Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"One does not simply walk into Mordor...": The Public Execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal Would Represent the Repudiation of Black-Run America (BRA)

"She said to me, even now, there is hope left, but I cannot see it. It is long since we had any hope."
- Boromir, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Fellowship

Were you to write a script, trying to populate the various unaccountable federal agencies (staffed with unelected, virtually unfireable cretins) with the most villainous individuals imaginable, the movie you'd eventually try and film wouldn't compare with what's unfolding in Washington D.C.
Obama's nominee to be the head of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division... one of Mumia Abu-Jabal's biggest defenders...

In what can only be described as the most flagrantly racial appointment (and clearest example of Obama's War on White America) of his career, NAACP Legal Defense Official Debo P. Adegbile has been nominated to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general. [Obama Nominates Cop Killer Advocate to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division,, 1-8-14]:
In 1982, former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. Abu-Jamal never denied the killing during his trial. He, and his supporters, are still unapologetic for Faulkner's death. More on this from Matthew Vadum:
“The question of Abu-Jamal’s guilt is not a close call,” according to John Fund. “Two hospital workers testified that Abu-Jamal confessed to them: ‘I shot the motherf***er, and I hope the motherf***er dies.’ His brother, William, has never testified to his brother’s innocence even though he was at the scene of the crime. Abu-Jamal himself chose not to testify in his own defense.”
As Faulkner tried to arrest Abu-Jamal’s brother during a traffic stop, Abu-Jamal shot the policeman once in the back and then stood over him and shot him four more times at close range, once directly in the face. Multiple eyewitnesses were present during the crime.
One of those unapologetic supporters is former NAACP Legal Defense Official Debo P. Adegbile, who has worked tirelessly to free guilty murderer Abu-Jamal from prison.
President Obama has nominated Adegbile to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general to replace radical Tom Perez, who is now the Secretary of Labor. Adegbile is sure to continue carrying out the radical racial agenda of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder with the weight of the law behind him.
After the Supreme Court threw out the Beard v. Abu-Jamal case in 2010, a petition was circulated calling for President Obama and Attorney General Holder to investigate the “long history of civil rights and constitutional violations" in Abu-Jamal's case. If Adegbile is confirmed, it is likely he will open up an investigation into the Abu-Jamal case, despite multiple court rulings over the past three decades upholding his murder conviction.
On the voting front, there are many concerns about how Adegbile will enforce or change the law. In June 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act as unconstitutional, allowing states to change their voting laws without prior approval from the Justice Department. Attorney General Eric Holder has essentially ignored the ruling.Through his extensive work at the NAACP and in arguments before the Supreme Court, Adegbile has made it clear he does not believe civil rights apply to whites.
 Isn't this just the poster child for enforcing/heading the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department (DOJ)? You couldn't have scripted 'Obama's War on White America' any more facinorous than with the appointment of Mumia Abu-Jamal's greatest legal champion as potentially heading the DOJ's Civil Rights Division.  [Obama Nominates Former NAACP Official To Top Civil Rights Post, Huffington Post, 11-14-2013]:
"Our country needs someone like Debo with significant experience in voting rights to protect the deeply held American value that each person has the right to a voice in our democracy," said Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. "Debo has worked tirelessly to ensure that our nation lives up to its promise of equality for all Americans."
There is one public, exceedingly public act which would represent the complete repudiation of Black-Run America (BRA) and send chills down the spines of every academicians who has ever advocated the preaching/teaching that "treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity."

The public hanging of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Or it could be shooting.

Or death via the electric chair.

I'd gladly volunteer to do the job, unleashing a fury of tens of thousands (no, it's in the millions) of black-on-white assaults the Department of Justice found unworthy of investigating in but one simple act of defiance.

But it needs to public.
Execute Mumia Abu-Jamal... the battle cry of SBPDL

Very public.

This one simple, symbolic act of justice would represent a restoration of something... elemental.

Fundamental to the establishment of "hope."


rent slave said...

Megyn Kelly just had on Faulkner's wife.Prediction:In Jan.2017,Mumia will be wilding along Rittenhouse Square,OJ will be dashing through airports,Joanne Chesimard will be strolling along the Oraton Parkway,and Colin Ferguson will be commuting on the Long Island Railroad.All of this made possible by the Occupant at 1600's poisoned pen.

D-FENS said...

What did your Thomas Jefferson say about the right of people to cast off their chains of tyranny? When the noblest of the Involuntary African Diaspora puts this into practice, the words of the white man are shown to be lies.


Mfume Kunte M'Bowow, PhD.
Chief, African Cultural Studies Institute (a tax exempt 503c organization)

R.E. Prindle said...

Facinorous. Right on. I don't know where you got but it's a first for me. Had to go to the dictionary. Congratulations.

10mm AUTO said...

"Through his extensive work at the NAACP and in arguments before the Supreme Court, Adegbile has made it clear he does not believe civil rights apply to whites. "

Whites have a long history of going along to get along, but this is the perfect example of stopping an unqualified person to prevent evil in the future. The sentence above is jaw-dropping. If a White said, "I don't think citizenship and the Laws apply to negros", the NAACP and the Media would be up in arms demanding "death to the KKK/EvilRacist/Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews".

However, in this thing we call FUSA, otherwise known as Middle Earth in the Third Age, the Hobbits and Men drink ale, smoke Pipeweed (which is now legal) and sit a home while Barad-dur is rebuilt in the land of Mordor.

Fry Mumia

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. The Huffington Post story didn't mention the Abu-Jamal case. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Once about 1997 I came across some fresh concrete around a bus shelter. I couldn't resist writing in the concrete, "KILL MUMIA." When I came back next, the words had been completely obliterated with power tools.

California Dreamin' said...

Let's be crystal clear. Negroes and their vile self-loathing anti-white advocates have no desire for social justice. They like to ook the word, frequently, but what they really want and intend to have is social vengeance. That's it. Vengeance. Understand that and you understand why this is an all-out attack on whites. This is not going to get better.

Anonymous said...

It is very unlikely any of the mentioned will be freed or a public execution held. The execution would be a wonder to behold and frankly, public executions would work wonders on the cannibals loose in out society

Bill Smitson said...

The mother of a murder victim sends a Christmas deposit every year to the commissary account of a prisoner. This prisoner is doing a life sentence without parole. He killed his cell mate, the killer of said woman's son. Maybe those on the inside should know that there are those on the outside who can be made to become very charitable.

Jassi said...

I'm not sure Mumia's death would have the desired effect. It would be a good start but there are far more dangerous and important people who, in the words of the giant ape Oprah, "just have to die."

Kim Jong Un supposedly jailed people who didn't express sympathy at his fathers passing. I'd say the opposite could be enforced when the treacherous anti-whites cry at the death of their heroes. Express sympathy at the death of communist anti-white? Off to the work house. Forever.

Anonymous said...

As a strike by tens of thousands of African asylum seekers against Israel's migration policies entered its third day on Tuesday, Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar announced that dozens of Eritrean asylum seekers had left Israel voluntarily in recent weeks for Sweden.

LOL. The Israelis don't want African "refugees" in their country, but Swedish liberals are happy to take them in en masse and put them on social welfare benefits. Nevermind the Muslim-on-White attacks in Sweden or the fact that Malmo has become a dangerous Muslim slum. Now they're going to add thousands of Africans, mainly Eritreans but you'll also see Somalis and Sudanese. Have fun, Swedes.

Smack Cam said...

Here it come y'all!

Anonymous said...


Mumia is frequently referred to as a "political prisoner". His time in the Black Panther Party was minimal, however. He was primarily an activist for a group known as MOVE. It was led by a cult leader named "John Africa" who compelled his followers to change their surname to Africa treat his writings as gospel. That's the least of it. They preached all sorts of Black Power inanities in the vein of the Black Israelites and the Five Percenter Nation and such.

Total kooks. Yet Mumia is lionized and worshiped as a martyr by the Democracy Now! crowd, which is mainly made up of spoiled, gentrifying White college students who idealize left-wing movements from the past to make up for their own vacuous, consumerist existence.

I stand 110% firmly in support of the Death Penalty. I believe it should be used far more often. I believe "Death Row" should be made more efficient, so that the time from conviction/appeal to execution is as minimal as possible.

Mumia is a walking, talking piece of s**t, who's huckstered guilt-ridden wealthy White liberals into advocating for his heinous, murderous, demonic ass.

Bob1313 said...

PK you are the best.

Think I'm gonna take that free Mumia photo/badge, change it to hang or execute an then sell the tshirts...

Anonymous said...

Marc Cooper is/was a writer for Mother Jones magazine and a host on Pacifica radio. In case you're unfamiliar, those are both venerable lefty institutions.

Even he admits that Mumia is and always has been GUILTY of executing a police-officer at point blank range over a f**king MOVING VIOLATION.

So now we have an individual in the DOJ, with power over all of us, who is to the left of self-declared Marxists, who have the basic decency of conceding when the facts are fundamentally arrayed against them.

It is incontrovertible that he and his brother were present at the murder scene, regardless of who did it. Yet, despite his million protestations of innocence, Mumia won't give any indication who did commit the murder. No snitching.

Blacks are cowards. Blacks only attack in packs. Blacks will never man up and confront reality. If Mumia is executed, I bet he'll go out like a little PUNK.

Bogolyubski said...

Who is there to oppose all this? Weepin' Johnny and the Brokeback Boyz? The Pink Palmetto Princess of South Carolina? How about the Admiral of the Al-CIAduh airforce, Juan 'Batshit' McAmnesty - Incitatus of Arizona? The Tea-Party Patriotards? The Chamber of Commerce (after they're done selling rope for the passage of Amnesty)? Mr. Duck Dynasty?

Putting any hope in Repukes, Conservatards or Christians is pointless - for there is not even one milligram of hope in all of them put together. Their record is a decades-long one - of surrender and utter failure (some would say on purpose). Only when enough YT are awake and fed up - and willing to walk away from the system and let it completely implode will there be change. Right now, far too many continue to watch the niggaball, borrow fake money from squids for shit-sandwiches and grape-drank, and generally keep on supporting a system whose chief purpose is to enslave and exterminate them. The ruling oligarchs know this - and thus are able to take pleasure in grinding the jackboot into YT's face yet again by imposing a monstrosity like Adegbile upon them - a monstrosity whose only rightful place would be at the end of a rope, along with Mumia and all of his supporters.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are we just handing our nation over to Africans? Have you ever just sat back and thought about that?

We sit ... helpless. They take over. We ... sit. We have no idea what to do. We're helpless.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Forget Washington DC, for like America it is lost. Both are a dead man walking.

American the beautiful has been transmogrified into America the ugly. We are no more America the white dominated, white man's higher culture of civilization, a free enterprise Republic as our Founding Fathers both founded and subsequently bequeathed unto us.

We have been transmogrified into the white liberals, socialist democracy. Whereby further, the losers of planet Earth are allowed to run amuck, parasitizing both our culture and gene pool.

Both our culture and gene pool should be treated with high veneration, devout religious veneration. However because, white liberals, those who fail to mature, have become apostates to their culture and gene pool and ultimately iconoclasts of all that is our white heritage, have now successfully achieved their superiority and are in charge and giving the orders, we are finished. Plain, ugly and true, we are finished.

The lowly negro, and others of the loser ilk, such as Islamics, are on the prowl, improving their own kinds lot, both culturally and genetically, by pilfering and parasitizing our white culture and gene pool.

We are nose diving and tail spinning into extinction. To the immature, white liberals, this reality is regarded with the conptemptuous so what!

Therefore to rid ourselves of the invading hoards, the negros and others, we must begin accepting the grim reality of leaving all those who wish our demise, or accept experiencing our demise in the not so distant future.

Negros, Hispanic white/browns, Islamics and the enabler and chief of this anti-white alliance, the white liberals, are the enemy of the white venerates, the non-liberal whites.

Let us think about a viable solution, something our posterity can believe in; a new white man's nation-state.

Think about the S&S solution. Thank you.



did anyone see the latest baby negro training video?

well it seems to be cool in the black community to let your young child(toddler) to use the words gangster nigga, to say bloods/crips, and all around general vile lessons on how to be a thug and a stupid /jailed nigger for the rest of his life. it's now breaking on the news networks(well the one that didn't sell it's soul yet for the BRA--foxnews)

Isn't it something that even the dumbest of the dumber whites in our country will read bedtime stories to their toddlers and generally teach them good words and traditions and yet look at this NGR father/mother and watch what their teaching this child. what he's teaching his kid is how to fuck over white people and to end up on the wrong side of the law. pigs, nothing but feral pigs. these tapes were leaked from the F.O.P. in Omaha Nebraska. yep those feral spooks will be good taxpaying citizens in the future right? yea right!!!!


james m said...

Perhaps SBPDL'ers could add one of these to thier wardrobe:

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. The Huffington Post story didn't mention the Abu-Jamal case. Wonder why?

It is so obscure that they never heard of it?

Richard Chamellion said...

Exactly right!

Their hateful lust for vengeance has, in reality, nothing to do with slavery in which blacks were housed, clothed, and fed far better than the great majority of the world's population.
It has everything to do with blacks bitterness over their inexorable mental inferiority.

Whites had better learn that it's not our fault that black ancestors missed the boat and were left behind in their primitive sub-Saharan state of genetic development.
From a genetic point of view, Whites have earned every ounce of our enhanced mental strength and have nothing to feel guilty about.

uziman said...

Sorry again for going off-topic, but I thought this might get others as stirred up as I have been this morning.

Once again, when they go feral, you have to make sure that an equal number of whites are punished accordingly or Eric "My People" Holder will push for new regs.
This article contradicts itself with every new paragraph. The thesis statement being "You're White, feel bad about that."

Oh yeah... And why is Jamal still breathing?

Anonymous said...

Adegbile is not the only black who believes that civil rights does not apply to whites.
I've often mentioned to blacks that civil rights applies to everyone but that only results in them having an expression on their faces as if they've been given a lemon to suck on.
The general consensus on their part is that civil rights was for blacks, about blacks and exclusive to blacks. It doesn't apply to honkies and honkies are fair game as part of "pay back." Their belief is that they can do anything to whites without consequences as the same rules don't apply. That mistaken belief is part of what makes them so arrogant and gives them a sense of entitlement.
In the same sense, they also feel the same way about Equal Opportunity. That's why EO doesn't apply in areas where blacks dominate demographically and they have no problem staffing all city offices etc with nothing but blacks and discriminating against all others.
In the end, they see laws enacted to ensure "fairness" merely as an opportunity to take over, dominate and control and do so with zeal and become far worse than anyone they ever complained about and see nothing wrong with it.
That mentality is clearly expressed by idiots such as Eric Holder who says hate crime charges do not apply to blacks. Yet they do apply to whites.It's always going to be a one way street with the negro.
Do I even need to mention the story of the black sheriff in Georgia firing all the white officers and having them escorted out and removed under the watchful gaze of black snipers positioned on the roof of the police station?
The negro is not capable of behaving in any other than a tribal and exclusionary manner and must always be in control, dominate and take over and will use any laws aimed at fairness to accomplish that end. Co-existence is not possible wherever they come to dominate nor is co-existence even under consideration. Your (white) position in such an environment is to function as a servant and cash cow and be relegated to the status of 4th class.If you flee the area and form your own, that's where Obama's Regional Equity plan (whereby white areas are taxed to fund black areas) comes into play- the cash cow/servant must not be allowed to escape!
Negotiating with the negro is like negotiating with a cancerous tumor whose only purpose is to overwhelm the body and destroy it for it's own purposes.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. For what it's worth, Abu-Jamal was taken off of death row (assuming PA still has one) years ago. He's officially doing "life without parole."

Anonymous said...

his sentence was changed from the death penalty to a life sentence

Anonymous said...

"We sit ... helpless. They take over. We ... sit. We have no idea what to do. We're helpless."

Yes, you sit, white men. Helpless. And hopeless. I have been saying that. There will be no "White Nation State." You could not hold onto it if you tried.

You are going to have to try to SURVIVE now.

At LEAST work now to protect your women and children, because you have put them in great danger.

Anonymous said...

White men: have you notice the new underground Libertarian/Anarchist/Paleo/Bulletproof Bio Hacker/Gnostic Radio types of white men who are emerging on the scene lately?

What's up with that?

Many of them are pushing 30 with no marriage and no children, high T and big muscles. Instead, they spend time pushing supplements, books, podcasts, making smoothie videos, and working out in the gym.

Their voices sound very feminine too. And they are mostly apolitical. Is this some new type of gay hipster movement for white men only? Are they our new soldiers? Our only hope for the future?

These weirdos are bullet-proofing and bio-hacking themselves while the Western world crashes down around them.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are we just handing our nation over to Africans? Have you ever just sat back and thought about that?

All the time. If somebody appoints mostly White men to senior positions, simply because the most competent men just "happen" to be White, it's a scandal and a civil rights atrocity. But here's Obama, and the most competent people he can find are all black? And everybody pretends not to notice. Just to question their competence is raciss.

So he will continue to appoint his homies, and they will continue to stick it to Whitey. There will, as Bogolyubski says, be no resistance from the "opposition".

But, just supposing a White Republican were to be elected President (no, just indulge me for a moment); do you think he would clean house, sack all the house negroes and appoint White men? I'm betting not.

And,yes - hang the lot of them.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

America is a dead man walking. But if you want to continue on the charade you had better vote Republican or surrender yourself to liberalism. They will win, they have won.

If you don't, you will be headhunted and targeted for a metaphorical lynching, you will be shunned out of factorship.

No amount of money or effort can save America, nor any white man's lands now, not here in North America, over there in Europe or anywhere.

It is over. They have won.

We can only attempt to begin anew, rectifying the mistakes of old that allowed the white liberals to achieve their superiority over us, or surrender.

That's all folks, just like the cartoon said so long ago. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with Bogolyubski that looking for a super hero to come in and save yt is a seriously deluded dream.

I am beginning to believe the only way to usher in a serious change is to break the system. Off grid live if you can. Use alternate markets like old fashioned bartering. Sign up for every benefit and "gibsme" you can and try not to pay into the system.

Annie Oakley said...

Being pro-white means you leave the cities for starters. If you own a home, you sell it and GTFU. If you cannot sell your home the conventional way, call those webuyhouses folks and leave!

Still today many whites won't leave the cities because they have a good job. What is the point of a good job if your wife or daughter now has herpes or god forbid pregnant when a groid rapes her.

They pick whites on purpose. Especially whites who have their head up their ass on their IPhone.

I then hear the crying what am I gonna do now? Here's what you do, buy an old house in a small town. Fix it up. Start your own business, set up an LLC. You can mow lawns, drive a gypsy cab service, pick up pop cans and other scrap for money. Be creative people.

You may just make enough to pay the bills. So what? Sew your own clothes. Shop at goodwill or garage sales. Clip coupons. Be a coupon and clearance queen like me.

Play board games. Rent DVDs free from the library. Sit outside and watch the pretty bird on the bird feeder. Take your kids on a picnic. No devices allowed.

If you're in a small town with limited opportunities, guess what? Those type of towns are groid and beaner deterrents.

Nonwhites are too lazy to create their own reality. Rebuild the pioneer towns on your own!

whisker child said...


I read that article. It did say that the DoJ recommendations were non-binding.

Still, I see what you're worried about. I am too.

Next thing, they'll change it so there's NO punishment for Af. Americans.

whisker child said...

Annie Oakley, re the small towns

my strategy exactly

josh said...

Obama is a classic poassive aggressive pig. He is filled with loathing for white America,he is as racist as can be.He is loaded with contempt for honesty and truth. He is a piece of excremnent. He is also dumb,easily bored and surly. What a thing for the idiots of America--like the mother of the negro-loving girl whose face got cut--to elect!

Bogolyubski said...

Here's a question: Did blacks pool their welfare payments, takings from robbery and thievery with donations from hi-dollah afleetes and "music" stahs to provide three solid decades of fighting through the courts to ensure an obviously guilty killer - whose guilt isn't even serious contested - escapes justice altogether? It would be interesting to know who ended up paying for all of this.

I'm willing to bet that a significant portion of the considerable funding required to engage in a three-decade long legal battle comes from the very same folks who are regularly lionized by folks such as Rush Limbaugh and various other conservatards as heroic "entrepreneurs" and "job creators". Part of the massive disconnect is that the average YT - while sensing that something has gone very, very wrong with the country - cannot understand or comprehend that folks such as Warren Buffet, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Jamie Diamond, Lloyd "Doin' Godz Work' Blankfein, John Corzine and Mark Zuckerberg are not at all like the Thomas Edisons and Henry Ford of the olden days, but really the very worst type of maggots and bloodsuckers who are looting the place far more throughly than the gangs of Shitaviouses and Turdquillas whose poisonous causes they fund.

Anonymous said...

Just a PSA here:

If you are reading this blog (as I have for several years), then chances are:

1.) You are cognizant that something is seriously wrong
2.) You are proly right of center
3.) You are increasingly aware that the establishment "Right" (ie. conservatives, Republicans, etc) is no longer a viable opposition
4.) Your "lying eyes" tell you that there are actual racial and gender differences
5.) You are looking for an alternative that answers your basic concerns

If those criteria apply to you, I'd suggest googling "neo-reaction" or "dark enlightenment". You'll find material that is supplemental and associated with the work PK is doing here-- and you'll find our community is larger than you might have thought-- and is growing by the day.

Anonymous said...

OT: I was out in public yesterday in a part of New Jersey that is about an hour away from NYC. I saw this one young male nignog at the train station, dressed in the typical "urban" fashion: gaudy camo-print jeans, worn low, exposed boxer short top, baggy sweatshirt, Air Jordans, etc.

This nignog had a big Malcolm X button pinned to his backpack and a knitted ski cap with the hammer-and-sickle logo of the Soviet Union on the front of it.

Is this latest style among the nignogs now? Marxist/Communist symbols on their clothing?

Anonymous said...

Annie Oakley, re the small towns

my strategy exactly.

What? I have a friend in very small town Indiana. This "town" has one pizza joint, 1 bank, 1 stoplight, 3 schools, and 1 park.

The illegal Mexicans migrant workers, etc., are all over the place, sucking up welfare and sitting on the curbs in the small downtown area (Main St.)

You can't have your safe, white Mayberry any longer. You can't live in a small town when they continue to TAX YOUR WHITE ASSES to pay for the po negroes and they skools in the inner-city you left during white flight to Mayberry.

You people just don't get it. They KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. You have to learn to navigate the cities.

Those cardboard crap houses that were built in the flooded cornfields are going to topple down within a decade. They are going to BUILD WELFARE HOUSING UNITS in Mayberry and you are going to be stuck with them when the snow and global--warming blizzards hit the Midwest region.

Cities are our only hope for survival. I live in the city, my house is 100 years old and still standing strong. I would rather live in the city and fight to survive, than be EASILY PICKED OFF or taxed to death, stuck living with a bunch of Mexicans and Somali immigrants in Mayberry.

And btw, the retarded, conservative, Glenn Beck Christian white country folk and their meth smoking teenagers are no better. No better.

Son of Delbert said...

Annie Oakley, you are an inspiration. I want to be a new pioneer. Gotta sell Misses on it, but it really sells itself. To the meat of the matter.

I can't claim to have any deep understanding of Danny Faulkner. He died in 1981 in Philadelphia. I became a cop in 1998. Illinois. Different time and place. Same profession. We might have had a few things in common. Dealt with the same sorts of things.

Same demographic causing most of the problems.

Wesley Cook was a black radical journalist/revolutionary/panther sort of fellow in Philadelphia. A hater. Kill whitey cause it's all their fault sort of guy. He shot and killed Danny Faulkner one night. Danny had made a traffic stop on Cook's brother William. Wesley shot from behind, ambushed Danny. Put him down. As he fell Danny got off one shot hitting Wesley in the chest. Wesley stood over Danny. Shot four more times. Once in the face. Danny went down fighting. Bled out on the pavement breathing his last waiting for the paramedics.

Wesley was arrested, charged with murder, convicted, sentenced to death. Open and shut. Then things went sideways.

Civilization bowing to savagery.

Even in the early 1980's, the rot was setting in. That which was precious was being set aside in favor of the trivial. Justice took a back seat to identity politics, and the minstrel show began in earnest. Wesley was not a shit bag criminal, no he was a revolutionary. Not a bad guy after all.

Fighting oppression, taking on the white devils. Wesley saw opportunity and changed his name. Drew the usual suspects. Grew out his dreadlocks, got good at looking all serious and mystical for the cameras. A martyr. Like Jesus. Right? The castrati media went ape shit, worshipful even. He scribbled books. They sold. His death sentence was overturned. Conviction remained. He's still a fucking murderer. Still a threat to society. That has never been questioned.

Consider that.

Our nation is doomed. Image has overtaken substance. It's a hollow land. Dying. Mumia is a hero. Media created reality. Vapid and empty. What about Danny Faulkner?

Working class Irish Catholic family. Youngest of seven children. Married parents. Bedrock of our civilization. Served in the US Army before the cops, earned an associates degree in criminal justice. Aspirations of completing his college education and law school. He would have done it. While working and starting a family.

He was well liked. Outdoorsman. Liked to hunt, camp, and fish. Probably would have been a fine father. His story ended on December 9, 1981 at 3:55AM. Cold pavement and hot blood.

Nothing is said about him in the media. Gotta dig for it. He's the bad guy in the false morality tale, problem even a "racist." Mumia the hero.

Its all bullshit though.

Danny you are not forgotten, neither are you Maureen. Those who matter remember.
You made us proud brother.

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
The rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Wesley doesn't matter, nor any of his supporter or their ilk. Danny mattered. May we all remember that.


Mr. Clean said...

The damn picture of the negro here is the same that I used to see posted by its fans on Philly streets, showing a happy, friendly, smiley ape. I am sure that is not what Officer Faulkner saw as he was murdered. One only has to go as far as wikipedia to see a more accurate image...

Lavrentiy Beria said...

January 9, 2014 at 12:01 PM wrote:

"This nignog had a big Malcolm X button pinned to his backpack and a knitted ski cap with the hammer-and-sickle logo of the Soviet Union on the front of it.

Is this latest style among the nignogs now? Marxist/Communist symbols on their clothing?"

He was just keepin' it real, yo. He or someone just like him will be one of the work camp guards in the coming Amerikan GULAG system, circa 2020. See you behind barbed wire, comrade.

Annie Oakley said...

Anon at 1217pm, you've either got a bitter attitude towards small towns or you're just clueless.

I've lived in large cities for 30 years. They are death traps. I don't care how many preps you have or long you can walk you are outnumbered.

No one in my small town that I personally know uses meth. I'm getting very weary of city slickers cracking the typical meth comment. The cities are full of heroin and cocaine. But if you want to stay in the city, go right ahead. That's one less person in the country we have to deal with.

My area is beaner free. They all left with the new immigration law that came in last year.

Californian said...

You know, as much as I would like to get outraged over all this, I can't. White people have surrendered so many rights, and have been treated as second class citizens for so many decades, that one more thing can hardly make a difference. If anything, this is out in the open, unlike a lot of back alley deals which have been pulled. But it's amazing how the mainstream refuses to see how they are being marched to their doom. PDk is right about dead men walking.

All the more reason to mobilize a cadre of those who can see and prepare for the future struggle.

Even in the early 1980's, the rot was setting in.

i.e., right at the time of the Reagan Revolution.

I was involved in college conservative politics at this time, and we got just about zilch support from the Republican Party or the White House for the struggle on campus. Once Reagan was in the Oval Office and the wonks got the Georgetown condos, the GOP establishment was done with the struggle. This left a lot of us out to hang. And it's been downhill since.

Again, what is needed is an entirely new mobilization.

Californian said...

Bogolyubski said...

Here's a question: Did blacks pool their welfare payments, takings from robbery and thievery with donations from hi-dollah afleetes and "music" stahs to provide three solid decades of fighting through the courts to ensure an obviously guilty killer - whose guilt isn't even serious contested - escapes justice altogether? It would be interesting to know who ended up paying for all of this.

There's a considerable fund raising effort on the extreme left--much it white--for Mumia abu Jamal. The effort was/is international. Radio Pacifica, the leftwing radio network, has done considerable work for him, including running his commentaries on air.

You might check out:

Anonymous said...

Garbage can show up in any area large or small. The beauty of rural living is owning 50+ acres next to a few farmers who own 1000+ acres of farms land each. No one is going to build section 8 roach motels out there. I enjoy big cities but the "open season on YT" has seriously changed my plans for the future. Stay low ladies and gents.

Erie PA

Anonymous said...


(Sigh) This Mumia business reminds me of my college days. We all protested and wrote letters to have this American Hero freed, but to no avail - the white power structure was just too strong at the time. Now, all that is changing, and fast.

It won't be long now. African-Americans will take over and finally make this nation great. I just hope I get to shake that strong, beautiful man's powerful chocolate hand before I die ...

-A Compassionate Oregonian

Anonymous said...

How many of you who wail for change have at least given up your TV/Cable?
Change requires sacrifice. Get the goddamned propaganda sewer out of your home first thing...
Now work on useful things like homeschooling, networking, preparing and selling all of your useless material crap and buying weapons & ammunition.

Fed up Firefighter

Anonymous said...


' For what it's worth, Abu-Jamal was taken off of death row (assuming PA still has one) years ago. He's officially doing "life without parole."'
But his radio show [paid for by us on NPR] is 'live from deth rooo'.

Anonymous said...

America is dead. The carcass stinks. Why fool with a dead thing. Bury it and start over.

Anonymous said...

Just take a look at Nelson Mandela's Afroca (good riddance to that Communist POS). Generations of viable farms wiped out through (racial) redistribution of ownership to the "have nots".

Is it better now? Hell no! It makes more sense to sell everything, including guns and ammo, and getting the hell out of this country.

Then after the Simians slaughter each other (like the Hutu and Tutsi, the Ethiopians, the Central African Republic, and all other black populated African shitholes etc.), bring in the B-52's and carpet bomb whatever is left with incendiary munitions.

Perhaps then, after THEY kill each other, and the place has been sanitized, civilization can again flourish.

I am starting to see the beauty and efficiency of some good old fashioned inter and intra tribal cleansing.

We should be encouraging more black on black violence by giving them the opportunity.
Isolation and segregation worked well for centuries.

BTW; Do you see ANY Western Country (Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Holland, Britain, Norway, Israel, etc. etc.) that wants these black POS "economic refugees" in their country? NO WAY!

Call it what it really is-- the U.N. (United Negroes) trashing the planet with their
racist agenda! To hell with all of them. PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

America may be spitting up blood, but I cant accept that it is dead...yet. Im convinced that when a certain number of enlightened folks are mad enough and a particular catalyzing event occurs, then we may indeed overturn the applecart. The day cometh sooner than later.

Be ready, as our moment shall most likely arrive unannounced.


Anonymous said...

"Racism" is a made-up word that was introduced by the inventors of communism . . . in order to destabilize non-communist cultures and make them ripe for takeover.
True "racism" is desirable as it promotes the advancement of the culture and forges a "common bond" between the members of the race.
Every race is expected to promote and advance its own culture; hence, the "congressional black caucus" for blacks and la raza for Hispanics.
It is only whites that are expected to shed all vestiges of racial cohesiveness.
Guess which race maintains the most racial and cultural cohesiveness yet decries racial cohesiveness by whites??

Anonymous said...

I grew up during the first "civil-rights" era and have a decidedly different "take" on this whole "civil-rights movement" era.
Despite the lies and fabrications by the so-called "mainstream media" the Selma and Montgomery "civil-rights marches" were not peaceful "gatherings" that were met with dogs and fire hoses, but were violent black confrontations that actually set back the "cause" of "civil-rights". .
The so-called "civil-rights" demonstrations were waves of lawlessness that disrupted the lives of peaceful citizens. There were many black citizens in these areas that were against these "outsiders" coming there to cause trouble. These "civil-rights" marchers committed crimes, rapes, robberies and other crimes, and trashed the areas they were protesting in.
It is no secret that there was a certain group (the "tribe") that worked both behind the scenes and actually assisted and encouraged most of the lawlessness and violence by these so-called "civil-rights" marchers. It was mostly ACLU and ADL types that riled things up. . .and then later on "melted into the woodwork" only to become "civil-rights" attorneys, race hustlers and poverty pimps.
One incident comes to mind--the tragic death of Mrs. Viola Liuzzo--Mrs. Liuzzo was a Detroit housewife who traveled to Alabama to run around with "freedom riders" at night--this was a recipe that was asking for trouble. What business did she have running around with blacks at night in the South while she had a family in Detroit??
I WAS THERE during the "civil-rights" disturbances and witnessed the misbehavior of these "civil-rights" groups (that never got reported). . .You see, as is the case today, the "news media of the day could not "let a crisis go to waste" and conveniently stopped recording when violence by these groups was evident.
Of course, the "victors" write the history. To those of the "tribe"--how does it feel now that those you pushed and supported are now turning on you??