeles County in the 50s and 60s. After being mugged and losing two teeth when a feral bunch of orc punks had a "go" at me back in 1978, I sold my lovely home, left in 1979 and never looked back. The packs of ferals, illegal immigrants, and movie "stahs" can have it.

Paintjob Theory said...

Once again, the averages don't lie. Blacks are 5X over-represented, Aztecs 3x, and if I'm any judge the lion's share of "white" perps are various mystery meat mongrels:

Of course politicians can brag about lower crime rates with little tricks like Proposition 47 (turning felonies into misdemeanors) or simply police refusing to even bother showing up to calls in these decaying war zones. Likewise they can brag about low murder rates which are not so much due to less muds shooting each other but to miraculous life saving white man's medicine patching up these goblins.

Come out to the free zones, white man, the cities are third world sewers unfit for proper civilization.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, it's not their inability, it's our racism. ;)

I'll leave you with one quote from an article I've yet to read fully. Looks like a laugh riot!

Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys


“You would have thought at some point you escape the poverty trap,” said Nathaniel Hendren, a Harvard economist and an author of the study.

Black boys — even rich black boys — can seemingly never assume that".

Don't call them boys, professor. Don't make the black kids angry!

Anonymous said...

Just your run of the mill tribal warfare. I understand that in Compton, which used to be predominantly black, the Mexicans are moving in and the blacks are moving out. Would that be considered "black flight?"

Anonymous said...


You ask an excellent question. With all the touting of diversity, what has diversity ever done for white people? I don't even need to go into detail on blacks, but after working a considerable amount of time with Latino children and adults I realize that all that they care about is themselves. And they are incredibly ungrateful at all ages. Mexicans can't take care of each other (let alone themselves) so they come up north for help from the white man. Jobs, Affirmative Action, welfare up the ying-yang (our entire social security office is filled with Hispanic "customers" and staffed by them as well. And this is to divy up money and resources that were almost completely contributed by the white population). It is weird to work among people who resent you and your culture but come to your country to take advantage of it.

Most don't even bother to learn English anymore- they don't have to. There are plenty of make-work jobs for their relatives who are bilingual so adapting to one's host culture is a thing of the past!

I used to stand up for Latins here all the time. No more. They think that they are going to take over the U.S. and that once they demographically do so, that the U.S. will remain just ask powerful, innovative, safe, and consistent as it was before WITHOUT THE WHITE MAN.

Yes, these people are that stupid. They are gaining greater and greater power over us through swamping the population, but when they look up they will just be living in another version of Mexico.

Racial differences are real. We ignore them at our own peril.

Anonymous said...

"...young men from minority, low-income neighborhoods suffer disproportionately from the impacts of deadly violence."

If we care about lives, maybe it is worth going over the details of these young men. What puts one at risk? Were most of them in gangs participating in illegal activities? Do I need to even ask that question?

Are you saying that if we just give them a college degree and some money that instantaneously all the violence and antisocial behaviors will disappear overnight? Just a different coat of paint?

It's time to abandon the (white male) liberal excuse that it is all due to poverty, and once one is in poverty one is permanently stuck there until the government comes in to help.

Why don't we discuss work ethic? Go over some rap sheets? How about discussing what efforts parents at home have taken to further their child's education rather than just dumping them off at school and expecting teachers to do it all? Why don't we discuss the culture that they come from in which telling lies and obscuring the truth is a way of life, not a sign of a lack of virtue.

Liberals have had plenty of time to demonstrate for us all how minorities are useful, they just need a little assistance first. They got their assistance, they still aren't making the cut, and those who are are mainly selfish opportunists who couldn't care less about societal obligations and being a good neighbor.

What most people don't realize is that we are getting most of Mexico's trash- people who aren't wanted or needed there come up here to grace us with their presence.

nokangaroos said...

... and rest assured we wouldn´t recognize too many of the "white" perps as such.

Unknown said...

LA has turned itself into an alien shit-hole.
I will never visit it again, Sad,,,,,

Anonymous said...

It's not an anti-Semitic attack. An old woman who treats strange foreign men well, takes them into her home and then she's stabbed and set on fire?

I wonder if the Africanization of France is the reason for this rather than some not liking (((old people))).

Holocaust survivor's murder in Paris probed as anti-Semitic attack

Paris (CNN)Two people have been arrested over the murder of an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor in Paris that is being investigated as a suspected anti-Semitic attack, a French judicial source told CNN on Tuesday.

Mireille Knoll was stabbed 11 times in her apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris before her home was set on fire, according to government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, who recounted the attack on Twitter. Her body was discovered in her apartment on Friday.

Two men are suspected of carrying out the attack, one of them being Knoll's 27-year-old neighbor, who was previously jailed for sexually assaulting the daughter of Knoll's domestic helper, the judicial source told CNN.

The other is a 21-year-old homeless man, who was known to police for acts of violence. The source did not name the men.

The two men have been indicted for "voluntary homicide because of the true or supposed religion of the victim, theft aggravated by three circumstances and degradation of the property of others by a dangerous means," the same source said earlier.

Anonymous said...

How can they suffer disproportionately when they commit crimes in the same disproportionately appalling numbers?

D-FENS said...

LA is a lost cause. Avoid it’s vortex as it circles the drain.

D-FENS said...

All I wanted was 5 minutes on their piece of shit hill. But they couldn’t let it go. I still can’t read graffiti but know it is a sign of decline and decay.

Anonymous said...

OT but more often than not,not really,right.Anyway,If you will notice all these cases that pop up about Female Teachers having sexcapades with their students.You would do well to notice,just like when there are crimes committed and no description or photo of the perp,we all know who it is,am I right bro!Anyway you will invariably notice that it is ALWAYS groids that these Female White PIG Teachers are having sex with.Recent ones are a women that is 37 had an affair with her middle school student and has had his child and is going to jail,and another PIG White Woman who is married and a teacher was banging her high school student,and they have photos,for once ,of these women with these nogs. 99% of these sex cases are with degenerate Black kids and PIG White WOMEN not young girls but White Woman Teachers. Now tell me we have a chance as a White society unless We Fight!

Anonymous said...

1964-65 seems to be a watershed moment for this country. I was 15 in 1965 and it’s been downhill for America since the mid to late ‘60’s’. 10 years of real liberal policies that changed the country for all time.

Anonymous said...

In the brown v. Board of education case, one of the complaints was that blacks had to travel a farther distance to school. Isn’t this the same thing that the left did when it put kids on busses to further integrate the schools? These people definitely are irredeemable and frankly, quite stupid.

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why they are incarcerated at a disproportionate number. Just watch the evening newscasts from coast to coast. Actually watch the evening news worldwide.

Anonymous said...

The world is starting to look like a mad max movie. One world order my ass. There is nothing orderly about it. What a mess!

Anonymous said...

They are gaining greater and greater power over us through swamping the population... This is, unfortunately, very true, and I see it in my home town in Northern Virginia, a suburb of DC. When I was growing up, the city and surrounding country was almost entirely white, as well as safe. There were a couple of small pockets of orcs but they mainly kept to themselves and behaved. Now one pocket is gone (probably couldn't afford the rising cost of living) and the other is entirely hispanic. Most of the whites appear to be gone, and the remainder are often old folks shuffling along, not long for this world. Almost everyone else is from somewhere else -- south of the border, India, Middle East, Asia, you name it, all except Europe. I know I'm not supposed to notice, but population replacement is well underway.

It's not all bad. Most of the Asians have intact families that they work hard to support, they seek higher education, etc., and I never have to worry about being attacked by Asian criminals, or seeing them move in and destroy my neighborhood. I've been to Asia many times and if our large Korean population can make my home town look like Seoul, I'll be pleased. (If you've been to Seoul you'll know what I mean.) If we're going to be replaced, it might as well be by decent, productive people.

Anonymous said...

They're "poor"! Translating: the white man gets the tab for all the police, morgue, even the funeral probably!

Anonymous said...

Just like the shitholes that Trump referred to.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are the odds in favor of Baton Rouge or Sacramento for the next big chimp out?

D-FENS said...

“Bring in 10 million Chinese workers who would destroy any reminders of the African pressence.”

With all due respect, I have to disagree. I live in Southern CA which has several cities that are Chinese dominated. They are functional. They are safe. They are generally clean. But they pave over everything and would not have any parks or greenspace other than what the Whites who originally built the cities put there.

Many of the Chinese that have been here for more than a decade actually despise the Mainland Chinese as rude, vulgar and greedy.

Many are either Christians, Buddhists or one of the other Asian religions. They don’t conduct animal sacrifices. They are not starkly incompatible with our way of life. But they should be here in limited numbers and Whites need to be the dominant power.

Anonymous said...

Solid plan but let's get the south african whites out of harm's way.

Brian in Ohio said...

Every once in a while, you hear about them finding another lost city down in the Amazon somewhere. Buildings, streets, homes, stadiums, temples... And the people who built it and lived there, for one reason or another, left, and nature reclaimed it.

I can just imagine people in the future rediscovering what was once Los Angeles, and pondering why people would build such a monumental achievement, then just walk away....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

O/T but just read another piece on that piece of sh@t, David Hogg (Mr. White Privilege).

For those who don't follow the latest propaganda, he is the "rising star" among the anti-gun movement and loves to talk in liberal talking points and platitudes. He even had the gall to complain that shootings of blacks (by other blacks) don't get much media coverage. Like other liberals, he is black people's unchosen and unasked for champion.

Lately he is in a very bad mood because *gasp*, he was rejected from all the UC schools. He is also white and applied before he became famous for hiding in a school closet. I wonder if this f@cking moron has any idea just WHY well-meaning white guys like himself can't seem to get into higher ranking schools in the nation, despite high to stellar grades (he has a 4.2 GPA). You can thank diversity for that, Mr. Hogg. This guy is such a buffoon he is almost an ally.

Sick n Tired said...

I had a similar discussion with an SJW couple at a restaurant bar one night. They were from a big city and the wife was going on about how "poor" minorities had no other choice but to lead a life of crime because that's all they knew.

I let her finish talking before giving her the details of my upbringing, which involved growing up dirt poor out in the country, in a cabin with no electricity, being a C & D student in school, getting no handouts or welfare, yet got my shit together enough thru hard work ethic and proving myself to end up in a job where I make low 6 figures, and great connections. Her husband just laughed because I guess he has heard her "poor them" sales pitch, but it was quite satisfying to see how quickly her argument was shot down when I made my counter points. It really does boil down to the content of your character if you truly want to get ahead and succeed in life.

Sick n Tired said...

The only solution is to buy guns & ammo. To quote Brian From Ohio,

"Stay alert, stay alive"

It's Out of Control said...

Anonymous said...
Are the odds in favor of Baton Rouge or Sacramento for the next big chimp out?

Let's start some brackets. I'm thinking Indianapolis or E. St. Louie.

Anonymous said...

One natural disaster could turn LA into Mad Max.

Just look at videos of the homeless:

There is no way the police could contain all those people if they rioted.

It's All So Tiresome said...

Ken said...
OT - in a post, a commentor wanted to know what the first order of business be if Africans-in-America suddenly disappeared. This is what would have to happen:
1. Bring in 10 million Chinese workers who would destroy any reminders of the African pressence. All the now empty housing stock, including the obscene, soulless, housing projects would be demolished along with schools, prisons, welfare offices and prisons. Most of the infrastructure is already run down and not worth rehabing. Let places Detroit and the south side of Chicago revert back to nature. This phase would take 3 years as the Chinese work hard.

I'll tell you now, that's a bad idea unless you want those Chinese to stay afterwards AND you make sure they are high-IQ. The main push for Chinese to go back to China now is negrofuxation of what used to be white countries, non-stop promotion of racemixing and other SJW degeneracy like the promotion of causal sex, drug-use, tolerance for criminals, hostility towards natural gender roles as a norm, etc - once a white nation fixes those problem, why then would we want to go back to China and deal with OUR problems? It'll be harder to get rid of the Chinese because we are smarter than blacks obviously, and less white people dislike us than they dislike blacks.

Then there is the kind of Chinese, almost every Chinese person I knew only have two children, somehow, almost all of them has a son and a daughter (gender selection?) That's only because most people I know are from Hong Kong, we got the high IQ Chinese because those are the ones that got persecuted the worst by the commies, and high IQ people think about things like college expenses and even the ecosystem.

Low IQ Chinese in the interior often has a LOT of children, now partly this is because of high mortality, as well as the need for labour which is why farmers preferred sons - but some low IQ Chinese desires lots and lots and lots of sons to pass on the family name!

High IQ Chinese, you get what you let in and they are gender-balanced. Low IQ Chinese, multiply quickly, might even racemix, with whites and with whatever mulattos or black that is still around and join the grievance industry.

Think carefully White People, pick your own cotton. Every time you take the easy way out, or any time SOME of you take the easy way out and is allowed to do so at others expense, it always come back to bite you doesn't it?

Katzkiner said...

Chinese can be if rather nasty enmass also.
Why risk it.
There will be plenty of Whites fleeing Europe & South Africa.

Sunshine said...

My god! Are you me? I'm from northern Virginia too and I noticed this years ago. I left almost 10 years ago and rarely go back, except to visit one family member that hasn't made the full time leap to leave for good. My old neighborhood is destroyed. It's so bad my husband sat up all night every night with a gun staring out the windows. He went to the supermarket where I worked for a while, saw ONE other white person. It's horrifying and sad and nobody cares about us being ethnically cleansed from our homes. Can I ask where you grew up? I'm from Alexandria but lived all over in Fairfax County, and even for a time in Sterling in Loudoun and Manassas Park in Prince William. I remember when all the whites moved out to Gainesville and Manassas and Haymarket, and down south to Stafford and Spotsylvania and even Fredericksburg. Now there's very few whites in those places. I saw one in Haymarket, it's being built up for what? So the whites can abandon it? I just hope it doesn't make it down to southern WV which is where one side of my family is from. We don't want those whites there. They'll let the diversity in and we don't want it.