Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect": The Fate of Baltimore Captured in Seven-Words from the Baltimore Sun

Low impulse control.

A lethal case of poor future time orientation.

"Primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect"-- the Baltimore Sun's Don Rodricks blames this for killing the city of Baltimore
An average IQ incompatible with maintaining a long-ago abandoned civilization decaying all around them; a civilization that was bequeathed to them when white people (the very people responsible for the civilization to begin with) "ran like it was the plague" from the black newcomers, a people on average one standard deviation less intelligent.

Nubian settlers whose DNA held the key to unleashing a far different community than the one reflected in the manicured lawns, safe streets, and thriving economy only possible as an outgrowth of the now departed white population.

Once they drove away whites the city was remade in a black image, with government and city jobs going to employ black individuals in positions no private company could ever hope to reproduce. But the Baltimore that grew around this new black majority, was just an outgrowth of the DNA inherent in each black individual who called the city home. [His gospel preaches teaching, not jailing Corrections chief: At 70, Bishop L. Robinson continues to argue for keeping people in school, not prison., Baltimore Sun, 3-11-1997]:
Bishop Robinson was born Jan. 16, 1927, into a Baltimore vastly different from the one whose citizens he imprisons at alarming rates today.
Back then, you could sit and visit in the courtyard of the McCulloh Homes where he grew up in West Baltimore.
"Nobody was running through the neighborhood with a Tec-9," he said.
 Maybe now it makes sense ethnic white people "ran like the plague" (White Working-Class Politics in Baltimore, 1940-1980: Behind the Backlash, by Kenneth D. Durr, p. 101) from black people, knowing the truth of this racial transformation would unleash a far less desirable neighborhood/community than the one television would produce in the 1980s sitcom The Cosby Show.

The Baltimore Sun's Don Rodricks' shed some light into the type of community black people created in Baltimore, when he wrote of the plague of "disrespect" that causes far more damage to the city than drug wars. [The insanity of Baltimore's 'disrespect' killings: Verdicts take two killers off street, but how do police prevent such murders?, Baltimore Sun, 1-19-14]:
Two years after someone fired 18 bullets into his body, we finally know the reason Gregory McFadden died such a brutal death at the age of 27 in West Baltimore. He turned his back on a guy.
It was disrespect, a malady that inflames the male ego and makes young men do terrible things. Disrespect has been around for centuries, of course, but its consequences have been particularly lethal in the age of the high-powered handgun.
Killing someone because he disrespected you is a phenomenon that no amount of police power or community vigilance can seem to stop.
Some interventions — Safe Streets in the Leon Faruq days — have been effective when beefs between young men became known. But what do you do to stop a killing like McFadden's?
All of the following facts come from testimony in a murder trial last week in Baltimore Circuit Court.
The shooting occurred on Tuesday night, Nov. 15, 2011, in Harlem Park.
McFadden was part of a group of young men on the street at 11 p.m. in the 700 block of N. Carrollton Ave., near a beautiful old stone church.
Maybe it's not a good idea to be on Carrollton Avenue at that hour, but until we declare martial law, a citizen is allowed to visit with friends on the sidewalk. That's what McFadden was doing.
The problem developed when a couple of guys approached him on the sidewalk.
One was Melvin Baker, 34, the other Antonio Moore, 22.
Baker had a brother named Neal Hunt, and Hunt had a girlfriend.
McFadden had flirted with the girlfriend a couple of weeks earlier, and now Baker wanted to have a word with him about that on Carrollton Avenue.
McFadden declined the opportunity for conversation and turned his back.
Baker took offense. So did Moore.
They felt they had been disrespected.
Instead of cursing McFadden or even engaging him with their fists, they reached for guns.
Baker started shooting. McFadden started running.
Baker chased him, shooting as he ran. Some of the shots hit McFadden. He collapsed in the street.
Baker and Moore fled into an apartment building, but moments later Moore re-emerged on Carrollton Avenue. He found McFadden prostrate on the asphalt, stood over him and fired more shots into him.
The medical examiner later found 18 wounds on McFadden's body, one from a close-range shot to the head. The detectives who worked the scene found 26 shell casings in the street.
The facts sound insane — primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect (in this case, flirting and spurning a confrontation about it) leading to a vicious death — but I hardly think this is an unusual story. In fact, I think it's more common than we generally believe.
We think of Baltimore homicides as drug-related, stemming from a turf war or an unpaid debt; we think of them as gangland killings.
But a bunch of them happen because of stupid human stuff, and the availability of guns.
You wonder how, in such cases, police ever manage to make arrests — how they get witnesses to come forward, how they separate facts from gossip — and how prosecutors manage to get convictions from juries that include some citizens who have low opinions of police and jaundiced views of the criminal justice system.
Their son, Kenneth Lee, was killed by a black man in Baltimore back in 1993; two years later, a jury (11 of 12 members were black) acquitted the accused black murderer of all charges... the shoe was truly on the foot when it came to administering justice in majority black Baltimore
 Don't blame the gun; a gun is an inanimate object, a tool that can hardly blamed for performing its duty when an individual pulls the trigger after consciously chambering a live round.

Low impulse control, poor future time orientation and low IQ all equate to creating a situation where fatal moments of "primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect" ignite into spontaneous blackness.

It is now this community who elects the people in charge of Baltimore (and sit in almost all-black jury pools that acquit civil rights heroes like Davon Neverdon of murders), convincing those remaining white people to continue to "run like it was the plague." [Denial of black racism denies justice to Joel Lee, Baltimore Sun, 1-19-1997]:
We find ways anew to kill Kenneth Lee.
In September of 1993, Lee's oldest son, Joel Lee, was killed during a robbery in Northeast Baltimore. The elder Lee -- a Korean immigrant -- probably died a little that day, as all relatives and friends of homicide victims do.

Baltimore police arrested and charged Davon Neverdon in the slaying. In July of 1995, Neverdon was tried in Baltimore Circuit Court in Joel Lee's slaying. A predominantly black jury acquitted Neverdon, who is also black, eliciting charges of racial bias from Kenneth Lee and others. On a radio talk show a few days after the verdict, one of the jurors said none of the six prosecution witnesses was credible.
When asked if she thought Neverdon had in fact murdered Joel Lee, the caller answered, "He probably did, but the evidence was weak."
Other callers took to the airwaves, chastising those who criticized the verdict. How dare they question the intelligence of black jurors? (As if a jury that doubts the credibility of not one, not two, not even three, but six prosecution witnesses is not in some way cognitively challenged.) How dare they imply that the verdict was racist? Black people, it was repeated ad nauseam and for the umpteenth time, couldn't be racist.

Purveyors of this fiction insist that in order to be racist, you need power. Blacks have no power, the argument goes, hence they cannot be racist. It's an attempt to invoke black moral superiority, but in the process those who use this reasoning end up conceding black inferiority. It's a subconscious admission that blacks are powerless and will always be so.
But in Baltimore blacks have power aplenty. The executive and legislative branches are run by blacks. There are black judges and a black state's attorney. There is adequate black representation on juries. We do, indeed, have power.
What, then, do we call it when we use that power to acquit a black man of murdering someone of another race despite overwhelming witness testimony indicating he did so?
 We call it a city powered by the idea of Black Supremacy, where no law can interfere with the right of every black individual's cup of "primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect" to runneth over and submerge the decaying remains of Baltimore in their image. 


Lily White said...

They demand that everybody and their uncle respect (read: grovel to) them, but they can't be bothered to show anyone else so much as the simplest, most basic of common courtesies. I've seen it over and over again.

Anonymous said...

So, what's new? O.J. was aquitted
by a minority jury.

Anonymous said...

So sad. i used to visit friends in Baltimore back in the early eighties. like most big cities it had some rough edges. but the inner harbor area had charm. cool bars and restaurants. historic architecture. lots of boats. a new aquarium. plenty of tourists. friendly people for the most part. colorful neighborhoods. children playing on the sidewalks with parents keeping a watchful eye as they gossiped and swept their stoops. lovely old churches. cops walked their beats. now it's just another black hellhole. like many cities Baltimore is no longer safe for visitors. its heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Losing a family member to an armed robber should not have been a surprise to any business owner willing to open a store in such a neighborhood. It is the expected cost of doing business with blacks within a black majority city!

Anonymous said...

Black people supported by taxpayer dollars. Black run cities bailed out by taxpayer dollars. Black US attorney general turning a blind eye to black criminals. A black muslim potus. Where did we go wrong?

Anonymous said...

"Two years after someone fired 18 bullets into his body, we finally know the reason Gregory McFadden died such a brutal death at the age of 27 in West Baltimore. He turned his back on a guy. It was disrespect"
That's funny. When a negro turns his back on me, I don't feel insulted, I feel grateful... that I don't have to talk to that nigger anymore.
"But a bunch of [murders] happen because of stupid human stuff, and the availability of guns."
They aren't human. They're Homo Africanus Detritus.

Anonymous said...

A race totally devoid of honor, demanding respect! Hahaha!!! Kill dat nigga, that'll get you respect, from your fellow nigga inmates. Why don't you try having an intelligent conversation expressing your point of view without excessive cursing and threats...........ah, just shoot dat nigga before he shoots you. Get dat respect.

Colonel H. Stinkmeaner said...

"The things black people fear the most are niggas and nigga moments."

10mm AUTO said...


We come to the heart of the matter. Negros using Jury Nullification for racial bias in favor of the accused. This aspect will break the Jury system, and with it, the English system of law.

This is what, the 15th or 16th major case I have heard of where the murder walks. Most people don't hear about it because years have passed since the crime. Even the "Wilding" negros in New York got off with time and help from DWL and TWMNBN.

The Superheros Paul talks about merely arrest the criminals and drop them off to the Police neatly tied in a Bat-o-rang or hanging in a Spiderweb. The assumption is that once caught, the DA and the citizens will put them away for good. In the case of negro criminals, we now have even a President who says that their are too many black in prison. We have a Federal AG who backs him up and then instructs the schools to stop sending negro bucks down the "school to prison pipeline", a pipeline they themselves built.

Jury Nullification represents the last stage before people take the law into their own hands. All of you who have been wanting the real crash to come, here it is, the beginning of the end. Without Justice, people will hire private contractors to deal out Justice, paid for by favors, cash or access or information. As the famous saying was in the Movie "Billy Jack", "When Policemen break the law, then there is no law, just a fight for survival." I submit that the same syllogism works for the Courts. "When the Jury ignores the law, then there is no law, just a fight for survival."

For years negros have been requesting Jury trials to break the system financially. This is better, it destroys the family of the victim, it injures the Courts, it releases the murder and it sows fear in the general White population. It is going to take a lot more than reruns of CSI-Miami and the "First 48" to fix this one.

Anonymous said...

The Black Man Who Was Murdered This Weekend While Shoveling Snow In The South Side Of Chicago Will Get Less Coverage In The "Mentholated Black Bloggesphere" Than Did The "KKK Snowman Of Idaho" A Few Years Ago

From the blogs list ---->

Ain't it the truth?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of's "Justice: Delayed, Dismissed, Denied".

Philly's criminal justice system is effectively run by Blacks, although a powerful bloc of [TWMNBN]s also play roles as lawyers and judges.

Tens of thousands of murderers walk the street freely, because the system structurally favors (Black) criminals, and exposes anyone who dares press charges or testify to extreme danger. Witnesses are publicly identified and offered no protection from the rampant Black gangs that are heavily armed.

Off-topic: The Obama administration is pushing heavily for the Trans-Pacific Partner (TPP), a new trade deal in the same vein as NAFTA and the FTAs with Colombia, Bangladesh, etc. If you're one of the few remaining Americans who still works in manufacturing or heavy industry, you're going to want to pay attention to that. If you're the owner of any intellectual property, you're going to want to pay attention. Not to mention it will give the Executive a lot more direct power over economic policy and arbitration with foreign governments/businesses.

Anonymous said...



Who cares about 'black honesty' [yuk]?????
Google right now is pushing MLK
on their search page....


all anti White.

Anonymous said...

Like most white people, I always show complete deference to African-americans. If they pass me, I will avert my eyes and look toward the ground. I just don't want to cause anything that may anger them. So many white people don't understand that African-americans need respect. When you disrespect them, which they call "dissing", then you will probably be hurt or beaten.

I hope that by explaining this here, I can educate white readers so that they can avoid any violence.

Off topic, did you see the game today? That was awesome.

Son of Delbert said...

"Disrespect. A malady that inflames the male ego and MAKES young men do terrible things."

Don Rodrick.

I read that article. Twice. I am amazed. This simpleminded nitwit is a working journalist. There is stupid and then there is STUPID. I feel disrespected that I read his work. My male ego is inflamed. I am not young but as a working cop I have access to "high powered handguns." I am also able to do terrible things. I feel the desire to do so.

Wait a minute. What is that I feel? Impulse controlled. Emotion held in check by my will. Self discipline. Certain awareness that if I drive to Baltimore, locate Donald, do something terrible . . . It would not end well.

I would fail the people who count on me. Shame the people who love me. Consequences. I am not remarkable. Not a genius. I'm just a fucking cop. Oh wait a minute, there is one thing.

I'm white.


Warrior said...

In South Africa, The Government Did Away With Jury Trials. Its Seems You Just Could Not Gets Black Jurors To Convicts Black Defendants Even If The Crime Was On Video Tape And Had 100 Witnesses! Now A Judge Hears The Evidence And Decides Guilt Or Innocence. The Precious Jury Trial, So Coveted By The The American Revolutionaries Was For The Very Reason That The Crown Would Prosecute When It Had An Ax To Grind With One Of The Locals. So Hold A Trial And You Were Already Guilty Before The Opening Statements Were Read, So Was The Power Of The Crown. Now, American Blacks Use the Jury System To Give A Free Pass For Black Criminals. That's Just The Way It Is. Another Chapter In Death Wish - Black America.

Anonymous said...

I was boarding an Orange Line train in Chicago yesterday. Three black youffs found it hysterical when an elderly white passenger nearly fell. One of the laughed, and said "huh huh huh! Don't huht yo self."

Anonymous said...

you know there arent a lot of black people in korea, at least not yet. does anyone know if crimes occur in korea like what happenes as described by SBPDL? r there gun shootings gun robberies rapes? i know in india there was that student who was raped and murdered.

i know korea is poorer than the US but wow if that family stayed in korea their son would still be alive.

SwampThizzle said...

Reading these stories of savage spearchuckers impulsively killing each other crack me up. Fuck 'em. The only purpose their entire lives serve is to amuse racists like me who despise everything about them when some other savage moolie ends them over trivial bullshit. I'd feel sorry for them if I didn't hate them so damn much. I wonder if Addison Sarter still reads this site. Too much truth for him I reckon. It must be kinda horrible for a proto-human like Addison to realize that they are the bad guy. "I'm the bad guy? Through no fault of my own? Just because of shitty outdated genetic coding?" There is a word for living creatures who are the bad guy through no fault of their own: monsters.

Anonymous said...

The Boondocks be rayciss:

Anonymous said...

Blacks think every nigger in Africa was a King or a Queen before wicked massa arrived and put them in chains.

A civilization comprised entirely of kings and queens. Who did all the work? Monkeys? Pygmies?

rex freeway said...

Perfect example.

Anonymous said...

It's the end stage of racial/cultural displacement.

100 innocent Whites could be murdered in Baltimore tonight and not a single Black killer could be convicted.

It's the perfect example of what Jean Paul Sartre called "Direct Democracy"; a Black killer isn't a murderer, just someone administering justice. He isn't doing murder; he has no power and no racist feelings. The Black is pure, noble and just reacting against White evil.

Anonymous said...

Most blacks know OJ was guilty. They know Obama is gay. They simply don't care if they can get some new gibs.

I get so sick of white conservatards who say that blacks are such religious people. Any black person who claims to be a Christian is a liar. They can all whoop it up for Jesus during their Sunday entertainment session, but they ALL support abortion, illegitimacy, infidelity, Affirmative Action, theft, and jury nullification for black criminals who kill in a nigga moment.

They are not even capable of understanding what it means to be decent and Godly, or to live a meaningful life. They live moment to moment in the present only. How terrible is must be to never be able to connect with anything higher.

When whites are not looking, most blacks support black criminals and politicians who stick it to whitey and tear down his civilization. I have known several hypocritical black "Christians", and most of them call black murderers "knuckleheads" because they actually don't think it is a problem.

If society tries to take one of these animals down for good, the faux-Christian black "leaders" are up in arms about it.

Anonymous said...

Low impulse control is putting it mildly. It actually reminds me of the mental patients I used to work with, some of whom had what was called Intermittent Explosive Disorder.
It was common to report to work to find such a patient in an absolute rage or to ( most commonly) suddenly have them erupt for apparently no reason whatsoever. One minute they'd be fine and the next they'd be flying at your throat like a rabid wolf. One minute they'd be smiling and then (as if a light switch had been flipped) they'd be in full attack mode.
In the rare instances that we could determine what set the patient off, it was usually some trivial incident or a mistaken belief~ For ex. in one instance, a staff member had not given the patient a hug the night before as they left work. In another, the patient had spent his last dollar at a vending machine, concluded the next morning that staff had stolen his money and launched a full scale attack. Staff could be attacked by patients for the way they spoke or because of the way they approached a patient or for "staring" at them. The patients could work themselves up into a rage overnight or even in a split second and seek "revenge."
Compare that to the statement in one SBPDL article where a black guy says, "I know it sounds crazy but it's true~ a "look" can get you killed. Eyes can be disrespectful."
Low impulse control and low IQ in blacks? Ditto for the mental patients as well. However, I suspect that many of the blacks are also mentally ill and that it's quite common in that community.

Anonymous said...

We think of Baltimore homicides as drug-related, stemming from a turf war or an unpaid debt; we think of them as gangland killings.

But a bunch of them happen because of stupid human stuff, and the availability of guns.

I am a white man who lives in Cecil County, Maryland, which is about 60 miles outside Baltimore City.

There is another white man in this part of Maryland who owes me a significant amount of money, due to a combination of our business dealings and me just trying to help him and his family out. This debt owed to me is over the 18 month mark at this point.

This other white man has a criminal record, is on the sex offender registry, and has had some drug and alcohol problems at many times during his adult life. One of his redeeming qualities is that he has a lot of skills and experience in the building trades. Even though he has all that, I have the feeling now that he may never be capable of paying me back in full no matter what else happens.

You could say that I have felt disrespected or "dissed" at times by this other white man. I have caught him in lies and I have caught him stealing from me. The same goes for two other male members of his family on two separate instances.

I know where this other white man lives and works, and I know where all of his other family members live and work also.

I happen to have an "availability" of guns big time. I know where to get some handguns that are not registered in my own name. I also know how to make a gun from scratch. I could go out and shoot this other white man six ways to Sunday if I really wanted to. Even if I did not have any guns or access to guns, I also have some compound bows and a crossbow. I also have a few machetes, samurai swords, tomahawks, fishing spears, and throwing knives.

Even if I did not have any of those weapons, I still have a shed fool of tools and things such as ball peen hammers, axes, axe handles, chainsaws, pick mattocks, baseball bats, tire chains, jack handles, and crowbars. Any of those tools or pieces of sports equipment could also work as lethal weapons. My shed also has everything in it that I would need to make a crude incendiary device and go burn up this other white man's house while he is asleep in it.

Despite all of the above, this white man, meaning me, is not going to do anything violent to the other white men in my story. Why? It's because I know that it would be wrong to do that, I don't want to hurt anybody, and I don't want to end up in prison for the rest of my life. Forget the "stupid human stuff" in the quoted Baltimore Sun article would be more apt to refer to all of that as stupid black people stuff instead.

Low intelligence scores, low impulse control, and no sense of future time orientation all seem to be the real factors as to why all of these blacks have been murdering each other and other innocent victims of other ethnicity so much over the last 40 or 50 years down there in Baltimore, and in other areas of this nation and of this world.

Anonymous said...

White People Are Pussies.

ms. sippy said...

We love you and miss you. Happy Birthday Robert E. Lee.

senatortombstone said...

Until whites officially band together in the name of their group interests; individual, racially aware whites will have to continue to avoid blacks like the plague. Unfortunately, that often means long work commutes to the city, expensive private school tuition, and the general state of fear that your neighborhood could be the next to succumb to the black undertow.

I just came back from a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior. At a gift-shop, the white owner was offering an mlk day (lowercase intentional) discount drawing. Ironically, there was no five-fingered discount. People like this can afford to be gushy about blacks and diversity, but only because there isn't a single black within 100 miles of them.

How much longer will racially aware whites be able to advance their causes, in the open, politically. We have to start soon, before there are no more Detroits, Birminghams, Atlantas, etc. to save.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

On the Obama is gay note.

I am positive Obama is a cuckold, and further, I am positive also that knows he is. His daughters should be much lighter in skin tone, they should be a near perfect mulatto.

This because Obama, to have had daughters, would necessarily have passed his female chromosome set down to them. His female chromosome set came from his mother, a white woman, and therefore his daughters should be half white except for very minor "spillage" of genes in crossover.

By the way, obviously his mother was a seriously ill white liberal woman.

In any event, it is without doubt in my mind, for these and other reasons, that I am positive the Obama girls are not of his sperm.

When I think of JFK, a true playboy, and how the press helped keep his playboy escapades on the hush hush, I wonder if Obama is getting some homo sex on the sly.

Perhaps BHO is getting some on the sly, in the golf clubhouse.

Is this why Obama plays golf so much?

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

CoCC just posted a video of a group of adults cheering on two young children grinding on each other and performing simulated sex acts for over two and a half minutes. Guess the race.


Anonymous said...

Proof yet again that black people whimpered and whined and pissed and moaned for "equality" and "freedom" they never earned and never deserved. They are simply incapable of functioning in civilized society.

King burns in Hell.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks think every nigger in Africa was a King or Queen before wicked massa arrived and put them in chains."
I worked with Africoons from Kenya, Mali and Nigeria. Hilariously, every last one of them always haughtily announced that they were the "son of a KING." I enraged one of them by asking how big of an army did the king have, how big was the navy and who was his prime minister. Of course, no answer was given which is no surprise.
Another Africoon finally admitted that his father being a king only meant that his father was the oldest coon in the village and everyone came to him for advice. By that definition, many nigga's in America could very well be the descendants of Kings and even of Queens. Apparently, the only qualification for royal status in Africa is being the oldest porch monkey in your village.
All that being said, there's just a huge disconnect between what a European means by a king and what an africoon porch monkey means. However, they want you to think it's the same thing despite the hilarious difference.

Dissident said...

Here's one on the Down-Low!

This gives new meaning to FERAL BIO-WEAPON.

Anonymous said...

Happy MLK Day, everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I have read negros will never look at another race as equal. You can be their master or you will be their slave. It goes back to their tribal roots.
They look at us now as being below them. A white person killing a black, even in self defense, to them, is an act of revolution and the white man is automatically guilty of murder.
A blacks concept of justice will always be from their viewpoint as our master. Things had better change, and change in a hurry, or there is going to be a lot of dead niggas.

Chuck Hammer said...

I would fail the people who count on me. Shame the people who love me. Consequences. I am not remarkable. Not a genius. I'm just a fucking cop. Oh wait a minute, there is one thing.

You write amazingly well. I'm grateful there are moral, intelligent cops like you still out there.

In contrast, I have not yet seen one of the high-functioning blacks who show up here to straighten us out write a coherent paragraph in standard English. Grammar be rayciss an' sheeit.

Doc Holliday said...

Excellent observation and personal anecdote about the "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" (aka ape shit) from Anonymous at 6:02 AM

This is definitely one of these "elephant in the room" about black savagery that were beyond obvious to most Whites in the past, especially in the South. Now it is completely denied by White guilt and simply hides under black skin, "diversity" and of course that "terrible legacy of slavery". If a White person erupts the same way, though, it is all of sudden clear to everyone that one is mentally ill. Many Arabs have the same disorder, by the way, which you can see periodically in their massive and violent protests all throughout the Middle East. It would not surprise me if this disorder was actually the norm in the entire African population.

It is quite ironic that blacks don't even realize how they would not get away with it if they didn't look the way they do. Another one of these little known Black privileges.



Doesn't it seem that when a black girl/boy get's to a certain age they realize that they are inferior! and then they deliberately act the way they do as if almost out of spite. like oh you have it good and I don't therefore I will try to take what you have. never learning that you can get that too! or something is out of reach and you'll never get it. but with them it's like they think we're holding it back from them. they really are from another planet!


Addison Sarter said...

Happy MLK Everybody. MLK one of the courageous, intelligent, intellectual, men of ALL time, and without a doubt the BEST orator of all time. :)

Californian said...

OK, the race hustlers make a big production out of Emmett Till, black kid killed by white men who were later found "not guilty" by a jury. And why was Emmett Till killed? For flirting with a white woman. Now what do we read:

McFadden had flirted with the girlfriend a couple of weeks earlier ... They felt they had been disrespected. ... they reached for guns. ... The facts sound insane — primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect (in this case, flirting and spurning a confrontation about it) leading to a vicious death ...

It used to be cliche of a segregation that blacks would be arrested for proverbially "spitting on the sidewalk." Yet blacks themselves lose control over trivial matters and then gun each other down. More blacks have probably been killed by this kind of thing than were "lynched" during all of segregation.

Of course, the real question is: could it be, could it possibly be, that one reason for segregation was to confine the kind of behavior we see reported here: Low impulse, high violence which makes black communities difficult for people who want to live in a civilized manner.

Something to think about on MLK Day.

Anonymous said...

They're Homo Africanus Detritus.

That's Homo Africanus Detroitus.

Melanie said...

@ Son of Delbert January 19, 2014 at 9:53 PM-

That was perfect!

D-FENS said...

Anon @ 11:09 "you know there arent a lot of black people in korea, at least not yet. does anyone know if crimes occur in korea like what happenes as described by SBPDL? r there gun shootings gun robberies rapes?"

In Asia, any crime by a negro is almost always committed by a negro in the military protecting our freedom and way of life.

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous January 20, 2014 at 6:02 AM-

I also believe that large percentage of blacks are mentally ill, on top of all their genetic defects (at least, they're defects in a white society). How could it be otherwise, what with government-sponsored (and white taxpayer supported) dysgenic breeding, including a probable huge amount of incest, as so many don't know who their fathers, and therefore who their siblings, are?

Californian said...

Something to contemplate on MLK Day:

Low intelligence scores, low impulse control, and no sense of future time orientation all seem to be the real factors as to why all of these blacks have been murdering each other and other innocent victims of other ethnicity so much over the last 40 or 50 years down there in Baltimore, and in other areas of this nation and of this world.

Over the last half century we have seen blacks show the "content of their character:" in Congo, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Baltimore, Detroit, London... Regardless of their merits as individuals, blacks collectively have been unable to sustain White civilization (any more than they have done so in older black polities such as Haiti or Liberia). Let's also note that black collective behavior globally is marked by low intelligence, low impulse control and no sense of future time. The result is blacks wreck just about every polity they gain control of.

If I am wrong perhaps someone can name those black majority rule polities which are up to the same standards of similar white polities in civic order, educational achievement and economic advance.

Until whites officially band together in the name of their group interests; individual, racially aware whites will have to continue to avoid blacks like the plague.


White people need a political movement. A political movement which would:
* Defend the civil rights of whites, including the right to speak out openly without loss of employment.
* Fight to end all affirmative action.
* Provide legal defense for white people being railroaded by "hate" crime laws.
* Hold blacks accountable for their massive crimes against other races.
* Defend the rights of white people in black run satrapies like South Africa and Detroit.
* Promote the glories of white civilization.

Chuck Hammer said...

Addison Sarter
Happy MLK Everybody. MLK one of the courageous, intelligent, intellectual, men of ALL time, and without a doubt the BEST orator of all time. :)

lol. Missed a couple of words there, Mr. Sarter. "Day" and "most".

MLK a powerful orator, yes. As to the rest, I prefer to judge Michael King by the content of his character. Public records show MLK's character was that of a plagiarizing, degenerate Marxist.

Fortunately for you, DWLs don't really care about that as they "celebrate the symbol, not the man," as it was once condescendingly explained to me.

Son of Delbert said...

Hey Addison, add serial philanderer to your list of MLK accolades. It's fairly common among the black clergy. Why is it relevant? Dunno, marriage vows? If a man betrays his wife and children is he honorable? The cops I know who step out on their wives and children are all vile, low shit bags. Most of them are black. The white ones are also trash.

They don't get a pass. have you noticed white people will not protect white fuckups, failures, and felons the way you blacks do? We don't blame blacks either when whites commit crimes or act like savages. We blame the individual and let them reap what they sew.

At any rate, I totally agree with the dead Reverend's desire to judge people solely by "the content of their character."

Its a double edged sword though, what about people with very low character? Uncivilized, barbaric tribal character? Low feral creatures who live solely off the tax dollars of working people?

Do they get a pass if they are black?

Open ended question kid. Can blacks be judged by MLK's standard, or would that be racist?

Also thanks Chuck. I've always been a voracious reader. Helps my writing. Also I write a lot of police reports. Trains the mind to try and express facts clearly, so when a well trained and experienced defense attorney goes on the offensive I don't say 'uh?' from the witness stand.

Three more, Canadians, Comanches, Nigras.

In honor of MLK lets see how many we can come up with!


White Libertarian said...

Happy MLK Everybody. MLK one of the courageous, intelligent, intellectual, men of ALL time, and without a doubt the BEST orator of all time. :)

Shut the fuck up. My god, Addison, are you even black? A few hours in the sun, and I'm darker than you. Ironic, this Addison has the day off from school for MLK (not like he's doing anything useful anyways) and me, a white man, is working on the black man's day off. Irony.

Anonymous said...

I agree with white libertarian haha its almost like we brothers. But not like the 'brothas' Addison has.

Fat slob

Anonymous said...

I have a dream, and in this dream, I am the meat in a white-prostitute sandwich.

Anonymous said...

...government-sponsored (and white taxpayer supported) dysgenic breeding, including a probable huge amount of incest, as so many don't know who their fathers, and therefore who their siblings, are?

This is a very interesting point.

The question has to be raised, how much of the illegitimacy we see among blacks (72% and rising) involves what is generally termed "incest?" i.e., mating between close relatives. This is facilitated by people not actually knowing the identity of their true and half-brothers/sisters ... or simply not caring.

What has been the impact on the black demographic? Has it accelerated the low IQ, high violent impulse reactions reported on SBPDL? Things are certainly playing out as the eugenicists of a century ago predicted: the rise of a large demographic which lacks the smarts to maintain, let alone build, civilization. Instead, they wreck everything around them and attack civilized peoples (from Detroit to Zimbabwe).

Future scientists just may look back at the Civil Rights Era and refer to it as the Era of Dysgenics.

Shadow said...

@ Anonymous Jan 20,2014 at 5:28 A.M.,

Excellent point!

Anonymous said...

"The things black people fear the most are niggas and nigga moments."


I prefer to call these type of occurrences as 'chimp outs'.

This is a far more apt term for it if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

As I have mentioned before, I am an Optometrist. SO far this year my office has seen 3 Obamacare Vision Plan victims and today we had our fourth....and they have all turned out the same: We can't find out WHO their Vision Plan provider is.

I take 12 plans. All the major ones and a few odd ones, but with them I cover a good 99% of those with a (useless) Vision PLan. When the Obamasucker comes in, we have to find out which one they have and we have been totally unsuccessful. My staff and I have been taking (over priced and stupid) Vision Plans for 11 years and we can't figure this out.

Our gut feeling is that the computers and data is so corrupted that the Major Medical Insurance companies can't get it figured out.

Needless to say, these "patients" are furious and blame us. We just smile and say, "don't worry, the Obama administration is working on this as fast as we can" while the "patients" is climbing the walls.

I'm lovin' it.


No gun has ever killed anyone

Anonymous said...

Future historians will refer to this period as the Fall of the American Empire.

Actually, if there ARE any future historians it will probably be referred to as Da End ub Siblzashun.


How can guns be the problem when it was easier in the past to get guns?

It appears to me that with more gun control and gun laws, violence with guns is increasing. That only means that gun control leads to more gun violence and the cause of black on black gun violence is due to more laws.


So CAL Snowman said...

So the schools are closed today, which means no education for the children and many people have the day off of work; I can't think of a better way to honor the legacy of africans in america.

I wonder how many niggers are going to celebrate their "freedom" with a drive by on MLK blvd. today?

Hey Addison Strater, how hilarious is it that every single MLK blvd. in America runs through the middle of a ghetto shit hole? You people should be so proud. Now stop speaking the racist White man's English and go get me a mint julep boy.

Jim said...

Not long after the 1968 riots in Baltimore, a black couple murdered an 88 year old white woman. The couple, a male and female, we're in their early 20’s.

Although the evidence against them was overwhelming, a black jury found them not guilty.

Afterward, a couple of jurors explained they were not convicted because of their age and the age of the victim. The reason was something like the old lady lived her life and would not have lived that long and the young couple had their full lives ahead of them. It was only fair.

I often wonder whatever became of that couple.


Addison. Hate to tell you this, but the best rated Orator of all time was....Adolph Hitler.

I'm not joking here nor am I being a proto-Nazi. Those that know Speaking Skills and such have rated him at or near the top.

When he gave live speeches, women in the audience had orgasms. He could read the crowd, pace the crowd, time his words and work the audience into a frenzy.

MLK was "manufactured".

Oh, as for MLK blvds? I am so happy the negro re-named all those roads. Now, when I travel the inter-state or when I am in a new area, I as a White Man, know what road to avoid.

A negro like Addision can drive safely in any White area, but each of us White people would be killed in Addisonville. Why is that? Why can Addison walk down the Whitest street in my town and live, while I, if I walked down any MLK Blvd, would be killed?

Explain that to me Addison?

And, Addsion, let us not forget how MLK just loved those white women. Yes, sir masa. I guess that is why you negroes honor him so much. How about you Addison?

Anonymous said...

Lmao! You guys are hiting it out of the park today. And of all days!! Allison Farter, I, let a nasty "silent killer" lose on one of "yo peeps" today and then walked out and closed the door behind me, all in your honor! Lol! Again. And let me tell you it was epic I, spent my Sunday eating nothing but processed cheese and meat washed down with IPA, while watching the two field generals battle it out. I had no time for NFC, sir mix A lot, half bantu, feetzball game. Anyway, enjoy it Allison. You earned it.

Belgian Giant

Anonymous said...

" the only qualification for royal status in Africa is being the oldest porch monkey in your village."

Comedy gold!! Thank you for sharing.

Ricky Tucker said...

Addison Sarter: As usual you are incorrect. Everyone knows the leader of our Minority Occupation Government Mr. Barry Soetoro is the best orator ever. Just ask Donald Young or Larry Bland...oh,nevermind they're dead. Just like your hero Michael King.

Anonymous said...

Black preachers as serial philanderers?

You don't know the half of it. I worked in the Tarrant County Sheriff's office for years. We dealt with so many people who were molested by Black preachers when they were kids. Black preachers are known for this. They always sign up to accept foster kids; it's a guarantee they'll get molested.

The more time you spend in law enforcement or social services, the more you'll learn how debased these people are.

MLK was very mild with his sexual adventures compared to most Black pastors.

Son of Delbert said...

LMAO! Mint julep boy! Thank you So CAL Snowman. That was awesome. Also.

Jig-A-Boo, shine, porch monkey, pavement ape, burr head, spook and pavement ape.


Mr. truth said...

This is post of the year. EXCELLENT!!

Quinnotaur said...

Mau mau, swap guinnea, Monday, rock fish, sambo, hamster

Mr. Rational said...

Did everyone note that Addison completely missed the irony of his racially self-congratulatory comment in the light of Swamp Thizzle's earlier observation?

They are sub-human.  Even 95% of the "educated" ones.

Anonymous said...

A negro like Addision can drive safely in any White area, but each of us White people would be killed in Addisonville. Why is that? Why can Addison walk down the Whitest street in my town and live, while I, if I walked down any MLK Blvd, would be killed?

Good point.

A black today is safer in a white suburb than in the 'hood. Heck a black today would have been safer in KKK territory in the 1950s than today in the 'hood. Don't believe this? Check out the number of blacks lynched during all of segregation (both Klan and non-Klan) and compare it to the number of blacks murdered by other blacks today.

Ironic, is it not?

Anonymous said...

The real "problem"???

Egg Shen said...


"When he [Hitler] gave live speeches, women in the audience had orgasms..."

Proof or it didn't happen.

Other than the occasional wet dream, I've never had an orgasm without physical stimulation of some kind.

Making women orgasm just by speaking? Sounds like another delusional male fantasy, but just in case: "Hey, One Pissed Off Irishman, maybe you should take up orating!"

Personally, I find Hitler sexually repulsive. His physical characteristics were homely at best and his mannerisms were effeminate. I prefer men (short ones included) with natural farm-boy muscle and natural bass in their voices and who enjoy blue-collar work for a living instead of regurgitating last season's oral assignment.

Well, nerds are hot, too. Depends on the nerd.

MLK? His sins were no worse than those committed by the priests and priestesses in today's mega churches. And as I've stated in the past, most preachers walk a fine line between altruism and communism/socialism; this was definitely the preacher-man's handicap during the '50s, '60s and '70s when many Americans, especially preachers, forgot just how important capitalism was to the continuing development of this nation and its people.


I'm not going to list the white ministers, including WW, outed as egregious/prolific sinners. I will say this, however: White preachers are heavily involved in politics. They also take money from folks whom are often desperate in exchange for a message they're commanded to impart for free. Some of these "humble shepherds" live outrageously decadent lives, not to mention they have their own agencies that operate in a hidden reality, shielded by the cloak of the "devout", that We The Automatons aren't allowed to know about. We're also not allowed to criticize them. Not to the extent of King, of course, but still...

By the by, I find it somewhat unsettling that WM dangle WW, including their own wives and daughters, in front of BM while at the same time denigrating BW:

"See the white woman?! See the white woman?! You want the white woman, boy? Well, you can't have her because she's too good for you! See the white man's goddess, nigger -- the white man's beloved! His bloodline cannot continue without her."

(WW should remain Über-feminine, meek, submissive and loyal?)

"Hey, boy! Look at the beautiful white woman!LOOK AT HER! Want her? Want her? Psych! Can't have her! HA-Ha, you stupid ugly nigger. Now, go back to your lowly sow-beasts and leave the beautiful white goddesses, whom we love, cherish and worship, and whom we are completely dependent upon to carry on our bloodline, to their white male counterparts."

Careful, White Man, your genius is showing.

What say you, Centurion?

You ain't gonna publish this, is ya, Paul? Course not. Can't have a DWL feminazi cunt up here testifyin' 'bout white man stupidity, which includes his intentional provocation of racial animosity toward innocent whites who are completely unaware of such sites and such fearsome Internet warriors, Internet warriors whose self-appointed duty it be to sit safely in dey homes, well-armed and agitatin' behind the scenes in hopes that more innocent, unaware, unarmed whites will be attacked at home and in the streets so that there can finally be a great racial awakening among the masses which will inevitably lead to "Vive la révolution!" Of course, the men on here will find some way to blame the DWL-until-proven-innocent, i.e. deserving, victims for their own injuries/deaths. This is a strange, seemingly-pervasive phenomenon (analyzing every aspect of the white victim's life in search of clues that lead to DWL-sim) that can be found on this site as well as sites like Stormfront.

Perhaps this is partly to blame for DWLs' animosity toward you?

Nah, couldn't be ;)

~ W.D.

Anonymous said...

You should hear his pathetic excuse of a talk show once in a while. It's on the local National Pravda Radio station. What a great venue for a mental midget like Rodrick. I've taken to calling his show the Borderick hour.

YIH said...

Something you hear liberals like Glenn Bunk vomit up regularly is MLK was a conservative.
Yes, that's bullshit.

Anonymous said...

His original name was????

Not Martin.

Dan said...

Egg Shen,

Sites like this exist to point out to whites that Blacks are sullen malevolent and genocidal. This site did not create the mentality of the nignog. This site did not create the black mind set. Biology did.

your loopy bullshit argument is a testament to a weak fucking mind.

Dan said...

Egg Chen,

You are 20 years out of date. I'd hazard a guess that most people posting on here are doing it via phones, as they go about their daily routine. Why, I could be standing right behind you and you'd never know.