Thursday, January 2, 2014

"America's Monrovia": Will the Last White Person Out of Baltimore Please Turn Out the Lights?

You have a 65 percent black city.

Arguably, this is one of America's most dangerous cities, where "everyday citizens" (everyday black citizens) have contributed to the complete breakdown in the authority of the white man's law, helping turn the city into the USA's version of Monrovia, Liberia.
A 65 percent black city, henceforth dubbed "America's Monrovia"

And though HBO's The Wire tried to humanize the downtrodden black population of this city, it's this population that is engaging in "everyday" malice toward Baltimore's viability. Blaming "gang violence" isn't going to work anymore, with police determining a "drug" connection in only 3 of the 224 homicides. [Batts: Crime Dropped for "Everyday Citizens" in 2013", Baltimore Sun, 1-2-14]:
With murders, non-fatal shootings and street robberies up in 2013, Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts emphasized in television interviews Monday that crime affecting "everyday citizens" was moving in the right direction.
"It's not throughout the city as a whole," Batts told WBAL-TV of the violence. "It's very localized and unfortunately, it's with African American men who are involved in the drug trade and 80 to 85 percent of the victims are involved in the drug trade going back and forth."
"For everyday citizens, we are seeing those areas I mention drop. Burglaries are down, rapes are down, breaking into cars are down. All those categories are down," Batts said.

Though retaliatory killings, stick-up boys, warring drug crews are behind many cases that get publicized, murders and shootings also affect everyday people. Police dispatcher Alva Porter, whose son was gunned down in a barber shop in a brazen killing where bystanders appeared unfazed, is one example from 2013.
Another example: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's 20-year-old cousin was killed in May.
Batts also said that "80 to 85 percent" of victims of violence were African-American men involved in the drug trade. But overall, only 84 percent of city homicide victims are black men.
"Everyday violence" in Baltimore is, invariably, an almost all-black affair (Source: Baltimore Sun)
And according to the homicide unit's analysis of this year, police determined a drug motive in just 3 of 224 cases (as of Dec. 17). "Argument" was the motive behind 18 cases, robbery was behind 13 cases, nine were domestic (official department Comstat data lists 13 domestic homicides this year, up 86 percent), and three were general "neighborhood" disputes.

A lack of impulse control. 

Poor future-time orientation. 

Low IQ. 

An inability to maintain the civilization white people left behind when they fled the blackening city limits of Baltimore. 
95 percent of homicide victims in 2013 Baltimore (224 out of 235) were black people

 But, hey, it's 'every people' that gun violence is affecting! [NAACP: Baltimore gun violence affects 'every day people' too, Baltimore Sun, 1-2-14]:

Asked for reaction, Tessa Hill-Aston, the president of Baltimore's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said "all deaths are a serious issue because each one of those people are someone's loved one."
"Most of it is drug-related, but there's a lot more to all that," she said. She said "every day people" affected by gun violence include the mothers, wives, siblings and children of gun violence victims.
She extended the scope of those affected to include those impacted when someone whose relative is murdered doesn't show up to work the next day. "Everybody has a family member that works somewhere that impacts the community," she said.
Marvin "Doc" Cheatham, the past NAACP president and a West Baltimore resident, said he has a "great deal of confidence" in Batts. But he said the violence on the west side affected more than just those who were hit by bullets. 
"We need more coverage, we need more foot soldiers, we need more patrol people on the ground," Cheatham said, noting that the Western District saw the most homicides in the city.
The foot soldiers of the civil rights movement already cleared out white people for you to take democratic control of the city, Mr. Cheatham (one vote. one race. one rule). Why, the new fire chief of Baltimore (a total affirmative action flunkie) is the perfect metaphor for the concept of racial democracy, with his directive - straight from the black mayor - to "increase diversity" immediately and efficiently. 

Most of the violence/murder/gun crime in Baltimore isn't gang-related, it's black related. 

Will the last white person out of Baltimore not only turn out the light, but be sure to spray paint a name change on the 'city limits' sign: Welcome to Baltimore Monrovia. 


Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. I love this sentence: "But overall, only 84 per cent of the city's homicide victims are black men."

These articles seem like parodies.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine being the elderly white couple that never saw the "hurricane Katrina" coming? You're holding on to what you have at the grocery store swimming with sharks... All the lies on TV and just thinking it's okay? Wow... basically stripped of their 2nd amendment rights there to deal with it on their terms? I'd rather jump in shark infested waters.

Anonymous said...

When the last white person leaves Baltimore, they won't have to turn out the lights. The lights will turn themselves out.

Anonymous said...

“Diversity" is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE.

Anonymous said...

There are some people (I use that term VERY loosely) who post (spew is more like it) on this site who claim I am not for real. I can assure you, I AM REAL. I live in Oregon, I am a married bisexual man with a teenage daughter (no one these days ought to have more than one child, BTW) and I wholeheartedly support the direction this country is headed in. I don't see what the problem is. I see beautiful, strong, smart, talented, courageous, righteous, SEXY African-Americans taking charge all over the place, and I am very, very pleased at what I see. Baltimore will be fine; just give it time. (A little financial aid won't hurt, either. Greedy bastards.)

It took some time to get where we are, but now that we're here, a few stuck-in-the-mud internet troglodytes think we should all just return to the days of Leave It To Beaver and slavery because they are SCARED someone with darker skin than them might have a tiny bit of fun in life. It makes me SICK. Luckily, you white assholes aren't breeding much, so your time is not long. (Oprah nailed it.)

My teenage daughter's bedroom is plastered with Drake and Kanye posters; my wife and I like to have a little fun on Friday nights with a young man TrayShawn. He's more of a man than you losers could EVER be. Believe me. Whoo. Our lives are pretty much perfect. Our town, sadly, is only .0003% African-American, but we're working day and night to change that; our local churches are helping us. Goddess Willing, we will soon be welcoming some Eritrean immigrants into our dull little white town. Oh Happy Day!

Hitler's down in Hell waiting on you assholes. Why don't you join him?

A Compassionate Oregonian



it's not the blacks you see it's those evil guns whitey makes. it's whitey's fault and it's going to be whitey's fault till they kick us out or we take over.

I bet that has been told since the day after they came out black hands stretched in the gibsmedat position! never relax around those blacks.


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

It was not until after I graduated HS, 1972, that I learned the story of Liberia and The American Colonization Society. Unbelievably by today's realities I saw the story on one of the first "60 Minutes" programs. I say unbelievably because over the course of my life mine eyes have witness the transmogrification of truth as reality to liberal ideology as reality, and this, it seems to me, would make the story of America's Colonization Society and it's subsequent creation of Liberia a difficult area for liberal ideology.

As I recall now 40 years later, I was impressed by the story, and further every once in a while that story resurfaced in my life.

At first I thought that the repatriated American negros took over and ruled the country because of the education they received simply by experiencing the "white man's higher culture of civilization". However later on I realized there was more to the story, that there were other truths to this manifestation.

Further, that another causal agent for the rising to the top and governing by repatriated negros over the native negros was in fact the increase in IQ experienced by the American negro via miscegenation with the higher IQed whites.

Today my understanding of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the whole truth of reality is much more complete than when I was young.

I am fully aware of the mutual exclusivity between the white and negro gene pools, with, most importantly, an understanding of that difference in terms of r selective versus K selective strategies.

This is where the negro physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, and the white, physically larger, higher IQed cerebrum comes from. Further, and quite clearly, the mulatto American negro had it up on his negro African brother because of the white genes pilfered via miscegenation, rendering him a more intelligent cerebrum.

Our mutually exclusive gene pools produce mutually exclusive cerebrums, whereby the higher IQed cerebrum is predisposed to create a higher culture of civilization, while the lower IQed cerebrum is predisposed to create the lower culture of the primitive savage.

Negros can no more escape the realities of their physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum than a leopard can wash away his spots.

Only via miscegenation, the parasitic pilfering of white genes from the white gene pool can the negro hope to eventually be "equal" to a white.

This for me is exceptionally troubling. For both negros and white liberals are all for this abrogation of nature at our white, and white gene pool's, expense.

If we non-liberal whites refuse to except the new white man's burden of defending and protecting our gene pool, genes and thusly our posterity, we will lose them and become the fool and his money departed.

We have been pigeon holed into excepting the old white man's burden by fellow whites, who in refusing to mature, have decided the best solution to the reality of the competitive exclusion principle is to merge our gene pools and become one.

This is very acceptable to one who is selfish and to one who is cowardly. These of course are traits of the immature and the immature are liberals.

Unfortunately, the plight of we non-liberal whites here in America is not unique. The plain fact of the matter is that whites, wherever they may be on planet Earth, are experiencing this very phenomenon.

Nature intends the survival of the most competitive when mutually exclusive competitors compete. Liberals, and here in America, negros, in an abrogation of nature, intend for we competitors to merge our gene pools and become one.

This is good for them, but bad for us.

If we whites of today, keep giving away the family farm, our posterity will one day wake to find they have no family farm any more.

Liberals are the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Negros are the parasites that consume but does not contribute.

Woe will our white posterity be if we continue to slide down the easy, sleazy liberal slope. Thank you.

WD said...

"The foot soldiers of the civil rights movement already cleared out white people for you to take democratic control of the city, Mr. Cheatham."

But I thought you were going to put all those blaming the "libtards" in their places by givin 'em a good ol' reality smack-down.

Are you going to post this, Paul?

Anywho, my problem with the left is this: that used to be my group. It's harder to turn the other cheek -- for me, anyway -- when your own group is spewing constant hypocrisy. Not to mention they'll turn on their own quicker than the monsters from Pitch Black.

Talk about cannibalism.

Now, even though I'm no longer disillusioned (in fact, I've grown quite pessimistic and disenchanted in my old age), I still refuse to refer to most of them as "libtards" -- you know, since most of them are just idealistic young ppl. You remember what that was like, don't you?

The folks on the left that I DO have a problem with are those adults who;ve somehow managed to bring young people around to a state of constant contradiction, which, in turn, leaves our society in a perpetual state of adolescence. After all, a major flaw with adolescence is the need to be contrary and then have those contradictions excused and validated by some outside force, be it Leary, Mother Nature or some other deity, so having these deities on hand 24/7, making excuses and twisting reality all the while, is only making nature a bigger, meaner bitch to contend with.

Poor democrats. If it wasn't for the aging process they wouldn't have to rely on brainwashing children.

Gotta get that 18-24 vote! You know, before the part of the brain that handles logic is fully developed.

Here's a perfect example of leftist hypocrisy and lack of forethought:

Anonymous harassed pedophiles on Alice Day, but I don't remember them publishing the addresses of those pedophiles. However, they did release the addresses of BNP (?) members.

If you tell citizens where pedophiles live and it is discovered that children are near the pedophiles, the other adults will immediately think of saving the children. To the contrary, if an angry citizen perceives another citizen to be bigoted, then children in the area, especially the bigot's children, will be at the bottom of the offended party's priority list.

Wasn't a child hit with a bottle of piss during one of those BNP marches? A bottle of piss thrown by a left-leaner out to protest bigotry and violence?

You ain't gotta be white or a nationalist to have a problem with that, folks!

By the by, I've noticed some of your regulars haunting the comment section over at WND. Odd, since most of your regulars are race realists who claim to be against "magical thinking". e.g. Christianity, Islam, voodoo, etc..

Anonymous said...

Everyone can see this happening over and over but deny it. People blind themselves to the fact blacks ruin every area they infest. The only sane option right now that i can think of is for us to buy up huge areas of land and create small private communities. No section 8 housing will spring up magically overnight on my land. No black will want to live more than 5 minutes from a corner store to buy blunt wraps and malt liquor. No black will want to grow its own food or take care of animals. The big cities are now radioactive slag heaps. Lets build our own private communities QUIETLY.

Erie PA

Big Bill said...

Marvin "Doc" Cheatham, the past NAACP president and a West Baltimore resident, said ... "[w]e need more coverage, we need more foot soldiers, we need more patrol people on the ground," noting that the Western District saw the most homicides in the city.

And yet as soon as those "patrols" and "foot soldiers" shoot someone, Mr. Cheatham will be right at the head of the parade, complaining about (1) racism, (2) police murdering innocent youth and (3) too many young black men (who were just turning their lives around!) being sent to prison

The Negro community knows what it needs to do if it wants to get rid of "gang violence". A single cartridge costs a $1.50 or less. That is way cheaper than $40,000 a year for incarceration.

I am unaware of any time or place in US history where the murder rate got this large without the white community self-organizing into Committees of Vigilance.

The white man has no magic juju that will mentally and morally reform the violent members of the Negro community.

The white community cannot pay for enough "foot-soldiers" and "patrols" to wander through the Negro community and intimidate the Negro community by their very presence into acting nice.

As Ida B. Wells, that great Negro fighter for justice put it 100 years ago:

"The lesson this teaches and which every Afro American should ponder well, is that a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give."

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that blacks create the same atmosphere wherever they are on the planet. It has to be genetic because some of them have been raised in western societies for generations but will still create a violent tribe if left alone for 5 minutes. How about we move them to reservations and take back our nice architecture before it's totally lost? I can dream, can't I?

Anonymous said...

Back in the late seventies and early eighties i used to drive up to Baltimore from Richmond. a little over a hundred miles. i had friends there. we mainly hung out around the Inner Harbor. an old sailing ship the USS Constellation was the centerpiece. lots of boats. cool bars and restaurants and antique shops. plus other amenities. i had my bicycle stolen once. but there were no robberies or murders in that area. there were very few blacks around. there were old neighborhoods. mostly clean. moms were sweeping their stoops and socializing. kids played on the sidewalks and in the nearby parks. beautiful old churches. little Italy and other historically ethnic areas. it was like a smaller and cleaner version of new saddens me to hear about how Baltimore has been ruined. my friends moved away from there when it started getting unsafe. Harrisburg PA has also gone from being a nice town to another black hellhole. my beloved Richmond too...soon there will be very few decent cities left.

Anonymous said...

I was in Baltimore a little over a year ago to leave on a cruise. We decided to arrive a day early to see the city and Ft. McHenry, as I am an ardent patriot. But when we arrived, what we found was the skeletal remains of a thriving city. And I'm not talking about the neighborhoods (no way we would've made it through). I'm speaking of the downtown area that's supposed to be beautiful and welcoming to visitors. No, was a complete shit hole. We couldn't even find a McDonalds to eat at because of all the shady fuckers hanging around the outside of the building, not to mention the shady fuckers working on the inside. I'm surprised by the "low" homicide rate there based on my observations. I will never take my beautiful white family to that cesspool again.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

As I read Paul's post, I find myself thinking, "how long will bot White liberals and Negros continue to make accuses for blackie's failures at whity's expense". But then, I no sooner ask the question when I answer it myself with, "as long as it takes to merge our two mutually exclusive gene pools into one".

Yes, in this war, born of natures competitive exclusion principle, and initiated once the two mutually exclusive, sub-species of humans converged, there were tough hard choices to be made.

Should we Whites bear the old "White man's burden", of both mothering and melding our genes with the Negros, or should we answer natures call and favor our own sub-species but not theirs.

Obviously our white liberal "brothers and sisters", those who fail to mature or transcend insanity, chose the selfish and the cowards way.They choose to meld our genes, at our posterity's expense.

The lowly Negro embraces his nature's charge; he attempts to survive by forcing his parasitizing of the white gene pool upon we whites.

Should not we Whites answer our nature's charge? White liberals say no!

Therefore the charge of nature upon we Whites necessarily falls upon the shoulders of we non-liberal Whites.

Unfortunately, here we non-liberal whites end up fighting a two front war, a front against White liberals and a front against the lowly Negro. Moreover, usually a two front war is lost.

Most unfortunately, our immature Whites, the liberals, are repeating this process with all the losers of the world. Just how selfish, just how cowardly can a White human be.

If the Biblical God of the Old Testament saw this, would he not instruct us to smite all our enemies, both the enemy without and the enemy within. I not only think yes, I know yes he would.

But these are not Biblical, Old Testament times. These are the times where we of men and women must accept both our job and God's.

If we fail to leave their warped world how will our White gene pool/race/culture/lands and posterity persevere?

It and we won't.

Think about friends, what will planet Earth look like in 50 years, or perhaps worse in 100 years.

We need to forge our own alliance. Thank you.

Jim said...

Anonymous said
January 3 @1202 AM.

Please, do not respond to this as***le. He sounds like a real jerk-off nut-job. Ignore him. He just wants attention.

Anonymous said...

Nigs ruin everything they are near.Covering it up by MSM will eventually bac kfire. I think that caring Whites need to quit co-signing for all this nig bs. Silence equals permission. Richard Cranium

PDK said...

@ 8:00 AM

12:02 is probably just a goofball having fun.

Though if he were real, he probably would be a left coast guy/gal, liberal dolt as his moniker suggest.

If he was/is real a week lost in Detroit might snap him/her out of it, if he/she survived. thanks.

City resident said...

Why bother posting the comments of the various trolls and other weird goofs that attempt to make their appearance here? Their purpose is just to degrade the discussion and end up hijacking the thread. Let them go and bother people elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis!

Dissident said...

I used to think Oregonian to be a new-age metrosexual, but I'm starting to change my tune. Since attending diversity training at my place of employment and since having become involved in my local chapter of the NAACP's, 'People of Color,' seminars on racism in contemporary culture, I've come to appreciate where Oregonian is coming from.

I'm starting to see the light of hidden and overt institutional racism everywhere that I look these days. Churches, Schools, Law Enforcement, Government,'s everywhere and it's pervasive and must be stamped out for good.

Former Racists United (FRU), is a group that I'm founding to help bigots- such as you folks - to develop into good new-age citizens of the world and to help the disadvantaged minority live up to their full potential. And to strike a blow at this racist and white dominated patriarchal society.

Who's with me?

Former Racists United Against Racism Website..

Mr. Rational said...

Our town, sadly, is only .0003% African-American, but we're working day and night to change that; our local churches are helping us. Goddess Willing, we will soon be welcoming some Eritrean immigrants into our dull little white town. Oh Happy Day!

RamZPaul did it first and better, dude.  But thanks for trying.  Maybe someday the readers here will start to get the satire when they see it.

Anonymous said...

I really love this forum. It's my news source. This is where I learned about Delbert Belton and Channon Christianson. So much of the media is simply propaganda now. Censored and diluted too. Ignore the trolls. All of them. They are narcissists looking for attention. It's not about them or any of us with our observations. Not about me.

It's about the ideas. Free exchange of information. No censorship. FUCK. See, my post will get through. That dreaded "F" word, satans syllable will pass muster. And sometimes harsh language is necessary.

Reflects emotion. Raw fury at times. Feeling your pulse at your temple. The times are hard. The violence against whites. The glib blind eye turned by any and all of our 21st century media establishment. The complete deconstruction of our once thriving American cities. Baltimore is only one example. It's everywhere.

A large strong animal can be laid low if an untreated parasitical infection goes untreated. Tapeworms devouring the insides. Ticks and leeches and fleas sucking down hot life's blood.

I read a brilliant post here a few days back. Anoymous. As many of us are. No alias, which I would prefer. Signed work exhibits ownership. Pick a handle brother! Or sister. I've read some hard truths on this sight from the "gentler" sex. I'm paraphrasing but the meat of it was this and only this, we don't need to save this dying animal that was once a city on a hill. The greatest free republic the world had ever seen. We only need to survive its collapse.

Look at history. Rome fell, Constantinople rose. The USSR went away, the Russian Federation is going strong. The blacks are a symptom. Devouring the host.

Learn to deal with them locally. Keep your life local. Prepare locally. Protect the people you love and get ready. It's not too late.

Son of Delbert

Anonymous said...

Oregonian is a parody. "TrayShawn" gave it away!

My daughter went to school in Baltimore for a year and lived in university (U.MD.) housing with lots of security, high rise, right in the University complex. If that hadn't been available, I don't know how she could have stayed there.

Baltimore is so obviously dangerous and its because of lax law enforcement. Baltimore needs aggressive stop and frisk. The panhandling bums are a big problem in Baltimore. They could be working in pairs and one will stop you and the other could get around you and knife you. Where are the cops?

Yes, black people could take care of this themselves. I agree with the comment that white people would have attempted some organized vigilance against this amount of crime, not wait for lame, pandering, politicians and more welfare, "education," and "help" from the federal government. That they don't/won't/can't organize vigilance means its hopeless and has to get as bad as it can get before it gets better.

Alexandra said...

People like "Oregonian" get mad at White families like the Duggars, but don't seem to have anything to say about blacks breeding like rabbits on the taxpayers' dollar.


Compassionate Oregonian is not real. He/she is a composite. It is a pretty good attempt at extreme sarcasm, but I see through it since I was at one time in my youth a professional stand up comic and that enables me to grasp what he/she is trying to do.

This is a fellow white person who is sick of the slow pace of things and in his own way is stoking the fires of White Anger by pushing all the buttons. He actually thinks he is helping but he is really a huge distraction to the conversation. It is so thick with obvious "over the top" sarcasm that one feels like an idiot reading it.

I won't his writing again since I know EXACTLY what will be written.

Bogolyubski said...

So heartening to see that Dissident has finally seen the true light of Crystal Methodism, much like this famous person has.

Fed up Firefighter said...

PK, if you continue to publish "Compassionate Oregonian's" trolling posts you are going to loose readers.
This guy is our enemy and he's in OUR house.


There should have been a Twilight Zone script where the main character is seen living in a White city during the 1950's, like Baltimore. Then he falls asleep and wakes up "in the future" and the exact same city is filled with only africans.

Nobody would believe it and the studio would never film it, but that is what we are all living in.

Many of us here are in our 60's and REMEMBER a White America. I do. I remember when Miami was White.

I remember when Naples, Fl had one stop light. No haitians. No mexicans. Today that city is about 40% Mexican but they all live east of the extremely rich areas. Naples is only the extreme rich Whites and the mexicans. The "middle class" drives down I-75 from Fort Myers to do the middle class work.

My children and grand children will have to fight, really fight, to either survive while surrounded by Third World savages or fight to build a White Only country somewhere.

Maybe it is time to move back to Europe and get them to evict ALL NON-Whites out and put up a huge wall around our homeland.

It is so sad. I see no hope.

Whiskey said...

There is relatively nothing new. Melungeons are the offspring of White women and Black men. Long known in the Southeast, as "tri-racial isolates" they are in fact mulattos, not Indian-White-Black tri-racial people, according the DNA analysis linked at Huffpost (ultra liberal site, admission against interest).

Mulattos are not the traditional storyline of White slave masters interbreeding with Black female slaves, but rather Black slaves and freedmen interbreeding with White women. This makes sense, if you believe in Satoshi Kanazawa's study that Black women were the least desired of women of all races, and Asian women the most; and Black men the most desired of men of all races, and Asian men the least.

White people are selected for female attractiveness, as are Asians. Black people are selected for male attractiveness. These are profoundly different mating strategies. For Blacks, it is spread your seed, minimal male investment, women do all the work, competition to be the sexiest singer/dancer/fighter. For Asians and Whites, it is female competition to snare the lifetime devotion of a man and high paternal investment, as women compete to be sexy and monogamous (few men will devote effort to another man's child over a lifetime).

White men are at a disadvantage when their provider advantage disappears. When reproduction radically shifts to the African model of men being sexy singer/dancer/fighters (think Russell Brand, Chris Brown, NBA players) with variations of feyness and alpha thug. A very few White guys like Brand can pull that off; most cannot.

Thus if you are serious about expanding the White population and maintaining European civilization, you have to come to inevitable conclusions that even I as a straight edge guy (Whiskey is from the Whiskey Rebellion, not drinking).

Lower age of consent and marriage ages. High age of first marriage means delayed fertility and reduced fertility. More Sarah Palins, fewer lawyer chicks. I don't like this; culturally I am Puritanical (hence Straight Edge) but that's the conclusion I get. White women should be getting married at age 22 AND EXPECTED TO DO SO culturally and have kids shortly thereafer. Min three and better four. Not one designer in vitro fertilization yuppie eugenic baby at age 43.

Second, feminism must be destroyed so the average White guy is not Beta eunuch bait but a guy whose small/moderate status advantage over his White female peer makes him sexy and a desirable mate at age 20-22. Or heck even 16. [I'd have been happier if Paul Walker and his teen inamorata had produced a couple of kids when she was say, 19-20.]

Third, Welfare must be destroyed and replaced with Beta male provisioning as the wealth-building. This requires more than just ending Welfare but economic protectionism, high tariffs, high wages, deportation retroactive like the Dominican Republic back to 1929 of illegal aliens AND THEIR DESCENDANTS. A labor shortage and thus high wages grabbed by White guys.

Fourth, female occupations in government and the media must be dismantled. Bit by bit.

This is a massive and mostly though not exclusively cultural undertaking. It will take decades. We may not have it. But it should at least be tried.

Mary Wollstonecroft Shelley was pregnant at 17 to Percy's and was heartbroken IIRC when their infant died. She is an interesting case. Her mother the very Christian heretic advocating Free Love lived a sybaritic, carousel-dominated life, that her daughter wanted nothing of. Instead stability and her own man exclusive.

If we don't do these things Melungeons will dominate the US because absent the provider advantage a non-trivial number of White women find Black guys superior in singing/dancing/fighting tribal sexiness.

[It is also key that White guys drop the metrosexual act and act tough.]

Whiskey said...

I will add and then shut up, if you watch TV you can see cultural shifts.

Old Westerns from the 1950's (the Rifleman) and 1960's (Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Big Valley) stressed restraint and morality. The heroes would be pressed and pressed and finally respond because they were forced to it in the Third Act.

In the 1970s and 1980's you had schizophrenic stuff, libtards like MASH's Hawkeye Pierce acting all soft and gooey and ultra-verbal and fairly feminine, and a softer version of the old Westerns with shows like the Rockford Files where the hero just tried to stay out of the way of things but ended up using cleverness rather than sheer toughness to act when forced in the Third Act. And a few shows that celebrated male toughness and a willingness to kill, often deliberately: the Equalizer, and Miami Vice, where the two central heroes played by ultra-White guy men like Don Johnson and Edward Woodward had body counts in the hundreds. Often done deliberately, seeking to provoke confrontations not as in the Rifleman carefully explain they had done their best to avoid them.

Now you see the rise of Amoral Heroes who don't even espouse any sort of moral code whatsoever, and just kill whoever gets in their way. Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc. The two exceptions are Person of Interest and the Blacklist where a hazy, extremely personalized moral code exists but exists because of the absence of any society-wide rules to deal with the power of technology and corruption respectively leaves the heroes rudderless otherwise.

My thought is an increasingly multiracial society first made a lot of male figures in the media fey and sort of gay, as women dominated the TV audience, and then ultra-hard, as women sought ever more dominance and violence in a multicultural society. Chuck Connors style figures were not enough in a multi-racial society, because one had to act FIRST to protect one and one's own. Hence the rise of bad guy heroes. Tony Soprano, Walter White, etc. might not be much, but they can intimidate or kill rival ethnic/racial groups and actors and thus have appeal as protector figures. The monster that fights worse monsters.

And that is something that is lost in a multiracial society. Restraint, forgiveness, mercy, and other virtues that become unaffordable.

Anonymous said...

Recently in Knoxville, Tn,someone put up banners over I640 that read, "Diversity is code word for White Genocide." The police took down the banners after a couple of hours (by 9a.m.)due to complaints received and have requested the person or persons responsible to claim their property. Sure. So they can be arrested for trespassing on railroad property that spans the interstate.
Most of the comments I read in the local paper were from those screaming that this was racism, white supremacy and bigotry and the tired old mantra of "diversity is our strength" was oft repeated and "diversity is needed to compete in a world economy."
The retards never questioned why diversity is needed in white countries but it's perfectly ok for African, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and Asian countries NOT to be diverse and not want to be flooded with an alien population that transforms their nations. Apparently, those nations are quite capable of competing in a world economy even without diversity or being multicultural and, strangely enough, they're not considered to be Asian, black, Hispanic or middle eastern racists or supremacists.
Apparently, only white people doing exactly as other races do can be racist for doing so or even wanting to.
If whites said that any of these non white countries needed to be flooded with white people for the sake of diversity etc, it would be hysterically denounced as racism, imperialism, colonization and decried as an act of evil. The right of those countries to maintain their identity, culture and "flavor" would be loudly defended.
I'd write more about this but I have to hop a plane and travel back to China, Japan, Thailand and other countries where I lived for many years and scream at them for being racists and denounce them as evil people.
I'll try to get some letters out from my jail cell later. Or post something from the airport as I'm being deported.

josh said...

A)So we are supposed to feel bad for the mommas & the baby mommas & the benighted babies of the thugs that terrorize the town? Seriously?? B) They have themselves a Ni--oops a black mayor! We done climbed the mountain! Freedom at last! WE crossed the river Jordan and I aint no ways tard! Justice! Justice and freedom! Years ago TIME (or as I call it, L'CHAIM) magazine did a spread about the new black mayors that were being elected in both blackefied cities and those still thriving. They seem,said Time,to have a special talent for running the cities--cuz its urban,and stuff. What a joke that dumb ass-kissing article was. This idiot demands "diversitay". All sorts of 1/2 wit,thugged out,drugged out brothas be firemen now,you dig?? Despicable dog!!!

Dissident said...

Hey folks, Oregonian is a parody. Admittedly a very good one.

He's not a troll so please sit back and learn to read between the lines.

Now, back to your soy Latte's.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head great job at breaking down for howthe pparasites are stealing our blood rights

Anonymous said...

Not Me! Richard Cranium

Full Auto said...

Paul, how much longer must we be subjected to this bullshit?

Of ALL races, negro males are at the very bottom of intelligence and civilizational capabilities. What you cannot seem to get through your thick skull is that the Hollywood portrayal of the negro is purely a facade. The negro without the white man would be, and in fact is, still living in grass huts and swatting flies off his sun-dried dinner.

Put the negro in the white man's clothes, let him drive the white man's cars, set him up in the white man's way of life (none of which he created), put him in some Hollywood movies portraying him as something he clearly isn't, and bingo -- he's a white chick magnet!

Try to get this through your head: only a disgusting white whore bent with a negrophile fetish would have anything to do with the negro. What would a civilization composed of black males/white females and their Africanized hybrid offspring look like? Africa, that's what. The same disease-ridden violent and backward civilization we see there today.

I am really getting fed up with your insults to white men!

Bogolyubski said...

OT, but an important update to a case we've been tracking here: As I predicted, the groid will not be spending his life in prison.

Bogolyubski said...

Ironically, in one of her last articles, the black woman Elizabeth Wright (1937-2011) took note of whites' dominant religion - even amongst "conservatives" - Crystal Methodism. Wright definitely walked her own path, but was probably the closest thing there is to a black American traditionalist. Interesting to see the perspective of an outsider who is somewhat sympathetic, if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I live in one of the few last remaining white enclaves in Baltimore. I have actually made other posts on this website under anonymous about the state of affairs here in Baltimore. There is actually a street here called Moravia. Me and my friend would joke when we drive by about it being Monravia street because it looked like Monravia. You don't want to break down in Monravia , lol! The thing is, there is so much history here in Baltimore. Baltimore is actually where we really won our independence from Britain. The Brits continued harassing our ships after 1776 until we kicked their butts in 1812. Fort McHenry has an amazing exhibit here about the war. You can actually see the spot where Francis Scott Key wrote the Declaration of Independence while watching Fort McHenry getting bombed. The Brits dropped an obscene amount of ordinance and yet the flag still waved! Don't give up on Baltimore.

-Baltimore Guy

Anonymous said...

Racial solidarity experiment: Let's completely ignore all trolls,giving them no traction or reason to hang around.It can work,but we must all stick together and completely ignore obvious attention-seeking assholes.Do you think we can do it ? Can we sustain it ? Since my intended audience is White,I imagine everyone can figure out the implications of such a simple test. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...


off topic


I was at 'Old Navy' today. 6? big posters there. 4 promoted race mixing! Mulatto girls and eurasian.

WD said...

"Fourth, female occupations in government and the media must be dismantled. Bit by bit."

Whiskey, why don't all the white wimminz just move to the Middle East and marry the men there?

There you go, problem solved; no more pesky white wimminz. Lawd knows dey ain't good for nuffins but cookin vittles and birthin babies, any damn way!

Sheesh, I can see why non-nationalist, conservative white women prefer the company of white men in the conservative party.

Not a lot of white women who love white men hang around here, I've noticed. Of course, they have no say in the future of "THE NATION", so why would they? Looks like you boys got everything covered ... except how you boys plan on gettin white wimminz to keep "THE NATION" going, that is.

I might be just a woman, but here's my recipe for a healthy society: good, healthy-minded folks shouldn't let misogynists and feminists (i.e. those still sorting out their teenage angst) hijack the conversation. If a body can't find a single descent person from the opposite sex to engage with, then I'm inclined to believe the problem is with the perpetually bitter.

By the way, I watched that footage of the feminists in Argentina. As a female, I must say I was quite offended -- disgusted, actually; ghastly business, if you ask me. And don't even get me started on female marines who can't do a single pull-up!

Anyway, Paul, I was reading the comments about this guy from Oregon and I think you should post at least some of his comments. After all, I'm not a white nationalist or a race realist and you post some of mine. Besides, it's good to have opposing views. Otherwise, you're no better than those you accuse of censorship.

Promoting violence against children and soliciting them to read pornography, etc., is where I draw the line. Other than that, I say let the adults have at it.

Jay Santos said...

Yes, Baltimore is gone. Like Camden, NJ, it was never a paradise, but was a working class town. A place where people of Italian, Polish, Irish, German, etc ancestry would work to make things, take care of their modest property, go to church on Sunday and sit on their stoop in the summer and sip a beer. Gone, done and over and replaced by harsh, violent blackness.

I'm nearly at the point where I'd accept unlimited latin american immigration if it would just finally end the blackness. Whatever one feels about a peasant farmer from Ecuador, at least the man would bring a culture. Beats what we've got now.

As to Oregonian, it's mildly entertaining trolling satire. The individual needs to intro a bit more subtlety into his craft. It's a quite a bit too obvious.

Anonymous said...

There should have been a Twilight Zone script where the main character is seen living in a White city during the 1950's, like Baltimore. Then he falls asleep and wakes up "in the future" and the exact same city is filled with only africans.

This was the premise of Robert Heinlein's novel, "Farham's Freehold." A man and his family survive a nuclear attack on the USA, but find themselves in a future where the country is run by blacks. And guess what is on the menu?

WD said...

OK, Paul, do you mind if I post one more comment?.

Lol, I just read Oregon's comment. I didn't notice it at first because I was looking for your regulars.

So a few years ago I bought a couple of copies of the movie Bruno; I gave one to my uncle and one to my brother. Mind you, I had NO idea what the movie was about ... until my uncle told me what it was about. Embarrassed, I sat down to watch it because I wanted to see with my own eyes what I had given to my uncle. Thankfully I chose to watch the movie with the commentary on.

I would like to note here that the most amazing thing about the movie is that the boy survived; the scene in Israel I found to be particularly entertaining.

Anyway, toward the end there's a scene with two guys wrestling. Everyone in the audience believes they are watching a real wrestling match, when, all of a sudden, the two guys in the ring start kissing and groping one another. The camera turns to the audience and there's this big guy who starts crying. Oh, I laughed my ass off! Not because I thought he was an evil homophobe getting his comeuppance, but because I know, growing up in a blue-collar environment the way I did, that to a man like that, finding out your hero enjoys rubbing on another man's junk is worse than seeing your hero torn limb from limb in a bloody melee. Poor thing. I just wanted to give him a big ol' hug and tell him everything was going to be all right and that there were many, MANY heroes out there who still liked women -- exclusively, liked women.

So, Oregon, if you want to chat up the guys on here, you need to keep in mind that heterosexual men were here first and they don't like the idea of men getting off on other men's junk. They can't relax and get all introspective when your professing your lust for their gender, dig? No matter what you say, or how polite you say it, they're only going to hear, "You have a purty mouth and a tight ass." And I doubt they're afraid of you, so "homophobia" and other such labels probably doesn't apply to them.

Anonymous said...

"Compassionate Oregonian is not real. He/she is a composite. It is a pretty good attempt at extreme sarcasm"
Yeah, but he's going the extra mile to piss [our] people off. He needs to dial it back, or fuck off completely. Like you said, there's no point in reading it anymore.


For anyone reading this, who may be a black or a white liberal, where did all the White people go?

If 50 years ago, this "down-town" area was 99% White, where did they go? WHY did just about every White person move out when so few Whites will ever say they are "racists" (and don't want to be around negroes?)

Nobody told these Whites to move. This has happened, and is happening, in every single area that the negro has infested. 99% of the Whites leave.

But will 99% of our fellow Whites admit it? How many Whites will say: "Yep, when any blacks move near me, I move away.".

Except for us, none. But they move. All of them.

Those areas where Whites are moving back into? They are lily White enclaves of a few blocks, at most. They are psychological "gated" community where pseudo-whites live in close proximity with other (childless) whites in little hutches for safety........still it is segregation.

Anonymous said...

Jay Santos: "I'm nearly at the point where I'd accept unlimited latin american immigration if it would just finally end the blackness."
The mexicans aren't ending blackness. They're just moving it to previously-white neighborhoods. Suppose your toilet is blocked up by a massive turd. Pouring in a bucket of piss will not magically transform the shit into water; the shit will just spill out onto your floor.
Nothing beats high-brow analysis on a Friday afternoon. For some reason I keep equating negroes with excrement. Must be something I haven't drank.

PB said...

Not bad, Compassionate Oregonian. TrayShawn is an interesting and slightly salty addition to the cast, and Eritreans, well the word itself sounds sort of cro-mag, but I'd have said "we're accepting some Ethiopians from our friends in Israel" for added fury. The Hitler reference is a bit tired though, kind of like a slip-on-a-banana-skin gag. Still, keep it up, I can see a sit-com emerging here.

Anonymous said...

The proper spelling for "melungeon" is "mulignan".

Unless, of course, "melungeon" is some sort of separate category from "mulignan" ; But I don't see how "melungeons" can be considered a separate category from "mulignans", as melungeons are either sired or conceived by mulignans :

So really we're talking about the same thing, same category, so the proper spelling of "melungeon" is really "mulignan".

From : Tony

Don M said...

“Most of the comments I read in the local paper were from those screaming that this was racism, white supremacy and bigotry and the tired old mantra of "diversity is our strength" was oft repeated and "diversity is needed to compete in a world economy."

Anonymous’ comment brought forth a flood of emotion and some things I just need to share, especially after a holiday season surrounded by SWPL in-laws. I hope PK will let it through.

I do not know what the Sincere White Liberals (as contrasted with DWLs, e.g. Tim Wise) envision when they think of the word “diversity.” Probably its an image of dozens of people in Saris, Dashikis, Turbans, and African garb dancing around a bonfire, passing a joint around, or something like that. Unlike most libs, (sincere or disingenuous) I actually live among the MultiCult. Where I am is mostly Barrio and ghetto rat Asians, but the blacks are becoming an increasingly common sight.

Instead of a “buy the world a Coke” commercial, what diversity means to me is dozens of Corona bottles and grape cigarillo wrappers strewn about what should be a beautiful public park. Diversity is having to watch carefully when walking the dog, so he doesn’t step on broken glass in the street or on the sidewalk. Diversity is watching some unidentifiable, sub-continental with the complexion of a scuffed football casually hawk a massive lung cookie into the gutter. Diversity is going to the post office and seeing nothing but Vietnamese boat people at the counter. Even after 3 or 4 decades in this country, these hostile little Yodas do not speak passable English and become downright nasty if you don’t understand their rapid-fire pidgin patois. My service to the glorious Multiculti Empire has left me with moderate hearing damage so I get lost even when native speakers aren’t clear and deliberate. How could I ever explain that to them?

Just today I was waiting for the Mrs. in a supermarket parking lot. The kid collecting carts was a long and lanky, Trayvon-esque mulatto boy who was “rapping” loudly, apparently to anyone who would listen. Most was unintelligible, but the refrain was a loud and clear,

“Muhfugga, I’ma keel you, muhfugga I’ma keel you!”

As he loped off with a cart, he shot an imaginary 3 pointer to a basket only he could see.

I deliberately stared and scowled at the kid but he remained oblivious. I was having a bad day and thought about calling the store manager and objecting to the profanity, but what good it do? At least this shithead had a job. What’s important is to note is that this behavior would be considered seriously abnormal, possibly psychotic in any other race of person. But nope, this is just negro-normal.

If I had to sum up what living with diversity is like, I would say it is like living with chronic, low-grade joint or back pain. Most of the time, you get up in the morning, steel yourself, and stoically gut through your day. But after a while it just gets so damned exhausting and depressing. Sometimes you just want to sit on the couch with your head in your hands and never leave the house.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Now I gotta’ go waste a couple hours of my life filling out another useless job application and revamp my resume for the millionth time. You know, white people stuff…

D-FENS said...

I think the parodies are quite useful. In order to understand the enemy, you have to think like the enemy (to paraphrase Bill Murray in Caddyshack). It would be interesting indeed to post one of these parodies on a site like HuffPo or DailyKos. I would not surprised if they give them multiple "like" votes.

When I post a parody ( Mfume Kunte M'Bowow, Harrison Limpwrist or Shlomo Steinberg), I try to remember to post as D-FENS. Even then, some have still directed their rage at me.

WD said...

Back at WND:

"Detroit police chief to citizens: Arm yourselves"

I thought this might interest you since it goes with the SBPDL theme.

Anonymous said...

Correction. Channon's last name was Christian. Not Christanson. Her boyfriend was Christopher Newsome. I learned about what happened to them because of this sight. It was not widely covered in the corporate media. As we all know there is and agenda, a narrative and major bias. If the story does not fit, down the memory hole.

Need to remember out dead.

Son of Delbert


Nobody will have to turn the lights out when the last White person leaves.

There will be no lights. It will all end like the "dark' streets of Detroit. The lights will have been turned off by the all black city government....years ago. They won't even work.

The bulbs will have burnt out decades ago. Then smashed by bullets by the ape looking up at them, not understanding how they worked, except resenting the White Honkeys for turning off the lights.....racists White honkeys.

Then the pavement apes will tear down the poles, sell the wood or aluminum. Then sell the copper wires to the local mexican re-cycle shop who sell the scrap to an asian exporter.......the copper that came out of the American mines in Utah in 1907 will be shipped to China, melted for batteries that will power the Hello Kitty toys to be sold at Wal-Mart.......purchased by big fat mammas for their precious little nigglets named "Mandela" and "Kashiscoofilleteaux".

The World is going dark. (All puns intended)

10mm AUTO said...

Don M. Said: What’s important is to note is that this behavior would be considered seriously abnormal, possibly psychotic in any other race of person. But nope, this is just negro-normal.

Exactly. The rest of your post was grimly funny but this is spot on. Lately the negro (and the Squat's as well have been really into spitting. Negros talk loud to gain attention anyway (Hey Look at Me!) but the latest is to fire a spit marshmallow at their feet and try and stare you down.

Like you stuff. You and Son of Delbert are insightful.

Son of Delbert, a place to go to find links to our dead is here:

The site is no longer updated but many entries are either unique or have details found no where else.

Someday a memorial will be erected for this tiny ones. It's not their fault that their parents don't have the strength to kill off the horrible predators that killed them. The Jonathan Foster is enough to break your heart. I swear one day this memorial will be erected.

Dan said...

I for one look forward to being dropped into Nu Yawk to rescue President Pleasants from vice president DWayne Camacho

Snake Pliskin

Californian said...

I do not know what the Sincere White Liberals (as contrasted with DWLs, e.g. Tim Wise) envision when they think of the word “diversity.” Probably its an image of dozens of people in Saris, Dashikis, Turbans, and African garb dancing around a bonfire, passing a joint around, or something like that.

Sincere White Liberals have in mind something like their college campuses: a world maintained in an artificial bubble with lots of people from lots countries, and all of them agree with the liberal party line. Of course they agree, because they know how to play the system. Tell liberals what they want to hear, and liberals will shower you with all sorts of goodies. Every day is a street fair, and the liberals are invited.

Of course, they do not have to deal with the crime, the squalor, the infrastructure breakdowns, the race hustles, and all of the rest. And when something happens to intrude on their fantasy world (like one of the diversity committing as violent crime) it can be rationalized away as the legacy of imperialism-slavery-segregation-apartheid-institutional-racism-oh-my!

It gets back to modern liberalism as a form of mass delusion.

Californian said...


When liberals talk about "diversity," they do not include Boers, Southern Traditionalists, European nationalists, or anyone else who just be may pro-White. They are beyond the pale.

To make their system work, liberals have to go through the most incredible ideological convolutions. For example, take the liberal/progressive/leftist recent sucking up to Muslims. Now, Muslim countries happen to have a long history of conquering their neighbors, enslaving other peoples, setting up theocratic states, treating women as second class at best, and lots more distinctly illiberal behavior. You'd think that liberals would be opposed to Islam as a result. But this is not the case. Muslims are welcome into the liberal coalition. Opposing Islam is a thoughtcrime ("Islamophobia"). Why? I suppose because liberals believe that Muslims can be used as muscle against White Western peoples.

And that's the real issue: anything which can be used to tear down White interests is good. "Diversity" is the current liberal agitprop line (just as "civil rights" was in the mid-20th century). When "diversity" plays itself out, liberals will come up with some new ideological tactic.

It should be interesting to see how things play out as Putin's Russia becomes increasingly identified with White and/or Christian interests. Will liberals start banging the drum for a new Cold War with Russia?

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide."--James Burnham

Anonymous said...

Lol! I love Oregonians sarcasm. I have to admit, I'm all in when it comes to the race realist point of view but, sometimes its depressing. I know that its part of the whole "nog" issue but, dang it! Its Friday, and for your average YT, its the weekend! So, laugh that's what his intention is. It can't all be "stick in the mud" all the time. And if so then how can this movement, gain any traction? No one likes a "gloomy gus". Now I must retire because my 7 year old and I have a date with a 8 pointer, that's been hangin around and we must not be late. Keep your chins up, be proud, and smile, your not a Bantu.

Belgian Giant.

Bogolyubski said...

Baltimore Guy
You can actually see the spot where Francis Scott Key wrote the Declaration of Independence while watching Fort McHenry getting bombed. The Brits dropped an obscene amount of ordinance and yet the flag still waved! Don't give up on Baltimore.

Key wrote the words to The Star Sapngled Banner while on a British ship in Baltimore harbor - watching Ft. McHenry being bombarded. The music was taken from a British Drinking Song by J.S. Smith originally entitled "The Anacreontic Song".

AnalogMan said...

WD said

I still refuse to refer to most of them as "libtards" -- you know, since most of them are just idealistic young ppl. You remember what that was like, don't you?

Sure, I was a teenager once. I still remember what it was like to know everything. When all of the answers to all the world's problems were so obvious, and nobody could possibly object to them, once they were explained.

But I grew up. People who don't grow up are called "retarded". Anybody who has not outgrown liberalism by age of, say, thirty, is retarded. A libtard.

This is why we should never have allowed women and children to vote.

And now you're going to call me a misogynist. No, I'm not. I love women. But I'll happily put my hand up for "sexist", along with "racist". That is, I no more believe that the sexes (NOT genders, that's a grammatical, not biological term) are the same than that the races are the same. And yes, women should marry early and raise children. That's what they're for. And you know what? Research shows that the ones who believe that are the happiest ones.

Your liberal roots are showing, and that's OK. I wish you a rewarding journey to full race realism. Stick around here, you'll learn a lot. As anonymous wrote

It's about the ideas. Free exchange of information. No censorship. [Censored]. See, my post will get through. That dreaded "F" word, satans syllable will pass muster. And sometimes harsh language is necessary.

I added that bit to make the point that, after learning what you can from this site, you may need to expand your reading to some meatier sites; because even here, there are some things that you may not say, but that are essential to a full understanding our situation. Just remember, this is a specialist site.

Frank M said...

Aww, a BBC cuckie. How woefully inadequate your wife must recognize you as, that she desperately brings your black poop dick fantasies to life to save what is certainly a sad, twisted marriage. Continue into black servitude, little moron, your African masters will surely treat you well. This is one of the paths taken by embarrassingly endowed white men with terrible self esteem and daddy issues, gentlemen. Pity him.

Jim said...

I was born and raised in Baltimore. It was called the City of Neighborhoods because of all of the ethnic European enclaves throughout. We celebrated ethnic festivals throughout the warm months giving us the opportunity to sample the various cultures' food, music, clothing, art and so on. Then it was decided to celebrate Afram. I need not go farther.

Thing started Togo downhill. Nearly every negative episode I encountered had a common denominator...the Negro. Blockbusting, crime, getting sucker punched, losing money from customers on my paper route, horrible memories of high school and race riots. BTW, I am 68 years of age.

Baltimore is no longer the City of Neighborhoods but Neighborhood.

Very sad.

Griff said...

Doesn't Paul get tired of Whiskey's cuckold fantasies? He's worse than Michael Moore. Studies of online dating sites show that white women are not under Mandingo's sway, so find another outlet for your incel frustration, Whiskey.

Dan said...

I recall looking across the East River to where Nat Turner's Continental militia retreated before Churchill's Red Coats and General Malcolm X's troops from Bronx counterattacked from behind a trench and flung the 95th Highlanders under Packenham back into the Bayou and saved Vicksburg, while Rosa Parks embroydered Old Glory as a cape to wrap around MLK as he took Cornwallis's surrender in Newark.

BlkGrlSeeALot said...

A Compassionate Oregonian., just wow. You're too much!!

fnn said...

White liberals in Baltimore:

The author's bio:

Mike Moran is a Baltimore-based comedian, writer, and musician. He does stand-up all over the city and county, performs with the Baltimore Improv Group, and pounds on a bass and screams into a microphone for the band Bronx On Benzidrine. He pretends to be a grown-up by working at the Paper Moon Diner, and taking classes at BCCC. He is currently typing his own bio in third person (as of this writing). Mike Moran can only be defeated by viewing his own reflection in a mirror.

Anonymous said...

Harrisburg was always a hellhole

Playing Roots Backwards said...

This is all my fault.

When I was a little kid growing up in Detroit, I used to watch Mutual Of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom" and I thought that Africa was neat, as we said back then.

A few years later "Daktari" came on TV and I wanted to live in Africa so bad that I wished for it every night while other kids were saying their prayers.

I did this. My wish came true. Sorry, folks. I was too young to know anybetter.