Monday, March 5, 2018

"Get Out" Star Says Black Folks Just Want to be Left Alone to "Build a Wakanda"... but Could Blacks Build a Technologically Advanced Civilization?

Shot. [Get Out’ Actor LaKeith Stanfield Has Some Simple Advice for White People Feeling Guilty About Racism, Atlanta Black Star, 2-26-18]:
Actor Lakeith Stanfield shared a now-deleted video on Instagram discussing a conversation he had with a white actress about race and “Black Panther.” He said the actress said she felt guilty about past injustices that happened to Black people at the hands of white people. Stanfield said he replied, “No, you feel guilty because you feel the fact that you benefit from some of those things.” He continued, “you shouldn’t feel guilty about sh*t because, what your ancestors did had nothing to do with you. But you should recognize that you benefit from a society that values light skin and says dark skin ain’t sh*t.” Stanfield closes saying that Black folks just want to be left alone so we can, “build a Wakanda.”
Left to their own devices, could black people actually build a Wakanda? No.  Genetically speaking, it's not possible. They can't even maintain a bike share program in 70% black Baltimore, let alone maintain the infrastructure of a civilization whites long ago built, but ultimately abandoned via white flight from black crime...
Chaser (it's a long one). 

"Build a Wakanda," you say? 

Does this mean racial separation is coming back, an idea now being espoused by black people inspired to build their own nation free of implicit bias, structural inequalities and white privilege? 

Wakanda, which was invented by two white guys in the 1960s, seems to be motivating black pride and black racial separatist feelings we should only encourage to grow and come to fruition. 

But could blacks, in the absence of white people, build an advanced civilization (when in so many cases in America - Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Camden, Newark or Jackson, Mississippi - they've shown themselves of even maintaining a city and its infrastructure they inherit via white flight)? [The Real-Life Possibilities of Black Panther's Wakanda, According to Urbanists and City Planners:The design and infrastructure of Black Panther's fictional East African nation, Wakanda, has experts thinking about what it means for our future, Architectural Digest, 2-28-18]:
Then there is Wakanda’s cityscape. Unlike most superhero movies, where cities are filled with futuristic glass-and-steel towers reaching into and above the clouds, Wakanda’s architecture comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. “They didn’t make everything gleaming and shiny,” says Charisma Acey, an assistant professor of city and regional planning at UC-Berkeley whose fieldwork includes Africa and South America. “It does offer an alternative for what future cities could be like in Africa.” 
Wakandan buildings incorporate traditional African elements, including thatch roofs and hanging gardens on some of their tallest structures. “I’ve been thinking a lot about Wakanda and the eco-cities that are emerging across Africa,” Acey said. “There has been an influx of capital since 2000 into the continent, creating satellite cities and central cities. It’s happening in West Africa, East Africa, and even in southern Africa.” 
Toderian adds, “There’s density in Wakanda, but it doesn't seem oppressive. I immediately saw urbanism at all scales. I saw tall towers, I saw midrise towers, and I saw human-scale urbanism. It looks like regional architecture as opposed to this anywhere-ness that we seem to have in our global architecture these days. I saw architectural expression that was not only organic, but of its place and of its culture.” 
But Toderian says he couldn’t help but notice what he says is a glaring omission in the wonder that is Wakanda: bicycles. 
“What I saw in the general imagery was it wasn’t just a reliance on technology,” he said. “I’d be disappointed in an urban vision that seems to suggest that technology will solve all of our problems. There’s simple technology like bikes. With the density and mixed use of the city, bikes should be an option because things may be too far to walk to but close enough to use a bike. Any futuristic, high-tech nation would also understand urban health and presumably be about walkability and bikeability.”
Bicycles? Wait a second... blacks in 70 percent black Baltimore - on two separate occasions - can't even keep a bike share program open.

What hope do they have of building a Wakanda?


Anonymous said...

Even with some magical element like in the story, written by two White Jews, Blacks couldn’t pull it off. We’d have to build it for them & then continue upkeep (South Africa or Rwanda, anyone?).

Anonymous said...

...a society that ... says dark skin ain't sh*t"
I don't claim to speak for my society, but I would NNNNNNever say "dark skin ain't sh*t". Never in a million years. Just not possible.
If they could build a Rwakanda, how long would it take them to detroit the place? Would the kangz who built it, then flee the undertow to the subsahara-burbs, and be accused of Wakandian Flight?
"could black people actually build a Wakanda?"
Honkey, please. They couldn't even build the comic book.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Uh, do you see police stations, and jails? You're going to need them. Security locks, bullet proof glass, pawn shops, liquor stores, high volume welfare offices? Youf center, MLK Boulevard?

BrownAround said...

Can someone help me clear up some confusion regarding Wakanda?

In the trailer for Black Pander, it is strongly implied that Wakanda and all of its advancements have been around for over 500 years. Yet, despite the advantage of all that time and technology, Wakanda looks barely more advanced than a normal city, and is in many ways less advanced?

Wiki states that the Wakandans are surreptitiously sent out to prestigious foreign institutions to be educated. Considering that Wakanda is 500+ years more advanced than the rest of the world, how does that make sense? Wouldn't that be like NASA asking Leondardo Da Vinci to design spacecraft?

Non PC Infidel said...

Left to their own devices, blacks (as stated) can't even maintain white cities they've over-run and infested. The delusion that they could build a futuristic city such as anything remotely similar to anything in the movie Black Panther is absolutely ridiculous and hysterically funny. Without massive help and investment from whites and Asians, the best they could do on their own would be favela's and shanty towns. Even in places in Africa where do-gooders have built them multi-million dollar waste/sewage treatment plants, it all decays, falls into ruin and they're back to crapping in the streets like stray dogs.

These delusional ideas and fantasies that blacks have about themselves are nothing more than the symptoms of their Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Give them a huge area in Africa to build their Wakanda and they'll fail miserably and, of course, blame it on the white man because of something the white man did or didn't do.

Unfortunately, this parade of mouthy, delusional black idiots will never end since the delusion is all they have. March on, clowns! Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of the whole world laughing at you.

Harbor Master said...

I have a that they just have not evolved significantly enough to even co exist in a modern day western society. We speaking figuratively took a species out of it's jungle environment, a environment that they genetically fit in, and plunged it into our civilized ways and they are not capable of adapting. The best thing to do is put them back where they cam from. This nonsense idea that all races are the same is ludicrous. Ok, agreed we may be the same on the cromozonal level but to just cast thousands of years of evolution to the side and say we are all alike. Is criminal.

Detroit Refugee said...

I had to fight a Wakandamurcan in order to keep my Gary Fisher yrs ago. That mountain bike cost a couple weeks pay, I had to sacrifice and do w/ out a lot of little extras. Ya know, delay instant gratification.

He was all show and intimidation. Gave up once he realized I meant it. Still own it.

Anonymous said...

These animals allow libraries built by our ancestors to decay to the African mean. They see no value in education. In fact the majority of them are incapable of being educated at all.


Send them back.

chattanooga gal said...

"What hope do they have of building a Wakanda?"
About as much hope as my dog has in building his own luxury doghouse.

Wide Awake said...

Of course we have an advantage in a society that was designed by whites for whites. It is not our fault that we are better suited to live in and flourish surrounded by the structures, government, and laws that represent whiteness. The problems arise when blacks try to assimilate into white society and fail. This is why they create their own environments within ours. Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, and any majority black neighborhood in our country prove the societal limitations of the black race.

Anonymous said...

One thing they would NOT have in Waukonda would be air conditioning. With the untimely demise of St. Michael Brown, the knowledge of such technology has been lost to the ages.

Anonymous said...

"But you should recognize that you benefit from a society that values light skin and says dark skin ain’t sh*t."

Then why do so many Indians, with skin often darker than blacks, succeed in this country if that were the prevailing attitude? Why do Indians have negative affirmative action protocols applied against them in admission to elite schools while blacks are scooped up if they can simply demonstrate they can read? It couldn't have anything to do with IQ and not skin color, would it?

Anonymous said...

BrownAround, you make a great point.

By saying that "Wakandans are surreptitiously sent out to prestigious foreign institutions to be educated", that basically admits that Wakandans hold themselves to white people's standards after all.

If Wakanda was 500 years ahead of the world in every respect, wouldn't Wakanda have the best schools? Or do Wakandans realize that the only way to prove their bona fides is to pull out an Oxford diploma because one from Wakanda State won't be taken seriously?

Paintjob Theory said...

"But could blacks, in the absence of white people, build an advanced civilization"

Reality shows us that they cannot even produce surplus food without the assistance of humans. Most historians suggest that the catalyst for higher orders of civilization are usually technological advances that allow men leisure time to think about something else beyond their next meal. Basic agriculture, animal husbandry, and sanitation would be the bare minimum foundations for anything more advanced than the hunter/gatherer/scavenger life of every other large beast in Africa, and the sub Saharan negro is far from developed enough to manage any of these.

"But Toderian says he couldn’t help but notice what he says is a glaring omission in the wonder that is Wakanda: bicycles."

I think you need to first invent the wheel. The "simple machines" lever, wheel, and inclined plane are the foundations of all technology and the sub Saharan homo-erectus haven't really wrapped their woolly heads around those either. In fact it seems that without being taught by outsiders they probably would have never tamed fire either.

IQ aside and even if you had them these advances what do they do? Teach them the wheel, show them fuels and fire and do they create an automobile or train? Nope.... they invent neclacing. At the end of the day, they have to overcome not only their low intellect but also their natural tendencies and instinctive love for violence, cruelty, and destruction.

China may indeed try to domesticate these creatures to use as beasts of burden to build an advanced civilization. I don't suspect that'll pan out well and will end in extermination. As our railroad companies learned, a Chinese peasant is smart, cooperative, and expendable. In Chinese culture life is cheap and they have an inexhaustible supply of them. The next century of Chinese colonialism will be very interesting to see play out, but if history has shown us anything clearly it is that negroes ruin everything. I'm not sure exactly which way this cookie will crumble but I'd predict that one way or another the Chinese will be worse off for it on the whole. Absolutely nothing good or wholesome ever comes from dealings with black Africans.

Anonymous said...

Black people know they are black and all that goes with it, crime, violence, drugs, and dysfunction... what a crock of shit

LaGiorgio said...

Don't know about y'all, but the America I grew up in always implied, if not outright stated, that black is the greatest thing ever and that white was lame and nerdy. I don't know what LaKeith (French name?) is talking about. Also, it would behoove the white actress (but not LaKeith) to know that blacks had white slaves for at least 1,100 years. According to "Moorish Science" folks, they had white slaves for even longer than that. Whoever was part of the Islamic Imperium (Arabs, Berbers, Blacks, Whites, etc) benefitted from white slave labor and white sex slaves.

Anonymous said...

But you should recognize that you benefit from a society that values light skin and says dark skin ain’t sh*t.”

He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Those of us who realize that modern society depends on light skin would probably agree that black skin is indeed sh*t that turns anything it comes into contact with into sh*t like a bizarro world Midas touch. Any real world Wakanda built by blacks will resemble giant piles of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Ah, they want to be "left alone?" Why then do blacks always follow white civilization wherever it goes...from infesting South Africa after the Whites built it to cities like Detroit? If you want to be "left alone" to build your idiotic fairytale nation then stop following Whites around, stop using EBT cards (funded by Whitey) and return to Africa.

But of course they never will. It's far easier to sit there and continue blaming Whitey for everything.

D is for depressing said...

build a Wakanda.

Build a Wakanda? How about maintain Wakanda? They can't even maintain infrastructure in 90% black South Africa and they expect to build Wakanda?

Wakandan buildings incorporate traditional African elements...Then there is Wakanda’s cityscape.

Traditional African elements...Open sewers, defecation in the beach, huts made of corrugate, unemployed people aimlessly wandering the streets, gangs of youth looking for people to rob, brothels, shopkeepers being robbed with AK-47s. Oh, and mountains of garbage collapsing killing people, can't forget that.

But don't take my word for it....
The Death of Johannesburg

Johannesburg's Ponte City: 'the tallest and grandest urban slum in the world'

Goobing Detroit

FD80215 said...

This takes the cake for stupidity. The genius "professor" wants to model a city based on a comic book. Article after article pushes the narrative that Wakanda IS REAL. Is this the only hope these people have? Is this the only inspiration they have? Think about this for a minute, they actually believe this place can and will exist. They just have to get away from the evil white man who steals from them, and apparently who "benefit from some of those things." What things? I'm just a simple man, maybe I have not been informed of how slavery has benefited me in the year 2018. Cotton shirts? Jif? I'm quite sure other folks were smashing peanuts into paste long before Mr. Carver "invented" peanut butter. What in the hell are these people smoking?

You know I never used to give a shit about race so much. I have worked with black guys over the years and they were solid, fairly rare in the trades but a few here and there. I always knew that you're supposed to stay out of the "bad neighborhoods" and I always have. The thing that always perplexed me when I was younger was how I was supposed to be responsible for holding the black man down. I have never done anything to the black man. Neither has my family, friends, any white person I have ever known in my life. The things I have seen are my ex in law cousins adopting little black babies. A family member of mine going to third world shitholes to build houses for people who are too stupid to do it themselves. The list goes on and on and on. I have never ever seen a black couple adopt a white baby, has anyone?

This shit went full throttle before St. Skittles, it went into overdrive when Obama had the white cop and the black dude drink a beer. Everyone knows the cop actually did his job, he was trying to protect a homeowners property, if I had been in the same scenario I would have thanked the cop instead of throwing a tantrum. One time a cop actually does his job and he's a racist.

The so-called Trump affect was white men getting tired of Clinton and Sanders running around for a solid year calling them racist, because you know, you're white and it's in your DNA. How completely insane are these people, Sanders living up there in whitetopia claiming white people are racist, and how insane does one have to be to buy into this garbage? As PJT explained so perfectly a few post ago, they're fanatics.

Preaching to the quire I know, but some days you still have to sit in awe and wonder what makes these people tick.

Californian said...

OK, "Wakanda" is all the rage. But that is because someone made a movie about it. Supposing someone made a movie about blacks building underwater cities. Would we see an upsurge of discussion about how, were it not for the terrible-legacy-of-colonialism(tm), Africans would now be living in giant domes beneath the waves on the continental shelf?


Bear in mind we are dealing with a demographic with a median IQ of 85.

Look at the bigger picture. Has there been any serious Afro-futurist movement outside of a comic book or a movie? Has Afro-futurism resulted in any mighty buildings being raised? Technologies developed? Better bikeracks for blacks? There's scarcely a flying pyramid to be spied.

Compare Wakanda with the various artistic and architectural movements created by Whites a century ago which did much to define the 20th century: futurism, art deco, bauhaus, modernism. You got things out of them, like the Empire State Building and Americans landing on the Moon.

There is a silver lining to l'affaire Wakanda. If all it takes to manipulate blacks is some CGI and cheap newsprint, when Whites awaken it will child's play to use these media to convince them that their future will best be served by migrating en masse to African paradises like Haiti and Somalia where they shall be free to build the Wakanda someone else dreamt up for them.

Remember, you read it here first.

Anonymous said...

Wakanda in action:

Anonymous said...

Wakandan buildings incorporate traditional African elements, including thatch roofs and hanging gardens on some of their tallest structures.

OK, I get the "thatched roofs" but "hanging gardens?" Where in pre-colonial Africa did such exist? Please note that 3000 years ago, the (non-African) Babylonians built such, along with various hydraulic systems which today's Africans seem unable to replicate. We're talking a race which is unable to dig a well without an NGO showing up, while Cape Town runs out of water (perhaps it shall declare itself to be a sister city to Flynt, MI).

The level of delusion is incredible, but then again, the entire egalitarian worldview is nothing more than a mass hallucination, no foundation on which to build a real civilization. Afro-Futurism means the future will be turned into the African mean.

Stay armed, YT, stay alert.

Anonymous said...

Architectural Digest: “There has been an influx of capital since 2000 into the continent, creating satellite cities and central cities. It’s happening in West Africa, East Africa, and even in southern Africa.”

Negoes always rap a good story. With all that capital flowing in you'd think there would be a decent road some where in the continent.

Stanfield closes saying: "Black folks just want to be left alone"

What does this clown think we've been doing tyring to do for the past 60 years? It's beyond comical and pathetic at the same time, the way the negro lies & denies his place on this planet, his place in the future is just as much a joke.

Anonymous said...

I believe wakanda was real and is possible again despite the overwhelming evidence in front of me that indicates blacks and Africa in general are fallen because of... wait for it... black people.
Walking my dogs not long ago I noticed trash and litter which occasionally gets in my yard and needs picked up. It was a perfect perpetual trail down to the corner where it hung a left up to the section 8 apts... its how they are. Wakanda my ass, they can't even hit the fuckin trash can

Sick n Tired said...

They couldn't even rebuild or maintain a bridge that was built 400 years ago out of stones, never mind maintain any type of infrastructure that they are handed, like what's going on in South Africa right now. I would love for all of them to move over there and try to build their Wakanda, but we all know they will just end up sitting on a pile of bricks.

Anonymous said...

You think our Nigerian "Chef" Tunde Way in New Orleans will pack up his pop-up stall for the good life back home anytime soon. A real entrepreneur would jump at the chance to get in on the groung floor of some "alternatives for what future cities could be like in Africa.”

"An influx of capital since 2000 into the continent" speaks volumes to me. Plenty cash going in, everyone coming out and headed here. Everyone filled with lectures on "evil whiteness"

I'm still waiting on YT to start acting like they have something to protect, something to preserve. At the very least "ACT" like it!

Shaylok said...

I just knew it was going to come full circle to this pie in the sky belief. Nevermind the cold hard reality of places like Zimbabwe, Haiti, and Liberia. If there is one superhuman ability that blacks possess, it is in their awesome power to be completely impervious to logic and reason.

Anonymous said...

"...a society that ... says dark skin ain't sh*t"

It isn't the skin color that "ain't sh*t"; it is the total inability of blacks to behave in a civilized manner that causes civilized people to consider them to be "ain't sh*t". I think deep down blacks know this themselves.

But we must encourage them to break free of Whitey. Blacks have the right to self-rule and we should do everything we can to make that happen for them. It is the only way out of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha. Hilarious. And how's that African space program going? They just aren't mentally able to compete with Caucasians or Asians no matter how much they've been told: because "YT". Euro and African cultures (and intelligence(s)) are just too far apart to ever live together compatibly. Never have and never will. And that's just fine; they were never meant to attempt to assimilate into a Euro-culture mode. Just not possible for the majority it seems. I think they would finally find peace if they really did go to Africa and try to live as their natural biology and culture requires, not as a "White man."

Mr. Rational said...

What hope do they have of building a Wakanda?

They (without any help from YT, I must add) believe that blowing into a cow's anus makes it give more milk.

They have no hope of building anything more complex than a mud hut.  They have as much relation to the construction of civilization as horses and oxen.

Anonymous said...

Don’t discourage them.
Not that it matters. You, a non-Black Female, can’t tell a black person anything. They reject even basic truths due to their vastly inferior ability to understand logic and reason.
Ultimately we should encourage China to build rWakanda in one of the areas they exploit for minerals. Let them build the great nation for the Kangz and let’s just sit back and watch it fail.
My dog doesn’t shit where she eats and sleeps, yet after tens of thousands of years sub-Saharan African kids STILL die from water poisoned by human fecal pollution.
It is LAUGHABLE that they could maintain a moderately civilized society, let alone plan, Engineer, design and build one.
From the intellectual standpoint the bell curve for the Negro has a rapid assent and decent from the standard range off their mean IQ. What that means is that there are very few, much fewer as a rate than whites, of bellow 70 and over 100 IQ. The mean is 85, so 70-100 is the standard range.
For Caucasians it is 90-120, mean is 105.
You can’t except a group who’s majority would be labeled “special needs as any race EXCEPT black” to be capable of much, let alone the fantastical nonsense called rWakanda.

Anonymous said...

Carry A Gun.

Anonymous said...

Lies. American society worships dark skin and vilifies white skin. Blacks don't want to be left alone. They already had that option. It was called segregation. Just a bunch of lying parasites. Separation is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been to the North American rWakanda. The white-name is Atlanta.
The last experience in the ATL: filling up the fuel tank of the moving truck, my classic Buick muslecar on the trailer attached. I walk out from the gas station and a couple apes are standing on the trailer, one is trying to open the door, the other the hood. I quickly walk inside, tell the clerk to call 911, then confront them and tell them to get away from my car. Now, I inherited this car. My Grandfather bought it NEW in 1965, it has had 3 owners. Gramps, my Dad (because Gramps died and left it to me before I was 18) and me. It is PERFECT, original, perfect. Special ordered, 1965 Skylark Gran Sport with a 4-speed.
Anyway, the two bucks don’t get down, still trying to gain access. So I pulled one down, then told the other to get down. The first guy throws a punch, so I pull the pistol. He starts back tracking like a bitch. Black cops arrive, one knows one of the dudes on the trailer, threaten to arrest me and impound the car. I tell him I have a right to self defense after a punch was thrown by a larger, stronger person. Of course he says...wait for it...I Dindu Nuffin’! More cops arrive, finally a couple white county wranglers show up, I explain what’s going on, they take charge and let me go.
rWakanda? Whatever. Live together and die together like you do in your homeland.

Anonymous said...

Even Richard Pryor had the old routine about no blacks being on "The Jetsons" meant that we hadn't planned on keeping them around that long.

I don't think they'll manage it, long term. The cocoa-colored society people feel to be the wave of the future isn't. That's not how homogenous, successful, forward moving and thinking societies act.

A pox on their houses.

Anonymous said...

“It does offer an alternative for what future cities could be like in Africa.”

This was the funniest thing I've read in a month! LOL, and maybe if you squeeze your cheeks tight enough, you'll poop diamonds!

Alfa158 said...

None of these blacks want real separation, they’re actually looking for something I would call selective segregation. Overtly they have convinced themselves that the wealth, safety, technology, freedom and prosperity of the USA were largely the product of their own labor, genius, energy and creativity. The White man got what he has by exploiting the black’s contributions in exchange for nothing and holding him down. Therefore in their narcissistic minds they don’t see why they have to give what is rightfully theirs.
Subconsciously, however they realize that they would be screwed without White society to provide for them and protect them from themselves. What they really want are independent political and social institutions which they control, are subsidized by the Whites, and from which they can interact with Whites on their own terms and when it serves their interests.
To use Paul’s example as an analogy, they want across the board the equivalents of Baltimores in which the bicycle program can continue forever because Whites will keep buying bicycles for them as quickly as they disappear. They want to have their own exclusive institutions but reserve the right to enter White institutions when they wish, and when they do, the outcomes must be guaranteed to be equal. The real affirmative action is equal outcomes. Movie stars and corporate executives and Nobel Prize winners, must reflect the same percentage of blacks as the general populace. (Which as you know many blacks sincerely believe is around 50%). Reparations will not be a one time payment but continuous and will last as long as there is one non-black left to pay them.

Sam said...

"But Toderian says he couldn’t help but notice what he says is a glaring omission in the wonder that is Wakanda: bicycles."

Wow, did I get a good laugh out of this comment! And, I saw right away the reason for the "problem" of no bicycles in Wakanda. It is because there ain't no White crakahs to steal the bicycles from. But, in thinking about it, having an import business in Wakanda would be very lucrative. They would have to import EVERYTHING, because they could create NOTHING, other than destruction and squalor.

I also notice when I type in "Wakanda" the spell-check software redlines the word. Wonder how long it will be before that is corrected, thus providing legitimacy to the name.

It's Out of Control said...

Oh how I wish we could post pix:

Search on : Community Architect Daily: Baltimore bike-share under water? With update

For a nice photo of two harbor popo roping a Bike Share bike out of the harbor.

Anonymous said...

“No, you feel guilty because you feel the fact that you benefit from some of those things.” He continued, “you shouldn’t feel guilty about sh*t because, what your ancestors did had nothing to do with you. But you should recognize that you benefit from a society that values light skin and says dark skin ain’t sh*t.” Stanfield closes saying that Black folks just want to be left alone so we can, “build a Wakanda.”

While "The Keith" Stanfield  (What a proud African name) told the white woman that she shouldn't feel guilty and simply recognize she lives in a society that values lighter skin he is not giving false advice.. Plain and simple, just like skin color equates to success in many Latin American, Asian, European and African nations,  it stands to reason that the seemingly planetary stereotype rears its nappy, ugly head again.

"The Keith" is quite correct to help this lady realize that in African't-American culture it is a wise man who contemplates and understands the saying, "An Octoroon in the house is worth two Quadroons in the field". This old saying allows us insight to the concept of the "house nigga" and "field nigga" and strained race-relations vis a vis wanting to have sex with any white woman they see.

But the long and short of it is the average African't-American is unable to crack the mysteries of high school and plumb their depths for what it is worth.

And it isn't my fault, nor is it the fault of my non-slave owning family, it isn't the fault of the society which has allowed these clowns every opportunity to succeed beyond the wildest dreams of any minority population in the history of humankind! It is squarely the fault of the perpetual victims who cry foul at every chance, and fall back on the ways of crime, thuggishness, bastardy and illiteracy at every turn. The "fault" certainly does not fall on the shoulders of the people at whom they have marvelled for centuries beyond the power of their own reckoning.

You primitives never came up with a calendar and you wish to be left alone to create a society based upon the comic imaginations of two Jews? I dare say your reality is what you're living and that reality is that you people live like animals and the average dog owned by whites is more capable of cooperating collaboratively with human that you animals are capable of.

Yeah, I'm not a bad guy. Actually pretty nice, but you "people" make me lose it when I think of your apish antics. I know you all are just animals, though. I know there are bigger fish to fry than the catfish you people love to eat and emulate. But enough of this rant, screw "The Keith" and all his kind with paws and maws. Not paw and maw like parents, but hands and mouths that are always greedy, wanting ever more and becoming less satisfied by the day!

Ricky Tucker said...

There will be gleaming cities of steel and glass...all built by the Chinese, for the Chinese. Every African I have met from Morocco, Zambia, Nigeria, Cameroon, down to South Africa has told me of all the Chinese people there building infrastructure to accommodate workers hired to strip Africa of it's resources. They think the Whites treated them badly just wait. Soon enough the only blacks left on Earth will be right here in the USA.

Anonymous said...

When i see the inferior accomplishments of blacks in africa, Wakanda is just a dream for them as their inferior skills and brain power just will not let them.

Awakened white said...

Of course Wide Awake! Why on earth would we YT trade down to the African mean? White privilege is a hate slur against Whites. It's a completely made up word like raycist.

Anonymous said...

On our local news channel here in Atlanta, almost EVERY single story last night was black oriented. This restaurant was closed because they declined to seat 7 black people. It could have been busy this day. Or the 7 could have been behaving in an uncivilized manner. The black talking heads are trying not to smirk or grin, but you can tell that they are (temporarily) happy.
And aren't you glad that you did not watch the Oscars, since it is clearly not about merit these days, but about "correcting the past"?? Gag.
They will NEVER be happy until they have everything we own and worked for.
L in Atl hell


Coming to America.....our children will pay the price...........

SOMEBODY needs to get TRUMP involved so we can save our people from these animals.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I must have missed all the advantages of having a city run by blacks. Bikes? Oh, you mean other people’s bikes. Like out of their driveways and garages. Got it! All I remember seeing was a giant garbage dump and an eventual bankruptcy. Better get a pair of rose colored glasses if there’s going to be a second go round. Silly me.

Brian in Ohio said...

The only thing blacks can build successfully is a crime rate.

Stay alert, stay alive.


The negro can not build a Wakanda

The negro can only destroy a WhiteLandia

arejayl said...

I see race in humans the same as race in canines. It is without doubt that a German Shepherd/Doberman/Retreiver/Poodle are breeds, again, without any doubt, proven to be infinitely more intelligent than say a Pug/Basset/Beagle/Chow. Then start comparing the mentalities of Pit Bulls vs. Pomeranians. The speed and grace of a Grayhounds vs. Bulldogs. EVERYONE knows that there are many differences between races. Buck up, accept the FACTS, work on your weaknesses, and above all, QUIT BLAMING WHITEY FOR ALL YOUR DEFICIENCIES.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what their new "Wakanda" will look like. I'm sure there will be a 17 foot tall mountain of garbage, a beautiful grafitti painted signs showing where the local check cashing service is. Not to mention the classic real-life display of pants on the ground and forty's in the air. But most importantly, they will have a modified version of the praying hands statue, with both hands out. One hand will be called gibs and the other will be called medat.

Anonymous said...

ATL is Hell.
Got my family out of that place.
Before arriving I was very much a leave me alone and we will get along just fine.
Moved there, found the antagonistic nature of the emboldened black to be dangerous.
I carried a gun everywhere I went while there. I considered it my time in prison.
As far as crime? The media there doesn’t even report the really bad stuff. Like the black lady who let her buck son muhdick the kids at her daycare. Or the black boyfriend of the pretty white girl who threw her son from a previous sperm donor head first into a wall. Must have been a darts champ because the fontanel hit a wall stud perfectly. Or, the black firefighter who sued Gwinett county because he got a ticket for driving with 4 year old expired tags. The black Atlanta shyster Alexander (I think) told black city employees he controlled the police.
Atlanta is a black run nightmare.
If the blacks aren’t running it, the cuckhold whites are and won’t condemn black wrongdoing.
I had to do more work than black employees because they were unfireable. I HATE ATLANTA!

Anonymous said...

So true.
They even need whites and Latinos to build and run their criminal empires.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a film... There exists a country populated only by whites, with no black undertow, called Whitopia. The rest of the world doesn't know it exists and think it's just another place where the once-prosperous cities are dying from the black cancer manifesting itself as ghettos, theft, drug dealing, robberies, murders, prostitution, sloth, an attitude of gibs-me-dat, etc. But no, Whitopia has always been free of the black undertow and enjoys an advanced level of civilization, peace, prosperity, minimal crime, advanced technology, space travel, health, etc.

Every action film needs a hero to keep the black cancer from outside Whitopia at bay, and this one will be called White Eagle.

Of course, no such film could ever be made. It would be denounced as "razziss" and besides, all white places need "diversity" (aka a greatly diminished level of whites, eventually leading up to and including extermination). But reverse it and make it all about blacks and we're all supposed to stand up and cheer.

My ass.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Wakanda, which was invented by two white guys in the 1960s,


Wakanda, which was invented by two ((( white guys))) in the 1960s,

There. Fixed it for ya. Whenever it's convenient, they're called "white". They change like a chameleon when it suits (((them))). Know your enemy. He sure as hell knows you and there's a mark on all white people. Prepare accordingly.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

As soon as we decide its over...its over.

But how soon will the be?

Anonymous said...

I wish blacks success in creating Wakanda. As long as they leave and don't come back. If they fail, you know they're going to try to come back. And some dumb white liberals will undoubtedly let them back in.

Gem Junior said...

The only thing these tards will ever build is the world's largest dump. The Dunning-Kruger infused fantasy of being left alone (meaning without the perpetual safety net of Evil Whitey) to build a Wakanda just illustrates how far from reality these people can get. But this level of willful, deliberate turning away from the truth - indulging in this Wakanda hype is truly the farthest from reality I've seen in my life so far though. They are not growing or developing in any way - they are devolving further down into even more maladaptive herd-groupthink thought processes. They are deluded enough to believe they are more oppressed every day, which is a joke and should be treated like one.

Imagine if they all just up and left to build their Wakanda? Imagine the peace and serenity? It would be heaven on earth. But they can't be allowed to come back once they decide that it's not up to par over in the motherland - or it doesn't meet expectations (once they turn it into a worse slum). No return.

Mr. Rational said...

I'm not sure exactly which way this cookie will crumble but I'd predict that one way or another the Chinese will be worse off for it on the whole.

The Chinese will be fine.  None but a tiny fraction will breed with the subhumans and they'll overwhelmingly replace them.  They will not make the mistake that the English forced on the Boers.

OT:  Why the F can't Wipeepo spell "choir" properly?!

it will child's play to use these media to convince them that their future will best be served by migrating en masse to African paradises like Haiti and Somalia where they shall be free to build the Wakanda someone else dreamt up for them.

It can't come too soon.

the entire egalitarian worldview is nothing more than a mass hallucination

The realization that it IS a hallucination can't come too soon either.

If there is one superhuman ability that blacks possess, it is in their awesome power to be completely impervious to logic and reason.

If there is a motto for SBPDL, that's it right there.

White privilege is a hate slur against Whites. It's a completely made up word like raycist.

"Racist" is LITERALLY a KGB-created propaganda term.

I wish blacks success in creating Wakanda. As long as they leave and don't come back. If they fail, you know they're going to try to come back. And some dumb white liberals will undoubtedly let them back in.

Truer words, etc. etc.

juvenal said...

" Leave us black folk alone". One wonders who Sir " LA Keith" actually thinks would want to be any where near his tribe. It certainly wouldn't be the ever increasing number of whites desperately trying to flee various cities across the country and its immediate sububurbs.. Non White non Blacks are certainly not big fans of mixing it up with our proud cadres of glorious Nubian loyalty.

AnalogMan said...

Mr. Rational said...

Why the F can't Wipeepo spell "choir" properly?!

Chill, man. It's not worth getting upset about. For what it's worth, "quire" is an archaic variant of "choir". I have a distinct recollection** of a prescribed book in school, I believe it was Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy, that spelt it that way. Language changes, all the time.

** Of course, at my age, "distinct recollections" are not that reliable.

Anonymous said...

White doctors go to africa, innoculate black population from diseass that kept population under control. Now same doctors begging american whitey to send money to aid starving children. Where's the logic?

chattanooga gal said...

perhaps someone should make a movie about brave blacks relocating to Africa and creating a perfect Wakanda? They could even imply that their great nation was so advanced as to be the next great superpower, but it would have to imply that there was something in the African soil that it could ONLY happen there: as a matter of fact, that it WOULD have happened there if only poor blacks had not been removed to lands where their magic powers didn't work.

Steve Smith said...

Yes! Thank you. I still live in this hellhole (for now). The media would have you think that Atlanta is a diverse utopia. I try and tell people all the time what a sewer it is. No one believes me. The rot is spreading further and further north. No where in the 'burbs is safe any more. I hope I'm far away when this rat infested sewer implodes.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how much time and voice have been given to this utter nonsense already...

Folks, its a comic book for God's sake and not a good one at that. Black traditionally don't read comic books and while I understand being made into a movie makes it easier than reading all those words in all those little bubbles, they are still black.

This movie is for you white folks. This is to ingrain the negro in your collective consciousness. This is to make you accept that blacks can prosper along side us in peace and harmony. The target is your children...the next generation. The ones who haven't experienced them first-hand yet. The ones that still think they're 'cool' and 'just like us'.

We, who have had our eyes ripped open over the past 50 years, know different. It's up to us to inform them, in an intelligent and non-aggressive way, that they are nothing like us at all. That everything they touch turns to ash and that living among them is un-survivable.

If you come off like a screaming klansman, you will lose. You'll just be judged as 'racist' and dismissed and they will believe what they have already been preached to them about 'evil white people'.

That is why I love this site so much. We seem to have a fairly interesting and educated crowd commenting on stories without descending into unsubstantiated nonsense and name-calling.

Keep it classy. You get more flies with honey, remember.

Jim in Jersey

Augustus said...

Oh great, Rational! Now you tell me. No wonder I failed as a dairy Farmer!😁

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back in the real world...
Black Africans have invented the mud brick, without any help from YT.
Future developments such as the wheel and indoor plumbing, have been inexplicably delayed. Witchcraft is suspected, and several witches have been disemboweled. More witches remain at large. The slaughter will continue until the guilty party is caught and executed.
Other technological advances, such as the microscope, the telescope, the printing press, and steam engines remain in the far-distant future, as do paved roads and toothbrushes.

Gerg Knutson said...

FYI I live near it goes by the name Gary, Indiana....

Anonymous said...

When it comes to blaming White Caucasians, Blacks also get a little help from their (((friends))).

Jack Burton said...

The fact is that light skin, especially for females, is a universal preference. It's called colorism in the black community, favoring "good hair" over nappy hair, meaning white or Asian admixture. Where do weaves come from? Not from blacks. It comes mostly from Hindus who have straight black hair. Blacks themselves insult dark-skinned blacks. I've witnessed it myself. "Black as the ace of spades." Skin-lightening creams, blonde and red hair dyes are very popular with non-white females.

They say whites benefit from white supremacy but then so do blacks and other non-whites! Admittedly not to the same degree, but they still do benefit from living among whites. Black Americans have the highest standard of living of any blacks in the world. The vast majority of blacks do NOT want to live in a black country, we already know this. They already have plenty of black countries to choose from. Wakanda is pure fantasy and wishful thinking. No one is stopping African countries from prospering. Blacks are free to move to any black country they want and create their paradise. It doesn't exist and can't exist. How do you create a paradise with average IQs of 85 and below? Not gonna happen, bro.